Twilight Woods (XO,TWLT,ADULT,UC) Ch. 21 1/11 [WIP]

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Twilight Woods (XO,TWLT,ADULT,UC) Ch. 21 1/11 [WIP]

Postby Appleprincess » Thu May 09, 2013 5:48 pm

Title: Twilight Woods

Author: Appleprincess

Pairing: Liz/Jacob

Summary: Set a few weeks after Max in the City but before A Roswell Christmas Carol for Roswell and New Moon for Twilight. Liz moves in with her aunt Annie to try and live a normal life after realizing she may have alien powers only to find out that nothing in life is normal.

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: I own nothing. :-( unfortunately.

Chapter 1

Liz walked onto the greyhound bus, found an empty double seater near the back and dropped down into it. Just a few more minutes, she thought to herself. Just a few more minutes and then she'd be on her way out of town and away from it all.

"So?" She turned her head and watched as an older, graying native American man sat down in the double seater across from her. "What are you running from?"

"From love." She told him truthfully. "And maybe even myself."

A small smirk spread across his thin lips as he fixed himself in his seat. "No one can run from love." He told her. "It's impossible. No matter how far you run, it'll always catch up to you." Then he looked her straight in the eye. "Especially when it's true love." Liz sat back, taking everything in. Maybe he was right? Maybe her running from Max was for nothing? "Oh." She looked back at the man who now had his eyes closed. "And there is no running from yourself."

"But what if I don't like the person I'm becoming?"

"Simple." A small smile spread across his lips. "Change her."


It was snowing when the bus finally stopped. Gathering her things, Liz got up and started towards the front of the bus. So this is Forks, Washington, she thought to herself as she took her first steps into her new life. It was cold here, freezing actually. Nothing like Roswell. A small smile slipped across her lips as she waited on the sidewalk for her bags to be unloaded. Good.

Looking up into the sky, Liz let the soft and surprisingly warm snow flakes fall onto her face. She had seen snow a handful of times but never like this. It blanketed everything in white, creating the winter Wonderland she had only known from books and movies. It was...gorgeous.

When she had her fill of the snow, she grabbed the few bags she had brought with her and went right into the bus station. As soon as she walked in, Liz immediately saw a blond around her height with a winter coat and a sign that had her name on it. Smiling, Liz ran right to her.


"Honey bear!" Annabel Parker was the youngest of the Parker clan. She had been living in Florida when Liz had visited but left once Liz did. "How was your trip?" She asked holding Liz at arms length, the sign she'd been holding was left completely forgotten on the floor.

"Long but bearable." Liz told her with a small smile.

"Good. I'm glad." She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at Liz. "So, let's get going." She grabbed two of Liz's four bags. "There's so much I wanna show you but I know all you wanna do is relax so we'll go home first." Annie said before leading the way to the parking lot and her car.


The drive to Annie's was long but filled with catch up and funny little antidotes of Annie's first few weeks here in town. It was nice and helped keep Liz's mind away from the two reasons she had left Roswell in the first place.

The first reason was her budding alien powers. Ava had said that since Max had saved her, he had changed her. And though she had no clue if what Ava was saving was true or false, she still agreed to help Isabel and Michael. At first, nothing happened. She had thought it was a bust until she felt herself shift, out of the Crash and into the streets of New York. Did that make her an alien now? Or was she still Liz with alien powers?

"I need to find out who I am now that I'm...different." She whispered to herself as she stared out the window.

The second reason was because of Max. She loved him but knew they couldn't be together. It was something that hurt her so badly but she knew she was gonna have to live with.

"Did you know there are legends of werewolves and vampires up here?" Liz turned to her aunt, all thoughts of Max and her problems instantly vanished.


"Yeah but they're nothing like what society says." Annie told her with a smirk. "For instance, crosses, garlic and sunlight do nothing to vampires. Instead, they're cold, frozen in time almost and the only way to kill them is to rip them apart."

"And the werewolves?"

"Apparently, a werewolf can change whenever he or she wants to. But I think it's fueled by anger or something like that." She said with a simple shrug.

"Who told you that?" Liz asked, more interested than she thought she'd be.

"My mom. One of the reasons dad built the house out here was because of mom's relationship with the Quileute tribe."

That caught Liz's attention. "Grandma Claudia actually knew the tribes out here?"

"Well, one of them at least." Annie turned to Liz and smiled. "We're here." They drove over a small brick bridge, down a small driveway and right into a two car garage. "What do you think?" She asked as she turned off the car.

"Wow." Liz got out of her aunt's beat up Toyota Corolla, the snow falling around her completely forgotten and just stared at the massive two floor cottage. While most of the place was covered in lush green vegetation, it was all blanketed in snow. A snow covered archway with twinkling white lights shining bright along the outside, sat in front of the pathway while a large and prettily decorated evergreen sat in the front yard. "Now I know it's tradition to decorate outside for Christmas but did you really decorate the tree?" Liz asked as she followed Annie to the trunk.

"Of course I did." She said with a smile. "It's a Parker tradition."


"Yep and just wait until you see the inside." Smirking, Liz followed Annie down the gray stone pathway and onto the porch that wrapped around the front of the house. "Welcome home." She told Liz before she opened the front door and moved to the side.

"Holy crap." They stood in the entryway of the house, a soft red paint on the walls not only in the entryway but also beyond. The staircase sat to her left while a closed door sat to her right. "This place is..." Her words trailed off as she rounded the corner on her right and walked into the massive living room. "Amazing seems like too small of a word." Liz gushed as she ran her fingers along the cherry wood sofa table.

"Thanks." Annie shrugged out of her heavy jacket and placed it in a closet that sat under the stairs. "Want a tour?"

"Uh, yeah." Liz said as she too shrugged out of her peacoat and sweater before handing both to Annie.

"Good." Her aunt took her coat from her and placed it in the closet before turning to Liz. "As you can see, this is the livingroom and man made hallway."

The living room was incredible. A large, plush brown sectional sat in the middle of the room, the sofa table behind it. A coffee table (that matched the sofa table) sat in front of the sectional; a circular silver plate with three Christmas candles on it and a small stack of books on top of it. A flat screen Tv and a fire place sat on the wall in front of the coffee table and between two set of doors that she assumed led to the backyard.

The wall to the left of the livingroom was basically a built in bookcase that not only had books on it but also Annie's massive movie collection. A Christmas tree sat by the empty half wall on the right side of the livingroom and finishing the room off, was the rest of the Christmas decorations.

"You did all of this?" Liz asked as she picked up a picture frame that sat on the sofa table. It was a picture of her grandparents when they were younger. Before her uncle Chris was even born.

"Yep." She walked around Liz and towards the kitchen that sat on the right of the livingroom. "Well, actually, I left most of the stuff the way my parents had had it. The technology, a few photos and the throw pillows were all me." She shrugged her shoulders. "Even the Christmas decorations belonged to my parents." Liz smiled as Annie pulled a bottle of water from the frig. "This is the kitchen. It's fully stocked. Oh and so is the livingroom. We have cable, telephone and Internet." She took a sip from her water before continuing. "Down this hall is a half finished bathroom and the laundry room." Liz nodded. "This is the dining room." Annie walked by her to a closed set of doors Liz hadn't noticed and opened them. "I haven't used it yet but who knows, someday."

It was big enough that a dining table sat in the middle with eight chairs around it. A China cabinet sat on the left wall and an opened bar sat on the far right near a large bay window. The walls were the same color as the rest of the first floor and the dining room furniture matched the livingroom furniture. It was really...


"I know. Mom and dad had great taste in decorum. Now, over here is the master bed, bath and closet which I, of course, have claimed."

"Of course." Liz smirked as she followed Annie to the left side of the livingroom. Across from the coat closet was another door and Liz knew if she could have, Annie would have put her name on it.

"Feast your eyes honey bear." When her aunt opened the door, Liz was speechless. Her room was an array of purples and blues. Sure Annie had tan furniture but everything else was either blue or purple. And her walls! Her walls were a mural of the Italian riviera. "You like?"

"You painted this?"

Annie nodded as she toed off her socks, her cute ankle boots had been left on the front porch along with Liz's only pair of rain boots. "Yep. Took me a few days to get it just right but I like it."

"It's...amazing." Liz told her as she ran her fingers along the riviera. "I hope you know you're gonna paint something amazing on my walls."

"Of course." Annie said with a smile as she got up off her bed. "And speaking of..."


Liz's room was right above Annie's and was just as big. A large canopy bed sat on the far left wall, two nightstands sitting at the head of the bed. A dresser and mirror sat on the wall near the bathroom while an entertainment center and a 32" flat screen sat by the door. The last piece of furniture was a matching chest that sat near the double doors that lead out to her new and barely used balcony. Other than that, it was empty.

"It's gonna look amazing once you put some life into it." Annie told her after she dropped the two bags she had grabbed on her way up, in front of Liz's bed. A big one and a medium one. "I know red is your favorite color and all but all I had were these light blue and dark purple bed sheets-."

"Don't." Liz told her as she let go of her other two bags. Another big one and a small laptop bag. "It'll be fine until I get my own things and just for the record, red is so not my favorite." She said as she turned from her aunt. "At least, not anymore."

"But you look so good in it."

Liz nodded. "So I've been told." She could hear the bitterness in her voice and hoped Annie didn't.

"Okay then. I'll just..." Annie pointed towards the door. It was obvious that she too had heard the bitterness in Liz's voice and not being one who liked dealing with confrontation, was trying to make a quick getaway. "Get out of your hair so that you can settle in."

"Thanks." She waited until her aunt was gone and the door was closed to finally take a deep breath in. Then she took another look around the room. "This is your second start." She whispered to herself. "Please, don't go and fuck it up." Slowly, she started to unpack her things.
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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) 5/9

Postby Appleprincess » Wed May 15, 2013 3:35 pm

Chapter 2

She shot out into the woods, her long brown hair flying behind her. Sweat slid down her neck and into the valley between her breast. She swerved around trees, dodged bushes and jumped over fallen trunks. Her legs burned but she couldn't stop.

"Keep running straight."

Someone wanted her dead and they wanted her dead badly. So badly that they burned down her house with her still in it. And when they realized she escaped, took off after her. What had she done? Who had she crossed? She ducked under a low branch, swerved around a huge tree and bursted through these draped vines.

"You're almost there."

A clearing appeared just up ahead and for some reason, she knew it was her salvation. Her freedom. The scent of lilacs and daffodils filled the air and she knew she was almost there.

"Just a few more feet."

A whisper of hot breath fanned the back of her neck and with the last of her strength, she pushed herself as hard as she could. The clearing grew closer with each fallen step and just as she was about to pass through the clearing, a pair of cold, statue like arms wrapped around her waist. Pulling her back. Away from the clearing. Away from her freedom. Away from-.



Liz twisted and turned until she hit the floor, face first. Opening her eyes, she looked around and saw that she was alone. No cold as a statue arms holding onto her. No burning caramel eyes watching her. Nothing. She was home. She was safe.

After rubbing the sting from her cheek, Liz pushed the blanket off of her legs and slowly got up. That dream had felt more real than any dream she had ever had. It had been scary and yet compelling at the same time.

Who had been chasing after her? Who wanted her dead? Why did they want her dead? Who did those caramel eyes belong to and why did she feel safe when she felt them on her?

Shaking her head, Liz grabbed her towel and went straight for the bathroom. She needed a shower and she needed one now.


Half an hour later, she was dressed in a dark green long sleeved top and a comfy pair of gray yoga pants. Knowing she couldn't put it off forever, Liz grabbed her phone from the night stand and turned it on. It took a minute or two but she soon saw that she had 35 missed calls and 25 unanswered texts. Half were from Maria and the other half were from Max.

Not ready to talk to Max yet, Liz pressed 3 on her cell and waited for her best friend to pick up. It only took two rings before she heard the familiar greeting of one Maria Deluca.

"Maria talking. What's up?"

"Hey Ria." She greeted slowly.

"Liz?!" She screeched. "Oh my God. Where are you? Are you okay? Why haven't you called me back? Were you kidnapped? Do we need to save you?"

"Maria! I'm fine." Liz replied with an eye roll. "I haven't called you back because my phone was dead and I just got them now."

"Oh." She paused. "Forget all those other questions then. Where are you? You want me to pick you up?"

"Um, no. That's actually why I called." Liz tucked a strand of her damp hair behind her ear as she dropped down onto her bed. "I um, I'm not in Roswell anymore."

"What? Why not?"

"I just...I needed some time to myself and my parents agreed." She told her truthfully. So much had changed in such a short amount of time and she needed a clear head if she was ever gonna find herself again. And she was never gonna get that in Roswell.

"Where are you then?"

"With Annie in Washington."

"Annie's in Washington now?" Maria questioned, calming down some. "I thought she was in Florida?"

"She was but you know Annie."

"Yeah I do but I also know you. This "needing some time to yourself" thing will totally blow over and soon you'll be coming home and all will be right again. So...I hope you have a great time."

Liz laid back, chewing on her lower lip for a few seconds before speaking again. "Actually, I'm staying here until I graduate."

"WHAT?!" Maria thundered and Liz had to pull the phone from her ear.

"I'm sorry but I need-."

"Is this about Max and Tess? Because I'm telling you Liz, they are so not together."

"It's not." Lie.

"Then what? What possible reason is good enough for you to just abandon me and everyone else?!" By the time Maria was finished, she was yelling.

"I just need some "me" time, Maria. That's all. I'm sorry."

"I can't...I can't talk to you right now." And a second later, all she heard was the dial tone.

"Okay." She wiped at her eyes. She hadn't even realized she had been crying until she felt the wetness pool under her chin. "Now to call my parents."


"So," Annie called out as Liz came down the stairs. "Did you call your parents?" Her aunt was standing in the kitchen, a huge cup of coffee in her hands.

"Yeah. I did." She went straight for the stool that sat in front of the counter that separated the livingroom from the kitchen.


"And they're good. Settling into their hotel room as they wait for the convention to start." She told her as Annie handed her her own cup. Then she poured her some coffee.

"What's with the long face then?" She handed Liz the milk and sugar.

"I called Maria and she didn't exactly take my leaving Roswell for good all that well." She answered as she made her coffee the way she liked it.

"Why didn't you tell her you were leaving?" A small smirk spread across Annie's lips. "For good."

"Because I knew she'd just try to talk me out of it." Liz blurted out. "And I didn't want to be talked out of leaving. I just wanted..."

"To leave." Annie finished for her and Liz nodded. "Is HE the reason you skipped town in the middle of the night?" She and Annie had refused to say Max's name when she had visited for the summer. "Again?"



"I didn't like the person I was becoming because of HIM. For HIM."

Annie nodded as she sipped on her coffee. "But I thought you were gonna get a new job and just cut off all ties to...HIM?"

"I tried, believe me I did but...I don't know. Maria just kept going back and forth telling me that HE still loved me and that HE would never love the blond gerbil and that we belonged together and somewhere along the line, I just...I guess I fell back into the role HE needed me in."

"At least you got out before it got physical." Annie told her but the look in her eyes. She looked so far away. As if she were somewhere else completely.


"Um," She shook her head and looked at Liz. "I have a few errands I have to run. You wanna come with?"

"Yeah sure."


Annie's few errands turned into food shopping, an art supply run and last but not least, a trip to the home improvement store. She wanted to do a few things to the house once the snow melted but didn't want to buy them in the summer because then they'd be more expensive. It really didn't matter to Liz. She was able to see more of the town she'd be living in until graduation.

Well, that and she wasn't stuck inside the house avoiding Max's calls. Calls she knew she'd get since she didn't get a chance to tell Maria not to tell him where she was. And she knew her friend. By now, everyone knew where Liz was and who she was with. And either they didn't care or they were trying to find ways to make her come home.

Shaking her head, Liz turned away from Annie.

Her aunt had just asked her what she wanted on her walls but she didn't know. Her head was filled with so much it was hard to think. How could one think when their mind was filled with nothing but self doubt and criticism? Maybe she was just running away? And maybe...just maybe running away wasn't the answer.

It sure as hell didn't help her over the summer. Once she got back from Florida, all the problems she had ran from, were still there and more were added in her absence.

Taking a deep breath in, Liz opened her mouth to tell her aunt everything that was on her mind when someone slammed into her.

"I'm so sorry." Long, raven hair was pulled away from a young face. Strong cheek bones and soft, full lips defined his face but it was the caramel of his eyes that held her attention. Where had she seen those eyes before? His large hand reached out and helped her to her feet, erasing any thought that had been on her mind. "My friend and I were in a rush and I didn't see you."


"Dude, stop flirting with the pretty girl and let's go." The guy chuckled at his friend before nodding at Liz.

"Sorry. Again." Then he was gone.

"Whoa." Liz grabbed onto the counter behind her. "Who was that?"

"I think I know what to draw on your walls." Annie sang as she bounced over to Liz, pulling her away from the direction where the cutie had just gone.

"Yeah?" She smiled trying not to think about how cute he had been. "What?"

"I have a few sketches but I have to find them first. But as soon as I do, you'll get them. Okay?"

Liz nodded. "Yeah. Okay."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 2 5/15

Postby Appleprincess » Tue May 21, 2013 11:44 pm

Chapter 3

Before she knew it, it was Monday and her alarm was going crazy. Slamming it off, Liz got up and went straight to the bathroom.

She had the dream again. Only this time, she saw more than just the caramel eyes. She saw an animal. A huge dog like one.

Shaking her head, she went about her morning routine. She had other things to worry about. More important things. Like school.

Today was gonna be her first day at a new school. She had never been the new girl before. In fact, she had never been new period. As the daughter of the owner of the most popular restaurant in Roswell, everyone knew her name. Knew who she had been. Meeting new people had been nonexistent until Max saved her.


Biting her lower lip, Liz left the bathroom and quickly got dressed. She didn't want to think of him either. It still hurt too much. So many secrets. So many unanswered questions. She shook her head. No. Not thinking about Max. When she was done, she snatched her bookbag off the floor and left her room.


The first floor was quiet as Liz made her way to the kitchen. Because she wasn't a morning person, Annie always made sure to program the coffee machine at night so that when she did wake up, there would always be a hot pot of coffee waiting for her. Relaxing into the role she had taken on when she visited Annie in the summer, Liz made two cups of coffee before going to Annie's room with one in her hand and knocking.

"Annie!" She called out. "You up?" She listened as her aunt stumbled through the mess that was now her room and threw open her door.

"What?" She snapped.

"I have to be at school soon and I was wondering-." Annie's hand shot up, cutting Liz off.

"Is that coffee for me?" Liz nodded. "Give me the coffee and I'll do whatever you want me to."

"Is it really that easy?"

"Don't be mean."

"Be ready in 20 and drive me to school." Liz offered as she held the coffee just out of Annie's reach.

"Done." Annie snatched the coffee out of Liz's hand and slammed the door in her face.


A half an hour later, both Liz and Annie were in the car and driving to Liz's new school. While Annie drove, Liz looked over the few sketches she had managed to draw before the snow fell and covered everything. It had taken her most of Sunday to find them but Annie knew that whatever her niece wanted on her walls, would be in those sketches.

"This one is nice." Liz said, showing Annie the sketch of the side of a mountain where very few trees and little to no vegetation lived. It was nice. Very nice actually. But the way she was barely even looking at it let Annie know her niece didn't really like it.

"It was also very depressing to draw." Annie lied before grabbing the sketch, crumbling it up and tossing it into the back seat. "Pick another one." Liz shook her head, a small smile on her face. She continued to look through the dozens of sketches until she stopped on another one.
"This one is cool." She turned the sketch to Annie, showing her a sketch of the beach, dark water crashing into the dark sand.

"Better but no." She told her truthfully. Though Liz showed more of an interest in this sketch than the others, it still wasn't the one.

Rolling her eyes, Liz continued looking through the sketches. "I don't think-." Her words died on her lips as she stared at the sketch in front of her.


"This one." She dropped the other sketches into her lap and lifted the one she liked. "This is what I want on my walls."

Annie drove into the parking lot and parked a few feet away from the entrance. Whatever Liz had picked had to be the one. Her niece hadn't gotten excited like this over anything since arriving Friday night so whatever sketch it was, was perfect.

"Let me see." She handed her the sketch and a small smile slipped onto her lips.


"You picked the perfect one." She told her, her fingers sliding down the front of the page.


"Really." Annie told Liz as she turned to her. "And I can have this done by the time you come home."

"That's...unbelievable." Liz said as she pulled Annie into a hug. "Thank you so much, Annie."

"No problem." Annie watched as Liz got out of the car and ran straight for her new school.


Just like she knew it would be, this school was just like her old school. Lockers lined the halls, teachers walked around looking as if they wanted to be anywhere else while the students either fooled around or got ready for their next period. But it wasn't until lunch time that Liz felt like a fish out of water.

The cafeteria was filled with students laughing and having a good time. Normally, she'd just find a group she knew she'd fit in with but she didn't want to this time. She just wanted to be alone for now, so she went looking for an empty table.

When she was just about to give up, she saw an empty table by the window. But as she moved closer to it, she saw that it wasn't empty. Instead, a girl with long brown hair sat in the corner just staring at an uneatten sandwich that sat in front of her.

"It's better than eating alone under your locker, so just go." She whispered to herself as she continued on her way to the table. When she finally reached it, she cleared her throat. "Can I sit here please?"

"Um," The girl's eyes shot up to Liz's and it was like looking into a mirror. Pain and sadness stared back at Liz and though she was still going on as if nothing had happened, inside, pain and sadness was all she felt. "Sure. Yeah." Liz sat in the seat across from the girl who stared at her as if she too were looking into a mirror. It was...eerie. "You're new?"

Liz nodded as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Yeah, I am." Could this be a dream? "Am I that obvious?"

"Not," The girl cleared her throat. "Not really. I was just um, I was new last year." Liz watched as the girl took a sip from her juice box and knew it was to relieve her dry throat. It was obvious she hadn't used her voice in a while. A luxury Liz hadn't had. Her "friends" had refused her request for some alone time. Hence her reason for leaving. "Where are you from?"

"New Mexico." The girl's eyebrows rose. "What?"

"Nothing. I'm just...I'm from Arizona." Whoa. What the hell was going on? "You, um, you miss the weather?"

The same cracked smile she had been using since future Max disappeared slipped onto her face. "As soon as I stepped off of the bus."

"Me too." The girl smiled but it was forced. Just like Liz's. Heartbreak does that to a person. "I'm Bella by the way. Bella Swan."

Liz was just about to take a bite of her sandwich when Bella had said her name. She had heard about her. The girl who had gotten her heart broken by the sexy yet mysterious shy guy. A sister in heartbreak. Nice.

"Liz. Liz Parker."


As soon as Annie was finished with Liz's room, she noticed how dark it was. Where the hell was Liz? Walking out her niece's room, Annie bounded down the stairs and went straight for the front door. Though she was smart, Liz was still very new in town and could easily get lost. And then what? Annie would have to call Jeff and he'd force Liz to go back to hell. Because that was what Roswell was now to her niece. Roswell was hell. Just like it had been to her.

Ripping the front door open, Annie was just about to leave when she saw a red pick up truck drive over the bridge and stop in front of the archway. A few seconds later, her niece opened the passenger door and jumped out.

"Thanks for everything Bella." She heard her say before she came running towards her. "Hey Annie." Liz waved bye to the driver, smiled a real Elizabeth Ann Parker smile and then went inside.

"Hey girlie." Annie greeted as she closed the door behind her and followed Liz into the livingroom. "Who was that?"

"In the truck?"


"My new friend Bella. I didn't want to bother you so I hung out at her place until I knew it was time to come home." Liz tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Was that a problem?"

Annie shook her head. "Nope. Just wondering is all." Anyone who could make her niece smile (and not the fake smile she had been giving since Friday) was okay in her book. "I um," Annie scratched the side of her nose. "I finished your room."

The real Lizzie smile returned and Annie felt her heart sing. "Really?!"

"Yep." She walked over to the sofa table and leaned on it. Her eyes brightening with mirth. "You wanna see it?"

"Hell yeah." Liz shot up and ran up the stairs. "Oh my God."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 3 5/22

Postby Appleprincess » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:45 pm

Chapter 4

The sun sat high in the afternoon sky but it barely touched Liz as she laid under the enormous willow tree. The coolness of the shade and the soft breeze that came from the river bank just a few feet away was the perfect combo for her relaxing day. The scent from the white lilies waffled through the air as she closed her eyes and folded her arms over her stomach.

Calm. Peace. Happiness.

Now all she needed was a few books, some tea and cookies and this could very well be her utopia.

The sound of a branch breaking hit her ears and Liz shot up. She wasn't alone anymore. She could feel someone watching her. She could feel their eyes on her face, her legs, her body. Someone was definitely watching her.

Another branch broke and Liz was on her feet, the white beads on her barefoot sandles catching the light from the sun. Someone was coming.

"Would you calm down?" A familiar voice sneered and a second later, Isabel appeared in front of her.

"Isabel?" The moment she saw her friend's face, Liz knew she was being dream walked. That this was all just a dream. Shaking her head, she clasped her hands behind her back. "What are you doing here?"

"Making sure that you're alright." She folded her arms over her chest as she glanced around. "Nice dream." Then she pointed to Liz's clothes. "Nice dress."

She looked down and saw that she was wearing a white laced dress. "Thanks." Then she casually looked behind her where she still felt the eyes. Someone else was out there. "And yeah. I guess it is."

"Okay, enough with the small talk. Where are you Liz? Maria was pretty light on the details. And why haven't you answered anyone's phone calls in like weeks?" Liz shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't really get that much service where I am and the rest really isn't any of your business." She folded her arms over her chest to cover up the shiver that ran down her spine. Whoever was watching her was doing something to her. Something she had never felt before but she was definitely liking it. "Are we done here?" She asked.

Isabel scoffed. "Fine. Keep your secrets. I really don't care."

"Then why come?"

"You know why." Both girls rolled their eyes. Max.

"Maybe you should start thinking for yourself instead of always doing what Max wants you to do? I did and it actually feels amazing."

"Whatever. I don't have time for this. Bye." And just like that, Isabel was gone. Leaving Liz alone with the burning pair of caramel eyes she knew were watching her.


Liz shot up in bed and took a quick glance around. She was alone. And in her room. She slowly got out of bed and went straight for the bathroom.

Ever since Annie had painted the mural onto her walls, she had dreamt of it. Just laying under the huge willow tree, listening to the water in the river as it moved down stream. Listening as the birds chirped and the butterflies bounced through the sky. And every night, she dreamt of the same burning caramel eyes staring at her from afar.

Why was a wolf watching her? Was it a metaphor for someone she already knew? Or was it someone she was going to meet? Who was it? Not knowing was just...frustrating.

Suddenly, Liz remembered Isabel being in her dream and she had to take a few breaths in to calm herself down. But why would she do that? Why would the perfect Isabel Evans invade her stupid little dream?


He must have asked his sister to check up on her because she had been basically avoiding him. No phone calls. No text messages. No emails. She had effectively cut him off. If she ever wanted to find herself again, staying in touch with the person who changed her wasn't exactly a smart choice.

Shaking her head, Liz turned on the shower and quickly got in. Maybe a hot shower would burn away all thoughts of her invading ex.


"They called." Annie told her as she bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Again."

"That's what? The fifth time today?" Liz asked with an eye roll. THEY (meaning Max and Maria) were getting really irritating.

"Actually, it's the eighth and it's only ten am." She took a sip of her coffee. "What the hell Liz? Don't your friends know the meaning of "me" time?" Annie whined, sounding more like a six year old instead of a 28 year old. She even slammed her head onto her arms that had been folded in front of her.

"I'm so sorry Annie." Liz apologized as she poured herself some coffee. "I'll call them today and tell them to stop."

"That's all I ask for."

Liz gave her a small smile. "But after I come home."

"What?" Annie's head shot up. "Where the hell are you going?"

"It's Saturday and mom and dad just opened up one of my trusts so that I could get a few things without actually dipping into my college fund." She told her before sipping her own coffee.

"So you're going shopping?" Annie asked.

"Yep. Just me, Bella and Jacob."

"Jacob?" Liz nodded. "Who the hell is Jacob?"

"I think he's her only other friend." She sat next to Annie on the other stool. "I mean, she hangs out with the guys at school, at school but out of school, not so much."

"So what? She only hangs out with you or this Jacob guy?"


"So you'll be what? The third wheel?" Annie asked as she took a sip from her coffee while Liz shook her head.

"Not really. I mean, the way she describes him is in this younger brother type of way." She took a sip of her coffee. "Plus she's still pretty hung up on her ex."

"Aren't we all?" Annie stood up, grabbed her coffee and looked at Liz. "I'm just gonna, you know, unplug the phone while you're gone. Maybe then I'll finally be able to finish a painting."

"Sorry." Liz apologized again but Annie shook her head.

"Don't be. It's not your fault they don't know the meaning of alone time." She told her as she moved towards the stairs. "Just...please, don't forget to call them."

"I won't."

"Thanks." As she neared the stairs, she stopped and smiled. "Don't forget to have fun either. You're only 17. Live a little." Then she was gone.


To say Bella was the complete opposite from Maria would be an understatement. They weren't even in the same friend category. While Maria was loud, always talking and always trying to "fix" things she had no business fixing, Bella was quiet and just let things fall where they may. It was actually really refreshing. She kind of hoped Jacob was like that so that she'd like him.

"Sorry, but Jake canceled." Bella told her as she let Liz into the house.

"Canceled?" Liz questioned as she pulled off her hat and scarf. "Why?"

"Don't tell anyone but he's kind of building a motorcycle for me."

"Wow." Liz nodded her head. She was impressed. She didn't know Jacob was good with his hands. "That's cool."

"Yeah, he actually restored the truck for me before I got here last year." Bella said as she went into the kitchen.

"I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad one." Liz joked as she followed behind her friend.

"Hey, don't hate on the truck."

Suddenly she stopped and had this far away look in her eyes. Liz knew that look. She was thinking about her ex. A clear breaking of their number one rule. Tossing her coat and things onto the back of one of the kitchen chairs, Liz walked over to Bella and pulled her into a hug.

"Just breathe." She felt her friend take a shaky breath in before letting it out. "Now, another one." And again, she did as Liz said.

"Sorry about that." Bella mumbled before taking a step back.

"Don't be." She smiled at Bella before folding her arms over her chest. "So what is the plan? Because that snow is ridiculous."

Bella laughed and Liz felt like she just cured cancer. "I guess you could do some on line shopping while I start on lunch."

"Sounds like a plan to me."


Half an hour later, Liz was looking at lamps. None seemed to match the dark green theme she had wanted so Bella had told her to such for hunter green.

"What about this?" Liz asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Poke a dot?" She questioned, a disgusted look on her face. "Really Liz?"

"What?" Liz laughed. "I can do poke a dot." While that may be true, the fact that the lamp was hot pink with orange and red poke a dots made the ugly lamp a no.


"What? Why not?" She asked as she turned the computer back to her.

"I just don't think poke a dots are you."

"They could be." Liz said sobering a little. "I mean, who are any of us?"

Bella turned to her but Liz refused to look up. "While I don't know the answer to that question, I do know you Liz. You're kind, strong and independent. I mean, I always thought that I was independent but then I met you." She shook her head as she turned back to what she had been doing. "You went through something very similar to what I went through and yet, you hold your head up high. Sure you left but you had the strength to go; to not look back and start over. I um, I admire you for that."

A smile slipped onto Liz's face as she stared at the bright screen of Bella's laptop. She hadn't thought of it like that. All she saw was her running away. Maybe Bella had been right? Maybe she was stronger than even she thought she was?


After saying bye to Bella, Liz quickly drove home and went straight for her room. Annie was still in her art room, her hypnotic jazz on blast as she painted whatever she was painting.

She admired Annie for her free spirit. She traveled across both America and Europe, spoke like five different languages and made sure to dabble in a little bit of everything.

When she lived in Florida, it was for her jewelry making. Before that it was New York for her acting and before that it was Chicago for her cooking. Her mom had always called Annie a wild card but from the little she knew about her dad and her uncle when they were younger, Annie was an angel compared to them.

Which was probably why her dad let her move in here.

Biting the bullet, Liz quickly called each of her friends, one by one and had a quick talk with each of them. Isabel had apologized for dream walking her. Michael huffed and told her to be safe. Kyle and Alex made her laugh while also telling her what's been going on with both of them. Talking and laughing with them had caused the ache in her heart to grow just a little more and she thanked whoever was watching over her that Tess hadn't picked up.

"Now for Max and Maria." She mumbled to herself as she stood on her balcony in her sweater, mittens and hat. She quickly dialed Maria's number, knowing it by heart and waited. Nothing. After four more rings, the voice message came on and Liz let out a shaky breath. "Hey Maria, it's Liz. I just wanted to tell you that I was alright but that you can't keep calling me. It's driving both Annie and I insane and I just...I need space. I'm sorry that I'm being like this and I love you very much but please stop calling me so much." Then she hung up. "One more to go."

It took Max two rings to pick up but when he did, he sounded...a bit out of breath.


"Hey Max."

"I'm so glad you finally called." Pause. "How are you? Are you happy?"

"I'm...getting there." She told him truthfully.

"Do you um, do you know when you'll be coming home?"

"I thought Maria told you." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I left for good Max. I'm not going back."

"Is it because of...your powers? Because leaving won't help you. If anything, it's hurting you." He spoke low. As if he thought someone might over hear him.

"That was one of the reasons but not really. No." She closed the balcony door so Annie wouldn't hear her. "I just...I needed some time to myself; to find myself again, Max. I feel like I've lost her lost and because I didn't wanna put the blame on anyone, I left."

"What if you need me? How can I save you if you're wherever it is you are?"

"I need to save myself, Max. I need to learn how to need myself."

"But we belong together Liz."

"And if that's true, we'll be together some day." She paused. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." He took a shaky breath in. "Look, I know who you are Liz and I'm in love with her. So when you do find her, you come home. Okay?"

"Bye Max." She hung up as she felt the ache in her chest expand.

Calling him had been a mistake.

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 4 6/2

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Chapter 5

Christmas had come and gone and so had all of January and most of February and Liz felt great. The more time she spent away from Roswell, the happier she was. Her only problem; Maria.

"I just don't understand why you didn't come home for the holidays." Maria complained as Liz got dress for Annie's gallery opening. "I mean even Alex came home."

"That's because his exchange program was only for 6 weeks, Maria." She told her as she slipped into her black corset dress. "I, on the other hand, left for good."

"So what? You can't even visit us?"

Liz rolled her eyes as she dropped onto her bed to put on Annie's zebra printed ankle boots. "That's not what I meant." When she was done, she stood up, went over to the mirror and did her makeup; smokey black eyeliner for her eyes and a peach gloss for her lips.

"Then what did you mean?"

"Maria, I'll go and visit you guys." She conceded as combed her hair into a side ponytail that sat over her shoulder. "But only when I'm ready."

"And when will that be?"

Liz sighed. "I really don't know, Maria." She put on her black beret, slipped on her white blazer and grabbed her black clutch. "I've only been gone for two months and though I've been doing really well, it still isn't enough. I'm sorry. I'm just not ready to go back to Roswell."

"God, Liz, it's like I don't even know who you are anymore." Maria huffed. "I just...I have to go. With you gone, things aren't exactly hunky dory here. Bye."

She sighed again as yet another conversation with Maria ended in an argument. Ever since she left that message back in December, Maria has been trying so hard to get her to go back home. First she tried guilt. Then it was manipulation. When that didn't work, it was begging and now it was anger.

Liz shook her head.

She wasn't going to let this get to her. She wasn't going to let Maria win. She didn't know why her supposed best friend was trying so hard to make her do something she didn't want to do but Liz refused to worry about it tonight.

Tonight was all about Annie and she refused to ruin it.


"Wow. These are amazing." Bella admired as she and Liz walked around the gallery.

"I know." The pair stopped in front of a painting of the beach at La Push. Dark blue water under a sky filled with stars but it was the moon that made the painting. Or lack of moon really. The moon was replaced by Saturn and it shimmered this pinkish purple color into the dark water. "I've always known that she had talent but this is just..."

"Unbelievable." Bella finished as they moved onto the next painting. It was the one of the cliff except not. It left a lot of the viewers speechless. "So, how did your call with Maria go?" She asked with a shake of her head.

Liz let out a soft sigh as they made their way around the gallery.

"It sucked." They stopped in front of another painting but didn't really look at it. "She was so mad that I hadn't visited that she said she didn't know me anymore and then hung up on me." Liz shook her head. "Again."

"At least she picked up the phone." Bella huffed. "Jake won't even do that."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know. I mean I have a small idea of what may have happened but I doubt that's the reason."

"Maybe if you tell me the reason, I can yay or nay it?"

Bella nodded as they sat down on a bench in front of the painting of Liz's mural. "Okay. It started the Friday you backed out of going to the movies with me and Mike. I ended up bringing Jake because it was suppose to be a group thing. But then Jessica bailed, Angela got sick and Eric stayed behind to take care of her."

"So it was just the 3 of you?" Liz asked, biting back a smile. It was no secret that both Mike and Jacob had a thing for Bella. So the three of them together must have been pretty awkward for her friend.

"Yeah and everything was fine, until Mike got sick. So when he went to the bathroom, Jake and I started..." Bella stopped and looked at Liz. "Talking."

"What did you guys talk about?"

"He wanted to be more than friends but I told him no. I'm not ready for that." She shook her head. "I'm not." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Then Mike came out of the bathroom saying that he may have caught the bug Angela had and Jake freaked out on him. I guess he was mad that I turned him down but when I tried to calm him down, he was hot to the touch. Like burning hot."

"Was he okay?"

"His dad said that he had mono and that I couldn't go over to their house. But now whenever I call, he's either in the bathroom or just too sick to come to the phone." Bella sat up straight. "I don't know. It's really weird."

"Why don't you just go there?"

Bella looked at her. "You think I can?"

"Of course you can." Liz shrugged her shoulders. "I'll even go with you if you want?"

"Thanks. That much to me Liz."

"No problem. We're friends. That's what we do. Now," Liz stood up. "Let's go find Annie and Charlie. They're probably looking for us."

"Yeah." She laughed. "Probably."


Liz waved bye to Bella and Charlie as they left the gallery and got into their car. She and Bella were giving Jacob a week or so to call Bella before they drove up to La Push to confront him. She just hoped that by them confronting him, that Bella would realize that there were other guys out there other than her ex.

You're one to talk, the little voice in the back of her head snapped and while she wanted to be mad at it, she couldn't be. It was right.

She hadn't dated anyone since she broke up with Max. Of course she'd been asked out between then and now but no one seemed good enough after Max. Sure he cheated on her and use to be married to the girl he had cheated on her with but everything else; everything else had been perfect. The romantic dates. The small touches. The constant attention. Those were the things most girls begged for and it was hard for her to let it go.

But maybe it was time to get out there? She HAD dated before. Maybe dating someone now would help her find who she had been?

"You ready?" Annie asked, pulling Liz from her thoughts.

"Yeah." Liz told her with a smile. "I think I am."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 5 6/9

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Chapter 6

Three weeks later, Bella drove up to Liz's house and waited for her best friend. They had given Jacob this long to call her but still, nothing.

"You picked one hell of a day to go talk to him." Liz joked as she jumped into the truck and out of the rain.

"I thought the weather would be a perfect venue if things didn't go my way."

Liz shook the water from her hair before plugging her cell in. "You ready for this?" She asked, giving Bella a concerned look.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

"Then let's go fry us some Jacob." Both girls chuckled at Liz's lame joke as Bella pulled away from the house.

As she drove to the Quileute reservation, she couldn't help but get this gut feeling that something bad was going to happen. But she didn't care. She had to see him. She had to see Jacob with her own eyes and make sure he was okay.


"Jake!" Bella jumped out of the truck, rain pouring down all around her and ran straight to her friend. "Jake! Wait!" She pulled him by the arm and he turned to her, his face filled with this barely contained anger. "You're okay?"

"Bella." The way he spat her name, it sounded as if it made him sick to say it.

"I can't believe you cut your hair." Shaking her head, something caught her eye. "You got a tattoo?" She scoffed. "Anything else happened while you had mono?"

He looked at her, anger evident in his tone as well. "Go home."


"Go home now!"

"No. I need to know why, Jake? I mean, I know why you're mad and I'm so sorry. I really am. I never...I never meant to hurt you but I know I did. And it's killing me." He shook his head. "Please." She begged. "Just..." She ran her hand through her hair. "Say something."

"You need to leave." He paused. "Now!"

"But Jake-." Suddenly, she heard a howl and her head snapped towards the four boys walking towards them; Sam and his "cult". This was just what she needed.


When Bella had told her about Jacob's behavior, Liz had brushed it off as a hurt male ego. Who wouldn't be hurt if the person you liked didn't like you back and kept you in the friend zone. But as they passed over the invisible line between Forks and the Quileute Reservation, something filled the air.


It was suffocating and nothing like Liz had originally thought it would be like. Grandma Claudia had always said that though a reservation may not have much, it was rich in cultural and love. Liz felt none of that now.

Which was why, when her usually calm friend threw herself from the truck and towards this rather large boy she suspected was Jacob, she herself had stayed in the truck. This was between them. She was just here for moral support.

That's when she heard it. A howl.

Four boys around her and Bella's age emerged from the woods a few yards away and slowly made their way towards the pair. Shaking her head, Liz waited for Bella to come back to the truck. She was just gonna have to talk to Jacob when he was alone and away from Sam and his "cult". (Bella's name for them, not hers.)

But her friend never came back to the truck. Instead, she stood with Jacob. What the hell are you doing? Liz thought to herself as she watched her friend stay where she was.

"Let's go, Bella." She mumbled to herself but still nothing. "Just walk away." When she still hadn't come back to the truck, Liz pulled on her wet sweater and got out. "When we get out of this, I am so gonna have a talk with Bella about her lack of self preservation skills." Slowly making her down the small hill and over the wooden foot bridge, Liz stopped in front of Sam who stood in her way. "Is there a problem?" She asked him nicely.

"Your friend doesn't belong here." He told her.

"Neither of you do." Snapped a guy who appeared to the right of Sam. He looked like he was a hair trigger away from losing his shit and while she dealt with Michael Guerin before, she wasn't in the mood to deal with Michael #2.

"May I ask why?"

"Because you're unwelcomed." Angry boy growled at her.

"I can see that. I was just wondering why." She spoke in a casual tone. She didn't want any problems. She wanted what they wanted; her and Bella gone. It was a fair compromise seeing how they only came to make sure Jacob was still alive.

"Does it matter?" Another boy questioned and when Liz looked at him, he took a step forward.

"No." She told him with a smile. "I guess not." Shaking her heading, Liz turned to Bella but instead, her eyes found those of Jacob's and all the air in her lungs disappeared.

The unnecessary rage that etched his features, instantly melted away and Liz could feel her heart skip. If eyes were the windows to a person's soul, then she would happily drown in his. Confusion, sadness and acceptance greeted her and it took every ounce of her power to look away from his intense caramel eyes; but what she saw did nothing to stop her growing attraction. Firm muscles sat under tan skin that gave off this healthy, warm glow even in the middle of a storm. Just grab able, almost black hair sat on top of his head while full kissable lips and a strong nose finished his face.

He was gorgeous.

And she was treading on very thin ice. Falling in love with a complete stranger just wasn't in the cards for her. Dating? Yes but this didn't feel like that so Liz did the only thing she could think of. She began to flee.

Looking at Bella, she stammered.

"We need to go."



Chocolate brown eyes that melted his very soul. Soft pink petal lips he could drink from. Sun kissed olive skin he yearned to touch. It all burned through him but it wasn't a painful burn. It was a...comforting one.

Jacob had a hard time understanding what exactly was happening to him but he did know one thing. His world was coming completely undone right before his eyes. One by one, all the things that held any kind of importance to him was instantly erased. His anger, his fear of the unknown; all of it gone.

Even gravity had no place in his world anymore.

It was all her. She was his anchor. She was his reason for being here. She was the only thing keeping him tied to life.

He drank her in, memorizing every little thing about her. The rise and fall of her chest, the small cut above her eye. He even memorized the small motions she took as she backed away from Sam. He knew her.

Was he breathing?


His mind grasped at the name, filed it, learned it, made it as much a part of him as his own. Liz. Liz Parker, he remembered now. She was Bella's friend; the one with her own broken heart.


Knowing what was about to happen before it even did, Sam jumped into action. He gave Embry and Jared a quick nod telling both of them to stay with Jacob. He had just imprinted but she was running away.

"We should talk." He spoke, moving in front of her.

She shook her head, beads of sweat mixing with the droplets of rain. "No."

"We could go inside the house if you'd like?" He'd try anything short of throwing her over his shoulder.

"Go to hell." Her voice was strained as if she were in pain.

"Liz?" He tested the name she responded to but was instead answered by a low growl that had him snapping a sharp glance at Jacob. He wasn't going to hurt her. Even if he wanted to, the code said he couldn't. All he wanted to do was defuse this before it exploded. "Please, just come with me into the house."

"I'm not going anywhere with you." She spat. "Keep your secrets. I don't give a shit about them. I just wanna go home."

What happened next, happened so fast, it was hard for him to keep up. Liz pushed pass him and moved to go to the "safety" of the truck when she was stopped by a large hand. Paul's large hand. It covered most of her arm and its owner towered over her.

"He just wants to talk to you." Paul growled and Sam moved to reign him in.


"Let go of me."

"No." Jacob moved forward to protect his imprint but Embry and Jared were there to stop him. Paul was making a bad situation into a fucking horrible one.

"Paul!" Sam growled but he refused to listen.


With more strength than someone her size should have, Bella's friend shoved Paul off of her and ran the rest of the way to the truck. Shaking her head, Bella Swan followed after her friend.

"Stay the hell away from us!" She snapped before getting into her truck and driving off.

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 6 6/14

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Pandas2001- I did read Valifeal's "Rivers and Ravens" but I swear the similarities are pure coincidence. For chapter 6, I read the book and then I watched the movie before combining the two and adding my own twist on it. I am sorry if there are any similarities to Valifeal's "Rivers and Ravens".

Scenes between ~ are from Twilight: New Moon the movie
Chapter 7

Bella drove as fast as she could away from Jacob's house. She didn't know what the hell just happened but she knew she had to get Liz out of there. Speaking of...

She spared Liz a quick glance and saw her staring out the window.

"You okay?" She asked her.

"I just...I just wanna go home."

Bella sighed. "Okay." She didn't know what else to say. Her friend was obviously mad but there was something else. Something more. Something happened between the two of them but because Liz didn't want to talk and Jake was being a complete asshole, Bella would have to find out what is was on her own.


A warm breeze drifted pass her as an equally warm pair of arms held her against a solid bare chest. A soft nose nuzzled her neck before a pair of lips pressed into her shoulder.

"It's a beautiful day." Her companion whispered into her ear before pressing kiss onto the shell of her ear.

"Yes it is." They sat under the willow tree, a soft white blanket underneath them. The sound of the water could be heard in the distance and though the sun sat right above them, the willow's branches and leaves created a private canopy just for them.

~"Que quowle."~ He whispered and though she didn't know the language, she did understand him. (Stay with me forever.)

"And ever." She told him before pressing a kiss into his hand. Suddenly it was dark and rain had started to fall. "I think we should-." Her words died on her lips when she turned around and came face to face with this massive dire wolf. "Oh my god." Backing up slowly, Liz tried not to make her movements to visible but by the look of confusion in the wolf's eyes, she knew she had failed. "I'm sorry but I-." Again her words died on her lips when she saw its eyes. Burning caramel. "You're the wolf who is always watching me."

"Liz!" Her head snapped at the familiar call and she saw Bella being pulled into the forest on the other side of the riverbank. "Liz!"

The wolf was on its feet and over the bridge that had suddenly appeared. It stopped on the other side and looked right at her. It wanted her to follow it. What?

"I um," She slowly got to her feet. "I don't-." Bella's cries hit her and Liz was over the bridge in the blink of an eye. "I'm only doing this because Bella needs me, okay?" The wolf nodded and Liz felt the color drain from her face. "Did you...understand me?" Again it nodded and Liz sighed. "I've officially gone crazy." Another scream and Liz shook her head. "Let's go."

The wolf bent down and helped her climb onto it. Once she got a grip on its surprisingly soft fur, it shot out into the forest. The trees and vegetation blurred together as they flew through the forest. And just as fast as it started, the wolf stopped at a clearing.

Getting down from the wolf's back, Liz walked into the clearing where it had stopped raining. There, in the middle of the clearing stood Bella. She was alone and was staring into the distance just like when they had first met. Since it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, there was no shock when Bella's head snapped towards her as she near her friend.

"Oh thank god. Liz." She sighed in relief.

"I'm right here Bella."

"I just..." She wiped away her tears. "There are so many things I wanna tell you. So many secrets that I just have to get off my chest but I can't."

"Then don't."

"But my secrets-."

"Are just that; yours." Liz told her with a smile. "We all have secrets but that doesn't change who we are. You're still my best friend and that'll never change." Bella gave her a watery smile.

"You promise?"

Liz smiled back at her before pulling her into a hug. "Of course."

A low growl could be heard behind her and when she and Bella split apart, she was pulled up against a bare chest again. The same warm arms from before held her close as her dream guy pulled her away from her best friend.


Liz woke to a wave of nausea that had her stumbling from her bed and into the bathroom. Once there, she emptied out her stomach into the toilet before sliding down the side wall. Her body felt like it was over heating and while the coolness of the tile under her legs and against her back felt like heaven against her heated skin, it did little to nothing for the pounding migrane that was quickly forming.

Closing her eyes, Liz took a deep breath in.

Blinking her eyes open, she realized that she had fallen asleep. How? She only closed her eyes for a minute. Not even. Something was wrong and with Annie away on business, Liz was gonna have to do this on her own. She was gonna have to take care of herself.

Pushing herself to her feet, Liz had to use the sink as leverage just to stay up. Biting back the painful tremors that rocked her to the core, she tried to figure out why she was feeling this way. An image of her helping Isabel last year came to mind and she had to hold back another wave of nausea.

Was she changing? Was that what was happening right now? Or was her body rejecting it? Fighting against the change and slowly killing her in the process?

She held onto the sink, her nails biting into the yellow granite of the sink counter. No. This wasn't alien related. It couldn't be. She was finally out. She finally got away. There was no way she was going to be pulled back in.

The trip to La Push came to mind and Liz went over the details. It had been raining all day and the only thing she had worn was a sweater. A sweater that had been thinner than the spaghetti strap tank she had worn under it. This must be some kind of cold she caught when she stupidly went to help her best friend.

Yeah. That was it. She was sick.

A strained smile slipped onto her lips as she grabbed her tooth brush and the tooth paste and started brushing her teeth. The rancid taste on her tongue was making her even more nauseous than before but she refused to throw up again. It was disgusting and she feared if she kept throwing up then she'd end up in the hospital; something she really didn't want or need just in case this was alien related.

After she finished and rinsed her mouth, she glanced up real quick and was shocked to see her reflection. Her skin was paler than usual and there were these undeniable dark bags under her eyes; eyes that looked darker than her usual chocolate brown. She couldn't have looked worst even if she tried.

Grabbing her bottle of aspirin, Liz popped two in before drinking some nite Quil. Hopefully whatever she had would go away soon. She really hated being sick and-. She suddenly felt like something shot down her spine.

Bed. She had to get back to her bed.

Grabbing onto the wall, Liz slowly made her way into her room when suddenly she was hit with another shock. Falling to her knees, a taste of blood suddenly filled her mouth. And just before she blacked out, all she could think was:

What the hell is happening to me?


Bella woke to the sound of rocks hitting her window. Her dream had been...confusing to say the least. All she really remembered was rain and Edward holding her as Jacob pulled Liz away.

Why would he be pulling her away? They barely even knew each other.

Shaking her head, she got out of bed and went to her window.


Opening it up, she stuck her head out and saw the last person she thought she'd ever see; Jacob. He was in a pair of jean shorts and sneakers.

~"You scared me."~ She told him truthfully before remembering she didn't want to talk to him. ~"What the hell are you doing?"

"Get back. I'm coming up."~ She took a step back, not believing he could actually do it until she saw his legs come through her window. ~"Hey."~ He smiled that Jacob smile that let her know her friend was still inside of him and gave her hope. ~"Look, I'm sorry."

When he tried to come near her though, she stopped him; her fist against his stomach. "For what?"

"I wish I could explain but I literary can't." He walked around her and looked at her bed; at the dream catcher she kept on her head board. Then he turned to her. "Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone? One that wasn't yours to share?"~ Edward's face flashed across her mind and Bella felt her stomach turn. ~"Well that's what it's like for me." He paused as he sat at the foot of her bed. "But worse. You have no idea how tightly I'm bound."

"I hate this." She told him truthfully as she moved in front of him. "I hate what they've done to you." In her anger, she grabbed a handful of his hair.

He slowly pulled her hand from his hair and looked at her forearm; at the bite mark. Then he looked at her. Anger in his eyes. "The killer part is you already know." He took a slow breath in; calming himself as he stood. "Bella, do you remember when we walked on the beach at La Push. The st-." He stopped as if he couldn't even say the word.

"The story." She finished for him and he nodded. "The story about...the cold ones."

"I guess I understand why that's the only part you remember."~ He walked over to the bulletin board Liz had forced her to get. "I just-." He looked down at his hands before turning fully to her. "Please, think about that day, Bella, about the rest of the story."

"Fine." Shaking her head, Bella thought back to that day almost two years ago. It had been freezing, even though everyone had claimed it had been a beautiful day, and while she had worn a sweater, it had did little to nothing to keep the cold away. Moving on, Bella tried to remember everything else. An image of her and a much smaller Jacob walking along the wet sand as the dark water crashed against it came to mind. She had needed answers; answers about the Cullens that no one seemed to know. Well, no one but him. And he had been so eager to tell her the legend. The legend about the cold ones and-. Bella's eyes snapped to Jake's but he's not looking at her. He's looking at something on the bulletin board. "Jacob?" He looked at her, something that looked like understanding appearing in his eyes. "No!"

A ghost of his former smile spread across his lips as he turned to her fully. "Say it Bella."

"You're a...a werewolf."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 7 6/24

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Chapter 8

Sam stood before the council. He and the rest of the pack (Jacob not included) had been called to tell the council exactly what had happened yesterday afternoon.

"I tried to keep the situation under control but she refused to listen to me."

"Refused?" Malcolm questioned. He was the head of the council, his long, graying ponytail a sign of his position.

"Yes. She was completely against the idea of going anywhere with me."

"Did you not try to persuade her?" Another council member named John, asked. He had recently been added to the council as a way to appease to the younger generation even though he was in his late thirties.

"I tried but to no avail."

"Are you not the alpha of this pack?" Luna snapped. She was the only female council member and thought she had to prove to everyone why she was choosen.

"Yes I am." Sam growled through clenched teeth. This was doing nothing but pissing him off. His wolf was just chomping at the bits.

"Then how is it possible for someone half your size with not even a quarter of your strength to not only outwit but also over power you and your pack? Let alone two little girls?"

He could feel his blood spike. It was one thing to criticize him on things they understood but to do so on things they knew nothing about; something they would never have to know about...he shook his head, his wolf going crazy just under his skin. The need to change was close. He needed to calm down.

Looking into the crowd, his dark brown eyes searched and searched until they landed on the soft amber brown eyes of his imprint; and he instantly calmed down. A quick whiff of the air and Emily's scent washed over him. His wolf was no longer begging to get out. It was as calm as he was and no matter what Luna said to break him, he wouldn't bow.

"Our first and most sacred rule of the Quileute pack is to never hurt an imprint. It is forbidden."

"Of this we know." She told him with a patronizing nod.

"The second is to keep our secret." Sam continued as if she hadn't even spoken. "What I did yesterday, had been both."

"Oh really?"

"Really." He nodded curtly. "Though she wasn't in any danger, both she and Jacob thought she had been. I couldn't risk Black changing in front of her; exposing us because I used forced on his imprint. So I did what I thought was right." Sam's eyes found Emily's again and when she smiled, he felt another wave of calm just wash over him. God how he loved her. "I let her go."

"You did the right thing." Malcolm answered. "We all," He turned and looked right at Luna. "Would have done the same if we were in a similar situation."

"Thank you sir."

"No thanks needed." He said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "What is being done now?"

"Jacob went to Bella Swan's to get as much information as he can from her about his imprint."

"Not good enough." Luna spoke up again. She had seemed to calm down some; her need for his blood not completely gone but she had toned it down.

"I agree." John added. Then he turned to his left. "Billy Black!"


"You are to find out as much as you can about your son's imprint."

"Yes sir."

"Good." Luna finished with a tight lip. "Because we do not like to be surprised."


Bella banged on Liz's front door. She needed to talk to her best friend and she needed to talk to her right now. Though Jacob hadn't told her much, the little he did share with her was enough to drive her insane.

Werewolves. They were real.

How could they be real? Yes vampires were real but-. Shaking her head, Bella banged on the door again.

"Come on Liz!" She took a step back and saw Liz's black beetle in the driveway. "I know you're here. Your car is in the driveway!" She banged again. "Liz!"

Looking around, Bella tried to remember where Annie had said the hide-a-key was. For some reason, the free spirit thought it was necessary for Bella to know about the key just in case.

There's no harm in knowing where it is, was there?

That should have been the first clue to Bella because the Parker house was always open. Annie only locked it at night and Liz was always there to let her in so a hide-a-key was unnecessary.

Except now. Did she know this would happen or was this just a coincidence?

Shaking her head again, Bella quickly ran her fingers along the door frame. Nothing. It had to be-. All of a sudden, she remembered Annie had taped the hide-a-key under the window. It wasn't obvious and no one would think to look under the large bay window or so that's what she said. Annie had even painted the key to make it blend in more.

Unlocking the door, Bella walked in and was shocked.

The entire house was cloaked in darkness. No lights. No opened curtains. There weren't even candles lit like Annie sometimes did.

"Liz?" Bella called as she went through the first floor. With Annie out of town, Liz may have a different routine than her aunt. She could even be doing laundry on the other side of the house. "Liz?" Pushing open the small door that opened into the laundry room, Bella saw that it was empty. She wasn't down here.

Not having any other choice, Bella made her way to the second floor. Each step she took made her feel as if she were in a horror movie and was the b rated actress who always walked right into her own death.

"This isn't funny Liz." She turned the knob to Liz's room but when she pushed the door open, it hit something. "Liz?" Something was blocking the doorway. Pushing it as far open as she could, which wasn't a lot, Bella squeezed into her friend's bedroom. Looking down, all the air evaporated from her lungs. "Oh my god!"


Jacob tossed his basketball into the air and caught it before repeating the action. Something was wrong. He could feel it in his bones but he didn't know what it was and it was bothering him.

At first, he thought it was because of Bella. Or his treatment towards her. He avoided her calls and basically tried to cut her out of his life even when he knew that was what HE did to her. He had sworn never to hurt her but that was exactly what he had done. That's why he went to her last night. For her sake and his own.

Well that and he had been looking for some kind of information on Liz. He didn't know much about her and the little he did know didn't kill his curiosity. In fact, it only made him want to know more. But Bella had been light on the details to Liz's life. It was like she was protecting Liz from him or something.

Shaking his head, Jake heard the front door open and then close.

His dad must be back from the council meeting. And just in time. The phone was ringing but he didn't wanna get up. Jake was content with just staying-.

"Good morning, Bella." He heard his dad say and he quickly sat up, his basketball forgotten on the floor between his legs. "Wait. Wait. Wait. Slow down. I'm not getting anything you're saying." It took everything inside of him not to jump up and go looking for her. While she was very independent, it was no secret that Bella was a magnet for danger. Supernatural or not. If it was dangerous then either she was attracted to it or it was attracted to her. "What happened to Liz?"

What little self control he had had, instantly disappeared at his imprint's name. She was in trouble. That was what he was feeling.

He didn't even realize he had gotten up and left the house. Nor did he register the fact that he was already taking off his shirt and shorts; his feet bare from being in the house most of the day. All he knew was that Liz was in trouble and wherever she was, was where he needed to be.


Bella sat against Liz's wall, chewing on her nails. She was beyond nervous right now. Actually, nervous wasn't even the right word. Uncertain. Scared. Panicked. Those were just a fraction of what she was feeling. And it was all because of Liz.

Seeing her best friend face down while blood trickled out of her mouth and onto the floor in a small puddle made her blood freeze over. She didn't know what to do at first. Hell, she couldn't even move let alone think but then her first aid training kicked in and Bella was able to move again.

The first thing she did was make sure Liz was still alive. She was breathing though it was kind of shallow and a bit shaky. The next thing she did was find out why her best friend was bleeding. She swiped her finger through her friends mouth; Liz had bitten her tongue, probably when she fell. But what freaked Bella out was when she touched Liz's skin.

Liz screamed.

It had been a loud and rather high pitch scream that only dogs would be able to hear. Bella tried to calm her down but whenever she touched Liz, she'd start screaming again. Not knowing what else to do, Bella snatched her phone off the floor and called the first person she could think of. Jacob. With Edward and the Cullens gone, Annie away on busniess and Charlie at work, he was her last hope. Plus, she was pretty sure the Quileutes had some kind of home remedy for whatever was happening to Liz.

At least she hoped they did.

Shaking her head, Bella watched as Liz moaned and groaned in front of her. She was in so much pain. It hurt Bella to see her best friend this way.

"Don't worry Liz." She whispered from her spot. She would have moved closer to her but she didn't want to hurt her friend anymore than she already was. "Someone's coming." Billy had promised her that Jacob was on his way but that had been a while ago. "I hope." If he didn't show up soon-. Suddenly she heard the front door burst open and a second later, Jacob was standing in Liz's doorway. "Oh thank God." She slowly got up, using the wall behind her as her anchor.

"What happened to her?" He asked, his face full of concern.

"I don't know." Jake's head snapped towards her. "I don't. I found her like this."

"Where's her aunt?" Both dropped to the floor, each on either side Liz's body. The air around her seemed to be humming and if you stared at Liz long enough, you'd be able to see the tremors that ran along her bones every few minutes.

"On business."


"Annie's an artist and someone liked her paintings so much that they flew her out to paint something. Liz was light on the details. She was just happy to have the house to herself for two weeks." Jacob nodded and gently pushed her hair out of her face. "Don't touch her skin."

"Why not?"

"For some reason it hurts her." Hesitating for a few seconds, Jacob caressed Liz's cheek but instead of crying out, she sighed in relief. "Do you think she's getting better?"

"I don't know but I'm gonna take her to my dad. Maybe he knows what to do." He gently lifted Liz into his arms before standing up and she easily melted into his embrace. It was weird seeing how responsive Liz was to him. It made Bella feel like she was intruding on a special moment.

"I'll come with." She stated as she too stood up. She didn't need to feel anything because nothing was happening between her two friends. Liz would have told her.

"No." Jake stated. Wouldn't she?

"Why not?"

"Because I'm sure Charlie is gonna wanna know how she's doing." He paused. "She's gonna need you to cover for her."

"But I-."

"Bella, there's no time. I need a bag with a few of her things and maybe..." He looked around the room. "The keys to her car?"

"Her car?!"


"How did you get here?" When his eyebrows rose and he opened his mouth, she shook her head. "Forget it. I don't even wanna know." She went over to Liz's bed and pulled out her overnight bag from under it. "Here." Again his eyebrows rose. "What? She stays at my house a lot." Nodding, he grabbed the bag from her. "And here are the keys." Bella picked up Liz's keys from her entertainment center before handing them over.

"Thanks Bella." He gave her one quick smile before walking out of Liz's room. Glancing around, Bella picked up the few things that were out of place before leaving the room. When she made it outside, she watched as Jacob pushed back the driver's seat and got into the car. And as he drove off, she waved goodbye while her stomach stayed in knots. "Did I just hurt or help my best friend?"

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 8 7/1

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Thanks for the love everyone and the next few chapters will answer almost all of your questionsn :) promise you'll love it

Chapter 9

As she blinked her eyes open, the first thing Liz noticed was that she was feeling much better. Her head no longer ached, her body didn't hurt and there were no waves of any kind. The second thing she noticed was that she was warm. Which was weird considering there was a draft coming in through the opened window and all she wore was a thin sheet over her. Well that and a muscular arm held her close to warm, wash board abs.

Wait. What?

Lifting her head, Liz's eyes met the soft caramel orbs of one Jacob Black. Though he looked as if he had just woken up, that didn't stop the unwanted yet surprisingly welcomed connection spring up between them. The same connection she had run from at his house. True love.

"Hey." He greeted her with a kind smile before rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes.

"Hey." She quickly sat up, putting most of her weight on her right arm and off of him. "Um," She cleared her throat. "I'd hate to be "that girl" but um, what am I doing here?"

He chuckled as he gently tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Bella found you unconscious on the floor in your bedroom." Then he gently pushed her hair off of her shoulder, his calloused fingertips caressing her skin; unknowningly sending lines of fire burning through her veins. "She called my dad and I because she thought we could help."

"Oh." Liz nervously pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Thanks?" She laughed nervously. She knew she should just get up and leave but something was stopping her. Something was holding her here and it wasn't out of fear. No. Because she wasn't scared. In fact, she was the exact opposite from scared... What was the opposite of scared? Hell if she knew. All she could think about was how Jake's eyes seemed to darken the more his fingers explored the skin on her arm.

"It was nothing." He sat up, his hand falling from her arm and she would have pouted if it wasn't for his impressive body that quickly appeared as the sheet fell away. Wow. Neither Max's nor Kyle's body even came close and for the first time ever, Liz was starting to think with something other than her upstairs brain.


Jacob watched as Liz's eyes darkened as he sat up. What once was chocolate burned molasses and tugged at everything below his waist.

"Thank yous are still in order." She told him in a husky tone and his mouth was suddenly dry.

For 4 days and 4 nights, Jacob had endured the worst pain anyone could ever endure. He had to sit back and watch as the healer of his tribe "help" Liz. He watched as she poured hot oils over her body while coaxing water down her throat. All because of his fucking imprint.

Not once had he ever heard of an imprint doing what it did to her.

For some reason, her running away from him, her denying him had caused the chemicals in her body to go haywire. This in turn made her body turn against her. Like it was fighting a virus that wasn't there. Or something like that. The local healer, Serenity, hadn't made much sense when she was explaining it to him and the pack.

"If you say so."

A sexy smile spread across her lips but as she leaned towards him, her stomach growled. Her mouth instantly dropped open as her eyes widened in complete shock. "Oh my god."

"It's okay." He pressed a quick kiss into her temple before getting out of bed. "I'll just go and get us something to eat."

"Thank you again." Liz whispered and suddenly she was her normal self again.

Smiling as he walked into the kitchen, Jacob opened the refrigerator and pulled out some cold cuts. It was the only thing he hadn't eaten yet and while he wasn't unsatisfyingly hungry right now, he was still hungry. Every since the change he has never felt full. Hopefully that would go away soon.

"I see she's awake." Jake turned and saw his dad in the living room. "I guess whatever Serenity did, worked."

"Yeah. I guess it did." He folded his arms over his chest. "Why?"

"I think you and I need to talk son."


Once Jacob left the room, it was like a fog had instantly cleared and Liz could see everything going on around her. She needed to get the hell out of here. Whatever had happened to her, whatever had caused her to get so fucked up that Bella had to call Jacob and his dad for help wasn't good. Which meant it had to be alien related.

Great. Just great.

That meant once she got home, she'd have to call Max and tell him everything that happened. Perfect. She was finally figuring out who she was and what she wanted only to have it ruined by everything she had been running from.

Then there was the little matter of what the fuck was happening between her and Jacob.

No. Getting up from his bed, Liz went over to the door and peered out. First things first, she needed to get out of here. The front door was just down the hall but she could see two shadows. Jacob and probably his dad. They were talking and at the same time, blocking her only means of getting out of-.

Liz lifted her hand off the dresser that sat by the door and was shocked to see it covered in...she didn't even wanna know what the hell it was. She just...she wanted it off and she wanted it off now.

Leaving the room, Liz made a right into another hallway and then a quick left that left her in front of the bathroom. While her mind went crazy with questions of how she knew where to go, in her heart she just knew. Which freaked her out even more than she already was.

Was it an alien power or was it something else? What the hell was happening to her?

Shaking her head, Liz walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Then she quickly got undressed. She needed a shower. On top of everything else that seemed to be weighing on her, she felt unbelievably dirty. Like she was covered in oil and dirt.

Hopefully Jacob wouldn't mind her taking one.


Panic set in the moment Jacob walked into his room and Liz was no where to be found. Where could she be? He dropped the plate of sandwiches he was carrying onto the stool he used as a night stand and smelled the air. Her scent hung heavily in the air since she had been here for the better part of two days but it also lead out of his room.

She couldn't have gone out the front door since both he and his father would have seen her and he doubted that she'd be able to move the refrigerator that sat in front of the back door, so that meant one thing. Liz was still in the house. But where? Where could she-?

The sound of the shower turning on hit his ears and Jacob let out a sigh he hadn't even realized he was holding in. She was in the bathroom. He ran his hand over his face as he walked back into his room. Then he sat down on his bed. She was okay. She was safe.

Dropping his head into his hands, Jacob couldn't help but remember the last four days. So much had happened but what stuck with him were her screams. So loud, almost piercing screams that would bounce around Serenity's one bedroom whenever the healer would pour an oil onto Liz's skin.

Then there was the glow.

A green glow would light up along Liz's skin whenever Jacob would leave her side. A side effect they had learned because of his pack stupidity. Sam had called a pack meeting and when Jacob had refused to go, he ordered him to leave Liz's bedside. Her screams could be heard from the outside and the glow could be seen even farther. Serenity had said the moment the front closed, the glow had began to brighten and once the glow became blinding, Liz began to scream.

Another side effect of the imprint.

Never had he ever felt so...useless. So helpless. It had been like a piece of him wasn't working but he couldn't do anything to fix it. He never wanted to feel that way again.

"Hey." Looking up, Jacob felt his heart skip a beat while all the air in the room disappeared. "I hope you don't mind but I needed a shower." Liz stood in the doorway in nothing but a towel; his towel while her normally molasses tresses were black from the water. "Are you okay?"

All thought came to a stand still and suddenly, Jacob had no control over his body. He just hoped that whatever happened would change his life for the good and not the bad.


"Jake?" He stared at her with this blank look on his face but his eyes...they were dark. Almost black with...was that lust? "Jacob, are you-?" Her words died on her lips when he stood up and walked over to her.

She never realized how tall he was until he stood in front of her; in nothing but his boxers. She could feel the heat coming off of his body and while normally she'd take a step back to get some space, she took a step towards him.

She knew this was wrong. Knew that she should just get dress and leave but it was like she was a moth and he was a flame. She was drawn in and while everything screamed danger, she knew she'd enjoy the ride. That she'd enjoy him.

"You smell like..." His lips caressed her temple while his nose was in her hair. "Mine."

This was it. She could see the crossroads in front of her like she did when she wanted to be with Max. Only this time, there was no hesitation. She wanted this. Wanted him and by the dark look in his eyes, he wanted her too.

"Good." His hands had been exploring her bare skin but at her words, Jake grabbed onto the back of her neck and crushed his lips into her own.

The kiss was powerful, making her knees buckle under her but because his arm was wrapped around her waist, he easily caught her. With her against his body, Jacob was able to push her up against the bedroom door. She strained on the tips of her toes to match his fire, completely forgetting about her towel that was probably coming undone by Jacob who was rubbing himself against her.

But she didn't care.

She didn't care that her feet were starting to hurt or that her back was so arched that her butt and shoulders were pushing into the wooden door she was pressed up against. Nor did she care that at any moment, they could be-.

"Ahem." Jacob pulled away and with hazy eyes both turned and looked at the person who had interrupted them. Jacob's dad.

"Yes dad?" He asked as if his hand wasn't sitting on her ass holding her close to him while she was basically naked.

"We need to talk." Jacob's dad looked at Liz. "We all need to talk."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 9 7/7

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Chapter 10

Billy had been right, Liz thought to herself as she walked into her house. He was completely right. Whatever was happening between her and Jacob didn't mean that they had to sleep with each other first chance they got. They could go out on a date and just do that; date.

Liz kicked the front door closed and walked into the livingroom. There she tossed her overnight bag onto the sofa.

Who was she kidding? Jacob was so sweet and kind and damn it, he was built like a fucking Greek god. No date between them would ever just be a date. Shaking her head, Liz focused on what was right in front of her.

Though it looked like the middle of the night inside, she was pretty sure it wasn't even noon yet. Glancing at the cable box, the time shone in the dark as she opened the curtains on both patio doors and the windows. Noon. She had been right. It was only noon and she had already "accomplished" so much; woke up, flirted with Jacob, took a shower, proceeded to make out with Jake up against his bedroom door and then had to endure the "talk" with said make out partner and his dad.

Yeah her day was looking pretty freaking amazing.

When she was done letting the light in, Liz went straight for the kitchen. Her stomach was growling like it was no one's business and while Jacob had offered to keep his hands to himself while they ate, she painfully declined staying in his house any longer than she had too. The undeniable look of disapproval on his dad's face had been the biggest clue that she wasn't wanted there but Liz knew she'd never be able to keep her promise if she stayed.

What promise? You ask.

Her stupid promise to keep her hands to herself until she and Jacob got to know each other a little better. It was a promise she had no problem keeping; in the past. Now, though? She knew she wouldn't last a second if she and Jake were in the same house let alone the same room. His father be damned.

Shaking her head, Liz pulled out the macaroni salad she had made the day she and Bella had gone to La Push.

But Billy had been right. She repeated to herself.

There was no need to rush it. Her first time was suppose to be romantic; surrounded by candle light while white rose petals covered the bed. But the most important part of it all was her partner. She wanted her first time to be with someone she loved; someone she was IN love with. She didn't want to lose her virginity against the bedroom door in a stranger's house to someone she barely even knew.

Yep, Billy had been right.


No. His father was wrong. They weren't going too fast. In fact, they were going too slow. He could feel it in his bones.

"That would be true," Jacob turned and saw Sam walking up the small hill behind the house. "If either one of you weren't virgins and while I can't speak for her, I know you are."

"So?" What was he doing here? Where was the rest of the pack?

"Your dad called and the others are at Emily's." He shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, we can hear what each other is thinking but I thought we could do this like normal people do." He stated. It was meant to be a joke but Jacob wasn't really in a joking kind of mood.

"Thanks. I guess." He crossed his arms over his chest as his leader stood next to him. "And why would my dad call you?"

"He doesn't know what to do." The pair shared a look. "This is all new to him too, you know?"

"Yeah I know."

"But you're gonna go to her anyways." Sam finished with a smirk.


"Nothing. It's just funny how you judged mine and Emily's relationship and here you are."

Dropping his hands to his sides, Jacob let out a soft sigh. Sam was right. He had judged his and Emily's relationship. He just...he didn't believe it was possible to fall in love with someone you barely even knew. To him, love at first sight was a myth and imprinting was just another other worldly thing telling how to live his life. It wasn't real. When he had gone through the change (maybe even before that), he had sworn that when he fell in love, it would be because he wanted to. Not because of his fucked up heritage. And yet...

"Here I am."


After having lunch, Liz had taken a long hot bath where she tried to think of anything but Jacob. She even tried to think about Max but to no avail. There was just something about the way his lips felt against her own and his body...a tremor ran through her body and Liz could feel the ghost touch of Jake's fingers against her skin. She could feel the brush of his lips against her neck.

Shaking her head, Liz got out of the bath tub and went into her room. She needed to get out of the house but she didn't wanna go into town. What could she-? The door to her balcony slowly opened up as a breeze floated in and the backyard came into view.

Once the snow had melted, Annie had wanted to create a place where it would be comfortable for not only her but Liz as well. Just like the inside of the house, Annie had kept all of grandma Claudia and grandpa Joe's patio furniture. She did, however, add a new grill that was top of the line and a fire pit that sat in the middle of the furniture. There was even a nook where Liz could go to write in her journal.

It was perfect for getting away.

Knowing where and what she was gonna do now, Liz got dressed in a pair of comfortable blue shorts and a black racer back tank that fit her like a second skin. Then she went and sat in the nook, making sure to bring along her favorite book, a radio for some light background noise and a tray of tea and cookies so she wouldn't have to go back inside until she absolutely needed to.


When she was done with her book, Liz took a quick look around and realized that it was dark outside. The sun was completely gone and there was this chill in the air that she hadn't noticed before. Gathering her things, she went inside.

Her stomach immediately growled the moment she entered the kitchen so after cleaning her small mess from outside, she made herself something to eat. Three sandwiches, a small cucumber and lemon salad and some raspberry lemonade. Then she went upstairs to watch some Tv.

Her cell had been dead when she first got home, so she had plugged it in before hand but had forgotten all about it. That is until she walked into her room and saw the small blue light blinking in the corner. Quickly putting her dinner on the night stand, Liz picked up her phone. Her voicemail was full and she had a ton of text messages. Some from her friends (both in Roswell and here in Forks), some from her parents and one or two from Annie but all of them were the same.

~Where are you and why aren't you picking up your phone?~

Not wanting her parents, Annie or Bella to worry, Liz quickly called each of them. Both her parents and Bella had picked up right away.

She didn't want to lie to her parents but she also knew she couldn't tell them everything so she just gave them the bare minimum. She told them that she had been sick and that a friend had taken care of her. It wasn't a complete lie since she had been sick and she and Jacob were kind of friends through Bella. They seem to buy her half truth and after a few more minutes of catch up, she promised both of them that she'd call them tomorrow.

With Bella, she easily told her everything that had happened. Well, everything except for her and Jacob making out. While she knew her friend was still in love with her ex, she also knew that Bella had some kind of feelings for Jacob. She just wasn't ready to explore them and while Liz knew she liked Jake herself, she wasn't going to ruin her friendship when she didn't even know what he wanted.

Were they a one time thing or did he want more? Were they dating now or were they just gonna be friends with benefits? While she knew she should tell her best friend the whole truth, she didn't wanna risk losing her over something that may not even be happening. IF anything progress between her and Jacob, she would deal with the consciences if and when they happened.

Annie was the only one she didn't get in touch with.

Sitting on her bed, Liz turned on the Tv and grabbed one of her sandwiches. Her appetite had become unquenchable for some reason. At lunch, she had opted for only a few bites from the macaroni salad but ended up eating the whole thing. Her tea and cookies had disappeared faster than she thought they would and now, now she was hungrier than she's ever been.

It could just be her appetite catching up after going days without eating? Or she could have caught something that burned through her body keeping her hungry? Whatever it was, Liz didn't want to think about it. There was enough going on upstairs, she didn't need to add that to the list.

By the time she was done with her third sandwich, her phone rang.

"Hello?" She pulled her salad over to her and started eating.

"Hey honey bear. What's up?"

"Just wanted to let you know that I was okay and that I have a legitimate reason as to why I haven't been answering your calls."

"I know."

"You do?" She asked, her fork hanging mid air while she sat completely confused. How was it that only Annie was calm about her disappearing for four days?

"Yeah. Well when you wouldn't pick up the phone, I called Bella. She told me about you getting sick and that Jacob and his dad were taking care of you." Pause. "You're okay though, right?"

Liz smiled. Of course Annie would call Bella. "Yeah I am. I guess I was just sicker than I thought but Jacob's tribe had the necessary remedies for me to get better."

"Works for me. Modern medicine isn't always what it's cracked up to be anyways." Both laughed at Annie's lame joke, the tension in her shoulders instantly disappearing. "So, I'm guessing that since you've been sick, you haven't broken any of the rules?" The only way Liz was aloud to stay home alone was if she had a few rules.

"Nope. Unfortunately, I've been on bed rest so no partying, no drinking, no drugs and the only boy that's been inside the house is Jacob."

"And he doesn't count." A sly smirk slipped on to Liz's lips. If only Annie knew the truth. She shook her head. She didn't even know the truth. "Bummer." Pause. "I guess when I get home we can do something your father would deem unforgivable."

"That sounds nice." Liz grabbed her empty dishes and left her room. She quickly washed them and laughed as Annie told her about her business trip.

"New Orleans is beautiful, Lizzie and the local legends are amazing." Liz smiled. "You would definitely love it here."

"I'm sure I -." Suddenly the door bell rang and Liz left the kitchen. "Would. Annie, can I please call you back? Someone's at the door."

"No problem. Bye Lizzie."

"Bye Annie." Walking towards the front, Liz left the phone on the sofa table on her way there. "Who is it?"

"It's Jacob."

"Jacob?" Liz opened the front door and there stood Jacob in a black tee shirt and blue jeans that fit him nicely. All Liz could think of was yummy. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you think?" He asked before pulling her close and kissing her breathless.


Maria dropped onto the couch next to Alex and sighed. They had just gotten Max and Michael out of jail and while everyone else seemed to be having the time of their life, the only thing the pair could think of was Liz.

"I can't believe she hasn't called anyone back." Maria huffed as she folded her arms over her chest. "I mean, doesn't she know we worry when we don't hear from her?"

"I'm sure she does but is just busy."

"What if our enemies got to her? I know the alien jellyfish queen thing is dead but what if it sent someone after Liz? She's still apart of this group even if she doesn't want to be."

Alex shook his head. "Of course she still wants to be apart of the group Maria. She just wants to have her own identity as well and she feels like she's lost it along the way."

"But what if something happens to her? I mean, this is where she belongs, Alex. She belongs here with us. Not with Annie in...Washington." She finished in a whisper.

"I know that Maria and so do you but Liz is gonna have to find that out on her own. Once she realizes that she's still the same Lizzie we all love, she'll come home. But until then, we're gonna have to give her her space." He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "She'll come around."

"Then why hasn't she called us? Why hasn't she returned any of our messages?" Maria cried.

"You know Liz. She's probably just doing some extra credit or helping Annie with her gallery."


Jacob backed Liz into her house and kicked the door close; never breaking the kiss. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, as if to keep him close but he wasn't going anywhere. This was where he wanted to be and though a few people may not approve of their union, he could care less.

"What are you doing here?" She gasped once she managed to pull her lips from his.

"Simple." He told her with a smile. Then he rested his head against her own. "I'm here for you." His lips caressed hers in a soft kiss that let them both know that this wasn't just a one time thing. "I want you."

"Good." Her left hand gripped onto the back of his neck and pulled him back to her; his lips back on her own, while her other hand held onto his neck.

Her body easily fit into his own as they continued to make out in the middle of her hallway but he could feel her straining. She was perfectly tiny against his massive form and while he couldn't get enough of her small height, she barely reached his shoulders. Not wanting her to hurt herself, Jacob ran both of his hands down her spine, over her firm ass (which he proceeded to squeeze) and stopped when he got to her soft yet toned thighs he had only dreamt about until now.

In one easy lift, Liz was in the air and no longer straining. Her legs quickly wrapped around his waist while both of her arms wrapped around his neck and when their heats met, both of them gasped. Recovering first, Jacob attached his lips to Liz's neck. Her breasts instantly arched into the air, rubbing against both her shirt and his own.

They were wearing too much clothing.

His fingers found the bottom of her tank and in one smooth swoop, it was up and across the room. Her yellow laced bra shown brightly against her tan skin and it took everything inside of Jake not to come right there.

Needing something to lean on but not knowing where he was going, Jake slammed Liz into the wall. His lips instantly broke away from her own but as he was about to apologize, the sexiest and yet deadliest smile spread across her lips.

His girl liked it rough. Nice.


"Do you really think she's just busy?" Maria asked but as she turned to Alex to get his answer, Max and Michael walked out of their separate rooms at the same time. "I see you both are done with your brooding?" She snipped as she got up from the couch. That's when she noticed the duffle in Max's hand. "Where are you going?"

"Away." Michael snapped as he dropped down onto the couch. It was in the shape of a huge u and could fit at least 15 people on it. The luxury of renting the penthouse.

"Shut up spaceboy." She didn't even spare him a look.

"I just..." Max looked down at the floor and scratched the back of his head before looking back at Maria, his eyes full of worry....and hope. "Maybe she'll call if I'm home?"

"What?" She shook her head. "Max, I don't think-."

"I know it sounds stupid Maria but me being here, me being in Las Vegas of all places, isn't helping anyone. Not me. Not her and definitely not the situation." He shook his head. "I just...I miss her, Maria." Then he paused. "I love her. I can't help it."

Maria glanced back at Alex who was now moving towards his room. While she was sympathetic towards Max about what was happening, he wasn't. Liz had finally broken down and told both Alex and Kyle everything that had happened with future Max a month or so back. And neither one took it well. Both were anti-Max but she couldn't be. It wasn't his fault Liz's life wasn't how it use to be.

Well it was but it wasn't.

She shook her head. Now was so not the time to be confusing herself. She needed to stay strong. She needed to be focused. She needed Max.

"You know what?" Max looked at her, his amber eyes brimming with tears.


"You're right." A smile instantly broke across his lips and Maria knew she couldn't stop now. Even if she wanted to.

"I am?"

"Of course you are." She smiled as she rested her hand on his shoulder and slowly led him towards the exit. "Go home. I'm sure she's probably just busy but she'll call. I know she will and we all know the first person she'll call is you."

"Thanks Maria." He pulled her into a tight hug before leaving.

"Did you mean what you just said?" Michael questioned, his elbow on his knee as his thumb ran along his lower lip.

"What do you care? Max's gone. Just like you wanted him to be." She snapped as she stomped towards her room. Alex needed some space and she...she needed to believe that Liz and Max's relationship was gonna work out or else there was no help for the rest of them.


The pathway towards Liz's room was littered with both hers and Jacob's clothing. Her shirt lay on the floor in the front hallway, his shirt at the foot of the stairs, her shorts at the top of the stairs and his jeans on the inside of her closed bedroom door.

Liz lay flat on her bed with Jacob on top of her; both locked in a passionate embrace. Their tongues dueled while their hands refused to stay still. As her nails left long red marks up and down his back, Jake's hands needled and massaged her thighs. Pulling his lips from her own, he kissed and sucked his way down her neck.

"You smell like..." He ran his nose along her neck before pressing a soft kiss on her pulse. "Lilies and..." He took another deep breath in. "Sugar cookies."

"When I got here, I wanted to..." Liz gasped as he dragged his teeth along her pulse point. "I needed a new scent and...oh god." He slowly made his way back to her ear and when he sucked on it, she shuddered. "Annie suggested a mix."

"Thank you Annie." He chuckled huskily into her ear and Liz had never heard anything so sexy before.

Pulling him back to her, she kissed him with all she was worth. His fingers skimmed up her thigh, along her spine and to the hook of her bra. With a simple snap of his fingers, her bra was undone, slipped off and tossed across the room. She didn't know where it went but with Jacob's tongue making small circles around her nipple, she really didn't care.

He teased her left nipple before taking it into his mouth completely and sucking on it. Liz's back almost arched off the bed and her eyes almost rolled into the back of her head when she felt the coldness of his leather bracelet against her skin. He was driving her insane and they still had their underwear on. Slowly, he dragged his tongue to her right nipple and Liz felt herself buckle as he did the same to this nipple as he did to the other.

"Oh Jacob."

His lips kissed their way down her flat belly, his tongue dipping into her belly button before he reached the top of her underwear. Looking into her eyes, Jacob pressed a soft kiss onto her most intimate body part.

"Are you sure?" He whispered but for some reason, it felt like he yelled it.

She nodded her head. "Yeah."

A sexy and yet goofy grin spread across his lips as his fingers hooked onto the sides of her underwear. Then he slowly pulled down her yellow lace panties that she hadn't even thought about putting on and tossed them behind him. He took a deep breath in and Liz instantly tensed. What if he didn't like what he saw? What if he tried to-?

The thought was quickly erased when Jacob's tongue came into contact with her wet folds.

"You even taste like sugar cookies." The giggle that bubbled up was swallowed when he went back for more. She didn't know why she was letting him go down on her. She had always thought it was disgusting but as he worked that tongue of his...thoughts weren't there.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god." She chanted as she felt her veins burn with this unknown and unseen force and before she knew it, stars exploded before her eyes and Liz could see the full moon in the sky. She could feel the wind in her hair as she ran. Hell, she could even smell the grass under her feet.

It was all just....

Jacob's lips came crashing down on hers and Liz was back in her room. He had managed to slip away to wrap himself up while she had drifted but was back and ready.

"Are you sure?" The ability to speak was gone and all Liz could do was nod. He took her lips in a slow and passionate kiss that had Liz melting into him; again.

When he pulled away, she was surprise to feel him already inside of her. There had been no burning pain like her parents had warned her about but a small pinch she had thought had come from something snagging her. Looking into Jacob's eyes, Liz could see the concern and love and her heart swelled.

A slight nod let Jake know she was ready and he started this simple in and out movement that had her veins burning with this fire. His fingers bit into her hip, no doubly leaving a mark but she didn't care. She wanted him to mark her and she wanted to mark him. She wanted everyone to know that she was his and he was hers.

Jacob picked up his pace, pounding her into her mattress. The sound of their love making filling both their ears and her room. Something was happening to her. She could feel it as the fire burning through her veins started coiling in her stomach. Her toes curled under her and her body began to vibrate.

"I'm coming." Jacob growled but all she heard was a buzzing sound. Falling back, Liz stared at the ceiling as Jacob slid out of her and got off the bed. She wanted to say something, anything but she didn't know what. "Are you okay?" She turned to him fully, resting her head in the palm of her hand and smiled. "How was it?"

"It was everything I always wanted it to be." She told him truthfully. "And I'm great."

"Good." His hand slowly slid up her leg; a leg that felt like jelly. The heat was instantly reignited within her and as he hovered over her, she was sure it was the same for him. "Now, move over woman. You've tired me out."

Her laugh came out as a bark but she did as he said and it wasn't long before they fell asleep. Wrapped up in each others arms.

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