Shifting Realities (AU,A/I,MATURE) [WIP]

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26:D continued

In the meanwhile Max had returned home from work later that night. But upon seeing the Sheriff’s Explorer in the driveway he had panicked and driven back into town. Back to the Crashdown where he was once again spending all his free time it seemed. He loved how it was right across the street from the UFO Center.

Inside the floors had been swept and mopped, the chairs were overturned on the tables and a young couple was dirtying the last dishes of the day. Isabel and Alex had stopped in for a late night snack, Root Beer Floats, well, Root Beer for Alex. Isabel’s was a stranger concoction of Cherry Coke with Tabasco, as well as the vanilla ice cream. The Crashdown was officially closed, but these two teens were exceptions to any rules. Maria and Liz were dutifully finishing up; Liz was at the register tallying the day’s profits and Maria was finalizing the putting away of the clean dishes from the last load in the dishwasher. They would hand wash the soda glasses and be completely done for the day soon.

A frantic banging was head on the glass and Liz hurried over to see who it was. Max stood outside and was quickly let in. He seemed a bit shaken to put it mildly.

“Max?” she questioned as he blew through the door heading straight for his sister’s table, bypassing her altogether. He had spotted the familiar blonde hair as he entered. Liz followed him at a distance and stopped by Maria who was also watching the scene with interest.

“Oh! God! What Now?” Isabel demanded as she saw her brother’s furtive glancing around for any adults or others who were not privy to the secret.

“Isabel,” saying her name in a low-toned panic placed her worry on alert considering she was right there. “Have you been home tonight?” He questioned as he slid in the seat across from his sister, moving Alex to the side in a single motion

Maria rolled her eyes and thought to herself, ‘Will this boy ever learn manners?’

“Max!!” Alex barked as he was displaced.

“No.” She shook her head. “Alex took me out for an impromptu date tonight.” Her eyes glanced over at her boyfriend.

“Really?” Max asked in a tone of disbelief. Which she quickly curtailed, “I’m here aren’t I?”

“So you have no idea what’s going on then?” He asked her curiously.

She did not like the turn this conversation seemed to be taking, Isabel said shaking her head slowly while she tried to drag more information out of him, Swallowing nervously she looked into his face. “What are you taking about? What is going on Max?”

He shrugged and shook his head worriedly, “I just went home after work, but I didn’t stay.” He informed her.

“Why?” Isabel was now watching him carefully. And it was at this point the girl’s decided to forgo whatever task they had been attending to and to join the conversation, whether they were invited or not. They moved to stand nearer the table but still not intruding on the private conversation. Although they could hear parts of it.

“Because, Max stated, “Sheriff Valenti’s car was there. Parked in the driveway.”

A momentary fear flashed across Isabel’s eyes, but she tried to rein it in, unsuccessfully. “At our house?” Isabel asked in a surprised tone of worry. “What do you think happened? Do you think Michael got into some kind of trouble?? I haven’t seen him since last night.” ‘Is Nasedo here? Is Hank still around, or was he “killed”? Is Michael being arrested? Did he do anything last night? Where was he? Damn... No answers.’ She pushed her float away, shaking her head slightly and biting her lip almost imperceptibly in thought.

At the same time Alex was watching the emotions playing in her eyes, its like they were progressively darkening with increased moisture each second and a new worry was overtaking each previous one. She was reaching panic with the last moment’s thought. He reached his hand out to touch hers, as she started to visibly bite her lip and stare at the table.

And still at the same time, after she worriedly answered Max he replied, “I don’t know if anything’s up with Michael. I didn’t stay there long enough to find out. I got home and the sheriff was there. Apparently we’re not,” he looked up and held her eyes for a moment. “I didn’t even know you were here, last I recall we were grounded. Seeing the sheriff’s car and knowing what all has been going on with you, I panicked. I just raced right over here, I don’t even know exactly why, but when I saw you…” He sighed and slowed down his rapid-fire speech. “I am just so glad to see that you are here with Alex and the girls. I think I’d be really worried if you were at home considering ‘everything.’

“Yeah.” She tried to smile, to reassure him, but it wasn’t working, she had too many unknowns to work from again. She swallowed, and played with the fear that was more stemming from the past timeline but causing her heart to quicken right now. “Oh God,” she choked out. “Did we do the right thing Max?” She actually needed him to reassure her at this moment.

Max shook his head. “You’re the one who came up with this plan.” He looked at her skeptically, “And now you ask me that?” He sent back dubiously. “Isabel? You assured me this would work…” Max’s worry did not give him any room to comfort his sister, he was worried for his brother Michael, who was nowhere to be seen since early that morning when he ran away. And for some reason Valenti was at their house right now, and Isabel sure hadn’t done anything alien in awhile. Max was confused and worried.

“Max, I…” Isabel faltered, as her face fell. She couldn’t answer him. She really didn’t know. This timeline got more convoluted every time she turned around. Just when she thought it might be doing the same, it wasn’t, or was it? It’s not like it was that great last time when this whole instance occurred in the other timeline. Tears were glistening in the corners of her eyes.

That was all he needed. “Move Max.” Alex pushed him directly off the bench and went to Isabel’s side, sliding in beside her he wrapped his arm tightly around her shoulder and pulled her close. She buried her head into his shoulder unashamedly and held on to him for a second while regaining her sense of composure.

Maria was suffering an empathic overload and couldn’t handle the emotions pouring forth from the trio. First there was anxiety, of a palpable nature pouring off of Isabel. Maria could feel the soothing and calming waves of Alex’s concern and care. And then even Max was registering some kind of frightened confusion. None of it made any sense really to Maria, and it wasn’t like these emotions were clearly displayed on their parties: but rather the fact that Maria was being hit with their whole force because she was well versed on reading people from all her mother’s training and emotions were something that she was especially perceptive on. (Might explain some of the fights she gets in with Michael, Overwhelming sensations of emotions from one whose guarding them and no outlet for either of them to release) She had to get in here, so she slid into the seat, now forcing Max over in the manner he had done to Alex a few minutes earlier.

Liz grabbed an overturned chair from the nearby table and plunked it at the table’s edge and she too joined the session.

Alex whispered as her head buried against his shoulder. “Ok Isabel. Just Breathe. It’s ok.” He said a bit louder for all to hear. “You got Michael out of there.” He lifted her chin to glance into her worry filled eyes. “You did what you had to do.” He gave her a quick kiss to her forehead. And in a gesture of extreme understanding, and an unspoken code to the three who were there the night Isabel was hit, he stroked her right cheek as he talked gently to her. “You were incredibly brave coming up with a plan that fast when you discovered what was going on.” His fingers were reassuring her with every stroke along the cheekbone that a few days ago had been fractured. “And implementing it.” He rubbed the joint with his thumb as he spoke directly to her, “Michael is safe thanks to your quick thinking.”

She gave him her complete trust, in front of Max she whispered worriedly, “But Valenti. What could he possibly want?”

Maria could sense her hesitation but she wasn’t sure why. Isabel was physically worried. Where a few minutes ago it was empathically deciphered, now Isabel was just frightened. Anyone, even without any empathic abilities, would be able to read the girl’s state now. Her hidden fears had become evident to all.

Alex couldn’t handle Isabel’s emotions anymore either. He knew that there must be some ‘past’ mixed with present to send her over like this. He looked up at her brother while still holding her securely. “Max?” He directly questioned, “Were your parents there?”

Max looked puzzled for a second “I believe so.” And replaying the event in his mind he nodded in the affirmative, “Yes. They were parked in the driveway.”

Alex sighed in a relieved manner, which caused Isabel to stare curiously at him.
“Then this might have absolutely nothing to do with any ‘Czechoslovakian’ issue.” His word choice not lost on any of them. He looked at the assembled and continued, “If they were there, your parents, we just have to assume that they called Valenti due to Michael’s injuries.”

“But Michael hasn’t come back.” Isabel fretted. He turned to her, “Your mom did have me take you out tonight so that they could do something very important for work. And Michael is not here, so maybe that’s what it was…” He smiled at both her and Max. “We’re going to have to assume that for now.” Taking a breath he continued, “I mean why else would they have me get you completely out of the house, Ya’ know? And Valenti’s a cop. He’s probably just taking statements or something, you know, doing his job? I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.” He gave them each a smile and Isabel a squeeze.

“You’re sure?” Isabel questioned in almost a little girl tone. The sound clenched Alex’s heart that she had anything to fear in her life. And he nodded with an unbelievable calm flowing through him, “Yeah I am. Surprisingly.” He sort of chuckled with his admission.

Maria knew that her next question would not be well received, but she and Liz still hadn’t been informed as to why Isabel and Alex went to Clovis a couple weeks prior, and they were still awaiting answers. And Isabel’s fear was almost palpable when Max had rushed in several moments earlier. Maria sighed and reached out her hand to clasp in her friend’s, “Why are you so worried about Valenti Isabel?”

“Because he’s following me.” Isabel answered caustically, “And I’m not talking fun and games Follow-the Leader here. He’s watching me… tailing me…”

“What do you mean?” Asked Liz as she asked her first question of the conversation.

“He told me that he was.” Isabel turned to look at the brunette, “He also said, that he’d catch me “in the act” sometime, and that he’s keeping a file on me and every unexplained thing that I do… that’s enough don’t you think?”

“When did he do that?” Liz questioned again.

“Remember the rave?” Isabel pointed out the timeframe.

“Yeah, of course.”

“Remember how we were pulled out of class and talked to him a couple days later?”

“Definitely.” The girls said in unison, sitting on the edge of their seats.

“Ok then. Yeah…” She felt Alex squeeze her shoulder, “Well that day he questioned us at school he told me that.”

Liz kept on with the questions, “So? That’s why you were so shaken up when he interrogated you?” She asked in her limited understanding.

Isabel shook her head. “No!!”

In unison the girl’s echoed her, “No?”


That was his parting shot. He has a video-tape,” she let out a sad and heavy sigh, “of Alex and me dancing….” She swallowed deeply while she stared at the tabletop while she stated. “Of me using my powers.” She whispered so softly. Looking up into their eyes she said, “He’s notified the FBI.”

“What!?” Maria jumped in as the two girls turned to stare at her.

“There were some undercover agents here a couple of weeks ago; I took her to Clovis so she wouldn’t have to deal with it.” Alex volunteered.

Liz shook her head, this didn’t make much sense. “How do you know? I mean that there were agents sure, how do you know that… But also that Valenti had anything to do with it? Isn’t that just speculation?” She threw out.

Isabel turned to glare at the petite brunette as she hissed out, “Being who I am... We are…” Isabel harshly whispered. “We have to be alert and careful every moment of every day. Anyone could be a potential enemy. But…. I could feel it, they just felt wrong. They were here, and then they were there.” She crossed her arms on her chest in an obviously agitated manner as she leaned backwards heavily unto the seat.

Isabel had thoroughly confused the two girls who seemed to have a very limited vocabulary regarding this unfolding drama as they once again queried in unison. “What?”

“There.” Said Alex assuredly as he rejoined the conversation. “The sheriff station.” He looked at his girls. “Walking out with a video-tape, and a file. Some of the same people, and it wasn’t a regular tape they had their hands on I guarantee it… they were clutching it like it was the prize of a lifetime.”

“Again... What!!?” Asked Maria.

“That’s why Alex took me out of town.” Isabel continued with the tale and the girl’s hung onto it as if she were telling an engrossing novel. “They, the FBI, or some kind of agents at least… have that tape.” Remembering the fear of that day she just softly whispered, “A tape of my powers... in action.”

Liz was in pain for her newest girlfriend, “You must be plain terrified of Valenti then huh Isabel? That he would do that?”

Trying not to act that it affected her as much as it did, Isabel shrugged her shoulders, “I guess.” She stated rather nonchalantly.

“If he comes anywhere near you, I’ll hurt him. Its not like you are dangerous or anything…” Isabel shook her head with a slight smile, a couple months ago the girl was terrified of her. “And to think that my mother is dating him… I need to get her and all of us away from him… He had no right… ” Maria started to get worked up.

“Calm down Maria. Really you don’t want to get involved in this. Just let things go… Leave your mother alone unless you really want to inform her of everything...” Alex tried to get her back to rational, and thought to himself that she was doing remarkably well for having lost the bet and having a week of crazy alien happenings to deal with. She was certainly trying to hold it in check.

Maria was ready to launch into an unchecked tirade or something however and so Liz jumped up quickly, “Well then, I know my girlfriend here is very smart indeed,” said Liz with a kiss to Alex’s temple. Turning her attention back to Isabel she softly and gently said, “You’re parents aren’t going to let anything happen to you. They wouldn’t have let Sheriff Valenti into their house tonight if they deemed him even a remote threat to either of you.” She looked between the alien siblings as she made her comment. “I assume they do know everything you’ve just shared right?” Isabel nodded.

Maria jumped in and clasped her other hand over the one that was already holding Isabel’s, looking the taller blonde right in the eyes. “You’re fine Isabel. We’ve got your back … You just keep on walking forward.” With a small squeeze she disengaged her hands and in the same motion turned and thumped Max on the chest with the back of her hand, as she proceeded to reprimand him. “And the next time, you need to see what is going on your house before you turn up here panicking and scaring your sister like that…” Max looked surprised, but she wasn’t done. “Couldn’t you feel her worry Max?? You are completely dense buddy if you couldn’t tap into that.” The words tumbled out rapidly and then without skipping a beat she turned sweetly and compassionately back to Isabel, “Now you call me girlfriend if it’s anything bad. But I’ll bet its just fine.” Isabel nodded.

“Well. Now that we’ve got that all taken care of, we ought to be getting home, before Mom and Dad send out a search party.” Max teased while rubbing the spot where Maria had thwacked him. She had a powerful punch behind that tiny frame he realized.

“Ok. We’ll clean up here and expect to hear all about it tomorrow ok Isabel?” Said Liz with a gentle smile.

Isabel looked sidelong at Alex. He was staring at the tabletop ever since Liz had mentioned the morrow. “No... We can’t…” Isabel stated.

The all too familiar question was again asked, “What?”

She shrugged, “We’re grounded. Max and me.” She declared.

“Ok, No Big. Sorry for that, but we’ll see you then right Alex?” Maria added.

Isabel drew her glance away, and Alex looked up. “That would be a no!! I have a date with a lovely garage all weekend.” He added flirtatiously. Sighing, “I’m on garage detail. Alone.”

“WHY?” Maria dragged out the word as she glanced between the two “Why are your parents punishing you?” She added as she pointed her finger between the couple. Max looked up and smirked… ‘Alex was being punished?’

Isabel got a nervous smile as she bent her head and shook it while a warm feeling crept over her face. She removed herself from Alex’s arms and motioned him out so that she could stand to leave. He allowed her to without a hesitation, getting out of the seat so that she could.

‘Ok! He didn’t try to keep her in the booth. And come-on, they’re an item, and everyone knows it, so no goodbye kiss. Not even a little peck?’ Maria knew that there a story behind this exchange and so she went for the kill... “What’d I miss?” She was direct and she knew the two were definitely involved together somehow.

Max looked over at his sister and smirked yet again. He himself was not aware of how their morning had been but he couldn’t wait for the story either.

Isabel cleared her throat (a mannerism not lost on either girl) and shrugged, “Michael ran away last night.” Isabel stated, standing next to the table...

“Ok?… So?…” Maria took a breath and blurted out, “That’s so not the story… keep going.” Maria looked upwards at the taller girl.

Isabel ducked her head and chuckled. “Max went to Liz’s. I went to Alex’s. That’s it… Come on Max…” She leaned over Maria to grab her brother’s arm and was unprepared for what came next.

Quick as a serpent Maria’s hand darted reflexively and grabbed the taller girl’s wrist and held it to the table. Isabel tried to shrug it off but Maria would not let go, she had the grip of a viper. Isabel glared menacingly at her, but she was unaffected by the taller girl’s withering stare. Instead Maria glared back at her with her own matched defiance and a raised queried eyebrow. “Sure it is…” She said sarcastically. “Spill it Isabel, or I’ll get Blushing Beauty over here to spill,” she motioned to the silent Alex whose head was averted downwards staring at the table top while a distinctly red hue covered the tips of his ears as well as his face.

Alex so didn’t want to start this conversation, not that they’d done anything. But getting found in the morning in a somewhat compromising situation left him enough to be embarrassed about. Compromising in the fact that they were sharing the bedcovers and neither could figure out how they came to be, and compromising in the fact that they each had a hand somewhere on (skin) the other person. Not to mention the fact that his mother had found them in bed together. Just thinking about their position made him redden further. And he didn’t want to be looking at any of them anymore… this was a rather embarrassing predicament to be in. Not only was the discussion heading into the territory about them sleeping together, but he realized that he was having this discussion in front of his girlfriend, and not only her, but he was also having it with his best friends who by default happened to be girls, and in front of his girlfriend’s brother, who was staring at him very closely while not speaking yet was wearing an annoying smirk. It was enough to unnerve any guy. With a small moan he buried his head deeply onto his folded arms and placed it on the tabletop. Could this get any more embarrassing, at the moment he didn’t think so.

Maria watched him in disbelief, and shot a knowing look to Liz who ventured a try. “Al-ex He shook his head… still buried.

Maria turned to look up at Isabel as she found herself getting more uncomfortable by the second. Alex had essentially stepped out of the conversation with his gesture and that left her. Sure enough, right on cue, “Isabel?” Maria’s intonation sounded. Isabel ducked her head and shook it. Why did she have to answer when Alex didn’t have to?

“Ok you two, what did you do?” Maria sing-songed accusatorily as she looked between the two members of the couple, as they got progressively more uncomfortable. “You’re both blushing…” Liz added in surprise as she looked between Alex whose ears were burning with a red hue, and then upwards at Isabel whose color had altered dramatically with that accusation… And who had crossed her arms on her chest to send out the protective vibe. “And furiously at that I might add.” Maria stated looking directly at Isabel. “Again I ask… ‘What’d I miss’?”

Three sets of eyes turned to stare at her and shaking her head, realizing that there was no way out, “Ok! I slept with him alright?” Isabel blurted out in a whine to further hers and Alex’s embarrassment, as she tossed her hair back, in an air of nonchalance.

Alex’s head snapped up with her statement, it really didn’t have a choice but to do so, seeing as Max rose from his seat on that declaration and leaned into Alex’s space, grabbing the collar of his shirt while loudly declaring, “You did what with my sister!!?” Isabel sharply turned to him, as she smacked his hands off her boyfriend, “Get your hands off of him Max, and get your mind out of the gutter. I didn’t sleep with him like that, because if I had, I sure wouldn’t be telling any of you like this…” Max released his grasp on Alex’s shirt and the tall boy sat down smoothing out the collar, chuckling nervously at the whole discourse.

Maria knowing Alex as well as she did knew he was still withholding information, as he was the one flushing this time. “And as interesting as that revelation is, Isabel..” She smirked while placing a thoughtful hand on the side of her cheek, “And it is most definitely interesting. And I most definitely want details later that’s still not it.” Maria turned rapidly to him, “Blushing Beauty, you’re on.”

“We are not going there, Maria.” Alex raised his hands in surrender, as he cleared his throat. “Nothing at all happened… It was no different than Michael being at your house the other morning.” he defended them emphatically, while trying to deflect the entire situation to another person’s embarrassing morning.

Maria didn’t take the bait… “And yet I wasn’t blushing. There is definitely more than Michael being at my house. That was absolutely nothing, and its not like we’re a couple most of the time.” She threw her hands about as she animatedly used them to emphasize her speech. “But you two,” she semi-waved between them, “I mean here you were dating secretly, which I think we kept a secret very well if you ask me.” She looked at Liz for an assenting nod, which she received.” Max turned to look at Isabel, it wasn’t exactly surprising but how long had that been going on? It was still news to him… Maria continued prattling on making Isabel wish she could muzzle the girl, “And then there was this whole ‘I love you’ display at the concert last weekend… the whole town is still talking about that…” She did the hand toss of go figure, “So… This is definitely more than even your first night in the woods. That was just cute puppy love type stuff.” She shook her head, as she was on a roll, “So last night, you two did something or thought something, or “dreamed” something. But something happened, something that would make you both” directing the comment right at Isabel. “Embarrassed.” She finished looking directly at Alex. Then smirking knowingly at them she let the rant abate. Isabel stood there speechless. Maybe Liz didn’t research her, but Maria didn’t miss anything.

And to use Maria’s line from earlier in the week, Alex quickly dead-panned, “Imagine my mother, finding her in MY bed. This morning.” Everyone turned to stare at him. Including Isabel. He’d really done it hadn’t he? … After she told them they slept together, he told them they were found by his mother… now both of their embarrassment was complete.

Max jumped in, “You were found by your mother?” The look could almost be described at threatening. And Liz giggled nervously.

So Alex threw back bravely, “What about you? You were at Liz’s all night so its no big deal right?”

This time it was Maria’s eyes that went wide in understanding. ‘And he throws it back?’ “How did she find you Al-ex?” Maria asked in an innuendo, whilst her face bore an understanding look, and a sly smile. There was something about how together they were, feeding off each other’s embarrassment, neither wanting to discuss that morning.

“Ummm together, asleep…” Alex choked out knowing his death could be imminent seeing how her bother still hadn’t gotten up yet and was sitting directly across from him, staring firmly at him.

He finally spoke, “I don’t see how sitting outside in the freezing cold and talking to Liz outside all night on her balcony is nearly the same as being found sleeping together.”

Alex immediately said in his defense with his hands raised in surrender, “We were clothed, completely…” As Isabel stifled a choked giggle at the end of the table, while she mumbled, “Some of us more than others.” Alex was continuing simultaneously, “She was in jeans and a sweater.”

All of a sudden what she had said registered and an exclamation of “What!?” was shouted as both Alex and Max turned to her in that moment and questioned in unison. She bit her lip and said, “Oh he was clothed alright, but its what he sleeps in… Just boxers and a shirt.” She serenely smiled, letting her thoughts wander back to their morning and the sleeping arrangement and the kissing…

“Too much information Isabel,” groaned Max. “I do not want to nor do I need to know what your boyfriend sleeps in. And I don’t want to witness that look on your face ever again.” Turning back to the man in question, “You’d better not...” Max spoke slow and under his breath.

“Yeah well… ‘Isabel is a force of nature,’ try to stop her.” Alex quipped and quickly found himself in pain in his temple.

“I seem to recall that with almost every instance so far, you were the one who initiated it.” Isabel had sidled back into the booth and delivered a sharp, palmed blow to the side of his head.

She tilted her head and smiled innocently. “Lets go Max. Alex, I’ll ‘see’ you when the grounding’s over…” she leaned over and added insult to injury by kissing the exact spot she had just smacked, and slid out of the booth. Max stood and escorted her out the door.


Inside the two girls regaled with laughter and turned to Alex… “You so have to tell us what happened? … and “Oh poor baby how’s your head?” and “Do you need ice to take away that boo-boo? Or did that kiss do it?”

That just set them off again as they couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed.

Alex grinned his wry grin , as he moaned, “You two are of no help… what is this, the girl’s club? Girlfriend abuse… I just suffered girlfriend abuse and you tow sit there laughing at me…. You’re no help…. I seriously need to get some guy friends…”

That made them laugh all the harder. “I’m sure Michael’s available,” Maria choked out through peeling laughter…

“Oh sure… another guy who suffers girlfriend abuse… of course you’d let me have him when you’re done with him… of course you would… “


When Max and Isabel arrived home a few minutes later they found everything to be in place and Michael was sitting on the couch, once again watching TV.

Their parents had been in the kitchen waiting for them. “Come on in, we need to talk for a minute.”

“Right.” They said as Isabel preceded Max into the other room.

“So Izzy, How was your date?” Diane teased.

She laughed, “I’m going to kill you Mom. I wasn’t in the slightest ready for him, and I had all of minus seven minutes to prepare.” She pointed to her outfit, “Not bad if I do say so myself, but this is what I managed to throw on in those moments. Don’t do that again alright?” She good-naturedly teased her mother feeling very free.

Diane laughed. “And how did you come to be brought home by Max and not Alex?” Michael had stepped almost into the kitchen to see how the family dynamics were run in a more normal setting as he leaned against the doorframe arms across his chest and feet crossed, his presence was however undetected.

Isabel started to give the quick rundown of the evening, “We went for dinner, a movie, and then to the crash for dessert. Max caught up with us at the Crash.” Since I would need a ride, obviously Max brought me home.” She left out all the details of what had brought Max there.

“I’m glad you had fun, and now so that you two don’t get the impression that the grounding is over, it has officially started.” Mom stated seriously in a tone that held no argument.

They looked at their parents, in unison, “Yeah.” Isabel finished, “We figured as much.”

Diane then stepped into the more serious end of the conversation with the pleasantries over… “Isabel we need to tell you that Michael has informed us of his situation and the reason he is now staying with us. Thanks for trusting us with him Honey. And before you panic for any reason, we also need to let you know that Sheriff Valenti is involved with Michael’s case and as of this evening was over here to take statements and things. He will probably be around a bit for awhile OK sweetheart?”

Isabel raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Max. He sheepishly returned the look, with a wry grin and imperceptible shrug.

The Philip added a bit, “Everyone is and will be fine… Alright”

“Sure.” They nodded. More than glad that nothing had happened.

Michael watched from his stance not yet having let his presence be known and he realized that they reassured her before they gave her the news. All he could think was that maybe it really was the right thing that Isabel did when she involved them in their alien abyss. They had their daughter’s best interests at heart and indirectly Max as well. He wasn’t ready to let them into the knowledge of his default membership to the “club” however. Tonight had been taxing enough.

He stepped in and feigned surprise at Isabel’s fear of the sheriff, though he understood it all too well, for he too shared it in full measure. “What’s this about Isabel and the Sheriff?”

“Oh Michael. Umm… We didn’t hear you come into the kitchen.” Diane stumbled for a second.

Michael never one to mince words just dove right in, “Well, you just told her not to worry or something, what’s that all about?”

Isabel shot him a “drop it” look as she placated him, “Michael. It’s nothing. I’m sure you don’t need to hear the details of my “criminal record.” It’s not at all interesting.”

Chewing on his carrot standing there interrupting Michael added, “You never told me you have a record?”

“I don’t…” She threw back

“So what’s the problem?” Michael was pressing her and she really did not feel like getting into it with him and so she sent him the patented, very familiar ‘you’ve gone too far look’ and smugly smiled when her dad stepped in.

“Michael, She doesn’t want to discuss it obviously.”

“Why? There’s nothing to hide?”

“Michael. People don’t like their inner lives pulled apart anymore than you did. Friends don’t always share everything. Isabel has her reasons for not liking the Sheriff. But if she doesn’t care to share, she’s not expected too. You however, are expected to drop it instantly.” Philip ordered.

“Right.” Michael shut up instantly.

“Ok. And need I even ask if there are any more deep dark hidden secrets that we need to deal with? Anything else that needs to come to our attention?” Philip knew there was more to the whole exchange than what they were witnessing. But he also knew that these kids only talked when they were ready.

The three teens conferred through silent communication that bordered on instantaneous, and then collectively looked up. Max spoke for the group. “We’re good.”

“Right. Well we’ve got a case to work on obviously and you all have a good night of sleep to grab, considering all of you are grounded for the weekend and likely beyond. I might need some help with the yard tomorrow.” Philip laughed.

“Right…” the three kids looked up. They were on yard detail together.

“Well goodnight guys and stay home tonight. We’ll be checking.” Diane teased as she and her husband stepped out of the kitchen and left the kids to themselves to converse and share the events of the evening.

“Yeah goodnight.” They mumbled as they watched their parents leave the room.


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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Spoilers: Independence Day (Loosely)

RECAP: Isabel had informed the girls of everything that had transpired with Sheriff Valenti and why she and Alex had escaped to Clovis and other things in an impromptu meeting at the Crashdown. Michael had spoke with the Evans about his home-life with Hank.

A/N: Who all is perterbed that the foster care let Michael live with Hank, and they never discovered it?

Apparently Dona Ana county has a high incidence of Child abuse and abuse related deaths.

There is a Child-abuse series I recently found in their Las Cruces Sun newspaper. (I don't know how old this information is but...) This might just be why Michael slipped through the system so easily.

It sure gives us something to work from anyways.

These stories are so sad if you call up the rest of the articles and read them. But This is New Mexico one of the poorest states in the nation, and so forth.

Link is below... ... 3295.shtml

I warn you that it is not for the faint of heart, this article is heartbreaking. But I just draw your attention to it in light of Michael's situation. (Although they are completely fictional. And Las Cruces has no orphanage or children's home in real life either. But for the purpose of this story, Well it must...)

Shifting Realities

Chapter 26:E



On Tuesday February 22nd, all the teens attended high School as the Evans adults made their way to Dona Ana County, to Las Cruces, where Michael initially originated. (The 21st was a National Holiday, President’s Day, and so no one had gone to school that day.) The Evans had made it rather clear to Michael that he would be in attendance at school from now on, unless ill and could prove it.

Once they arrived in the neighboring county they each specifically took over a portion of the case: Diane headed to head to the Children’s Home to speak with anyone who might be able to assist them and Philip went to the Hall of Records to procure Michael’s Birth Certificate.

Diane stepped in and shortly found the director as she unobtrusively observed the place. She was escorted into the office and asked to sit down.

“What may I do for you Mrs. Evans?” The older woman with short nape-length sliver/blonde hair asked.

Diane explained the case and her role in it as the director listened, and then answered, “You said Michael Guerin did you not?”

Diane nodded her assent, “Correct!”

The elder woman stopped her conversation and dropped into hushed tones, stating, “Ok, Any information I might state is in confidence and unquotable…, do you understand?”

“Yes?” Diane questioned.

“Mr. Cuddihy, since retired, was his social worker for the short time he was with us, but I was still remotely involved with the case and let me tell you, Michael Guerin is one name and face I’ll never forget… He was the oddest child, already halfway through his early childhood before he came to us and he couldn’t even function in the simplest of basics. It was as if he were an infant…”

Some question stirred deep within Diane but she left her face neutral as she continued to listen. “Care to explain that a little further please?”

The director continued, “He couldn’t feed himself, forks baffled him. The first family we placed him with was the Burgess’. They did their best, but with three children of their own in addition to two other foster children, they did not have the resources or time to adequately care for Michael. I’m afraid it went downhill from there. This is a small and poor county, and we just didn’t have many families willing or able to take on a special needs child. This is all off the record you understand; I don’t think the families are the most reliable sources. But young Michael came to us full time after trying unsuccessfully to place him for a fourth time. He was eventually given to the care of a foster father and they shortly afterwards moved to Roswell.”

Diane asked an unlikely request. “Would I be able to speak with any of the families he was placed with?”

The director shrugged, “Their privacy is important to us as well as the children’s. Let me place some calls and see what I can do, why don’t you step outside for a few minutes and get a feel for the place?” She escorted Mrs. Evans out of her office and left her to herself.

Diane used to moments to wander around and check out the orphanage. It was so much like where Max and Izzy had stayed for those couple of short months after they had been found. Diane had wished she could just take her babies home that night that they found them, but the law being what it is; they had the channels of bureaucracy to pass through as well. The adoption went through quicker than anyone was expecting however due to the simple fact that they had been in process of being home tested and background checked already to begin on the adoption track. And then like a miracle, they found their precious son and daughter, abandoned and alone in the middle of the dessert. They had to report the abandoned children and watch helplessly as Child Services pulled them from her arms. She would never forget how Isabel had clung to her, wrapped up in Diane’s pink cardigan sweater that she had been wearing as they drove through the cold desert night. Diane had wrapped the poor child in it immediately, as Philip wrapped Max in his jacket. But Max was the more reticent of the two and didn’t instantly connect, he didn’t cry as he was pulled from his future father’s arms. Isabel’s tiny arms in the oversized sweater were wrapped firmly around her new mother’s neck and she had already staked her claim. Being in this place brought back a flood of memories to Diane Evans as she daintily wiped the increasing moisture from her eyes with the pads of her fingers. But she didn’t have much time to reflect for she was called back into the office.

With an incredulous look the director called Diane back in, “Ok, I don’t believe this is happening, but here was the young Michael’s second home and you have to realize that he wasn’t even there for an entire month, as by this time he was becoming harder and harder to place. She never really did say what the problem was exactly; making him out to be some type of freak. But she sounds very eager to meet with you, and here is an address where she will take an immediate meeting. Her name is Melanie Miller. The director handed over the address on a small paper and issued Diane off.

**** ***

At the same time Philip was encountering one of the most annoying factors of Bureaucracy, waiting in line. He sighed as he checked his messages, but none were from Diane so he continued to stand there.

When it was finally his turn he stepped up to the desk handing over his business card and explaining that he was working on an emancipation case and he gave the name of his client.

The clerk typed for a few moments and then turned the monitor towards Philip. On the screen was a copy of the document for his perusal to determine if it was the proper one. Philip noticed Michael’s name with the absence of a middle name and parents listed as John and Jane Doe. So far it lined up with what Michael had explained.

He nodded to the clerk. “That is correct, when was it filed?”

The clerk did some more typing and spoke the date in a bored manner never knowing the importance he had just stated. Ironically it was filed a week after Max and Isabel’s. Philip couldn’t help but notice the similarities in the documents but he needed so much more to go on… He asked if they would have a copy of his files there, something else for him to examine.

The clerk pointed to a large sign hanging from the ceiling, “This is the Division of Vital Records… Family Service records are down the hall and to your left. Follow the arrows.”

Philip charged the birth certificate to the company card and headed down the hall once he had the document in his hand.

*** ***

Mrs. Miller was overly excited to see Diane and that left her suspicious of how this meeting might go. But the woman invited her into her kitchen and to a cup of coffee.

She started right in, “Thank you for coming to talk about that child. I can’t get anyone to listen to me, they all think I’m crazy or something.”

Diane drank the warm liquid and listened, what else she could she do as Mrs. Miller raced on, “If all kids are like that one, my husband and I will gladly remain childless.” She incuriously stated.

Diane was disheartened by this woman’s seeming apathy.

Mrs. Miller continued to ramble on, “Do you have any kids?”

Diane politely interjected, “I do. A boy and girl.”

Mrs. Miller nodded wistfully, “Yeah. Most people do have kids but it wasn’t to be. We’d have loved to have had our own. But after Michael we’re going through an open adoption with a birth mother because we don’t want to go through the state route again. There is NO Way… And this is the only way to ensure we’ll get a normal child you know?”

Diane was getting frustrated by this woman’s callousness. And she stated quickly, “My kids are adopted. And we went through the state system to get them. I love them as if they were my natural ones, but it wasn’t to be for us either.”

Mrs. Miller, realizing that she had stuck her foot in her mouth, quickly tried to retract her previous statement. “Well I’m sure its fine for you,” she added, “but then again, most kids aren’t like that one. I’ve got two friends who are raising kids they fostered first. I know that he was not normal.”

Diane did not like this woman at all, so she continued to guide the conversation forward, “I’m here to talk about Michael Guerin, you wished to speak with me so may we continue please?”

“Oh, right, right, forgive me,” Mrs. Miller quickly amended, “Its just you’re the first person in ten years to want to talk about it and I feel like you might actually listen to me.”

Diane reined in her frustration, “I’m trying but you haven’t told me much yet.”

Mrs. Miller dove into her tale, “Well, apparently he was a foundling, and his real parents dumped him off or something. We weren’t given too many specifics. Just that he had been found abandoned somewhere. I suppose we might have been privy to more information if we had decided to raise him. But we didn’t and I guess it was all on a need to know basis, you know?”

‘A Foundling? Abandoned?’ The question deep within Diane grew deeper. “Really?” she asked out loud. “What would you like to share?”

Melanie recounted her days with the boisterous child. “I will start by saying that that was one strong kid. He knew nothing and was basically helpless and could do nothing, yet he was stronger than the two of us put together, and willful as the day is long. We would know for we had to restrain him at times.” With a look to Diane who sat listening and writing, she continued.

“A couple days after we brought him home he somehow levitated this very table,” she made a motion of knocking on the hard wooden surface, “it was three feet off the ground. Kind of shocking to see your kitchen table just teetering in mid-air and unbalanced at that. Michael was just standing there, his arm outstretched and his eyes focused on the table mumbling under his breath. I swear that kid was possessed. He had to be, how else do you account for everything we went through that month?”

‘I’ve got an unusual idea for you…’ the fleeting thought passed Diane’s mind as she answered in the opposite, “You’re kidding right?”

Melanie sighed dramatically, “I wish I was. He also wouldn’t go to bed, like ever. You know we did the dutiful parent thing and gave him an 8:00 bedtime, which eventually was bumped up to 10:00. For him that was still way too early. He would fall asleep somewhere between oh I don’t know, 12-3 am. Every single night. We awaken at 6:00. Don’t know how he functioned day in and out like that, but he seemed to do ok?” She shrugged.

That question in Diane was now on the level of a scream, and she pretty much knew what it was shouting. She unwittingly found herself remembering the early days of Max and Izzy and she thought to herself, “That’s my Izzy too. I could never get her down to sleep.”

The woman continued and Diane hung on her every word now, although her face did not betray her musings.

“You know that kid, besides the fact that he couldn’t do anything, and he wouldn’t sleep, he ate weird too.” Mrs. Miller shared more of her bouts of strange, “He would sit perched on my counter, never a chair, and suck lemons most of the day. We had a lemon tree at that house. If I let him he’d eagerly put them in sugar. Loved lemonade when I made it from scratch, with tons of lemons and tons of sugar. We couldn’t drink it, yet I think he subsisted on it.” She grimaced as she shook her head as the flavor of that odd lemonade seemed to appear on her tongue with the recollections. It had sparked a memory. “The other thing he really loved to eat was radishes. Now I know that some people like them dipped in sugar. He was no exception. He’d drop them in it, use his palms to roll them, and then awkwardly shove the entire thing into his mouth at once with his little hands, chewing with his mouth open. I understand that he had a very bad life before we got him but I mean this kid acted as if he didn’t even know what his hands were, or what they were for. Its like he was learning everything on the spot. Its like where did this kid come from you know?” She threw her hands out in question.

‘Oh my God that’s Max and Izzy. The clumsiness, the snacks of choice, Max and his lemons and Izzy with her radishes and sugar. I can just picture what little Michael must have been like.’ Diane knew she was onto something now and she wanted all the information she could extract from this woman. “Is there more you can share with me or would like to?” She asked.

“You are the first person to just listen to me. I intend to tell you everything. But I don’t know how any of this will help with your case. And I really don’t want my name associated with it you know?” Melanie set herself straight.

Diane nodded and reassuringly answered that she would keep the answers confidential. That she just needed whatever information she could get that might assist in his case in any way.

The younger woman nodded in her understanding, “Right. Well The terrible thing about this is he wasn’t even potty trained. He was something like 6-7 years old and in diapers. Well not fully but definitely untrained and in process. We tried to work on it but with everything else, it just didn’t work you understand. Its like he was a mental defect with physic skills.” She prematurely segued and awoke Diane’s’ curiosity even further. “And I must add that that is an absolutely terrible combination and he was just too much kid for anyone to handle.”

‘Not if you had loved him. I had two together in the same state. We managed.’ Diane thought to herself recalling some of the strange occurrences from when Max and Izzy had first joined them. The healing of the bird right after they could talk for one instance.

Melanie continued to prattle on, unwittingly revealing more about Michael’s true identity with every word, “Here’s what I mean by physic or weird stuff… I told you about this table, well another time in the last week he was here, I went into his room once to check on him for he was rather quiet, and the walls were an unusual shade of blue. I blinked and when I looked again they were white. As they should be. And the little boy was sitting against a wall completely unaffected by any of it. Lots of things happened that didn’t happen that week if you get my drift.”

Diane shot her a dubious look, “Sounds a little far fetched.” She countered.

The younger woman got up and started to pace in frustration, “I know it does. I know I sound crazy, but this is seriously what we dealt with.”

Thinking back to her children, Diane asked another important question, “Ok was he able to speak or was that also missing?”

The pacing woman turned and stood there in disbelief for a moment as she then started into another soliloquy. “It was missing. It was just weird. He had his own made-up language, choppy words. I mean I think they might have been words. But the syllables were stressed in odd places, when it sounded like a language at all. I mean it some of it just sounded liked noise. He tried to communicate his demands through it. He really did try to talk. He really did, but it seemed as if English language was puzzling to him too. I swear he was locked in a dark closet permanently before he came to us. And I feel sorry for him really. But I just couldn’t deal with him. I know he wasn’t mute. He had a cry that could peel wallpaper from the walls. He could scream, and he did in the dark. All I could assume was nightmares. About an hour after he’d get to sleep it would start. And it was practically every night.”

Diane asked yet another pertinent question. “And you said he went to bed about one?”

Melanie ventured back to her table and reclaimed her seat. “Yes.”

“The Witching Hour.” Diane mumbled carelessly. And to herself she could not help but to keep comparing the children. ‘’Yep that’s when Izzy would kick in, an hour or so after she dropped off.’

“Excuse me did you say something?” Melanie asked.

Diane quickly recovered herself and added, “No, nothing important, just thinking out loud. I was wondering just how you ever made it through however long this was?”

“It was three weeks. That’s all we had him.” The younger woman added.

“Right, how did you ever make it through all three weeks?” (Diane was feigning sincerity but the woman thought she was genuine.) To herself she was sickened with the realization of how Michael was treated. ‘This woman makes me ill. She would have forsaken my babies too. And now I know who Michael is…’

“Is this all you wanted to share or do you have more?”

“It was only the three weeks and so this is really all I have. You don’t believe me do you?” the younger woman accused. “If he weren’t your client you’d never have even listened to me.”

“Well I can say that it sounds like you had an interesting time there and I won’t discredit what you went through. I am not making judgments about anyone. As you requested the conversation is confidential. Thanks so much for your time.”

“Thank you. I really did feel sorry for him the weird little guy. Handsome face, but it just couldn’t make up for all he lacked. Did he ever get through it?” Melanie asked the first question of concern that Diane could detect in this seemingly indifferent woman.

And as a lawyer she answered, “Well my information is also confidential but he’s nothing of the boy you had in your care anymore, that I assure you. Thank you again for your time.” The younger woman escorted her to the door thankful for finally having someone she could tell her tale to, it had been so long. And Diane was more than thankful for the meeting for she had gathered all the missing pieces to the puzzle minus the hard copy. Her head was swimming with the similarities and she wanted to get her hands on Michael’s file. She called Philip… who was at the counter in the Family Service Division…

**** ****

A few minutes earlier Philip had just encountered the information of his lifetime.

Phillip leaned onto Mr. Johnson’s desk. "So can you help me?" he asked.

Mr. Johnson looked at the copy of Michael's birth certificate. He typed Michaels name and DOB (date of birth) into the computer. "You're in luck," he said. "I found the case files from his original social worker. Since he was never adopted, there was never anyone to request that his records be sealed."

"Can you print me a copy?" Philip asked excitedly.

"Of what?" Mr. Johnson asked. "You do realize that I have to charge you a dollar a page?"

"Print everything you have on Michael," Philip asked. "Charge it to my account."

He was waiting while the clerk ran off the files as his cell rang. He checked the number, and answered it.

“Hi Honey? I hope your visit was successful and you got some useful information?”

“I got more than you can imagine Philip. Don’t just get a copy of Michael’s Birth Certificate. Get his file from Child Services division if you possibly can…”

“Diane…” he tried to interject but she was still talking.

“Philip, I’m serious just do it… trust me …”

“Diane,” he tried to break through once again, “I am. Its being printed as we speak right now. You’d never believe what I discovered…”

“I think I will. I’ll swing back over when you are ready to be picked up. I’m done here and don’t need to interview anyone else…”

“Hold on a moment Honey.” He turned back to the clerk as he was handed the entire case file on Michael Guerin, complete with records from some of his placements. It was rather extensive at around 80 or so pages. The clerk placed it in a manila envelope and charged the transaction to the business account as Philip returned to the conversation with his wife. “I’m ready…” He turned back to the clerk and received Michael’s file. Walking out into the hall he resumed. “I’m completely done here. Now? Where were we Honey?”

“Right I talked to the director but that led me to one of Michael’s placements. And I’m about ten minutes out, wait for me.”

They hung up and Philip waited to be picked up.

**** ****

Once inside the car they resumed the phone conversation. “Well that family was a piece of work, but you know eyewitness accounts are always best and I’ve got the best one possible I do believe.” Diane quickly changed subjects, “Where are we eating? She asked as she pulled the car away from the parking lot.”

“Someplace easy Diane. You won’t believe what I got my hands on…”

They found a quaint little Italian bistro and each ordered the grinder sandwiches. (subs, heroes, hogies, whatever you wish to call them) They each were reading parts of the file and speaking in whispered exclamations, sometimes to themselves and sometimes to each other. Leaning over they’d point out certain traits that the children shared or some such thing.

As he finished eating, Philip finally ventured to speak out loud, as he wiped his mouth with the cloth burgundy napkin. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I’d say the evidence is pretty conclusive, but wait until I give you a rundown of the debriefing I had…” she answered as she finished off her sandwich as well.

Philip flagged the waitress down for the check and they got out of there.

After they had paid and left they once again resumed the oft-interrupted conversation in the complete privacy of their car.

Diane filled Philip in on her conversation with Mrs. Miller. He interjected the same remembrances that she had recalled during the conversation.

Philip continued, “Well its no wonder that Michael is scared of Valenti and friends with our kids, he’s…”

Diane interrupted excitedly, “He’s a little,” and she proceeded to hum the tune to Twilight Zone.

“Wrong show. Wrong era, Honey.” He teased her. “He’s a little…” whistling the ending notes to Close Encounters.

They smiled at their understanding and then blurted out in unison, “He’s one of them.” Diane said in complete confidence, “Its no wonder Izzy worries over him like a mother bear. Ever seen the way she responds to him, even if she’s acting nonchalantly.”

“Yeah,” Philip agreed, “or what about the way Max covered for him so readily when they brought him to us? He’s definitely one of their own…”

“Brother?” Diane hurried to add.

“Same as, makes no difference.” Philip replied in kind.

Then Diane sighed, “Now I really worry for our children’s, especially Izzy’s, ability to conceal truths and secrets. She’s very good at it. But I want her to feel open to talk to us about anything after this is brought to light, you know?”

“Yeah. Now the next issue is how do we spring this on them? We do have to tell them.”

I’m calling Izzy and letting them know they can have a little after school time with their friends before they go home, or Max heads to work. You know, releasing the grounding a bit again.”

“Yeah. And I’ll bet in the end its all related.”

Dinae continued in her excitement, “Oh most definitely it is. Why don’t we go to the gift shop at the UFO center and get something for Michael like that doll you gave Izzy you know?”

Philip thought she had a great idea, but he had another palce in mind. “That’s a great idea but not there. Remember those shirts Jeff had printed for the convention?”

She agreed, “Right. Perfect. And at this rate we’ll be there in the afternoon as they are. Diane called her daughter’s cell and informed her of their decision and she heard the happiness in her daughter’s voice that she’d get to spend time with Alex today, and that the grounding was being temporarily suspended for whatever reason.

**** ****

Nancy was behind the counter as the Evan’s turned up. “Hi.” She cheerfully greeted them. “Can I show you to a seat? It’s so seldom you grace us with your presence, while on the other hand your kids practically live here.” She pointed to the far corner both and they saw Izzy laughing while Alex was making some kind of face, Michael was smirking while glancing upwards from the table. Their three aliens appeared to be enjoying themselves. Max was staring into the eyes of his dark haired waitress. And the other one was impatiently tapping her feet as she glared at Michael.

Diane smiled at the scene, “No. We won’t be here long, we’d just like to make a purchase. Don’t even let our kids know we were here. Parents have ways of embarrassing their teens just by turning up in the same places and with what we’re about to do, they’d be downright mortified.”

Nancy looked at her with a curious expression. “What? What are you doing?”

Philip chuckled, “We’d like to purchase one of those “I was at the Crash” Shirts that Jeff had made for the Convention.

“You are not serious are you?” She said aghast, “Those are for the tourists. We certainly don’t expect residents to buy them.” She laughed and her pleasure made the Evan’s join in.

“We’re just doing our civic duty and helping a local business as well as a friend,” Diane mentioned. “Besides the shirt is for a family member, a gift. They’re kind of into the whole crash and alien myth you know, seeing how we live in Roswell where it all started.” Diane laughed.

“In that case you can most certainly get anything in Roswell at some shop or another… What size did you want?” Nancy asked as she unlocked the glass display case.

Philip briefly looked back at Michael and shrugged, “Large, I guess.” Diane’s nephew is about Michael’s size there from what we’ve been told.

“Right.” Nancy reached under the counter and brought forth the most hideously colored t-shirt, it matched the décor of the crashdown. The shirt was in Turquoise, and the writing was in a bright pumpkin orange. Emblazoned across the front was, “I was at the Crash… ” On the back was Crashdown Café and on the second line, Roswell, New Mexico. And then below that was the signature silver headed alien symbol.

Philip chuckled as he grabbed it. “How’d they sell?”

Nancy rolled her eyes in a manner typical of a wife. “I told him not to make them. But do men ever listen? NO. They did sell ok,” she made a so-so motion with her hand. “But unless something else happens soon, we’re stuck with about two-dozen more of these things. It was a cute play on words but not for a shirt. I told him they’d make a better button. But on the other hand we did sell a couple dozen though so we did ok I guess.”

“Thanks Nancy, and thanks for taking care of our son the other morning. He explained that he was talking to Liz all night.” Diane added. They honestly didn’t have any other details than Isabel had shared on the phone that morning, but they had to be grateful to their son’s inadvertent host.

“It was no trouble; I think they finally got their problems worked out.” Nancy pointed back to the group again. “Now I’m not sure if that is a good thing completely but at least Max looks comfortable around Liz again. He avoided being here for awhile. Teens. The only thing predictable about a teen is their unpredictability.”

The adult friends all laughed about the truth of that statement and then seeing the girls turn back to work and eyes go large at the sight of the Evans, Nancy smiled as she took the cash and said, ”Now scoot before you embarrass your teens just by existing.” They all laughed again as the elder Evans left with their purchase.

“So the next question is, ‘Do we continue with the emancipation, or do we try to make Michael one of the family’?” Diane asked as they drove off to the office.

“Well at any rate its going to take a few days to get the paper work to go through, and Sheriff Valenti is still trying to locate Mr. Whitmore last I knew.” Philip continued.

**** ****

Later that evening when the entire family was home for the night, the Evan’s took Michael into the home office for a conversation. The door shut they began.

“We went to Las Cruces today.

Michael looked at them in a manner of disinterest as he asked in a bored tone, “Find anything interesting?”

“Well, we were able to access your birth records and it was as you had stated, no known parents…”

“So…” Michael droned.

“I also talked with one of your former foster families.”

Michael stopped his pacing and looked at Diane with an arched eyebrow.

“Do you remember a Mrs. Miller?”

“I remember everyone, ‘Freak, Whack-job,’ were some of the words she used to describe me as she sent me back. Not that I didn’t get used to hearing that litany.”

“Do you have any clue why she called you that?” Philip asked.

“Yeah I got clues. But I’m sure none of it is important to getting me out on my own.”

Diane continued, “Actually contrary to that opinion, we had to access your records and to retrieve whatever information we could on you. Now sit down and listen to us please. We both found some extremely interesting developments and we need to have a very important chat.”

Michael sat with a thud. Here it was. The Alien talk, the possible rejection, he sighed and stared at them.

“Take a look at this,” Philip tossed the Crashdown shirt into his lap. Michael picked it up confusion on his face. “What’s this for?”

“Read it.”

“I did… So?”

Philip kept pressing ahead, “Michael please relax and hear us out on this. We know that Max and Isabel are not from around here as they put it. But with everything we’ve discovered today, we are now of the assumption that you are not either and that you too were at/ rather in the crash.”

“Assumption correct.” Michael shrugged. “What’s this going to change? And how’s this going to help me at all?”

“It changes a lot Michael,” Diane stepped in. “But most specifically it is information we really don’t want to fall into the wrong hands, which in this case might just happen to be Sheriff Valenti.”

Michael looked up at the name. And Philip said, “Are you aware that he is completely following Isabel?”

“Yeah.” Michael said in a tone of certainty.

“And would that be why you were fearful of his presence when we involved him in the emancipation case?” Diane pressured.

“Some.” He nodded. “But your kids,” Michael shared a bit of Izzy’s secrets thinking it would be ok in this instance, “they’ve had a certain fear of him forever. Especially Isabel.” The Evans nodded understandingly.

Michael then tossed in a new piece, “Did you know that some of her childhood nightmares stemmed from this?”

“No. I just know she had scary wolf dreams and she would cling to me as she cried.” Diane answered remembering back to her daughter’s countless nightmares as a child.

“Yeah.” He amended, “That scary wolf? Valenti. I don’t want him involved with us he could be dangerous. He is dangerous. He’s already caused trouble for Isabel.”

Philip could sense the boy’s tension and he knew that Michael wished they could get Sheriff Valenti off the scent, but there really was no turning back from this point and so he tried to calm the tense young man. “Michael there is nothing we can do to uninvolve him at this point. But he is only working on your emancipation case, and he will only get what information we give him that is pertinent. Will this be ok?”

“Michael.” Diane asked his name tenderly as she sat down next to him in the opposite chair, the proximity was a bit claustrophobic for the young man who’d never been loved, “We will protect you as one of our own. Now are there any more of you that you are aware of?”

“No. Just us I guess.” He lied, knowing full well that there was a fourth out there somewhere.

“Ok, we want you to realize that we are now taking over although it’s only temporarily, the legal guardianship of you. It’ll be a few days more before your audience with the judge. So for now you are OURS Michael.”

Philip followed his wife’s train of thought as he threw in his bit, “And had we known about you sooner, you would have been. You would have been an Evans. I’m sorry for your sake that we’ve never known, and that our kids did not feel as if they could trust us.”

Michael tensely barked out, “It’s not them. We all hid in plain sight. None of us talked until Isabel did. And I’m still trying to figure that one out, why she would, but she did and I can’t change it. And I’m not at all comfortable with all you adults in the know. It scares the hell outta me. I’m only trusting Isabel’s instincts and the fact that you’ve protected her already, as to why I’m even talking to you. If you had harmed her in any way, I would not be having this discussion.”

Diane lovingly added, “We understand Michael. We’d love to be able to say, ‘you can trust us.’ But you have nothing to base that on. I know that Michael. I know how you were rejected and bounced around for a short time. You’ve had it rough and for that we’re truly sorry.” She hoped that he could accept her sincere heartfelt apology.

Philip added yet more to the conversation, “When you were younger, we’d have readily adopted you. But now that you are older we will let that choice be yours completely to make. The offer of the Evans name stands open permanently, ok?”

Michael flew from his seat, “Enough!!” he exploded. It was more than he could dream, it was more than he could imagine and it was suffocating him. He didn’t know how to handle acceptance. It was an unfamiliar feeling. “That’s enough. Just do whatever you’ve got to do.”

“Drop off your laundry downstairs please and I’ll take care of it tonight.” Diane tossed in trying to tame his anguish and get his mind off the current conversation.

“I can do my own. I was Hank’s slave, been doing it for years.” The gruff young man turned on her.

“Exactly why I want to do this for you. Just let me do this Michael. You’re not a charity case, and you are definitely not incapable. I just want to do something nice for you alright?” Diane offered.

“Whatever. And I know Isabel will be the next one you talk to and I don’t want to be around for that. I’m outta here.” He raced out of the room and slammed the office door behind him.

“We can’t push him Diane. And I think that went well all considering…”

“Yeah I think you’re right, Philip…”

**** ****
Michael stormed through Max’s door, rummaged through his closet until he found Max’s robe… “What are you doing?” Max asked. “Laundry.” Was the gruff reply. “Borrowing these,” he said as he yanked a clean pair of boxers from Max’s drawer. He took the clothing and went to the bathroom to change. He had gathered every last garment he owned including undergarments, threw them all in the duffel bag and headed to the laundry room, where he deposited the entire thing on the top of the washer. Then he headed off to the bathroom for a refreshing shower.

Diane went downstairs and started to sort the clothes into loads. It was almost completely a dark load but was a bit shy of clothes to fill it to capacity so she headed back upstairs.

She knocked on her daughter’s door. When Isabel answered it she said that she needed dark clothes immediately for a load of laundry she was working on. This surprised Isabel who usually takes care of her own stuff but mom had explained that she didn’t want to mix up the boy’s clothes and with Isabel being a girl the separation would be easy and also that when she was doing filling the washer she wanted to see Isabel in the office.

Isabel stood outside the door and waited for her mother to return. She had a strong feeling she knew what the discussion would consist of and she was more than ready to finally have a chance to work it out.

Diane found her outside the office door leaning against the wall when she returned from the little chore. She smiled warmly and invited her daughter into the room.

Isabel followed her mother in and Diane shut the door behind her. “Take a seat.” She pointed to the leather chairs.

As Isabel sat she asked if she were in trouble.

“Not exactly.” Philip responded, “Just get comfortable.. we’ve got to talk for awhile.

Isabel nodded and made herself at home.

Philip grabbed a file from his desk, rather large and bulky, held together tightly with large bull-dog clips and motioned for her to take it. She did and sat back down.

“Read it, out loud,” Philip ordered.

Isabel started to do as asked and looked up into the expectant eyes of both of her parents. They were waiting for her to speak. “Sound familiar?” Philip stated the obvious referring back a couple weeks when they had read their files.

“Yeah it does.” Isabel just nodded. She stood from her seat as she stammered, “I can explain.” Taking a couple steps she held the file still clasped in her hand as she turned and helplessly said, “What can I explain?”

Diane walked over and gently placed an arm around her daughter’s shoulder and issued her back into the seat. “Did you know how much there were similarities to the two of you when you were little?”

“I assumed that he’d been like us. But we didn’t know him for three years and all this was gone by then, just like it was with us.” Isabel countered.

“Do you remember one of your favorite snacks?” her mother asked.

“Why?” Isabel queried in her confusion.

“Because Michael liked radishes and sugar too. And lemons, just like Max. You two also shared nightmare hours, were you aware of any of this?”

She felt ashamed for not knowing about Michael. “No.” She shook her head.

“And he wouldn’t go to sleep any more than you would. He was a scared, special, alien little boy, who was completely alone with no-one to understand his quirks. I took a meeting with someone today who likened him to a mental defect with physic skills.” Diane kept informing her daughter.

“What!!? How dare they?” Isabel demanded.

“Kind of easy really. He was just as messed up as the two of you appeared to be, but he never had anyone to help him through it, no one who cheered his successes or praised his best efforts.” Diane’s voice cracked with emotion she was holding under the surface.

Her shame burning hotter, “I’m sorry,” Isabel very softly apologized, and she did feel that way too.

“No, we’re the ones who are sorry. We’re sorry not to have checked around more the night we found you.” added Philip.

“Or to have seen where you were staring, or what you might be looking at, as you cried so incessantly after we gathered you to the car.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t understand the sources of your nightmares for those first three years.” Diane was crying by now and the tears were causing Isabel to feel the loss in her life keenly.

And then Philip finished off her guilt driving it straight home. “We’re sorry that we didn’t give you a strong enough reason to trust us so that you could tell us anything.”

“But that’s OUR fault!!!”Isabel cried out. “It wasn’t yours. You didn’t know, and you couldn’t have possibly known. We never told anyone. Never. Not till Alex died ‘back then,’ or when I told you now, in this time. And we didn’t know at first, we really didn’t, we just knew that we were extremely different. Dad?” she said turning to the only man she would even consider to call father. “Do you remember that day in the UFO center when we were kids, the day I freaked out?”

“I’ll never forget it.”

“Yeah, anyways, that was how I learned what we are; that we are more than a little different, that we weren’t even human, and it was too much, entirely TOO much knowledge for me as a child. I shut down then. And we all decided to keep all knowledge to ourselves for self-preservation. Our childhood essentially ended with a lightning strike that day. Ever after we found ways to conceal and hide our identities.”

Her confused father added, “But you’ve shared so much with us, you could have told us about Michael anywhere in the last several weeks.”

She vehemently shook her head in contradiction, “No. We don’t tell anyone. And did you see how Max treated me? He’s controlling. Michael is rash and impulsive. He’d have hated me and I couldn’t cause him that fear. I couldn’t reveal his secret since he wasn’t your kid. It was just better that you didn’t know.”

“We put the pieces together for ourselves this afternoon.”

“I’m glad, really. Now I can get back to a life with more semblance of normal, without having to worry about who knows what anymore.”

“Isabel from tonight on please know that you can talk to us about anything at all. We are here for you and we really need to keep the channels of communication open due to all of your extenuating circumstances.” Her mother pleaded.

“Yeah ok, I’ll try to remember that. Does that mean I can come to you if concerns anyone in the group or just Max, Michael and myself?” the tall teen replied.

“If it has anything to do with your alien life, even if remotely, you’d better come to us. We need to know. And now that that secret is out can we have no more of them ok?” her father pointedly spoke.

“Yeah. I’d like that. Thanks for being understanding and all.” She sucked in her lip momentarily.

“Well we do seem to have an infinite capability to handle shock and surprising news I’d say.” Philip laughed. “We’ve got your backs, all of you. Now lets get this cleared up too. Who all is in the group, we have a pretty good idea we know, but we want to hear it directly you understand?”

“Ok. There is Max, Michael and myself, the only “known” aliens. And there is Liz, Alex and Maria, the three human best friends who also happen to be our significant others.

Philips head came up with that statement. He had caught the way his daughter had said “known” As if there were air quotes, and as if there was more to the story, so he pressed her for information. “The only KNOWN aliens?” He repeated. “Are there others? Is there something more we need to know?”

“There are more. We have enemies on this planet from the home-world. But Max and Michael don’t know of them, and if certain events can be avoided, maybe we will never end up on their radar. I have to just watch everything. You are on a need to know basis, and that’s all the information I can give right now, for we are not dealing with any of this yet, or ever.”

And since you know who the aliens are maybe you ought to know who the humans are to us as well.” She laughed and slyly smirked. “Yeah, you already know about Alex and me. And you know Max likes Liz, that’s no big secret. But Michael likes Maria and though they fight all the time, the feeling is definitely mutual between the two of them.

Her parents stared at her, “That’s where he was the night he ran out. He went to Maria. I don’t know everything with that yet, from either timeline either. But he went to her.” Isabel nodded, glad to be revealing big secrets and to get stuff out there.

“Speaking of Michael with Marai, You stayed the night at Alex’s a few nights ago?”

“Yeah. You already know this though.”

“You slept with him? His father said that you were found together? I am a bit mystified over this, and we haven’t really talked about it since it happened. You have been in an avoidance stance.”

Isabel nodded, “Yes and no. I did go there, and I really had too. Michael had run away. I mean truly ran away, not to Maria’s. He was hitching a ride out of Roswell. I was upset and needed to get talked down for a bit. You know? Alex?”

“Ran away?”

“Yes. He did so in the last timeline also. But Alex and I fell asleep I guess. I wasn’t under his extra blanket that he had pulled out specifically for himself when we went to sleep. And for the life of us neither of us knows how we came to share the bedcovers. We really did try to follow your rules. And the Whitman’s are following the same ones. Max and Liz talked outside all night that night. And the night before it was Michael with Maria. When we need someone we seem to gravitate to our partners.”

“Partners? Huh… So we’re not just worried about one teenage couple but three?” Philip teased.

“Guess so.” She teased back.

“Well ok then, it’s obviously a lot more to process, and I’ve really got to switch the laundry over soon, but thanks for talking to us sweetheart.” Diane added.

Isabel shrugged, “Its no problem. I’m sorry for hiding it, and that it took so long.”

“We understand Isabel. You’re not in trouble for anything related to this ok? We just need you to fully understand how much we are here for you. For ALL of you guys.”

The tall girl sucked in her lip in one of her little tells, “You have to know that I’ve absolutely hated all the secrets. I’ve wanted you to know all of me for the longest time. Especially in the previous timeline where I was never brave enough to talk to you, but I instead obeyed Max.”

“We’re here Isabel, for anything ok? Anything at all, even if it’s not alien related. We are your parents and we love you so much.”

“Yeah.” She smiled tightly. “Thanks for everything and being so understanding these past few weeks. I’ve really needed all the support. Now Mom, I’ll take care of the clothes ok? You and Dad have plenty more to discuss I’m sure.”

“Thanks sweetheart, I appreciate it.” Her mother graciously accepted the offer, and Isabel stood to leave the room, having first received a kiss on the cheek from both of her parents.

She played the role of dutiful daughter and went downstairs, lighthearted for one of the first times ever. She smiled to herself as she transferred the clothes into the dryer, and headed back up to her room where she decided to grab a long night of sleep. It had been an exhausting week to this point. A week ago, they had rescued Michael and everything else had ensued from there.

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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Rating: TEEN
Spoilers: Independence Day

A/N: This is another unbetaed part. And the odd thing, I don’t think my computer has spell-check or dictionary like my last one did. (amazing how long its taking me to determine all its quirks. That’s what getting no writing time does for me I guess. LOL) I tried to polish this up to the best of my ability. But I am aware that there are some definite mistakes in my last part due to its unbetaed state. I sincerely hope they are less this time around.

But to all my faithful readers who hold on and wait for life to give me writing time, this is it, another part. Things might get re-worked later if I don’t like how they turned out. But I just am not waiting any longer.

I am officially caught up to myself, I am working on the next part, but its not here yet. And I don’t know when it will be. April is also a very busy month for me, as its my son’s birthday. He will be 6. Not to mention it will also be the season of Enigma. I will work on this as life allows me the time to do so. But for now, I hope this appeases. Here it is... the final part of Liberation.

RECAP: The Evans have discovered that Michael is also a little “green around the gills.” And they realize that they are responsible for a few special teens.

<center>Shifting Realities

Chapter 26:F


Wednesday morning, the 23rd of February 2000, the Evans followed delicious smells into the kitchen when they finished readying for work or school. Michael was standing behind the counter whipping up some eggs, sprinkled with a bit of seasoning, which he proceeded to pour into a properly prepared skillet, to create omelettes for everyone. Isabel smiled to herself. Things were getting back to a semblance of normal, for the time being the timelines appeared to be even, and for that she couldn’t be more grateful.

Michael was dressed in fresh clean clothing that had been folded and laid out on a chair in Max’s room. It was the best of his outfits that he had escaped with. But it was none of his favorites. Those were lost in the trailer, but even what he was wearing couldn’t diminish the feeling of acceptance he had deep within. He was making breakfast as a thank-you for all they’d done for him over the past week. And he served Diane first, as he balanced the pan in his left hand, his right hand grabbed a folded note from in his pocket and he placed it on the table next to her plate. Then he rebalanced the pan in both hands and slid her food onto it. He systematically served the rest of the family too.

Diane read her note, and she realized that it was the same one she had left on the chair when she returned his clothes that morning. It read: “Michael. Lets go shopping. (Mom.) Mrs. Evans.”

He had quickly jotted a reply. “Sure.”

She looked up and smiled as she caught his fleeting attention. He shrugged. He really didn’t care to make a big deal about it.

Philip took a bite of the piping hot omelette, oozing with different cheeses. Are you anyone’s personal cook?” He turned to his houseguest. “Because if you are not, you are hired. This is delicious.”

The rest of the family nodded in agreement while Philip continued. This is even better than Diane’s. He winked at her as he received a good-natured slap on the arm in her retaliation.

“But he’s right Michael. This is very tasty.” She sampled another bite. “ You seem to have a flair for flavors.” The kids ate theirs coated with the customary Tabasco. “I think we just found your marketable skill. That should make getting you on your own that much easier.”

“Where did you ever learn to cook like this? Michael. Sixteen year old boys are not generally known to be gourmet chefs?” Philip said while spearing another bite onto his fork.

“I’m not gourmet.” Philip raised a disbelieving eyebrow. “I wouldn’t know what half that stuff is or where to find it. I read a gourmet magazine once.” Michael mumbled.

“Oh! Like Diane’s subscription,” Philip interjected a tease, “You wouldn’t believe the foods we’ve sampled here.”

Isabel made a choking noise as she covered a fake cough.

“No really Michael. You’ve got some kind of gift here. I’m certain you could explore it further if you cared too.” Diane added.

“Whatever. Its just food.” Michael answered as he shoved a forkful of the food into his mouth and chewed with it open while answering. “I learned to cook watching some shows I guess. I adapted it to what we had. Which wasn’t that easy.”

Mrs. Evans smiled at him as she asked, “Do you like to cook?”

“I wouldn’t know,” he answered mid-swallow. “I just do it I guess.”

Philip smiled as he let out a satisfied sigh and wiped his mouth with the napkin, “Well. This was a delicious breakfast. And we usually don’t get the luxury of sitting down to a family breakfast on the weekdays. If you wouldn’t feel taken advantage of, we’d love to have you attempt dinner sometime as well. At your convenience of course, and only if you wish to.”

The bite was dripping with pepper-jack cheese, intermingled with cheddar while he scooped it up. “Tonight’s fine.” He answered. “But I ain’t doing all the work. Isabel’s making a salad at least.”

Not to be the only one working in the kitchen alongside Michael she quickly volunteered Max. “And Max cleans up.” She smugly responded.

The family quickly planned for Lemon Chicken with Zested Herbed Rice with Zucchini. And later that night as they all ate; they heaped the praise on Michael and Isabel as well for her salad. But everyone poured on the praise for Michael’s talent. He was a bit uncomfortable with all the attention, yet in such a small innocuous setting he also basked in its warmth.

Diane watched them all eat and wondered what their food truly tasted like, or how they could enjoy anything at all when Tabasco seemed to permeate their very diet. But whether or not they could taste the culinary masterpiece, she knew that Michael knew what he was doing.

And it was with that knowledge that she saw the help wanted sign in the Crashdown window early that next morning driving through town on her way to work. And it was after the day was coming to an end that she stepped inside to talk to Jeff Parker and to tell him about Michael.

That evening also found them pouring over the classified and real estate sections of the newspaper, as they job-hunted and apartment hunted with the young Michael Guerin. They discussed the possible job at the Crashdown as they perused the paper. They were looking for reasonable rates on one-bedroom apartments and they involved Michael in the entire process, assuring him that he could live with them and even be adopted if he’d rather.

He convinced them that he’d much rather try it on his own.

“Alright then. There appear to be a few good places to check out here in the housing section. But we aren’t going to completely set you up with anything until we see which way the hearing shall go. But in the meantime getting a job would be very beneficial for your financial state for one, and it shows initiative to the judge and proves that you are responsible and independent.”

“Yeah ok. I’ll talk to Mr. Parker I guess.”


That next morning on Thursday the 24th , Michael stepped into the CrashDown café and applied for the job as cook. Jeff Parker had been told about the masterful omellettes of before and he wondered if the kid could hand short order. So he took Michael aside and showed him the Specials Board. “Today we are serving The Heavenly Hash Special. You’re cooking breakfast, and then I’m bringing it up to Nancy. If she thinks I did a good job, you get the job. If she gets mad at me,,,” Jeff opened his hands in regret. “Eggs over easy, instead of the toast, and hash browns. I’ll check on you in a few.” He led the young man into the kitchen and showed him around where all the supplies and cooking utensils were and headed back to the main front to handle the morning rush.

Michael opened the can of hash, dumped it into the skillet and started to stir it, then he cracked open two eggs, and let them sizzle on the hot surface for a few minutes, while he added the shredded potoato mixture to the griddle. Letting things sit the proper amount of time he slipped the thin bladed spatula under the eggs and flipped them quickly, the yolks staying intact as they hit the pan. The hash browns were flipped and the hash stirred a bit more.

Grabbing a plate, Michael served up the meal and called to his hopeful future boss. Jeff appeared, gathered the food and disappeared up the stairs.

Michael took that moment to soak the pan he had used, and washed it briefly.

When Jeff Parker returned about ten minutes later he realized that Michael had cleaned up after himself and left nothing out that shouldn’t be. He was impressed with the young man’s thouroughness. The missus was shortly behind him. She walked right up to Michael and congratulated him on the food, and let him know that it was delicious. Michael’s eyes narrowed and he looked at her suspiciously. “You knew?” He asked.

“Relax Michael. Jeff’s been doing that for years, but since it’s worked out well for us, I’ve never let on that I knew,,, So honey your secrets out.” She teased her husband. “Michael, You’re hired, as far as I’m concerned. Effective immediately.”

Jeff shook hands and welcomed him aboard. And after he left to go to school they both talked about him briefly, quite impressed with his skills, especially for the fact that he was just a kid.


Sheriff Valenti had put out an APB for Hank Whitmore on Friday the 18th, the day he had taken Michael and the Evans’ statements about Michael’s deplorable living conditions. And here it was nearly a week later; the man seemed to have completely vanished from site. It had been days and nothing had turned him up, now Sheriff Valenti was wondering if it crossed into the realm of crime and if Mr. Whitmore was a missing person. And if so, who was responsible for his disappearance?

He most certainly wasn’t expecting him to turn up, yet that’s exactly what he did, six days after Michael’s statement, on Thursday the 24th. Shortly before his leaving the office for the day and essentially shutting down the station for business hours, Valenti had a surprise visit from a rather inebriated guest.

Hank Whitmore stumbled in, a bruised cheek marred his face. It was definitely an old injury from a few days prior, where Michael had clocked him from a right hook. His cheek looked as if it might have been broken as there was still a little too much swelling for a several day old bruise.

He laughed drunkenly, “Heh, heh, heh. I heard you put out an APB?”

Sheriff Valenti looked up. “You heard right.”

“Yeah well here I am. So, you can call off the hounds.”

“There you are in all your glory… So where you been keeping yourself Hank?”

Hank thought for a moment as he smacked his lips drunkenly, “Down in Carlsbad. Landed in a bar. Met a lady.” He cocked his head, “What can I say?”

“You wanna tell me about your face?”

“Yeah that Punk-ass good for nothing kid smacked me.”

“Uh-huh. Anything else?”

Hank started to feel a bit uneasy; you don’t sound very surprised Sheriff.

“No, I’m not. I heard about that.”

“Oh. Well. I’ve no clue where that kid is. But anyway, got an offer from a plant over in Las Cruces. My lease is up next week, so...I'm hitchin' up the trailer and I'm gone. Thing is, I'm goin' if I need to sign some papers about that boy, or anything...”

“Won't be necessary. Come on over to my desk for a second.”

The soused man staggered over, his breath reeking of alcohol, as Jim Valenti laid out some photos on the desk. Some were of Michael and his injuries procured the night he took the statement and the others were of Hank’s trailer. Both inside and outside shots were set before him.

“Hey that’s my trailer.” Hank pointed to the photos.

“It was your trailer.” Jim corrected him. “It is now the property of the Roswell County Sheriff Department pursuant to an investigation.”

“Investigation?” Hank smacked.

“Yes, for the mistreatment of the minor in your care. Take a closer look at the photos.” He shoved Michael’s visage into Hank’s eyesight. “Hank Whitmore,” he grabbed his hands and shoved them behind his back, locking each wrist into the metal shackle with a click, as Hank’s hands were cuffed behind him. “You are under arrest for the abuse and neglect of the minor Michael Guerin.” Jim launched into the Miranda rights as commonly stated with each arrest. However he chose to go the elongated route due to Hank’s drunken state and his possible lack of understanding, and to state each one individually as opposed to the minimal and original Miranda rights from the Miranda vs. Arizona case ~ 1966. “You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions do you understand me?”

Hank nodded dumbly.

Jim continued, “Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand?” Hank again just nodded.

“You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. Do you understand?”

For each question that Jim asked, Hank dumbly nodded his head.

“If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. Do you understand?”

“If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Do you understand?”

”Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?”

“I aint’t telling you shit before I talk to my lawyer.” Hank hissed in into the arresting officer’s face.

“I hope you have a good lawyer,” Jim mentioned. “Because you’re really going to need one. The boy has two on retainer and they are the people who reported the abuse.”

Holding his prisoner steady in his hands Valenti yelled out… “HANSON!!”

The blonde eager deputy arrived a second later. “Yes Sheriff?”

“Get him out of here.”

“Right away sheriff,” the deputy hauled the angry drunk from the sheriff’s office and into holding.

Jim picked up the phone…


That night had found Isabel at the soup kitchen and Max at work while the Evans did their nightly perusual of the paper with Michael. They had just found a potential housing situation and were about to point it out to Michael when the phone rang.

Diane kept looking at the paper while Philip answered it, “Hello?”

“Mr. Evans, Sheriff Valenti here. Just informing you that Hank Whitnore stumbled into my office this evening and was arrested on the charges of negligence and abuse of the minor Michael Guerin. Is he still staying with you?”

“Yes he’s here. I’ll tell him. Thanks Sheriff.”

The men hung up and Philip walked over to the table and shared the news with Michael.

And like they say, when it rains, it pours, this was certainly the case in the young man’s life that day, for his Foster Father had been arrested, he had gotten a job, an appointment with the judge was scheduled for the next week and and to top it off, the Evans then found a potential house.

As they sat there discussing the housing options, Diane looked in the latest issue of the local Real-Esate magazine and found a roomy one-bedroom house in a centralized location.

“This is it Philip.” She said excitedly as she pointed to the picture. “Michael . Check this out. It’s close to town so getting to work won’t be difficult, its in a decent neighborhood, so we won’t have to worry about your safety.”

“You don’t have to worry about that anyways,” he dryly stated as he raised his hand, palm out.

“Yeah I know. But this is the type of housing I was looking for. It’s a House. Therefore its not connected to any other houses, I.E. Apartment.”

“How much will it run?” The boy asked.

“Its not much really, only a couple hundred a month extra from these other, smaller, apartments.” She added.

“Look. I appreciate you finding it and all, but a couple hundred extra? Wheres that supposed to come from? I can barely afford what these are going to run me, I can’t swing that.”

She turned to him as he was now out of his seat and angrily pacing, a familiar sight. “But we can.” Philip added, catching on to his wife’s reasoning. “Michael you are in no way a charity case and we don’t see you as such OK? Lets get this clarified to start with. But I think Diane’s right. With the alien origins of the three of you, I think we would do best to have a more secluded location. You never know when something might happen that is rather unexplainable, and if you were in an apartment, well the chances of witnesses to that very thing might be considerably higher. Our first priority is to keep you three as protected as at all possible. Another good reason for a house would be its use as another meeting place if for any reason our house is unavailable.” Philip nodded with his understanding.

Then Diane resumed, “Lest you think this is a write-off or charity lets add this, we’ll make you a deal. We’ll cover the extra cost if you continue with your education.” She arched a brow in his direction as he stopped to listen. “We know that you attend school spradically at best, and your grades aren’t that good. No more ditching and skipping, you be in attendance with our kids ok? Get decent grades and we’re even. You’re housing is covered.”

“Why do you think I can do good at school?” He threw back.

Philip led them into the den, as he said, “You’re genetically the same as our kids. And they are honor students and very bright. I’m going to test you here.” He grabbed a book off the shelf and tossed it to Michael. “Read a page, tell me its number and I’ll see what you got.”

Michael found himself holding a book of codes and statutes. He told Philip the page number as he handed it back to the elder gentleman and recited perfectly the numbers listed on the page and what they contained.

Diane started clapping. “That’s impressive. We have to look that stuff up when we need it. Amazing.” She laughed, “I’m adding something to the arrangement. Make-up what you missed for your schooling. It should take you hardly any time at that rate. Michael we’re insisting on this for you. You have no idea what your potential is when you have a great eduacation. Get your grades up, and seriously, you can do anything you wish.”

“So I don’t owe you any money, nor do I have to pay anything back? All I gotta do is go to school and get good grades?” The boy dubiously asked. He knew help wasn’t free, they had to want something more from him.

“That’s it. Same thing we require of our kids.”

“Yeah! But I’m not looking to stick around forever.” He pointed up, as if to indicate that he’d be taking to the skies one day.

“That’s fine. But its always good to have something to fall back on, and that day isn’t here yet is it?” Diane dismissed his reasoning.

“No, but,,,”

Philip joined, “There are no buts, you can find your own housing, and cover the cost alone and live as you wish, waiting to escape planet Earth. Or you can apply yourself a bit, pull yourself together, and have something to offer yourself, and the rest of the world. Possibly even two worlds as the case might be. I’m sure they don’t want you doing nothing with what you’ve got. So think you can stretch yourself a bit Michael? Give it a try. You might surprise yourself.”

“Do you want anything else? I mean you really don’t want me paying you back for this?”

“There is one more thing.”

Michael interrupted, “Ok lay it on me. Whats the catch?”

“We’d like to be involved in your life the way we are with our kids. Maybe a meal a month or something, uh, check on your grades, things like that. Provided of course the judge sees fit to let you live on your own.”

“Of course. That’s it??”

“That’s it Michael.”

“Lets try it. Yeah. Deal.” They shook on it and determined to get Michael into the one-bedroom house as quickly as possible, pending a good outcome at the next week’s meeting with Judge Lewis..

That Saturday the 26th, found the Evans and Michael out clothes shopping, and they had checked out the one room house, as well as other apartments. He felt better about himself and his circumstances than ever before. He only hoped the judge too would see that he was ready for his own independence.


And finally the day approached, Tuesday the 29th, the last day of February on the Leap Year, found Michael sitting in Judge Lewis’ inner chambers along with Philip Evans. And the the Evans’ siblings were sitting to the back, as witnesses. Michael was dressed in a navy t-shirt under a button down white shirt with navy blue pin-striped lines and diamond designs. He was wearing his brown oxfords and navy blue dress pants. The Evans had encouraged him to dress respectfully for his appeareance in court. And so he was wearing some of his new clothes. Sheriff Valenti had also appeared and shared the photos of Michael’s living condiditon with the judge.

After hearing the minor testify, and hearing the Sherriff’s and Philip Evans’ testimony as well, Judge Lewis made his decision as looked over the table at the young man. “And does the minor, Michael Guerin, pledge to take charge of his life as an adult from here forward?”

Michael responded with a nod. “I do, your honor.”

Judge Lewis continued, “And do you understand that you will be solely responsible for your financial, educational, and medical decisions as they may arise?”

“I understand, sir.” Michael answered. Philip smiled encouragingly to him as it proceeded.

“And I might add, young man, that you are fortunate in having these folks here today...who have an interest in your future...and have shown a confidence in you that is reflected in my decision. I hope you can live up to that faith.” Judge Lewis remarked once again.

A soft voiced Michael Guerin stated, “I'll try, your honor.” Which was met with the final assertion from the judge, “I hereby grant your petition for emancipation. Sign on the line…”

Philip handed over his pen to Michael and the young man signed his name to the form. It was final. He was an emancipated minor. A “legal” adult.

Philip reached his hand over for a shake, “Welcome to Independence Son.”

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Spoilers: This is my version of Sexual Healing. Have fun

I dedicate this chapter and all its parts to my friends Pooh and Tharos, who have a wish list from me, that I don’t quite fulfill most of the time. LOL Pooh loves her smut and freely admits it and Tharos, well shall I say as I quote him, “well, here's to an original scene...some day soon i hope”

Thanks Guys. I hope this part does justice to the story. And I hope it pleases you. (I know its not EVERYTHING you want, but we all gotta start somewhere right?) So I will end this babbling dedication once again.

Thanks POOH and THAROS for hanging with me and waiting SOOO patiently.


Shifting Realities

Chapter 27:A

Loosing Control


Some minor formalities…

To start with let me explain that a small amount of time has passed since we last visited with our alien friends. The kids were under punishment when we last dropped in on them, Isabel and Max were grounded and, well, Alex’s parents were none too thrilled either. He had Garage detail if we recall.

Anyways that grounding went into effect on February 18th. Michael got his emancipation on February 29th, and he moved into that very same one-bedroom house that they had checked out shortly afterwards.

The Evans chose to punish each differently. Max only got two weeks of restrictions but Isabel’s grounding lasted a week longer. I mean Isabel as well as Alex were found essentially “sleeping together.” And the Evans are certainly worried for their daughter who seems to keep falling into these types of situations with Alex all too easily. They let her know they meant business. At the same time, a phone call to the Whitmans, some parental solidarity, and voila, Alex was on a three week-end stint of hard labor. Well, hard labor to a pampered teen. He not only had garage detail, but he also had to wash and detail the cars, without the usual payment. He was assigned other assorted un-fun chores as well. And on the weekdays, he still had to keep up on his regular chores, specifically keeping the pool clean. The one he had the most trouble staying current on.

He always wondered why his parents didn’t just get a pool cover, then no one would be hassling with it. But everytime he brought that up, his father would chuckle and ask where he’d learn any character if he never did any work and always took the easy way. And out he would go with the pool net. Every one of his brothers also had fielded that chore, so it really was fair in a manner of speaking. He used to joke to himself that the moment he would move from home as an adult that his parents would then get it covered, for they certainly weren’t going to be cleaning it themselves. He was out there again, scraping debris from its surface as he realized his punishment could have been worse, been more like Isabel’s, he still had free time. He just missed seeing his girl.

And now the story resumes…

---- ----

The month was now March, in the middle of it, and things were relatively smooth.
Isabel had been off her grounding for a few days at least, and she had used the “down-time” to once again reacquaint herself with her other forgotten pastime; volunteering. And since she wasn’t available, Alex too had regained a somewhat neglected part of his life as well; his band, “the Whits.”

On this particular night, Alex was inside the Crashdown talking with the girls as he felt a strange tingling sensation on his nerves, he barely recalled experiencing it before and so he excused himself from the conversation and headed outside to await the girl of his dreams.

There she was rounding the corner, beautiful as ever, her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, small wisps had fallen from it and now framed her slightly smudged face. She was wearing an average heather gray sweatshirt and jeans. She wasn’t looking to impress anyone or make any of her usual fashion statements.

This was Isabel, the True Girl. HIS Isabel. The Isabel Evans few ever saw and even fewer had the pleasure to know; The kind hearted, unassuming, and compassionate woman that resided beneath her tough, aloof, and abrasive exterior. Alex loved that she had let him in, demanded it of him actually, and had let him see past her walls to the insecure and fearful girl that resided within, the “hidden Isabel.”

He noticed her choice of clothing in the dimness and knew in an instant that she had been at the Soup Kitchen, serving food to the poor. He too had not been long at the diner as he had just ended band practice and went to talk to the girls briefly.

Isabel smiled broadly when she saw him waiting for her, propped against the alley wall in typical guy fashion; one foot resting casually against the bricks as his back supported his weight. And she walked up to him with only one intention, “closeness.”
“Waiting for me?” she coyly asked as she gestured at his surroundings.

“Of course” he answered.

“But I just got here, and you didn’t know I was coming here today. How’d you know? …” The question died on her lips as he invaded her space, pulling her mouth to his with a kiss. “I felt you.” He whispered, as she melted into his embrace.

Here they were, actually doing “couple” stuff in the secluded alley beside the Crashdown, so there was an element of privacy, yet at the same time they were making out on the busiest street in town. And anyone could at any moment walk out of that employee’s door. So as he mused on how public this display was, he wasn’t really paying attention to the intensity, and the fact that their greeting had morphed into something far more involved, or would the word be better chosen as “intimate.”

Their bodies were pressed together as her back now rested against the brick wall, somehow they’d exchanged positions. Her long blonde hair was flowing freely as her head was tossed back allowing his mouth access to her neck, while the rubberband that had secured her hair was now encircling the first three fingers on his left hand, and his mouth was attached to the space of skin between her shoulder and collarbone, and his right middle finger was slipped under her bra strap and securely holding the collar of her sweatshirt off of her left shoulder allotting his prize.

Small sounds of pleasure were emanating from her partially pursed lips. She was obviously enjoying what he was doing, but the question struck like a thunderclap, “What the hell was he doing? Where was he doing it? And how did he/they come to be doing so?” Alex so wished he knew what had got them to this point. What steps had they taken if any? Was there anyway to lead to a repeat performance? So he wrestled with his feelings and especially his hormones as he chastened himself for having dirty thoughts, although, he just couldn’t control them at this moment.

Isabel must have sensed his hesitation for she mumbled against his cheek, “Why’d you stop? You were doing so good.”

He stared at her for moment as coherent thought once resumed, “Too Public…” he groaned as he yanked her hand and dragged her around to the back of the building.
He stared at her for a brief moment and with a slight quirk of his eyebrow he ventured, “Well. That was, um, yeah, interesting.”

“Intense?” she asked back her warm hands tightly holding to his shoulders, forcibly pinning him against the wall. .

“So were you feeling it too?” he asked? “What I was?”

“I’m not quite sure, lets resume and see?” She quickly reclaimed his lips as her eyes closed in pleasure. They quickly resumed their former activity. They were both being driven by forces within and neither was in direct control of the situation. Hands started to caress bare skin under a shirt; lips found the soft skin of a shoulder, or neck; bodies pressed together, skin touching bare skin as their shirts rode upwards. Breathing increasing.

Alex gasped for breath as the sight of Isabel did more than he could ever imagine. He tried very hard to consciously take his mind out of the proverbial gutter, but every part of him was enflamed with desire, with her. He could “FEEL” her. It was as if she had invaded his very senses, his very being, and become a literal part of him. It had started when he was talking to the girls and felt that familiar sensation that Isabel was nearby. Like the time they were in the woods, or he appeared at girl’s night. Ok he was drawn to girl’s night he recalled by an invisible force. But that same force was at work at this very moment and it was pushing the boundaries, it was pushing them. He could feel it and desperately wanted to find a way to control it, yet at the same time understand it. His hands slipped effortlessly underneath the hem of her sweatshirt and migrated upwards, stroking her ribcage, as she pressed further into him, increasing the pressure.

As his fingertips graced her flat stomach, the sound of a crying infant was heard.

He had to get control, NOW!! Panting he gasped out, a rather odd question. “Do you feel me?”

“Of course,” she answered breathlessly in confusion.

”Where…” he panted, “do you…” heavy panting, “feel me?” He struggled out. Staring into her eyes as he pinned her against the wall and once again altered their positions.

Giggling she mumbled, “Your hand is up my shirt, and you ask where I feel you?” panting in a matched rhythm.

“Yeah. I wonder if you’re feeling what I’m feeling.”

“Everywhere,” she whispered breathlessly. As her face lightly flushed, her hands tangled in the short ends of his hair and her tongue tangled with his.

“Did you feel me? Before…” he didn’t quite know how to word his question but knew it needed asked, if she was as tuned in as he assumed her to be, she’d understand it.

“Uh-huh” Isabel softly answered.

“In your head?” He asked as he pulled his hands and cupped them over her cheeks, peering into the windows to her soul. ( For it was like a tingling in his brain he realized)

“Under my skin.” She swallowed. In My… Every….” He finished the statement with her, “where.” “Right.” he mumbled.

His hands roamed wildly over the contours of her body, she wasn’t holding him back, and he sensuously added, “ Right now I just can’t stop touching you. Much as I want to. NEED too. But Fire, Electricity.” He kissed her harder. I feel all these with you, like falling into…”

She interrupted him, “Then do it, Alex. Touch me. I feel it too. The electrical fire…” Where was her rational thought? She couldn’t believe she had just basically given him free reign and she couldn’t have controlled those words coming from her mouth if she had tried too. She knew he was struggling, for she herself was. She really wanted Alex right now, but she didn’t want to be making any mistakes. Things had a course to follow, a timing, And then she felt it, as did he…


All of a sudden, it happened. Together they felt something different, something alien, an alien energy pulling them into a rushing vortex filled with millions of stars as it tugged further into the bright and immense galaxy.

She rode out the wave, head thrown back, moaning pleasurably, while clinging tightly to Alex who just rode it out as well. Oh yeah, lines were being crossed, who knows how exactly, but they were.

As the fire was fueled, with that alien intrusion, he felt compelled to put an immediate stop to this, before it got severely out of hand. As it was they were still clothed, although a disheveled mess. But he found himself in no more control of the situation than she, which was rather unfortunate for the girl was coming apart in his arms, sexually. He’d seen enough movies, heard enough locker room talk, and regretfully had heard through the walls of his house at times during the years. He knew what climax should sound like. And he knew that she was far more affected than she should be, considering he wasn’t exactly touching her inappropriately at the moment. His lips landed erringly back on hers and pulled them into another scene…

The immense universe whizzed on past with a blur of colors as one spiral shaped galaxy swirled and disappeared, pulled by the vortex back into space.

Alex looked at Isabel as he held her waist, holding her upright as she came apart in his arms moaning delicately.

These weren’t their usual flashes, he could feel that there was an intensity to them that seemed to be drawing him himself into Isabel. These glimpses into her soul, into her past even? He could feel everything she was feeling, he could feel the energy of the moment, the bonding, the merging and he let it wash over him as they each started to sample the skin of the other’s neck.

*** ***

They were rather occupied when who should step around the corner with a flashlight but Mr. Jeff Parker himself. All he saw at first was a passionate couple in a “lover’s” embrace. He’d encountered this time and again, seeing how he ran the most popular teen-age hang out in a small town. Teenagers were known to “hook-up” and then try to find private and secluded places to be alone.

He excused him self though with a short cough, as he had to step right beside the couple to get into the electrical panel room.

Alex nervously moved from Isabel, recognizing the cough, and Isabel tried in vain to straighten up her hair.

“Alex?” Jeff asked a bit confounded at the scene before him, “Isabel?” He shone his light on the embarrassed duo for a moment, before he explained his presence. “You’ll excuse me here. It’s an old building. Circuits sometimes short without a cause. I just have to reset the breakers.” He opened the door, and turned his light to the panel and started to flick on and off the power supplies to the restaurant, testing each one just to be sure they were all working properly and then he closed the panel door again. He looked right at the young man he somewhat regarded like a son, and quipped while shining his flashlight directly on him, “Ever heard the expression, ‘Get a room?’ I don’t think you’d want this to get back to your parents would you?”

Two teens furiously shook their heads no. “Good, I’ve got to get back to work now, but this isn’t the place for that kind of activity if you get my drift.”

“ Got it.” Alex gulped. Damn this whole alien mess. Its not like he nor Isabel really wanted to do anything, but somehow her entire genetic make-up was in full control. Nothing like a parent-figure to squelch all hormone related activity however. They were both embarrassed and nervous, and glad to be free from the intensity.

“Glad to hear it,” Jeff announced and then started to head back in, his flashlight shining in all directions as he checked the rest of his premises.

A petite bob-haired waitress appeared around the corner, her antennae jiggling on the silver headband. She hollered out, “It’s fine Mr. Parker. Everything is working normally again.” She glanced around him as if looking for something and her eyes landed on Alex and Isabel. She shot them a look but said nothing. Instead she raced ahead of Mr. Parker and blew through the employee door, nearly running Liz over who was carting a tub of dishes through the break-room. She accosted Liz and dragged her into the adjoining room. “Oh Yeah!!” She excitedly started. “Forget what I said a couple of months ago.” Her hands were animatedly flying about as she spoke, while Liz stared at her quizzically. “What are you talking about Maria?”

“There is most definitely a reason for the power surges tonight.” Maria added while naodding her head frantically.

“What. No. This happens occasionally. Its an old building.”

“They’re out back. Doing something I don’t want to know about.” Maria exasperated.

“Who?” Liz demanded. “Whose out back? What are you talking about?” she rapidly fired in response.

Maria emphatically stated, “Queen Amidala and her male consort!!! Totally making out. Not that I saw them but the evidence is there!!”

“What?” Liz retorted more confused than ever.

“Do I honestly need to spell this out for you Liz?” Maria practically exploded with excitement. “Isabel, you know, Queen Amidala and --- (she made a noise like the clearing of her throat as her head was motioning out toward the back.) They were out back. We definitely need to talk to them to find out what’s going on.”

What? No. You think they did this? But you were the one who said it was a storm,”…

Maria raised her eyebrows as understanding dawned on Liz. “Oh Right!” Maria waited patiently as Liz caught up finally. Liz repeated the start of the entire conversation. “Forget what you said a couple of months ago. Got it!! So what were they doing that they haven’t already.” Now that she was caught up she was ready for the gossip.

“Lets just leave it at this,” Maria said triumphantly, “I didn’t see them actually ‘doing’ anything, but the flashlight Mr. Parker had kind of glanced on them, and Isabel’s shoulder was exposed and she was trying to pull herself together and Alex’s shirt was somewhat undone, not completely but… Lets just say one of them will be sporting a hickey soon, if not both of them.”


“No seriously, its not like Michael and I haven’t done anything or I haven’t had a hickey before but …”


“But we haven’t had any weird power surges. Trust me. They are behind this somehow.”

Liz just shook her head and said skeptically, “I’m going to err on the side of science here and just say that this needs to be proven before I can buy it. And I think I’ll talk to Max about it.”

“Michael is just like him, in the respect that they are both guys. It’s a girl thing, this is coming from Isabel I tell you.”

“Well, I’ll just have to offer myself as an experiment won’t I?” Liz asked seductively. And then changing instantly she added, “and we’d better get back to work before we get into any trouble. Dad knows how long we can ‘gab’ as he calls it.” And with a quick glance over her shoulder Liz added in an undertone, “And you’ll notice that Michael has been listening to the entire conversation.

Michael quickly turned back to the burgers he was flipping and removed the fry basket of Saturn rings from the hot oil, dumping them onto a platter, and trying to act nonchalantly as if he weren’t eavesdropping. Its true he had been, but he felt justified in the fact that it was better a member of the club than an outsider who had heard the entire conversation.

“Quickly, go do something,” Liz ordered, as she heard the heavy footfalls of her father’s feet.

“Liz? Maria? Where’d you get to? There’s tables to clear out here and work to be done ”

Liz stuck her head out the window, “Coming, Dad. I was just giving Maria an assignment.”

Maria loaded a tray with condiments and walked out, “I was just gathering the containers to refill them.”

“Get back to work you two. Sometimes I wonder why I let two best friends work the same shifts. You know the food doesn’t serve itself.”

As Maria came back into the room, having momentarily taken care of her assignment out in the dining room, Michael was determined to talk to her.

“So you think Isabel made the lights go crazy?” He threw over his shoulder as Maria came back into the kitchen.

“Yep! You’d better keep a close watch on that sister of yours. Or else she might burn up the entire town.” Michael’s thoughts wandered upon all that he had just heard in the last few minutes and he was still working on digesting the information.

Maria interrupted his wandering thoughts, “And speaking of burning… I don’t think anyone ordered their burgers charcoaled.”

“Shit!!!” Michael turned back to the burning mess, “It’s your fault you know?” He protested as he tried to slap out the flames with the spatula. He ended up flipping the entire lot of them into the trash can.

“Mine?” She added as she perfunctorily refilled the salt and pepper shakers. Michael walked into the huge walk-in cooler and gathered fresh hamburger patties to replenish what had ignited. Then he threw them on the grill.

“Yeah yours. You knew what you were doing when you distracted me with Isabel.”

“You didn’t have to listen Maria countered. It was a private conversation and I don’t remember inviting you into it.”

He mumbled to himself, “I’m not going to burn this batch.” Just don’t discuss Isabel with me while I’m cooking and we’ll do just fine.” He argued.

“Oh? And keep the information that Alex kissing that Czechoslovakian sister of yours causes weird power surges, to myself? I just thought you might like to know.” She said with a feigned indignation. It could have easily escalated to more, but Liz came in and broke it up.

“Maria! Stop busting his chops and get back out front. Dad is waiting for you. I certainly hope you got something done in here. And Michael there are customers waiting on their food. Where is it?”

Michael and Maria sent each other a look as Maria walked out of the kitchen with a tray full of refilled condiments to place on the tables. Michael flipped over the row of burgers on the grill.

Liz stepped over. “Michael. I know that any information is important. And if there is something to what Maria is saying we’ll sort it out. But Maria is Maria and you really do need to know how to sort out what she is saying. We’ll get our answers. Ok?”

“Yeah, just keep her away from me.” He said while squeezing down the patties to let the juices flow.

“Not a problem, Dad is keeping her out front for awhile.”

And that evening settled back into normal routines for all the residents and occupants of Roswell.

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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Rating: MATURE- …
Spoilers: This is my version of Sexual Healing. Have fun

I dedicate this chapter and all its parts to my friends Pooh and Tharos, who have a wish list from me, that I don’t quite fulfill most of the time. LOL Pooh loves her smut and freely admits it and Tharos, well shall I say as I quote him, “well, here's to an original scene...some day soon i hope”

Thanks Guys. I hope this part does justice to the story. And I hope it pleases you. (I know its not EVERYTHING you want, but we all gotta start somewhere right?) So I will end this babbling dedication once again.

Thanks POOH and THAROS for hanging with me and waiting SOOO patiently.


Shifting Realities

Chapter 27:B

Loosing Control


The darkened room was sprinkled with “starlight” from the mirrored balls suspended about fifteen feet above the dance floor. It was as elegant, if not more so, than their first day here a month ago had been.

Alex had created the perfect backdrop for a continuation of the evening’s activities. There were roses in every varied hue of rosy pink, coral, creams and whites. Each table was bedecked with elegant bouquets. On the outskirt of the main floor there were candelabras with thick creamy pillar candles, and in the farther corners there were round topiary trees, potted in square shaped sage green ceramic planters, with tiny white lights interspersed in the perfectly manicured leaves.

A pianist was at the keys of the grand, just running fingers along the smooth instrument and swaying with the tune as he played classic love songs. The soft melodious music playing all around the room. The dance floor was white marble with gold and grey veining. The gold, of course matched all the golden and brass accents so well known to this room.

It was to this elegant scene that an equally exquisite Isabel Evans, arrived. She was adorned with a knee length dress, with black velvet banding around the bust line, and spattered with black flowers. The dress was reminiscent of her very first dream walk of Alex Whitman.

Alex’s eyes shone with admiration and delight when she appeared. And rather than delay to more talking he took her hand and led her out onto the dance floor. The people melted into the background leaving the young couple center stage as once before.

He could not get the evening at the Crashdown out of his mind. The intensity and drive with which they both had entered into each other’s entire being had been unexpected to say the least, and he really hoped that this date could lead to more of the same. Obviously he was a regular teen, and thinking with his hormones, he had chosen the locale of the Stardust Pavilion, it was still a public forum, although barely. The music shifted suddenly and the lounge type feel, became a bit more “club-by” as the DJ appeared and the pianist went on break.

They started to dance, and not the safe waltz of the other night, but more sexually, as they danced in the style of young people their age. With passions increasing they started grinding on the dance floor, bodies matching the pulsing beat of the music.

Whether it was suggestive lyrics subliminally affecting them, or any number of other reasons; it was getting to a place where neither would have much control of the situations that would occur if they did not stop, and to make matters worse, rose petals started to rain down from a concealed spot in the ceiling showering the couple in the fragrance of love.

Isabel took the moment to tease Alex, “Do I detect a little Alien Magic?” she whispered as the rose petals fell upon them. He laughed, as he echoed with a playful frown, “Alien Magic. Don’t I wish.” He stared into her bright shining brown eyes and said, “But you have all these amazing gifts and abilities you can use at anytime, and I have nothing of the sort.” With a slight mischievous arch of his brow he added with a flourish as he spread his arms out wide. “Therefore the dream world is mine. I the Stud, am the ruler of dreams.” His declaration elicited a giggle from Isabel as she customarily slapped his chest while shaking her head. It was well known to the two of them, who the true ruler of dreams was, and although Alex had done some amazing jobs, it was she who possessed that title. And so with a flick of her wrist and a sharp snap of her fingers Isabel transported them into a luxurious hotel suite thusly proving her reign.

She went and sat on the bed, leaving Alex standing there watching her. She patted beside it and motioned him to join her. Never one to refuse Isabel he joined her at the foot of the expansive king sized bed.

“We’re too young to even be here,” she giggled, “but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t imagine it. And just why did you choose this background for tonight, and why am I in pink?”

“I just wanted more of you.” he admitted breathily, “Something was definitely in effect tonight, and I want to explore it, to understand it. Don’t you? This entire dream is our proverbial room.”

“Sure.” She added with nod, “but pink?”

“It’s the same dress you’ll realize,” he added, “its just not red, per your wishes. And it’s not exactly pink, more like a rose color.” Taking in the full view of her he smiled softly. “Matches your blush,” He said in a low timbre against her ear in a manner that made her shiver and flush all the more, “and your lips.” Alex said as his moved carefully to claim hers in a passionate kiss.

There was no pushing of the boundaries, or the extreme chemistry that was signaling their every move earlier in the night. What they did in the dream plane was what they chose to do, and how they chose to do it. Nothing was forcing their hand. Gently laying the two of them onto the bed, they both reached for each other’s clothes, thinking that they may as well get closer and possibly even consummate in the dream realm, it seemed like a safe concept at the time. The edges of the dream rippled momentarily, as Alex started to unzip her dress…

Isabel Evans awoke with a thud in her own bed, in her own room. Gone was the dream and its world. Gone were Alex and the silk covered king-sized bed they were just enjoying. Gone was the fun they were having, Isabel was confused and upset to say the least. Why had Alex pulled out so abruptly unless of course, she was pushing for more than he was ready to give?

And at the same time in Alex’s house he groggily answered his phone, to the person he least wanted to be talking to at this moment.

A very awake, and very insistent Maria was on the other end. Rubbing his eyes his looked over at his alarm. It was nearly one am. Why wasn’t she asleep? “Maria.” He mumbled, “For God sake its one in the morning. This had better be important. I was already asleep.”

“Oh, I’ll bet you were,” she raced ahead, “and getting it on with Isabel no doubt.” She intoned, “Anyways Liz and I had to do homework after we closed for the night and I went home, and we’ve been talking about you and Isabel for the last few minutes. There were some things that happened tonight that I think you have the answers to. Call her, we need a conference call immediately.”

“What?! I repeat, its one o’clock. Go to sleep, this can wait till morning.” Alex whined.

“It could,” Maria agreed, “but then you and Isabel might go farther than you are ready for, or something else crazy might happen like tonight. Which brings me back to my point why I’m calling, get Isabel on the phone, and get her to set up a conference call.”

By now, Alex was mostly awake and dreading the call he had to make. But Maria would not let it rest and would continue to bug him if he did not do as she asked and he certainly did not want his parents hearing the phone ring all night. But Maria was the type who would interrupt like that so he hung up with her and picked it up to call Isabel.

Isabel hadn’t been as abruptly awakened as had Alex, she had been essentially thrown out of a dream, but the fact that a dream walk takes place when the walker is in a quasi-state of sleep left her in a more groggy state when her phone started to ring endlessly. She blinked as she read the clock; its red numbers illuminating 1:07. She reached over to answer the annoyance. “What?!” She barked out. “Are you aware of the hour?”

“Isabel, shhh, its me.” He whispered.

She moaned a sigh, “Alex. I’m so sorry… “

“No don’t.” he shook his head, “You are going to get mad at me for what I’m about to say but here goes…”

“No! Don’t say anything Alex.” She tried to put him to ease, “Its my fault. I pushed too hard. You had every right to pull out.”

“HUH?” Alex Whitman was a bit confused, “The whole night was mine? Was it not? I kind of remember choosing to everything that we did…” then his voice growled in frustration, “But its not that. The girls are awake, on their phones, and want answers from us, immediately. I can 3- way call, but it seems to be a general consensus that you can conference call.”

“I can,” She mumbled, “but,” she looked over at the clock, “one-ten in the morning? She’s crazy, and haven’t they better things to do like sleeping? Than to interfere with ours?”

“I know! I know!” the frustrated Alex sighed, “But Isabel, she’s not going to let it go.”

“Fine! But it had better be important.”

Isabel hung up with Alex momentarily and set up the conference call, after they were all connected to each other Maria began without any hesitation.

“What were you guys doing tonight? Huh?!”

“Sleeping!! Like NORMAL people.” Isabel barked out. “Something you SHOULD be doing…”

“Not just now.” Liz clarified. “At the Crashdown. Maria wants to know what you were doing at the Crashdown.”

“Kiss-ing?” Isabel questioned. To which on her end Maria raised an unseen dubious eyebrow. “Oh Come on Isabel, Tell the truth. What were you really doing?”

Alex jumped in, “That is the truth Maria.”

“No that’s impossible! She started to ramble, everyone was in need of Maria filters. “Its absolutely impossible that only kissing could have that effect. You had to be doing more.”

“What effect?” Alex asked, as he teased, “well, maybe, slightly more was going on…”

Interrupted by Maria, “I knew it, didn’t I tell you Liz?”

“Nothing out of the realm of kissing was happening I can assure you of that fact,” Isabel protested testily. “If you must know, although its none of your business, we haven’t even reached second, alright?”

Maria was quite taken aback, even she had Michael had crossed to second at times, it made the theory of the electricity all the more intriguing. “Well then. I’ll just have to tell you what your kissing was doing. It was making the lights at the Crashdown freak out. We were having weird ass power surges the whole time you were outside together.”

“SO!” Isabel barked. “The Crashdowns an old building and has been there forever. Old buildings have problems at times.” Deciding she didn’t even care to continue explaining herself she addressed Alex. “Lets go back to bed, she’s crazy!”

Alex did not like the way this was going, and he tried to bring a bit of understanding tot the entire conversation, “Maria, what you are saying is rather unbelievable, I really don’t think a little harmless making out could have any effect like that. “Al-ex” … Maria dragged out, to which he continued, “Fine then. Try this. You and Michael were the first of the aliens to hook up, and break up, and hook up again, oh you get what I’m saying. You were the first, and you were definitely far more passionate at the outset than us. Did you ever effect electricity?”

“No!” Maria answered genuinely.

“See!” Isabel chimed in…

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you Alex, or actually you, Your Highness,” she derides. “This has to do with Isabel.”

An annoyed Isabel took the cue and slowly whined out the other girl’s name, “MA-RI-A!! You haven’t had one thing yet that couldn’t have waited till morning. And what you did say, crazy as it is, can’t be proven.” Then knowing another person was not saying very much, but was still an integral player in the conversation Isabel turned on Liz. “ Ok Parker, You’re here too. I know you are part of this call. Do you agree with Maria, and really has anyone said anything remotely important or interesting?”

Liz tentatively, bit her lip and said, “We don’t know much about the alien anatomy, or chemistry, that’s true right?” The other three all agreed. “Ok then. Scientifically, I suppose it could be possible. But more testing would need to be conducted to prove the hypothesis.

“Then Maria and Michael, or you and my brother even can test it!!” Isabel insisted. “Don’t just automatically assume it has something to do with me!!!”

“Well, what we haven’t been able to say yet,” Liz interjected, “is that this was the second time that when you and Alex have been “involved” that lights or electricity has been affected.”

The now confused couple, in two separate manners of interest, both spoke at once, “Name the other,” Isabel was demanding and Alex was questioning.

“Do you remember when you were here for girl’s night? Both of you?”

“Of course.” They replied.

“Well, when you and Alex got lost in that kiss, my room was buzzing, and there was a static charge. When we left you alone, the lights did the flickering and power fluctuating thing like they did tonight.”

Isabel heard them, and was confused over what they were saying; it was all news to her. But never one to take blame well, she barked out, “ Ok!!! You’ve been heard. And this is the last thing that I am going to say to any of you tonight. None of what you’ve said means that we had anything to do with either time. If you recall there were other things going on in Roswell and the woods during that last encounter. And tonight? Well, I’m sure it wasn’t us. Good Night!!!” And with that she hung up the phone, effectively ending all other conversation amongst the other parties.

For the remainder of the night, Alex Whitman lay awake in his bed, thinking about what the girls had said and wondering about the validity of it all. Was it possible that Isabel’s energy could affect their physical surroundings? He decided to think through every instance in which there had been a mention of, for lack of better words, “otherworldly” things going on. And he really wanted to have an answer firmly in place before he faced the girls first thing in the morning at school. There was no way that this conversation was over, just hung up on by a very pissed Isabel. And because he chose to remain awake it also never occurred to him that Isabel might try to dreamwalk him again to pick up where they were so rudely interrupted. Which was exactly what she tried to do for a few attempts before she finally went to sleep in an agitated huff.

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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Rating: MATURE- …
Spoilers: This is my version of Sexual Healing. Have fun

I dedicate this chapter and all its parts to my friends Pooh and Tharos, who have a wish list from me, that I don’t quite fulfill most of the time. LOL Pooh loves her smut and freely admits it and Tharos, well shall I say as I quote him, “well, here's to an original scene...some day soon i hope”

Thanks Guys. I hope this part does justice to the story. And I hope it pleases you. (I know its not EVERYTHING you want, but we all gotta start somewhere right?) So I will end this babbling dedication once again.

Thanks POOH and THAROS for hanging with me and waiting SOOO patiently.


AND ANOTHER AUTHOR NOTE: Earlier in this fic I placed Isabel, Alex and Maria in a class together. 5th Period English. This will no longer work for the text and so I am switching it to 3rd period. Don’t ask!!! I had to create schedules (mock) for them. I had to find all the mentioned schedules on the canon show, so that I can work from them. And I'm not so sure I still hae them right. But it'll work.

Shifting Realities

Chapter 27:C

Loosing Control


Enter West Roswell High School the next morning.

A very uptight Isabel Evans was being trailed by a semi-disheveled Max as they wandered onto the high school campus with only mere minutes to spare before classes began for the day.

The girls, who she was still thoroughly upset with, were waiting for her as she knew they would be. She breezed right past them in a manner that was second nature, the Ice Princess was in reign once more. Heading towards her locker, she did not even so much as blink in their direction.

“Isabel,” they hollered her name, and then took off on a run to catch up with her long strides. She turned, and in a very crisp, icy manner answered their pleas, “I have nothing to say to either of you.” Turning to her locker she loosened the lock with a small burst of powers, and opening the latch then retrieved the necessary books for the first course. Slamming the door shut, she turned and headed down the hall in the direction of her class.

Max did not feel like playing “chase Isabel” and so he had watched the girls from a spot in the hallway nearer to his locker. They continued to dog his sister’s steps but she acted as though they were not even present. As Isabel neared the doorway of Homeroom, she turned abruptly to the two of them. “When you’re ready to apologize for ruining my night, I’ll be waiting. In the meantime, here is my class.” She spun harshly away and entered the room.

Liz stuck her head inside and hollered, “Likewise Isabel, when you are ready to listen to us.” Then she and Maria turned and started down the hall again, it appeared that Alex was absent or otherwise missing, and Isabel was livid. So far the morning did not appear to be off to a great start.

Max met Liz in the center of the hall and asked a particularly strange question. “What’d you do to my sister?”

Confused Liz asked what he meant.

“It’s obvious she’s pissed at you.” He stated, “Look how she’s outright avoiding you, but worse than even that, she took it out on me this morning.

“Whatever do you mean Max? How’d she take it out on you?” Liz asked in concern and confusion.

He shot Liz an incredulous look that seemed perfectly suited to his disheveled appearance, as he launched in…

“To start with. I was forced awake earlier than I wanted by guess who? Then there was NO hot water for showers and I couldn’t “create” any either if you understand my meaning. Isabel made breakfast for the two of us; she burnt mine. Hers; perfectly golden toast. Anyways, when I asked what her problem was she mumbled something about you and some stupid kissing theory. Her words not mine. Obviously you’ve hit a nerve.” He looked directly at Liz in his confusion. “It continued to spiral from there. She sabotaged the entire morning until we were barely here on time, and it appears that Alex is absent. Because I’m certain that he would have calmed her down by now. She’s just pissed. So I repeat, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER?’ “

Liz calmly answered, “We called her in the middle of the night.”

“Ok?” Max dubiously added, “Clearly THAT wasn’t such a smart idea.”

“Clearly.” Liz sarcastically threw back. “But its something we WILL have to discuss later. And I’m thinking the sooner the better. Lunch… And when I say we, I mean COLLECTIVELY we.”


“Well Max, there’s the bell. I gotta run to my class. See you in Astronomy.” And with that, Liz left.

And then there were three.

Max turned to Michael in confusion, as he’d been standing there the entire time listening, “What the Hell is going on?” He asked the other member of the party.

So Michael answered in as few words as necessary, as he was prone to do, “Maria has some theory that their kissing made the lights crazy at the Crashdown last night.”

Maria, who also happened to be standing there, chimed in. “It’s NOT a theory.”

So Max looked pointedly at the two of them. “Well did they?”

Maria wished guys said more, she didn’t know if he was asking about lights, or kissing or what.

Michael answered. “Lights crazy. Yes.”

And so Maria threw in for good measure, “Isabel and Alex definitely, yes!.”

Both boys turned to glare at her for her input. She just glared back. “What!!?” She said haughtily, “This isn’t the first time it’s happened. And it’s likely not the last. Now that you two Neanderthals are caught up. I gotta get to class. See ya.” And she sailed out of sight, her mission for the moment completed.

Both boys had mirrored looks of surprise at that statement. So they walked down the hall together, as Michael turned to his brother, “Isabel and Alex?” Michael shot a questioning look. “Maxwell, don’t even think about it! Cause if she did,” he asked rhetorically, “What would that mean?”

“Here’s mine,” he said with a playful shove, as Max shoved back. “ Yeah we’ll talk at lunch.”


2nd period Astronomy. Max, Liz, Alex, and Maria all attended the same class although, Alex seemed to be making himself scarce this day. He had not solved the electricity question from the night before, and he really didn’t want to have to be answering other questions he was no less prepared for, so he slunk in during the remaining ten minutes. Long enough to gather assignments and head out the door. As he was heading out the door however, a particular poster on the wall caught his attention and made him come to full stop. Maria bumped into him. She stepped back to observe. He was looking at it intently, as if it held the secrets to the universe.

Mr. Seligman called his name. “Mr. Whitman?” “Yeah! What is this exactly?” asked Alex.

“Its called the Whirlwind Galaxy. Why?” the instructor answered.

“No reason. Its just a fascinating photo, I love photography, and technical things, and things like this…” Alex stammered trying to make himself less obvious. “It’s just beautiful.”

The teacher gave him a skeptical look with a snort, “Yeah beautiful. Been there all year so far, and you haven’t noticed it.”

“Yeah well I do today. Thanks.” Starting to dodge incoming students, like a fish swimming upstream, he made his way out into the hall. Maria as usual was curious.

“Go to Jatzman without me. I have to do some things.” Alex ordered.

“What?” She insisted.

“I saw stars. Last night when Isabel and I kissed.”

“About time Alex.” Maria quipped. “You’re supposed to see stars. And with the two of you, I’d assumed you’d already been to them, what with electricity problems and everything.”

“I’m not talking metaphorically, or how it feels!” He threw back, “I mean ‘Stars.’ Gaseous balls of light in outer space, stars. I mean, that poster. I saw that. That galaxy or whatever. I don’t know what it means, but I know I saw it.”

Maria looked surprised.

“And I don’t want to see her right now,” he scratched his head in one of his nervous mannerisms. “What with the theory and everything. I don’t want to deal with any member of IKAAC right now.“

“What the hell is an IKAAC? Sounds like something my cat coughed up.” Maria protested.

Alex just mouthed the words, ‘I Know An Alien Club’ . So you know,” He scratched the back of his head nervously again, “I… ummm… gotta go do some… uh… research… Yeah. I gotta… research. See ya.” He tried to distance himself from her scrutiny any further as he walked away with a wave of his hand over his shoulder.

And Maria headed into English alone. She couldn’t wait till 8th period. She and Alex had Chorale together, and she was going to do everything in her power to extract some answers.


3rd period English was well underway, the class had just completed a pop quiz and Isabel had been asked to collect the assignment.

She was in the back of the room, near a built in cabinet with a ledge as she was gathering the final tests from the last row when who should decide to walk into the classroom?

Mrs. Jatzman looked up and intoned, “Nice of you to grace us with your presence today Mr. Whitman. Why don’t you take your seat.”

Alex moved to the back of the room and as Isabel’s eyes looked up to meet his; they were magnetized to each other’s gaze. Their breathing collectively changed became deeper and more prolonged as they continued to stare at (or was it into) each other.

The effect was physical, it felt as if you were flying through space, with negative G velocity much in the manner termed “warp-drive” in Star Trek, or “hyperspace,” in Star Wars. Either way. The effect was noticeable as the planets went whizzing by at, or faster, than the speed of light. The colors, images, a blur…

Isabel let out a “recognizable” low involuntary groan. And as her breathing changed once again, it was followed by another moan. Alex’s eyes widened but he could not help himself as he too felt a low rumbling guttural growl escape his lips.

The entire class turned in their seats to stare, wide-eyed, at the scene in front of them.

Eye contact was never broken as Isabel reacted further to the spell. And mind you Alex was not immune and was being greatly affected as well.

A blue and green sphere, the normal image of Planet Earth taken from space.

Alex tried to shift his feet, which were strangely rooted to the ground to make himself more comfortable, as this was having a “physical” effect on his very being, so he tried to inconspicuously pivot his hips.

*** Flash***
The scene continued. It felt as if one was spinning out of control through space. Breaking through the stratosphere... wildly spinning while glimpsing planet Earth from high above… The continent of Europe, was briefly seen...

Isabel continued to moan, the pattern increasing as she started to pant rhythmically and forced herself against the cabinet for support, the long forgotten quizzes fell from her hands scattering all over the floor, as she gripped the ledge, and threw her head back letting out an elongated final moan.

Never in his life was Alex Whitman as affected by her, (or anything else) than he was at that moment. And fighting his impulses, rather than doing something incredibly stupid and in front of the entire class, he gathered his backpack to the front of him and bolted from the room.

The entire class watched him flee while tittering with chuckles. Then they turned their attention back to Isabel, who was by now regaining her presence of mind and noticing the shocked sea of faces staring directly at her as she tried to also regain her decorum.

Mrs. Jatzman raised questioning eyebrows with a smirk as she asked, “Did you have something you wanted to add Isabel?” To which she was completely surprised when the girl responded with an affirmative.

“Yes.” Isabel swallowed hard. “Is there any literary metaphorical reference to fire in an intimate context?” She asked as she fanned herself with an open hand.

The class, unable to contain themselves any longer, burst out laughing. Maria too found herself laughing, but there was a nervousness to it.

“That’s a very good question,” Mrs. Jatzman replied, “and I’m sure that there are. Why don’t you and Mr. Whitman explore that in a “literary” context and have a report on my desk come Monday, in lieu of Detention. I do not want any mention of current literature however, since in here we study the classics.”

She could see Isabel’s eagerness with another question. “Yes Miss Evans?”

Isabel attempted to clear her throat. “In reference to fire. I-need-some-water!!” she spoke in a staccato fashion.

The entire class burst out laughing again and one jokester took the time to hoot out, “It’s getting hot in here.”

Mrs. Jatzman dismissed Isabel with a motioned wave of the hand.

A couple of guys then started to discuss the current event, ”Did you see that?” the first leaned over the aisle and whispered to his buddy.

“Yeah! I saw that!” he sounded surprised, “Whitman got off the Ice Bitch without so much as touching her!”

The first responded, “Yeah!” He snorted derisively, “Whitman. Of all people. Not that he wasn’t getting off on her either.”

The teacher turned to them, quickly. One, to change the course of the discussion; but two, to expound on it. She didn’t for this time, object to their crude slang. Instead she pointed right at them and said, “You guys have brought up an interesting point, and although I do believe today’s topic is better suited for the Sex Ed class I’m going to go with it.” She pointed to another shyly raised hand as a girl asked rather embarrassed, “Did that really just happen?” The teacher nodded and with an incredulous look responded, “I’m afraid it did.”

Walking back to the front of the room she continued to instruct the class, “Although rather unheard of, or practiced in the United States; some cultures believe that you can bring your partner to orgasm through prolonged staring.”

The class nervously chuckled.

It is a Phenomenon known as Soul Gazing. And I do believe was very clearly demonstrated by the young couple who have since fled the room.” The English class laughed. “Now a word to the wise: if you are going to practice Soul Gazing with your partner, it might be prudent to do so in a less public environment.”

The class uproariously burst out laughing again.

She noticed another hand, “Yes Maria?”

“Could I go check on Isabel?”

“Of course, as long as you return to class, while it is still in session.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

As Maria left, Mrs. Jatzman continued, “Do any of you think that there are any literary references to Soul Gazing in Shakespeare or his contemporaries? Did they know about it?…”

And with that the door closed behind Maria.



The reference to Soul Gazing is substantiated by this article. (read the section on eyes) I knew I wanted to go one up on M/L’s touch under the desk, on the canon show. I’d already thought of this event in passing. But then I found this information and inserted it into the body of the text.

Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye

I hope you enjoyed.
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ACTUALLY it looks like I'm ready to give it to you now!!!! Which is good, for this is going to be a VERY LONG WEEK!!!!


Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Rating: MATURE- …
Spoilers: This is my version of Sexual Healing. Have fun

I dedicate this chapter and all its parts to my friends Pooh and Tharos, who have a wish list from me, that I don’t quite fulfill most of the time. LOL Pooh loves her smut and freely admits it and Tharos, well shall I say as I quote him, “well, here's to an original scene...some day soon i hope”

Thanks Guys. I hope this part does justice to the story. And I hope it pleases you. (I know its not EVERYTHING you want, but we all gotta start somewhere right?) So I will end this babbling dedication once again.

Thanks POOH and THAROS for hanging with me and waiting SOOO patiently.


AUTHOR NOTE: As Isabel talks in the next part, don’t pause for breath between sentences. She is in rapid-fire!

Shifting Realities

Chapter 27-D

Loosing Control


Isabel was nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t at the drinking fountain or anywhere else that Maria could see initially by scanning the halls from outside the upstairs English room.

She went looking for either of the couple; Isabel had to be dying of embarrassment, not to mention Alex, the other missing party. After a time of searching for first Alex and then Isabel, Maria found her, tucked away in the student lounge by the vending machines and the lockers. There was no-one else around. She had a bottled water, purchased from a machine, in her grasp. And she was leaning against her opened locker, an upper one, with her back pressed against the metal, it seemed to feel deliciously refreshing to her overheated state. She was staring into space.

“Isabel?” Maria quietly queried, as she touched her shoulder softly.

“OH-MY-GOD!!!” The tall blonde spun to her name, and uttered in confusion mingled with shock. “OH MY GOD!!!! What the hell was that?” She asked in a rapid-fire shocked tone as she continued to babble, “cause I’d really like to know.” Shaking her head, she continued to repeat her shocked statement, “Oh my god, can you believe that just happened?” She grabbed Maria’s forearms out of excitement or just the need to touch someone for emphasis. Maria let her talk it out. It was the only thing she could do, she really didn’t have anything to add to the conversation.

“OH Hell, who am I kidding?” Her hands flew off as she swiped her hair back in a raked motion, as she turned around and continued a frenzied pacing. “I didn’t even realize we WERE in class when he looked at me. LOOKED at me. Instantly, its like we went somewhere else. We were getting flashes, images off each other. My whole body is tingling right now. Its like I can’t get the feel of Alex Whitman off me but he didn’t even touch me, I mean he didn’t did he?” She asked because in all honesty, she really still wasn’t too sure of what went down in class moments prior.

Maria, never at a loss for words just shook her head dumbly with her mouth agape.

“And I mean he’s never really... I don’t even know what he feels like, looks like.” She trailed off…

Dumbfounded, Maria started to mumble, “You’ve still nev…” ‘Not even in a dreamwalk?’

Isabel, in her true royal fashion, shot Maria a withering look for the briefest of moments as she continued. “It was just like last night. I mean just by kissing, we “go beyond the Galaxy” if you understand what I’m saying.” She quickly raked one hand through her long strands, ending by twirling the ends in her slender finger. “But this; this was beyond the galaxy and then some and we didn’t even TOUCH!!!” Her hands fell to her sides yet again.

“So something did happen last night?” Maria finally got a word in edgewise, as Isabel continued to steamroll. Obviously Isabel was working everything out herself. And Maria, as embarrassed as she was for Isabel, loved watching the girl be so “girl.” With the added plus that Maria could keep up with her rapid-fire speech as well as thoughts. I mean; this is the way Maria usually communicated on a regular basis. It was funny to watch though.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She asked in a questioning manner. She swiped the loose strand of hair behind her ear for the third time, because the darn thing just wouldn’t stay back and it was annoying her. “My mother would ki-ll me if she knew what just happened. But I can honestly tell her and anyone else, we’ve only French kissed; that’s first right?” Maria raised an eyebrow, while Isabel continued, “We’ve only gone to first! It’s obviously the most intense first base I do admit… but… my whole entire reputation is on the line. I mean no ones going to think that Alex and I aren’t involved now. But WE’RE NOT, not like that! WE haven’t had sex... we’re both virgins in every sense of the word…. We’re not ready for sex yet, he’s not…”

“Um sorry to interrupt but he’s a guy. Guys are born ready…” she was ignored. Because in Isabel’s mind it didn’t need to be discussed that Alex was the farthest from that type of guy as the East and West are directionally.

“And yet… I know that you had better keep Alex away from me today, I can’t be near him.”

“Afraid he’s going to do something to you?” Maria snickered, visions of class running through her head.

Isabel thought to herself, ‘ I have no idea. I don’t know what my alien side is doing to us today.’

The tall one glared at her, while answering in a distasteful manner. “NO!” She shook her head. “The fire hasn’t gone out. I’m on my third bottle of water here.” She held it up for emphasis. “I’ll listen to you about the stupid kissing theory.” And she paused, took a breath, and resumed speaking in a normal speed.

“Yeah, everyone’s going to meet up for lunch and have a discussion about the theory and I guess about these flashes now.”

“I won’t be there!!!” Isabel said confidently.

“You have to.” Cajoled Maria.

“Do I?” Isabel asked her incredulously, “After what just happened?” She shook her head in disbelief. “You have got to be kidding… I have a stupid report to research...”

“Well, Alex obviously won’t be there, so you don’t have to worry about seeing him.” Maria added in case that would sway her. “I can’t find him anywhere, he probably went home.”

“No! He’s still here,” Isabel inadvertently blurted out, engaging Maria’s insatiable curiosity for all things alien.

“HUH?” the petite one replied.

“He’s on campus somewhere; I can still feel his presence.” Isabel said assuredly.

“Explain that?”

Isabel decided that since that cat was out of its bag that she might as well go for broke and explain the kissing connection thing. “Yeah back to girl’s night, or actually our first kiss. We could sense the other when we weren’t in each other’s presence. It only lasts like a day or so, and then it all goes back to normal. With each session of intensity though, it just seems to increase the distance. I knew he was waiting for me last night as I walked up. And I know that right now he’s not outside, because the range is too great. Best I can figure he’s inside somewhere. And I know he’s avoiding me.”

“You can feel his feelings too?” Maria whined enviously.

“NO! I’d be avoiding me after this.” Isabel laughed sardonically to herself. “I can’t pinpoint his exact location, he either is or isn’t on radar... it doesn’t change in strength with locale. Just the range keeps expanding. Or I assume it does.”

“Does Alex sense you too?”


“Ok. See how different everything is with you, see why I say you have the answers, maybe not the answers but you ARE the answer. Being the only girl I really think you need to be there.” Maria once again tried to bring Isabel to the lunch meeting.

The Ice Princess shot her another look as if to say that topic had come to an end.

Undeterred, Maria continued to press, “Now as to that fire reference, are you feeling any better?”


“Because you’re hot, Isabel.” The girl sent her another glare with a slightly curiously raised eyebrow for emphasis. “And I’m not talking in the beautiful sense, although,,,” Maria trailed off giving a wave to indicate look at you. “Ever heard the expression about taking a cold shower?” Isabel slightly arched her brow again. “Now would be a really good time for one.” Her eyebrows rose yet higher. “I mean when Michael and Max got sick they got these ridiculously high fevers, and then they did that cocooning thing. Ewww…”

Isabel nodded, in her eventual understanding of Maria’s train of thought. “So you think I’m going to go all webby?”

She reached up to touch Isabel’s cheek, as the taller girl swatted it off. “You are burning up!” Maria added.

“Well! I feel just fine!” Isabel vociferated.

“You feel like you might be at around 102 and that’s increased from moments ago.” Maria shot back. “I really don’t want you to get sick or anything because we really don’t have any clue what an intimate relationship would be like between the species.” ‘Or how you mate.’ she thought grimly to herself. “So Isabel, if you don’t mind, you’ve gotta cool down your inner core so that nothing bad happens to you. Ok? For me?”

Another topic the Ice Princess did not care for.

“Concerning lunch, if I were to make an appearance, what am I supposed to say to anyone?”

“Blame your Czechoslovakian side. I know I would if I were you. I know that you wouldn’t act like that normally. And I also know that if you were going to explore the bases you’d probably start in a dreamwalk. Its safe and no one can walk in on you.”

“But they sure can interrupt with a phone call.” Isabel teased her friend.

“Just doing my job,” Maria teased in return.

“Whatever… I’m off…” And she turned and walked out of Maria’s sight, leaving Maria to return to class.

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Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Rating: MATURE- …
Spoilers: This is my version of Sexual Healing. Have fun

I dedicate this chapter and all its parts to my friends Pooh and Tharos, who have a wish list from me, that I don’t quite fulfill most of the time. LOL Pooh loves her smut and freely admits it and Tharos, well shall I say as I quote him, “well, here's to an original scene...some day soon i hope”

Thanks Guys. I hope this part does justice to the story. And I hope it pleases you. (I know its not EVERYTHING you want, but we all gotta start somewhere right?) So I will end this babbling dedication once again.

Thanks POOH and THAROS for hanging with me and waiting SOOO patiently.


AND ANOTHER AUTHOR NOTE: Earlier in this fic I placed Isabel, Alex and Maria in a class together. 5th Period English. This will no longer work for the text and so I am switching it to 3rd period. Don’t ask!!! I had to create schedules (mock) for them. I had to find all the mentioned schedules on the canon show, so that I can work from them.

Tharos: 4-30-07 This part specifically, I dedicate it once again to you. I guess that’s like a double dedication. But you helped me to write a small scene, and so this is for you. Thanks so much. I think it flows well now. You’ll notice your role in this segment. Enjoy.

Shifting Realities

Chapter 27:E

Loosing Control


Fourth Period found all members of IKAAC in their different respective classes. Lets just say, that was not good, for what went down in Third Period English was on the minds of a lot of the student body. And some members, i.e. Liz, Max, and Michael were totally out of the loop.

These were the events surrounding Fourth period or thereabouts…

Isabel was pulling an Alex. She had made herself scarce, and had refused to attend any further classes. She knew she should just leave, walk into the office and get called home sick, she had a fever to prove it. And it wouldn’t be that hard to fake feeling ill. But she couldn’t, as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t. She had actually headed towards the nurse’s office with conscious intent, but somehow her feet turned in the opposite direction and walked outside. The sole reason that she could gather was that Alex was here! And as long as HE was here, she couldn’t leave. Something about her alien side had tethered her to him with a very long invisible cord. So she was now hiding in the locker room; in the shower, the icy cold shower, that she had finally decided to break down and take, because it was shaping up to be an extremely long day!!!!

Several minutes earlier:
Her feet had led her outside, to the back part of the campus, and so she had set about wandering it for a time after leaving Maria. She had a lot to think about. What Maria had said the night before, what had happened in class, what to say to Max and anyone else about any of it… Plenty to keep her brain occupied. And then there was Maria’s warning about her possibly getting sick. Maria was right, her internal temperature was warm, she could feel it and nothing seemed to help. She was so wishing that the long sleeved blouse she was wearing was a scoop neck, form-fitting t-shirt. But alas no. And she certainly wasn’t about to use any other alien giftings, they’d gotten her into enough trouble already.

One of the jock guys who unfortunately had been in third period came up to her and as she saw him approach; his swagger, wearing the blue and yellow letterman’s jacket, she inwardly groaned. ‘Slime Time’ she thought disgustedly. Looking around she realized that he was alone and that he did not have an entourage of other jocks with him. She had a pretty good idea that she knew what he was going to do. He was going to try to put the moves on her.

“So Evans,” he cooed. “Ready for that date you owe me?”

“What date would that be?” She asked in confusion. For Isabel owed no one, anything, except for Alex, but that of course is another matter entirely.

“You’ve never gone out with me and it looks like its time you did so.” He replied.

“I never went out with you because I have standards to uphold.”

“Oh come on Isabel. I mean obviously you took leave of your senses for a time, but I know we’ll have a good time. I’ve got my Firebird and we’ll take a drive up to Buckley Point. Let me show you what a real man is like, you are definitely ready for one now.” He lifted his hand to brush the back of it against her cheek but without even thinking about it Isabel brought her hand up sharply and blocked him before he could touch her. ‘Eww.’

Looking behind him over his shoulder she said disinterested, “I don’t see one.” He gave a frustrated look. She feigned stupidity, “Oh did you mean you?” He perked up. “You’re not my type!” She shot him down.

Thinking of Alex he added disgustedly, “So what would that type be? Tall.” He raised himself to his full height of 6’ 1”.

“Mm HMMM” She hummed in agreement.

“Dark,” he added again while rubbing his auburn wavy hair.

“Yeah.” She nodded in response.

“And handsome,” he finished as he flexed and patted his athlete’s body as if to say look at this.

“SEXY!” She added forcefully with a shake of her head.

“Right Baby. If you’re looking for sex-y, look no further because you’ve come to the right place.” Flashing a leering smile he gave her a suggestive waggle of his brow.

“‘Wasn’t looking for what I’ve already found.”


She gave him a disgruntled look, “If I’m looking for Sexy, I’m wasting my time here. You’re not sexy! And I’m not a prize to be conquered.”

“But you and Whitman.” He stuttered… “I mean with the geek of all people.”

“Look!” she cut him down, “Alexander Whitman has more sex appeal in his pinky finger (she held up her right one for emphasis) than you do…” She looked him over while tracing her sight path with the same perfectly manicured finger, and landing it nowhere on him she finished with a sideways toss of her hand “… in whatever part of your anatomy that you consider sexy.” She ended with a shrug. “And furthermore, he’s my BOYFRIEND!” She had to get rid of this loser. “You’re a sleazy, horny, player whose looking for a good lay. Where in your pea-sized brain did you get the notion that I fit into THAT category or that I’d even cheat on Alex? I will not be gracing the inside of your “testosterone” car with my presence. I will not be taking that ride.”

He had unwittingly conjured up a very vivid picture of Alex when she was thinking of her tall, dark, sexy man. She remembered the first dreamwalk/ parking lot scene. She remembered how exquisite he was in his tux, and how he had held her ever so tenderly and lovingly. He was so yummy and wasn’t even aware of it. Just one of the things that made him so desirable… And with the things that were going on inside her of an alien nature recently, it did not take much to tip the scales. Slightly distracted by her not all necessarily tame thoughts of Alexander Charles Whitman; thoughts of running with him every other day as they worked out together, and the effects that it was producing; hidden under baggy jeans and loose shirts were the beginnings of a lean physique. She knew his body well, by feel, from the dreamwalks nightly, to the kissing in waking hours, to the few nights they “slept together” and he had kept her safe, or sane, whichever the case might be. She began to flush in her musings yet again as she recalled those nights; he was in every way her hero, her knight in shining armor, the man who held the lock and key to her heart, and she really needed to stop thinking of these things right now!!! The thoughts had been split-second at most, but the effect was longer lasting. Damn!! Just the image of him in her mind and her temperature started to rise again. She bit out, “It certainly doesn’t matter to anyone what I do with my BOYFRIEND! I don’t see how it’s anyone’s business, but ours.” ‘Cold shower needed as soon as possible.’ Her mind had wandered a bit too far… She was really startled by what the slime did next.

“Whitman’s got nothing on me. I’ll show you sexy.” He snarled, grabbed her shoulder and kissed her very surprised lips forcefully. Her eyes widened in surprise, but that did not stop her alien reflexes from working lightning fast. Firstly she pushed him away from her mouth, and in what appeared to be the same motion, she sidestepped him and grabbed his wrist, slipping her ankle around the back of his she used the leverage to push him to the ground in a self-defense move. In moments she rolled him around so that he was face down to the ground. She knew why she’d never gone out with this particular loser. He was the type who didn’t take no for an answer and despised rejections

Grimacing from the pain, as his arm remained twisted behind his back, he tried to get free but Isabel moved over him. She pressed her knee into the small of his back and he then knew new levels of pain. Isabel leaned into his ear and hissed calmly. “You are going to wish you’d never done that.”

“Why is that?” He forced out amidst the searing pain radiating through his nerves.

“Because when my BOYFRIEND finds out what you just did, he’s going to kick your ass.” She forced his face right into the ground, his nose strained at the pressure and he almost thought it would break.

As he lay there stinging he mumbled, in a not too worried manner. “Whitman gets himself beat on the dodge ball court weekly. Just don’t tell him and all will be good.”

“I don’t have to tell him.” Isabel dug her knee in more firmly. “He finds things out on his own. And he’ll hurt you just for touching me. And if you think I need my boyfriend to protect me, don’t think I can’t handle myself.” She then twisted his arm just a little more forcefully to drive home her point. “Just ask Troy Anders how our date ended last year. He hasn’t forgotten I assure you.”

“Oh yeah? I ain’t Troy,” he said. He may have hurt like hell but he was still a jock on the football field and took worse knocks than this from time to time. It didn’t mean he didn’t get even, besides Wrestling was also a part of the gym class. He could feel Isabel’s position on his body and knew she was low enough. He swung up his leg and hit Isabel’s back hard enough to knock her off him. Instantly he pushed himself up off the ground and swept Isabel’s feet out from under her, landing her flat on her back. He straddled her waist and pinned her arms up next to her head. “Now this position I like better.” He added whilst staring at her, practically drooling.

Isabel was sorely tempted to use her powers, only her wrists were restrained and her palms were very clear to let all her alien powers run amok but she didn’t need to and smiled knowingly as she quickly analysed their positions. “Oh I don’t think you like this position as much as you think you do,” she said coyly.

He looked down, able to see down her ample cleavage, “No, I like it just fine.” He said lecherously.

“Really?” She asked in a warning tone. To which he responded with a confident, “Yeah.”

She smashed her knee right up into his crotch, “How about now?” She responded while she scrambled out from under him as he rolled off of her, completely stiff as a board holding himself in the groin. Isabel stood up and dusted herself off, “Just so we’re clear. That’s exactly how the date with Troy ended. “If you’ve been humiliated enough, I’m leaving now.”

Isabel turned and walked rapidly away; thoughts swirling like a vortex in her mind. The whole thing in class, that led to the swine trying to land a date, leading to throwing him to the ground, and all of it because of her overly charged ALIEN hormones.

That was when she finally relented and stepped into the locker room; ignoring the strange or murderous looks she was getting from at least half the girls who passed by her way.

Ashley Slaton however found her, and couldn’t resist. “I knew you weren’t in Clovis on business.” Isabel’s foe taunted. “Apparently you have given it up to the geek. Secret dates. Lovers. I knew you weren’t such an innocent, as you want everyone to believe. I mean the way you two were going at it when we ran into you…”

Isabel rolled her eyes, first one of Valenti’s goons and now her nemesis. Her reputation was headed for the toilet. Only the sleazy guys wanted a date cause they now thought she was easy. And of course the sleaze herself couldn’t resist meddling. THE Isabel Evans quickly shut down her diatribe. “You might be the current reigning queen of the in crowd, but I haven’t given up my title. And I will hurt you if you so much as breathe that we were there to a living soul.” Angry fire flashed in the alien girl’s eyes. “Why don’t you find Malamud to back up that statement! He’s in a world of pain right now.” She was getting sick of this and it had likely just barely begun. And lets see, if that doesn’t frighten you,” Isabel wagged her finger for emphasis, “I don’t think Troy would want to deal with her older brother if he found out what happened to his baby sister. That she was cheated on… ” Isabel had conjured up the image of one of the current seniors, a high school varsity quarterback. “ Now leave my presence!” Isabel had hissed.


When he bolted from class, Alex had raced to the boy’s locker room and endured the iciest shower imaginable, he had stayed in there until his body was practically numb but at the same time no longer “physically” affected, letting his mind wander on all that had happened in the last two days, but not giving word to any of his thoughts. He was just too confused as to how to handle any of it.

When he had stepped back into the general populace, Alex was getting his share of looks and comments as well.

The girl’s were giving him a second glance. They were actually staring at him, watching him as he walked rapidly away, his hair wet and shining from the recently finished shower. A few made silent call me gestures. Holding their hand to their ear like an invisible phone. Others nodded approvingly, or actually checked him out.

He. Alex Whitman. Was actually being checked out by the ladies. ‘Show them a hands behind the head double-jointed trick and they call you a freak and leave in droves. But do what I just did to Isabel, even though I didn’t DO ANYTHING, and they flock to you like bees to honey.’ He still did not know what to do with the attention, but he knew that he rather liked the attention. ‘ Yep ladies and Gentleman, Alex Whitman is The Stud.’ He quirked his eyebrow in the direction of an admirer, with a tiny head nod. And she blew him an invisible kiss. ‘WAIT!!! Hold all thoughts before you venture further down that road!!! You have a girlfriend!’ He reminded himself mentally. ‘I have Isabel Evans for a girlfriend. I have a jealous alien goddess for a girlfriend; I cannot be encouraging these advances. No sir, not with Isabel acting the way she has been lately, any girl I looked at could be reduced to a pile of ash with a mere look.’ And it was while trying to avoid yet another female that he smacked sideways into an opening door.

The jock that was pushing it open, also threw out a shove while shouting out a remark about him staying away from their girls. He had been informed about the little incident by a friend who was in the class. The rumors had already started to spread. The jock guys were watching him as if he were a threat to the male species. As if ‘The Stud’ was actually a threat... what a joke he thought. And it was as he embarrassed himself further, walking now with purpose through that door that another student ran up. A guy. “Hey!!!” He hollered. Alex certainly didn’t think he was being hailed. So he continued to walk, with haste, away from everyone…

“HEY!!! Whitman!”

Alex turned, confusion all over his face. This was the most popular day of his life so far, and he did not know how to handle its events. If it were because of normal circumstances he could do better than he was doing now. Right now he was trying to avoid the female population, and the jocks, and oh anyone else that might have something to add about that embarrassing event. “You calling me?”

“Yes you! Wait up!!!!” Alex stopped right outside. The student caught up. Alex thought he recognized him from English class. The introverted, shy guy who rarely spoke.

“Tharos? Right?” Alex ventured a guess. “Tharos Alexander?”

“Yeah…” the red head nodded. “Dude! Man you’ve just tapped the greatest Safe Sex practice in the history of the topic. I mean from observation standpoint you were both rather into it.”

“Your point?”

“One question. That soul gaze is legit???”

“Soul Gaze?” Alex answered confused.

“That thing that happened in English? … “

“OH … THAT!”

“Yes that. How’d you get her to do that? I mean you somehow melted the Ice Princess… Damn, I need to learn that!!”

“Yeah!!! Well lessons aren’t free!!! You know. I don’t know. It’s nothing we’ve ever practiced before. Just sort of seemed to happen.“ He scratched the back of his head nervously as he added, “And it chose a particularly wrong moment I would believe.” ‘But hey, if it raises the Stud status, it can’t be all that bad.’ “ You know I gotta go, I gotta get to another place… You know you’re gonna be late to 4th.

“Yeah. Hey Whitman. Thanks, you just gave hope to all the rest of us regular guys.”

“No problemo.”

And as crazy as it was; this happened in the very short moments in which all he was trying to do was to cross from one side of campus to the other. He certainly had no interest in class, or anything academic. And he really thought about calling his mom or grandparents to pick him up from school sick. But he couldn’t. SHE was here. And as long as SHE was here, on campus, he was stuck!!! He knew that he had to go to the Crashdown that night of Girl’s night. He discovered by being near her that they had unfinished business in a bonding sense, and he had felt that buzz the minute he reached the inside of the restaurant. And then again last night, he could feel her, feel the buzz of her nearby presence as she was walking up… Apparently that whole alien side of hers was in play again. And as long as Isabel Evans was at West Roswell High School on that infamous day of March 17, 2000… well so was he. It was going to be a very long day. He went to duck into the safest room he could think of and decided to hide for its remainder.


As Max sat down next to his Biology partner, Liz Parker, a jock entered the room. Unbelievably he was the same who had tried to score a date with Isabel a few minutes earlier. Apparently her pea-sized brain comment wasn’t too far off the mark. He’d gone and licked his wounds of humiliation and since had shaken off most of his pain. He came over to Max, clapped him on the back and made reference to the event in third period. “So Evans?” he teased. “Do you and your lab partner Soul Gaze?” And someone else in the room started to laugh.

Max didn’t know what soul gazing was, he didn’t know how to answer the question, and he looked into Liz’s face for some help. She shrugged, unaware of the answer herself. So looking into her eyes, the eyes being the window to the soul, eyes he seemed to stare into a lot lately, he decided to go for a possible reply, since the huge clods were standing right next to the desk awaiting the reply. “Um, yeah I guess so.”

“Freak.” The guy mumbled, while the other guy started to laugh derisively. “She’s doing the geek? All you Evans are freaks.” Max knew then it wasn’t the right answer, but he still didn’t know what that right answer would be, nor what Soul Gazing was. And what exactly had Isabel done to attract this much attention, and of what exactly was he now guilty by association? ’Doing the geek? As in having sex with Alex?’ “Not Isabel.” He looked up and answered.

The guy shrugged, “Yeah. Sure Evans. Your sister definitely knows how to use her biology from what we saw.” That statement gathered a chorus of laughter from likeminded individuals.

“Seriously Parker,” the other Jock, another friend of Kyle Valenti’s intoned, “I didn’t think you were THAT type of girl. Valenti sure led us to think you were one of the good girls. It was a matter of time before Evans caved, I mean with her body and all.” Then Malamud, whom Isabel had humiliated minutes earlier continued to harass, “Yeah,” he inferred, “I had her on the ground a few minutes ago… “

“My sister is not like that!!!” Max was halfway across the table, with a closed fist, before he knew what he was doing, as the jock just backed up and continued, “Yeah. Evans. She is like that. Just ask Whitman.” He would have hauled off and punched the guy but was jerked down from the back of his shirt by Liz’s hand while simultaneously being pinned down hard by Liz’s other palm. She was pressing it firmly and flatly against his thigh keeping him in place, forcing him back into his chair. “Ignore them Max.” Liz whispered in an authoritative manner. Max was ready to fly out and hit this guy for what he was insinuating about Isabel. “ I’m going to punch him for what he said...” Liz, somehow and for some reason insisted that he didn’t. It puzzled him as to why she wouldn’t let him have his revenge. . He was so mystified, “Liz… Liz I have a feeling Isabel did something.” He whispered in response

The jocks had their fill of taunting Isabel’s clueless brother and stalked off when no fight was forthcoming. They rather expected a bit more from a brother.

She nodded in understanding. “It definitely appears that way. But we don’t have that answer right now and until we can talk to her directly, I doubt we will.”

“Lets just hope we can fix it.” He whispered.

“Yeah.” She sighed.

And with that the teacher walked in, gave Max a very weird look and started to instruct.

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Chapter 27:F

Post by Mt Gazer » Thu May 17, 2007 10:40 am

Disclaimer: I in no way own the rights to Roswell or anything related to it. All rights belong to Jason Katims, 20th Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, etc… I am borrowing their awesome characters, and including my own.

Perhaps in this part and in parts to come I am or will be borrowing some scenes, and I will borrow direct dialog and use altered dialog at times.

Title: Shifting Realities
Author: Mt Gazer/Velvet Skye
Category: CC/ AU?
Rating: MATURE- …
Spoilers: This is my version of Sexual Healing. Have fun

I dedicate this chapter and all its parts to my friends Pooh and Tharos, who have a wish list from me, that I don’t quite fulfill most of the time. LOL Pooh loves her smut and freely admits it and Tharos, well shall I say as I quote him, “well, here's to an original scene...some day soon i hope”

Thanks Guys. I hope this part does justice to the story. And I hope it pleases you. (I know its not EVERYTHING you want, but we all gotta start somewhere right?) So I will end this babbling dedication once again.

Thanks POOH and THAROS for hanging with me and waiting SOOO patiently.


And once more this is for Tharos, Thanks for this scene as well too. You'll recognize it I'm sure.

Shifting Realities

Chapter 27:F

Loosing Control


Lunch 5th period.

Everyone was eager to be away from anyone not in the club. They chose the remotest lunch table available and decided to call a meeting together; although certain key members of the conspiracy were noticeably absent.

Maria was the last of posse to arrive; she sat down with her hot cafeteria lunch, furtively glanced around to make sure that there were no eavesdroppers, and started in. “I’m so glad we decided to have this meeting this morning, because after what just happened in English, WE NEED IT!!!”

“What happened??” The other three echoed in confusion as they opened their lunch sacks and started to retrieve food from within.

“What didn’t happen…” Maria shook her head for emphasis, “…is more like the question…” She shoveled in a bite of beans and worked on chewing them while conversation continued to circle around her. .

“Would that be why Liz and I had an interesting encounter with the jocks in Bio?” Max uttered while biting into a sandwich, still mumbling with his mouth full he continued, “They were saying things about Isabel. Wrong things….” Max swallowed. “One of them said he had her on the ground… today… I nearly decked that Malamud guy, I was diving for him, but Liz forced me back into my seat and held me there saying we needed to talk to Isabel first.” Glaring at Liz, he added sharply, “I still think he deserves it.”

“I know you do Max. But…” Liz held her determination.

“I’ll pound him for you.” Michael interrupted.

Maria gulped down her bite as she jumped in. “Oh no you won’t!!! Now normally I’d be right there with you. But in this case, the jocks are looking for a fight. And with your Czech powers, its not going to be a fair fight, or maybe it would, but it won’t be just one jock…”

“True!” Liz echoed. “They are like a brotherhood, you mess with one, you mess with them all. We’d be taking on the entire team.”

“So.” Michael declared indignantly. “We could take ‘em.” Michael promised, ”And we could do it in such a way that they’d never know what hit ‘em either.”

Maria glared at him in much the manner Max had to Liz moments prior. “I don’t doubt that for one minute. But besides that,” Maria continued, “We do not want to draw too much attention to ourselves today, especially anymore, and with what your sister and Alex did, for baby boy here is no less innocent than she I guarantee you. It’s definitely causing a stir, to put it mildly.” Maria added while stuffing in a tortilla. Anything to keep from divulging that information.

“What happened they all turned to her. You were there…” Equal masks of confusion marred every face.

Mumbling with food in her mouth whilst shaking her head, “Huh-Uh ... I know we have a lot to discuss, and that what happened is very important, but, and it is a very big BUT, it is the last thing I’m bringing up…” She swallowed realizing that they were waiting for her to say whatever it was. “Maybe Iz or Alex will turn up and explain for us you know? Right now, before we discuss THAT, we need to discuss kissing. Plain and simple, or - is it?”

“What the Hell is going on?” Michael asked.

Maria ignored him and resumed her train of thought. She was going to guide this conversation wherever she wanted, and where that was, was definitely not the event in class. “First off, I cannot tell you what is going on with those two. They are in a world of their own. But if they aren’t careful, something or someone might literally explode.” She pulled off another piece of tortilla of and started to chew. Letting that conversation swirl for a minute.

Max ever the leader then asked if anyone had any other classes with either of them. Isabel did not share any until History in 7th. So Max would take her aside there, and Alex and Maria were in Chorale for 8th. Maria would get it into him if it killed her.

So plans made they then decided to continue discussing kissing, Czechoslovakian style...

“It all started in January.” Maria led off as if beginning a novel. “They had that kiss in the woods on the campout. Then the next night we were all at Liz’s for a girl’s night.”

“Thing is…” Liz added, “Alex is an honorary girlfriend, he’s been to lots of girl’s nights growing up with us….”

“We were trying to get info out of your sister,” Maria continued, “when he turned up.”

Liz and Maria volleyed the conversation seamlessly between them, “Right.” Maria added, “So after a time they lost track of us and started to make out in front of us. Neither was in control of themselves, and the room seemed to have gathered a static charge. So…”

“We went downstairs and left them alone see,” Liz didn’t finish before being again interrupted by Maria. “And then the lights started to surge, on and off…” Liz took the reigns, “Only a couple times I think. Not like last night. Last night, they flickered and hummed while the power surged for at least a few minutes.”

“Last night?” Max asked in a confused tone while Michael echoed the words but not the inflection. His was a tone of “I was there.”

Maria couldn’t wait to share this bit so she excitedly added, “They were heavily making out in the alley.”

“I’ll kill him.” Max threw out, looking at Liz for permission. Not that he needed any, but she was rather insistent that he leaves the jock alone, and Alex was one of her best friends.

“Uh-uh. Her. You’ll kill her.” Maria drove home her point. “I think Isabel’s leading this. It’s electrical, and who’s the Czechoslovakian? It’s certainly not him. He couldn’t affect electricity, I mean where suave is concerned, Alex doesn’t even fit in human terms. I mean he’s the guy who trips over his own feet if a pretty woman paid him attention. He’s no James Bond…”

“But we haven’t affected electricity…” Michael protested.

“No Spaceboy we haven’t.” Maria teased him using her nickname for him, “That’s exactly the point I keep trying to make. That it IS Isabel... She’s the only female in the mix. There has to be something about that. What we don’t know is how your kind mates. But I’m starting to think it is not normal.” Thinking back to class, Maria keeps mumbling to herself while shaking her head doubtfully, “Not normal, after today, not normal at all.” They all stared at Maria with intense curiosity but she rambled on ahead, not allowing even a breath’s space for questions.

“And did you know that Alex said he saw stars last night while he was kissing her?” A galaxy or whatever, and she said she saw things in him too. Although she never said what.”

“HUH? Stars or seeing things? What?” The aliens at the table echoed. Max added, “If there is anything important at all about that, that’s another thing that now must be explored, whatever could they mean?”

The group started to discuss anything they could related to the two, Liz had asked if they’d explode if they didn’t do it? While Maria corrected her excitedly to maybe they’d explode if they did. All the while Max and Michael rolled their eyes and groaned. They were being forced to endure talks of Isabel’s sex life and I assure you, NO brother in his right mind wishes to endure that. The conversation continued this way for awhile, with speculations and observances all commented on.


At the same time, Alex had managed to get word of Isabel’s encounter with the jock and his anger and jealousy burned strong. He stalked off to the locker room, and luckily found Malamud alone for the moment. Malamud, never afraid of the geek known as Alex before, couldn’t help but feel a tinge of fear when he saw an intense look on the boy’s face. He watched him come in alone, the way the doors slammed against the outer walls before they slammed shut, reverberating on their frame, and he realized in a split second what would happen if Alex got to him first; he was going to get punched, or worse. His tinge of fear was greatly expounded when the boy reached his space. Alex’s face perfectly described the expression, If looks could kill. It was murderous. Swallowing hard, Malamud went to make the first move, he had to; it was a situation of kill or be killed. Raising his fist and aiming it for the opposite side of Alex’s face...

Alex Whitman, Dodgeball Expert Extraordinaire, dodged the blow reflexively; although barely, as he felt the brush of wind on his cheek while ducking sideways out of the way in the nick of time, and countered with a swift kick to his abdomen.

Malamud doubled over, holding his gut in pain and took in a deep breath. In seconds he was straight up and mad as hell. No way was this geek going to get the better of him. With that he punched his fist straight forward, a jab to Alex’s nose. However, something took control of Alex then, more than the rage he felt about what was done to Isabel but urges from deep within him that compelled Alex to end the threat to his beloved. Before Malamud’s fist even connected, Alex ducked down and thrust his fist forward back to the precise spot where his foot had connected seconds earlier. With it already being so sensitive the pain was intense. Josh Malamud made a final attempt to swing again, but in his weakened state it did not have the force it needed to. Alex once again dodged the attempt, easily this time, and circled around behind him, slamming his foot into the back of the jock's knee causing him to fall like a sack of bricks, bringing him crumbling to his knees, as Alex moved around to his front. Alex appeared as if he would attack again, but at the last second, placed his thumb and forefinger together and flicked the disabled jock on the forehead. Raising his knee menacingly in a silent gesture of “try again and this will land on you,” Alex said very little, but used very carefully chosen words. “Don’t mess with Isabel!!” And leaving Malamud, writhing in agony as his stomach cramped from the sharp blows moments earlier, Alex just calmly left the room as if nothing at all had happened.

A couple minutes later, Malamud’s friends found him in that condition and helped him to the office. He was going home for the day. His stepfather, when he picked him up from school, laid into him about the incident; for bailing the boy out of trouble seemed to be a full time job. Thus took care of Malamud.


After the group had been eating and talking for awhile, a figure darkened the light at the table. They looked up to find Isabel Evans standing right beside them. Her long wet hair was combed but dripping still. The coolness hopefully keeping her temperature in check. She had her arms crossed on her chest, and launched right in...

“If you only knew the day I’ve had. Lets get this over with?” She sighed as she rocked onto one foot, “Ok? What’s this theory?” She started to tap her foot impatiently.

Max took the reins. “That when you kiss it has a physical effect on your surrounding environment. The girl’s here have cited two instances, but listening to them and thinking over things, I can make that three. When I first found you in the woods, the air was buzzing around the two of you, but because of what we are, I could see it… there was electricity flowing all over the two of you, and I’ve told you this before. But now its time to add two and two together.”

“I have added.” Isabel said disgruntled, “It lands on me.” She stared at him with eyes narrowed. “So you’re telling me that I have to quit kissing Alex?” She challenged her brother.

Max swallowed, “Maybe not quit, but not in public?” he hinted.

“Two of those three instances weren’t public… I mean completely.” Isabel countered. “And what about all the other times we’ve kissed or even made out and NOTHING happened. What about then?”

“She does have a point, Max.” Liz started to look at it logically. And then briefly letting a thought take root she joined the discussion, “So I am going to ask a personal question here then Iz?” Liz launched in whispering quietly. “Are you like a normal human female, do you get a monthly visitor?”

Isabel glared. “That would be yes.”

“Girl’s we’re eating here.” Michael mumbled, “last thing we want to talk about is girl stuff,” to which he shoveled in a handful of chips and crunched them loudly to make a point.

“Well. We’re talking about it.” Maria threw back. “It’s a fact of life so deal with it.”

The boys then left the table when the topic went to the plumbing department. They didn’t want to deal with it, and so they moved over a table that had recently been vacated. If they couldn’t handle that conversation, how’d they ever handle what had yet to be spoken. The incident in English?

Liz joined in again, “The regular human female cycle is 28 days long. And then it starts over, giving us the obvious…. “

“So is it regular?” Maria then blurted out.

“Yes. To all your questions. Yes!!” A very annoyed alien girl replied.

Liz nodded, “Ok. The intensity has now happened twice, in two separate months. First we have the very end of January, that being the weekend of the campout.” Liz actually had a little pocket calendar with her that she dug out of her purse and grabbing her pen she quickly jotted a “K” for kiss. Flipping over a couple pages, she added, “And next we have the two days here, in the middle of March.” Pointing to the corresponding dates, she reopened it to a mysteriously empty month. Looking up at Isabel she asked, “What’d you do in February?” Liz had also opened her always-present notebook and started to jot down any pertinent information.

Isabel grabbed the calendar, slammed it shut and slammed it on the table, on top of the opened notebook. “Lots of kissing, no special effects that we know of!!”

Michael watched her carefully; she was keeping her voice low, so that only those in her presence could hear her. But she was not happy about something.

And then in her irritation Isabel sat down and listened to Liz postulate some ideas. Of course Maria was hanging on to their very conversation.

“I know that girls (human ones) are purported to be fertile 14 days after the first day of her cycle. And a lot of times this makes them more ,,,”

“Horny?” Maria threw out. Isabel glared.

“That wasn’t the word I was looking for, and yes. That is what I was saying Ma-Ri-A” answered her best friend. “I’m trying to be delicate here. I mean, I’m going to be real personal now, at either of these times were you …”

“NO!” Isabel knowing her question curtailed it before it could get finished.

“So you’re not out of commission right now?”


“And how many days has it been?” Her pen was poised to jot down more information.

“And that’s where I’m not going to dignify an answer!” Isabel grabbed the pen and added it to the calendar, slamming it as well onto the tabletop, a little too forcefully however, as the pen seemed to shatter into oblivion; spattering the three girls with ink. Liz and Maria of course shrieked, while Max and Michael continued to stay at a safe distance and watch the little display. “I can’t believe I’ve given you this much as it is!” Isabel looked at the three of them with black ink everywhere, and knew that her Christian Dior blouse would be permanently damaged, and shook her head irritated, as she breathed out a loud, annoyed sigh. Pens just don’t break that easily, especially not the steel barreled, fancy ones, that come in a set. Which is precisely what Liz was using. It was a gift from her Grandmother. Isabel knew she hadn’t added any power behind it, just a normal slam, and she had those down to perfection. She just couldn’t draw any more attention to herself this day, and so she quickly added a touch of power, and waved her hands to erase the errant stains from the three of them.

And to her chagrin, Liz resumed right where she left off… Apparently becoming friends with Isabel left them feeling more than secure in her presence, even if she was having a tantrum of sorts. And with keeping them all safe, as the girls also believed to be their jobs, Liz kept looking for any possible understanding of the kissing episodes… “Is it possible with your Czech background that when you are not out of commission that you are “fertile” And by fertile I mean “interested?” Liz kept trying to be tactful… Not so our dear Maria…

“And that our dear sweet Alex doesn’t stand a chance against a horny alien?” Maria finished untactfully.

Isabel’s hand darted out and quickly covered Maria’s.

“Ow - ow - Ow - OW - OW!!!!!! Maria’s voice rose with each word. Isabel had applied some kind of alien mumbo jumbo to her touch and Maria felt as if her hand was burning or otherwise being injured.

Isabel calmly removed her hand and placed it softly and demurely on the table in front of her. She looked directly at Maria, expressionless. Maria shook her hand and blew at the phantom pain. There was nothing physically wrong. Isabel then silently raised her eyebrows. Maria eyed the taller girl warily while backing up a bit from her presence. Michael stepped back to the table, holding Maria’s shoulders while giving Isabel a look. Max too rejoined the table, and the meeting was back to order….

Isabel looked at the assembled, “I’m going to say this once more, and this is the last time I repeat this. We have not gone to second base!!!” She raised her eyebrows and looked at each in turn for a long second as if to defy anyone of them that dared to challenge what she had said. “Fill in all the other blanks! And now back to you dear brother and Liz, I’m shocked at the both of you. You are so eager to point blame that you have abandoned your inmost selves. You are both scientists. And you only think you’ve cleverly figured this out. But you haven’t. There is one more variable.” Max and Liz shared a guilty look.

“First of all you need to look at the controls, in this case, us Czechs. And then you need to quantify that with research. Two of the controls have been tested, with differing results, but one still remains undecided. I told you last night Liz, you and my brother can test it out. But don’t automatically assume everything is my doing.” She looked directly at the petite brunette. Returning back to the task at hand, talking to all of them at once she breathed out a deep sigh, “Now, I’m sure you’ve heard things about 3rd period. And if you haven’t you will! News travels like wildfire in a small setting.” Everyone’s wide, curious eyes were staring at her. She appeared as if she was thinking of something else, but waved it off as if it were nothing while she mumbled out more to herself than to anyone else, “Stupid Idiot deserved it.” Now at this moment as she mumbled to herself, NO-ONE in the group was in the loop, nor could they have known what she was thinking about silently to herself, and she did not explain herself, but rather continued with her soliloquy. “Something happened to Alex and I that I can’t explain, nor do I wish to deal with any more than I have to. It happened in class, and is definitely Czech… And I’m not discussing it with you my brothers at all, so I’m leaving.” She now stood at the end of the table. “Maria knows…. Now bear in mind the experiment is not over until all the controls have been tested. Bye!!!” And with that, the whirlwind that is otherwise known as Isabel Evans blew off.

When she had departed from view the rest of the members pounced on Maria for answers, “What happened in third period?”

“Yeah, you’ve been avoiding that all lunch.” Liz pointed out.

Realizing that Isabel was forcing her hand Maria decided to drop the bombshell as quickly as she could. She uttered in an undertone, “They had sex!”

WHAT!?! It took a few moments, for Max especially, to recover from that bit of news as he choked on his Tabasco laden Coke. When he was breathing normally again, having cleared his windpipe, Maria proceeded.

“Yeah that’s the problem.” She looked up at the assemblage, but glancing at their faces she knew they wanted more information. Much More!! Max looked ready to drag it from her if she did not explain her self immediately. “They were standing a couple feet from each other, and all she did was looked up at Alex who had come to class late and everything. And that’s when it happened.”

“IT? The s…”

“Yes! And no! They started to Soul Gaze as Mrs. Jatzman called it.”

“Soul Gaze?” Max and Liz asked simultaneously, having encountered the term already.

“Yeah, getting someone “off” without actually touching them, doing it by staring at them, or something like that.”

Liz leaned over and in a stage whisper teased, “Yeah. We don’t Soul Gaze Max.” “I’d say not.” He answered her as his face turned a darker shade than normal.

“Ok, What’s going on with you two??” Maria suppressed a smile when she found them blushing as they slightly bantered with each other.

“Nothing.” They answered quickly, blushing in each other’s presence again. .

“What actually happened? How far did it get?” Michael brought the group back to order.

“About as far as it could… And lets just say this politely, Isabel was the more affected, she actually (Maria made a clearing of her throat sound. ) …” Then shaking her head she added, “…but Alex … um…. Yeah, he ran…

Max was thunderstruck, he barely could spit out any words but he had to know more. “My Sister and Alex? In Class? Today?” Maria kept nodding her head in response to all his questions.

In his perplexity he asked, “So what she just said...?”

Maria understanding his bewilderment expounded while finishing the question… “About second base?”

“Yes!” he nodded.

“Well that’s physically.” She shrugged her shoulders. “This is something other. Spiritual. Emotional. Alien. I don’t know!! It definitely precludes the bases.” She was met by Liz giving her a funny surprised sort of look. Maria retorted, “Yes Liz I do know some SAT words.” All I’m saying is they have more answers than we do. They have to! Or else we’re all in the dark together.”

The bell sounded, so the group stuffed uneaten food back into their sacks, or threw away trash. As they cleared the table Max took Maria aside, “So we’re going to talk to them before anything else can happen right? I’ve got Iz in 7th and you’ve got Alex in 8th?” He reminded her. “Don‘t have to remind me.” She remonstrated. “He’ll listen to me if I have to tie him to his chair to make him do so. I’ve got Alex covered, don’t you worry. But good luck with your sister. She’s avoiding the topic altogether.”

“And we need to figure out what this thing with images from inside each other is all about too.” Michael joined, “ I mean if they are both getting it for some reason.”

“OK. Well lunch is officially over and we’ve got to be getting back to our classes. We are all going to have to meet up later today somewhere and have a meeting again. And we need to make sure to have Alex and Isabel there. Do your best to work that out.” Max added his final command.

“Yep!” Michael nodded.

“Definitely.” Liz agreed.

***** ******

And with that lunch ended, and Max had more of an idea as to what had happened, and he was fearing the possibility that he might not be able to fix this one. But he wasn’t exactly certain Isabel was to be entirely blamed either. He just had to talk to his sister. One more class to go before he saw her again. He wished he didn’t have to wait that long, she could probably use a sympathetic ear, even if it was her brother and they’d be discussing the topic you really don’t want to discuss with a sibling. It made so much sense why she was so edgy now, the ultimate embarrassment had occurred and it had chosen her and Alex as its unwitting pawns. Isabel does not handle embarrassment or blame well. And he had no idea of her little run-ins with the slime and Ashley. He’d be sure to give her a comforting shoulder hug when he saw her next in 7th. It was turning into a long day!!!


And I'm sorry, but this is all i have for awhile. Life is going to get busy. But i will be working on it.

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"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

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"Too beautiful for earth."

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Re: Shifting Realities (CC,A/I,MATURE) A/N 2-4-08 pg 18

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This will be the saddest A/N note I ever write. Forgive any misspells. Its literally the best I can do.This is the first time I write anything like this and tears are streaming down my face blurring the screen. But I had to write it, you had to know.

ON Thursday am at 6:00 am I woke to my water water breaking. I was 21 weeks on that day. It was a complete rupture wioth no way to repair, or to intervene. It was too early along to do absolutely anything. Our precious son was stillborn on Friday pm at 6:05. His brothre Caspain is crushed, he can't believe he doesn't get to be a big brother.

The nest thing I write is a tribute to my tiniest son...

Dance Baby Boy Dance

So Tiny, So loved, so wanted.

The first time you kicked was one month before your last. And yet, you gave me a glimpse into your personality. You loved God already. A God even your mama has issues with. You brought us back to the heart of worship.

You brought a faltering couple together, and made them know what love for each other felt like again, after it had nearly been extinguished.

And you danced. You Danced your heart out. And I only got to share your unadulterated joy, your dance with you for 3 weeks. Worship muxic made you live, it was your favorite thing. Daddy only got to realy feel you move and enojoy the dance for one week.

Worship music will always have a different feel and meaning to it now, it was my baby boy's most favorite thing to do. And now we will have to dance alone. But dance I will for my son's pleasure.

I looked for a dancing word, in the Bible Concordance, for your middle name, knowing the two names we'd chosen, depending on who you'd be, whehter a boy or a girl.

I didn't like any of them, the Hebrew language is clunky to the English ear. The Greek was not much better. But one of the Hebrew ones had some small potential. Karar: Verb: to leap, to twirl, to dance about.

I pictured King David in the O.T. just dancing with wild abandon before the Lord as he spun in crazy circles.

And without my understanding I'd found your unique name.

The next day, the Point of No Return ocurred, water gushed, and the news was delivered. There is no hope, there is nothing we can do.

And so the following day, your secret mission was completed. (You'd restored your family, and put mama in touch with God again.) And you were reassigned, like all secret agents are when the task is complete. Only you had to return to Heaven

You danced no more on this side of life. And you entered this world, already having left it.

Baby Karar you are so beutiful. I will not sabotage what you have done. We will take your legacy that you left us, and the healing that you started and we will rebuild.

We will rebuild our lives, and we will never, ever, forget you, or what you did for us.

Thank you tiny wonder, for being here for the brief time you were.

And now my precious son you can do your favorite thing for all eternity. You can dance before the Lord. And you can watch over all of us, ubtil our times come to join you, and to join the dance.

So unitl we see you again.


Karar Renkenberger left this world before he joined it on February 8, 2008.

21 weeks Gestation

1# 2 oz

10 inches long

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth". ~author unknown

Karar Renkenberger
1 lb. 2 oz.
"Too beautiful for earth."