Silence ... (CC ALL, Adult) Part 4 - 07/13/12 [WIP]

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Silence ... (CC ALL, Adult) Part 4 - 07/13/12 [WIP]

Postby PML » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:51 pm

Well here goes the sequel to Whisper, hope you folks enjoy.

Title- Silence Amidst the Blackest Night

Author- PML

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine. It is owned by Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and Fox. This is for entertainment only and no infringement is intended.

Category- CC ALL

Rating- Adult (Violence and Adult situations.)

Summary- This story starts up soon after the end of A Whisper of a Distant Dawn. In that story is told the tale of Tess’s plans going completely wrong and Liz not Tess sleeping with Max that fateful night. That action set in motion a series of events and revelations that shook our heroes to the core. But mostly they had to deal with their need to go to Antar to save their loved ones and to allow Liz to carry the child to term.

Unfortunately everything has gone wrong. Michael has crashed the Granolith made ship, and Isabel has sunk to the bottom of the sea. Only Max and Liz had seemingly escaped and landed in the Queen Mother’s estate. But she is less than happy to see them. How will they fare in this new and seemingly hostile world?

Meanwhile Alex seemingly flourishes at Malindara’s estates even as he is a test subject in her plan to create a hybrid. Maria was last seen as a slave being tortured to death. Had she truly been saved? Had her mother truly come to save her or was she merely broken and delusional.

This story will detail our heroes lives and travails on Antar as they work their way back together again. But it will not be easy. Antar is a treacherous world in the midst of civil disorder and war. How will they fare in such a different world? And will they find out their true purpose and destiny?


Michael was having a dream. In it he knew the answers. Both to the questions that he had always wanted to know, and to those he should have asked instead. For a brief moment he actually understood, he knew why he was here, what his purpose was and….

He coughed slightly as a boot kicked him gently in the stomach. Another wave rolled over his bare legs and up to his torso.

A voice said something in some odd language that pulled at him. He should know it. He thought he understood a word or two here and there.

Finally after speaking for a moment the voice changed languages. “So. I assume you are Michael.”

Michael looked up at the man. He looked young, bright blonde hair and large green eyes that seemed so very familiar. But one glance at those eyes told a different story. This man had seen it all. They radiated age and knowledge. His voice should be dry, shouldn’t be able to talk. But Michael heard himself speak loudly and clearly, “Who are you?”

Now that he was awake he could feel his body wake up as if from a long slumber. It should be battered and broken. He should be dead. He knew this.

But he wasn’t. He was healthy and hale. If anything he felt better than normal. As if he could breath deeper and fuller than he ever had. Had the air ever tasted so sweet.

“I am surprised Malindara’s forces didn’t find you. I know they swept the beaches. Certainly with more forces than I was willing to face.” He motioned a hand to someone else. “But for now you need clothes. And I will need answers. But I think we can wait for them.”

Michael kept his mouth shut and stood up. He stood up. Unconsciously he let a ripple of his power run across him and the sand slid off of his bare skin. He looked warily around and saw five other men and women. One of the women looked at him and said something in that foreign language.

All the others laughed. The leader simply smiled. And he said a few words back; the woman blushed and hurried away. But as she walked away she caught his eye and winked.

Did her hips sway a little more as she left?

He shook his head. He gladly accepted the strange clothing he was given and with a little prompting put it on. It was not simple standard cloth. He could feel tiny circuit like weaves going through the material. With a tiny act of will Michael empowered them.

The leader again nodded, “So you have some of your old memories. But not enough. I will teach you.”

Michael looked around. “Um, thanks. But I have some important things to do.”

“Yes. Some of which I will aid you in. Others dealing with your friends I will not. But you will be able to do things I cannot or will not do. Like recover my daughter.”

Michael nodded, “You are Maria’s father then?”

“Yes. I am Dominic Madigan, and I have much to teach you if you are going to be worthy of her hand in marriage.” He shook his head, “I don’t give a damn who you were once on Antar nor who you were affiliated with on Earth. Here I will give you the tools and training to recover her. And if you succeed I will give you my blessing.”

“We should get her now. I know where she is. She is waiting for me.” Michael turned inland. He knew roughly where Maria was. And he wanted her safe in his arms as soon as he could manage.

Dominic laughed. “Knowing where she might be located is easy, retrieving her will be difficult. And for that you will need help. Come with me.”

Michael looked off into the distance. Maria was distant from him. Hundreds of miles probably. He looked over the dunes that turned into a forest at the beaches end. How far would he have to travel. On an alien world. With no supplies.

He looked over at the man who claimed to be Maria’s father. He could follow that gentleman and hope that he wasn’t lying about helping Michael.

And Max and Isabel and Liz? What of them?

Michael sighed and followed Dominic to his ship. They would have to fend for themselves for now.

But he would find them some day. What needed to be done required all of them. He looked out to sea. But how to recover Isabel? There was no way she could have survived her fall. How could they succeed without her?

He would worry about that later. For now he needed to recover Maria.

So he walked into Dominic’s ship and his lessons began.


Maria woke up. “Michael? Where are you, come back! Come back to me!”

She felt a hand on her forehead. “Oh, honey. I am so sorry. I wish I could fix this, wish I could take back some of what I said to him.”

Maria’s eyes blinked open. She saw her mother standing above her. She was wearing some odd sort of dress. And she looked good. Almost as if she had grown younger since she had seen her last.

A memory of suppressed pain rolled through her. Horrible things had happened to her. She knew that. And knew that for now those memories were suppressed. And that was for the best.

Maria said weakly, “Where are we?”

Amy looked away, “Khivar’s palace.”

“What?” Maria sat up abruptly, stopping when she realized she was nude under the bedding. She covered herself rapidly. She looked around for clothing and saw a white dress similar to the one Amy had on.

She absently reached for it and it flew to her.

She sat there stunned holding the dress.

Amy continued, “He saved you. I know everyone says he is dangerous. And that may be true. But he was able to get you out of there.” She turned back, her face white and full of tears, “I have never imagined a scene like that. That something like that could even exist let along that you would suffer it.” She began to sob.

Maria gathered the blankets around her, holding the dress in one hand she moved to hold her mother. She simply let herself relish in the feel of her mother’s touch and something happened.

She knew she shouldn’t be so open and so sure that this was indeed her mother. Alex had been replaced, so had she. Wouldn’t it be possible for someone to mimic her mother.

But Maria KNEW it was Amy. She could feel it. And for just a moment as they held each other there was a brief moment of contact as for a moment their souls were conjoined as they once had been when she had been a babe in the womb.

She would not, could not forget how that soul felt. And with her new senses she could simply tell.

Amy gasped with a mix of surprise and pleasure. “Maria! Thank you. I love you so much.” She turned grim, “And that is why I need to leave you here.” She shook her head, “I think I begin to understand my ex-husband now. Why he wanted you to… well that is neither here nor there. I wanted you to be normal, to be human. To be with me. And he accepted that choice, even if he didn’t agree.”

“You are leaving me here?”

“Yes.” She looked back at her daughter, “I know you always wanted something better than Roswell. Well this my dear is it. You will have more opportunities to grow than you ever would have back home. Moreover you will be safe.” Amy’s voice was worried, “I didn’t realize just how valuable you would be to some people. Khivar will use you too, of that I am sure. But you will be safer here than any other alternative. And you will be able to learn to protect yourself. You could learn much better here than at home. So yes. I want you to stay here and learn as much as you can. And when you can I want you to visit me. I doubt you will want to live on Earth any more than your father did.” She looked at herself, “And I can see why.”

Maria looked at her mother, felt as a part of her rushed into her mother looking for anything that might be wrong with her. And found nothing . Her mother was in perfect health. “What is wrong? You are fine.”

Amy smiled, “I am better than fine. I haven’t felt this good since high school. And I think I have even lost some weight. That damn cellulite is gone and,” Amy began to cry. “My roots are black again. I am young again, Maria. I feel young.” She blushed and then glared at Maria, “And you will be careful. I don’t know that I will ever fully trust that Michael, but these men here are simply looking to use you. And not just for your body. They know you are a protégé of Khivar’s. And Dominic’s daughter.” And she sighed again, “And Michael’s Chosen. You are hot property right now so, try to keep on the straight and narrow.” She blushed again, “As hard as that might be.”

Maria shook her head. Some things would never change.


Alex was practicing when he got the summons.

Lady Malindara sat on her bed. “Come to me Alex. We have scored a great victory today. And I need to celebrate.” She began removing her clothes. “I think today I can do anything.” She chuckled. “Anything at all.”

Alex sighed and began removing his own clothes. It wasn’t that he wasn’t going to enjoy this. He would. But sleeping with Malindara felt wrong. Having sex with Sara had felt wrong too, but in a different way.

With Sara he felt like he was betraying Isabel. With Malindara he felt like he was betraying mankind.

But at the same time, he had grown fond of the woman. How could he not? She was a generous lover, eager to please him as much as she demanded he please her. And each time he slept with her he could feel a part of him grow ever closer to her.

For despite all his fears he was afraid he was falling in love with the devious woman.

And while they slept he felt a familiar echo begin to attach itself to him. Isabel was dead again. And there was no way he could save her. Not now.

His friends had failed.

He couldn’t help the tears for his now dead love. Her spirit rested in his soul, and he would never be alone. But he would never feel her in his arms. Instead it would be Malindara.

And he would simply have to live with that.

For now.

He went back to sleep and dreams filled with his true lover. For in his dreams Isabel was waiting and here at least she was awake.


Liz rubbed her belly. She could almost feel the child growing within her. Which was silly, because even now, even with the faster alien pregnancy the baby was simply too small.

Although she did feel a tiny bulge in her abdomen. She had talked to several of the healers here about her child. They had all been excited at the child’s existence, if horrified at the lengths that had been taken to insure its survival.

The Illiaster battery had been cut from her almost immediately upon notice of its existence. Max had helped heal her.

His Aelowey mother had not come to see them yet. The rest of the staff had been kind but made sure they stayed in their generous rooms and the garden attached.

It was here that the Queen Mother came upon her. Liz was wearing an Aelowey style robe over her human undergarments. She knew the servants were laughing at her because of her prudishness, but not wearing anything other than a robe bothered her.

And the Aelowey were so casual about things. Liz blushed. She had already been propositioned several times. By men and women.

Or rather they had looked almost like men and women. But the Aelowey didn’t look exactly human, but rather an uncanny almost human. The eyes were a little larger and not as deep set. And the extra joints on the hands and toes. Small things. Easily looked over. Even their distribution of hair on their bodies….

Liz shook her head slightly. She had tried to think of what differences there had been in the development of the Aelowey verses Human. They were so close, but you could visibly see there had to be distant developmental differences. She wondered how many teeth they had. She hadn’t been able to count yet.

She looked down at the ring her mother had given her. The Arledal seal. Others here had seen it and had gone silent before simply continuing on with their tasks. It was odd. Having it made some of them fear her and others look at her as if they expected her to go berserk at a drop of a hat.

One grizzled soldier had simply smiled and said, “I don’t know where you are from Miss, but you bring a blood line of honor and glory to this House. It’s about time this bloodline of noble pansies got a dash of fighting spirit again.” He shook his head, “Don’t get me wrong, they have been good for this country, and I would follow Carena anywhere against anything, but a little backbone in the Royal Line won’t hurt.”

Five days. She had been here for five days. And yet the Queen Mother had not shown herself. What were they going to do here?

Had this all been some horrible mistake? Certainly Max was broken over the loss of Isabel. Both of them had felt her die when she had hit the ocean. And Michael. They had felt his loss as well

It was hard on Max. Hard on her too. Because all of this had been done for her. She was the one at fault.

Max didn’t see it that way of course, taking all the blame on himself. They had found some level of peace in each other’s arms but aside from that Max had withdrawn into himself.

She heard a rustle behind her. She turned and saw the Queen Mother, who looked at her strangely.

“So,” The Queen Mother began, “You bear the crest and signet of the House of Arledal. In fact the ring you bear names you as Heir to that Line.”

Liz simply said, “Yes.” She wasn’t about to pretend to be someone she wasn’t.

“Are you aware that Line is supposedly extinct? It’s last member slain or sent off into slavery.”

Liz raised her chin, “Not my mother. Her name is Nancy Parker, but here she was called Demestris Arledal.”

The Queen Mother hissed and moved back. She glared at Liz for a moment and then sighed, “A stupid thing to hold against you. Here I have been arguing against blood fueds my whole life and here I am not above it myself.” She shook her head, “You do know what your mother did?”

“Yes. And I am sorry.” Liz blushed and sighed, “And yet not sorry. I am sorry for your loss, but I would never have met Max if he hadn’t died all those years ago.”

The Queen Mother sighed and stuck out a hand, “This is how you do it right? A hand shake on your world? A gesture of good will?”

Liz grasped her hand and shook it, “Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

The Queen Mother said, “Bah. I will teach you the correct manners when we have say a state dinner, but unless it’s important you can call me Carena. Otherwise we will both be ‘Your Highnessing’ each other all day. I wasn’t born into nobility and find most of it incredibly tedious.”

“I grew up in a democracy. You can call me Liz.”

“Hmm. Well, I must ask a favor of you, Liz.”


“I want to make sure that the child is indeed the Heir. You see this is entirely unexpected. I had heard that Max held the Seal, but for it to pass naturally to a human. Well, that is somewhat unexpected.” She moved closer to Liz, “If I may?”

Liz nodded. She gasped as she felt the touch of the older Aelowey’s mind. So very powerful. And yet the touch did not harm her.

Carena nodded. “It is true. You do carry the Heir. Fascinating. I wonder how this would have changed things had the plan actually worked.”

“What was your plan if you don’t mind my asking?”

The Queen Mother turned away, “I always wanted to visit Earth. Only three worlds have developed any advanced humanoids, and that is somewhat a loose term for the Hist for all they have changed.” She was silent for a moment. “Or rather there were four. But that fourth world is lost for good, Creator make it so.” She shivered. “And Earth was ruined in the war that destroyed the Forgotten. Most of the survivors came to Antar or settled other worlds. It was always assumed that Earth would heal. It never did. A handful of survivors that were missed or refused transport off world managed to survive in that ravaged world and became the world you know. Your current civilization is in the beginnings of its fall, just as Antar is. I sent the Granolith there to help Earth recover, both from the ancient fall and the more recent one that will strike within the next century or so.”

Liz looked at the alien woman in shock. “What went wrong?”

The Queen Mother simply said, “Everything. Everything went wrong.”
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Re: Silence ... (CC ALL, Adult) Prologue - 03/02/12

Postby PML » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:25 am

So here we are. Note this part takes place five years after the prologue and the next few parts will also cover decent blocs of time until we get to near modern day.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. I will even try to keep it a weekly thing too. No real promises, as Life is subject to constant interference with my writing. Hope you continue to enjoy. Oh, and the Former Queens plans for Earth are the essential point in the third and hopefully final chapter of this series. It will be touched upon in this one though.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Lets just say the Queen Mother had a plan and our heroes ruined it. Pretty much completely. But Liz and Max and the Queen Mother are putting their heads together on a new plan. One that will take years to ready themselves for.

Silence Part One


Maria got out of the cutter and looked down at her ensemble. It was an expensive hand woven zynath gown. Zynath was a complex fabric that interacted with the wearers aura. Both color and transparency were dependent on your mood and control.

Right now her nerves were showing, throwing ripples of red and orange along the clear blue mist she had set it for. It had been well over five years since she had seen Liz. And those years had changed both of them.

She wanted to present herself as being in control of the situation. Calm and serene. That she had nothing to hide. Maria took in a deep breath and let it out. Trust in her training.

Serene. She was in control.

Jarik, one of her armsmen said, “You don’t need to prove yourself to her, Doma. You said she was an old friend from your home.”

“Yes, but five years…”

“A blink of the eye, my Doma. You aren’t on Earth anymore. You will live a lot longer than only fifty years.” He fondly looked her up and down, “Plenty of time to get serious with life. I hear your friend already has children. And she is only twenty!”

“Twenty-two. You don’t understand. We spent our childhoods together. Like siblings… Um no that means something different to you, like almost twins.”

He chuckled, “Well just be careful. We will be here to back you up if you run into trouble. But the boss seems to think that this Liz Evans is above the board.”

Maria nodded, “Five years or five hundred, Liz would never hurt me. Not deliberately.” She stopped, “She will offer to save me at least once.”

Jarik’s expression suddenly became highly impassive, “Do you think you need rescuing?”

Maria reached over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, “I will be back in a couple of hours. If anything happens I will let you know.”

Jarik smiled back, relieved, “Yes Doma.” He then whispered something into his comm-link to the rest of the entourage that she routinely travelled with.

Maria nodded and walked onto the Royal Estate. She could feel the sensors and defenses bristle at her as she moved forward.

The Royal Estate was perhaps the heaviest protected area on the planet, possibly excluding Khivars Palace. This was made all the more creepy by the fact you couldn’t see any apparent defenders.

But they were there. Countless attempts had been made on the compound. All of them had failed. Badly.

The old Queen Consort had been an expert bioengineer, the hybrids being some of her work. But some of the defenders were supposed to be altered plants and animals.

She couldn’t help but raise her personal defenses. The Zynath gown a solid black. The weave she wore also had a kinetic barrier woven into it. The faster something rushed her the harder it would recoil. But would it protect her if some plant smothered her?

She walked along the path into the Estate.

Five minutes of walking later she had to wonder. Did anyone actually live here?

A small raven haired child stood in front of her passage. He must have been just shy of five.

Maria couldn’t help a small smile form as she saw him stand so stiffly, like a little mini-Max.

He said, “Doma Maria Deluca-Madigan my mother is waiting for you just across the hill. If you will follow me.” He started walking and looked behind him to make sure she was following.

Maria was laughing slightly. The little mini-Max was even dressed like Max. Dark jeans and button down shirt. Not Antaran fashion at all. Was it Liz or Max who decided to dress him as if he were still on Earth?

Liz was dressed similarly, almost making Maria feel nostalgic for jeans. Liz was softly singing to another small child, a girl. There had been rumors of a second child, but that information had been held close. She looked to be around a year old. She was small but had intense piercing eyes. The little girl smiled and laughed and waved at Maria.

Maria found herself waving back.

Liz set the little girl down and looked over to her son, “Zeth, take Velya over to the playground and play with her. I want to speak with Maria.”

Zeth looked gravely at his mother, bowed slightly to Maria and said, “Yes mother.”

Liz set Velya down and the little girl ran on half steady legs at Maria. Where she slammed into her leg with admirable force.

Some of her sparring partners didn’t hit her as hard. Maria looked down and was amazed at how deep the golden brown eyes seemed. In her head she heard, Mine. I choose you.

What the hell?

“Velya! Zeth, take your sister and go play. Now!”

“Yes mother.” He walked over and half carried the small girl from a stunned Maria.

Maria just looked up at Liz.

Liz just looked after her two children. She said softly, “I was almost afraid this would happen. That she would choose an outsider.” She shook her head, “Not that I don’t love you or anything, but I doubt you will stay here.”

“Trying to save me still, Liz?”

Liz sighed and looked at Maria. “No. In many ways you have more freedom than I do. And I have read and thought about what you have sent me.”

Maria moved forward, “And?”

Liz sighed, “Even if you are right, and Khivar isn’t the complete bastard we thought him to be… He is still a manipulative bastard. You say he even has admitted it to you.” She raised her eyebrow in expectation of Maria defending her much maligned protector.

Maria could only look away. She didn’t want to lie. Not when it would be so easy to find out. She had always tried to base her friendship with Liz on an honest basis. Otherwise what was the point?

Liz could only chuckle ruefully, “As I said. He is highly manipulative. And while Max is happy to find Khivar is not his sworn enemy, he isn’t quite ready to risk himself yet openly. To support anyone, mind, let alone the man who most believe is responsible for his death and fall from power. We need a solid power base to support anyone.”

“And you are building it.”

Liz smiled, “Yes. We are. But I didn’t invite you here to argue politics. I wanted to see you not just an image.” She stood up stiffly and walked over to hug Maria.

Maria felt her friend’s warm body against hers. A brief flash of passion flared through her. An image of her and Liz intertwined and pleasuring each other. How else to show how much she loved the other woman?

Maria backed away awkwardly and tried to regain control. But tell-tale swaths of crimson and pink swirled amongst the mist like garment. She could already feel the tiny catches on the gown that would send it cascading to the floor and leave her in her naked glory.

Liz looked at her, “Is something wrong?”

Maria smiled wanly, “Sorry. I have been amongst the Aelowey for a little too long.”

Liz looked at her for a moment taking in Maria’s still pink and crimson zynath dress, all but transparent underneath the swirling colors. He face then whitened and then flushed. Her hand flew to her mouth and her eyes widened with shock. “With me? You were… thinking about me?”

Maria looked away. “It’s a different culture. Maybe Earth will be like this after they wipe out all the diseases and the pill has been standard for a few millennia. I don’t know.” She turned back to face Liz, “You do know a bit about the subject Max theoretically rules.”

Liz laughed awkwardly, “Some. Still the first time Carena offered.” She shook her head. “They do their best to not shake me too badly up. But it is still awkward. I am married to Max after all.”

Maria began laughing softly, “How does Max take it? Happy about it?”

Liz scoffed, “He doesn’t like to talk about it. Maybe if it were just the women offering, well that would be something. But…”

Maria had to chuckle at that. Straight laced Max staring blankly at some poor confused man who had only been trying to be friendly. Michael was probably as bad.

Her thoughts immediately darkened. She didn’t like thinking of Michael. It hurt.

Khivar had claimed he wasn’t dead, and she could still feel him distantly. But why had there never been a word or communication sent? She knew he was alive and that was all.

She looked at her friend. There were many contacts Liz or Max would have that would not talk to Khivar or anyone affiliated. From the little she had heard Michael was with one of them. She desperately wanted to ask. But her pride wouldn’t let her.

So instead she calmed herself and continued the conversation, “Awkward I am sure. But when in Rome…”

Liz sighed, “Maybe. But I am still me. You grew up with Amy. Maybe you’re a little more open minded about it all.” She looked at Maria and blushed again, “No, change that, you definitely are more open minded in that regard.”

Maria placed a hand on Liz’s shoulder and caressed it slightly, sending a pulse of energy as she had been taught in class. She structured the pulse to put Liz at ease and calm her friend. She couldn’t help but spin it to increase desire. “So is this because of Max, or because of your own lack of comfort in your sexuality?”

How had she not noticed how beautiful her friend was? And motherhood had filled out her frame admirably.

Liz looked at her and sighed with pleasure, “Both I think. Maria, I can’t okay? I just can’t!”

Maria looked at her old friend. She hadn’t been in the woman’s presence in more than five years. And those years had changed them both. Maria could see in Liz’s eyes that Maria could push this. She could seduce her friend, but their friendship would not survive. Liz would never forgive her.

Max would, Maria thought. She licked her lips at the memory of Max. But no. She would never do that to Liz.


There were limits. And she would never cheat on Liz. But then, was cheating on Max any better. She had loved him platonically back in the day.

Maria backed away, “Sorry, just in the capital…”

“So I have heard. What about Michael. Do you ever think of him?”

Maria said softly, “Yes. But it is perhaps best if you ever see him to tell him I have moved on. That I have changed too much over the years. I am not the same Maria Deluca he remembers.”

“He still loves you.”

Maria whirled about and stared at Liz. “He is alive? You have heard from him?”

Liz smiled. “I wish you had come a few weeks earlier or better yet a few months from now. I would have brought him to meet you. But we didn’t find him ourselves until recently.” Her voice became somewhat sorrowful, “But then he is like you now. He has adapted to his new life. But he asked me, he asked me about you.”

Maria smiled and tried to keep a tear out of her eye. “What did you tell him?”

Liz was still sorrowful, “That you were doing well. That you were attending the most prestigious university in the Capital and making a name for yourself.”

Maria chuckled, “Yeah, who thought I would be the university student, huh? Let alone doing as well. But I don’t know, how they teach here just clicks with me. It is a lot of work too.”

“Outside of all the casual sex,” Liz said dryly. Sitting back down near the tree.

Maria chuckled, “Well one of my classes is Advanced Sexual Techniques.”

Liz had raised a glass and had started to sip when Maria mentioned that. “Please don’t do that while I am drinking!”

Maria laughed and sat down across from her friend. She grabbed a glass and filled it with a brilliantly colored wine. She laughed and took a sip. “It’s a real class, one of the four physical education classes I am taking. And harder than you think.”

Liz said dryly, “I bet.”

Maria regaled Liz with tales of the city and the university where she spent most of her days. Liz talked of her own life and motherhood. She didn’t mention anything about training.

But Maria was an alpha class psionic, she could recognize a peer.

All in all it was a pleasant experience. And it would be repeated. As she left, she found her eyes searching for the little girl that had somehow marked her.

Velya ran up to her and gave her a large kiss. Velya then glanced at her older brother who came over and kissed Maria as well. His stiffness seemed gone, “See you later Aunt Maria.” WE WILL BE WAITING


Alex stood there over the weeping Malindara. Their third child was dead. Still born.

It had lived the longest. Thirteen weeks. For thirteen weeks Malindara had carried the child. For thirteen weeks they had thought that maybe they had finally succeeded.

But no.

He had Sara and his children by her to buoy him up. Malindara had no one. Her family hated her. That much he knew. Her mother still lived, but all her still living siblings hated her with a burning passion.

Lady Malindara was chief among the Traditionalists, some said the actual head of the movement despite her age.

Alex didn’t know. He did know that a woman he had come to love was deeply in pain. And so he comforted her.


Michael knocked at the door. It was nice to be back on Earth, even here in dusty old Roswell. Sure he was weaker here, but then so was everyone else. In fact the engineering that had gone into his body insured he was less weak here than the others.

A nice nifty gift of fortune that he had used to move lots of Earth goods to the various colonies, even to Antar itself.

Sure none of the weaves or devices had power lines woven into them. Sure they were more fragile or delicate. But that only increased their value seemingly.

Plus who knew there would be such a market in bootleg copies of consumer electronics? Sure they weren’t as capable as something made by some craftsman on Antar, but the humans of Earth might not have quality, the certainly had quantity down to an art.

And you needed these toys to listen to Earth movies and music. It tickled Michael to be selling this crap to the oh so haughty Antarans.

And it was so profitable. He had his own ship now. It was small maybe, but it was his.

Amy answered the door. She looked well, younger almost. He could almost see her daughter in her.

God how he missed Maria!

He had been far from celibate over the years, but still wanted her. He had been following her academic career through Dominic’s contacts, and then later through some of his own. He had even visited the capital once or twice.

Now that was a sick and twisted place. Maria might not see it from the cloud level view she had at the moment, but it was not a nice place to be. Not if you were a normal guy.

And it didn’t even matter all that much if you were Aelowey or human, both pretty much were having a tough time. Even the less numerous Hist suffered.

Michael wasn’t quite sure how to fix all the problems he had seen. But that wasn’t his job, really. For now he was a smuggler, and then later. Well, who knew what he might end up doing?

Amy backed away, fear crossing her face. “What brings you here?”

“Hold it. I am not here to hurt you. Just here to say hi. I know you work for Khivar, so does Dominic. He hasn’t leveled a hit against you. And he won’t.”

Amy stood at the door, “Then why?”

Michael raised his hand up, “Right now your daughter is having the time of her life in the Capital. She is finding out who she is and is learning so much. And it may be that she won’t ever look at me in the same light again. But I still love her. And one day, when she isn’t ensconced in her privileged life I will tell her that. And if she allows I will never let her go.”

Amy’s face wrinkled into a mix of confusion and amusement, “Michael, are you asking if I would support your proposal to my daughter?”

“Yes. I already have her father’s, and while that might not mean much, I still would like your blessing.” Michael rubbed his eye ridge.

“You haven’t seen the girl in over FIVE years? What makes you think she will even give you the time of day?” Amy crossed her arms across her chest, but she couldn’t help but smile.

Michael nodded, “Yep, that might happen. And boy would it suck. But I would live with it. See, I haven’t entered her life again so that she can grow. Grow without me being a dragging factor. But I have a feeling that at the end of the day she will be the same Maria. Grown and much stronger, but still the same person.”

Amy shook her head, “You are insane, and you know that right?”

Michael smirked, “So I have been told.” He tilted his head, “So do I have your blessing?”

Amy was shaking her head, “If she still wants you, sure. But, Michael, I have been to the Capital in Antar. And there are far better fish in the sea. But if she chooses you, I guess I will support it.”

“Thanks. I will let you know when the wedding will be.”

Amy had to laugh, “In what ten or twenty years? Or maybe never?”

Michael nodded seriously, “Exactly. But I think it will be sooner than later.”

Amy simply said, “Why?”

Michael shrugged and said, “Just a hunch.”

“Alright then, keep me informed I guess.” She shook her head and began to close the door.

Michael stopped it. He lifted up a brief case she hadn’t seen. “I still need to talk to you, if you don’t mind.”

Amy rolled her eyes, “About what? You already know my politics, you have already asked for my daughter’s hand. What more do you want?”

Michael’s face was absolutely blank, “Business, Ms. Deluca. The other may happen or not. But I think we both have an opportunity here. Between your contacts and my business plan…,”

“YOU have a business plan?”

Michael looked at Amy with a grin, “I told you Maria wasn’t the only one growing here….”


Max sat at his old booth and waited. Upstairs Nancy and Jeff were finishing their packing. His own parents would be coming by in about an hour, so he still had time.

Being here in the Crashdown again brought about a mix of nostalgia and chagrin. Had it really taken a gunshot to finally talk to Liz? Had they really been that shallow?

So much had changed.

But the insane front buttoned teal waitress uniforms were still the same. As was the alien décor. There were different movies and shows referenced. But still the place felt so much the same.

He had even visited the old balcony and retrieved Liz’s old journal that had been left there. Still safe in the little hidden cubby she had placed it in. Not that it had stopped Nancy from finding it.

He sighed. The in-laws had taken some persuasion to join with him on his return to Antar. His own parents had been easier, his father having retired from full time work at his law firm.

Only Nancy knew how much longer they would all be around after they went back to Antar. The others probably just thought they would be going into their golden years with their grandchildren.

No he wanted his father to look into the legal code that had formed in Antar and give him some clues how to fix it. If it could be fixed at all. His mom could help him if she wished, or…. There were millions of tasks he needed people he trusted for.

His own faction, the Royalists certainly could not be trusted. They hadn’t even told his Antaran mother that he was coming home. They hadn’t told her much of anything as it turned out.

Good thing she had had her own contacts. Unfortunately those were mostly limited to Antar.

He looked over at the cheerful blonde that was greeting the guests and acting as the host. Who would have thought that Tess Valenti would be happy running a restaurant? But she was. To the point where she was now part owner.

Tess caught his eye and walked over to his table. “Finding everything to your liking, Max?”

“Yes.” He looked down at his soda, “You could come with us, Tess. You and Kyle and your daughter.”

“Someone has to stay here, Max. You know that.” She smiled, “Roswell is my home now I am happy here.”

Max looked up at her. He could visibly see how she had aged slightly. She was still healthy, still very fit. But Max could already see the effects of Illiaster starvation in her. As he had with all the people he had met and talked to here. All of them dying before their time because of a lack they didn’t even know about. “Will you at least let me heal you? Isn’t five years enough penance?”

She smiled at him, “Can you do the same for Kyle or for little Jessica?”

Max sighed.

“I am not going to let my daughter and my husband have to watch as I stay young as they grow old.” She shook her head, “And that is final. Heal us all or nothing.”

Max had already helped Jessica. She doubted Tess would notice. The girl had already carried the right genes, she simply hadn’t had them activated. Not until Jessica’s powers developed. But the soft smile the little girl had given him, chewing on her bright blonde curls, had made not helping the little girl impossible.

Kyle would understand. Probably approve once he understood exactly what Max had given to his daughter.

Hopefully, Tess would be as forgiving. Liz had said the woman still had a part to play. Different from the one she had once played, but still potentially important.

“I will be back, Tess. There are still things to do here on Earth.”

“Besides trade? I know Michael was full of ideas. But what do you need form Earth, Max?”

Max kept his face impassive, “We were sent here for a reason, Tess. It wasn’t to go back home. And one day we will be back to fulfill that mission. And on that day I would like to have you and Kyle at my side.”

Tess asked, “What were we supposed to do? Nasedo always said….”

“He was wrong. Maybe that is what he thought, or maybe he just wanted to go home. I don’t know. I can’t tell you much; it’s still in the planning stages. And we are missing people.”

Tess said sadly, “Isabel.”

Max flinched. The death of Isabel had affected him harder than he would have ever expected. It had been like a part of him had been stolen away.

“Yes. I have found Michael. And I am hoping that Maria will help me. That maybe she can pick up at least some of what Isabel would have done.”

Tess nodded slowly, “That might work. Lord knows, Liz replaced me.”

“I am sorry Tess.”

“Don’t be. I am happier this way.”

Max looked at her sorrowfully.

She said, “No really. This is so much more than I expected. So much more real.” She waved around at the Crashdown. “I mean the whole thing is the ultimate in irony don’t you think? All this alien memorabilia, all owned by an actual alien? And all the teens that drop by here. I am close enough to their age that they warm to me, and sometimes even listen to my advice. No, I think I live a better life than anything I expected. I am happy here, Max. I really am.”

They chatted about inconsequential things while Max continued to wait. And every so often would catch a fleeting glance of old images of Liz or Maria or Michael.

There was a ring of a bell and two teens came through the door. The girl was tall and blonde, fashionably dressed, the boy tall and lanky. Max’s face lit up until he realized that no, it wasn’t Isabel and Alex.

Liz said to have hope. That somehow there was a chance of it all coming out right. But still even after five years, Max could find no way to win Alex free of Malindara or wrest Isabel from the ocean floor.

Liz said they couldn’t force it. That it would not be their actions who saved either of them. They had other tasks and things to focus on.

Max wasn’t so sure. But if he did not have faith in fate or destiny, he did have faith in Liz. And so he still had hope.

If only in her.
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Re: Silence ... (CC ALL, Adult) Part 1 - 03/10/12

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And here we go again. I decided to write a brief little story to reignite my muse, and it appears to have worked. For now. Wish me luck, and I do hope you enjoy this part.

keepsmiling7- thanks.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Unless things change, and that is certainly possible, Michael and Maria are in for a bumpy and possibly tragic ride. Isabel isnt gone, they just have to somehow recover her body, as she reforms where her body is. Lying now on the bottom of the ocean, she would just die again almost immediately.

marymary- Thanks. Not quite. Hope you enjoy.

sonia62- Thanks. And here you go.

Silence Part 2


Alex walked away from the dinner he had just spent with Malindara. He wiped a tear from his eyes.

She was going away, into Seclusion. The need to present an heir, to have a fully functional person able to inherit her House was simply to important to wait now. Now if she died, her House would be disbanded.

He himself would be fine. He owned a decent amount of property in his own right now. He could even set up his own Major House if he wished.

But Sara… She was still a slave, still owned by Malindara’s household. And she would not sell her to him.

Sara was one of the gilded chains to keep him here. Alex knew that. He knew that the mother of his children would be sold to pay off Malindara’s debts and Alex would likely never see her again. Only if he were lucky enough to be able to afford her.

But she was alpha class. Alex hadn’t really understood the implications. Had not understood the magnitude of the gift she had been. The combination of intellect, beauty, and talent that she possessed were not common. She had extensive gene therapy and other expensive treatments done to her invitro.

Which answered one question for him. Sara was NOT Maria. The technologies and techniques that had been used on her, and indeed on his children by her were expensive and rare even here on Antar itself.

Whoever had been Sara’s real parents they had been rich or of the high human nobility before being reduced to slaves.

Or worse, they had been convicted of High Treason and destroyed.

Alex shuddered. He had studied the Balance under his tutor for some time and had come across a significant amount of unpleasant material in his studies. Things so dark that even though it was traditional, Mali agreed with him they needed to be discarded.

What was he going to do? He longed to be with Isabel, longed for a life on his terms. He sighed. He didn’t even know how to find her, let alone be with her. Her body was still trapped on the bottom of the sea.

‘I am sorry, my love.’

It is fine. I know you are doing your best. I haven’t thought of a way to save my body either. I am just happy that I at least have this, that I can be with you.

Alex clasped his hands together behind his back and sighed, ‘but it hasn’t been enough.’

If it happens it happens. I am willing to wait and to be with you like this. I love Sara and the kids. I don’t want you to leave them anymore than you do. In fact, I want you to promise me that you won’t abandon them to my sister’s mercies. She cares for you somehow. But she is evil, Alex.

Alex said aloud, “I promise.”

“Promise what and to whom?” Sara walked up to him smiling. She moved close and whispered, “Your hidden Isabel perhaps?”

Alex backed up and looked at Sara.

She said, “I know all about her. We have talked. And more.” Sara blushed.

Alex directed a thought at the spirit of his lover that resided inside of him, ‘What is she talking about?’

Just that we have come to an agreement. Even if you save me, I still want Sara to be with us.

Sara said, still blushing. “Sometimes she bodysurfs me. When we make love. It, it….” Her eyes grew dazed and awed at the memory, “I have never had such an experience before. I, I think it has almost ruined me for other guys.”

Alex said wryly, “Almost.”

Sara was blushing even harder, faint traces of sweat pooling at her temples. She grabbed his hands, “I have managed to pass off the kids to one of my friends. Will you, will both of you join me?”

“You are kidding me, right?”

Two to one, you are out voted. You can mope later. Better yet we can make it so you don’t mope at all. Right girl?

Sara said in English, “Right.” Sara pulled him to his private quarters. “And I cleared your schedule, although your Tutor does wish to speak to you at some point tonight.”

Alex nodded and let himself be led. He needed to clear his mind before he met him though. Needed to let go of his pain.

This could work. Feeling maudlin over a program that was doomed to failure was simply stupid. Still thirteen weeks….

He found himself flung against the bed post, his hands bound with , well he wasn’t sure. Air maybe? WTF? Sara was powerful but not like this.

The leer that came from Sara’s eyes, was all Isabel. Or more appropriately, all Vilandra. Alex swallowed. He felt himself lifted and his clothes ripped from his body.

Sara/Isabel/Vilandra cooed, “We are going to try something a little different tonight.”

Alex’s last thought before his lover (, er lovers? What was this situation called?) tore his clothes off was where was Mila when he needed her….


Maria paced in front of Khivar’s private study. She knew he was busy, but she was simply too excited.

One of the guards tilted his head. Probably in communication. He turned to her, “Go in, Doma Deluca- Madigan.”

She bowed briefly and walked into the study.

Khivar was seated behind the desk, hands steepled. “So Maria, what are you up to now?”

Maria smiled, “I have just been offered a place with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They have accepted my application and I am now officially an agent of the ministry.”

A look of worry passed across Khivar’s face, “Maria, you know how dangerous this could be. You may not realize it, but you have a great deal of influence, and that gives you a great number of enemies.”

“I do understand it. But I want to do something positive for my adopted home. I want to help Antar hold together and recover from this long slow slide into decay. Even you can see it!”

Khivar nodded and sighed, “Yes I see it. I have been fighting it myself the whole time.” He looked away, “So have your friends. Even your father in his own way. It is a pity we are all at odds as to how to save this world and its culture.”

Maria said softly, “I wish there were a way to bridge that gap.”

Khivar said, “Perhaps someday. But for now, we all do what we can on our own.” He turned to face her again, “I never thought I would actually feel this way, that I would care so much. But please, Maria be careful. I can’t protect you from everything.”

“Maybe I want to protect you for a change?”

Khivar smiled sadly, “If you do, make sure you keep yourself safe, okay?”

Maria moved across the room and hugged him. She knew this was dangerous. But the rumors she had heard…. Khivar needed someone looking out for him now more than ever.


Michael looked up from the plans he had salvaged and began making changes and improvements. The fighter he and the other hybrids had brought to Antar had been highly advanced, but still it had used old technologies.

Using what he had managed to get from sources both on Antar and on Earth, this ship would be the most advanced piece of hardware either world had ever seen.

Michael just prayed it would be enough.


Liz gazed into the pond and listened to her children play. They were safe. Even if her guards were overcome, her mother was with them.

Nancy and Carena had started off on a bumpy start. As should have been expected. But now two years after Max had brought their parents here, Nancy was now a known and loved member of the local court.

As was her father. He would be bringing some of his burgers and fries soon enough. It wasn’t something she let her children eat often, but it was a taste of their Earthly heritage. One that Liz was proud of.

She had expected her parents to settle down. But after a few months, her father had gone crazy from boredom and began work on a restaurant. With Nancy to help him, he was able to make a fully functional copy of the Crashdown Café her on the Estate.

Some things never change. Her father had even asked if she wanted to go back to work for him. He had been surprised perhaps at how vehement her refusal had been. But her work now was not only fascinating, it was crucial to their hopes of the project to come.

She concentrated on the images in the water. She didn’t need water at all, or any reflective surface, but it made it slightly easier. She didn’t have to project herself to see things either, she would just project her eyes and the images would come.

The past was static and hard to read unless she was actually physically there, but it was always true. The present was always in flux, but it was reasonably trust worthy. The future could only be termed chaotic in nature. Seeing things was easy, but they were just as often lies. The closer the image was to the present the more definite it was.

Somethings were certain. Three more years of peace. Three more. Four if they were lucky and made the right decisions.

And everything in this world and on Earth would go to Hell if she couldn’t manage to gather together all of her old friends for one last adventure.

One that Liz was fairly sure not all of them would survive.

Liz patted her belly and the child that rested within.

Three more years. And one more child before she left, possibly never to return. She cooed to the unborn child, “One more sister or brother. And then I go to war.”

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Re: Silence ... (CC ALL, Adult) Part 2 - 05/21/12

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And here we go. A couple days early even.

GreginClearwater- Thanks. Let's hope. But I think I have solidified the thread this story will follow. In my mind at least.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Liz can read the future. She knows that war will strike at a certain time so she is trying to have and enjoy her family while she knows she will have it. And she knows that when she goes to war she will have four children. You will see a bit of it in this part, and it is a small but critical part to this story.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Liz has a plan, or rather plans. As for Alex, well his trials with the insanity aren't over yet. But he is seriously looking for Isabel. Hopefully his plan works.

Silence Part 3


Alex slipped back into the bed where Sara lay sleeping. That had been a wild romp. Was it Isabel or Vilandra who had begged him to let Sara carry a baby for them? He loved his kids, but Sara had already carried three for him. Didn’t he already have enough hostages to Fate?

Sara had been willing. Had mentioned several positions that supposedly increased the chances….

It had been bad enough when he just had to deal with one woman. But two, or heaven help him three? All in the same body mind, but still….

He needed to find Isabel’s body. That would help this some. And it would allow him to find a way out of his current situation.

His Tutor had a suggestion. It had frightened Alex when he found out that the strange man knew, after finding out that Sara knew as well, it made him wonder who exactly didn’t know. Had he kept it from Milandara?

As much as he cared for her, he knew that Milandara would stand in his way to bring Isabel back. If only because the woman knew how much he had loved Isabel, and would lose Alex for good.

Which was true.

Alex took a deep breath and concentrated. He let the mind of Isabel sleep on, sated by the actions earlier. Maintaining a possession link like that was very draining, more so since she had let Sara remain awake during the process.

No best not to disturb any of the women in his life with this.

He let his mind drift into the balance and followed what seemed to be a nearly invisible cord to her remains. He then superimposed his image into the body and healed it.

Alex could feel the Sand from the Balance pour into the world and reform Isabel’s body, could feel as his mind drifted into her newly reformed brain. Once doing something like this would have seemed completely alien. But Isabel’s mind and soul had resided with him in his body for so long, he knew all the intricacies of his love’s complex thought patterns.

He gasped for air and felt as high pressure water flooded into his longs. He felt himself dying, drowning.

But before the body died again, he made a careful measurement with the tools his Tutor had given him. And gasping he awoke in his own body.

He could feel Sara cling to him. He lay there taking in deep gasping breaths. Taking in all that wonderful and sweet tasting air. So very precious.

Three more times at the very least. Maybe as many as five. This would be tougher than he thought.

He turned to face Sara.

Her eyes were worried, “Are, are you okay Alex? For a moment it felt like you were gone. I could still feel Isabel, but you, you were gone.”

Alex kissed her softly on the forehead, “Just doing some work. If it works, maybe I can find Isabel again.”

Sara looked both happy and worried at the same time. “That is wonderful!”

Alex said firmly, “Know this Sara, I will not abandon you here. I can’t promise our life will always be like this. But I will not leave you and the kids. I love you all too much.” He smiled, “Hell even if I did want to leave you, Isabel would never let me. I will see you safe and loved if it kills me.”

“You don’t…”

He shook his head, “Yes I do. It is who I am. I may care for Malindara, but I know what she is. When I leave, you will go with me.”

Sara just held him tightly.

And in her embrace he fell asleep once more.

Maria sighed as she washed herself off. Using her body like this was a bit demeaning, even if the sex had been decent. But she had had better and likely would not have chosen her current ‘client’ had she a choice in the matter.

But he was deep inside the Traditionalist Alliance, and from the information she had gathered a coup was coming. Dianerik promised to protect her from what was coming. The annihilation of the last free humans, and their total subjugation under Aelowey rule.

Maria shivered. Michael had writen in those increasingly political letters he had been sending her this last year. Trying to open up her eyes.

The fact that the censors had let her read it meant that Khivar might not agree with all of Michael’s political positions, but that he had wanted Maria to see what Michael was writing.

That Michael might not be right, but that he was definitely not wrong. Antar was sick. Possibly dying. And things needed to change.

Hopefully what she was doing would help foster those changes.

Maria certainly hoped so.

Maria looked at her itinerary. Great. Alex would be at the next party. And better Malindara was in Seclusion, and so Maria wouldn’t have to worry about that witch.

Maybe things were looking up.


Max watched over his children, watching as they played. They weren’t truly fooling him. He knew they had powers, perhaps greater than he and Liz.

They were undeveloped and weak, but still frightening. He turned to his mother; she looked so much better now she was on Antar. “So was it like this with you?” He looked back at his two oldest children, “Watching them play, but knowing in the back of your head they had some sort of deep secret.”

Diane laughed, “You have no idea. At least its normal for you to consider the outlandish things they might be able to do.” She looked down at her enlarged belly, “It makes me wonder what he or she might be able to do, being born here.”

Max had to smile, healing the difficulties that had kept his parents sterile had been easy here on Antar. And the increased Illiaster had worked its wonders on them as well. “I am glad you decided to come back with us.”

Diane simply waved at her belly, “I never thought I would have this chance, never thought that I…” Her eyes began to tear up.

He reached over and hugged his mother. Max was still a bit stiff and cautious, but he had thawed a bit under Liz’s care. As he backed away, he sighed and shifted the topic. “Has dad gotten any further in his research?”

“Antar’s law codes are broken. Badly broken. It was bad enough with the death penalty, but Max the things they do to convicts….. God, it is hard to believe you and Isabel ever came from such a culture.”

“It is not all bad.”

Diane nodded, “That is true. There have been Earth cultures as sick as this one. Just not ones that had this level of technology…. Mind wipes, forced slavery, and, and.” She shook her head, “You know I have always believed in God. I still do. But Antaran technology has proof of souls. That there is an afterlife.” She chuckled, “Their as confused about exactly what happens, but they know something does. And yet, what do they use this information for? To execute people’s souls. Apparently it isn’t enough to kill them in the here and now, but forever.”

Max closed his eyes. Some of that technology was likely what his former mother had likely used to save him. A portion of Zan’s soul in some sort of crystalline matrix. Then matched to a human body and sent to Earth.

Carena had given up hope for Antar and had decided to help Earth, in the hopes it would then help Antar. Or perhaps simpy give Antar an example on which to rebuild itself.

None of them were supposed to have returned. The group in New York had been the set that she had wanted to be found. Found and found early so that everyone would stop looking for the real Royals.

But Max and his pod mates had hatched hundreds of years early, at the same time as the others. Even super science isn’t flawless.

Max said quietly, “We will fix it. If not for my generation, for theirs.” He pointed at his children. “Bad enough we have to live in such dark times. But for my children and for yours and those of all of Antar and even Earth, we will fix this.” His smile became hard, almost wolfish, “Carena didn’t have my Liz last time. Together they will be able to plan circles around everyone. And this time we will succeed. I swear it.”

Diane smiled, “Thank you.”

Max smiled back and looked back at his children. He had to succeed. For them and for his Liz, this plan HAD to work.


“Zeth! You have to save her! She was the one for me, she was to be my teacher!”

Zeth sighed, “She will die. You know this. You can see better than I can, almost as good as Mom. Your Chosen’s destruction has nearly reached Unity.”

“Maybe if we told them. If we told our parents what we have seen?”

“She will still die, Velya”

“Dad died. Grandma Carena brought him back. Maybe….” Her Maria couldn’t die! Not so soon!

Zeth sighed, “It is not the same thing. Dad barely remembers being Zan of Antar. It is part of him, but he’s more Max of Earth than Zan. And from what I have read that is a good thing!”

“We have to save her!” Velya thought hard for what she could do. Maybe Uncle Michael would believe her? She had to try.

Zeth looked at her and in that insufferable way of his sighed, “I already thought of that. It won’t work. It will only delay the end and….”

Velya reached forward and grabbed her older brother’s shirt, “And?”

Zeth gave her a small smile, “Do what you can Velya, I will do what I can. We can’t stop her from dying. From having her soul destroyed. But maybe we can do the impossible. Call Michael, plead with him. If he doesn’t help, there will be no saving of Maria. He is her only hope.” His eyes grew distant, almost black, “Just as she will be for him.”

“Thank you, thank you!” She said hugging and jumping into him.

Her brother merely held her close. “We won’t be old enough or strong enough to help our parents in this coming storm, but we must do what we can.”

Velya nodded through her tears. Time to make a plan and then carry it out. But tonight she would convince Michael to do what he could to save his love.

With her brother’s help she couldn’t fail.

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Re: Silence ... (CC ALL, Adult) Part 3 - 06/01/12

Postby PML » Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:00 pm

I will try my best not to be so long between chapters. Part of it was that what was coming for Maria was so horrific that I think it kept me from writing it. But today I had time and I was determined to actually put something to paper. This is what came of it.

Hope you folks enjoy.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Feel sorry for him? Not really. But he finally wants to get out of the situation he is in. And Sara and his kids are basically hostages for his good behavior. He will pay a price for their freedom, do not doubt it.

AvalonRose- Thanks.

Sonia62- Thanks. And sorry for the wait. I will try to do better.

Silence Part 4


Maria could help it no longer. The tears simply wouldn’t stop. This had sounded like such a good idea. She had always liked sex and had thrived on being inventive and creative. But this was too much.

This wasn’t about pleasure at all. Those who were hurting her were enjoying her pain and shame. So were those who were watching her. How had she gotten into this?

Her mission at least had been a success. She had all the information she needed. And the people back at headquarters would be pleased with all that she knew.

Assuming that her current handlers didn’t simply kill her for the further enjoyment of the crowd.

Maria was scared and in pain. And totally humiliated. She had lost fine control of her body as well, it wasn’t producing enough lubricant anymore, and she felt pain as another one of the guests came up to enjoy her charm. The pain as he entered her.

Save me.



For a brief moment a five year old girl looked up at her from the crowd.


Run little girl. It isn’t safe. Run!

Run little human! It isn’t safe for our kind here. These Aelowey are cruel. They will hurt you!

The girl looked into her eyes and Maria knew her. Velya.

How? Why?

Velya smiled sadly at her, He is coming.

And Velya was gone.

Suddenly she heard a large argument. The voice was loud but calm as it recited passage and codicil of the law. Something about the legal treatment of cortesans.

Alex. Alex was here.

Lord Aric walked over to her and caressed her cheek. “She is on my estate now. The law is what I decide here. No stupid court is going to accost me over the niggling death of a mere human commoner!”

Hope flurried in her mind. Yes. That is right. They have overstepped their boundaries. I am not a slave. I am free. They may think I am just a commoner, but even a commoner has rights.

“Stuff it Alex. We have done it your way. I didn’t render this place into a pile of radioactive rubble. But if these bastards don’t release Maria to me now I am going to start getting angry.”

Maria knew that voice anywhere.


How could her heart soar and at the same time plunge into despair? For him to see her like this, to see her degraded like this….

And yet. He was here.

In a hoarse voice, she said in English, “Please, Michael. Help me!”

Lord Aric sneered at her, “You think a couple of humans can just barge in here and take our entertainment from us?” He waved his hands and a couple of men flipped her over, leaving her pale belly exposed.

From this angle she could see Michael and Alex fighting a bunch of guards. Despite being out numbered they were winning.

Aric reached out and was handed a dagger like device. It was covered in an elaborate filigree that all ended at the top. He placed a large amber gem, similar to a healing stone at the base of the dagger. “You know, I wish I had time to do this right. For me to be plowing those fertile human loins of yours. Still so young and tight, but experienced. You have no idea how much I have looked forward to doing this to you. To one of your family, the hated Madigans. Twisting Khivar’s nose is just an extra bonus.”

And he stabbed her in her belly, a few inches above her sex.

The pain was indescribable. She cried out in agony.

Only there was something worse to come. The filigree on the dagger lit up and PAiN!

It was abstract and strange, as if a part of her that had never felt pain before was touched and torn, sucked into the gem at the top.

She struggled against her bonds, and despite every movement causing the dagger to move inside of her the existential pain was so much worse than anything that her physical body could. She could feel as her personality collapsed.

Her mind became strange and alien. And she remembered no more.


Zeth walked over and took his tiny sister into his arms. He kissed her cheek and said softly, “You knew this would happen. The other situations were worse. If she had been excecuted….”

Velya opened her eyes, such a bright golden color, so different from his own darker eyes, “Tell me this is going to work! Tell me I can do this!”

Zeth smiled fondly at Velya. She was only five and still so easily scared. But he would protect her. He couldn’t protect his father or mother yet. HE was too young. But Velya?

He would do anything for his sister.

Even the impossible.

He smiled down at her, “You will do fine. I can’t say it will be easy. Just be ready. Okay?”

She looked up with him, complete trust in her golden eyes. “Thank you.” She closed her eyes again, more tears spilling out. But her demeanor changed. He recognized it. Mom looked the same when she was adamant that he WOULD be taking a bath or that he WOULD be going to sleep.

Nothing would stop her from enforcing her implacable will.

He gave his little sister another kiss and then closed his eyes to do his own part. In many ways he was tremendously strong. Much stronger than Velya.

But there were things she could do that none of his might would ever be able to do. To cradle the falling and failing soul of another? His heart simply wasn’t open enough.

Not like Velya.

But then that wasn’t what he was made of and for. He was like his father. Justice and Temperance were his bailiwicks. He would protect his family.

For a brief moment he thought about asking for Dad’s help. He looked over at his parents room.

No. Convincing him, let alone his mother would take too much time.

Time Maria simply didn’t have.

No, he would accept the punishment that would come from his actions.

It would be worth it.

If only to see his little sister smile.

Zeth closed his eyes and focused. And once more he was back standing next to his sister, watching as Maria was killed.

He longed for the days he could take direct action. But it would be years before he would be ready to do that. For now, he would do what he must. He looked down at his sister’s projected form and smiled at her.

She looked up at him and with a pained smile simply nodded.

They were ready.


Alex used deft jabs of power to incapacitate his foes. They wouldn’t normally be fighting him, and he didn’t really like to kill people anyway.

Alex sighed as another one of Michael’s targets caromed across the room, injured, possibly seriously. The man simply didn’t know subtlety when it came to combat. He was so strong he simply tossed people around.

At least he wasn’t powerblasting.


Alex had persuaded him that actually killing large swaths of Aelowey nobility would serve very little purpose. Although seeing what they were doing to Maria was beginning to make him wonder if he had been right to do so.

A brief image of what he would do if it had been Isabel flashed through his mind.


Michael was being the soul of restraint.

He looked over at Maria and saw that one of the Aelowey nobles was stabbing her. “Stop you fool! If you kill her….” His face paled at the weapon they were using.

It was a Soul Razor.

He needed to stop this. Immediately.

Alex stopped being nice. Stopped being refined. Every blow was now fatal, their bodies disintegrating as Alex cut the connection each had on existence.

Knowledge of the Balance was EVERYTHING.

He had to hurry though. Because if they killed Maria like that, if that was truly a Soul Razor… He had after all only read about them, but the description had been very thorough….

IF that truly was a Soul Razor, it would strip Maria’s spirit of all its potential, causing both the body to go into a coma and the soul to die.

He was almost to the men manning the shield barrier holding them at bay when the gem lit up, blazing with all the potential energy of an eternal soul.

Alex was not alone, Michael broke through the barrier. The Aelowey guards tried to stop them, but Alex hit them first, their bodies turning to dust where they once stood.

The Aelowey noble stabbed at Michael, “Join your lover in eternal death, Michael Guerin.”

Michael blocked the stab. “I don’t even fucking know you. And I guess I never will.” A flick of Michael’s other hand and the dagger fell to the floor, the golden gem still blazing with Maria’s once vibrant energy.

Lord Aric wasn’t even a pile of ash. He was a shadow on the wall. An after image burned into the wood work.

Michael reached over and placed his hands on Maria’s belly. “Alex get over here. You can heal, right? This is too serious a wound for me….”

Alex walked over and picked up the dagger. He sighed. “Michael. She is dead.”

“Alex get over here, she is still bleeding. You promised you would help me. I would save your Isabel if you help me save my Maria!” Michael was crying, “Come on baby, stay with me. Stay with me.”

Alex walked over and healed the empty but still living body. Still living.

But empty. A beautiful mansion with its tenant dead. And more than dead. He looked up at the energy still encased in the jewel. All that was left of Maria.

One tear and then another slipped down his cheeks.

Michael kept calling to the empty shell. The pretty living doll that had been left behind.

He looked up at the glowing gem.

Maybe. Maybe there was a way. He would need to contact his tutor. He might know of a way.

Alex said softly, “We need to go.”

All around him the remaining party goers, those that had not been involved in the fight, were taking the opportunity to flee. A few stunned guards tried to stop them. Part of Alex wanted to kill them. But there had been enough death here already.

And so they left.

There had to be a way to save Maria. There had to be.

Alex had saved Isabel against all odds. Well, they still needed to remove her off the sea floor, but he knew where she was now. And Michael, Michael if he survived this, had the means to recover her body.



Liz stared at the ceiling.

Things were too quiet. Max had gone already, needing to make an early trip to one of the military camps he had set up. Risky yes, but without the military force, none of the other groups would take them seriously.

She could see the future, or much of it, and yet she still worried. She could only prepare for the most likely events. But the unlikely happened often. So many variables. So easy for one person to skew any long range forcast.

Max would be safe. She was sure of it.

So why did she feel this sudden dread?

The door was knocked open, a fearful Zeth cradling his little sister. “Mom, you have to help us. It was the only way we could save her, so we had to. I, I knew it was risky, but I, I didn’t think it might hurt Velya. I, please Mommy, help Velya!”

Liz got up quickly. Zeth was highly protective of both his siblings, but he was closest to Velya. Little Mikarath was still too little to do much, so that wasn’t a big surprise. She looked over at her youngest, which now stood in his crib looking serious and staring at his big brother and sister.

Zeth rushed as fast as he could with the weight of his sister. “Please mommy!”

Something was horribly wrong if Zeth was that rattled. He truly was very much like his father, always trying to stay calm and controlled. To show fear this openly….

Liz reached over and plucked Velya from Zeth’s arms.

Velya snuggled into her. “Mommy, I did it. I saved her.” And for a brief moment she opened brilliant green eyes. “I saved her. So tired. Sleepy.” She snuggled and wrapped her tiny arms around Liz.

Liz shook slightly and looked down at the frightened eight year old. “Tell me everything that happened.”
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