A New Beginning(CC,All, mature) Ch 11 02/10/12 [WIP]

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Re: A New Beginning(CC,All, mature) Ch 9 01/19/12

Post by blxgyrl18 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:31 pm

Carolyn- thanks for the feedback on both boards I definitely appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

Eve- Yes I would have liked to seen my version too lol but alas there are too many detail for it to fit in like that..glad you feel it is more realistic that's what I'm aiming for. Very true about the rules! Hope you enjoy this chapter as well.

Ginger- Glad to have ya back! Hmmm...as far as Jim and Amy spouses I haven't quite decided yet but I plan to go write some more now so who know what may pop up lol....Again thanks for reading...

Timelord- Glad that you enjoyed it hope you enjoy this one as well.

On to chapter 10 hope yall enjoy it ~Christina

Chapter 10

~Saturday Morning at the Deluca Household~

“Tess, hurry up and quit hogging the bathroom. I have to get ready to. Its not like we have time to

impress the guys this morning. I mean, our parents are going to be in the room and that’d be

totally disgusting. It’s bad enough that we’ll have to watch Mom and Jim slobber all over each

other.” Maria rambled standing on the outside of the bathroom door.

“Maria, quit complaining you take longer than I do that’s why we decided years ago that I would

get the bathroom first. You know I don’t like to use my powers to clean off. Everything else I do

with my tricks as you like to call them but not my shower. I’m almost done in here.” Tess hollered

in response which caused Maria to shake her head and return to her room to decide on her outfit

for the day.

Maria decided it was time to step up to the plate and admit to everyone that she had feelings for

Michael. ‘Ok, well maybe not everyone just the girls, but I have to do something to make him

make a move.’ Maria thought as she pulled out a pair of jean shorts and a green tank top. After

having revealing the truth to both Liz and Tess she felt a sense of relief and peace. She had been

hiding her feelings for too long. She might not confront Michael all the time but she knew that he

still visited her dreams often, she could sense him there just like she could sense him when he was

around now.

Maria might like to pretend that she was ditzy but she remembered a lot more than she ever

confessed to Tess, Liz, Isabel or even her mother. She remembered that this wasn’t the first time

that the group had been together and she even remembered why the group was brought together.

And even though she feared the upcoming month, she had an inkling as to that’s why the parents

wanted to meet. Her and the girls have gotten quite a few memories of each other and had shared

many of them but she also knew that they each kept certain things to themselves.

She wasn’t sure quite how she knew some of the things she did but she had a feeling that she knew

quite a bit more than the others. Most of those memories came to her in her dreams and she was

always wary that Isabel would get bored and try to dream walk her. There were some things she

didn’t quite want the group knowing about yet even though she had no reason not to trust them

with her secrets and feelings. Years ago the girls had gotten together with Isabel and decided that

their dreams were completely off limits, it was a private place for each of them. And lately Maria

had began to notice changes among her little group of friends especially Isabel. Maria was not

quite sure why she was able to detect these things but she planned on having a long talk with her

mother about the things see was seeing and feeling. She is hoping that her mom will be able to

shed some light because frankly she was starting to get scared and worried.

“Earth to Maria, what planet did you drift off into?” Tess asked coming into her room.

“Just lost in my thoughts is all,” Maria replied turning to Tess with a smile.

“Of Michael perhaps,”Tess teased.

“No, not of Michael and how about you? Any thoughts on how to snag Kyle yet?” Maria asked

causing Tess to blush.

“Well, first I think I need to talk to Jim because of some of the feelings I keep getting from not

only Kyle but him as well. You know that there are certain instances that I’ve remembered and I

think that might be why I get those feelings of betrayal from them both. They must be getting

memories and not good ones of me and that scares me Maria. I love Kyle, I have for years and I

guess I have mostly you and Michael to thank for that. You may not have wanted to admit your

feelings but it was so obvious to the rest of us. You and Michael have the tendency to get into your

own little world when you two start arguing so me and Kyle just kind of drifted together,” Tess

said watching Maria avoid eye contact with her. Even though Maria had admitted that she liked

Michael, Tess had a feeling that Maria was keeping more to herself than she was letting on.

“It kills me to watch him go out with other girls and I’m tired of hurting especially when I hear

those girls in the locker room. I know he and Michael are jocks and are expected to date the

cheerleaders but that doesn’t mean I have to stand for it or like it. You know what I don’t get?

How he can just sit around and ignore me. I mean I think I’m pretty good looking and I don’t get

how or why he won’t make a move , it is so frustrating,” Tess ranted anxiously to Maria.

“Tessie calm down before you do something you are liable to regret. I have to say that’s one thing

you and Michael definitely share. You both have a temper that can cause some serious mayhem. I

know how you feel about Kyle trust me, I have seen the….protective measures you have taken

when it comes to that boy. I remember when Pam troy’s hair accidentally got dyed blue. I don’t

care how much you deny it, I know it was either you or Isabel. Isabel’s mind can be so devious

when protecting her friends and Pam just kept taunting you with Kyle,” Maria responed to Tess

hoping to calm her down.

“Ok, so that was me I admit it but I couldn’t help it she made me so mad. I can’t help that I moon

over Kyle, as she put it, but that doesn’t mean she has the right to rub it in my face and get away

with that. I may not want to be vindictive but that doesn’t mean I am not gonna protect what is

mine,” Tess said adamantly causing Maria to raise both eyebrows at her posessiveness.

“Oh, don’t look at me that way you are and have been the same way with Michael you are just a

little bit more subtle than I am and that’s only because you are scared,” Tess said dead pan.

“Ok, you’re right about that I see your point and after we get this meeting over with all us girls can

get together to decided how we are going to play this. And we need to try to get Isabel to admit

she likes alex as well,” Maria replied deviously with a grin which in turn caused Tess to burst in to

laughter and agree wholeheartedly.

~~~~~~~~~Valenti Household~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Come on man, why don’t you just tell me what its all about? You know that I am suppose to meet

up with Kally tonight and I want to be prepared,” Kyle said dropping down to the couch to watch

t.v. before they were suppose to meet the parents.

“I already told ya I wasn’t gonna tell ya, now quit bugging me about it. And besides you know going

on that date is not a good idea, all you are going to do is piss our Tessie off. I don’t care if you see

it or not but the girls is absolutely crazy about you,” Michael said glaring and the shorter boy,

afterall Tess was his sister and Kyle playing the field would hurt her feelings.

“You say that she likes me but she hasn’t shown me that she does and stop glaring at me, I haven’t

done anything,” Kyle replied rolling his eyes at Michael’s behavior. And Kyle knew that Michael

didn’t have much room to be telling him anything he was almost as bad with the girls which Kyle

really didn’t understand. He knew that Michael remembered Maria and that he wanted her but he

never went for her which confused the hell out of Kyle, it was completely obvious to him and Tess

that Maria had feelings for Mike.

‘Guess no matter how many memories we gain we’ll still be teenagers and never completely

understand women,’Kyle thought snorting silently at the pathetic picture he and Michael made.

“Dude, you have no room to tell me anything until you admit that you love Maria and maybe you

should stop playing the field,” Kyle said indignantly causing Michael to snap his head around and

look at him with the evil eye.

“What? What did I say that was so wrong? You know its true so don’t look at me like that. I’m just

stating the truth just like Buddha believes we should,”Kyle shot back causing Michael to shake his

head and laugh at kyle’s antics.

“First off, I don’t play the field as you so succintly put it. I have dated one or two girls and that

was to make Maria jealous. I do want her but she has to come to her own conclusions and you know

how stubborn she can be. I don’t go out with every girl that throws themselves at me unlike you. I

may be a jock but that doesn’t mean I have to follow their rules, afterall I never have before,”

Michael said grinning in triumph as he watched Kyle narrow his eyes before finally agreeing with his


“Ok, so maybe you have a point but don’t go into big brother mode on me. I do happen to like Tess

and I don’t care what you say I still don’t believe she feels the same. I mean, she is outspoken and

has no problem telling anyone anything even when they don’t want to hear it, so why wouldn’t she

tell me,” Kyle asked stating a question he thought would stump Michael.

“That’s easy, she’s scared, you have memories just like I do Kyle and there is no way you can tell

me that she doesn’t have some of the same ones, which means she probably has some reservations

about your feelings and thoughts,” Michael replied and unbeknowst to him he was right on target

with his assesment of Tess.

“Ok, I’ll concede you the point on that one so what do we do about it?” Kyle asked.

“Well, first we go to this meeting our parents want to have then we can all get together and

decide what to do. I am so tired of seeing Max and Liz drool over each other, its disgusting. I think

it’s even worse that Alex drooling over Izzie,” Michael replied shuddering over the sappy picture

that came into his mind. No matter what time or place them two were just too sweet with each


“Ok, sounds like a game plan now lets go and get this over with and quit acting like some girls

rehashing our feelings. And dude, really I still can’t believe you have us watching scooby doo,”

Kyle said standing up and heading for the door as Michael turned off the t.v and followed him.

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Re: A New Beginning(CC,All, mature) Ch 10 01/29/12

Post by blxgyrl18 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:40 pm

Hey yall hope ya enjoy this chapter and thanks for the feedback.

Timelord- Glad that you are enjoying it.

Eve-Yes I don't think Kyle will ever be able to understand girls especially once Tess goes after what she wants lol. Enjoy the new chapter!!!! I always thought Kyle and Tess were not utilized to their full extent in the show.

Carolyn- I know right that chapter was fun to write. And it depends on the guy, I know some that take just as long as females do but seeing as Mi/Ky aren't that worried about fashion I didn't have to worry with them too..Now Ma/Is probably fight over the bathroom lol. Yes I'm sure some drooling will occur and I hope you like when the girls decide to go after their guys although I haven't decided how I'm going let that play out. Anyways enjoy the new chapter

Chapter 11
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Crashdown Café~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“So, we are all prepared the the reprecussions that are going to come from this meeting? I

understand that the kids have kind of an understanding that some of them are different but I don’t

think that they’ve all just sat down and talked about everything. I’ve seen the kids and they have

the tendency to stick together in groups, girls with the girls and the guys with the guys but they’ve

all kind of drifted into separate areas if that makes any sense.” Jim said watching each of the

parents nod in acceptance.

“Jim, are you and Amy sure you want to tell the kids about their parents? I understand that they

both have issues but do you think that letting them know everything is the wisest course of

action?” Nancy asked glancing at both Jim and Amy.

Before Jim could answer Amy piped up with her opinion.

“I think the kids weren’t told enough about the happenings that have gone on over the years. I

hate that I didn’t tell Maria sooner about her father but even though I knew things more this time

around doesn’t make it any less hurtful. I don’t want our kids to go through the same pain that we

did. I feel kind of relieved that you all know about the situation and I know its going to be hard to

tell Maria. I actually think Maria knows more about her father than she’s confessed to anyone. I

just don’t think she fully understands the situation the surrounded her father leaving and I hate

that this may hurt her but I think it will help them all in the long run.” Amy told the group. Even

though the group seemed to accept the situation, she knew that her children would be mad for

keeping them in the dark. She never wanted Maria to feel the pain that she did when Brian left

them. She also knew that he was liable to show up in the upcoming years just to see his daughter

but she wasn’t sure the effect it would have on Maria and she wanted her to be prepared.

“Ok, then I guess that matter is settled,” Charles said as the bell over the door rang as their kids

all started to file into the Crashdown.

Jim smiled in fondness as he watched the kids share a look of trepidation and longing.

“Ok, is it just me or is this just a little bit on the weird side?” Kyle asked breaking up some of the

tension in the room. He could tell that whatever the parents wanted to tell them they were not

sure of their reaction.

“Yes, Kyle it is a little bit weird but there are some things that you all need to know and we tried

to put it off as long as possible but there are some things that are going to happen that we think

you should all know about. Is there anything that you all remember?” Diane asked looking around

at the kids watching as each of them slowly shook their heads.

“I think we all remember a few things and one of the main things is that this isn’t the first time

we’ve been together so to speak I’m just not exactly sure how we all are here again,” Maria spoke

up for the group.

“I know how we all got here Maria or atleast what made us able to get here I just don’t know all

the specifics seeing as how I can’t remember everything,” Liz said watching her parents reaction to

that news.

“Ok, so why don’t you just tell us what exactly you want us to know,” Michael said bluntly getting

straight to the point much to the chargrin of the parents in the room.

“Way to be subtle man,” Kyle snorted shaking his head at Michael’s impatience.

“Well, the reason we all wanted you here was that there are some things you may remember and

there are some things that we remember that we know you all do not know. The main reason,

however is the fact of what started all of you being friends the last life. Do any of you remember

that?” Jim asked watching as Maria sat up a little straighter in her chair indicating to him atleast

that she knew the reason but he also noticed that the other children just waited for him to reveal

the reason.

“Ok, well I guess there’s no easy way to put this but the reason you all were brought together was

because Max couldn’t help but saving an innocent whom he happened to like,” Jim said watching

as Max’s eyes widened and he blushed shooting a quick glance at Liz. ‘Hmm, so Max still has

feelings for her,’ Jim thought.

“Who did he save and how?” Liz asked being the most inquisitive of the group.

“Well..he healed you, Liz from a bullet wound right here in the café,” Jim said watching as the

shock settled over the kids faces but it didn’t take them long to recover as they started asking


“Hey, calm down and listen to what Jim is trying to say,” Amy yelled which caused all the kids to

quiet down and glance sheepishly at one another and cast quick glances at their parents watching

their reactions. The kids were under the assumption that the parents didn’t know anything about

another time or about their “special” friends but apparently they had been wrong.

Diane watched as Max and Isabel shot nervous glances first at one another then at both her and

Philip. She could see the fear in their eyes and understood that they were scared of how they

would be accepted by her and Philip. Diane gave them a nod and a smile and watched as the

relaxed in relief and acceptance. She knew that they would have to talk to them about the things

they had kept from them but she thought that they would understand that all she wanted to do

was protect them and let them have their childhood.

“Ok, so as I was saying. Liz was shot and Max healed her and the date of that particular shooting is

going to be next month. We have all thought about how we are going to prevent this from

happening because that incident lead to pain and betrayal . It brought attention to all of you and

put everyone in this room in danger. What you all have to understand though is even if we prevent

this you all still have enemies out there particularly someone that is going to try and make you

believe he is here to help all of you,” Jim explained shooting a quick glance at Tess.

“Who is it?” Tess asked quietly seeing the worry creasing Jim’s forehead. She knew that the group

was about to find out in detail about her betrayal and she knew that whoever this person was he

had a large effect on their last life.

“His name is Nasedo and we don’t know if he realizes that this is a different time and we were a

lucky this time because we were able to save you from him this time around,” Jim answered giving

Tess a smile but it did nothing to quell her nervousness and fear about the information that was

about to be given to her friends. She knew that Nasedo had had a large influence to what had

happened to her and her friends previously and she did not want it to happen again.

“What do you mean exactly? Save Tess from him how?” Isabel questioned quickly glancing over at

Tess and seeing her fear. And for some reason that Isabel did not quite understand she felt scared

for Alex and gripped his hand tightly.

“Maybe I should take it from here afterall I was the reason that we are even having to come back

in time at all,” Tess said quietly before taking a deep breath and facing the people she loved.

“As we’ve all discussed over the years there are things each of us have remembered and there are

some things that have been kept a secret and this is one of the things I never wanted to explain to

any of you but I guess I need to now. You have no idea how happy I am to be part of a family and

be so close to you all because last time I wasn’t so lucky. Nasedo found me last time and he was

the one who raised me. He thought me things that I shouldn’t have used because of the pain that it

could cause. He also told me things that were grossly incorrect that lead the deaths of not only me

but of Alex as well,” Tess said nervously watching as Alex nodded at her in encouragement.

“You don’t have to do this Tess you know that right. I don’t hate you for something you have never

done to me. Obviously we were able to go back and change things and that’s all that’s important. I

know that you would never hurt me willing,” Alex said grinning at her because he remembered her

betrayal just as much as she did except that he understood it was not all her fault.

“Tessie, what exactly did Nasedo do? You could have told me everything you know I love you,”

Maria stated quietly as she grasped her sisters hand in support.

“I know that Maria but there are somethings that I just didn’t want everyone to know because I

knew the pain that it would cause. So anyways back to what happened, I killed Alex with a

mindwarp because I wanted him to decode what Nasedo called the destiny book. I have no idea

where that book is now but there are pictures in it that Nasedo told me where what was suppose to

be. But after Alex decoded it, I realized that he had lied but by then it was too late. And I am

guessing that he probably has the book and will try to make us trust him but just because some

things have changed I don’t think he is one of them,” Tess said pausing and Michael took this

opportunity to speak up.

“What exactly is a mindwarp? And what exactly did he tell you was in that Destiny book? I have a

bad feeling I’m not gonna like what you have to say,” Michael asked impatiently.

“I was getting to all that Michael so just hold your horses I’ll tell you everything I remember,” Tess

snapped back at her brother causing everyone to chuckle at the pair and Michael to grin sheepishly

at his sister.

“Now as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. The Destiny book was supposively

something that told us we were suppose to pair up to save our planet and that we were destined to

be each others soul mates,” Tess said as Michael snorted and Amy paled.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Maria asked anxiously seeing her moms reaction to Tess’ statement.

“Nothing baby I’m just a little in shock I guess. I didn’t realize that Tess remember all of that. I

was hoping we were able to shelter her from him this time. And there are some things that you and

Kyle need to know about your absentee parents and this just brings things up is all,” Amy

responded trying to calm down her daughter.

“Ok, but what kind of things?” Maria asked nervously.

“Don’t worry about it right now let Tess finish her part and then we will get into that. There are

things that some of you need to know and we will discuss them with you after this, so continue on

Tess,” Amy responded trying to calm her down.

“Ok, well a mindwarp is making people see something that isn’t really there. I have not used it and

I don’t want to because of the reprecussions it caused. It wasn’t just Alex I hurt by mindwarping

him although his was the most severe. I hurt Kyle and Jim because at the time I lived with them

and I made Kyle help me get rid of Alex. I also hurt each of you by causing pain because you all lost

someone important to you. I swore to myself that I would not use that power once I started

remembering all the things that happened. And I make a promise to each of you now that I would

never do anything to hurt you,” Tess said as tears started sliding down her pale cheeks. And this

caused the group of teens to tell her adamantly that they knew she would never hurt them and the

girls descended on her for a hug while the guys just rolled their eyes at the display.

“Ok, Tess I don’t think we have to go into that anymore but I do want you all aware of Nasedo and

if you happen to come to someone that tries to tell you he is your protector then you need to be

careful and to let us adults know what’s going on . One of the things that I regret most about last

time was the fact that I was the only parent made aware of all the happenings and since this time

we all know quite a bit then I do not want you to fear that you cannot come to us if something

happens or if you all just need to talk. I’m sure that we will still act as your parents so don’t think

that just cause we know means that you can all run of if something were to happen,” Jim said

sternly looking at each of the kids to get his point across.

“So, you think he’s going to come to us and something is going to happen. Well, dad I have to

agree with you there. It may seem weird but I feel like something is about to happen but I don’t

know if it’s a bad thing or not I can’t tell and that worries me,” Michael said quietly meeting Jim’s

eyes as the bell over the door rang causing the group to all turn. And before anyone could say

anything Amy gasped as Diane fainted sending the room into total chaos.

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Re: A New Beginning(CC,All, mature) Ch 11 02/10/12

Post by blxgyrl18 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:31 pm

Hey yall sorry its been so long since I have posted an update RL is so not fun sometimes and my brain didn't want me to write apparently either. Anyways I was able to write one up so enjoy and again thanks for reading. Enjoy! ~Christina

Chapter 12
As the children stared at the new arrival in the café, Philip was trying to rouse Diane

and Jim stepped up in front of the whole group as if to protect them for the person hovering just

inside the doorway. Michael watched as his father instructed the person to step forward slowly and

for some reason he didn’t quite understand, he knew that the person that had just revealed

themselves was not there to harm but to help them.

“Jim, you know who I am there’s no reason to feel threatened,” the visitor said smiling slightly at

the protective man standing in front of her. ‘God, it’s been so long and it’s so nice to see my

family again.’ She thought wistfully and watched as Philip was finally able to rouse Diane from her

faint and she watched with trepidation as the frightened eyes of Diane met hers. She was happily

shocked when she saw the tears welling in her old friend’s eyes and held out her arms as Diane

scrambled up quickly to embrace her.

“Oh, how I have missed you and was so worried when I didn’t hear from you again,” Diane gushed

tightly holding to Elaina. She finally realized that the rest of the group was staring at her in

curiosity and worry.

“Oh, sorry I guess we should explain,” Diane said sheepishly.

“Let me,” Elaina said taking a long look at each of the kids in front of her before zeroing in on Max

and Isabel.

“Oh Di, they are so beautiful you will never know how much this has meant to me and I’m so

thankful to have a wonderful friend like you. Do they know yet?” she asked Di but kept her gaze on

the children.

“We haven’t gotten that far in our meeting yet. We planned on revealing all this information today

and you gave us a shock by coming in. What has happened El? Why are you just now here? How long

have you been here?”Diane shot off the questions quickly while all the children just stared in

amazement at the sight in front of them.

“Diane, let me take a seat and I’ll explain to you all what has been happening for the past few

years. I know you are all anxious to find out what has been happening in my life and as for you kids

I’m sure you all are still wandering who exactly I am and that will all be explained. I would

appreciate it if you gave me a chance before interrupting. I am just glad that I am here to help

your parents with the information that you are about to receive. I know some of it will truly shock

you but I’m hoping it will help you as well,” Elaine said glancing around the room taking in the

various faces around her.

“Ok, El before you start let me say something. First off, I’m glad to see you again and I’m sure

there are things that we will all learn today because for some reason I feel that there are many

things that we do not know and that you can only give us the answers too. On that same note there

are things that I want to reveal to my children so if you know any information about Brian then I

would prefer you wait until I can speak to both Maria and Tess about certain things and I believe

that Jim would agree with me.” Amy spoke quietly and watched as El gave her a nod making Amy

realize she knew the whole situation surrounding Brian and Kyle’s mom.

“Mom, I know you have things to tell us but I just wanted to say that no matter what it is I still love

you. And I hate that you are this nervous,” Maria said quietly as to not broadcast her thoughts. No

matter what her mother thought she knew more than she ever let on and she hated to

acknowledge the truth behind her father’s desertion but it looked like it would soon come to light.

She hated it most because of the pain it would bring up for her loved ones but she knew that if the

situation was kept quiet it could potentially hurt them in the long run especially when Nasedo

showed up, of which she had no doubt it would happen very soon.

Maria returned from her thoughts to see the slight smile and nod from her mother and turned to

Elaine to learn more of her history and her possible future.

“Ok, well let me begin by saying how proud I am of your little group here. I wish I could have been

here for it all but I knew a long time ago that it wouldn’t be possible. I want to thank each of you

adults for taking such good care of the kids and I know that you love them as much as I do possibly

even more because you have been here. First off, I want to address Max and Isabel and want you to

understand how much I love you even though you don’t know me. You both know that you were

adopted and you know that you are different from most of the world and I don’t know how happy

you will be hearing this but I am your mother. Wait, wait, wait no interruptions remember! Please

just let me get this all out. I know you probably feel betrayed but there is a reason that I let Di

raise you. She was the person I was closest to in the world before I met your father. However,

there are things from our ancestors home that I never wanted you both to deal with but it seems

ultimately I can’t control everything,” El said quietly watching as the emotions raced across

everyone’s face most prominently curiosity at the information they were learning.

“Ok, so you are their Mom but why couldn’t you keep them? And we all know that Michael and Tess

are different as well? Are you any relation to them as well? Do you know what happened to their

parents? Why are you here and how do we really know if we can trust you?” Liz fired rapidly as she

was the most inquisitive of the group and very protective of her “special” friends.

“You are such a beautiful girl Liz and it’s so nice to see the relationship between you all. As you

know there are things that happened in your last time that caused rifts and I’m glad that this is not

the case here. It was a good thing when Amy saved Tess and Jim saved Michael from a life they

never should have lived. Unbeknownst to them though they were placed with Jim and Amy even

though they were not aware. I see more than you all think because that is one of my gifts. I have

the power of foresight you see and although not everything is always clear I get feelings as well

and being that I knew each of your parents at one point or another I knew how well you all would

turn out. There are other things that I will not be able to reveal today because there are certain

things that your parents should explain first and then I can give you more answers,” El answered

glancing over at Amy and Jim and recognized the acceptance and understanding in their eyes.

“I guess I should start out about why I am here and why I chose not to keep my children with me.

I’m not sure what all you remember about my planet but in our culture, depending on your station

we get selected or we pair off. The most common practice however; is to have the higher stations

chose whatever mates they want or the parents pick for them. As I mentioned I have the gift of

foresight and that let me know if things to come that I never wanted for my children. I knew that if

you both stayed with me then you would be chosen to marry mates you did not pick. Luckily for me

even though I was picked by your father I also happened to fall in love with him. However that is

not always the case and for those who do not follow along with the selection process it can be very

devastation not just emotionally but also is considered unlawful. I know who your chosen mates

should have been and now that our planet is in despair many enemies have spread the rumors

about your supposive mates.” Di said before sipping her tabasco laced coke.

“Who were their mates?” Maria asked dreading the answer and squeezing on to Tess’ hand while

sending glances towards the brooding boy in the corner.

El turned her gaze to the blonde haired green eyed pixie across the room and gave a soft smile

thinking Michael’s mate was a perfect match to him. It made her wistful to see the group because

even though they hadn’t paired off quite yet she knew that she had missed much of their life and

that made her happy and sad at the same time.

“Well, if things had gone the way many of our people wanted then Isabel would have been with

Michael and Max with Tess. However; before you all get upset that is why me and my husband

decided to send all four kids away because we wanted to change things. Your father had so many

ideas to make Antar a better place and we put many into practice. On that same note though there

were others with just as much power who wanted things to be very different. That’s the main

reason I am here, technically I am in hiding but you all are my family and there are some things I

will never completely sacrifice and that is each of you. I had to come inform you all that there will

be forces coming very soon that will try to break each of you apart. I also found out about the

other timeline and I am completely in awe of it because no person has ever had that power but you

all each bring something to your family that has never been there before and that makes all the

difference. I must go back in hiding because until any of you four pick your mates I am the only

descendant to the throne. And as to your earlier questions Liz, Michael and Tess are the children of

my husband’s best friend who also happens to be his second in command,” El said sharing contact

with each of the children to make sure that they understand all the information she was giving


“That’s also another burden I never wanted my children to have. I wanted you both to grow up in a

loving and carefree environment and to an extent you have. When I walked into the room I could

tell there are things each of you remember so you aren’t as ‘young’ as you should be but you don’t

have the pressure that you could have and I’m so thankful to your parents for that,” El explained

before turning specifically to Michael and Tess.

“Your parents loved you so very much they called you two their miracle babies because Alyssa was

told she would never be able to conceive but I think that a great power knew that you two needed

to be here with this group and you are. As of right now your parents are standing in my steed

because they know how important this trip is to me and the fact that I cannot appear in public

without taking a chance of getting killed. I have never been afraid of death but I am not ready to

put the burden of a planet in the middle of war in your hands until I’m sure that you are all ready.

As I’ve said before there are forces at work against you but know that I can be easily reached

because I have sent some of my most trusted advisors and trainers here to help you be ready for a

time hopefully very far in the future. There are things you will have to learn to protect yourselves

from the current forces and I have no doubt that you all will be very good pupils. With that said I

think I will leave you all to the rest of your meeting and know that all you have to do to get in

touch with me is send a mental signal and to learn that you only have to go to one of your own,”

she said smiling slightly as she turned to Maria.

“You are one of the strong empaths that I have come across and though you may not realize it that

is why you are able to communicate with those closest to you. I sense that you believed it was

because of Tess but it’s not. Just like I can tell that you already know some of what your mother

will tell you that’s why you will be the most accepting. On that same note you have to be careful

because people will try to use that against you. I have sent a special person to help you develop

that power. Now think about all I have told you and talk to your parents and each other and if you

have any questions all you have to do is call. I will contact you later Diane if I don’t hear from any

of you within the next week. And remember I love each of you and always be safe,” El said nodding

at Jim and smiling at Di as she turned to leave.

She left a quiet and stunned group behind her and as one they all turned to stare at Maria waiting

for an explanation.

“Mom, I think it’s time we had that talk.” Maria exclaimed quickly pulling her mother to the back

of the crashdown.