The Bones in the Spaceship (XO,Bones,TEEN,CC) Ch10 12/7[WIP]

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Re: The Bones in the Spaceship (Bones XO, CC, Teen) New Ch.1

Post by Buffsteraddict » Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:01 pm

Okay, so you guys have waited long enough for an update. SO sorry it took so long, I really have been busy with University. But exams are almost over so I'll definetely be updating more during Christmas break. This part isn't the longest, but you guys have waited long enough, lol. Thank you to everybody who has left feedback, I love you all :D :)

Chapter Ten

Liz could not believe what she was seeing before her. She knew that Isabel Evans had always been a huge party planner – organizer – in better terms she was known as the “Christmas Natzi” when it came to Christmas. Not to mention the number of parties, birthdays, special events she had organized during her lifetime.

But this was beyond anything she had ever seen.

“What is this?” Angela asked in awe as she took in the situation that lay before her very eyes.

The rehearsal dinner was being held at a hall on the outskirts of Roswell. This was the most luxurious hall that any of them had ever been to. The front of the hall included V.I.P. parking. A red carpet had been rolled out and several cameramen were standing outside simply waiting to take pictures of the guests who would have to walk the red carpet in order to get inside.

“And this is only the rehearsal diner.” Sweets said. “Can you imagine what the wedding will be like?”

“Fake Paparazzi, is this for real?” Booth grunted. The four of them were waiting inside the S.U.V. There was one car in front of them – the guests were getting out of the vehicle and the valet was getting a hold of their car so that he could take it away.

“I refuse to let that guy go park my S.U.V.” Booth said groggily. “This is a federal vehicle.” Angela rolled her eyes. “Relax will you? You guys need to loosen up a bit.”

Finally it was their turn to pull up to the front. The valet opened up Liz’s door and she stepped out first, momentarily being blinded by the camera lights.

“This is so fun,” Angela laughed, posing for the cameras. She took a firm hold of Liz and dragged her to her side. “Smile!” Liz was not smiling. She hated events like these and tonight was no exception.

“Okay, okay, moving along,” Booth said, taking a hold of Liz’s arm and pulling her forward. “Got to get inside,” He gently but firmly took a hold of her arm and guided her inside, Sweets and Angela following behind. Liz hated when he did that.


Liz spotted Maria right away, waving from across the room, a drink in her left hand as she ushered them towards her. Liz did not feel comfortable whatsoever being here right now. Her body was here – but her mind was back in that lab with those boys.

As if sensing her thoughts, Booth leaned in, “Don’t worry about it. The guys will have it figured out in no time-they’ll call you if anything.”

“You look beautiful,” Maria said, appearing in front of her and pulling her friend in for a hug. “All of you, you look amazing.” She added, smiling at Booth, Sweets, and Angela.

“So do you,” Liz replied, giving her arm a small squeeze.

“This is, um, quite the party.” Angela said, reaching her hand out towards Maria. “Hi, I’m Angela. I’m the best friend,”

“This is Maria Deluca.” Liz said.

“The other best friend,” Maria replied coolly with a smile. “If you will excuse me, I have to go get myself another one of these,” She motioned to her empty glass of wine before turning and heading towards the bar.

“Uh oh.” Angela said, freezing and looking at Liz. “Did I say something wrong?”

Liz sigh, “No, I guess… I guess the best friend thing just got to her.”

“Ahh,” Sweets stepped in. “Was that the former best friend?”

“Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry.” Angela said. “I really didn’t think.”

“I’ll take care of it.” Before anybody could answer Sweets took off after Maria.

“Maria!” Sweets said, putting a hand on her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks.

“What?” Maria said, whipping around. “I’m sorry.” She said apologizing and running a hand through her golden locks. “I-uh”

“Reacted completely normally.” Sweets said, “Don’t worry about it. I know exactly what you’re thinking.”

“Do you now?” Maria’s expression changed, an irritated look coming upon her face. “Enlighten me, because I don’t even know what the hell I’m thinking myself.”

“You’re hurt.” Sweets explained. “Liz is your best friend but you feel hurt and betrayed that she left you all those years ago to pursue her own dreams. You act like it doesn’t bother you – but it does.”

Maria stood there, numb. Tears were building in her eyes but she refused to cry. She merely stood there and nodded, crossing both arms across her chest. “Wh- look, I don’t need a shrink to tell me what to think right now.”

“It’s okay.” He said, trying to reassure her. “It’s completely normal to feel that way with everything that’s happened.”

“You want to go outside and talk?” Maria asked, motioning to the back door of the hall. “I know you’re not exactly on-duty…”

“No, it’s fine.” Sweets said. “Really, I don’t mind.” This was actually quite perfect. It would give Sweets a chance at taking a dig into Liz Parker’s pass. Liz wasn’t exactly the most open person when it came to life before Washington D.C. Despite his best efforts at trying to get her to open up – she never did. Maybe he would have a better shot with her former best friend.

“Where are they going?” Liz asked, watching as Sweets and Maria headed out towards the back of the building. Every fibre in her being was telling her to go and fix the situation but Booth put a hand on her should, interrupting her thoughts.

“Trust Sweets on this one.” Booth said reassuringly. “He’s a good kid. He knows what he’s doing.”

“Where are they going?” Kyle asked, appearing from Liz’s side.

“Kyle!” Liz exclaimed. “You look amazing!” Kyle pulled her into a warm hug.

“You’re the one who looks absolutely beautiful.” He said. “As always, of course. Thank you so much for being here tonight. It really means the world to me.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Liz replied. That’s when she spotted Isabel coming up to stand next to her fiancé.

“Isabel, hi.” Liz said awkwardly. “You look absolutely beautiful.” As always. Isabel could wear a pair of sweat pants and she would still look stunning. Liz leaned in and gave her a hug. “Congratulations, you did an amazing job with the place.”

“Thank you,” Isabel answered politely. “Of course, I got a lot of help from Maria.” She paused and looked at Angela, who was standing there just as awkwardly, unsure what to say as she sipped champagne from her glass.

“Hi,” She finally said. “You look absolutely beautiful. I’m Angela Montenegro, I work with Liz.”

“Ah,” Isabel said, smiling. “Of course. It’s very nice to meet you. Thank you for coming, really. ”

Angela did not like this girl. At all. As beautiful as she was – she sounded like the wicked witch from the west. Not a good feeling.

Liz suddenly wasn’t hearing or seeing anything. Her eyes were glued to Max, who had just entered the hall. Completely unable to pull her eyes away.

“Hel-lo,” Angela said, noticing Max as well. “Who is the hunk?”

“My brother,” Isabel answered, tight-lipped. “I’m sure Liz has mentioned him.”

“Oh,” Angela said. “Wow, okay.” Liz shot Angela a look. “What? He’s hot. Booth is going to have serious competition.”

“What are you talking about?” Booth snapped, having clearly heard Angela’s comment. His eyes met Max’s, and Max stared right back at him. Booth felt himself tense up, his hand unwillingly lingering on his hidden gun. Something was screaming inside of him, telling him to get his gun out. At that point, common sense kicked in, he knew he couldn’t. He saw the way Liz was looking at this guy, and he felt something rising up inside of him against his better judgement.

“Hi, Max.” Isabel said, breaking the tension. She pulled her brother into a hug. “It’s so nice to see you, you look wonderful.” She bend down and picked up her nephew. “Hi, there.”

“Auntie Isabel,” Parker said, wrapping his small arms around Isabel’s neck. “You look pretty.”

“Well, thank you.” Isabel grinned and planted a kiss on his small head. “Parker, have you met our friends yet?” She motioned to Liz. Angela started coughing as she heard what this child’s first name was. Which earned her a nudge in the ribs from Liz, who was trying to keep her cool. Really, really trying to keep her cool. All she really wanted to do was run and throw up.

“Hi, Parker.” Liz said, managing a smile. “It’s very nice to meet you.” Though she absolutely refused to look up at Max.

“I’m Angela.” Angela said, introducing herself to the small boy. “And this here is Seeley Booth.”

“Agent Seeley Booth.” Booth corrected her. “Nice to meet you, kid.” He turned to Liz, “I’ll be at the bar.” Not giving anybody a second look, he took off. This asshole had clearly named his son after Liz.

“What a coincidence,” Angela said, smiling at the young boy. “Agent Booth’s son, who’s about your age, has the same first name as you.”

“Cool!” Parker smiled. “If he’s an agent, does he have a gun?”

“Yup, he sure does.” Angela smiled. “To make sure nothing happens to good people, he always carries it with him.”

“Cool!” He repeated his eyes widened with excitement. “Are you and Liz F.B.I. Agents too!?”

“No,” Angela answered, “We got the boring jobs. We work in a lab. Liz is Forensic Anthropologist, which is pretty much someone who helps solves crimes.”

“But you don’t have a gun?” Parker asked. “Shouldn’t you have a gun?”

“I think I should too,” Liz answered. “But, see, Agent Booth won’t let me. He doesn’t think I need one, though I remind him constantly that I should be able to carry one for my protection.”

“You should” Parker agreed.

Liz could not wrap her head around the fact that she was having a conversation with Max’s son. His son. And at that moment she was painfully reminded that she was not the mother. Tess was.

“I’m sorry,” Liz said quickly, “I’m going to go check up on Booth. I’ll see you around.” Before anybody could answer she made a dash towards the bar, where Booth was sitting, drink in hand.

“So,” Booth said, taking a sip of his drink. “How’s your boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Liz snapped.

“I don’t know,” Booth said, “The way you were looking at him.”

“It’s not like that.” Liz answered. “We’re not the same people we were. We’re older now and the past is in the past. I’m not who I was, and neither is he.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Booth said, “All grown up with a son, a son whom he clearly named after you.”

Stop it.” Liz said angrily, putting her hand up in dismay. “Why are you being like this!?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Booth said, downing the rest of his drink. “I’m just being me. I just hope that you know that we have a job to do here. I need you to be focused on the case; I don’t need you to have your head in the clouds.”

“How dare you!” Liz hissed. “You know I’m not like that. I would rather have been in the lab tonight working than being here and you damn well know it!”

“I need some fresh air.” Booth snapped as he quickly gathered his jacket and brushed past Liz. What the hell was going on with him? This wasn’t like him and even he knew it.

For the first time in a long time, Liz felt tears prickling her eyes. Damn it, she thought angrily. All she wanted to do was go home.