Hunted (UC,Mi/L,ADULT) Interlude - Michael 7/18 [WIP]

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Hunted (UC,Mi/L,ADULT) Interlude - Michael 7/18 [WIP]

Postby Ashita » Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:59 pm

Title: Hunted
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and 20th Century Fox. Lyrics to Hungry Like The Wolf belong to Duran Duran & EMI. Lyrics to Everything belong to Lifehouse and DreamWorks. No infringement is intended. I own nothing, although I'd like to borrow Michael for a few days...ok...make that weeks to months, years? Oh, who am I kidding? I'd like to keep him forever. ;)
Pairings: Michael/Liz; Kyle/Isabel
Rating: Adult
Summary: Post Departure, Liz doesn't get back together with Max. Maria and Michael never had their moment. And Michael finally decides to follow his desires and engages Liz in a sexy little game with interesting results. This started as PWP and some how developed a plot. Who knew?
Warnings: Sexual situations

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Nominated for:

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Best Unconventional Couple Fiction
Best Lead Character Portrayal in UC Fic - Michael
Favorite Lead Portrayal of Michael Guerin

Thanks to everyone who voted!!!!


Thanks to the very talented Whimsy for my lovely banner! I love it!

The Game Begins

Dark in the city, night is a wire
Steam in the subway, earth is a fire

I huddled in the shadows watching her silently, as she picks her way across the cool damp, grass, lazing intense dark eyes over her slight form. Fading sunlight shines across dark molasses hair, as I gaze longingly on the petal pink lips that have been haunting my every thought and every dream. I’ve been watching her for as long as I can remember, starting long before she entered my life that fateful day at the Crashdown; a day two worlds collided due to a heated argument and a stray bullet.

I saw her for the first time in fourth grade, playing with the bubbly blonde pixie that would eventually be drawn into this world of secrets, lies and chaos with us. Leaning against the cool concrete school wall, cursing a world that would never be carefree or secure, I heard a laugh carry on the wind – a lilting tinkle that would change my world forever.

Time slowed as I looked up, locking eyes with this girl, rich mahogany hair cascading over her shoulder, chocolate eyes shining with laughter, her soft smile gleaming. Beautiful. I had never seen anything or anyone more beautiful in my life. She defined beauty in my eyes.

My fixation began that day. I followed her from time to time, covertly observing her as she ran through the park with her friends, hoping for a glimpse of that sweet smile. Hoping that one day she would notice me and ask me to join the revelry, that radiant smile directed my way.

I knew I would never accept the invitation. The three of us had made a pact to keep our peers at a distance, my voice being the most absolute. It was an easy promise to make, as I never anticipated her and the impact she would have on my restrictive world. I tried to fight her pull, knowing that once she had wormed her way into my life, I’d never be able to resist her and couldn’t risk the entanglement.

But I wanted it, wanted her nonetheless.

I did what I always do when faced with something I had no hope of obtaining, I locked them away and pretended they didn’t exist. I was good at denial. She would never know how I felt, never know me, because of who I am, a man forced to live in the shadows.

It should have worked, had worked until that fateful September day. Sliding my eyes shut, heavy-hearted, I remember the day fate brought her careening into my life.

Sitting there in our booth, watching the bullet slam into her as she crumpled lifelessly to the floor and I sat paralyzed with indecision, was a living nightmare. Few things in my life topped the fear she would die and I’d lose the one light in my miserable life.

But she was saved. She lived. I curse and bless that day. And even then, despite being saved by one of us, she could never belong to me, only him. Always his.

He always got everything he wanted in life while I stood on the sidelines and only dreamed she’d glance my way. Pain lanced my heart every time I saw her wrapped in his arms. For a time I tried to bury that pain in her friend’s arms. It never worked. As beautiful and sweet as the pixie is, it’s not her. Could never be her.

So, I grit my teeth and tried to make the best of it, first trying to intimidate her and then avoiding her, failing miserably on both accounts. The more I pushed, the more she fought back and like a moth drawn to a flame, I couldn’t resist being drawn into spell she wove, cherishing each innocent touch. I had steeled myself to living on the peripheral of her world when it happened. Golden boy fucked up, shattering her heart by sleeping with destiny.

She tried to forgive and forget, but the relationship was doomed. How can you forgive someone who repaid your sacrifices with a lack of faith and bald-faced lies?

He had his chance. Now it’s my time – loyalty be damned. For once I was going to give into my desires and take what I wanted.

I’m not sure when my innocent fascination morphed into this primal need that courses through my blood, burning me from the inside out. But when I see her, I no longer think of sweet smiles and innocent touches. My thoughts are drenched in sweet heat, passionate kisses, tongues dueling for dominance, our mouths melded together as I run hands over her soft, silky skin to tangle into espresso-colored strands. Hungers for her soft curves pressed against me, her body pinned under mine.

Breathing hitched, I quell my wayward thoughts, heart thrumming, stomach clenched with need. Taking a shuddering breath, I watch as she halts, glancing over her shoulder anxiously, as if she can feel the weight of my stare. Scanning the bushes, her gaze alights on my hiding place and our eyes meet, her toffee orbs widening as recognition flickers in their depths. Smirking, I pull deeper into the shadows and wait.


Woman you want me, give me a sign
And catch my breathing even closer behind

I know he’s there, that he’s watching. I’m not sure when I first became aware of that electric presence, but now it never leaves me, wrapping around my skin like a blanket. It started with a flutter of awareness; a prickling that sent a shudder skittering down my spine. Eyes burning into my back forced me to stop in my tracks, inhaling sharply, to spin around, eyes frantically darting around me. Of course, no one was there and I chalked it up to high-strung paranoia.

But it kept happening, and I attuned to a familiar energy.

He used to intimidate me. His intensity, the way he looks down at you with cool detachment; his mocking eyes taking in everything, yet remaining untouched to anything outside his circle of friends. His indifference, almost disdain, for the rest of his peers made me nervous before I learned how to read the subtle inflections in his dark sienna eyes.

I wish I could say I’ve always seen him, saw beyond the wall, but that would be a lie. Yet now, I’m drawn to him. Can’t help but be curious about him. Can’t help but wonder about him. He fascinates me.

I first noticed him during our sophomore year, when Maria pointed out that his friend was staring at me. I never noticed. Honestly, I thought she was imagining things until the shooting happened. I was dying that day. My life slowly ebbed, my consciousness rapidly drifting into a dark void when I was yanked from the dark by his friend’s healing touch.

Scrambling up, I watched dazedly as they fled, deep caramel eyes panicking as he roared away from the diner and my curiosity grew. Secretly I observed him, my scientific mind needing to understand. Wanting to know what made him stand apart from others. How can someone so passionate in his beliefs hold it all in behind a wall of indifference? He’s always been an enigma, a mystery to me.

At first my interest was clinical. I think he knew it as their group dubbed me Little Miss Scientist. I believe it amused him to a degree. He liked to watch me squirm, tried to intimidate me from time to time before I caught a glimpse of something I never expected to see in his eyes.

My interest shifted the night he returned my journal. That night, something broke through his wall briefly before he left. A warm feeling that sent tingles down my spine and left my body reeling in confusion before it closed once more. My heart fluttered in my chest, his words making me duck my head shyly, a warm glow encompassing my body. And then I panicked. This couldn’t be happening. I was supposed to love his friend, right? So why did his words affect me so deeply?

I did the only thing I could do – I ignored the flutter and concentrated on his friend for the benefit of the group. I mean, I really did love him. So, that brief flicker of emotion couldn’t be more than just an overreaction to the situation. Anyone would feel the same. Besides, to whom could I confess? Maria? Not likely. Isabel? Yeah right, the Ice Queen barely tolerated our presence. That didn’t foster soul-searching, deep conversations, especially involving her brothers.

Nope. It was a one-time occurrence derived from the heightened emotions of first losing my journal and fearing that it fell into the wrong hands and his intimidation tactics. I was wholly convinced with that conclusion. So why did the thought persist?

Before I knew what was happening, I swept into a fairy tale romance that had all the markings of being the grand love of my life. We were soul mates. Or so I thought until I saw him kissing destiny after proclaiming his undying love to me. Nothing like showing your love by shoving your tongue down another girl’s throat, then blaming her for your misconduct. The same said girl you impregnated and let leave the planet despite killing a friend and ally.

Nothing like having the love of your life handing you a bunch of candy-coated lies and expecting you to happily lap them up because you are soul mates. News flash Maxwell – you may be the King of Denial, but that doesn’t mean I have to play your queen. Me bitter? Just a trifle. I was done with illusions.

After deflating the wanna-be king’s ego, I drove out to the pods to figure out why these aliens held such pull over my life. I desperately needed to clear my head and focus my thoughts. Some quiet time to come to terms with Max’s betrayal, my bitter anger over a lost love and a relationship that was pure fiction.

And then I felt it. My body hummed, burning under a heated gaze that I couldn’t place at first, my heart pounding as I searched the area for those invisible eyes. I don’t know if he’d followed me out or if he’d already been there, drawn to his past, but I eventually attuned to that familiar intensity that always seems to follow him.

My shattered heart warmed and fluttered, remembering a time molten caramel eyes sparked with warmth, promised something sweet. It’s always tugged at a corner of my heart. Now I try to draw him out, wondering if that night will be the night he’s ready to make his move. Ready to act on what simmered so briefly in his eyes.

His heated gaze slides slowly over my body, enveloping me in his silent seduction. Breath skittering, I shiver and halt, glancing over my shoulder to meet piercing, golden eyes barely visible in the deepening shadows. My breath catches and I swallow hard realizing this is the first time he’s been even imperceptibly noticeable.

My heart stutters in anticipation of a possible meeting and my lips part unconsciously, my tongue darting out to moisten their dryness. Clamping my lower lip between my teeth, silently I wait, uncertain if I should continue through the park or force a confrontation. He shifts deeper into the shadows and the decision is taken out of my hands as I turn to finish my walk.

I guess it won’t be tonight, I sigh forlornly. I wonder what will happen when we finally give up the pretense and end this game. My body flushes at the thought, of what might happen then. My fingers lightly scrape across the back of my neck to ease the prickle of awareness, a sigh of longing escaping my lips.

God, let this end soon.


I know she sees me, knows that I’m here. It’s a game that we play – each pretending the other isn’t aware. It adds to the anticipation, the excitement of the hunt. Our eyes clash across the distance and I smirk seeing the desire simmering in them, the need to end our game, but she knows our roles and who’s in control – it’s not her. This ends when I say.

Flicking scorching look over her face, I hungrily watch her pivot and continue down the path before turning to walk the opposite direction. It’s enough to know she’s anxious for the conclusion of our game. To know he no longer consumes her thoughts when she walks alone at night. I’m the one consuming her thoughts, the one who sends her heart skittering and sends that rush of need coursing through her veins.

A predator’s delight sings through mine as I contemplate my next step. We close tomorrow, alone, and it’s time to up the ante. My body thrums with eagerness as one thought crosses my mind – this time she will be mine.
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 10/11/09 Pt. 1

Postby Ashita » Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:36 pm

Drawing Lines in the Sand

In touch with the ground
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd
And I’m hungry like the wolf

It’s closing and finally we’re alone, the diner dark and quiet except for the music she has playing in the background. She sways her hips in time to a seductive, hypnotic beat, her hair thrown up in a messy bun leaving the line of her neck bare, a fine sheen of sweat clinging to her skin.

Watching her from the corner of my eye, I mark her progress through the diner, tracing a fiery path along that long, elegant neck, thinking of how much I want to brush my lips along the nape. Slide my lips over the arch to the pulse fluttering just under the surface, swirl my tongue over the frantic beating, taste the sweet, saltiness of her skin.

Smirking, I give a low chuckle as she scratches at the back of her neck in agitation, as if she can hear my thoughts. Maybe she can. She is changed after all. Finished with the grill, I languidly make my way to the front in stealthy, deliberate steps, her back to me and come to stand behind her quietly. She doesn’t hear my approach, as she’s lost in deep thought.

Flicking my gaze over her, I breathe in her intoxicating blend of strawberries, vanilla and something uniquely her as I lean over her, close enough to feel the heat radiating from her body, my arms caging her in. Fine espresso strands dance as my breath fans over her neck, her damp skin pebbling as I lower my lips and breathe against her ear, “Need any help?”

Startled, she jumps and pivots to face me, our lips hovering inches apart, breaths mingling, hands flying back onto the table to steady herself. Hot toffee eyes flaring, she stares at my mouth through her lashes, small puffs of air escaping her parted lips as the tip of her tongue flits out moisten them.

I gaze at her heaving breasts with hooded eyes and it’s all I can do not to push her down on the table, climb on top and sink in to her then and there. Flicking my eyes back to her face, I smile to see she is still distracted by our closeness.

“Liz?” I startle her out of her heated perusal of my lips, wide eyes flicking up to meet mine. “Help?” I prompted, holding my hands up in front of her.

“Um…s-sure. You - you want to wipe down the tables I’ve already cleaned?” she stutters breathlessly, waving her hand over the diner and turning back to her task hastily.

“Sure,” I smirk, grabbing a towel from the bin beside her and lean over her, crowding her into the table in front of us, brushing our bodies together lightly as I start on my appointed task. A perverse thrill slides along my spine as I hear a quick inhalation of breath and how it holds as my fingers lightly graze over her thigh. I really need to find a way to show my appreciation to her dad for those uniforms.

Gasping, she dances from under me, glancing at me from the corner of her eye nervously and putting a little distance between us. But it’s no use. She can’t get away from it, away from me. No matter how much distance she puts between us, the pull is there. I’m tempted to toy with her some more, to watch the embers in her deep coffee eyes ignite, blaze with desire. But there is plenty of time and smiling in amusement, I let her dance away for now.

We finish cleaning and head to the back to put our things into our lockers. Standing over her, I lean into her body until we’re touching thigh to thigh, canting my hips into hers as I grab a fresh shirt from my locker, my hand tracing a slow path along the contour of her spine. A seemingly innocent gesture, but it has the desired effect as I hear her breath catch, a small quiver of longing coursing through her body. Victory. Her muscles tense under my hand as it lingers in the small of her back.

Stepping back, I pull my work shirt over my head, a smile of satisfaction spreading across my face as I see her watching the shirts progress through the corner of her eyes. Her cheeks flush a pale pink and my body clenches with suppressed desire as her eyes travel up my chest.

Letting the shirt dangle from my hand, I catch her eyes, cocking my brow, “Like what you see, Parker?”

Her cheeks flush a deeper red as she averts her eyes, fumbling with the apron around her waist, trying unsuccessfully to take it off with shaky hands. My smile deepening, I pull on my shirt and lightly brushing fingers over her arm, step in front of her, forcing her back into the lockers. She holds her breath; watching my every move through her lashes, like a doe evaluating a predator, throat convulsing as she clenches her apron in her hands.

Trailing fingers across her cheek, I cup her jaw drawing her eyes to mine and run a thumb along her soft pink lips. Leaning in so that her breath fans across my face, I brace one hand on the locker beside her head and slid the other down, lightly cupping the back of her neck, brushing my thumb over her rapidly beating pulse and watch her eyes fill with smoky brown fire as our bodies sway softly towards one another.

Our lips brush together lightly, barely touching, just a sweet whisper of movement and mingling of damp breath that sends bolts of electricity running through my body. Capturing her lips fully, a shiver runs along my spine as her lips part and her breath rushes out over my lips, and I couldn’t help but flick a hot, wet trail along her bottom lip before dipping into her mouth for a quick taste of that sweet heat that’s taunted me for years.

God, she’s intoxicating.

I drew back, to find my hand fisted in her silky brown locks, her mouth already rouging from that one kiss, lips glistening in the pale light, her hands gripping at the front of my shirt. Suppressing a groan, I brush our lips together again, needing to feel her lush full mouth once more despite this not being part of the original plan. And with one last caress I released her, staring down into smoky eyes.

“Night Parker,” I whispered against her lips, quirking mine at her flushed face and breath coming in shallow pants. Grabbing my jacket and helmet from the locker, I head for the door, snickering when she let out a pent up breath as the door swings closed behind me. Smirking, I head into the night happy with tonight’s progress and I can’t help but think – soon, very soon.


Straddle the line, in discord and rhyme
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf

After he left, I flew up the stairs to my room, seeking sanctuary from knowing eyes, from the feelings, from the heat coursing through my veins. But there is no peace here as his scent lingers, clinging to my skin where his body, hands touched mine – musk, desert air and his cologne tease my senses.

Sliding my eyes closed, I lean against my door weakly, heart thundering in my ears, a shaky breath slipping from my still tingling lips. I can still feel the heat of his hand on my body, my skin tingling where his skin rested against mine. Still feel the burning where his thighs brushed mine. Still feel the warm, damp breath gliding along my skin as he leaned down to whisper in my ear. I have never wanted a man more than I do him. He’s driving me crazy.

Yanking my hair free from it’s confines, I run my fingers through it agitatedly and pray a cold shower will ease the burning ache suffusing my body, but I doubt it. So far nothing has quenched the burn, the fire he stokes in me. Only one thing will ease it and so far he’s been unwilling to take that step.

Letting out a sigh of frustration, I head into my bathroom, undress and step into my shower, cool water sluicing over my skin making it pucker. Leaning my head against the tiles, the water chills my heated skin but can’t touch the heat that burns inside. The fire that continues to build with every look, every touch. Sighing, I grab my scrubby and wash quickly, wondering if he’ll be watching tonight.

He doesn’t come to my window every night, but lately, I’m sensing him more and more often. If he does, maybe I’ll give him a show he won’t soon forget. Smiling slyly, my body goes taut at the thought of toying with him just a little, taking away a little of his control. Driving him just a little crazy. Maybe the burn will be a little more bearable if I knew he was feeling the strain himself. Maybe it will make him reach the breaking point.

Shutting down the water, I step out and grab a towel, quickly drying off and wrap it around my body as I step into my room. He’s there. Of course I can’t see him, but I can sense him. That electric thrumming that dances along my nerves when he’s within 20 feet of me. I wonder if he feels it too? Does electricity crawl down his skin when I’m near? One could only hope.

I grab a bottle of vanilla lotion, letting my towel fall to the floor and pour a little into my hands, smoothing the rich cream over my body. I’m not usually this bold, preferring to keep my modesty when I know he’s at my window, but his actions tonight left me frustrated and feeling a little bolder than usual. Smoothing the lotion over my stomach, over my breasts, I cup them in my hands, lightly squeezing, imaging it’s his hands on my body.

Grabbing a pair of burgundy silk panties out of my draw, I step into them and ease them up my legs, slowly sliding them up over my hips, my fingers feathering over my thighs on the way up. God – well if he wants to tease, I’ll show him how to tease. Reaching for the matching gown, I let it slink over my skin, the cool silk making my nipples harden and point.

Hands straying back to my breasts, I caress the points, trying to ease the ache as I smooth the nightgown in place. Purring, my head falls back in pleasure as my nails lightly scrape over the tips and taking a ragged breath, I run my hands over my body, stoking the fire he started higher, making me moan, desperate for release.

A boot scrapes across the asphalt on my balcony, alerting me that he has drawn out of the shadows and closer to the window. Giving a little smile of mischief, I continue to knead my breasts, and losing myself in the sensation, I sink down onto my bed, rolling onto my back with a sigh. Leaving one hand to caress my breasts, the other trails down over my stomach, to my thigh and slowly pulls up my nightgown, exposing my flesh inch by torturous inch, my fingers trailing softly along the skin.

A clatter has me looking up to my window, finding him in front of it on his knees, his whiskey eyes dark and hooded, need filling his face. Catching his gaze, I watch those fathomless depths as I trail my fingers along my inner thigh. His Adam’s apple bobs convulsively as he swallows and he quirks a brow, daring me to continue.

Closing my eyes, I sigh and focus on the hand I have slowly creeping up my thigh to brush teasingly over my panty clad sex. Brushing myself through the silk, I softly cry out and slip my fingers under the material to trace the slick folds, my arousal scenting the air. God, I’m already so wet from his teasing. It won’t take much to send me over the edge.

Taking a shuddering breath, I brush my fingers teasingly across my slit, damp heat pooling between my legs as my fingers graze over my clit in slow, languorous circles making my body jolt in pleasure, bolts of lightening racing over my skin at the touch. I continue my feather like exploration until I can no longer stand it, slipping my fingers through the heat dipping two fingers into my core and hissing in pleasure, slowly start to ride them.

Pinching a nipple, I rocked my hips in time to the slow thrusts of my hand, breath erradict, increasing the tempo as the fire builds in my core, my trembling body desperately seeking completion. Lightly brushing my nub, my body quivers and tightens as the muscles in my core start to flutter from my deepening thrusts sending lines of fire coursing through my body.

So close. God, so close.

My breath quickens, imagining it’s not my hand but him, thrusting inside me, thick and hard as we strain together to the edge of ecstasy. Unable to stand it any longer, I press down on my clit with my thumb and give one final thrust, the world shattering around me as my body jolts, exploding with waves of heat and pleasure. I cry out as my body shudders with bliss, my senses spiraling, his name a whisper on my lips, “Michael….”

My head swims, as I lay sated, breathing hard, my body covered with a fine sheen of sweat and I try to regain my scattered senses. Slowing coming to, I notice that my window is open and he’s leaning in, one foot hanging over the edge, a predatory look on his face.

Smoldering toffee eyes rake over my body as he draws in harsh, labored breaths and watches as I gently pull my fingers from my core. I sigh, giving a small shudder when my fingers scrape against the still raw nerves in my walls and I unconsciously squeeze my legs together at the sensation.

Getting off the bed, I watch him out of the corner of my eye nervously, stomach jumping at his hungry contemplation. He hasn’t moved a muscle. Moving to the edge of the bed to find my towel and clean up, I’m stopped by a hand on my wrist. Nose flaring, he yanks me over, bringing me eye to eye with him. Keeping his stormy gaze locked with mine, he slowly brings my fingers to his lips and sucks them clean, sending my heart racing.

My lips part, as hooded caramel eyes search mine in heated contemplation, flaring as he grabs the back of my neck and crushes his lips to mine. His lips move against mine urgently as his other hand fists into my hair, prying my lips apart to delve into their depths, biting off a moan. Slipping his tongue past my teeth, he strokes the hot, wet folds of my mouth, re-igniting the fire I had just tried to quench.

Sucking my tongue into his mouth, he yanks me forward, crushing me to his chest, thumb brushing against the base of my neck, tangling his tongue with mine and I can taste myself as well as him, an intoxicating blend that sends my heart into a staccato rhythm. I can’t breathe.

Just as abruptly, he ends the kiss, ripping away to gasp in air greedily and giving me one last smoldering look, moves back through the window and stalks over to the fire escape to slide down.

Licking my lips to savor the taste of him, I climb into bed, turn out the light and fall into a deep sleep with a smile on my face.


Parker 1, Guerin 0.

Jesus, I never expected her to do that. Who would have thought that sweet, innocent Parker could be such a vixen? Leaning my forehead against the cold concrete of the alley wall, I take several shuddering breaths, trying to clamp down the raging desire thrumming through my blood.

Sweat beads my forehead as I clench my fists and fight the urge to race back to her room, throw her on the bed, slip between those creamy thighs and plunge into her depths, her cries of ecstasy filling my ears. Fuck. She almost made me break.

Turning around, I slouch against the wall, scowling and take a ragged breath, wondering how I let things slip out of my control this evening, shifting uncomfortably as my jeans cut against the straining arousal the little minx has left me. My big mistake was underestimating her and forgetting that virginal isn’t synonymous with innocent. It won’t happen again.

Walking over to my bike, I climb on and after giving one last fulminating glance at the fire escape and the temptation that lies above, I start my bike to head home to a cold shower and sleepless night. With tonight’s images burned into my brain, there is no way I’m getting any rest and as much as I want to teach her a lesson, it will have to wait.

Tomorrow is soon enough to re-establish boundaries. We have a group trip planned to explore Fraiser Woods due to a sighting and I’ll make sure we partner up. Lots of things can happen in the dark.
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 10/15/09 Pt. 3

Postby Ashita » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:55 pm

Whimsy - Glad you're enjoying the story! I was a little hesitant about posting a PWP piece and showing off my deviant mind, but figured what the hell. People don't have to read it. Sorry to almost make you late for work! ;) Unfortunately Liz won't get the upper hand this time, but no worries, she'll be testing Michael further in the next installment. :)

AlysLuv - Thanks so much! :)
Re-establishing Boundaries

Stalked in the forest, too close to hide
I’ll be upon you by the moonlight side

We looked for hours and turned up nothing, leaving us to believe that it was a false sighting. Surprise, surprise. So the others left as the sun was setting, leaving the two of us behind because I said I wanted to check one last thing. I really didn’t, but given my obsessive nature in our search for answers, it was a believable excuse and I needed them to leave us alone. That’s how she and I ended up traipsing through the woods at dusk.

She creeps ahead of me, oblivious to the danger she’s in for last night’s stunt; a memory that has left me burning with need despite my attempt to relieve the pressure when I got home. Desire rages through my blood, body tightening as I melt into a grove of Arizona cypress, flicking a glance over her lithe form, licking my lips in anticipation.

I smirk when she glances over shoulder to say something to me, startling as she realizes that I’m nowhere to be found. Her breath stutters, quickening with either desire or fear as she walks in a circle, calling out my name, eyes darting through the trees searching for movement. But she won’t see me until I’m ready.

The woods creak around us as she heads my way, arms wrapped round her middle as if she’s chilled, squirming in discomfort as a cool breeze added to the shudder down her spine. Only a few more steps and I’ll have her right where I want her. Shifting behind the tree further, she passes me, eyes shining in the dimming light, uncertainty flitting across her face. Snaking my hand out, my fingers wrap around her wrist as I yank her into my body, her back pressed to my front, forcing a little squeak past her lips.

Night has descended around us, the cool forest coming alive with its dark symphony, masking the sound of our harsh breathing. Spreading a palm across her stomach, I pull her deeper into my embrace, her body flush with mine, and sink into the tree behind me. Wrapping my other arm around her chest, I pin her arms to her sides, squeezing slightly, forcing a breathy cry past her lips. She wraps her hands around my thighs digging her nails in and breath stuttering as I run my lips along the curve of her neck.

Breathing harshly against her ear, I take the lobe of her ear into my mouth, sucking on the tender flesh behind it and whisper, “Did I make you hot last night?”

Her head falls limply against my shoulder, a strangled gasp caught in her throat, tilting her head to the side as I glide the tip of my tongue along the shell of her ear. “Mmmm, guess I did given the little show you gave me.”

Smoothing the hand holding her stomach over her hips, I grind myself into her ass, biting back a moan of pleasure at the friction and smile when the action elicits a small whimper of want as she feels how aroused I am. Sliding the other hand up, I grasp her throat, feeling her pulse thrum steadily against my thumb, trapping her head on my chest, her throat convulsing anxiously.

Pressing my nose behind her ear, I breathe her in, vanilla and honey swirling around me, “You tried to break me last night. Now you pay the consequences.”

Cupping her mound, I splay her legs notching one of mine between them and trace a finger over her crevice, her body shivering under my hands. Gasping, she squirms under my ministrations as I continue to brush her tauntingly through her jeans, seeking a deeper pressure. Biting the side of her neck in reprimand, I mark her, claiming her as mine. “You need to remember who’s in charge.”

Her pulse flutters rapidly against her throat enticingly and I drop my head to swirl my tongue over it, tasting the salt-tinged honey clinging to her skin. Sucking on the soft skin of her neck, I smirk as she lies passively in my arms, waiting for my next move. Sliding my hand from her mound back to her stomach, I run my fingers along the sliver of bare skin above her jeans despite her moaning protest.

“Think you can outrun me?” I challenge her breathlessly.

My other hand reaches down to cup her breast, squeezing it, rolling the nipple between my fingers making it pebble and then give a light tweak. She moans, fingers digging into my thighs, upper body arching into my caress instinctively. Air rips from her lungs as I pull on the nipple and knead it between my fingers.

Teasing the soft skin of her stomach, her muscles flutter under my hand and clench, “Think you can get away?”

Sliding the hand from her stomach, I slip it down into the front of her jeans, watching as her eyes flutter shut, lips parting and teeth clamping her lower to hold back a soft whimper. My breath quickens and body tightens in need as I dip my finger into her already wet slit, discovering how ready she is for me. Groaning, I press my cheek to the top of her head, and trail my finger teasingly over her, hips bucking beneath my fingers.

“God, you’re already so wet for me,” I choke out, eyes clenched, trying to disentangle myself from her enchantment, from the temptation she presents.

Thoughts clouded with passion, I suck in a deep breath, trying to bring my body back in check. Eyes hooded, I rake my gaze over her and see a woman alive with passion, cheeks flushed, lips parted, chest heaving – she’s lost to my touch. It has the power to undo me before we reach the games end. Disentangling my body from hers, she murmurs her discontent, her smoky ebony eyes opening, lust simmering in their depths.

Locking my eyes with hers, I take a quick breath and cocking a brow, smirk in challenge, “Try to run. I dare you.”

I release her suddenly, spinning her to face me, thrusting her away. She looks up at me hesitantly, heart pounding, body frozen with uncertainty. Her eyes flare with apprehension and desire as I languidly stalk over to her, blood rushing through my veins in anticipation. The hunt was upon us.

Leaning over her, I hold her eyes and whisper one word near her ear, “Run.”


High blood drumming on your skin it’s so tight
You feel my heat, I’m just a moment behind

Startled out of her trance, she stumbles back, pivoting and wastes no time running headlong into the trees, hands brushing along the trunks as she dodges the obstacles in her path. Quietly I stalk behind her, melting between the trees, keeping careful watch over my prey. She shoots a quick glance over her shoulder, her breaths coming in shallow pants and turning back, barely misses the tree in front of her.

Bouncing off its surface, she pushes away, continuing her flight, heading exactly where I planned. I’m not worried she’ll get away. I know these woods like the back of my hand. I know there’s a meadow ahead of us with nowhere to hide. Smiling slyly, I slowly increase my pace knowing I’ll catch up with her there.

Keeping her in my sight, I jog languidly through the trees my longer strides eating up the distance between us despite her full out run. Twigs cracking and leaves snapping beneath my feet, I don’t bother to conceal my footfalls. I want her to hear me, know I’m just a breath behind, want her to know I’m coming for her, to add to the apprehensive desire that flashed across her face.

Breaking through the trees, she skidded to a halt, realizing her error as she peruses the meadow yawning before her. A deer caught in the headlights, she stands motionless, frustration creasing her face and contemplates her options – head back into the trees to face the predator or take her chances in the open. Breathing slow, labored breaths, she hovers, undecided until she hears a twig snap under my foot. Tossing a quick glance over her shoulder, she lurches forward hoping to make it across the meadow before I catch up.

Her actions are futile, but the thrill of the chase and hope for reprieve will spur her on. Breaking through the trees, I double my pace, heading into a full run. The ground closes between us and when I’m almost upon her, she tosses a look over her shoulder, squealing and adds a last minute burst of speed. Grabbing her around the waist, I yank her off her feet and we’re tumbling to the grass, my body breaking the impact. Rolling over, I pin her under me and settle between her legs, my arms on either side of her head caging her in.

Panting, I brush my lips up along her jaw to her ear, whispering, “You can’t escape,” her body shuddering under mine as she draws in several deep breaths.

Sighing, she arches her body into mine; letting me know that far from being frightened she found our game stimulating. Gripping her hips, I notch myself between her thighs, grinding my arousal against her and lacing my fingers with hers, I press her hands into the grass by her head. Leaning down, my eyes met molten chocolate orbs, drowning in the simmering depths, letting my lips hover over hers.

“Mine.” I breath into her mouth, my lips slanting over hers, sinking into her damp heat for a searing kiss. Lightly tracing my tongue along her lower lip, I seek entrance into the sweet mouth I’ve wanted to kiss for so long. Her lips part invitingly, allowing me to delve into the sweet recess of her mouth and I’m blown away by the explosion of flavor on my tongue – mint gum and the remnants of strawberry-vanilla lip-gloss. Groaning, I stroke her tongue, drawing it into my mouth and suck on it gently. She tastes so sweet. Better than I ever dreamed.

Her hands pull free of my possession, drifting up to latch themselves around my neck, fingers weaving in my hair, Scraping against my scalp as she pulls me deeper into her softness, her legs tangled around mine. Tilting her hips for a better fit, she rocks against me, hooking her legs over my hips, seeking the friction that would ease the burning of our bodies.

Hissing, I reach down to still her hips, then yank her against me, shoving my hands under her shirt to cup her back. God, I ached to touch her skin, needed to feel its cool silk under my hands. Gliding one hand down her back, I reach the other around to splay her stomach, toying with the edge of her t-shirt. Releasing her lips, I plant soft, slow kisses along the sweet, tender skin of her throat. She’s driving me crazy.

Soft hands trail along my spine, slipping up under my shirt, nails biting into my shoulder as I nip the base of her throat, then reach up to capture her lips in another searing kiss.

“Michael….” she whispers against my lips, soft breath rushing into my mouth as we fuse together. My name on her lips shoots electricity through my veins.

“Liz…God...” I breathe, my lips brushing hers with tender kisses, pressing myself deeper against the cradle of her body. “What are you doing to me?”

I reach for the hem of her shirt anxious to see her, taste her further, when I hear it – voices calling our names in the distance. Snapping my head up, I look in the direction of those calls, growling in frustration. Perfect timing as always.

Looking back into chocolate orbs hazy with passion, at lips swollen with our heated kisses, I’m tempted to damn it all and stay right here in her arms. But this isn’t the setting nor time and they won’t give up until we’re found.

Body humming with need, I steal one last intoxicating kiss, pulling us both up off the ground, her body still molded to mine. Pulling away, I look at her, eyes glittering darkly with promise. “We’ll finish this later.”

She nods dazedly, breath hitched and tries to stand unsteadily. Wrapping my arms around her, I hold her close, breathing in her scent, lips pressed to her forehead until she gains her balance. Then, taking her hand, I pull her in the direction of our friends, cursing the paranoia that likely led them out here to interrupt and has them waiting for us at the edge of the clearing.

Isabel and Kyle smother smiles as Max and Maria watched the two of us suspiciously when we approached and I fought the urge to roll my eyes at the annoyed expression on Max’s face, his ears turning a inhuman shade of red. Too bad for him.

“Find, what you were looking for?” Kyle smirked, his voice laced with amusement. Did he know…? No he couldn’t. We hadn’t said anything to anyone. Yet as I stood under his knowing gaze, I had a feeling the dwarf knew more than he let on. I’d have to question him later.

“Not yet,” I muttered darkly, dragging her off to my motorcycle as I fixed the group with an annoyed look. “But we will soon enough.”
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 10/19/09 Pt. 4

Postby Ashita » Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:19 pm

Mel1307 - Thanks! :) Glad you're liking it!

KiaraAlexisKlay - Hmmm, that's true. I have seen some. :) I was just a little hesitant because I hadn't really seen anything like it on here. But I'll stop being silly. ;) Mmmmmm....and yes Michael stalking Liz. Oh my! *sigh*

C&N214 - I've always been intrigued by the paring as well. If you want to read more, there is a site called Polar Attraction that features the pairing. That's where I fell in love and became a Polarist. I can PM you the site if you like. I also have viginette series in this forum called Forbidden Dreams that features Michael/Liz. And thanks for commenting! :)

Janetfl - :oops: Sorry to draw you away from M/L in this fic, but I'm glad that you' want to read more!

Testing the Limits

In touch with the ground
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
Scent and a sound, I’m lost and I’m found
And I’m hungry like the wolf

“Run.” His voice is rough, raw with desire and snaps me out of the trance I had fallen into, drawing my eyes from his soft, full lips.

A trill of need runs through my body like an electric current at that word. Locked into dark, fathomless molten caramel eyes, I’m torn between wanting to throw myself into his arms to finish what he started and doing exactly what he wants. A dark part of me can’t help but quiver in excitement at the thought of him chasing me through the woods. It’s the same part that wants to run, so that I can be captured, trapped in his arms, held down by his body.

My breath hitches at the predator I see lurking in his eyes and I stumble back. His eyes take on a dangerous glint, that edge of darkness that sends a thrill through my core, a shiver of anticipation dancing along my nerves. The kind of excitement that stems from that trace of fear that says you might be in danger. Yet you don’t completely fall victim to it because you trust the person enough to know they wouldn’t hurt you – unless that was your desire.

My heart pounding in my ears, I pivot, racing through the trees at breakneck speed, breath labored from exertion and some darker passion, when the trees blur and the scene breaks apart around me…

Shaking my head to clear the morning cobwebs, I stretch and groan as my alarm goes off, desperately wanting to slam it off and just sleep for a few extra minutes since I didn’t get much sleep last night because thoughts of a sexy, sandy-haired alien kept me awake.

Plans had gone awry when Max and Maria decided they were in the mood for a snack and followed us back to the Crashdown. And then my parents wanted to talk to me about their upcoming trip, ending any hope of finishing what was started in the woods last night and leaving us staring hungrily at each other as he left.

Leaving me to toss and turn until falling into a fitful sleep where I was haunted by soft lips covering my body with heated kisses and callused hands sliding over my sweat-slicked skin. Tempted by hard plains pressed against the soft curves of my body. Breath catching, I quietly moan as images bombard my psyche, flushing my skin with need.

Dragging myself out of bed, I went over to my closet and contemplated what to wear to school. there had to be something that would spark his imagination, something that might just make him snap. He was the master of this game as he proved last night, but that didn’t mean I had to make it easy on him. A little incentive never hurts.

Pulling out a long black skirt with slits on the side that ended about three inches from the knee. It flared and showed the slightest hint of skin every time I moved, but covered enough to leave a bit to the imagination. I paired that with a burgundy lace tank with wide straps and buttons down the front and a pair of low-heeled black sandals.

Pulling my hair into a twist with a couple of hair sticks, I curled few wisps around my face with my powers and after a light application of make-up I was ready to go. Grabbing a light sweater and my bag, I left the apartment.


Running to my locker before my last class, I sighed as Michael had made himself scarce all day, foiling my little plan to taunt him further. Exchanging my books, I drew a sharp breath when my skin began to crawl with the electricity that always seems present when he was near and felt an intense gaze burning its way along my skin. Looking over my shoulder, I searched the halls, but didn’t see him at his locker or anywhere near. He’s hidden himself well this time.

I lingered at my locker daring him to come up to me, but when the warning bell rang and the halls emptied without him showing, I grabbed my books, stuffing them in my bag and headed off to class, that heated gaze taking in my every move. I was passing the eraser room, when a hand snaked out and grabbed my arm, dragging me in.

Darkness plummeted around me as the door shut and was locked and sealed by my invisible, but known assailant. The energy vibrating through the room told me exactly who had pulled me in. My heart tripped double time, breath coming in shallow pants as that electricity danced along my skin and my book bag fell to the ground as I tried to get my bearings.

“Michael?” I called out softly, momentarily blinded as my eyes adjusted and cocking my ear for any indication of where he is in the room. Stumbling, I gasped when two arms wrapped around me from behind, yanking me against the hard plains of his body, his front pressed to my back as his lips nuzzled my temple.

“Shhhhhhh,” he whispered, his hot, damp breath coalescing around my ear and neck, sending a shudder coursing through my body, as his hands smoothed down my bared arms slowly to settle on my hips. “We wouldn’t want the school to know that Perfect Parker is in the eraser room with the town delinquent, do we?”

My breath caught in my throat, eyes sliding shut in pleasure as he pressed his arousal to me, rubbing the rigid member against me. Sliding his hands down my thighs, he discovered the slits in my skirt, toying with the edges, brushing his fingers against my thighs softly.

“What’s this?” he asked silkily, as he drew the material up my thighs, bunching it at my waist, hands sliding along the skin he bared, running fingers along the edge of my barely there lace panties. “Feeling naughty today, Parker?”

I gasped as I was spun around and backed against the wall none too roughly, his body pressing to mine, sliding a thigh between my legs, as our lips crashed together with almost violent need. Last night had left us both aching for completion and with a desperate need to quench the inferno that sparks every time we touch.

Tangling my fingers in the hair kissing the nape of his neck, I pulled myself up into his body, trying to meld every inch of him to mine, our mouths slanting, meshing with ease as his tongue slid against mine skillfully. He started to lift me up to align our hips together, but I had other ideas, pushing away slightly as I slid my hands down his chest and pushed him against the table behind us, forcing him to sit or fall over.

Crawling onto the table, I straddled his lap, my fingers sinking into his thick waves, dragging his lips to mine, pressing myself to him, rocking subtly, a strangled grunt passing his lips. Gripping my hips, he pressed into me as he pushed my hips tightly to him, crushing our bodies together, fingers trailing over my exposed thighs, ravaging my mouth with blinding passion.

Returning his kiss just as avidly, I smiled against his lips as my hands trailed between us, molding over the firm plains and indentions of his chest to tease the soft skin of his stomach before slipping my hands lower. Running my hands over the stiff material of his jeans, I cup him, gently brushing my hand over the rigid flesh straining under them.

He hissed, ripping his lips from mine, smoldering eyes watching my face intently as I undid the button on his jeans with trembling fingers and slid his zipper down carefully, slowly allowing his erection to spring free. Sliding my hand through front of his boxers, I wrapped hesitant fingers around soft, steely flesh, rubbing my palm along it and he gasped against my lips, eyes screwing shut.

Keeping my eyes on his flushed, pinched face, I lightly drew my fingers over him, exploring the rigid flesh that jumped in my hand involuntarily, hardening further as a drop of liquid leaked from its tip. His breath hitched, fingers tightening around my waist when my thumb circled the head, smearing it over the top.

“Jesus, Liz, are you trying to kill me?” he choked, his breath coming in ragged pants as I grew bolder, touching him with slow torturous strokes, feeling his body tremble with strain as he tried to stay in control. “Not here.”

Pulling away, he grabbed my hands placing them on his chest as he dragged air into his chest with rough pants and watched me with heated determination. Zipping himself up into oppressively tight jeans, he grabbed my hips and clambered up yanking me against his body and pressed me back against the wall, grinding himself into my core, a whimper of need clawing it’s way out of my throat.

He pinned my hands to the wall with his, holding me there with his powers as the other hand slowly traced it’s way down over my arms, to my cheek and finally over my neck to the valley of my breasts. Tracing the edge of my shirt, he flicked a finger, opening the buttons of my shirt to reveal a burgundy lace bra.

“You are trying to kill me,” he groaned, finger caressing the sensitive skin between my breasts, making my body quiver with need as lines of fire shot through the nerves under his fingers coursing through my body to build on the white heat growing in my core.

Pinning me with a fiery glance, he tightened his hand on my wrists imperceptibly and growled low in his throat. “Leave them there.”

I nodded breathlessly as he removed his hand from my wrists, palming my right breast, and pulling it from my bra, lowered his head to take it in his mouth, flicking his tongue over the curve.

I cried out incoherently, arching into him for more pressure and tried desperately to keep my hands on the wall as he commanded, quaking inside as white-hot need pulsed through every vein. He smiled against my skin at my struggle and flicked his tongue over me again, this time circling the nipple before sucking it into his mouth to nibble on it lightly. Mewling in the back of my throat, I looked at him, eyes pleading with him.

“Michael, please,” I cried. “We can’t.”

He lifted his head, a sexy smirk sliding across his lips, his whiskey eyes burning into mine. “Should have thought of that before you pulled your little stunt, Parker.”

Bending his head, he nipped me one last time, before tucking me back into my bra and moved to the other side, repeating the gesture and making me writhe with need. The need to touch him, to feel his skin glide over mine, to feel him embedded so deep inside me that we can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

Giving one last reluctant swipe of his mouth, he buttoned my shirt, making me sigh in relief because we could get caught at any time and yet I wanted to cry in frustration from the lack of completion. Is it possible to die of unfulfilled desire?

Sliding his hands over my ribs, to my hips, he fingered the lace of my panties through the slit of my skirt. “These match?” he asked, cocking a brow.

I nodded slowly, a little uncertain of what he had planned. He looked down, pushing my skirt up and out of the way to get a glimpse of the matching burgundy panties. Licking his lips, he smiled wolfishly, rubbing his fingers over the lace teasingly. “Nice. I approve.”

He fingered them once more before fixing me with a smoldering look as he tore them from my body using his powers. I gasped as I felt cool air glide against my recently bared skin and swallowed convulsively.

“I think I’ll keep these as a souvenir,” he smirked, tucking them into his back pocket, before sliding his hands back over my hips to cup my bare ass, capturing my lips in a searing kiss. Slipping his hands down to massage my inner thighs, his fingers were creeping up to brush against the damp folds, when the bell rang snapping me out of my sensual haze.

“Fuck,” he cursed. Pressing rough lips to mine, he drank from my lips one last time before pulling back, his piercing golden eyes meeting mine, noses pressed together. “What time do your parents leave?”

“At four,” I whispered, raking in uneven breaths.

Lowering me to the ground, he helped me smooth my skirt in place and sent me one last smoldering glance as he edged his way to the door. Holding it open, he raked hungry eyes over me and then smirked, licking his lips slowly. “Tonight then, Parker,” his whispered promise dancing in the air between us. “Tonight we end this.”
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 10/27/09 Pt. 5

Postby Ashita » Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:20 pm

Janetfl - Thanks for the comments! I'm glad that you're enjoying the story and like my portrayal of Michael and Liz as a couple, especially since you prefer a Dreamer pairing. :)

MollyP - I realized I missed you in my last posting, so thank you X2. :) Hopefully this next part won't feel played out and you like it as much as the other parts.

A/N: So this was supposed to be the last part, but my muse had other ideas apparently. :) Next part will be the end of this fic as there is only so far you can draw out a PWP, but I am thinking of continuing with this universe with a sequel, hopefully with little more plot to it.
Rules are Meant to be Broken

Strut on a line, its discord and rhyme
I howl and I whine I’m after you
Mouth is alive all running inside
And I’m hungry like the wolf

I’m going to kill Max.

If he calls her over one more time on the pretense he needs something, I’m going to slag him with my power blast and take my chances with discovery. Although since the diner was empty of everyone but Max, Liz, the new waitress and myself, I’m sure I can manage the feat without detection if I timed it right. Thank God it’s almost closing and I can kick him out on his Emo stalker ass.

Scowling, I scratched my brow and wonder he was purposely drawing out his dinner because he finally caught wind of, well to borrow a phrase from my depraved dupe, “the lay of the land.” He’s been dogging the two of us since last night, throwing himself in our way like a roadblock. “Like he can stop anything,” I muttered under my breath.

Smirking, I watched Liz bite back a sigh and roll her eyes as she walked away from the booth for the fourth time and went up to the new waitress, asking her to take over her tables while she worked in the office. Looks like I’m not the only one tired of Max’s antics. Leading Erin over to him, Liz smiled sweetly as she told him of the change, not even bothering to contain her relief as he frowned at her.

I couldn’t help but snicker at my pseudo-brother’s disapproving moue as she walked towards the back of the diner. Hopping off the counter, I walked over to the door, slipping into the shadows to lie in wait for the pretty brunette, seeing a welcome opportunity to get my hands, and lips, on her for a few minutes. Today’s foray in the eraser room had been preying on my mind all night, leaving me aroused and salivating for the moment we were finally alone, no friends or parents to distract us.

This afternoon’s light, hesitant caresses had sparked embers that burned for her constantly, a smoldering fire fed by years of denial and whipped into a raging inferno by soft hands – hot, immediate and all consuming. Everything inside me burned for her lips, her touch, for tender, sweet-scented skin under my hands. I craved her like no other. I want to be consumed by this woman. This had ceased to be a game and was developing into so much more than I originally hoped.

She pushed through the door, running an agitated hand over her hair, and paused, sighing wearily, completely unaware of my presence. I watched her, eyes hooded, my heart stuttering over my recent epiphany and licked my dry lips slowly, remembering the taste and texture of her skin against my tongue.

Rubbing her brow distractedly, she moved, heading back to the office, snapping me out of my thoughts and spurring me into action, remembering why I was standing in the shadows in the first place. The burning need to feel her lips against mine and to take a small sip of that sweetness to tide me over until I claimed her tonight.

“Parker,” I whispered huskily, voice raw with pent up desire, smirking as I saw her startle, jolting slightly at the sound. She swung around; searching the area until her coffee-colored eyes locked on mine, breath hitching at the fire that had to be burning in them if the emotions careening through my body were any indication.

“Jesus, Michael, you scared me” she gasped, licking her lips nervously before catching her full bottom lip between her teeth. She watched me cautiously, shifting on the balls of her feet. “Did you need something?”

“Yeah, come here,” I commanded softly, crooking my finger at her, a slight smile teasing the side of my mouth. She flicked her gaze over to the door nervously, as if she expected Max to come barreling through at any minute, before flitting back to me. Chewing on her lip, she hovered indecisively before giving into my silent demand, walking towards me slowly.

“What did you need?” she queried softly, still watching the swinging door with trepidation, stopping a foot from me. Taking a deep breath, I revel in the electrical hum that dances along my skin when we’re close, sending pulses of lightening through my already heated blood. It never ceases to amaze me how her mere presence makes my body react. My body is on fire, lungs burning and we hadn’t even kissed yet.

Closing the distance between us, I stopped, barely an inch separating our bodies and stared into her flushed face, noting the labored fall of her breath. Licking my lips again, I leaned over, bringing our faces together, her shallow breaths whispering against my lips, humid puffs mingling with my equally shallow pants.

Sliding a hand over her arm, I gripped her waist, bringing her against me with a sharp tug; her soft curves molding to every inch of my body and smirked as air rushed from her lungs with a small squeak, chocolate eyes sparking. Brushing against her tauntingly, I suppressed a fevered moan and walked us to the wall behind her, trapping her between it and my body.

“You. I need you,” I murmured softly, hovering over her lips, brushing them teasingly, flicking the tip of my tongue over them and taking in the sweet mint that she uses to keep her breath fresh while working. Stroking my hands down her hips, I slide them over her ass lightly to grip her thighs and lift her up, grunting when she instinctively wrapped them around my hips.

Rocking into her, I trail light kisses over her temple and cheeks, before capturing her lips in a fervent kiss, breath rushing over mine when her hips flexed subconsciously, rubbing against my oppressively tight jeans and making me impossibly harder. She sighed, lips parting invitingly and I deepen the kiss before she can recall Max’s presence in the room beyond us and why giving into her desire is so dangerous.

My tongue slid along hers, tangling, mating wantonly as I breathe in a mix of vanilla, strawberry, honey and something I can never place but have come to recognize as elementally her. The combination robs me of my breath, forcing me to pull away, drawing air into my burning lungs as I nuzzle her neck softly with the tip of my nose, sliding my lips over the curve of her collarbone.

“Michael,” she choked weakly, dragging her nails over my back where they bit into my shoulders as I nibbled at the base of her neck. Breathing hitched, she moaned quietly, tightening her hold on my body and tried to focus on what she was going to say. “We can’t. Max might come in.”

“Mmm…don’t care,” I whispered against her neck before sucking the soft flesh into my mouth, biting down gently. And I didn’t care at that point. The only thing that mattered to me was the woman in my arms and quenching the desperate fire she started this afternoon. “God, so sweet…sweet, Liz.”

Capturing her lips again, I knew I should end this before things spiraled out of control, but one taste of those pink lips and I was lost, drowning in sweet mint and fire, lapping it up like a man dying of thirst when faced with a desert oasis. Pouring years of frustrated desire down her throat, I slid my hands over her thighs to cup her ass and press her deeper to me, smiling when I was rewarded with a guttural moan.

Raking her nails across my scalp to grip the hair at the base of my neck, she matched me passion for passion, with increasingly rough and demanding kisses that left me begging for more, my knees nearly buckling under her heated onslaught. And to think, I once thought Liz Parker plain vanilla. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Ripping my mouth from hers, I looked down into her face and tried to get my breathing under control, resting my forehead against hers as her eyes fluttered open, liquid chocolate pools simmering. A shaky breath passed her lips as the pink tip of her tongue stole out, flitting over her lips to savor the last lingering taste of me. Groaning, my eyes slammed shut at the image and I forced my body to ignore the impulse to take her now, damning the consequences.

“I just needed to taste you,” I panted shakily, stroking my hands up over her waist, gripping it before setting her on her feet, keeping her wrapped in my arms as we both attempted to cool the fire raging under our skin. “I better get back to closing the kitchen and get rid of our ‘guest.’”

She nodded silently, rubbing her hands against my lower back before moving out of my arms and walking to the office. Running a hand over my neck, I watched her thoughtfully, wondering what it was about her that shreds my control and left chinks in my impenetrable stonewall.


An hour later, I crept into the office after finally getting rid of everyone and can’t help but stop and stare at the vision in front of me. She’s sitting at her dad’s desk, pouring over the books, a strand of mahogany silk wrapped around a finger, her face creased with concentration as she tallied tonight’s receipts. Who would have thought that’d be sexy?

Tan skin gleamed softly against the light turquoise of her uniform and I can’t help a smug smile that she’d left it on, allowing me to act on one of my favorite fantasies. Shutting the office door behind me, I locked and sealed it despite knowing the Crashdown was empty. Can’t be too careful.

A surge of lust and a soft emotion I can’t place coursed through my body as I came to stand behind her, resting my hands on her shoulders, massaging bunched, tense muscles, softly caressing her skin with my thumbs. She purred, jaw slackening with pleasure, arching into my touch like a cat, her pencil clattering to the desk uselessly.

“How’s it coming?” I whispered leaning over, nuzzling her nape with my lips, my breath catching, lips tingling as a shiver ran through my body at being so close to her. Sliding my lips up along her throat, I brush my lips against her ear before taking it between my teeth, suckling as I enjoyed this tender moment knowing it was only a matter of time before the fire from earlier erupted once more.

“It’s…uh…I’m…oh mmmmmmm, that feels good. I was just double checking the figures…god, Michael…double checking,” she stuttered breathlessly as I worked my magic on her shoulders, turning her head into me so that we were face-to-face and I’m drowning in hazy ebony pools. Capturing her lips in a soft, sweet, slow kiss, I pulled her from the chair and cradled her against my chest, stroking her back softly.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, brushing against me gently as we traded soft, teasing kisses, her lips barely perceptible against mine. Groaning, I opened my mouth and lightly traced her lips with the tip of my tongue, asking permission to deepen the kiss as my blood began a low burn, the embers from earlier beginning to smolder and smoke the longer she’s in my arms.

Her breath hitched, lips parting instinctively and I took that as a yes, slowly sliding my tongue into her mouth, stroking hers softly, coaxing it to come out and play. Sucking it into my mouth, we begin a languid dance as I slowly walked us over to the desk until her back was pressed against it.

Her nails drug along my back, sending lines of fire rushing along my nerves, fuel for the fire burning low in my stomach and I jolted as the desire that had been playing backseat to tenderness ignited, it’s flames licking along my skin. Ripping my lips from hers, I stared down at her hungrily and watched as those coffee orbs flared to life under my gaze.

“So you don’t mind if I do this?” I teased, pressing her harder against the desk, rubbing our bodies together as I dropped my head, placing biting kisses along her neck. She gasped, hands slipping up my shirt, nails biting into my back.

“What?” she whispered breathlessly, a low moan bubbling over her lips as I continued my assault on her neck, her head tipping back to allow me better access. God, how I’ve wanted this for so long.

“This,” I whispered back, sweeping my hand over the desk clearing it of all the papers she’d been working on. Placing my hands on her back, I let them slide over her back, down to her ass, cupping and squeezing it as I gathered her in my arms and lifting her up slightly, slamming her on the desk, pushing her back against it.

She gave a startled cry as she hit, breath rushing over her lips, before grabbing my shirt and dragging me down with her. Our lips crashed together, sweet kisses a thing of the past, replaced with insistent lips and fire raining over us as she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me into the cradle of her body. Yeah, I’d never think of this woman as vanilla again. She’s more along the lines of devil’s food cake – sinfully rich and decadent. God, I could just eat her up.

Caging her in my arms, I grunted when she ground her arousal against me and I yanked her arms from their anchor at my neck, pressing them against the desk on either side of her head. I smirked at her whimpering pout at having the control wrested away from her yet again and began to trail hot wet kisses along her neck, growing quickly dissatisfied with our positions since it meant my hands were occupied with holding up my weight.

Gathering her up, I flipped positions, sitting back on the desk, her straddling me. Much better. Grasping the edges of her uniform, I rip them apart, the snaps popping and yanked the material off her shoulders, over her arms, down to her waist, only to be struck dumb by pale mocha skin encased in flimsy aqua lace. Throat constricting, I breathlessly drank in the vision, the goddess sitting before me.

“Beautiful,” I murmured, lightly trailing fingers over lace covered skin and watched in wonder as her nipples stiffened instantly under my touch. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long. Every time you pranced by me in that short skirt. God, I don’t know whether to thank or curse your dad for his choice in uniforms.”

She gave a low chuckle, tangling her fingers in my hair and tugged, forcing my attention away from her breasts, smiling softly before dragging my lips to hers for a long, sweet kiss. Pulling back, she rest her forehead on mine, bumping her nose against mine teasingly, before her eyes grew serious. “What are we doing here?”

My brow pinched at her question, stomach clenching in fear that I had read her wrong and she wasn’t as into or involved in this as I was. I thought it was pretty obvious what was happening. Running my hands over her arms, I watched her with trepidation, “Liz…?”

But then I saw the mischievous twinkle enter her eyes and knew she was messing with me. I smirked at her, knowing I had been had and vowed to get her back for that moment of doubt.

“I mean, I have a perfectly comfortable bed upstairs,” she whispered against my lips, placing soft, teasing kisses along them. Damn, I love how this woman thinks. I think I’ll keep her.

“You’re so paying for that, Parker.” I muttered, pressing a hard kiss against her lips, before standing up and throwing her over my shoulder, swatting her lightly on the ass, ignoring her indignant cry as I strode to the door.
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 11/5/09 Pt. 6

Postby Ashita » Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:17 am

Alysluv - thanks!

Jake17 - Thanks for the compliment! I really do appreciate it. I enjoy writing and have been been doing some form of it all my life, but it's always nice to hear when someone enjoys what you've written. It's my hope that they will, but I also tend to be my worst critic as well. :)

Janetfl - Max suffer? Are you sure? Because mocking him is always so tempting to me. :) Ok, developing a plot and taking this away from PWP. Plot with plenty of porn coming right up! After one more smut fest of course. Enough delaying the inevitable. ;)

A/N: So I apologize for the change in POV in the middle of a fic. I did it for two reasons. One, I figured that if I'm actually going to introduce some plot into my smut fest, it would be easier to write in a third person voice opposed to first as I've been doing so far. This way, I can include the other character's POV's not just Michael and Liz. Second, I was having difficulty writing this next scene from just one person's perspective. It's not something I like to do, but it happened.

Also, this chapter is very smutty. I mean, full on smut here. So you better be of age if you're reading this!!

Winner Takes All

Burning the ground I break from the crowd
I’m on the hunt I’m after you
I smell like I sound, I’m lost and I’m found
And I’m hungry like the wolf

“What are we doing here…” he muttered under his breath as he set the girl on her feet, unsealing the office door, staring as she pulled her uniform up for the trek through restaurant to her apartment, leaving a few snaps undone, pale aqua lace taunting his already reeling senses. Trust him to fall for a smart ass.

“It’s a legitimate question,” Liz preened, batting her eyes with mock innocence before walking out the office door and heading to the stairs. Smirking as he cocked a brow at her, she added a sassy swing to her hips and eyes sparkling with mischief, she couldn’t resist adding. “After all, so far you’ve been all talk, Guerin.

Michael’s jaw slackened, mouth gaping in comical disbelief at her words. Oh no, she didn’t. He narrowed his eyes, emitting a low growl as he scowled and stalked after her, taking the stairs two at a time. Grabbing her around the waist, he spun her around to face him, yanking her against him.

“All talk, Elizabeth?” he smirked at the girl, caramel eyes sparking as they took in her dancing brown orbs. “One could say the same of you given the little stunts you’ve pulled over the past two days.”

“Got you here didn’t it?” she grinned cheekily, completely unrepentant for her actions and unable to resist tweaking him a little further. “You know, there’s a saying that would fit right now: Put your money where your mouth is.”

“With pleasure,” he smiled ravenously, bourbon-colored eyes traveling over her form hungrily before fixating on the hint of lace heaving against her chest as she drew in short, shallow puffs, licking his lips in anticipation.

Letting her go, Michael advanced on Liz, forcing her up the remaining steps to her door, hooded eyes glowing with a predatory gleam. She gulped, breath caught in her throat as she watched the tall alien bear down on her and hand clutching her door knob, quickly pushing it open as if to make her escape.

“Michael….” She started, but never finished her thought as he was suddenly in front of her, grabbing her and slinging her back over his shoulder as he strode through door, kicking it shut behind him.

“Michael!” the girl cried in alarm, heart pounding as she bounced on his shoulder and smacked him on the back. “Put me down!”

Michael grunted, her squealed protests falling on deaf ears, as he continued through the apartment to her room and tossed her onto the middle of her bed, kicking that door shut as well. He’ll show her all talk. Standing back, he watched the stunned girl bounce as he deliberately pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the ground and put his hands on his hips.

“Well, Elizabeth?” he prompted softly, cocking a brow and moving to the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the foot of it, hands planted on her comforter, he watched the conflicting emotions play across her face as her chocolate gaze slid lingeringly over his chest before meeting his eyes. “I know what I want. Do you?”

Liz stared up at him, lying back on her elbows, mouth running dry as she watched him crawl towards her, breath coming in a squeak as he grabbed her calf and yanked her flush against his knees, flicking off her shoes and tossing them onto the floor. Flitting her tongue over dry lips, she stared at his descending mouth through her lashes.

Nudging her legs further apart, he leaned into her body, pressing her hips deeper into the bed, rocking into her core and trapping her between his arms, lips hovering over hers. “Do you?” he whispered against her lips, clutching a bicep in each hand as he pulled her closer to him.

Her breath hitched, as his mouth softly covered hers, lips parting to draw air into her starving lungs. “Yes,” she whispered back, eyes fluttering shut and tilting her head into a better angle to accommodate his lips.

“And what’s that, Elizabeth?” he rasped, voice husky with need, remaining motionless, waiting for her to verbally confirm what her body was crying out to him. He wanted her more than anything or anyone he’d ever known, but wasn’t going to take the chance she’d cry foul later. “What do you want, Liz?”

“You,” her breath rushed out against his mouth. “Oh, God, I want you.” She wove her fingers into his hair, tugging as his lips crashed against hers forcefully. Dragging his fingers up her arms, he fingers dove into espresso strands, crushing her to him in a searing kiss, swiping his tongue over bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth and biting down gently.

Laving the sting with his tongue, he delved into the sweet recess of her mouth, his tongue darting out to tangle with hers and rocked his hips into the cradle of her body, hissing when she shimmied deeper into his, moving her hips against him.

Their tongues dueled, each fighting for dominance, tangling in an ancient erotic dance, lips clashing again and again in deep penetrating kisses. Hands slid along each other’s bodies impatiently seeking bare skin as he pressed the full length of his body into hers. She arched into him, purring in satisfaction when the increased pressure sent white-hot heat curling through her body.

He growled, ripping his lips from hers when air became a necessity and slid his mouth over her jaw, harsh breath making her skin tingle and pebble. Sucking on the skin over her pulse, he gently licked the mark he’d made the night before, his hands sliding up over her thighs, pushing up her skirt along the way, pressing his erection against the damp lace at her juncture, rubbing teasingly.

Liz ran her hands over the hard plains of his chest, raking her nails over the sensitive tips of his nipples, making him buck against her. Smiling at his response, she scraped her nails over his chest again, lightly pinching his nipples. Michael grunted in her neck, rocking his hips and pulled away, pinning her with a fiery glance.

He tugged on her uniform, repeating his impatient movements in the office below, licking his lips as he tugged the material down once more. “Yeah, definitely gotta thank him for the uniforms.”

Chuckling, she sat up, letting her uniform pool at her waist. “I don’t think he had this in mind when he chose them.”

“Yeah, doubt it,” he snorted as he toyed with her bra strap. “But the male population of Roswell approves.” Sliding his fingers along the strap, he turned his attention her chest, trailing his fingers possessively over her collarbone and down between her breasts, drawing a sharp breath from her lips. Flicking his eyes up to meet hers, he smiled watching the flames ignite in her coffee colored eyes as a finger drifted over her nipple, lightly circling it.

Liz watched awe and desire battle for dominance in his gaze, as he painted a pattern over her chest. Biting her lip, she reached behind her, chocolate gaze locked with caramel and released the clasp on her bra, letting it slide off her chest, a pleased smile crossing her face as Michael’s Adam’s apple bobbed in response.

He drew in a strangled breath as the bra fell off her slight form, electricity dancing over his nerves as he tentatively cupped one breast in his hand, kneading it gently and then rolled her peak between his fingers, marveling at the silky texture of her skin. Groaning, he pushed her back against the bed, straddling her body, raking his hands over the curves of her breasts.

She gasped softly at the feel of his callused hands running over her body and arched into his touch, demanding more pressure. Looking up at him, eyes dark with lust, she pulled him down to her. “Michael, please. Stop teasing,” she whispered, placing a hand on the back of his neck, drawing him into a searing kiss, snaking her tongue past his full lips to the damp heat behind them, languidly stroking his tongue.

Michael returned the fiery kiss with equal fervor, sinking against her, gasping as bare skin collided and rubbed along bare skin. Cupping her back he pressed her to him, rubbing his chest against her breasts, her hardened nipples scraping his skin. Releasing her lips, he trailed soft kisses along her neck.

She arched into him, seeking bare skin as her hands feathered over his ribs to grasp his shoulders, trying to press him to her. She whimpered when he failed to comply, shoving her fingers along his scalp and tugged on his hair impatiently, making him grunt and nip her neck in reprimand, fixing her with a warning glance.

Continuing his languid trek down her body, he drug the tip of his tongue along the valley of her breasts, smiling against her skin when she purred deep in her throat. He licked a searing path along the underside of her left breast, sucking on the skin before drawing her nipple into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue. Covering her other breast with his hand, he kneaded the soft fleshed as he suckled, reveling in the taste of her.

Grazing teeth over her rigid peak, he felt her writhe under him and moan, pressing his head against her for more. Switching sides, he took the other in his mouth, struggling to breath through his nose as he lavished it with kisses, soft bites and strokes of his tongue. Liz trembled beneath him and cried out as lightening shot along her body and added to the white-hot heat building in her core.

Swiping his tongue over the curve of her breast, Michael dipped his head to slide his lips over her stomach, lightly flicking his tongue in her navel. She shivered, bucking her hips, lines of fire shooting through her veins, damp heat pooling between her legs.

Lifting his head, he fingered the uniform draped around her waist and fixed her with a fiery stare. “I want to taste you,” he whispered, a question touching his eyes, not wanting to push her any further than comfortable.

Liz nodded, lifting her hips as he worked the uniform over them, taking aqua lace panties with it. Holding her breath, she watched him nervously as he raked his eyes over her now naked body, wondering if he was happy with what he saw.

He raised molten caramel orbs, trembling with desire and seeing her uncertainty, cupped her jaw, allowing the appreciation of her beauty shine in his eyes. Smiling softly, he kissed her tenderly, exploring the sweet honey and vanilla of her mouth until she relaxed and pulling away, dipped his head to press a soft kiss against her hip.

Spreading her legs gently, he trailed a finger along her slit, moisture already gathering along it and moaned at the sweet, spicy scent of her arousal. Brushing his finger over her teasingly, he bent down, placing a kiss at the apex of her thighs.

Liz gasped as Michael’s fingers spread her apart, replacing them with his hot tongue licking along the length of her slit. He moaned, sucker-punched at the sweet-spicy taste of her coating his tongue, an echoing moan ripping from her throat at the vibration. “So sweet…better than I ever imagined…God,” he rambled huskily.

She spread her legs further apart instinctively, digging her fingers into the bed as his tongue made lazy circles. Alternating the light flicks with sucking trying to find what she liked best, Michael slid a finger into her core, stroking gently as her walls contracted around him at the unexpected invasion. Her hips jerking, Liz cried out incoherently, her legs tensing, hands flying up to grip his arms, squeezing desperately

Waiting for her muscles to relax, he kissed the inside of her thigh softly, placing teasing nips along them, adding a second finger and resuming his teasing strokes when she did.

She groaned, rocking her hips against him, lines of fire skittering through her veins as he continued his intimate assault, her sweat-slicked body trembling as white-hot fire continued to build in her womb, quickly reaching the flash point.

Tightening her grip on his upper arms, she dragged him up her body, capturing his lips in a slow, erotic kiss and tugged on his jeans insistently, trembling fingers fumbling with the button as she tried to undo his pants. Pushing her hands aside, Michael stood, shoving his hand in his back pocket before unbuttoning his jeans hurriedly and shoving them off.

“Wow,” Liz gasped, eyes widening as his erection sprang free from his boxers, jutting proudly from his body and unconsciously licked her lips. She’d felt him before but had no idea that he’d be so…huge. Watching his approach apprehensively, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to, well, fit.

Opening the condom with his teeth, he started to sheath himself, but paused when she stopped him. Watching her intently, he hissed with pleasure as she took his hands away, gliding soft, exploratory fingers over his length, her face rapt with her new discovery.

“Please, Liz, I can’t…take much teasing, baby,” he gasped, as her tiny fingers stroked along his shaft, a shudder of desire coursing over his body, hips jerking and unconsciously thrusting into her hands as she teasingly caressed his erection. “Not right now. I…god…need you too much.”

Sucking in a shuddering breath, he moved to sheath himself again, when she took the condom from his hands and slid it onto him slowly. Sliding his eyes shut, chest burning from holding his breath, he never realized until that moment that something clinical could be so damn erotic.

Opening dazed eyes, he stared down at her hungrily and gently pushed her back, covering her with his body and slid his arousal over her slit, stroking slowly to heighten their pleasure before positioning himself at her entrance.

“Are you sure?” he asked, wanting to make sure she was really ready for this step in their relationship, not even realizing he had used the word without even flinching. This felt right with her.

“Michael, please,” she implored, spreading her arms in invitation, her answer clearly simmering in her dark eyes. “I want this with you. Only you.”

His breath hitched at her words, sucker-punched yet again by this woman stretched before him. Groaning helplessly, he slowly slid into her, eyes sliding shut at the intense sensations of her wrapping around him. Allowing her time to adjust to his invasion, he paused when he reached her barrier, capturing her lips and kissed her slowly, hoping to distract her before surging forward, tearing through the thin membrane as he filled her to the hilt.

She gasped in surprise, a tear leaking out of the corner of her eye at the brief flash of pain and sucking in a deep breath, marveled at the intense pleasure of being possessed by this man. Pumping her hips to pull him in deeper, she arched slightly and whimpered, nails biting into his back as she met the whiskey eyes burning brightly into hers. Brushing damp waves back from his face, she encouraged him to continue.

Michael, muscles straining to remain as still as possible, gasped at her subtle movement, the air rushing out of his lungs and hips flexing against her instinctively, eyes flying open to meet her liquid chocolate pools. “God, so tight, so hot. So beautiful,” he whispered hoarsely as he tested her response by flexing his hips again. “Sweeter than I ever dreamed.”

“Michael, please,” she cried softly, wiggling against him impatiently.

Giving into her plea, he drew back until he was almost completely out of her and slid back in slowly, gritting his teeth, fighting the urge to plunge into her without care. He set a languid pace, reveling in the tight walls sheathing him and the exquisite friction their bodies created every time they came together.

Panting, Liz arched into him, meeting him thrust for thrust, sliding her hands down his back to cup his ass and pressed, pulling him deeper with every movement. Sobbing against his throat, she bit down on his shoulder to keep from crying out as her body began to hum and tighten, the fire burning in her core flaming ever higher as she came closer to the edge.

“Oh, God, Michael,” she choked, struggling to express how she was feeling. “So good.”

“Liz…” he whimpered, increasing the pace as he felt her walls tighten and flutter around him, unable to hold back any longer. Crushing her to him, he plunged into her core, movements jerky and erratic, body tightening as he hovered over the edge of release, desperately trying to reign himself in long enough for her to shoot over first.

Crying out, she threw her head back, nails raking across his back as she convulsed and shattered, coming apart in his arms, sobbing his name repeatedly, her thighs squeezing his hips reflexively. Breathing labored, she continued to move with him as she rode out the waves of heat and pleasure crashing over her scattered senses.

“Mine, always,” he growled fiercely, clutching her possessively against him, surging into her depths one last time as he unraveled and exploded, back bowing, crying her name hoarsely. Shockwaves flooded over him as something deep inside his soul opened and burned brightly, marking them both as they came back down to Earth.

Collapsing together, they drew in a collective breath, hearts racing and skin tingling as they clung to each other. Resting his forehead to hers, he captured her lips in a soft, tender kiss, tracing his fingers over her body softly. “Mine,” he repeated reverently.

Pulling back, he stared down at the woman in his arms possessively, noticing something about her that hadn’t been present earlier this evening – a small insignia of a sword with a white rose wrapped around it gracing her breast bone. Tracing the small tattoo, he smiled and looked down at his own matching seal.

“What is that?” Liz asked, touching the tattoo on his chest, tracing its delicate lines in wonder, comparing it to hers.

“My seal,” he replied quietly, scratching his brow thoughtfully as he tried to figure out how much to tell her tonight, how much of the truth she could handle at that moment. “Well, I guess it would be my new seal since it’s changed since I last saw it.”

“Changed how?” she inquired, the skin under her seal tingling, wondering at why she didn’t feel more alarmed at having Michael’s seal tattooed on her body. It just felt right somehow.

“Uh, the rose,” he replied, brushing his fingers over her seal once more. “The original never had a rose in it. It was just the sword. It’s my mark, my seal of office as second in command. The rose…the rose is your mark, your seal.”
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 11/13/09 Pt. 7

Postby Ashita » Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:49 pm

AllINeed - Thanks! Glad you're loving the story! :)

Jan - Haha! Was that a blush? So here is my first dose of plot, although we haven't gotten to group dynamics yet. That will happen in a chapter or two depending on whether or not I extend their love scene into the next chapter. Hmmmmm. *wicked smile*

j.a.forester - Thanks so much!

mzzcocoa - Haha! That made me laugh. Any feedback is always greatly appreciated!

A/N: So after several smut filled chapters, we have some plot. Sorry, not much smut in this one, but well, they have to actually talk to each other sometimes for this to work. Maybe I'll expand on the tease next chapter. *wicked grin*

Special acknowledgment: to sablaine for creating the Antarian Language I borrowed from for this fic.


Find me here
And speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That's leading me to the place
Where I find peace again

“So, it’s what, a brand?” she asked, tracing the soft lines, smiling smugly at the thought of him wearing her mark. She wasn’t sure where this intense possessiveness was stemming from, as she had never felt this way with Max, but she wanted to mark him all over his body, wanted everyone to know that he belonged to her and her alone.

Michael smiled at the smug satisfaction in her voice, tracing his fingers along her arm, down over her waist to the swell of her hips, cupping her backside and pressing her to him, breath hitching as her skin slid against his. Bending down, he captured her lips in a sweet, slow kiss, savoring the taste of her mouth, so new and yet so familiar, so addicting.

Drawing back, he stared down at her with renewed hunger, heart thrumming and wondered again at how she affected him with the slightest touch. He’d kissed girls before, but none of them had left his head spinning.

“It’s a bit more complex than that,” he whispered breathlessly, his breath already growing shallow from the soft, light caresses they had been trading. He trembled slightly as her nails grazed along his back and his eyes shut in pure bliss as he dragged in a shuddering gasp, trying to focus on her question. “Ah…God…Liz, you have to stop that if you actually want an answer.”

Her eyes brightened, glowing with a feverish satisfaction and couldn’t resist scraping her nails along his back once again, smiling when he hissed in turn, fixing her with a fiery glance. Watching Michael come undone in her arms was becoming her favorite past time. The tall alien always seemed so in control and kept his emotions in check at all times, so seeing him so unraveled was intoxicating, especially since she knew she was the cause.

Purring as his teeth scraped along her jaw, her heart and breath stuttered and she clutched him to her, pressing her body into his, needing to feel every inch of his skin on hers. Head swimming, she fought for breath as his all too talented tongue traced the shell of her ear before he sucked her lobe into his mouth, suckling on it lightly. What had she asked him again? Oh, the tattoo, right.

“Complex how?” Liz panted, squirming as his lips slipped down to her neck to place soft kisses along her collarbone and clutched at his shoulders, head tipping back, her thighs squeezing his hips. Opening hazy chocolate pools, she watched as he pulled away from her slightly and fixed his heated bourbon gaze on her.

“Are you sure you want that answer tonight?” he queried, studying her face intently for any sign of unease. He’d had time to come to terms with the implications of their union because of the slowly returning memories of his heritage, but she didn’t have that benefit and he was a little scared she was going to run screaming into the night when he told her.

Liz studied him seriously, watching the conflicting emotions of happiness and fear battle in eyes as he debated something in his head. She wanted to reach out and smooth the lines of worry furrowing his brow, tell him that everything would be fine, but she couldn’t be sure of that herself without answers.

Meeting his eyes once more, she nodded, cupping his jaw and kissing him softly, trying to lend him some reassurance. Michael watched her with trepidation and nodded slowly, knowing they needed to have this conversation. Better to know if she wasn’t going to be receptive to his news now before he got his heart completely shattered. Although, how he’d live without her after tonight, he had no idea.

Getting up, he grabbed his shirt and boxers, slipping into the boxers before handing her his shirt as he met her perplexed gaze. “Can’t…concentrate with you…I’ll be able to explain better this way,” he said, grinning at her slightly disappointed moue. “Don’t pout, Parker. You’re the one who wanted to talk. I was happy with what we were doing.”

Sticking her tongue out him, Liz slid the shirt over her head as he sat back down on the bed and gathered her into his lap, pressing a soft kiss against her temple, using the time to gather his thoughts. He wasn’t one for talking and didn’t even know where to begin.

“Michael?” she prodded gently, starting to get worried with how quiet he had gotten. She couldn’t help the fear growing in her heart that the mark was nothing more than a brand of ownership, like a concubine to a king, or his case, warrior. It felt deeper than that to her, but what if she was wrong?

“Sorry,” he said distractedly, wrapping his arms around her gently, sensing her worry and fear and rubbed her arms reassuringly, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. “I just don’t know where to begin.”

“At the beginning?” she quipped pertly, turning her laughing eyes on him, trying to get him to smile and relax.

“Don’t be a smart ass,” he snorted, but smiling down at her in appreciation. Rubbing his brow thoughtfully, he nodded to himself as if resolving some conflict in his heart and turned her in his arms so that she was facing him and looked at her questioningly. “Maybe it will be easier to just demonstrate since I’m not so great with explanations.”

“Okay,” she nodded, granting him permission.

Michael touched her arms gently, lightly tugging on his powers and gently pushing them into her as he trailed his fingers down her arms softly, drawing the green electricity that had been plaguing her for weeks to the surface of her skin. Liz watched it dance along her arms, caressing her softly before it crackled and jumped, reaching out to him and drawing out an answering wash of blue energy.

She gasped softly as he took her hands, entwining their fingers, palms pressed together and the energies meshed, twining around each other in response, sending a warm rush of energy over them both. The two melded, glowing a bright turquoise as she raised astonished eyes to his.

“We started the bonding process,” he whispered softly, watching her uncertainly, slowly drawing back his power and disentangling their energies, until only the green lines of her own remained hugging her skin, stroking it softly.

She looked back down at her arms in wonder, a million questions whirling in her mind as she struggled to breathe and made a startling realization. “It doesn’t hurt,” she commented, confusion lacing her voice. Every time she had come in contact with Max, the electricity brought her nothing but pain, but with Michael, it brought her peace and hope.

“It’s not supposed to,” he said, brow furrowing, confused as to why she would think something that was a natural part of her own energy would hurt.

“But when Max tried…” she trailed off and looked up at Michael in bewilderment.

“Max tried what?” he bit out, not meaning to sound so harsh, but afraid he knew where this was going. Ever since he and Liz had triggered the bond, he had been remembering more and more of his past life and he had a bad feeling what Max might have unwittingly tried.

“Well, after it appeared, every time Max touched me, it would hurt,” she explained, brow pinched in thought. “He thought I was sick, that my powers were acting up. So he took Kyle and I into the desert and tried to heal me with the stones.”

Michael pressed his hand to his face, anger rushing through his veins as his suspicions were confirmed. Although to be honest, he doubted Max even knew what he had tried to do. Taking a deep breath, he waited for Liz to finish her story.

“It hurt like hell, Michael! I thought I was dying and he kept pressing on, telling me he felt it was working and he needed just a little more time,” she whispered, shuddering as she remembered that night. “But something inside me kept fighting against his power until it finally exploded and pushed him away. He kept trying to touch me, making the electricity worse, but Kyle kept him away from me.”

“Damn him,” he muttered under his breath, body trembling as he realized how close had come to losing her because the idiot king went dabbling in something he didn’t understand yet again. If she had died, nothing on Earth or Antar would have saved Max from his wrath. “Remind me to thank Buddha Boy later.”

“What?” she asked, a perplexed expression on her face, wondering what about her story had made him so tense. “What’s wrong?”

“He tried to hijack the bond,” he sighed, rubbing his hand over his face wearily before pulling her into his arms and wrapping her close to his heart, body still shaking with anger and fear. “I don’t think he even realized what he was doing, although I could be wrong.”

“What’s so wrong about that?” she asked thoughtlessly, not realizing how her words would sound to the alien man. She felt him still and grow tense as he started to pull away from her. Looking up at him questioningly, she saw the hurt reflected in his eyes and realized he had misinterpreted her words.

“No. No, Michael,” she reassured gently, grasping his chin and forcing him to meet her eyes, letting him see how much she wanted him and only him. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant, why would him trying to hijack the bond worry you? God, I’m not expressing this right.”

He studied her anxious features as she struggled to find the words to express her real question and relaxed, understanding what she had been asking. Ignoring the momentary flash of pain her thoughtless words brought him, he pulled her into his arms and placed a finger on her lips to still her explanation and brushed his lips against hers softly.

“I get it,” he said, sighing as he thought out his next words. “Once a bond has been initiated, it can’t be stopped. What Max did, was try to create his own bond with you and your energy reacted negatively because we had already started one of our own. It’s why you’ve been experiencing those symptoms. It pushed him away so violently because it wasn’t me. If Max had kept pressing it, he could have seriously hurt you. In the worst-case scenario, it’s fatal.”

Alarm flashed across Liz’s face and she nodded her head slowly, mind swimming as she tried to absorb all the information Michael had imparted. Part of her was terrified at the implications of their union and angry at Max’s actions, yet the rest of her was fiercely glad that she had a claim on the man that had fascinated her for so long. Maybe a part of her recognized he was always meant to be hers.

“So, we’re in essence, what? Married?” she asked, settling into his chest, tracing the mark of their bonding.

“It’s deeper than that,” he replied, taking her hand and holding it over his heart, sighing in contentment and a profound relief that she hadn’t run at his first words. “It goes beyond marriage. A true bonding is rare among Antarians. We’re….” He trailed off as he searched for the appropriate words.

“Soulmates?” she guessed.

“No!” he growled. He had always hated the word Maria used to describe Max and Liz’s relationship since a part of him had always known she belonged with him, not Max. “We’re tjana dolre, life mates. It’s more binding than marriage because marriages end, but we can never be separated once it’s complete.”

“Never?” she asked, stunned by the implications. “So we can’t be with anyone else? Just each other?”

“Yes,” he replied, apprehension filling his face once more, heart pounding as he waited for her to reject him now that she realized the full weight of their actions recently. He wouldn’t force her to continue if it scared her. His life would be hollow without her but he’d let her go if that was her true desire.

“So this doesn’t mean that were going to go into withdrawal if we’re not around each other, will we?” she teased him lightly, sensing his growing trepidation. Yeah, she hadn’t expected the depth or longevity of the relationship, but she wouldn’t have begun anything if she hadn’t seen the potential. “ ‘Cause I don’t know how I’d explain to my parents why I need to keep you in my room.”

“No,” he snorted, giving a relieved bark of laughter as he imagined a blushing Liz trying to explain why she had him locked up in her closet. Somehow he doubted they’d be all that understanding if she told them he was her alien mate and their bond forced them to have physical contact every few hours to combat their urges.

“Wait, what do you mean once it’s completed?” she asked.

“Well, we’ve begun the process, but haven’t completed it,” he said. “Um, there is a sort of ceremony we have to perform before the full bond takes place. What we have now is called a lehali. It’s sort of like an engagement, for lack of a better word only unbreakable.”

“A ceremony?” she queried, watching him with some trepidation as she stared into his dark whiskey eyes, a slight chill of unease trickling in her stomach as she remembered the stone ceremony. “It won’t hurt will it?”

“No,” he smirked, letting his eyes drift over her body lazily as he licked his lips slowly, imagining her dressed in the ceremonial robe he’d seen in his brief flash. If you could call it a robe. “It’s actually very pleasurable.”

“Oh?” she asked, then catching the hungry gleam in his eyes as they traveled over her form and flushed, her body warming under his predatory gaze. “Oh. Well. We’ve already done that, Michael.”

“Well it’s more about the intent, than the actual act,” he laughed, pressing his lips to her shoulder as she leaned into him once more, making his breath stutter “Not that I’m not looking forward to it. If you want to, of course.”

“Okay,” she whispered, snuggling into his arms and wrapping an arm around his waist, placing a possessive kiss on his seal and smiled as she placed her other hand over his heart.

“Okay?” Michael whispered huskily, throat constricting at her easy acceptance considering he had just unloaded a lot on her shoulders tonight. Other women would have run out the door screaming, but not her. This woman never ceased to amaze him. Pressing his face to her hair, he took a deep breath and finally let go of the tension that had been filling his body from the moment they started this conversation.

“Mmm hmm,” she murmured sleepily.

“You’re okay with this?” he asked again, not quite believing his luck.

“Yup,” she sighed, snuggling further in to his body, stroking her hands over his back softly, letting her nails drag across it lazily, sending a shudder down his spine. If she kept that up, she was going to end up flat on her back again. “Makes sense actually. Why I’ve been so drawn to you that is.”

He shook his head in wonder, a warm glow suffusing his heart, wanting to pinch himself and make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Instead he rolled her over, pressing her into the bed and covered her body with his, capturing her lips in a slow, erotic kiss, fanning the embers from earlier, slowly pushing his shirt up her thighs, marveling at the soft skin beneath his fingers.

“No sleeping woman!” he ordered, lifting his body slightly to drag his shirt from hers, and settled himself over her once again, pressing his arousal against her. Scraping his teeth over her shoulder, he placed hot, wet kisses over her sternum, making his way down to the valley of her breasts. “I’m not done with you yet.”

“You alien boys,” she sighed in mock exasperation, gasping as his mouth closed over her breast and heat shot through her body, re-igniting the flames lying dormant in her core. “So demanding.”

“Alien man. Man, Parker. Get it right,” he commanded breathlessly, quickly getting lost in her once more. “And that better be singular. There will be no other men if I have anything to say about it.”
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) 11/22/09 Chap 8

Postby Ashita » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:22 pm

Singerchic4 - Awesome, come in and sit for a while! I have plenty more to come! I'm glad the imagery comes across. :)

Jan - Glad you liked the twist on the desert healing. I thought it appropriate since I use the electricity as a central part of their bond for this fic. :) Yes, can you imagine what will happen when his majesty finds out. Oh dear. Max isn't going to be happy with this new development. Darn. ;)

Kris - Glad you're liking it. :) Hope this was soon enough. :)

Carrie - Thanks again for the nomination! As I said in my PM, I'm very honored considering how many great writers are on the board. Here's hoping you like this part as well. :)

AlysLuv - Hmmmm...Max dangerous? Could be. Then again, he could just be clueless as to what he attempted. He might honestly believe he was trying to heal her. I guess we'll have to wait and see. :) But thanks for the comment. :)

Jezebel Jinx - Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the fic. :) Hopefully the next will be just as enjoyable.

A/N: So hopefully this chapter is as good as the others. I was sick with the flu when I wrote part of it and may only be deluding myself. Yay meds! Lyrics to Everything belong to Lifehouse.

You are the strength
That keeps me walking
You are the hope
That keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything

Michael stirred, slowly opening his eyes, blinking sleepily as he focused on the brunette snuggled against his chest, smiling as she crinkled her nose at a flyaway hair tickling it. Tightening his arm around her possessively, he anchored her to his body and rose up on one arm, propping his jaw against his fist to watch her sleep.

Tracing his index finger along her hairline, he pushed the long molasses strands splayed across her body over her shoulder and lightly drew his fingers over the curve of her neck, watching her skin pebble with gooseflesh. Warm brandy eyes darkened with desire as she shivered under his touch and stirred against him, making his body tighten with need despite making love all night. Will he ever be satisfied when it comes to her?

Arabana. Beautiful,” he whispered to himself, caressing her shoulder softly. “Ta aslora, ta aiza huana. My heart, my little queen.”

Breath hitching, he slid his fingers down over her arm, teasing the soft flesh gently before slipping them over her waist to palm her back, bending down to place a light kiss on her forehead. Sliding his lips over the curve of her cheek, he couldn’t resist pressing his lips to hers, dragging his fingers along her spine to cup the back of her neck.

Smiling against her mouth when she moaned softly, her lips parting sleepily, he pressed her into the bed, covering her body with his and claimed her mouth, delving his tongue into the damp cavern, rediscovering her sweetness languorously. Waking slowly, Liz wrapped her legs around his hips, squeezing gently and drew her fingers through his tawny waves, sighing against his mouth contentedly.

“Mmm, I could get used to waking up like this every morning,” she whispered as she pulled away, opening her ebony orbs sleepily and smiling at her mate. Stroking his arms softly, she snuggled against his chest, listening to his heart thrum steadily against her cheek.

“Me too, aiba,” he whispered back, drawing his fingers through her silken tresses idly, pressing a soft kiss on the top of her head.

Aiba?” she asked, tipping her head back to look at him curiously.

“It’s an Antarian endearment,” he replied, tracing a finger over her cheek, down to the corner of her mouth and brushing her lips lightly. His breath stuttered as she kissed the tip of his finger. “It means sweet. It suits you. Or if you prefer, I could always call you aiza huana, little queen.”

“I like it, aiba.” she smiled, eyes dancing with laughter when he frowned at her teasing.

“I am far from sweet, Parker,” he snorted, caramel eyes sparkling devilishly. “Of course, after last night, onokul ielmesui, wildfire, would suit you as well.”

Pink settled into her cheeks at the reminder of her enthusiastic response to him and she swatted him on the arm lightly before burrowing her face into the covers, glaring at him playfully when he chuckled. Pulling the covers down, he dipped his head to press a soft kiss against her lips.

“You seem to be remembering quite a bit of the language and culture,” she commented, watching him curiously when he pulled back. “When did this happen?”

“When the bond sparked to life,” he said, scratching his brow thoughtfully. He dropped his hand and pulled her in his arms, cupping the back of her head, pressing his forehead to hers. “It started with a flash or a word here and there, but lately when I sleep at night, I dream about Antar and what life was like there.”

“Do you miss it?” she asked softly, worrying her bottom lip and wondering where his returning memories would leave them. “Your other life that is?”

“No,” he whispered, smoothing a reassuring hand over her hair, smiling to brush away her uncertainty. “From what I remember, I wasn’t very happy there. It was a cold, lonely life where I was forced out of the army into the role of diplomat and apparently betrayed by my betrothed and best friend if we're to believe the dupes. Although, to be honest, I never loved Vilandra romantically; our betrothal was a political alliance.”

“Best friend? What did Max, or Zan, do?” she asked, relieved to hear that he had no real ties to the beautiful, blond alien. Bond or not, after what happened with Max and Tess, she couldn’t help but worry he’d be drawn to his former fiancé now that he was remembering his past life.

“Not Zan,” he replied. “Khivar. He and I grew up together, were friends long before we met Zan in school. Zan and I only tolerated each other because our families were allies and later, when I was appointed second in command, we were at each other’s throats more times than not. It was his idea to force Vilandra to bond with me in order to solidify his hold on the planet.”

Liz opened her mouth to ask more questions, but closed it when Michael pressed a finger to her lips. “Later,” he promised. “It’s all still hazy in my mind.”

She nodded her head in agreement, mind still full of questions, her innate curiosity sparked by his explanations, but let it rest knowing he’d tell her when he was ready. Smoothing sandy waves back from his face, she smiled, cupping his jaw, shivering slightly when his body brushed against hers.

“Speaking of the bond, I should be mad at you for initiating it without filling me in on the full impact,” she chided teasingly, bumping her nose against his softly, breath hitching as his fingers stroked over the back of her neck.

“You could,” he smiled, marveling at how such a light caress had her eyes gleaming with desire. Leaning over, he brushed his lips against hers teasingly, a shudder wracking his body at the light caress and tightened his hold on her. “But you know as well as I do that it’d be a lie. You knew exactly what was happening.”

“Mmmm?” she murmured dreamily, capturing his lips in a soft kiss as she traced the muscles in his bared back softly, sliding her fingers into his sandy waves and sighing against his mouth. He took her breath away.

“Don’t deny it, I felt it,” he whispered, nudging her nose with his, breathing in the sugar cookie scent that followed her and captured her lips sweetly in a soft, short kiss. “You felt it. The dormant part of you, changed when Max healed you, is awakening. Has been awakening since that night.”

“That night?” she whispered distractedly, scraping her teeth over his jaw, drawing a hiss past his lips and he tightened his hold on the back of her head, tipping it back so that he could claim her mouth once more in a heated kiss. Pulling away, he cocked a brow at her knowingly and smirked when understanding dawned in her eyes, sending a delicate wash of pink across her cheeks. “Oh, that night.”

“Yes, that night,” he panted, smiling smugly as he remembered when their bond first flared to life. A part of him had always been drawn to her, but it wasn’t until that night he recognized her for what she was. “Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten our first kiss. I’m hurt, Parker. Do I need to jog your memory?”

“N-no,” she stuttered, a soft gasp rushing over her lips as his pressed against her mouth, other hand sliding up her body to tangle in her hair, his domineering frame pressing her deeper into the mattress. He deepened the kiss, sliding his thigh between her legs, rubbing against her thighs teasingly, mimicking the one they shared New Year’s Eve. Like she could ever forget that night.

Maria and Max had tried to get them to find Enigma, each hoping to rekindle their respective relationships, but they had declined saying they were needed at the Crash to help with the party. They really weren’t, but neither were in the mood to fend off their exes’ advances and ended up spending the evening on her balcony, talking and laughing.

In a moment of madness and daring, they had sipped the champagne her parents allowed them; leaving them both giddy and playful, making Michael reach over to tickle her for some smart-ass comment. She scrambled out of his reach and darted away in mock fear, him in hot pursuit. Grabbing her around her waist, he yanked her against him, pressing her into the wall by her window and tickled her mercilessly until she was crying with laughter and called uncle.

Still laughing, their eyes met and held as he sobered, his eyes drifting over her face lazily as he stroked her cheek before leaning in and bringing in their New Year with a kiss that rocked her world. She had thought he’d forgotten about the kiss when he didn’t mention it the next morning, instead watching her with an inscrutable expression and chalked his lack to the alien amnesia that occurs after they sober up.

“Mmmmm, so good,” she purred, drug back to the present as his lips left hers and his teeth sunk into her shoulder, before trailing lips over her collarbone. Dragging his head back to hers, Liz caught his lower lip between her teeth, sucking it in her mouth and nibbling before relinquishing her hold, slipping her tongue in to swirl with his. Pulling back reluctantly, she sighed as she stroked her hands over his back. “I need to shower and to check on how things are running downstairs.”

“Mmmm, shower sounds good,” he murmured, staring down at her hungrily, jaw propped in one hand as he slid the other over her hip, tracing patterns over her stomach. He smiled wolfishly as he imagined her water-slicked body pressed to him. “I can definitely go for that.”

“Who said you were invited?” she teased, eyes sparkling with mischief, as she scooted away from him, tossing a wicked smile over her shoulder and walked into the bathroom to start the water. Coming back out, she fixed him with a sassy grin and cocked her head playfully. “Besides, after last night, I doubt you have it in you to finish what you started. Recovery time and all.”

“Is that a challenge, Parker?” he smirked, cocking a brow and tipping his head up as his heated golden gaze drifted over her lazily, sending a rush of heat pooling in her womb. He rose from the bed, stalking over to her like a panther seeking prey and crowded her against the bathroom door, pressing his palms on either side of her head, watching her with smoldering eyes. “You forget what happened last time you challenged me?”

“Hmmm, it’s all a bit hazy,” she drawled, pursing her lips thoughtfully, swallowing thickly as she tried to keep a straight face. Her breath was sucked away when his head dipped, pressing his nose to hers in challenge, darkened sherry eyes melding with chocolate. Stomach quivering, she inhaled sharply when he slid a thigh between hers, pressing her between him and the door firmly.

“Maybe you need a reminder then,” he whispered silkily, dragging his lips back and forth over hers teasingly before fusing their lips together, wrapping an arm around her waist and yanking her against him forcefully, the other hand fisting in her hair. Her breath rushed past her lips as she locked her arms around his neck, pressing against him as he maneuvered them through the bathroom door.

“You’re going to feel it every time you walk when I’m done with you,” he promised darkly, an arrogant smile touching his lips as he nipped the side of her neck, swirling his tongue over salt-tinged skin. “Maybe then it won’t be so hazy.”

“Oh, God,” she murmured as he walked her over to the shower, pulling her up against him as he stepped in, hitting the tiles with a soft thud and drew a startled cry from her lips, her body writhing against his wantonly.

“Yes, pray, while you can,” he rasped. Hot water sluiced over their skin as Michael pressed against the cradle of her body, rocking against her tauntingly and pinned her to the tiles, his nails grazing over her breasts, smirking when she arched into his touch instinctively.

Her hips arched, rocking and seeking more pressure as he teased her nipples, pulling and pinching, as he pressed firm, demanding lips to her soft, wet mouth. Prying her lips apart, he slid his tongue into the sweet recess, caressing and teasing hers into a sensuous dance, swallowing the breathy cry that slipped over her lips.

Gripping his shoulders, Liz whimpered with need and slid impatient, restless fingers over firm, taut skin, slipping them around his neck to tug on wet, tangled locks, sinking into his mouth ravenously. Fire licked her skin, his fingers branding her as they slid over her body abrasively and she pressed into him, grinding water-beaded skin against each other, drawing a low growl from his throat.

Lips meshed again and again, nipping insistently and delved deeper to swirl tongue against tongue as he raked his hands over the full-length of her torso and back up to squeeze her breasts firmly, kneading the soft flesh. Gasping breathlessly, she smirked against his mouth as she slid her hands over the firm planes of his chest and reached down to grasp his firm shaft, dragging fingertips over the sensitive tip.

Michael hissed, muscles tightening as he set her on her feet before grasping her wrists and pinning them to the wall, pushing her harder into the cool tiles. Groaning as his erection slid against the soft skin of her stomach, he shuddered and continued his insistent tease against her mouth.

She let out a soft gasp, lines of fire coursing through blood when his hardened flesh teased her stomach and pulled hands out of his grasp to rake exploratory fingers over his muscled chest and abs, slipping them around to clutch his firm ass.

He moaned against her lips, fingers digging into her waist and drew away from her mouth, dragging blunt teeth over the curve of her jaw, scraping over tender skin. Trailing kisses and bites along her collarbone, he cupped her breasts, dipping his head to run his tongue along the curve, latching onto her nipple and nipped it between his teeth, laving the subtle sting with the rough pad his tongue before sucking it into his mouth.

Liz arched into him, breathy moans urging on his increasingly insistent caresses, as long, tapered fingers brushed along her stomach and trailed lower, to rest against her inner thigh, kneading the tender flesh before deftly smoothing along to her slick folds, brushing lightly over her clit, circling it in a slight tease. Her legs buckled and he pushed her against the low shelf for support, holding her against the tiles with his hip and continued to stroke her tauntingly.

Ripping his mouth away her right breast, he latched onto its twin and bit down, marring her unblemished flesh, scraping his teeth over her roughly, forcing an incoherent curse past her lips. Smirking against her skin, he continued his maddening assault, sliding a finger into her core, stoking the fire burning ever higher with his nimble fingers.

Groaning, she slid her hands between them, grasping his erection again, not allowing him to deter her this time. Fingering the tip, she trailed her fingers down his length to grasp the base and stroked the smooth, stiff skin, smiling wickedly when he grunted and momentarily stopped his ministrations to draw an unsteady breath, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip in fierce concentration.

Reaching all the way down to the base, she curved her hand around him and started a slow, stroking motion, his body shuddering against hers, muscles taut and straining with desire. Increasing the speed of her strokes, she felt him pulse and tighten, knowing he was about to explode from the sensation. Tangling his fingers in her drenched locks, he wrapped them around his fist, yanking her head back and crushed her lips to his in a rough, possessive kiss, their tongues tangling erotically.

Breathing erratic, he pressed his fingers against her insistently, increasing the pressure and speed of his strokes, smiling smugly at the desperate breathy cries spilling over her lips. Finally unable to stand her teasing any longer, he flipped her around and pushed her into the tiles, entwining their hands, pressing them to the wall, holding her prone as he ground himself against her slit, testing her wetness.

“Still think I can’t follow through?” he rasped tauntingly against her ear, grinning at her strangled whimper as he teased her soft folds, bumping against her clit a couple times before positioning himself at her entrance and drove into her core, burying himself to the hilt. She cried out, nails grasping vainly for hold against the tiles and shuddered, her walls clamping down on him tightly at the unexpected invasion.

Stilling against her, he pressed his forehead against her head, struggling for breath as he waited for her muscles to relax, remembering how new she was to this. Pressing his lips to her neck, he breathed her in and slid himself in even deeper once her muscles eased their grip. “You okay, aiba?” he whispered, flicking his tongue over her rapidly beating pulse.

“Oh God, yes,” she choked, pressing into his body, shivering when he slid impossibly deeper, filling her completely and tipped her head back against his chest, wet lashes matted to flushed cheeks, lips parted in pleasure. Groaning, he kept their hands pressed to the tiles and captured her lips in a slow, erotic kiss as he moved inside her carefully, rocking against her as he sought a deeper hold. “Michael…please, don’t stop.”

Pulling all the way out, he plunged back into her, ripping another cry of pleasure from her lips, her back bowing as he began to pound into her with slow, deep, penetrating thrusts, each deft stroke pushing her higher into ecstasy. He grunted in pleasure at the feel of her slick, tight walls engulfing him and bit down on the back of her neck forcefully to stifle his own shout of pleasure. Body quivering, she braced her hands against the tiles and tried to keep her knees from buckling.

Disentangling his hands from hers, he wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her to him tightly when he felt her legs start to give and slipped the other between the wall and her body, seeking out and drawing light circles around her clit. He timed his titillating caresses to the insistent thrust of his hips before pressing down, pushing her to the edge of screaming pleasure.

“Michael!” she cried hoarsely, hips bucking, body jolting against him as her muscles clenched and intense pleasure shot over her nerves like an electric current as she succumbed to her body’s insistent demand for release, her fingers clutching at the wall blindly.

“Liz,” he choked, slamming inside her, his thrusts turning jerky and erratic as he clamped his teeth onto her neck and finally gave into to the ecstasy pouring through his veins and lost himself in her, leaving them both shattered and shuddering in sensation.

Panting, Liz sagged against the wall, barely able to keep from buckling to the floor as Michael’s weight collapsed against her, his head resting against her shoulder, drawing in shallow, shuddering breaths. They rested against the wall limply, slowly regaining their strength before he pressed soft lips against her shoulder and pulled out of her body, hissing as sensitized skin slid against her tight, wet walls. Turning her around, he covered her lips in a soft, tender kiss, still riding the euphoria coursing through his body.

“Sure you’ve never done that before?” she asked, smiling shakily as she sunk into his embrace, holding onto his waist for support, her legs still wobbly and ran her fingers over his skin tenderly.

“Well, I have lived once before,” he smirked arrogantly, caressing her back softly, biting back a moan when their skin rubbed together. Pressing his face to her hair, he gave her a light squeeze and pulled away, fixing her with warm sienna eyes. “We should get cleaned up and head to the diner. Although, it’d be better if we did it alone, otherwise I might get distracted and take you again.”

“Again?” she choked, eyes widening incredulously at his comment, throat convulsing as she pulled away and reached for her shampoo, shuddering as his words sent a rush of apprehensive desire dancing over her skin.

“I have years to make up for where you’re concerned,” he leered, grabbing a towel and heading out to her room. “Besides, I did promise you were going to feel this every time you moved. And I never make a promise I can’t keep.”


Liz finished dressing, thankful that as acting manager she didn’t have to wear her waitress uniform for once. She was always much more comfortable in jeans and a sweater and hated the way the guys leered over the short, tight skirts. She really needed to talk to her dad about changing the uniforms a bit, update the look of the diner. Although, they could be fun, smiling to herself as she recalled Michael’s actions last night.

Padding out into her kitchen, she winced at the slight twinge in her thighs and walked over to the cupboard, grabbing the coffee, measuring out grounds into the filter before closing it and filling the machine with water. Yawning, she started the pot before pressing her head against the cupboards, watching it percolate and drip into the pot slowly, wishing she didn’t have to open the diner.

There was nothing more she wanted to do than crawl back into bed, wrap herself in Michael and spend the day trading kisses and learning what made him sigh, what made his breath catch, what made him purr in the back of his throat.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she filled her cup and was contemplating whether to get one for Michael when her door slammed open, emitting a panicked Maria. Swinging her head over to her friend, she cringed, in no mood to deal with her this morning given Michael was just in the other room in the shower.

After a lot of discussion last night, they decided to wait until the end of the weekend to tell their friends about their new relationship, wanting a couple of days to themselves before all hell broke loose. They weren’t really that worried about Isabel and Kyle’s reaction given the veiled comments they’d dropped lately, however, Max and Maria were a different matter altogether.

But as usual the fates have conspired against them. Again.

“Chica, we have a problem! He never came home last night and we can’t find him anywhere, although I thought he was just hiding out in the desert like usual, but then Kyle saw that his bike was still here and we have no idea where he is,” she babbled breathlessly, anxiety lacing her voice, pacing agitatedly as she sniffed her cedar oil.

“What?” Liz asked, frantically thinking of how she could get Maria out the door before Michael came into the kitchen. She winced, realizing it was too late when her room door open and he stepped out shirtless, jeans slung low over his hips.

Her breath caught, cheeks heating, completely captivated with the picture he made as he sauntered into the room, head bent, fussing with his shirt, hair still damp from his shower and water drops clinging to his toned chest. God he was sexy. She just wanted to kick Maria out, push him back in her room and lick off every drop of water slowly. Oh, wait, wasn’t Maria saying something.

“Max called a meeting. We can’t find…” Maria tried again as Michael strode into the room, both speaking at the same time, oblivious of the other’s presence. “Do you have another shirt I can borrow, aiba?”

“…Michael?” Maria said, a faint questioning lilt shading her voice, her face pinching with confusion as she turned and stared at the bare-chested man. Flicking confused eyes back and forth between him and her friend’s guilty expression, she took a sharp breath as the pieces fell together slowly.

Michael’s head shot up, bristling at her voice, annoyed resignation crossing his face when he realized their peace was about to come to an end. Flicking questioning eyes over at Liz, he sighed when she shrugged helplessly and shot him an equally frustrated expression. Time to face facts.

“What are you doing here? Did you just get out of the shower?” Maria asked, her voice rising in pitch as she began to breathe heavier, almost hyperventilating, her heart palpitating as she watched the shared looks between them. It couldn’t be. Her eyes shifted to his chest, staring his seal lingering before flicking them back up and demanding answers. “And when did you get a tattoo? What’s going on here?”
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) Chap 9 12/16/09

Postby Ashita » Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:19 am

Kris - Thanks again. :) Here is the first dose of reaction. Although it wasn't as bad I was expecting. I'm wondering when the other shoe is going to drop now.

Carrie - Being nominated even once is an honor. I don't even need to win anything right now as it's enough that someone liked my work that much. Black spots...oh dear....well I'll take it easier on you this time. :)

Jan - Haha! You have no idea. We haven't even hit the fireworks yet, but give it a couple more chapters and Max is not going to be a happy camper at all. And yes, you made me like Max. That was really evil of you. I'm still in therapy. ;) And thanks for the well wishes. My own dumb fault for not going to the doctor's like I should have in the first place.

A/N: The benefits of me not being able to sleep because of coughing? You have a new chapter. :) Also, as you'll quickly figure out, this story went AU sometime during the first season, although some of the major events did occur. But I'll explain the differences as I go along. :) Also, this didn't turn out to be as dramatic a scene as I was expecting, but no worries...we've yet to see the last of Maria. And one final note, I saw that I have received some other nominations for this fic, so thank you all for taking the time to read my story and thinking it good enough to be mentioned! I'm truly honored. :)

You calm the storms
And you give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won't let me fall
You steal my heart
When you take my breath away
Would you take me in take me deeper now


What are you doing here? Did you just get out of the shower?” Maria asked, her voice rising in pitch and demanding answers. “And when did you get a tattoo? What’s going on here?”

Liz and Michael quietly stared at each other, Maria’s questions reverberating through the room and tried to decide what tact to take. They had planned to keep quiet until tomorrow, but they might as well get it over with now, giving the others a chance to mull it over before they had to face everyone at school. It was going to be awkward enough with the shift in group dynamics without lying and pretending innocence.

Nodding subtly, Liz reached a hand out to Michael, smiling as relief flashed briefly through his stoic façade. She wasn’t going to deny anything as she knows they hadn’t done anything wrong. They’d been long broken up with the others and one couldn’t choose who they loved. It just happened. Max and Maria were just going to have to face facts, especially with their bond nearly complete.

“What the hell is going on?” Maria demanded bitterly, face flushing with anger as Michael walked across the room, taking Liz’s hand and squeezing it gently, stood behind her. Maria glared at them malevolently, breath quickening as more pieces fell together – the shared intense looks when they thought no one was looking, Michael’s willingness to close with Liz, his choice in partner when they were in the woods. It all made some sort of sick sense.

“What business is it of yours?” Michael fired back, brow pinching in annoyance as he lightly rested his hands on Liz’s shoulders, sending a reassuring boost of strength through her. Flicking her gaze up to Michael, Liz covered his right hand with hers and graced him with a half-smile of thanks before returning her gaze to Maria.

“Well, considering it appears that my boyfriend slept over my best friend’s house,” the blond grit out, hands clenched in front of her, chest heaving with suppressed rage. “I think I have every right to know.”

“We aren’t together, Maria,” Michael stated tightly, his irritation at the girl’s continued denial of his words growing exponentially. He’d been desperately trying to expunge her from his life but she refused to listen and grasp reality. “Actually, we’ve never been together.”

“What?” Maria cried in outrage, eyes bulging, mouth slack with astonishment and body going stock still as she raked a disbelieving gaze over Michael, fuming when he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“Did I ever ask you to be my girlfriend?” he asked impatiently, trying to keep his cool when she continued to shake her head in denial. “Did I ever tell you I wanted to date exclusively? Or date at all for that matter?”

“No, but I read between the lines,” Maria stuttered, wringing her hands slightly, a hint of uncertainty finally creeping beneath her mask of indignation. She sputtered as she struggled for words, searching for some kind of truth to her claim. “We made out all those times.”

“There were no lines to read between,” Michael replied bluntly, rapidly losing control over his temper. “You’re a pretty girl. I’m a guy. I thought you were cute, we had chemistry and you were interested. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is headed.”

“You used me?” Maria shouted, aghast at the conclusion she drew, fighting the urge to run over and slap his stoic face. “That’s disgusting.”

“No!” Michael growled, pinching the bridge of his nose before fixing the blond with a hard stare, fed up with her dramatics. “And don’t try to pin that on me. As soon as I realized it meant more to you, I backed off. Or did you conveniently forget that fact?”

“But I felt it, the passion behind your kisses,” she protested, shaking her head in denial, drawing back as if slapped.

“Making out doesn’t constitute a relationship or ownership, Maria,” he replied with resignation, realizing he’ll never get through the blond standing before him and Liz. He’d been trying to tell her for over a year. Sending a frustrated grimace at Liz, he frantically tried to find a way to make his stance clear. “And if you use that as barometer for relationships, then Liz has far more claim over me than you do.”

Unfortunately, his hastily spoken words drew Maria’s hateful gaze to his mate.

“And you!” Maria spat, anger dripping from every word, the tension so thick it could be cut with a knife as she furiously pointed at Liz. Her eyes cut to her friend, glittering with pained fury. “How could you do this to me? To Max? You’re supposed to be my best friend!”

“Do what, Maria?” the brunette asked calmly, hoping that if she kept a serene façade that it would prevent the scene from spiraling out of control. She knew that was impossible but one could hope. “Take a chance at finding happiness? Accept that there is someone who wants me, simply for being me? Who doesn’t put me on some impossible pedestal? What exactly is wrong with that?”

“You’re my best friend! And former boyfriends are off limits,” the blond sneered spitefully. “Or did you forget that rule?”

“Nah uh, you don’t have any right to play that card with me, Deluca,” Liz bit out, also getting tired of the other girl’s antics. At one time, she would have done anything for Maria. But ever since her former best friend had gotten a taste of the alien abyss, she’d changed dramatically. The final straw came when instead of backing her when she broke up with Max, she became Team Maxwell’s number one fan, hoping that getting them together again would show Michael they had a shot.

Liz wasn’t stupid. She knew all those ice cream talks were cleverly mounted attacks at getting her to capitulate to Max’s whims once more. What Maria hadn’t counted on, was the mere sight of Max brought back memories of Alex’s body, lying still and cold in his coffin, his justice sacrificed because that traitorous bitch was carrying her so-called soul mate's child. She couldn’t bear to look at him.

“What?” Maria asked heart chilling as she saw her friend’s warm chocolate gaze ice over, her lips pinched in disgust. Maria’s jaw slackened as Liz shrugged and cocked a brow in challenge. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hypocritical much, Maria?” Liz taunted, crossing her arms over her chest, meeting her confused green gaze unflinchingly. Maria had always been good at pointing fingers but when it came to facing her own faults, often played the misunderstood innocent. Sighing, Liz pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation. “Need I jog your memory? Enigma? Fireworks? You and Max making out under the stars? Ring any bells?”

“W-what?” she stuttered, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment at being called out. She and Max agreed to never say anything about that night, both of them caught up in the moment when they were comforting one another. “H-how d-did you…?”

“How did I know?” Liz inquired pointedly, waving her free hand. “Flashes. You remember those, right? I got a flash from Max one night. Told me the whole story.”

“Wait, what flash?” Michael demanded, looking down at the brunette in his arms, hands tightening possessively on her shoulders. Reaching down, he slid his forefinger under her chin and tipped her head up, heated caramel irises watching chocolate closely. “You didn’t tell me about this.”

“Because it wasn’t important,” the petite brunette smiled wryly, trying to soothe her warrior’s ruffled feathers.

“If it involves you in anyway, it’s important,” he argued, frowning down into her eyes and pressed his lips together when she refused to yield anymore information. Cocking a brow, he shook his head and promised darkly. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“Fine, later,” Liz said, rolling her eyes at his caveman antics and fixed her gaze back on the gaping girl in front of them. Smirking derisively, she cocked a brow as she watched Maria’s mouth move soundlessly as she tried to come up with a plausible explanation. “You’re hardly one to call foul in the so-called rules. I find it funny that you didn’t give them much thought until it applied to you.”

“Is that what this is about?” Maria sputtered, gesturing at the two of them, her lips set in a petulant pout. It had to be. Michael and Liz? They didn’t make sense. They were too different from each other. “You’re getting even with us?”

“No, I could not care less that you and Max made out. In fact, it made me happy that you might find something in one another,” Liz sighed with exasperation as she watched the conversation continue on a downward spiral. Pointing to herself and Michael, Liz continued. “This has nothing to do with either of you. It’s between Michael and me. It’s what we’ve been trying to tell you throughout this conversation if you had bothered to listen and focus on someone other than yourself.”

“Nice, Liz,” Maria scoffed, brushing aside everything she said. “You’re screwing my boyfriend and I’m the one that’s thoughtless and self-centered.”

“He’s not your boyfriend!” Liz cried with mounting impatience, barely refraining from reaching out and throttling the girl in front of her. “He’s my mate! And it’s no one’s business what I do with him!”

Michael dipped his head slightly; biting back a smile as Liz finally lost her temper with Maria and got territorial. Damned if it wasn’t sexy to see her get riled up and staking her claim on him. He shifted behind her further to hide his obvious reaction to her words. Now if they could just get Maria out of there, he’d show her just how much her words turned him on.

“Y-your…m-mate?” Maria choked, mouth gaping incredulously as she stared at the couple before her. This sounded much more serious than she was expecting when she saw Michael. “I…I don’t understand.”

“Fine, here’s the Cliff Notes version, if you can keep up,” Michael stated impatiently, tired of the drawn out conversation that shouldn’t even be happening in his opinion since it was none of Maria’s business. He pointed to the seal on his chest. “This is my seal. The sword represents me, the rose, Liz. Combined, they make our mated seal, meaning we’re bonded for life. Any other questions?”

“Michael!” Liz squeaked, smacking her palm against her forehead and bracing herself for the hurricane winds that were bound to erupt following that statement. Glaring at her mate with exasperation, she pressed her lips together and shook her head. “Could you try to be anymore tactless?”

“Tact is your department, aiba, not mine,” he smirked. “Dancing around the topic wasn’t doing any good, so I figured we’d try the cold, hard truth.”

“Of all the aliens I could have bonded with, I had to get stuck with the most pig-headed and tactless one of the bunch,” Liz muttered under her breath ruefully while shooting her contentious mate a quelling look.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night,” Michael whispered against her ear, snickering when she sent him a look of mock outrage and smiled arrogantly while continuing in a hushed voice. “Or this morning for that matter.”

“Shut up. You’re insufferable,” she whispered back, sending him a warning glance and tried not to think about what that wicked smile was doing to her inside. Squirming under his teasing, she turned back to a frozen Maria as she watched the banter between them with stunned disbelief, completely erasing the smile from her face.

“Well, gee, isn’t that cute.” Maria sniped sarcastically, her cat-like gaze narrowing in annoyance at having been forgotten yet again. “Don’t spare my feelings at all.”

“Glad you see it that way,” Michael sniped back, fixing her with a cold, hard stare. “Let’s see, what were your other questions? Why am I here? I think that’s pretty obvious given our status. When did I get my seal? Last night. What’s going on? Liz and I are together, deal with it. Anything else?”

Liz groaned at his bluntness, burying her face in her hands and shaking her head as Michael looked down on her smirking. So much for breaking the news to everyone gently. Cringing, she peeked up cautiously, expecting to see Maria about to pop at that last harsh announcement, only to find her former friend pale and shaken.

“I…I…can’t deal with this now,” Maria stuttered, shaking her head and backing away from the couple, heart pounding as the permanence of their relationship slowly sunk in.

Despite Michael’s assertions that nothing would come of their brief time together, she had held on to a small shred of hope that one day he might change his mind, as crazy as it seemed. Once the tall alien made his mind up about something, he rarely did anything in half-measures and it hurt to see physical proof that her hope had been fruitless.

Especially when she lost out to someone she had once thought of as a best friend. She wasn’t as clueless as she sometimes liked to project. She knew that Liz’s and her friendship had been on the rocks since the aliens had found out their destiny, but she hadn’t really realized how much she had missed until now.

“Maria, we didn’t want you to find out this way. Rocky or not, you were once my friend and I didn’t want to hurt you,” Liz said quietly, as the blond girl continued to back towards her door. “I tried to tell you. Michael, tactless as he is, tried to tell you. I ignored him for years because of your feelings, but I can’t anymore. I can’t continue to put my happiness and life on hold for the benefit of everyone else and Michael is the one person I will not sacrifice. Not even for you.”

Maria took a shuddering breath, squeezing her eyes shut, tears stinging the corners at Liz’s words, knowing them to be the truth. Nodding quietly, she looked up and bit her lip to stifle her emotions. “Why him?” she asked, desperately trying to understand how the world could change so drastically in the matter of a few minutes.

“You can’t chose who you love,” Liz shrugged helplessly, unable to give the girl the resolution she was searching for.

“I…I gotta go,” Maria stammered, steeling her back as she turned and walked swiftly to the door, hands clenched at her side to fight back the tears burning in her throat. “I…I…just can’t deal with this right now.”

“Maria,” Liz called, her throat constricted in regret over the pain they’d caused the girl. She watched as the blond paused at the door, but didn’t turn around. “I know it’s a lot to ask, but can you not tell Max? We want to tell him ourselves.”

Maria let out a bitter laugh, shaking her head in disbelief as she clasped the door handle, lips pressed together. For a moment, she had hoped this had all been some sort of sick joke they were playing on her. Nodding wearily in acquiescence, Maria let out a shuddering breath and continued out the door, slamming it behind her.

“Well, that went over well,” Liz muttered under her breath as she studied the front door, waiting to see what surprises might await them on the other side after Maria flew out. All she needed to make the day complete is a showdown with Max and she hadn’t even made it down to the diner yet.

“Actually,” Michael replied, scratching his brow thoughtfully. “That wasn’t nearly as bad I was expecting. I was expecting Def Con 4.”

“Oh, it’s not over yet,” she sighed, rubbing her temples wearily as she had been on the end of many a Deluca meltdown. This was merely the quiet before the storm and turbulent waters lie just ahead. “She’s merely taking a day or so to lick her wounds and gather her thoughts. We’ve yet to see the true fury of Hurricane Deluca, so don’t get too comfy. We’re in for a rocky ride.”

“Do you regret this?” he asked, holding his breath as he studied the weary girl in front of him, rubbing the back of her neck gently to ease the tension gathered at the base.

“No,” she refuted firmly, turning around to face him, shaking her head in negation. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she pressed her face against his chest, letting the steady beat of his heart calm her jangled nerves. Cradling her against him, he brushed his lips across her forehead, rubbing her back soothingly.

“I’ve put my life on hold over and over again for the good of the group,” she continued tiredly. “I won’t do it this time. There comes a time when they have to grow up and take care of themselves.”

“Agreed,” he murmured gruffly, tightening his arms around her and pressing his cheek to the top of her head. They stayed that way for several minutes before Michael lifted his head and looked down at Liz pointedly. “So, you want to tell me about those flashes?”

“Michael,” she sighed, pulling away and shaking her head in exasperation. “It was nothing, really. I just got a flash from Max about that night, which ended a hell of a lot differently than they first admitted.”

“Really?” he drawled, his brows shooting up in surprise.

“No…no…not like that,” she laughed huskily as she walked over to the counter and grabbed her coffee. She took a sip and grimacing, walked to the sink to pour it down the drain. She grabbed a cup for Michael and padded over to the coffee pot, pouring a fresh cup for them both. “God, I so never want to see that ever! But it’s safe to say that it wasn’t the innocent fun they made it out to be. That’s all. No big deal.”

“No big deal?” he scowled, crossing his arms over his chest, shifting on his feet agitatedly as he stared at the brunette. “I can’t think of a situation where it’s ok with me that Max is trying to kiss my girl! And that kiss on New Year’s, the night of Enigma, marked you as mine. ”

“Kissed me?” she asked as she turned towards the tall alien, her brow pinching in confusion and shrugged her shoulders at him. “Who said anything about Max kissing me?”

“It’s no secret how you two get flashes, Liz,” he griped, the scowl on his face deepening, fists clenched. “I even loaned you two my apartment so you can get more when you were going all flash crazy a couple years ago.”

“Oh! Oh, God no,” she managed to gasp out before doubling over in laughter, her eyes starting to tear a bit when she finally caught on to his misunderstanding. Trust him to forget the other ways they can share flashes and immediately settle on the most intimate.

“Glad you find it funny, Parker,” he grunted, seeing no humor in the fact that Max had been making a move on her. Crossing his arms over his chest again, he glowered at the giggling girl in aggravation, waiting for her to catch her breath and explain what was so damn funny.

“Oh, Michael, Max….Max,” she managed to blurt out between laughs, holding her sides and wheezing as she tried to get her breathing under control. “Max never kissed me.”

“He didn’t?” he inquired, his own brow pinching in confusion at her announcement. “Then how did you..?”

“The healing in the desert,” she said, still grinning at his scowl. “I got a bunch of flashes from him while he was using the stones on me. Although, I didn’t quite understand all of them.”

“Oh, well, good. One less thing I have to kill him for,” he grumbled as she walked over to him, huffing when she wrapped her arms around him, pretending to be miffed at her for laughing at him. “I’m still going to talk to him about the healing though.”

“I didn’t expect any differently,” she said, smiling up at him sweetly, brushing against him cajolingly as she rubbed his back and placed a soft kiss on the center of his chest.

“Well, good,” he smirked, fixing a wry gaze on his girlfriend as she continued her sweet assault to entice him into a better mood. Little did she know it was working like a charm. “As long as we understand each other.”

“Perfectly,” Liz nodded and stroked his back softly, peppering his chest with soft kisses, smiling when he moaned softly and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. Rising up on her tiptoes, she pressed her lips to his neck before leaning to whisper in his ear. “You know, you’re pretty sexy when you’re all grumbly.”

“That so,” Michael murmured, swallowing thickly when she continued to trail her lips over his neck, his breath hitching as he felt blunt teeth scrape over his Adam’s Apple. Damn, the little vixen knew exactly what she was doing to him. “You’re just trying to get into my pants again.”

“Mmmm, maybe,” she whispered breathlessly, dragging her nails over his chest, loving the way he hissed in pleasure at her ministrations. Reaching up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and watched his face through her lashes, loving the telltale flush on his cheeks as he stared down at her with darkened bourbon eyes. “It working?”

“Mmmm, maybe,” he murmured, sliding his hands along her back, he gripped her waist and pulled her up to him, sliding his thigh between hers to give her something to rest against. Cupping her bottom with one hand, he fisted the other into her hair and pulled back gently, aligning their lips. “I think I need a little more convincing though.”

“That so? My pleasure,” she whispered against his lips, pressing her lips against his softly, brushing them teasingly, peppering his lips with soft sweet kisses. Opening her mouth, she traced his bottom lip lightly with the tip of her tongue, asking for his permission to take the kiss further. “Convinced yet?”

“Definitely. Definitely convinced,” he grunted as he yanked her off her feet, wrapping her legs around his waist and walked over to the counter, setting her down heavily as he crushed his lips to hers, plunging his tongue into the sweet recess of her mouth. Cupping her jaw, he deepened the kiss, skillfully engaging her tongue into a sinfully wicked dance, rocking into her core suggestively.

She moaned breathlessly, pressing herself against him, rocking her own hips in response and tangled her fingers in the hair at the base of his neck as their mouths continued to devour one another. Sighing, she broke the kiss, pressing her lips to his shoulder, giving Michael the opportunity to dip his head and latch onto her neck, suckling on her pulse lightly.

He dug his hands into her hair and was about to capture her lips again, when they heard the click of the door yet again and he sighed, knowing it was too much to hope that they’d only have to deal with the one confrontation that morning. Turning to face the inevitable, he griped under his breath. “What the hell is this? Grand-fucking-central?”

“Well that explains it,” Kyle quipped, taking in the other couple’s embrace as they disentangled themselves once more. He grinned at his friends’ irritated expressions, rubbing his hands gleefully as he counted all the ways he could make them squirm. He opened his mouth to give them hell, having long awaited the day they finally came out about their feelings, but was stopped when Isabel walked in behind him, shoving him out of the way lightly, and quickly closed, locked and sealed the door.
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Re: Hunted (UC, AU, Mi/L, ADULT) Chap 10 12/29/09

Postby Ashita » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:25 am

Whimsy - Thanks so much! Glad that you have liked the plot development so far! And I'm glad you liked the scene with Maria. I was originally thinking it would turn out more dramatically, but I thought back to the way she was portrayed in the beginning, and I think this is closer to her reaction. Not to say we won't see more of a reaction from her, but it hasn't really set in yet. Mmmmmmm...and who wouldn't want to drag Michael back to bed and spend the day wrapped up in him? Glad you liked the interaction between Liz and Michael. They can be so much fun to write for. Hopefully you'll enjoy this part even though you did get a hint as to what was going to happen. Well, for part of it. And now that I have Isabel beaten into submission, I'll get onto the next chapter of DSC.

Jan - Yes, it really hasn't set in yet. She's pretty much in shock right now and running off to lick her wounds before we see more of her. But at the same time, I don't want to set her up as horrible, just human. Yeah, they did kiss....can you believe that? *shakes head* Hope you enjoy this next part. :)

Kris - Haha! It went a lot better with Maria than I originally thought as well. But the muse has her reasons. I was with Michael when I first set this chapter up and was expecting Def Con 4. But I think her lack of heated reaction is much more chilling in some ways. Kinda makes you wonder what she has up her sleeve. Glad you liked it! On to Kyle and Isabel. Max will be a a couple chapters yet.

Kismet - Glad you like this fic, especially as you don't read Polar stories! I hope you enjoy the next installment. :)

Barbara - Glad to see you're liking this story in addition to Last Stand. Here's another fix. :)

elfangel - Glad you're liking the story. As you can see with this chapter, we will be exploring Michael/Liz and Isabel/kyle extensively. :) I don't want to say anymore yet as it will give too much away.


And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this

Silence enveloped the room as the Liz clambered off the counter, moving to stand in front of Michael protectively as she faced Isabel contemplatively, wondering whether they were facing friendly support or opposition. Kyle’s smirk seemed to imply that they had an ally, but Isabel’s quiet watchfulness had her shifting nervously, her nerves standing on end and willing to do anything to keep Michael’s heart safe. She was the wild card.

Exchanging a worried look, the newly bonded couple unconsciously moved closer to one another in an effort to present a united front no matter what direction this latest development would take them. Looking back at Isabel, they waited for any indication that she was going to speak, but the tall blond alien seemed entranced by the seal on Michael’s chest, staring at it in wonder.

“Isabel, we…uh…can explain,” Liz began, breaking the silence after what seemed like an unbearable amount of time but had only been a couple minutes. She shifted uneasily, drawing Michael’s eyes to her and he wrapped a reassuring arm around her waist, looking up at their friends almost defiantly. Liz took a deep breath, intent on explaining to her ex-boyfriend’s sister, hoping that she wouldn’t cut Michael out of her life because of their new relationship, crushing him.

Snapping out of her contemplative fugue, Isabel watched the couple stoically, cutting off the other girl’s explanation with a raised hand and shook her head quietly. Taking a deep breath, she released it as she tried to pull her thoughts together. On the one hand, she didn’t want to see Max hurt, but on the other, Michael was her brother as well and his happiness meant everything to her.

A wide range of emotions boiled under her blank façade. She couldn’t help but feel a sliver of anger on behalf of Max despite knowing it was irrational. Max and Liz had been broken up since their destiny had been revealed and she had pushed Max away permanently when she pretended to sleep with Kyle.

Isabel knew that it had been a set up for months now as Kyle broke down and confessed to her when they started growing closer after Alex’s death. She didn’t know why Liz had done it, but she knew there had to be a good reason behind it as she knows Liz had once genuinely loved her brother.

And she trusted Liz after everything the girl had done for them. Seeing her so glowingly happy in Michael’s arms warmed her heart, yet it pained her. Happiness over the obvious contentment and peace that radiated from the couple, yet pained because she was losing yet another brother to this woman. Sighing, she worried about the rift this was bound to create, but it couldn’t be helped. Michael’s seal, so proudly displayed on his chest, told her everything she needed to know.

“Isabel,” Michael prompted, getting impatient with the continuing silence as his sister watched them both. Shifting so that Liz stood slightly behind him, he looked back and smiled when she wrapped a hand around his waist. When Kyle and Isabel first came in, he had been afraid she’d shy away from his touch to keep the peace.

He hadn’t expected the possessive, protective instincts that emerged, although he should have since he’d long been fighting the same feelings since New Year’s Eve. Meeting her anxious coffee-colored orbs, he stroked her cheek softly, showing her that he would be fine no matter where this lead.

“Don’t,” Isabel said softly, walking over to stand in front of her brother and his new love. Although, new wasn’t really appropriate in this case as she’s always suspected that Michael has had feelings for the pretty brunette for a long time. “Let me say what I’ve come to say and then we can talk about this, if you want.”

Liz and Michael looked at each other with trepidation, wondering what the tall blond meant by that, but turned back and nodded their heads hesitantly in ascent. At this point it was anyone’s guess what was going through Isabel’s mind.

“I love my brother, both of my brothers and they mean the world to me,” the girl continued, flicking her golden brown eyes back and forth between the two, holding off any words they might have with one hand. “I wouldn’t want to see Max hurt for the world and this…the two of you together is going to kill him as he’s always believed that Liz belongs to him. Has loved her most of his life.”

Michael snorted derisively, barely biting back a scathing retort at his sister’s observations and shook his head bitterly, bracing himself for the reality that Isabel was going to side with Max yet again, despite the other man’s controlling actions of late. He should have known better than to expect her blessing. Max always had been the most important person in Isabel’s life. Shooting her an impatient look, he sighed and waited for her to get to the point so he could get the disappointment over with.

“I should be angry at the two of you for doing this, for putting me in an impossibly bad position of having to choose between my brothers,” she said tightly, brow pinching with annoyance as she noticed Michael’s reaction to her words, realizing he was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. “And part of me is angry that I’m going to get thrust into the middle of a battle yet again.”

“However,” Isabel continued resigned, sending her brother a quelling glance as she saw his bitter smile and realized he was losing faith in her. Not that she blamed him considering how often she sided with Max against him – a mistake that she hoped to rectify. “That said, Max brought this on himself and he will have to face the consequences of his actions.”

“What?” Michael startled, surprise evident on his face when the harsh words berating him for his selfishness failed to come. A spark of hope settled in his heart that maybe he was going to get that all too rare support from his sister after all. Isabel had a hard time holding back a smile at his stunned expression.

“I love Max, but he screwed up,” Isabel said without remorse or sympathy, still fuming at his high handed tactics of late and the way he expected everyone to bow down to him because he was once king. “It’s time he grows up and realizes that world does not revolve around him; realizes that he can’t expect everything to go back to the way they were before he let that…let Tess leave without consequence.”

Isabel stopped, clenching her fists as a wave of anger and pain hit her, remembering the role the traitorous blond had played in Alex’s death. Seething, she realized that if Tess had been standing before her right that very minute, she couldn’t have been held responsible for her actions. Kyle approached her, rubbing her back softly, lending her reassurance and strength. She looked at him and smiled gratefully, squeezing his hand gently before continuing her statement.

“I’m not going say I completely understand this because, well it’s a little weird to me, but I’m not going to condemn it either. This is between you and Max,” she finished firmly, a slight smile tugging her lips at the incredulous expression on Michael’s face. Walking over to him, she held out her arms and waited until he hesitantly slipped into them, wrapping him in a hug, her face softening when he hugged her back. “I love you and I just want you to be happy.”

Pulling away from Michael, she looked between him and Liz, searching their faces and body language for signs of their feelings, nodding in satisfaction when they automatically gravitated to one another’s arms once more. She didn’t think they realized the love behind their actions yet, but it was only a matter of time. “And if Liz makes you happy, then you have my support.”

“Why?” Michael couldn’t help but ask suspiciously. While he was ecstatic for Isabel’s support, life had taught him that everything came with a price and he was waiting for reality to rear its ugly head. He met soft, glowing brown eyes as his sister smiled hesitantly and her eyes drifted down to his seal once more.

“You’ve bonded,” she murmured softly, lightly tracing the seal in wonder, gasping slightly when the seal glowed softly and sent a small burst of power through her fingers, feeling an answering call inside herself. Pulling her fingers back, her brow pinched in confusion before placing her hand back on his chest, firmly pressing this time, mouth gaping as a stronger whisper of power danced over her fingers and spoke to something buried deep inside of her. “Or started to bond.”

Liz and Kyle both gasped softly at the action, a pulse of power reverberating through their bodies, each unconsciously clutching at the left side of their chests, fingering their breastbones gently as they stared at the siblings in stunned contemplation. Breath erratic, Liz ripped her eyes away from Michael and Isabel and settled on Kyle, noticing his reflexive gesture with a grin.

Meeting his quiet blue gaze, she cocked her brow and looked at his chest pointedly before flicking knowing eyes back up to his, smirking when he dropped his hand and flushed hotly, hastily looking away. Well, well, well, this is an interesting development, she thought as she dropped her own hand and rested it on Michael’s waist. Kyle looked back at her and smiled sheepishly, shrugging his shoulders as he knew the gig was up.

She grinned back at him and wagged a finger implying that they’d have to talk later, turning back to the aliens who were still staring at each other dumbfounded. Isabel had dropped her hand once more and was scratching at the left side of her chest absently, confirming what Liz had already suspected. Her heart fluttered with bittersweet awareness, realizing the blond had moved on and found a measure of happiness after the pain of losing Alex. She couldn’t help feeling happy and sad at the same time.

“Yes we did,” Michael whispered softly, still trying to figure out what had just happened, his breath coming in shallow pants as the electric current continued to hum through his blood. He’d only felt this with Liz previously and couldn’t help but wonder what this meant. Stepping back into his mate instinctively, he knew enough to realize the reaction wasn’t romantic or sexual in nature, but was uneasy all the same, his head snapping up as a thought came to mind. “Wait, how did you know that?”

“Oh…um…I’ve been getting Vilandra’s past memories over the past couple of months and recognized your seal,” Isabel stuttered, her eyes shifting away from Michael, only to land on Liz’s all too knowing gaze. Flushing uncomfortably, she stared at her toes before looking back at her brother, praying he’ll accept her words at face value without asking too many questions – a fruitless hope. “I remember that when we bond, we’re sealed with both our mate’s and our mark.”

“You’re getting memories,” Michael growled, scratching at his brow in agitation, his overprotective brotherly instincts surging to the fore front as he noted the deep rose flush staining his typically unflappable sister’s cheeks. Cocking a brow at her, he crossed his arms over his chest, looming over her while she rolled her eyes at his antics. “Did you and Alex…?”

“No!” Isabel exclaimed, heart clenching with a sliver of pain as she clutched her hands. A wave of sadness crashed over her at the mention of the sweet boy she had just started to let in and let out a watery sigh, smiling when Kyle placed his hand on her back, rubbing it softly. Alex would always have a place in her heart, but now it was filled with another’s gentle soul. “No, Alex and I never…we didn’t bond.”

“Then how did you…?” Michael trailed off, confused countenance clearing and understanding rapidly dawning as he took in the soft looks exchanged between his sister and the midget. Looking down at Liz, he saw confirmation in her slightly amused, knowing look as she watched the other couple and growled low in his throat, pinning Kyle with an annoyed gaze as all the pieces fell together and the big brother instinct took over. “You’re dead, Valenti!”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Michael, get over it!” Isabel cried, holding up her hand and pressing it to his chest as he surged forward, intent on having a ‘discussion’ with his sister’s new mate. Michael pushed against her hand as Liz grabbed his arm to stop his forward advance and Kyle pressed his hand to the small of Isabel’s back simultaneously, a current of power whipping through the four, surging back and forth as a connection was formed.


Michael presses Liz into the wall on her balcony, running his fingers teasingly over her ribs as she giggled uncontrollably, gasping for breath and begging him to stop his playful torture, his head thrown back in laughter, contentment shining in his eyes.

Isabel and Kyle sit on the grass at the cemetery, staring at Alex’s headstone as they talk, her eyes brimming with tears, threatening to fall over her cheeks as he wrapped her in his strong arms, rubbing her back soothingly, cheek pressed to her head tenderly.

*end flash*

The four friends gasped loudly as they ripped themselves away from one another, breath ragged and labored as they stared at each other in shock once more. Each of their seals glowed ethereally as the power continued to surge through their system, their hearts thundering in sync, stomachs fluttering as they came down from their high.

“What…what the hell was that?” Kyle managed to gasp out between pants of air, a chill of apprehension sliding over his spine as he stared at the other three. He always figured that he would end up changing due to his healing and the bond with Isabel but the sheer power flowing between the four of them had been overwhelming.

“I…I don’t know,” Michael confessed, still trying to catch his breath, wrapping Liz in his arms, drawing on her familiar energy to ground the unfamiliar power that was still raging through his system. While he had been remembering more everyday, this was new to him. Pressing a soft kiss on Liz’s head, he buried his face into her soft, silky strands and closed his eyes, breathing in the comforting vanilla and strawberry scent, completely missing the embrace between the other couple.

Running soothing hands over his back, Liz pressed her face into his neck, breathing in the earth and spice scent clinging to his skin, needing the same anchoring affect that his energy brought her. Clutching him tightly as his the strength of his arms and answering cool rush of his powers settled her nerves, she tipped her head back seeking his soft lips, brushing them lightly, reveling in the soft damp rush of his breath over her lips.

He kissed her back softly, his lips moving over hers slowly as his heart rate returned to normal and the hairs standing on edge at the back of his neck settled. Running his fingers through her hair gently, he let them tangle with his other at the base of her neck before deepening the kiss, running his tongue over her lips and against hers languorously, completely forgetting their audience until they cleared their throats.

Stepping back, Michael and Liz faced the shared amused glances of Isabel and Kyle, who were wrapped in each other’s arms as well. Sharing one last lingering caress, they disentangled themselves from each other. Kyle ran his fingers through golden blond strands once more and kissed Isabel softly before also letting her go, knowing that they needed to address what had just happened.

“I think I know what happened,” Isabel said, running her hand through her hair, still feeling the distant hum of power from the others, although the edge had been taken off when she connected with Kyle. “We formed a connection, but instead of individual, it was a group mind. Did you get flashes?”

“Yeah, I saw you two sitting at Alex’s grave talking, wrapped in an embrace,” Liz said softly, rubbing her arms trying to soothe the residual hum of electricity still caressing her skin. “And one of Michael and I on my balcony on New Year’s Eve, right before the bond flared to life.”

“That was right before our bond flared to life as well,” Kyle murmured, rubbing a hand over his face as he stared at the wall absently, mind still whirling.

“So we all saw the moment right before we chose to bond,” Michael replied absently, nodding his head as he searched his memories for answers, but coming up blank. Either he hadn’t retrieved those memories yet or this never happened in his prior life. And he had an uneasy feeling it was the latter. “That can’t be a coincidence. It means something.”

“Has this ever happened before?” Liz asked, a perplexed frown pinching her face as she ran her hand along Michael’s arm, needing the contact, relaxing when he took her hand in his, rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand absently. “I mean, have you done a group connection before?”

“No,” Isabel replied, crossing her arms over her chest, chewing on her lip thoughtfully, shaking her head in negation as she met the other girl’s inquisitive gaze. “Only individual connections. But then again, we never really tried it before. We never knew it was possible.”

“Actually, I did try once,” Michael refuted, blushing slightly as he recalled how he had snuck up once when Liz and Max were connected, touching her arm softly, wanting some kind of insight to her mind. It had been a mere brush, but what he learned about her branded him, making him fall all that much harder for the pretty brunette. “But I could only connect to Liz, it didn’t extend to Max.”

“Okay, so why us? Why now?” Kyle asked, confusion marring his face.

“Maybe it’s because of the bonds,” Liz guessed, shrugging her shoulders. “It’s the only thing that’s different. Maybe it’s a perk or side effect?”

“Anything is possible,” Isabel murmured, cocking her brow contemplatively. The explanation made as much sense as anything she had come up with in her mind. “I wonder if we could duplicate it, control it this time.”

Michael’s head shot up at her words, having been thinking the same thing himself, curious as to how deep the connection could delve and whether it could prove helpful in sharing their powers if confronted by the enemy. The rush of power the four of them had generated with that one accidental touch was at least ten times greater than anything he’d been able to produce on his own.

“I’m game,” he replied, looking at the others questioningly, the strategist in him eager to test out his hypothesis. “I’m curious to see what we can do with this.”

“I agree,” Liz said, her scientific mind fascinated with the possibilities.

The other three looked over at Kyle, who had been looking a little pale since the first experience. Liz had started changing before her bond and had already made peace with the fact that she was an enhanced human. Kyle, having been healed about seven months after she had, was still coming to terms with idea. Kyle rubbed the back of his neck wearily, shifting uncomfortably as his stomach turned nervously.

“Okay,” he said quietly, curious if a bit hesitant at the implications.

“Okay, so we were all touching when it happened,” Michael said, taking charge of the situation, standing next to Liz, taking her hand as Isabel moved in front of him, Kyle at her side and in front of Liz, unconsciously shifting into foursquare formation. “So I guess we’ll form our own connections and then try to bring each other into it.”

Taking both of Liz’s hands into his, they closed their eyes, letting their breathing soften, taking in deep, even breaths as they focused on the other person. Opening their eyes, they stared at each other, as he reached up and cupped her jaw, searching for their link, breath stuttering when he felt it snap in place. Dipping his head, he pressed soft lips to hers, closing his eyes as the power building between them crawled over his skin. Pulling away, they turned to find Isabel and Kyle in a similar embrace and waited for them patiently.

When the other couple looked up, Michael reached a hand out to Isabel, lightly clasping her soft, cool fingers, all four of them jolting as the connection between the two couples expanded. Her breath harsh and raspy, Liz tentatively reached out to Kyle, taking his warm, callused palm into hers, completing the circuit, inhaling sharply as the power raised another notch and she turned wide eyes to her counterparts, seeing a similar awe etched on their faces.

Instinctively, Michael took his and Liz’s entwined hands and shifted their positions so that his palm cupped the back of her hand and extended them into the middle of the four square. Watching her brother and his mate with fascination, Isabel quickly copied Michael’s actions, Kyle’s hand cupping hers and extended it until her and Liz’s hands were pressed together, taking the power up another notch, lines of green, blue and red electricity dancing along their skin, meeting and converging.

The air around them crackled electrically, a faint wind sending their hair dancing slightly as wide-eyed they watched the powers jump and wrap around one another snaking up each of their arms as their hands clasped around each other. The pressure built until a flash of light cut across the space between them, electricity exploding into shimmering sparks, bringing them to their knees as the connection ripped through their bodies.


Michael sobers as he watches Liz laugh, realizing he’d never been so happy in his life, breath catching as their eyes meet and he sees the mutual desire shining from the depths of hers. Stroking her cheek softly, he dipped his head, covering her mouth with his lips, his heart jumping into his throat as she returned his kiss, the feeling of coming home dancing through his veins.

Kyle stares down into Isabel’s eyes, wiping a tear from her cheek, wanting so much to tell her how much he cares for her, how much he wants only her, but fearing it’s too soon after Alex for her to ever consider him. His eyes widening in surprise as she leans into his hand, rubbing her cheek against it and he throws caution to the wind, pressing his lips to hers, elated to finally kiss this beautiful goddess.

Liz stands at her work locker, staring into a pair of golden brown eyes, her breath stuttering as Michael leans in, his breath fanning over her lips as he cupped the back of her neck, his lips brushing over hers softly, barely touching, teasing before sinking into her mouth fully, his tongue twirling around hers, her eyes sliding shut as her heart thunders in her ears. How could she have not noticed him before?

Isabel watching Kyle with trepidation, her heart in her throat as she moved closer to him on the couch, fear of rejection skittering over her nerves as she leaned into him, pressing her lips to his, sighing when his hands delved into her hair, pulling her closer to his body. She wraps her arms around him, sinking deeper into their kiss, her broken heart starting too mend under his patient touch.

Liz and Michael running through the woods before he tackled her to the ground, pinning her under him, whispering in her ear, “You can’t escape.”

Kyle and Isabel arguing quietly as she tried to unsuccessfully put distance between them, and Kyle spun her around, pressing her to the door, asking softly, “Going somewhere, Princess?”

Michael stared down at Liz, his eyes simmering with barely repressed hunger as he hovered near the door, licking his lips slowly, “Tonight, Parker. Tonight we end this.”

Isabel staring as a bare-chested Kyle hovered near his bed hesitantly, throat convulsing at the heat in his Goddesses eyes as she whispered, “Why can’t I stay away from you?”

“What did you need?” Liz asked softly, biting her lip, heart pounding as she stared into bright caramel eyes, licking her lips at the thought of having those full velvet lips on hers. Her breath hitched as he leaned down into her, “You. I need you.”

“You can’t deny it,” Kyle retorted, watching her quietly, his bright blue eyes daring her to run from this, to run from him. He smiled smugly when she swallowed thickly but stood her ground, fixing him with a haughty glance, “Who says I am?”

“I know what I want, do you?” Michael taunted her softly, hovering over her prone form, smoldering whiskey eyes watching her intently, pulling her closer to him. “Yes,” she whispered, voice hitching as his lips brushed hers. “And what’s that, Elizabeth?” he rasped, voice deep and husky with need. “You,” her breath rushed against his mouth. “Oh, God, I want you.”

“Do you want me?” Kyle asked silkily, pressing her into his bed, his fingers lacing with hers as he held himself above her, warm blue orbs caressing her face. “Yes, I do,” she murmured, touching his cheek softly, marveling as his lips descended onto hers. “Do you accept me?” she whispered against his lips, breath shaky. “Always,” he promised softly, “I’ll always want you, Princess.”

*end flash*

The power built one more time, exploding into a shimmer of purple light, the power sending each of them into a euphoric high as it crashed down around them, riding it for several minutes before they slumped against each other, panting and exhausted. Lifting his head weakly, Michael studied his companions in awe of what they had just created together and he pulled his hand away from the others, itching the inside of his wrist.

“Michael, look,” Liz whispered as her gaze focused on his wrist, pulling her own away from Kyle and Isabel, seeing the same anomaly on it. Kyle and Isabel quickly did the same, surprised eyes meeting Liz and Michael’s as they found the same mark glowing on their own.

“What does this mean?” Kyle asked softly, staring at his friends, still slightly drunk on the power that had been flowing between the four of them.

“Foursquare,” Michael and Isabel whispered at the same time, touching the glowing foursquare symbol on their wrists reverently, the empty circles filled in with each of their personal seals, then meeting each others eyes in wonder.
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