Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 21 9-15-10 [WIP]

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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 11 8-30-09

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Thanks to
XAF RU208-Wouldn't that throw the town for a loop?
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A/N-Hope this little chapter makes sense--I was a little under the weather when I wrote it, but I wanted to get something posted before the work week started again.

“God, that smells good,” Max whimpered as his stomach grumbled in protest over a lack of food. Liz had broken out the breakfast burritos, passing two back to Michael and Maria before taking a bite of her own. As Max’s hands were occupied with steering and shifting, his breakfast would have to wait until they were well out of town. He watched as Liz tilted her head, taking of bite of the breakfasty goodness wrapped up in a golden-brown tortilla.

“Mmm…it is good,” came Liz’s muffled reply as she enjoyed her meal.

“The best,” concurred Maria, covering her mouth as she spoke.

“Damn fine burrito,” agreed Michael, not covering his mouth as he spoke.

As Liz brought the burrito to her lips for a second bite, she couldn’t help but feel Max’s eyes on her, or more correctly, on her burrito. Those sad, puppy-dog eyes of his were too much to resist.

“Awww…,” Liz playfully sympathized, smiling at Max’s pout before relenting, “Here, we can share,” she offered cheerfully. Before Max’s good manners could proffer a refusal, Liz brought the burrito to his lips.

“Come on, Max, you know you want to…,” she coaxed, wiggling the spicy burrito just under his nose.

Smiling as his eyes glanced toward Liz in the passenger seat, Max took a generous bite of the scrambled concoction, but not without bits of egg tumbling into his lap.

“Oops, here, I’ll get it,” Liz responded automatically, feeling a little guilty that the breakfast she had offered wound up on his shorts.

“Liz, you really don’t have to--,” Max frantically tried to communicate through his stuffed mouth.

Before he could swallow his bite and protest further, Liz’s hands had gone to his lap, picking up the yellow morsels and tossing them out the window.

Max sucked in a breath and stiffened his shoulders as Liz’s fingers unwittingly grazed his cock, gratefully hidden under the thick khaki twill. Every slight movement seemed to provoke his shaft to rise to her touch even as Max squirmed, trying to dislodge his spilled bits of breakfast onto the floor without avail. Naturally, this only caused some of the stray pieces to fall between his legs, the back of Liz’s hand skimming against his sac as she tidied up the mess.

“Liz--,” Max choked out as she turned her hand to lightly brush the remaining crumbs from his crotch, seemingly unaware of how such a simple task could affect a man.

Max was relieved when he had to step on the clutch and brake, making good use of the moment to discreetly shift his suddenly aroused member. Preoccupied with breakfast, Liz seemed oblivious to Max’s discomfort, though he swore Liz wore a mischievous smile as she took a second bite of their burrito.

Max’s eyes shot to the rear-view mirror, delivering a warning glance to Michael whose shoulders shook with silent laughter at Max’s predicament.

“Hey, Liz, maybe we’ve got some paper towels back here,” Maria hinted as she elbowed her still-laughing boyfriend. Michael sputtered egg onto his own lap as he chuckled, Maria shooting him a glace that indicated she would not be helping him out in a similar fashion.

As Maria poked around in the contents of their totes, Liz bent to search through the paper bags containing their food. Triumphantly, she emerged with what she’d been hunting.

“I knew I picked up some napkins,” she turned around, passing a few to Michael and Maria, though Michael had already simply brushed his mess onto the floor of the jeep.

“Thanks,” Maria replied, offering one to her less-than-tidy boyfriend before wrapping one around the remainder of her breakfast.

Thoughtfully, Liz saved Max from further humiliation by holding the burrito in her right hand and the napkin underneath in her left, feeding him as he drove.

“Good idea,” he breathed out, before taking another bite. He smiled at Liz, thankful for her generous attentions. His eyes followed nervously as Liz caught an errant curd in the napkin, unable to keep his gaze from dropping to rounded flesh that pushed together, as both of Liz’s hands were employed with feeding her hungry driver. Liz's breasts, covered only by two red triangles of fabric threatened to reignite the stiffness in his shorts that he had only recently overcome.

“Mmm,” Max groaned through a full mouth, his face contracting a little in pleasure.

“You like?” Liz questioned rhetorically.

“Mmm-hmm,” Max sighed as his eyes traveled back to Liz’s, the remaining burrito teetering in her fingers. Max regained his composure as he chewed, trying to refocus on the traffic ahead.

“Well, I’ll have to tell Dad to add them to the regular menu—everyone seems to have enjoyed them so,” Max nodded and continued with his appreciative hums of satisfaction, trying to cover for his delayed realization that Liz’s last question referred to food.

During a stretch of road with fewer cars, Liz offered Max his coffee cup to wash down the egg, sausage and tortilla.

“You want me to get the other burrito?” Liz asked, as one more remained in the Styrofoam box.

“Mm—how bout something sweet?” Max always liked a little sweet with his spicy.

“Coming right up,” Liz reached for the white bag, plucking the sticky sweet circles from its depths.

“Donut?” she offered to her friends in the backseat.

“Sure!” Michael snatched the fried treat from Liz’s fingers with his usual brashness, earning another glare from Maria.

“Yes, thank you,” Maria replied as Liz passed back another, the blonde raising her eyebrows to her long-haired boyfriend as a lesson in basic etiquette.

“Here we go—one donut coming up,” Liz grinned as she brought the still-warm donut to Max’s lips. As the rest of their napkin supply was inaccessible at the moment, Liz looked for any bits of falling donut, though she found herself growing a little warm, watching Max’s mouth wrap around his bite, the sugary glaze coating his lips as his tongue darted out to lick them.

A little whimper escaped Liz’s throat, though she tried to disguise it as appreciation over her own mouthful.

They had escaped the city, a great relief washing over them as they hit the highway and the only onlookers they encountered were the deer and antelope that munched their own grassy breakfast at the side of the road. Though Max really didn’t have to shift the jeep again for several miles, he rested his hand on the knob, encouraging Liz’s attentions.

They traded bites of donuts back and forth, Liz eventually provoking a huge grin, teasing Max by pulling the donut just out of his reach, making him lunge for it with a playful chomp. Max chuckled at the game, bits of donut peeking out from the corners of his grin.

Liz squealed in playful delight at Max’s uncharacteristic voraciousness, his eyes shining at provoking such a reaction.

“Greedy much?” she chuckled before taking a dainty bite of their second shared donut.

“Only when it comes to sweets,” Max confessed, opening his mouth expectantly for his turn.

Liz made as if she were customarily bringing the donut to Max’s mouth, then as she neared his lips, suddenly denied him the sweet morsel, popping the donut into her own mouth with an impish grin.

“Now who’s greedy?” Max gasped in playful indignation, though his fantasy of stealing the sweetness back from her lips belied his actual words.

“Mmm, not me,” Liz replied teasingly, “I saved the last bite all for you,” she sweetly fed Max the remaining donut, the absence of the final bite revealing her sugar-coated fingers. Liz wondered briefly if she had actually heard Max growl.

“Now if I can just find a napkin,” Liz glanced down at the floorboard as Max swallowed, hoping to find something to rid herself of the sticky sweetness.

Startled, Liz gasped when Max, taking her hand, brought her fingertips to his mouth, his tongue licking away the stray glaze that resided there, pulling each finger through his lips, sucking a little on each digit in turn.

Liz stared in shock at Max, caught totally off guard at the feel of his warm mouth against her skin, amazed that his tongue’s attentions to her fingertips could provoke the heat that she felt building between her legs. She began to stammer some incoherent words in response, but none came.

As Max licked the last bit of sugary goodness from Liz’s pinky, he released her finger with a little, wet plop, a mischievous smile spreading across his face as Liz’s hand returned to her lap in slow-motion, her mouth agape until she read the twinkle in Max’s eyes, groaning as she shook her head in awareness of his playful retribution for her earlier attentions toward his eggy lap.

With Michael and Maria behind them, trying unsuccessfully to stifle their laughter, Max leaned in to Liz, his lips close to her ear, his voice smooth and deep, tinged with just a smidgen of seductive teasing, “It looks like we’re both clean now, doesn’t it?”
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 12 9-19-09

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Thanks everyone for your feedback--I'll answer asap, but today is Sydney's birthday party, so I've got to post and run.

A/N-This chapter fast-forwarded Max and Liz's relationship a bit from how I originally saw it developing--I guess I'm as impatient as they are :lol: :roll: .
ch 12

After slipping their payment into a small envelope and sliding it into the brown metal box at the park entrance, Max, Liz, Michael and Maria piled out of the jeep, carting the coolers and beach bags to the recreation area and finding an empty spot on one of the picnic tables under the stone awning. Though the plan was to lay out in the sun a bit before getting in the water, Michael and Maria fidgeted anxiously as Liz started picking through their totes.

Pawing each other in the backseat of the jeep for the last twenty minutes, even though they believed they were being discreet, hiding under curiously placed beach blankets, Michael and Maria were more than ready to ditch their friends for a few minutes and find some place a little more private than the public beach.

“Um…Max, how bout Maria and I take the jeep and scout out a place for the campfire tonight,” Michael offered as he shifted his weight with antsy excitement.

“We just got here,” Liz raised her eyebrows and chuckled as she unpacked the sunscreen and towels from their bags. “We can always find a spot after we go swimming.” Liz flashed a wicked smile at Max, enjoying their friends’ agonized squirming.

“Yeah, but all the good spots go really quickly,” Maria chimed in as she stood near Michael, her fingers absently tracing inside the waistband of Michael’s swim trunks. As Maria had spent the night with Liz to get everything ready for their trip to the lake, she and Michael had missed spending the evening alone at his apartment as they normally would have.

“You know, it might take us a while to find just the perfect spot, maybe half an hour or so…,” Maria hedged, hoping that Max would take pity on them and relinquish the keys.

“We’ll even find some firewood…you know, big logs on the bottom, little twigs on top…,” Michael coaxed.

“You’re a real boy scout there, Mike,” Max said drolly.

“Always prepared,” Michael retorted with a grin as he rubbed his hand along Maria’s bare side.

“Fine…,” Max rolled his eyes and tossed the jeep’s keys to his friend. “Just make sure it stays as *ahem* clean as you found it,” Max warned, not wanting to find any mysterious stains on the jeep’s seats when the pair returned.

“You got it,” Maria called back as she and Michael nearly sprinted to the parking lot, eager to find a sufficiently secluded campsite.

Making their way to the warm sand, Max and Liz spread out their beach towels next to each other, both secretly grateful for the few minutes of relative privacy they would now have. As it was mid-morning and already a little late in the season, there were few people at the lake save for a couple of families parked near the grills, the upbeat melody of Mexican radio sounding from a battered El Camino.

“So…how bout a little sunscreen on my back?” Liz suggested coyly, rocking the bottle between her thumb and forefinger as she lay down on her stomach and propped herself on her elbows.

“Nope,” Max grinned in his refusal, a mischievous smile on his face as he lay down.

“No?” Liz responded incredulously, playfully offended at his response.

“Remember, you have to do me first,” Max waggled his eyebrows, reminding Liz of the great bikini string debate from a few nights ago.

“As long as I get equal treatment afterward,” Liz conceded with a smirk, not at all minding the chore of slathering Max’s body with oil.

“That can be arranged,” Max quipped, settling down against the towel, the backs of his hands cradling his cheek.

Liz sat up, her bare thigh fitting closely against Max’s side. Though neither had risked admitting the attraction for the other openly, a natural intimacy had developed between them over these last many weeks. While they had not kissed, and while the physical contact between them had remained, well, almost platonic, it didn’t seem that they went a day without a soothing embrace, a protective touch, or, as in the case today, a good excuse to spread sweetly-scented oil all over their bodies.

Pouring the coconut oil into her palms, Liz groaned softly as she splayed her hands across the bronzed ridges of Max’s back, sliding them across the tight sinew of his shoulders. Liz struggled to maintain her strictly “friendly” thoughts while her fingers traced over the hard planes and contoured muscle. With Michael and Maria running off to the woods for a bit of privacy and Max’s eyes closed to the late-summer sun, Liz could indulge in a little lustful fantasy, letting her hands travel over every available inch of Max’s skin not hidden by his swimsuit…well maybe a little of what was hidden by his swimsuit.

Small, satisfied sighs came from Max as he relaxed into Liz’s touch. While their parents’ burgeoning relationship made it awkward for them to consider dating one another, and he couldn’t fathom risking her friendship which had become as essential to Max as taking his next breath, he did live for the moments when she was touching him, or when he had a plausible excuse to touch her, when they could slip into each other’s arms and make the rest of the world just disappear for awhile.

Leaning forward, Liz’s hands rested at the back of Max’s neck, then smoothed over the tops of his shoulders and down each arm simultaneously, her taut stomach nearly grazing Max’s back as she leaned down to stretch across him. Max smiled as Liz’s long hair tickled against his back, having no desire to remind Liz that he could reach his own arms with the sunscreen. He felt his cock twitch against the packed sand when Liz’s body ghosted over his, secretly wishing that she would settle her slight weight against him, so he could feel every inch of her exposed skin.

For a moment Max pouted silently as Liz raised back up, though his disappointment was relieved when her hands traveled down the length of his back in long, smooth strokes, her fingers grazing his ticklish ribs, Max squirming with a little chuckle when she hit just the right spot.

“Don’t forget that you’re next, you know,” Max squinted with a grin as he eyed Liz playfully.

“Fine, fine, I’ll be good,” Liz sighed dramatically as she brought an end to her tortuous teasing. Her palms slid up, spreading the oil in sweeping circles along Max’s back, reveling in the feel of soft skin smoothed over taut muscle. Her fingers traced the deep ‘V’ of Max’s back , her hands meeting once again in the luscious dip that hit right above the waist of Max’s shorts.

Max hitched a breath as Liz’s slick fingers dipped below the waistband of his trunks, her hand slipping over the tender flesh revealed when swim trunks become drenched with the weight of water. Though Max tried to reason with himself that Liz was just being methodical in her distribution of the sunscreen, he couldn’t possibly know that she was biting her lip to stifle the groan that threatened to sound from her throat as she passed her hand over the wonderfully curved rise of his ass, the valley between, and the luscious slope that once again followed.

“Nasty place to get burned, you know,” Liz teased as her fingers flitted across his tingling skin.

“Well, I for one, appreciate your attention to detail,” Max played along, though he was more aroused than he cared to admit.

Liz fought the urge to reach further into his trunks, to slide her hands along more of that gorgeous flesh, though she couldn’t quite reasonably explain why she felt Max’s entire backside might be in danger of sunburn, well, at least not at a public beach such as this one, anyway.

Liz’s predicament was made even more difficult when Max inadvertently ground his hips against the sand at the feel of her fingers against his bottom. His only saving grace, however, was that he could pay equal attention to Liz’s backside in a few moments. He was in fact a bit torn between hoping Liz’s ministrations would continue and getting his chance to touch her soft, tanned skin.

“I might as well get your legs while I’m down here,” Liz offered, trying to seem nonchalant about the whole matter, though secretly she was dying to have a good excuse to run her hands along those powerful thighs and down his sculpted calves. Liz was determined to make the most of her time with Max’s nearly bare body, as it was near the end of swim season, and who knows when she would get to see him again in such a state of undress.

“If you don’t mind,” Max agreed, though knowing when he had to sit up and tend to Liz, he was going to be sporting an enormous erection. Still, every minute he could lie still and be the recipient of Liz’s attentions was worth it. Of course the fantasy of not lying still under Liz’s touch was already taking hold quite well. Max shuddered in the hot sun as Liz’s hands that had gracefully stroked his taut calf muscles, traveled higher, tickling at the backs of his knees before grazing along the softer skin of his thighs. Max tensed expectantly as Liz’s slick hands dipped inside the hem of his trunks. Even though she only went a couple inches higher than the bottom of his shorts, accounting for the buoyancy of the fabric once they were in the water (Liz’s ready excuse in case Max balked at the intrusion) , Max held his breath, on the off-chance that in her distraction, Liz’s hand might wander just a little farther than she expected…

“All done!” Liz announced, playfully swatting at the hibiscus-print covered bottom below her, laughing as she wriggled into place beside Max who had yet to move from his supine position. With a groan, Max rose from his spot, quickly securing the suntan oil in front of his crotch to hide the obvious tent in his shorts. Max was silently thankful that Michael and Maria had chosen to scamper off to the woods, because if Michael had seen the result of Liz’s attentions, he would have never let Max live it down.

As Liz situated herself, Max slapped sunscreen on his chest and abs, figuring that he would embarrass himself if Liz continued slathering him in oil. When Liz nestled her cheek against her hands with her eyes closed, Max traced his fingers softly over her back, just gratified to touch her warm skin. Recalling his task, Max grew nervous, a little uncertain as how to begin.

Gathering Liz’s dark mane in his hands, Max gently began tucking the smooth locks over her left shoulder before opening the suntan oil. His fingers brushed through the locks that remained fanned across Liz’s bronzed skin, sweeping only a few strands at a time, so he could savor the feel of her silky, long hair in his hands. Max smiled at the small, satisfied hum that sounded from Liz’s throat as he stroked her hair.

Pulling the last errant wisp to her shoulder, Max’s finger grazed the bow that fastened together the red narrow ties at the nape of Liz’s neck. After toying with the snarl for a moment, Max finally screwed up the courage to speak, though not very intelligibly.

“Um…, Liz?” Max’s eyes flitted to Liz’s serene profile, shadowed from the sunlight by Max’s sheltering form.

Opening her eyes to see the mixture of eagerness and trepidation in Max’s expression, Liz smiled and simply said, “It’s ok, Max.”

With nervous fingers, Max tugged at the knotted ends, turning the complication of loops and twists back into lax strings once more. Laying each piece to its respective side, Max took a breath as he shifted his attention to the remaining ties that rested in the middle of Liz’s back. Emboldened by his previous success, Max picked at the ties deftly but reverently, laying the strings against Liz’s beach towel in parallel paths.

A breath hitched in Max’s throat as his fingers trailed curving trails down Liz’s bare back. His heart raced as he stroked absent paths across her tanned skin, his mind toying with the fantasy of what might happen if Liz chose that moment to roll over—if the beach were completely abandoned save them—what her nipples would feel like under his tongue—if she might be willing to take off her….

“Max, do you have the sunscreen?” Liz turned her head to ask, wondering why the oil had yet to hit her bare skin.

“Oh…sorry,” Max stammered, fortunate that the bottle was resting between his legs when she turned around.

“Don’t be—it felt nice,” Liz admitted softly before lying back down. Afterward, she cursed herself silently for saying anything to stop his progress, now missing the feathery touches Max traced down her back.

Returning to his task, Max warmed the oil in his hand, then started with Liz’s neck and shoulders, causing the bronzed skin to darken with the application of the sweet oil.

Liz sighed happily as Max attended her shoulders, even groaning a little when his fingers dipped underneath to her collarbone. She secretly wished for the chance to turn over and ask Max to continue his attentions to the parts of her body now trapped against a thick terry-cloth towel.

Max coated each arm in turn, dipping down close as he reached over her body, relishing in the feel of his chest skimming across Liz’s back. Sliding to meet each other once again, Max’s hands began their descent down Liz’s back, the gentle strokes moving from the planes of her shoulder blades, following their downward slope, until the flesh under his fingertips began to grow round and soft.

Max could’ve swore that he heard a soft whimper escape from Liz’s lips, but he remained silent, not wishing to draw attention to the fact that his hands had traveled past the strictly “just friends” zone, though he hoped invoking the threat of potential sun damage would be enough to get him off the hook if she tensed at the intimacy.

But she didn’t.

In fact, Max grew a bit bolder, remembering Liz’s treatment of his body just moments before, her attentions traveling a little further than they would have if Michael and Maria had been present. Max palmed the oil further down Liz’s back, unable to resist tickling her lightly in retaliation for her earlier crimes.

Max leaned down to offer teasing words, but secretly reveled in the gleeful writhing taking place underneath him.

“I told you I’d get you back,” topping off his taunt with a playful nibble, Max cooed smoothly in Liz’s ear as she lay pinned beneath him, her backside squirming against his weight.

“Please, Max! Please, please!” Liz pleaded through her laughter, her wriggling becoming a torment of its own as Max’s trunks once again began to tighten, forcing him to relent before he completely embarrassed himself.

“I’ll be good,” Max playfully mocked in a sing-song voice, using the distraction of Liz’s teasing indignation to his advantage so that he could discreetly adjust himself without her knowledge.

With a wicked grin and slick fingers, Max palmed the oil onto Liz’s lower back, letting his fingers slip into Liz’s waistband, just as she had done moments before.

“Nasty place to get burned and all,” Max repeated coolly at Liz’s sexy giggle, his tone covering for the fact that his finger tracing the rounded rise of Liz’s bottom caused his cock to strain against the fly of his swimsuit.

“Absolutely,” Liz agreed with a satisfied smile, nearly purring when Max’s finger lingered at the valley between her rounded globes.

“Shall I do your legs as well?”Max inquired playfully, wondering if he ought to pursue the same course that Liz had earlier followed with him.

“Yes, please,” Liz quipped as she looked over her shoulder playfully, her belly warming against the sand as Max began to rub the oil into her calves. When she felt his thumbs spreading oil against the backs of her knees, Liz felt that heat spread between her legs, wishing that she could discreetly clench them together to relieve the growing ache, though any movement of this sort would be plainly visible to Max as he crawled further up her body.

Adding more oil to his hands, Max drew long strokes up Liz’s thighs, her tender flesh conceding to his touch. Liz moaned lightly as Max’s hands caressed the warmth of her inner thigh, the dampness pooling between her folds with each stroke. When Max dragged a slick finger just barely under the hem of her bikini bottoms, Max groaned in need when the scent of Liz’s arousal hit the air, his body hungering for hers. Liz gasped against the toweling on the sand, desperate for Max’s hands to travel further.

Bubbling laughter from the playground broke Max out of his fevered daze, slipping his finger from the hem of Liz’s swimsuit with a light snap of the Lycra against Liz’s skin. He rose further between Liz’s legs, his forehead resting between her shoulders blades as they both panted in desire, frustration and uncertainty.

Max spoke softly, brokenly against Liz’s bare back, grateful that he could admit his feelings without meeting her eye.

“Liz,” Max breathed out, desperation choking his voice, “I can’t lose you,” he pleaded.

“What ?” Liz questioned in utter confusion, forced to look toward the silent sand for answers.

“You’re the most important person in my life, Liz Parker. I can’t go a day without talking to you, touching you…I can’t go to sleep at night without hearing your voice and knowing you’re alright,” Max’s warm breath against Liz’s back rivaled the heat of the New Mexico sun that shone down on the scant bit of Liz’s body not shadowed by Max.

“Max--,” Liz tried to respond, though he seemed driven to confess all that weighed on his mind.

“I mean—I know we can’t tell anyone,” Max’s broke as Liz felt wet trails run down her spine. “My mom—you know—I can’t take that away from her,” Max painfully admitted, knowing that Diane would stop seeing Jeff at the first sign of impropriety, and as much as it hurt Max to see her with a man other than his father, he couldn’t deny his mother the sliver of happiness she had experienced in these last few months.

“I know, Max…,” Liz whispered in reply, also sadly aware of the light that Diane brought to her father’s eyes.

Max chuckled wryly as he recalled his behavior from the night before—

“Last night, I tossed and turned till two am waiting for you to call….”

“Maria spent the night at my place, Max,” Liz consoled as she reminded Max of the plan he was already privy to.

“I know…,” he chuckled self-deprecatingly. “I’ve never been so jealous of Maria DeLuca in my life.”

Liz chuckled with Max as their bodies shook gently with laughter.

“Liz, I know this is a lot to deal with at once, but I needed to say this before Michael and Maria came back.”

Liz closed her eyes at the predictable pain of keeping the developments between Max and herself a secret from Maria.

“But if doing this will ruin our friendship, if it’s too complicated…o-or too much to handle, please tell me now—because I can’t risk losing you, Liz,” Max pleaded in desperation, his emotionally spent body weighing on Liz’s underneath him.

Sucking in a decisive breath, Liz rolled over beneath Max, bringing her arms to circle round his neck. Startled, Max clung closely to Liz, shielding her bare breasts, pressing them close to his chest where his heart was beating wildly, his amber eyes searching Liz’s face expectantly.

“You won’t, Max…you won’t” Liz assured, her lips reaching for his, to meet in a tender kiss.
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 13 10-17-09

Post by destinyc » Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:18 pm

Kris-Hope you enjoy!
Behr_able-This is a crazy couple of months--sorry for the wait
Jan-Glad you enjoyed it! Don't we all wish for Max and suntan oil...
Ginger-I'm so behind, I just wrote 2008 on a letter I sent to nearly 900 people!
Alien_Friend-There will be more dreamer goodness before the awkward sets in.
Eve-And therein lies the problem...
Carrie-Thanks so much!
zaneri1-Glad you are enjoying it!
yayaliens-Glad you found it!
Carolyn-They really do want their parents to find happiness...but of course, there will be complications
Kate-Thanks so much!
Abby-Glad you liked it!
Smileeuk-Michael and Maria are out in the woods for the moment...they will return soon.

Sorry for the delay...between homecoming parades, dances, internet problems...*crumples into an exhausted heap* Hope you enjoy the short dreamer interlude...

One tender kiss of reassurance opened a floodgate for Max and Liz, lips and tongues desperately exploring each other’s hot mouths, previously unspoken desires finally revealed under a warm late-summer sun. Max’s chest grazed against Liz’s taut nipples as he held her body to his, even though her rosy buds should have been pressing innocently against her terry cloth towel as they sunbathed. Max and Liz relished the heady, slick slide of their bodies against each other, Max’s hands trailing against the flesh where their skin met and the fullness of Liz’s breast began.

Instinctively, Liz’s hips rose against Max’s strong thigh that rested between her legs, trying to relieve the ache that was growing there. The sensation of her heated core, covered only by her now-damp bikini bottoms, seeking purchase elicited a low groan in Max’s throat as his cock strained to escape his swim trunks.

Ragged pants expelled hot breath against each other’s skin, their lungs finally burning from a lack of oxygen.

“Oh, God, Liz,” Max breathed out in wonder, his hands fisting in her hair as her began kissing a trail from the sensitive spot behind her ear, down her slender neck, causing Liz to press even closer against him as her hands clung to his strong shoulders.

“Max…,” Liz cooed dreamily, encouraging his attentions to her receptive body.

Liz pushed out of her mind the inherent fears that arise when a friend becomes a lover, the knowledge that their parents were growing closer by the day, and the problem of keeping their relationship a secret from even their closest friends.

All Liz could think about, all she could feel was Max’s warm mouth against her skin. The moan that escaped her lips and the grind of her hips against his leg told Max exactly what he needed to know.

Max’s mouth continued to explore the ridges of Liz’s collar bone, the tender valleys, the firm planes that would not give way, the pulse that beat rapidly from his ministrations.

Liz’s hands raked through his dark hair, holding his body to her own, as Max’s lips graced her body, his tongue tasting her sweet and salty skin. As rational thought was long ago forgotten, Max didn’t think about the soft, rounded flesh that grazed against his throat—Liz didn’t think about the white sun that burned against her closed eyes as Max’s body no longer shaded them—the distant Mexican music and smells of grilling meat no longer reached their senses. Max could only feel the puckered flesh that met his bottom lip, could only just register the hard point of flesh that rested in the hollow of his chin. As his large hand concealed Liz’s right breast, Max’s mouth instinctively sought that dimpled, responsive skin. A soft moan echoed through Liz’s chest when Max’s tongue curled round her stiff peak, his lips circling the pert bud as he suckled the rosy tip.

“We’re gonna’ need more ice for the snow cone machine,” a voice called from the concession stand. The sound of wooden shutters being lifted and latched in place finally pierced Max’s and Liz’s lust-addled brains.

“Grab those life jackets from the storage racks, Joe. Looks like we may have some business later on,” a young man with a deep tan and shaggy blonde curls called back to his co-worker.

A brief look of panic which was quickly replaced by mild embarrassment covered Max and Liz’s faces as he discreetly slid up her body once more, taking care to make sure his chest closely covered hers, so her partial nudity could remain concealed. Reaching out for Liz’s bikini top, Max rolled them over, Liz’s head resting on Max’s shoulder and her bare breasts nestled against his taut stomach. Max wrapped his arms across Liz’s bare back, crumpling her bikini top in his hand while he held her close to his body.

“It seems our ability to be discreet needs a little work,” Max whispered as he blushed.

“I guess so,” Liz giggled as she traced he finger along Max’s neck and shoulder. “What about Michael and Maria?” Liz remembered in sudden concern, raising up a little as she looked toward the parking lot.

“We’ll be able to hear the jeep pulling in,” Max assured, his hand casting soothing strokes down Liz’s bare back. “I will, however, need to go for a swim in that very cold water before they get back, else our secret won’t be so secret anymore,” Max raised an amused eyebrow as he looked down at Liz who smiled up at him with a knowing grin.

“If you give me the other half of my bikini, we could go swimming now,” Liz suggested solicitously.

Max chuckled softly as he looked down at the beautifully tan body that lay covering his own, “I think I’ll keep it for awhile…this is way too good to rush….”
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 14 11-25-09

Post by destinyc » Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:30 pm

Kate-Ah, When have Michael and Maria not made their presence known???
behr_ablex3-I did actually write before grading the stack of papers waiting on me :D . Yea me!
Ken-Of course, at this point, Max and Liz haven't really considered this eventuality. They are just concerned with disrupting their parents' relationship with knowledge of their own. Clearly, things will get worse before they get better. :roll:
Carrie-Hopefully, the next part will be pleasing as well. :wink:
SmileeUK-Well, natural inclinations will take over at some point!
Lilith-It certainly does seem that way...
yaya-I'm trying....I swear!
Ellie-On my way!
A/N-Sorry for the delay...way too much work :roll: Yea for holidays!
I'm hoping the next part makes decent sense...a little back and forth between dreaming and reality. But, hey, you can only subdue those natural urges for so long.
I was trying to get this whole day at the lake written before I posted, but was feeling the massive waves of guilt :oops: , so I'm posting the first two scenes. Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate!
Many apologies to my writer friends. We've been having internet problems here, so my connection seems to be spotty at best. Luckily, we had service today!

Also...watch for Michael saying something really profound :shock: hee hee.

ch 14
Max’s unconscious mind fought to ward off the wakefulness threatened by the hot sun, rising higher in a cloudless sky. In the dream, he and Liz lay on a secluded, tropical beach, their bronzed bodies divested of clothing, Liz writhing on top of him as his hard cock explored her welcoming depths. His hips lifted from the sand to meet her downward stroke. Their skin was slick with sweet oil, Liz’s pert nipples drawing repeated paths down Max’s chest as he held her close to his body.

“Liz….,” Max moaned into the dark hair as his fingers fisted through her locks.

Whether it was Liz’s slumberous writhing or the pull of Max’s powerful arms, Liz’s body, which had initially been draped across Max’s, her left leg straddling his hip as they had fallen asleep, now lay atop his, her needy mewls drowsily muttered into the soft skin of Max’s neck.

“Max….,” Liz cooed in muffled response, her lips busy at the tanned chest that pillowed her cheek. Unused as she was to pleasant dreams, Liz’s slumbering mind clung to the fantasy of making love with Max. Falling asleep with their arousal unsated, her mound, still covered by her bikini bottoms, sought purchase against Max’s concealed shaft, her damp nether lips finally parting for the delightful friction her body craved, even though her conscious mind struggled with the dilemma. In the dream no parents, no friends, no shame or self-consciousness intruded—only she and Max existed, their bodies eager to find release. While their dream-selves were free to wantonly revel in each other’s bodies, their sleeping bodies ground together through slick fabric, trying to satisfy the need that would not let them rest.

While one hand remained wrapped around Liz’s back, unwittingly concealing her topless state, Max’s other hand slid down her back to Liz’s hips, pulling her closer as the tented crotch of his shorts nestled in her lycra-covered cleft.

Neither of the sleeping pair questioned why their lust-filled dreams were suddenly so heady, so realistic. Nor did they stop to analyze why their normally shadowy reveries were filled with light and breezes blowing across their exposed skin instead of cocooned in concealing blankets. Why their own familiar hands had not slipped between the sheets to bring themselves sweet relief.

The grinding blades of the ice shaver, the continual lilt of distant mariachi radio, and the bubbling noise of children occupied on the far playground did not breach the confines of the cat-napping couple. Though the beach was dotted with the occasional couple, and the concession stand attendants busied themselves with making snow cones, renting out the numbered pedal boats and fetching the requisite life vests, no one seemed to pay mind to the pair who would’ve flushed with shame if they were aware of their actions.

Liz panted Max’s name like a plea, reverberating against his throat as her dream-self ached desperately with need, her folds sliding against the damp fabric between her thighs. In his vivid fantasy, Max fought against the consciousness prickling at his brain, his sac tightening against his body.

The words that begged for release were muffled as he drew Liz’s body up to meet his. His urgent, “Please, Liz,” groaned into the hollow behind her ear as Max crushed her body to his own. As the sound began to stir her awareness, the dreamer within fought for one last moment before embarrassment took over and modesty would thwart her chances.

Liz ground her hips into Max’s, his hand sliding down her bottom, grasping the soft flesh as he pulled her toward his aching shaft tenting his trunks. The long, slow slide opened Liz’s furrow even further, the deep-seated pearl at its juncture finally finding the friction it was seeking.

Their shuddering bodies, their breathless gasps, the sudden damp, liquid heat between their legs jolted Max and Liz awake, though their mutual need to draw out their pleasure overrode the threat of self-consciousness, their hips moving subtly but firmly against each other even as their eyes met in widened surprise.

Their heartbeats finally returning to normal, Max and Liz became aware of their surroundings once again, looking around surreptitiously to see if they had attracted any undue attention. Not immediately noticing any obvious onlookers, Liz relaxed once again against Max’s chest, as they tried to regain control of their ragged breathing.

As coherent thought was still a distant hope and appropriate words even further behind, their stunned silence was broken as the faint sounds of the new Metallica CD and the grinding of ancient gears grew louder. The crunch of Max’s heavy-duty tires against popping gravel gave way to smoother asphalt and Maria’s satiated giggles drifted toward the beach as Michael cut the ignition and pulled up against the emergency break.

In a wordless panic, Max un-wadded Liz’s bikini top from his fist, helping to slide it discretely underneath her, then reaching around to frantically tie it at the neck and back. Liz tugged the triangles into their proper position as she rose, Max scrambling to stand as they looked toward the frigid blue water.

“You ready?” Liz sheepishly at Max, her teeth worrying her bottom lip.

Glancing around at the two blonds nearing from the parking lot, knowing that scent of their own arousal eddied around them, and feeling the sticky remnants of their dream lingering in their swimsuits, Max took Liz’s hand, nodded definitively, and while pretending not to hear Michael and Maria’s cries to “Wait Up!” picked their way gingerly to the chilly lake.
“It’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold,” Liz muttered as she and Max inched further into the spring-fed lake.

“We don’t have much choice, Liz,” Max warned under his breath, flinching as the cold water hit the back of his knees.

Liz looked behind them as their friends fished out the 50 spf sun block from the beach bags, their paler complexions requiring a little more protection from the late summer sun.

Liz’s panting breaths grew reminiscent of those she expended earlier, though now the cause wasn’t nearly as pleasurable. The water that had passed Max’s knees was now at the top of her thigh, teasing at the tender flesh that had been warmed thoroughly just moments before.

“I can’t do this!” she squealed through gritted teeth as she made to turn around and head back to shore.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Max turned her back around, unwilling to face Michael’s relentless taunts and the inevitable explanation of their slumbering grope-fest and the swimsuits drenched in their respective spendings.
“What about ‘we keep going till our bodies warm up’?” Max chided with her own words as he pulled a shuddering Liz along, deeper into the concealing waters.

“I was all warm and snug in my bed when I said that,” Liz defended desperately, every muscle clenched as the cold water crept up her bare stomach.

“Hey, guys, is it cold?” Maria called from the shore, dipping a red-painted toe into the edge of the lake.

A high-pitched squeal was all Maria heard in return as she looked quizzically at her boyfriend, readying to grab her hand and charge into the water at full speed.

Thigh-deep in the water, Max gave Liz a plaintive look, turning her to face him.

Concern clouding her expression, Liz didn’t catch the glimmer in Max’s eyes until it was too late to change course.

“Sorry, Liz, but….”

Grinning, Max picked up the petite brunette and threw her several feet further into the lake, sending a squealing Liz Parker into the water with a splash, her inching hesitancy now a thing of the past.

Taking the plunge and diving into the water, Max came up with a spluttering Liz, playfully smacking his shoulder as payback for her unceremonious dunking.

“Max!” Liz retaliated with playful splashes, “It’s freezing,” she shuddered, clinging to his chest for warmth. “And you threw me too far—I can’t touch,” Liz discovered as she pointed her toes down but could not find the bottom.

“Well, they don’t call it Bottomless Lake for nothing,” Max teased, picking Liz up by the waist and guiding her legs around him.

“Max…,” Liz warned under her breath as Michael and Maria swam toward the pair.

“Hey, you can’t help it if you’re vertically challenged,” Max teased lightly as he couldn’t help but pull her close.

Liz swatted playfully at Max’s chest once more, though unwilling to give up her position even against his teasing.

“Why didn’t you tell us it was this cold?” Maria accused with a shiver as she clambered onto Michael in the deep water.

“It’s not so bad once you get used to it,” Liz lied, earning her a surreptitious pinch on the bottom from Max. Playfully indignant, Liz slipped one hand below the water, upping the ante as she slid her fingers down the back of Max’s trunks, pinching a bit of Max’s cheek, not just a spot of swimsuit-covered bottom as he had done.

Max’s silent though agape expression gave way to an onslaught of playful nips, pinches and tickles, their targets all hidden below the waterline--though the laughter, splashing , and wide-eyed glances between the two could not fail to attract the attention of Michael and Maria who cast a suspicious glance at the pair.

It was only with Michael clearing his throat in annoyance that Max and Liz sheepishly stopped their antics, chuckling to themselves, even as they wiped the salty water from their faces.

Breaking the embarrassed silence that followed, Maria cheerfully piped up—

“Chicken fight anyone?”
Taking a position nearer the shore to help make up for the height difference between the two couples, Max ducked down to hoist Liz onto his shoulders, their hands clasped as she steadied herself. Max smiled contentedly when Liz gripped his cheeks with her thighs, the heat of her core radiating through the cooling swimsuit at the back of his neck. Even if they met a watery end and lost the game, it would be entirely worth it, just to experience this moment.

“You ready?” Liz leaned down, smiling as she raked Max’s wet bangs away from his forehead.

“Do me proud,” Max teased with a grin, happily gripping Liz’s firm calves.

The bottom half of their opponent rose from the water, tossing back his long locks and slinging water into Maria’s face as he did so. Michael’s quick ascent also left Maria a bit unsteady in the air, struggling to gain her balance from her lofty spot.

Brashly competitive, Michael shouted ‘go’ and charged forward, though Maria still struggled to find her bearings, griping at Michael for his abrupt start, even as Liz grasped her hands in playful combat.

“Michael, you’d better not drop me! I did not want to get my hair wet!” Maria shouted amid the grappling struggle.

“You’re the one who suggested it!” Michael rolled his eyes toward his complaining girlfriend.

“That was before I realized how strong Liz is,” Maria grunted while Liz’s small but strong body wrestled Maria into a defensive position.

“You had voice and guitar lessons—I had gymnastics and dance,” Liz beamed, her strong thighs clenching around Max in response.

“Do something, Michael!” Maria nudged Michael’s face with her knee, trying to elicit some sort of assistance from her laughing mount.

“This is all on you sweetheart,” Michael chuckled, amused at Maria’s recriminations.

“The bigger they are—the harder they fall,” Liz taunted with the trite expression, taking advantage of Michael and Maria’s reliable bickering to push her friend off balance and into the chilly lake. Maria’s death-grip on Michael’s head brought him tumbling in after her.

In the seconds that their friends were underwater, Max turned his head to place a quick kiss to the inside of Liz’s thigh before popping her off his shoulders and swinging her back into place to face him.

“All hail the chicken fighting champion of Bottomless Lake—Liz Parker!” Max echoed the roar of the proverbial crowd, planting a victory kiss on Liz’s cheek, though unseen by their still-arguing opponents.

Liz giggled as she felt Max’s stomach grumble against her own.

“Getting hungry?” she inquired with a grin.

“Starved,” Max growled in her ear.

“We’re heading in for sandwiches,” Liz called to Michael and Maria over Max’s shoulder, happily clinging to him even as they approached shallow waters.

Michael and Maria had succumbed to make up kisses, following their chicken fight defeat, Michael finally realizing that it was worth it to apologize for jumping the gun and throwing Maria off balance from the very beginning. Although he really didn’t believe the loss was his fault and that Maria had underestimated Liz’s strength, the satisfaction of knowing he was right would not bring him another happy before the night was over.

Only vaguely registering Liz’s words through the haze of their make-up kiss, Michael and Maria’s attention was drawn to the retreating pair, having obviously passed the “just friends” status a ways back.

“So, do we tell them we know, so they’ll drop this crazy charade?” Maria asked pointedly, her wet hair dripping down her back.

Surveying their friends laughing and joking with each other, their body language belying an intimacy they wouldn’t openly admit to, Michael considered their options.

“Nah—don’t call em’ on it, Ria. They’re good for each other,” Michael and Maria watched as Max and Liz dropped to the wet sand, playfully smearing globs of the viscous substance on each other at the shore. “I’m sure they’ll be more careful around their parents,” Michael surmised as he watched the pair. “Let them be themselves—it’s just us,” Michael shrugged pulling Maria in close for a kiss.

“I just don’t see what the big deal is—their parents have only been dating for a few months,” Maria sighed, her disdain for being kept from this facet of Liz’s life rearing its ugly head.

“To us it’s not a big deal—to their parents it would be,” Michael correctly interpreted. “Don’t push her, Ria—let her come to you,” Michael sagely advised.

“When did you suddenly get so insightful?” Maria surveyed her boyfriend with narrowed eyes, wondering what alien had swooped in and overtaken his body.

“Since Dr. Phil is the only thing on in the afternoons when the cable gets cut off,” he answered wryly. “Come on,” he picked Maria up for a piggy back ride, “I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving ,” Maria groused as they trudged toward the shore and their sand-coated friends.
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 15 12-24-09

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Hey everybody! So I missed changing the date last time...you may want to back up one update if something doesn't make sense.

Thanks so much to all those who left feedback. I'm frantically trying to catch up on all the updates I'm reading (and before you ask, no I haven't graded a single essay yet over the break. Eep!) Happy holidays everyone! *hugs* all round!
ch 15
After a lunch of sandwiches and cherry coke and an afternoon spent splashing each other with the oars from their rented Styrofoam kayaks and taking a lazy tour of the lake in a pair of sun-worn pedal boats, the sun dropped far enough behind the cliff so that long shadows fell over the lake, and the smells of grilling meat faded with the bright brass from the car stereos and the silvery laughter from the children’s playground. As the raised wooden shutters from the concession stand slammed down, the four friends staggered back to shore, looking forward to the warm campfire that awaited them.

Poking through the beach bags under the sheltered pavilion, a worried crease began to form between Liz’s eyebrows.

“Maria, do you remember when I was in the bathroom this morning, and you decided to swap out the two smaller bags we had packed for one big one?” Liz inquired as she poked through their belongings, an edge of nervous irritation lacing her question.

“Um, yeah, I figured it would be easier to keep up with one bag,” Maria remarked off-handedly while she dried her goose-pimpled skin with a bright towel.

“Did you get *everything* out of the other two bags?” Liz stressed, her search to the bottom of the deep tote becoming more frantic as towels and sunscreen were tossed aside haphazardly.

Maria looked up from her wet toes perched on the seat of the picnic table as her movements stilled, finally picking up on the panic in Liz’s voice, “I *thought* I did,” Maria responded slowly, trying to replay the morning’s scene in her head, “But that was about the time that Michael and Max showed up, so I’m not *exactly* sure…,” Maria grimaced apologetically.

“So you left our underwear back in Roswell,” Liz sighed, chunking the displaced towels back in the beach bag.

“I left our underwear back in Roswell,” Maria confirmed, admitting her oversight though she had to bite the inside of her lip to stifle the laughter that was bubbling to the surface. One surreptitious glance at Michael who was doing an even poorer job of containing his amusement and the normally reserved Max whose teeth were forcibly holding in a twitching smile was catalyst enough for the three to burst out in uncontrollable laughter, provoking Liz to launch towels at her friends in embarrassed retaliation.

“What about you, Max, did you remember to bring fresh tightie-whities for us?” Michael asked, choking on his own joke between bouts of laughter.

“No…no,” Max conceded predictably, unable to control himself, though feeling slightly guilty at Liz’s distress, “I can’t say as I did,” Max tried to stifle his chuckling, not wanting to upset Liz any further. He cleared his throat and took a breath, hoping to regain some semblance of control. “Seriously, Liz, do you need to go back to town? It’s ok if you do…,” Max bent his head to catch Liz’s eyes, the flush finally beginning to recede from her cheeks. He rubbed her cool arm gently, letting her know that his offer to return was genuine.

Liz smiled sheepishly and conceded her modesty, “No…it’s fine,” she grinned wryly, gathering up the khaki shorts and loose shirt she had worn over her bikini earlier that morning. Maria grabbed her discarded clothes in turn, looping her arm through Liz’s as they trudged toward the restrooms.
“So commando tonight, huh?” Maria chirped cheerfully at Liz’s groan, trying to make the best of a bad situation. “You know, I always thought you had a serious over-attachment to your panties, anyway.”

“At least I didn’t get sent home from kindergarten for forgetting to wear mine,” Liz retorted, tossing her clothes on a bench and rinsing off at the outdoor shower before entering the rest room.

“Hey, it was very freeing,” Maria defended, rinsing the sand out of her dark blonde locks, “It’s not my fault that Pam Troy challenged me to see who could hang upside down from the monkey bars the longest. And I would’ve won, too, if Mrs. Higganbothom hadn’t yanked me down and made me call my mom to come and get me.”

“Damn, just one I missed, I guess,” Michael waggled his eyebrows, catching the last bit of Maria’s story as he and Max approached. Michael took the liberty of joining Maria under the showerhead.

“That’s what happens to bad boys who are stuck in the principal’s office for writing curse words in the fingerpaint during art class.”

“Hey, that nut-job art teacher told us to paint what we wanted to express, so I did,” Michael scrubbed the sand out of his hair, successfully blocking the entire stream of water while his girlfriend shivered, earning him a playful slap.

In a moment of generous thoughtfulness, Michael turned around, placing Maria back into the rush of water. As he turned, he noted Max, who had come to the showers with him, still standing with his cargo shorts in hand, his mouth slightly agog and his gaze fixed on Liz. Her eyes were closed and her back arched as she rinsed the salt and sand from her long, dark hair, the water from the shower glinting over her bikini-clad body.

“Hurry the hell up, Max, I’m ready to get that campfire going,” Michael spurred, shaking Max out of his trance.

Liz opened her eyes and looked toward the transfixed Max, “You can share mine if you want.”

Max nodded dumbly, at least having the presence of mind to toss his dry shorts onto the park bench before joining her under the water.

“I just needed to finish rinsing off,” Liz twisted uncomfortably, trying to wash her thick, chocolate-colored hair.

“Here, let me help,” Max said softly, moving in closely and lifting the heavy locks into the water’s stream, gently raking his fingers through the soaked strands.

Unconsciously, Liz moved in closer, her hands reaching to Max’s waist to steady herself. Arching back so that Max could work the sand from her hair, Liz heard a little groan sound from Max’s chest, realizing that she had pushed her bikini-clad mound directly against Max’s hardening erection.

“Your turn,” Liz smiled wickedly as she turned Max underneath the stream of water, reaching up on her tip toes to run her fingers through his dark, closely cropped hair. Hardening in the cooling evening air, Liz’s swimsuit-covered nipples grazed Max’s chest while his arm wrapped around Liz’s back to steady her in her pursuits.

Max’s eyes shone golden in the warm sunset, smiling down at the girl in his arms. Luckily for Max, Liz had washed most of the briny lake water and gritty sand from his hair when Michael unceremoniously shut off the shower control and tossed Max’s towel into his surprised face.

“Go get changed you two—time for all good boy scouts to get the campfire going.”
Tucked away deep in the woods, in a spot chosen earlier in the day by a rather anxious Michael and Maria trying to find the most private location possible, the four friends gathered around the crackling fire, the two young men in charge of roasting the meat as the girls unpacked the condiments and buns.

“How do you want your hot dog, Liz?” Max asked solicitously, holding a pair of long-handled skewers in his hand.

“Evenly toasted all the way around,” Liz ordered sweetly, arranging the ketchup, mustard and chips on the concrete picnic table nearby.

“What about you, Ria? You want it all warm and pink?” Michael inquired with a leer.

“Hell no! Burn that puppy all dark and crispy,” Maria shot back with a grin.

“Harsh, woman, that was harsh,” Michael cringed a little in sympathy as he obligingly stuck Maria’s dinner further into the fire.
“One hot dog, evenly toasted,” Max presented the perfectly-cooked hot dog to Liz, sliding it from the steel rod onto the divided bun.

“One cherry coke for you,” Liz offered graciously as Max raised the can to his lips. Liz smiled broadly as she watched Max lick a drip of cola from his lips. Liz expelled an anxious breath, wishing that she could’ve done that for him.

Max’s eyes drunk in Liz’s appearance, the oversized cover-up and its scant three buttons revealing her tanned skin that glowed in the firelight.

“We’d better eat our hot dogs before they get cold,” Liz grinned, handing Max his plate.

“Um, yeah,” Max stammered, waiting for Liz as she shook bar-b-que potato chips from the bag onto her plate. Max and Liz sprawled on one of the sleeping bags that had remained stowed under Max’s back seat, equipment which had been forgotten in the jeep along with other outdoor gear following his and Michael’s last camping weekend in the mountains. Michael and Maria had yet to settle on the bag spread out opposite theirs, as they were still arguing about the perfect doneness of a wiener.

“It needs to be well done because of the bacteria,” Maria insisted as she slung the mustard bottle downward with force.

“There’s a shit-load of preservatives in these things, Maria—not a huge bacteria problem. Haven’t you ever eaten a wiener straight of the fridge?” Michael asked incredulously, bent down to try and catch Maria’s eye and convince her she was wrong.

‘Eww, no,” Maria pulled a face, plucking a handful of chips from the bag.

“I’ve survived for nearly eighteen years on raw wieners, and I’m not dead yet,” Michael retorted sarcastically.

“Ha!” Maria scoffed, regally making her way to their pallet on the opposite side of the fire.

“So you have no problem with not wearing panties and hanging upside down from the monkey bars, but you won’t eat a raw wiener?” Michael shot back rhetorically.

“What in the hell do those two things have to do with one another?” Maria replied in all seriousness.

Michael could only stare straight ahead into the dark night, his face a complete blank. Max and Liz couldn’t help but snicker at their friends’ antics, trying hard to keep from choking on their hot dogs.

Figuring that holding in the next words on his lips might actually help his *ahem* manly bits see a little action that night, he decided that conceding the argument might pay off in the long run.

Firmly in control of his mouth once again, Michael politely inquired, “So, how do you want your marshmallows?”
After Max produced for Liz a perfectly golden brown marshmallow, with Michael eating the cast-offs that acquired any charred spots and Maria gleefully blowing out the fiery chunks that Michael singed his arm hair off to produce, the four settled back on their blankets to enjoy their final campfire delicacies.

“One absolutely perfect marshmallow for you, Miss Parker,” Max promised as he slid the sticky goodness from the skewer coating his fingers in goo as the steel rod tried to hold on to the treat, “Stubborn marshmallow,” Max complained good-naturedly as he held out the sweet.

Lifting her eyes to his with a mischievous gleam, Liz pulled the melty white fluff into her mouth right along with Max’s sugary finger, playfully drawing her tongue along his digit when Michael and Maria were engaged in another of their daily debates. Max had to shift his position as the zipper of his shorts began to bite into his hardened flesh.

An equally wicked gleam flashed in Max’s amber eyes, grown nearly black from the darkness and his arousal. “My turn,” he opened his mouth slightly, his mouth watering for the ambrosial sweetness that lay in Liz’s fingertips.

Wrapping his tongue around the toasty treat, Max took long licks of Liz’s dirty fingers, till the tantalizing attentions grew unbearable. Liz tried to pull her hand away, giggling, but Max gently captured her wrist.

“Oh, no, you’re still messy,” Max insisted with a grin as he turned and twisted Liz’s hand to get at every possible errant strand of gooey delight.

Liz squirmed and laughed at Max’s very thorough clean-up, her mind racing at the possibilities of what else he might do with that tongue.

“Hey, Max--,” Michael called from across the fire, Max looking up at his friend with Liz’s pinky still in his mouth.

“Mmm-hmm?” Max said in a muffled reply.

“Not to break up your *cough* strictly platonic *cough*feeding frenzy over there,” Michael snarked, “but what time do the gates close tonight?”

“Um, ten, I think,” Max replied, not bothering to take his eyes away from Liz.

“Ria, what time is it getting to be?” Michael inquired, nodding for Maria to fish her cell phone from her pocket.

“9:30 it looks like,” Maria replied off-handedly before tossing the phone onto the unfolded sleeping bag.

Liz was brought out of her romantic stupor at Maria’s response.

“Maria, are you sure you have a signal? When we started roasting marshmallows, I checked my phone, and it said 9:35,” Liz started to panic as she searched the large beach bag for her phone. Flipping the cover open, Liz was disheartened to see that her phone still read 9:35 with no bars to indicate a decent reception.

“Shit…, “ Maria drawled holding her phone at arms’ length and walking toward the road where they had pulled in earlier that night. Liz did the same with her phone, while Max didn’t even bother, knowing already what the girls would soon learn. He nodded to Michael who rose from his perch and helped Max unload the remaining camping supplies they had been too busy to unload when they had returned from their last trip.

“10:47, you have got to be kidding me!” Maria exclaimed frantically returning her mother’s ten phone calls now registering in her call log.

“Mom, don’t…don’t yell. Our phones lost signal and we thought we still had time.

“You could’ve worn a watch,” Amy sighed on the other end.

“We were swimming, Mom,” Maria groaned. “Anyway, can you see if Jim can get the keys and unlock the gates? Pretty please,” Maria begged.

“Honey, the sheriff had to head out on a call pretty far south of here. There was a suspicious grass fire and 100 head of missing cattle, so he won’t be back till morning. Do you have plenty of blankets, matches, that kind of thing?” Amy asked, sighing at her daughter’s oversight though not overly surprised.

“Yeah, the guys had camping stuff still stowed in Max’s jeep. We’ll be alright. Call the school for me in the morning—we may be a little late for first hour. We’ve got to come home and change.”

“Can’t you just wear what you’ve got on?”

“I kinda forgot our underwear,” Maria admitted sheepishly.

“Again?!” Amy exclaimed, a little defeated.

“It’s not like I meant to,” Maria insisted, ready to end her mom’s trip down memory lane. “Love you, Mom. See you in the morning.” Maria flipped her phone shut.

“Looks like we’re stuck here till the ranger comes back in the morning. Jim’s on an all-night call apparently,” Maria related.

Liz sighed in response.” Here goes nothing,” Liz sighed as she tapped her dad’s photo on her contacts menu.

“Dad, hi, listen, we lost signal on our phones, lost track of time, and basically, we’re locked in the park till tomorrow morning….We didn’t mean to lose track of time,” Liz said with an exasperated sigh. “We have a guest speaker tomorrow morning, so we shouldn’t miss anything too earth-shattering….Is Diane still there?...Oh, good, will you let her know what’s happened?” a startled look came over Liz’s face.

“Diane? Oh, hi, sorry, but it seems we’re going to be roughing it tonight….yes, ma’am, Max has taken very good care of me….built a fire and everything….totally stuffed….hot dogs, marshmallows, all the important food groups,” Liz smiled at her tiny joke. “Yes, ma’am I think there is a tent that Maria and I can share….ok, we’ll see you in the morning….I’ll tell him—,”

“Tell her ‘love you too’!” Max called as he and Michael stretched the tent ropes.

“He sends his love as well,” Liz relayed, “Ok…ok…bye-bye,” Liz flipped the phone shut and breathed a heavy sigh at having finished that awkward conversation.

Maria returned from the jeep bearing two large wads of tissue and a flashlight.

“Trip to the little girls’ tree before we bed down for the night?”

Liz smiled at her friend, accepting the fluffy white bundle in her hand, “At least you remembered the toilet paper.”
After the requisite apologetic calls home and the addition of more wood to the dying campfire, the four friends resumed their spots on opposite sides of the fire.

Liz snuggled back against Max who was lying with his head propped on his hand, absently stroking the tan skin that peeked out from beneath Liz’s shirt. Though they had not overtly declared their relationship status to Michael and Maria, their feelings toward each other were more than obvious to their best friends.

Max and Liz chuckled at how Michael and Maria’s ever-present snarkiness seemed to dissipate as the hour grew later and they became interested in things other than arguing.

“So explain to me why Michael and Maria get the tent tonight?” Liz inquired with a smirk, already knowing that Michael had laid claim to the structure before she and Maria had returned from the woods.

“Because I am going to sleep naked,” Michael announced proudly, “And I can either do that in the privacy of the tent or out here--take your pick. No way in hell am I gonna have my dick rubbin’ up against this zipper all night.”

A groan sounded from Max and Liz at Michael’s crude statement.

“I seem to be having a problem with some cold, hard metal in a very sensitive spot,” Maria crooned at Michael as she reached up for a deep kiss.

“I think I can help you out with that,” Michael leered as he kissed her back.

“So since you two are ‘just friends,’” Michael snarked, complete with air quotes, “then you won’t mind if Maria and I take the tent,” he presumed, taking small advantage of Max and Liz’s ineffectual disguise. “In fact, I’m feeling a little chafing coming on right now,” Michael lasciviously suggested as he snaked a hand beneath Maria’s blouse.

“We’d better go take care of that then,” Maria tempted, pulling Michael up from the pallet. After another kiss, he reached down for the sleeping bag, dragging it behind them as he and Maria climbed into the tent. “Night, you guys,” they called.

“Night,” Max and Liz called back with a chuckle as the tent zipper slid to the top and muffled giggles emanated from within.

After their friends had sought their privacy, Max and Liz could finally turn their attentions back to each other. Liz rolled on to her back, looking up at Max who still hovered above her, stroking the flesh around her belly button with his forefinger.

“Are you worried about staying out here all night?” Max asked softly, his hand gliding a little higher on her tummy.

“No,” said Liz with a sweet smile, “I feel pretty safe out here with you,” Liz replied with a smile.

“Do you want me to zip up the sleeping bag? Are you getting cold?” Max furrowed his brows a little at the goosebumps on Liz’s skin.

“Huh-uh,” Liz shook her head slightly with a small secretive smile on her face. “The fire is still pretty warm.”

As the next pass of Max’s thumb grazed the bottom of Liz’s breast, a quiet, please gasp escaped her lips, explaining the cause of her excited skin. Emboldened, Max swept his thumb upward across the taut dark flesh, cupping the fullness of Liz’s breast with his fingers and palm. When her lips parted for the escape of a quiet moan, Max claimed Liz’s mouth with his own, gently squeezing the tender mound whose shadows had teased him all night in the glow of the firelight.

Recalling that afternoon, alone on the bright beach, remembering how wonderful her flesh felt resting against his own, Max studied the three buttons holding together the loose blouse. Unwittingly, Max’s tongue darted out to lick his lips and his breath grew heavier as his eyes rose to meet Liz’s.

“C—can I?” he stammered softly, and at Liz’s quiet nod, the fingers not already occupied on her breast shakily went to her buttons, sliding each one out before peeling back the folds of the blouse and sliding it off Liz’s arms.

“So beautiful,” Max breathed out as he bared Liz’s breasts to the cool night air. He drank in the expectant rise and fall of her breasts, her eyes, impossibly dark with arousal, her lips, still swollen with his kiss.

“Max…,” she whispered with a hint of entreaty, and with that word, Max took Liz’s nipple between his lips, suckling deeply, laving the puckered flesh with his tongue, all the while caressing the other as he rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

The sensation at her breast shot through Liz’s body to her womb causing her center to grind against Max’s hip as he lay partly on top of her.

Little mewls of contentment sounded from Liz’s throat as Max switched his attention to the other breast, bringing even more of his weight to rest against her as he shifted. He cupped the breast, now cooling from his attentions, with his left hand, his hips also pressing down to seek friction against Liz’s heat.

“Touch me, Max…,” Liz called out in whispered desperation, lifting her hips to meet his.

Max looked up to see Liz’s eyes, heavy with arousal, gaze down at him, the imploring need impossible to deny. Max glanced toward the tent, now quiet and still after Michael and Maria’s activities, and convinced that they were deep in sleep, Max’s fingers went to the button on Liz’s shorts, threading it back through the opening and sliding the brass zipper all the way down. Max felt the sweetly smooth tender skin against his fingertips, groaning as his erection tightened against its confined space.

Liz lifted her hips once again, this time though, so she could wiggle out of her small shorts as Max helped tug them down her legs. Liz kicked them loose of her ankle, though making sure they did not leave the confines of their sleeping bag.

“Oh, God,” Max groaned softly in his overwhelming desire, his hand ghosting over the newly revealed flesh. While he knew they weren’t ready to make love that night (it was only that afternoon when they openly revealed their feeling to each other), he was eager to explore her body with his hands, to revel in the feel of her nipples against his tongue, and was more than ready to bring her the pleasure that he could.

Max traced Liz’s swollen nether lips with his forefinger, teasing a bit as he traced the shadowy furrow between, breathing deep her arousal when his finger delved between her lips , groaning at the slick wetness that led to the source of her nectar.

“Max…,” Liz moaned, lifting her hips to encourage his hand in its journey. Max’s mouth once again sought Liz’s nipple, perpetually taut in the interplay between the cool forest breezes and the rosy warmth of the campfire.

Liz’s hands wrapped around Max’s waist, tracing the contours of his muscled back while her hand dipped below the back of his waistband, her fingers tickling at the cleft of his firm ass.

“Liz…,” Max breathed in response, the touch of her fingers making it impossible to ignore his own desire. His finger dipped into Liz’s slick channel, his mouth seeking hers, imagining how her tight, hot channel would feel around his rigid cock instead. His thumb circled her clit while he slid another finger into her depths, marveling at the delicious wet heat radiating from her snug core.

Straining to meet Max’s searching fingers, Liz’s hand went to the button of Max’s shorts, frantically threading the large button back through its opening. Max broke the kiss to rise breathlessly above, his concerned eyes searching her face for answers.

“I know—it’s too soon…I just want to feel you,” Liz stammered, knowing that if they weren’t careful, they might rush toward that prize and miss the steps in between. Max nodded in perfect comprehension, needing to feel his skin against hers, wanting to feel that soft flesh underneath his own.

Max continued to run smooth strokes against Liz’s clit and his fingers filled her needy passage, his rhythm broken only as he lifted up so that Liz could slide the heavy shorts down his legs. Liz’s tongue flicked at the copper nub of Max’s nipple while her hand explored the hard length she had just uncovered.

The hardened veins and ridges, the sensitive underside, the slit, slick with his arousal were explored by Liz’s small hands. She dropped her hand lower to feel the weight of Max’s balls, giving their heavy weight a little squeeze before returning her attention to his aching shaft.

Max panted against Liz’s breast, delighting in the feel of her warm hands stroking his needy flesh. His hand was soaked in her juices and he couldn’t help but imagine his tongue or his cock being bathed in the same ambrosia.

Liz whimpered when Max withdrew his hand and gave a playful pout when he took her hand away from his swollen shaft, but understood fully when Max shifted to her center, covering his body with her own, his cock sliding between her slick lips and his shaft making a long, slow pass against her clit with each thrust.

Though not inside her, admittedly not quite ready for that step, Liz smiled at the feel of Max’s body weighing down on hers, reveling at how his cock, slickened with her juices slipped against her nether lips, and dragged deliciously against the sensitive nubbin buried within her folds.

Her hands pressed against the globes of Max’s ass, pressing him deeper down and she rose from the soft flannel below to meet him. His cock occasionally missed the almost innocent path it was travelling, nudging at the entrance to Liz’s snug depths. And though the temptation to envelop himself fully within Liz was nearly overwhelming, Max would shift his hips, forcing his body to stay its course.

Liz, too, was tempted to steal those moments, to sheathe herself on Max’s aching length and break the last vestige of her virginity, but she also remained mindful of their plans, though the desire to break them was great.

Max nuzzled at Liz’s breasts, his need for release marked by the strength of his pulls against her responsive nipples, Liz’s hands raking through Max’s hair to hold him at her breast. Max could hear Liz’s breaths growing ragged, the panting growing faster as her body bucked against his own. As Liz’s mound ground ceaselessly against his cock, straining for contact without relenting, Max claimed Liz’s lips, swallowing the cry that would ring throughout the woods as her hot, slick furrow pulsed against him. At that, Max surged forward, driving his hips against Liz’s, her cries of pleasure, her throbbing heat, and the fresh rush of juices coating his cock bringing on his release. Warm, liquid ropes coated their bellies, Max’s body shuddering in the slower thrusts that drew out his orgasm as Liz rolled her hips in time with his own.

Max’s head rested against Liz’s bare shoulder, their breathing finally beginning to slow. Small kisses and gentle strokes brought them down from their orgasms, but only when a cooler wind blew through the trees and Liz shuddered at the breeze on her cooling skin, did Max reach for the wipes they had used after indulging earlier in melted marshmallows and cleaned the sticky spendings from their skin. He gathered their clothes to lay within arm’s reach, though they did not bother to put them on for the night as Max zipped them snuggly within the sleeping bag.

A rustling in the underbrush startled Liz as the night-sounds of the forest once again made themselves heard. But her brief fears were allayed by Max who took her in her arms, her head resting in the crook of one while the other wrapped snugly around her waist and whispered behind her ear, “Sleep, sweet girl, I’m right here….”

Meanwhile back in Roswell…

Jeff and Diane finished with their attentions to the Crashdown, getting ready for the upcoming fall break traffic they were sure to receive. Lowering the lights and the blinds in the dining room as their day came to a close, work had been made a bit more challenging as they had given three of their employees the day off.

“So…no kids tonight,” Diane breathed out nervously while the quiet settled over the usually bustling restaurant.

“I can’t believe they got themselves stuck out there,” Jeff nodded his head and chuckled, keeping in mind that the outing was his idea in the first place.

“Well, they’ll be fine, Max and Michael are pretty adept campers…I wouldn’t worry,” Diane reached out to gently stroke Jeff’s arm, blushing a little at her forwardness.

Shifting his weight nervously, Jeff tried to sound casual, though his words came out lacking the smoothness he was hoping for.

“Um…Diane…since the kids won’t be back till the morning, I was thinking…you could always stay here. I mean we could…”

Diane flushed and touched her hot cheeks, lowering her eyes again before she spoke, “You know…I’d kind of like to stay…I just don’t know if I’m ready to…,” Diane sought for a way to explain that even though she and Jeff had been dating for awhile now, and she had certainly known him for much longer than that, she had never slept with anyone besides Philip, and had certainly not slept with anyone since….

“Of course, of course…I..I wasn’t expecting you to….,” Jeff grasped at the words to explain his understanding. “We could just…cuddle…,” he offered solicitously, “I’d really like to just hold you tonight,” he gulped at the boyish request, taking Diane’s hand in his own as he brought her eyes up to meet his.

Taking a deep breath and trying to fight the color that tried to rise once again to her cheeks, Diane inquired, “Do you have any pajamas I could wear?” a flirtatious lilt coloring her voice as her eyes smiled up at Jeff.

“I think I could find something,” Jeff chuckled in relief, slipping his arm to Diane’s back as he led her through the dining room and held the swinging door.

Her confidence growing and misplaced worries slipping away, Diane teased as they climbed the stairs, “And if you can find me a toothbrush I might even let you do more than cuddle…”
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Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 17 1-24-10

Post by destinyc » Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:03 pm

A/N-Hi guys-trying to get one more update in before I have to go to school tomorrow. :roll: For those of you who did not get two weeks off for the holidays, don't hate me, I have to go back and teach a 100+ children how to write a research paper (most don't even know how to double space a paragraph) and then I get to grade them after that! :? Oh well, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. :wink:

On a completely different note, I am starting on a Spike/Dawn version of The Schoolgirl (just utilizing the basic plot structure--otherwise, very different stories). It will be a future fic, post NFA. I'll give you a link when I figure out where to post for those who might be interested.

I'm also thinking about a BtVS "Lie to Me"/Roswell "Destiny" crossover, canon couples but slightly AU because in my world Tess doesn't exist :lol: . If this has already been done to death, let me know--my knowledge of crossover fic is a bit limited.

For all my dear writer friends...I haven't forgotten...will get caught up as soon as I can.

Without futher ado...

ch 16

Later that night

“Lizzie?...Lizzie?...Where did you go?” a distant, ethereal voice whispered through trees. “I can’t find you out here…..You’re not in your room, Lizzie….”

“Mom?” Liz called out in the moonlit woods, her arms cooling in the night air and her bare feet stinging as they met with stones and littered branches. Liz wove through the dark trees, dressed simply in her white cotton nightgown with the big ruffle at the bottom, one of the last gifts her mother had given her.

“Stay there, Mom, I’ll come and find you,” Liz’s strained voice echoed as she cut through the underbrush, desperately pushing back the tree limbs that tried to contain her.

“Which way did you go?” Liz tried again, listening closely, though the surrounding rocks played tricks and could make someone so close seem very far away.

Liz untangled her gown from the clawing sagebrush and ran to the lake. Her feet sunk ankle deep in the sand and each step toward the shoreline was heavy with effort.

“I’m here, Mom…I’m right here!”Liz shouted to the towering cliff whose echo could only mock her efforts. Liz’s breath came in deep, panting gulps, as she scanned the placid surface of the cold, midnight blue depths, though the only motion was the gentle rocking of the pedal boats tied to the dock.

“Momma!” Liz’s voice grew desperate, afraid that her mother could not find her in this strange place—not that Liz could find the source of her mother’s thin and airy voice at all anymore, not even when Liz was in her own bed. But at home, the endless steps, leading to nothing, never giving up her mother’s ghost, were at least expected, well-travelled, even if the search was fruitless.

*Maybe, she’s here instead,* thought Liz as she whipped around to follow the cries further up the road. “Wait, Mom, I’m coming,” Liz called back, stumbling out of the sand and back to the stony road.

Following the tiny voice, Liz ran breathlessly down the meandering path, until she was caught across the middle by the locked gate that would not give way. She choked on the rotten smell of the salt flats, the sulfurous hell that you had to endure before you came to the lake’s paradise. Liz looked down the steep, embankment—her eyes watering as she scoured the landscape. That water was shallow—certainly she could see her mother if she were there, couldn’t she? Liz recoiled at the thought that her mother would be in that foul place, but if Liz had to brave the putrid pools, she would.

Taking a tentative step at the slipping rocks, Liz heard Nancy’s voice behind her once again on the opposite side of the road.

“This way, Lizzie…,” the voice sang on the air, sounding its melancholy note in the desert night. Liz pursued the call, breathless, tiring, but doggedly following the sound to locate its source before it could die out in the morning’s dawn.

The delicate sound, so tiny it reminded Liz of dragonfly wings, dropped deeper, as though swirling in a tunnel, gaining resonance, insistent on drawing Liz into the vortex of its abyss.

Liz climbed, scrambling with hands and feet to the narrow ledge of rock and sand. Liz peered into the blackness of the Devil’s Inkwell—dark, bottomless, opaque even in the bright sunshine, much less the dark of night.

“Mom!” Liz called down into watery chasm, searching feverishly, not seeing any sign of her mother but swearing that she heard her call from the deep waters.

“Liz! Liz!” a voice called from behind, pulling her back from the edge where the rocks had begun to slip out from underneath her feet and disappear into the inky gulf with a plop.

“Open your eyes, Liz! Please, wake up!” strong arms turned her around, shaking her gently but insistently. The rich honeyed voice called to her again, deep, soothing, present. The voice’s breath warmed her, wrapped her in its strength and calm.

Liz turned away from the frigid water to follow the pull of that resonant sound, gently demanding that she come back…that she open her eyes…

Her eyes—Liz felt the cool saltwater drawing paths across her skin…but now…lips, fierce but tender, halted the path of her tears, swallowing Liz’s pain for her…

“Max…,” Liz’s wet lashes fluttered open, her dark eyes opening to meet Max’s amber ones.

“Baby, it’s just a dream…it’s just a dream,” Max kept kissing her tears, wrapping Liz’s body close to his own.

“I could hear her, Max,” Liz sobbed quietly. “I couldn’t find her,” she explained desperately before her rational mind could take a hold of the situation once again.

“I know, baby, I know,” Max soothed, holding Liz’s bare body to his own, headless of their nudity as he soothed her against the waning embers of the fire. “She’s ok, now, Liz. She’s not in any pain…not lost,” Max assured softly. “I’ve got you…won’t let anything happen….” Max’s hand drew soothing circles on Liz’s back, cradling her head against his chest, murmuring his litany of solace.

The sounds of Max’s body against her ear, the warmth and smell of his skin, the comfort of his voice and hands lulled Liz back into a dreamless sleep for a least a few more hours.
“Morning,” Liz mumbled with a secret smile as she nuzzled closely against Max, nearly on top of him as they snuggled in the sleeping bag, the warm, orange glow of the sun just peeking over the horizon.

“Morning, baby, how are you feeling?” Max looked down at Liz, brushing her mussed hair down with his fingertips.

“Better…thank you,” Liz smiled as she placed a kiss against Max’s bare chest, letting him know that her mood had indeed improved since her woke her the night before. Max had never let Liz out of his arms after that. Even while asleep, Max’s strong hands soothed away any frantic thoughts that dared invade Liz’s dreams, pulling her in, ever closer, to his body.

“Good,” he replied softly, taking a cursory look at the tent that remained still except for the drone of Michael’s snoring. Max wanted to be certain he and Liz had a few more minutes of solitude.

“They won’t wake up till we make them,” Liz followed Max’s glance and wryly commented on their two friends who did not possess the scholarly instinct to wake before the crack of dawn.

“Mmm,” Max nodded as Liz began a slow trail of kisses up Max’s chest. “Gonna’ have Mom bring some clothes to the Crash—save us some time.”

“Then we can have breakfast together while we get chewed out for breaking curfew,” Liz teased with a grin, placing tender kisses to the soft skin of Max’s neck.

“Yeah…it was worth it, though,” Max smiled as he moved a little, a bit stiff from sleeping on the ground. He held Liz to him as he wriggled, not wanting to lose the delicious weight and warmth of her body.

Max couldn’t help but thrust up a little as he stretched, his firm cock seeking friction against the soft flesh of Liz’s stomach.

“I see *someone’s* already awake, too,” Liz grinned playfully.

“God, sorry, Liz,” Max cringed, trying to roll to the side a little, embarrassed at his intrusive arousal.

Liz squared her hips and lay her hands on Max’s chest, her elbows pinning Max flat, “Un-uh, no need to be sorry,” Liz rolled her hips, grazing Max’s cock with her swollen nether lips.

Max’s lustful thoughts returned at Liz’s attentions, “Well, I guess that’s what can happen when my beautiful…sexy…very naked girlfriend sleeps on top of me,” Max punctuated each word with a kiss.

Even in the morning light, Liz’s eyes were still impossibly dark. Her hand snaked in between them, Liz shifting to the side a little as she gathered the slickness from the tip in her fingers, sliding her hand down Max’s hardened length.

Max’s eyes fluttered closed at Liz’s touch, but then remembering himself, he grazed his fingers down her arm. “Liz we don’t have to…,” Max offered, a bit afraid that Liz might feel obligated to touch him like this.

“Maybe, I want to,” Liz replied with a sly grin as her hand continued to stroke at his needy flesh.

Max’s hand drew circles over the taut nipples, watching Liz’s eyes close in obvious pleasure, saw her smile widen as his hand trailed down the length of her flat, bare stomach, tickling softly at his touch, and hearing a sweet, soft moan as his fingers parted the lips of her very wet folds.

“Maybe, I want to, too,” Max grinned as his fingers slid into Liz’s snug depths.

Liz smiled mischievously as Max’s thumb drew firm strokes on her swollen nub, “I was kind of hoping you might say that….”
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 16 1-3-10

Post by destinyc » Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:33 pm

Sorry, cranky computer...

A/n note-If you are interested in the Spike/Dawn fic I have going, here is the link
I hope that works...if not I'm posting that one on fanfiction.net under the penname destyshell (gee I wonder if it's a little odd to use my childhood nickname for writing porn... :roll: , oh well)

Without further ado...chapter 16
Max wrapped his lips around Liz’s nipple as his fingers dipped in her tight channel, gathering the slick nectar that flowed there.

“Max…,” Liz moaned, raking her fingers through his dark locks, clutching his head to her breast as he suckled the sweet, berried nipple in his mouth. Liz desperately wished that it was not yet Monday morning, that their friends were not sleeping just a few yards away, and most importantly, and that their parents were still just mere acquaintances.

Max’s wet fingers pulled back from her channel, finding the swollen pearl buried between her smooth lips. The strokes of his fingers met the rhythm of his lips at her breast. Liz’s hips rocked against Max’s hand as she peppered his head with sweet kisses while she stroked the heated column of flesh nestled between their bodies.

Though Liz knew their privacy was nearly nonexistent and the dawning sun was creeping higher into the sky, Liz ached to roll on top of Max and sheathe herself on his rigid length. She moaned softly as his fingers plunged back into her needy passage while his thumb drew firm strokes against her clit, wondering at how that pleasure would be multiplied when she was finally filled with the firm shaft that she now held in her hands.

“God, Liz, the things I want to do with you…,” Max whispered against Liz’s wet breast, grinding his body against her hand as he slipped another finger into her snug walls, imagining the moment when more than just his fingers entered her wet, warm depths. He thrust again into Liz’s attentive hand.

“Mmm… yes…,” Liz breathed out, clenching around Max’s slick fingers in response as she rode his hand. She gripped his straining cock in her hands, giving Max a preview of what awaited him deep inside her.

Max smiled as he looked up at Liz, her face flushed, hair wild, eyes closed as she concentrated on the eager tingling building between her legs. Her hand clenched around him though she halted her movements. Liz’s breath hitched as she ground her body hard into his hand, the dampness beginning to coat Max’s fingers.

Liz frantically sought Max’s lips as she began to cry out in her release. Their tongues wrapped around each other as the proof of her orgasm was swallowed in his kiss as it drenched his hand.

As she broke the kiss to gasp for air, she recalled the aching cock in her hand that she still gripped firmly. Max sighed in relief as Liz’s hand relaxed a little and resumed its path against the column of steel wrapped in tender flesh.

Their eyes both cut across the ashes of last night’s fire to the tent, where the rustling of their friends inside caught their attention. Not wanting to get caught in such a compromising position, Max warned Liz,

“I think they’re….”

But Max had no time to finish his unwanted plea for Liz to stop and get dressed as the petite brunette disappeared inside the cocoon of soft flannel. He could only gasp as Liz’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock, assaulting him with firm licks and strong suckling pulls while taking his sac in hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Just when he thought he’d have to forgo coming this morning and suffer through his frustration as they made their way back to Roswell, Liz completely surprised him, his only regret being that he hadn’t had a chance to taste her first.

“God, baby, that feels good…,” Max groaned, unable to resist raising his hips to meet her warm, sweet mouth.

With no time for teasing, playful torture, Liz took Max’s full length into her mouth, swallowing around him as she had read about in the trashy magazines that Maria was always buying. The deep groans that rumbled in Max’s chest were evidence that even in her relative inexperience; Liz was giving Max a wealth of pleasure.

Liz frantically ran her tongue along the pattern of ridges and veins, gave long licks to the vein underneath, and finally toyed with the slit at the top. After her play and return to the deep suckling pulls against Max’s full length, Liz felt the balls in her hand tighten against Max’s body.

“Liz…I’m…,” Max could only gasp out the words as he tried to tug Liz back up from the depths of the sleeping bag, but she would have none of it. She continued to suck his hard column even as the pulsing strengthened, and Liz’s mouth was filled with Max’s rich, salty spendings which she swallowed down while Max’s uncontrollable shout filled the otherwise quiet woods, causing the early morning birds to scatter in flight.

Liz giggled to herself as she heard Max lose all sense of self-control and cry out in pleasure. After a sweet kiss to his spent flesh, Liz surreptitiously wiped at the corners of her mouth, wriggling up from the depths of the sleeping bag. Ruddy with self-consciousness and the trapped heat of the sleeping bag, Liz emerged, taking a deep gasping breath, cut short by the lips that crashed down on hers.

Max poured his love and gratitude into the kiss that some men might have avoided, though the taste of himself in Liz’s mouth could only serve to remind him of the delicious pleasure she had just brought him.

A little afraid of seeming too forward, Liz grinned as Max’s eyes sparkled in the morning sunlight, his hands framing her face as he stared in amazement. Recovering his sensibilities as he caught his breath, Max smiled broadly.

“Leave your window open for me tonight?” he asked earnestly. “I’ll come over after work…Wanna’ spend more time…wanna’ taste you too,” he breathed out between heady kisses which Liz eagerly returned. She was uncertain how she was going to make it through school and her shift at the Crashdown when she knew what awaited her afterward.

“Of course…,” Liz smiled in her excitement, taking Max’s mouth in a kiss that threatened to fan their hunger for each other once again, but for the loud shout that emanated from the distant tent.

“You guys decent?” Michael’s booming voice shouted. “We’re coming out,” he called in warning.

“Wait!” Max and Liz shouted in desperate unison, scrambling for their cast-aside clothes amid the raucous laughter echoing from the tent. They scrambled into their dusty clothes, Liz’s buttons askew until Max tended to the mistake himself. Hopping into their still-tied shoes, Max breathlessly called back in resignation, “Come on out….”

Michael and Maria’s uncontrollable snickers caused Max and Liz to flush, even as he protectively wrapped his arm around her, unwilling to give up the closeness they had indulged in the night before.

“Now, I was telling Maria, that we we’re gonna’ go along with your little charade here,” Michael choked out bluntly, “But, I gotta’ tell ya’, you’re gonna’ have to be a lot more subtle than that if you’re gonna’ fool your parents,” noting that everything about the pair practically advertised that they were a couple.

“Thanks, Michael,” Max answered dryly, “We’ll keep that in mind.” Defiantly, Max bent down to give Liz a deep, toe-curling kiss, ignoring Michael’s ill-omened warning.

“Come on, you two, you can practice your acting skills while we pack the jeep.” Maria snarked as she pulled Liz away to help her repack the beach bags. “First period is only an hour and a half away.”
After profusely apologizing to the park ranger and paying the overnight camping fee, Max drove them back to Roswell as Liz texted Diane to bring Max some clothes with her to work. Once they dropped off Maria and Michael at his apartment, where Maria kept enough clothes that she could get ready for school, Max hurriedly pulled in behind the Crashdown.

Rushing through the backdoor, Max and Liz hurried to greet their parents, hoping that their flushing faces would be mistaken for embarrassment due to their lateness in returning home and an earnest desire to make it to school on time.

“Well, look there, Hansel and Gretel home from the forest,” Jeff Parker teased as the pair scrambled in with Liz’s belongings.

“Very funny, Dad, what’s for breakfast?” Liz questioned hopefully, noting that the griddle was unusually quiet for this hour of the morning.

Jeff Parker’s eyes shifted away from his daughter nervously, “Oh, um…, whatever you want, sweetie, grill’s still cold, but I think I can have something ready for you two by the time you get showered. Otherwise, there’s always donuts,” Jeff offered, hoping his daughter wouldn’t question his late start this morning any further. “Better go get cleaned up, Lizzie. Max can use my bathroom, and I’ll have your plates for you when you’re through.”

Liz looked quizzically once again at the cold grill, before giving her father a kiss on the cheek, “Sorry again for getting locked in the park, Dad. We’ll hurry.” Liz turned to rush up the stairs and her much-needed shower.
“Thanks for bringing my clothes, Mom,” Max kissed his mother’s cheek as the steam from the espresso machine gurgled into the large cup.

“No problem, son,” Diane fibbed. When Diane received the text from Liz, she and Jeff had still been in his bed, Jeff’s kisses trailing down the path of the unbuttoned, borrowed pajama top that Diane wore while spending the night in Jeff’s bed. Even though they hadn’t yet had sex, Jeff and Diane did take advantage of their time alone and spent much of the night enjoying each other, and for the first time in many years, slept contentedly in the arms of someone new. Knowing that Max assumed his mother was at home to receive the message, Jeff and Diane raced to her house, so that Diane could get ready for work and retrieve fresh clothes for her son. The older couple arrived back at the restaurant a bit late, but gratefully before their children returned.

“I left them in Jeff’s bathroom. Your razor and toothbrush are in there, too.”

“You’re the best,” Max called out behind him as he turned to go through the kitchen door.

Diane turned back to the machine, hoping she could blame her blushing face on the espresso steam.
Max took the stairs two at a time in his haste, smiling as he heard Liz in her shower, grinning to himself as he could now paint a fairly accurate picture of what she would look like in there. He pouted a little as he wished he could sneak into her room and join her, but there was no way in hell he could get away with that right now.

He tentatively entered Jeff Parker’s bedroom, taking nervous steps even though he had been told to use his shower. Hurrying to the bathroom, he thought he smelled the faint trace of his mother’s perfume, but then blew off the notion, remembering that she had brought his belongings upstairs in the first place. Sighing in the relief of welcomed hot water, Max washed his hair before soaping up all over. His attentions to his nether regions reminded him of Liz’s hands and mouth on him that morning, creating another problem he would have to take care of on his own before leaving the shower…
After drying off and tending to his other morning rituals, Max finished getting dressed and gathered up his dirty clothes and toiletries before heading back downstairs to his beautiful girlfriend and a hot breakfast. Turning off the bathroom light, Max stopped as he finally noticed Jeff’s bed.

Even though every morning Max Evans dutifully made his own bed at home, every afternoon, he would come home to see it remade—the bedspread tucked under at the footboard with precise hospital corners at the edges, the blankets pulled up tight, but with one corner pulled back just a little, like at the fancy hotels with turn down service. The pillows would always be rearranged as well, the ones just in their cases tucked discreetly behind the ones with the fancy shams, not intended for sleeping on, and last but not least, a little throw pillow set askew in the middle of the two, suggesting a touch of playful hominess to offset the pristine order.

Stunned, Max studied Jeff’s bed for a long moment, knowing, full-well, exactly who made it.
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 18 3-8-10

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Hi Guys! Sorry I’m so behind, but I’ve been averaging about 55 hours at work each week, so free time has been in short supply.
But hey, apart from all the research papers I have to grade during spring break next week, hopefully I’ll get caught up on all your stories too.
Earth2Mama-Max will try to shake it off for the time being. He will have other things on his mind very shortly
Ginger-Yeah, um, still haven’t finished those research papers...
keepsmiling7x2- We’ll revisit J/D’s relationship a little later...let’s just say other opportunities will present themselves very shortly.
behr_able-Well, in keeping with the cute and sexy vibe....
Janetfl-Max is going to be just a little distracted...
Eve-Max will, in fact, be taking your advice
L-J-L 76x2-Well, today’s chapter will answer at least some of your questions...some we have to save for later.
garcia88x2-We’ll see a hint today about what may complicate the parent front.
scorpio6-There are some tough issues there for Max. He’s not oblivious to his mother’s needs, but at the same time, he must also negotiate these changes for himself. Plus, adding Liz to the mix does multiply the complications.
Alien_Friend-Eeep! Michael and Maria will make another appearance in today’s chapter as well.
Alien614 x3-Yes, very awkward...
Carriex2-Thanks so much. I’m hoping that you enjoy today’s chapter as well!
Jan-Thanks so much! Enjoy today’s chapter!
yayaliens-On my way!
katydid-Well, he’ll become distracted very soon!

Ok…so I’m hoping Michael’s not too crass at the end of the chapter…but, then again, he’s just being Michael. Thanks for reading!

Max pulled Jeff’s bedroom door closed quietly, hoping that there was some slim chance that his mother had made the bed out of habit when she had brought up Max’s clothes. Max knew he was only fooling himself with the assumption that nothing had happened between his mother and Jeff Parker last night, but as long as there was no definitive proof that their relationship had progressed beyond just a friendly kiss every now and then, Max could still cling to the fantasy.

He sighed, considering the other side of that coin—it wasn’t going to be long before he would head off to college and his mother would be alone. While Jeff seemed to genuinely care for Diane and make her happy, Max just wished he had remained blissfully unaware that their relationship might have already progressed past first base.

“OK, never gonna’ think about THAT again,” Max grimaced, praying something could wipe that horrific thought from his brain. He breathed deeply, briefly shaking his head like it was an Etch-a-sketch that could be wiped clean with a simple displacement of the granules inside.

As he made his way across the hall, Max heard Liz shut off the blow dryer and then raised a knuckle to tap quietly against Liz’s bedroom door and see if she was dressed and ready to eat. Maintaining the façade of a purely platonic relationship with Liz as they scarfed down bacon and eggs would be yet another in the list of challenges facing Max today.

“Liz?” Max called out softly after he knocked. He figured that barreling through breakfast, school and work would help him forget about what his mother and Jeff Parker may or may not have been up to, and the sooner he and Liz could leave the Crashdown and head to school, the better.

“Come on in. I’m almost ready,” Liz responded.

When Max turned the knob and opened the door, every thought and worry suddenly flew out of his head.

Liz Parker stood in the morning sunlight streaming from her window, brushing her long, dark hair. The short, sheath-style sundress ended high on her thigh, sexy but tasteful in length. The soft lavender cardigan she planned to wear this morning lay folded on the bed.

“You don’t look like you spent the night in the woods,” Max smiled broadly as he shut the door behind him, every concern and anxiety swept away at the sight of his beautiful, albeit, secret girlfriend in front of him.

“I slept quite comfortably, thank you,” Liz grinned mischievously, tossing the hairbrush on the bed before wrapping her arms around Max’s neck, offering him a passionate kiss, their tongues tangling in each other’s mouths, heedless of the fact that they had only first kissed each other just yesterday.

Max pulled Liz close, one hand securely protective at the small of her back while the other couldn’t resist snaking lower and dipping below the hem of her dress.

Max’s fingers traced a path up the back of Liz’s thighs, eliciting a pleased giggle as he tickled the sensitive flesh. Traveling higher, he palmed the rounded softness of Liz’s bottom, giving a gentle squeeze as he ground his hips forward just a little. Thinking at first that Liz must be wearing a thong, Max let his other hand slip to the front, a wicked smile gracing his mouth as he met no resistance in slipping a finger between Liz’s slick nether lips.

“I did tell you I was *almost* ready,” Liz grinned slyly.

“You are ready enough for me,” Max whispered, slipping a finger into her snug channel as his thumb drew tantalizing strokes over Liz’s swollen clit.

Liz chuckled at his double entendre.

“You could just go panty-less today,” Max teased, nibbling on Liz’s earlobe.

“What if I dropped my books?” Liz cooed, trailing teasing kisses down the sensitive skin of Max’s neck.

“I would pick them up for you,” Max responded playfully, slipping a second finger in at Liz’s gasp.“We do have every class together, you know,” he cajoled.

“How about we compromise, and I let you pick out the panties I’ll wear under this Very. Short. Dress.” Liz punctuated the last three words with insistent kisses, causing Max to groan as he thrust his hips forward.

“Mmm…picking out your panties, hmmm?” Max waggled his eyebrows as he withdrew his fingers, a small disappointed whimper sounding from Liz’s throat.

Turning to Liz’s dresser, Max instinctively pulled on the top drawer, revealing an assortment of tiny underthings ranging from quirky cotton prints to sexy high-cut thongs. While Liz might have assumed Max would go for the most revealing g-string, shoved far back into the depths of the drawer, he instead chose a pair of white lace cheeky panties. Liz smiled and nodded as he held them up for her approval.

Liz giggled as Max kneeled in front of her, panties in hand. Gingerly stepping into the undergarment, Liz held her breath as Max slowly drew the panties up her legs, placing a trail of kisses up each leg as he went. She quietly gasped as Max’s mouth reached the tender flesh of her inner thigh, unconsciously gathering the sides of her dress, raising the hem ever higher.

Max smiled as Liz’s enticing, bare mound came into view. The full, pouting nether lips were rosy from his earlier attentions and the scent of her arousal beckoned him to come and taste. Though the lacy garment had made it to Liz’s mid-thigh, its journey was stalled as Max couldn’t resist placing a tender kiss on the smooth, swollen flesh.

That single kiss fired a temptation to taste Liz that was too great for Max to resist. Waiting twelve more hours through school and work was simply impossible.

Max’s tongue dipped in between Liz’s folds, gathering the spicy nectar on his lips as he drew a pleasured moan from Liz. His tongue traced the succulent furrow as yet not covered by the panties Max had chosen for Liz to wear.

Liz crumpled the hem of her dress in one hand as her fingers raked through Max’s dark locks with the other. Liz gasped as Max’s tongue teased at her entrance, feeding from the honey that flowed between her thighs. She gasped as she felt Max’s fingers slip into her snug channel while his lips suckled at her swollen clit.

“Max…” whispered Liz in both desire and warning, the knowledge that their parents were just downstairs and expecting them for breakfast could not be ignored for long.

“Shh…,” whispered Max against Liz’s heated nether lips, “Just come for me, Liz.”

Max delved into the valley of her lips once more, the tip of his tongue teasing at the needy pearl, drawing firm strokes against it, one hand holding open the tender flesh as the other filled her hot, wet channel.

Losing himself in the abandon of bringing Liz pleasure, Max forgot all about his mother and Liz’s dad, being late for school, and all the other concerns of the day ahead, losing himself in Liz’s scent and taste, the silky nether lips, slick with her juices, and the snug sheath that tightened around his attentive fingers.

A low moan couldn’t help but escape Liz’s throat as she ground herself ever closer to Max’s hungry mouth.

“Hey, Mr. Parker, what’s for breakfast?” Michael called out as he and Maria walked through the Crashdown door.

“Whatever you’re cookin’, kid,” Jeff Parker joked, flipping another pancake onto the plate he was filling.

“Morning, Mrs. Evans,” Maria greeted as she bent over the counter to grab coffee cups for Michael and herself.

“Good morning, dear,” Diane replied, pouring coffee into the cups Maria had pulled from the tray. “Did you have a good time at the lake? I hope that smelly, old tent wasn’t too terrible for you and Liz.”

Wide-eyed, Maria covered, “Well, yeah, it was a little smelly, but Liz and I made the best of it,” Maria turned to Michael, her nervous expression encouraging him to play along.

“That’s right…Max and I stood watch…kept the girls safe from all those spiders…snakes…coyotes…. Don’t you think that deserves an extra piece of bacon with my breakfast, Mr. P?”

“I’ll think about it,” Jeff Parker waved his spatula absently.

Maria rolled her eyes as she leaned on the counter and cocked her head toward Michael, “Oh, please,” looking flatly at Diane, she corrected, “There were some mule deer…behind a fence.”

“Hey, there were those little fish that tried to eat my toes—they were kind of scary,” Michael defended.

The couple’s banter was interrupted by Jeff Parker, calling from the pass through, “Diane, can you run upstairs and tell the kids that breakfast is ready? I’ve hollered for them a couple of times, but Lizzie must have that hairdryer going.”

“No problem,” Diane wiped her hands on the towel near the espresso machine as Michael and Maria exchanged furtive, panicked looks.

Just as Diane was about to push open the kitchen door, the cell phone in her apron pocket rang. She stalled in her progress long enough to check the screen.

“Jeff, it’s Isabel—she’s been waiting to hear back on her internship,” Jeff nodded in understanding as Diane flipped open the phone.

Maria and Michael seized the opportunity to run interference for their absent friends, nudging their way past Diane, “We’ll just run up and get them. Don’t want to be late for school,” Maria chimed, sounding more like Liz than herself at the moment.

“Don’t forget about that extra bacon!” Michael called as Maria pulled him through the kitchen and up the back stairs.
“So Iz, what did you find out?...Well, congratulations that’s a very prestigious firm. Your dad would be so proud of you,” Diane’s eyes glazed with happy tears at her daughter’s news.

“You can tell the bursar’s office I sent the check Saturday, so your account should be in good standing,” Diane tried to cover the worried sigh that escaped her lips.

“I should be getting a dividend payment in the next few days….It won’t hurt for the mortgage to be a couple of days late….Now Izzy, don’t fuss…I’ll be fine. You’ve come too far to stop now….Things will work out, you’ll see….Love you, sweetheart.”

“Tell her I said ‘congratulations,’” Jeff called from behind the grill.

“Jeff says congratulations too,” Diane craned her neck to look through the pass through to the stairwell, “As would your brother if he ever gets out of the shower,” Diane muttered before realizing Isabel’s confusion. “Oh, I’ll explain later,” Diane laughed, “Love you, sweetie, bye-bye.”
Michael and Maria’s steps and voices purposefully echoed up the stairwell, hoping to shake their friends out of their certain sexual haze. The pair stopped first at Jeff’s bedroom door rapping loudly, though they were fairly certain that Max was no longer inside.

“Maxwell, quit jackin’ around with your hair,” Michael hollered too loudly, “Breakfast is gettin’ cold, dude,” he pounded on the door again for effect.
“Oh, God, Max,” Liz thrust against Max’s tongue, his mouth intent on plundering her luscious depths, feasting on the heady juices that flowed from her throbbing core. “So good…,” she breathed out, panting and gasping as Max slipped a third finger inside, finding the sweet spot along her inner wall that caused her legs to shake uncontrollably.

As Maria and Michael turned from the silent door to head across the hall a muffled squeal sounded from behind Liz’s bedroom door. Michael and Maria coughed loudly to cover, not only Liz’s tell-tale outburst, but also their laughter at having caught their friends in a compromising position for the second time that day.
Unaware of their audience in their lust-filled state, Max gave Liz’s nether lips long, soothing strokes, bringing her back down from her orgasm as he savored the last of her juices.

Sliding the panties further up her thighs, Max gave Liz’s bare mound one last kiss before covering it in white lace for the day.

“Be back later,” he promised teasingly, before pulling the panties all the way up.

“Come here,” Liz coaxed Max from his knees, pulling him up for a kiss. “That was amazing,” she cooed, still dazed from the climax she just experienced.

“You taste so sweet…,” Max whispered, fisting his hands through Liz’s hair as he pulled her in for another deep kiss.

Michael and Maria waited around the door, Maria shifting her weight as Michael checked his watch, silently agreeing that Max and Liz had sufficient time to be decent.

Michael nodded at Maria, “Liz, time for breakfast,” she called before turning the doorknob and bursting through. They could barely contain their smirks as Max and Liz stared wide-eyed at the sudden intrusion.

“You guys really need to lock the door,” Michael pointedly suggested.

“Thanks for the tip,” Max said drolly, trying to discourage Michael’s further attempts to embarrass them.

“Breakfast is ready,” Maria indicated in low tones, smoothing down Liz’s mussed hair before plucking a perfume bottle from the dresser and spraying Liz with a cloud of scent that caused her to scrunch her face and wave away the excess. Liz shrank away from Maria’s onslaught with lipgloss.

“Ok, we’ll meet you downstairs,” Maria pulled Liz away as she threatened kiss off all her newly applied gloss. Max had to toss Liz her sweater since Maria refused to allow Liz within arm’s reach of Max until they had finished breakfast and left the Crashdown. Maria grabbed Liz’s backpack from the doorway without breaking her stride.

“See you in a minute,” Liz called softly and blew Max a kiss over her shoulder as Maria hurried her to breakfast. Max seemed oblivious to his disheveled appearance and the lingering evidence of his recent activities as he watched the petite brunette descend the stairs.

Liz finally out of sight, Max blinked and looked at his friend, “So, ready for breakfast?”

Unable to restrain his laughter any longer, Michael wheeled Max back into Liz’s bathroom, trying to suppress the dozen dirty jokes he already had lined up at Max’s expense.

“Dude, raggin’ you’s no fun when you make it that easy.”
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 19 4-12-10

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Sorry, everyone. My muse seems afflicted with ADD as of late.
Thanks to all who commented. I'll get to them asap, but the bumps egged me on :lol:

I have a new first chapter in crossovers.The link is in my sig if you are interested. I'm curious how it plays, so let me know

Anyway...gotta' run...teenagers await!

ch 19
“Well, to what do we owe the honor? Max Evans and Liz Parker deigning to dine with us mere mortals today…,” Alex drolly commented as Max and Liz plunked down their melamine trays on the cafeteria tabletop. Michael and Maria were already halfway finished with their pizza slices when Max and Liz had arrived.

“As you are not *seven*, we get to eat with you today--completely unrelated to your pitiful mortality,” Liz joked, scooping a forkful of goulash into her mouth with aplomb, unfortunately realizing too late its vile taste and texture. She pulled a disgusted face and tossed her fork back onto the smothered noodles.

Without needing to ask, Max slid his tray in place of hers, swapping their lunches. Liz smiled cheerily at the chef salad in front of her, picking up Max’s fork and resuming her meal happily. Seeing that Liz had chosen the goulash from the cafeteria line, Max picked up a salad, knowing that Liz would end up wanting his lunch anyway.

“The second grade went on a field trip today,” Max explained, “therefore, no tutoring gig at lunch.” He shoveled a bite of the cafeteria fare into his mouth with no complaint.

“Ooh, speaking of field trips,” Alex beat a drum roll on the tabletop with his fingertips, “Wax up your trash can lids kiddies, because the physics club is going to White Sands!” His lunch tray rattled as Alex substituted it for a high hat, causing his fork to tumble to the floor. He shrugged comically, “I was finished, anyway.”

“Physics club, huh?” Max asked incredulously, his face scrunching in disgust at the sound of Tess’s screech coming from the jock table.

“Last call for bikinis!” she whooped amid catcalls from the less academically gifted.

“Apparently Mr. Scott opened up the trip to all the seniors, but non-members have to pay ten bucks for the bus ride, therefore, we artistic types can go as well,” Maria batted her eyelashes playfully as she leaned her head on Michael’s shoulder. Michael chugged his second carton of milk before squashing the cardboard box flat, Maria swatting his arm for the errant milk spray that came her way.

“I am planning to construct a computer model depicting dune shift over the last hundred years, then extrapolate the data and determine where they will be in the next millennium,” Alex announced excitedly.

“You are a wild man, Whitman,” Michael deadpanned, causing the remainder of the table to chuckle at the observation.

“Well, what do you plan to do, then?” Alex shot back.

“Slide the dunes till I bust my ass,” Michael replied in all sincerity, “then make out with my girl till they have to send the park rangers after us,” Michael tugged Maria closer, his arm around her shoulder. “Probably get suspended the next day for making the busses late gettin’ home,” he predicted with what would probably be uncanny accuracy.

“Speaking of making out, how did the camping trip go?” Alex waggled his eyebrows and nodded his head as though he were privy to unknown details.

Max and Liz froze, holding their breath as their eyes went wide.

“No making out…,” Liz stammered and blinked for a moment too long as she blatantly lied to Alex.

“Right,” Max chimed in, “We’ve got the whole *just friends* thing going, remember?” Max sheepishly tapped Liz on the shoulder with his fist.

Liz gave Alex a nervous smile, nearly identical to the one Max was wearing, returning the playful punch, awaiting Alex’s reaction to their obvious evasion.

“Ok, once more with feeling, kiddies,” he replied flatly.

“What?” Liz made a last-ditch effort at playing dumb, though the charade was transparent.

“First off, you lie for shit, Parker,” Michael explained bluntly.

“I do not!” Liz retorted, mortally offended at the slight to her capacity for deception.

Max shrugged in apologetic agreement with the others at the table.

“You have a tell,” Alex explained succinctly.

“A what?”

“A tell,” Alex sighed in explanation, “You close your eyes whenever you lie,” he revealed.

“No, I don’t,” the brunette scoffed, then paused in thought, “Do I?” she questioned the table in sudden awareness.

Her four friends nodded in resigned agreement.

“And Max’s ears turn beet red,” Alex added.

“I can’t help that,” Max defended, his face and ears coloring once again under scrutiny.

“No more can Liz,” Alex explained. “I mean, maybe grow your hair out or something, cause you’re really not any better at lying than your girlfriend is…. You know, if you go to Vegas for your honeymoon, you should totally skip the poker tables,” Alex advised, popping a ketchup-laden fry into his mouth in a show of validation.

“Why is it ‘beet red’?” Maria chimed in. “I don’t think I really eat enough beets to use it as a criterion for embarrassment,” she considered seriously.

“I’ve always thought beets were more purple than red, anyway…. I don’t know…magenta maybe?” Michael concurred in his own fashion.

“What is it with the beets? We’ve got bigger problems than gauging the shade of my inner-mortification,” Max grew exasperated with Michael and Maria’s tangent.

“Fortunately, your parents are so caught up with making goo-goo eyes at each other, they haven’t really noticed your poor attempt at chicanery,” Alex wisely noted. “And you haven’t become any better at fooling your parents because they’ve never called you on it!” Alex’s eyes grew wide with excitement at his deduction. “It’s a real ‘catch-22’,” he chuckled, flipping over a notebook and yanking his ink pen from the top of the spiral. “I’ve got to jot this down for AP English,” he muttered to himself.

Max, suddenly pissed at becoming the subject of a literary analogy, plucked the pen from Alex’s fingers and tossed it, sending it end over end to the metal trash barrel, hitting the inner rim with a clang.

Alex pouted at the loss of his pen and the perfect comparison to use in his essay over the Heller novel.

Max grew bold at having disarmed his wily friend. “Since you have such great insight into inter-personal relationships and human behavior, why didn’t *you* bring someone to the lake this weekend?” Max shot back, trying to regain his slippery foothold.

“If I’ve told you people once, I’ve told you a thousand times—there’s only one girl I’m interested in, and she was inconveniently out-of-town this weekend,” Alex replied categorically. His four friends groaned at the next predictable question.

“So, Max, is your sister coming in for Thanksgiving?” the lanky teen asked in all seriousness.

“Jeez, Whitman, she’s finishing law school, for God’s sake!” Max couldn’t believe this crush had persisted for so damn long.

“Hey, I’m just politely inquiring if your sibling will be joining you for an annual holiday gathering,” Alex replied with a self-assured air.

“Right, and the fact that you’ve sworn since we were ten-years-old that you were going to lose your virginity to Isabel Evans had nothing to do with it,” Michael snarked smugly.

“Dude, she’s my sister!” Max complained, earning himself a sympathetic neck rub and pained expression from Liz.

“Do ten-year-olds really think about that stuff?” Maria polled the table.

The three guys shrugged in shame-faced agreement.

“Hey, she was the first girl I ever kissed, you know!” Alex defended.

“She was giving you mouth-to-mouth when you swallowed half the pool going off the high dive to try and impress her,” Max reminded pointedly.

“I still remember the taste of her coconut lip gloss,” Alex recalled wistfully, looking far away at the vision of Izzy in her red lifeguard swimsuit.

“And I bet she still remembers the smell of your barf when you upchucked all that pool water,” Michael added, never one to let a friend forget an embarrassing moment.

The girls’ high-pitched “Ewww!” was thankfully drowned out by the shrill lunch bell.

“Back to class,” Alex sighed, dumping his tray and tossing it onto the conveyer belt.

“Thank God,” Michael groaned, taken aback that he had even considered such a thing. Maria ducked under his arm as Michael held the door for her, heading to music and art, respectively.

“So do I really close my eyes when I lie?” Liz questioned Max as he took her backpack in one hand and wrapped his arm around her waist with the other, leading her out the cafeteria doors and on their way to 6th period calculus.

“We’ll work on it, sweetheart,” he kissed the top of her head sweetly. “We’ll work on it….”
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Re: Under One Roof (M/L Adult) ch 20 6-27

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Aliens614-thanks so much! X3 (*Eep! Hides under a rock*)
Jan-Alex may get his chance someday…
Zaneri1-Don’t count poor Alex out just yet!
Kate-Yep, the whole inability to lie well will become an issue later on.
SmileeUK-Let’s just say Isabel may not be in the greatest spot when she does arrive home. Michael and Maria are certainly the voice of experience here!
LJL76-Let’s just say…I’m certainly a dreamer. Not that things will be easy…our favorite pair will hit some rough water in the near future.
Yaya-I’ll make with the splainy momentarily
Ellie-I may not be fast, but I’ll get there eventually.
Mirae01- I’m back!
Behr_able-Awww! How could I forget???

A/N-Hey guys! Sorry I'm tardy to my own party here. Blame it on the damn plot bunnies in my house...biting me on the ass when I'm not looking. So I ask them-where they hell do you take off to in the middle of my fic, huh???--and they just laugh 8)

So anyway...I've got a pretty wide variety of fics running currently if you are interested-- The very porny sequel to my Vampire Diaries fic "Sins of the Father" Damon/Elena/Stefan
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I should have an update for "My Brother's Keeper" out in the next few days--the link is in my sig below.

"Spike and the Schoolgirl" is still in the rotation. I'm working on a Spike/William fic "Burning the Bones" which I should have up in the near future, and a Spike/Buffy fic "I Know What You Need" which is in the planning stages. But, I'll have you know, I did fight the plot bunnies away on the last one, so I could finish this chapter for you. :lol:

ch 20
Liz shut the door to her bedroom with a sigh, not bothering to turn on the overhead light. A long day at school, fading into an interminable waitressing shift, seemed like torture after the pleasures of last night and this morning.

Toeing off her white tennis shoes and yanking off her much-abused socks, Liz’s mind escaped to the thought of Max and all the wickedly wonderful things they had done, bringing a naughty grin to her face at the memory. Liz hoped that Max could still come see her after finishing his shift at the UFO Museum (if dusting the pegboards and processing novelty souvenir photos hadn’t proved too taxing, that is).

Liz lit a couple of candles in her room to chase away the smell of the diner that wafted in from downstairs. The tiny, dancing lights helped dispel Liz’s weariness as she unsnapped the placket of her Crashdown uniform, glancing toward the moonlit window at the sound of hurried footsteps on the metal steps below her balcony.

Usually, Liz would shed the despised uniform swiftly, ripping the small metal nibs apart with one hard pull. But this time, as she undressed, Liz parted the snaps with slow deliberation, her fingers grazing the tanned skin underneath, until she heard a voice call from the window--

“You need some help with that?” Max had tried to coolly announce his presence, but the sight of Liz tortuously removing her dress snap by snap threatened his already shaky control. His jeans were already growing tight, and he hadn’t even made it through the window yet.

Liz giggled as she looked up and met Max’s eyes in the dresser mirror, a mischievous twinkle lit by the reflected flames. Hearing his footsteps on the fire escape, Liz decided a little teasing would heighten the anticipation, accounting for her delay tactics while she undressed.

“I might…,” Liz teased, turning to move toward the open window, playfully tracing the swell where her white satin bra met creamy, tanned skin.

Max jumped down off the window sill, cringing at the reverberating thud of his feet in the otherwise quiet household. In his excitement, Max had forgotten the importance of stealth when sneaking into a girl’s room at night.

“Shit!” he whispered, looking toward Liz’s closed bedroom door in fear of Jeff Parker suddenly bursting in, fists flying at the presumed intruder in his daughter’s bedroom.

“They’re not here,” Liz announced softly. The words that should have been laced with seductive intent were rather tinged with worry. The fact that Jeff and Diane had gone out every night for a week was not lost on Max either, their parents’ deepening romance had become a suddenly acute concern for the two seventeen-year-olds.

“Well, we’ve got some time then…,” Max breathed out hopefully, though his response was weighted with meaning. Grateful for the chance to be alone with Liz without the fear of parental interruptions, Max determined to think about the full implications of Jeff and Diane’s relationship at a time when his girlfriend wasn’t undressing in front of him.

Liz smiled, determined to shake off the anxiety she and Max both felt at the rapidly developing relationship between their parents. The hope of quality time with Max tonight had propelled the petite brunette through the day’s little injustices, like the detention they all received for skipping that morning’s assembly, so she refused to let one more Methodist singles bowling night stand in the way of Max and his very attentive lips.

Max sighed in relief, seeing the saucy spark return to Liz’s eyes. Earlier that morning, he had promised her his uninterrupted attentions, and he certainly planned to keep his word. With a roguish grin, Max beckoned Liz with an insistent finger, drawing his best friend, turned girlfriend, ever closer.

Burying thoughts of Jeff and Diane in a far corner of her mind, Liz channeled her inner temptress once again, sidling ever closer to Max’s firm body, her hands sliding under his shirt to his lower back, and her fingers toying with the delicious curve of his backside just below his waistband.

“I was going to take a shower…,” Liz began, a little nervous at the forward suggestion she was about to make. “You want to join me?”

“God, yes..,” Max breathed out emphatically, pulling Liz in closely for a deep kiss, his left hand caressing the curve of her bottom while his right hand worked loose the remaining snaps of her tiny uniform one by one.

“I’ve dreamed of getting you out of this dress for so damn long,” Max confessed his long-repressed desires between hungry kisses, his hands never stopping in their pursuit. The short skirt that rode high on Liz’s thigh…the snaps that begged to be ripped apart…Max’s fantasy of stripping Liz of her little aqua green uniform was suddenly coming to life.

The normally reserved young man was freed by the confessions made on the beach just yesterday. Even though the couple could not make their feelings for each other widely known because of their widowed parents’ burgeoning relationship, at least Max didn’t have to hide from Liz any longer.

“Our first kiss was just yesterday,” Liz chided playfully, responding to Max’s eager lips with her own. Despite her prim words, Liz proceeded to strip Max of his bulky polo and toss it aside, moving on to unfasten Max’s belt buckle with deft fingers. Making quick work of the button and zipper, Liz pushed the thick denim past Max’s hips till the jeans slid to the floor. Max unceremoniously kicked the unwanted garment out of his way in his relief.

“That doesn’t make what I said any less true,” Max grinned, slipping the dress off Liz’s shoulders and letting the aqua green material puddle around her. Sliding his arms around her slender waist, Max’s hands dropped down to cup the little swells of flesh that peeked out from the white lace panties he had chosen for Liz that morning, a compromise arranged when he couldn’t convince her to go completely without. More than once today, Max had sneaked a wandering hand to this very spot, leaving their fellow students to wonder at Liz’s spontaneous giggle or Max’s Cheshire-cat grin.

As both quickly stripped away their unwanted garments, their eagerness for the touch of bare skin against their bodies grew insistent. Liz traced the hard muscles revealed by the quick job she’d made of disrobing her boyfriend. Liz sighed dreamily as she thought of spending last night snuggled against Max’s beautifully powerful chest. The eager brunette ran her hands across the hard planes of his pectorals, eliciting a small groan from his lush lips as her small fingers toyed with the flat nipples she found there, reveling in the beauty of Max’s chiseled chest and torso.

“Kiss me, Liz…,” Max breathed out driven to distraction by the exploring fingers that fired his desire to envelop himself in Liz Parker completely. Max dipped to claim Liz’s mouth, the kisses they had forgone today for secrecy’s sake, Max was more than ready to reclaim tonight.

Clad only in their undergarments, Max and Liz clung to each other in a tangle of limbs, fingers dipping teasingly into what little clothing remained while their tongues sought each other. Long-repressed kisses and eager touches continued until the pair were itching to be rid of the final barriers between them and longing to feel their bare bodies against one another as they had last night.

Eager for a good excuse to shed their remaining garments, Liz broke their kiss, panting a deep breath, and, smiling, led Max into the bathroom, grabbing one of the lit candles to place by the sink.

“Come on…,” Liz coaxed as Max nipped at her shoulder and nestled his tented length at her bottom, threatening to detour them from their destination, “I’ve got to have a shower—I still stink like French fries.” Liz scrunched her nose as she smelled the ends of her hair to prove the point, still making their way to her bathroom.

Taking a deep whiff of her scent at the crook of her neck, Max declared, “Nuh-uh, you smell beautiful,” the end of his sentence muffled by his face burrowed in her chocolate-brown tresses.

Liz scoffed, pushing back the bathroom door wide for both of them to enter, “Love may be blind, but it’s apparently lost its sense of smell, too,” she joked, then blushed in the faint candlelight at her casual mention of the L-word.

“Hey, that’s my girlfriend you’re talking about,” Max responded in mock-offense, giving Liz a playful smack on the bottom to send her through the bathroom door, making no attempt to bristle or backtrack at the assumption.

The nearly-naked Liz gave a yelp, covering her lacy bottom with her free hand to prevent further retribution. The pair made their way into the tiny room lit only by the reflecting flame dancing on the medicine-cabinet mirror. Settling the votive on the sink and turning on the shower to heat up, Liz then turned back to Max, wrapping her arms round him once more.

“Mmm, our first shower together…,” she declared dreamily, the brunette’s eyes closing briefly in anticipation.

“Not exactly…,” Max commented with a thoughtful expression as steam from the shower began to fill the small space.

“Huh?,” Liz scrunched her nose in confusion, backing up to read Max’s knowing smile. “Was there some bathing incident that I’m forgetting?” she asked with teasing incredulity.

“Yesterday…at the lake…behind the boathouse?” Max reminded Liz of the communal showering outside with Michael and Maria.

“That doesn’t count,” Liz scoffed, “We weren’t naked, then,” she coaxed brightly.

“So, I guess that means we ought to get naked now?” Max countered, his honeyed voice subtly seeking permission as he slid Liz’s bra strap down to kiss her bare shoulder, grinding his lower body to hers in hunger.

“Maybe we should,” Liz responded in mock-seriousness, a sultry smile gracing her lips, her pelvis rocking forward to meet Max’s tentative thrusts.

Max sought Liz’s lips as he flicked open the front catch of her white bra, nipples puckering at the sudden freedom from restraint. His eager lips kissed a trail from his girlfriend’s mouth, down her neck, arched back in pleasure, to the sweet dusky nipple below.

Moaning at the tantalizing sensation, Liz groped frantically for the waistband of Max’s boxers, pushing them down with each blind grasp until they slid off his hips and to the tile floor.

“God, Liz…,” Max breathed out as she palmed the now-bare flesh in her hands. Max briefly abandoned the pert nipple to slide off the lace panties impatiently, in stark contrast to languorous moments he spent putting them on that very morning.

Liz pulled Max under the rush of water, their wet bodies sliding sensuously against each other, eyes fluttering with the weight of warm droplets as the couple sought each other’s mouths once again. Max kneaded the soaking locks in his hand while he kissed Liz and was reminded of the practical purpose of their foray into the bathroom. A task, at least, would help distract Max from the fact that he wanted nothing more than to wrap Liz’s legs around his waist and surround himself in her luscious, heated depths.

“Strawberry, ok?” Max asked suddenly, grabbing a shampoo bottle from behind Liz as his more lustful thoughts threatened to give him away.

At little startled, but pleased, Liz shook her head ‘yes.’

Max poured the pink contents into his hand, lathering it to suds, and thrust his hands back into the long, dark tresses that he relished touching. His fingers massaged Liz’s scalp till happy groans echoed from her mouth.

“I’m appointing you official hair-washer,” Liz giggled appreciatively, loving the feel of Max’s hands in her hair.

“I will gladly accept the position,” Max concurred, reveling in the intimacy of such a simple act.

Liz squeezed out a dollop of body wash into her hands, and coating them generously, ran her soap-slickened palms up Max’s outstretched arms, across his strong shoulders, and down the hard planes of tanned chest. Liz bit her lip, smiling as the suds ran the ridges of his torso, gathering in the dark curls below.

At Liz’s ministrations, Max teasingly complained, “Hey, you’re distracting me,” jolted out of the near-hypnotic caress of her silky hair.

“Too bad,” Liz teased, but was once again at Max’s mercy as he arched her back into the shower spray to rinse the lather from her locks. Lustful smiles graced both of their faces as his rock-hard length met the cleft of Liz’s thighs, the pair taking a little longer than necessary to assure the suds were washed completely away.

Bringing her petite body back to face him, Max slathered her hair in sweet-smelling conditioner, raking his fingers through to distribute it evenly. While the creamy liquid soaked in, Max procured Liz’s shower gel and took great enjoyment in washing the ripe, luscious curves and swells within his grasp, gently tending to each delicate fold and furrow, encouraged by Liz’s pleased gasps and groans. As he took his sweet time soaping Liz’s creamy breasts and drawing frothy points on her puckered nipples, Liz inquired playfully—

“Do you think they’re clean yet?”

“Only one way to find out,” Max waggled his eyebrows as he leaned Liz into the water spray, rinsing her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. After another foray between her legs, guiding the water to rinse the soap away, Max arched her back, so the droplets splashed directly onto those creamy mounds tipped with sweet, puckered flesh.

“Let’s see,” Max dipped his head to Liz’s breast while his long fingers slid inside Liz’s warm furrow, pumping the digit into her channel as he suckled the tight rosy nipple.

Grinning, Max released Liz’s breast with a wet plop as he withdrew his hand, “Yep, all clean!” he teased mischievously.

Liz’s jaw dropped open in playful offense, “You’re so mean…,” she joked, swatting his chest lightly.

“Come here, baby,” Max pulled Liz close, ready to reassume his attentions in earnest, but was stopped by Liz’s sudden turn, his eyes shutting tightly under the water’s assault.

“Huh-uh…it’s your turn,” she lustfully declared, standing on her tip toes to run her shampoo-laden hands through Max’s hair. The pads of her fingers drew small circles on his scalp followed by her fingernails’ gentle scratching. Max moaned in such pleasure, Liz though he might come before she even had a chance to touch him.

“I don’t ever want to shower without you again,” Max groaned, reveling in the attentions of Liz’s deft fingers. Her nipples traced teasing paths along Max’s chest as she stretched to rinse his hair, working conditioner through his short, dark locks soon after.

With a lustful smirk, Liz resumed her progress with a fresh palm-full of gel, running her soapy hands under his arms that were looped around Liz’s neck, down his ticklish sides, and finally to the parts of Max’s body that had called for Liz’s attentions since he came through her window.

Max closed his eyes as Liz’s hands roamed freely, lathering his cock slick with soap, not just once, but repeatedly…Liz’s eyes twinkling as Max couldn’t help but thrust into her hands. While tending to his rigid shaft with her right, Liz’s left dipped lower to the taut sac underneath, gently lathering there as well. When Liz’s hand travelled to the valley of Max’s rounded cheeks, she felt his whole being shudder with tension. Looking up, Liz caught Max biting the crook of his finger with his eyes closed in concentration. Apparently, Liz had done an outstanding job of making sure Max was thoroughly clean.

“Time to rinse!” Liz gleefully called, taking great pleasure in turning the tables on her aroused boyfriend. The tiny slip of a young woman shoved a plaintive Max back under the shower head, dousing him clean of all bath products.

A yearning groan issued from Max’s throat at the abrupt end to Liz’s soapy ministrations.

At Liz’s satisfied chuckle, Max swiped the water from his eyes and asked drolly, “Well, am I all clean?”

With a mischievous gleam in her eye, Liz’s hands travelled from their resting spot on Max’s sides, down his muscular thighs, to the backs of his taut calves as she lowered herself to the shower floor, her knees resting against the tiny tiles.

Smiling back up at Max with a lusty mouth, Liz’s hand sought the rigid member before her, guiding it to the warm cavern of her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the swollen head, dipping to catch the slick essence pearling at the tip. Max groaned as Liz worried the slit with her exploring tongue.

Her water-slickened left hand slid beneath, drawing a torturous path from the bit of incredibly sensitive flesh below to the heavy sac that drew up further with every suckle of Max’s stiff flesh.

Max’s hand couldn’t help but clutch Liz’s soaked hair, gently caressing her as she worshipped his body. Her tongue traced the long vein underneath as she drew her cheeks in to pull at the thick member. She laved the tender skin with her warm mouth even as the cooling shower rained down on them both.

Her left hand explored Max’s body at will, the amber-eyed young man never balking at her eager touches.

“Oh, God,…so good…,” Max was reduced to single syllables as Liz continued with her attentions, pulling her lips up the tip of his darkly swollen head before plunging back down to the root and swallowing around his aching cock.

As much as he tried to restrain himself, Max couldn’t help the natural urge to thrust his hips with each pass into Liz’s lusciously warm mouth. Liz loved to see the normally reserved and quiet Max lose control, and she was bound and determined to make that happen.

“Yes, baby…just like that…” Max praised, lost in the pleasure Liz was giving him.

She swirled her tongue round the head like an ice cream cone, her warm, panting breaths heating Max’s cock even more. Dipping deeply again, she felt the swollen head at the back of her throat, pulling his body ever closer to her own with her hand at the cleft of Max’s rounded backside.

Max was lost in groans of pleasure, coherent speech now only a distant memory. Liz brought her exploring hand back to his balls, massaging them in a gentle rhythm until they snugged up close to his body, and the pulsing at the root of Max’s engorged member was felt at Liz’s lips.

“Liz, honey…,” Max cried out unnecessarily. Liz never relented in her ministrations, taking all of Max’s salty spendings as his cock released the creamy ropes into Liz’s throat.

Max shuddered with the last waves of his climax, slumping against the cool tiles, taking a moment for his wobbly legs to recover. Opening his eyes in recognition of his surroundings once more, Max helped pull a panting Liz up from the floor, her forehead resting for a moment against his knees.

“I could never dream of being so lucky,” he beamed down at Liz, his amber eyes meeting her chocolate ones, dipping to her mouth for a salty kiss.

Max embraced Liz’s cooling body as she caught her breath, grinning up at him before taking a mouthful of water from the showerhead. The chilly water made them both shiver, so Max quickly shut off the faucet, grabbing from the stack of towels and snuggly wrapping up Liz before scrubbing the towel through his hair and slinging it around his waist.

Stepping out of the muggy shower, Max swooped up the towel-clad Liz in his arms, gallantly carrying her to the bed. She shrieked merrily at his antics, looping her arms round his neck and hanging on tight as he bent to throw the blankets back.

“Jeez, it’s cold in here!” Liz shivered in the fall night air coming in from her open window.

Shimmying the towels out from under her, Max shed his own before joining Liz under the soft sheets.

Her heart beating fast, still recovering from insufficient breaths and anticipation over Max’s attentions, Liz’s eyes glittered in the remaining candlelight in the room, looking eagerly up at Max.

“Getting warm, yet, sweetheart?” he asked softly, feeling just a bit guilty for the water running cold and making Liz shiver.

Max smiled at Liz’s stuttery nod, pulling back the sheet to reveal one pert and puckered breast, just waiting for the warmth of Max’s mouth to relieve it.

Liz groaned giddily with Max nursing at the sensitive flesh while his hand massaged the rounded swell.

“Feels so good, Max…,” Liz closed her eyes and clasped his dark, wet locks, encouraging the attentions at her breast, though the cool droplets shaking loose contrasted sharply with the heat of his mouth and the warmth of his breath.

His muscular leg sliding between Liz’s lithe, tanned thighs, Max attended her other breast, warming the first in his protective hand, continuing the familiar pull with the roll of his fingers.

A stab of self-consciousness stung Liz for the moment as she asked nervously, “Are you sure they’re not too….”

“Don’t even finish that question,” Max replied pointedly as he looked into Liz’s eyes. “You have the most… perfect…desirable…responsive…breasts,” each adjective was punctuated with kisses to the flesh in question. Any doubts Liz may have had about her body were quickly dispelled by Max.

“There is nothing in the world I’d rather do than go to sleep each night and wake up each morning with my lips wrapped around these beautiful, rosy peaks,” Max laved first at one breast and then the other, showing his devotion to her sensitive flesh.

Liz giggled at the mental image of Max’s wishful thoughts. His kisses grew sweet and tender while his hands traveled lower, another promised mission coming to mind.

Stroking the lean planes of Liz’s stomach and teasing with his fingers against the underside of her breast, Max remembered his words from early this morning, enjoying the pleasures of picking out the lacy panties that he had just had the privilege of removing just a short while ago.

“I do remember promising a little return engagement tonight,” Max waggled his eyebrows as he snaked down the covers, kissing a succulent path as he traveled. He lapped at the tender underside of Liz’s breast, gave lingering kisses to the flat expanse of her taut belly, then continued further till Liz’s warmth and scent caused a silly grin to spread across Max’s face, even in the dark confines of Liz’s bedclothes.

“Told you I’d be back,” he whispered against the tender skin of Liz’s bare mound, offering tender kisses to the soft, creamy skin he found there. He nuzzled at her cleft, emboldened as Liz ground her hips to his mouth, eager for his attentions.

“Max…,” Liz groaned in need.

Liz nearly shot off the bed when Max flicked his tongue at the top of her slit, causing her clit to swell in anticipation of Max’s attentions.

Liz’s hips thrust up to meet Max’s mouth, seeking the friction he could provide.

Max settled between Liz’s thighs taking a deep taste of her essence, licking from below her eager channel, dipping into the honey of her slick warmth, nibbling the fiery nether lips that grasped at Max’s searching tongue. He finally reached the swollen nub that ached for Max’s suckling lips. Relenting from his previous teasing, Max latched onto Liz’s needy button, his finger seeking out the slick pillowed walls that yearned to be filled.

“More, Max…please…,” Liz breathed out, desperate for intrusion, tempted to roll them over and impale herself on the cock that was seeking relief against the friction of the bed sheets. But she feared it was a little too soon, their physical relationship only blossoming the day before. Liz groaned in appreciation when Max slipped a second finger in, lapping at the sweet juices that wept from the filled channel.

“So sweet…my Liz,” Max murmured into the sensitive, swollen flesh, licking back up to the cleft of her tender furrow, offering the needy button firm, deep licks. Liz parted the swollen flesh with her fingers to seek greater purchase against Max’s attentive tongue.

“Max…,” Liz cried out in need, her body taught as a string, hovering on the edge of a Max-induced oblivion.

Finding the spongy patch of nerves buried deep inside her body, Max crooked his finger within her slick channel, massaging the sweet spot that had Liz bucking off the bed at the threshold of her pinnacle.

One more deep swipe of his tongue against the tightly drawn flesh and Max’s ears were met with the keening moans that escaped Liz’s throat. Her pulsing channel constricted around Max’s fingers as she rode out her orgasm against the fingers buried in her tight sheath.

Max lapped at the juices that poured forth, the already wet passage flooded with the aftermath of his attentions. His warm tongue replaced the fingers he withdrew, gently filling the space as Liz came down from her orgasm.

Max fought the urge to slide his cock home to her pulsing channel, and feel her heat envelop him for the first time. But he gritted his teeth to fight his body’s demand, trying to still the lust coursing through his veins. Nearly desperate with need, Max slid up to meet Liz’s body, his hard cock splitting the furrow of Liz’s still-quivering nether lips.

“Max…I’m…,” Liz looked into Max’s soulful amber eyes, a little uncertain.

“Shh…shh…, Liz, I know…Just a little more…,” Max sputtered nervously when his body couldn’t help but slide along her slick, swollen folds.

Liz smiled, knowing that she too couldn’t seem to get enough of Max’s warmth and heaviness against her. Understanding his intentions, Liz rocked her hips seeking the firm friction provided by Max’s stiff member.

He kissed Liz’s mouth deeply as she tasted herself on his swollen lips, hips bucking harder at the erotic sensation. Liz grabbed Max’s ass, pulling his body hard against hers.

Max suckled the crook of Liz’s elegant neck, reigniting the need at her core he so recently satisfied. His sac slapped against Liz’s wet nether lips with each thrust, her heat firing his lust once again.

“God, Liz, it’s so hard not too…,” Max gritted his teeth, determined to stay his course and not rush the fateful moment.

“I know, Max,” Liz looked into his needy eyes, her own hunger just as great as his. “Soon….,” she smiled with twinkling eyes at his eager agreement.

“Soon…,” he agreed. The night air soon filled with Liz’s cries of completion and Max’s spendings pooling on Liz’s tanned skin….
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