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Rumors of Reincarnation (CC, Khivar/Mature) Pt.92 12/22[WIP]

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:49 pm
by paper
Title: Rumors of Reincarnation

Author: paper

Couples: All CC but the focus on this story is His Royal Highness, Emperor Kavar Khivar, Sovereign Ruler of the Whirlwind Galaxy & all its territories.

Disclaimer: I do not own rights, nor am associated with the actors, writers, producers, etc. of Roswell. The rights to the show belong to: 20th Century Fox, Jason Katims, the WB, Melinda Metz, etc. This is for entertainment only and no infringement is intended.

Many words are taken from "Jabberwocky" a poem of nonsense verse written by Lewis Carroll. I do not own any rights to this LINK nor do I use the words to mean what is in this glossary. If you go to the home page from this LINK there is a cute “Wall Street” rendition that applies in our current economy. I am not connected with this version either, nor do I have anything to do with the failing economy. Khivar, on the other hand . . . :mrgreen:

Summary and background: The story picks up before Nicholas locates any of the pod squad on Earth. The only part that doesn't follow cannon is that the sun in the Whirlwind Galaxy does not keep the same schedule as that on the show.

This is written almost entirely from the point of view of the Emperor. And since Khivar’s magnificence can only be endured in small increments, you will need a daily dose to properly get inside his head (so to speak). Because parts are small, I will try to post at least 4-6 times a week.

Author's Note: Khivar thinks he is God’s gift to women. His actions could be perceived as abusive though I don’t intend any “graphic” references. He does not think highly of the Royal Four and their groupies. They will be attacked verbally and physically. He is not intended to be a sympathetic character. Requisite Board Warning: If you cannot handle the thought of abusive situtions, please don't read any further.

I’m kind of proud of my banner because I took this picture while I was on vacation there and this is my first fanart. This is only the second story I've ever written. Feedback is appreciated.



It was a time of Evil, where power-hungry men waged constant battles and fought over the spoils of war. The desolate lands struggled to provide a meager existence. The common people hung on at the edge of life hoping and praying that one day the Granolith would return to lift their burdens & bring peace to the ravaged planets of the Whirligig Galaxy.

The Supreme Ruler certainly had his hands full.

1 Kavar Khivar. Random thoughts of a Despot.

Water seeped into the cracks in the rock & trickled down the wall. The dank acrid smell permeated the small dark cavern which held his secret weapon. He didn’t mind the smell.

It reminded him of the day he painted the floors with the body of his former nemesis.

The lime-colored blood stained the stone hallway to remind all who tread the central corridor that a new regime has taken control. But now, so many, many cycles later, the blood stain has faded & rumors of a risen King are whispered in the corridors. His thoughts are troubled. So, here he sits, alone in his secret cavern, stroking the one thing that could obliterate a planet.

Would he have to use it?

Re: Rumors of Reincarnation (CC, Khivar/Mature) Prologue - 11/29

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:24 pm
by paper
2 Background

Kavar was first in his class at the Academy. He infiltrated the Military during a period of upheaval when the current King Zander the 3rd was assassinated. His archrival, the young prince Zan assumed the throne amid a period of chaos.

It seemed the perfect time to initiate his plan to rule the galaxy, so Kavar sucked up to the new King & pretended to play nice. A few back-stabbing underhanded but brilliantly placed initiatives brought the rising star a swell of support from others who sought to gain during this tumultuous period.

Kavar & his followers killed the boyish king & took over the realm. Not being one to share the spoils, Kavar made it look like there were traitors in his own ranks so he could finish them off & replace his collaborators with those who would follow like sheep. Then he attacked the neighboring realms to bring them under his benevolent wing.

Things went very well for him and he declared himself Emperor. He was riding high. But even then the rumors circulated that Zan and his family had somehow been reincarnated and sent far away to a planet called Terran. Nothing could be verified, but he thought it prudent to send a cleanup crew in their wake. Utmost secrecy clouded the reasons for the mission for all but a select few.

It’s been many planetary cycles and he’s had no word of success or failure on his Zan-problem. And even now the war drags on and consumes vital resources.

He has never been able to let his defenses rest due to the treasonous rebel activity that continues to harass him even today.

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Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:06 pm
by paper
3 The General’s Reveal

When his wayward general, Nicholas, finally contacts Khivar, he is supremely irritated by the report. His ire peaked while listening to that no-good blood-sucking low-life scum prattle on.

It looks like the gods are against him once more. First the alliance leaders are stepping up the revolt against his totalitarian regime, now it seems there is some truth to the rumors that his archenemy lives.

He threatens reprisals against incompetence, then he flings the communicator against the stone wall & its pieces join other debris scattered about on the dirt floor.

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Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:54 am
by paper
4 Family Connections

His exasperation peaks to a crescendo. Won’t his conceited sister get a kick out of this one! Now he will have to listen to her blather on about the subject of clones of all things. But could such a thing really be possible?

He scowls as he thinks of his bookish sister Serena, locked away in his laboratories, working on scientific breakthroughs for the good of the entire galaxy. Ha! If he hadn’t killed most of the haughty condescending Scientists that worked for Zan, he would have finished HER off solar cycles ago.

As it is, she is the best of the small handful of indispensable Scientists left on this cursed planet and he needs her expertise to salvage the dilapidated systems that are failing all over this wretched wasteland! Discontent is rampant. The people are revolting against his military, because they claim the food shortages & failed economy are somehow HIS fault!

His fault? “I think NOT!!!!!” he bellows to no one there.

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Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:19 am
by paper
5 Remembrance

As he trudged his way up through the long, dusty cave corridor, his mind wandered to pleasurable thoughts of long flowing blonde locks cascading over soft supple shoulders, soft rounded hips & long silken legs. He thought of HER.

SHE was his one true regret. Not that he’d used her for his own nefarious purposes. But that he’d lost her.

She wasn’t supposed to forfeit her life that day, but one of the Zamned neophyte soldiers lost his wits in the heat of battle and in his exuberance, he removed her head with his vorpal blade. It had felt good to return the favor. A head for a head. But it didn’t stem the feeling of wretched loss each time he thought of her. Would her clone be as intensely satisfying?

Her name reverberates though his mind in a soft whisper: ‘Vilandra’.

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Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:42 pm
by paper
6 A life of Ease

He opened the secret door in the cave wall that leads to his lush private quarters and stepped through.

His personal chambers are lavishly decorated, befitting the potent Emperor that he is. Only the very best of everything to pamper the exalted Khivar: ultra-fine linens, stunning solid wood furnishings with intricate carvings, detailed etchings by Antar’s most famous artists, exquisite hand-woven carpeting, distinctive marbles & opulent solid gold appointments.

Blessed with natural light during the day, his Crystal Palace sits high atop the mountain surrounded by impressive formal gardens while it reflects every color of the beautiful capital it adorns. Never mind that his subjects live in squalor in their dilapidated hovels.

At least his Military live far better than the commoners. Keep the troops happy! Right? He doesn’t want to have to quell any more uprisings within the ranks. Heads always roll at the first sign of insubordination and he will need the existing numbers on the interplanetary front lines if his new found toy doesn’t weaken his enemy as much as projections would suggest.

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Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:46 pm
by paper
Janetfl - Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! You give me the courage to continue this.

7 Kivar

He leaves his lavish bedchamber and saunters through the wide archway to his cozy viewing chamber. As he settles into an overstuffed lounger, he turns on the VidScreen monitor to get the latest news. When he sees the caption at the bottom of the screen, he is once more slammed with irritation.

‘Zamn! They spelled my NAME wrong, AGAIN! One would think that it would be easy to record a name that is spelled just as it sounds.

But NOooOOOooOOOO’. His head shakes in dismay as he ponders the gall of the local wordsmiths.

‘Some Zamn reporter always gets it wrong. They don’t realize that even though his first & last name each sound COMPLETELY different, that they are spelled somewhat similar. The insipid weasels must vaguely remember that one of his names has an “i” in it, but not an “h”. ‘

Journalistic buffoons are always getting it wrong. One would THINK that they would be more careful to get the name of their beloved Emperor spelled correctly! He would like to tear these bumbling morons limb-from-limb! It is crystal clear that even though he is a benevolent dictator, he gets NO RESPECT from the people that want to expose what THEY interpret as his Empire’s more nefarious undertakings.

The name “Kavar” stands for honesty & truth. Of course, that wasn’t the original meaning. And even though the word “backdoor” COULD describe how he gained his foothold on his present position, it wasn’t the kind of thing he wanted to be known for. (When you are the supreme ruler of the galaxy, you get to set your own rules & definitions.)

If he could find the scalawags that spread that unabashed drivel, he would have them all beheaded. As it is, the Zamn hackers slice into legitimate news broadcasts and spread their despicable propaganda throughout the vast Empire and no one has found a way to impede them.

Even his usually resourceful sister Serena is at a complete loss as to how to stop the insufferable hacks. They call themselves “Truth Seekers”. Just because most of the information carried by the legitimate news services may be somewhat fabricated to present the current government in a good light, that is no reason to flaunt their accusations all over the public VidScreens!

He is sure that the caustic Hanar is behind the recent rash of propaganda that inflames the airways as of late. The aging Monarch cowers in his rath-hole beneath the bedrock & schemes to slash Khivar’s dominion.

'"Well, LET HIM!" Khivar decides to give him just enough to rope to choke himself.

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Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:47 am
by paper
Welcome. Many thanks to my sweet feedbackers. And thanks to any lurkers who are reading. Your presence is appreciated also!

Janetfl – Hi! It’s kind of fun to write him. I hope I can do him justice! :twisted:

art_junkie – You are a pretty good judge of character. Khivar IS sorta kinda a little teeny bit conceited. That is what makes him so fun to write. :twisted: His sister may get a word or two in edgewise, so you can get to know her story a little bit also.

ken_r – Ken, I’m so glad you are reading. I will try to make this easy to find by posting a lot, but I know from experience that it is easy to lose track of fics. Just click on the link in my siggy if you want a shortcut to “THE MAN”.

Let’s not keep the poor guy waiting. He doesn’t like that . . . . No. Uh, uh. Not at all.

8 Unpleasant Thoughts

As Emperor Khivar appears outwardly to lounge languidly on his luxurious settee, he is surreptitiously steaming in exasperation as his thoughts once more return to his absent General’s revelation. He would have taken great pleasure in rolling Nicholas’s zamn skull down the gauntlet after that report today.

Although the General has not actually confirmed the resurrection of his foe, Zan, that scum-sucking flunky had the audacity to inform him that there just may POSSIBLY be TWO of the mongrels running around that infernal hell hole. Suddenly, he was ablaze with fury. “Two sets of the Royal Four running around on that zamn hunk of rock?” Well, he would have fun disposing of the rex-juniors and their four-squares, all over again.

The two servants in the room hear mumbling and covertly look around to determine whether or not the Emperor is addressing them. They are alarmed to see the Emperor looks peeved and at the same time they are relieved that he doesn’t seem to even realize they are there. They quickly finish setting out his supplies and scurry from the room as quietly as they can, bowing deeply as they leave.

Khivar is known for going through servants like water through a sieve. And the servants can sometimes come out worse for wear and in the same condition as stagnant water if they are not careful. Khivar ignores the departing slaves as usual. He has more important things on his mind than the running of the household and generally prefers not to take notice of the staff in the first place.

His ire is cooled quickly as it occurs to him that there may just be a silver lining in the storm clouds on the horizen. ‘Two Zans could also mean two Vilandras.’ And just like that, Khivar finds that his disposition has returned to his customary serene good-natured equilibrium once again.

“Hhmmmmmm . . . I may decide to keep one or two Princesses . . . if my Vilandra proves to have retained her finer qualities.”

It seems he will now have to go and make nice with Serena, to get her to tell him whether or not it is even possible to reincarnate Antarians. It is the “not knowing” that bothers him the most. ‘Zanders!’ (When you are a dictator, you get to establish your own curse words.) He decides some entertainment is in order, to calm & refresh him before he has to call on his “beloved” Sister.

Khivar leaves the charred couch in his wake to retrieve a new ComLink from the next room. He contacts his private chamberlain to let him know he has awakened from his rest period & then barks at the unfortunate servant: “Send in food & the dancing concubines!”

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Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:49 pm
by paper
Hi Janetfl. Yes Khivar is missing his Princess. Thanks for the feedback!

9 Exit, Stage Left

After indulging in his fill of a succulent repast, mouth-watering libations and luscious Cerulean flesh, he was feeling pretty pleased with himself.

Never was there a ruler more noble and exalted than he. He could do anything he wants. He was determined not to let the absurd rumors get the best of him.

He can conquer any foe. Overcome any obstacle. He can have any object he desires. He firmly believes that the fates will deliver his enemies up for slaughter and he will be worshipped for his deeds.

After giving himself the much needed pep talk, he had his Yeoman arrange transportation for his surprise visit. Soon he was threading his way through Capital City to the Jabber Science Complex in the luxurious comfort of the Imperial Transport. The grounds of the vast Complex were heavily guarded with stiff burly troops stationed at regular intervals, but not one batted an eye as Khivar & his entourage wound their way through the borough to the largest building in the venerated compound.

He always traveled with a large, formidable-looking contingent of guards, though he was unquestionably able to protect himself. It just seemed more extravagant to have an armed guard preceding you, so he always indulged himself.

One must keep up appearances.

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Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:01 am
by paper
Many thanks to my feedbackers Janetfl and ken_r and to all lurkers who deem this worthy enough to read. Welcome!

10 Keeping the Troops Happy

Much of the scientific research and experimentation going on in this scholarly Complex is military in nature, and his Imperial Guards all have only the highest level of clearance. The prestige of serving on the Emperor’s personal team is the utmost pinnacle of every soldier’s goals on Antar.

His Military Personnel are paid handsomely and they never suffer the inconveniences of food shortages & fuel cut-offs, like the common people endure every day in the general populace. They are fortunate to have the benefit of using the new military training and exercise facilities built to keep the combat-ready troops at top performance level. Rest and relaxation are also top priorities with convenient resources at their disposal. They don’t have to wait in the long lines at the various clubs in Kavaria. They get the best seats at sporting events and restaurant tables. Wearing the uniform gives them untold advantages in obtaining what they need and want.

The fare supplied by the Military kitchens is beyond reproach. Many times, the delicacies reserved for the royal tables find their way as leftovers to the tables of the Elite Guard. They eat very well indeed. And the regular troops always find hearty fare upon their tables to keep them healthy and energetic.

Although much of Antar has become a vast wasteland, Emperor Khivar has lines of distribution sucking the very best commodities off of every one of the five inhabited planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy.

One such as he could not be expected to endure even the smallest deprivation.