Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) AN 12-23-09 [WIP]

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Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) AN 12-23-09 [WIP]

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Sun Jul 27, 2008 2:24 pm

Title: Sangre Azul

Author: SnowyOwl-17 and Tenshi noyo ryu taiga aka Peyton Leigh

Category: Roswell/ Gossip Girl Crossover

Pairing: Liz/Chuck and Nate/Serena

Rating: Mature for Language Sexual situations/innuedoes/sexuality

Disclaimer: We do not own Roswell or Gossip Girl. The “Gossip Girl” we set up for this fic (the email) is in no way the real Gossip Girl.

Summary: When Liz Parker’s parents get a divorce, she has to move all the way to NYC where she has to meet and blend in with Chuck Bass and the Upper East Side. Problem is, in New York, everyone loves a good scandal. And what bigger scandal is there than the Chuck Bass... taken? Seems like everyone’s going to be watching Gossip Girl for this scoop.


Banner Made by: Me with lots of imput from Peyton Leigh


Amazing Artwork Made by: ashesfall01


Sighing she walked through the front door of the Crashdown, she let herself relax at the thought of a Max free weekend. He seemed to think that she could just forgive him for sleeping with Tess because she ‘slept’ with Kyle.

However, ever since Alex’s death it wasn’t even about him and Tess or her and Kyle anymore. It was that after everything that she had been through and done for them they all doubted her and called her emotionally unstable over Alex’s death.

What had hurt the most was Maria’s reaction in the same group as that of the others. But having Kyle’s constant support had kept her grounded and sane. But it had been Michael’s surprise support that had humbled her and kept her from doing anything stupid to Max or the others.

She was getting fed up with all the bullshit that more or less said that her entire life had to revolve around them whether she liked it or not.

She lifted her backpack more comfortable on her shoulder as she walked toward the back room, “Afternoon, Jose!”

She smiled when her family’s long time friend and restaurant chef waved at her with a spatula from behind the grill. She shook her head in amusement as she made her way up the stairs to her family’s apartment. Luckily today she didn’t start her shift until the dinner rush. It would mean a busy start straight away but it also meant she could relax a little and get some homework done.

She slowed her pace up the stairs as she heard her parents. They weren’t yelling but they didn’t exactly sound happy either. The two had been more tense than usual. They didn’t yell at each other around her…but they didn’t talk to one another either. It made for some extremely uncomfortable dinners.

“Be reasonable, Nancy!” she heard her father say.

“I am, Jeff! She’s been through a lot lately what with Alex’s death and whatever it is that she isn’t talking about. You can’t say that this won’t be good for her!” her mother said in a far more snooty tone of voice that she was used of hearing from her mother.

She wasn’t sure she really wanted to know what they were currently talking about.

“Yes, because the reason behind the change of scenery, as you called it, won’t upset her at all! She doesn’t know anyone there, Nancy! She only has one year left!” her father argued.

She frowned and pushed the apartment door open to watch her parents as they ‘argued’.

“We’re getting a divorce, Jeff! It’s not like we’re sending her to a boarding school and never speaking to her again!”

She gasped in shock, which got her parents attention.

“Lizzie!” her father exclaimed before walking over to her and running one of his hands over her hair. “Why don’t you come into the living room to talk to me and your mom?”

She mechanically nodded and allowed her father to lead her to the couch. She vaguely heard her mother huff in such a way that told her that her mother was rolling her eyes.

“You’re babying her again, Jeff!”

“And she found out rather unpleasantly, Nancy. I think she deserves some support!”

She cut in, in hopes of cooling the angst and tension in the room, “You’re really getting a divorce?”

The two were silent for a few moments. Her father looked reluctant to tell her anything, where as her mother seemed to look at her father to break the news to her and ultimately be the ‘bad guy’ in the situation. It was something that annoyed her slightly.

“Yeah, sweetheart, your mom and I are getting a divorce,” her father said softly.

She sat there quietly, “When?”

Her father was quiet for a moment and opened his mouth to answer her when her mother sighed, “Geez, Jeff, there is no need to drag it out! Liz, your father and I are signing the papers over the summer. And as soon as you finish up your junior year you and I are moving back to my parents’ home for a little while. I’ve also already transferred your transcripts to my old high school.”

Her eyes widened in shock, “You’re kidding me! Mom, you went to school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan! New York!”

Her mother just nodded happily, “Yes, I know, dear. You’ll be so happy there. Oh, and I changed your transcripts a bit. You’re going to be registered as Elizabeth Van Leih, you’ll make more friends that way.”

She looked at her mother incredulously, “Hello! Don’t I get a say in where I want to live?”

He mother seemed shocked at her outburst, “Why would you not want to move, you can start over in New York!”

She stood up, “Because, it will be my senior year, I’ll know no one who won’t get to know me for me, but rather for a last name and money that hasn’t been a
major part of my life at all. –Mom! You’re taking me from the one home I’ve lived in all my life, my friends, my school, my life and you’re basically changing my last name without even asking me what I thought about all of this!”

Her mother frowned in anger and stood up with her hands on her hips, “Elizabeth Claudia Van Leih! I am your mother and I know what is best for you! You will go to school in New York and you will not complain about it.”

She fumed as she watched her mother storm off, “My last name is Parker not Van Leih!”

Her mother just ignored her. She sighed in frustration as tears welled in her eyes and looked at her father, whom looked less than happy with her mother, “Things may not be perfect with my friends at the moment, but I don’t want to live that far away from you, dad!”

Her father pulled her into a hug and ran a hand soothingly over her back, “Shh…it’s alright, Sweetheart, I’ll talk to your mother. In the mean time, why don’t you take the rest of today off? I’ll take your shift tonight.”

She pulled back and looked at him uncertainly, “Dad, you don’t have to do that. I can handle my shift.”

Her father smiled and nodded, “You covered extra shifts this past weekend, and I can handle this one shift today. Take the rest of today for yourself and you can take your shift back tomorrow, okay?”

She nodded, “Yeah, okay. I’m going to head over to Michael’s then. I love you, Daddy.”

Her father smiled happily. She knew that her father really liked and respected Michael, and it made her happy to know that her dad and her ‘brother’ got along so well.

“Alright, sweetheart, have a good time and tell Michael I said ‘hi!’”

She nodded, “I will, Daddy. See you late.”

“Bye, Sweetheart. I love you,” her father called to her as she left the apartment.


She urgently knocked on Michael’s door. She knew he was home she had seen his motorcycle as well as Kyle’s car in the parking lot.

As soon as the door opened to reveal Michael tears began welling up in her eyes again.

“Parker? What’s wrong?” Michael asked urgently, which alerted Kyle.

Kyle was next to Michael in moments, “Liz?”

“My parents are getting a divorce and my mom is moving me to New York,” she said quietly.

The two in front of her were not the most emotionally expressive guys in the world, but Michael tensed and looked at her in surprise, which for Michael was a raised eyebrow and a ‘you’re kidding me’ look on his face. Kyle on the other hand had wide eyes.

“Excuse me? Can you repeat that? I thought you just said Nancy Parker is making you move?” Kyle asked in disbelief.

She glared at the mention of her mother, “No, Nancy Van Leih is making me move.”

Michael opened the door to let her in with a confused expression, “Van Leih?”

Kyle rolled his eyes as he moved aside as well, “Her mother’s teenage alter ego. Mrs. Parker was a spoiled, rich bitch before she met Mr. Parker. Every now and then it pops through her ‘Mommy of the year’ picture perfect image.”

Michael raised an eyebrow and grunted causing Liz and Kyle to laugh slightly.

The three sat down on the couch watching some sports channel that none of them were really paying attention too. She was between the two of them… and she was happy.

“I don’t want to move,” she said softly as a tear escaped down her face.

She didn’t look at the two, but she knew they were worried about her. She just quietly leaned her head on Michael’s shoulder and brought her legs up to Kyle’s lap and proceeded to let more tears fall as her two guys sat quietly and let her cry.

Looks like even more drama is heading on its way down to Manhattan. Want to know the latest gossip on New Girl as she moves from small town New Mexico to the scandalous world of the Upper East Side Elite?

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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO,Mature)

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:32 pm


Thank you to ashesfall01 for the amazing art work!!! Peyton Leigh and I love it!!!
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO,Mature) A/N 7-28-08

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Heyy, I don't know if you guys realize this but the "Gossip Girl" email we set up ( is real. You email us with the words "subscribe" in the subject job and we'll add you to the subscribers that with get a "Gossip Girl" email with sneak peeks at our new chapter, days before we actually post it. Also if you type "Gossip" in the subject box, you can give us your ideas on what you want to see happen in the story and if we choose your "gossip" piece, you'll be mentioned in our story as a Gossip Girl informant and your idea will be included in our fic. However, the ideas must be kept relatively small. No "Chuck spotted cheating on Liz". So subscribe now and tell us your gossip!!!
Thank you for all of the feedback!!!

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“Sangre Azul”

By: SnowyOwl17 and Tenshi noyo ryu taiga aka Peyton Leigh

Disclaimer: We do not own Roswell or Gossip Girl. The “Gossip Girl” we set up for this fic (the email) is in no way the real Gossip Girl.

Summary: When Liz Parker’s parents get a divorce, she has to move all the way to NYC where she has to meet and blend in with Chuck Bass and the Upper East Side. Problem is, in New York, everyone loves a good scandal. And what bigger scandal is there than the Chuck Bass... taken? Seems like everyone’s going to be watching Gossip Girl for this scoop.

Chapter One

Liz Parker did not walk out of a multi-million dollar penthouse in Upper East Side, Manhattan.

Liz Parker was not heading toward Tiffany’s.

Liz Parker was not toting a Jimmy Choo hand bag.

Because Liz Parker did not exist…

At least Liz Parker did not exist in Manhattan, New York.

Liz Parker was the little girl who sat on her father’s knee at age six and asked if she could work at their café.

Liz Parker was well on her way to Harvard University.

And most importantly—Liz Parker was a hometown girl from Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz Parker would never wear the latest designer trends.

Liz Parker couldn’t even afford designer.

But then again she was no longer Liz Parker; she was now Elizabeth Van Leih, heiress extraordinaire.

She hated that no one knew her last name was Parker.

Her mother spent more time out dating than trying to at least reconcile some form of friendship with her father.

She hated… everything.

She sighed because a month ago, that thought would have made her sob her heart out. But now… now, she could barely feel anything, but the numbness of knowing that she couldn’t go home.

She couldn’t go back to her friends, her father, or even going back to being just Liz Parker.


Liz stepped inside Tiffany’s and smiled distantly at the saleswoman who immediately recognized her as the Van Leih heiress and set out a selection that would not normally be on display.

The first time she had come to Tiffany’s was with her mother and when Liz had not acted ‘properly’ enthused, her mother started making a scene and had exceedingly embarrassed Liz to the point that she now projected the so called “proper happiness” even when she shopped without her mother.

Perusing the selection of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and whatever other luxury items were available… as had become par usual in the past month. She failed to see any items that appealed to her enough to buy and so she walked out empty handed.

Deciding that a walk would help clear her head she sighed and clacked her way down Fifth Ave in new Manolo Blahniks. She scanned the streets with green tinted Gucci sunglasses, looking for something, anything, to distract her from the boredom she was feeling.

She was well aware that most people would think she was crazy for being bored while in the middle of Manhattan, especially considering the amount of money she now wielded. She could do anything.

Sighing again as she aimlessly weaved in and out of the traffic or people on the sidewalk. She crossed the street, waving her hand as she walked in front of a cab and stopped traffic. She ignored the honks and blares of the cars as she headed toward Central Park. It seemed that lately the only place she could go, the only place she could take comfort in, was the park. It held a quiet comfort. New Yorkers were hard pressed to find anyplace quiet. To Liz, it was a place she could go and think and sometimes, she would even close her eyes and pretend she was home.

She smiled as she watched three children around five or six, running around playing on the grounds. Her smile faded, however, as she noticed their uniforms.

It had been a month since she moved to New York with her mother. One month away from her father, her friends… her home.

It was also one month until she would be the one wearing that uniform… until she was going to start a new school.

She was going to be a senior at Constance Billard School for Girls.

Liz’s face scrunched up in distaste just thinking about it.

She started wandering away from the kids and towards a small secluded alcove of trees. She blushed as she saw couples walking and embracing. She felt like a voyeur watching someone else’s private, intimate moments.

Suddenly, her face darkened.


Liz had never felt so conflicted in her life as when she was dating Max

After everything that happened… the difficulties they had even getting their relationship off the ground… Tess… the baby…

She loved Max, but after everything, she couldn’t believe that he thought that she could just forgive and forget.

He broke her heart!

A small tear slid down Liz’s cheek.

She hated New York… but at least it gave her space and time. It gave her perspective.

Liz scoffed. Well, it seems her mother had been right about that at least.

She sat at her usual bench and looked up at the trees, just thinking about everything that had happened.

Maybe... maybe her mother was right about more than just the time she needed… maybe this was a second chance at school, friends and maybe even love.

Liz shook her head. She wasn’t going to be aiming for love. If it happened, it happened, but she learned her lesson in pushing for a relationship that clearly wasn’t meant to be.

She sat there, just daydreaming, as she did more often than not these days. When she finally snapped out of it, she looked at her watch and realized that she had been out of it for two hours. Her stomach grumbled in protest as she realized it was past lunch time.

She sighed wearily as she forced her body to move away from her haven and into the depths of the Upper East Side.

Passing many people, weaving in and out, she ignored the lingering stares many men were giving her as her body swayed in a black Chanel dress.

Spotting a small café, she went in and ordered a sandwich and some coffee before going to the outside tables out front to eat in peace… or at least as much peace as she could get in noisy New York.

Liz sighed. It seemed like every other thought in her head was about how different her life had become in just one month.. She was in New York. She’s away from friends.

Even her own thoughts were depressing her.

Liz’s back straightened as she resolved herself not to think about it anymore today. She took a careful sip of her coffee as she wondered on what to do for the rest of the day because she was not going back to the penthouse… back to her mother.

She promptly erased that thought from her mind.


She was not going to think about her mother. Not today and with any luck, not any day soon either.

She continued her thoughts of what to do more resolutely. She could go shopping. She was a girl after all and no girl can have too many pairs of shoes. Maybe,
She could go see a movie.

Just as she was about to decide on what to do for the day, a shadow appeared over her and her half eaten sandwich. Looking up, she put a hand up against her sunglasses to help block the glare of the hot sun.

In front of her was a handsome brunette wearing cream slacks and the most ridiculous sweater she had ever seen. He pulled out the chair from across her table and moved it too beside her as he sat down in it.

“Can I help you?” Liz asked, an eyebrow raised at his audacity.

“Probably,” the man replied smoothly, “I’m Chuck Bass”

Liz vaguely recognized the name, but showed no reaction. “And you, Chuck Bass, are sitting here because…?”

“There are no other seats available,” He answered, a little annoyed that she, either didn’t know his name, which was unlikely. He is, after all, the Chuck Bass. Or, she didn’t care.

When he had seen her from across the street, he noticed her designer clothes and noted that they were in one of the most expensive blocks in the city. He had assumed she had money, like him. But what if she was another Jenny Humphry? A poor Brooklyn girl stealing designer clothes in an attempt to fit in.
Or, if she did have money, then that meant she didn’t care. But he was a Bass. Everyone who was anyone in Manhattan knew who the Basses were. Chuck was confused, but masked it.


Because now… now, she was an interesting enigma.

Liz made a show of looking around at the three empty tables in her vicinity.

“Allow me to rephrase my earlier statement. There are no other seats available near such a stunning show of beauty,” Chuck drawled.

Liz continued to look unimpressed, but responded none-the-less, “Sure, go ahead and sit. But if you want beauty, you’ll have to go elsewhere,” She replied dismissively before standing up and leaving with her sandwich in her hand.

Chuck’s mouth opened as he stared at her retreating figure.

What… the… fuck?

What’s this, boys and girls? Chuck Bass turned down by the new girl? Looks like summer in New York just got a whole lot more interesting. Careful though, new girl. When you play with Chuck Bass… You get burned. Didn’t everyone learn their lesson with Queen B? Guess time will only tell whether C smells a hunt with the new girl on the block.

Who am I? Now, that’s a Secret I’ll Never tell.
You Know You Love Me.


Gossip Girl
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 2 8-10-08

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:05 pm

Thank you for all of the feed back!!!

Queen Fee
Courting Disaster

“Sangre Azul”

By: SnowyOwl17 and Tenshi noyo ryu taiga aka Peyton Leigh

Disclaimer: We do not own Roswell or Gossip Girl. The “Gossip Girl” we set up for this fic (the email) is in no way the real Gossip Girl.

Summary: When Liz Parker’s parents get a divorce, she has to move all the way to NYC where she has to meet and blend in with Chuck Bass and the Upper East Side. Problem is, in New York, everyone loves a good scandal. And what bigger scandal is there than the Chuck Bass... taken? Seems like everyone’s going to be watching Gossip Girl for this scoop.

Chapter Two:

Chuck smoothly stepped out of his car. There was yet another Gala coming up and the newly merged Bass and Van der Woodsen family were required to attend their first ball together. Not his idea of a good time, but there was sure to be something entertaining to do this evening... or someone.

Chuck outwardly smirked at this thought.

He had already finished getting his new tuxedo fitted and now he just needed a watch and cufflinks before he went in search of something to hold his attention. One of the few things he disliked about the summer time was the constant heat. Although… the upside would definitely have to be the latest styles that women wore. Warm weather…lighter clothing that showed off more skin.

There definitely were upsides to the summer weather.

He smirked to himself as he looked a blonde up and down as she walked by him. His smirk widened slightly when she turned her own gaze on him.

Yes, life was good when you were Chuck Bass.

He stepped away from his car and turned toward the other side of the street to find a coffee shop or a café. He stopped in his tracks as he took in the sight of the beautiful brunette sitting at one of the outside tables. Her hair was down, straight as a pin, but he had to admit…it looked good on her. Her green tinted Gucci sun glasses were perched on top of her head, which caused her hair to expose her long neck. She looked every inch as rich as the Upper East Side Elite with her designer clothing and accessories.

She seemed to have acquired all of the important ones as well; Jimmy Choo hand bag, Manolo Blahnik shoes, and his favorite, that very attractive, black Chanel dress. It showed off the curve of her breast and the rounding of her hips perfectly.

Annoyingly, he heard Nate’s voice in his head calling him gay. Chuck was not gay. He just held a certain appreciation for designer clothing… and the women in them.

Anyway, it looked like his day had just started looking up. He smirked as his mind came up with all of the devious things he could do to her.

Nathaniel and his shopping could wait.

He took in more details as he walked across the street, not even caring about the honking of angry drivers. And why should he? He practically owned this town.

As he got closer he realized that he hadn’t seen her around the Upper East Side before. It was an unusual observation considering he knew many people, especially of the female variety; after all he was a Bass. Also, she fit the perfect picture of an elite heiress. She could be another Jenny Humphrey, but those were designers she was wearing and they were definitely not knock offs. When you see the real deal day in and day out, it was easy to spot fakes.

He made his way over to her table and stood over her making sure that he cast a shadow over her meal. He waited until she acknowledged him and looked up to reach for the chair that was placed across from her and position it so that he would now be sitting next to her.

He watched as one of her eyebrows rose elegantly.

“Can I help you?”

He smirked as he realized that she must be a new addition to the Upper East Side if she didn’t recognize him. “Probably,” he said as he held back any indication that he was amused at the fact that she had no idea who he was, “I’m Chuck Bass.”

There. Now she would be falling at his feet. After all, who could deny a Bass; he was good looking and he had the bank account to match.

He waited for the recognition; the seductive smile to grace her face as she realized that she was in the presence of someone who could possibly raise her social standings.

And he waited.


“And you, Chuck Bass, are sitting here because…?”

He was momentarily stunned, but hid it well. She was saying that to him? As if he were some Brooklyn riff-raff and not Chuck Bass.

This was not going as planned. He should be dropping blatant innuendoes and she should be suggesting that they go back to his place. Instead she was just looking at him like he was intruding on her peaceful afternoon.

“There are no other seats available,” he tried a new approach. Such a statement considering the environment would surely tell her that he was interested in her.

He had come to the conclusion that she was obviously one of the more oblivious women that he had come into contact with. It was annoying yet refreshing at the same time. Annoying in the sense that normally women were aware of him and his interest the moment he looked at them. Yet, it was refreshing in the way that told him she had not been touched by the obvious down sides of the Upper East Side Elite. She was one of the ones that still remained innocent in the ways in which the Uppers East Side worked.

Her action of pointedly taking in the empty tables around them was a bit of a contradiction to the image that she had given him mere moments ago. She
obviously knew that he was hitting on her, she probably came from money, she now knew that he was a Bass, and yet she did nothing.

She just sat there…annoyed with him. This had never happened before…

“Allow me to rephrase my earlier statement. There are no other seats available near such a stunning show of beauty,” he threw on the Bass charm heavier than he normally would.

No one could resist the Bass charm. It was physically impossible. He had seen many try and he had seen even more fail.

The entire situation should have been easy after that. She would gush at his charm. He would get her number before taking her back to his apartment and afterward, she would sit by the phone waiting for him to call.

She looked at him as if she wanted to roll her eyes.

This woman was infuriating. There was no way that she was going to do what no other woman had even thought of doing in the past.

“Sure, go ahead and sit.”

He smirked at her statement. That was more like it.

“But if you want beauty, you’ll have to go elsewhere,” she dismissed him.

He sat there stunned momentarily; before he turned his gaze back to her and watched her walk away. He had never been dismissed before. That was usually his doing not the other way around.

There was one thing for sure…Chuck Bass did not get dismissed, turned down, ignored or otherwise.

He would have her.

After all he was Chuck Bass.

And what Chuck Bass wanted…Chuck Bass got.

C doesn’t look too happy at being denied. Look out New Girl, once a Bass has you in his sights you don’t get out until he says so.

You Know You Love Me


Gossip Girl
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 3 8-25-08

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:25 pm

Chapter Three:

Thoughts of Chuck Bass and his ‘inquiry’ about a date wouldn’t leave her mind as she walked farther and farther away from him. His arrogance was both amusing and annoying to her at the same time.

On one hand she really liked that a guy could where a sweater like his and still be one of the most confident and arrogant people she had ever met. On the other hand, she knew that the arrogance came from his last name…something that she was still not comfortable with, especially considering her own last name.

She had to admit though, he was gorgeous. And he was obviously very much the kind of guy she went for…tall...dark…gorgeous.

She smiled slightly to herself at the controlled, neat yet messy at the same time hair. And his chocolate brown eyes were far warmer than Max’s had ever been, yet still held a steel glint.

She sighed as the smile fell from her face.

His arrogance was something she could have dealt with if it hadn’t been something, she was sure was caused from the Bass name. She knew that her rejection had probably pissed him off, but if he was like some of the Upper East Side Elite…she wasn’t sure if she wanted to start a relationship with someone who was like that. People more concerned with their last name and what it could get them than anything else.

Maybe she shouldn’t judge him just yet. After all, she only spent a whopping ten minutes with the man.

Sighing, she realized that she had finally made her way back to her penthouse apartment that she shared with her mother. This was by far her least favorite place in all of Manhattan…at least it was when her mother was around. The apartment wasn’t so bad when she had the place to herself. Then she could where sweats around the place and not have her mother look at her like she had just committed the worst fashion offence in history… which in Manhattan, it was.
Dejectedly she made her way into the building and passed the front desk.

“Good Afternoon, Miss. Van Leih,” said the desk attendant.

She gave the elder man a smile. She was sure he had been working there for a long time, but since she and her mother had moved in, he had been nothing but pleasant to both her and her mother…even when her mother was a royal bitch to him. He was a sweet old man so she always said ‘Hello’ and gave him a pleasant smile.

The closer the elevator got to the penthouse the more she began to think that staying at the café and dealing with an arrogant and overly confident society boy might not have been so bad after all. At least it would have kept her from her mother’s latest chatter about her latest functions or gossip that was going around.

Gossip was fine, after all she had listened to Maria gossip about everything under the sun back home, but the things her mother would come back to the penthouse with, were truly astounding. One time, her mother had told her about the wife that had found her husband sleeping with one of the maids so she had gone out and spent mass amounts of his money before having her own affair with the cook…seriously she had sat there for twenty minutes in shock.

The ding of the elevator reaching the penthouse brought her out of her thoughts of her mother’s new and exciting world that she seemed to be getting dragged into no matter how much she dug her heals in. She groaned inwardly as she saw her mother on the phone in the living room with this voice that could make the majority of the population cringe. There was no need for a voice to go up that many octaves over a freaking gala.

Sighing, she made her way to her wing of the apartment to put her bags in her room. She tried not to dwell too much on the extravagancy of her room. It didn’t seem fair to her that her bedroom here could be the size of her apartment back home, where her father was still sleeping in a bedroom the size of her new closet.

She placed her bags on her king sized bed. ‘Only the best for a Van Leih!’ her mother had exclaimed when she had insisted that she get a King rather than a full or a queen. Not that it mattered what Liz said. Her mother had told the maid her own specifications, regardless of Liz’s wants.

She was setting her sunglasses on her bureau when her mother came in her room, literally gliding through the door. “Oh Liz, you are never going to believe what Vivian Coates just told me.”

Liz had to bite her tongue to keep her sarcastic comment about some new society scandal to herself. It would not go over well with her mother and the last thing she really wanted to do with her mother at the moment was get into an unnecessary fight. “What, Mom?”

She watched as her mother got all giddy. She had a feeling that if it hadn’t been an ‘improper’ action her mother would be doing some kind of happy dance at the moment.

“There is a gala in two weeks that is being held in the Honor of one of the New York Supreme Court Justices,” she said happily.

Liz looked at her mother in confusion, “I thought Grandmother and Grandfather had already said we had to go to that one?”

Her mother nodded, “They did, but they said that it was just for the political families of New York. Vivian said that the Judges wife changed it so that anyone of Upper East Side Manhattan could and would be attending. This means you’ll get to meet some of the peers you will be attending Constance Billards with and even some of the fine young men that will be attending the brother school to Constance, St. Jude’s.”

Liz really did groan at the look on her mother’s face, “Mom, I am already going to the gala, please, for my sanity, don’t start setting me up on any dates. Let me just meet my new peers and start making friends. I have only been in Manhattan for a month; I really don’t want to have the matchmaking process start already.”

Her mother seemed to deflate a bit at her statement. She could tell that her mother really wanted her to make friends and find a ‘nice young man’, which was all fine and good, except her mother had a habit of picking out ‘suitors’ that would appeal to her rather than her daughter.

Sighing, she closed her eyes and immediately regretted what she was about to let come out of her mouth, “Mom, I am going to go shopping for a dress for the gala tomorrow, are there any suggestions you have?”

She was happy that her mother seemed to be distracted from the topic of possible matches for her, but the topic of shopping was nearly just as bad.

“Oh, that’s right you don’t have a gown yet, do you?” her mother gasped as if scandalized.

“Mom, don’t worry, I won’t stop shopping tomorrow until I find a gown. Besides I’m sure I will be able to quire something. After our first shopping trip, every store, boutique, and jewelry store knows who I am,” she hated that fact, but it was true and it was also something she didn’t see herself being allowed to escape anytime soon. So she was taking the Michael ‘Stonewall’ Guerin approach…quietly sit on the sidelines and watch as the sales people made fools out of themselves and inwardly make fun of them.

Michael wasn’t big on hearing about her shopping trips but she knew he found her tales of the sales people both amusing and disturbing at the same time.
She stood there as she took in her mother’s ‘advice’. “Get a gown that is both the latest trend but is also formal. The gala is formal and requires those attending to wear ball gowns and tuxedos. And be sure to find a color that will compliment your skin tone; maybe a lighter color to showcase your tan complexion. Or maybe a richer color to bring out your eyes and hair…”

Sighing, Liz blocked out the rest of her mother’s ‘advice’ as she began moving around her room and putting away her new clothes; she injected the appropriate ‘okay’ and ‘sounds good’ every now and then. Besides she knew that once she got her mother talking about fashion she was never really listening to her responses anyway.


Well, well, well. Seems like New Girl isn’t taking to the life of the rich and famous very well. Poor little New Girl, don’t you know? Life in the Upper East Side’s not about happiness… it’s about getting what you want and decimating everything in your way. If New Girl continues her interest in C, she’s going to end up with a close-up of that fact. Queen B may be done with her man, but that doesn’t mean she’ll let New Girl play. Better watch your back, new girl…

And who am I? Now, that’s a secret I’ll never tell. The only one.


Gossip Girl
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 4 8-25-08

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Chapter Four:

Liz yawned and rolled over in her bed. She stretched luxuriously before remembering what it was she had to do today.

She turned over a hid her head under her pillow while groaning. Ew, formal dress shopping.

She vaguely heard the knocking of the door, but ignored it in favor of pretending she was dead. What went unheard, however, was the turning of the door and the clicking of heels on the hardwood floor of her common room.

“Elizabeth?” A sharp feminine voice was heard.

“Grandmother?” Liz’s head popped up from under her pillow, making her bedhead that much worse.

“Yes. May I come in?”

“Oh, yes, of course,” She replied as she scrambled to appear as if she’d been awake for hours.

A short, slender woman appeared by the doors. The years had clearly taken its toll on her, but she still looked very beautiful. Her sparkling blue eyes held a hint of hardness, but kindness shown through as well.

She was dressed in a smart red business suit and black Jimmy Choo heels. All in all, she portrayed a “no nonsense” kind of woman. In all honesty, every time she saw her grandmother, Liz was reminded of Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter movies: stern, but kind.

“Interesting hair style, Elizabeth. Is that the new fashion?” Miriam Van Leih teased her only granddaughter.

“What?” Liz looked into a nearby mirror, “Oh!” she exclaimed as she patted down her hair in an attempt to tame it.

She turned around, cheeks painted pink as she attempted to change the subject, “What are you doing her, Grandmother?”

Miriam raised an eyebrow in confusion, “Your mother called and said you requested my help in picking out a formal down for tonight. You know, Elizabeth, you shouldn’t leave these kinds of things to the last minute,” Miriam scolded slightly.

“Mother,” Elizabeth grunted out in frustration before returning her attention to the older woman, “I know I shouldn’t, but-“

“Oh!” Miriam interrupted as her purse started ringing, “What on earth?” Miriam dug through her bag and pulled out her cell phone. She held it between her thumb and her pointer finger, as if it were something utterly distasteful to her. She flipped it open and stared confusedly at it before Elizabeth decided to take pity and pressed the talk button.

“Oh, thank you, dear,” Miriam spoke before turning to the phone, “Hello… Nancy? Why are you-…. Yes, I know, but you are only…. Yes, dear, I’m well aware…. I have been doing this a while now. I taught you, if you recall…. I’m sure that Elizabeth has been perfectly capable of picking out her own clothes for quite some time now…” Miriam sighed lightly, “Very well. I shall pass on the message… Yes, yes, good bye, dear.” Miriam shut the phone off a literally threw it at Liz’s bed before muttering, “Most odious woman alive.”

Miriam turned to face curious brown eyes and an amused smile, “You mother wishes for you gown to be a dark burgundy.”

Liz rolled her eyes, but stopped at her grandmother’s disapproving frown. Women of society did not roll their eyes.

She nodded her understanding of her mother’s request silently.

Miriam smiled as she waved her hands for Elizabeth to go ahead and freshen up, “I’ll be out in the common room waiting, dear.”

Liz nodded and walked to the bathroom. She stepped onto travertine floors and moved to the giant Jacuzzi bathtub. She turned on the faucets and jets as she slipped off her light pink silk robe. The water felt exquisite on her tense muscles as she slipped into the enormous tub.

She just let her mind wander as she soaked in all the good energy she was feeling. Her mind had unwontedly wandered to the boy she had met the previous day. A small scowl crept across her face. Now that time had passed, his face had blurred and his so called charms had faded from her mind. All that was left was the arrogance he portrayed and her irritation at his audacity. Liz hoped that she would never meet that boy again.

Sighing as she got out of the tub, she wrapped a towel around her body and went into her bedroom to pick out an outfit for the day.

Knowing that she would be in and out of dresses all day, she slipped on a cute denim mini skirt and a normal baby tee: comfy and easy to change out of.

Liz grabbed a Louis Vuitton handbag and walked through the door to see her mother and her grandmother both sitting on the couch. She sighed before throwing herself in head first.

“Hello, mom,” She greeted.

Nancy raised up a Bloody Mary, virgin, Liz assumed, as it was only ten in the morning, in greeting.

“Leaving for dress shopping?” Nancy inquired.

“Yes, mom,” as you very well know, Liz thought.

Nancy smiled, too excited for such a small thing, “Great. Then I’ll see the two of you soon.”

Both Liz and Miriam nodded as they walked out the door and quickly headed to the elevator.

As the two entered the lobby, both, simultaneously slid on Chanel sunglasses and walked out into the hot New York sun.

“So, where to?” Liz asked.

“Shoes,” Miriam replied, “You know what I say. Finding a dress is easy. Finding shoes you’ll be comfortable in for hours is the difficult part of an ensemble.”

They both smiled before heading to Miriam’s favorite shoes store.

Five long hours later, Liz’s outfit was complete. It started with bronze heels with brown and silver stones gemmed to the thick front strap. Then came the matching jewelry set. The set included earrings, a necklace and a tiara. Liz protested the tiara, she was a little old for it, but her grandmother insisted and they reached a compromise. Liz would wear the tiara as long as she could get her hair done in such a way that the tiara merely looked like a hair pin. The design of the set was gorgeous. It was beautiful, yet understated and styled vintage. It was gold with diamonds and pearls in an elegant design.

Lastly, was the dress. While the dress wasn’t burgundy, it was a deep, rich red. Its bodice was studded with diamonds and its skirt contained dozens of little bunches which continued onto the train. On the front of the dress, there were three large clusters of diamonds. Overall, the dress was worth more than a pretty penny. Liz had protested and had even left the boutique saying she refused to buy it. However, her grandmother went behind her back to purchase it and refused to return it, leaving her with little choice but to wear it or else her grandmother would have spent all that money for nothing.

Miriam received a call as they stood on the street waiting for the limo. It was Liz’s grandfather, Jacob. Miriam turned to Liz and excused herself from the rest of the shopping trip.

Liz smiled in relief before her grandmother turned stern and wiggled out the promise that Elizabeth would buy an overcoat and a purse that matched, no matter the cost.

Finally alone, Liz huffed at the promise before continuing on in her search. Thankful that she was almost done, she stopped in at Chanel and spotted a burgundy coat that was a shade darker than her dress and perfect for her. Liz bought it and plugged in her iPod before the price was named, simply handing over her credit card. Ignorance was bliss when it came to prices in New York City.

Elizabeth called for her limo to unload the bag before spotting Neiman Marcus. She sighed and stepped in. She looked around, not really seeing anything that interested her before she was the perfect handbag. It was bronze and had the trademark little lock on top of it. It was a Chloe Paddington. Liz squealed mentally at finally being done, but as she looked around, Liz saw many cute things that were also very comfortable besides her handbag.

She looked down at her watch and realized that she did not have the time to shop if she wanted her hair done the way she wanted. Making a mental note to return soon, Liz paid for the bag and left for the hair stylist.

She went in and explained that she wanted large curls and waves and that she wanted the tiara woven into her hair so that the bands disappeared and all that was left were the gemmed designs.

A little over two hours later and she was finished. She raced out of the limo and into her penthouse, kicking off shoes and clothes as she entered her common room. She only had forty five minutes to get ready because it was a twenty minute drive.

Elizabeth hastily put her clothes on, but took care to make sure she looked perfect. She knew that her mother would rather she arrive to the gala late than looking disarrayed.

She gasped a breath of relief as she saw that she arrived to the ball only ten minutes late. Elizabeth took a deep, calming breath. This was her first real appearance with Upper East Side society. She had to make a good impression or risk being a pariah before she even made it to school.

Slowly she made her way up to the two grand doors. She let her eyes briefly scan the banner saying “Welcome to the Raydehr Celebratory Gala Event”, ignoring the curious looks the people already inside the ballroom were giving her.

She must have looked more nervous than she thought because the announcer whispered for her to breathe before taking a deep breath and bellowing, “Please welcome Elizabeth Van Leih, heiress of the Van Leih Law Firm!”

Woah, New Girl. That’s quite the entrance. But don’t think that a fancy name and a fancy entrance are going to get you anything here. This is the Upper East Side, afterall and that means that everyone has one of those. Watch your back, new-be. You just jumped head first into a pool of sharks… and it’s feeding time.

You know you love me


Gossip Girl

Elizabeth’s heels:

Earrings and Necklace: ... egoryID=79


Dress: ... egoryID=79

Handbag: ... d1921a5f68
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 3-4 8-25-08

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Thank you for the great feedback. Sadly, we lost the feedback that was posted for chapter three from the problems with the website and stuff, but thank you to all of you who reviewed for that chapter as well!!

Queen Fee

Chapter Five:

The Raydehr’s Celebratory Gala Event had just gotten underway. Limo after Limo arrived at the entrance of Supreme Court Judge Raydehr’s mansion promptly at 7:30. The mansion was decorated extravagantly, both inside and out. The live orchestra provided the ballroom with pleasant background music. Just by the looks of everything, it was clear that no expense was spared for the design of the party. It was immaculate.

It screamed money, privilege, and more importantly… the Upper East Side.

However, there was more to this party than just the celebration for the Judge and his family. It was also the night that seemed to be on the topic of every circle’s gossip. Among the adults of the room it was the chance to see just who was invited to the party and who wasn’t and, of course, the ever important question of why said person(s) were invited and why said person(s) weren’t. While, for the younger generation, it was a chance to see if there would be any drama to report to Gossip Girl. Things had been rather boring as of late, seeing as how Serena and Lonely Boy had broken up, Chuck and Nate were now on speaking terms once again and Blair was in Europe.

And of course…Chuck Bass was again free from Blair Waldorf.

Of course, there was the typical everyday gossip, as well, but there was, as of yet, no new scandal…and things were getting rather dull for the Upper East Siders.

As Chuck walked into the venue with his father, his new step-mother, Serena and Eric he quickly scoped out the route to the closest drink available. He could only hope that the night picked up rather quickly.

As Chuck and the new Bass family stopped at the door to be announced, he heard some giggling coming from his right. He looked over to find a few intriguing prospects talking to one another. He was able to pick up a few statements here and there about what they were vapidly going on about.

“So, do you think he and Blair are still together?” one of the blondes asked.

“Didn’t you hear? She left for Europe without him and apparently he spent the night with the decorator,” the redhead replied.

“So, he’s still free?” the blonde questioned as if the answer weren’t already obvious. This was Chuck Bass they were talking about. He’s always free… now that
Waldorf’s claws were out of him.

“According to Gossip Girl, he’s been behaving like his usual self since the summer began.” A brunette answered.

Chuck blinked at the brunette as she turned her head slightly. Just as quickly as he saw the unknown girl from the café, she was gone, and the brunette in front of him replaced the mystery girl’s face.

Chuck shook his head of those thoughts before smirking to himself as he then looked one of the blondes up and down when she realized that he was standing right there. When his eyes got up to her face he just gave her a smirk that clearly said he would be talking to her later.

Ignoring the glances that came their way when they were announced, as Mr. and Mrs. Bart Bass of Bass Real Estate, Serena Van der Woodson, heiress to the Van der Woodson Shipping Firm, Charles Bass, heir to Bass Real Estate and Eric Van der Woodson, heir to the Van der Woodson Shipping Firm, he began looking around the room for Nathaniel.

Spotting him, he made his way forwards, but not before grabbing a flute of champagne as a waiter walked by.

“Nathaniel,” Chuck called out when he got closer.

Nate smirked at him, “Nice entrance, heir of Bart Bass.”

Chuck rolled his eyes, “You would think that with the amount of money these people spend on ruining the fun out of the Upper East Side’s youth that they could at least remember more than whose son I am.”

Nate laughed and took his own flute of champagne from the waiter, nodding in thanks as the waiter walked away. After taking a drink he turned back to Chuck with a confused and slightly annoyed expression of his face, “By the way… Dude, why’d you ditch me yesterday? Where were you?”

The repeated thought of the woman he had met at the café caused Chuck to smirk in both annoyance and in fond remembering, “It looks like we might have a new member in the Upper East Side.”

Nate raised his eyebrows knowingly, “You met her already?”

Chuck smirked at him, “She intrigued me enough that I simply had to make her acquaintance.”

Nate shook his head with a half annoyed, half amused smirk on his face, “What an introduction; a night with you. Does she at least realize that you do make your ‘acquaintances’ with every other girl on the Upper East Side as well?”

“She will soon enough,” Chuck said arrogantly.

Nate frowned for a moment at his response before raising an eyebrow and looking at his best friend in amusement, “No… it isn’t possible that she turned you down, is it?”

Chuck glared at Nate, “She did not turn me down. She simply is not as well seated in luxury as I am. She will come around to realize her faux pas.”

Nate just smiled and shook his head, “You will never admit that you were turned down by a girl in your life.”

“That’s because it will never happen, Nathaniel.”

Nate turned his head to grin in amusement and as he did so caught a glimpse of deep red and diamonds. He turned his head completely and saw a beautiful girl with small curves and a light curious smile with just a hint of nervousness in her posture, standing in the doorway waiting to be announced. He lightly elbowed Chuck, “Hey, who’s that?”

Chuck turned his head to where Nate was looking. He was surprised to see the same woman that turned him down, standing in the doorway of this month’s top Gala of the Upper East Side. He smirked in true Chuck Bass fashion, “That, Nathaniel, is the lovely lady that kept me from your presence,” seeing a spark of interest in his friend’s eyes, he also said, “Don’t waste your time, Nathaniel; she’s not worth that kind of interest. She is nowhere near as wealthy as we are.”

Nate rolled his eyes at Chuck’s statement, “Is that why you plan on spending so much time getting her?”

Chuck smirked, “That is simply one night. You, Nathaniel, make a habit of relationships. She’s not worth your time,” he repeated.

Nate was about to say something when the beautiful brunette was announced, “Please Welcome Elizabeth Van Leih, heiress to the Van Leih Law Firm.”

Nate knew he shouldn’t be surprised that the heiress of such a renowned law firm was present, what did surprise him however, was that Chuck appeared to not have known who she was immediately.

Nate turned to look at his friend in amusement, even more so when he saw the shocked look in his eyes. It took a lot to get any kind of reaction out of Chuck Bass, especially one of shock…he liked this girl more and more already, “Not as wealthy as we are, or more importantly, not a wealthy as you are, huh? I’m surprised, a girl of her stature…not knowing who the Chuck Bass is?” Nate stressed his words mockingly.

Nate smirked even wider when Chuck sent his a look that clearly told him to ‘shut the fuck up’.

If there was one thing that Nate could say that he definitely liked about this girl was that she was throwing his best friend for a tailspin. She was going to cause a few bruises to Chuck’s ego and he, for one, couldn’t wait to see it.

Chuck stood there silently fuming. The woman that had turned him down was none other than a Van Leih. How on earth could she have had no idea who he was? Chuck refused to believe he was dismissed knowingly by her.

No one turned down a Bass, especially Chuck Bass. Van Leih or not, he would have her. Who she was just made her all that more of an intrigue to him. She was no longer a nameless girl that was trying to fit into the world of the Upper East Side. Now she was a woman worthy of his attention; worthy of his pursuit; worthy of his time.

He let a smirk grow on his face as he watched her move across the room as she was introduced to one person after another. He let his gaze move over her body as he took in the enticing indentation of her waist and the inviting fit of the bodice to her breasts as it gently created swells of cleavage that just begged for him to touch.

Oh, yes. Elizabeth Van Leih would be his.

Looks like the secret’s out New Girl. Better watch out, it’s not just C’s bite that can cause you pain. It seems like N is taken with the New Girl as well. Looks like a new love triangle is blooming between UES’s favorite boys, but with Blair out of the picture, who will it be that gets their feelings hurt this time?

And who am I? Now that’s a secret I’ll Never tell.

You Know You Love Me.


Gossip Girl
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 6 9-08-08

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Thank you for all the feedback!!!

Queen Fee
Dream Weaver

Chapter Six:

Elizabeth looked around. Beautiful people talking about superficial things. She turned around to head for the bar and as she passed a group of girls she heard one of them mention the name Bass. Where had she heard that before?

Liz shook it off and walked more determinately toward the bar when suddenly, a man blocked her path.

“Excuse me-,“ She looked up into the handsome smirking face of the boy from lunch.

“No, excuse me from not knowing your name yesterday. I was completely remiss in my duties,” Chuck replied smoothly.

Elizabeth looked up at him dubiously, “Duties?”

Chuck opened his mouth before a ring came from his pocket and her purse simultaneously. All around the room, vibrations and rings could be heard.

Elizabeth pulled out her phone and saw two new Gossip Girl messages. She sighed as she inwardly cursed Maria for making her subscribe. She flipped open her phone and was shocked to see… well, her!

There, on Gossip Girl, was a picture of Liz coming down the ballroom stairs not ten minutes ago. She swiftly read the caption.

Hello there. Gossip Girl here, once again, to report on the scandalous lives of the Upper East Side’s Elite. It seems that today, we have a new player in the game. Elizabeth Van Leih… but let’s just call her New Girl. Let’s see how New Girl fits in with the sharks, shall we? Here’s hoping they don’t take a bite out of her… then who would entertain us?

You Know You Love Me


Gossip Girl

Liz was shocked. She had read the occasional Gossip Girl text and had known that they were about real people, but her? No way. Liz took a deep breath before reading the second text. Liz was shocked! There was a picture of her that had to have only been taken a second ago with her next to Café Boy.

Me again. Seems like New Girl did jump in with the sharks, and the worst one. That’s right. The one, the only, Chuck Bass. That’s one way to get a reputation in Manhattan, but probably not the best way, New Girl. Really, ten seconds from your intro into Manhattan’s Elite and you’re already getting dirty with C? Tisk tisk, New Girl. We just got our playboy back, and we’re not giving him up without a fight.

And Who Am I? Now, That’s a Secret I’ll Never Tell


Gossip Girl

Liz needed to sit. Chuck Bass? Now she remembered his name… what did Gossip Girl mean about his reputation?

She swiftly walked away from Chuck as he continued reading his own Gossip Girls texts. She slid to the darker end of the bar and ordered a long island iced tea. Technically, she wasn’t old enough to drink, but as her mother had told her… in New York, rules don’t matter if you have enough money.

She took her drink and walked quietly out a side door to a balcony, escaping Chuck’s searching eyes. She leaned across the railing and took a small sip and sighed. Was this the way her life was going to be the entire year?
Maria walked out of a crowded store. She looked around the mall and decided it was time for dinner as she headed towards the food court. She stood in line impatiently, bored out of her mind. Maria’s gaze softened. It was times like these that the loss of her two best friends was more noticeable. If Alex were still alive, he’d have goofed around, making the time pass more quickly. And if Liz hadn’t have moved, she would have been at the mall with Maria, helping her choose clothes, gossiping about boys. Girl stuff.

Maria rolled her eyes in self-deprecation as she felt tiny prickles in the back of her eyes as she held in her tears. She knew she was lying to herself. Even if Liz had stayed in Roswell… the way Maria had talked to her… She knew Liz would never have forgiven her so easily.

She shook her head and closed her eyes in an effort to empty her mind of those sad thoughts. A loud cough came from behind her. She opened her eyes and blushed as she realized that she had been holding the line up. She rushed through and looked for a place to sit and eat. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted someone she could sit with, but she wasn’t sure if she should. She looked around some more, but realizing that there was nowhere else, she made her way to the table.

“Hey, Isabel. Can I sit?” She asked, smiling slightly.

Isabel blinked in shock, but nodded anyway.

Maria sat down and started to eat in awkward silence. Suddenly, they both heard rings. Isabel took a drink as she easily slid her phone from her purse, ignoring

Maria fumbling to find hers.

Isabel opened it up and promptly choked on her soda.

Maria looked up questioningly, but Isabel was too surprised to do anything but gape at her Gossip Girl text. Maria snickered at the sight of soda dribble coming from the corner of the Ice Queen’s mouth, but quickly shut up as her own eyes bulged at her text message.

“Liz?!” They both yelled.
Chuck had to pull a lot of strings to be standing where he was. Normally, he didn’t put in more than minimal effort to attain a girl, but Elizabeth Van Leih had managed to capture his attention.

Currently, Chuck stood, waiting in the intense New York heat, in front of Elizabeth’s penthouse building. It had taken quite a bit of sweet-talking and name throwing for him to gain the necessary information, but he now had it and he was making good use of the information.

Chuck reached into the inside pocket of his Armani suit and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He then reached down into his pants pocket for a lighter. He inhaled deeply, relishing the rush of tobacco in his lungs. With high and mighty Serena and good boy Eric around, his father had been keeping him to a higher standard than he had bothered to previously. This had been Chuck’s first cigarette in a little less than a month.

He smiled at his luck as he saw Elizabeth leaving the hotel just a couple minutes after Chuck had first arrived at her home. He watched as she hurried down the front steps and into the throng of traffic before flicking his cigarette to the ground and hurrying behind her.

“Hello again, Elizabeth,” He greeted as he came up beside her.

He laughed at her shocked face before she managed to cover it up with a smooth, “Hello, Bass.”

“You disappeared last night without finishing our conversation,” He started.

“I wasn’t aware we were having one,” Elizabeth responded, borderline rudely.

Chuck laughed in his sinfully wicked way as he then answered, “Whether or not you knew we were having a conversation is of no concern to me. We were having one and now you need to make it up to me.”

Liz blinked at his audacity, “Excuse me?”

“Allow me to take you out tomorrow night? Eight thirty?” Chuck replied.

“I don’t even know you!” Elizabeth looked at him as though he were crazy. Though, given some of the rumors she had heard last night about the things he’d done, he might be.

Chuck smiled sexily, “That’s where the dating comes in.”

Liz didn’t know what it was about the way Chuck had said the word ‘dating’ but it clearly illustrated that ‘dating’ had little to do with dates and more to do with what would happen after.

“I don’t know anything about you,” She repeated, trying harder to get lost in the crowd.

“Then we have a clean slate. Get to know me,” Chuck tried, before a dark look on his face appeared, “Unless knowing is the problem. Tell me, what gossip about the Chuck Bass is out there now?”

Liz was stuck. She really didn’t believe in gossip, but the things people had said about him… Also, she had read a couple things about him on Gossip Girl back in Roswell…

“Alright. One date,” She agreed, “Tomorrow at eight thirty.”

Chuck smiled victoriously making her wonder if his anger at the gossip surrounding him had just been a ploy that she had fallen for.

She walked up three small steps and reached out a hand to push in a large glass door, but before it could reach the solidness of the gold frame it was snagged by a larger, cooler hand.

She turned sideways, eyes wide as she watched him slowly bring up her left hand to his lips and giving it a small squeeze before dropping it.

“Thank you, Elizabeth. I look forward to tomorrow.”

And with that, Chuck Bass disappeared into the heavy crowd, leaving only Liz’s blushing cheeks and slightly labored breathing as proof that he had ever been there.

Elizabeth pushed through the door and went straight to the private elevator, hidden in the back of the lobby. She pressed the button for the highest floor in the entire building. She walked out of the elevator in a daze before wandering between plants, couches, and people before making it to the back of the floor.

She barely looked over at the secretary who gave Liz the go ahead before walking into the post office and literally collapsing in the chair in front of a large desk.

The aging man behind the desk raised an eyebrow at her candidness but made no remark, simply continuing to look through his papers.

A good five minutes later, Liz finally spoke.

“I think I’m about to go on a date with a total man whore.”
Well, well, well. What do we have here? Seems like New Girl just couldn’t resist our resident playboy’s charms. New Girl knows the score; knows his reputation. Could it be that she hopes to accomplish what B couldn’t? Taming the wild Bass? Or is she just looking for what every other girl in New York is looking for? One night with the infamous Chuck Bass. Looks can be deceiving, we’ll have to see this one out…

Gossip Girl
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 7 9-15-08

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Thank you for all of the great feedback!!! :D

Queen Fee
Dream Weaver

Chapter Seven:

Elizabeth Van Leih-Parker’s grandfather was an honest, fair man. His many great-grandfather had started his life by coming over to America on the Mayflower and starting his new life as a solicitor. And the Van Leihs had been doing it ever since.

Jacob Van Leih was tough. He hated mistakes and he hated the people that made them. He realized that mistakes were a part of life, however, it was his belief that it did not give people the right to be careless because carelessness led to costly mistakes.

Jacob Van Leih was also stern. He knew what he wanted and he knew what he expected of others and he made sure they both knew it and lived up to it.

Lastly, Jacob Van Leih was hard on others. He cared about people, friends, family, but that did not mean he allowed them a free pass in life. His wife had coddled their daughter Nancy and that had led to her growing up spoiled. It wasn’t until she met her ex-husband Jeff that she learned any real responsibility…

But, if there was one thing you could say about Jacob with absolute certainty, it was that he loved his granddaughter like no one else. Even with his own wife, Jacob was sometimes cold and detached, but with Elizabeth, he was always calm, attentive and willing to both listen and talk.

So when Liz was as blunt as she had just been, all Jacob did was raise an eyebrow and put down his pen, ready to listen.

“There’s this guy. He’s arrogant, annoying and, of course, rich. I spoke to him for all of a second, but everything I’ve heard about him leads me to believe that he’s not that nice of a guy to girls. But he asked me out and made a point about me not really knowing him and not believing everything I hear,” Liz started off, “So, I said yes, but now I’m not really sure if I really wanted to try a date or if I was just manipulated into wanting to try a date,” Liz sighed, “What do you think?”

Jacob took a minute to think over the facts given before forming a response. He knew that Elizabeth took his advice seriously and it was entirely possible that her entire possible future relationship with this boy hung on his words.

“I think you were right to give him a date. Gossip is gossip. You can never believe what you hear. Give this boy one date and then formulate your own opinion.”

Liz also took a minute to take in his words and to think it over. She then nodded decisively, “Alright. One night. That’s it. I can handle Chuck Bass for one night,” She stood up, not seeing her grandfather’s eyes widen, “Bye Gramps!” she said as she darted out the door.

“Chuck Bass!” Her grandfather exploded in anger now that he knew who his granddaughter was talking about. Everyone knew about Chuck Bass.
A buzzing sound rang from the back pocket of a pair of jeans as the recipient moved through the clothing store. Checking the text message, an excited smile grew as she read it over…

Spotted: New Girl and C taking a stroll down Fifth Ave before C dropped her off at her grandfather’s law firm with a kiss to her hand.
C has never bothered walking a girl to her proverbial doorstep before. Is C finally ready to move on from Queen B? Either way, this proves to be one juicy scoop that I know everyone’s looking to see the out come of. And I’ll be the one to give it.

Who am I? Now, that’s one secret I’ll Never tell…the only one.

You Know You Love Me.


Gossip Girl

Smirking, she turned to her shopping companion, “Looks like the Playboy has struck again. How long do you think this is going to last?”

The companion shrugged, “She’s a Van Leih, that’s got to be up there with Waldorf. I just wanna see what will happen when Queen B hears of this and makes her presence known.”

The two laughed and continued on shopping.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Serena Van der Woodsen sighed as she closed her cell phone after reading Gossip Girl’s latest message.

“Hey Serena, are you okay?”

Serena turned to see her younger brother Eric. She gave him a smile and nodded, “Yeah, just Gossip Girl reporting on Chuck again.”

Eric raised an eyebrow, “You care who Chuck is sleeping with?”

Serena cringed, “Eww, no! But Blair is my best friend and she was really happy to be going to Europe with him. Besides his new girl is literally the New Girl of Manhattan.”

Eric’s eyes widened, “You mean the Van Leih heiress?”

Serena sighed and nodded, “I just…I don’t know how I feel about her introduction to the Upper East Side being with Chuck, especially after whatever happened between him and Blair.”

Eric shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe they just had an argument and things didn’t work out?”

Serena smiled, “I don’t know. I think they were both looking forward to going to Europe together…and then it was like he was the old Chuck again… A new girl every night.”

Eric smiled, “Sis, you can’t control what…or who Chuck…entertains himself with. Besides she’s a Van Leih, I’m sure she knows his reputation.”

Serena smiled slightly, “But we both know that his reputation isn’t exactly who he is. He may be Chuck Bass, but he’s still…”

Eric smiled, “The Chuck Bass version of a big brother?”

“Yeah,” Serena sighed.
Chuck took the elevator up to Elizabeth’s Penthouse home. It had taken some sweet talking to prove that he was not some sort of stalker and was indeed there for a date with Elizabeth Van Leih. The security at this place was pretty tight.

He raised an eyebrow as he walked into the foyer and saw two doors leading to the West Wing and the East Wing.

Sighing, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number he managed to get through the extensive amounts of bribery he had gone through yesterday in order to get her address.

“Hello?” he heard her cautious voice on the other end.

“Elizabeth, I look forward to seeing if you are as beautiful as you sound tonight,” he smiled.

He could practically hear her annoyance, “You saw me yesterday, Bass. I don’t think I’ve changed that much.”

“Well, I would love to see if any changes have come about to make you even more stunning, however, in order to do so, I need to know which hallway I will find your rooms hiding behind,” he smirked.

“Oh, right…” she trailed off wondering how he had even managed to get into the penthouse before shaking it off.

He waited for her to answer but was greeted by the West door opening, revealing Elizabeth in a flowing but curve enhancing green dress with her hair pulled back into a tight, sleek and sophisticated pony tail.

She smiled and removed her cell phone from her ear as she disconnected the call, “Well, I’d say you clean up nicely, Bass, but I have a feeling that you don’t leave the house unless you look quintessentially Chuck Bass.”

“Very true, though, I must say, Elizabeth, you look absolutely ravishing,” he said as his eyes ran over her body taking in every curve and supple enticement that she offered.

“Thank you,” she smiled slightly as she grabbed her purse and closed the door behind her.
It was as though the date just seemed to be on a downward spiral after the two left Elizabeth’s penthouse.

Chuck took her to The New York Palace Hotel that his family owned. While the restaurant did have amazing food it was far too close to “his place” than Liz was comfortable with on a first date.

It proceeded with Chuck ordering for her while she was using the ladies room. It had annoyed her that he had taken that liberty, but allowed it to pass as simply being misplaced consideration. Unfortunately, her meal ended up being something that she was deathly allergic to. Luckily she was able to see the peanuts that were being used as garnish on top of the meal. Chuck was both apologetic and annoyed that he had let something like that happen.

As they waited a little longer for their meal his phone kept ringing. He had answered the first few times but after a while he just kept hitting the ignore button, but she was aware that the calls were from girls that wanted to spend the night with Chuck Bass.

To make things even better, the waiter brought over a drink for him that a woman at the bar had the audacity to send to him. Then he was called away to deal with something with the hotel because his father could not be reached and while he was away Liz became really uncomfortable with the way that waiter was looking at her.

However, the event that topped off the worst first date ever was when her cell phone vibrated with a new text message alert. She groaned in annoyance when she realized who it was from. She reluctantly opened the text message and then felt her blood boil at the nerve he had…

Liz y r u in NY? & who the hell is this Chuck Bass that Maria said u were dating? U have 2 b carful with all of this attention ur getting! U don’t belong there I’m coming 2 get u! Luv u, Max

Liz closed her eyes and breathed deeply…Maria had shown or at least told Max about Gossip Girl’s text messages. And as much as she wanted to go back home…Max Evans would not be her ticket there. She knew the moment she let him dictate her life again, she would be right back where she had been before her mother had dragged her here.

Opening her phone once again she called her driver to come get her. Besides, seeing as how Chuck had yet to get back to the table after a half an hour had gone by, it was clear the date was over. Both Chuck and the hotel attendant had assured her that the problem wouldn’t take more than five to ten minutes and yet here she was sitting and eating her dinner alone. She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed at the disaster that the night had been. Her grandfather had advised her on taking the date, but now she wasn’t so sure it was such a wise decision.

She left a note for him at the table thanking him for dinner and telling him that she did have a good time considering the circumstances and that she would see him around.

She smiled slightly at the driver as he opened the back door for her and then moments later she was on her way home and missed an annoyed, angry and…maybe even slightly depressed...Chuck Bass, walking out of the hotel and looking around for her.

What did I tell you, New Girl? We weren’t going to let him go that easily. Look at it this way. We were doing you a favor. The less you’re involved with the Upper East Side Playboy, the less Queen B will make your life a living hell when she catches wind of your little rendezvous with him.

What’s my secret? That’s something I’ll Never tell…

You Know You Love Me


Gossip Girl
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Re: Sangre Azul (Gossip Girl XO, UC,Mature) Ch 9-28-08

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Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the great feedback. Sorry that we missed a weekly update. Homework and Tests were the culprits so blame them. But have no fear here is the next update!! Hope you enjoy!

Queen Fee

Chapter Eight

Liz sighed. Once again, she was wandering around Central Park aimlessly. She searched through the trees, hoping to gain a glimpse of something that could capture her attention. She lifted her hand and wiped the sweat from her brow as she acutely felt the hot New York sun beat on the back of her neck. Her hand lifted again to feel the top of her head and winced as her own hair burned her hand. It was times like these that she wished she were capable of reasonably passing as a blonde. Having brown hair was difficult in hot weather. Even more so if it was dark brown.

She walked to the lake, making sure to stay under as much shade as possible. She stopped for a minute to laugh at a squirrel hiding in a garbage can, making noises as people passed by, scaring them each time.

Liz finally made it to the park. She shucked off her flip flops and waded into the water, thankful that she had decided to wear a black flippy skirt instead of pants. She stopped when she was in up to her knees and just closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She listened to the people and the birds.

Soon, the water started to feel too cool and began numbing her legs, forcing her to get out. She donned her flip flops and laughed at the squishy noises they made as she walked.

She dropped onto a bench and had to smile. It had been a long time since she had felt this happy and carefree. Maybe her mother had been right. Maybe New York City was doing her good…

Suddenly, like a dark cloud, thoughts of last night’s date came to her. The night had been a total disaster. At first Chuck had ordered her food, which she hated. She wasn’t a feminist, but she was capable of making her own decisions. Then, the food he ordered had peanuts in it, which she was deathly allergic to. She had to reorder, which caused her food to be delivered later, not that it mattered because, in the end, Chuck was gone by the time she ate, anyway.

But what bothered Liz the most was that she spent maybe five minutes talking to Chuck before his cell phone interrupted them. She didn’t really know whether the rumors were true or not. But to be honest, after last night, she was sure she didn’t want to bother knowing.

She got up and started walking a path. She didn’t bother looking where she was going as she was in a pretty isolated part of the park. So, naturally, she ran into someone.

Elizabeth looked up into a pair of equally startled blue eyes.

“Sorry. I didn’t see you there,” Blue Eyes told her as he held out a hand for her to grab. She took the hand gratefully, smiling as she got back on her feet.

Liz looked at him. He was definitely cute. He was wearing track pants and a wife beater, obviously having been out on a run. Liz pouted slightly. He had better hair than her.

Liz shifted awkwardly as she saw him start to scrutinize her face.

“Elizabeth Van Leih, right?” He asked.

Liz’s face soured. A Gossip Girl reader. Fantastic.

Blue Eyes must have realized what she thought because he hastened to explain, “I saw you at the Gala,” He stuck out his hand, “Nathaniel Archibald. Call me Nate. Welcome to-“

“The Upper East Side. Yeah, I’ve gotten the memo,” Elizabeth replied, annoyed. He had to be the billionth person to say those exact same words to her.

Nate laughed, “I was going to say ‘welcome to constantly being scrutinized by the public.’ Gossip Girl seems to have taken an interest in you… New Girl.”

At first Liz blushed at her mistake before glaring at him for mocking her gossip plight.

Nate seemed to notice that he was skating on thin ice, “Sorry, you just get used to it after a while, but I can see it’s too early to be joking about it with you.”

“Yeah, just a bit. It’s just… Never mind.”

Nate stared at her for a second. She obviously needed to talk. Nate thought back to not that long ago when it was him that needed to talk. Back then, anyone with an ear would have worked…

He decided to reach out, “What is it?”

“Okay. There’s this guy. I’ve been hearing some really sketchy stuff about him, but I don’t know if it’s true. I went out on a date with him, but it was a total disaster, but I didn’t really even talk to him the whole night,” Elizabeth explained.

“Ahh. Chuck,” Nate stated.

“How’d...? Gossip Girl,” Liz growled.

Nate just laughed, “Yeah, but no. Actually, Chuck told me. He’s my best friend.”

Elizabeth blushed red. She had just spoken her inner thoughts about someone to their best friend. Now he was going to tell Chuck!

As if reading her mind, Nate responded, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell him.”

She looked at him skeptically, but nodded anyway.

“Look, I don’t mean to pry…” Nate started, but grinned at Liz’s sarcastic look of ‘then why are you?’, “But Chuck’s been my best friend for years. Ever since we were five and we both got lost on our school field trip and Chuck basically saved my life when this guy tried to convince me to get in his car.”

Liz’s mouth opened slightly as her eyes got serious.

“I’m not saying Chuck’s a saint… ‘cause he’s definitely not. But not everything you see with him is what you get,” Nate told her seriously, “It takes a lot for Chuck to notice someone and even more for that someone to get under his skin. But once Chuck likes you and gets to know you, that’s when you see the pieces of the real Chuck Bass show through.”

A frown crossed Liz’s face. She didn’t know how true what he was saying was, but it did make sense with what little Chuck had shown her. His arrogance, his less than chaste ways, and yet, the way he gently kissed the back of her hand.

“You know what?” Nate asked, “I think you and Chuck’s sister would really get along.”

Liz blinked in astonishment, “Chuck has a sister?”

Nate grinned, “Step, but that’s the point. Chuck and Serena were friends, but they grew apart after Serena left for boarding school. They both used to party and drink and screw around a lot, but after Serena left, she changed. Once she came back, I think Serena saw Chuck as a painful reminder of how she used to be and Chuck saw the new her as a stab in the back to who he was,” Nate paused, a look of empathetic sadness on his face, “He saw Serena as a friend. Someone he could relate to. And she just up and changed.

This past year, they’ve both had to work on going back to friendship, but they had to have something new to bond over. That something turned out to be family,” Nate grinned at the irony, “They hated each other, as much as life-long friends can, and now they’re siblings,” Nate grew serious again, “Serena was in some trouble not that long back. She was sort of being blackmailed. The first person she told that to was Chuck. He really helped her out.”

Liz nodded, taking the information in. So maybe there was more to Chuck Bass than meets the eye. Much more…

She saw Nate smile out of the corner of her eye.

…Or maybe this was just an elaborate lie created by the best friend of a playboy.

“I’ll think about what you said, Nate,” She told him.

Nate nodded and started jogging away as he saw her wander off, her brow furrowed in thought.

She had a lot to think about.
Max’s knuckles had turned white. After seeing the text messages and the pictures on his sister’s phone from Gossip

Girl, he had promptly signed up. Apparently, Liz was really Elizabeth Van Leih, an heiress. Isabel had said that Gossip Girl always reported on the rich of New York City so Max had signed up to keep an eye on Liz.

Well, an eyeful is what he got. First this Chuck Bass guy and now this?!

His cell phone lay on the passenger seat of his car, still flipped open to a picture of Liz talking to some guy… a guy who had better hair than Max did… Max frowned.

His hand reached out of its own accord. He had read it a billion times already, but he couldn’t stop himself from reading it again.

Hey there, readers. You’ll never guess who was seen talking intimately at Central Park. That’s right, our very own King N and New Girl. C yesterday and N today? New Girl’s going through those two faster than Queen B after her last birthday party spent in C’s bed… Looks like New Girl is aiming to be UES’s new Queen. Queen New Girl just doesn’t have the same ring to it though… Guess we’ll worry about that when B’s little vaca gets done. Till then, I’ll supply you with the juiciest gossip concerning our new found love triangle.

You Know You Love Me


Gossip Girl

Max threw the phone onto the passenger seat again, fingers wrapped tight around the steering wheel. What was Liz doing?!

He paused the car briefly to pay the toll. Max growled in impatience. Maybe it had been a better idea to just fly to JFK, but he thought that his parents would be able to find him too easily then, so he flew to Philadelphia and rented a car to drive to New York.

Max itched to drive faster, but the rush hour traffic jams made it impossible to move even a foot. He yelled in frustration and banged his hand on the steering wheel.

“I know how you feel!” the driver from the next lane yelled. Max just glared viciously.

He needed to get to Liz. Now.

Well, it seems that our so called love triangle just became a love square. Is Lost (and Clueless) Boy ever going to find New Girl? And just how will C take his best friend’s supposed betrayal of liking New Girl too? Time will only tell on this scoop.

Meanwhile, S has been out of the gossip for a while now. But she is Serena Van der Woodson, so that’s about to change and fast. Makes you wonder? Just how truthful is N’s sob story about the relationship between step-brother and sister.

What’s my secret…? Take a wild guess

You Know You Love Me


Gossip Girl
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