Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) AN 12-23-09 [WIP]

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Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) AN 12-23-09 [WIP]

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:26 pm

Title: Twins

Author: SnowyOwl-17

Category: Roswell/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series Crossover

Pairing: Liz/Angel...any others have yet to be decided

Rating: I'm rating this story Mature for violence and possibly language. I'll change it should it need to go increase.

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, Buffy or Angel. Roswell belongs its creaters, writers, ect. And Buffy and Angel belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else worked on the shows.

Summary: This is a challenge that I took up from LizNdAlec4eva...
LizNdAlec4eva wrote:#64
Rating:Adult ANGEL/LIZ

Seasons: Roswell:2

--Max and Tess aren't actually together, they are only pretending to go out to mak Liz and Kyle jealous.
--Angel and Darla didn't sleep together.
--Angel and Buffy weren't together, they were just friends but everybody thought they were more.
--Buffy and Joyce died at the same time in BTVS.
--Buffy and Liz are twins, Joyce got pregnant by Jeff, but once they were born Jeff and Joyce split up 1 year later, both of them re-married. Jeff to Nancy and Joyce to Hank (who then supposedly 'gave birth to' Dawn). Then the twins were split up Liz went with Jeff and Nancy to Roswell and Buffy went with Joyce to L.A
--Liz knows all about slaying, vamps and Angel. Buffy knows all about the aliens, Max and Tess. Only Giles, Angel, Alex (alive), Maria, Kyle and Isabel know about the twins.
--So, Buffy and Joyce die and everybody from L.A and Sunnydale go to Roswell for the funeral (many of them want to know why the funeral is in Roswell.
--When they arrive its only about lunch time and Angel decides to go and get Liz, so he puts on the ring of Omara (he didnt destroy it) goes into the school goes straight up to Liz and kisses her in front of everybody.
--So, everybody goes to the funeral. Then they all find out that Liz is the new slayer.
--Max, Micheal, Tess, the A.I team and the Scoobie gang all find out the truth about Liz & Buffy, that Liz and Angel have been dating for 6mnths, that they meet up in a house every weekend that Angel bought 4mnths ago, that they have slept together but Angel always wear the ring.
--Max gets mad, he and Angel fight (Angel wins of course).

Happy Angel/Liz ending...


Liz P.O.V.

The dream woke her violently. As she sat there, her breath erratic, the gruesome details of the dream played over and over again before her mind’s eye. She had known many things in her life…things that most people would write off as myths or nonsense. But nothing had ever chilled her to the bone, caused so much grief, or inflicted such emotional turmoil within her soul.

She didn’t want to believe anything she had ‘seen’, however, years of experience and an instinctive dreadful feeling deep down in her gut kept butting heads with her denial.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in a completely useless attempt to get her breathing under control. After a moment she flung what blankets still remained off of her and headed into the kitchen.

As she stood there, with the refrigerator door open, staring blankly into space, she vaguely felt her father walk into the kitchen behind her. She didn’t move a muscle as he went over to the cabinet and pulled out two glasses and matching bowls. As he walked over toward her, he grabbed a spoon from the drawer. He filled the two glasses with milk, and opened the freezer to pull out the ice cream. As he set all the items on the kitchen table he whispered, “Close the door, Lizzie.”

After a moment she did as she was told and slowly moved toward the table to take a seat next to her father.

Jeff P.O.V.

Jeff Parker watched as his daughter moved in a zombie like motion. He had seen his little Lizzie do this countless times throughout her seventeen years. The occurrences had increased after she had turned fifteen, but never had any of her detached moments gone on this long or had been this extreme.

Usually she would only stare off into space for a few minutes before putting his nerves at ease, but not on this far too quite night. Tonight she was barely focusing on anything… and it was something that did not sit well with him.

He left the bowl of ice cream in front of her, hoping that eventually she would take a bite.

Not many knew this, but when his Lizzie got like this…he was always scared far more than he would ever like to be; not so much because he was afraid of what these actions meant for Liz’s well being…she was a resilient girl who had learned long ago that life was something precious and not to be taken lightly and unfortunately his little girl had learned it the hard way.

He knew that whenever she was like this it could only mean one thing…her fraternal twin sister was hurt.

“How bad is it, baby?” he asked cautiously.

He knew that every time he asked that question was one more time closer to hearing of the death of his oldest daughter.

The fact that it was taking his youngest daughter so long to answer him did not bode well with his inner turmoil. Usually she was quick to reassure him that her sister was fine…but tonight she was doing anything but.

Liz P.O.V.

All she could do was sit there with this numb feeling she had thought she had prepared herself for but she now knew that nothing could have prepared her for the empty spot that was now left behind. She knew her silence was hurting her father…but how was she supposed to tell him that she was gone…that they were both gone.

She felt his fingers wrap around her own and she allowed the touch to pull her slightly out of her dazed grief. She looked him in the eyes and preyed she would be able to hold it together for her father.

“How bad, baby?” he asked her once again.

She swallowed heavily and opened her mouth to answer him…when the phone began ringing.

“That will be Giles,” she said softly.

Liz watched her father mechanically get up to answer the phone. She also knew her step-mother would be entering the kitchen within moments…a fact that angered her unbelievably so. For one it would mean she and her father would not get to mourn properly. Secondly…Nancy Parker had made her feelings toward Buffy Anne Parker-Summers perfectly clear.

Nancy had always believed that Buffy had always been a delinquent who wanted attention anyway she could get it; a fact that had caused many a screaming matches between herself and her step-mother.

Liz saw Nancy enter the kitchen just as she heard her father let out a grief filled sob.

Life as her and her father knew it…was over…and they would be changed completely.

My name is Elizabeth Claudia Parker and yesterday my twin sister Buffy Anne Parker-Summers and my mother Joyce Caroline Summers died. The details of their deaths were not something that could be stomached by many a person unless they lived the life of a slayer or were very close to one. It was not something that a sister or a daughter should ever have to witness…because now…there is no going back and my life had changed irrevocably and forever.
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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) Ch 1 7/18/08

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:05 am


I'm so happy that so many of you like this story! Thank you all for your feedback!

Kelsey - Thank you! I hope you enjoy this next part!
LizMichael 4 Ever
garcia88 - LOL! Thank you!
Ansleyrocks - Thanks! I love that so many people are liking and looking forward to this fic so much. :D
Jensen Lover 37
KiaraAlexisKlay - Wow! Thank you!
C&N214 - Well then I'm glad you're enjoying it! I hope you like the new chapter! Thanks for reading!
elfangel01 - Thank you! I'm glad you like the different perspectives!
Touch of the Wind
forever dreamer - Thanks!



She hadn’t been able to fall back to sleep after she awoke from the nightmare of her sister’s and mother’s deaths. Not that she would have been able to even if she had wanted to. To say that Jeff Parker had never been angrier with his wife of fourteen years was the understatement of the century.

She had heard the two argue over Buffy before but never like they had last night. She had needed to escape to her balcony just to keep herself from joining the screaming match and saying something she might regret later on. She had always known that Nancy had a strong dislike for Buffy and her birthmother, but she had never imagined that Nancy could be such a cold hearted bitch when faced with their deaths.

As soon as the sun rose over the horizon she called Maria and Alex. They were two of the few people that knew about Buffy and her birthmother. She made quick plans to head over to Angel’s house on the outskirts of town in order to get ready for school, since she knew that Nancy would insist that she go.

She grabbed her book bag and left a note for her father on her desk. She then climbed down the latter attached to her balcony to wait for her two best childhood friends at one of the picnic tables in front of the Crashdown, pajamas and all.


She was out of the car before Alex even got a chance to bring the car to a complete stop, “Chica!” she called out as she ran to her best-girl-friend and pulled her into a tight hug, “Chica, what’s wrong? You didn’t sound good on the phone?” she asked in concern when she pulled back.

She could see a mixture of emotions in Liz’s eyes that were really putting her nerves on edge. Some calming oils would be needed at some point today that was for sure.
Before she could get an answer about what had her best friends emotions all over the place, their other best friend walked/ran over to both her and Liz and wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist from behind in a show of his own support.


She felt tears well up in her eyes at her two friends concern, love and support. She couldn’t help but think that Nancy should take a few lessons from two people that were a little over twenty years younger than her.

“Can we just go to Angel’s house now? I really need to get away from Nancy,” she asked as she finally let tears of grief, anger, sadness and frustration fall.


He shared a concerned look with Maria. Liz rarely used Nancy’s real name. From a very young age, even before Jeff and Nancy were married, Nancy had been adamant, if not downright demanding, that she be considered and addressed as Liz’s ‘Mom’; if Liz was no longer following the ‘expected’ behavior set by her ‘mother’ then that could only mean one thing…the one topic Nancy refused to budge on had been touched upon in the Parker household…Buffy Anne Parker-Summers.

“Of course, Liz, why don’t you and Maria sit in the back and I’ll drive to Angel’s okay?” he asked as he rubbed soothing circles on Liz’s back.

He became even more concerned as he took her book bag from her and released her into Maria’s care. She simply nodded but the flow of tears had not eased, if anything they had increased.

He walked ahead of his two girls and opened the back door for Maria to guide Liz into the car, before getting back into the driver’s seat and putting Liz’s book bag into the passenger seat next to him. He kept glancing back at Maria and Liz in the rearview mirror as he drove to the house Liz ‘shared’ with her boyfriend Angel Aurelius.

When they arrived at Liz and Angel’s five bedroom, five bathroom, two story home, he got out his key and opened the front door to allow Maria to guide Liz into the living room.

He watched as Maria did the girl talk/comforting thing with Liz before quickly making his way into the kitchen to call Kyle, Isabel, Giles and Angel.

He sighed as he picked up the cordless phone hoping and praying to whoever controlled the ways of the world that his gut instinct was wrong. He closed his eyes waiting for Jim or Kyle to pick up.

“Hello?” came a somewhat groggy voice from the other line.

He immediately knew it was Kyle; Jim would have already woken up at around 5:00 AM.

“Kyle, it’s Alex, I need you to head over to the Evans’s home, pick up Isabel and then get to Angel’s as fast you possibly can.”

He heard rustling around before he even finished the statement. “What’s up Alex?” a more awake Kyle demanded.

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “I’m not sure. But I’m 99.9% sure it’s Buffy. Liz called Mrs. Parker Nancy when Maria and I picked her up this morning.”

“Shit!” Kyle muttered, “Alright man, I’m on my way.”

The two hung up and he began dialing Isabel’s cell phone, compliments of one Angel Aurelius, to let her know what was going on. Angel had provided everyone that Liz had chosen to tell in Roswell about their (Liz and Angel's) relationship with a key to the house and
a cell phone.

The second he mentioned Angel’s house he could hear Isabel’s Ice Princess Persona drop into place as if she were preparing for the worst. It was something she always did so that if it was really bad she would be the level head that Liz could turn to for help…meaning that
Isabel would do everything needed to handle the designated funeral arrangements if she and the arrangements were needed.
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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) Ch 2 9/02/08

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*a big dish of freshly baked assorted cookies appears from behind the wall followed by a nervous looking author* Hi, so umm...yeah...its been a while since I updated this story...I'm really sorry, I just have stories all over the place at the moment. But I am working on this one...I've had this chapter written for a while, I just never got around to posting it...*offers more cookies*...but here is the next chapter and I really hope you enjoy it. Sorry again about the wait :oops:

Thanks for all the feedback:
LizMichael 4 Ever: I whole heartedly agree! I don't know about the ass kicking...but Nancy will get hers. Thank you!
Jensen Lover 37
WinchesterBunni: Thanks and they're coming I promise!
elfangel01: LOL!!! :D :lol:
forever dreamer
garcia88: That seems to be an all around feeling!
Touch of the Wind

Chapter Two:

Angel POV

Sighing as he sat down at his desk with his morning cup of blood, he turned on the computer. He was hoping that an extra cup of blood and then some heavy working out would allow him to relax a bit.

He glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed. Buffy should have checked in by now. He was expecting a call from a panicked Liz and moment.
The thought of Liz caused his eyes to stray to the two rings he wore. They had had one of their worst fights over the Gem of Amara. He didn’t think he should wear it. One thing goes wrong and it could end up in the wrong hands. If he lost his soul Angelus would be unleashed on the world in both the daylight and the sunlight.

But Liz had been adamant about him wearing it. She had even played on his weakness by saying the ring would allow him to protect her better.

Eventually he relented and she won that argument…as she did almost every other argument they had. Buffy always laughed at how a two and a half century old vampire constantly relented to a seventeen year old human girl.

He let a small smile grace his face as he realized just how much he would let Liz tell him what to do. He loved her more than he had ever loved anyone in his life or un-life. He had even let her friend Alex research the Gem of Amara and then let her friend Isabel use her powers to anchor his soul whenever he wore the ring.

Liz had just smiled at him and said that it was his 244th birthday present.

The other ring they had exchanged on her seventeenth birthday. Her Claddagh ring was white gold with a Garnet heart for her birthstone, while his was a simple Claddagh made from white gold.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when his cell phone began ringing. He frowned slightly when he saw that it was the number from his house in New Mexico.

“Hello?” he answered quickly.

“Angel what’s going on?” he heard the concerned voice of his girlfriends childhood friend.

“Alex? Why are you guys at the house? –Liz said you all only go there when something is wrong!” he asked in confusion.

“Man, there is something very wrong! Liz is practically catatonic. She just keeps staring off into space and she’s barely speaking. Not to mention this morning she called Mrs. Parker Nancy and you know how well that would go over on a regular basis,” Alex said in exasperation.

He closed his eyes in dread, “Damn, that means Buffy was definitely brought up in conversation. Alright, Alex, I’m going to call Giles and see what’s up. Buffy was supposed to check in already anyway.”

The line was silent for a moment before Alex broke the silence with a concerned whisper, “Angel, man, you don’t think…”

He understood the question not being voiced loud and clear. Sighing he ran his hand over his face, “I hope not, Alex. I really hope not.”

“Alright, call me as soon as you know something,” Alex said softly.

He nodded even though Alex couldn’t see him, “I will. And I know I don’t have to say it, but I’m going to anyway…take care of my girl.”

“You know I will,” Alex answered before the two hung up.

Closing his eyes he sighed once again before pinching the bridge of his nose and calling Giles on speed dial.

“Angel?” he heard the other man on the other end answer the phone.

“Giles…” he simply said waiting for the British man to fill in what happened.

He heard Giles sigh in both a tired and saddened way, “Joyce and Buffy were attacked at home. The authorities are saying a wild rabid animal or the gangs on PCP.”

He once again closed his eyes in dread, knowing that Liz had probably seen the whole thing in her dreams, “Was it vampires?”

“I’m not sure. We’re still looking into it. If it was vampires they didn’t drain them at all, there was blood everywhere,” he could hear Giles’ voice turn cold. A simple defense mechanism he himself knew all too well.

He sighed, “Alright, I’ll do what I can to help but Liz needs to bury her sister and mother for closure.”

Giles sighed, “I know, the others are trying to plan the wake and funeral. I am trying to tell them otherwise but they are not listening.”

“What’s Dawn saying?” he asked curiously. Liz and Buffy’s younger half-sister was closer to Liz, but was also very vocal about what she wanted, something she had definitely picked up from Buffy.

Giles sighed and he could just picture the watcher cleaning his glasses, “She won’t talk to anyone. She’s eleven and alone while the others are trying to cling to whatever connection to Buffy and Joyce they have left.”

He could feel a growl building in his throat, “Alright, Giles, make me the bad guy if you have too, but the wake and funerals need to happen in Roswell. I’ll take care of any financial problems that arise and send me whatever bill you get for moving them to Roswell.”

“Of course, Angel. –I also have another question…what about Dawn? Joyce’s lawyer already contacted me…Hank signed away his parental rights and Joyce wrote in her will that Jeff couldn’t have custody because of Nancy,” he could hear Giles’ concern deepen.

“I’ll talk to Liz when I get to Roswell. But I should have no problems getting a hold of some forged papers that will give one of us custody of her. But I have a feeling Liz is going to want her close by,” he said seriously.

“Alright, I’ll take care of things here and then I’ll somehow get the others down to Roswell…when they find out that they were kept out of this…things are not going to go over well.”

He nodded, “Now there is an understatement. They just better not piss of Liz. Buffy may have been the slayer but those two have twin tempers. – You have my cell number. The others and I will be heading down to Roswell today. From what Alex has told me I think Liz already knows.”

“Alright, Angel, I’ll see you soon. Take care of Liz,” Giles said before the two disconnected.

He sighed and put his phone back into his pocket before resting his elbows on the desk and burying his face in both of his hands.

Things were about to get extremely rocky.

Those who thought they knew everything were about to find out they barely knew anything and those who did know everything were about to see what happens when secrets are kept from loved ones.


He looked up to see Fred and Gunn standing in the doorway, looking at him in concern.

“You alright man?”

He sighed and shook his head, “Buffy and Joyce were killed last night. The wake and funerals are going to be in Roswell, New Mexico.”

He heard Gunn sigh a bit before quietly saying, “Then I guess we’re going on a really sad and depressing road trip?”

He nodded, “Yeah. This is not how I wanted you all to find out about the connection I have to Roswell.”

Gunn raised an eyebrow, “What? You got some double life or something?”

He forced a smile, “Something like that.”


She sighed and just stood there looking at the building in front of her with Isabel and Maria on either side of her.

“I don’t want to be here,” she whispered.

Maria wrapped an arm around her shoulders and Isabel wrapped an arm around her waist.

“We know, Chica. But we’ll be here with you. And Angel called Alex back. He will be here later today, okay?” Maria asked in a comforting way.

Isabel gave her a squeeze in agreement with Maria.

Sighing she nodded and let Maria and Isabel lead her into school.
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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) Ch 3 9/27/08

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Hey everyone, Sorry for the long wait. I've been trying to get a chapter here and there for my different stories taken care of...and I've hit a bit of a snag in the road with Scientists and Transgenics so hopefully that will be my next update among Remote Depths, Twins and Scientists and Transgenics. Here are some more freshly baked cookie *holds out a platter of cookies* for you to have while enjoying the next chapter. Hope it was worth the wait!!

garcia88- thanks!
vampyrolover86- I know, a day at school is wrong, but I'm making it up to her, I promise! Oh now when Angel shows're just going to have to read on *hinthint*
LizMichael 4 Ever- Oh don't worry Liz and Dawn will be showing just how related they are to one another and Buffy...lets just say that tempers run in the family *grins evilly*
alexcesar- I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks Liz and Isabel should have been closer in the show! Thanks!
Touch of the Wind- thanks!
LizNdAlec4eva- I'm back! Sorry I took so long!
Mel1307- You're welcome! LOL! Here it is! Enjoy!
forever dreamer- I'm glad there was no need to worry...I hope that holds true for this chapter as well! I know! We need more Liz/Angel fics! LOL- yes that definitely made sense!
elfangel01- hmmm...Drama or no drama or somewhere in between...we'll just have to wait and see! Thanks for the review!
pandas2001- I know not the best way to find out, but for this story I never really saw Buffy or Liz getting the easy deal of all of this...; It's coming I promise!
behrstars- thanks!
orphyfets- thanks!
Jezebel Jinx- Thank you! He's coming! It appears that many readers do...I find myself wanting to help everynow and then...but I think I'll leave that up to...well I haven't quite decided yet...but I'm working on it...[I know...that was evil of me :twisted: ] Sorry for the is the next update!!

Chapter Three

Liz P.O.V

She could tell that Max, Tess and Michael were annoyed with the fact that Isabel, Maria, Alex and Kyle never left her side. Though she could see some concern from Michael as well, but there really wasn’t any from Max or Tess. They just wanted to know what they were being left out of.

Standing at her locker she sighed and fought back the tears when she caught sight of a picture of her, her sister, and her mother smiling back at her, from inside her locker. It was the only place she could put one that didn’t have Nancy going on a rampage or something like that.

“Hey, Lizzie, how are you holding up?” Alex asked her softly.

She looked at her best friend and just shrugged. She would be fine once Angel got here. He would make everything okay.

As if reading her mind Alex pulled her into a tight hug, “He’ll be here soon, Lizzie, I promise.”

She just nodded into his chest. She knew he was right, but she couldn’t help but want Angel here to hold her, sooth her, love her, calm her. All of the absurd drama would be gone when he finally arrived. Nancy would shut up, considering her step-mother loved the fact that she had ‘bagged herself a rich man’, but also she could tell Nancy was afraid of him. And her father, having known about Buffy being the Slayer, knew all about Angel. At first he didn’t trust Angel, but had grown to like him a great deal both because Angel made her happy and kept her safe, which in Jeff Parker’s mind was a whole sky scrapper of a difference from Max Evans, who had constantly been putting her in the center of danger. And, finally, she knew that Angel would put an end to the Max Evans drama once and for all, even if he had to kick Max’s ass to do it.

“Liz what is going on?” Max demanded as he walked up to her and Alex, with Tess on his heels.

She rolled her eyes and ignored him, just as her cell phone began ringing. She wasn’t going to answer it until she saw the caller ID…it was Dawnie. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She need to be strong for her sister, “Hey, how are you holding up?” she asked softly when she answered the phone.

“Okay, I guess,” Dawn sniffled on the other end.

She smiled sadly, “Liar. Now, seriously, how are you holding up?”

Dawnie let out a sob, “Willow’s already talking about selling the house and Mom and Buffy’s stuff to set up a college fund for me.”

She frowned at that, “What? –First of all, none of those decisions are up to her, and second, Angel already bought the house from Mom a few years ago. Plus, your college fund will already allow you to go to any Ivy League school for your Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees.”

Her sister once again sniffled on the other end, “I know. Giles is yelling at her left and right, but Xander and Willow keep ganging up on him and speaking for me, like they know what I want.”

“I want to live with you,” Dawn whispered.

She felt tears flood her eyes and her throat grow tight, “I know, baby. And I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens, I promise you.”

“I love you, Lizzie,” Dawn cried.

Closing her eyes as her heart constricted hearing her sisters pain, “I love you too, Dawnie. Don’t ever forget that, alright?”


She forced a smile and nodded for head to get her emotions under control, “Alright, Baby girl, I have to get to lunch, but I’ll call you after school, okay?”

“Okay, bye, Lizzie,” Dawn mumbled.

“Bye, Baby,” she said just as softly before hanging up on her baby sister.

“Liz?” Alex asked her in concern.

She glared at him, thought her anger wasn’t directed at him, and she knew that he would know that. She set her jaw as her anger over powered any other emotion, “Remind me to put that little red-headed witch in her place.”

She hadn’t even noticed Isabel join them, but she heard the anger in the former alien princess’s voice, “What did she do this time?”

She matched Isabel’s tone without even trying, “Said she was going to sell everything to set up a college fund for Dawn.”

Isabel’s eyes flared in anger, “And where’s Dawn supposed to live?”

She raised an eyebrow, “Where do you think she suggested? I don’t even have to ask that one.”

“Will someone please tell me what’s going on?” Max practically yelled.

“I wouldn’t be yelling at my girl if I were you, Evan,” said an annoyed voice behind them all.

She spun around so quickly she made herself dizzy. But she didn’t care. Angel was here!

She let out a relieved sob and ran to him. He immediately had her wrapped up in his safe arms, “It’s okay now, Baby. I’m here now. You don’t have to be strong all the time anymore. I’m here to help,” he whispered to her softly.

She buried her face in his chest, “Then make me forget. Kiss me and make me forget even if it’s only for a few minutes.”

He obviously didn’t have to be told twice. Before she even finished speaking he cupped her face. Then he was leaning down and devouring her lips with his own. She immediately opened for him, dying to taste him again. She lost herself in the feel of his body around her, sheltering her from the outside world, and the feel of his tongue stroking her own and slowly soothing the stress tension from her body.

Isabel POV

She smiled happily and sadly as she watched Liz and Angel make out in the middle of the school hallway. She was happy because Angel was finally here to take away Liz’s stress and to put a smile back on his girls face. But she was sad because of the reason that Angel was needed here for.

She knew Max was going to cause problems, but she also knew that Liz and Angel were the real deal. These two dealt with problems that were so much larger than her brother. She could only hope that everyone made it through this without too much bloodshed.

She sighed as she realized no bloodshed was just too much to ask for.

“Do you think we’ll ever be like that?—Minus the threat of losing my soul at any given moment of true happiness, mind you,” Alex whispered in her ear.

She smiled and leaned back against his chest, “I hope so,” she whispered back.

Ever since she had become a part of Liz’s secret, she and Alex had become much closer. She would be thrilled and set for life if she could have with Alex what
Liz had with Angel.


‘How could she do this to me? To us?’

Was all he could think as he watched the spectacle Liz made of herself.

She was his souldmate, this bastard didn’t have the right to touch her like that!
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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) Ch 4 2/19/09

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Wow! So I suck. :oops: I am so sorry that I even let this story get moved to the Dead and Buried section. I swear it wasn't because I forgot about it. I actually had like the next 5 chapters all planned out...and then I lost those plans and have yet to be able to find them. So I started this chapter all over again. I'm sorry that it took so long.

(AN about story!!! Please Read!!!) Okay, I know Liz might seem a bit OOC in this chapter, but I want this to be a bit of a prelude to the responsabilities that she is going to have now that she is going to be responsible for Dawn and that she is going to be becoming the Slayer. Also, I took into consideration that she is grieving at the moment and she is having a hard time dealing with everything all at once.

Thanks again for all of the feedback and bumping. And sadly I didn't get to save the feedback before the story was pruned and sent to the Dean and Buried section, So I'll make it one big thank you for all of you who are reading and reviewing this story. I made this chapter a little longer than most to try and make up for my extreme lack of updates! I hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter Four

Tess’ POV

She sighed as she watched the scenery going by as Max followed Liz and the others to where ever it was that Liz and that guy that Liz was obviously was with. She knew that this put a wrench in the plans that she and Max had for making Liz and Kyle jealous, but at least she knew that Kyle and Liz weren’t together; although, that didn’t explain why Max had seen then sleeping together especially if she was with this other guy.

Max's POV

Who the hell was this guy?

He and Tess were supposed to be making Liz and Kyle jealous! Since when the hell did he have more than just Kyle for competition?

Not to mention there was something odd about that guy. He was so pale. What did Liz even see in him?

And why did it seem like everyone but him, Tess and Michael knew what the hell was going on.

And what was up with Liz? Obviously something was wrong…why hadn’t she come to him? He could have helped her!

Liz’s POV

She sighed happily for the first time since her nightmare of her mother’s and sister’s death. She still wasn’t okay, but with Angel here she could begin the process of dealing with her problems and her grief. Angel would handle the problems that he knew she wasn’t ready to deal with yet. He would be her pillar of strength in a way that her friends just couldn’t be. He would be her shoulder to cry on. He would be her protector when she needed him, as he had been since they met.

“That’s the first time you’ve smiled even a little since I got here. What are you thinking about?” Angel asked her.

She turned her head to look at him as she leaned back against the headrest of the passenger seat. She gave a small smile and let her eyes travel down to where their hands were connected and resting on the console between the two seats, “I was just thinking that I’m going to be okay now; that if you’re here to
help me through all of this…I’ll be okay,” she whispered.

Angel gave her hand a squeeze and glanced over at her for a moment, “You know I’ll always be there for you, Liz. I’m not going anywhere.”

She smiled at him and felt her eyes get teary once again, “I know. It’s one of the things I love most about you.”

Angel smiled, “I love you too, Lizzie. We’ll get through this together. –And your friends will be here for you too.”

She tried to laugh through the lump she felt forming in her throat. She knew how lucky she was to have friends and family like she did.

She was going to say something when she noticed a bunch of cars in Angel’s drive way, “Great,” she sighed.

“Now, I get to deal with the little red witch who thinks she can get her way. She better keep her witchy powers away from my sister,” She grumbled.

Angel gave her hand another squeeze, “I know you don’t like them, but try and be nice. It may be in two different ways, but your both grieving.”

She sighed, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to admit it but she knew he was right. She didn’t have the right to take her anger out on her twin sister’s best friends just because she was sad that she had lost two of the most important people in her life. Reining in her anger she sighed again and nodded, “Okay…but if she attacks first…” she trailed off and looked over and into her boyfriends eyes.

Angel nodded in understanding, “Baby, Buffy and Joyce are your family and this is your house too…you don’t have to take anything you don’t want to in your house or at the time that you need to grieve the loss of your family. I’m here; lean on me if you need to.”

She nodded. She loved this part of her boyfriend, while the others saw him as a closed of brooder type of guy, he showed her the guy that he was when no one else was looking. When it was just them he would talk as much as he listened. He never pushed unless he knew it was the right time to push. And all the pushing he did was more encouragement than pushing. He pushed her to go after what she wanted…to distance herself from the person she felt herself becoming when she had been together with Max.

She sighed and unbuckled her seatbelt as he pulled into the driveway. She looked over at him with her hand on the door handle, “I love you,” she whispered.

Angel smiled and ran his thumb over her knuckles comfortingly, “I love you, too. Now let’s get to Dawnie, okay?”

She nodded and they both got out of the car and headed for the front door.

The first sight she saw as she walked into her house broke her heart. The man that had been more than just a watcher to her sister looked broken and defeated, yet he also looked like he held the responsibility of holding it together…and she had no doubt that it had something to do with a certain red head who didn’t know when to stop.

“Giles,” she said softly causing the man to look up. There were tears shining the man eyes.

She didn’t need any more than that to throw herself in his arms, “Oh, Giles,” she cried into his shoulder.

She had meant to be strong for him, yet here she was sobbing into his chest.

“Shh. Shh, it’s alright my dear,” he said soothingly even though a voice that seemed to be thick with his own grief.

“Giles?” said a female voice said from further in the room.

She pulled back from her twin sister’s watcher and father figure. There were two groups of people sitting in her living room. She could tell that one had to be Angel’s team, because the two groups were separated by the center of the room; each group was at different sides of the room on two different couches.

She pulled back entirely out of Giles’ embrace and ignored the two groups, “Where’s Dawn?” she asked Giles softly.

Giles gave her a sad smile, “She locked herself in the bathroom.”

She nodded and walked back over to Angel and grabbed his hand and began leading him in the direction of the bathroom that she guessed her sister had locked herself in.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Willow stood up and demanded.

She took a deep breath to calm her short tempered nerves, “I’m going to go get Dawn out of the bathroom.”

Willow glared at her, folded her arms and shook her head, “You’re not going anywhere near her.”

She raised an eyebrow in disbelief and folded her arms. She knew that the glare in her eyes was the proof that she and Buffy were twins.

“Listen I don’t care if you’re Buffy’s best friend or not; but don’t think for one second you are going to come into MY house and tell me that I can’t go comfort my baby sister. We just lost our sister and our mother…so back off!”

“Liz…” Angel tried to calm her down.

“What?” Willow said in shock.

The room was silent. Angel’s team looked surprised, but seemed to better understand things a bit better. Buffy’s friends however were looking over at Giles to contradict what she had just said.

Giles sighed and took his glasses off to wipe with his handkerchief, “Everyone, this is Buffy’s twin sister Elizabeth Parker.”

Willow shook her head in denial, “No, that’s not possible. Buffy would have told me.”

“Yeah, G-man, I mean come on, Buffy only has one sister and that’s Dawn,” Xander said as well.

She could feel her anger rising again. Who were these people to tell her that Buffy wasn’t her sister! She knew that they were hurt that they didn’t know something so personal about Buffy’s life, but there were reasons that they needed to learn about before they got offended or anything.

“Hey, Guys, come on, she just lost her sister and her mother…” the guy she expected was Gunn tried to cut in.

Xander looked over and glared at him, “You don’t know Buffy she would have told us.”

She had had it now, “LOOK, yes you knew Buffy. But Dawn and I are her sisters and NO she wouldn’t tell you about me if it meant that I stayed safe. I am still and ALWAYS will be her little sister…her TWIN sister. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go make sure my baby sister is okay.”

She knew she was being a bitch but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Dawn had to be her first priority at the moment. She couldn’t worry about making nice with Buffy’s friends.

She walked off toward her sister as she heard her friends enter the house. She looked back and caught Maria’s and Isabel’s eyes and nodded toward the room. When Isabel’s ‘Ice Princess’ look glossed over the Alien Princess’s face she knew she had conveyed her message that some things needed to be dealt with.

Closing her eyes and steadying her emotions as she stepped in front of the closed bathroom door. Dawn didn’t know that her emotions were on a thin rope and that she felt like she was going to break at the moment.

“Dawnie? Sweetie? It’s me, Lizzie, will you open the door?” she asked softly after a moment.

The door was quickly whipped open and her arms were filled with her sobbing little sister.

“She sold it!” Dawn sobbed out.

She frowned and ran her hand over her sister’s hair soothing, “Shh, shh, baby, what are you talking about?”

Dawn pulled back and wiped away the tears that were pouring down the young girls face, “Willow. She sold Mom’s art Gallery.”

She felt her blood run cold. She knew that she had been a bitch before but she no longer had any guilt for the way she had acted. Taking her sister’s hand in
her own she walked the two of them into the living room from the back entrance.

She glared at the red head from the back. The room was silent as Willow and Isabel were having a glaring contest. It was obviously a battle of wills.

“You sold my mother’s art gallery?” she asked in the deadliest tone that she had ever heard come from herself.

Willow, Xander, Giles and Oz turned around. Giles looked furious. Oz seemed indifferent but looked ready to jump in if needed. Xander looked a little unsure the moment he saw her face and Willow looked determined to stand her ground.

“Ha, maybe you are Buffy’s sister. That look just screams slayer,” Xander tried to go for humor.

But her major problem wasn’t with Xander.

“I put the money in an account for Dawn’s future. Someone had to think about her,” Willow said.

She felt Dawn squeeze her hand a little in an attempt to calm her down.

“Yeah, someone should…” Willow looked happy at her words; but she wasn’t finished, “And someone did...” she was pleased to see that Willow’s smile fell
just a bit.

“My mother made sure of that the second she found out that Buffy might not live very long. Angel bought Mom’s house AND the Art Gallery from her when things got really hard. Mom put half of the money away for Dawn to go to college because my Dad already set up a college fund for me. And Angel has been adding money to dawn’s college fund every month. She can already pay to go to the most expensive school all the way through to get her Doctorate Degree and beyond.—So, not only did you sell something you had no right selling because it wasn’t yours…you sold property without informing the OWNER…you sold unsellable property.”

Willow’s eyes were now as wide as saucers.

Willow shook her head, “I-I di-didn’t know,” she squeaked out.

Giles looked beyond furious at this point, “You would have known if you had listened to what I was telling you instead of taking charge of things you had no right to take charge of.”

She sighed and took a deep calming breath, “Isabel, could you call your father? We are going to have some explaining to do when we have to tell the people who bought the art gallery that they don’t actually own that property.”

Isabel immediately nodded her head and pulled out her cell phone.

“Maria can you got pull out some clean sheets for Dawn’s room?” she asked.

Maria nodded and walked over to give her a hug, “It’s going to be okay, Chica.”

She nodded and smiled thankfully as Maria pulled Dawn into a hug as well before leaving to go get Dawn’s room prepared.

She looked over at her sister in question, “Do you want to live with me and Angel?”

Dawn’s eyes widened hopefully, “Can I?”

She smiled and nodded, “Yeah, sweetie, you can.” She once again found her arms filled with her little sister before the smaller brunette was off running and throwing herself into Angel’s arms.

She smiled and turned to Buffy’s friends. She sighed and ran her hands through her hair, “This wasn’t how I had wanted to meet you all. And I didn’t want our first conversation to be an argument.—I need time. I know that you lost Buffy as well…but I lost my twin sister that I hardly ever got to see, yet had a strong connection with and my mother all in the same day.—I don’t want us to be at each other’s throats, but understand that things are different than you think they are and I’m sure we’ll all be in for more surprises. It wouldn’t be life if things didn’t get more complicated from here.”

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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) Ch 5 6/27/09

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Hi Everyone, I am SOOOOOOOOOO Sorry for the wait. Life has been both hectic lately despite the fact that I'm on summer vacation. I know it sucks waiting, but I hope that the chapter lives up to the story and that you enjoy. Thank you for your staying with me!!!

Touch of the Wind


Chapter Five:

Liz’s POV

Sighing she stepped out of the steaming bathroom after a much needed relaxing shower, and stood in front of the large bureau to begin brushing her hair. It had been a very long day.

Alex and Isabel had spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen trying to get the preparations started. That had been a bit of a fight with Willow and Xander, but ultimately she had been able to get through to them. She had to bury her mother and her twin sister. It was hard enough for her to do this, but she trusted that Isabel would be able to do what was needed, while still putting the same personal touch to everything that she herself would have done.

The rest of them had sat in the living room getting to know one another, and working through a few of the problems that were still between them. She knew that getting things figured out between the Scoobies weren’t going to happen in a day, but she would try…for her twin. Buffy had always wanted her to be friends with the Scoobies, and for that she would try.

Dawn had clung to her and Angel for the rest of the evening. The three of them had been squished on the love seat. Dawn had attempted to sit in between them, but had been more or less sitting across their laps.

Dawn had always enjoyed having her hair played with when she wasn’t feeling her best, so she had been playing with Dawn’s hair until their dinner had arrived. Angel on the other hand had been there to be the rock both she and Dawn needed. She loved that Dawn and Angel got along so well. He really had been like the father figure that Dawn hadn’t truly had growing up, and for that she loved him all the more.

She hoped that the evening together, all three of them, would help Dawn, Angel, and herself get through loosing Buffy and Joyce a bit easier.

“Lizzie…” the sound of her sister’s soft voice brought her out of her thoughts.

“What’s wrong, Dawnie?” she asked in concern when she saw the uncertain look on her little sister’s face.

Dawn looked down at her feet, almost as if she was embarrassed about something.

“Sweetie?” she encouraged.

“Do you think you and Angel could lay with me until I fall asleep?”

Seeing her sister so close to tears was heart breaking for her. She quickly made her way over to her sister and pulled her into a tight hug, “Of course we will. Why don’t you head off to bed, and Angel and I will be there in a few minutes, okay?”

Angel’s POV

He looked up when he heard Liz stand in the doorway of the office, “Hey, you okay?” he asked when he saw the slight glaze to her eyes.

She nodded, “Yeah, I’m just worried about Dawn. I know this is going to be hard, but…”

He got up and wrapped his arms around her. As he ran his hands up and down her back, “She’ll be okay, Liz. – How about this, you worry about Dawn and I’ll worry about you? Think you can manage that?”

Liz nodded into his chest, and sniffled a couple more times, “She wants us to lay with her until she falls asleep.”

Leaning down he pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, “No problem. Then let’s go help her get some sleep; then you need to get some sleep as well.”


He smiled down at the two girls that meant the world to him. Dawn had fallen asleep nearly as soon as he and Liz had lain down next to her. The past few days had obviously taken a great emotional toll on her; and Liz had followed her sister not long after.

He had spent that last hour and a half just watching them. He knew the next few days were going to be some of the hardest either of them had faced, he was just happy to see that they were getting some rest.

As gently as possible he got up off the full bed that he and Liz had picked out for Dawn when he had first bought the house. Dawn shifted a bit but didn’t wake up. He pulled the blanket up, and smoothed a piece of fly away hair out of her face. He reached over to her duffle bag, and picked up Buffy’s stuffed animal Mr. Gordo. He placed it next to her knowing that the stuffed pig would be her new treasured possession, even over her numerous diaries.

He picked up Liz and gently carried her back to their room. When he placed her under the covers she groaned a bit, “Angel?”

“Shh, go back to sleep. Everything is fine,” he whispered softly.

Nodding sleepily she immediately fell back to sleep. He couldn’t stop the small chuckle that escaped him. He had always found her to be adorable when she slept. Pressing another kiss to her head he stood to go finish a couple last minute details with the papers he was going to need in order to get custody of Dawn without creating much of a fuss with the legal system.

He soundlessly made his way to their bedroom door, when all of the sudden he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

The feeling stopped him cold in his feet.

It couldn’t be possible. Nothing could be this cruel.

He had known that this would come. That he would feel this…aversion to her presence. It was the self-preservation instincts that popped up any time she was around. Despite the fact that he had felt it before he had never thought he would feel it coming from his girlfriend; from her sister…absolutely, but never from Liz.

He slowly turned to look at his girlfriend who was still peacefully lying in bed. He didn’t need anyone around to know the exact look on his face. He couldn’t believe that the powers that be would be this cruel.

A new slayer had been born.

Just as the myth told of…when one dies another will be born. Buffy had died…the slayer had died.

The slayer was born once again.

And her name was Elizabeth Claudia Parker.
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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) AN 9-20-09

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Hey everyone,

I know I tend to post these a lot when RL gets the better of me. But this one has to be by far the hardest for me to write. Um...a couple weeks ago we found out that my 3 year old cousin has Leukemia. And with my senior year of college starting in just a few weeks, I have a lot going on in my life right now. I swear to you that I am not going to be stopping any of my stories.

I will update as soon as I get the free time. Thank you for being so understanding, and amazing readers and reviewers. Your opinions mean everything to me.

Thanks again,

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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) AN 10-27-09

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Re: Twins (Ros/BtVS/AtS XO,UC,Mature) AN 12-23-09

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Sorry it took me so long to start working on this story again, I was taking my senior seminar class last semester that literally took up every free second I had. But I am on winter break now, and I will be getting backc to work on all of my stories, and I will try my hardest to get all of my stories updated!!

Again sorry for the wait,

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