What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 17 7/22 [WIP]

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 13 3/14/08

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Chapter 12

A few hours passed when Valenti and those that stayed behind had exhausted all avenues of discussions. They couldn’t decide just what they were supposed to do about Liz being pregnant and how they were supposed to help her. Suddenly, two sets of screams came from the back room where Jake and Rowe slept. Michael beat everyone into the room and found the two holding onto each other with tears streaming down their faces. “What’s happened? What’s wrong?” He asked, he’d gotten close to these kids, felt a kinship of sorts since they’d been able to survive abuse and he had too.

Rowe was too busy sobbing so it was Jake that replied, “Liz… she’s in trouble. We saw her… she’s in trouble Michael. She’s… going to die.”

Valenti and the others had entered in time to hear what he said and looked at each other. “Kids… it’s alright. Tess, Kyle and Max have gone to get her and bring her home.”

“She’s not there… she’s already gone. She was taken.” Rowe said and looked up at them.

“How do you know?” Maria asked quietly, something in their voices telling her not to discount them. She moved over to sit on the edge of the bed, Michael on the other edge. “Did you feel it?”

“No, we saw it.” Rowe began, wiping her eyes. “Some men grabbed her, they had… I don’t know… powers of some sort and they… threw her against the wall without touching her… she was knocked out. They took her some place dark. Her screams echoed as they killed her. We have to stop it! We have to!” Jake’s mind was still stuck in the child mode and to hear his sister so panicked caused him to sob even more. Yes, he had his voice back, but he hadn’t completely opened his mind to the true memories he was blocking.

Michael and the others shared a look and Isabel stepped forward, “Rowe, Jake. I know it’s a lot to ask, but can you both try and go back to sleep, just for a little while.” Isabel had to try to see what they saw. If she could, then she could determine how real it was and whether there was anything else that they could go on.

Rowe shook her head and looked at Valenti, “Please don’t make us go back to sleep, dad. I don’t want to see that again.”

Valenti wasn’t certain just how to respond to that. Her first time calling him dad and he knew that she wouldn’t understand them asking her and her brother to go back to sleep. He’d found out a couple days after Max healed Jake that the test results from the DNA were positive, these two were his blood. They’d also found something slightly unusual in the kids cell’s but couldn’t figure out what it was. “Rowe, honey…”

Michael shook his head, “Sheriff… there’s something changed in them. I can feel it. We can tell them.” He seemed to look at Isabel for confirmation and she nodded. Michael turned back to the children, “Rowe, Jake, what we’re about to tell you can never be told to another…”

An hour later, Rowe and Jake had finally fallen back to sleep, taking the news rather well and Isabel had stayed to sit between them, a hand holding each of theirs. Looking at Alex, she smiled and he returned the smile watching her as she closed her eyes and he knew she would need him there to keep her grounded. He reached out a hand and placed it on her leg, the closest spot he could reach and simply watched her.

The letter from Liz had been short and he couldn’t help but wonder what she had written to Isabel because earlier the woman he had been in love with had surprised him when she’d leaned into him and let him hold her more closely then ever. Had the letter involved anything that would have done that? As he waited, he took the letter out of his pocket again and read it for the tenth time it seemed, might have even been more.


This is so hard for me, Alex. After all the times I had to lie to you before, after everything I put you through. You can’t tell anyone, Alex. Not even Maria. This is something I just had to tell you before I go. I’m pregnant, Alex. No, it’s not Kyle’s and I can’t tell you who’s, but there it is. But there’s more. I’m also developing powers of some sort and I’m scared of what my pregnancy and these powers would mean for everyone, so I have to go. The more I’m around Max, the harder it is and since this baby isn’t his… I don’t want him hating me. In fact, I really don’t think I should ever see him again. I’m going to my aunt’s cabin in New Hampshire. She doesn’t use it anymore but she’s sentimental so she’s kept it. As much as I love Maria, I think the safest bet is for me to give you the address and phone number here. If something happens… if there’s an emergency, call me. I love you, Alex. You were always my brother no matter what. So, here’s an order… Mr. Dodgeball… be there for Isabel, help keep her grounded, she needs you more then she realizes, but she will realize it. We humans seem to really have an effect on our wonderful hybrid counterparts. Me on Max, Maria on Michael, Kyle on Tess and you on Isabel. Take my word for it. Just give it time… and keep strong. Don’t be afraid to be a little hard to get, but feel out the timing for that.

RR 1 Box 65
Whitefield, NH 03851

Remember, call me if there’s an emergency, and don’t give anyone the number or address.


If this dream walking panned out to be what they all were thinking, Alex would be making that call to try and warn Liz before it was too late. Or, to get a hold of the others when they found the place empty. He just hoped it wouldn’t have to happen that way. Fear for Liz was rising and he knew he was about to break a promise. An unspoken promise, but one none the less. He hated this, and he hated even more that everyone else was going to be upset with him for keeping this a secret.

As Isabel closed her eyes, her hands holding onto the kids’, she let herself go into concentration, focusing on the tunes of the spheres within the dream plane opening, listening for the ones that would fit the kids. Soon, she heard it the one that represented Rowe and she reached out, taking the orb in hand, marveling at the color of it. Such a pale aqua, a color that to Isabel had always been one of calm and tranquility, yet it oddly contrasted with the kind of life Rowe had led.

Looking at all the orbs floating around, each representing dreamers, she tried to find Jake’s, knowing that she would have to bring them both together before she would see what they had both seen. It seemed as though another, one outlined in crimson flowed over to her, trying to reach for the one she held and she took it in her other hand, instantly feeling the weight of the pain and knowing it was Jake’s. Holding them together, she focused watching as the two melded and then began to grow. Slowly, once it was large enough, Isabel stepped through the opening.

Coming out on the other side, Isabel saw a quaint little room. The walls were sparse a few pictures covered them and as she looked at them, she could see they were pictures of Liz with all of them. Different times when they had taken pictures together. Continuing to look around, she saw that Liz was seated in the middle of a twin bed, her left hand on her stomach, which was barely a little bigger, not really enough to have given away the fact that she was pregnant, and her journal laying open before her. Liz seemed to smile as she spoke to the empty room.

“My babies, my little ones. I’ll protect you, take care of you. And, as you grow up, I’ll tell you about your daddy and how he came back to save the world and tear mine apart, but he gave me the chance to feel what I’d be missing out on with him. My little girl, Valeria Roanne, I hope one day you can feel the kind of love I had with your dad in this time and not have to lose him. My little boy, Blaine Jacob, I hope you’ll know how to love and be able to trust in that love. That you’ll have a woman who will love you no matter what happens.” As she moved her hand away, two little silver handprints appeared and her smile grew. “I love you, my darlings.”

“Liz.” Isabel found herself saying and watched as Liz glanced around.

“Isabel?” She questioned but she obviously hadn’t seen Isabel standing there. How could this be? Normally, if she wanted to make herself seen, she could. This was strange, all to strange.

“Liz, if you can hear me, you have to get out of there. Now!” She called out, feeling panicked as Liz seemed not to hear her.

Suddenly, the slamming of a door sounded and Isabel’s gaze turned toward it. In the doorway stood three people, one of which, Isabel knew on sight, Lonnie. “I told you it would be easy, Khivar. Nicholas here was the fool.” Lonnie said and Isabel felt her anger grow.

Her gaze turned to Liz who was now standing, her hand held before her as golden electricity ran through her hands. Before Isabel could think, Liz was thrown back by an invisible force and fell unconscious after hitting her head.

The scenery suddenly changed, it was dark, a cave of some sort from the musty odor and what sounded like bats wings fluttering. Liz’s screams sounded in the air. “No! No! Stop! My babies! You’ll kill my babies!” A pained sound echoed through the walls of the cavern, a final scream and all was silent.

A voice sounded in Isabel’s mind. “Soon Vilandra, soon you will be mine. Enjoy my present.”

Before Isabel could think, she was suddenly thrust out of the dream and her eyes opened wide. “It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream.” She muttered and the children awoke instantly moving to hug her and cry on her.

Alex was silent for a few minutes, “Isabel…? What happened?”

Isabel’s eyes watered, “Lonnie… Nicholas… Khivar… they took her… but it wasn’t today… It wasn’t today… it was a memory of sorts…” That’s all Isabel could find the ability to say as the others rushed back into the room after having given her the chance to do this with little distraction.

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 13 3/14/08

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Chapter 13

Liz lay exhausted and in pain, the darkness surrounding her driving her out of her mind. What did they want with her? She wasn’t a threat to them. She just wanted to have a normal life. When Lonnie and the men walked in, she hadn’t realized until Lonnie spoke that she was in big trouble and she’d hoped that practicing some control over these new powers she’d received would have helped her, but they hadn’t. She hadn’t been able to get the energy to go before she’d been knocked unconscious.

Nicholas. He wasn’t in his normal body, she hadn’t recognized him. She had spent an hour with him trying to mind rape her, wanting the location of the granolith, but somehow, even when she’d been close to giving up fighting, the pain so terrible, something had kept him from getting it. She had to get out of there. Only problem was, she knew she was in a maze of caverns. She’d heard them mentioned Carlsbad and it scared her. She remembered taking trips with school and coming to this place, remembered that there were certain caverns that they weren’t even supposed to go in. How was she to get out of there without killing herself?

She tensed as she heard footsteps and saw a flashlight round the corner, looking up to see Khivar. This was the man that had enslaved Max’s planet? He didn’t look as old as he should have. Was he also a skin? She had so many questions; some personal like was he going to kill her and others scientific. Yet, she doubted she would have the chance to ask those questions. “Are you comfortable, Liz?”

The coldness in his voice sent chills down her spine but she wasn’t going to back down, she wasn’t going to be a coward right then. “Go to hell. Just let me go.”

“Sorry, not happening. See, although the children you carry hold your blood, they also are the heirs to Antar. So, you’ll be staying here until you give birth and then you’ll die. You can either die giving us the answers about the granolith or not. Either way, Max and your other friends back in Roswell are going to die and it’ll be at the hands of your children. Unless of course the Sheriff’s lost children do it for them. Want to know a little secret, since after all you’ll be dead in a months time…” Khivar laughed and moved to kneel in front of Liz, roughly grabbing her chin and forcing her to look at him. “The FBI Special Unit is really easy to manipulate, right now those children don’t even know they are weapons. Weapons I helped create. Oh… and remember when Lonnie, Rath and Ava came to Roswell?”

He pointed the flashlight over to a different side of the cavern and Liz saw someone hunched over there. “Zan didn’t die. Ava thought he did, but it was all a part of the plan. Too bad that Ava isn’t going to be able to save you now. I know she was living in the same quaint town you were and visiting with you.”

Liz felt sick, she felt as though she was literally going to throw up. This man was psychotic. What did he have planned for her? Oh God, she hoped that Ava was alright. Maybe Ava and their friends Malachi and Serena could figure out what happened to her and get word to the others in Roswell. As much as she didn’t want to see Max because of the explaining she had to do, she wanted to see him and apologize for everything. It killed her to think she was going to die without seeing him again.

She turned to look at Khivar and whimpered as the man suddenly kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth. Without thinking about the consequences, she bit down on his tongue and he drew away, the back of his hand slamming against her cheek and causing her to see spots. No, I can’t pass out. I can’t. I have to stay awake. Wait… Isabel… maybe Isabel will dream walk me.

Liz began hoping that she would fall asleep. “How long have I been here?” She found herself asking, wanting to have an idea of how long it might have been since her new friends and Ava might have noticed her missing.

“Three days.” Khivar answered and she watched him walk over to kick the huddled figure in the corner. As he moved, she saw the man that must have been Zan. He wasn’t looking very good at all.

The next morning, Maria made her way into Liz’s room, her eyes filled with tears. If things had happened as they seemed, her best friend was dead. As she began looking around, her eyes landed on the figure on the bed and she barely held back a scream. Lonnie! Without thinking, she rushed over, seeing the odd tilt of her head and the strange bend in her arm and leg. Reaching out fearfully, she felt for a pulse and found none. “Oh my God… Oh god oh god oh god… no this can’t be happening.” She felt the panic rise in her throat and rushed for the phone which Liz’s parents had left on, not wanting to move anything in case Liz came back. Dialing Michael’s number, she was crying hysterically by the time he picked up on the fourth ring, sounding groggy. “Michael, oh my god, I… I’m… I’m not … sure what… to do… Oh god Michael… Lonnie’s dead. She’s here in… Liz’s room… dead.”

“Calm down, Maria. I’m on my way.”

“Don’t hang up, Michael. Please… I… I don’t know what… to do…”

“Maria, I have to hang up the phone so I can get there. Just calm down and meet me on the rooftop. Make certain her room door is locked so her parents don’t decide to go in.” Michael’s voice sounding as calmly as it did caused Maria to calm down only slightly as she nodded though he couldn’t see her.

“Okay… just… hurry!”

As he hung up, she walked over and locked the bedroom door before climbing out the window, forcing herself not to look at Lonnie’s body. God, this… this was terrible. How could Lonnie be dead when Isabel had just seen what happened the day before? Did that mean that it had happened even before that? Oh God. Liz! She had to be alive. Maria wouldn’t know what to do without her. Sitting on the chair on the rooftop, she sobbed, fear for her best-friend overwhelming her. Damn it. She wished that she had some special powers.

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) A/N 5-8-08

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The good thing is that most of this was already written I just had to edit it so I could repost... lol

Chapter 14

“We could get it working for them. Tell them how to work it. They should learn that its not just a ship or a one way time travel device.” Future Maria said as she looked at Future Max.

“We have to wait and see if they can get to Liz on time. We didn’t even know then what we should have realized. We just have to hope that they figure it out before it’s too late. Before Liz…” Max took a shuddering breath.

“I know. Why didn’t we make it a plan to mention some of that?” Maria replied as she placed a hand on her friends shoulder. They’d both been each others rocks, helping them get over the losses they’d felt. The future hadn’t turned out anything like they had dreamed it would. Neither of them would forgive themselves for letting Liz die. They were certain they could have saved her. If only they’d been in time… if they’d done things differently.

The two embraced and sat down on the floor. “Let’s hope that Serena and the others have already somehow been brought into this. Otherwise… we’re screwed all over again.” Maria commented softly.

“Don’t think like that, Maria. We have to have faith in them. We can’t let ourselves think that our coming back here was for nothing. Don’t you dare give up on me!” After three years, Max and Maria had grown close, but it had taken three years for Max to mourn Liz and Maria had mourned Michael for nearly eight. Now, as they sat holding each other, they smiled and their lips met. The last year, they’d been able to find some comfort from each other. A mutual love, but one that wouldn’t hold a candle to their past loves. They knew that if things worked, if things were changed, then they would never be. But for the moment, they would enjoy what time they had.

As Max kissed Maria, his hand slowly trailed over her neck, down along her shoulder and brushed her breasts through the shirt she wore. A gasp registered followed shortly after by a moan. Maria’s arms lifted to wrap around his neck, holding him closer as she felt her passions rise. It had been weeks since they’d been able to be intimate with all the battles raging. They might as well use all this waiting time to make up for it.

Serena, Ava and Malachi all shared a look with each other. What had happened here? Liz was supposed to have called them two days ago and they hadn’t heard from her, so finally after ringing her and ringing her without an answer they’d decided to go see her. Now, Ava glanced around the room, moved through it picking things up, her emotions running high. She kept hoping that something would trigger a flash that would tell her what had happened. Things were tossed around, but nothing seemed to be missing, not even Liz’s clothing. “So, what exactly do we do now?”

Serena glanced at her brother, “Honestly, the only thing I think we can do. Contact the people she made us promise to in case of an emergency. This is an emergency.” She glanced over at Ava, “What do you think, Av.? Should we call Roswell?”

“Why would you be calling Roswell?” Voices sounded from the broken doorway, causing Serena to jump and pull her gun.

“Who the hell are you? What the hell are you doing trespassing on private property?” Serena questioned, holding her hands steady and more then willing to fire the weapon in her hand.

“Relax, Rena. This is Max.” As others entered Ava continued, “And Tess and Kyle as well. They are three of the people from Roswell.” Ava looked at them and sighed, “Liz is missing. She never called us this morning and we haven’t heard from her for two days.” She paused a moment and then motioned towards her friends, “And, just so’s you know. Serena and Malachi here… they already know who and what we are. I met them shortly after leaving Roswell. They had something from the crash ya know. We’ve been cool. Liz came to trust them right away. They are cool peoples.”

“Can someone just tell me what the hell is going on here?” Kyle interrupted. “I get that Liz is missing… but do we know what the hell happened? Where she went? Did she leave on her own? Anything?”

“Nothing. I’m not getting’ flashes… but I doubt she left on her own. Her journal’s still here, right on her bed. Open to where she left off with writing.” Ava replied but she was looking at Max. “Look, I think…”

The phone began ringing and Malachi picked it up. “Hello.”

“Umm… is Liz there?” A girl asks hesitantly.

“No… she’s not. Who’s this?”

“Oh God… Michael… they said she isn’t there.” Malachi heard the girl begin to freak.

“Is Max there?” A guy’s voice sounds on the line.

“Yeah… he’s here.” Malachi takes the phone from his ear, “For you, Max.” He shrugged and stepped away as Max reached for it.

Max put the phone up to his ear and instantly could tell from Maria’s freaking out that it was Michael. “How did you get the number here, Michael?”


“What’s going on? Why does Maria sound worse then usual?”

“Maxwell… Khivar, Nicholas and Lonnie took Liz… then Lonnie showed up dead in Liz’s room. She’s gone, Max. We don’t know if she’s alive or not, but the kids… Rowe and Jake had a dream of sorts… like a memory or something. Anyway, they saw who has her. Isabel walked them and saw everything they saw. She’s carrying twins, already chosen a name and everything. Journal should still be on the bed, right?”

“God, Michael. Have they seen anything else?”

“No, darkness with Liz screaming and then silence.”

Max found the phone slipping out of his hand and looked at Tess and Kyle. “We’ve got to get home to Roswell…”

“You aren’t going to look for Liz alone. Where you go, we go. After the dreams she’d been having, we promised we’d do anything we could to be here for her. If she’s in trouble, we’re going to help get her out of it.” Malachi and Serena both looked at him with determination as did Ava who had nodded.

“Fine. Whatever. We need to get back quick.”

This was when Mal smiled. “Not a problem. Ava… get them to the air field in twenty minutes.” He looked at Serena who nodded, “Sis, you get everything we’ll need if everything Liz said was correct.”

Serena nodded and they both rushed out of the house and got into their perspective vehicles. All three had driven themselves in case they had to leave earlier then the other.

Isabel and Alex had decided that they needed to steal a moment away. So, they’d gone out back of Valenti’s house and stared at the stars. Night had fallen, everyone was back and everyone was upset. Isabel had asked Alex to come outside with her, wanting to comfort him as he had comforted her before. They were silent for several long moments before Isabel turned to look at Alex, taking his hand in hers. “Alex. Can you ever forgive me for how I’ve treated you in the past?”

Alex looked at her with shock, not understanding what she meant as he spoke, “Um... Iz... there’s nothing to forgive.”

“Yes there is. I pushed you away. I made you feel used. I didn’t let you know how much I needed you or appreciated you. I never told you how much you meant to me. I simply kept telling you that we wouldn’t be anything more then friends and it was because of my stupid fears.” Isabel wasn’t even aware of how much she was rambling, or even notice the smile that had lifted Alex’s lips. Even as she continued, Alex simply placed his thumb and forefinger on her chin and lifted her chin so she could meet his eyes before he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers.

The move was effective in cutting off the words Isabel had been about to add and she melted into the kiss, her arms finding their way to wrapping around his neck. Alex took that as his queue and wrapped his arms around her waist, reveling in the knowledge that she really cared. Liz had been right and he really wanted to know what it was that had made her so aware. Kissing Isabel in this way was so exhilarating that Alex was worried he would wake up any second and find it to be a dream. After several long moments he drew back and smiled at her, “Isabel, you had your reasons, I knew that. I knew that you weren’t ready and that it was hard for you. Yes, you tried pushing me away, but I’m right here, Isabel. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be a part of your life in whatever way you are comfortable with.”

Isabel was silent for a moment; looking at him and doing something that wasn’t something she was known for. Her eyes misted over even as she smiled, “Alex, I want you to be in my life completely, without restrictions. I broke things off with Grant the night Liz took off because I finally admitted to myself that it’s you I want to be with.”

Alex’s heart soared and he simply embraced Isabel uncertain of just how to respond, he was just so thrilled, happy… there were so many words that he could think of to explain how he felt at that moment.

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) A/N 5-8-08

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Chapter 15

Liz didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to hold out. It seemed as though she’d spent the last several days trying her best to tend the wounds that Zan had, the two talking and each time she was hurt he’d quietly heal her, though she still didn’t know his story or how it was he turned out to be alive. It was growing increasingly difficult for her to keep from giving in when Khivar or Nicholas decided to start in on her. She knew that she had been lucky, she knew that at anytime Nicholas might try to mind rape her and she was afraid of that more then the beatings that had become habit. Each day she would be thankful that he hadn’t done that yet, but she knew her captor’s were growing impatient.

“Liz, I’m getting’ well enough to be able to make a distraction so’s ya can get outta here. Ya think ya can do what’s needed?”

“No, Zan… if I go you have to go with me. There’s someone that really misses you and is lost without you.” Liz told him, reaching a hand out. She’d come to think of Zan as another friend, though looking into his eyes when they had enough light in the cave from candles, or hearing his voice made her ache for Max. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I returned to her and wasn’t able to see you both reunited.”

Zan took her hand in his and gave her a smile, “Then let’s hope we both can get out of here once I’ve enacted the plan.”

Footsteps sounded along with voices, “Don’t bother holding back, Nicholas. With or without the brats I want answers and I want them now.” Liz heard the familiar sound of Khivar’s voice and felt herself tense, sliding away from Zan who returned to his fetal position. It had left them thinking that they had broken Zan when they saw him like that.

Liz felt her gut clench and instantly placed her hands over her stomach wanting to protect them as she always did, not wanting her babies to come to harm. “As you wish, Khivar. I’ll get everything we need out of her today.”

Just his words sent chills up and down her spine and when he walked into the cavern room, a small lantern in hand, she could see them both wearing very pleased smiles. Max, I love you. Let me find strength. She thought silently, sending out her silent prayers and as she stared at them, waiting to see what she could do she suddenly felt as though two sets of arms surrounded her in warmth. Something about the feeling gave her strength to keep from cowering as Nicholas made short work of moving up to her.

“Well, Liz. We have some things to take care of, but I need you to tell me what we want to know. I’ll give you one more chance to simply say what we want to hear.” Nicholas began and slowly Liz simply smiled as the feeling seemed to strengthen.

“You’ll never get anything from me, Nicholas. Nothing you can do will get me to talk.” Liz said, surprised that even her tone of voice was strong and steady. “Do your worst, Nick, I’m not talking.”

Nicholas smirked as he stepped over to her, his hand instantly moving over the crown of her head as he closed his eyes, “Very well. Let’s see what we can find in your sick human brain.”

Even as the pain began, Liz closed her eyes and began concentrating on thinking only of Max and her friends. Of her babies. She refused to let herself think of what information he might still be able to glean. “What’s this? What do you think you are doing?” His voice held a slight panic to it and she couldn’t help but wonder what it was. “Come on, let’s see where the granolith is.” The pain increased in her head and she couldn’t keep herself from crying out, the sensation of the arms remained strong.

“You’ll never find it.” She said between her gritted teeth. “Never.”

“Don’t be too certain.” Nicholas commented. “Well, what’s this? A future version of Max? Well, well, well. This is interesting. Oh, you naughty girl. With passion like that… I might have to have some fun if you survive.” He continued to delve but something strange seemed to surge from Liz and as he tried he was thrust away from her by an invisible force. However, she only got a brief reprieve as he got up and moved back to her, once again beginning to go through her mind, this time his other hand gripped her hair tightly. “I’ll have fun taking my time to kill you.”

“You won’t have the chance to do anything.” The sound of another voice filled the cavern and Nicholas’ touch moved away. Liz opened her eyes and made out a form that wasn’t in the slightest familiar, yet somehow she wasn’t afraid.

“Oh, and how exactly would you plan on stopping me Sarieta?” Nicholas asked and as Liz watched the woman lifted a hand, forcing him to be thrown away from where Liz was.

“Nicholas… you are Khivar’s dog. You might have been a power before, but you’ve lost your edge. I am here with several others to see to it that you and Khivar fail in destroying this planet. And… you two are such fools you led me straight to you.” She turned and motioned to some unseen person or people. “Let’s get these two out of here and to safety. We’ll deal with Khivar and Nicholas another time.”

When she turned back to look at Liz, a smile lifted her lips while she strode forward, her hand shot out to the side and Liz turned to see Nicholas pushed back against the wall again before she felt a smile on her own lips, seeing his head loll to the side. “I assume that you are Liz?”

Looking back at the stranger, Liz moved to try and stand, though it wasn’t quite as easy as she had wished it to be. Zan was also moving to his feet and as she watched he moved to embrace the woman. “Sarieta, it has been far too long. How is our mother?”

Liz’s eyes widened as she realized that this wasn’t just some other alien before her. “Zan, it has been too long. The Queen is well and sent us here. Come, let’s get you two out of here and then we’ll fill you in.”

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 15 5/8 - A/N

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Chapter 16

Rowe and Jake sat in the living room, holding onto each other in a tight embrace as they focused on Liz and keeping her safe. They didn’t know why, but when Serena had joined the others, her and Malachi seemed to think that the twins were connected to Liz. They’d let Serena do some different tests but the others had yet to explain. Ava, Isabel, Max, Michael, and Tess all had hands on the twins and were using their powers to connect to them. It was then that the group got an image of Liz staring at Khivar and another man who looked as though they were going to kill her.

They watched the scene unfolding and Max wished he could run to her, instead he heard her saying the name Nicholas. The way things were going, Max almost broke the circle with the urge to find her but all he could tell from her surrounding was that it was some sort of cave and with the way things could be at Carlsbad or other places that didn’t help him. As they continued, when Nicholas seemed to stand back up after somehow Liz seemed to have pushed him away, they all breathed a collective sigh of relief when he seemed to step back and turn away.

What they saw there had all of the hybrids gasping in shock. Sarieta Tol? How could she be on earth and looking not even a day older then their memory? Then again, all of them other then Ava were also questioning how they knew who she was. They drew back and looked at the children, and their human friends. “Liz is safe. She was rescued. She should be home soon.”

Ava herself was filled with joy for another reason; Zan was there and alive! She had seen him, heard Liz call him by name and she couldn’t believe he was really alive. She had so many questions. She had wondered why he’d never met up with her again. She’d worried that he had been hurt more then he had let on and actually died on her. She’d believed he had to have been dead because otherwise he would have met her like he’d promised. Looking around, she felt guilty because she had allowed so much to come into these people’s lives with her one lie. Zan hadn’t died when Rath and Lonnie thought he did. They’d had a feeling something was going on so they had planned for the eventuality. When she’d seen the move in place she’d mind-warped Lonnie and Rath into thinking they saw Zan killed. He’d been injured and she had taken him to a nearby hood, a friend tending to him.

When she’d learned about Roswell, she’d come up with a plan that Zan had agreed to and then suddenly she’d followed it and he never showed up. When she went back to the hood, they’d told her that he had left when planned and was heading to meet her, but it had been a couple months by then and she’d chosen to go back and wait. That’s when she’d run into Liz. Looked like the circle was widening.

As Zan and Liz were assisted out of the caves no one really spoke, they didn’t really want to speak. Zan had many questions for Sar and for the others. But now wasn’t the time. Once they were outside, both he and Liz winced at the sudden light and had to shield their eyes. Sunglasses were handed over to them, which they gratefully took and placed over their eyes before sighing in relief. Liz’s head was the worst for the wear thanks to Nicholas’ attack, but she was glad to be free. As they made their way to a very odd looking vehicle, she found herself having to question, “Who are you people?”

Zan smiled and squeezed her hand since they had simply shifted to kind of help each other along. “Liz, meet Sarieta, one of the commanders that used to work under Rath back on Antar. She is also the cousin of who we were in the other life. Then, there’s Helos, her husband and one of the best tacticians we ever had.”

“I wouldn’t exactly say that, Your Majesty. I was just good at learning what Khivar was planning… just wasn’t in time when the final blow came.” Helos hung his head in shame. He still blamed himself for how things had turned out.

Sar reached her hand out to her husband’s shoulder and gave a squeeze, “Love, you know as well as I that you couldn’t have stopped what happened. Not anymore then Vilandra could have. She was tricked and in turn tricked us without knowing she was. Queen Viene has told you time and again that it wasn’t your fault, you truly must stop blaming yourself.” She then turned and spoke to Liz, “We were sent here to aid Earth against the Skins. We have a small contingent with us at the moment and others that are planning to rally more troops to come to Earth as well.”

“Seems to me, we’ll need all the help we can get.” She was forced to pause when she felt movement flutter through her stomach and her free hand lifted to rest over her swollen abdomen. In just the few days since she’d been captured, she had increased in size and as much as she didn’t want Max to see her like this, she knew she had to go home, “Where are you planning on going now?” She asked as she was helped into the conveyance and settled in. Looking around, it seemed similar to a normal car, but there were gadgets inside that she knew she’d never be able to figure out.

“We need to get you home and then find the other royals.” Helos replied.

“And then we need to form a plan to keep the granolith safe while we turn the area into a base.” This came from another of the people with Helos and Liz turned to look at him. “I’m Helos’ brother, Hectos, the basic computer operations man as you would call it here. Then, that’s our other brother, Pyr. He’s weapons expert.”

“Nice to meet all of you. I’m Liz, and the other royals are all probably worried about me in Roswell.”

Sarieta looked at Zan as though for confirmation and he nodded, “Lonnie and Rath turned on us. Ava, I’m not sure where she is.”

“I can find out. Once we get back to the others I can call my friend in New Hampshire and see to it that we find out if Ava is still around.” Liz allowed and saw a relieved smile on his face. She’d learned that though at one point he had felt kind of like there was someone else out there, Ava was indeed the woman he loved. It had taken this ordeal for him to see that.

“So, to Roswell we will go.”

“How did you know how to find us?”

“Actually, that would be because of the reading we picked up from those little one’s you are carrying. They are going to be extremely powerful when they get older with the readings they are already giving off. Larek has already told us about you, so when we saw you we were certain that you were in on the secrets, not just because you were being held captive because the way Nick and Khivar can be, they don’t care.”

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Re: What We Missed Out On (Self/XO/UC/Adult) Ch 15 5/8 - A/N

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Chapter 17

Jim had gone to the sheriff’s office for the day and was sitting in his office when Hanson came in, “Sheriff, there are some people here to see you.”

“Show them in, Deputy.” While he waited, he glanced down at the file he’d been going over, making certain everything was in order.

“Jim.” The second he heard the voice, he looked up and jumped out of his chair walking around the desk to embrace the young woman.

“Liz. You have no idea how worried everyone has been.” Jim greeted and gave her a large grin as he drew back and glanced at her stomach, “So it’s true then?” She simply smiled and nodded, “Congratulations. Have you been home yet?”

“No, I came straight here. I have some people that are here to help with our Skins problem. They rescued Zan and myself.” Liz explained and turned, motioning for others to enter the room. As Jim stared at one of them, his eyes went wide and he seemed to need to grab the desk.

“Hi, Jim.” Liz had learned that the one who’d spoken was named Tikali and had traveled to Earth previously trying to locate the pods or the hatchlings. Obviously, she’d met the Sheriff and from the reaction it was rather interesting.


“Yes, that is the name you knew me under all those years ago. I hear tell you and Amy are getting along now.” All Jim could do was nod, “Sorry to spring this on you now. I’m actually named Tikali and I’m from the same place as the hybrids. You can call me Tika or Tanya, doesn’t matter to me either way. It’s good to see you, still rugged.”

Jim cleared his throat and Liz couldn’t stop from laughing as she saw him blush. “Can this funny little… umm… thing wait until later. I’d really like to see the others and we don’t have forever. The Skins are going to attack and the sooner we plan, the better.”

Jim nodded, “Oh… uh… right. They are all at my house. Or they were. We’ve kind of expanded it, thanks to those fabulous kids. Now, I’ll drive you over.”

“No need. Just meet me there in about half an hour. I’m going to let my parents know I’m alright and Tika wants to say hello to my dad too.” Another hug and she was off with Tika in tow.

Serena sat with the children, everyone else gathered around to hear what she had to say. “I know this is going to sound rather strange, but from all the testing that Mal and I did, it’s appearing that someone decided to completely recode the genetic structure within Rowe and Jake. They are still human, that’s no doubt, but it appears as though they’ve basically been interlaced with another human DNA strand and an alien strand. I don’t mean hybrid strand either, full alien.”

“How could that be? And what will that do to them?” She had already explained this to Jim over coffee that morning so she had been expecting these questions.

“Somehow, more then likely through some form of chemical therapy, they’ve been made to forget a specific span of time in which scientists studied them and did the change. What it’s doing is slowly spreading the alien cells through their bodies, effectively creating their own form of hybrid. They are somehow tied to Liz, which makes me think that somehow that day when she was healed, some of her blood was saved and her blood was fused into theirs at the same time as the alien DNA. They could very well gain powers, but it could also have a negative effect. Until we know for certain, we need to make certain that everyone is careful. That they aren’t left without someone around that can help them if there turns out to be a flare of a power out in public.”

Mal took over, “There are a couple of chemicals that are known for causing memory impairment that when used with the right dosage can cause a form of brainwashed memory regression. We can try hypnotic therapy with them, but I’m a bit wary about doing that with Jake. We don’t want his memories all surfacing at once. It could cause more severe trauma if they did.”

“I still don’t quite understand how you two could know so much when you aren’t that much older then we are.” Maria found herself interjecting and then bit her lip and shook her head, “Never mind… so if Rowe agrees and wants to, what exactly would need to be done…”

“Maria, it’s alright to think that there is something missing in this. I have often wondered myself how Serena and I became so filled with knowledge of things that even the most advanced scientist wouldn’t be able to grasp. I think I’ve finally figured it out.” Mal started and glanced at Serena, the two nodding as Malachi reached into one of his pockets and removed a small stone of sorts that was embedded into a small band. He put it on his finger and for a small moment it sparked and then simply became an opal in appearance. “We’ve had these all our lives, since our grandfather gave them to us when we were young.”

“How did he get them? Where did he get them?” Max interrupted as he asked, his expression filled with confusion and intrigue. He was relaxed now that he knew Liz was alright and would be coming home soon. He doubted that Sarieta would go anywhere other then to where he was with the others.

“Poppy was one of the military men that was around when the ship crashed. He was curious and picked up one of the items without gloves on. It modified itself into simple rings on all his fingers. The brass didn’t notice, but it came in handy because he put it in a very safe place in case something happened. He was certain that after the base break out that happened one day he would be on the list next so he wanted insurance. A few years back he ended up getting Dementia and his mind started to fade. He was able to tell us where a few others were and we got them out, but when we went back, poppy had died. We knew he hadn’t died normally because of the autopsy.”

Mal placed a hand on Serena’s shoulder as his sister began tearing up, “Needless to say, we ran, changed our appearances as much as we were able and started a new life of our own. With these items in our possession, they seemed to strengthen the rings we had and it seemed as though the more we studied the more we knew. But somehow we weren’t just learning about human biology. Poppy had already mentioned seeing pods, how many there were and what it looked like so we began working on formulations, determined one day to find those aliens and aid them however we could. When Liz appeared, pregnant and actually passed out on us one day; Serena tested her blood and found the altered DNA. Liz had no choice but to fill us in, especially once we told her we knew about Ava.”

“Is everyone going to sit around talking about me, or am I going to find out just how it is that everyone is here in one place?” Liz called out, she had entered the house quietly with her small group, Jim helping her. She’d even stood there in the kitchen entry a moment, watching everyone she cared about as they interacted.

“Liz!” The kids were up and running before the others could get to her and she was being embraced by them. “We were so worried when we saw you taken.” Rowe said as she drew back and forced Jake to do the same. “I’m so glad you’re home.”

“So am I, Liz.” Jake replied.

Liz looked at Jake with shock as she spoke, her eyes misting with tears as she embraced both of the children and smiled, “It’s so good to hear you talking, Jake.” She looked over at Valenti who simply grinned and shrugged.

As Rowe and Jake moved back, Maria took over embracing her best friend with tears in her eyes. While they cried with each other, Zan stepped past them and took Ava in his arms, kissing her deeply before drawing back and simply holding her.

Max stood there with his hands in his pockets, looking at her nervously while wanting nothing more then to take her in his arms but uncertain as to whether she would let him. Seeing her with his own eyes, alive and well, it was overwhelming even when he could also see that she was showing with the babies growing inside of her. When she looked at him from over Maria’s shoulder and their eyes met, he felt himself grow lost and took a few more steps forward without thinking.

“So, you are called Max now?” Sarieta’s voice sounded, breaking him of the spell and he looked at her, “We have a great deal to talk about with all of you. We were sent here by the Elder Queen.”

Isabel spoke up as she moved forward, Alex keeping his arm around her shoulders, “Talk of such things can wait. We’ve all been worrying about Liz and minds need to be eased before we think on the coming battles that are certain to be taking place if you are here.” She placed her hand around Alex’s waist and smiled at him. “We all have things to catch up on.”

Sarieta and Helos shared a smile and then nodded, “As you wish, Princess. We will wait. However, in the meantime, I think I should issue orders to our troops to begin constructing our base. Pyr, I want you to begin determining the weapons here on Earth that might be able to be altered to use against the Skins. Jim and Tika can go with you to do that.”

Jim had already agreed with helping in whatever way he could though they hadn’t yet determined how to let the world’s population know about the fact that there really were aliens and which ones were good and which one’s weren’t. So, with a nod he left with Tika and Pyr, planning to do just that. Kyle excused himself and decided he wanted to go with his father but stopped long enough to give Liz a hug and welcome her back with a smile before walking out.

“Will everyone just calm down and sit. Liz just got back, she doesn’t need everyone overwhelming her so let her sit down and rest.” Michael spoke gruffly and when Liz looked at him, she was surprised to see his eyes seemed to be watering slightly.

“Good to see you too, Michael.” Liz replied with a smile as Maria began ushering her over to the couch, when she passed Max, she found herself reach out to place her hand on his shoulder as she said, “Hi, Max.” That simple touch caused memories to rush over her and she sighed as she stepped away, walking with Maria. It had been so long and she wanted nothing more then to have Max’s arms around her. Part of her would easily give over to the desire to go back and change things, but the babies she carried were important to her and she wouldn’t give them up for anything. She knew she couldn’t go back, but she was afraid of how things would be going forward. Her life with Max was over and the sooner she accepted that the better.

“Are you okay, Liz?” Serena asked as she greeted her, giving her a hug. “The babies?”

“All three of them are fine. I’ve already made certain to check.” Zan replied as they all positioned themselves around the living room. “Nicholas tried to do many things to Liz, but something seemed to keep protecting the babies.”

Max felt anger fill him and concern, what else had happened to Liz that they hadn’t seen? If he asked, would she tell him? Before he could even form a question about it, Michael and Malachi seemed to be thinking in like mind and spoke simultaneously, “Liz, no more vanishing acts, stay in Roswell.”

Liz laughed as she looked at them, “Mal, I always thought you and Michael would get along. As to my leaving, I have no intention of leaving again. Not with what Sar and Helos told me was about ready to happen. I’m determined to be here to see everything through. I’m sorry I had everyone worried, I just couldn’t let myself stay around before…” She didn’t dare look at Max as she said that and instead nibbled at her lip nervously, her hands resting on her stomach.

“Liz… I need to thank you for your letter.” She heard Tess say and looked up at her with surprise and a question filled her gaze, “Max and I may have been meant for each other in our other life, but I am not in love with him. I am in love with someone else.”

Liz felt joy fill her but she also felt sadness because she couldn’t be with Max. There was no way he could forgive her for what she did, she was sure of it.