Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 12 23 April[WIP]

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Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 12 23 April[WIP]

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Title: Grey Clouds

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Couples: mainly M/M however others will be present. All conventional at least eventually with the exception of some Isabel and Kyle at the end (maybe)

Rating: Mature. For themes of suicide and probably language. At some times this story might be quite dark so I suggest you stop reading immediately if you don’t like that stuff.

Summary: Michael is the son of the governor of New Mexico and a washed up actress who was a bit promiscuous back in the day. Maria is the daughter of a mentally unstable woman and a man who doesn’t tend to live on the right side of the law.

Author's Note: I’ve already written a few chapters ahead so I’ll try to update every week… but you never know.

A Prologue of Sorts: The Storm

The glare of the cameras, voices yelling at her from all direction – this had become her hell. Mr. Stevens was pulling her into the courthouse; the police had virtually lost control of the crowd, she was being pushed and shoved as reporters screamed questions at her.

I’ve done nothing she told herself

I’ve done nothing

I’ve… but I have, I know it, I let this happen.

This is my fault.

“Just keep walking Maria.” Mr. Stevens said. “Everything’s going to be fine; no one can hurt you in here.”

But she didn’t care about that. She’d told them all before, I haven’t been hurt, I was fine with it - it shouldn’t be a big deal. Don’t worry about me.
Jesse dead,
Tess dead,
Sean gone,
All preventable- they should have worried about them, not her.

Michael Guerin was standing away from the crowd but Maria could see him. She wished that he would come closer but at the same time, knew his father wouldn’t approve. It was bad publicity to associate with someone like her.

It was bad to associate with someone like her in general.

“Just forget about all of the horrible, disgusting things that… have happened and you’ll see that you’re a beautiful, intelligent person with your whole life ahead of you.”

Michael hadn’t told her that – Mr. Stevens had, but then, he agreed. Of course he agreed, he felt sorry for her – pity – that was it. That was all it was.

“Miss Deluca, you’ve upset many people with the comments that you made yesterday what do you have to say?” a reporter asked.

Ignore it

Let it go

Words can’t hurt you.

“Nothing, it’s their problem if they get offended not mine.” Maria said quietly believing every word.

If she, Maria Deluca, died today she wouldn’t mind, in fact, she’d welcome it.

She believed every word of that too.
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Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 1 16 Dec

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Chapter 1: Hidden Sunshine

“Alright class, get into your pairs the bus is here.” Miss Stebbings said. The class of seven year olds hurried across the room.

The sheriffs’ son, Kyle Valenti went to stand next to his shy best friend Max Evans while Tessa Harding left her nearly two years younger half sister to stand next to her best friend Liz Parker.

The other children found their partner leaving Michael Guerin to walk towards Max and Kyle the two people her ended up being with when there was an odd number in the class. Max, Kyle and even Tessa were all his friends; they just seemed to have others.

“Uh Michael? Can you be with Maria?” It wasn’t a question.

Michael scowled. Maria Deluca was a mute, she was a tiny little five year old in a pack of seven year olds who only ever talked to her half sister Tessa and even then it was only ever in a whisper.
The parents hadn’t liked her moving up two years, they didn’t think she would cope. Aside from the obvious lack of friends Maria coped just fine thanks to her brother.
Maria looked upset about being separated from her sister. Tessa gave her a sympathetic smile. That was all she could give her.

Maria trudged behind the others making Michael lose sight of his friends. One of the rules of the Roswell Elementary Buddy System was that you had to stick with your buddy.

Michael was glad that he at least he didn’t have to hold hands with a girl.

The parents had disagreed with that part of the buddy system.

Maria didn’t seem to care that the whole class was waiting for her and Michael; she walked slowly carrying a large pack. Michael remembered that on the first day of the second week of Maria’s time at school (Maria had been in Michael’s class for just over a month), Liz had teased Maria about the size of the bag.
Michael had a suspicion that Liz was jealous of Maria but that was Liz just being Liz. Liz Parker’s parents owned the alien themed restaurant the Crashdown Café and had been clients of Michael’s father, Hank, for most of his life they pushed her to excel in everything.

Roswell Memorial Park was next to Roswell Memorial Hospital. It was the biggest park in Roswell. Miss Stebbings class was at the park to collect leaves for their leaf unit. Needless to say, hardly anyone was collecting leaves.
Tessa and Liz were busy having a leaf fight with Max and Kyle in the distance while Michael and Maria sat silently on the ground, near the bus, Maria watched her sister sadly,

“I’m bored.” Michael said. Maria frowned at him.

“Why?” she asked softly.

“Because you’re boring.” Maria nodded slowly.

“Maybe.” She murmured, helping an ant onto her hand. The two stayed seated.

“Let’s go play with Kyle.” Michael said, Maria shrugged.

“I don’t want to.”

“Don’t you want to play with your sister?”


“Why?” Maria shrugged again.

“I don’t think she wants to play with me.”



“Oh.” They sat quietly again, Michael watched his friends have fun without him as Maria let the ant back onto the ground.

“This is stupid.” Michael finally said.


“Because it is.”

“How do you know though?”

“My dad said it was.”

“Does your dad know lots of things?”

“Yes.” Michael said almost defensively.

“Oh, you’re lucky, my dad doesn’t.” Maria hesitated. “Have you been on the playground?”


“Do you like it?”

“Do you?”

“I haven’t been on it, do you like it?”

“Um… yes.”

“Do you know where it is?”


“Do you want to go now?” Michael frowned at her.

“We’re not allowed.”

“So?” Michael bit his lip.

“Okay, but it will be your fault if we get in trouble.” Maria nodded and stood up, putting the pack over one shoulder she held out her hand to Michael.

“You have to show me where it is.” Michael looked at her hand darkly.

“You’re a girl.” He said

“I know.”

The playground was almost deserted at this time of day; it wasn’t that big with only two swings, monkey bars and a reasonably tall slide. Michael got bored with it quickly.

“Come on lets go back, this is boring.” Maria was standing at the top of the slide looking over across the park

“Let’s go exploring.” Michael blinked.

“We have to stay together.” Maria nodded.

“I know, I suppose you can come with me.”

“I want to go back.” Michael said stubbornly crossing his arms.

“I don’t though, you can go.”

“We have to stay together.”


“We’ll get in trouble.” Maria shrugged.

“I don’t mind.”

“My dad will hit me if I get in trouble.”

“Oh…Does it hurt?” Maria asked, watching Michael.

“Yes.” Maria nodded thinking before replying, she sighed.

“Okay, I’ll go by myself later.” They began to make their way back to the others, once back on the path Michael tripped on a crack on the pavement grazing his knee.

It hurt, it was only a graze on one knee but it hurt. He bit his lip fighting back tears.

“Don’t cry.” Maria ordered.

“I wasn’t.” he managed to say through a clenched jaw.

“Okay.” Maria opened her pack, took out a medium sized Band-Aid and gingerly placed it over the graze.

“Are you alright.” Maria held her hand out to Michael who looked shocked, and then confused.

“I don’t need help from girls.” He muttered standing up and running back to the others.

He felt guilty almost straight away.
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Merry Christmas to all!!

Chapter 2: Almost, Not Quite

During the short bus ride home Michael sat next to Maria and spent most of the trip deciding whether he should apologize to her. He didn’t.
Maria spent the first fives minutes of the bus ride staring out the window vacantly.

“It’s my birthday this week.” Michael said.

“Oh… that’s nice.” Maria answered quietly, smiling a fake smile.

“I’m having a party.” Maria nodded. “There’s going to be a clown.”


“Do you want to come?”


“Why? Are you scared of clowns? Kyle’s coming even though he is.” Michael instantly regretted telling Maria that little piece of information and was glad to see she didn’t seem to notice it.

“But I’m too little to come.” Maria explained. The words sounded familiar:


“I don’t think we should be friends with her,” Liz had told Kyle on Maria’s first day in their class. “She’s too little. My mom says she’s not meant to be in our class.”


“Why?” Maria frowned.

“Because I was born too little.” Maria leaned her head against the window.

“Oh, why?” Maria shrugged.

“I don’t know.” Michael hesitated.

“Why won’t you talk to me?”

“Because I don’t need to. We’re not friends.”

“Do you want to be?” Maria shook her head.

“I don’t know.” Michael turned around to watch Max and Kyle laughing at the back of the bus. He watched them longingly.

“Why are you sad?” Maria shrugged, shaking her head again.

“I’m not.”

“Then why don’t you talk to me?” Maria shrugged.

“I’m thinking.”

“About what?”

“My brother said goodbye to me but I didn’t think he was going anywhere. I don’t want him to go away again.” She looked at Michael. “Did he tell your mom he was going somewhere?”

Jesse Ramirez-Deluca was 26 and one of Viviane Guerin’s lawyers. He was the only one of her lawyers to offer to work overtime. He was the son of Maria’s father, Joseph, from his first marriage.

“I don’t know,” Michael shrugged. “My mom doesn’t tell me stuff about stuff like that.”

Before he went to bed that night Michael asked his mother to ask Maria Delucas mother if Maria could come to his party. Viviane was a beautiful woman. She was tall and had long wavy dark hair. She’d been an actress before she’d married Michael’s father. Michael father was the governor of New Mexixo, he had not wanted Viviane to continue acting after they were married, she did however appear on the covers of numerous magazines and was currently developing her own game show with the help of Jesse.

“Hmm… I don’t think that’s a good idea honey.” Michael frowned

“Why? It’s my party.” Viviane nodded slowly.

“Yes it is and I did say you could invite who you wanted it’s just…”


“I really don’t feel comfortable with someone… like Maria in our house Michael. I’m sorry but she can’t come.

“Why not? You don’t mind Tess.” Vivianes snorted before she could stop herself.

“Yes, well at least her fathers honorable.”

“What does that mean?”

“Its means that… Maria and Tess’s mother chose a less than honorable career.”

“What did she choose?” Viviane shook her head at Michael, knowing that his father wouldn’t approve of her telling him about this.

“She works at Stel- uhh never mind Michael Just forget it. She can’t come”

“Oh.” Michael didn’t know what his mother meant.

“Goodnight sweetie.” Vinnane stood up and walked to the door, turning off the light as she left.


Michael followed his mother out of his room deciding to ask Jesse if he was going somewhere.

That would make Maria feel better wouldn’t it? Then maybe she would be his friend.

Unbeknownst to Viviane, Michael went downstairs and knocked on the door of Jesse’s office.

That was the night Jesse Ramirez-Deluca’s car was found on the edge of Roswell Gorge.
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Chapter 3: Laugh

“We are gathered her today, under the eyes of god, to celebrate the life and morn the loss of Jesse Esteban Ramirez-Deluca.” The priest of the Roswell Catholic Church said.

Jesse was found 3 days ago at the bottom of Roswell Gorge

He died on impact.

There was no police investigation. There was no need.

Today was his funeral.

The church was mostly empty.

Jesse had left Roswell the day he graduated high-school. He went to law school in Boston and had only come back to Roswell for the money. He wanted to make a better life for his baby sister.
Jesse didn’t have any friends in Roswell and no friends in Boston were close enough to take time off work to attend his funeral.
His funeral was only family and his fathers ‘friends’. None of Jesse’s mothers’ family turned up.

Jesse hadn’t spoken to any of them during the 20 years before his death all except Sean and Sean was currently staying at a drug rehab clinic in Albuquerque.

“Maria. Be Quiet.” Amy Deluca hissed to her youngest daughter.

Maria was crying in-between her mother and sister, her father stood in front of the small crowd giving his speech to the few who cared to listen.

“To those who knew him, Jesse was a very troubled man.” Joseph spoke calmly to the crowd. “But that did not make him any less of a brother, son, cousin and most of all person…”

The priest yawned but Joseph kept of talking. Maria still whimpering in her seat tried to hold back tears as she curled up to her mother who was sitting tearlessly with a trace of a smile on her lips staring vacantly up at her husband.

“…I will always, in some way, hold myself responsible for Jesses actions because… like grey clouds hinting rain Jesse showed some signs of…depression. They sadly went unrecognized until it was too late…” Joseph paused. “We should, in some small way; all feel responsible for what happened to Jesse. And we should all, everyone in this room at least, understand what drove my son to… do what he did…” Joseph went on.

“Thank you.” Joseph’s speech and ended a few people remembered to clap as he returned to his seat near the front.

Amy nodded to Maria one Joseph sat down next to her

“Sorry about the noise.” Amy murmured to her husband. “Maria here couldn’t keep quiet.”

“Sorry.” Maria mumbled avoiding her fathers gaze. Tessa held Maria’s hand supportively she always tried to find some way to help her little sister.

“Maria.” Joseph hissed. “Come outside and get cleaned up. You look a mess.”

“But the…” Tessa hesitated. “… funeral.” Joseph didn’t even glance at his step-daughter.

“You’re a mess Maria.” He said again. “Hurry up.” Pulling Maria up roughly by the arm Joseph dragged a whimpering Maria out of the church.

“What the problem Maria?” Joseph asked sitting Maria down on the concrete church steps.


“I know about Jesse. But that’s not what I’m asking you.” Joseph said shortly. “You’ve been like this for weeks…”

“Jesse.” Maria said weakly.

“…before Jesse killed himself. Tell me. Now.” Joseph sat next to his daughter and then taking a gentler tone asked: “What’s wrong Maria?” Maria shook her head.

“Just tell me Maria,” Joseph muttered quietly. “So I can make it better. Do you want me to make it better?”


“Tell me.”

“Okay.” Maria looked down at the ground, she shut her eyes. “You and mommy keep fighting and…” Maria hesitated. “… I’m scared.”

“That we’ll break up?” Maria shrugged.

“That you will leave me by myself.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you keep saying mommy’s crazy and she is always angry with you.” Joseph laughed

“I’m not going to leave if my wife gets angry with me Maria. Not while I still have a home here.”

“But what if something bad happens like with Jesse?” Joseph shook his head.

“Don’t think about that Maria. You’re a kid for the love of god start acting like one.” Joseph put his hands on his daughters’ shoulders. “You’re fine. You’re alive. That’s what matters. Do you agree?”



“Yes.” Maria smiled at her father.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 4 6 Jan

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Thanks for reading

Chapter 4: Five Weeks Earlier

“And remember when we’re at school don’t call me Tessa, my names Tess there okay?”

“Okay.” Maria hesitated. “What are they going to call me at school?” Tessa shrugged.

“Whatever you want, I can call you Ria like Sean does if you want.” Maria frowned.

“I think I like Maria.”

“Alright then.”

It was a Sunday evening the sun was setting and they were sitting on the steps of their run down trailer, their mother was out ‘dancing’ and Joseph was away in the desert on ‘business’. The Roswell Trailer Park was on the edge of town, close to the desert and out of the way.

“Are you scared?” Tessa asked. Maria nodded.

“What if no one likes me?” Tessa shook her head.

“They will. Just remember to laugh at Kyle’s jokes and let Liz answer all Miss Stebbings questions first or she’ll get jealous.”


“You’ll like Kyle; he’s really cool and Max, he’s really nice once you get to know him.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll look after you.”

*** Monday ***

Maria woke up early on Monday morning. It was an odd week which meant that Tessa stayed with her mother and therefore the two sisters were able to walk to school together. School was on the other side of town.

“Hey Tess! Come over here.” Liz Parker yelled to her friend from across the school grounds.

Tessa took Maria by the arm and dragged her towards Liz, Michael and Kyle.

“I don’t think we should be friends with her,” Liz muttered to Kyle as her best friend and Maria Deluca approached. “She’s too little. My mom says she’s not meant to be in our class.” Kyle frowned.

“But what will Tess say?”

“Well we can be nice to her I suppose.” Kyle shrugged.

“Alright then.”

Liz tried to be nice but from the moment they stepped inside class all Tess could think about was protecting her little sister.

Did Maria need help painting her leaf?
Did Maria ask the teacher for a reading journal?
Was Maria cold?
Was Maria hot?
Had Maria remembered to bring lunch?

Liz was finally given an opportunity to talk to Maria when Tess went to the bathroom

“Hi.” Liz said to Maria, she was sitting by herself looking quite lonely without her sister. Maria smiled.

“Hello.” She said quietly. Liz smiled; maybe she could be friends with this girl.

“You’re smart aren’t you?” Maria frowned.

“I don’t know.”

“Tess says you are.”

“Tessa, uh Tess… says you are too.” Liz grinned.

“I know, I am.” Liz hesitated. “Can you do hard stuff?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, like hard math problems.” Maria frowned.

“I suppose.”

“Show me.” Liz pushed a piece of paper in front of Maria. “I want to see.”


“You can’t really can you? You probably cheated to get into my class. No ones smarter than me.” Maria smiled.

“Probably.” She murmured writing on the paper

Maria showed the paper to Liz.

“I don’t know if its right.” She muttered.

“There are letters in it.” Liz frowned looking at the paper.

“I know.”

“That’s weird.” Maria shrugged.


“I don’t think its right.” Liz explained. “There are letters in it and it doesn’t make sense.”

“You’re probably right; I’m not very good at it.” Maria explained. “My brother hasn’t had time to teach me it properly and I keep getting confused when I learn it by myself.”

“I don’t need a brother to teach me things.” Liz gloated. Maria smiled weakly.

“That’s good.” Tess returned

“What are you guys talking about?” she asked.

“Nothing.” Liz hid the paper.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 5 15 Jan

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thanks for reading and thank you to xmag and saanuska for the feedback

Chapter 5: Ending the Investigation

Two Years Later:

“When are we going to see grandpa again?” Nine year old Kyle asked his father.

He was sitting in the Crashdown café eating a burger with his father and his oldest friend Isabel Evans, Max’s popular twin sister. Isabel was the only girl in her year to be friends with a boy.

“Dad? Are you listening to me?”

“Huh? What was that Kyle?” Jim Valenti had long since become an expert at avoiding the difficult questions.

Why are there police guarding our house at night?
How come you won’t open our mail?

All questions like that were best left ignored.

“When are we going to see grandpa?” Kyle asked. “He hasn’t seen us in ages. Won’t he be lonely?” Kyle was being strangely persistent today. Jim laughed.

“Kyle, grandpa has other visitors you know.”

Liar! Liar! The words that once rung in Jim Valenti’s ears now went unnoticed. Jim had perfected the art of blocking out the feeling of any guilt towards his father a long, long time ago.

“Oh.” Jim nodded doing his best to leave the subject of his father he spoke to Isabel.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything to eat Isabel?” Isabel shook her head. A ten year old who doesn’t like junk-food, Jim thought, that’s new.

“I’ll get you a coke Isabel. How about that?” Isabel shrugged looking at one of the far booths. Jim frowned; the girl wasn’t usually this quiet. Following Isabel’s view Jim saw Maria Deluca sitting alone.

Maria Deluca – the daughter of Amy.

“Maria’s in your class this year isn’t she?” Jim asked both Kyle and Isabel. Kyle nodded.

“Yeah.” Isabel muttered. “She doesn’t have any friends.” Jim turned around.

“Maria.” He called. Maria hesitated before looking up at Jim inquiringly.

“Yes?” Maria could be a scary child but Jim wasn’t sure why.

“Are you here by yourself?” Maria shrugged.

“I can look after myself Sheriff.” Jim knew Amy to be irresponsible but not this much.
So she was abandoning sevens years olds in restaurants now? Maybe she had had a point.

“I feel crazy Jim.” Amy had told him almost three years ago.

“You’re not, you’re just…” What was she? Jim didn’t know. She wasn’t even his Amy anymore.

“Insane?” Jim shook his head. Had Amy taken her medication today? He was going to ask her, not trying to pry but at the same time needing to know, but before he could open his mouth Amy spoke again.

“Do you regret not going to France?” she asked.



“Where’s your mom?” Maria leaned her head to one side and then the other.

“She’s coming.”

“Alright, come sit with us until she does.” Isabel smiled slightly at the idea.

“So how do you like school Maria? I hear Mr. Hunter gives you lots of homework.” Or so his son Kyle had said.





The customers crowded around the windows to get a better view of the street. Jim reacted immediately.

“Kyle, stay inside.” Jim whispered urgently. “Stay safe.”

With that he was out on the streets. He spotted the gunman at once, gunwoman, Amy Deluca.

“Amy.” He breathed and ran up to the love of his life and raising his hands to show he didn’t have a weapon – hoping against hope that she wouldn’t shoot him. “Amy what are you doing?”

Amy was shaking; she held the gun tightly in both hands and pointed it past Jim, towards the Crashdown.

“Amy?” Was she Amy?

“What am I doing?” Amy whispered, she stared at the gun as if it was some kind of alien artifact.

“I don’t know.”

“I need help.” Jim nodded.

“I’ll help you.” Amy shook her head.

‘You can’t.” She whispered. “You can’t. You can’t…”

Kyle had never seen his father in action before. Now was his chance.

Leaving the Crashdown was easier than it should have been. No one noticed Kyle leave the building until he was onto the mostly abandoned street – watching his father.

“Amy, yes I can. Just give me the gun Amy, give me the gun.”

“No, no, no.” Amy was shaking her head madly.

Accident or not the gun went off.

It took a small body to fall to the ground before Amy gave Jim the gun.

It took the cries of a young girl for Jim to realize that his son had been shot.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 6 23 Jan

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sorry about the delay. i found this really cool story on another site and forgot about this...

Chapter 6: Alone Shouldn’t Be Normal

The Roswell Emergency Services worked wonders on a good day and not at all on a bad. The day that Kyle Valenti was shot in the stomach by madwoman Amy Deluca was a good day.

He survived.

Amy Deluca was arrested but she didn’t go to jail.

She was taken to Glenhills Hospital partially because of the recommendation made by Jim Valenti. Glenhills Hospital was made especially for the insane. Amy’s eldest daughter was taken out of her care and put into Ed Harding’s.

And then everyone was expected to return to normal

Normal. For Maria Deluca normal was impossible do she lied, and pretended it was, pretended she was, pretended everything was… normal.
But normal was the last word that you would use to describe Maria Deluca’s situation. She was now missing a mother as well as a brother, her father was almost entirely absent from her life and her sister didn’t want to speak to her again.

She was alone and alone shouldn’t be normal.

*******Weeks Earlier*****

“Tess!” Maria yelled running up to her sister. “Tess why haven’t you called?” Maria called the Harding’s everyday but Tess was never able to answer the phone.

Tess turned around slowly; it was the lunchtime of her first day at school since… it happened… almost four months ago. She hadn’t spoken Maria since then, not because she blamed her for what happened.

Nothing like that.

It was because every time she looked at Maria she imagined her mother shooting one of her best friends without a second thought. Tess couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror until weeks after the incident.

“Tessa, where have you been I haven’t seen you in school since… mom was arrested.” Barely any hesitation, Tess thought, it was no big deal to Maria was it?

“I couldn’t come…” Tess’s voice trailed. She didn’t want to talk to Maria here, not anywhere.

Maria frowned. “I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Tess opened her mouth, still not sure what she was going to say when Isabel Evans, Max Evans and a reluctant Michael Guerin walked up to the two sisters.

“Are you even going to say sorry?” Isabel asked Tess ignoring Maria completely

“She didn’t do anything.” Maria glared at Isabel.

“You’re mother almost killed my best friend.” Max muttered. “And you don’t have anything to say?”

“She’s not my mom anymore.” Tess whispered quietly.

“WHAT?” Maria yelled making Isabel, her brother and Michael jump. Maria Deluca didn’t yell. Tess shrugged.

“She tried to kill Kyle Maria.” Tess whispered “He didn’t even know her and she tried to kill him.”

“That was an accident.” Maria defended her mother but at the same time lost her best friend and sister. “That was an accident.” There were tears in her eyes.

“Don’t try to defend her.”

“She our mommy.” Maria pleaded. Tess shook her head and swallowed.

“No.” Tess looked down at her younger sister. “No, Maria.”

“I hate you.” Strong words for a 7 year old. Tess nodded.

“I know.” And she ran off. Isabel shrugged at her brother and then walked towards her classmate Pam Troy, Max followed obediently.

Michael watched a shaking Maria, unsure of what to do.

“Sorry about your mom.” He muttered

“Just leave me alone.” Michael nodded.

“Sorry.” He said again before leaving Maria to follow Isabel and her brother.

Maria Deluca, at such a young age, was already beginning to choose being alone other the company of others.

She liked it… being alone.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 7 23 Jan

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Alright, i'm going on holiday tomorow for a while so i won't be able to post anything for just as long.

also, the pink rv with stars on the celing mentioned inthis is taken from the song 'The long way around' by the dixie chicks and the whole pairing maria and michael up is from Roswell (obviously). it was the best way i could think of to get them seaking to eachother (blame my imagination for that lack of creativity, its currently on strike with the writers(lousy imagination, leaves me alone at the worst of times))

Chapter 7: 9 Years Later

‘My name is Maria Deluca’ Maria wrote and then looked back at her work. Yes that was good. That made sense. Maria was good at writing wasn’t she? That was why she was in this class, two years above herself. Then why was it so hard?

Because she was writing about herself and herself wasn’t a safe topic.

‘I am 16 years old and a senior in high school.’ That wasn’t so safe was it? When she told people how old she was they wanted to know how she ended up in the class she was in and to explain that Maria had to talk about her family and talking about her family… wasn’t a safe topic.

No that wouldn’t work. Maria screwed up the sheet of paper and started again.

‘My name is Maria Deluca and my lack of words is symbolic. That counts for something doesn’t it?’ That worked, that was good and that would get her on detention for a week but since when did she care about getting detentions?

9 years ago, before her mother ran down Main Street. Maria smirked.

“Time just flies by doesn’t it?” she muttered to herself.

Once upon a time she had been a good, intelligent girl with a bright future somewhat threatened by her family and their values but still it was a bright future. And now… she spent more school hours out of it than in, she didn’t care about anything, not when people wrote about her on the walls of the girls’ bathroom…


…and not when she was threatened with expulsion because she knew they wouldn’t actually do it, not hoped – knew.

Because, ignoring her homework results and her lack of attention in class Maria was smart and the school didn’t want to lose their smartest pupil.

But no, Maria realized, that wasn’t why, not anymore.

Her father scared anyone with authority in the school to death. That was why.

That was why.

Maria Deluca wore black, black denim jacket, black denim jeans, black t-shirt, black combat boots and black nail polish that was chipping at the edges.
All dark – all black.
Her eyes however were a startling opposite to the rest of her: they were a bright, vibrant green that Maria tried her best to hide, this time she had them hidden behind large dark sunglasses.

The English teacher Miss Topolsky hadn’t noticed yet but she would.

Maria tapped her fingers on the desk impatiently staring out the window trying not to think about everything wrong in her life. Instead she thought of New York of a pink RV with stars on the ceiling and of freedom.

“Ah, Mr. Hague this must be the new student.” Miss Topolsky addressed the deputy principal standing at the door. “Alex Whitman is it?” Alex nodded.


“Well welcome to West Roswell Mr. Whitman, you can take a seat next to…” Miss Topolsky scanned the room for a seat as Mr. Hague left. The only two seats available were next to Maria and Michael “Michael Guerin.”

No one in their right mind would put the new student next to Maria Deluca.

“Hey.” Alex muttered taking a seat next to Michael as Miss Topolsky returned to her laptop. Michael nodded in acknowledgment.

“Hi.” He said. “Alex Whitman is it?”

“In the flesh and fresh from the heart of Texas, before that California, and before that Boston born in Washington mind you.” Alex was talkative and spent the lesson telling Michael about how he ended up in Roswell New Mexico but thankfully didn’t ask Michael about his own family. He probably didn’t need to; Michael thought bitterly, they’re in the paper every other day.
Without realizing it Michaels gaze turned to Maria. Why he was so fascinated with her he had no idea.

“Hey… who are ya looking at?” Alex asked.

“Wha…? Uh… no one.” Alex raised an eyebrow.

“Right.” He said slowly and then murmured. “So who is she?” Alex nodded towards Maria

“Who?” Michael asked deciding to play it stupid.

“The girl in the black, she’s the one you were looking at isn’t she?… unless...” Alex frowned at Kyle. “But he looks very much enamored with the beautiful blonde.” Michael shook his head at Alex.

“Maria Deluca. She’s Maria.” Michael checked the room quickly; no one was looking or listening. Good.

“Ah Maria.” Alex whispered softly. “Quite good looking isn’t she? Looks lonely though.” Alex gazed at an unaware Maria.

“Yeah.” Michael agreed. “She is.”

“Then why don’t you talk to her and make her less lonely?” Alex asked. Michael blinked, stunned by the suggestion.

“Cause I’d be blacklisted.”

“What does that mean?” Alex asked, frowning.


“It has to mean something.” Michael shrugged.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” He said evasively. Why didn’t he just talk to her?

“Now class if I can just have your attention for a moment.” The class took several moments to give Miss Topolsky their attention. “For your assessment, that will be due next month, you have been asked to interview one of your fellow classmates and create a full page article on them. The role of an investigative journalist…” Michael stopped listening.

Why didn’t he just talk to Maria? It wasn’t as if talking to her meant that his other friends would hate him. However much they hated Maria Deluca, they were still his friends. And besides, Michael thought, I’m the son of the possible future president of the United States. They wouldn’t give being friends with that up.

“And the pairs are as follows…” Miss Topolsky began.

“Can’t we just choose our own?” Isabel asked reclining in her chair. “It’d be easier.”

“Investigative Journalism is not supposed to be easy Miss Evans.” Isabel shrugged slouching slightly at her desk. No one contradicted the ice-princess Isabel Evans.

Maria noticed the exchange and grinned to herself; she saw Michael watching and glared at him.

“Now, as I was saying the pairs are as follows; Troy with Harding, Valenti with Evans… Max Evans that is, Isabel Evans will be with Whitman, Guerin with Deluca, Parker will be with Robinson and finally Adams with Trenberth.” The bell went. “I suggest you all stay behind for a few moments to discuss interview times with your partners-” Miss Topolsky said over the noise of moving chairs.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day.” Alex said clapping Michael on the shoulder. “And it looks like it’s my lucky day too.” He muttered, walking confidently over to Isabel. Michael shook his head at Alex’s nativity.

But it was turning out to be quite a good day wasn’t it?

Maria rushed past Michael in true Maria fashion.

“Hey Maria, we should-”

“Miss Deluca take those glasses off they are not…” Miss Topolsky finally noticed Maria’s sunglasses. But it was too late; Maria was already out the door.

Not such a good day. She left before Michael could speak.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 8 31 Jan

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just returned from holiday... very boring. but on a happier note i've got more of the story to post.

By the way: on the subject of hank being a possible future president, i've totally changed my mind about liking that idea because it seems quite disturbing and unrealistic. oh well... its a bit too late to change it now,

as always thanks for the feedback.

Chapter 8: Plastic Can’t Hurt You

Maria Deluca visited Glenhills every week she knew the nurses of by heart and the hallways just as well. Every corridor. Every passage way. Every room.
She hated the place.
She hated the white walls and ghostly echoes but most of all she hated how Glenhills Hospital could make her feel:


Just like her mother

“Miss Deluca, your mother is ready to see you now.” The receptionist murmured careful not to disturb the empty room. Maria didn’t nod, finishing a thought. She frowned at the thoughts end.

“Miss Deluca?”

“Yes I heard you the first time.” Maria stood up suddenly and brushed past the receptionists’ desk without so much as a glance. Don’t talk to me and it will be like I was never here.

“Amy.” Maria slid into her mothers’ room. Amy didn’t respond to ‘mom’. Amy watched her daughter standing alone at the door.

“You here again.” She said abruptly returning to her cutting with blunt plastic scissors.

Maria took a seat next to Amy’s bed, if she was offended by her mothers’ comments she didn’t show it.

“Yes.” Mother and daughter sat in an eerie silence.

“Do you want to hear about Tess?” Maria tried again. Her mother would definitely not want to her about her, Maria. “Kyle asked her to marry him and she said yes. Isn’t that nice?”

It was a very one-sided conversation. Amy cut up a coupon for socks.

“They want to get married right after graduation. I wish I could be there. They would be so happy together won’t they? She really loves him. You should hear her talk to Liz.” It should be me; Maria thought with bitterness, I’m her sister.

But not any more, she reminded herself, remember that: Not any more.

“Why are you here?” Amy asked suddenly.

“Wha… I.” Amy stabbed the scissors into Maria’s hand but the plastic couldn’t do anything more than bruise her. Maria shuffled her chair to a safe distance away from Amy’s reach.

“Why do you come here?” Amy sobbed. “What do you want from me?” her sobs turned to screams.

“Dad sent me, your husband sent me.” Maria yelled, Maria lied but it calmed Amy down.

“Really?” she asked, wide eyed

“Yes.” Maria swallowed; she hadn’t seen her father in weeks. He would go off and then he would come back. It was always better when he was away – fewer bruises to explain. “He wanted to talk to you but he was busy.”

“Topolsky snooping?” Maria frowned, puzzled.

“What? No he’s on business.” Amy didn’t seem to hear.

“Ah… poor man, poor husband. All an accident. It was the right thing. Poor man. What is he going to do? All gone. Everything’s gone now. I am so sorry. Tell Joseph I am so sorry I did not do it.” Amy said, she said so on their every meeting. “I could not kill him. I love him. And I shouldn’t kill love should I? Killing love is awful. He wants me to kill love. Oh dear. That would be awful.”

“Yes.” Amy nodded and then she smiled.

“Yes awful. Awful child. Awful girl. If you had not…”

“What are you talkin… mom?” the word slipped out accidentally.

“Maria?” Jim asked from the door. “The nurse said I could come in. Why aren’t you at school?” Maria blinked, she turned to face the sheriff.

“Why aren’t you at work Mr. Valenti?” Maria returned to Unfeeling Maria. She couldn’t be anything else in this hospital. Maria stood up. She walked out the door only glancing at the sheriff for a moment.

Over at the Guerin Household:

“That was all a bit fake wasn’t it?” Michael asked his father he nodded to the television. “We haven’t been sailing together. Ever.”

“I remember when my son Michael was younger I used to take him sailing. He was always, and always will be the center of my life. Just as all of America’s children will be if I become president.” Hank spoke into the microphones outside Boston Park Children’s Hospital.


“No need to be negative Michael.” Hank said. “Fake can’t hurt you; fake will win me the election.”

Reruns of the visit to the hospital aired on the News at 7. Michael watched them all if they were about his father; even as a child, watching his father on TV was the usually the only time he got to see him.

“Whatever.” Michael stood up.

“Don’t take that tone with me.”

“I’ll take whatever tone I want to. It’s my life and you’re not the fuckin’ boss of it.” What could his father do? Hit him? Not with the press watching the family’s every move. Michael grinned with satisfaction as he watched his father stare at him, dumbfounded.

“I’m going to bed.” No he wasn’t, he was going out to meet Liz and Max on the edge of town. Why Liz was there he had no idea. Goodie two shoes. He walked to the door.

“Your beds that way honey.” Said a clueless Viviane.
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Re: Grey Clouds (AU, M/M, Mature) Chapter 8 31 Jan

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Chapter 9: Contact

“Have you asked him yet?” Liz asked, she bit into her sandwich and stared at the back of Max’s head chewing thoughtfully. Liz, after starting high school had slowly drifted away from Tess. It wasn’t intentional – they just seemed to have different interests. Tess had cheerleading and Liz had the science club. They were still friends – just not as close. Michael couldn’t be sure if he liked the arrangement or not because it meant that Liz came to him with all those girly things that he really didn’t want to hear about.

It was annoying.

“Ask who what?” Michael faked puzzlement.

“Ask Max if he likes me!” Liz said exasperated. Michael frowned at Liz, pretending to be confused.

“Why would I ask Max if he likes me? I’m not even sure if I like him ye…”

“I’m being serious Michael.” She thwacked him over the head with her biology folder. The whole world knew that Liz Parker liked Max Evans, except apparently, Max Evans himself.

“And I think Michael’s being serious too Liz.” Alex sauntered up to the pair carrying an apple and cheeseburger. It was lunchtime. “Why a mere week ago I caught him staring at the adorable but judging by the ring, taken, Kyle Valenti.” Michael glared at his friend but it went unnoticed. “Have you done what I suggested yet?”

Michael shrugged a no

“Ah, well you better get on with it. Time is a wasting.”

“Have you spoken to Isabel again?” Michael bit back

Alex grabbed his own t-shirt and took a step backwards.

“That hurt man.” He said. “That hurt.” Liz grinned.

“The sooner you forget the ice-princess the better Alex.” She said. “That girl won’t go for anything less than a god.”

Alex asked Isabel out on a date after they finished the assignment. She turned him down at once.

Alex nodded.

“Maybe, maybe not.” He said to no one in particular. “Hopefully not.”

“You really are a lost cause man.”

“In more ways than one.” Alex mumbled and then cheered up suddenly. “But enough about that, is it true about what they’ve written on the bathroom wall? Has Isabel really broken up with Steve?”

“In the girls bathroom Alex. What were you doing in there?” Liz asked incredulously “But yes it’s true.”

“Excellent.” Alex said doing a shockingly accurate impression of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. Liz raised an eyebrow.

“Which really doesn’t mean anything since I’ve never known Isabel Evans to date a psychopath.”

“Thanks, yeh really know how to make a guy feel good about himse… Michael what’s up with you? Yeh look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Michael didn’t answer instead he frowned at Liz.

“What is it?” she asked apprehensively.

“This.” Michael handed the phone to Liz and she read the text message carefully.

“But we’ve given him the money.”


“Sean can’t do that.” Michael shrugged.

“Apparently that doesn’t matter to…” Alex interrupted.

“What are you guys talking about?”

“Nothing.” Liz answered at once but she looked oddly pale as she handed Michael back his phone. “Nothing.”

Maria Deluca walked past and as she did so Alex nudged his friend.

“Oho, it’s Maria Deluca.” Liz stated the obvious. “You still haven’t done that assignment yet have you?” Always Liz’s job to mention schoolwork

“No.” but he had tried several times. He’d tried speaking to Maria three times in total and on the first two he had been ignored

“Hey Maria, can I speak to…” she turned into the library

“Maria, I was wondering if we could.” Maria walked into biology without acknowledging his existence. “Bitch.” He breathed.


The third time was different:

“Maria we have that assignment due…” Maria stopped mid-walk and glared at Michael.

“Why are you following me?” Michael opened his mouth then closed it and then opened it again to speak.

“You freak, I’m not…” He began. Maria shook her head.

“Oh forget it.” She mumbled stomping off.


Liz smirked, patting Michael on the back almost sympathetically.

“Good luck with that.”

“Yeah… thanks.”

No use procrastinating Michael thought as Maria turned the corner. He stood up and walked after her.

“Hey Maria!” Michael yelled, thankfully the hall was mostly abandoned.

Michael Guerin was in her English class wasn’t he? He sat next to the chatty guy in love with Isabel Evans. Why in the world would he want to speak to…?… stupid assignment

“What?” Maria asked.

She’d grown up a lot and was now taller than some of the girls in her year, Tess, Pam and Liz were a few examples but Michael was still taller than her. He looked down on her and she looked up at him.

“That assignment is due in and I am not getting another F.” Michael glared at Maria, half expecting her to walk away but not for the first time in his life he was wrong about her.

“But it’s like… weeks away isn’t it?” She seemed preoccupied. He didn’t really care.

“Yeah… so?”

“I never thought you cared that much about grades.”

“I don’t.” Michael said at once.

“Course… I’ll think finishing it in a couple of weeks… maybe.”

And before he could get another word in Maria walked away.

He frowned as she did so.

She’s nuts, insane and probably schizophrenic, he thought,

Maria Deluca was just another pretty face and nothing good would come from bothering with her.

He had more important things to do anyway


“So, we’re just going to ignore it?” Michael asked Max, bewildered. Nervously Liz looked from one to the other. “Is that all?” Max shrugged.

“Yes.” Looking at Michael’s expression Max elaborated. “Think about it, only you, me and Liz know about the drugs. He doesn’t have any proof that we did anything wrong and no ones going to give him anything. Just ignore it and he’ll go away. Trust me.”

“Trust you.” Liz repeated, nodding slowly.

Trust Max? It didn’t make sense to Michael. It was Max’s stupid idea that had gotten them into this mess in the first place. His father would kill him if he found out. Forget about his father… people went to jail for this kind of stuff.

He was going to jail… brilliant.

“Right. I’ll see you at school on Monday.” Max opened the front door for Michael and Liz. “Don’t tell anyone.”

He was looking at Liz.
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