And Love Will See Us Through(M/L CC Adult) Part 18b 8/5 [WIP

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And Love Will See Us Through (M/L CC Adult) Part 11

Post by beautifyldreamer » Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:07 pm

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 11

Max couldn’t sleep. It was no longer plausible. Liz slumbered peacefully beside him, her chest slowing rising and falling in a pattern most common of a deep sleep. She was curled up next to him her petite hand resting on his bare chest. She looked so beautiful. So peaceful.

She’d been exhausted after her contact with Khivar. Liz had told them over and over again what had happened, what he’d said. Max had hidden his anger well. Though he knew Liz could tell he was extremely upset. Their connection seemed to be growing by the minute.

Max had to admit he was frightened. Afraid of losing the soul mate he'd just finally found. He knew he’d give his life to protect her and their child, but his greatest fear was that even that would not be enough.

He found his thoughts drifting to Tess. Where did she stand in all of this? He knew Michael and Isabel didn’t want to believe she could somehow be their enemy. Heck even he didn’t want to believe that someone they befriended and stuck by through the past five years… someone he dated… could really be against them. But the more he thought about it, the more he sensed that something wasn’t right when it came to Tess.

Max’s gaze traveled to Liz’s form once more. Inside of her was their child. His child. He couldn’t let anything happen to her.

With that final thought, he gently kissed her forehead, wrapped his arms around her, pulled her closer, and forced himself into a restless sleep.

* * *

Alex was exhausted. He’d been up for hours researching crashes, sightings, anything he could find that would help the Pod Squad get a heads up on Khivar. As a human, he felt helpless. Completely and utterly helpless.

He had no supernatural, alien powers to contribute. All he had was his “computer geek-ness”. And after finding nothing that would benefit the group, he felt like a failure. He knew he was missing something. Something in the story Liz and Max had told them. But what?

Sighing deeply, Alex finally laid his head down on his pillow. Sleep would do him some good.

* * *

“We don’t have much time.” The Queen’s voice rang out in Alejander and Marion’s ears. They were rushing the bodies of their closest friends, loves, and charges to a room deep in the dungeons of the castle. As their Prophets, they had failed. Tears streamed down Marion’s cheeks. Rath was forever lost to her. Alejander soothingly rubbed her back, fighting back his own tears of misery. He had to be strong for Marion.

“Forgive me your majesty, but I do not understand. How is this helping them? Why are we not aiding in the search for Khivar? Marion and I are the most qualified for such an endeavor.” Alejander addressed the queen. He did not understand the Queen’s thinking. His friends, his love, they were already dead; there was nothing they could do for them now. Why were they not hunting for the murderous Khivar. He could feel his powers bubbling inside as his anger rose. Khivar needed to pay for his deception and vicious ways.

The Queen stopped and turned to face them, a solemn look on her face.

“They may be lost to us here in this time. But we can save their spirits to live on in the future. The royal crowns of Antar and Velore are at stake. Please, no more questions, we have very little time. You will understand when the moment is right.”

Alejander and Marion nodded as they continued down through the dungeons.

Marion felt a buzz in the back of her mind, a warning of sorts. She caught the eyes of Alejander, he nodded gravely. Something was not right.

“Your majesty.” Alejander’s voice softly addressed her. She stopped, recognizing the tone of his words. “Do you feel that?” She nodded and turned to face them, her eyes growing big.

“I see that this mindwarp is of no use to me any longer as you have sensed my presence.” A feminine voice came from behind them.

“Ava!” Marion and Alejander declared simultaneously. They stepped between the Queen and Khivar’s daughter.

“I hope you don’t think you can stop me. I will have my revenge. And my father will appreciate the work I have done when he discovers I have killed not only you two, but also the Queen of Antar herself. He is already taking care of the King.” She told them maliciously. Her normally blue eyes, turning dark.

“You will not harm her majesty. We shall see to that!” Alejander declared. He could sense Marion’s power building next to him. She was unusually silent, but her love for Rath was filtering her powers into a uniquely strong phase. Ava had no idea what she was dealing with.

“Stay back your majesty.” Marion ordered softly, her eyes taking on a dark color. This twit was responsible for the loss of her love and now was threatening her Queen. She would pay a hefty price.

Alejander took hold of Marion’s hand, signaling her they were to begin. They connected at that moment, his thoughts becoming her own.

-Be weary of her Marion. Ava is as devious as her father.-

-Yes Alejander. But she will pay for what she and her father have done.-

Ava smiled devilishly.

“Shall we begin?”

Without a response, Marion sent a flash of energy at Ava, while Alejander moved to another position. Ava dodged the first blast, but that was expected, for Marion sent another, stronger beam in another direction that hit her dead on. She flew backwards and another beam from Alejander slammed into her.

“You shall not win Ava.” They both told her in unison.

Ava rose from the floor slowly.

“I already have.” She spoke just as a beam came from behind Alejander and Marion, sending them spiraling across the hall. “Thanks dad.” Ava said in a sugary sweet voice.

“Khivar.” Marion hissed. Alejander knew at that point what she was going to do. Before he could stop her from acting irrationally, she had already rose. He laid weakly, watching the events unfold, helpless to save his friend.

“Ah, the ever faithful Marion, Rath’s love toy. I hope it pleasures you to know he died screaming your name. I told him as I killed him I was coming for you next.” Khivar told her, only filtering her anger. She screamed her anger, gathering up all the power she had. She sent a beam of green and white light straight for him, only for it to reflect off his shield. Khivar lifted his arm and casually sent a bolt of red light at her head. She was sent back, hitting the wall, her body slumping to the floor. “Foolish girl.”

As he spoke those words, Marion lifted her head and with her last bit of strength, she sent another powerful bolt directly at Ava.

“Nooooooooo! Daddy!!!” Ava’s voice screamed her last words before her body disintegrated.

“For Rath.” Marion whispered before closing her eyes and the slumber of death to take over.

A tear ran down Alejander’s cheek. His closest friend, lost forever to him. He rose slowly.

Khivar stood over where his daughter’s body was supposed to be. Sadness overcame his features briefly, but was overcome with anger.

“Your turn.” He told Alejander, his eyes going black.

Alejander nodded.

“My life will end, for I have no reason to live. But yours will end tonight as well, for I will never allow you to take my queen. It shall be my final gift to Vilandra.” Khivar gazed at him with a baffled look, oblivious to the power Alejander held as a Prophet.

Alejander knew the time had come. This was the Final End. A power passed down through several generations of Prophets. It was only to be used as a final resort, for it killed the Prophet. Alejander knew this was what he had to do. He bowed to his queen.

“Send them to safety.” He told her before closing his eyes. He gathered up his energy, into a virtual ball. Focusing his power, he opened his eyes. “The Final End is upon us Khivar. You see I have formed a bond between our souls. With my death comes yours.”

Khivar could only watch in amazement as purple light surrounded Alejander. In a matter of moments, Khivar let out a final scream and disintegrated. Alejander fell lifeless to the ground.

A tear fell down the Queens cheeks just as the royal guard appeared.

“Your majesty?”

“They have saved us all. Send word that they shall be sent with the Royal Four. They have proved their love. May they find them in the future.” As she spoke, Alejander and Marion’s bodies disappeared from sight.

* * *

Maria shot up from her bed just as her phone began ringing.

“Alex.” She answered it immediately, still breathing heavily.

“You had it too.” His voice sounded over the line.

* * *

Liz slammed her locker shut. She had slept amazingly the night before, but she was still exhausted. The weekend had taken its toll on her making for one horrid Monday morning.

“I hate Mondays too.” She jumped at the voice behind her. “Woah woah, take it easy. It’s just me.” She spun around meeting the mirth filled eyes of Kyle Valenti.

“Oh, hey Kyle.” Liz smiled. During her first week, she had run into Kyle quite a few times and chatted with him couple of those times. He had first seemed like an arrogant, sex obsessed football player. But in reality he was your typical nice guy.

“How’s it going? You’re rather jumpy aren’t you?” He teased. She laughed.

“Apparently. I’m just a little tired. I had a pretty exhausting weekend.” Liz replied.

“Uh huh. Well the word on the street is that Max Evans broke up with Tess Harding and you and he were seen together Saturday night after your crazy good concert. What do you have to say about that?” Kyle placed a pretend microphone in her face teasingly. “You move pretty fast Parker.” She laughed.

“Well I guess for once the word on the street is right. I guess you could say Max and I are dating.” Kyle smirked.

“Ah alas, Evans gets the girl again. You sure you’re not up for a ride on the Valenti train?” He joked. She lightly punched his shoulder.

“Ah alas, afraid not.” Max’s voice sounded from behind Liz. She turned to him and smiled, trying to read the look on his face. Kyle smiled.

“Evans. How’s it going?”

“Fine.” Max replied shortly. Awkward silence engulfed the air momentarily before Kyle spoke back up.

“Yeah… same here... just catching up with your gal here, but I should probably get to class. The last thing I need is another tardy. Catch ya later little lady.” He tipped his head in a cowboy-like fashion with a smile and walked away. Liz turned towards Max, shaking her head in disbelief at Kyle’s incredibly corny humor. Max, however, was frowning.

“What?” She asked him. He shook his head.

“Nothing, just not a fan of him, that’s all.” Max answered. Liz grinned teasingly.

“Not jealous are you?” He looked down at her, close to protesting, but instead drew her into a deep kiss, leaving Liz breathless. He smiled down at her after pulling away.

“Not even a little bit.”

Liz smiled, leaning into his embrace. “How are you feeling?” His voice asked softly against her hair.

“I’m fine. Just tired is all. Nothing a nice helping of class can’t fix.” She joked, pulling away. “Speaking of which, we’re both going to be late if we don’t get a move on.”

“Yeah, I guess so. See you at lunch?” Max asked, still holding onto her hand.

Liz smiled.

“Of course.”

* * *

It was ten minutes into lunch and Liz was still nowhere to be seen. Max closed his eyes, trying to feel for her. He got nothing.

“I wonder where Liz could be.” Isabel thought aloud, watching her brother intently. Worry was etched across his brow.

Alex and Maria were silent, both also studying Max. Their worry grew deeper as he stood up, a frown upon his face.

“Max?” Maria asked when he began pacing.

“I can’t feel her. Either she’s shut me out or….” He ran a hand through his hair. Why hadn’t he noticed it before? He felt like a failure.

Alex stood up and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sure she’s fine man. Maybe she just got caught up in class. We both know how she is.” Max shook his head.

“No. It’s something else.”

Suddenly, he jerked his head up, his eyes wide. Without another word, he took off, leaving the others to watch after him curiously.

Isabel was the first to speak up.

“Should we follow him?” Maria and Alex both shook their heads, sharing a secret smile.

“No. Everything will be alright.” Maria replied, taking a bite of her sandwich like nothing had happened.

“How do you know?” Michael asked, raising his eyebrows skeptically.

“I just do. I mean if it was something horrible, Max would have said something, duh.” Maria said off handedly.

Isabel and Michael watched Maria and Alex carefully. There was something going on here.

* * *

“Liz?” Max’s soft voice engulfed the air around Liz. She was sitting with her back against the bathroom wall, a bout of morning sickness making her nauseous

“Max? What are you doing here?” She asked. She had no idea how he’d found her, she’d done her best to mask their connection so he wouldn’t feel what she was feeling. However, the last few minutes had been bad enough that she must have lost control.

Alien pregnancies were a great deal different then anything she read in books about human pregnancies. For one, the morning sickness had started a month or two early. It wasn’t your typical vomiting either. She could feel electricity sending shocks throughout her body, especially her abdomen. It was like a severe case of cramps with electric shock.

Liz closed her eyes as another pain shot through her. She bit her lip to hold back the groan of pain. Max’s form appeared immediately by her side.

“Liz, are you alright?” The look in his deep brown pools told her he was feeling what she was. She felt a tear slide down her cheek.

“I’m fi.. fine.” She replied, fighting back a sniffle. Max took her hand in his and pulled her into his lap.

“Close your eyes.” He told her. She listened and curled into his arms. Liz felt Max place his hand over her abdomen. A warm tingle engulfed her body then and she suddenly felt so much better. “There.” Max said holding her close. “Better?” Liz nodded, letting the tears fall. Max kissed her forehead. “Why did you try to close me out?” He asked her, stroking her arm.

“I didn’t want you to know I was hurting. I thought I could handle it on my own.” She sniffed. Max tilted her chin, bringing her eyes to meet his.

“Please don’t ever shut me out Liz. We are meant to go through this together.”

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And Love Will See Us Through (M/L CC Adult) Part 12

Post by beautifyldreamer » Thu Jul 05, 2007 9:03 pm

Thank you all for the fabulous feedback! Hearing your thoughts and takes really helps me know whether I'm on the right track or if there are things I should develop. Thanks again! :D

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 12

“You know what this means, don’t you?” Alex asked Maria as they walked out to her Jetta after the final bell. Normally, Maria drove to Michael’s apartment after school; but today he’d taken off mumbling that he had to take care of some things. While she didn’t know exactly what he had to do, she had a feeling it had to do with Liz. Ever since the weekend when he’d discovered she was his sister, he’d been quieter than normal.

“That Ava was definitely not on our side.” She replied, getting into the drivers seat. Alex plopped down beside her. This was the first they’d talked about the dream they’d had the night before. Maria breathed in deeply. “I don’t know how I feel about this Alex. Being a ‘protector’. We don’t have any powers. How in the universe are we supposed to protect them?” Alex let out a sigh.

“I don’t know. All I know is that I’m not letting any of them die again.”

Maria slammed her fists down on the steering wheel. “What can we do?” She cried out in exasperation. Alex laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“First, we need to warn them about Ava and figure out what to do about Tess.” He paused in thought. “Maybe now that the memories have been unlocked, we’ll be able to harness our powers. Perhaps they were trapped in our minds along with the memories of home.” Maria nodded.

“Over my dead body will Khivar take them away from us again.”

* * *

Michael pulled to a stop just outside the Crashdown and cut the engine of his motorcycle. Running a hand through his short, spiky hair, he took a deep breath. To say he was a little nervous was an understatement. From the moment he’d discovered Liz was actually his younger sister, his world had been thrown for a loop.

All Michael’s life he’d been alone. Sure he’d had Hank, but one could hardly call Hank a father, let alone family. And now, Liz was his family. Although he didn’t have any idea how to be a part of a family, he was determined to be a good big brother to Liz, just as he hoped he’d been before.

“Hey Mike, you hungry?” Michael started at Liz’s voice and spun around to see her walking over to him from the UFO Museum in her Crashdown uniform. He must have been looking at her strangely because next she nervously replied: “Oh sorry. You probably don’t like being called Mike.”

Michael shook himself out of his trance and even smiled a little.

“No I don’t, but I’ll let it slide this one time. What were you doing over there?” Michael asked, nodding towards the museum.

“Huh? Oh, I took Max some dinner. He’s working tonight. His boss has got him doing some research on a reported sighting from last week.” She replied. “Well I got to get back in before Dad start’s wondering if I ran away. Come on in and have a burger on the house.” Liz ushered Michael inside and to a booth in the corner near the back.

After serving him his burger, Liz disappeared to help other patrons. Her shift wasn’t up for another hour. Michael sat contently, sipping on a root beer she’d brought him while she worked and keeping an eye on her. He noticed she had a way about her that appealed to others. Every table Liz approached smiled and laughed with her as she took their orders.

His attention moved to the front door as Tess and Pam entered the Crashdown along with a few notable members of the football team. James Shore, Paul Hawkins, and David Callaghan were all stand out offensive line players from West Roswell’s football team. He watched as they sat down at one of the larger tables just as Liz walked up. He was amazed at how poised she seemed, knowing that confronting Tess could not be an easy task for her. Michael could see why Liz was so much more suited as a queen than Tess could have ever been. Liz was amiable and level headed in any situation, especially those that would otherwise test one’s nerves.

* * *

Liz’s pulse was racing as she approached the table Tess, Pam, and their drooling counterparts had chosen to sit at. Liz recognized the three guys with them as members of the football team and some of Kyle’s friends. This was the first she’d seen Tess since their encounter yesterday afternoon. She remembered how sourly that had gone. She could only hope there wouldn’t be any trouble.

“Hey guys, welcome to the Crashdown. What can I get for you?” Liz’s voice sounded much more chipper than she felt.

“A piece of that ass…” mumbled the boy sitting closest to where she stood. Jerk number one. His comment was followed by a few chuckles from the other two boys, Jerk’s two and three, at the table. Liz could feel Tess and Pam glaring at her as if she’d encouraged the comment.

“I’m going to chose to ignore that and give you guys a little more time to decide.” She replied calmly despite the lingering urge to knock some sense into the three jerks before her… and perhaps even Tess and Pam too.

Her resolve was pushed to its final limit, however, when she turned away from the table and was greeted with a smack on the ass from Jerk one. She spun around, a fire burning in her eyes. But, she wasn’t the one to speak. A booming voice sounded from behind her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing jackass?” Michael’s voice resounded off the walls of the Crashdown. All eyes were now focused on him and the events sure to unfold.

Liz had almost forgotten he had been sitting in the corner. And despite how glad she was that he was there to handle the situation, she knew that his ‘handling of the situation’ was not a good idea.

“Michael, it’s okay.” Her voice soothed as she put a calming hand on his shoulder. She then turned to the table of five. “You have 3 seconds to disappear from our sights or I’ll call the cops.”

Jerk number one had the gall to retaliate with words of his own.

“So what?” He retorted snidely. Liz’s patience wore thin, but she kept a cool demeanor.

“So… I can charge you with sexual harassment. That wouldn’t look too good on your permanent record to all those football recruits looking for new talent.” She replied. She could sense Michael’s anger still boiling and added for his benefit. “Plus, if you don’t leave now my friend here will most likely tear you limb from limb. And none of us want that.” She looked pointedly at Michael, willing him to understand that this would be a waste and hindrance that would most likely lead to unwanted attention and perhaps even police interaction. He seemed to understand, though his anger wasn’t subsiding.

“I suggest you scram.” He all but hissed.

Realizing their predicament the 3 boys headed for the door. Tess and Pam sneered at Liz.

“You act like a slut you get treated like a slut.” Pam hissed as they both disappeared out the swinging doors.

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And Love Will See Us Through (M/L CC Adult) Part 13

Post by beautifyldreamer » Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:05 pm

This next bit is rather short, but I wanted to go ahead and update with what I have thus far. It looks like it could be awhile before my next update (probably at least a week, sorry for the delay :( ).

futuremrsmcdreamy and polar vixen: thanks for the encouragement. i'm a fan of the michael/liz siblingship myself (as will be seen in this next part).

kittens: Excellent observation. This little tidbit will be explained later on, but for now i'll just remind you of the part where Alex kills him. It has something to do with that.

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 13

Michael’s temper flared for a good hour after Pam and Tess left. While Liz had seemed unphased by Pam’s harsh words and her treatment from the football jerks, he knew deep in her heart she’d been hurt. And it tore him up.

He understood Tess and Pam’s jealousy. Liz had taken Max from Tess. And while Michael was a firm believer that Max had never loved Tess even remotely like he now did Liz, Tess had still been a part of his and their lives. However, Pam’s hurtful words were too much.

Liz had acted normal after they left and gone back to business as usual, but he saw a difference in her demeanor. Her smiles no longer reached her eyes and it broke his heart.

It was strange that he felt so over protective. When he’d heard Paul’s words and seen the actions, the instinct to protect and defend his little sister took over. In hindsight, it frightened him that he’d jumped to her defense so soon. Shouldn’t it take longer to feel the kindredship he already felt he had with her? But his fears were based on his fear of commitment and being alone. By letting Liz into his life, as his family, he was putting himself at risk for pain and heartbreak. It had taken years for him to let Maria in, though he supposed that was a different story altogether.

“Michael?” Liz’s voice interrupted his thoughts, startling him for the second time today. “I’m off work now, you want to talk?” She asked. He had a feeling she already knew what he wanted to say. Didn’t she and Max say her powers were that she could sense emotions?

Michael found himself nodding.

“Yeah, now’s as good a time as any.” He commented. “Mind if it’s in the back?” He asked, eyeing the many Crashdown customers still seated. Liz smiled.

“Sure thing.”

As they walked to the back, Michael struggled to get his emotions under control. He knew in his heart Liz was his sister and that he loved her despite their estrangement. Liz seated herself on the couch across from him.

“Mind if I stand?” He inquired nervously. Liz smiled that bright smile of hers. He noticed that this time it did in fact reach her eyes.

“Take all the time you need.” She told him, as if reading his uncertainty.

Michael took another moment to gather his thoughts before beginning. There was so much to say and yet he could think only of a few words.

“I remember you.” The words were simple enough, but they held such a deeper connotation. Liz sat quietly, ready for his explanation. “I mean, I don’t remember specific moments, but from the moment we met, I recognized you. It didn’t click in my brain until Max and you confirmed your identity, but my heart already knew who you were.” Michael paused. Liz stood up, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, as if saying it was okay. How did she know how to supply the support he needed when he needed it?

“I remember you too Michael, but not just in recognition. Throughout my childhood I would have the same dream every now and then. From the instant our story was revealed, I realized that it was about you, my brother. In my dream we were young children playing tag in fields of tall grass. I was chasing you and not paying attention to where I was going. I tripped over a hidden rock and skinned my knee up pretty badly. You came sprinting back to where I sat crying, gathered me up into your arms, and held me until my sobs turned into sniffles. I sensed how upset you were that I was hurt, how responsible you felt. After I finally stopped crying, you pulled me to my feet saying ‘I’ll never let anything happen to you Lia’.” Liz touched his temple and let the vision flow into him. Michael watched all that she had described. He felt tears building in his eyes. He, stone cold Michael, who never cried was tearing up. He had a family. Michael pulled Liz into his arms, enveloping her in a bear hug a lifetime in the making.

Liz spoke softly, sensing the fear he held deep in his heart not for himself, but for her. “You’re my family, Michael. My brother. And I’m not going anywhere.”

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Post by beautifyldreamer » Mon Aug 06, 2007 9:29 pm

Another little bit of what I've been working on.

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 14

Liz was still awake when Max appeared on her balcony. Michael had left a few hours earlier after they’d spent the evening laughing over stories from their childhood. It had broken her heart to learn that Michael’s childhood hadn’t been as happy as hers. That he’d not experience family love. But she was glad that she could give him that.

“Hey.” Max greeted her, along with a gentle kiss. She smiled up at him, letting herself become engulfed in his arms. “How are you?” He asked, nuzzling her soft hair.

She smiled and nodded.

“Good. Michael was here earlier. We did some sibling bonding.” Liz had truly enjoyed spending time with Michael. They had found that deep down they had a lot in common. Like music. Michael had been more than surprised when she’d admitted her secret love for Metalica, especially when angry.

“That’s what Michael said. He came by to check in after he left here.” Max frowned. “He told me about what happened this afternoon.” Liz shrugged, pulling away slightly and putting her bonding with Michael in the back of her mind.

“It’s no big deal, just a couple of jerks.” Max shook his head.

“Well I’m glad Michael was there to take care you… who knows what they would’ve done…” Liz looked up at Max with a fire in her eyes.

“Done? Because I was in great danger in the middle of a crowded restaurant from three teenaged football players. Yeah, they were totally going to rip me from limb to limb. I, of course, having faced aliens trying to kill me, am ill equipped at taking care of myself around three horn dogs. I’m poor defenseless Liz.” Max was taken aback, but she went on before he could reply. “You even acted this way around Kyle and he isn’t even remotely a threat. I can take care of myself Max. I took care of myself for 17 years before I came here….” At this Max cut her off.

“Yeah and you see where that got you! You dated a guy who was trying to ultimately take you to his alien leader who wants you as his bride. A guy who almost succeeded in his mission, who almost won!” His never rose despite his growing temper.

“But he didn’t win in the end, did he?!” Liz retorted. “In case you forgot, I handled that situation too!”

“And you didn’t come running to me? Because, you know, I could have sworn you came straight to me when he followed you here…” Max looked pointedly at Liz. She spun on her heel away from him.

“I’m not helpless Max.” He heard her whisper. The pain in her voice softened his irritation.

“I know Liz. I’m sorry. It’s just…” He paused taking a step closer to her and pulling her back to his chest. He felt her body shake and realized then that she was crying. Holding her tighter, he continued: “I love you Liz. If anything ever happened to you or our child, I don’t know what I would do. The thought of anyone hurting you slays me Liz; it turns me into an irrational, alien-juiced man who will stop at nothing to protect the one who holds his heart.”

Liz let out a sigh and wiped the tears from her eyes. She understood where he was coming from, she really did. But she was an independent soul; she had been since she was a kid. She needed Max to understand that. Turning to face Max, Liz’s eyes met his for the first time since he’d arrived.

“Max, I know. I’m sorry too… I just… I just need you to understand that I need a little space sometimes. I don’t want to feel like you and Michael are breathing down my neck every minute of every day.” Max smiled, pulling her tighter, and let his lips travel to her neck, barely grazing the sensitive skin there.

“I like breathing down your neck…” He murmured teasingly. Liz playfully slapped him away.

“Har har, you’re ohhh sooooo funny.” He grinned, liking the smile he was able to place on her lips.

“On a serious note, I’ll do my best to keep myself at bay. Michael is a whole different story though. I have a feeling he’ll even be kicking my ass once he learns that I’ve compromised you.” Liz raised her eyebrows at this.

“Compromised me?” Max’s answer came in the form of an ardent kiss. Liz replied with a soft moan as Max’s tongue grazed her bottom lip asking for entrance. She felt a fire burn in her abdomen; a deep, alien need full of passion. It was so easy to lose herself to his lips. Her arms entangled themselves around his neck as she deepened the kiss even more, feeling his desire brush her thigh.

“Lizzie!” Both Max and Liz jumped apart at the voice of her father calling from the hall. Shoving Max back out onto the balcony, Liz kissed him one last time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” She whispered. Max smirked.

“Oh yeah.” He winked at her before heading down the fire escape.

“Liz?” She heard the door open in time to grab her journal from its place on her desk. Pretending to be writing by the window she smiled at Jeff Parker as he entered.

“Hey Dad.” She greeted as he eyed her suspiciously.

“I thought I heard voices.” His gruff voice replied.

“You know Dad, might want to get that checked out. They say when you start hearing voices you could be on the brink of going crazy.”

Liz’s teasing tone put a smile of her father’s face.

“Har har Lizzie. I just wanted to check and make sure that I was in fact going crazy.” He winked. Liz laughed. Jeff sat down on Liz’s bed and smiled. “How are things here Liz? Are you happy?” He asked, his tone taking a serious note.

“I am. I’ve made a few friends already like Maria and Max.” Liz affirmed. Jeff was quiet from a moment. Liz could sense his apprehension about Max. “I really like him Dad, he’s a good guy. He would never hurt me like Jason.” Jeff nodded.

“I like Max. He does seem like a nice boy. And that other one, the one you spent time with tonight?” Liz grinned.

“No worries Dad. That’s Michael, he’s Maria’s. He’s like a big brother to me, that’s all.”

Her answer seemed to satisfy Jeff’s conscience. Liz felt his mind relax.

“Good. I’m glad you’re making friends Lizzie. I just want to keep up with what’s going on in your life.” He told her as he rose from her bed. He engulfed her in a hug. “Good night Lizzie. See you in the morning.”

Liz watched as he exited, closing her door behind her, before she collapsed on the bed. A wave of guilt surged through her. What would he do if he knew the whole truth?

* * *

Maria watched from her post at the cash register as Liz sat in the back corner of the Crashdown sipping on a cherry coke while pouring over her Biology notes. She’d been there all afternoon, her brow wrinkled in concentration, completely tuned out to the hustle and bustle that had been the dinner rush. Maria shook her head with a smile.

--That girl could study through a hurricane.--

As the last few customers trickled with closing time approaching, Maria locked the front double doors and plopped down next to Liz.

“Haven’t you studied enough for two lifetimes?” She joked, stealing a sip of Liz’s drink. She coughed and sputtered as the liquid met her tongue. “Oh my God! Is there Tabasco in this?!?” She exclaimed, her eyes watering.

Liz, who’d not noticed Maria’s presence until she’d choked on her drink, gave a small smile.

“Yeah.” Maria looked at her skeptically.

“Since when do you like hot sauce?” Liz looked back down at her notes, but didn’t answer. As she began chewing on her pencil, Maria’s expression turned to one with concern. “Liz, babe, what’s wrong?”

Liz didn’t answer immediately.

Finally, after a long moment of silence, Maria heard Liz’s soft murmur.

“I’m pregnant.”

* * *

Liz had debated this moment for days now. She’d wanted to share her news with everyone at once, but for some reason, she’s had the urge to tell Maria. She felt a kindred-ship with her blonde friend that seemed to go beyond the couple of weeks of their friendship.

Now the words were finally out. For a few brief moments, she felt the guilt she’d been harboring since her conversation with her father two days before lift. She waited on baited breath for Maria’s response.

Maria’s mouth was agape with shock. She seemed to be fumbling with Liz’s words.

“Wait… what? I don’t think I heard you right.” Maria chucked in disbelief at herself. “I thought I heard you say you were pregnant. That, of course, isn’t possible. Because, I mean that would mean….” She paused meeting Liz’s eyes. “Oh God, that is what I heard…” Liz watched as Maria fell back against the booth. “It’s Max’s isn’t it?” She asked.

Liz nodded.

“I know this sounds crazy, Maria. But it’s true. I’m pregnant with Max’s child.”

The silence between them became nauseating to Liz. If Maria couldn’t accept it, how would she be able to tell the others, or her parents? As if hearing her thoughts, Maria took a deep breath.

“It’s not that I’m not happy for you Liz. I’m, God, I’m ecstatic! But this is… it’s just… incredible.” She met Liz’s eyes again, her own green depths sparkled with excitement. “This happened before Liz.”

Liz gazed at Maria with confusion etched upon her features.

“Happened before? Maria, I don’t understand.”

Maria’s eyes widened as she realized what she’d said.

“I… that is... I just meant… you know… déjà vu.” She stumbled over her words. Liz raised her eyebrows skeptically.

“Déjà vu?”

Maria nodded, jumping up from her seat.

“Yeah, déjà vu. I just felt like I already knew, that’s all.” She grabbed Liz’s now empty glass. “All I know is that if I ever get pregnant with an alien baby, I hope to God I don’t crave Tabasco in Cherry Coke. That was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had!” Maria exclaimed with a grin, efficiently changing the subject. Liz laughed, her suspicions erased with Maria’s humor.

Maria leaned down and enveloped Liz in a hug.

“I’m happy for you Lizzie. Really. And I’ll be here for you through every moment, weird cravings and all!”

Liz smiled up at her friend, knowing at once that her decision to tell her was the right one.

“Thank you Maria.”

“No problem chica. Just, you might want to wait before telling Michael. I have a feeling that he’d tear Max from limb to limb if he knew. He’s taking this big brother stuff seriously. Yesterday he asked me if he could borrow my car to teach you to drive a stick. Said he felt it was his brotherly duty to instruct you on this key element to life.” Unable to contain their laughter, Liz and Maria both broke into fits of giggles at this.

They’d spent the rest of the evening like this as they’d cleaned the café, joking and laughing with one another. Isabel and Alex had stopped by later on and joined in on the tomfoolery. And as Liz climbed into bed that night, her guilt slowly subsiding with her revelation to Maria, she realized that she’d found the one thing she’d been missing all her life: genuine friendship.

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A little more of what I've got. Sorry this is taking so long, just got back to school and it's definitely been hectic! Thanks for all the great feedback!!! :D

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 15

Maria lay awake that night; sleep doing its best to evade her. It seemed that her mind couldn’t keep itself off the subject of Liz’s pregnancy and the dream she’d had two nights before.

It had been so similar to this afternoon.

They were in the palace gardens enjoying the fresh air. Marion could sense a change in Lianna. She seemed light and carefree this day, her skin glowing and her eyes sparkling. Marion knew of only one thing, or person, that could have Lianna feeling so cheery.


Lianna’s eyes darted up from the yellow flower she twirled in her fingers to Marion.

“What about my beloved, Marion?” She asked with a smile.

Marion grinned.

“Only that Zan is the sole man in the universe to make you shine the way you are now. What has he done now? Bring you more fragrant flowers to add to your ever growing collection, gems from Nesra, or perhaps a new pet for the royal suite?” Lianna only smiled as she shook her head. “Then what Lia! What has got you acting in this manner?”

“Love Mari. Zan gives me love.” Her voice was dreamy and her eyes glazed with a look Marion had never seen before. Sensing Marion’s confusion, Lianna’s smile widened.

“I am pregnant with Zan’s child.”

Marion didn’t respond at first. Her mind processed Lianna’s words.

“Pregnant?” She murmured. But soon her confusion turned to glee. “Pregnant!” She smiled. “My Lianna is pregnant and with Zan’s babe no less! This is wonderful!”

The dream had faded out with Marion’s exclamations.

Maria felt a tear fall down her cheeks. Something as beautiful as a child had been shattered by Khivar’s greed. He’d destroyed Zan, Lianna, their budding son or daughter, and their dreams of a happily ever after.

And now he would ruin it all again if given the chance.

Like hell he would.

Maria knew there was something she was missing. Something that if she could only place would offer the answers she needed. But it was stuck. Lost in the deep recesses of her mind. Frozen in the locked memories of their past lives.

She could only hope that she would remember in time.

* * *

Max stared blankly at the computer screen. It was well past two in the morning and while he knew he’d regret staying awake so late at school in a few hours, he couldn’t move. His tired eyes scanned the tabloid web pages for anything that he could find in regards to UFO sightings. He’d researched a zillion different leads, all of which had resulted in dead ends hours later. Max’s eyesight began to waver as he fought to stay awake. His senses were dull and his body sore from sitting.

And it was as he was beginning to give in to sleep he saw it.

“UFO Spotted Above Reno”

The title stuck out like a sore thumb amongst big foot and loch ness sightings.

“Twenty four Jessica Williams, a local teacher at East Reno High School, was out for a twilight stroll with her Great Dane Zena, when she says she saw bright lights zooming in the sky above her.

‘It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before.’ Stated Williams. 'Whatever it was, it just zipped across the sky. It was bright enough to light up the neighborhood as if it were the middle of the day.’

Williams, a recent college graduate who’s lived in Reno her entire life, is said to be dependable and honest.

‘She graduated in the top 10% of her class two years ago. It’s not like her to make things up. I find it hard to believe, but because it’s Jessica, I know it must be true.’ Local Tom Jennings said in regards to William’s credibility.”

Max felt his breath catch in his throat. Something about this felt right.

Or wrong.

However you wanted to look at it.

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Hey all! Thanks again for the feedback :-D I'm so glad you all are enjoying this! Sorry it has been so long since my last update. But here is another part (as I promised yesterday).

Hope you enjoy!

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 16

Michael let out an annoyed sigh as once again Liz stalled out for the one hundredth time in the past hour.

“No Liz! You’ve got to time it right. You’re rushing it.” He told her in a gruff voice. She looked over at him, her eyes dripping with frustration.

“I’m doing the best that I can Michael. It’s my first day!”

They’d been at this since school had let out for the afternoon. Borrowing Maria’s Jetta, Michael had driven them a few miles outside of town to a bare patch of desert that was perfect for learning to drive a manual shift.

“Try it again. This time remember, clutch out, gas in. You’ve just got to time it right.” He lectured once more. Liz rolled her eyes, but gently began to let off the clutch. As her left foot let up, her right foot pressed down on the gas and she shifted into first gear. She tried to imagine it was a balancing scale that she was trying to keep level.

This time, the car didn’t stall.

“Oh my God! I did it!” Liz cried out triumphantly.

Michael smiled as Liz threw the car into park and bounced around in the driver’s seat. Excitement radiated from her movements. He watched her silently. She’d been radiating something else too lately. He couldn’t pt his finger on what word best described it. It was happiness mixed with something else. Perhaps fulfillment.

These thoughts tossed around his brain. Happiness, fulfillment, Liz, Max, and something else… something big. The unknown factor put a foreign feeling towards Liz in his heart. Anger? Why would he be angry with her?

“What is it?” Liz’s voice cut through his mind like a sharp knife. She was no longer smiling. Her expression was wrought with concern and… fear? “Michael?” She asked again. “Why are you angry?”

Michael had forgotten that Liz could sense emotions. He had a feeling that she even knew his emotions better than he did.

“I…I’m not sure. I have no reason to be.” He replied. He could have sworn he saw guilt flicker in her eyes. But it was gone and replaced with a smile before he could be sure.

“Well, I mean I suppose I did take a long time getting this right. How does a Crashdown burger and milkshake sound in return for your patience?” Michael grinned, his thoughts forgotten for the moment.

“Sounds good, but, uh… I’ll drive.” They both broke into laughter as Liz tossed him the keys.

* * *

“So wait, let me get this straight. You want to have a team meeting without Liz?” Maria couldn’t believe her ears as she repeated essentially what Max had told her. He nodded.

“Yes. I know… I know it sounds sketchy, but we all need to prepare for this. Khivar is coming for her, and we need to be ready.” Maria shook her head.

“And you don’t want Liz there because…?” Max sighed.

“She got upset the last time I expressed my concern for her. I just don’t want her to take it as us trying to protect her…”

“Even thought that’s what we’re doing?” Maria cut in.


“And you think she won’t get upset if she finds out we all went behind her back? She’s not going to like it Max. Us keeping secrets from her. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all.”

Maria rarely questioned Max’s decisions, but this didn’t feel right.

“Maria please. Just tell Michael about the meeting and don’t mention it to Liz. I’ll see you there tonight.” With that he turned on his heel and left, leaving Maria alone to process his words.

* * *

Michael’s eyes met Maria’s as soon as he and Liz entered the Crashdown. The brilliant light that was normally radiating like pixie dust in Maria’s eyes seemed distant and dull. He glanced nervously over at Liz, wondering if she’d noticed. It didn’t seem so. She appeared lost in her own thoughts.

“I’m going to run up to my room for a bit Mikey G. I’ll put your order in when I come back down.” Liz told him in a far-away voice. She didn’t wait for him to answer before hurrying to the back. Her odd behavior didn’t phase Michael, he was much too worried about Maria.

“Hey you.” He greeted her, wrapping his arms around her middle. She smiled up at him.


“What’s wrong?” He voiced, always one to be straight to the point. She frowned.

“Meeting tonight at your apartment. Don’t mention it to Liz.” She said quietly.

“Don’t mention it to Liz?” Michael repeated, confusion evident in his voice.

Maria shrugged.

“Max’s orders.”

* * *

Liz rested her head against the toilet bowl. Her latest bout of sickness finally over. As she sat cross-legged on her bathroom floor, she thought back to her earlier conversation with Michael.

She’d sensed great anger from him. And surprise. She sensed he’d been surprised about his feelings of anger.

The depths of his anger had sparked a fear in her. Could he know? Could he sense deep down that she was pregnant?

Had Maria been right when she thought Michael would be unhappy about it?

It sure seemed so.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will the world know peace."
-Jimi Hendrix

"What's so great about being normal?"
-Max Evans

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It's been awhile since my last update. I'm getting kind of slack at this. Sorry :\. Classes have been devouring my life.

Thanks to Michelle in Yonkers and pandas2001 for your feedback. It is most appreciated :D

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 17

Max paced the length of Michael’s living room while he, Michael, and Maria waited on Isabel and Alex to arrive. He could feel Maria’s eyes on him, judging and cold. She didn’t agree with him on this. Hell, he didn’t agree with himself, but what other options were there? He had to keep Liz and his child safe. If that meant leaving her in the dark, then so be it.

He knew it was wrong. He knew if she ever found out it could very well mean the end of them. But he’d rather lose her love then lose her life.

He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Three knocks sounded on the door. Michael rose from his spot on the couch and peered through the peep hole. Nodding, he unlocked and opened the door, allowing Alex and Isabel entrance.

“Where’s Liz?” Alex immediately asked, noticing the absence of his friend.

“Max apparently thinks we need to sneak behind her back.” Maria stated icily, her eyes never leaving Max’s back.

Max tensed, but said nothing.

“What? Max, are you crazy? Don’t you think we ALL need to be in on this?” Alex asked, his voice laced with confusion. This didn’t sit right with him at all. In fact…

* * *

Liz held back her cry as another bolt of pain coursed through her abdomen. Something felt wrong. Ever since she and Michael had returned from the desert, she’d been feeling extra sick. She hadn’t felt this badly since she’d closed her connection to Max.

-Max!- The thought shot through her mind. She couldn’t feel him. Why hadn’t she noticed it before? He was shut off from her.

Something had to be wrong.

* * *

“Where has she gone!?” Zan’s voice echoed against the walls of his royal bedroom. He collapsed in a heap into a nearby chair.

“We are not sure your highness. But we will find her.” Alejander did his best to comfort his future King and dear friend.

“I fear that we won’t Alejander. She is so upset with me for hiding this from her. The irony is that I hid my knowledge of Khivar’s plans to keep her from being upset.” Zan looked up, his amber eyes meeting Alejander’s blue ones. “I fear that she is to be lost from me forever. I can’t feel her, Alejander. I think Khivar has already gotten to her.” The sadness in his eyes, the pain, Alejander couldn’t take it. He found his voice and answered firmly and confidently, willing the prince to believe him.

“We’ll find her, Zan. Lianna will be with you again.”

* * *

Alex opened his eyes to four worried pairs gazing down at him.

“Alex! Are you okay?” Isabel’s voice cried out, her arms wrapping around him and her head falling to his chest. He didn’t answer her. Instead he looked towards Max.

“This is not a good idea.” His voice was firm. Max seemed taken aback, but he quickly regained himself.

“Look Alex, I know you don’t agree with this, but I really think this is what I need to do…” Alex shook his head.

“No Max. This is how it all happened before.”

“What do you mean before? How do you know what happened before?” Michael spoke up. Alex found Maria’s eyes.

“We have to tell them.” She nodded, a tear trailing down her cheek. The memories pained her, Alex knew. Watching their friends die had been no easy task.

“Tell us what?” Max demanded.

His question however went unanswered.

A small voice spoke from behind them all.

“What is this?”

The entire group went stiff as Max spun around.

Liz stood in the doorway, holding her belly. Her beautiful face was contorted with pain.

Max knew immediately what was happening. And he knew immediately that it was his fault.

“Liz…” He took a step towards her, wanting to heal her.

“Don’t come near me! Don’t touch me!” She cried out. She gazed around the room, meeting the eyes of everyone behind Max. “I can’t believe this. Are you all meeting without me?” She returned her gaze to Max. “That’s why I couldn’t feel you. You shut me out. You set this up. You didn’t want me to know.” She stopped, doubling over in obvious pain.

“Liz!” Max called out, needing to stop her pain.

“No!” She screamed. Her eyes flashed to black. “I can’t believe you’d do this. We talked about this Max.” She shook her head. “Stay away from me Max. Stay away from me all of you!”

She was out the door in a flash.

No one spoke. No one moved.

All but Max. He let out a small sob, before sinking to his knees.

Alex reached for him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

It had begun.

* * *

Liz was shaking. Anger, physical and emotional pain, disbelief were all at once overpowering her, clouding her brain and judgement.

She couldn’t explain what had led her to Michael’s. Her body had just known that Max had been there. Her baby had known.

The pain was beginning to quiet now. Max had opened the connection the minute he’d seen her. She’d watched the realization come to his eyes. The guilt.

He’d hurt her and their baby. And he knew it.

Liz sank down onto a bench. She’d somehow made it to the town park. The tears fell then. Her heart ached. Her friends. Her love. They’d all betrayed her. How could she ever trust them again?

In her mourning, Liz didn’t hear Tess approach. Nor did she anticipate the attack from behind as a shot of electricity shot through her spine before all went black.

* * *

Kyle let out a hiccup as he made his way down the deserted sidewalk on the way back from Tommy’s. He and the guys had met up for a few beers a couple hours earlier. Now, with a good buzz in his system, he was making his way home.

That was when he saw her. A clearly distraught Liz Parker seated on a bench by the park entrance.

“What in the hell is she doing out this late by herself?” He muttered to himself. As he got closer, he could hear her sobs. It broke his heart. He’d long come to think of Liz as a close friend. Sure, with her dating Evans, and Evans hating his guts, he’d thought she would have simply ignored him. But she often talked to him between classes and during their study hall.

Hell, when she’d told him about James, Paul, and David harassing her at the diner, he’d beat the snot out of them, warning them off. He’d even distanced himself from Tess and Pam. He was a new man thanks to Liz Parker. She brought out the good in him.

And now, his friend was crying, in the middle of the night, alone, on a sketch park bench. He made his way over to her, planning to comfort her. However, the approach of Tess stopped him in his tracks.

He didn’t even have time to warn Liz before he saw a flash of light spurt from Tess’ hands into Liz’s back. Seconds later, Liz was out cold. And before he could react, they disappeared into thin air.

Kyle blinked, sobering up almost instantly.

What in the hell had just happened?

He wasn’t sure. But for some reason, he was damn sure who he needed to go to.

Max Evans was the only one Kyle knew who could help Liz Parker now.

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Re: And Love Will See Us Through (M/L CC Adult) Part 18a 3/8

Post by beautifyldreamer » Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:24 am

Hey guys, I know I know, I'm super lame and super slow with the postings. This isn't a long part, but it's the next little bit. Hopefully I'll have less writers block in the coming weeks and will be able to get more out. No promises as I am a busy college student. Thanks for you feedback AND patience (as I know it's taking alot).

Enjoy :D

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 18a

Max felt his entire world stop. The words falling out of Valenti’s mouth couldn’t be true.

“Are you sure of what you saw?” Michael’s voice seemed to jump start Max. What if Kyle was mistaken? He’d said that he had been drinking.

But Max knew this was a bleak hope. He’d felt for Liz across their connection just as Kyle had spoke her name. She wasn’t there.

“Tess took Liz. She did some kind of abra-kadabra voodoo, knocked her out, and then they disappeared. I know that is what I saw.” Kyle’s answer was so certain. Max knew without a doubt he was telling the truth. It wasn’t the alcohol talking.

“He’s telling the truth. I can’t feel Liz anymore. Our connection is broken.” Max was surprised at the firmness in his voice. At the strength. His entire world was falling apart and yet he was able to stand strong here in front of his friends.

Maybe he was finally becoming the King he was always meant to be.

“So the question remains, where did Tess take Liz? Once we can figure that out, we can begin to come up with a game plan.” Michael, his second-in-command, was speaking now. The game plan. The battle plan. Was this déjà-vu?

And, as if she was reading his thoughts, Maria’s soft voice sounded.

“This all happened before.” Max watched as her eyes travelled to Alex. He nodded.

“I think so Maria.”

“What is going on?” Isabel demanded for the second time that night, going back and forth from Maria to Alex.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being filled in. You guys were going to tell us something before Kyle got here.” Michael added.

All eyes went straight to Kyle who had until that moment, sat quietly on his metal bar stool, taking it all in and trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

“Oh don’t mind me. I wouldn’t mind some answers myself. Liz is my friend too after all. If she’s in danger, I’m going to help.”

Max harrumphed at this.

“We don’t need you help.” He muttered. He felt Maria’s hand on his shoulder.

“Actually, I think Kyle should know.” She told him. “Everything. He could be a big asset. One we didn’t have before.”

Max gazed at her for a moment then shot a glare at Kyle.

Kyle, who had come them with information that could help them save Liz.

Max moved to directly in front of him, his eyes never wavering. He watched as Kyle met his gaze, his eyes shining with defiance.

“I know we have our differences Evans, but I would give my life to help Liz Parker. And if that means working together with you, then I’ll do it.”

Max found a respect for Kyle sprouting in his heart. They could trust Kyle. He could feel it in his bones.

They stood, unmoving, for a moment. Then, shocking everyone in the room, including Kyle, Max held out his hand.

“I guess we had better fill you in then.”
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will the world know peace."
-Jimi Hendrix

"What's so great about being normal?"
-Max Evans

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Re: And Love Will See Us Through (M/L CC Adult) Part 18b

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Yes. I know. FINALLY I'm back! Here's the next little bit - I'm already getting down and dirty with Part 19. It should be up soon too!

Thanks for the feedback - you all rock!

Title: And Love Will See Us Through
Category: M/L with other CC's thrown into the mix
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell don't belong to me; I'm just borrowing them to fill the hole in my heart that developed when the series ended.
Rating: Adult-ish

Part 18b

Liz was in a world of darkness. Her thoughts felt muddled and her body felt like the slipperiest of jello. What had happened?

The darkness enveloping her was cold and damp. Like a scene from a horror flick when the villain catches its victim. She wanted to shiver; to wrap her arms around her chest in an attempt to get warm. But she couldn’t move.


The thought rang through her mind. She couldn’t feel him. Her heart seized in her chest. Was he dead? Or was she?

And then she heard the voice call out through the darkness that sent a chill through her bones and into her heart.

“You’re not dead Princess. And your Zan isn’t either, yet.”

Khivar’s form appeared in front of her, his evil eyes glimmering in the dark void.

“You’ll pay for all of this.” Liz hissed. A deep cackle sounded as a response.

“Whatever you say Princess. When you awaken, you will be in my possession. My Ava has done well by her father in bringing you to me. I am sure she will not have trouble with your friends. You’re most powerful allies are stuck in human bodies. From what she tells me, they are not even aware of the power they hold.” He laughed again. She felt his fingers cup her chin, his face was mere inches away. “You’re going to be mine Princess. No need to fight it. I will get what I want. With or without your consent.”

* * *

Kyle threw back a shot of whiskey, his mind reeling at all he’d learned. Aliens, good and bad. Royalty. It was like a bad fairytale. And he was stuck in the middle.

And god, the people, er aliens involved had fooled him for years. For practically his entire life.

Kyle’s gaze fell onto the empty shot glass in his hand. Maybe he was just having a drunken dream. He’d made it home from Tommy’s, passed out in bed, and was now just having a crazy dream. He was going to wake up in the morning with the worst hangover in his history of drunken escapades and not even remember this psycho dream.

He laughed. It was hollow of any humor and sounded to his ears more like a cough.

If only…

“Hey Kyle…” Kyle looked up as Maria walked in to Michael’s bedroom, where Kyle was currently trying to get his wits back. He nodded to her, unable to form any words. He tossed the whiskey bottle back and let the liquid fall down the back of his throat. Maria looked at him curiously, then took the bottle from his hands. “Now is not the time to drink yourself into a coma.” She told him.

She placed the bottle on Michael’s dresser, then sat down at the foot of the bed. Kyle watched her carefully, unsure of why she was here.

“You know, when Michael finally told me the truth, I was kinda freaked out too. It’s kind of a big deal to find out alien’s actually do exist. It was even weirder to find out that I was part of that world too. Crazy really…” She told him. “But what really is the big deal? Just because modern society says it’s crazy, does that really mean it is? You’ve known us all your entire life, perhaps not very well, but you’ve known who we were and where we’ve been, who we’ve talked to, where we went to day care, our parents. You grew up with us. You know we’re not going to hurt anyone. And you know you can trust us. And Liz.” She paused and looked at him thoughtfully. “Can we trust you?”

She left him alone then, walking out of Michael’s bedroom with the whiskey bottle in her right hand.

“Can we trust you?” The words ran through his mind. Of course they could! He wanted to help Liz, alien or not. Liz was good. Anyone could see that. Anyone.

And so were they. Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and even Max. They were good people. Aliens. Whatever.

Regardless of their DNA make-up, they were good.

And at the end of the day, so was he.

* * *

Max laid on his back, his eyes closed and his mind struggling to reach out to Liz. He couldn’t feel anything from her. A heavy layer of guilt covered him like a thick, wool blanket. According to Alex and Maria, this is just what had happened before. Zan had pushed Liana into running away to fight her own battles.

And Zan had done just as Max was now – letting the heavy guilt overcome him, until it was easy for Khivar to end it all.

Max sneered into the darkness. He couldn’t let things end that way. Max was going to learn from his past life’s mistakes.

Letting his mind relax, Max pushed all guilt and thought aside. He focused solely on Liz: On her long, luxurious, soft, brown hair and those big doe eyes – the ones that shown brightly with love for only him. And on the child growing within her. His child.

Their child.

He imagined her hands intertwined with his and her heart beating against his chest.

Suddenly, Max found himself standing in a dark and menacing room. It took his eyes a minute to adjust to the lacking light. It was a moment later that he saw her – huddled in the corner, her head resting on her knees, hiding her face from view. Her hair fell as another layer of protection between her and the outside world, and her body quivered.

“Liz.” He found himself saying softly into the silence. In three strides he was by her side, enveloping her into his arms and body, holding her close, pressing his lips upon her crown. “Liz. Liz. Liz.” He whispered her name over and over again.

She stirred in his arms, hers embracing him. She quivered still – she felt cold. Using his powers, Max traced his hands up and down her arms, legs, and face, warming her. She pulled herself deeper into him.

“Max.” He finally heard her voice timidly speak his name. “It’s really you. I thought I was just imagining it, but it’s really you.” She pulled away and looked up at him – her eyes seemingly tracing every aspect of his face. “He’s coming for me, or, I’m headed for him. Tess has me. She ambushed me. I’m so sorry, Max. I never meant for this….”

Max put a finger to her lips.

“Shh. Don’t worry. I’ll come for you.” Her eyes lit up at this, but with worry not excitement.

“No Max! You can’t! He’ll kill you. All of you. None of you can come for me.” She exclaimed, fear enveloping her voice.

“It’s not going to turn out like last time. We’ve learned from our mistakes. We’re coming for you Liz. I will not lose you again!”

The room was beginning to spin and Liz was being pulled way from him.

“Don’t Max. Don’t risk yourself for me…” She cried to him. As the room spun a roaring sound grew louder and louder. Max clung to Liz as long as he could, but soon she was ripped away from his arms. The last thing he saw before waking up was her lips mouthing to him the words “I love you”.