Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature)AN12-23-09[WIP]

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature)Ch 10 2/6/08

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Disclaimer: In this chapter I got a lot of my inspiration from the episode Pollo Loco, so a good amount of the stuff in this chapter you amy recognize from that episode. Please note, that I don't own that episode or Dark Angle or Roswell. I am just taking inspiration from the epsiodes and borrowing some of the dialogue and location.

Thank you for all sticking with the story and not being overly mad with me. Anyway, real life is still jam packed with mass amounts of homework, that honestly I didn't think was possible, but apparently I was wrong. However, one of my classes got cancled today :wink: :D thus I have a little while to post this new chapter and have some time to work on the next one!!! Happiness all around! Anyway thanks again to all of you who have reviewed, and I hope you enjoy the story to the new comers that have recently found my story. :D I love all of your imput and your reviews make my day.
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With out any further interuption...on the the new chapter!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter 10

Liz sat silently as she drank her tea and ate her toast and scrambled eggs. She was happy that her stomach was no longer nauseous, however, her head still hurt and all she wanted to do was sleep…oh yeah, she definitely had a concussion.

She could feel Ben’s eyes on her with every move she made. Besides, she wasn’t stupid; she knew his gun was aimed at her and set right next to him…in reach, but out of sight.

She was still having a hard time with his eyes. He had her husband’s eyes…but they were cold. She knew that he was probably wearing a similar look to which Alec wore when he went into soldier mode…but she knew that the soldier wasn’t all Alec was…she could only hope that Ben hadn’t given over to the soldier in him completely.

She was silent as he ate his meal; then the waitress walked over and set the bill on the table and left with a parting smile, even if it was unsure and reluctant.

Liz silently grabbed the bill and then pulled out enough money to cover the bill and tip.

“Are you done?” he asked her casually.

She just nodded.

He sighed and rolled his eyes, “Talk. You’re drawing attention,” he ordered her sternly.

She shot him a glare and stood up, “I have a headache and all I want to do is sleep because of my concussion and plus, morning sickness sucks. So can we just go?” she said quietly yet forcefully.

Ben didn’t answer, he just grabbed her by the arms and spun her around as he half pushed and half guided her through the maze of tables and out the door.

He led her through the streets and again they were silent. However, Liz wasn’t in the mood to stay silent anymore.

“Why are you doing this, Ben?” she asked.

He jerked her arm, spinning her around so that she was facing him, “Did I not make myself clear before? You don’t have the right to call me that.”

Liz just looked him in the eye, “Fine. But, all the same, why are you doing this?”

Ben looked at her for a moment, “This is who I am. I am a soldier; a predator. I was bred to kill. You might want to get used to it; you’re mated to one.”

Liz ripped her arm from his grip. She saw the slight surprise in his eyes, but if she hadn’t known to look for it she wouldn’t have seen it.

“My husband is nothing like you. He’s a good soldier; a good man. –I won’t pretend to know what either of you have gone through at the hands of Manticore…but killing the way you do…somewhere inside of you, you know what you’re doing is wrong,” she growled.

Ben glared at her and gripped her arm once again and began pulling her along.

She was slightly surprised at the fact that, despite how angry she was making him, he wasn’t gripping her arm hard enough to break it; oh, she would have one hell of a bruised arm, but she wouldn’t have any crippling injuries from his grip.

He pulled her once again into an abandoned building.

He released his hold on her after he locked the door behind him.

He sighed and placed his gun onto some surface that was within reach before turning to her, “I am doing what I was made for; what I was taught!”

Liz snorted at that, “Please, I’ve seen the ‘class’ requirements. I work at fucking Manticore! I’ve heard what the classes were like. There was no Serial Homicide 101!”

He glared at her and said through gritted teeth, “Don’t pretend you understand. Don’t pretend that you know what it’s like to be a soldier. Don’t pretend you know what its like to have a mission.”

Liz shook her head, “See that’s what you don’t understand. I am mated to a soldier! I live with soldiers everyday of every week; 24/7. I know soldiers. Hell, I grew up with a soldier and let me tell you something…none of them relish in the constant kill.”

Ben was silent as he looked at her.

“I know what it means to have others die to protect yourself and others. I was there when my brother killed to protect his family, but I was also there when he couldn’t sleep at night afterward; when he couldn’t eat. Michael knows how to kill and will if he has too, but he doesn’t do what you’re doing! –He is a soldier!” she said earnestly.

“Everything I do is for her!” He said sincerely.

“Her who?” Liz asked.

“The Blue Lady! If I fight for her; get her their teeth she will protect me, my siblings, you and everyone else. She will fight off the nomalies. With every kill, every gift she gets stronger!” he said gravely.

Liz half sighed and half glared, “Why did you leave, Ben?”

Ben just looked at her with cold eyes. He wasn’t glaring, but she could tell that he was getting irritated with her.

“You’re trying to tell me that every staff member hasn’t heard of us and our escape?” he asked irritated.

Now she was getting irritated. He was worse than Michael was when he didn’t want to answer any questions.

“I’ve heard the stories and the supposed facts, Ben. But obviously I am asking you…why did you leave? If being a soldier is who you are and then why leave the place that made you a soldier?”

Ben studied her for a bit. She could tell he was debating whether or not he was going to answer her; then the debate was what he was going to say. He finally spoke after a good five minutes.

“Being a soldier was all I knew. We were their best,” he gave her a sarcastic smile, “Believe it or not; they were easier on us than the others in some aspects. Sure (,) we got trained harder and things like that,” he shook his head and sighed, “But all of the experimental stuff was given to the others before us.”

Liz just watched him, “You were pretty high up there in rank in order to know that.”

She already knew he was SIC from her talks with Lydecker, but she knew that it would give him a chance to open up about things he probably wouldn’t have otherwise. She had never thanked her years of experience with ‘Stonewall’ Guerin so much in her life, as she was right now.

Ben gave a small smile, “SIC. Zack was CO. –It wasn’t so bad you know. We were kids…we got to go outside and burn off the energy we had. We were given food to eat…it may not have been the best food, but it was food. We got clothes to wear. We slept in the same room as our families…our units.”

Liz noticed the far off look in his eyes.

“It didn’t get bad until our first mission. –One of the bad parts about being their perfect group…we went on a mission before the others…we didn’t know what to expect,” he sighed and closed his eyes.

“I was 10. Zack was 12. –Maxie was the baby at 9,” he opened his eyes and looked her in the eye, “You ever heard of what we did?”

Liz nodded and a light went off in her head, “You’ve been replicating the mission.”

Ben nodded, “Being the best has its advantages. We were trained to achieve perfection. No mistakes.”

She looked him in the eyes finally grasping some understanding, “Manticore would have known it was one of your siblings from the killings. You want Manticore to know that it’s you. Why?”

Ben turned his head away from her for a moment before turning back to her, “Why did they have you looking for me?”

Liz sighed, “We’ve been over this! They wanted me to find out what is wrong with you and to see if it could affect Alec!”

“There is nothing wrong with me!” he yelled.

Liz shook her head and took another step toward him, “No, you just hate yourself!”

Ben looked at her incredulously, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Liz had a look of understanding on her face, “You hate it out here because nothing makes sense to you. I have been trying to figure out why you give them your barcode.”

Ben scoffed, “So I sign my work; war is art. So what?”

Liz shook her head, “No, signing your work would be tattooing them after they were already dead. Don’t you get it, Ben? In some way you are trying to end your own pain! If you kill someone with your barcode it’s like killing yourself; ending the pain; ending the confusion. The only problem is that every time you kill you turn yourself just a little bit more into the monster you feared as a child!”

She could see his defenses cracking and breaking. He’s had no one to talk to; no one who understood; no one who thought past making him pay for what he’s done.

“I am not a nomalie!” he bit out, “You’re getting awfully brave for someone who I could kill in a matter of seconds.”

She took one last step towards him, leaving her only a foot from him.

“You won’t kill me…you can hear my baby’s heartbeat. You can smell Alec on me. You can even smell Claudia on me, I bet. And both scents are similar to yours…you can’t help but categorize them as family; me as family,” she said seriously.

“Besides,” she shrugs and held up her hand and aimed it at the wall that was spray pained with the words ‘mission’, ‘duty’ and ‘discipline’ on it and let her power free. Ben jumped as the wall exploded and then looked at Liz with wide eyes.

“I can defend myself just fine, Ben.”

He looked back at the wall and then back at her, “You’re a nomaly.”

She smiled at him sadly, “No, I’m not, Ben. Your nomalies were created in the walls of Manticore. I was born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico. Science gave me that ability, much like it gave you yours. Don’t you see? I understand what it feels like to have to hide what you are just because no one else would understand.”

Ben looked back to where the wall had once stood. She knew he was looking for those words. They were what gave him some kind of understanding; comfort.

“It’s okay, Ben. You don’t have to do this to yourself, to other innocent people, anymore,” she whispered.

He looked back at her with tears in his eyes, “I never should have escaped. Everything made sense there.”

She shook her head.

“No, Ben, even I know that it didn’t make sense back then with everything that they did,” she said soothingly, “but you can help me make Manticore make sense for you now; for the others; for the next generation;” she gently took his hand and placed it on her stomach, “for your niece or nephew.”

He looked at her stomach and then at her as tears fell down his face, “I’m a good soldier.”

She smiled at him gently and then pulled her brother-in-law into a hug, “I know, Ben, I know.”

Ben wrapped his arms around her and held onto her tightly.

“Do you think she hates me?” he asked softly.

Liz pulled back to look at him in confusion, “The Blue Lady?”

Ben shook his head, “Maxie.”

Liz gave a near audible gasp, “Oh, Ben. –I don’t know.

Ben sighed, “Even if Maxie forgives me, Alec and Claudia wont. Alec is going to kick my ass for more than just this.”

“Yeah, I am!” said a voice behind them.

They both turned to see a very pissed off Alec.


Also!!! If anyone knows the correct spelling for nomoly would you mind letting me know!
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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch11 6-9-08

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Thanks to all of you for the feedback and putting up with the many set backs

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Sorry for the delay but now after a great deal of time and some mind melding between my beta and myself here is chapter eleven!!!

Chapter Eleven

Liz and Ben looked at Alec as he stood there glaring at Ben. But what got to Liz, even more than the nerves that Alec might truly hurt Ben in his moment of anger, was that Ben didn’t even seem to go on the defensive. She realized that, for some reason, he was going to let Alec do whatever he wanted to do. With that thought she gently placed herself between Ben and Alec, an act that got a half glare and a half look of confusion from her mate.

“Alec, I know you’re mad at Ben and I will be the first to admit that you have every right to be, but think rationally. This is not the time or the place to have this out with him right now. When we are back at Manticore and in a semi-controlled environment, I swear I won’t step in your way,” she said softly but seriously.

She could tell by the look in Alec’s eye that he didn’t like what she was doing, but that he, on some level, understood her reasoning.

“Fine. Let’s get him back to Manticore before I do something stupid,” he said through clenched teeth.

Liz turned back and smiled at Ben slightly to let him know that it would be okay. She held out her hand to him to get him to follow her. He was about to take her hand when Alec blurred over and placed himself in between Liz and Ben, “You’ve hurt my ‘wife’ enough. Don’t touch her.”

Ben didn’t say anything. He just dropped his hand to his side as Alec reached for the gun that Ben had placed on the table, all while never taking his eyes off of the mirror image of himself.

Alec checked the gun and once he checked the safety, to make sure it wouldn’t accidentally fire, he put it in the waist band of his pants and covered it with his shirt. He looked at Ben with the promise of pain in his eyes should the other transgenic not listen to what he was about to say, “Walk close to us so that you don’t draw any unwanted attention. We need to give off the impression that we are brothers, or at least friends, walking down the street with my girl. Stay where I can see you at all times and don’t make any sudden movements that I could deem threatening, because you won’t like the outcome of it. This is your one and only warning, you got me?”

Ben nodded his head once and looked at Liz in question who just gave him a reassuring smile. But they both knew that Alec wasn’t in the best of moods at the moment and it would be a good idea not to test the limits of his patience at the moment.

The three of them walked out of the abandoned building and began making their way back to Manticore. As they walked Alec would make a small comment every now and then that would add to the look of a concerned boyfriend, such as “Are you sure you’re okay?” and things like that. And Ben would do his part to send concerned looks Liz’s way and then would do his best to force a smile at something Alec would say that was supposed to be funny. If there was one thing that could be said about both transgenics, it was that they both had the charm about them that could get almost anyone to believe that they were okay.

However, Ben all the sudden stopped short when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye just outside of the church that he had dropped off the teeth of his last hunt. His action alerted both Alec and Liz causing them to turn and look at him when he was no longer walking next to them.

Alec looked annoyed and Liz looked concerned at this latest development.

“Ben? What’s wrong?” Liz asked quietly.

Ben looked around as he focused his senses perfectly. He could tell that they were being followed and it wasn’t the soldiers that had been following them since they began making their way toward Manticore.

Alec looked at Ben as his mirror image looked around with his transgenic pinpoint eyesight and his other equally advanced senses; it was then that he realized that he and Ben were in fact quite similar. It was clear that despite not having spent as much time in Manticore as he had, Ben was still a pretty good soldier. Alec still surpassed the 09er in many skills and much more, but it was also clear that had Ben stayed at Manticore, the two of them would have gone head to head for the alpha position; a realization that didn’t sit well with him at all.

“We need to leave now. Maxie, isn’t as good as following others while being undetected as much as she would like to think she is,” Ben said seriously with every controlled movement of his body and every contraction and release of his muscles displaying the skilled soldier within that was aware of nearly every moving thing around him.

Alec opened his own senses even more hoping to catch what his twin was picking up on. When he finally sensed the extra person following them he realized why his internal soldier hadn’t viewed the ‘stalker’ as a threat, she was being too loud; her breathing, her footsteps, and the things she touched and the clothing she wore. She was a lot more silent than an untrained ordinary, but the part of her that was skilled and trained wasn’t something that he couldn’t handle on his own. He also realized that he didn’t recognize her scent, however, he could understand why Ben would, after all they had grown up in the same unit. His twin had picked up on the scent of his fellow 09er first, of that he was absolutely sure.

Alec nodded and tightened his hold on Liz’s waist.

“Ben, are you sure you don’t want to talk to her?” Liz asked softly.

Ben shook his head and gave her a sad smile, “I think all three of us know that I’m well versed in the art of hunting. And that is exactly what she is doing. She is hunting for information about me…I can’t take the chance.”

“Chance?” Liz asked in confusion.

Alec nodded in understanding, “We don’t know if she is hunting for information on him to help him or to hurt him. Come on let’s move. Get on the other side of Liz and hold on to her. If we both blur it will be easier to get to Manticore without her following us.”

Ben did as he was told and they both walked over to an out of the way hiding spot and then blurred out, which to the untrained eye would just appear to be a gust of wind.

Ben also knew that it was a move that Maxie wouldn’t be expecting. She would probably think that he would come to her. But now she knew that there were two of him walking around, that would pique her interest more than either him or Alec would like, of that he was absolutely sure.
The three arrived at Manticore quickly and safely. However, when they stopped Liz groaned causing both transgenics to look at her in concern.

She looked paler to both of them as she brought one of her hands to her stomach and leaned her head against Alec’s arm, “Baby, I need to see a doctor and I am definitely going to puke.”

Alec then quickly, but gently picked her up and turned to Ben, “Follow me; Lydecker and Sandaman are going to want to see you, and trust me wherever Liz is, they will be too.”

Ben didn’t even nod, he just followed. He wanted to make sure Liz and his niece or nephew were okay, but he also knew that he had to talk to Alec. He knew that with Maxie now knowing that there were two of him running around, she would be even more relentless. If there was one thing he was sure would never change in that girl, it was that she tended to get involved in things she really shouldn’t…it was a trait that seemed to be rather dominant in their unit, but most prominently in Max and it tended to bring trouble to her feet.

Ben sat down on one of the examination tables across from Liz while Alec stood next to her as the doctor did a complete physical on both her and the baby. Both were relieved when the doctor gave both Liz and the baby a clean bill of health, aside from Liz’s minor concussion. However, he did say that she was to be on bed rest for at least a week.

However, when the exam should have been over, both Alec and Ben became confused. Liz pulled her hair into a ponytail and exposed her neck for the doctor to look at.

When Alec saw the bruising on her neck he immediately spun around to glare threatening at his twin. The only thing that stopped him from killing his twin there and then was the doctor’s quick interference, “He didn’t give them to her. These are at least two weeks old. And I have already been keeping track of them while you’ve been on your mission.”

Alec backed off but he still glared at his twin for a moment. He wanted someone to blame and at the moment his twin was the easiest target.

The doctor once again interrupted his thoughts when he whistled, “Damn, Parker, she sure did a number on you. These should have faded awhile ago.”

Alec was still confused as Liz scoffed slightly, “Yeah, because bruises from a crushed wind pipe are known to heal over night.”

Both Alec and Ben’s eyes widened at her statement. However, it was then that Alec caught sight of the full extent of the bruising that was on his mate’s neck…and it was in the shape of a handprint that was too small to even remotely be that of his twin’s. Alec growled deep in his throat and glared at the doctor, “Leave, I need a moment with Liz.”

The doctor swallowed thickly as he nodded and backed out of the exam room. Ben’s movement to leave as well was caught out of the corner of Alec’s eye. Alec switched his gaze to his twin and ground out through clenched teeth, “Until Lydecker and Sandaman show up with another transgenic you don’t leave my sight. Stay where you are.”

“Alec!” Liz scolded in the way that could only come from a girlfriend.

But it was clear that Alec wasn’t listening as he glared. She knew his anger wasn’t completely at her but that didn’t mean she was happy about him glaring and growling like that.

“Who did this to you?”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Alec, don’t worry about it. She’s been dealt with. Biggs and Lia had a discussion with her and Lydecker and the others put her into 48 hours solitary.”

Alec shook his head, “Don’t care! Who and why? –Now!”

“Alec McDowell! I get that you are a soldier and the commanding officer of a military unit but don’t you EVER order me to do something again. I am your mate; I am NOT one of your soldiers!”

Alec was now inches from her face still glowering and glaring, “I’ve been on a mission, I’ve got a 17 year-old ordinary girl who is probably plotting ways to kill you, I’ve got clone boy who not only risked your life but the life of our unborn child and NOW I’m only just finding out that a transgenic tried to kill you! Those bruises are not exactly new, Liz. And obviously the doctor has treated them before, so why the hell am I only learning about this now?”

Liz sighed, “Fine, it happened just after you left for the mission and when you came back for recall and check-in there wasn’t exactly enough time for you to be worried about it never mind to actually tell you about it. It was 632. She wasn’t exactly thrilled that you mated with an ordinary, and she made it well known. Quite a few others have agreed with her. –As for Ben, you can leave him out of this, he didn’t know who I was when he took me, and I can guarantee you that you two are enough alike that if he had known who I was he never would have hurt me in the first place. And Alec, she is a 17 year-old girl. She’s just a kid, cut her a break.”

Now Alec’s jaw was set, “Why wasn’t I told by someone?”

“Because I can take care of myself! She caught me off guard.”


Liz glared at his sarcasm, “I am not a fucking china doll, Alec! You don’t have to treat me like I’m going to break. In case you have forgotten, I’ve been through hell and back during the last decade of my life!”

“That doesn’t mean you can handle a pissed off transgenic, Liz! You’re only human!” he said exasperatedly.

Liz got a hurt look in her eyes and flinched at his words. She held her tears at bay, “Well, I’m sorry I’m ONLY human and that being mated to me is such a problem for you. I can’t become a transgenic for you Alec. If you dislike my human status so much…you’re free to go. I won’t trap you anymore.”

With that she jumped off of the exam table and ran out of the room leaving a stunned and confused Alec behind.

Ben sat in silence as he watched Alec. He could see the regret, the guilt and the anger build in Alec, within mere moments of Liz’s departure.

Alec closed his eyes to try and calm himself before he bunched the muscles in his back and arms before he flipped the exam table that Liz had been sitting on over onto its side, knocking over other medical tools in the process.

Ben couldn’t help himself. He knew he was going to get his ass kicked by Alec anyway, might as well take the time to throw his two cents in while he got his ass handed to him by his little brother, “Well, that went well.”

Alec let out another growl before he spun around and clocked Ben one right in the jaw.

Ben smirked and brought his hand up to his split lip and looked at the blood on his fingers. He looked up at Alec, “Nice shot. Feel better, little brother?”

Alec narrowed his eyes at his twin and proceeded to kick him in the gut, so hard that the exam table Ben had managed to stay on after the punch, now was flipped on its side and Ben had flown back a good six feet. Alec clenched his fists and ground out, “No, not really. You’re still here, fucking up my life.”

Ben got to his feet with a couple of coughs to catch his breath. Then he let out a sarcastic laugh, “You don’t seem to need my help in doing that. You did just fine all on your own a few moments ago.”

With that Alec flew into a fury of punches, kicks and just beating the shit out of Ben. Neither one noticed Lydecker or Sandaman walk in nor Sandaman stopping Lydecker from trying to break up the fight. Alec was too busy taking out his anger and Ben was too busy trying not to die at the hands of his brother’s anger and frustrations.

After a while Alec stopped his attack and stepped back breathing hard and just looked at his twin in question, “You’re not even fighting back.”

Ben slowly got up and spit out the blood that had gathered in his mouth and then just shrugged, “Yeah, well I can’t say I didn’t make your life hell there for a while. –Liz told me about psyops and the testing.”

The two just stood there looking at one another.

“Give me one good reason not to kill you,” Alec demanded, breaking the silence.

Ben laughed at that and gave a smile that Alec had seen many times on himself before he had met Liz. Ben just shrugged, “I can’t. We both know I deserve it for what I’ve done. –You and I we’re a lot alike: we just want to be good soldiers. But there’s a big difference…and that difference just ran out the door with your child growing inside of her.”

Alec was silent as Ben shook his head in dumbfounded amazement, “You can’t even see it can you?”

Alec frowned, “See what?”

“Why do you think it’s so hard for her to hear that she is ‘only human’ from you of all people?”

Alec scoffed at that, “Because she’s stubborn and hard headed.”

Ben stopped to think for a moment before nodding, “Well, yeah, that too. But it’s also because of you. I’m another transgenic; I can sense that you are the alpha…but dude, so can she. And I can guarantee it’s got something to do with those nifty powers of her, which by the way scare the living shit out of me. Anyway, Alec, she’s afraid that she’s not enough. She would have all the confidence in herself and confidence that you wouldn’t leave her if you were human…but you’re not and you’ve got hundreds of female transgenics that could off her in seconds in a fight for the affections of their alpha.—And she knows it.

She doesn’t have it in her to use her powers to hurt another being, transgenic or not. She knows that if it came down to the transgenic way of life…she wouldn’t win. But to have her mate basically say she is inferior to every female transgenic…it just adds to her own insecurities about your relationship.—She just wants to feel worthy of your affections; of your love. –Think of it this way, how would you feel if she just came out one day and said that you weren’t enough for her or that you weren’t good enough for her because you are a transgenic.”

Alec took in what his twin was saying. The last part had struck a hard on him especially knowing that Liz had more or less heard something similar or along those lines when she was back in Roswell with the dipstick king Max Evans. Alec sigh and stayed silent for another moment before asking, “How do you know this?”

Ben shot a ‘give-me-a-break’ glare at him, “You don’t think I haven’t known where Maxie has been the entire time we were out there? She was the only one out of our unit that I made sure as hell that I found, only when I found her letting her know I was around wasn’t exactly a good idea. –Max Guevara is to me what Liz is to you. And all I am to her is the big brother that held her at night when she had seizures and told her stories of the Blue Lady. Max is the exact opposite of Liz. Liz would become a transgenic for you if it meant she was deserving of you. Max would love for nothing more than to be an ordinary so that her little geek-boy boyfriend wouldn’t have to fear her becoming a killer one day…so she wouldn’t have to fear becoming a killer one day.”

Ben leaned his hip against the window sill and let out a self deprecating laugh, “You’ve got a girl that lets the man in you take over more often than the transgenic DNA, but she doesn’t care if she’s talking or loving the man or the DNA that brings out your soldier. I’ve got a girl who looked at our CO with pity in her eyes because he loves her and she doesn’t see him as anything more than a brother,” Ben paused for a moment before looking at Alec, “Can you imagine how she would receive my feelings for her?”

Alec seemed to realize something and whispered, “Max is…or was the alpha female of the unit.”

Ben nodded sadly, “Yeah, and she was completely oblivious to the fact. She was the youngest female so I guess it never even entered her mind. I asked her about it once and she just looked at me like I had spent too much time in solitary or something. But Zack could sense it, hell every one of us be her seemed to realize it. And because she was so oblivious he was always more protective of her…then along the way he fell in love with her.”

He gave a sarcastic laugh, “It’s like the whole ‘captain of the football team dates the head cheerleader.’ –Never, does the head cheerleader even acknowledge the schools good looking but intensely smart mechanic.”

Alec sighed and rested his head in his hands, “So you’re in love with the alpha female that turned down the alpha male for an ordinary and I’m in love with a semi-ordinary that could care less that I’m the alpha male and yet feels threatened by it because of the alpha females that do care…fan-fucking-tastic.”

Ben nodded slowly, “Now you just have to figure out what to do about it.”

Alec raised an eyebrow, “And you?”

Ben sighed and ran his hand through his hair, “I have to figure out a way of protecting you, Liz, Claudia and the baby from Max. She’s going to wonder why she saw two of me; she’ll investigate and if her nerd-tech-wannabe-superhero-boyfriend finds out Liz is pregnant by a transgenic…”

Alec’s eyes hardened, “She’ll want to take the baby from us and away from Manticore.”

Ben nodded and then he and Alec looked up at Lydecker and Sandaman, who sighed when they realized the gravity of the situation.

Alec shook his head slightly, he would have laughed at the fact that his ‘fathers-in-law’ had been standing there the entire time if the feeling in the room hadn’t dropped from ‘Whoo-hoo, Alec, gets to beat up his brother’ to ‘Anyone lays a hand on my wife or kid won’t live to see the next day’ far too quickly for his liking.

Lydecker scrubbed his face with his hand, “Well we have our work set out for ourselves. Max has always hated Manticore. She won’t be persuaded easily or even or most likely at all.”

Sandaman nodded gravely, “Ben, we’ll deal with the consequences of your actions at a later date, for now we need you two working together…can you two manage that?”

Ben and Alec looked at one another for a moment before nodding and speaking at the same time, “Yeah.”

Sandaman nodded, “Good. Now you, young man, have a fine mess to fix. She is currently in the basement with Joshua and Isaac crying her eyes out. –And I assume you want to have your own dealings with 632?”

Alec nodded, “And the others who have an issue with our mating.”

Sandaman nodded, “Fine, but Alec, don’t do anything stupid.”

Alec nodded at his ‘fathers-in-law’, “Yes, Sir.”

Then Ben raised his hand slowly with bugged out eyes, “I’m sorry, but did you just say Liz was down in the basement with the nomalies?”

Alec chuckled at that and patted his twin on the back, “You’ve got a lot to learn…little brother.”

Ben glared at him as Lydecker laughed, “Actually, Alec, Ben had it right. He is exactly two minutes older than you.”

Alec glowered as Ben smirked smugly at his little brother.

“Whatever,” Alec grumbled, “I’m going to find my ‘wife’ and fix my ‘marriage’ hopefully before my kid is born and I can finally propose, because I highly doubt she is going to want her wedding pictures to show her pregnant stomach. Fill him in will you?”

The three men smiled as they watched the alpha male of all the Manticore units go off in search of his ‘wife’.

Ben had a slight frown on his face and raised an eyebrow at the two older men he had once feared and still did somewhat, “Do you think he has any idea that he is THAT alpha male?”

Lydecker smirked, “Probably not. –And I’m thinking the females should watch out. He’s head alpha and she puts him in his place. I don’t think they’ve realized just how equally matched she is for him. –All the others are too submissive for him.”

Ben let a small smile grow on his face at that, “Yeah, she sure doesn’t take any shit from anyone. –This is sure going to be interesting to say the least.”

Lydecker patted Ben on the shoulder, “Why don’t you go take a shower and get cleaned up and then we’ll fill you in on everything.”

Ben looked at the two men in shock, “No guards? No ‘tour guides’?”

Lydecker smiled sadly, “No, Ben. You’re free to roam the facility on your own. You just can’t leave the grounds.”

Ben nodded, still in disbelief and followed Sandaman’s directions to the showers and some clean clothes.

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 6-26-08

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Okay, so I am sure by now many of you hate me for not updating this story and for that I am truly sorry. This chapter was a struggle for me. As you can see from my new stories and their updates, my Dark Angel muse seemed to be at a standstill with me. However, Alec and I have come to some understanding and we have mangaged to get this chapter done for you. --Yes, I named my Dark Angel muse Alec!!! Seriously have you seen Alec? I am quite happy with having him for a muse thank you very much!!! :lol:

No in all seriousness, I really am sorry for not updating this story as much as I am sure many of you would like, however, this is one of my first stories that I have felt passionate about in a long time and that combined with the fact that I am my own worst critic, it tends to lead with many versions of what I write down and then vetos because I end up not likeing where that angle would take the story.

So after much muse issues and arguing with myself...literally...I present you with Chapter Twelve of Scientists and Transgenics! I hope you like it, and I'll do my best at getting Alec and my internal critic to get along a bit better!

Also, thank you to all of you who have reviewed and Bumped this story in hopes of this chapter coming to life:

Touch of the Wind
roswellian love

Chapter 12

Liz sniffed and brushed the tears from her face as best as she could from her position between Joshua and Isaac.

“Damn hormones,” she muttered to herself mostly.

“Hormones make little tough guy cry?” Isaac asked in confusion.

Liz let out a small laugh, “Yeah, tough guy. I’m pregnant and the pregnancy changes my hormones and the changes make my emotions all over the place and crazy.”

“Little guy and medium guy going to have baby guy?” Joshua asked happily

Liz smiled at him, “Yeah, Alec and I are going to have a baby.”

Isaac was still confused, “What make little tough guy cry?”

Liz sniffled again and felt herself well up with more tears, “Alec and I had a fight.”

Isaac tensed next to her causing her to look at him in confusion. “Alec hurt little tough guy?” Isaac practically demanded.

Liz’s eyes widened when she realized how Isaac and probably Joshua had taken her statement. She shook her head vigorously, “NO! Alec would never physically hurt me! –“

A voice from the doorway of Isaac’s ‘room’ interrupted her, “I would never intentionally hurt her. But I did. I hurt her feelings and I am sorry.”

Liz, Joshua and Isaac turned to see his Alec standing there with a pleading look in his eyes.

She could tell that he was sorry from the look in his eyes and on his face, but he had hurt her deeply.

Isaac growled at Alec and appeared to be moving toward him in a menacing manner.

Liz watched as Alec tensed but made no other threatening actions toward Isaac. “Isaac! Stop! It’s okay. Alec and I need to talk. And like I said he would never physically hurt me.”

Isaac didn’t attack Alec but he kept growling and glaring at him.

Liz could tell that Joshua wanted to do much of the same thing but appeared to be keeping a watchful eye moving between Alec and Isaac.

Alec didn’t relax any but focused his gaze on her once again, “Liz can we talk?—Alone.”

Liz noticed the hurt look that appeared in Alec’s eyes when she hesitated before nodding her consent. She looked over at Joshua, “We’re going to go into your ‘room’, okay?”

Joshua nodded but never removed his gaze from Alec and Isaac.
Liz walked into Joshua’s ‘room’ with Alec following behind her. They were both completely silent. She didn’t want to say anything first. He had been the one who wanted to talk.

Alec sighed and ran his hand threw his hair as he looked down at the cement floor beneath them, “I’m sorry, Liz.”

Liz looked away from him and at the equally dark, dank cement wall, “Alec…”

He sighed as she trailed off, “I know. I messed up.—Look, Liz, I know you’re not weak. I know that you are a strong person and I know that you are 100% aware of what transgenics are capable of…but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about you.”

Liz rolled her eyes and then glared at him, “Alec, you don’t have to worry about me all the time. I do have transgenics that like me and they help me deal with the transgenics that don’t.”

Alec sighed and rubbed his face with one of his hands in frustration before turning his gaze to her. He looked exasperated, tired, frustrated and annoyed all at the same time. She wasn’t really sure what to expect from him at this point. She knew he would never hurt her; she hadn’t been lying when she told that to Joshua and Isaac, but that didn’t mean that they wouldn’t be in for another fight.

“Liz, I’m your mate, and when I’m not here to personally make sure that you are safe and that nothing happens to you, whether it’s another transgenic or a friggin cold that has you in bed for a week, I am going to worry about you, even more so now that you’re pregnant. It’s the way I am Liz. And I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but I’m not going to apologize for being concerned about you.”

Liz sighed in annoyance, “Alec, I’m not saying that I don’t want you to be concerned about me, I’d be more worried if you weren’t concerned about me…but Alec…you don’t have to treat me like I am a china doll that is going to break at any second. Yes, I will admit that the whole situation with X5-623 was on the more extreme end of the spectrum…but I am still okay. I am fine and I am alive. No, I didn’t come out of the altercation unscathed, but there were no lasting effects.”

Alec was silent for a moment as he thought about what she said. After a little while Liz was almost ready to still be having a fight when they went to bed.

“Liz, it’s not that you got hurt or that I think that you are incapable of taking care of yourself,” he said as he moved his eyes back to hers, “I know you got yourself right to the doctors and had everything checked out…that’s just how you are. And I get that the reason you didn’t tell me what happened was because you were worried that it would interfere with my mission. –But Liz, I didn’t know you were hurt for at least three weeks. I would have rather been told that something happened, told that you were okay, and that I could have come to check on you while I came back for some recon.”
Liz stayed silent as she watched him.

Alec walked over to her so that he was about a foot away from her, “Liz I need you to trust that I can do my job even when I know something has happened. I’ve been doing this for a while. If I had known of this earlier I could have been here for you when it was worse. I don’t want to feel like I’m being left out of your life, Liz. And not knowing when you’re hurt or when something is wrong…then I feel like I’m being left out of your life.”

Liz looked down at her hands for a moment before looking back up at him with tears in her eyes, “I know what you’re saying Alec. And I’m sorry for not telling you about 632 sooner…but you can’t through the fact that I am human in my face every time I do something that you don’t like.”

Alec nodded his head, “Yeah, I know. It’s not fair to you. You’re not the same person I am and I know you’re not going to use your powers to hurt anyone…I just wish that you would use them to defend yourself, especially against a hostile transgenic.”

Liz sighed, “Alec, I am one of the lab technicians. It’s not appropriate for me to use my powers against any of the transgenics.”

Alec rolled his eyes, “Liz, I’m not saying use your powers to get them to do what you want. But if you have a transgenic that is out to hurt you to get a point across, like 632, then all I want you to do is use a small dosage of your defensive powers so that you’re able to come out of the situation as unscathed as possible. Whether it be a small blast or even just putting up some kind of shield or something…do you have one of those?”

Liz couldn’t help but smile at that, he actually looked like a kid in a candy store at the possibility of her having a shield of some kind. “I don’t know. Max had one, I guess if I tried hard enough I could probably find one, especially since I seem to have a bit of all of their powers.”

She couldn’t help but laugh some more when he scowled deeply and began muttering.

“Great if you get a freakin’ shield then I get to thank the dick head alien king for it.”

Liz couldn’t stop giggling at his complaints. She knew that he was both happy and annoyed at the fact that she had powers. He like her powers because he just thought it was cool to have a girlfriend that was different like that, however, what he didn’t like was the fact that her powers came courtesy of an ex-boyfriend that he wanted to kill half of the time.

She watched as he smiled gently at her and pulled her closer by wrapping his arms around her waist, “Lizzie…you mean everything to me and our baby will mean everything to me. I don’t care that you are part human, and yes dear you are part human. You are not an ordinary in any sense of the word. I just want to make sure that you’re okay and that you don’t feel like you have to leave me out of your life just to keep me safe. –Not sharing Intel could get a member of my unit killed on a mission. I don’t want to lose the two new additions to my unit, okay?”

Liz rigidly nodded her head in understanding as she tried her hardest to keep her tears and emotions at bay. She smiled at him when he pulled her closely and whispered, “I love you, Alec.”

Alec smiled at her and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, “I know you’re having morning sickness…is it alright to kiss you?”

She playfully narrowed his eyes at his teasing. She knew that she had to work on her own insecurities about being less of an equal to him compared to the female transgenics. “You better kiss me mister, or you are so sleeping on the couch for your entire stay before you have to head out back to your mission again.”

Alec smiled in amusement, “Yes, ma’am,” and then he leaned in and pull his mated into a passionate kiss. He knew that he had to work at riding her of her insecurities and he would be damned if she didn’t get those kind of thoughts out of her head completely in the near future.
Ben sighed as he let the hot water run down his body. It had been a long time since he’d had a decent hot shower. The feeling of his muscles relaxing was a wonderful thing. It was amazing to him that this of all places was the one place that he was beginning to relax and feel like himself again.

It hadn’t been that hard to find the showers. Granted it was a different facility than the one that he and his siblings had grown up in, but it was more or less set up the same way.

He stiffened all of the sudden when he felt another transgenic enter the showers. He quickly grabbed the towel next to him when his sense of smell picked up that the new occupant was female. When he turned around his eyes met with eyes that were familiar to him in some way. She had brunette hair and skin that reminded him of Maxie’s…tan all year round.

She smiled at him gently and he noticed that tears seemed to be forming in her eyes, “You’re back,” she whispered.

He stayed silent and just watched her as she moved further into the showers.

She smiled at him in amusement, “I think that towel would be a lot more successful if you turned the water off, big brother.”

He flushed a little before he turned the water off before he paused and took in everything she had just said. She had called him big brother. He knew she wasn’t Claudia…he fully expected that sister to kick his ass…plus Claudia was a blonde. That could only mean that she was a member of his childhood unit.

He brought his eyes back up to her and just looked at her intensely. Trying to determine which sister she was. Maxie was still on the outside. Eva had been killed. She was too young to be Syl, Jondy or Tinga.


She smiled at him widely, “I wondered how long it was going to take you to go through our list of sisters there Benny Boy.”

He gave her a small smile. She was still Brin…but something seemed…off…about her. It was almost as if she was still discovering who she was…or who she had been…

“When did they put you through psyops and reindoctrinization?”

She smiled sadly at him, “I don’t know the exact date or how long I’ve been like this. From what memories are coming back to me, I was sick and I was going to die. Max had no choice but to bring me here, or to Mantacore really.”

He nodded but stayed silent. He wasn’t really sure what to say to her. On one hand she was one of his closest sisters and they had talked as much as they could when they were younger. She was only a few months older than Maxie, so she had clung to him much like Maxie had done during her seizures. But on the other hand if she knew what he had done…maybe she wouldn’t want to be his sister anymore.

He just looked at her with a feeling of reservation he had a feeling she could see right through even without all of her memories completely intact.

She smiled at him gently, “I know what’s been going on with you, Ben. I don’t hate you and I’m not going to stop loving my big brother just because living in the outside world was more than you, than any of us, were ready for.”

“How’d you know it was me?” he asked after a few more moments of silence…though oddly enough not an awkward silence.

She raised an eyebrow in confusion, “In the showers or the one that all the rumors were about?”

He shrugged and muttered, “Both.”

She rolled her eyes at him, “Well, I knew it was you in the showers, one because of your barcode and two…because you’re Ben, there would never not be a time that I didn’t know who you were. You were the only brother I had that actually took the time to find out why I cried at night instead of just telling me to shut up because we all had drills in the morning.”

Ben’s eyes rolled at that a little bit, “Zach always could be a bit of an ass.”

She gave a slight laugh at that one before shrugging and continuing on, “And I knew you were the one that the rumors were about because they tried to keep me away from 494.”

He must have looked at her in confusion, because she shrugged, “When I first saw him I just stood there and stared at him. He looked so familiar but not. And then later on that same night I cried myself to sleep and asking for this Ben character that I couldn’t remember. They finally realized that it was Alec’s nearly identical face that was causing my memories to come back. After a while they eventually had me everywhere but with the ‘twins’ of all of our brothers and sisters.”

He nodded quietly.

He stayed silent not really knowing what to say to her. On one hand he really wanted to ask for her help when it came to protecting his future niece or nephew from Maxie, but he knew that Brin had been quite close to Max when they were younger. He wasn’t sure if she would feel odd about such a request.

He was so lost him his thoughts that he didn’t even realize that she had moved closer to him. He jumped when she put a hand on his arm. Looking at her he noticed that she was looking up at him in concern, “What’s wrong, Ben?”

He stayed silent just looking into her eyes. He really wanted to trust her; to have someone from his younger years around to understand him. He was happy that Liz seemed to be on his side, but as much as she tried to tell him that she understood…she hadn’t been there and through everything that his unit had been put through…Brin had been. She had been through it all right by his and Maxie’s side. And seeing how she had only been a couple of months older than Maxie she had been and still was someone that brought out his protective instincts.

She was his little sister.

“I need your help,” was all he said to her.

She looked at him with wide eyes. He could see the desire to help him but also the fear of what he would ask her to do.

Taking a deep breath he prepared himself for her rejection of the idea, “Maxie saw Alec and Liz take me back to Manticore…and Liz is pregnant.”

He watched her eyes widen even further…if that was possible…as the weight of what he was saying obviously dawned on her.

“Do you really think she would try and take Liz’s baby?” she whispered.

“Maxie hated this place more than any of us…even Zack. She may not know about the baby yet…” he trailed off quietly.

Brin let go of his arm and began pacing in front of him, “I’ll think you start getting dressed,” she practically ordered him as she waved her hand back at him.

He smirked and shook his head in amusement before walking over to the clean fatigues that he had gotten earlier. He looked over at his sister before he began dressing himself, happy that she was too far lost in thought to be paying attention to him, thus he would cause her to be scarred for life.

Once he was dressed he walked back over to her and sat down on one of the stone benches near her as she continued to pace.

“What are we going to do, Ben? That baby might as well be a part of our family! Biologically he is your brother and you’re my brother, by association that baby could be my niece or nephew!” Brin practically flipped out as she turned toward him and flung her hands into the air.

He couldn’t help the small smile that grew on his face, she was still as animated as she had ever been that was for sure, “Why do you come to Lydecker’s office with me? He and Sandaman are supposed to be filling me in on what the hell I’ve missed and get me up to date on the whole Alec, Liz and baby situation I guess.”

Brin nodded and then practically dragged him out of the showers yelling over her shoulder, “Well don’t just stand there soldier! We’ve got work to do!”

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 13 9-29-08

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Hey all! You all are amazing for sticking with me and putting up with my lack of updates. Now I will say right now that while this update isn't that big it was unscheduled. I was feeling particularly procrastination bound with my homework so I thought I would get a little bit of the story out and ready for you all! I also wanted to explore a bit of what Max was thinking and so forth, since I mentioned what she would probably be doing but never came right out and said what she was thinking. So here is a bit of insight as to what is going on in the Max campground!

Again I'm sorry for the wait!

Thanks for the reviews!

Touch of the Wind

Chapter 13

She watched as the three moved in the streets. This couldn’t be possible. Why was two of Ben walking around? And who was that girl walking with them?

“Oh Ben, please don’t tell me you’ve involved an ordinary?” she sighed as she took one last look at the three before Ben and the Ben look alike blurred off with the bruised, unknown female.

She had planned on following them but with the two of them blurring together, they were moving too fast for her to follow. She sighed in both annoyance and confusion.

What had Manticore done to Ben when they were younger for there to be two of him walking around? She thought to herself as she began looking around the area trying to see if there was anything she could connect to Ben or the mystery woman that would help her figure out what was going on.

They must have cloned him…that was the only explanation…she had never heard of a Manticorian twin…and she knew it wasn’t below them to clone one of their soldiers.

Sighing in frustration when she found nothing she made her way back towards Logan’s. She was really going to need help on this one. First she had to figure out who the mystery woman was and if she was an ordinary how to release her from the clutches of Manticore…and possibly Ben if need be.

This was definitely not the kind hearted brother that she remembered. She had seen them walking together, before the Ben-alike had appeared, and it was obvious to any transgenic that Ben had had a gun to her back to get her to cooperate.

It was killing her inside to know that the Ben she had loved when she was a child was obviously no more. He had given into to something that had turned him into a Manticorian monster that she fought so hard against…


She had to stop that line of thought…she didn’t have all of the facts at the moment. Maybe that woman was from Manticore and Ben had just been defending himself. Maybe Ben and Ben-alike were working together or something.

She wasn’t ready to think the worst of her brother yet. She would tell Logan the basics and protect her brother as much as possible…she would protect him as he had her so many years ago. But at the moment her first priority was finding out whether or not the mystery woman was in any danger from Ben, the Ben-alike, or Manticore.

3 hours later…

“Max…you’re not going to like this…” Logan trailed off as he held out the file he had found on the mystery woman.

Max steeled herself for the worst as she took the file from him. She felt her breath stop in her lungs…Elizabeth Parker…near genius…three degrees in microbiology…newest Manticore employee…pregnant.

“Shit,” Max sighed as she read the last part. She looked up at Logan, “Were you able to find out who the father is?”

Logan seemed to hesitate before he pressed a key on the keyboard and up popped a picture of Ben…but not.

“X5-494…Ben,” Logan said quietly.

Max stared at the picture in disbelief. She could finally see the differences that were in 494 that weren’t present in her brother. She shook her head negatively.

“Max…I know you don’t want Ben to be involved in all of this, but there are some things that you…” Logan began. But she quickly cut him off.

She shook her head again and looked Logan in the eye, “No, Ben isn’t the father of her baby. Ben’s designation is 493 not 494.”

Logan’s eyebrows rose in surprise and they both turned back to the computer. Max leaned over and scrolled down onto the general information that Logan had somehow found. It looked like real Manticore documentation…but who would he have gotten it from?

Her eyebrows rose as she took in 494’s training, “Wow, this is definitely not Ben,” she said softly.

Logan frowned, “Besides the designation, how can you tell?”

Max pointed to a portion of the screen, “494 is a CO…Ben was SIC. But more importantly Ben was trained in retrieval. Data, technology, weapons, prisoners, wounded…that kind of thing…494 was trained in…damn near everything. He’s the picture perfect Manticore soldier except for this one stint in pschyops recently, but even then it only lasted a week. Most trips to pschyops lasts about three months.”

“What does training one soldier in everything get them?” Logan asked in confusion.

Max sighed. After looking at 494’s ‘transcripts’ she knew that getting Elizabeth Parker away from him and Manticore was going to be harder than anticipated, “It means that he’s a Master in hand to hand combat, weaponry, and everything else under the sun. It makes him the perfect soldier…the perfect assassin.”

“Assassin?” Logan asked in surprise.

Max sighed and nodded, “From what I knew of who got trained to be assassins…they only trained the few that would excel in everything. Apparently they found a way to detect things like that in the transgenics DNA. But more importantly they made him to excel in that fashion. While he definitely is Ben’s…twin…for lack of a better term…494 has more genetic emphasis on being the alpha male. He isn’t just part cat…he’s the King of the Jungle.”

Logan looked completely shocked, “You mean like Lion, King of the Jungle, kind of cat?”

Max nodded and pointed to some more bit of info on the screen, “Ben was definitely made from Lion as well…but I’m thinking more of the runner up King of the Jungle. 494…he got the big mojo. Lion, Shark, but more specifically Great White; while Ben got the same thing Lion, Shark and so forth, 494 got the cream of the crop of it all. Manticore created 494 specifically for some reason. I just don’t know why.”

Logan was silent for a moment as he digested the information he had just been given, “If 494 is the best of everything, which made him the best soldier…wouldn’t it make sense that he would lead the other transgenics into war?”

Max slowly turned her head to look at Logan and softly asked, “But a war for what and with who?”

Please let me know what you think of this chapter...I'm a little nervous about it! :D
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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 12-09-08

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I know! I know! I have been absolutely horrible. I gave you a really short chapter and then nothing since. I promise that I am working on ideas...just not right now since I am in the middle of my finals that are due before finals week even begins. Please just bear with me for a couple more weeks and then I will start updating all of my stories! I promise...I don't know which one will be updated first, but I will get them updated.

Thanks for all of your patience!! :D

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 2-22-09

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Hey everyone,
sorry for the wait on another chapter. At the moment i am having a bit of trouble with the next chapter. I have started it about four different ways and for some reason each one seems off to me for some reason.

But I promise i am working on this story, its just that this chapter is getting me hung up a bit.

Thanks for all of your patients and feed back. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon!

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 6-27-09

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:22 am

Hey everyone! I'm sorry but this is just another AN. I wanted to let you know that I am working on the next chapter. I'm just a bit tied up with a hectic summer. I really miss writing this fic, so hopefully, I'll be able to make some time to get the next chapter finished for you. But in the mean time please know that I am working on SaT as well as my other stories.

I just posted a chapter for my story Twins, so if you like that story check it out.

Thanks again for putting up with me. I know its been a while, but I'm still here.

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 9-20-09

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Hey everyone,

I know I tend to post these a lot when RL gets the better of me. But this one has to be by far the hardest for me to write. Um...a couple weeks ago we found out that my 3 year old cousin has Leukemia. And with my senior year of college starting in just a few weeks, I have a lot going on in my life right now. I swear to you that I am not going to be stopping any of my stories.

I will update as soon as I get the free time. Thank you for being so understanding, and amazing readers and reviewers. Your opinions mean everything to me.

Thanks again,

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 10-27-09

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:22 pm

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Much thanks to my amazing BETA DarkWolfYingFa aka Tenshi noyo ryu taiga aka PeytonLeigh! Your amazing!!!

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Re: Scientists and Transgenics (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 12-23-09

Post by SnowyOwl-17 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:45 pm


Sorry it took me so long to start working on this story again, I was taking my senior seminar class last semester that literally took up every free second I had. But I am on winter break now, and I will be getting backc to work on all of my stories, and I will try my hardest to get all of my stories updated!!

Again sorry for the wait,

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Much thanks to my amazing BETA DarkWolfYingFa aka Tenshi noyo ryu taiga aka PeytonLeigh! Your amazing!!!