Temptation of Greece (UC/AU,M/L/Z,Adult) Part 6 2/5/08 [WIP]

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Temptation of Greece (UC/AU,M/L/Z,Adult) Part 6 2/5/08 [WIP]

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Title: The Temptation of Greece

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Adult

Pairings: UC/AU

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: A woman travels to Greece to fulfill her sexual fantasy.

Please Note: The spectacular banner was done by IzzyEvans2201_PuertoRico as a wonderful surprise for me.
My beta for this selection is Jullyana, I am eternally grateful for her help in translating my poor attempt at English grammar.
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<center>The Temptation of Greece

Part 1 of ?

Liz sighed as the plane touched down on the soil of the ancient muses; She almost immediately felt relief washing over her. For the next week, she planned to bask in the sunshine, frolic in the water, and generally seek out debauchery at every turn. She smiled at those thoughts. She had changed, and for the better. This vacation was an illusion, one she did not want to fade away.

Now normally she would never dream of fulfilling any desires, or fantasies, or even her dreams. She was a serious person. All through school she studied hard, in college she excelled, advancing in her graduate studies until she completed her doctoral and was accepted to a prestigious university. One of the few women accepted in the field of molecular biology, she gained a vast reputation as a scientist. But as well as she was known for being a genius in her field, she was also known as the dowdy spinster who chose to close herself up in her lab, rarely speaking to anyone.

But deep inside Liz had dreams. The same dreams that all women have: to be wanted, to be desired, to be loved by a man, or maybe two. She was no virgin. She had some sexual experience, but those had been fleeting, unfilling, and left her more vacant than ever inside. At night, she laid on her bed and cried, since there was no one to comfort her, no one to take away the pain and loneliness in her heart, only an empty room that echoed back the sobs.

This whole Greek experience had been almost an accident. No, not quite an accident, more like a destiny that was fated to occur. One day, towards the end of the winter quarter, as she was heading to her apartment, she suddenly found herself in front of a travel agency where she was confronted with sunny, joy filled vacations in Greece - the land of beauty, the land of Aphrodite, the land of love. Those pictures mesmerized Liz: the blue seas, the white beaches, the ancient temples. She stared at the smiling face of Aphrodite as she joined couples together, with help from her son Eros and his arrows. Pictures of real lovers covered a bulletin board just inside the door, which was visible from the outside. Liz came back to her senses when a tap on the glass invaded her consciousness. The woman smiled and beckoned her to come in.

Liz began to blush, and started walking away as the women called after her “Honey, come on in here, it is starting to rain and you will get wet.” Just then, a cloudburst opened up and Liz felt the first of several drops of water hit her skin, and she hurriedly took the woman’s advice. The office, though small, was full of travel posters, knickknacks from around the world, and exotic scents and smells - in a way very cozy and relaxing.

“Here, sit and have some tea with me.” The lady smiled and handed Liz a cup of tea, it was unusual in flavor, and the women noted it came from her ancestral homeland Greece. “Ah Greece, the land of love,” she winked at Liz, “A woman finds a good man in Greece, or maybe two.” Her eyes smiled and twinkled as she concealed a small laugh.

Liz was at first uncomfortable sitting in such strange surroundings, but soon she found herself enjoying the woman’s tales of Greek life, food, culture and Greek men. She felt odd sensations begin to spread through her, a warmth she was unfamiliar with in her 33 years. She had never felt desire, lust, that internal burning that begins down low and travels lower until she is consumed by the fire. Before she knew it, she had tickets to Greece and a reservation for a room at a luxurious hotel, located on the Isle of Lesvos.

“The Isle of Lesvos was home to Sappho, the famous woman poet who promoted love between women.” The woman smiled as she spoke, her voice was a pleasure to listen to, she was so full of life. “Although they are only breath, words, which I command are immortal. That is a line from a poem of hers. Get yourself a book of her poetry, it is truly beautiful.”

“Lesvos? Oh Lesbos? Oh no, is she not the founder of lesbianism?” Liz felt she cheeks burning as she asked that silly question. She felt foolish the moment those words left her lips.

“No, not the founder, but the name comes from that island, yes.” The travel agent looked at Liz, as she grew an even deeper shade of red. “Does that type of love offend you?”

“Oh no, it is okay I guess. It is just that I prefer....”

“Males, right? I understand. Love: the feeling of being in love is a great aphrodisiac in itself. All forms of love should be expanded upon and encouraged. Think of the world if all the armies got rid of their weapons and they kept love in mind instead. It is a powerful word: love, so powerful it frightens men.” The woman stood up to get another cup of tea. “Oh look the rain has subsided.”

“Oh dear, I need to get back to work.” As Liz went to stand up, everything on her lap went flying to the floor. She kneeled down to pick the items up, not seeing the woman who had also knelt to help. Liz straightened up and was turning to leave when she remembered she had not yet thanked the lady.

“Thank you. I am sorry, I did not get your name.”

“I am called Turan.”


“Yes, an old Etruscan name.”

“Well thank you, Turan. You have been a great help.” As Liz again turned to leave, the lady came forward a step.

“My dear,” the lady took Liz’s hand, placing in it a lipstick case and looked her deeply in the eyes. “Remember this about love. Let it happen. Do not fear it like a man, embrace it like a woman.”
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<center>The Temptation of Greece

Part 2 of ?

Liz was soon off the plane and through customs as she hailed a taxi to take her to the hotel. She could not help but be enchanted at the sights outside the car windows. She could only describe Greece in one word exotic, from the architecture to the richness of the ocean; even the smallest item was a unique element of the Greek culture. It was the natural forces though, those basic fibers that are woven together to create the Greek landscape exuded lust, a sexual longing in the need to be held, to be in love, to experience passion, to indulge in the art of making love.

Love was truly an art form as Liz was beginning to realize. It was not the flopping around in bed, with no concept of what went where nor was it the romanticized fairytales of unrealistic happy for ever idea. Instead, love was created, nurtured, enveloped in an atmosphere of trust, longing, and desire. The true art lay in the giving, the ability to make the person feel as though they were like the ancient gods or goddess themselves. But before Liz could give this gift, she had to learn how to receive love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After she had left that odd little shop, Liz began to think and behave differently. At first, the changes were slight. She would find herself staring at men she found attractive, and then would smile. An act she never had done before, not in such blatant formats as a restaurant or in class. She also found herself buying items that were scandalous in some resects. Silk and lace lingerie for her trip, exquisite off the shoulder white and light pastel colored sun dresses, and even the sandals she purchased had heels an were not practical at all. She soon was in book stores buying a copy of Sappho as well as the traditional ‘what to do in Greece’ travel books.

Her colleges began to notice the change, not in what she wore but in her demeanor. She smiled, was more relaxed and even talkative. They found they enjoyed her company and sought her out for conversations and even began inviting her to various events. She went to concerts and museum dates with various couples, women or men; none were what one would call dates, but more like a gathering of friends or acquaintances.

She started attending the monthly book club, whose topic for that month was The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain; it was if Greece was haunting her. To her the Greek was killed, by the wife and her lover not for the money, nor did they kill for love as suggested by the others.

“No,” she surmised, “they killed out of coldness, a vacant heart because they had not seen love; they had no idea of the true nature of love, they had not allowed themselves to receive the gift of love, the creation of the beauty. Therefore they did not know how to give love, to make one feel immortal, so they killed.”

The reading group listen as she spoke about love, they were silent amazed that this woman they had known for years was so complex deep inside, a woman who made not obvious show at romance, how could she see what they did not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As the time for her trip drew closer, Liz started to dream of Greece, those dreams started to take on a life of their own. It was during the midnight hours when dreams become reality and reality becomes phantoms, that time when the lines are cross and souls can merge. It was in those darkest hours that he started to emerge, at first he was only a hazy fog, barely a memory in the morning. But as the days and nights counted down, he grew bolder and clearer in her thoughts.

Then one night he came forth in all his stunning glory, a Greek statue in build, hard sculpted muscles, dark long hair, brown eyes with flecks of amber and gold his skin glistened as if coated with oil. He wore no shirt, only a short scrap of cloth like a skirt covered his hips, with a wide leather belt holding the fabric up. He was the paragon of an ancient Greek warrior, a Hercules of old.

They were standing in some ancient temple ruins, the night sky sparkled with life as she gazed upwards. She felt him reach out and take her in his arms, protecting her from the night. She could feel his touch, smell his scent, and yes even feel the stubble of his beard. He bent to kiss her; in that kiss, she felt passion as he breathed life into her, filling her mind with erotic overtones of sex and desire. Her skin burned as the fire of his tongue left a path downward as if mapping her body for future reference.

She could not help but moan at his touch, his hands pulling the white silk negligee down over her shoulders baring her breast for him to fondle as he skillfully encircle the nipple with his fingers. She could feel his manhood harden against her, as she fell backwards not onto the soil but into a bed of white. She was lost as he devoured her breasts, making her long to feel him inside her. It was if he posses a magic over her, making her desire him, awaking feeling buried so long ago, fantasies of erotic play.

She could feel him enter her, as no man had done before. He filled her, throbbing, as he began the slow but steady rhythm. She clutch to his broad shoulders, her body pressed tightly to his. She could feel his body heat, the smoothness of his skin. It was tangible; she could feel the energy that passed between them. The moans and sighs grew in intensity as he brought her to the brink of release not once but many times.

The dance continued, she felt each thrust, as he grew bigger inside, reaching the time of culmination, then when he exploded inside her, the stars themselves seemed to fade but for a brief second. He held her tight, as she found sleep in his arms, a peaceful sleep one of contentment. But then, at the stroke of dawn, as soon as the first ray of light touched the earth where she laid, he vanished, a ghost of her imagination.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz sat back against the seat of the taxi, her eyes drifted shut for a second as the visions of the dream lover came into focus. No one person had ever invaded her life before, her dreams, her existence. It was as if he had always been there for her, waiting, lurking the shadows. He had to be real. Is touch was real, his heart beat, she could feel the pulse. But how was this possible. Liz was at a loss for explanation, was she seeing the future, or a past of long ago.

She woke with a start as the taxi stopped in front of the hotel. The driver held the door as she exited, and walked into the lobby and the front desk. It was then she had the oddest sensation as if she was being stared at. Coyly she glanced to her one side, seeing only a bunch of girls chattering nonstop in German. She then turned her head to the other side where she saw him, the man in her dreams, the splitting image. He turned and smiled at her knowingly as he moved off to the side. There was not one of them but two, twins, identical matches to her dream lover.
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Hi to all .. thanks to Skittles1983, kittens, touched by an alien, orphyfets, carter13, Dreamer-laure, BehrObsession, madroswellfan, roswell3053 for all the feedback .. .. okay this story originally set at 3 parts has become pregnant and given birth to three new sections .. lol I hope no one minds the length has increased.. next I promise hot sex..... s_e_r

<center>The Temptation of Greece

Part 3 of ?

Liz quickly turned her head as she finished registering and headed for her room. Her heart was beating a thousand miles a minute. She could not believe what she had seen, not one but two of them. She slumped down in a chair, her mind racing, remembering the vibrant sex scenes from her dreams, she could run her hands over the body of her lover, smell his scent, taste his skin. It was so real to her and now he was down stairs, in stereo.

It had to be a strange, odd coincidence, these men did not know her; how could they know what her dreams entailed. Liz laughed at herself, how silly she was. This was the beginning of her vacation, her first step into becoming a full woman; simply seeing a replica of a dream fantasy was a good sign. This week was going to be filled with a variety of sensual delights and she was ready to taste them all.

Liz rose and stretched, the plane ride was exhausting; she needed a change of clothing and a shower. She quickly unpacked her bags, singing a nonsense song as she went. Stepping in to the bathroom, she ran the water to adjust the temperature, as she stepped out of her clothes and into the rainfall of water. The water felt soft upon her skin as she soaped up her body, well toned for her age. The smell of jasmine and vanilla refreshed her senses, made her feel feminine, ready to face her new destiny, ready for love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz patted herself dry after the shower and donned her new bikini, that showed off a pierced belly, the result of way to much drink after a museum outing. The other women in her group, much younger females, dared each other to do it, they even dared Liz to, or was she to old for such experiences, they reasoned and laughed in their drunken state. All were surprised when she took got the piercing, small silver stud with a heart-shaped ruby stone, her birthstone. The jewel sat perfectly inside her belly button, framed by the creamy white flesh deepening the redness of the ruby.

Grabbing her beach essential, Liz strolled out of the hotel and down to the white sand beach. She brought a book to read, a relaxing way to end the stressful day of planes and dreams. She located a spot not far from the group of German women she had seen earlier in the lobby. Liz were surprised they were topless, seemingly unaware of their exposed state to all the men walking passed, who glanced but did not pounce on an opportunity as she would had expected.

Liz opened a bottle of sun block as she began smooth it on her city white skin, using long sensual strokes as she looked out to the sea, the sea of legends of the Odyssey, of the Argonauts, of Poseidon; the Aegean.

She lay back enjoying the sun’s rays as she read her book, a trashy romance she could not help but picking up. The book was called simply Barbarian part of a series all with virile men on front, partially clothed, with bulging biceps, strong arms, long hair and luscious lips. The whole purpose of these books was to fulfill a woman’s sexual fantasy and the story was just that, a sex filled romp through a barbarian’s harem.

Time slipped quickly by as she read of the sexual appetite and prowess of the barbarians with women. The sun took its tool on her as she began to feel overheated and decided to cool off in the surf. As she entered the water, she could feel her skin cool down immediately. She walked along the edge of the water venturing finally to a waist depth, there she stood and enjoyed the feeling of the waves against her legs, rushing back and forth, giving them a gentle relaxing massage.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the exotic feel of the water, where sea nymphs played and sirens sang. It was then that she felt a bump against her leg as she shrieked and ran out of the water fearing she had encountered a shark. Se hit the sand, falling onto her knees as she gasped for breath her heart racing. She looked back, expecting to see Jaws come upon land after her. Instead, what she saw was a Greek god emerging from the foamy sea.

As he brought himself up to his full height, he tossed the water laden hair from his face and he wiped his hands across his eyes. It was then he spotted her as he smiled, a brilliant white smile, a smile she had seen before. It was her dream lover.

“I am sorry did I hurt you?” he asked as he took a couple of steps towards her.

“No, I am okay. Just a little startled, I thought you were a shark.” Liz stammered, hearing his voice was oddly strange; it was the same voice in her mind, in her dreams.

“A shark?” He laughed at that remark, “No I am not shark, but a hunter.”

“A hunter?” she questioned keeping her eyes on him, fearful he would vanish in the sun’s rays like so many times before.

“Yes a hunter of love.” He flashed another smile, one full of secrets. “I am looking for a special shell, usually found close to the shore. The same shell that Aphrodite is represented to have stood upon as she was created.”

“Oh I see.” Liz had seen the painting of Botticelli, the shell that brought forth the goddess to Cyprus. She had not known there was a shell named for her, a shell famous to this island.

“Would you like to help me look? It is said the owner of such a shell will find true happiness, true love.” He held out his hand for her.

She could not help but stare at him, her thoughts turned daring and erotic as she watch the water slowly dropped one by one from his nipples to the ground below; she ached to drink in those drops, circling his firm chest with her tongue.

“Do you swim?” His voice broke her concentration.”


“Come then it is just a short distance to the bottom and all you do is feel around in the sand.” He held out his hand to her. “It is safe nothing will hurt you.”

Liz smiled, she knew she had to be blushing, but her mind could not keep a descent thought. They were all erotic in nature, spurred on by memories of dreams. When he spoke of feeling, she could not help but think of several things right at that moment she wanted to feel, unfortunately a shell was not one of them.

“Okay, sure it sounds like fun.” She took his hand; his grasp was firm, as she followed him into the sea, descending like merpeople to explore the Atlantaean realm.

She took a deep breath as she heard the ocean close overhead, the rush of water hit her ears. The sea floor was sandy, soft as she felt around but finding nothing. Short for air, they both came up together, as they broke the surface, Liz could not help but laugh. It was silly but looking for this shell was fun.

“Dive again, this time maybe you will find one.”

Liz dove back under again, this time she hit the bottom fast, her hand landing right on a shell and her eyes right at his crotch. She was shocked to see his manhood outline very well in the skimpy trunks, she swore she could even see the vein throb as she reached out so tempted to touch. Finally, she could stand it no more and shot out of the water like a sub coming up from a deep dive.

Liz knew her cheeks and chest had to be flushed for her mind was still focus on that member, even at rest, it was of a good size. She hoped the lack of oxygen you be a good cover story as she was slightly embarrassed.

“Did you find one?” He asked in such a manner she wondered if he knew what she was looking at. He pointed then to her hands.

Liz down into her hands where she saw the most exquisite shell, pearl with pink luster.

“You did you found the Venus shell. You do what that means right?” He smirked a smile, as his eyes glanced past her shoulder down the beach.

“No I am afraid I do not.” Liz was perplexed, what had she done.

“It means you must have dinner with us, now there on the patio.”

“I am not even dressed.”

“No need to, it is informal, you come off the beach as you are and eat. We insist.”


“Yes we,” a voice from behind her spoke softly.

Liz turned around to see double, the twin. He wore swimming trunks like his brother but had a white linen shirt covering up his chest, much to the displeasure of Liz, who did enjoy looking at pectoral muscles.

“Hi there, Zanon, is my name.” He smiled with a twinkle in his eyes as he looked her up and down much pleased with what he saw. “Zan for short.”

“My name is Liz.” She offered then realized she did not know the name of the one she had been diving with. She turned to him, “and you are?”

“Maximos, please call me Max.”

“Identical twins, in every detail.” She asked coyly, with a hint of sexual suggestion

“Yep in every detail, we are identical.” answered Max and Zan together.

“So how do I tell you apart?”

“That is easy without our shirts, with a little harder.”

“Without your shirts huh?” Liz smiled at that thought. "So what is the mystery?”

“Zan has a tattoo down his back, an ancient prayer for virility.”

“So Zan why do you need prayer for virility?” Liz almost came at the thought of that mass of hard muscle need more virility than he already had to have possess.

“It is part of the old ways, our mother is from the old school and is superstitious, it is said the prayers will ward off the evil eye.” Zan laughed as he threw a shirt to his brother.

“I choose a symbol for my prayer.” Max

Liz stepped backwards a little and looked up ad down Max’s strong back, “I do not see one on your back.”

“It is not on my back, somewhat lower.”

Liz dropped her eyes on his posterior, wondering just where and what it was.

“And more front.” added Max as he put on his shirt.

Liz’s eyes opened up wide at that statement.

“Come on lets have dinner, they have great shrimp. You will love Greek food; it is ambrosia, the food of the gods.” The twins held out their arms as Liz stepped in between, as they walked into the restaurant.

The conversation was lively, the food not only delicious but spectacularly presented. The boys then ordered a bottle of ouzo, a sweet anise flavor liquor that Greece is known far and wide for. The liquid was warm going down, and after a few shots Liz was feeling very relaxed. The boys suggested going for a walk along the beach as they finished off the bottle. As they stood to leave Liz, felt a spasm in her shoulder, sore muscles from the cramped airplane seat.

Noticing her discomfort, Max offered to massage out the muscle. “I am very good with my hands” he added.

Yeah he is,” Zan offered, “we do a lot of weights and get muscle spasms all the time. He can work it out for you. Just need a place to lay flat.”

Liz was not about to lie face down in the sand, this late at night, so she offered the only thing she had her room. As she opened up the door to her suite, Liz could not help but smile, this was a woman’s dream, two virile handsome men about to join her in sexual fantasy. ‘Massage my ass” Liz said under her breath as she closed the door, putting out the do not disturb sign.

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Thanks for the feedback Skittles1983, roswell3053, ShatteredDreamer, madroswellfan, and Dreamer-laure.. Hope everyone enjoys... writing a threesome was more difficult than it looked...lol oh my ...lol

<center>The Temptation of Greece

Part 4 of ?

Warning: Explicit Sexual Content M/F/M

Max flipped on some soft music while Zan closed the curtains and then stripped the bed. When Liz turned back around it was right into the arms of Max, who stated as very slow erotic dance with her. They were pressed together, not even a paper could get between the body parts. She could feel his hard erection against her stomach, the flimsy white cotton over-shirt did nothing prevent her from feeling every inch of him. She loved the fell of his muscles, the tautness of his back as her hands glided up and over the broad expanse of shoulders.

She could help but stare into his eyes; they mesmerized her, gluing her soul into place. His face moved closer a he leaned in to kiss her, a kiss like she never experienced. This was a full deep kiss, not a one to make your very toes curl at the memory of it.

Max was skillful as his tongue slid into her mouth, playing as he explored. She was lost in this sensations, when from the back, she felt Zan move in. His strong arms encircled her, as he moved sensuously to the music, grinding himself into her backside. She could feel that he also was very hard, his erection hugging the curve of her ass, as she caught her breath breaking the kiss momentarily.

Zan’s lips were on her shoulders, running up her neck and across while at the same time Max ran his hands down her chest, removing the buttons to the cotton shit letting it fall open, revealing the skimpy bathing suit. As her shirt slid down, Max let his eyes gaze upon her breasts, full and heaving slightly from anticipation. Zan moved his hands up her thighs, inside and out, the feeling f their four hands on her body was incredible, causing L iz to moan in low and erotic tones, much to the pleasure of the brothers.

Max was still kissing her; inhaling those moans into his lungs as his hands cupped her breasts made bare by Zan’s dexterous fingers in unclasping the top piece from the back. After completing that task and throwing the top of across his shoulder, his hands roamed lower, around front of Liz as he slipped his finger into the front of the bikini bottom. Liz gasped as his finger skirted the edge of her sex; she found her squirming to get those delicious fingers closer to the target.

She could feel Zan’s naked chest on her back, he took off her shirt with her bra top. She wanted to feel Max as well as she unbuttoned his shirt revealing one should at a time. Soon the trio were standing naked from the waist up, hands, torsos and lips all intertwined.

Combination of the drink, mood, and the sexual lust was playing havoc on her senses. She had no idea when or how the three of them ended up on the bed. She felt alive, more alive than ever in her life. She knew where this was going; there was no need for words. Tonight the three of them would experience a fantasy most women only dream of or read in explicit romance novels.

Liz was surrounded by hands, lips, tongues, fingers, she could not separate out which belong to which twin. She could feel Zan’s feather light touches as he kissed her thighs and legs, slowly slipped the bottoms off, flinging them across the room, where they ended up on the fan blade above their heads. He kisses grew more demanding as he explored back up her body, moving from one leg to the other, his teeth nibbling, his mouth sucking, hi slips kissing the soft flesh as he drew closer to the intended area. His tongue ran circles as Liz breaths grew deeper; she legs were trembling as he closed in. Everything he did to her inner thighs was mimicking the event to come, she grew wet, the tension was so strong and the need was great to have him thrust his tongue, fingers, cock whatever into her as she began to spiral out of control.

Liz looked up to see Max come over the top of her, as he suckled and kneaded her breast. His tongue was wonderful as he would licked and tease each one. She noticed his swimming trunks were gone and his hard erection was bobbing up and down as she reached out, grabbing it in her hands. She saw the fertility symbol just about his cock, as she traced it with her finger. It was mesmerizing, the touch erotic as she traced around the maze, almost as if becoming new, she felt her reborn into a sexual stare of awareness.

She gently stroked his cock, running her nails along the length and then slipping her finger across the head as she felt her breast vibrate from the growls his vocal cords were producing. She had never really blown a guy before, but she had read extensively on technique and style, and right now she had a yearning to try it, to see what it was like. She stopped her hand and removed Max from her breast indicating with her finger to comes closer till his ear was at her lips and see breathed out the words: “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Max smiled widely at those seductive, porno words coming from this beautiful creature. He adjusted himself straddling her waist on his knees where she again grabbed his cock, at first just stroking it admiring it and then she reached out with her tongue and flicked her tongue across the tip. Max arched his back at the touch, gulping for a quick breath of air, it was all he could do not to shove his cock into her mouth, he had to let her set the pace, be in control. Liz smiled at his reaction as she licked the top again, then without warning she engulfed his manhood in one slow motion. She then began to draw her mouth back and forth as Max rolled his eyes back, enjoying the feeling.

Zan was already kissing her inner most spots when he decided to flick his own tongue, drawing it across her clit, as she gasped as arched. He smiled at what he was able to achieve as he did it again circling it as Liz moaned against Max in her mouth. The vibration on his cock from her moans almost sent Max over the edge as he fought the urge not to come. The taste of her was like honey to Zan as he ran his tongue up and down her opening, then thrusting it deep inside her before he circled her clit again.

Liz could not help but continuing moaning as her felt Zan’s tongue sliding in and out of her. He added his finger as he continued to nibble, her hips jerked sporadically as he spread the lowers lips to expose the treasure he had been seeking. His tongue licked and teased that bud as she sucked harder and faster on Max. The fingers were now pumping in and out of her as the inner walls began to close up. She was coming hard and fast, driving her down the path of pure bliss, ecstasy like she never experienced before.

Zan held her hips tight as she squirmed with passion, his tongue and fingers had done their job well as she crashed hard, her body tensing up, her mouth opened allowing Max to withdraw before he came. He head went back, her lips parted in a voiceless scream as Max earned down to kiss her again and drive her more over the edge with pinching her sensitive breasts. Zan felt her muscles grab his finger tight, as he stopped his movement wanting for her to relax.

Finally, Liz came back to earth as she relaxed, her breath was heavy as she panted, her eyes trying to refocus. The brothers had changed position and now Zan was kissing her deep and nuzzling her breasts. Max was now licking and stroking her, as he prepared her to take his cock. Zan gently rolled her over to her knees while he kneeled in front of her, his cock at her eye level as she smiled at the thought of repaying the favor he had done for her.

She took hi into her mouth, savoring the feel of him, the twins tasted alike, both sweet and spicy. Zan also arched his back upon the first touch of her lips, he was in heaven, her mouth and tongue were velvet as he began sliding his cock in and out. He held her long brown hair as he looked down to see those red lips encased around his head. “Damn,” he thought, “I could fucking like this forever.” He let out a soft moan and growl as he drove himself deeper into her mouth.

Max watched Zan turned Liz over and positioned her; he was so ready, pre-cum was dripping as he placed his cock against her and pushed slowly in. She was tight as her walls gripped him, pulling him in, wanting to feel all of him.

Liz wrapped her lips around the throbbing organ as he withdrew it slowly stopping at the head where she sucked and nibble feeling him harden even more under her ministrations. Zan tried to control himself but found he was gently bucking, pushing himself into her mouth; he was so ready to come as he watched Max enter her from behind. Liz reacted by plunging her mouth deeply over Zan, moaning making his cock vibrate, racking him with an incredible sensation.

Liz felt the hard steel cock enter her, as the dance began. She matched the rhythm on Zan‘s cock to the Max’s as he pushed in and out of her. Max once in awhile would pull out almost all the way and then slam back in hard and deep as she breathed out in. She felt herself again coming but fell short as both Max and Zan pulled themselves out. At first, she did not know what was going on, but soon she discovered what the twins had in mind.

Zan slipped underneath Liz as Max pulled her closer to the edge. She was straddling Zan’s hips and it took only a few seconds to figure out he wanted her to ride him. She rose up and lowered herself onto his cock; he was the same size as his brother as he quickly filled the interior space. Max gently pushed her forward as Zan drew her downward into a series of deep kisses while one hand stroke her clit, the other twist and pinched a nipple, both by now very sensitive. Max raised her ass just as little as he slowly aimed for her anus. She flinched when she felt him; Zan distracted her with kisses and the teasing until she was aching to have them both.

Slowly Max entered careful not to go to fast as he she adjusted to having two very well endowed men inside her. Once both Zan and Max felt she was ready, they began to pump themselves in and out of her. Max reached around and replaced Zan’s hand as he teased and stroke her clit while Zan concentrated on kissing her lips and breast.

Liz could not help but arch her back as Max began to thrust in and out, the sensation from Zan below was something she was not ready for as she tried to hold onto reality. The pleasure sensations were out of control, the boys were alternating thrusts,, keeping her on the edge of wanting more, as one pulled out and the other thrust in. She lost track soon of who was doing what. Her whole body was throbbing for release.

The guys could feel her tensing up as they sped up their actions. Max gripped her hips tightly as he thrust deep and long into her, his lips kissing and nibbling her neck, his balls slap against her bottom. Zan was moaning deep as he latched onto one nipple and then the other, sucking the hard tips into his mouth, relishing in the feeling.

They both felt her tense up as she was climaxing, Liz felt as though the world had turned upside down. She pushed her self against Max as her muscles locked up, coming hard and fast with the two cocks inside her making their last finally hard deep thrusts. She could feel them as they came; the sensation was electrifying, the most erotic moment she had ever felt.

The boys held tight onto Liz as they slowly same down off the sexual high as their muscles relaxed and they disengaged one from the other. They laid on the bed panting, their hearts beating as one, fast in timing. Soon they all were quiet; their soft breathing was the only noise.

Then out of the blue Zan voice rang out, “Round One!”

With Max answering, “Ready for Round Two .........”

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To all: I am eternally grateful to all for continued support and gentle bumps.
I am so sorry this took longer than expected.
The original was lost in the computer crash so this version has changed somewhat.
I hope you enjoy there is more heat to come.
:D s_e_r :D

The Temptation of Greece

Part 5 of ?

Liz smiled as she awoke. The day was already half gone as she stretched and rolled over in her bed, her very empty bed. She felt around with her hands, in a dazed dream, half expecting to find something, someone, not one but two. It was then that her mind became fully awake as her eyes opened fully and she saw herself alone.

She sat up in bed, curling the sheets about her, as she brought her head into her arms. Was it all a dream? Some of ouzo induced delusion? Liz shook her head. No. She could still feel their lips upon her body, their scent on her sheets, their faces in her eyes. It had to be real, it was the first time she had felt alive, she could not bear if it was not true. She did not wish to go back to that cold sterile academic life, to go back to where she began.

She sighed and wiped a small tear that had formed in the corner of her eye. She slowly got out of bed and headed for the shower. The water felt fresh against her skin, replenishing it, in a sense it made her whole against as if in a sense she had been baptized into a new existence. She stepped out and covered herself in a towel as she wiped off in front of the large plate glass mirror.

As she took the towel off her head, she was shocked to she herself. She did not look mousy. Instead she glowed, almost radiated confidence, a youthful essence was shown through. She looked again at herself. It was really her, she could not believe how much she had changed, she actually looked beautiful.

She continued to gaze into the mirror as it began to twist and turn. The images forming were not of her now, dripping wet, but of the night before, scenes of lust, of love, of rapture. She reached out in the air as she once again could feel Zan’s naked chest, detailing with her fingers his finely sculpted pectorals, his firm biceps as he held her tight. From the back she felt Max as he enveloped her, his hard chest pressed against her shoulders, his steel cock against the small of her back. She could see herself standing there naked, then three of them, a trio of intertwined flesh.

She watched as she laid upon the bed, moaning as she relived those moments, those erotic hours that developed, that inflamed her soul, that awakened the woman inside her. Awakening her into a new being, into a new part of herself - that sexual part that all women should be aware of, to delight in, to control their destiny. To determine with whom to share their heart, soul and body.

She stood there mesmerized by the mirror as it showed her secrets, her desires, her wants, displaying her most eloquently in the glory of being a woman. Once again she was tracing the fertility symbols, the complex design that ran down Zan’s back. Words, ancient in their meaning, inducing sexual potency, something he certainly had no trouble in creating. He was able to go on and on with no problem.

She felt warm inside as she remembered him inside her, her walls had tightened hard against him, not wanting to lose neither him nor the sensation. In fact, she did not want to lose either of them, she could also still feel Max. He had invaded her very essence, taking with him her soul.

Liz shut her eyes trying got get herself under control. Last night had not been a dream, but real. She opened them again and there she was, on all fours as Max fucked her from behind, filling her with each stroke as she lavished attention on Zan. “Damn” the word escaped her mouth, silently. That sight was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. The look in the boys’ eyes was incredible, they were concentrating on her pleasure, the overall concept, the joining of the three of them.

She closed her eyes again, as she leaned heavy upon the counter. Her breath was short, as the need to be in their arms again overtook her. Finally she opened her eyes to see herself staring back at the mirror. For some odd reason that she could not explain, she started giggling and smiling as she dried off and dressed.

She walked back into the bedroom where she saw a vase of roses on the table, with a scroll bounded in a red ribbon. She felt the petals’ soft velvet folds, inhaling deeply the rich full scent. Liz remembered all the love she felt through the previous night’s escapades. How the twins made her feel as if she was the only woman on earth, the only one that mattered, how she was special, unique to them.

She picked up the scroll, feeling the texture of the parchment. She was amazed as she undid the ribbon letting it fall to the floor curling into a soft S shape. Upon this ancient form of communication, this sheet of parchment, were words written with a loving hand, calligraphy so fine, so elegant the style itself drew her in.

<center> Our erotas, our love
We wait for you near the temple of Aphrodite
Desire that is ours to be released again
Meet us at the temple this afternoon
Let us indulge your fantasies
Lets us worship at your altar
Lets us make you our love incarnate
To you we give our eternal flame
Our devotion, our eros
Max and Zan

Liz read the letter over and over. She could not stop smiling, then walking to the phone she called for the concierge to arrange a car to drive her to the Temple of Aphrodite.

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Re: Temptation of Greece (UC/AU M/L/Z Adult) A/N 01/28/08

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Thanks to all for being so patient with me…. I think I am finally at the point where I can once again go at full steam on writing…. I am very grateful for all the kind words and sticking with me as I worked through this sad time … once again thanks

The Temptation of Greece

Part 6 of ?

“Tell me why brother did we decide to walk rather than ride up?” Zan grumbled under his breath as he tripped over another rock.

“I think it was because you said you could beat me in a foot race up the mountain Zan,” Max laughed as he kept up the slow jog up the rutted path.

The path to the Temple to Aphrodite was not on any tourist map, it was in a secluded, almost inaccessible region located on a precipice overlooking the Aegean Sea. The ivory temple, circumvented in Ionic pillars and erotic statues of Aphrodite, sat on a foundation of black basalt. One viewing the temple from the sea marveled at the sheer volcanic walls that led the eyes upward added to the majestic site.

In a final spurt of energy the twins dashed the last mile as they spotted the pillars announcing the temple’s entrance.

“I won,” gasped Zan as he laid his hand heavy against the cool marble walls his chest heaving up and down.

“No I let you win,” Max laughed as he slapped his brothers back. “Now lets get busy we have lots to prepare,”


After making the arrangements, Liz sat down the phone. Taking the parchment again in her hands she sat at the desk and read the letter again, written with such finesse and so elegantly the letters, she found herself growing more excited inside at the thought of these two exquisite males. She found herself sighing deeply, not sure of what was inside her, she had changed.

Noticing the time was drawing close, Liz rose from the chair and went to her closet to choose any outfit; only to find a Greek dress that could had come directly off a statue of Aphrodite herself. The dress was soft to the touch, a pale blue that shimmered with a soft silver illusionary film. Attached was note that simply said “wear only this tonight”. She also found simple gold sandals, the kind lace up her legs, lying on the floor of the closet beneath the dress.

She undressed, then removed the dress from the hanger, letting the fabric flowed down over her body a cascade of watery blue silk. It was held with a simple gold intertwined brooch at the shoulder. If the brooch was removed the dress would simply fall off her frame, exposing her naked body underneath. The decadent fabric draped about her, accentuating the curves of her breasts and posterior.

Taking her long hair she twisted it upon her head, letting loose ringlets hang down. She looked in the mirror reflected back was a rare exotic Greek statue just unearth, exuding sexuality and sensuality with every chisel mark from the artist. Liz took a deep breath and headed for the door, as she picked up her purse she found two gold arm bracelets laying beneath: one marked with an M the other with a Z. She smiled as she slipped them on; she could already feel their arms around her, holding her tight as they made love to her. At that thought she felt herself grow wet at anticipation of the night ahead. No man had moved her in the past as these two had done in such a short time.

The driver was waiting for her as she slid into the four wheel drive vehicle for the short ride to the Temple. The night breeze from the Aegean was cool, as Liz rubbed her bare arms to keep warm. The jeep maneuvered through the narrow streets and into the countryside. The moon was just rising behind the temple as the jeep headed towards the precipice. The marble glowed in the moonlight, beckoning Liz to come, showing her the way to erotic adventure women only dream about. The last few miles to the Temple were rough, the ruts and rocks were a challenge to the jeep, as Liz held onto the strap above the door to steady herself.


The twins awaited their desire inside the center of the temple. From the pavilion they could see the moon rise slowly into the midnight ink. Soon the rays would fall inside the temple, illuminating the ceremony. They had prepared the ancient alter for Liz, for her induction into passion, a rite so old that many of the steps had meanings that were lost in time. The ritual was to make sex a positive force in the universe, translating that power to Liz. She would leave a full woman, confident in her life, in her love, and in her sexuality.

Max and Zan followed the old ways, the ancient religion of Greece, the religion of their ancestors. They subscribed to a time when the ancient man revered sexuality and sensuality with an open mind. They understood that sex was not lewd, evil or a licentious immoral act, but was a gift to man, a natural beauty to behold and enjoy. This beauty was reflected in the Temple of Aphrodite where they now stood waiting for Liz, their mind ready for the rite, their bodies yearning to feel hers once again.


Liz stepped down from the jeep as she crossed the dusty open area in front of the temple. The jeep left quickly behind her as she placed her foot on the first step.. The white marble steps were stained light brown from the dirt being ground and embedded in. The edges were worn and shallow ruts were apparent ,created over the ages by the footsteps of the faithful.

The temple walls glowed, beckoning her deep inside, as she walked through the rows of Ionic pillars that held up the massive roof. She stopped momentarily as her eyes caught the phallic symbols carved into the pillars. They were acts of carnal pleasure, some that she just recently had explored with Max and Zan.

Softly, as if a whisper on the wind she heard the sound of a flute. She turned back towards the inner temple and followed the sound as it grew louder. It came from everywhere yet no where. She stopped as she watched a mosaic of pan appear on a wall, he was playing a flute to a bevy of young woman. Then from the distance she saw another mosaic while all the time the flute sound grew stronger, increasing not only in volume but in number of flutes playing.

As she entered the inner room she was meet by an incredible site, a massive alter was in the center of the room, covered in animal furs and satins. At each of the corners there is a statue of Eros, the god of not only erotic love but spiritual love as well. He represented the erotic love that Liz would be inducted into, but also the spiritual love of man that each human yearns for with another, a soul mate.

Liz looked upwards to see a gold embossed dome gracefully displayed over the center of the room, with a center hole directly over the alter where the moon healing rays could shine through. The room was sectioned off with rich red drapes; keeping the warm air created by the many brass brazens lining the inner sanctum.

Smaller brazens held erotic herbs that enticed the mind, yet leaving a calming effect on the nerves. The heavy aroma had a tendency to dull the senses, but at the same time making them sharper. Liz watched as a fog of the drug laden smoke began to cover the floor. During the ceremony this sensual fog would make the pleasure Liz was to endure, more intense than any mortal can imagine.

Liz glanced around to see standing off to the side was Max and Zan both wearing tunics, their skins glistened with olive oil. She took a deep breath, their muscles were finely sculpture; their strength and eroticism made her feel weak at the knees know these two wanted her. They indicated for her to step towards them. She walked quietly over; her sandals lightly echoed her approach.

“Tonight is your night, a night you will never forget.” whispered Max as he approached her with a large white sheet.

“Tonight you will meet the goddess,” Zan breathed out as he unclasped her dress, letting it drop to the floor. Holding out his hand, she took it and stepped out of the fabric and into the sheet Max held. The two of them then lead her a few feet forward to a small cistern.

“Before the ceremony can begin, we must cleanse you in the sacred water of the River Styx, it will symbolized your death before rebirth.” Zan explained as he reached down and picked up a large sea sponge.

Liz shivered slightly as she stepped into the shallow pool; the water was warm, heated from an underground geyser. She felt strange standing there naked, as these two Greek Adonises washed her, it was decadent yet she felt oddly calm about it.

Max removed the sheet as she stood on a small stepping stone. He also picked up a sea sponge. Then the two of them very slowly and seductively soaked up water with the sponges then let the water run down in rivulets over her breast and firm stomach. After her body was covered with the water, Max again picked up the sheet and held it out as she stepped into. The two wrapped the material around her, drying her.

“Come time for the ceremony to begin.” They said in unison as they lead her over to the alter.

They helped Liz to carefully lie down upon the alter. Looking upwards she saw the light from the brazen reflect the sexual positions that are embossed in the gold, activating them as if they were animated. She was mesmerized by the sight; her head and eyes were growing heavy as she watched. She felt the bodies to the left and right of her, their warmth against her cool skin. The fog rose all about them, she felt eyes upon her, then Liz took a sharp breath as she braced for what was to happen.