On Remembrance & Forgetting(CC/Adult)1:3:1/3 04/01/08 [WIP]

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Re: On Remembrance & Forgetting(CC/Adult) 1:2:4of4 01/12/08

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thanks for the feedback .. onto next chapter.. things are interrealted so it does get a bit confusing at times

Book 1: Section1: Chapter 3: Part 1 of 3

On Remembrance and Forgetting
Book One of
“The Official Chronicles of the Royal House of Antar”

Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 3: Philip and Diane Evans’ Experience
Part 1: A Gray Day Indeed

Timeline: Graduation Day

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans?” Diane and Philip had just exited the door when a short, slightly built middle age man came up to them. “Yes,” said Diane “Can we help you?” Diane and Philip were trying to follow Jesse; he exited right before them, just after the motorcycle took off with Max.

“Please come with us, it is about your son and daughter.” Another man walked up taking hold of Mr. Evans elbow.

“Hold on, just who are you?” Mr. Evans demanded. The agents looked at each other and discreetly flashed them their FBI badges. “I am Agent Johnson and this is Agent Lopez.” Agent Johnson released his hold on Philip. ”Please sir if you would follow us.”

Agent Johnson was the clean cut Marine type, he had served in the military before joining the FBI. The other agent was a bit heavier, shorter and obviously older as his salt and pepper hair would indicate.

“Mrs. Evans” Agent Lopez waved his hand indicating for her to follow.

“Excuse me but you said this was about our son and daughter?” Philip questioned, having remained in place as he encircled his arm protectively about his wife. “What is this all about?”

“Please sir; we need you and your wife to come with us now,” said the older Agent Lopez, “for your own safety.” Philip and Diane looked at each other and decided to cooperate for now. The agents drove them out into the desert to a hanger, where they were led to a small room with a large two-way mirror.

They sat there quietly. “Let me do all the talking,” Philip informed his wife,” we have rights that must be obeyed, even by the FBI.”

Diane sat on the steel chair as she wrung her hands. “What about Max and Isabel, Philip? What has happened? Are they okay?”

“I don’t know let’s see what information these guys have.” Philip said motioning to the mirror in front of them as he sat on the table waiting patiently as minutes turned into hours. Diane took a book out of her purse and proceeded to read it, trying to keep her mind calm as her husband just sat and stared at the mirror thinking.

Agents Lopez and Johnson were watching the two through the mirror as they received the reports on the clean sweeps of the Evans’ home, Michael Guerin’s apartment, and Isabel Ramirez’s home. The reports were that all were clear, listening devices installed as ordered. The Agents knowing they would get very little from the lawyer proceeded into the room hoping they could trip Mr. Evans up.

Mr. Evans looked up at the door as it opened as he stood up. “Gentlemen are you now prepared to tell me why you have detained my wife and me?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans do you know here your son and daughter are?”

“No not off hand. Is this in relation to the stunt Max pulled off during the graduation ceremony?”

“In a way yes sir.” Agent Smith looked over the senior Evans with interest: ‘so this was the man that raised our King after he emerged from the pods. I wonder what effect his influence will have on the young King.’ The shape shifter could not help but contemplate these and other thoughts.

“Why is the FBI involved? It was a school function that Max ruined.” Philip pushed for an answer, “It is not like this is an international incident.”

“Do you know Michael Guerin, Elizabeth Parker, and Maria DeLuca?” Agent Jones wanted answers and these two lived with the aliens. How he wanted to get one in his clutches, he was as much of an UPO freak as were the General and the Major.

“Yes, they are his friends; Liz is his girlfriend and Michael, he has known Max and Isabel since third grade. Why? Has something happened that we should be notified of?” Mr. Evans was being very careful on what information he would give the agents and what to hold back.

“Mr. Evans we are not regular FBI.” Agent Jones took a breath and checked with his partner for confirmation before continuing. “We are with a Special Unit of the government created to combat terrorism.”

Agent Smith leaned forwarded and handed a business card to Mr. Evans containing his name and cell number.

Agent Jones continued, “We have reason to believe that Max, his girlfriend Liz Parker, Isabel and Michael are terrorists. They planned to kill an undetermined number people at the graduation ceremony with weapons and simple pipe bombs scattered throughout the auditorium.”

“You are wrong! Max and the rest would never do such nonsense.” Philip shot back, “Someone has misinformed your department.” He then collected his thoughts “What type of evidence have you recovered.”

“Nothing as of yet Mr. Evans. Soon we will be arresting your son and the rest with the weapons on them or we find a one of the bombs. The dogs are searching now; it is only a matter of time,” replied Agent Jones.

For almost three hours, the agents harped on Mr. Evans trying to trip him up. Finally, they ceased and decided to try another strategy.

“How close were Michael Guerin and Isabel?” inquired Agent Jones.

“Friends.” Answered Philip.

“Just friends?” Agent Smith looked down at the note Jones had written concerning the cigar box. He nodded and continued, “This Michael Guerin and your daughter are you sure they are just friends?”

“What are you getting at?”

“Why did Isabel leave her husband?” Agent Smith pushed forward. Isabel was Vilandra and belonged to Rath, that was the way things were on Antar, and he was to make sure that happened. In reality he really did not care about the human marriage, but he had to make a good show for Smith’s ID to hold up to scrutiny.

“I don’t know. They have been having some problems lately.” Philip looked at the two agents and zeroed in on a cigar box that one was holding. He recognized it as one of his old ones that Isabel had kept. “You know newlyweds; things are not always roses and Champaign.”

“Was Isabel having an affair with Michael?” pressed Agent Jones. “Do you have any idea whom your son and daughter are involved with?”

“What! No! Maria is his girlfriend, and Isabel is married.” Diane interjected.

“Would it be of interest if we told you we found evidence that the two have been having an affair for the last two years?”

“You are making all this up.” Philip was getting irritated, “Why is this of any interest to the FBI. If Michael and Isabel were having an affair that is between them and Jesse, it is none of our business.”

“Maybe you do not know your children as well as you thought you did?” implied Agent Smith. He knew he should be easy on the King’s adopted parents but he could not resist the urge to mess around with a couple of humans, he would be easier than the real Smith would.

“You do understand how serious this is, right Mr. and Mrs. Evans.” Agent Smith inquired. “Your son and daughter and this Michael Guerin have brought others into their little terror cell. They are armed and considered dangerous to all law enforcement personnel.” Agent looked at Mrs. Evans who had tears streaming down her face; the King certainly did have kind human parents, the shape shifter hoped King and the Princess appreciated them. “You son Max has already rob a store in Utah with Liz holding a gun, there is precedent for our action.” He hope his veiled threats would make they realize how dangerous Roswell was for the King right now and urge them to stay away.

“Yes, I understand. As an officer of the court, I will inform you if Max or any of the kids contact me.”

“That is good to hear, you have my number, 24/7” Agent Smith indicated the business card Philip was still holding, “We have someone to drive you home when we are given the clear sign.”


~ Secrets that are Alien ~

~~~ pgs 25-28 ~~~