Faith ( AU M/L, M/M, K/I Mature) Ch 43 01-18-10 [WIP]

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Faith ( AU M/L, M/M, K/I Mature) Ch 43 01-18-10 [WIP]

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Title: Faith
Disclaimer: Don't belong to me. Wish they did but they don't.
Rating: Mature/ Adult
Couples: M/L, M/M, K/I
Summary: Liz Parker was raped at the tender age of sixteen resulting on a beautiful daughter. Liz was scarred both physically and emotionally. Will she be able to conquer her fears and find love?
A/N: I know I should be the last person posting another story when I've got three out already but I couldn't help it. This has been on my mind for a long time and I've been dying to post it. I'm going to try and catch up on my other stories soon.


“Stop it!” she cried.

Liz struggled punching and kicking any part of his body that she could reach. He bared his teeth at her and slapped her hard across the face. His dark hair was disheveled and his hazel eyes were narrowed in anger.

“Shut the fuck up bitch.” He snarled.

He slapped her once more before pulling out a pocket knife. Liz’s eyes widened in fear and she struggled even harder.

“No!” she cried holding back the tears that were threatening to spill.

He held her wrists tightly above her head and ripped her shirt open with the knife. His hands came down roughly on her breasts and twisted them hard.

“Ow!” The tears finally came and ran down her face as he mauled her.

Ripping off her bra he laughed harshly. “You wanna be a teasing little slut than you’re gonna have to pay the consequences.”

Liz watched in horror as he slid the blade of the knife on her stomach and breasts.

“I wonder…” he said looking into her wet face. “How many dates your going to go on after I’m done with you.”

When the tip of the knife started to cut into her flesh Liz let out a loud piercing scream before finally seeing darkness.
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At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

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Okay finally got some time to post the first chapter! YAY! Well, hope you guys like this part.

Chapter 1

“…she’s lost a lot of blood…”

“…will be scarred…”

Liz stirred groaning. She tried to open her eyes but they felt heavy and forcing them to open only made her head hurt. She heard movement and voices and she wasn’t sure where she was.

“Miss. Miss. Can you hear me?” A voice said.

Liz could only moan in response. It hurt to move and she didn’t want to try to speak. She didn’t know here she was or why but she was too tired. Ignoring the voices around her she fell back into a deep sleep.


“Maria! I can’ believe you did this!” Liz said looking around at the radio equipment.

“Come on chica. This is great! This is your chance to find the man of your dreams.” Maria said excitedly.

“Maria I don’t want to find the man of my dreams. Kyle! Tell her something!”

Kyle looked from Liz to his sister. “Maria you should have let her know you were gonna enter her into this contest before you did.”

“Oh shut up Kyle, you were the one that told me about the contest in the first place.” Maria waved him off.

“And now it's time for us to check in with our Valentine's Day dreamgirl. We're comin' to you live from the Crashdown Cafe where it's blind date quiz time with Roswell's most eligible bachelorette, Liz Parker!” The DJ from the radio said interrupting their conversation.

“Oh my God! Okay, Lizzie you’ll be fine. Now how’s your makeup.” Maria said pulling out a lip gloss.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Maria it’s the radio. Oh, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She walked over to where the DJ sat and took the chair in front of him.

“And may I just say to our listeners, that they are missing a sweet soda shop treat by not being here to see what a knockout you really are, Liz. Even with the antennas.”

Liz blushed. “Thank you.”

The DJ looked at her skeptically a smile never leaving his face. “You mean to tell me you don't already have a boyfriend?”

“, not right now.” Liz looked away.

“Well, whoever let you get away is gonna be kickin' himself when you're out with your dream date on Friday night. Now answer some questions for me now, Liz. Do you like blondes or brunettes?”

Maria nudged Kyle and looked pointently at Liz. “See!”

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Maria we’re friends. We went out for like a month and decided to be friends. We’re not into each other like that!”

“Yeah but you let her get away.”

Kyle shook his head breathing heavily. “Whatever.”

“Uh, brunettes.” Liz answered.

“Ok. Home town boys or out-of-towners?” The DJ asked.

“Well, um...home town boys are ok, but...” Liz trailed off.

“I hear the sound of broken hearts all over Roswell. Brainiac or class clown?”

“Yeah, I'm not into clowns.” Liz shook her head.


“Okay that hurt a little.”

“Shut up Kyle.” Maria elbowed him.


“Open books or challenges?”

“Yeah, I guess I'm always up for a challenge.” Liz nodded.


“Okay is she deliberately taking jabs at me cause I didn’t pay for the space fries I had? I’m challenging.” Kyle grumbled.

Maria rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah Kyle. You’re an enigma.”


“It sounds like we've gotta find you a serious, dark-haired, mystery man from an exotic place by Friday night! Is Liz Parker's Mr. Right listening out there?” The DJ said signing off.


“Get your butt down there, girl. True love awaits.” Maria grinned.

“And now the moment we've all been waiting for. Liz Parker meet your dream come true.” The DJ smiled. “Doug Shellow! Doug's a freshman at the University of New Mexico who studies ancient languages and hopes one day to be an archeologist. A job, Liz, that will take him to exotic locations all over the globe, uncovering mysterious, lost civilizations. And just look at that thick, luxurious head of brown hair. Go ahead, Liz. Come on, Liz, I know you want to! Just run your fingers through it, just once! Come on, he won't bite ya.”

Liz ran her hands through Doug’s hair.

“Oh, yeah, that's the stuff. And now it's off for a romantic dinner for 2 at Chez Pierre where we leave off and l'amour does the rest.”


“I can’t believe I’m going on another date with him.” Liz said to herself as she fixed her skirt and sweater in front of her mirror.

Maria opened the door to her room. “You almost ready?”

Liz smiled. “Yeah.”

“See! I told you you’d find the man of your dreams.” Maria grinned.

“Yeah.” Liz smiled half heartedly. She didn’t know why she just got weird vibes from him.


“Come on let’s take a short cut to the theatre.” Doug said leading Liz towards and alley.

Liz pulled back slightly. “I-can’t we just go through the normal way?”

“No.” Doug said holding her arm tighter and half dragging Liz towards the alley.

“Doug I said-”

“Shut up!” Doug snarled.

Liz’s eyes widened at his tone. She started to struggle pulling on her arm. His hand tightened and he dragged her, the rest of the way.

“Let go of me!” Liz screamed.

Doug slammed her to the wall knocking the wind out of her. Taking advantage of Liz’s temporarily stunned demeanor he grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head.


His hand came down hard on her cheek making Liz cry out. “Shut the fuck up.”

Liz kicked out at him. Her leg connected with his stomach making Doug release her hands. Liz turned to run but was pulled back hard by her hair.

“Oh no you fucking don’t!”

Tears sprung to her eyes when she hit the hard floor twisting her ankle. Doug let go of her hair to kick her in the stomach. The air left her in a whoosh making her cough. He kicked her a few more times in various parts of her body. Liz tasted the metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Once he was done he hovered over her and slammed his mouth to hers. Liz pushed at his chest moving her face.

“Stop it!” she cried.

Liz struggled punching and kicking any part of his body that she could reach. He bared his teeth at her and slapped her hard across the face. His dark hair was disheveled and his hazel eyes were narrowed in anger.

“Shut the fuck up bitch.” He snarled.

He slapped her once more before pulling out a pocket knife. Liz’s eyes widened in fear and she struggled even harder.

“No!” she cried holding back the tears that were threatening to spill.

He held her wrists tightly above her head and ripped her shirt open with the knife. His hands came down roughly on her breasts and twisted them hard.

“Ow!” The tears finally came and ran down her face as he mauled her.

Ripping off her bra he laughed harshly. “You wanna be a teasing little slut than you’re gonna have to pay the consequences.”

Liz watched in horror as he slid the blade of the knife on her stomach and breasts.

“I wonder…” he said looking into her wet face. “How many dates you’re going to go on after I’m done with you.”

When the tip of the knife started to cut into her flesh Liz let out a loud piercing scream before finally seeing darkness.

Liz stirred trying to open her eyes but only managing to slit her right eye open. She watched Doug button his pants and tuck his shirt then turn to look down at her an evil smile on his face.

“If you survive this you little bitch, you’ll just be damaged goods. No one’s ever going to want a little slut like you now.”

Liz felt a tear slide down her cheek before darkness enveloped her again.

“NO!” Liz screamed thrashing.

A nurse ran into the room. “Calm down miss.”

“NO! STOP IT!” Liz yelled.

“It’s okay. Everything’s fine.” The nurse soothed.

Liz opened her good eye and looked into the face of a plump nurse.

“What happened?” A doctor asked coming into the room.

“She woke up screaming.” The nurse said looking sympathetically at Liz.

The doctor walked over to Liz he reached out to check her pulse but Liz flinched moving away from him with fear in her eyes.

The doctor sighed. “May I have your name Miss?”

Liz shook her head trying to keep as far away from him as she could. The nurse came up behind the doctor touching his arm.

“May I?”

The doctor nodded and left them alone. Liz looked into the kind face of the nurse and burst into tears.

“Shh. It’s okay.” The nurse said hesitating to reach out to the girl. When she saw that Liz didn’t flinch she rubbed her arm.

Liz quieted after a while.

“What’s your name sweetie? Your parents are probably worried. Don’t you want them to know where you are?” The nurse smiled softly.

Liz nodded. “E-Elizabeth Parker,” She said hoarsely.

The nurse nodded. “Rest now honey. We’re gonna look up your records,” she walked to the door. “Rest.”

Liz kept her eye on the door long after the nurse left knowing she’d never rest again.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

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Hey guys! I know it's been a while for me to update this stiry but I just never got around to it. This parts kinda crappy but I promise this story will get better....well at least it does in my head. :mrgreen:

Chapter 2

Jim Valenti woke up to the ringing of his cell phone. He looked at the time on his bedside table; it read two o’clock. Quickly getting up before the ringing woke up his wife he answered.


He heard Deputy Hansen describe to him a rape victim found in the alley by the local theatre. Jim nodded into the phone his face grim while he jotted down information.

“The victim is currently at Roswell memorial hospital. She’s in stable condition but the woman who found her said the victim was badly injured and had cuts all over her face and body.”

“Have they identified the victim?”

“Elizabeth Parker.”

Jim staggered and fell back on the bed when he heard the name. Elizabeth Parker. His children’s best friend and a girl he saw like a daughter.


“I’ll be right there.”

Jim got up and quickly put on clothes.


Jim turned to his wife. “I have to go to the hospital.”

“What happened?” Amy said sitting up.

Jim took a deep breath and sat on the edge of the bed. “Elizabeth Parker was raped.”

Amy covered her mouth with her hand and Jim saw tears forming in her eyes. “How?”

“I don’t know. I’m going to the hospital right now.”

“I’ll go with you.” Amy said getting up.

Jim shook his head. “No, stay here. Someone has to tell Maria and Kyle in the morning.”


Jim arrived at the hospital in five minutes. He spoke to a nurse who led him into Liz’s room. He opened the door slowly when he saw the bruised and battered girl on the bed he didn’t even recognize her. Her normally sparkling brown hair was limp and matted, her bright brown eyes were both bruised but he could see one was swollen shut. Her lips were dry and cracked. Her nose was bandaged and looked broken. She had a butterfly bandage on her cheek covering a bad looking scar. Her chest was heavily bandaged and her right arm was in a sling. Both her legs were heavily bandaged also.


Liz heard her name and turned her head slowly to look at the Sheriff. She gave him a weak smile that didn’t reach her eye. Jim knew that he’d never see the spark in those brown eyes again.

“Hello sheriff.” She said hoarsely.

“Oh Liz.” He walked slowly towards her but when he saw the fear in her eye he stopped. “Where are your parents?”

She looked away. She wasn’t going to cry. She didn’t have any more tears. “They’re not coming.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Why not? Didn’t the doctors call them?”

She tried to nod but winced at the pain. “They’re on a cruise in Hawaii and they said they weren’t planning on coming back anytime soon. Apparently they’re having way too much fun to bother with me.”

Jim gritted his teeth to hold back the curse he was about to say. He never liked Nancy and Jeff Parker. Their daughter always came second in their eyes. He didn’t want to ask but unfortunately it was his job.

“Liz. I need you to tell me what happened.” Jim saw a horrified look pass through her face before she masked it.


Liz didn’t answer. She couldn’t. If she did then she’d see it again see him again and she couldn’t deal with it right now.

Jim could see Liz closing off and knew he wasn’t going to get any answers from her. He’d wait for Maria and Kyle. Maybe she’d tell them.

“I’ll be in the waiting room if you need anything. Just call a nurse and they’ll come get me.”

Liz didn’t bother to answer and a minute later she heard the door click closed leaving her alone. This is exactly how it should be, how it was always going to be after tonight. Elizabeth Parker would always be alone.

“Let go of me!…If you don’t let me go I swear I’ll put you in the hospital!”

Liz opened her eyes when she heard the commotion outside her room.

“Calm down Miss. Please she is still asleep.”

“Get off me!”

A second later Maria pushed through the door with Kyle behind her. As soon as Maria saw Liz she burst into tears. Kyle didn’t move from where he stood but his face was deathly pale and he was shaking.

“Oh Lizzie.” Maria whispered walking slowly to her bed.

Liz felt the tears form in her eyes at the look on her best friend’s faces. She had thought she cried them all yesterday. Kyle crossed the room on the other side of the bed unable to take his eyes off the bandages and casts all over her body.

“Hey guys.” Liz said weakly.

Maria cried harder touching her face softly. Liz let her tears fall and they both cried together for a long time. After they were done Maria pulled up a chair and sat next to her taking her good hand in hers.

“I’m a little thirsty.” Liz said swallowing hard.

Kyle snapped out of his shock. “I’ll get it.” He liked to feel like he could do something to keep her comfy. “Are you hungry? Do you want anything to eat? Some coffee?”

Liz smiled slightly. “No just some water please.”

He nodded before quickly leaving.

“What happened Lizzie?” Maria asked after a long moment of silence.

Liz didn’t want to say. She didn’t want anybody to know what happened. She couldn’t tell anybody who it was. She shook her head at Maria’s question.

“You have to tell somebody what happened Liz. If you don’t it’ll just eat at you until there’s nothing left. Tell me Liz. I-I promise I won’t say anything to anyone until you’re ready.”

Liz didn’t answer for a while. Maria was giving up on Liz telling her what happened until she finally said the one thing.


Maria felt her heart sink and she slowly shook her head. No. It couldn’t be him. Oh my god, this was all her fault. If she hadn’t signed her up for that stupid contest she would’ve never met him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Liz. I’m so so sorry.” Maria cried.

“You can’t tell anyone Maria. You promised.” Liz said looking Maria in the eye. When Maria didn’t answer Liz looked at her sternly. “Maria. You promised.”

Maria nodded the guilt hitting her in waves. “Okay.” She whispered.

Kyle came back a while later with a cup of water and two coffees. He handed one to Maria and helped Liz drink her water. Kyle asked her what happened after a while but Liz refused to tell him. Maria shook her head the third time he asked.

They sat there with her having small talk until Amy and Jim walked in. Amy like her daughter burst into tears and walked over to Liz smoothing the hair from her face.

“How are you feeling?”

Liz shrugged.

“Liz, I had a chat with your parents and they said it would be fine for you to come live with us. You can stay in Maria’s room with her.” Jim smiled reassuringly. He wasn’t going to tell her how eager her parents where of getting rid of her. Jim had never met a set of people he hated more than them.

“Yeah, it’ll be great chica.” Maria smiled. “I promise I’ll keep Kyle in his cage.”
“Hey!” Kyle glared at his sister.

Liz smiled. “Okay.”

Jim nodded. “All right. You’ll have to stay here a while until you’re recovered some then we can take you home.”

Liz nodded.

They all stayed there the entire day and the rest of the days after that. Maria refused to leave and spent the next couple of weeks sleeping in a cot they brought in for her.

Two Months later

Liz sat on the bathroom floor tears streaming down her face and blurring the stick she held in her hand. Positive. God. She was pregnant. Pregnant with the child of a man she abhorred. How could she possibly have a baby from that bastard? Liz looked down at her stomach. She couldn’t have this baby. It would always just remind her of him. She needed to get rid of it. Throwing the pregnancy test away she walked back into her and Maria’s room thankful that Maria was working at her parent’s restaurant at the moment.

Opening the drawer by the bed she took out the yellow pages and flipped through it. Finally finding the number of a doctor she called making an appointment for next week. If she was lucky she’d be rid of it before anyone found out about it.

Liz spent the week ignoring everyone’s concerned looks about her pale complexion. She had lost a lot of weight from lack of food but she hardly cared what she looked like anymore. After getting out of the hospital three months ago she had closed herself off to everyone. She was nice to them but they could tell she wasn’t the same Liz they knew. A few weeks after moving in with them the bandages came off. The only visible scar to everyone was the one marring her right cheek. It went from her ear down to her chin.

Liz had looked at herself in the mirror that night with her clothes off and felt the tears slide down her cheeks when she took a look at her body. Her stomach had various scars some overlapped each other making X’s. She had scars on her breasts and along her thighs and legs. After that she wasn’t seen in anything but long sleeved shirts and pants. She’d thrown out all her skirts and tank tops. She’d never need those again.

Liz smiled at the receptionist and waited for her name to be called. They’d hopefully be able to do this quick with not much of a fuss.

“Elizabeth Parker?” A nurse called out standing by an open door.

Liz stood up and followed her into a room to wait for the doctor. She waited for about five minutes before a woman walked in with a clipboard in hand. She smiled when she spotted Liz but her smile faded quickly.

“Are you Elizabeth Parker?”

Liz nodded.

“Where are your parents?”

“Um, they’re on vacation.” Liz said nervously.

The doctor read over her papers and shook her head sadly. “I’m sorry but I can’t so much without parental consent. You’re a minor and operations can’t be made without a parent or guardian present. Company policy.”

Liz’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I’m sorry Ms. Parker.”

Liz was on the verge of tears. What was she going to do now? She had a brief thought about going to get her baby aborted by les legal means but decided against it. Without a word or look towards the doctor Liz walked out. She looked down at her stomach where the baby grew. A bastard child.


Liz got home and walked slowly into her room wondering what she was going to do. She didn’t notice Amy or Maria sitting on her bed with something in their hands. Finally looking up she smiled at them forcefully until she noticed what they were holding.

“You’re pregnant Liz?”

Liz looked from Amy to Maria but she didn’t answer. The answer was right in front of them.

“Oh honey.” Amy got up and pulled her into a hug. “It’s gonna be okay.”

Maria walked up to her mom and hugged Liz too. Liz felt like screaming at them that it wasn’t going to be okay. That it would never be okay but relented. Let them think what they wanted.

“We’ll figure something out.” Amy said reassuringly.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

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Hey guys! I wrote another part today. It's short but I hope ya'll enjoy it. I'll try to write some more and post later on today or tomorrow.

Chapter 3

“Have you been drinking your vitamins Liz?” Maria called from the bathroom.

After Amy and Maria found out about her pregnancy they went back to a doctor for a check up. Liz was officially two months pregnant. Dr. Connors prescribed some pregnancy pills and vitamins for the baby and Liz. That was almost two months ago and both prescription bottles were full.

“Yeah? Why?” Liz said finishing her bio homework.

“Well, I just figured if you were taking them the bottles would be if not empty than close to empty.” Maria said coming out with both bottles in hand.

Liz looked up at both bottles than at Maria. “I got it refilled.”

Maria narrowed her eyes. “Are you lying?”

Liz smirked. “No. I got them refilled last week.”

Maria nodded going back into the bathroom. “So, mom said you should go back to the doctor for another check up. She said four months into the pregnancy you’re supposed to feel the baby kicking and stuff.”

“Oh…that’s what that was. I felt it kick before. I just didn’t really pay attention.” Liz smiled.

“Really? Can I feel?”

Liz eyes widened slightly. “Uh, sure but it doesn’t do it a lot so you might not feel it.”

Maria shrugged and put her hand on Liz’s small protruding belly. She waited a couple of minutes but nothing happened.

“See? It doesn’t do it a lot.” Liz said getting back to her homework.

“So, when are you going to the doctor? Don’t you want to know the sex of the baby?”

Liz gritted her teeth. She really wished Maria would stop asking her so many questions about the stupid baby. What did she care if it was a boy or girl? She wasn’t keeping it.

Liz shook her head and smiled forcefully. “Nope! I want it to be a surprise.”

Maria nodded and to Liz’s relief started on her own homework.


1 Month later

Liz, Kyle, and Maria were having a best friend’s night. Liz made them promise not to ask her question about the baby and she was actually enjoying herself. She refused to tell them about the small pains she’d been getting throughout the day. They’d just fuss and probably make her go to the doctor which she still refused to do.

“I’ll be back guys.” Liz said getting up.

“What do you want?” Kyle said getting up quickly after.

Liz rolled her eyes. He was always doing this. “Kyle, I’m not an invalid. I’m getting more soda…sit down!”

Kyle reluctantly sat down and Liz walked into the kitchen.

Maria and Kyle went back to the movie when they heard a scream and glass breaking.

They both ran into the kitchen to see Liz holding her stomach curled up on the floor.

“LIZ!” They cried.

“Maria call 911!” Kyle yelled at her before kneeling on the floor next to Liz.

“Are you okay Lizzie?” He asked tentatively putting his hand on her shoulder.

Liz shook her head frantically.

“They’re on their way.” Maria came running back into the kitchen.

Liz gritted her teeth holding back her tears.

Five minutes later two EMT’s ran into the house carefully putting Liz on a stretcher and into the ambulance. Maria and Kyle went to follow but one of the men stopped them.

“Only one person allowed.”

“Go Maria. I’ll call mom and dad and meet you there.” Kyle said already running back into the house.

Maria climbed into the ambulance. One man was strapping Liz in while the other started the car and drive as fast as he could with the siren’s blaring.

Maria looked at her best friend who was now more of a sister to her and felt the tears fall. She looked so pale and tiny even with her small belly.

“Oh Liz. You haven’t been taking care of yourself have you?” Maria said quietly.

Liz turned dark painful eyes to her and slowly shook her head.

They arrived at Roswell Memorial and Liz was wheeled into the E.R. Maria wasn’t allowed in there so she paced nervously in the waiting room.

“Maria!” Amy yelled running over to her daughter with Jim and Kyle her heels.

“What happened?” Jim asked frighteningly.

Maria burst into tears. “She hasn’t been taking her pills daddy. She hasn’t been eating properly. It’s all my fault.”

“Oh, honey. It’s not your fault.” Amy hugged Maria to her letting her own tears fall.

Jim stopped a nurse to ask about Liz but apparently all they could do was wait.

Six hours later a doctor came through the double doors leading to the E.R.

They all walked over to him.

“How’s Liz?”

“How’s the baby?”

Dr. Lector hated giving bad news. “Liz is stable. The pain she’d been having today were early contractions. We had to deliver the baby prematurely through a cesarean section.”

“It’s too soon! She’d only been five months pregnant!” Maria cried out horrified.

“If we didn’t operate we could have lost her and the baby.” Dr. Lector said solemnly.

“How’s the baby?” Amy asked again.

Dr. Lector sighed. “We managed to deliver her alive but she’s in critical condition she weighs approximately one and half pounds and currently the only thing keeping her breathing is the incubator she’s in.”

“Oh, God.” Jim hugged Amy to him.

“Can we see Liz?” Kyle asked.

The doctor nodded. “She’s sedated but you can go in and see her.”

They all walked slowly to the room Liz was staying in Jim held onto Amy and Kyle held on to Maria when they saw her. She looked tiny and frail as if they breathed too hard she’d brake. She was still pale and the scar on her cheek was more prominent than ever. They watched her sleep peacefully for the first time in six months.


Liz woke up groggily. Her throat was parched and when she moved her stomach hurt. A loud snoring turned her attention to the corner of the room that Amy, Jim, Maria, and Kyle occupied. Maria and Kyle were sharing a small couch, well more like Maria was on the couch and Kyle was hanging to the side. Jim the cause of the snoring, was sitting on a chair his head thrown back while Amy sat on his lap resting her head on his chest.

As if sensing someone staring at them they all slowly woke up.

“Liz!” Maria yelled and shot up off the couch pushing Kyle to the floor.

“How are you feeling?” Amy asked getting up and walking to the bed.

“I’m thirsty.” Liz croaked.

“I’ll get you water!” Kyle said getting up and leaving the room. He returned a while later with water and coffee. Liz drank deeply.

“Why weren’t you taking your pills Liz?” Amy asked sadly.

Liz looked away suddenly finding the IV stand very interesting.

“The baby was delivered prematurely. She’s in critical condition.”

Liz’s eyes snapped to Jim’s. “S-she?”

He nodded. “A little girl. She weighs one and a half pounds.”

Liz felt tears prickle in the corners of her eyes. She had a girl. It all seemed a lot more real to her now. When it was still in her stomach Liz could hate it. Hate it cause it wasn’t real she couldn’t see it. Hell she could hardly feel it. She could hat it for representing a man she abhorred…but now, now she was real. Real and innocent. It wasn’t the baby’s fault who her father was or what he did. They didn’t choose this. Liz didn’t know she was crying until Amy hugged her tightly rubbing her back to soothe her.

“Can I see her?” Liz whispered.

“I’ll call in a nurse.” Jim volunteered.

He came back a minute later with a nurse in tow. After the nurse checked Liz to make sure she was stable she left the room to get a wheel chair.

Jim helped carry her onto the wheelchair and rolled her to the baby ward. The nurse pointed to an incubator in the middle of the room. Liz let out a small sob as they neared the plastic box keeping her baby breathing.

“Oh, my god.” Liz whispered pressing her hand against the plastic.

She was so teeny. Liz was positive she fit in the palm of her hand. There was a blue tube sticking out of her mouth and wires covered her tiny chest. Her arms and legs were too skinny to be healthy.

“Oh, what have I done to you?” Liz cried.

Liz stuck her finger through a small hole in the box and touched the baby’s small closed hand. Her skin was so soft and it only made Liz cry harder.

“It’s gonna be okay Liz. She’ll pull through. If she’s anything like her mother she’ll pull through this.” Jim said quietly.

“This is all my fault. If only I’d taken care of her. She wouldn’t be here strapped to all these wires and-and God what if she dies? My baby’s gonna die because of me.” Liz couldn’t see anymore her tears wouldn’t let her.

“She’s not gonna die. She’ll pull through this and we’ll take her home and everyone will love her with all their hearts.” Jim smiled.

Liz sat there watching the baby sleep for an hour before Jim finally suggested going back to the room. Liz nodded and stuck her finger in the hole to touch the baby again.

“Bye.” She whispered before Jim wheeled her away.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

-Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)

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Hey guys! Okay here's another part. Enjoy! ya'll know what to do if ya'll have questions. :wink:

Chapter 4

5 Years later

“Are you kids all packed?” Diane Evans asked her children.

“Well, Max and I are all packed. I can’t say the same about someone.” Isabel glared at Michael.

“Snitches get stitches Isabel.” Michael said narrowing his eyes at her.

“Don’t threaten your sister Michael.” Phillip’s voice came from behind his newspaper.

“Why aren’t you packed honey? Do you need me to help?”

“Yeah, mom Michael needs you to fold his underwear for him.” Max snickered.

“Oh, here we go,” Isabel rolled her eyes. “Mom, Michael’s twenty one years old you need to stop babying him.”

“I don’t baby him,” Diane smiled at Michael. “Right, sweetheart?”

Michael shook his head and smiled innocently at his mother. “No, mom.”

A cough that sounded suspiciously like ‘momma’s boy’ came from the end of the table. Michael sent a low energy blast towards Max tipping his glass of cherry coke over and spilling it all over the table and his pants.

“Real mature Michael.” Max said angrily. He waved his hand over the table and his pants cleaning up the spill.

“Don’t blast your brother Michael.” Phillip’s voice came again from behind his newspaper.

“How can you possible live alone, you’re my babies.” Diane said on the verge of tears.

An audible sigh could be heard from all three kids.

“We have to do this mom. We have to see if there's anything about where we really come from.” Isabel said reaching over the grab her mom’s hand.

“I know I just-promise me no matter what happens you won’t forget us okay?”

“Mom, you guys are our parents. We could never forget you. Besides we’re coming back for Christmas and that’s only a few months away.” Max smiled reassuringly.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to get my Play Station 4 for Christmas.” Michael said grinning.

“How do you know that’s what you’re getting?” Isabel raised her eyebrow.

“Cause that’s what I want.” Michael shrugged.

“Why don’t you go finish packing Michael. Our flight to Roswell is first thing in the morning.” Max said his tone commanding.

Michael sighed knowing when Max used that voice he listened. “Fine.”


“You know…I think you subconsciously bought this jeep knowing we’d come back to Roswell someday. It never really fit in Connecticut.” Isabel commented.

Max shrugged. “Maybe.”

“When do you start working at that law firm?” Michael asked.

“In two weeks. At least two months of our rent is paid for.” Max answered.

“Yeah, but Michael and I need jobs. You can’t afford the rent alone.” Isabel said frowning.

“Well you’ve got two months.” Max said pulling into their new apartment.

Isabel picked up her handbag and got out of the car leaving all their suitcases behind. Michael and Max stared at her before shaking their heads and picking up as many suitcases they could carry.

Ten minutes later Max and Michael threw themselves on the leather couch in the living room tired after bringing in Isabel’s ten bags.

Isabel strolled out one of the rooms. “Guy’s we have to buy food and some other things.”

“I’m not cooking. My arms are gonna fall off. What the hell did you put in those suitcases rocks?” Michael complained.

Isabel rolled her eyes. “Fine I’ll go to the supermarket.”

Isabel grabbed Max’s car keys and left in a huff.

“You know after she comes back we’re gonna have to go back to the supermarket and buy actual food.” Michael said once the door closed behind Isabel.

“Yup.” Max answered.


Maria walked into Liz and her apartment knowing she’d find Liz curled up in her bed most likely in tears. She always did this on June 30, the day Faith was born. Maria walked slowly towards Liz’s room and surely there she was curled up in her bed her pillow soaked in tears.

Sighing she walked over to her and sat on the bed. “You okay chica?”

Liz sniffled but nodded her head.

“You need to stop doing this to yourself Liz.” Maria said sympathetically.

“I know it’s just…I can’t stop picturing her in that little incubator fighting for her life all because of me. Those months she spent in there killed me.”

“I know Liz. It hurt us all to see her like that but she’s okay. She pulled through it and now my beautiful little niece is turning five today,” Maria looked around. “Where is she by the way?”

As if on cue Kyle came through the door carrying Faith in his arms. “Momma! Aunty Ria!”

“Hi sweetie.” Maria grinned.

Liz smiled when her daughter tried to wriggle out of Kyle’s grasp. Faith was still so tiny for her age that most people confused her for a three year old. Especially since her speech level was still underdeveloped. Liz didn’t know how she ever thought she’d hate this beautiful little girl. Her hazel eyes and curly brown hair made her look like an angel. She was glad every one said she looked just like her mother.

“Okay, okay.” Kyle surrendered and put here on the floor.

Faith ran up to the bed and tried to lift herself onto it. Her little legs didn’t reach the top though and all Liz could see was the top of her head and her eyes. “Momma!” Faith reached her hand out to her mother her eyes going big as she struggled.

Liz smiled. “Aww. Come here munchkin.” She stood on her knees and lifted her daughter into her arms.

Faith smiled hugging her mother tightly. “Hi momma.”

“Hi baby. Did you have fun having a birthday breakfast with nana and poppy?”

Faith nodded. “Ah huh! Looky what I gots momma.” She lifted a small red leash in her hand.

Liz frowned not noticing it in her hand before. “A leash?” She raised an eyebrow at Kyle.

Kyle smiled sheepishly. “Um…”

“Kyle why would Jim and Nancy give my daughter a leash?”

“To go with her puppy.” Kyle mumbled but Liz heard him all the same.

“What! Kyle!”

“I’m sorry okay. It’s just that last week we went to the pet shop and she really liked one of the puppies inside…”

“Oh my god.” Liz shook her head.

“What? I’m sorry but she gave me her cute little pout and those big eyes and…I’m weak!”

“Apparently.” Liz rolled her eyes. “Well, where is it?” she asked looking around as if the dog would suddenly become visible.

“We’re going to pick him up today. He just finished getting his shots.” Kyle grinned.

“Oh boy. All right we need to get ready for her party.” Liz said getting up from her bed with Faith in her arms.

“Yeah, dad’s almost done with everything downstairs. He closed the restaurant early and mom’s finishing the decorating.” Kyle said rubbing Faith’s back. “I’ll go downstairs and help.”

“Okay.” Liz said nodding.

“We havin a pawty momma?” Faith asked tugging on her mother’s soft hair.

“Yes munchkin. Today we’re having a party at the Crashdown!” Liz said excitedly. “Uncle Kyle, and Aunty Maria, and nanna and poppy are going to be there.”


“Okay how about I give you a bath and get you pretty for your party, and you wait here with aunty Maria until mommy gets ready.”


After a long wet bath with a lot of splashing Liz dressed Faith in a cute yellow sundress. She brushed her curly hair into two pigtails with yellow ribbons and put her white flowery sandals on.

“Aww, look at how cute the birthday girl is!” Maria smiled when Liz walked out to the living room.

Faith smiled brightly.

Liz left her with Maria and went to take a quick shower. Grabbing a long sleeved red shirt and white pants with red sandals Liz was dressed in record time. She didn’t bother with looking in the mirror. She hadn’t looked in the mirror in a little more than five years.

“Okay ready.” Liz said heading back outside.

Maria stood up holding Faith; she looked over at Liz frowning. “Why don’t you wear your hair up?”

Liz unconsciously covered her right cheek with her hand feeling the scar. She pushed her hair over her face covering the scar with her hair as usual.

“I like it down.” She said nonchalantly.

“Les go momma!” Faith said hopping up and down in Maria’s arms.

Liz smiled. “Okay let’s go.”

Taking her from Maria they all walked downstairs to the Crashdown. Liz still couldn’t believe she was co-owner of a restaurant with her best friend. Amy had given them the restaurant along with the apartment above it after they graduated college. They both went to a community college; Liz because she had Faith to take care of and Maria because she’d never leave Liz. The past few years were hard for her. She to this day still hasn’t had a good night’s sleep but Faith had helped heal her some. Taking care of her and loving her made Liz open up more towards Jim, Amy, Maria and Kyle. They were the parents and family she’d never had and they meant the world to her.

They don’t talk about that night but Liz new Jim hadn’t really given up. He was using all the evidence from that night to find out who did it and where he is now. Maria had kept her promise and stayed quiet but Liz got a fleeting feeling that it was because she felt guilty. Though Liz tried to tell her otherwise she knew Maria always blamed herself for what happened.

“Oh, look at you!” Amy said once they went through the door. “How’s my favorite little angel?”

Faith grinned. “Looky ma dress nanna!”

“Oh, I see. You look beautiful.”

“Tank you!” Maria put Faith down who ran straight towards Jim. Liz smiled. Faith always had a bond with Jim.

“Looky ma dress poppy!” Faith tugged on Jim’s pants.

Jim looked down from where he was setting up the table. He smiled wide. “Hey squirt. You look beautiful.”

Faith twirled around. “Tank you.”

Jim picked her up. “Look at all your presents.” He said pointing to the presents he set up on the table.

Faith’s eyes went wide at all the presents. “Pwesents? Fo me?”

“All for you honey.”

“Wow! Looky momma!” she said pointing at the presents.

“I saw munchkin.” Liz smiled.

Maria put on some music and they all laughed and talked having a good time. Liz noticed Kyle was missing but Jim said he’s gone out to pick something up. They pulled out a small cake with five candles spread out on the surface.

Faith gasped her eyes widening. “Cake!”

Everyone laughed at her excited face.

“All right!” Kyle said coming through the door with a giant box in his hand. “Uncle Kyle is here.”

Faith ran to him. “Hi unca Kal.”

“Hey shorty. Guess what I got.” Kyle said putting down the box at her feet. It towered over her.


Kyle opened the box and two pair of furry paws lifted up to the edge of the box. Faith’s mouth opened in surprise. Kyle pulled out the golden retriever puppy that immediately jumped up to lick Faith’s face. She laughed loudly hugging the puppy to her.

“Looky momma!” Faith said smiling over at her mom.

“I see baby.”

“What are you going to call him?” Kyle asked petting the over excited pup.

Faith bit her lip thoughtfully. “Lanien!”

Kyle raised his eyebrows. “Lanien?”

Faith nodded. “Yup, Lanien. Like dat.” She pointed to a picture of an alien painted on the wall.

Understanding dawned on Kyle’s face. “Oh, Alien…well, it’s your puppy.”

Faith grinned. “Come on Lanien!” She ran towards her cake the puppy following on her heels.

“Momma cake!”

Smiling the all sang happy birthday and with the help of Maria Faith blew out all the candles. Amy cut them all pieces of cake and they all sat down enjoying Faith’s special day.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

-Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)

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Hey guys! Thank you for the fb ya'll know I like reading your opinions. Well, here's the next part. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

“What the hell is this Isabel?” Michael made a face when Isabel put a plate of what was supposed to be eggs, bacon and pancakes.

Isabel glared at him then put a plate in front of Max before sitting down with her own.

Max poked at his food with a fork looking at it fearfully as if it would suddenly grow legs and attack him.

“Seriously Iz, what is this?” Michael asked again.

Isabel took a deep breath before answering. “Egg whites, imitation bacon, and low fat pancakes.” She said proudly.

Max and Michael stared at each other for a minute then stood up simultaneously. “We um, we’re gonna go.” Max said grabbing his car keys and running towards the door with Michael at his heels.

“Where are you going? GUYS! WAIT! YOUR FOOD!”


“Max you can stop speeding! We’re far far away from her now.” Michael said holding onto the side of the jeep for dear life.

Max eased up on the accelerator slowing down to normal speed. “I’m sorry.”

“Okay,” Michael took a deep breath. “Why don’t we stop to eat something then go to the supermarket?”

“All right.” Max agreed.

Max drove towards a small deli waiting in the car while Michael grabbed two sandwiches.

“Les go momma!” Faith jumped up and down her little hand holding the leash currently attached to Alien.

“All right, all right baby. We’re just waiting for Aunty Maria to FINISH DRESSING!” Liz yelled the last part towards Maria’s room.

“Okay, okay. I’m ready.” Maria said coming out of her room.

“Let’s go.” Liz picked Faith and Alien up into her arms.

“So what are we missing?” Maria asked pulling out of her parking spot.

“Um, everything. Our fridge is empty except for a jar of mayonnaise.”

Maria nodded. “Okay, what’s the plan?”

“I go to the park across the street to walk Alien with Faith and you pick up everything from the supermarket. We’ll meet you in an hour by the car.”

Maria nodded pulling into the supermarket parking.


“O’ ma’ go’. Thas’ be’er.” Michael said through a mouthful of ham and cheese sandwich with Tabasco sauce.

Max grinned parking out in front of the supermarket. He started unwrapping his own sandwich when Michael finished his.

“I’m gonna start on the shopping while you eat.” Michael said getting out of the car.

Max nodded taking a huge bite from his sandwich.


“Be careful Faith!” Liz called out. She sat on one of the benches while Faith ran around in front of her, laughing and playing with Alien.

Liz smiled when Faith broke into a fit of giggles. Alien was currently doing his favorite past time: Licking Faith’s face. Liz continued to smile until she saw what Faith was doing.

“No! Faith, don’t lick Alien. You don’t know where he’s been!” Liz shouted.

Faith looked over at her mommy. “Sowwy momma!”

Liz shook her head sighing. Kids.

“Hello. Mind if I sit here?” A woman said smiling kindly.

Liz looked up and unconsciously lowered her head so her hair hid most of the right side of her face. She tugged at the end of her long sleeved shirt.

“No. It’s okay.”

The woman sat down and took out two needles and a partially made blanket. She started to knit quietly. Liz glanced at her then turned back to faith when she heard her calling.

“Looky momma!” Faith held out her hand.

Liz squinted her eyes until she realized what Faith was holding. “No! Faith put that worm down!”

Liz could hear Faith’s sigh and watched her put the worm back on the ground.

“She’s a beautiful girl.” The woman smiled at Liz.

“Thank you.”

“My name’s Michelle by the way.” Michelle smiled holding out her hand.

“Liz.” Liz smiled and shook her hand briefly.

“How old is she?”

“Oh, she turned five yesterday.” Liz smiled glancing over at Faith who had continued to play with Alien.

“Five? Really? I could’ve sworn she was two years old.”

Liz smiled affectionately. “Yeah, I get that a lot. She’s just small for her age. I think she gets it from me.”

“Do you have any kids?” Liz asked after a moment of silence.

“Oh, no. Not yet. My husband and I are trying though. I’m knitting this for when it finally happens.” Michelle lifted up the small blanket.

“It’s beautiful. I always wanted to learn how to do that. I never got around to it though.” Liz shrugged.

“Oh, it’s easy. Look, just watch what I do carefully.” Michelle moved the yarn needles slowly explaining step by step how to move them.

“Wow, that doesn’t look so hard. I’ll go buy some yarn and needles today and try to make something on my own.”

“It’s a great past time. Don’t worry you’ll be knitting like a pro in no time.” Michelle smiled.

“I might try making a blanket for Faith,” Liz glanced over at where Faith was playing and her breath caught. She was gone. Liz stood up abruptly her heart thumping hard in her chest.

“Faith!” Liz looked frantically around. “FAITH!”

Liz ran over to where she was playing last. Where was she? Liz had only taken her eyes off her for a minute.

“FAITH! ALIEN!” Liz called tears starting to run down her cheeks. “OH GOD!”

“It’s going to be okay. I’ll help you look.” Michelle said. Liz didn’t even notice her standing there.

“FAITH! ALIEN!” Liz called her vision blurring.


Max finished his sandwich and took a long swig of his Ice Tea Snapple. Fed and rested Max got out of the car ready to walk to the supermarket when he heard someone shout alien. He looked around nervously wondering if someone had spotted him and somehow figured out he wasn’t normal, but there was no one around. The voice was coming fro the park across the street and it sounded terrified.

Unable to help his curiosity he turned around and headed for the park. He followed the voice until he saw two women looking around frantically. One was tall and blond; she looked to be in her mid thirties. The other one was a small brunette; the source of the voice. Max stopped to wonder why she’d be wearing a long sleeved shirt in hundred degree weather for a moment before she turned and he got his first look at her face. She had beautiful sparkling brown eyes and he noticed her cheeks where wet from tears.

He ran over to them. “What’s wrong?”

The blond woman turned to him. “She’s lost her daughter.”

“What?” Max turned to the beautiful brunette. “What does she look like? Where was she last?”

Liz turned blurry eyes to the man that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. “Sh-she has brown curly hair and hazel eyes, she’s about this big,” Liz lowered her hand to a little bit above her knees. “She was wearing a blue dress and white sandals. Sh-she was right here! I just looked away for a minute and-” she burst into tears.

Max wanted to wrap his arms around the small woman but forced himself not to. Instead he asked her more questions. “What’s her name? What else can you tell me?”

“Her name’s Faith a-and she has a puppy named Alien. He’s a golden retriever.”

Nodding he went in search of the little girl. He walked around the area knowing she couldn’t have gotten far. He kept passing a row of bushes as if drawn to them. Finally giving in he walked around the bushes and noticed a ditch leading down towards what looked like a dried up pond. He knew the little girl was down there. Without a second thought he walked carefully down the ditch. He looked around and quickly spotted her sitting on the ground her legs spread in front of her. A puppy was laying down next to her his head on her lap.

He heard her sniffling and knew she was crying. His heart skipped and he ran towards her. She looked up frightened and wrapped her arms around the small dog. He raised his hands up and walked slowly towards her.

“Hey there princess.”

Faith only tightened her hands around the dog and tried to move away.

“It’s okay. I know your mommy. She’s really afraid for you honey. She’s crying.”

Faith sniffled, tears streaks still on her small cheeks. “She cwyin?”

“Uh-huh. She’s scared for you.”

Faith stared up at the man looking into his eyes for a long time.

“I gots a boo boo.” Faith finally said looking down at where she scraped her knee.

Max closed the distance between them and kneeled down next to her. “Let me see.” He said softly.

The puppy excited to see someone new started to lick Max’s face. Max laughed petting him quickly before focusing on Faith. He looked at the scrape on her knee, it wasn’t too bad but it was still bleeding. He lifted his gaze to hers and put his hand over her cut. Max felt the warmth in his hand and a few seconds later he removed it from her knee.

Faith gasped. “How you do dat?” she said looking at him in awe.

Max smiled. “I’m the magic boo boo healer. I take care of all boo boos on people.”


Max knew the beautiful brunette must be hysterical by now. “Come on princess. I’m going to take you to your mommy.” He said opening his arms.

Faith stood up and walked over to Max. Max smiled and lifted her into his arms before grabbing the leash. Faith played with the button on Max’s plaid blue shirt. “Wos you name?”

“Max, what’s yours?” He already knew her name but he wanted to hear it from her.

“Faith an dat’s Lanien.” Faith pointed at the pup.

Max grinned. It was a little funny that she had a dog named Alien. He walked up the ditch and through the bushes.

“Faith!” The brunette came running towards them. Max handed Faith to her and watched as she squeezed the life out of her. “Oh, baby mommy was so scared.”

“I’m sowwy momma.” Faith cried.

“Shh. It’s okay. Are you all right? Are you hurt?” Liz asked checking her for injuries.

“I no hurt momma. I gots a boo boo but Mas fix it.” Faith said grinning at Max.

Max’s eyes widened. Liz turned towards Max acknowledging him for the first time properly. He saw the way her hair cascaded around her face and he had the sudden urge to tuck it behind her ear.

“Thank you.” She said smiling shyly. “Thank you for finding my daughter.”

“No problem…I’m um, Max. Max Evans.” He held out his hand to her.

Liz looked down at his hand for a while before taking it for a few seconds. “I’m Liz Parker.”

“Oh my god you found her!” Michelle came running towards them.

“Max found her.” Liz said smiling at Michelle.

“Thank god. Is she okay?”

“Yeah she’s fine. Thanks for helping.”

Michelle smiled. “Okay, now I can go in peace. Bye Liz. Bye bye sweetie.”

They watched her leave then turned back to each other. “So, um, can I have Alien back?” she looking at his hand where he held the leash.

Max noticed she didn’t look into his face. “You’re dog’s name is Alien?” he asked handing her the leash.

She glanced up briefly into his face before looking back down at the ground. “Yeah, Faith named him.”

“Great name princess.” Max said nudging Faith under the chin softly.

Faith smiled. “Tank you.”

“I um, I have to go. I’m meeting my friend at the supermarket so…”

“Really? So, am I. My brother’s getting some groceries for us.” Max grinned. “Maybe we can walk together?”

Liz glanced over at him in time to catch his grin. God, he had a nice smile. He had a nice everything. She couldn’t get over how handsome he was.

“O-okay.” She stuttered nervously.

He smiled and they started walking towards the park exit. Liz made sure she was walking to the left of him so he couldn’t see the right side of her face. “So, how um, how old are you?” Liz asked

“I’m twenty one. How about you?”

“The same.”

Max nodded.

“I’ve never seen you around here before.” Liz knew she would’ve remembered if she did.

“Oh, I just moved here with my brother and sister. We live in an apartment about seven blocks from here.”


They reached the parking lot of the supermarket and Liz caught sight of a very pissed off Maria getting in the jetta.

“Well, that’s my ride.” Liz looked over at Maria. “Um, thanks again for helping me. I was terrified.”

“It was nothing. Maybe I’ll see you around?” Max asked putting his hands in his pocket.

“Sure maybe.” Liz nodded to the floor.

“Bye princess. Be careful okay? Don’t ever run off like that again. You almost gave mommy a heart attack.” Max said stroking Faith’s soft cheek.

“Kay, Mas. Bye bye.”

Max smiled. “Bye.”

He watched them walk over to the red Jetta and after Faith was strapped in properly they drove away. He couldn’t wipe the smile from his face as he walked towards his jeep where Michael was already seated.

“What’s up with you?” Michael said as Max climbed in.

Max shook his head. “Nothing.”
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At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

-Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)

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HEY! Thank you guys for all the fb. For those of you that are reading Unexpected I'm trying to update that soon. Probably tomorrow. Well, enjoy another part!

Chapter 6

Liz glanced over at Maria for the third time since they started driving. She didn’t understand why Maria was so upset. The girl was cursing up a storm in Spanish.

“What’s wrong Maria?”

“Urgh! You will not believe what happened to me at the supermarket. God! Men are such idiots, especially tall men who don’t even know how to brush their hair. It was all over the place!” Maria said angrily.

“So, I take that it was a man with hair all over the place that pissed you off?” Liz said raising her eyebrow at her.

“All right, so I was shopping around minding my own business…”

Maria walked around the aisles of the supermarket stopping on occasion to put something in her cart. She looked down at her watch, good she still had ten minutes before she had to meet Liz. All she needed now was to pick up Faith’s cereal and be on her way. Maria headed straight for the fruit loop box. She reached for it but when she made to put it in her cart the box was taken out of her hands.

“Hey!” Maria looked up and finally noticed a man in front of her.

“Sorry blondie but this is my cereal.” Michael said putting the box in his cart.

“Your cereal! It was in my hand! I had it first!” Maria said narrowing her eyes at him.

“Yeah but you were taking too long to put it in your cart. I figured you didn’t want it and took the liberty of relieving you of it.”

“Relieving me…give me back my cereal you asshole!” Maria took the box out of his cart and put it in her own.

“Why don’t you just get another box!” Michael yelled taking the cereal back.

“Cause that’s the last one dickhead!” Maria grabbed on to the cereal pulling with all her might.

Michael pulled back and a second later the sound of a box ripping was heard. They both looked down. Maria had a piece of the box in one hand and Michael had another piece in his. They were surrounded by a sea of fruit loops.

“Well, if you want the cereal that much...” Michael said giving her the other side of the box. He grabbed a box of Cap’t Crunch cereal and turned his cart around leaving Maria to stare shocked after him.

Seething with anger Maria took a box of Corn Pops and steered her cart towards the cashier. She really needed to get out of the supermarket before she went looking for that guy and stuffed every single fruit loop up his ass.

There was a lady in front of her so Maria pushed her cart behind the woman to wait. She glanced over to the magazine rack a few feet away and noticed the new Cosmo for July was out. Glancing at the woman who was almost finished she walked over to the rack to take a quick look at the magazine. She read some then put it back, turning just in time to see the fruit loop guy push her cart back and cut in front of her.

“HEY!” Maria stomped towards him as he took out food from his cart and put it on the conveyor belt. “What the hell are you doing!? I was after her!”

Michael looked down at the small blonde. “You weren’t on line.”

“Yes I was! Don’t you see my cart here!?” Maria said angrily.

Michael shrugged. “All right. Then your cart was on line. But you weren’t.” He continued to take his food out.

“If my cart was on line then that means I was here first!”

Michael sighed and stopped. “Okay lady let me tell you about the rules of the line. 1) If you are more than three feet away from the cashier you are not on line. 2) Shoes, carts, or inanimate objects may not hold the line for you. And 3) if the person that you are cutting happens to be a cereal thief than the rules double. I don’t care if you cart was holding your spot. If there isn’t a person in front of me I’m next. And I’m sorry to tell ya blondie but you were a little over three feet away.”

Dismissing her he finished putting his food on the belt. The cashier watched on amused as Maria turned red with anger. She quickly cashed up his food noticing the small blonde was about three seconds from grabbing the Salami in her cart and clubbing him over the head with it.

The man walked out with his groceries unconcerned with the dirty looks from the blonde girl or anyone around him.


“Stop laughing!” Maria fumed.

“Well, it was kinda funny.” Liz said biting her lip to stop herself from smiling.

“Oh shut up. God, if I see that man again in this lifetime it’ll be too soon.” Maria said parking on the side of the Crashdown.

Maria took out the grocery bags while Liz unbuckled a sleeping Faith. She picked her up and opened the door wider for Alien to climb out. They walked into their apartment and Liz took Faith into her room and put her to bed.

She went into the kitchen to help put away the groceries. They put everything away in silence. Liz picked up a bottle of honey and her thoughts drifted to a certain honey eyed Adonis. If it wasn’t for him she didn’t know what she would’ve done. He didn’t even know her but he had quickly moved to help her. Their conversation had been brief but it still didn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face.

“What are you smiling about?” Maria said putting away the last of the bags.

Liz shook her head and put the honey in the cupboard. “Nothing.”

Maria narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean nothing? I haven’t seen you smile that big in a long time. It has to be something.”

Liz sighed. “Okay, I’m going to tell you something but before I do I’m just letting you know that everything’s fine.”

“What is it Liz?”

“Okay, I lost Faith today-“

“What!” Maria yelled.

“Shh, Maria she’s asleep!”

“I’m sorry,” Maria said more quietly. “What do you mean you lost her?”

“We were in the park and I took my eye off her for one minute and she disappeared,” Liz could still feel the dread that spread through her when she found Faith missing. “I was hysterical. I couldn’t find her anywhere. Then Max came and he helped me look and he found her.”

Maria noticed the slightly dreamy look that passed over her friends eyes. “And Max is?”

Liz shook her head to rid herself of the images of Max. “Oh, just this guy. He just moved here.”

Maria contemplated Liz for a few minutes then her eyes widened and she let out a loud gasp. “You like this guy!”

Liz felt her cheeks flush. “Of course not Maria.”

“Uh-huh and why are your cheeks the color of tomatoes then?” Maria said knowingly.

“Look, it doesn’t matter we both know I’m never seeing him again and besides…”

Who’d want ugly damaged Liz Parker anyway? The only reason Max had talked to her was because he was new in town, he still hadn’t heard the rumors yet. Though they’ve died down over the years Liz still couldn’t walk down the street without someone staring at her with pity in their eyes. Poor Elizabeth Parker raped and forced to keep the bastard child she had.

Liz still remembered the horror that was high school. People generally stayed away from her after she got out of the hospital and started school again, but they were even worse during the end of senior year. Faith was finally out of critical condition and she was able to take her home. Amy volunteered to take care of her during school hours so Liz could graduate on time. She was no longer up for valedictorian but her grades were still pretty good.

Liz remembered one of the worse days of her life as if it were yesterday. Prom was just around the corner; Maria had been asked to go with John Thompson but she had declined when Liz said she wasn’t planning on going. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to be in a gym where people would stare and whisper about her.

Two days before the prom Danny Larson had come up to Liz at her locker and asked her to go to the prom. Liz didn’t trust him at first but when she saw he genuinely wanted to go with her she couldn’t help the small smile she gave him. She was just about to agree when Pam Troy passed by with her crew of home wreckers obviously having had heard their conversation.

“Are you seriously gonna ask her to prom? Haven’t you heard? Supposedly some guy raped her in the street,” Pam looked at Liz clearly disgusted. “I heard she’s got all these marks on her body now. You really wanna go out with someone disfigured?”

Liz felt the tears spill from her eyes and ran right out of the school before anyone could stop her. After that day she finished school by mail. She couldn’t stand to be around anyone anymore. College had been easier because she’d taken one to one classes with her professors. The only people she trusted where Amy, Jim, Maria and Kyle. Her family; god knows Jeff and Nancy aren’t family.

Liz hadn’t heard from Jeff and Nancy since that day in the hospital. She didn’t know where they were or what they were doing now. Though she was happy with Jim and Amy she couldn’t help thinking about her parents sometimes. Why did they leave? Why didn’t they love her? Those questions would forever be left unanswered. Nancy and Jeff Parker where long gone.

“Besides what?” Maria asked interrupting Liz’s thoughts.

“Besides I’ve got Faith to take care of and you know she always comes first. I don’t have time for anyone but her.”

Maria opened her mouth to protest but was cut off by Faith calling Liz. Liz walked into her daughter’s room. Faith was sitting up on her bed rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

“Did you have a nice nap munchkin?” Liz said lifting Faith in her arms.

Faith buried her face into her mother’s neck. She was always clingy after her naps. Liz carried her outside to the living room. Maria came out of her room with the inventory papers for the Crash.

“Hey sweetie.” Maria smiled. She rubbed Faith’s back soothingly. “Liz?” Maria frowned looking at Faith’s leg closely.


“What’s that?”

Liz looked down at Faith’s leg and noticed the silver mark for the first time. It looked like paint. Frowning she rubbed at it but it didn’t come off. “I don’t know.”

“Faith do you know where you got this?” Maria asked her.

Faith shook her head snuggling closer to her mother. “Maybe she brushed against something. I’ll give her another bath after dinner.”


“So, where do we start to look?” Michael asked Isabel and Max.

Isabel looked up startled from the newspaper job ads she was looking at. Though she was excited about moving on her own and finding out about their origins she was still a little scared. Her mom and dad was all she'd known and she liked it that way. What if they had parents on some other planet that wanted to take them away? Could she leave her family, her house for people she didn't know? She wasn't sure yet.

Isabel remembered the day they were hatched. Max had come out first from his pod. Michael never wanting to be left behind came out second and they both helped her out of her own pod. Holding hands they had wandered in the desert for what seemed like hours until a man and a woman found them.

Diane and Phillip had adopted them as soon as they could. Not too long after, Phillip had gotten a promotion at his law firm that required them to move to Connecticut. They grew up in a loving house but had always kept thier powers a secret. It wasn't until they were the age of sixteen that their parents found out. Diane had accidently started an oil fire that would have killed her if Max hadn't used his shield to cover his mom and waved his hand over the fire to get rid of it. That night Diane and Phillip sat with their kids and had a family meeting. They explained to them that they didn't know why they were put on earth but that they were glad they were adopted by such loving people.

Diane and Phillip accepted their children to Isabel's relief. She had wanted to tell her mom for ages but Max and Michael were too afraid. Without any secrets they had a wonderful childhood eventually graduating high school then college. Isabel had graduated with a degree majoring in communications and a minor in fashion design. Michael had graduated with a degree majoring in restaurant management and a minor in culinary arts. Max had graduated with a degree majoring in history and minoring in biology.

Now that they were older they decided they needed to find out about their origins. They needed to see if there was anything out there for them. Isabel secretly hoped they found nothing. She loved her life and didn't want to change it for anything.

“Well, I think we should start out at the desert. I mean isn’t that where we were found?” Max said thoughtfully.

Michael nodded. “All right then. Let’s go.”

Max looked at Isabel. “Do you want to?”

Isabel shrugged, might as well start now. They all got up not sure if what they would find would help them for the better or worse.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

-Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)

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Hey guys! Okay some of you were wondering why Michael was being..well Michael when he wasn't raised by Hank and had better influences in his life. Well, think about it this way, Michael is a spoiled brat. He always gets what he wants hence the Fruit loops cereal. He also was attracted to Maria so his manners kinda went out the window. Well, onto the next part!

Chapter 7

Max sat on the couch of their apartment with mixed emotions. They had gone to the dessert and looked for hours. They were tired and about to give up when Michael suggested climbing a sort of rock formation. When Max had started walking towards it he felt a sort of buzz in his system, like he had a sort of connection with it. They climbed about half way when something made Max stop. Without thought he waved his hand over it and a silver handprint appeared, he pressed his hand on it and the rocks shifted. Excited and a little scared they climbed through knowing all their questions would be answered.

Unfortunately to their disappointment and relief they didn’t find anything. The only thing they found was three dried out pods; the only evidence of their birth. Isabel seemed to be happy that they hadn’t found anything. Max knew she loved her life the way it was and wouldn’t change it for the world. Out of all of them Michael was the one that wanted to know about their origins the most so Max was surprised when he too was happy they didn’t find anything. Max didn’t know how to feel. He was in between happy and disappointed. He was glad that they could live life like they wanted; normal but he couldn’t help be a little sad.


Max turned to see Isabel. She walked over to the couch and sat next to him. “Are you okay?”

Max sighed and shrugged. “Yeah.”

“You don’t sound okay.”

“Aren’t you guys upset that we didn’t find anything? We came here for nothing.”

Isabel sat back thinking things over. “I don’t know. I mean yeah I’m sad we didn’t find out anything but I’m happy too. I was always so afraid that something would happen and we’d have to leave our parents. I love our lives here. We can live normally now. Before we were always too afraid to get too close to anyone, afraid that one day we’d have to pack and leave. Not anymore. We can have friends, actual friends. I can have a boyfriend and you guys can have girlfriends”

As soon as she said that Max thought of Liz; beautiful Liz and her equally beautiful daughter Faith.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Max smiled.

“See? And we didn’t come here for nothing. You’re interning at a law firm and we’re living on our own for the first time.” Isabel grinned.

Max laughed and pulled her into a hug before giving her a noogie.

“Hey! My hair!” Isabel pulled back, her normally perfect hair all over the place.

“That’s what you get for trying to poison us this morning.”


Isabel banged her head on the wheel for a third time. God, why did this always happen to her? Whenever Max or Michael drove the jeep it never broke down on them. This was the third time it’s happened. The first two times Michael had come to fix it but this time he wasn’t answering his phone. Max had already started work at the law firm and both Isabel and Michael where out job hunting. She had gotten to the jeep before Michael could so she didn’t have to walk in the blistering sun and now she was stranded, in the middle of west bubble fuck Roswell with one last bar on her cell phone battery.

The sun was hitting the back of her neck; groaning Isabel reached over to the passenger seat without lifting her face from the wheel and grabbed the newspaper. She tried to cover herself with it to shield her from the sun but it wasn’t working. Finally giving up she sat back on the seat and fanned herself. This was not how today was supposed to go at all. She was supposed to go to the mall and look for a job at one of the clothing stores. Throwing the paper on the passenger seat she attempted to call Michael again only to get his voicemail. Sighing she glanced over at the newspaper her face broke into a huge smile when she spotted an ad to a mechanics shop. Quickly dialing she spoke to a man that said he’d have a tow truck out in ten minutes. Now all she had to do was wait.


Michael looked up at the restaurant his eyebrows raised. This was the dumbest thing he’d ever seen. These people here where really big on the alien thing. He stared at the cook wanted sign in front of the door knowing this was his last resort. He’d been walking all day in the heat looking for a job and had come up with nothing. So far being a chicken mascot for El Pollo Loco was his only other option and they’d have to strap him down and threaten him with bodily harm before he dressed up as a chicken.

Well, no point avoiding the inevitable. Pulling open the door he heard a bell chime. He had to admit the place was pretty cozy and they had plenty of customers.

“Hi! Welcome to the Crashdown my name is Amber would you like a seat?” A smiling red head in a ridiculous looking uniform asked.

“Uh, No, I want to speak to the manager.”

“Sure. Hold on a sec and I’ll get her for you.” Amber walked through a door at the back.

Michael looked around, it wasn’t too bad and Max’s law firm was a couple of blocks away so they wouldn’t be too far from each other.

“Hi. I’m Liz. How may I help you?” A small brunette asked.

“Um, are you the manager?”

“Well, manager/co-owner/waitress/cook for now.” She said smiling.

“Wow. Uh, yeah I noticed you guys needed a cook and I wanted to apply for the job.” Michael wondered how she could possibly stand wearing so many clothes in this blistering weather.

She looked at him relieved. “That would be great! How soon can you start?”

“Well, I-“

“Liz the milkshake machine is going nuts again.” A small blonde said cutting him off.

She glanced up at him then did a double take. “You!” she gasped. “What the hell are you doing here?”

He looked down at the cute blonde; he remembered seeing her at the supermarket. Ooh, she didn’t look too happy to see him.

“Maria!” Liz hissed.

“Liz this guy’s the fruit loop thief. He was the one from the supermarket two weeks ago,” she glared at Michael. “We reserve the right not to feed everyone that comes in here. I’m using it now. Get the hell out.”

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath. “Maria, he’s applying for a job here. We need a cook. We can’t keep taking turns cooking all the time. This is the first applicant we’ve had since Jose quit. We need him.”

“But Liiiiz!” Maria complained.

“Ria we need him.”

“You heard her blondie. You need me.” Michael said smugly.

“Don’t push your luck spiky.” Liz said effectively removing the smirk from Michael's face.

Maria huffed. “Fine! But if he fucks up once he’s soo fired.”

“Fine.” Liz conceded.

Maria left without a backwards glance.

“Okay, how soon can you start?” Liz asked turning back to him.

“Right now if you want.” Michael glanced over to where Maria was banging the side of the milkshake machine. “I can fix that.”

Michael walked over to the machine. “Here, I can fix it.”

Maria glared at him. “I don’t need you to fix anything everything’s fine.”

“Oh, so you banging on the machine was my imagination. Just move and let me take a look.” Michael moved in front of her.

Making sure he hid the machine from view he waved his hand over it repairing the damage. Moving back he took a tall glass from the counter and made himself a chocolate milkshake.

Maria stared at him her mouth hanging open.

“Wow, you’re so much better looking when you’re quiet.” Michael smiled taking a drink from his milkshake.

Maria didn’t bother to give him a comeback and walked away.


Isabel heard a knock on the car window and looked up. Finally the mechanic had arrived; she was about a minute away from being well done. The first thing she was going to ask him was if he could add an air conditioner to Max’s jeep. She opened the door and stepped out. She finally looked into the man’s face and was met with bright green eyes. His sandy brown hair was disheveled as if he’d run his hands through it a couple of times. He was a tad on the short side but she couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was.

“Hi, are you the mechanic?” Isabel smiled her signature beauty queen smile.

“Yup, that’d be me. Um, I’m just going to take a look under the hood to see what’s wrong.” He smiled and walked over to the front of the jeep.

He popped open the hood and looked around fiddling with something from time to time. Isabel stood back admiring his arms from under his white t-shirt sleeves. Her eyes drifted down to his tight jeans and his ass. Hmm, not bad.

“Just as I thought,” Kyle said turning around just in time to catch the beautiful blonde looking at his ass. “Uh, y-your motor’s overheated and your spark plug might need to be fixed.” He felt his face heat up. Wow that’s a first. The last time he blushed because a woman was checking him out he was in third grade.

Isabel turned a darker shade of red and nodded.

“I’ll tow your car and we can drive down to the auto shop to fix everything.” Kyle turned and walked over to his car. He backed it close to the jeep then got back out hooking up the jeep to his truck.

“Okay, let’s go.” Kyle walked to the passenger side and opened the door for her.

Isabel smiled and hopped into the truck sighing in content when the air conditioner hit her.

Kyle jogged to the driver’s side and started the car. They drove in silence for while until Kyle finally spoke.

“I’m Kyle Valenti.”

Isabel turned to look at him. “Isabel Evans.”

“That’s a beautiful name.”

Isabel blushed. “Thank you.”

“So, what was a pretty girl like you doing before your car broke down.”

Isabel smiled. “Actually I was on my way to the mall. I was hoping to get a job at one of the clothing stores.”

“Oh. So, do you need a job to pay for the apartment you share with your husband or boyfriend?” Kyle glanced over at Isabel and saw her grin.

“No, I don’t have a husband or boyfriend. I live with my two brothers.”

“Good. I uh, mean cool. You know brothers are nice. They’re nice to have, you know brothers. I have a sister, well actually two sisters but one’s by blood and another one is more like an honorary sister. She was my best friend first but she moved in with us five years ago and now well she’s like a sister.” Kyle stopped talking when he noticed he was blabbering off nonsense. He really needed to stop spending so much time with Maria. What the hell does she care about his sisters?

Isabel laughed he was really cute when he was nervous. “So, um, do you have a significant other?”

“Significant…oh! No, I’m single and ready to mingle.” Kyle winced. Single and ready to mingle? Who says that? Why not just stamp doofus on his forehead and get it over with.

Isabel smiled. “Good to know.”


Max dialed Michael’s number while he walked outside. Michael had called earlier inviting him for lunch to celebrate his new job. He apparently was working with the blonde pixie from the supermarket. Max couldn’t believe his brother had acted like such an ass but with Michael you really didn’t know what to expect. Max figured he reverted back to the age of five when you make fun of the girl you liked and try to make them angry just to get a reaction out of them.


“Hey Michael. Where’s the restaurant you work in?”

Two blocks down from your firm.

“Okay, see you in five.”

Max jogged the rest of the two blocks. It was really hot and needed to get out of the sun fast before he melted into a puddle.

He shook his head at the look of the restaurant before walking in. The bell over the door chimed and Max was quickly greeted by a smiling red head.

“Hi! My names Amber would you like a table?” She said smiling.

“Actually I’m looking for Michael Evans. He’s the new cook.” Max said politely.

“Sure, hold on a sec.” He watched her walk through the back doors.

He stood by the counter waiting patiently when something small attached itself to his legs.


He looked down to see Faith with her arms around his leg hugging him tightly. Grinning he bent down and picked her up into his arms.

“Hey there princess!”

“Faith!” Amy ran towards them puffing for air. “Don’t run away like that honey.” She scolded.

“Nana dis is Mas. He’s my fwend. Right?” She said looking at Max.

“That’s right.”

“Come on sweetie.” Amy said holding out her arms. “Let the man get on with his business.”

Faith shook her head. “No, me stay with Mas.” She wrapped her arms around his neck holding on tightly.

“It’s okay really. I’m Max Evans.” Max put out his hand for Amy to shake. “Faith and I are old friends. I met her and Liz at the park a while back.”

Amy shook his hand. “Well, if you’re sure…you can stay with Max for a while. Be good. I’ll be right behind that door if you need me.” She said pointing to the back door.

Max nodded and sat at the corner booth with Faith on his lap. “How are you princess?”

“Good! Yestaday mommy takes me to da water in Unca Kal’s house. He got’s a biiiig bed.” Faith said her eyes going wide as she stretched her arms. “I waz junpin on top but momma says no junpin on da bed cause I could get a boo boo.”

Max laughed. “Well, your mommy’s really smart. You don’t want to fall off and bump your head like those monkeys.”


“Uh-huh. Haven’t you ever heard the song about the little monkey jumping on the bed?” Max asked his eyes twinkling.

Faith shook her head. “Sin it to me.”

“Okay but only if you sing it with me. I’ll teach you the words.”

Faith nodded smiling. “You go fiwst.”

“Okay, copy me. One little monkey jumping on the bed.” Max started.

“Won lil monkeys junpin on da bed.” Faith repeated.

“It fell down and bumped his head.”

“It fall down an bump his head.” Faith grinned.

“The momma called the doctor and the doctor said.” Max couldn’t help but grin back.

“Da mommy call da docto an da docto sed.” Faith copied.

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

“No mow monkeys junpin on da bed.” Faith laughed.

“Wow can you teach me that song too Maxwell?” Michael grinned and sat across from them.

Max rolled his eyes. “Michael this is Faith.”

Michael looked into the cute little girls eyes. She couldn’t be more than two. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Faith said shyly burying her face in Max’s chest.

Max laughed. “She’s a little shy with strangers.”

Michael nodded. “What I’m wondering is why you aren’t a stranger.”

“I helped look for her a couple of weeks ago. She had fallen into the dried up pond and her mother couldn’t find her.” Max smiled when he thought of Liz.

“I gots a boo boo but Mas fis it.” Faith said to Michael.

“Really?” Michael raised his eyebrow at Max.

“Uh, yeah I’m the magic boo boo healer.” Max said sheepishly.

“Hi, I’m Liz I’ll be your server for today can I take your order?”

Max looked up at the soft voice. She had her face hidden behind her silky hair again. She was busy pulling out her pad and pencil to have seen them.

“Momma!” Faith grinned.

Liz looked up startled. “Faith what are you doing out here? Where’s nanna?”

“Looky Mas is here!” Faith said tugging on Max’s dress shirt.

Liz’s eyes met Max’s for a second before she looked away her face red.

“Hey Liz.” Max said softly. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

“H-hey Max. Uh, yeah I’m co-owner.” Liz said shyly.

“Hmm, I guess shyness runs in the family.” Michael said amused by their interaction.

“Shut up Michael.” Max glared at his brother.

“Oooh, you not apposed ta say dat.” Faith said shaking her head.

Max looked down at Faith. “I’m sorry princess.”

“Come on Faith it’s time to go with nanna. Max and Michael want to eat now.” Liz said reaching over and picking Faith up.

“I wanna stay wif Mas momma.” Faith said her bottom lip quivering.

“It’s okay. She can stay here until we’re done.” Max said not wanting to see the little girl cry.

“Only if she’s not bothering you,” Liz sat Faith on the seat but she crawled over and sat on Max’s lap. “What would you like?”

“I made two Will Smith burgers with Saturn rings. They’re on the stove.” Michael answered.

Liz smiled gratefully. “Good, I kinda didn’t want to start making anymore burgers right now.”

“And what would you like to drink?”

“Cherry coke.” Max said he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She was so beautiful.

“A chocolate milkshake.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back with your drinks.” Liz took a quick glance at Max before turning and walking away.

“So, you have the hots for my boss?” Michael smirked.

“God, she’s beautiful.” Max stared after Liz.

“You tink my momma bootiful?” Faith asked looking at Max curiously.

“Yeah, princess. She’s beautiful just like you.” He tapped the end of her nose with his finger.

Faith giggled.

“Well, I hope you know what you’re doing. Did you ever stop and think about Faith’s dad? Is Liz married? Does she have a boyfriend?” Michael pointed out.

Max’s heart sank. He never thought about that. What if she was married? God, he’d be devastated; and if she wasn’t what about Faith’s dad? Was he around? Did he love Liz like Max knew he could?

“I just met her Michael. I can’t just start asking her personal questions like that.” Max argued.

“Yeah but you can ask Faith,” before Max could stop him Michael turned to Faith. “Sweetie where’s your daddy?”

“Michael!” Max glared at him but his attention was on Faith.

“I no gots a daddy.” Faith said shaking her head.

Before they could ask anymore Liz came back with their drinks and food. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” Max stared after her as she left.

Michael shook his head, after pouring a good amount of Tabasco sauce on his food he started eating. Max did the same and they ate in silence. After he was done eating he looked down and saw Faith asleep on his lap.

“I’ll be right back.” Max picked Faith up and carried her through the back door where Liz disappeared.


Liz came through a door at the right of him.

“Um, she fell asleep.” Max smiled.

“Oh, I’ll take her upstairs.” Liz said reaching for Faith.

Max handed her over, stroking her chubby cheek. “She’s beautiful.”

Liz watched the tenderness in which Max treated her daughter and couldn’t help like him even more. Max looked up at Liz and did what he’d wanted to do since he met her. He tucked her hair behind her ear away from her face.

Liz flinched when her scar came to view. She wanted to cover her scar but she still held Faith in her arms. The only thing she could do was leave.

“Um, I’m taking Faith upstairs.” Liz mumbled and walked quickly upstairs.

Max watched her go a bunch of questions popping into his head. Thank god he was planning on being here everyday. He’d spent as long as it took to get to know everything about Liz Parker.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

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Hi people! Thanks for the fb! Enjoy!

Chapter 8

Isabel stood in the waiting room of Kyle’s auto shop. She had learned from their ride over that he was the owner of the small shop. He had graduated from a community college in business and mechanics and as soon as he got out of school he took out a small loan for the shop. She was surprised of how high class it looked especially for a place where cars were being fixed. He even had a receptionist though the woman was currently on a very long brake. Isabel had distinctly heard Kyle tell the woman she could take a twenty minute break but it was now close to forty five minutes and the woman still hadn’t returned. The phone on the desk rang and Isabel looked around hoping to see someone that worked there. After the third ring Isabel got up and reached for the phone.

“Kyle’s auto shop this is Isabel speaking how may I help you?” Isabel nodded into the phone and wrote down the man’s problem.

“We’ll have someone out there as soon as possible sir.” Isabel said cheerily.

The man thanked her and Isabel hung up. She looked around the extremely cluttered desk and wondered how the woman could possibly get anything done in such a mess. She spent the next half an hour cleaning up and filing the names of clients in alphabetical order. Two more people called and Isabel answered helping them as best she could. Writing down everything in a planner on the desk she made sure to remind Kyle about them as soon as he came back.

Kyle stood outside the door watching Isabel work. She was so fast and efficient. He looked at the desk surprised to be able to see the red wood. It had been months since he’d seen it so neat and tidy. He watched impressed as she filed all their clients in alphabetical order by name and car problem. He cleared his throat behind her and Isabel jumped startled by his presence.


“Hmm, not only are you beautiful but you’re a hard worker too.” Kyle teased.

Isabel blushed delicately. “I was just-your receptionist hadn’t returned from her break and your phone was ringing. There was no one around so I answered it. I’m sorry.”

Kyle shook his head. “No, don’t be sorry. You’re great. I’ve never seen someone answer phones like you do.”

“Uh, thank you.” She reached over for the planner. “Um, Mr. Reynolds called and said he needed a mechanic sent to his house to check on his Honda civic. It apparently doesn’t start and the engine is smoking again. Mr. Thomas wants to know if you’ve made up your mind about selling him your mustang convertible and Mrs. Wright called also asking for a mechanic to see her Toyota Camry.” Isabel read, “I uh, took the liberty of looking up their address information so you’d know where to go.”

“Thanks, I’ll send some people over to their houses right now.” Kyle smiled.

Aida came walking back into the shop and stared at Isabel. “Excuse me young lady.”

“Sorry.” Isabel apologized and stood up.

“Wait, Isabel. How would you like to work here as my receptionist?” Kyle asked stopping her.

“Oh, well that’d be great. I could really use the job.” Isabel smiled.

“Excuse me, the last time I checked I still worked here.” Aida glared at Isabel.

“Well, the last time I checked you where fired.” Kyle smirked.

Aida’s eyes widened. “What!”

“Yeah, you’re fired. Grab any belongings you may have and leave.”

Aida grabbed her things from the desk shooting daggers at Isabel and Kyle. She started walking towards the door when Kyle stopped her.

“Stapler Aida.” Kyle said putting out his hand.

Aida huffed and handed over the stapler before walking out the door.

“I think this belongs to you.” Kyle grinned handing her the stapler.

Isabel laughed softly. “Thank you.”


Max and Michael looked up startled as Isabel burst through the door. She walked over to them and stood in front of the TV. Michael tried to look around her but glared at her when he couldn’t.

“I have a job!” She said smiling happily.

“Yeah, me too. Get out of the way.” Michael said moving to look around her.

“That’s great Isabel.” Max said moving over with Michael to watch TV.

“I really need some girlfriends.” Isabel muttered and walked into her room.


“Max Evans’ back again Liz.” Maria said walking into the backroom.

Liz looked up her eyes wide. “Max?”

“Who else? The guy’s here everyday.” Maria rolled her eyes.

Liz looked out the backdoor triangle window and sure enough Max was sitting in his usual booth waiting patiently for her to serve him. He always sat in her section, always asked her out for coffee through Maria and Liz always said no. After that day in the Crashdown when he saw her scar Liz had refused to see him. He had shown up the next day but Liz hadn’t served him, Maria had gone in her place. When Max saw Liz wasn’t coming out he had left. It’d been going on like that for days now and Liz didn’t know what to do he hasn’t given up.

“Maria you have to go for me.” Liz pleaded.

Maria stared at her best friend. She knew Liz had feelings for this guy but she wasn’t going to push her. Look how it turned out the last time she pushed. Though Maria knew Max Evans was a good guy she wasn’t going to force Liz to talk to him. The way he acted whenever he saw Faith was a clear indication that he was nothing like the bastard that hurt her but Liz still refused to see him. Maria always thought Faith was a good judge of character and she seemed to adore Max. If she was around when he came she’d immediately sit with him and they’d talk for his entire lunch brake. What someone could talk about with a five year old for an hour was beyond her.


“Please Maria. I can’t.”

Sighing Maria nodded and walked back out through the backdoor to greet Max. Not bothering to say her usual hello she sat down at the booth in front of him.

“She’s not coming out Max.”

“Maria would you just tell her I just want to see her. She doesn’t even have to talk to me. Hell, she doesn’t even have to come near me. I just I miss her.” Max said staring down at the table.

Maria felt her heart melt. “I’ll tell her but I can’t make any promises.”

Max nodded.

Maria got up and went back through the door. Liz was sitting on the battered couch they kept for naps. She looked up when Maria walked in.

“Is he gone?”

Maria shook her head. “Liz all he wants is to see you. I-I think he really likes you.”

“He doesn’t even know me.” Liz said sadly.

Maria sat down next to her and hugged her closely. “What if you let him get to know you?” She asked gently.

“He’ll just turn away.” Liz whispered her fear.

“How do you know? He might just surprise you.” Maria said softly.

Liz tugged on the sleeves of her blue shirt. Should she go out there? It was so hard for her to trust, to let people in. What if Max hurt her? She thought of his gentle smile and sparkling honey eyes and knew he wasn’t capable of doing so. He’d never hurt her intentionally but he really didn’t know her did he? He didn’t know she was damaged. He didn’t know that though her body was full of scars they didn’t compare to the emotional scars she had inside.

“I don’t know.” Liz shook her head.

“All he said was he wanted to see you. You don’t even have to talk or go near him.” Maria said repeating Max’s words.

Taking a deep breath Liz nodded and got up. She’d just stand by the door. If all he wanted to do was see her than she’d let him. Unconsciously covering her scar with her hair and tugging on her shirt she walked through the back door. He looked up as soon as the door opened and Liz’s breath caught. God, he was so beautiful. What could a man like him possibly see in her? He gave her a small smile and wave. Unable to help herself she smiled back.

As if that was all he needed she watched him give her one last lingering look before getting up and leaving. Liz bit her lip then turned to walk back through the door. She watched Faith bound down the stairs and rush past her outside. Liz stared curiously as her daughter looked around the restaurant for something. Apparently not finding it she came back her face a mask of disappointment.

“What’s wrong munchkin?”

“Where Mas?”

“He left honey. He had to go back to work.” Faith’s bottom lip quivered. “Don’t worry sweetie he’ll be back tomorrow.” Liz kissed her on the cheek and went back to work after Faith walked off.

Faith nodded and toddled into the kitchen if she couldn’t talk to Max then she’d talk to Michael. He always had candy for her in his pocket.

“Hi Mikey!” Faith grinned.

Michael looked down and his face broke into a smile when he saw Faith looking up at him. She was the only person he’d let call him Mikey. He understood why Max always talked about how much he loved the little girl. She was the sweetest thing and you couldn’t help but love her.

“Hi sweetie.”

“Watcha doin’?” She asked curiously.

“I’m cooking for aaall those people in the restaurant.” Michael grinned flipping ten burgers over.

Faith’s eyes widened. “All dem peoples?”


“Wow. You weally good.”

Michael watched amused as she fidgeted her eyes on the lollypop sticking out of his pocket. He pretended not to notice and continued cooking.


“Mmm?” He said still not looking at her.

“What you gots in you pocket?”

“What? Oh, you mean this?” Michael said pulling out the treat.

“Uh-huh.” She nodded her eyes never leaving the lollypop.

“This is a lollypop. It’s for a friend of mine. She’s short, has brown hair, hazel eyes, she’s wearing a blue dress with white sandals…”

Faith looked down at herself. She was wearing a blue dress with white sandals!

“Me! Me Mikey! I gots a blue dress wif white sandals!” Faith said hopping up and down.

“You do huh? I guess this is for you then.” Michael smiled unwrapped the lollypop and handed it to her.

“Tank you!” Faith grinned and stuck it in her mouth.

Michael looked around and bent down to Faiths level. “Can you keep a secret?” He whispered.

Faith nodded vigorously.

“Don’t tell mommy or auntie Ria who gave you that lolly okay?” Michael didn’t really feel like hearing Liz or Maria telling him he was going to ruin her appetite.

“I won’t tell.” Faith smiled.


“I pwomise.”

“Okay, go play so I can feed everyone.” Michael kissed her forehead and stood up.

Faith grinned her little teeth blue from the color of the lollypop and ran off to play.

“That was really sweet of you.” Maria said handing him another order.

Michael shrugged.

“You’re really cute when you’re quiet.” Maria winked and walked off.

Michael stared after her a small smile playing on his lips before turning to continue cooking.
At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

-Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the fb. Well, here's another part! Enjoy!

Chapter 9

Liz smiled as she watched Faith play on the floor with her dolls talking to herself. It had been such a long day and Liz was happy to be resting at home; she and Faith where on their own tonight. Surprisingly Maria was out on a date…with Michael. Liz had asked her to repeat various times who it was she was going out with before she finally believed it. Apparently Michael had been giving out vibes and Maria thought she’d put him out of his misery.


Liz broke out of her thoughts and looked down at Faith who was holding up her Ken and Barbie doll.

“What is it munchkin?”

“Play wif me?” Faith said handing her the Ken doll.

“Okay.” Liz picked her up and sat her on the couch with her. “Why hello there Barbie how was your day?” Liz said moving the Ken doll.

“No momma. He name is Mas.” Faith said shaking her head. “An’ dis is you momma.” She held up the Barbie.

Liz stared intently at her daughter as she talked for the Barbie. “I lub you Mas.”

“Faith?” Liz said taking the dolls and putting them down next to her. She picked her up and sat her on her lap.

“You really like Max don’t you?”

Faith grinned. “Ah-huh! He lub to play wif me an he sin me sons.”

“He sings you songs?” Liz said laughing. It was hard to picture sexy, quiet Max singing baby songs with her daughter.

“Yeah momma. An he tell me I bootiful like you.”

Liz’s heart sped up in her chest. “He tells you that?”

“Uh-huh.” Faith nodded playing with Liz’s shirt buttons.

Liz hugged Faith to her and sat back on the couch deep in thought. Max thought she was beautiful. A little voice in the back of her head told her Max only thought that because he couldn’t see her. He couldn’t see how ugly she really was. Faith’s little hand on her cheek rid her of her thoughts. Faith touched the scar on her cheek tracing the line softly.

“You gots a boo boo dere momma.”

“I know honey. I have an ugly boo boo there.” Liz said kissing her hand.

“No ugly momma. You bootiful.” Faith said kissing her cheek. “Mas fis it.”

“Max fix it huh?” Liz said amused.

Faith nodded vigorously. “He gots magic boo boo hands momma. He fis it.”

Liz laughed. “Okay munchkin.”


“What’s wrong little brother?” Isabel asked sitting next to Max on the couch.

For the past two weeks Isabel had noticed a change in Max. Sometimes he’d come home from work smiling from ear to ear and sometimes he’d come home looking like someone ran over his dog. She felt a little guilty for ignoring him since she started her job. She was having so much fun at Kyle’s Auto shop that she’d been neglecting her sisterly duties.

Max sighed leaning back on the couch. It had been four days since he’d been at the Crashdown. He’d had a talk with Michael and his brother had pointed out that maybe if he’d stop coming on so strong Liz would change her mind. But Max doubted it. Liz was stubborn and he felt if given the slightest chance she’d move back from the small progress he’d made. Seeing her smile at him had made his day and he wished to see more of it.

“You’re a girl right?” Max asked ignoring her question.

Isabel raised her eyebrows. “Well, last time I checked yeah.”

Max rolled his eyes and explained to her what’s been happening since last month when he met Liz. Isabel’s eyebrows raised so high that they were close to disappearing into her hair line.

“Okay so let me get this straight. You helped this woman-”

“Liz.” Max interrupted.

“-Liz find her daughter. Two weeks go by and Michael gets a job at the restaurant she owns. You meet her daughter again the girl falls asleep on your lap so you decide to take her to Liz. By some weird compulsion you tuck her hair behind her ear and she has a scar on her cheek…am I doing good so far?”

Max nods.

“You being the weirdo that you are start stalking the poor girl even though she clearly hates you and doesn’t want you to see her.”

Max paled at her words.

“I’m just kidding.” Isabel said laughing at the horrified look on his face.

“That’s not funny Isabel.”

Isabel sighed. “Okay look, it’s clear that you really like her and though Michael’s an idiot he had good advice for once. Stay away for a couple more days then go see her. You never know maybe time apart might make her see how wonderful you really are.”

Max nodded lost in thought. “You’re right. I’ll hold out from seeing her for two more days.”

“Okay.” Isabel got up. It was about time she met this girl.


“Michael,” Maria panted into his mouth. “My break was over to minutes ago, I have to go.”

“Mmm.” Michael took her mouth not paying attention to word she was saying.

Maria gave in kissing him back passionately. Who would’ve thought they’d ever end up like this? Michael’s hand slid under her shirt to her waist and Maria moaned at the contact.

“Wha you doing?” A little voice said from behind them.

“Yeah that’s what I’d like to know.”

Michael and Maria separated slowly and turned to look at Liz and Faith. Faith was looking at them curiously while Liz had a huge smile on her face.

“Auntie Ria wha you doing?” Faith asked again.

“Uh, well, I.” Maria stammered.

“We’ll tell you when you’re older short stuff.” Michael answered.

“I, um, I’ll just get back to work.” Maria mumbled.

“Yeah that’s a good idea.” Liz smirked as she passed by. “You’d better get back to work too Michael.”

“Hey, I’ve still got a minute and thirty seconds of break to go.” Michael complained.

“Fine. Then in a minute and thirty seconds go back to work.” Liz rolled her eyes before going back outside to take orders.

Faith ran over to Michael and jumped up with her hands in the air to be carried. Michael complied lifting her into his arms. Faith played with the ring on his thumb for a while before asking the question that’s been on her mind for a while.

“Mikey? Where Mas?”

Michael sighed. Max had taken his advice and hadn’t come to the Crashdown for close to a week. He thought it was a good idea at first but now he wasn’t so sure. Faith had been sitting in the booth Max usually sat at everyday fro the past week waiting for him. She seemed to love Max just as much as Max loved her. Michael had seen the sad look on his brother’s face since he’d stopped coming to the Crash. He clearly missed Faith too.

“He’s at work sweetie.”

Faith’s bottom lip quivered. “He no lub me no more?”

“Yes he does sweetie he loves you it’s just grown up things.” His words didn’t seem to make her feel better and tears started to spill down her chubby cheeks.

“Oh, don’t cry. Um, uh, how about I call Max and tell him to come over on his lunch break to see you? Would you like that?” Michael said hopefully.

Faith turned big hazel eyes to him. “Mas come to play wif me?”

“Yeah. He’ll come by later I promise.” Michael sighed in relief when she stopped crying.

“You pwomise?”

“Yeah I promise. Now go find nanna while I get back to work.” Michael said kissing her on the forehead before putting her down.

“Kay.” Faith said running off.


Max sat at his desk reading through his case files when the phone rang.


“Hey, Maxwell.”

Max didn’t hide the surprise in his voice. Michael never called him at work.

“What is it Michael? Is everything all right?”

“No, everything’s not all right. It’s Faith.”

Max’s heart almost came out of his chest. “What’s wrong? What happened to her?” He said frantically.

“She’s fine Maxwell calm down she just misses you that’s all.”

“She does?” Max said trying to calm down.

“Yeah. I kinda promised her you’d come for your lunch break so…”

“Sure, yeah, I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Good. See ya later.”


Max stared at the phone for a while a smile spreading slowly on his face. He was going to see Faith and Liz. He couldn’t be happier.


Max walked into the Crashdown an hour later and immediately spotted Faith laughing at something Michael said. He grinned at her cute little laugh. He stood back watching her for a while not noticing that he was being watched himself. Liz looked out from behind the triangle window of the back door her heart thumping in her chest. He was back. It had been five long days since she’d last seen him and she admitted to herself that she missed him. Missed seeing him sit down in his usual booth and talk to Faith or just sitting waiting patiently for her. He looked so handsome.

Max cleared his throat loudly and smiled when Faith looked up her eyes widening when she saw him. Quickly standing up she ran towards him grinning the whole time.


Max caught her easily in his arms and lifted her high in the air. He tickled her sides smiling when her little giggles filled the Crashdown. He tickled her for a while throwing her in the air on occasion when he finally sat down at the booth with her on his lap.

“How are you princess?”

“I miss you Mas.” Faith hugged him.

“I missed you too princess.” Max said rubbing her back.

They just sat there in silence enjoying each other’s presence.


Liz had tears in her eyes at their display of love. Faith loved Max and it was clear he loved her just as much. He was so sweet to her and Liz wondered what it would feel like to maybe have some of that attention too. Taking a deep breath she walked out of the backroom before she could change her mind and hide for the rest of the day. She stood in front of their booth tugging on her shirt sleeve self consciously.

“Hey Max.” she said softly.

Max looked up a smile lighting his face when he saw her. “Hi Liz.”

“Momma! Looky Mas is here!” Faith said hopping on Max’s lap.

Liz laughed. “I can see that.”

Max’s heart swelled when he heard her laugh. God, he’d missed his girls.

“Do you want to sit down?” Max asked tentatively. He didn’t want to scare her off .

Liz smiled shyly. “Okay.”

She sat down looking everywhere but at him. It had been a while since she’d been this close to him. He smelled so good.

“Liz, I-I don’t want to pressure you or anything but I really like you and I was hoping that maybe you liked me too and you’d like to you know go out for coffee or something.”


“You don’t have to talk to me. We can just you know be in one place together and hopefully sit in the same vicinity. You don’t even have to look at me though I hope you do.”

Liz smiled. “I don’t know.” She said shaking her head.

“Just once. If you don’t enjoy yourself I promise never to ask you out again.” Max said hopefully.

Liz made the mistake of looking him in the eyes. They were paralyzing. She couldn’t look him in those sweet honey eyes and deny him anything.


Max smiled. “Okay?”

Liz bit her lip nodding. “Yeah.”

“Great! I’ll um, pick you up tomorrow at noon. If that’s all right.” Max couldn’t keep the grin off his face.

“That’s fine.”

Max looked down at his watch and noticed his lunch brake was almost over. “I have to go.” He said reluctantly.

He lifted a sleeping Faith in his arms and stood up. Liz stood up too and reached to take Faith from him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Bye Max.” Liz smiled.

“Bye.” He gave them one last look before leaving.
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At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. It's like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it's not so important happy ever after, just that it's happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while people may even take your breath away

-Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)