Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch25 teaser 11/28/09 [WIP]

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Pen Pals - M/L, CC Adult ch25 teaser 11/28/09 [WIP]

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Title: Pen Pals

Couples: M/L and general CC if I can fit it in somewhere

Rating: Don’t know yet Mature maybe Adult Content

Disclaimer: You know I don't own them so don't even ask, but I do hold a special place in my heart for a certain Jason Nathaniel Behr. I want to think I own a little of him, in my mind anyway and in this story as Maxwell Evans.

Summary: Maxwell Evans, a local kid from New Mexico, was always very secretive and never hung out much with anyone, except his best friend Michael and his sister Isabel. The only other person he ever really spoke with was a pen pal he had kept since a third grade assignment paired them up as such named, Liz Parker.

Side Note: Amy Deluca owns half of the Crashdown Café, but she still lives in the house she did on the show and just rents out the apt. above her.

October 1999

Walking into the hallways of West Roswell High, Liz Parker braced herself, took in a deep breath to calm the butterflies that chose her stomach to do somersaults in, and took the long walk into the principal’s office with her mother, who had to sign the last of her papers to transfer Liz into this new school.

“Calm down honey, it’s not like you’ve never been to a new school before,” Nancy Parker said to try and placate her daughters nerves.

“Yeah, but it was never across the country in the fucking boondocks,” Liz mumbled beneath her breath.

“We are not in the boondocks and watch that mouth young lady, especially in school, you know better. Don’t worry you are going to have fun. It’s a new adventure, aren’t you the one who always wanted to meet new people and see new places, well here you are,” Nancy said with what Liz viewed as a hint of sarcasm.

“It’s school mom; it’s hardly backpacking through Europe. Can we just get this over with? I’m already going to be late for first period and... it’s the middle of October! You’d think you could have at least waited till January to move me out here. God even this past September, but no, not only do I have to be the new kid but I have to be the new kid coming in a month in a half into the semester,” Liz complained.

“Listen, first you know that it was not that simple; and second, you would find the colors of the school as something to criticize as long as you had your little moment to vent. If you need to get this out your system now do it and we can continue at home later, but once we get into that office you start your first day of school, so I better not hear any complaints about a sulking daughter. Moving here was a great opportunity for me and it can be for you too, if you let it. Now let’s get you registered,” Nancy preached as she opened the door to the main office.

What Nancy did not know was that Liz really wasn't scared about moving to a new place. Truth be told, Liz liked her old school, teachers, and friends, but she was really excited and nervous about meeting the gorgeous Maxwell Philip Evans, for the first time in person. The last time Liz wrote to Max she told him she had a surprise for him but that was three weeks ago. Since the 4th grade when they switched from writing letters to one another as a school assignment to writing e-mails because they wanted to keep in better contact, they have never gone one week without either writing, or since they found out about IMing in the 7th grade, IMing mixed into their weekly letters. Now Liz was not really sure if Max went to East or West Roswell High so she knew she had a 50/50 chance of running into him but she couldn’t help but to hope. She could not wait to see Max; he was really her closet friend and confidant. She knew he’d probably be worried that she had not been online in almost a month. Even through her parents divorce when she was in the 8th grade, it was Max, over 1500 miles away, who she turned to, actually that was the first time they spoke on the phone.

October 1997

MaxsPP: Max I really need to talk 2u.
LizsPP: lol, Liz u r talkin 2me
MaxsPP: NO!!! Max I need som1 to speak w/rite now :cry: …please not just writin dis time
LizsPP: Oh… ok yeah… yeah of course u know we can speak any time, any time Liz.
LizsPP: here, my fone# is 505-565-5525

Nervously dialing the numbers Liz was anxious to not only finally speak to Max, but to pour out her soul to him as well. As the phone rang she wondered what his voice would sound like. She already knew how handsome he was, since every year they made sure to send each other their school pictures and another more casual picture by mail, and last year they each asked for printer scanners for Christmas so that they could send each other pictures online also.

*Ring *Ring*

“Hello,” Max, Isabel, and Diane Evans said in unison when picking up the phones.

“Hey,” Liz’s sad and tentative voice said.

“Mom, Izz, it’s for me you can hang up,” said Max.

“Really Max sweetie is that Michael,” questioned Diane, although she highly doubted it. Even though these boys were going through puberty she distinctly heard a female voice on the other line.

“That’s not Michael mom,” intruded Isabel.

“Uh uhm no…not, I mean no I am not Michael Mrs. Evans and Isabel apparently. Just Liz, uhm ma…ma…ma…(cough)sorry may I please speak to Max please,” Liz stuttered.

“I GOT THE PHONE!!! GET OFF,” Max yelled.

“Liz? Liz who? I don’t know any Liz. No you cannot speak to my brother,” Isabel rudely stated.

“ISABEL AND MAXWELL EVANS, seriously screaming across the phone, where do you two think you were raised? In a barn? Now, Isabel hang up the phone immediately,” ordered Diane.

“But, Mom,” whined Isabel.

“Now,” Diane ordered.

“Oh my God,” whispered a highly embarrassed Max Evans as his mother and sister continued on. Liz could already picture the blush on his cheeks.

“Will you both please just hang up the phone,” Max pleaded. “It’s fine. I got it. It is just my friend Liz, okay. Look, say hi Liz.”

“Hi Liz,” Liz giggled.

“Yes dear and we’re sorry. Aren’t we Isabel? And we are going to hang up now and let you two speak,” said Diane as she hung up.

“Yeah, whatever, but we are talking after this Max and I am calling Michael,” Isabel said as she hung up.

“Wow, what was all that about,” giggled Liz.

“Oh God Liz, I’m so sorry. This is really embarrassing. God could they be any…”

Liz cut off Max’s babbling with her uncontrollable laughter and giggles, “Oh Max, thanks, thank you I really needed that,” confessed Liz.

“Uh, okay…I’m not really sure what I did but as long as you are happy and laughing it’s okay by me.”

Wiping the tears of joy that replaced her earlier tears of sadness Liz began to speak again, “Wow you have a really great voice Max. I knew you would. I really needed someone to take my mind off of everything that’s been going on here. Thanks for giving me your number. I don’t know why we never exchanged numbers before.” Letting out a sigh and another nervous giggle Liz waited with baited breath for Max to stop her from rambling on.

Max has been in love with Liz since the moment in the third grade when he got his first letter and picture from the one and only Elizabeth Claudia Parker. His guidance counselor assigned Max into the pen pal program the school psychologist, Ms. Peperstine, set up with a New York school where her brother was the Principal. Ms. Peperstine set it up as a mandatory program for children they felt had problems with shyness or opening up as a way to make new friends and to help them improve their writing skills, then left the program open for anyone else who wanted to participate.

After Max read his first letter and took out the picture to look into the most beautiful brown eyes he has ever seen Max was hooked. He was a little disappointed he hadn’t put much effort into the first letter he sent out to her, and made sure that the next one was extra special and had even sent her a new picture. It was a special picture of him from that past Christmas. His mom had a professional photographer come to their home and take pictures of the family together and separate as well. He sent out his best picture and was so anxious to know what Liz thought. But at that moment, all Max could think of was that Liz, his Liz, thought he had a great voice.

“Uhm uh, thank you, your voice is the best too, I mean it’s really pretty you have a pretty laugh, it’s beautiful,” Max whispered the last part. He wanted to say, almost as beautiful as you are, but he lost his nerve.

If Liz hadn’t been hung on every word he just said she would have missed it. Liz was so glad she was on the phone right now so that Max could not see how red her cheeks were burning or how much she wanted to jump for joy that Max thought any part of her was beautiful, even if it was only her voice.

“Thanks,” she finally whispered back.

What seemed like an eternity later but was probably only mere seconds Max spoke again, “So uhm, you sounded pretty upset online. Is something wrong? What happened? Are you okay? Can I do anything, anything at all for you? You know besides having my family practically attack you over the phone and having you laughing at my embarrassment?”

“You know that was funny though? I don’t think your sister likes me very much and I have never even spoken to her before. I guess she doesn’t know about me huh,” asked Liz.

“No. I tell my sister practically everything but she’d probably think this was dumb. Watch as soon as we get off the phone she’s going to come barging in here with Michael asking 101 questions, but Michael already somewhat knows. He found my stash of pictures of you one day when he slept over and a stash of letters and emails we’ve written over the years. He’ll probably tell Isabel something, at least to get her off my back a little bit anyway.

“Oh.” Liz was so excited. He actually kept everything just like she had.

“Well, anyway I called because I, well my parents that is, they just told me they are getting a divorce. I uhm wow, this is hard I’m sorry… but my dad I think he was having an affair,” she mumbled the last part under her breath.

“I’m sorry Liz. That’s horrible,” he said as sincerely as possible.

“No, don’t be. It’s not your fault. You know, I thought I wanted to talk about that, but I really don’t anymore…”

“Oh, okay I understand if you don’t wanna talk any more. It was good talking to you...”

Liz cut off Max before he ended up hanging up on her, “Max…Max, stop,” Liz said giggling. “I didn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you any more just a change of topic. Just, talking to you makes me feel better. You make me feel better. You have that healing touch when it comes to me,” Liz said with a laugh.

Max could not have been more ecstatic, elated, and just straight happy, He makes Liz feel good. “You can speak to me any time, write me, call me, IM me, e-mail, whatever you want Liz. I’ll always be here for you,” Max said. He wanted to make it crystal clear to Liz that he would always be her friend.

“You know you’re my best friend. I can talk to you about anything,” admitted Liz.

“I feel the same way,” Max felt a little bad about lying. As much as he cared for Liz, loved even, he could never tell her the whole truth about him. She would think he was a freak, but right now just talking to her on the phone or writing her he was a normal guy and her, a normal girl just having a conversation. “Liz…


“Liz it’s a pleasure to meet you. I see you are an honor student and we expect no less of you here at West Roswell High.”

“Liz? Liz… LIZ! Where did you just go there honey? The principal was talking to you,” said Nancy a bit concerned by her daughter’s 5 minute spaz.

“Oh I’m sorry it was… I was just thinking that’s all. What did you say?”

“Just welcome and your guide will be here any second now, her name is Maria Deluca and she will be your guide for the week. Maria will show you around the school, help you become more acquainted with your surroundings, and show you where your first class is. Here she is now.”

A short haired blond girl, with lips that could rival Angelina Jolie’s, and a style that could probably be described as hippie chic, with black bell bottoms a bright blue Madonna shirt (the paintings not the singer) walked into the office. With a bright bubbly smile she introduces herself and dragged Liz out of the office and towards her next class.

“So, Elizabeth Claudia Parker, where are you from? Do you know anyone here in ole Roswell? Oh, and is there something shorter you’d like to be called by, Eli, Liz, Lizzie, Beth, E.P? What?”

“Liz, just Liz is good. I’m from New York originally, then New Jersey, and now New Mexico I guess. So, how did you get stuck showing the new kid around? You lose a bet or something,” asked Liz trying to turn the questions away from herself for a bit. All Liz really wanted to know was if she knew a Max Evans and whether or not he went to school here, but she didn’t know how well Maria would take the bait.

“Hah, I like you already. You've got spunk,” Maria said with a wink, “I always wanted to go to New York. I’m going to be a professional singer someday, probably hit New York a lot, but I think I’ll start off at a smokey Vegas night club. You should come by and see me perform at the Pizza Pan someday. Plus, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. Your mom and you moved into the place above the Crashdown Café right? My mom is Amy Deluca, she owns that restaurant along with your mom I guess. I waitress there, you should work there too, we really need the help if you can. We’re gonna have to ask the parentals how this arrangement came to pass. And no it isn’t really volunteering, this gets me out of bio for a little while, not to mention excuses my lateness from other classes for a week, that is if you don’t mind being my excuse, and I get extra credit in gym, so I can afford to sit out on a class or two when the case arises. You know. Plus, it’ll be fun. I’ll show you around, show you all the hot guys, all the basic high school stuff.”

Already liking the blond, who hasn’t really shut up since she met her, Liz found it easy to begin to open up to her, well if she ever got the chance. “Hey Biology is my first class too and my favorite,” exclaimed Liz but then felt a little awkward about sounding like a nerd.

“Cool maybe you can help me out there every so often. My best friend, Alex Whitman, is my lab partner. He’s pretty good in class, but computers are more his thing. Here we are, and fair warning Ms. Hardy is cool and all but she’s gonna ask you to introduce yourself and the whole nine before assigning you a partner. There's only one group with a pair of three, so she'll probably split them up and give you one of them,” Maria said as they walked into the classroom.

“Great,” Liz drawled up sarcastically, “It's fine. I got it covered,” Liz said the last part more to herself, but she never got the chance to ask about Max. 'Well maybe in between next period' she thought.

“Well, who do we have here? Are you a new student,” asked Ms. Hardy with a cheesy smile plastered on her face.

“Yeah, I’m Liz Parker.”

“Ms. Parker, would you like to begin today by introducing yourself to the class and maybe telling them a little about yourself?” Ms. Hardy said a little too loudly.

Maria just snickered and coughed an “I told you so,” as she walked to her own desk.

“Nope,” Liz said easily as she began to walk towards the desks leaving a slightly stunned biology teacher behind her.

Spotting the first empty desk and walking directly to it, Liz was stopped by the sound of a familiar voice calling her name. When she looked up the most beautiful honey eyes and the warmest smile, she had only ever seen through a picture, was greeting her in person.


“Liz,” Max barley said her name louder than a whisper, thinking he must be day dreaming or something... anything, but this couldn’t possibly be happening, could it?

“Liz,” he said again more forcefully than before. He then shot up off his desk, sprinted the two steps over to Liz, and swooped her into his arms.

“What are you doing here? When did you get here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? Why haven’t you written or called, it’s been three weeks. I’ve been so worried that something bad happened? Was this your surprise? Is this permanent,” he fired question after question never once freeing Liz from the bear hug he had her in.

“Surprise, Max! Does this mean you’re happy to see me,” Liz asked with the biggest smile on her face and completely missing all the looks she was receiving from the rest of the class. They all wondered who this new girl was and how she managed to know and get such a passionate response out of the mysterious Max Evans.

She began pecking Max with soft kisses on his cheek as she said, “And if you would stop and breath for a little bit, I may answer some of your questions,” with a slight whisper into his ear, while still holding onto Max so tightly she was sure one of them would pass out from lack of oxygen.

If it wasn’t the hollers and applauds from the rest of the class that got them to come apart it was defiantly the following words of the teacher, “Well it’s obvious that you two know each other so you can be partners, but this is a classroom and I have a lesson to continue if the two of you don’t mind that is.”

Red faced, and a little more than embarrassed that he would do that in front of everyone in class, Max retreated to his seat dragging an equally red faced Liz along with him, never once letting go of her hand.

“We’ll talk when class lets out,” both said to one another and then laughed.

Liz continued, “Yeah that sounds like a plan to me.”

"There's this place called the Eraser Room, we can talk there it's...a lot more private," Max said praying that he won't lose the nerve to do a lot more than speak to his long time friend.
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A big thank you to everyone who has left feed back, or just read this and wanted me to continue. I did end up moving this into au w/aliens, it just goes off too much from the original to be in cc board, but its cool it gives me more freedom with it. If you like this story check out my other one as well called "True Destiny Fulfilled" at this link


now without further ado here is chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Oh God Maaaxxx…” Liz couldn’t help but moan out load as Max held her firmly against the door while trailing hot open mouth kisses down her neck.

Liz was running her hand up his hard chest, his shirt long since discarded.

“That feels so good please…please don’t stop,” Liz gasped as Max latched on to her pulse point and sucked so hard onto her neck she was sure there would be a mark left.”

The thought of Max wanting to mark her as his alone, sent a shiver down Liz’s back and a gush of wetness between her legs.

Making his way back up her jaw to nibble onto her ear, Max couldn’t help the moan that escaped his lips as he felt Liz begin to grind herself on his painfully hard erection.

Not knowing where she got the courage, Liz’s hand crept down to Max’s zipper and slowly began to pull it down. Snaking her small hand into Max’s pants and then the whole in his boxers, Liz pulled Max out and began to stroke him in a slow tortuous pace that was driving Max wild.

Soon enough the slow pace sped up and he began thrashing wildly into Liz’s hand, and as much as Max wanted Liz to take him over the edge he didn’t want Liz to go without being pleased as well, so he looked intensely into Liz’s eyes while slowly removing her hand off of his throbbing erection. Unbuckling his pants and taking them off, then carefully removing his boxers as well, Max finally turned his sights onto Liz.

Liz’s eyes never once left Max’s movements. Watching him taking off his pants and his boxers has her holding her legs together tightly, as she feels herself tighten and the gushing sensation of becoming wet with need.

When she saw Max breathing hard as he took in her hap hazard appearance, her half open shirt and an exposed harden nipple, she couldn’t hold back the gasp that escaped her lips as he moved in closer to run his hand up her thigh, up passed her skirt and to the elastic of her panties.

Slowly pulling down and off the intrusive material, he followed the panties down, while running his hands all the way down her legs and lifting each foot till it was off. The intoxicating smells coming off of Liz gave Max the courage to do what he did next.

With a devilish smirk he looked up at his beloved Liz as he kissed his way back up her legs. Up her calf, passed her shins, licking the back of her knees, which he instinctively knew would make her quiver, licking all the way up her inner thigh, and then losing his head into her skirt. But if Liz thought Max was done teasing her she was sadly mistaken. All she could do is whimper after Max did nothing more than give her one good lick where she desired him most before making his way back up her body. He took off her button up shirt, and slowly removed her tank underneath, elated at the fact that she was not wearing a bra.

The look in Max’s eyes would almost be enough to completely unravel Liz, but the tender kiss that he placed on her lips as he was finally standing face to face with her again had her equally melting. Picking Liz back up again to pin her to the back wall, this time ready to position himself at her entrance...


Both became quickly startled by the elusive bell ringing to signal the end of class and the bright light that followed after it.

“Okay class, your homework assignment for tonight is to go over chapters two and three and do the exercises in the back of the chapters. There is also a group work assignment to be completed with your lab partner and they are all due by next class.” A chorus of groans followed her statement by everyone in the class except Max and Liz.

Both students were still seated in there lab table grasping each others hands tightly as they slowly were coming out of their day dream.

Still breathing heavily and looking down at their table neither noticed Maria coming up to them until she was standing right in front of them and started talking. “So I don’t suppose you need me to take you to your next class huh,” Maria said with a knowing smirk.

It took a good ten seconds for Liz to register that Maria was actually speaking to her and then another five to let out an embarrassed sigh while turning fire hydrant red and saying, “No it’s okay...Max and I are going to catch up.”

“I’ll bet,” Maria said still smirking at the two people in front of her. “Well, I just wanted to introduce you to my best friend, Alex. Alexander Charles Whitman, this is Elizabeth Claudia Parker, aka Liz,” Maria finished with a wink.

“It’s nice to meet you Alex,” Liz said regaining her composure while reaching out her hand to shake Alex’s.

“Wow, your hands are warm. You know you look a little flushed... you both do,” Alex said, bringing Max more completely out of his own haze.

“Yeah…it’s hot in here, really really hot,” both Max and Liz said in unison, before looking at each other and giving an awkward laugh.

“I’ll bet,” Maria said again, “So you didn’t tell me you knew anyone in Roswell,” Maria finished as she noticed that the pair never once let go of the others hand.

“Yeah I was gonna ask you if you knew Max after this class, but hey I found him,” Liz finished nervously, then hearing a throat clear beside her Liz finished, “Well I’ll catch up with you a little later today Maria. You know, maybe we can all eat lunch together or something, but Max and I have to go. We really need to catch up you know,” Liz said as she went on gathering her things, “so we’re going to the eraser room or something.”

Max’s face turned beat red then along with his neck and everything up to the tip of his ears, when Maria looked at him knowingly and Alex couldn’t help the snort that came out his mouth. Liz didn’t notice though too consumed with the idea of being able to talk to Max in person and more privately. She began pushing Max out the room and they where half way down the hall before Max stopped Liz and said, “Uh Liz, do you even know where your going.”

Slightly blushing Liz said, “Oh, uhm…no not at all, I’m sorry. It’s just, I like Maria and all, she seems really great, but I have a feeling that if I let her continue to ask me questions we could be sitting in that classroom till the sun went down. I just really wanted to be able to talk to you alone and catch up,” Liz whispered the last sentence as she turned into Max and gave him a long tight hug.

Max was on top of the world right now, but as much as he was enjoying their little public display that intense daydream he just had, had him hard as a rock; so if Liz hugged him any tighter he would not be able to hide his engorged arousal.

Max pulled away, gave Liz a soft smile, and led the way to the eraser room.
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Chapter 2

All the school was abuzz with the news of Max and the new girl. Everyone wanted to know where she was from, what she looked like, any bit of info they could get until people just started to make things up. For the people that did not believe that the handsome and mysteriously secretive Max Evans would show so much enthusiasm about anyone, especially with the hordes of girls that would try to throw themselves at the at times clueless or just evasive heartthrob, they all were easily turned around by all the 'hear say' from friends or friends of friends that saw their little classroom reunion, hall way embrace, and finally their disappearance into the infamous 2nd floor eraser room.


Looking through her locker Isabel groaned when she recognized the voice who was calling out her name.

“Isabel. Hey Isabel,” shrieked the voice behind her.

“Pam,” was all Isabel gave as a reply.

“I can’t believe you never told me your brother had a girlfriend. Is that why he ever looked twice at any of these girls here that are so desperately throwing themselves at him,” asked Pam Troy a.k.a Pam ‘Boy Toy' Troy.

‘Like you,’ Isabel was tempted to say, but was too curious as to what Pam was referring to. “What are you talking about Pam,” Isabel said instead.

“Your brother, the whole schools talking about how he was making out with that new girl in class. Ms. Hardy had to practically tear them apart, and then they were all over each other in the hallway on their way to the Eraser Room,” she said enunciating the words eraser room, but she was shortly cut off by a couple of Isabel’s friends.

“She’s telling the truth Isabel. I saw Max in the hallway, I passed him on the way to class. I think he called the girl Liz, but I’d have to check around and make sure,” said Siya Charles, one of the Isabel’s wanna be lemmings.

At the mention of the name Liz, Isabel momentarily blanked ‘Where do I know a Liz from,’ then it dawned on her, ‘No it couldn’t be; she lives in New York, or something. I haven’t even heard about her since middle school.’ Getting her composure together after her brief space she said, “Back off Si, Max and Liz are none of your business and you will not be checking in on anything,” Isabel said with an authority that left no room for arguing.

Spotting Michael at the end of the hall, Isabel left the girls behind to continue their gossiping.

“Michael!!! Hey Michael,” Isabel screamed to get his attention.

“Hey Iz, what’s up?”

“Michael, have you seen Max today,” she rushed out hastily.

“You’re the one who lives with him,” Michael said indifferently.

Iz gave Michael a look that said she was obviously in no mood to joke around. To which Michael responded, “Chill Iz, what crawled up your butt. I just got to school right now, so no I haven’t seen Max yet, but we all have history now and we’ll see him there. What’s the big hurry?”

“Well if you would have gotten to school on time you would know already. A whole group of people have already stopped me about Max and the new girl. Apparently he has been making quite a public spectacle with her, he was making out with her in the middle of class, in the hallway, and now they are in the eraser room.”

Smirking Michael asked, “A public spectacle?”

But, he continued when he saw Isabel was getting really pissed, “Okay, Isabel, first off you know Maxwell just as well as I do, and you know he wouldn’t do that with someone he knows let alone a girl he doesn’t know; it just isn’t his style. Second, he hasn’t even had his first kiss, so do you really think it’s gonna happen with some random chick we don’t know and in front of an entire class. And third, so what if he was making out with some girl your always going out on dates, what does it matter if he goes out sometimes, all that matters is that you two realize that we can have all the unattached fun we’d like, but Roswell isn’t our home and more outside relationships are just gonna have you more attached when we have to go. Plus you two are already too attached as it is. And even if he is kissing some random girl be happy for him, it’s about time. I mean at least this girl is real,” Michael said alluding to the fact that his best friend has never even look at another girl because of the sight obsession he has over his pen pal.

“Michael, are you just about done with that twenty minute rant of yours. I do know my brother and if it was going to be some casual thing like I keep I wouldn’t care,” she rolls her eyes when he gave her a knowing look, “Okay I would care, but I wouldn’t be this upset for no reason. I think it’s that pen pal that he used to have. So as a matter of fact, we do kinda know the girl, or know of her. Her name is Liz right? I mean that’s what Siya Charles said, you know more about her than I do, has Max still been writing to her? Did he say she was coming?”

“Isabel seriously, do you know how many girls are named Liz,” Michael rhetorically stated, “You don’t know anything, so just ask him in class this period.”

“But what if Max doesn’t come; they said he was going into the eraser room.”

Giving Isabel an incredulous look Michael said, “Are you hearing yourself speak? It isn’t like Max to ever cut any class, he’ll be there.”

“He better be,” Isabel said they approached their class room.

Eraser Room

‘I can’t believe I’m in the eraser room with Liz Parker, I can’t believe I’m in THE ERASER ROOM WITH LIZ PARKER,’ was the constant mantra passing through Max’s mind as he finally got Liz into the room and turned to close the door behind them.

Max couldn’t take his eyes off Liz for even a second. He let his eyes roam her every feature, from the tip of her sandaled toes, up her exposed calves, and her tanned naked knees, passed her blue jean skirt and buttoned up shirt, only to stop momentarily at the opening above her bosom.

If Liz wasn’t stuck in the only state of deja vu she would have blushed at the way Max was devouring her with his eyes. ‘Oh my God, this is the same room from my daydream,’ she thought, but then just thinking about her daydream was getting Liz wetter than she already was from earlier; and as if remembering where she was again and especially WHO she was with, she did begin to blush and then fluster when she looked into the only eyes that have ever made her melt if only ever before from a picture.

By this time Max has already made it long passed her slender neck that had her beautiful brown hair cascading along side it, her full supple lips and cute button nose. Now Max stood entranced, looking deep into her deep chestnut eyes as if he was memorizing every shape, texture, and color that made up her eyes.

Reaching out with all intention to grab Liz’s face and pull her into a searing kiss, Max held himself back and instead reached out for her hair, “You had a hair thing,” Max said finally breaking the silence, even if it was just above a whisper.

Trying to hide her disappointment and the fact that she was slightly leaning into a kiss, she gave a half smile and exhaled a long breath, “Yeah…a hair thing.”

“I can’t believe you’re here Liz. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? When I didn’t hear from you and you didn’t answer any of my e-mails I though something bad might have happened to you. I called you, but your house and cell phone were both disconnected,” Max said with a level of concern lacing his voice.

“I’m sorry Max, but with all the packing and everything I couldn’t really get back to you. Everything was way too hectic and plus I wanted to surprise you too. I really did miss you these past few weeks though. I can’t believe I’m here either. Ever since my mom told me her job transferred her to New Mexico I was so excited that it could be near you and that we could finally see each other,” Liz said as her smile grew a mile wide.

“I’m really happy I’m here,” Liz said as she reached out and gave Max another hug.

This time though Max didn’t hold anything back, he picked Liz up and held her so tight you couldn’t tell where he began or she ended, they were like one person.

Pulling back slightly Max said, “Look, I know it’s your first day and that your very intelligent so you probably want to get to all your classes, and you probably don’t skip, skipping really isn’t my usual thing either, but do you like want to get out of here, I mean you know just for today…I-I-I really want to get to talk to you in person more. I mean, I know we can after school and everything, but I know I probably won’t be able to concentrate today anyway until we…”

No longer able to resist the feelings that she has had for the better part of her entire life to the beautiful honey eyed man in front of her, especially after all that nervous rambling that she had just witnessed and thought to be so completely adorable, Liz leaded in and gave Max a gentle but firm open mouth kiss on the lips.

When she was about to pull back, Max grabbed onto her more forcefully and the sweet gentle kiss came to mimic a sexy heated duel between two lovers. Max nipped and tugged on Liz’s bottom lip with his teeth, then soothingly licked her lips in askance for entrance into the moist crevasses of her mouth. Without missing a beat Liz let Max in but not without thrusting her own tongue into his mouth. They continued kissing while never letting go of their tight embrace, but when the need for air became a necessity they finally pulled away.

“That was my first kiss,” Liz said.

And with a smile that could brighten an entire football stadium in the middle of the night Max said, “Me too.”

“Really,” Liz said stunned that this Adonis has never even kissed a girl before. She knew in all the years they have written to each other he has never mentioned a girl friend or any interest in any girl before, but she figured it just never came up.

“Yeah, I kinda had a crush on this girl…”

“Oh,” Liz said lowering her head thinking he was about to tell her about another girl in Roswell that he liked.

When Max saw her lower her head he tenderly put the palm of his hand onto her cheek then went to lift her chin. He leaded down to give Liz a soft peck on the lips as he continued, “but she lived about 2000 miles away and I never got the chance to give her that kiss.”

“Oh,” Liz said again but this time more happily. “So where are we going?”

“Well we can’t go to my house my mom is home today and just about anywhere in town we could get caught just hanging around so how about we go for a drive or something?”

“Hum…well how about we save the drive for later, my mom isn’t home and she won’t be back till late. We can just hang out all day and my mom is like part owner of this restaurant that’s like right underneath it so we can grab food from there if we get hungry. Do you know where the Crashdown is?”

“The Crash is like on of my favorite places, that’s great. So does that mean I get free food now that one of my best friends’ owns it,” Max said with a wink.

“Well I don’t own it, but if you’re good maybe I’ll let you have a taste,” Liz says teasingly.

Gulping down the huge ball that just grew in his throat at Liz’s suggestive tone, he agreed and they snuck out of the school building and to his car driving straight to the Crashdown.

Back in History Class

When Max Evans' name was called in attendance the whole class snickered. Everyone there could already tell you where they believed he was and who he was with. And even when the teacher asked Isabel where her brother was, she simply replied with a coy, “I’m his sister, not his keeper. Though, I’m sure he’s just running a little late;” but by half way into the period there was no denying that Max was definitely cutting his first class that is that wasn’t incited by best friend Michael Guerin.

“It's half way through class Michael; still think Max is coming,” Isabel questioned sarcastically.

“Well we should have gone to the eraser room before we came to class,” Michael said in a loud whisper that had the whole class on a new topic of gossip, but with an entirely different Evans in mind.
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Chapter 3

“Let’s go the back way. You can park in the alley.” Liz told Max as they pulled up to the Crashdown.

Parking the car, the couple made their way to the back door and up the stairs, to the apartment above the café.

“Sorry about the mess, we only got into town yesterday, but my mom insisted I start school right away. We are going to be unpack all this weekend. I promise once everything is unloaded and put away I’ll give you the grand tour,” Liz said leading Max towards her bedroom.

“Don’t worry about it at all. It’s just good to have a place to talk…you know alone,” Max finished giving Liz a smirk when he realized that they were heading into her room. “So, this is your room?”

“Yeah, I love it. I already know what I’m going to do with it. I swear I spent all of yesterday just getting some of the things in my room together, and all of this. Follow me.” Liz said as she dragged Max out of her window and onto her balcony, which was strategically furnished with a lawn chair, blankets, candles, lanterns, a boom box, a cooler, and a small grill.

“Can you believe it? I have a balcony,” Liz said with stars in her eyes “my own balcony.”

“You always said you wanted your own balcony and a four poster bed. That’s what you said your dream room would have right?” Max said.

“I can’t believe you remember I said that.” Liz said turning around and looking at Max incredulously.

“I remember everything…when it comes to you.” Max finished stepping closer to Liz.

“So, back at the school... we kissed,” Max said with a smile as he got as close to Liz as he could.

“Yeah, that was something.” Liz said getting a little flushed.

“And if I remember correctly,” Max said putting the palm of his hand onto Liz’s cheek, “you said something about a taste.” he finished leaning into Liz.

Liz, not wanting to be taken for being too easy, slyly slipped out of Max’s embrace, turned her back to him and said, “Hmm, if I recall I was talking about Crashdown food and I said you had to be good.”

Seeing the game she was playing, and thoroughly liking the teasing, Max grabbed Liz’s wrist and spun her around. “I’m not all that hungry for food,” Max said as he pulled Liz into a hungry and searing kiss.

No longer feeling like playing her game or caring if Max would view her as slightly easy, she held onto Max as they began to kiss. Max was running one hand up and down Liz’s long brown hair and the other one was playing with the exposed skin above her jean skirt.

Pulling her hair slightly so that he could get better access to Liz’s neck, he began sucking on her. Not knowing if he was doing everything right, but remembering the pulse point that had wreaked havoc on Liz’s senses in his daydream, Max reached it and began sucking for dear life.

“Uh, Oh my, mmmhmmm,” Liz moaned throatily. Loving the feeling he was inflicting upon her, Liz began to pull Max towards her lawn chair, straddling his hips as he went down, and never once breaking the kiss.

Max took this opportunity to run his hands up and down Liz’s bare legs. Liz could only take so much before she pulled back. Breathing heavily she said, “W-w-e should reeeallly really slow down, Max.” She placed a slow open mouth kiss on his lips before pulling back again.

Smiling at Max she said, “How about we actually talk, like we said.”

“Yeah, yeah talking is good too. Just stay here for a second, while I catch my breath.” Max said not wanting it to seem as if he was only after her for one thing, but also a bit desperate to calm the rest of his body parts down without Liz noticing.

“Okay,” Liz said while staring contently at Max’s face. “Come on, we can go back into my room. I’m sure it’s cooler in there.” Liz said instead of what she was really thinking. If they stood out there she would most definitely have the whole conversation on his lap.

'That’s only because there is no where else to sit besides the balcony sill and the floor,’ she tried to convince herself.

‘It’s most definitely not because I think my bed is more comfortable. Where is my mind going? God I mean I always really liked Max, but today was my first kiss, make out session, and that daydream…' Liz involuntarily moaned at the thought.

At the sound of Liz’s moan and slight grind into his lap, Max’s eyes shot up at Liz thinking, ‘Oh, this is really helping my situation.’ He then realized that Liz seemed to be in a momentary trance.

Croaking out a breathy ‘Liz’, than again more forcefully with his hand on her cheek. “Liz? Hey, Liz.” Highly intrigued to know where her mind just went Max said softly, “Where did you just go there?”

Flushed and not wanting to say what, she got up quickly. Too quickly it seemed because one second she’s pushing herself off of Max, and the next, she tripped over her feet and fell back down onto him.

“Ooff, whoa there girl,” Max said catching Liz on her way down while laughing slightly. Wanting to lighten the mood slightly he joked, “So you’re falling for me already, huh?

Liz was ready to laugh at that, but just looking up into his eyes and hearing his soft laugh had her melting again. “Yeah you could say that,” She said before latching onto his lips again for a kiss that had her heart soaring to new heights.

‘God, what’s wrong with me? I just have this incredible pull towards him.’ She thought again.

They must have spent a few minutes completely enraptured in their kisses before a loud crashing noise and a louder curse coming from the alley had them pull apart.

“What was that?” Liz said breathing in deeply as if only now realizing she hadn’t come up for air for at least a few minutes.

“Nothing, nothing” Max mumbled into her neck, “probably just someone in the alley with the garbage or something,” he continued. ‘She is definitely going to have a hickey tomorrow, but God help me I can’t stop. I hope she’s not mad when she realizes it.’

Actually pulling away this time to get up, before they took things any further, and then reaching out to take Max’s hand to help him up, she finally got a really good look at Max. Giggling she said, “Wow… you looked ravished,” her eyes widened, “Oh Jesus, I probably look a mess…”

“You look absolutely beautiful,” Max said cutting into what Liz was going to say. He then kissed her softly on the lips and walked her to the window, “so you said something about talking,” he finished with a smirk.

Rolling her eyes she turned and went into her room as Max followed. Looking over her clock she began to wonder just how long they spent out there. “Wow, look at that it’s about lunch time, um are you hungry or something? I know I could go for some water, how bout you? There isn’t much in the way of food here and I don’t think it’d be too smart to go downstairs now, but we have cold cuts and chips and stuff. We can talk over food.”

“Yeah I am kind of hungry now that you mentioned it. Whatever you have would be great, I’ll help set up.” Max said.

Going into the kitchen and making a couple of sandwiches, chips, cokes and water, they made their way back to Liz’s room.

“Umm, you wouldn’t have any Tabasco sauce would you?” Max asked and looked down a bit self consciously.

“On a sandwich and chips,” Liz asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah well it’s the southwest, we like things spicy,” Max reasoned.

“It’s ok, I have my own dietary quirks,” she said with a wink. “You know I had the weirdest deja vú moment.”

“Yeah, about what,” Max questioned. “Umm, was it what you were thinking about when you blacked out for a minute on the balcony,” Max asked curiously.

“Yeah kind of… you see when we were in class this morning, uh I was daydreaming I guess, and I was thinking about the daydream on the balcony. But anyway, when we went into the eraser room it was the exact place from my daydream. Everything from where the eraser cleaners were, the sink, the shelves, and just everything. It was just weird, real weird,” Liz said blushing.

Coughing suddenly, Max thought back to his daydream in class, but he did not want to give away how shocked he was that she may have been going through the same musings he croaked out, “sorry, excuse me…uh so what was it about…your daydream I mean. What were you thinking about?”

Turning a deep shade of red and no longer able to look Max in the eye she took in the last bite of her sandwich and finished off her chips, to give herself time to think about what she would say.

Seeing how embarrassed Liz had looked, Max drew to the conclusion that he somehow gave her the same daydream as him, ‘Maybe it was because we were holding hand while I was thinking about her,’ he tried to reason in his head, ‘I mean I’ve thought about her before but never so intensely, at least not in public. This is not good…wait she doesn’t look mad that she thinks she was thinking about me that way. Did she like it? I mean she wouldn’t have let me kiss her if she didn’t right?’

Question after question floated through Max’s head before Liz finished eating and looked back up at him, “You know it was nothing important now that I think about it. That was just like one of those weird cosmic things that happen sometimes,” she said. Although, Liz couldn’t really bring herself to totally believe it, she didn’t want to get into any more of an embarrassing conversation.

Getting up to clear the plates and cups to the side, Max and Liz spent the next few hours talking and reminiscing until they decided to pop in a movie. A little tired from all the events of the day, Liz dozed off and curled into Max’s chest.

The movie long forgotten, Max took the opportunity to study all of Liz’s features. ‘She’s so beautiful,' he thought, pulling her closer and more on top of his body. Max couldn’t help himself as he began pouring kisses on her face and neck.

Then still half asleep Liz let out a low moan of Max’s name that had him elated. Not sure if she was still half asleep, but not really minding either, he began to kiss her tentatively on the lips. He knew she was fully awake when she began kissing back more forcefully and her moaning became louder. There bodies were fully entwined, while they were rolling around on the bed, completely enraptured into one another. Touching, rubbing, feeling, and loving every part of the other’s bodies, until the shrill sound of the phone ringing brought them slightly out of there reverie.

“I should get that; it could be my mom,” Liz said.

“Yeah,” Max responded but never stopped kissing her.

Liking the feelings Max was invoking in her, but knowing she should really answer the phone; she reluctantly pulled away from him and answered, “Hello.”

“Hey Liz, how was your first day of school?” Nancy asked over the phone.

Liz then took the opportunity to look at the clock and see that it was already 3:30 in the afternoon and she had spent the better part of the day kissing Max. “School, oh yeah school was great; I have a really interesting biology teacher Ms. Hardy, and I made a few new friends,” she said while looking at Max all hot and sexy like on her bed.

“Oh that’s great honey. See I told you, you would like it there. Well I’m going to be in a little late today, maybe not until around 9ish, but just get food at the Crashdown. I’m sure that won’t be a problem for anyone, and maybe you can invite some friends to eat, so you can get to know them better.” Nancy suggested hastily, sounding as if she was in a bit of a hurry.

“Yeah, mom that sounds fine. I’ll be just fine. Don’t worry about me. I’ll find something to do,” Liz said smiling down at Max, who was making his way towards her again. He kissed his way up her hand and back to her neck as she said goodbye to her mother.

Laughing Liz said, “Max stop, my mom was on the phone."

“She’s not anymore,” he finished as he pulled Liz onto his lap.

Not for the first time today but definitely more noticeably, Liz felt how hard Max was for her. The thought alone made her ache in places she was enjoying more than she'd ever admit. She shyly started to rub her body against Max’s until she heard him moan in pleasure and they began kissing and rubbing against each other more frantically.

Max sheepishly started to cup Liz’s breast above her shirt, and when he heard no protest he made his way under her shirt to do the same above her bra.

‘I can’t believe I’m letting him touch me like this, but it feels so good, and I like him so much,’ Liz though.

Thinking back to her daydream from today, she knew what she wanted to do to Max, but then thought it too forward.

‘God this girl is beautiful. I’m kissing my dream girl. Will she think I’m just trying to take advantage of her if I tell her I love her,’ Max thought until he felt a small hand squeeze him over his pants.

“Oh, Liiiz,” Max moaned out loudly.

When Liz disappeared from school, Maria figured she went somewhere to get better acquainted with Max. If any teacher asked for the new girl in the roster Maria made up an excuse for her and asked Alex to do the same where needed, covering for most of Liz’s classes.

The school day was highly eventful. First, with all the roomers flying around about Max and Liz, combined with the fact that neither Max nor Liz couldn’t be found in any of their classes, served to fuel the rumor mill faster. Then there was the one about Isabel and Michael. That rumor had Maria’s blood boiling, although she would never admit it to anyone.

Still, she wanted to check up on Liz and make sure she was okay. She couldn’t explain it, but she had felt a strong connection with the girl, and thought they could become fast friends.

Maria made her way to the Crashdown, knowing she didn’t have to work for another two hours since she was working closing. She decided to check if Liz was home so they could hang out some.

She was about to knock on the door but when she reached for the handle she noticed the door was open. Making her way to one of the back rooms in the apartment, she stopped in her tracks when she heard a loud moan and the words, Oh, Liiiz, being moaned.

Eyes widening and no longer in such a rush to see Liz, Maria back tracked it out of the apartment, but not before knocking over a heavy box.


Liz stopped her hand movements, and Max’s eyes popped open as they made their way to look towards the door.

“Is that your mom,” Max whispered as he shot up from the bed and started to adjust his clothes amongst other things.

“No, she’s not going to be home till after 9, but she probably sent Maria’s mom to check up on me or something. You know make sure I’m not just hauled up in my room,” Liz answered just as frantically as she tried to pull herself together. “Go to the bathroom and be quiet,” Liz ordered as she pushed him towards one door and ran out the other.

Scared shitless at getting caught by any adult, he did as she asked, but not without thinking, how hot Liz was when she’s giving out orders.

Seeing Maria on the floor picking up the box that was once filled with pots and pans, Liz let out a breath and said, “Oh thank God, it’s only you.”

With a nervous laugh Maria said, “Yeah uh the door was open and I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out before my shift starts… and to tell you not to worry about school or anything because Alex and I covered for you... I figured you’d want to catch up with Max and all,” Maria rambled, never once stopping to take a breath.

With a small laugh and a sigh of relief, Liz said, “Yeah, thanks, and that actually sounds like a really good idea. Do you mind if Max is there?”

“No not at all, as long as you don’t mind Alex being there,” Maria countered.

“No, no. . . not at all, just give me a few minutes to get freshened up and I’ll meet you at the Café.”

“Sure, let me just…” Maria said pointing at all the mess of pots and pans she made around Liz’s living room.

“No, no it’s more than okay. I’ll get to that later.”

Happy for the easy out Maria made her way out the apartment to wait for Max, Liz and Alex to get to the Café.
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hey thank you all for the great fb... here's the next chapter. Ima try to get chapter5 up today too, or idk ch 4b if thus looks too short...anywho, I already have it but i'm not done so it'll be up soon enough.

Chapter 4

About 15 minutes later, Max and Liz both immerge into the restaurant to find Alex and Maria sitting at one of the booths.

“Hey guys,” Liz said. She thanked Alex for helping cover for her especially since he didn’t really have to, and they all sat down and ordered food.

“So Liz, did you think about what I asked? Do you think you want to start working here,” Maria asked Liz while sipping her drink.

“Oh sorry, no I haven’t thought about it,” clearing her throat lightly she continued, “I got a little preoccupied, but it’s a definite maybe.”

Alex was about to make a smart comment, but a jab in the ribs by Maria stopped him.

“So how did you two meet? Max, did you go to New Jersey on vacation or something and the two of you met, like love at first sight? Then had it turn into some type of romantic summer together, and you met up again here in ole Roswell when you came to school this morning. I mean it was obviously a shock to you to see Liz,” Maria said to Max before redirecting to Liz and saying, “I swear it’s the most emotion I have ever see this boy show ever.”

While Liz blushed a little at Maria’s antics and Max couldn’t help but laugh at the outrageous imagination he saw in her.

Alex, on the other hand, was more than used to her theatrics and with an exasperated sigh and roll of his eyes he said, “Maria, its not your fantasy, or one of your romance novels, just let them tell the story.”

“No nothing like that. We have been pen pals since the third grade. It was a school assignment and we just kept going on,” Liz said dreamily.

“Oh my God, I so remember that! They made me do the same thing that year because my parents divorced and my puppy died. It was the third grade right,” Maria said

“Yeah, that would be the assignment,” Max answered.

“I don’t remember that. I think I would have remembered having a pen pal,” Alex provided with a questioning look.

“That’s because you have always just been extremely well adjusted. They forced the kids with issues to do it, so they had someone to open up to, if they so chose. I think they were picking out kids like that and also Ms. Peperstine’s 3rd grade English class too. Remember her; she was also the school psychologist. She had the freckles, glasses, big red hair…”

“Maria focus; off topic,” Alex said. He knew full well that the conversation would last an eternity if he did not stop her rant.

Smiling at Max and Liz and giving Alex a dirty look, she continued, “Well anyway Alex, you didn’t have Ms. Peperstine and you weren’t maladjusted, so you never got one. Anyway, that’s so sweet you two have been writing to each other ever since and then you surprised him this morning. Oh, that is so romantic,” Maria gushed.

The two pairs of best friends kept light conversation while they ate and somewhere along the way Liz decided that she wouldn’t mind working at the Crash with Maria. She figured she needed the work anyway and Maria seemed like a great person to work with.

Max couldn’t describe what it was that he was feeling, but he felt at ease with this group of people. He saw himself being good friends with the eccentric Maria and funny and laid back Alex. And Liz, well Liz was just Liz. ‘His Liz,’ he thought to himself and couldn’t help the smirk from forming on his face. They really needed to have a talk about where they stood.

Noticing that Max drifted off from the conversation Liz grabbed his hand underneath the table and gave it a squeeze. Max turned into Liz’s face with the same smirk and looked deeply into her eyes. They completely went into their own world forgetting about their companions.

“Uh, guys,” Alex said trying to break them out of their gaze.

Still not hearing Alex, they slowly drifted towards each other.

Alex was about to interrupt again, but Maria put a hand to his mouth and slowly pulled him out of the booth.

“Let them have their time. I need to start my shift anyway. Come to the counter. I’ll even give you an orange coke, on the house.” Maria coaxed.

Not noticing that Maria and Alex left the table or remembering that they weren’t alone in the first place, Max and Liz began kissing passionately in the crowded restaurant.

“Woo Hoo!!! Go Evans,” a bunch of jocks started to taunt the couple, “got the new girl first,” one of the jocks finished.

Not knowing which emotion was more powerful, his embarrassment over making out in public, or furry at the jock that talked negatively about anything having to do with Liz, Max pulled away from Liz and was shocked at what he saw. Instead of Liz being upset or even just awkward about being so caught up in public, she was…well she was laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Max asked Liz.

“Don’t you notice anything funny?” Looking around Max finally realized they were alone at the table.

“Yeah, hey where did Maria and Alex go?” Max asked curiously.

“Uh well, besides the fact that we just started sucking face right in front of them, and that probably got them up and out when we didn’t stop, we’ve been sitting here with them for more than 2 hours. Maria is over there serving people; she started her shift already. God she even changed and everything and Alex is over there nursing an orange coke.” Liz finished still laughing lightly.

Kissing Max softly on the lips, Liz said, “I am really glad that I’m here,” kiss again, “that you’re here,” and yet another kiss, “and that we’re together,” kiss, “but we really need to mind our surroundings better,” she finished with a smile, a hardy laugh, and a deep but short kiss.

Getting their composer together they called Alex and Maria over to apologize.

“Hey guys no need; just keep the face sucking to a minimum while I’m eating, will ya,” Alex said as he slipped back into the booth.

“Ditto,” Maria said, “but I still think you two are too cute. So, do you guys want anything else?”

“Ok as a token of my apology, let me order us all desert. For you too Maria; it’s not so busy, so once you get our desert, please sit for a little while and join us,” Max said, not knowing where his sudden confidence and openness came from, but feeling that the brunette that is currently resting her head on his shoulder has a little something to do with it.

“Free desert, I’m in,” Alex said looking through the menu as he searched for what desert sounded pleasing to his pallet tonight.

“Please Alex, any free food and you would have jumped. Ok, I’m in. It’s not like I haven’t covered for Agnes like 50 million times,” she said with a roll of her eye. “Just look over the menu, pick something out and let me finish these last few tables. I’ll be 10 minutes top, and I’m sure I can manage a short desert break,” Maria said.

“Great,” was the general consensus around the table.

Once they ordered their deserts and got settled again, they were talking comfortably and laughing lightly until the bell above the Crashdown door rang and signaled a pair of new arrivals.
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A/N To everyone who left fb and any lurkers reading thank you so much. Sorry for the delay, couldn't think how to end it, but hey i like it. :wink:

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Chapter 5

Evan's Home

“Hey, Isabel honey, where is your brother? I just went to his room to call him to dinner and he’s not there,” Diane Evans asked her daughter as she walked into her room.

Today was hardly what Isabel would call a good day. First, she starts off the day with people attacking her about her brother’s supposed promiscuous activities. Then, she finds out that rumors about her and Michael were being spread all over school because Michael apparently doesn’t understand the concept of a whisper. Their whole class including the teacher decided that they needed to put in their two cents about Michael’s little outburst.

“Well, we should have gone to the eraser room before we came to class,” Michael said in a loud whisper that had the whole class on a new topic of gossip, but with an entirely different Evans.

When the class erupted into a fit of giggles and whispers the teacher tried to cool them all down. “Class, class calm down,” just then Maria walked into the room, the professor eyed her and then continued, “Well nice of you to join us Ms. Deluca, now take a seat; and what ever Ms. Evans and Mr. Guerin’s Eraser Room activities are, are none of our business as long as it doesn’t happen during my class,” he finished looking pointedly at both student. Isabel was fuming at the indication that anyone would view her and the guy that she thought of as a brother in any less than an innocent way. Michael, on the other hand, just sat there with a hard a scowl on his face and his arms crossed, until he looked up to see Maria shooting daggers at him with her eyes. He momentarily lost his scowl with a worried crease marring his face.


On top of that, Isabel was still highly upset that Max had not shown up to any other class and she had to ask for one of her friends to take her home in the afternoon. So when her mom asked her where Max was, Isabel found it hard to cover for him.

“I think he’s having dinner at the Crashdown with Michael…” she was cut of by Michael climbing into her window.

“Oh, hey Mrs. Evans,” Michael said uncomfortably.

“Michael, I wish you would learn to use the door,” Mrs. Evans said frowning at the way Michael had become accustomed to getting into her home.

“Sorry Mrs. Evans, force of habit,” Michael said, looking somewhat sheepish.

“I thought you were with Max,” Diane said.

“Max? Where’s Max? I came here to see him,” Michael said, then turned over to Isabel while completely missing the shut up look she was trying to give him. “Where is he?”

A little worried about where her son was, but also still stuck on why Michael came through Isabel’s window when he said he was looking for Max, Diane made her concerns known, “If you were looking for Max, why come through Isabel’s window? And isn’t Max supposed to be with you?”

Jumping in to recover the situation before it got too out of hand, Isabel rolled her eyes and said, “Mom, please. If Michael doesn’t use Max’s he’ll use mine, and Max is probably just waiting for us at the Crash.” She then turned to Michael and said, “Come on, let’s go. He’s probably waiting for us to eat.” She went to her closet to grab her jacket then moved back to her mom. “We won’t be too long Mom, I promise. Oh, but Max has the car so can we borrow yours?”

“Uh, you kids. I never know where your minds are. Well, I already made dinner, so how about next time you tell me when you are going out before I cook. I’ll save you all, you too Michael, lunch tomorrow from these leftovers. Okay, now you kids can stay out until a bit past curfew so you can let your father and I have a romantic dinner alone, especially since it is obvious our children don’t want to eat with us. Oh and Michael, you are more then welcome to stay the night, as always.”

Both teenagers nodded as she handed over the keys. They said their goodbyes and went off to the Crash.

Walking into the Crash Down, both Isabel and Michael were a little shocked at what they saw. Sitting at a booth with Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman, and presumably the new girl, Max was laughing away at whatever antics were going on around him. The normally overly secure Max, who only ever let his guard down around his sister and best friend, was now openly laughing and having fun with these relative strangers. Walking up to the table both Michael and Isabel stood there until the attention turned to them.

“Maxwell,” Michael said rather dryly before sneaking a quick peak at Maria, which she was very aware of. He then looked at the brunette laying her head on Max’s shoulder and smirked at Max, which earned him a warning glare.

Liz looked up at who she presumed was Michael Guerin, Max’s best friend and his sister, Isabel and smiled. “Hi, I’m Liz, Liz Parker,” she said.

“Figures you would be,” was Michael’s only response.

Ignoring Liz, Isabel set her sights onto her brother. “Max, where have you been? You weren’t in any of your classes today, and you had Michael and I find rides home since you disappeared with the car,” Isabel said cutting in fairly hostilely.

“Hi Isabel, Michael, nice to see you too,” Max said sardonically.

Glaring at Max she was about to open her mouth again, but was cut off by Maria. “Look, I need to get back to work. Today was fun we should do this again really soon, but an extra 15 minute break is not good on my tips,” she winked at everyone at the booth, said a quick hey to Isabel and gave Michael a mean glare before heading back to work.

Continuing as if no one else was at the table but Max, Isabel repeated, “So, where have you been?”

As Isabel sat down next to Alex, Michael grabbed a chair from the neighboring table and joined the group.

“H-h-hey Isabel,” Alex stuttered as he gawked at the lovely female Evans.

Michael scoffed at Alex’s lame attempt of a greeting and then reached over and snaked the rest of Maria’s leftover desert. When everyone just looked over at Michael he said, “What? You act like she was gonna finish this. I swear chicks eat like birds whenever a guys around."

Rolling her eyes at Michael’s inane comment and turning away from the lanky kid beside her, 'Alex Whitman,' she thought. She paid no attention to his greeting and turned her sights to the brunette in front of her.

With an ice cold stare she said, “Who are you?”

“Isabel,” came a warning from Max.

Knowing first hand how over protective Isabel seemed to be over her brother, Liz just squeezed Max’s hand as reassurance that everything was okay and repeated her name again. “Hey Isabel, I’m Liz Parker. I’m an old friend of Max’s. I spoke to you quickly over the phone one time like two years ago, and a few times before Max got his own phone last year. You picked up the phone a few times when I called to speak with him,” she said coolly.

“Yeah, like I’m really going to remember some random conversation over the phone two years ago,” Isabel said rolling her eyes, but stopped when she saw that Max was about to reprimand her again, “whatever,” she finished and slumped into the booth.

“So you’re the pen pal huh,” Michael said with a grin on his face.

Max knew that grin all too well, so he decided to defuse the situation before it even started and got beyond his control. The last thing he wanted was for his sister and best friend to ruin his thing with Liz before they even got to define it for themselves.

“Okay, yes she is, and first let me just formally introduce you. This is my lovely sister Isabel and my best friend Michael Guerin. Guys this is Liz Parker, yes my pen pal, and I’m sure you both know Alex Whitman. Now, to answer your question, I was with Liz today catching up and…”

When Michael saw the darkened mark peeking out of Max’s shirt he couldn’t help cutting off his usually straight arrow best friend to dig into him a little. “Yeah I can see how you two got caught up, and fast,” he said as he reached over to Max’s collar and pulled it down some to reveal a hickey. “So she bites,” Michael couldn’t help but ask.

Liz turned so red it looked like all the blood in her body had rushed directly to her head and Alex was about to accompany one smart remark with another, but the look Max was giving Michael had him back off.

“MICHAEL,” Max all but bellowed while pulling Liz more forcefully to him.

“Well now I know what you were doing all day,” Isabel commented.

'This was exactly what I didn’t want to happen,' Max thought. Getting his composer together he asked, “Do any of you need rides home?”

“No mom let me borrow the car; we are supposed to stay out the house till after 10:00,” Isabel answered.

“Good, then I don’t have to take you home. I’ll talk to you both later. Bye Alex,” went Max’s reply to everyone, as he pulled Liz out of the booth and walked her to the back of the diner.

Happy about the fact that he got to be alone in a booth with Isabel Evans, well and Michael too, but somewhat alone with her, Alex began to try and strike up conversation. “So how was your day Isabel,” he asked.

Now not being the time to ask a pissy Isabel anything she just leered at Alex and said, “Just peachy,” before turning to Michael and saying “We’re leaving.”

Rolling his eyes Michael said, “No it's okay, you go. I got to hit the head anyway and I’m still kind of hungry. I’m going to stay at your place anyway; I’ll just get a ride with Max. He’s probably mad at me anyway.”

Iz stormed out of the Crash Down then and Michael looked down at Alex who just made some comment along the lines of, and now there was one, and scoffed, “Women,” before heading to the rest room.

Max pulled Liz all the way back to her apartment and before they even got to close the door completely he was already apologizing. “Liz, I am so incredibly sorry… Michael and Isabel can just be difficult sometimes. They really aren’t that bad; it really is just that they don’t know you yet and we were all…”

Getting cut off again tonight, but in a way more pleasant way, Liz pushed him into the door, effectively closing it and began kissing him silly. “Stop blaming yourself Max. I know it wasn’t your fault, but we do need to talk really quickly,” Liz said after the kiss. “It’s about 7 now, so we have like two hours till my mom is supposed to be home,” Liz said as she seductively licked his hickey. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to do that. I’ve never… you know umm, done anything like this before, and Michael wouldn’t have…”

The moment Liz licked his neck Max knew he was a goner. Never had anything sexier happened to him in his life. Turning their positions around, Max pushed Liz up against the door, held her firmly with one hand on her lower back and the other holding onto her hair, “Screw Michael,” he said before plunging down onto Liz’s lips again.

They continued like this for a few minutes before Liz’s head got the better of her. Pulling away she said, “Come on Max, we need to stop for a little while. We’re going to talk and make a few things clear, okay?” Seeing that Max nodded she continued, “Let’s go to my room; we’ll talk there.”

Once settled in her room, about three feet apart, they began to really talk about where they wanted their relationship to go. They had been friends for years while they were apart, but now they both wanted to make clear what they would be to each other now with Liz moving to Roswell. Although, neither had ever been in a previous relationship, they both knew what they wanted from the other. They have liked each other for too long and now that they were in the proximity of the other there was no way they were going to let the other go. As soon as they made that clear to each other they officially became a 'couple' and sealed their pact with a light kiss.

“This is wonderful Max. I cannot believe it. You’re my boyfriend and I’m your girlfriend,” Liz said with canary eating smile. Reflecting back on all the events today Liz cautioned, “Look Max, I really like you, a lot, and I don’t regret anything we did today at all,” taking in Max’s nod in agreement she continued, “but we are moving really fast, and I think where we are right now is good, but we just started this part of our relationship and I’m not ready to go any further… right now,” looking up at Max rather un-surely, she finished, “Are you okay with that?”

Realizing Liz’s rather timid expression, Max brought up his hand to cup Liz’s cheek and locked eyes with her, “I would never, ever want to put any type of pressure on you to do anything you weren’t ready for. I'm not even sure what I am ready for. Whatever pace you want, whenever you want me to stop or…or go further, we'll decide these things together. I care about you too much to want to jeopardize our relationship, friendship or otherwise,” Max finished.

“Good answer,” was Liz’s response before shocking Max by pushing him to lie down on her bed.

“Uh Liz, not that I’m complaining or anything,” Max started as Liz straddled his lap, “but what are you doing. I thought you wanted to slow down,” Max stated while running his hands up and down Liz’s back and legs.

“I just meant I didn’t want us to go any further at the moment, but where we were is just fine,” Liz said as she lay on top of Max and began kissing him.

Once Michael went into the bathroom he locked the door from his end and walked out the other door that leads to the locker room where he saw Maria had just gone.

“What’s your problem?” Michael barked when he saw Maria.

“What do you think you’re doing back here? This is for employees only? Can’t you read?” Maria said pointing to the employees only sign.

“I wanna know why you’ve been looking at me like you’re mad at me or something; and why you didn’t meet me in the back gym during our free period?” Michael all but screamed.

“First of all, I can look at you anyway I please and second, I don’t step on other girls toes,” Maria yelled.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Michael retorted.

“DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU? I AM NOT GOING TO BE YOUR SCRATCHING POST WHILE YOU’RE DATING ISABEL. YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND,” Maria began to calm down and said, “I know you aren’t my boyfriend, God forbid you knew what commitment is, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to help you help you cheat Michael.”

“Woman what are you talking about? I am not dating Isabel; she’s like my sister that’s just never going to happen,” Michael said as soothingly as he knew to be.

“Then what was all that talk about the eraser room?" Maria asked.

"We were talking about Max."

“Oh,” Maria said actually embarrassed and lowered her eyes.

When Maria looked back at him Michael said, “Look, I don’t think this is going to work out anymore. I don’t get this attached and what we had was fun, but I don’t get involved like this,” Michael said backing into the bathroom.

“Michael, I didn’t know okay and I am sorry. I never thought what we had was serious and I’m not getting too attached I just didn’t want to be the ‘other woman’ if you were with someone else,” Maria said more calmly.

Michael just looked at her with sorrowful eyes, pleading she understood what he was trying to say, “Everything is just too intense, right now,” were the last words he said before walking back through the restroom, out the restaurant, and waiting for Max in his jeep.

Liz’s Bedroom

“Maaax, God that feels so good. Don’t…uh, please don’t stop,” Liz was panting as Max was sucking on her pulse point, while holding her firmly onto his groin.

Max knew that things were getting too passionate. They have been making-out on her bed for a long while now and all their senses were high. Some time ago he started getting all these intense flashes from her, but they were all going to fast to pin point. The only one he knew he was defiantly seeing was the daydream from that afternoon. It was like he was seeing and feeling everything that he saw earlier, but from Liz’s point of view.

Thinking that Liz could actually be feeling so sexually aroused by him, had him hard as a rock and Liz’s hips rubbing against his groin and moaning his name wasn’t helping him keep his promise of not going any further with her. Max had grabbed her hips to hold her still, thinking that that would at least calm him, bit Liz’s low deep moan had him moaning and rubbing in time with her. The slamming of the front door and Liz’s mom calling her name from the living room had Liz suddenly jumping off of Max and run to lock her bedroom door.

“Bathroom,” Liz breathed out in a low whisper. Max wasted no time in going into the bathroom. He jumped into the shower, closed the curtain and prayed that he didn’t just blow his chances with Liz by getting caught by her mother in her room with a major hard on.

Liz quickly unlocked the door, turned off the light, pulled off her shirt and jumped into her bed before her mom got to her door.

“Oh honey, you’re sleeping already. It’s only 9:30,” Nancy said as she heard light breathing coming from her daughter as she approached the bed.

“Mom,” Liz said dreamily. “Is that you?” she finished with a yawn. As she saw her mom reaching for the desk lamp she said, “Mom no, my eyes, I’m tired,” and pulled herself under the covers.

“Well fine, but tell me how your day was a little, at least,” Nancy pleaded.

“It was long, but good. I’m just really tired mom. I’ll tell you later,” she said yawning again.

“Sure, goodnight honey. I’m going to take a long shower, work was a killer today. Night, honey,” Nancy said then kissed her on her forehead.

As soon as Nancy left the room Liz ran into the bathroom. She told Max to just stay low until she heard the shower going, in her mother’s room.

Grabbing Max and pulling him through her room and the living room quickly, she got to the front door and finally saw how Max’s eyes were roaming her body. “Max what’s wrong? We can’t, you have to go. If my mom hears us I’m so going to have to have a talk I don’t want to have,” she said as she reached up, kissed Max and pushed him out the door.

Before closing the door he stopped her and asked if he could take her to school tomorrow, while trying hard to ignore the fact that she was only in a bra. He vaguely caught her nod and air kiss before the door slammed in his face.

Taking in a deep breath and a sighing it out, she walked back to her room. With all intentions of taking a shower when she reached her bathroom, she stopped short when she caught sight of herself in the mirror and noticed she was only in her bra. “OH MY GOD, he saw me in my bra,” she gasped and turned a deep shade of red before siding onto the floor in mortification.


Outside the Crash Down

Walking to his car with a goofy grin on his face and on the largest high, his whole face fell when he saw who was waiting for him.

“Michael,” Max said; now remembering how mad he was at his best friend and sister.

“So have fun,” Michael asked, smirking at Max.

“You know I was actually in a good mood before I saw your ugly face,” Max told Michael as he jumped into the car.

“Ouch Maxwell, harsh, don’t think your pissy attitude is going to get you out of telling me about tonight. Plus, your mom invited me to stay over tonight, so…tell me, how’s Liz?” Michael said with a half smile.

Rolling his eyes he ignored Michael’s questions and comments and drove home in complete silence. His only thoughts were of seeing Liz tonight in his dreams and picking her up tomorrow morning.
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thank you all for the great feed's the next part hope you'll enjoy it :wink: .

Chapter 6

Today was officially three weeks into Max and Liz’s courtship. They had left fairly early on their date tonight, wanting to make the best of the beautiful weather they have been granted in the early month of November. It was really the perfect fall day, so after school they threw all their stuff in Max’s car and went off to have a surprise picnic in the park, thanks to Max’s consideration, and then took a walk around town just talking and taking in all the alien themed sights, before stopping at the movie rental place to pick up something to watch at Max’s.

Liz didn’t understand why Max went to the trouble of renting a movie, this was the forth time they tried the whole renting a movie thing and that always ended with the movie and popcorn discarded while they made-out somewhere.

Usually, it had been easier to just meet at the Crash since Liz lived and worked there and it was the place Max seemed to be eating all of his meals anyway, or to just go out wherever else after school; but tonight no one was in Max’s home and they decided to end the night there.

He gave Liz the grand tour of the house that ended up in his room. He wanted to show Liz where he had grown up and the place where he had spent so much time writing letters to her. They sat in his bed for hours just reminiscing over past letters and making future plans. Max had also confessed that it was her letters that got him through some of his loneliness times. After such a confession Liz was so moved by his words that they ended up giving his mattress a sturdy inspection.

Now the movie lay unopened in the living room and they were back to a passionate lip lock on Max’s bed. They hadn’t intended on coming to his place just to make-out, they hardly ever intend to.

Sure they wanted privacy, but they were seriously going at it heavier than they have in all their time together. Maria teased them about this merely being their honeymoon stage and it all being completely normal, but some things just weren’t.

Since that first day when they decided not to go any faster or further than they already had, they had been sticking to their packed with one of them, usually Max, stopping before things got any more advanced.

Max didn’t want to admit it out loud but he was grateful Liz had said that the first night. As much as he would love to go as far as Liz would allow him, he didn’t know enough about himself to know whether he was dangerous for Liz in a more intimate sense.

Somewhere deep inside him, he couldn’t help think just being who he is will hurt her someday, and it hurt him so much not to be more open with her about who he really is when she was obviously completely open and honest with him. He was trying his best to hide this piece of himself from her, maybe slightly out of fear of rejection, but more so over the thought of knowing Liz and he could never truly be forever.

Still many nights seemed to be reserved for heavy make-out sessions that had them both on the most incredible other worldly highs. Their intimate time consisted of light petting above the clothes for their bottom halves and under shirts for the top half. Tonight though things were heating up very fast and neither of them seemed overly compelled to stop the other.

Max didn’t know what it was about Liz or whether it had something to do with his alien side or just what Liz brought out in him, but every single time they would be together so intimately he would get these intense flashes of different things he figured were either in Liz’s mind or his own. She still hadn’t made any indication since the first time in the class room about any sort of flash she has received from him and for that Max was grateful. He was trying to keep himself in check because he wanted his relationship with Liz to be as normal as possible…at least from her end.

All of a sudden Liz stared to tense up, “Max, what if someone finds us. This isn’t really the first impression I want your parents to have of me.”

Smiling at the antics of his girlfriend Max was all too happy to point out the number of times they have almost gotten caught by her mother and had been caught by all their friends, “Haha…funny smart ass, but I just don’t want your parents to meet me for the first time with me being pressed under you,” Liz said with an air of seriousness.

That had Max thinking that her mind was defiantly not where it belonged, especially if this was her line of thought when he was trying some of his best moves on her, “So does that mean you’d rather be on top,” Max asked with a playful gleam in his eyes, “because you know I’m more than okay with that.”

Giving her boyfriend an incredulous look, she began, “Max be serious,” she then pulls him off of her, “Why don’t we just move this to like Buckley Point, in the jeep with the top down, under the stars,” she tried to convince Max by placing a gentle kiss on a different part of his body after every word.

Knowing what Liz was trying to do, combining that with the way she was kissing him, and what they have already done tonight, getting off his comfortable bed to drive all the way to Buckley point just to continue what they are already doing wasn’t too appealing. “Liz look, its okay. My parents are out tonight and said not to expect them back till after 10,” he said soothingly, “and the place they went to isn’t even in Roswell. It’s like the anniversary of their first something and they’re driving to this place that’s a good two hours away. Isabel is out on a date and then she’s going to go hang out with her friends or something, and there is a hockey game tonight, so I know Michael’s more than occupied. So, I promise we won’t be disturbed. Everything is going to be fine. We can’t go to your place since your mom is home and we’re already here, so please just relax,” Max pleaded with kisses and caresses until he visibly saw her cool down.

“Uh, I know Max I’m sorry, it’s just that this is the first time I’m in your house. I think our parents are going to find out soon if we keep up this way. My mom’s been too preoccupied with her new job to notice that I’ve been with you just about every night, but we’ve had too many close calls. I really just don’t want to make a bad first impression,” Liz said shyly.

Seeing how much Liz seemed to be getting upset, and how the whole atmosphere had changed since earlier that night, Max tried to placate her worried mind. “Hey, hey, don’t do that,” when Liz looked up at Max questioningly, he continued, “I mean don’t get upset. You have nothing too worry about, but how about you come over to dinner tomorrow and meet my parents if you want. Then we’ll know that at least they met you before they catch us attached at the lips…or any other body parts,” Max threw in the last part to try and get a smile out of her and it worked.

Smiling at Max, Liz said, “You’re horrible you know that, but yes I would love to come to dinner. I think we should get the parent thing out of the way before they come at us with this,” Liz said getting more comfortable on Max’s bed, “but you know the whole night is going to be awkward.”

Max groaned inwardly and said, “Does this mean I have to do the same with your mom soon.”

“God I hope not. It’s different with your parents; it’s a respect and a little fear thing you know, but my mom will be all over us every second of the day if she knew. She’s been a little crazy about guys since her divorce. We’ll just ease her into it little by little and take it from there. Plus, I like being able to have you all to myself, locked up in my room,” Liz said mischievously and began kissing him again.


Max had been tenderly massaging Liz’s breast over her bra to the point of agonizing pleasure until he heard a snap and felt her breast pour into his hands. Coming a bit out of his haze at the sock of the first feeling of her nipple, but never removing his hand off of her tender flesh, Max began to apologize profusely, “Oh, Liz I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Oh Maaaax,” was Liz’s reply when she felt Max’s fingers graze her hard nipple. “Max why’d you stop,” Liz said when she realized he ended his delicious movements.

“Uh…I-I-a-I think I broke your bra,” Max answered sheepishly, while slowly starting back up his ministrations.

“Max, no. i-i-it-t’s a front clas-oh, yes Maaax,” Liz just tried to explain that it was that he unknowingly unclasped the front of her bra, but when he saw how much she was enjoying the skin to skin contact he couldn’t help but feel a rush of desire run through him.

“Liz,” he croaked, “Is this…I mean are you okay with this,” Max said while still tentatively rubbing her breast as his thumb rubbed light circles around her nipple.

Seeing the mix of emotions going through Max’s eyes, desire and a bit of fear being the most evident, Liz decides to put him at ease. She began running her hands up his chest from underneath his shirt, “Yes, Max it’s good, don’t stop,” she said before reaching his nipples and light pinching them both while giving him a sly smile.

That was all it took for Max to pounce and Liz was hardly protesting, in fact she was eagerly rubbing their bottom halves together. Liz had both her legs wrapped firmly around Max’s body with one hand running through his hair and the other pressed against his lower back, occasionally grazing his firm ass and letting out moan after moan of incredible pleasure.

Max has more than successfully removed Liz’s fears of getting caught by anyone in his house, with all thoughts of parents or anyone else lost on the two young lovers stuck in a deep cloud of passion.


Walking into her house somewhat early after another boring and meaningless date with one of Roswell’s pretty people, Isabel was a little shocked to see Michael lying out on the couch with the TV blaring.

“Michael, MICHAEL,” Isabel screamed as she got closer to Michael, who was fully engrossed on the hokey game. Seeing that Michael finally noticed her she asked, “Why do you have the TV on so high and where’s Max?”

To that question Michael merely muted the TV and gave Isabel a slight smirk.

“Oh God Max. Ahh. Uhm,” a loud moan came from the hallway corridor.

“Oh Liz,” groaned Max.

“Oh my God, eeeuww… eww… gross,” Isabel said letting out a few mortified groans. “Oh my God, are they,” she didn’t even want to finish the sentence.

Taking the TV off of mute, but still lowering the volume some Michael continued just, “Yeah I know, but I don’t think they are or at least they weren’t when I went to knock on his window.”

“Gross, you saw them,” Isabel said with a shutter.

“Yeah, but not too much. When I saw what they were doing I just let myself in through the front door. They didn’t start getting that loud until the middle of the third quarter, so I higher-ed the volume,” Michael said never taking his eyes off the TV, “Plus, my TV broke and I didn’t want to miss anymore of the game so…you wanna see it with me or you gonna keep on with the questions,” Michael said rather nonchalantly.

“Are you kidding me? I don’t even want to be in the same state while they're doing that, let alone the same house. He is so lucky our parents are going to be gone for a few more hours,” Isabel bellowed. Thinking she wouldn’t and shouldn’t be run out her own house, Isabel was seriously considering knocking on Max’s door and ordering him to shut up that was of course until she saw her front door fly open.
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Ok i wasn't going to post this part now, but my computer's acting up and I don't want to be stuck in a situation were i wont be able to post for days...again. Anyway here is part of chapter 7, i guess it's 7a for now and when i get my internet to stop acting so dumb i'll post the rest along with it.

This is merely another side note but, I try to write the parent Evans in a bit of a lovey-dovey way when they are alone because I figured Max had to get his romantic streak from somewhere. Maybe he got it from his father’s example of how he treats his wife; even if the real Max never was too close to either parent the models were still there. The Max that his parents knew seemed to be rather closed off about important stuff, but still was open enough to laugh at family dinners, games, and be the good kid his parents saw him as in season 1. Well whatever, here’s the next part and thanks for the great fb every1 :D

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If all goes well i'll have the rest of the chapter up tonight...fingers crossed

Chapter 7a

“I still can’t believe they lost our reservations,” Phillip Evans exclaimed as he drove through Roswell, making his way back home, “this night was supposed to be special. I had everything so well planed and I even confirmed our reservations two nights ago. I’m so sorry sweetie. I took off tonight for this and now I have to go out of town this weekend so I can’t make it up to you right…”

Cutting off her husband’s kind but unnecessary apology, Diane simply said, “Phillip, really. It’s fine. We can still have a private small dinner at home and try again there another time. I don’t think the kids will be home till curfew, so we probably still have about an hour. Our night wasn’t completely ruined,” taking in her husband’s incredulous look she rectified, “Okay, so it was. But now, that’s in the past and now in the present we have delicious take out that we just have to warm up quickly and about an hour to ourselves. Try to think of the positive Phil,” Diane coaxed her husband. In all honesty she too was highly upset. Phillip had been planning this night for them alone for a while and she really was looking forward to it. They had started out the night seeing an old French movie at a revival house that wasn’t too far from where they were supposed to eat. She knew how much Phillip hated foreign films, but took her anyway because he knew one of her favorite actresses was in the movie. Changing the subject to the good part of the evening, “Thank you for the movie, I know they aren’t your favorite,” seeing Phillip about to protest, she held up her hands, “it's okay, I know you did it for me and I appreciate it. You have to admit that Anouk Aimee at least did a wonderful job in the movie. I absolutely agree with her too,” Diane finished leadingly.

“How so,” Phillip asked.

Smiling as her husband as he took her bait, “You know when she said, 'Some pray to marry the man they love, my prayer will somewhat vary: I humbly pray to heaven above that I love the man I marry,’ I am one of the lucky ones Phillip. The first time I saw that movie and she said those lines was one week after we met; it was also the minute I knew I could stop my prayers because I knew I’d be marring the man I love. I love you.”

Pleased and genuinely touched by his wife’s words Phillip couldn’t help but ask, “If that’s true then why did you say no the first time I proposed you?”

“You started your proposal by saying my face could stop a clock, and then went on to say but I want to marry you,” Diane said still somewhat outraged.

“I was young and nervous and had been practicing for over a week. Then you just slapped me in the face and left. I didn’t even get to amend what I was actually trying to say. I was thinking, ‘time stands still when I look in your eyes, marry me,' and the words got jumbled in my head. Then the slap shocked me because I didn’t realize what I said right away,” Phillip amended.

“As sweet as that would have been you had been acting distant and strange with me all week and then you come up to me and practically call me ugly before you proposed,” Diane said with a roll of her eyes.

“I love you too honey. I love you, Max, and Isabel, and our lives,” Phillip said as they pulled up to their drive way and turned off the car.

“Phillip,” Diane began voicing a concern of hers, “Have you noticed anything different about Max lately? He’s hardly ever home anymore, but when he is he usually has this, well I don’t know this essence about him, like he’s happier or something, but him and Isabel seem to have been arguing or at least disagreeing about something for a while and Michael isn’t coming around as often, but Max still seems like he’s hiding something…I can’t explain it, but you should speak to him, maybe it’s a guy thing. You don’t think its pot do you? I mean Max wouldn’t do drugs.”

Getting out of the car and walking towards their front door Phillip laughed at that suggestion and said, “Well I don’t think its drugs, but maybe our son’s got a little crush, at least that's what it sounds like. I've been watching him too and have been meaning to talk to him. I’ll talk to him. You know if that’s the case, I gave him the sex talk last year, but he could always get a recap.

As they went to open the door loud noises from their home had them both wondering what was going on while they were away, but Diane voicing their concern, “What’s all that noise coming from the house?”

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Thank you so much for the great feed back and hopefully you wont be diapointed with this next part :D



Seeing her parents walking into the house had Isabel standing stock still with Michael still watching TV behind her.

“Isabel sweetie, what are you doing home so early and why is the TV so loud? We could hear it all the way outside,” Diane screamed over the noise of the TV.

Thinking that Max could get in serious trouble if their parents found him and Liz doing God knows what locked up in his room, and whether she should let him suffer the consequences of his actions or help him out, she finally relented and answered her mother, “There’s something wrong with the TV,” then turning to Michael who finally noticed the Evans had walked into the house at Mrs. Evans’ words.

“Oh, hey,” Michael stated lamely, “yeah me and Max were uh watching the game and then the TV just got stuck like that.”

“Yeah, weird huh,” she said as her parents got closer.

“So where is Max,” Phillip interjected.

“He went to his room to see if he had something to fix the TV with, you know I’ll go check on him he’s been gone for a while,” Michael said hurriedly, leaving Isabel to deal with her parents, but not before running his hand across the set, hoping his powers didn’t backfire on him and make the TV blow.

Upset that Max is making him miss even more of the game and thinking Maria would say that fate was playing some cruel joke on him, having him go through so much just to watch a game in peace. Then he upset himself even more for knowing that Maria would say anything. Reaching Max’s door Michael banged on the door three times before using his powers to open it, closing his eyes and covering it with his hand. “Hey, give it a rest and tuck it in Maxwell…”


“Oh Max that feels really good,” Liz moaned as Max was kissing the skin on her stomach right above her jeans. He was still fondling one of her breast and her side, while he was slowly making his way up her stomach and passed her belly button raising her shirt as he went.

He knew he should stop, but God help him, he was losing all his control with each of Liz’s breath taking moans. Liz had a firm hold on Max with her legs wrapped around his waist and he was surprised he hadn’t blown his load yet with the way Liz was rubbing her core on his pelvis. Hard beyond belief he couldn’t help the throaty groan that escaped his lips as he was about to reach Liz’s breast with his swollen lips.


“Hey, give it a rest and tuck it in Maxwell…” were the words that had Max whipping his head towards his friend and Liz jumping to push Max off her.

“Michael, what the hell man,” Max screamed while trying to help Liz straighten up, but her angry eyes had him stepping back slightly.

“Hey before you jump down my neck, I didn’t want to come here, but I’m helping you out,” hearing the disbelieving groan coming out of Max, he continued, “your parents are home man.”

Shocked expressions passed both Max and Liz’s faces and then relief that it was Michael that came barging in instead of his parents.

Anger was still a prevalent emotion on Liz’s face as she turned to Max. Croaking out a low, “What’s wrong Liz?”

Narrowing her eyes and then fully pushing Max off her and the bed, the thud finally had Michael opening his eyes to find two highly disheveled looking people, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” she said incredulously, “You said, 'Oh no don’t worry, he’s supposed to be watching a hockey game,” she said in a high whisper, while pointing to Michael, “and your parents, God you said your parents were supposed to be out for more than another hour, now all you need to tell me is that Isabel is here too and we can make a big party out of it.” Seeing the look on Michael’s face she continued her mini-rant that would have made a Deluca proud, “Oh, don’t tell me, she is here,” Liz said, turning away from both guys, while trying to make herself look presentable enough to great Max’s parents.

A little off balance from the fall and his first time at seeing Liz truly upset Max began treading lightly, “Liz… baby, I’m sorry, they really weren’t supposed to be here none of them,” he said turning to Michael for support.

“Uh… yeah my-my TV broke, so I just came to see the game,” Michael said feeling highly uncomfortable about being there for the conversation and just the whole situation, but not wanting to leave until they figured out what they were going to do.

“You see and my parents weren’t supposed to be here for a while and Isabel too. I’m so sorry Liz,” Max tried again.

Cooling herself down some and just trying to get her heart rate down so she could think clearly, she let out a long breath and turned back to Max, “No, uh, don’t be sorry. I'm being stupid, it's just everything is happening so fast,” she said, but Max was wondering whether or not her words had a double meaning, “Where’s my backpack? I want to fix myself up and you two should go and I’ll follow after I get fixed up,” Liz said more calmly.

Stepping closer to his visibly calmer girlfriend, he tried again, “Liz I am sorry. Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked softly.

Looking across his shoulder to Michael who took the hint and turned around, “I’m fine Max really I promise. I just need my bag,” she said and placed a light kiss on Max’s lips.

“Oh it’s in the living room with the movies,” remembered Max.

“Right, okay then, I’m just head to the bathroom,” Liz said walking out of the room.

Michael turned to his friend then and said, “Maybe you should think of fixing up a bit and uh, calming down some before seeing the units,” Michael said with a smirk.

Max looked down at himself and realized that his hard on was still prevalent and his rumpled clothing was probably not the best look to go out with. He could only imagine what his face looked like, so he walked to his closet, grabbed a long shirt to leave un-tucked and said, “Give me a minute. I’m gonna join Liz in the bathroom.”

A chuckle followed his descent out of his bedroom and the words, “Don’t take too long.”


Meanwhile in the living room…

Watching Michael make his hasty retreat, Isabel’s eyes narrowed as she thought, ‘Oh Maxwell you owe me big.’ “So mom, dad, what are you doing home so early? What happened,” Isabel screamed over the hockey game.

“Oh, Izzie you wouldn’t believe how they lost our reservations,” Diane said over the racket.

“Girls, how can you speak over all this noise? Did anyone just try to lower the volume from the set,” Phillip asked directing the question to his daughter.

“Of course daddy, the TV’s just acting up,” Isabel screamed trying to take her parents attention off of the banging of the door. ‘Smooth, Michael,’ she thought.

Both parents looked toward the noise coming from their son’s room, “What was that,” Diane asked.

“Nothing mom, you know how loud Michael can be.”

Looking at his daughter strangely, but letting it go to walk over to the broken television that in these few short minutes has served to bring back all the tension he was feeling that night and unplug it, “There,” he said, slightly annoyed that no one thought of that before and voicing his opinion to Isabel.

Her simple response was accompanied by a roll of her eyes, “Well you know… guys and their sports. They were still watching the game dad.”

“Michael, what the hell man,” a cry came from down the hall.

Exasperated, Isabel thought, ‘God why am I trying to help these idiots. Must I do everything myself,’ taking her parents attention off of Max’s yell and their questions of if that was Max and what was going on, Isabel acted completely nonchalantly and said, “Oh please, will you two chill some. You’re acting very high strung. Michael probably scared Max or was messing with him or something. See no more screaming,” Isabel said as if it were the most obvious thing. Noticing the bag in her father’s hand she said, “Oh my God did you bring food. Good, I am so hungry,” turning to her mom, “My date was so boring and I hardly got to eat anything.”

Looking at Isabel and laughing at her daughter predicament, “You know eating on a date doesn’t make you look bad honey and just in case that is what doggie bags are for.”

“Your date? You didn’t tell me you had a date tonight,” Phillip threw in.

“Da-a-ad, please, it was no big deal and it was boring anyway. Just look at how early I’m home,” Isabel said rolling her eyes all the while thinking what was talking them so long. “Can we go eat some of this, I’m starved. Is there enough for Max and Michael I’m sure they’re hungry too,” Isabel said grabbing the bag and heading to the kitchen. Taking out the food she said, "Mmm, this smells really good.”

Following their daughter into the kitchen, and lightly tapping her hand, “Hey, hey, Isabel that food was supposed to be for your father and I, but since it looks like we’re having a full house tonight how about you, your brother, and Michael order food,” Diane said reaching for her purse.

Having a different idea all together about how he wanted to spend time with his wife and that his children still had over half and hour before their actual curfew, “How about you kids let your mother and I have a nice quiet dinner for about an hour and you three go eat out at that pizza place or the Crash Down, whatever you like,” Phillip said, handing Isabel money for the three of them to eat.

Max and Liz were in the bathroom quickly freshening up, glad that his parents had not come by yet. They had discussed whether it was better for Liz to just sneak out his window, but then conceited with another plan that they figured could get Max out of the house to drive her home. So once they felt presentable enough they joined Michael in the hallway to go face the potential firing squad, if the parents didn’t buy their story.


Seeing Isabel on the couch and hearing his parents in the kitchen, Max figured he was out of hot water. Making his way through the living room with Liz at his side and Michael picking up the rear he breathed a thank you to his sister who was clearly covering for him and whispered, “I’m going to take Liz home. Can you tell them I just went for a drive,” Max pleaded, knowing he was going to be owing his sister big.

“No we all have to go. Mom and dad want to eat dinner alone because they missed out on their romantic dinner and we have to make ourselves scarce for the next hour. They gave me cash, which I’m splitting with Michael, while you treat us all to dinner as your first form of payment for tonight. Hey Liz,” Isabel whispered all the words not wanting her parents to hear, but there was not a single moment where her brother didn’t pick up on the angry tone she was giving off.

“Yeah, fine, whatever, let’s go,” Max rushed out.

Grabbing Liz’s hand they all made their way to the door, but not before Liz remembered something, “Max my book-bag.”

Turning around slightly to go back to the couch everyone froze in their place when a face caught their attention at the hallway to the kitchen.

“Hey kids, before I forget, make sure to be back by the hour, because you know town curfew is at 11pm and you don’t need the sheriff stopping you. I’m already extending your curfew some…” Phillip stopped when he saw the petite girl holding onto his son’s hand, “Hello, and who might you be,” Phillip asked and as if on cue Diane walked up behind him and noticed the quick deer caught in the headlights moment that passed by all the children in front of her.

Diane stepped into the living room now and joined the conversation, “Hey Max, aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend?”

“Oh, uh yeah, this is Liz, uh I mean Elizabeth Parker and these are my parents,” Max said rather lamely.

“And how long have you been here honey,” Diane continued rather suspiciously.

“Oh she just came in,” Max provided, “she forgot her book-bag when she was here earlier see,” he said letting go of Liz’s hand to retrieve the backpack on the side of the couch.

Highly suspicious and now wondering about what his son was really doing in his room this whole time Phillip questioned, “Really? I didn’t hear the doorbell or anyone knocking.”

“She was at the door when we went to open it, to go to dinner,” Max said quickly, a little too quickly.

Taking his story for now, Phillip said “Hmm, well it’s very nice to meet you Elizabeth.”

“Hello, and it's Liz please,” Liz interjected, “just call me Liz.”

“Hi Liz, it’s very nice to meet you,” Diane mimicked.

“We’ll talk when you get home Maxwell,” Phillip finished in a deep authoritative tone.

“Yes, sir,” Max said as he grabbed Liz’s bag and then her hand again as all four teens made their way out the door.


Once the kids left the house Phillip told his wife to follow him, “What is it Phillip,” Diane asked.

“I’m just trying to confirm something I’m hoping I’m wrong about,” he said making his way to Max’s bedroom.

Taking in the rumpled sheets and discarded shirt thrown haphazardly on the floor in Max’s room, “When have you ever know of Max to leave his bed like this, and what besides a seriously bad nights rest would make a bed look this bad,” Phillip told his wife.

“Oh honey, you don’t really think,” Diane began.

“I think we found the source of our son’s recent disappearing acts, and dopey smile. Like I said, I knew it wasn’t drugs, but it seems to be a lot more than a crush from the looks of it. I’ll have a talk with him tonight.”

“Elizabeth Parker, Liz? Why does that sound so familiar to me?” As realization dawned on Diane, she said, “Oh Phillip, I think you need to talk to him and soon. I think I know exactly who she is.”
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Chapter 8

The drive to the Crash was a quiet one. Max still wanted to speak to Liz alone. He wasn’t sure if she was still upset with him or if she was just embarrassed, but she hasn’t looked at Max since he opened the jeep door for her. He reached out to the side of the passenger seat to grab Liz’s hand and was happy that she didn’t pull away. Max was determined to find out how she was really feeling, but would wait until he could get her alone because he knew if she wasn’t mad before she would be if he opened up this line of questioning in front of Michael and Isabel.

He looked to the rear-view mirror to see Isabel with an annoyed look on her face as she looked out the window. Max was sure he would be paying for tonight for a while, but he was happy that Isabel was at least being civil towards Liz now that she’s gotten somewhat used to Liz being in his life.

Michael turned just in time to see Max looking back at him; he gave his friend a sly smirk, knowing he was in for it tonight from both the women in his life…well possibly all three once he gets home. If he knows anything about Diane Evans it’s that she will start asking questions about Liz and why they were holding hands. Even though he missed the end of the hokey game this night still prove to be rather entertaining and profitable, he thought patting the $20 in his front pocket.

They reached the Crash Down just in time to see Maria turning the closed sign over. Good thing they were with both of the owner’s kids or they would be stuck outside. Maria smiled when she saw Liz and Max approaching the door, but quickly lost her smile when she saw who was trailing behind them. She hasn’t talked to Michael since he broke up with her about three weeks ago. He would come to the Crash and she would take his order and he let out the perfunctory greeting, but that was about it. He wouldn’t speak to her in school, but on more than one occasion she has caught him staring at her. He was for the most part completely ignoring her and as much as she didn’t want to admit it to herself, it hurt, but she easily turned her sadness into anger and had no problem directing it all to Michael. “Hey guys, I hope you’re not too hungry, the grill is closed.”

Liz was glad to see Maria. She desperately needed her girl time. Since she moved to Roswell she and Maria along with Alex had become the best of friends. She and Maria have even had a few sleep overs and Liz was excited, she never had too many close friends and quickly realized there were no truer friends than Maria Alejandra Deluca and Alex Charles Whitman. Giving Maria a hug and a peck on the cheek Liz stepped through the door and greeted her friend. “Hey Maria, don’t worry about . We’ll grab cold cuts or something and make sandwiches. Do you need help cleaning up?”

Smiling at Liz, she responded, “That’s cool chica, you go grab the food and stuff, I’m just going to start putting the chairs up on the tables.”

Jumping into the conversation, Max said, “We’ll all help,” looking pointedly at his sister and best friend.

Isabel looked over at her brother incredulously and said, “I came out to eat, not to do manual labor,” and walked off and sat at their regular booth.

“I’ll help,” Michael threw in.

Giving Michael an annoyed look Maria snidely said, “Don’t do me any favors.”

Glaring at Maria, he didn’t even answer. He turned his back to her and began putting chairs on the table tops. Michael knew the silence would bother her and after spending almost a month not fighting with Maria, he began to miss it a little. Although, Michael kept telling himself he was only doing this because he liked pressing her buttons, not because he had any real feelings for her.

“Well, if Michael’s helping Maria, do you need any help in the kitchen,” Max asked Liz thinking this would be a perfect opportunity to see if Liz was really fine.

“Sure,” Liz said, but she wasn’t really paying attention to Max. Her attention was stuck on the weird vibes she’s getting from Michael and Maria. ‘Huh, I’m going to have to ask her about that later,’ Liz thought as she saw Maria continue arguing and Michael with nothing to say beyond the smirk on his face. ‘Not having a comeback for something wasn’t like Michael, but why was Maria over reacting about getting help to clean,’ she couldn't help but wonder as she walked to the back room.

“Uh, Liz, babe, where did you just go there?” Max asked.

“Huh, oh, no where, sorry,” Liz said as she walked passed him to go to the fridge.

Max let out an exasperated breath, before just saying what was on his mind, “Liz, are you mad at me?”


“Look Liz, I am so sorry about tonight, I really am. I didn’t know all of this was going to happen and I promise I’ll make it up to you and…”

“Max stop,” when she got Max’s attention she continued, “I was just shocked and the surprise had me react the way I did. I’m fine. We are fine, more than fine,” then to emphasize her point she stepped up to him and gave him a long slow kiss. “Now stop distracting me. We have to make these sandwiches,” she said to an overly dazed Max.

Max finally got his bearings back as he saw Liz walking back towards the refrigerator swaying her hips. Falling in step behind her he turned her around and slammed his mouth into hers.

Pushing her back onto the fridge door, Max began to devour her mouth in a passionate kiss that had Liz wishing her mother wasn’t upstairs and their friends weren’t merely 10 feet away. Max was making his way down her neck nipping, sucking, and licking any open skin and Liz couldn’t suppress the deep moan Max caused her. At Liz’s moan Max grabbed Liz by the waist and picked her up. He wrapped Liz’s legs around his waist and pushed her more firmly against the fridge. Max’s hands began to run up Liz’s legs before he left them firmly planted on her behind, massaging it gently.

Crash Down Restaurant Area


“Oh gross are they freaking serious. God what’s wrong with them.” signed a highly annoyed Isabel Evans.

Maria had been taking her frustrations out on Michael since Liz and Max went to go make their food, but hearing Liz’s moans apparently not too far from the pick-up window had her and Michael giving each other slightly disgusted looks before laughing at the absurdity of the situation. “Those two are worse than bunnies,” she found herself voicing out loud.

“Yeah, well whose bright idea was it to send those two out to the back room alone to make us food. We’d probably starve to death waiting on them,” Michael commented.

This was the most normal moment she and Michael have had in weeks, maybe ever and it left Maria wondering why he had to be such a hard headed prick. She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts and then they all heard Liz moaning again…

“Max stop, we have to stop…”


Crash Down Back Room

With a throaty groan Liz said, “Max stop, we have to stop…”

Then in unison came three loud voices from just outside the order window, “Yes please stop…”

At the sudden intrusion Max stepped back and dropped Liz…

“And wash your hands before you make my food,” Isabel yelled.


“Oh Liz, I’m sorry,” Max said reaching down to help Liz up.

Liz didn’t know whether to be embarrassed because of what she knows her friends heard, what they keep on hearing apparently, or hurt because of the pain in her butt that she was sure was going to be bruised tomorrow, but whichever it was, caused her to laugh so uncontrollably on the kitchen floor that not even Max could help her stand up.

“Uh, Liz,” Max laughed nervously, “Are you okay?”

“That’s what I’d like to know,” came a voice from behind the couple.

“Mom,” Liz said a little nervously, shooting glances between her mother and boyfriend, “Uhm, hey! How long have you been there?”

“Long enough,” was her only response as she eyed her daughter and the boy that seemed to be trying to help her off the floor suspiciously.

“Mom this is my friend Max. He and a few other friends from school came to hang out while we helped Maria clean and close down the Crash,” Liz said trying to sound as casual as possible, yet her words came out a little squeaked.

“Hi, Mrs. Parker, good evening,” Max said as he held out his hand to greet Liz’s mother for the first time. ‘Oh God, I hope I don’t look like I was just mauling her daughter just now,’ Max thought as she returned the hand shake.

Although, she shook his hand and wanted correct him on the Mrs. Parker comment, she simply nodded and looked at her daughter who was still on the floor, “Liz, are you drunk?”

“Mo-o-o-m!!! You know I don’t drink,” Liz said offended and looked up at Max, now taking his extended hand to stand up off the floor.

“Then why are you rolling around the kitchen floor laughing? Are you high? Where have you been all day? I’ve been calling you? I never see you anymore,” Nancy commented.

“God mom, are you crazy? Why would you even think that? You know I’d never do drugs. I’m on the floor because I tripped and fell, and was laughing because Max hit his head and I fell… and well everything just happened so fast and it was just funny... God! And maybe I’d see you more if you weren’t working all the time,” Liz said loudly, now just getting upset that her mother thought so little of her to ask her those types of questions. "Jeez, do you even know me at all, to ask me that?”

Seeing her mistake and just letting her worry getting the better of her Nancy began to back track, “Oh, Liz sweetie I’m sorry. It’s just that I never see you anymore and you’ve seemed to make all these new friends that I don’t know. I’m just worried about you.”

Feeling bad because even though she wasn’t doing any of the things her mother was accusing her of, she was still lying to her and she did feel a bit guilty, “Uh, mom, you know that’s not true. You met Alex and you know Maria, she’s even slept over twice. Max is another friend from school, he’s my lab partner and his sister Isabel and best friend Michael are out there,” she said pointing through the doors that lead into the restaurant, “now with Maria. Really mom, we were just going to have some food and they all have curfew in less than an hour so we won’t be long.”

Going up to her mom she gave her a slight hug and stepped back, “Well don’t be too long. I still want to talk to you before you go to bed. Oh and your dad’s been calling all day. Try giving him a call tomorrow. Bye Max.”

“Yes, mom,” Liz said as she watched her mom go back up to their apartment. Letting out a long breath she turned to look back at a nervous and uncomfortable looking Max who merely waved a good bye to her mother. “Come on,” she grabbed Max and they went back to the fridge to grab the pre-made sandwiches and cleaned fruit as they made their way back to their friends with sheepish grins.


The whole drive home, Max had a smile a mile wide. He could not believe how well the night had gone. Although, they were all just hanging out for a short time, everyone acted more or less civil to each other while they all ate. Of course there were a few jabs at Max and Liz’s inability to control themselves, anywhere, but for the most part there were no snide remarks and everyone had a decent time. The only weirdness was the tension that seemed to be hanging around Michael and Maria, Max thought offhandedly, but let it go knowing Michael just being Michael probably annoyed Maria enough to let out the Deluca charm.

Arriving home Max and Isabel saw their mother sitting alone in the kitchen drinking some hot coco. “Oh good kids your home. I wanted to speak with you Izzie sweetie; here take a seat.” Max kissed his mother and sister goodnight and made his way back to his room more than happy for the out. All Max wanted to do was go to bad and think about Liz and the plans he had for her tomorrow when he saw her at school. For the first time in a while, he was grateful for his powers. They were going to come in handy and he couldn’t wait to see the smile on her face. He knows Liz said she wasn’t upset but he still wanted to make it up to her. Getting to his room he was a little surprised at who he found on his bed.

“Uh, hey,” Max said a little nervously.
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