Opposite Attraction (AU, M/L, ADULT) AN- 6/19/06 [WIP]

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Opposite Attraction (AU, M/L, ADULT) AN- 6/19/06 [WIP]

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Title: Opposite Attraction
Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended
Pairings: CC with a focus on M/L
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Liz’s comes from a family of criminals, Max’s father is the district attorney. What happens when their world’s collide?
Author's Note: Just a head’s up; Kyle, Jim Valenti, and Max's parents are not likeable in this fic. Just wanted to let you know.


“Blah, blah, blah…Bright future…yada yada…graduation…” That was what Max Evans heard as he sat in the principal’s office of Roswell Preparatory. Principal Winters had been droning on and on and ON for about an hour; Max had stopped listening 10 seconds after the man had opened his mouth. “MR. EVANS! Have you heard a word I have said?”

By some miracle Max managed not to roll his eyes as he responded “Yes sir I have”

Principal Winters leaned forward as he spoke now “Max, you are three months from graduating; you have been accepted to Harvard; I would hate to see you throw your future away over some girl.” Max’s eyes darkened as the principal unknowingly began to step of thin ground. “Up until this year your record has been exemplary and you have done your family proud. It would be a shame to see that all go to waste. I would advise you to seriously reconsider your choice in companions; particularly Mr. & Ms. Parker”

“Michael wasn’t there and Liz had nothing to do with this!” Max immediately came to his best friend & girlfriend’s defenses.

“Really? That’s funny because Kyle Valenti claims that the reason you punched him was because he made a comment about Elizabeth’s…family.” Max was practically grinding his teeth at the obvious disdain for Liz’s family came across Principal Winter’s face. Still the Principal continued to speak “I’m afraid I’ll be forced to call your father about this. Which is a shame given the fact that as District Attorney I am sure he is busy. You will report to detention on Monday.”

Damn, Max had a plan for the phone call, but detention? Fuck. “Hey what about Valenti?” Hell the prick had started the fight in the first place.

Principal Winters held out a hall pass “Mr. Valenti is not your concern. Return to class and think about what I said.”

Max grabbed the pass and his books and left as quickly as possible with a scowl on his face. Screw class, he had 20 minutes before the final bell and he’d be damned if he spent it in history going over the lives of dead people, he had enough problems in the present. He walked up the stone staircase and took a left to the senior wing. Taking his time he opened his locker pulling out his bag and packing it. Glancing up he couldn’t help but stop and stare at the photo taped to the locker door. In the picture Liz stood in front of him with his arms wrapped around her waist. It had been taken that past Halloween and though Max had not worn a costume, Liz looked sexy as hell in the cute little witch’s outfit. They were both and happy in the photo and he couldn’t help but smile at the memory.

He wasn’t startled when he felt arms wrap around his waist and chocolate brown hair take over the corner of his vision as Liz stood on her tip toes to rest her chin on his shoulder.

“I like that picture” Her honeyed voice reached his ears just as he turned to the side to kiss her forehead.

“You should be in class”

Liz pouted a little as she dropped back down to her normal height. “Well so should you, handsome.”

He shook his head facing her as she leaned against the lockers. “If Winters catches you out here we’re both screwed”

That mischievous smile that had the ability to bring him to his knees or cringe in fear appeared brightly on Liz’s face. She pulled out a pink slip of paper from behind her back. “Got a pass. Topolsky heard what happened and pulled me out of class for one of her little chats. I don’t know why that woman focuses on me; it’s not like I’m the only inmate in this prison.”

Max couldn’t help but smile as he shut his locker door. Ms. Topolsky had taken a special interest in Liz since she first came to the school last September. Liz of course hated the attention she received from the school shrink. Max couldn’t help but tease her “I don’t know Liz; she’s probably just drawn to you stunning personality.”

Liz slapped his arm “very funny, Evans” Her tone became more serious as she asked “What did Winters say?”

“Nothing that matters, don’t worry about it; Do you have notes for Chem?” Max tried to change the subject but Liz would have none of that.

“Max, what did he say?”

He sighed lightly “I’ve become a disappointment, my choice in companions is abominable; and I have detention on Monday.”

“Christ” Liz raked her hands through her hair. “Baby, did you have to punch Valenti? He’s not worth the trouble.”

They had been walking down the hallway when Max stopped and grabbed Liz’s shoulder’s forcing her to look at him “Yeah Liz I had too. That son of a bitch has no right talking to you that way and if even thinks about touching you again I’ll break his neck.” Max had been looking for Liz during their lunch period and had found her cornered in the library with Kyle Valenti. Valenti was insulting Liz and her family, calling her white trash before grabbing at her. Max had seen red and immediately pulled Kyle away from her before punching him.

“You’re right. Kyle had no right to touch me and I am grateful you were there. But I can handle the insults about my family; me and Michael are used to it.” Liz’s parents; Jeff and Nancy Parker had come to Roswell that summer; and despite the money they possessed which actually exceeded nearly everyone in town; the family had immediately been ostracized. The reason being that everyone knew the money wasn’t earned honestly; Jeff and Nancy had been career criminals and they had been so good in fact they were never caught. Of course that didn’t mean they hadn’t had their fair share of run-ins with the law. Liz couldn’t even count how many times she’d seen her father taken away in handcuffs; but he always managed to beat it. Her parents felt no shame for the things they did and frankly neither did Liz; They never hurt anyone, not really. The crimes were always non-violent; money laundering, cons, fraud. She knew their actions were wrong but Liz also knew they were done out of survival. And her parents were not stupid they had invested the money they “earned” and now owned and operated the most successful club in Roswell “The Crash”. Their family was now on the straight and narrow but it didn’t stop the speculation that surrounded the Parkers and their wealth.

Max’s fingers rested on her chin as he tilted her head back in order to see her eyes. “Your family has nothing to be ashamed of Liz; Believe me when I tell you these people are hypocrites.” Max knew this well. The upper class which surrounded them were not saints; in truth they were bigger criminals then the Parkers the only difference was there crimes were “legal”. And his father, Phillip Evans was the biggest criminal of all, which was ironic considering he was the District Attorney. On top of being a lying, cheating, power-hungry bastard; Phillip was also a terrible father.

Seeing the worry in Max’s eyes; Liz placed a gentle kiss on his lips as she hugged him tightly. “It’ll be alright baby.” She whispered gently into his chest just as the bell rang.

So should I continue with this? Yes, no, maybe?
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Post by belleoftheball » Wed May 03, 2006 2:57 pm

Ok given the response i've had i'm thinking it's a yes to continue. Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback.

Oh and I've put in a request for a banner for this story on the multimedia thread if anyone is interested. I'd do it myself but sadly i have no artistic skill.

Just so there’s no confusion; here’s the family set up:
Michael & Liz are brother and sister
Max & Isabel are brother and sister
Maria & Alex are half-siblings (different fathers, neither in the picture)

Chapter 2

The hallway was immediately filled with students threatening to trample them if they stood still so Max slung his arm around Liz’s shoulder as they made their way to the student parking lot to wait for their friends and siblings. They didn’t have to wait long before Michael Parker and Maria DeLuca showed up and Michael did not look happy. “Alright Evans let’s go; we’re gonna kill Valenti.”

Liz looked to her best friend “You told him, I see”

Maria nodded as Michael answered for her “Yeah she did; which is why Kyle is going to die. No one touches my little sister and gets away with it.”

Liz smiled before giving her brother a hug. He should have graduated the year before but had failed his sophomore year so he was held back. “Thanks Michael but I’m fine and Max already punched Kyle and got detention for it.”

Michael nodded towards Max with approval “Next time you wait for me”

Max was already removing his school uniform blazer. “No promises it was knee jerk reaction. Besides Valenti deserves a lot worse then the black eye I gave him.”

“Oh, I think me and Liz already took care of that” Maria answered as she peeled off her button down shirt and immediately seemed more relaxed in the red tank top she had underneath.

Max looked at the Cheshire Cat grins on Liz and Maria’s faces and immediately knew this was gonna either be very good or very bad. “What did you do?”

Maria gave Liz a knowing smile “Let’s just say if you want to hurt a boy; you mess with his toys.”

Liz lifted her arm in an ecstatic wave “Alex! Isabel! Over here!”

Max’s sister Isabel and Maria’s half brother Alex made their way over to the group. “Heard about the smackdown in the library. Good job, Max.” Alex stated shooting Max a grin.

Isabel however looked concerned and fearful “Max, what if Principal Winters calls dad?”

Max gave his sister a reassuring hug “Don’t worry Is, I’ll take care of it.”

“Alright guys since I can’t kick anyone’s ass we need to get to The Crash and study.” Michael stated while climbing into the back seat of Max convertible.

Maria laughed climbing in next to him “Michael Parker is willingly going to study? Call the reverend I think hell just froze over.”

“Hey I’m not staying in high school for another year; fuck that”

Liz and Max laughed as they got into the front seat of the car while Alex and Isabel went Alex’s car. Max was pulling out of the parking slot when he noticed a few rows over Kyle Valenti was beating the hood of his red mustang.

Maria made a tisking noise “Oh what a shame; wonder what happened to Kyle’s car?”

Liz moved in closer to Max “Hope it doesn’t have anything to do with the 5 pound bag of sugar we poured in his gas tank”

Michael laughed out “My sister is definitely a Parker” He then kissed Maria’s forehead “Not bad DeLuca”

At the sound of the group’s laughter Kyle looked up with a glare before narrowing his eyes at Max and Liz. Liz shot him bright smile before blowing a demeaning kiss in Kyle’s direction. Even as Max pushed down on the gas the group could hear Kyle’s loud curse at realizing who was responsible for his car problems.

It only took 10 minutes for both cars to reach The Crash and they all fell out laughing at Kyle’s predicament. Liz used her keys to open up the backdoor of the club. They found themselves in the main break room and immediately dropped their bags on the table in the center of the room. Despite the lifestyle Jeff and Nancy Parker lived they had always insisted that school be a priority to both their children and their friends. This is probably why when Michael had failed sophomore year their dad literally hit the roof.

As the group started to work Max was distracted by thoughts of how his life had ended up here. He and Isabel had met the others when the Parkers and DeLucas had moved to Roswell early the previous summer. At the time Max was becoming more and more anxious to escape his father’s iron strong grip on his life. Phillip Evans had a very clear picture on how his son’s life was suppose to go. Max would go to Harvard and become a lawyer before entering politics. Somewhere along the way he would marry someone his parents approved of and that would be that. Max however had different plans; in fact he had no plans at all. Despite his home life, Max didn’t really want to leave Roswell, he was happy there and he had no desire to go to Harvard. Max didn’t know what he wanted in his life, until he met Liz.

That past June he and his father had gotten into a huge fight over “the plan” and Max was desperate to defy him in someway. He had overheard his father talking angrily about The Crash and the Parkers and knew that was the ticket. Isabel had come along as well mostly to make sure Max didn’t do anything stupid. The place was incredible inside, with a large bar that took up the center of the room and tables scattered in the rest of the area. There were several alcoves along the wall with tables and cushioned benches to offer a little more privacy. In the back there was a stage area and a DJ booth with plenty of space around it for a dance floor. Isabel separated from Max making her way to the DJ booth where she met and immediately struck up a conversation with Alex who was the club’s DJ. Max made his way to the bar and ordered a drink. The woman behind the bar looked at Max for a second before immediately asking for ID. Max started to argue when he heard a smooth voice behind him “Just give him a coke, Amy.”

Max turned in a protest which died on his lips when he saw the girl in front of him. Long dark hair fell past her shoulders and the midnight blue dress she wore clung to every curve. She slid into the seat beside him as Amy smirked while turning to fix two cokes. The girl looked at him with a smile “You’ll never get past her; she has a 6th sense for guessing who’s really legal.”

“Can’t blame a guy for a trying.” He answered while taking the soda not all that interested in alcohol anymore and decided to introduce himself “Max Evans”

The girl raised an eyebrow “As in D.A. Evans?”

Max gritted his teeth at the thought of his father “My father, unfortunately”

She released a low laugh while flipping her hair back “Ah, so your slumming to get under daddy’s skin?”

He returned her smile “Something like that., though I would hardly call this place a slum.”

“Well as someone who works here; thank you.”

“You work here?”

Her smile brightened even more “Hostess extraordinaire, at your service.” She then turned and started pointing around the room. She started with a young couple in the corner who were arguing “That’s my brother, Michael. He’s a bouncer. The girl is my best friend and Michael’s girlfriend, Maria.” Michael seemed to be ready to bust a blood vessel and the girl laughed lightly “They’ve been together since Junior High and are constantly fighting like that.” She then pointed towards the DJ booth “See the guy talking to the blonde?”

“Isabel” Max answered and her eyebrow rose a little



Max watched as she seemed a little relieved at the statement but continued talking “Well the guy with Isabel is Alex. He’s Maria’s brother and you’ve met their mom.”

“I have?”

She nodded to the bartender “She refused to serve you”

“Alright so I know the name of everyone who works here, except you.” Max stated expectantly.

“Liz Parker”

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow “As in the Parkers who own this place?”

“Well my parents do anyway. Is that a problem Max?”

He felt himself harden just listening to the way his name rolled off her tongue “No, no problem at all.”

After that night it wasn’t long before Max and Isabel spent every night at The Crash and became friends with Liz, Michael, Maria, and Alex. They got to know the Parkers as well who eventually offered them jobs; Isabel as another hostess and Max had a floating position in the club similar to Liz, he could bounce, wait, and manage the books. Jeff had on more than one occasion joked that he and Nancy were expendable and Liz and Max could easily take over the club. It always shocked Max how Liz’s parents accepted and trusted him despite who his father was. They had even agreed with him in not letting his parents know that he and Isabel were working at The Crash.

Brought back to the present, Max looked over to Liz who was working diligently on her calculus problems. Glancing down he could see the plaid skirt she wore had risen higher on her thighs leaving a greater portion of her leg exposed. Liz looked up catching the heated look in his eyes before dropping her hand down on top of Max’s which was placed on the table. Using the tips of her fingers she lightly scraped her nail lightly down his palm before moving along closer to his wrist. She smiled to herself as she felt his pulse quicken beneath her fingers. She never would have figured you could touch a guy’s hand in a certain way and get that type of response. Go figure.

“That’s it stop it!”

Liz looked up at Michael smiling innocently “Stop what?”

“You know what, Liz. As your brother I do not want watch Evans undress you with his eyes, ok?”

Max scoffed closing his Biology book “Yeah I’ll remember that next time I catch you literally undressing Maria in the storage closet.”

Alex immediately clasped his hands over his ears “La, La, La I AM NOT HEARING THIS!”

Laughing Isabel leaned over kissing Alex’s cheek “Ahh, Poor baby. You just need to face it, your baby sister is no longer a virgin”

“Hello! Why are we discussing my sex life? Max and Liz were the ones on the verge of acting like jackrabbits” Maria exclaimed and Liz immediately threw a ball of paper at her face.

“How about we not discuss anyone’s sex life? We need to get dressed for tonight anyway.” Max suggested while stretching his arms.

Everyone seemed to agree as they collected their stuff and moved to one of the two dressing rooms. Liz was on her way to the girls’ dressing room when Max grabbed her arm stopping her. She looked around realizing the break room was now empty except for them. She wrapped her arms around his neck “You just wanted me to yourself, didn’t you?”

Max immediately attacked her mouth before mumbling against her lips “Always” Liz allowed him to push her back against the wall where he attacked her neck with licks and kisses. They were so wrapped up in each other they didn’t hear the door open until someone very loudly cleared their throats.

Startled Max took a step away from her and mentally cringed as Liz turned bright red and said “Umm…Hi Daddy.” Shit.
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Here's the next chapter! Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for the feedback!

Chapter 3

Now most fathers would have a conniption if they caught their soon to be 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend in the position that Jeff Parker had found Max and Liz in. Fortunately for Max, Jeff Parker was not one of those fathers. Jeff sighed as he moved to the filing cabinet along the back wall turning his back so the teens could have a chance to readjust their clothing “What have I said about necking in the break room?”

Liz sighed while finger combing her hair and parroting back “Make sure no parents are present so as not to give them heart attacks.”

Jeff turned with a grin “Good girl, in your defense I’m sure you didn’t know I was here, but still.” He nodded his head towards Max “How’s it going, Max”

Max had never and probably would never get use to how laid back Liz’s parents were. Michael had explained to him that they had been so young when they had kids, 16 with Michael and 17 with Liz, that they just never saw the point in making their children feel uncomfortable with sex. It had a lot to do with how anti-hypocritical they were. That was after all the number one rule of the Parker household; you don’t automatically judge others for their mistakes especially if you yourself have made the same one.

Of course that didn’t mean Max hadn’t been subjected to an hour long discussion about safe sex by Jeff; he still had nightmares about that. Jeff had ended that little chat with these words “Trust me Max even if you could handle a kid right now; you do NOT want to deal with a pregnant Parker, she will drive you out of your mind before the second trimester.” That was all Max needed to hear.

Brought back to the present Max saw Jeff was packing up to leave and needed discuss something with him. “Jeff, could I have a sec?”

Liz looked between her father and her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow. When Max didn’t respond she sighed dramatically “Right, I’ll just go get ready for tonight.”

After Liz went into the girls’ dressing room Jeff immediately pulled a seat out from the table “Something tells me I’m not going to like this.”

Max decided to stay standing “I got into a fight at school today” He then pulled a pre-paid cell phone out of his pocket and placed it on the table “Principal is gonna call.”

Jeff sighed before spinning the cell phone on the table with his fingertip. This had happened once before when some jocks at the school had started a fight with both Max and Michael. Jeff had agreed to pretend to be Max’s father when the principal called the cell phone. “Max I told you that was a one time only deal. You’re just gonna have to face the consequences.”

“The fight was a result of the chief of police’s son putting his hands on Liz”

Max watched as anger took over Jeff’s usual calm expression “So my daughter was attacked and the principal hasn’t seen any need to fill me in?”

Max took a seat next to him rubbing the back of his own neck trying to relax the muscles. “Apparently Liz isn’t too high on his priority list; Kyle’s not getting punished either.”

“I knew it was mistake to send her to that school.”

Max’s voice was a mixture of guilt and anger when he spoke “Yeah well I promised you I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, so it’s partly my fault.”

Jeff gave Max’s shoulder an affirming pat “You have taken care of her Max, I’m not worried about that. I’ll take care of the phone call, don’t worry.” Looking to change the subject Jeff turned the conversation to the club “Will you kids be alright running things while Nancy, Amy, and I are at that meeting tonight?”

Max finally relaxed in his seat “We’ll be fine. We could run the place blindfolded at this point.”

Jeff laughed a little “Don’t I know it. Is everything set for tomorrow night?”

Max face broke out into a grin “Yeah, Liz doesn’t have clue she thinks I’m taking her out after the club closes for her birthday.”

“You sure she doesn’t know?” At Max’s nod of approval Jeff stood up “Good, Lizzie deserves a happy birthday. I’m heading out if you need anything you have my cell.” At that moment the cell phone ring and Jeff sighed answering it “Phillip Evans” Max smiled as Jeff motioned for him to go get ready. As the door to his dressing room closed he could hear Jeff exclaim “My son did what?!”


It being a Friday night The Crash was packed. It was an interesting place to attract such a wide range of people from teens to people in their 30’s; everyone came to The Crash. Music pumped through the sound system and Liz couldn’t help sway to the music as she made her way around the club making sure everything moved smoothly. It was a good night so far, no one was too drunk or annoying and it always made life easier when she worked with her friends. She stopped to say hi to a couple of regulars when she looked up feeling a familiar set of eyes on her. She smiled back at Max before Isabel came up handing her a soda. “You and my brother are just pathetic; you know that right?”

“Like you and Alex are much better?”

Isabel looked to the DJ booth where Alex was working and couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. Before last year Isabel had been an ice princess; she didn’t even really have any friends outside of her brother. Alex had changed all that. Isabel loved The Crash; it was the first place she had ever felt free to be herself, it’s where she met her first true friends and first love. She returned Liz’s smile before answering “Alright, so we’re all pathetic; even Michael and Maria though they’ll never admit it.”

“Admit what?” Maria practically bounced up to them which was quite a feet in four inch heeled boots she was wearing.

Liz and Isabel shared a knowing grin before answering together “nothing”

Maria rolled her eyes “Whatever, let’s dance!”

Liz ever the responsible one answered “We’re working Maria”

“Oh come on! We’re at capacity so Sean’s not letting anyone else in thus eliminating the need for us hostesses” For effect Maria pointed between herself and Isabel “And Max can hold down the fort for you.”

“Well….” Liz considered while both Maria and Isabel gave her puppy dog faces. “Alright. One dance but that’s it.”

Maria released an excited scream as she pulled the other girls to the dance floor. As the music pumped around them the three girls started dancing around each other drawing the attention of nearly every male in the room. Michael who had been sitting at the bar with Max turned as they both watched the women in their lives move to the music.

I judge by what she's wearing
Just how many heads I'm tearing
Off of assholes coming on to her
Each night seems like it's getting worse
And I wish she'd take the night off
So I don't have to fight off
Every asshole coming on to her
It happens every night she works
They'll go and ask the DJ
Find out just what would she say
If they all tried coming on to her
Don't they know it's never going to work
They think they'll get inside her
With every drink they buy her
As they all try coming on to her
This time somebody's getting hurt

Here comes the next contestant

At the DJ booth Alex was amused by Max and Michael who were obviously on the prowl for anyone who approached the girls. Alex certainly didn’t like the idea of someone hitting on his girlfriend but he knew Isabel was capable of taking care of herself and besides Isabel could have any guy she wanted; but she chose him.

“Hey man!”

Alex looked down to an obviously drunk guy who was hanging off the side of his booth. Alex rolled his eyes he hated drunks and this one looked like the type to do something stupid. “What can I do for you?”

Alex thought he was gonna gag from the smell of alcohol coming off the guy’s breath as he spoke. “You see the hot blonde in the red dress? She works here right?”

Is that your hand on my girlfriend?
Is that your hand?
I wish you'd do it again
I'll watch you leave here limping
I wish you'd do it again
I'll watch you leave here limping
There goes the next contestant

The guy was pointing towards Isabel and Alex subtly motioned for Michael and Max to make their way over to the booth “Yeah, why do you care?”

“That is one fine piece of ass; she an easy lay?”

Alex resisted the urge to deck the guy as he came out of the booth. He might not be as built Max and Michael but he sure as hell could hold his own in a fight. “No asshole that’s my girlfriend.”

The guy laughed “How does a dork like you get a babe like that.”

“I’m great in bed” Alex answered succinctly as Michael and Max reached them “Maxwell, this guy has some interesting things to say about your sister.”

“That so?” Max answered with a dark glare

The drunken guy seeing he was outnumbered raised his hand in surrender “Woah, woah I get the idea; stay away from the blonde. That’s cool I’ll just go see the brunette, she looks like a good fuck.”

I even fear the ladies
They're cool but twice as crazy
Just as bad for coming on to her
Don't they know it's never going to work
Each time she bats an eyelash
Somebody's grabbing her ass
Everyone is coming on to her
This time somebody's getting hurt

Here comes the next contestant

Two regulars had been dancing nearby stopped short on hearing that comment. They had seen what happens when you messed with those three girls. “You so should not have said that man.” They muttered as they practically ran for cover.

Max took a step towards the man who immediately cowered “What did you just say about MY girlfriend?”

“Uhh…Uhh” He looked at the three men sending him death glares as they slowly cornered him in. “I’m guessing the other blonde is …”

Michael cut him off “You say it, you die” The guy gulped audibly as Michael finished “If you’re not out of here in 5 seconds you will die.” The guy literally ran out of the club instantly sober.

I'm hating what she's wearing
Everybody here keeps staring
Can't wait 'til they get what they deserve
This somebody's getting hurt

Here comes the next contestant

I wish you'd do it again
Each night seems like it's getting worse
I wish you'd do it again
This somebody's getting hurt

There goes the next contestant

As the song ended the girls made their way to over to the guys. Isabel wrapped her arms around Alex. “What was with that guy?”

Alex shrugged “He just wanted to know how I ended up with such a great girlfriend.”

Isabel smiled “Well I could have told him that; it’s because you’re so great in bed.”

The others laughed and Alex asked “That the only reason?”

She kissed him lightly on the lips “And I love you.”

Suddenly Sean the bouncer from outside made his way over almost in a panic “Max! Liz! The DA is outside with the chief of police they’re demanding to be let in. They say it’s police business.”

The group looked to one another in a panic, What were they going to do?

Song Credit:
Next Contestant - Nickelback

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Sorry about the wait. My muse just has not been with me lately, anyway thanks for the great feedback and here is the next part.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit!”

That was the only thought Max had running through his mind as he realized his father was right outside the club. He looked to his left at Isabel who appeared to be getting ready to have a panic attack. Luckily for all involved Liz kept calm. “Alright if your last name is Evans you need to get your ass to the security room in the back. Alex, you take them.”

Alex took Isabel’s hand and started to lead them but Max refused to move stubbornly “I’m not leaving you here alone to deal with my father. He’s a snake!”

Liz looked towards the front door anxiously as she tried to convince him otherwise “I’m not alone; I have Michael and Maria. You have got to go; the old man will implode if he sees you here.”

“Max please” Isabel pleaded to him and Max continued to fight an internal battle before resigning himself into hiding.

He moved forward taking Isabel’s outstretched hand before turning to Michael “Don’t let that bastard touch her.”

Michael nodded “You take care of your sister Evans; I’ll take care of mine”

Liz let out a sigh of relief when Max, Isabel, and Alex disappeared from sight. She looked towards Michael and Maria. Though Maria seemed a little nervous Michael looked like a soldier ready to enter the battle. He was so much like their father it scared her sometimes; they were definitely the strong ones of the family. Liz did her best to at least pretend she had that same strength as Philip Evans and Jim Valenti entered the club. Liz had never actually met Philip Evans face to face but she hated the man. He was cold and heartless to his children and seemed hell bent on destroying her own father. She felt somewhat relieved at realizing there were few physical similarities between Philip and Max. She wasn’t sure how she would handle it if Phillip had Max’s eyes or smile; it would be too weird.

Philip went straight to them and demanded “Who’s in charge here?”

Michael being the oldest took a step forward “I am, What’s the problem?”

“Quite a crowd you got here tonight.” Jim Valenti, the chief of police stated while looking around at the crowd who had luckily not yet noticed the police presence.

“Yeah it’s Friday night, club’s are generally busy on Fridays.” Maria sassed back already hating these guys.

“I’d watch that tone young lady” Valenti shot back and Liz placed a hand on Michael’s arm trying to keep him calm.

“Excuse me, but you implied you were here on police business so would you mind telling us what’s going on?” Liz asked using every ounce of self control she had in order to sound polite.

Philip turned to her apparently noticing her for the first time “This must be Elizabeth. My you are a pretty thing, aren’t you?”

In the backroom Alex, Isabel, and Max sat watching the security feed as their friends dealt with the authorities. Max turned to Alex “There isn’t a chance these things have audio is there?”

Alex pressed a few keys on the computer “Only near the bar and I think they’re just close enough…”

“This must be Elizabeth. My you are a pretty thing, aren’t you?”

As her father’s voice came through the speakers Isabel visibly cringed. Everyone knew her father was far from a faithful husband and that his taste ran to much younger women. He had never done anything to her but Isabel had slept with her bedroom door locked since she was 13. Now hearing his voice as he hit on a girl the same age as his own daughter, Isabel felt like she was going to throw up.

Max’s eyes darkened as he watched his own father practically leer at Liz’s body on the screen. “Son of a bitch” he muttered growing angrier by the minute.

Michael’s fingernails were digging into the palm of his hand as he fought back the urge to deck Philip Evans for looking at his little sister the way he was. The only thing keeping him grounded was Maria’s reassuring hand on his arm, but not even that could stop him from taking a step forward when Mr. Evans placed his hand on Liz’s arm trying to lead her away from the others “Why don’t you give me a tour of the place?”

Liz thought she was going to vomit as Max’s father looked her up and down like a piece of meat and then laid his hands on her. Though the disgust was quickly replaced by anger as she yanked her arm away. “Don’t touch me. Do you have a warrant?”

“Excuse me?”

Liz looked at him like he was the slowest man on earth “A warrant. You know, little piece of paper that gives you permission to be here. I would think a DA would be familiar with the concept.”

Philip face took on a reddish tint as Liz mocked him. “That’s quite an attitude you have there; similar to your father’s”

“Really, how so?” Liz asked while calmly sipping her drink.

He took a step forward trying to intimidate her “The one that makes you think you’re above the law.”

Michael could no longer remain silent “Alright that’s it; stay away from my sister and unless you have a warrant to be here, get out. We’re not over capacity, no one underage is serving or drinking and you are disrupting business.”

Mr. Evans stepped away and motioned for Valenti to follow “You always have someone protecting you, Ms. Parker?”

Thinking of Max, Liz couldn’t help but sport a vindictive smile “Oh, you’d be surprised.; Buh-bye now, please DON’T come again”

After they left Maria couldn’t help but say “What an ass; can someone please explain to me how a bastard like that have great kids like Max and Iz?”

“I don’t know but ten more seconds of looking at Liz like that and he’d be a dead man.” Michael was still fuming when Isabel and Alex came out of the back and Isabel quickly gave Liz a hug.

“Are you alright?”

Liz smiled at her friend “I’m fine, Iz. Where’s Max?”

“In the back trying to get a hold of his temper.”

Liz looked to Alex pleadingly “Please tell me you didn’t turn the microphones on for him.”

Alex shrugged “Sorry babe”

“Damn it!” Liz exclaimed before leaving for the security room where she found Max pacing the small space.

“He’s dead”

“Max…” Liz tried to calm him but to know avail

“No Liz that bastard put his hands on you.”

“Max!” Liz finally raised her voice enough to stop his pacing “I appreciate your concern but you can’t go around threatening everyone who looks at me the wrong way.”

“The hell I can’t! Liz you don’t know what my father is capable of. He’s a sick and twisted and I will not let him come near you.”


“No! Will you look at Isabel; the only time she is happy is when she’s here and that is his fault! He makes her feel like she’s nothing, that the only thing she is good for is whoever he’s able to marry her off to eventually. My mother is a fucking zombie because of all the pills she’s on and that’s his fault too! That is what he does; he is cancerous to whoever gets close to him. It’s too late for mom but I will get my sister out of that house and I will be damned if he tries to bring you down”

Liz was near tears as she finally just hugged Max tightly “Shhh baby. He can’t touch us, I swear; we won’t let him.”

Max hugged her back consciously trying to slow his erratic breathing. He was supposed to be able to protect her and Isabel but he felt like he was failing more and more lately. He just needed something; something to help him forget about the man who fathered him.

Liz was shocked when Max’s lips crashed down onto hers ferociously but still she returned the kiss with the same amount of passion. With a low growl Max pushed her back against the closed door pulling her up against him. She released a groan as she felt his erection press against her and immediately shifted her weight against the door so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Without breaking the kiss Max was able to unzip his pants and push the skirt of Liz’s dress up past her hips. As he shoved her thong to the side he pulled back slightly meeting her eyes. “Tell me you love me”

Liz felt tears prick her eyes at that the desperation in Max’s voice. She knew his need to protect not only her and Isabel but the entire group took a toll on him. God knew it was one of the many reasons she loved him. “I love you more than you could imagine, Max”

With those words Max crushed his lips to hers before smoothly entering her in one thrust. He felt her moan against his lips and drank it in as he savored every feeling that came from being with her. He knew this was it for him; that he could never be with anyone else after being with Liz. He was going to spend the rest of his life with Liz Parker and nothing could make him happier then that thought. He could feel her tremble against him and knew she was close. He whispered hotly into her ear “That’s it baby, let go” As she came she cried out and that was just enough for him to follow after her.

A minute later Liz slid her legs down and stood unsteadily still using the door to lean up against. Max was still breathing hard as he rested his forehead against hers. “I love you”

Liz smiled back giving him a tender kiss “I love you too”

It was two in the morning when Max and Isabel got home. Once he stopped the car both brother and sister looked at the large home. It might have been beautiful but inside it was a prison. Isabel looked towards Max with big brown eyes “I don’t want to go back in there.”

Max sighed he knew exactly how his sister felt. “I know Iz, but it’s only a little longer. After graduation we can leave this hell hole and never look back.” It was true; Max and Isabel never spent of dime of the money they earned at The Crash and they certainly made enough there to support themselves. They wouldn’t be rich like they were now but they would certainly be happier.

“Is that what you think Max?” Isabel asked sadly

“What do you mean?”

Isabel had tears in her eyes as she spoke “He’s not going to just let us go, Max. It would hurt his precious reputation to much. That’s not even taking into consideration how he’ll react when he finds out about Liz and Alex. I love this town and I don't want to leave, but I'm just” The tears spilled over now “I’m scared of what he’ll do.”

Max pulled his sister into a tight embrace as she cried against his shoulder. “We’ll think of something Iz. I’m not sure what but we’ll make it work; I promise.

Resigned they both got out of the car and trudged their ways inside. They were surprised to find their parents awake.

“Where have you been?” Philip asked while taking a sip of the brandy in his hand.

Max gave Isabel’s hand a quick reassuring squeeze as he answered “Party”

“It wasn’t one for West Roswell students, was it? I don’t pay good money for you to attend Roswell Prep for you to be of gallivanting with those beneath you. It’s bad enough that school is allowing trash like the Parkers into it.” Max felt his blood temperature rise as his father continued his speech. “I actually met them and Amy DeLuca’s daughter tonight. Trash, the whole lot of them. Especially that girl, Elizabeth. I better not ever catch either of you near that dive, just imagine what people would think.”

Philip didn’t notice the way Max clenched his jaw as he answered him “We don’t go to dives” It was the truth, The Crash was far from a dive.

Diane Evans who had been zoned out in a nearby chair stood and made her way to Isabel “You’ve been crying; make sure you use eye cream before you go to bed or you’ll wake up puffy.” And that was it; neither parent bothered to ask what had upset their only daughter.

Max took Isabel’s arm and led her to the stairs seeing she was at the verge of tears again. He didn’t bother looking back as spoke “Good night” but he cursed his parents once again in his mind.
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Thanks for the feedback! This part is short but the next one will be longer.
Note: I got the idea for the last part of this chapter from an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Liz was sprawled out on one end of the couch and Michael was at the opposite end watching late night TV. Once his foot kicked her thigh for the tenth time Liz threw popcorn at her brother “You have an apartment of your own, why are you here?”

Michael threw the kernels back at her “Because I’m your big brother and I’m not leaving you here alone. I’ll go when mom and dad get home.”

Liz sighed and settled back against the overstuffed pillows “You’re barely a year older then me; I don’t need a babysitter.”

“But you’re so cute” Michael exclaimed while tickling her feet.

Liz kicked him laughing “Ass”

They both looked up as the front door of the large home opened and their laughing parents came in. Nancy’s smile got brighter as she moved to her children “You two still up?” she asked as she kissed their foreheads.

“How was the meeting?”

Jeff hung his coat up and took a seat in a nearby chair “Good up until Amy poured a glass of ice water on the lap of a distributor who kept grabbing her ass”

Nancy laughed “God I love her, I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have Amy Deluca running amuck in it.” Amy and Nancy were as close as Liz and Maria. They had grown up together and Amy had run cons right along with Nancy and Jeff. So once the Parkers went straight and decided to start a new life in Roswell there was no question about whether or not the Deluca’s would be coming along.

“How did things at the club go?” Nancy asked as snagged some of the popcorn in Liz’s lap.

Seeing the nervous faces on both Michael and Liz, Jeff asked “Do we still have club?”

“Yeah see the thing is umm…” Liz started but didn’t know quite how to tell her parents, she wanted to break it gently so they didn’t have coronaries.

“Philip Evans and Jim Valenti showed up” Then again you could always count on Michael to get straight to the point.

“What!” Jeff jumped up looking at his children “Why didn’t you call us?!”

“He was in and out in five minutes daddy; there was nothing to call you about.” Liz stated before subtly kicking Michael who she knew was about to say something about the way Philip was looking at her.

“Are Max and Isabel alright?” Nancy asked concerned. In the year she had known Max and Isabel, Nancy had come to think of them as her own children in the same way she felt about Maria and Alex.

Still glaring at Liz for kicking him, Michael answered “Yeah, we were able to hide them in the back before their father got there.”

“That man doesn’t deserve to be a father” Nancy seethed “Why don’t Max and Isabel just leave? They’re 18.”

Liz sighed lightly “It’s too late for them to transfer schools and if they leave their father will stop paying tuition. They want to graduate.”

“Why didn’t they come to us? I would have been happy to cover their tuition.” Jeff asked while sitting back down.

“They didn’t know you that well at the beginning of the year; and you know how Max and Isabel are, they’d never admit they need help.”

Jeff watched his wife and children and could see they pain they felt for the Evans twins, hell he felt the same. But there wasn’t much they could do before graduation “It’s only a few more months; they’ll be ok. And if not we’ll just come up with something else.”

Liz faked a smile to her father, she wanted to believe that everything would be ok, but she couldn’t escape the nagging feeling that something would soon go very, very wrong. “I think I’m gonna go to bed.” Liz stated while standing up and stretching.

Jeff looked down at his watch “Not so fast Lizzie it is now officially 2:48 and you know what that means.”

“Oh god” Liz moaned as she dropped back in her seat next to her mother who wrapped her arms around her daughter and began speaking. “At this exact moment 18 years ago I sat with my legs up in straddles…”

“Ahhh mom” Michael stood in disgust trying to walk away but Liz grabbed his arm pulling him back down.

“If I have to hear this so do you.”

Their mother continued “My legs were up and I was cursing your father and the doctor who had the misfortune of being male. Right when I was going into graphic detail of how I would insure that neither of them would ever have the chance to once again procreate; I felt myself split in two.”

Liz shook her head “I hate this part”

“And then you were there. My beautiful little girl with dark hair and big brown eyes and I fell in love with you that second. Happy Birthday Elizabeth Claudia Parker.”

Despite herself Liz couldn’t help but return her parents’ smiles. She was officially 18.

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Ok, I completely forgot about this story I'm not even going to try to deny it. But I've been focusing on RL and my other story Royal Alliances. That's a really sucky excuse I know but still. I do want to finish this though so i'm gonna carve out some time at some point this week to work on it. PROMISE.