Baby (M/L teen AU) part 6 July 21 [WIP]

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Baby (M/L teen AU) part 6 July 21 [WIP]

Post by kiwigirl » Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:53 am

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any Roswell characters.
SUMMARY: No aliens just read the first part
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is very short I didn’t want to write a big long story if no one was going to read it so please leave feedback

I was going thou all my old computer disc the other day and found this story. I don’t know a few of you might remember it I posted it back in 2003 it was never finished it but I am going to repost it any way and hope I find new inspiration to finish it for real this time so please let me know what you think


Part 1

When I was five years old I always thought I would grow up to be rich, famous and very well travelled, Maybe married to a hansom billionaire who loved me. Not seventeen a single parent being sent away to live with relatives with a weekly check to shut me up and keep me happy.

Yet, here I am on my way to the middle of nowhere, Where I don’t know anyone apart from my uncle, aunt and my cousin that I haven’t seen for four years when did my life become so completed? It wasn’t even a year ago I was hanging out with my friends, going shopping with the credit card Daddy had given me, drinking and sneaking out to go to partes where there would be even more drinking. I suppose that’s what got me into this mess in the first place.

There is only a hand full of people in my hometown that knew I was having a baby. My parents, Tom’s parents, my midwife, Tom and my nanny. As far as Mom, Dad and Mr. and Mrs. Rider were concerned that is how it would stay I mean can you imagine the scandal if Mr. Parker the head of Parker Holdings only daughter at the tender age of sixteen at the time got her self pregnant. The papers would have loved that. Not to mention what all there high and mighty friends would think.

Well, I think it is fair to say daddy didn’t’t really want to find out, and Tom’s parents were no better. That’s why I was put under house arrest I was to see no one talk to know one the only contact I had to the outside world was though the letters I got from Tom and the only reason I got them at all was because of the one friend I had left would sneak up to my room at night to pass on information. She was my lifeline when the going got tough she was there for me when nobody else was. Trudy had unloving parents like mine so we formed a kind of connection she was the only other person I told about my pregnancy apart from my family. We where complete opposes she is tall I’m short, she has blond hair I have dark, she has short hair I have long, she has breast I don’t well I think you get the idea. I am so going to miss her maybe she could visit me some day.

It was only after Tom died five months later of a unintentional drug overdose did his parents finely open their eyes and hearts to really see what they did to us the pain and heart ache of being separated from the one person you need and love most in the would. Not that it really matters now. Tom is dead and I’m being sent away.

No, now I’m off to Roswell. Alien capitol of the world why? I will never know. They could of sent me anywhere, why Roswell of all places? I suppose. It’s a form of punishment you could say I mean who would think to look for me there.
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Ok I was going to wait till this was beated again but I cant wait that long so I’m going to post it now


thanks guys for leaving F/B
Part 2

Liz Parker pulled up outside the Crashdown café and just sat there looking at her new home she didn’t’t even bother to get out of her new SUV her mother and father paid for.

“Well baby, this is our new home.” She said to her son who was lying asleep in his car seat in the back seat of her car. Making herself look away from the newborn baby she took another look at the little café across the road.

How did we end up here? She thought to herself as the unstoppable tears welled in her eyes. From where she had parked she could see that the moving van had arrived and was parked up the ally way next to the café where four men were busy unloading all their stuff. She saw her Uncle Steve was carrying a changing table, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and then she saw Michael. Her cousin was dressed in much the same way and wearing a bandana, carrying a couple of suitcases. Very low brow, as her mother would say, but to her it was refreshing. As she looked out the window she noticed how sunny the day was with not a cloud to be seen witch translated to dry New Mexico heat she had been to Roswell enough times to know summers her where hot very hot, she was glad she was sitting in an air conditioned car because she just new as soon as she left her car the heat would hit her like a brick

Taking her eyes away from her new home she took a minute to look at the town. “Wow” she breathed. It has’t changed a bit; Main Street still had the same shops with the same theme. It looked like something start out of the 1950’s old brick buildings carefully looked after, no doubt buy generations of the same family’s.

Thinking back it had been four years since Liz had been to Roswell and even then it was only a fly bye visit. Her parents were on their way home from holiday and decide to stop by and see her father’s sister. Liz had never really had a lot to do with her dad’s sister and her family. She knew her father loved his sister, he just couldn’t’t have much contact with her because Liz’s mother wouldn’t’t allow it.

“You can’t be seen with that crowd it would bring down your whole image.” she would say and for that reason he would stay away. Liz’s mother was so concerned with her image to hell with anything else. Thus being the reason Liz was sent to Roswell to begin with. No daughter of Elaine Parker would go off and get pregnant.

Anyone would have thought she had committed a crime by the way she had reacted to the news of Liz’s pregnancy.

How could you do this to your father and I? After every thing we have given you. You have never gone without anything and this is how we get repaid,” Elaine Parker yelled at her sixteen-year-old daughter. Who was sitting on the cream leather couch in what should be called the family room, but never had been it was cold and sterile there were no family pitchers hanging on the walls it was void if anything that would Make a family home especially love. “I’ll make a call to doctor Grain tomorrow and have this whole mess sorted out.” She said as she lit a cigarette and took a long puff looking a little calmer than she did a minute before.

“No” Liz yelled jumping of the couch. “You are not taking my baby. Tom and I want this baby and we will not get rid of it like an old shoe. I love him and he loves me and we want to keep our baby.” Powerless to keep the tears away at that point the floodgates opened. Sitting back down on the couch, she saw her dad get up and start to come over to her with a sympathetic look in his eyes. When he was half way across the room he was stopped by her mother’s cold words.

“Fine if you and Tom want to keep this thing.” She said as she jested her hands in Liz’s general direction “You will have to leave as soon as this kid is born, I want you gone. By law we have to support you until you are eighteen until then you can go and stay at your father’s sister’s house. I’m sure they won’t mind will they dear?” She said as she gave Liz a decussated look that sent her reeling. How could her own mother hate her so much? She wondered.

Liz looked from her mother to her father with a miserable look in her eyes and she could see the internal struggle going on behind her dad’s eyes. First she saw a flash of anger then resentment then disappointment then guilt. He looked at Liz with regret
Then said two words that blew Liz out of the water. “Yes dear.”

With that thought Liz was pulled back to the present with one last look around she had intend to hop out of the car and go in side then she saw some one appear unexpectedly from out of the blue. Well not really out of the blue the U.F.O. museum. He was dressed in black pants and a white business-looking shirt with short sleeves and a yellow waistcoat. He had dark brown hair that was neatly trimmed and if you could say slightly big ears, but it was the eyes that gave him the appeal. Liz had never seen eyes like that before, true she was a good ten yards away from him, but she could still tell they were amazing.

Completely stunned by the young man that ran in front of her parked car she didn’t’t even notice her breathing was a bit out of control. She had only seen him for about ten seconds and his eyes for even less, but she still couldn’t’t help but think about how attractive he was.

As fast as that thought had appeared it vanished. “What am I doing?’ She asked herself looking at another guy like that I am still in love with Tom and that is no way to honours his memory. For Pete sake he’s only been gone for three months and already I’m checking out a random guy on the street.

She looked up to the rear view mirror what she saw made her want to cry even more looking back at her was a girl Liz was not comfortable with seeing complete with dark rings under her eyes, dry cracked lips and a runny noise. Her hair had come lose from the ponytail. Looking at her appearance Liz wiped her eyes and applied some lip-gloss. Taking her hair out of its ponytail she decided to let it hang lose for a while she liked it better that way anyway. Wiping her nose and giving herself one last pep talk she opened the car door and hopped out of the car.
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Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and leave feedback I hope you enjoy this next part, I’m not so sold on it but I think you have waited long enough.

Part 3

Liz walked around the back of her S.U.V to retrieve the baby bag from the backseat. Closing the door and placing the bag on her shoulder she paused and took one more look around the little town before opening the back passenger door to get the precious bundle that was there. Taking her son out of the car still safely tucked in his car seat she walked across the road to her new home.

Taking a step into the café she stopped to look at the surroundings. The place seemed to be empty apart from one couple sitting in the corner booth looking very much in love and a waitress wearing what could only be described as the worse looking uniform that Liz had ever seen. The uniform is an aqua colored dress with sliver trim and an alien head pinnie complete with antenna on the top of her head. Stopping her self from laughing Liz thought the café had a certain charm to it. The alien theme that was prominent though out the town was no different here and as the same as the rest of the town the Crashdown café still look as it always did. Down to the tacky pitches with spaceship taking over the world to the giant mural on the sidewall. Even the wallpaper had spaceships and stares on it.

Taking off her sunglasses and readjusting the bag on her shoulder she started to slowly walk toward the backroom. When she was half way across the room she came face to face with the waitress she saw not a minute before. Her blond hair reached the middle of her back and was neatly pulled into a ponytail, her makeup was flawless and she had beautiful green eyes.

“Hi I’m Maria and I will be your waitress for today, where would you like to sit?” She asked with a genuine smile while gesturing her hands to all the empty tables.

“Well I was here to see Nancy Guerin is she here?” Liz asked the bubbly blond as she carefully placed the car seat on the table next to them.

“I’m sorry I am such a clown.” Maria said as it just accrued on her who the girl was in front of her. “You must be Liz. Michael has told me all about you. Well not all about you can barely get two words from him.” Looking past over Liz’s shoulder Maria saw the car set sitting on the table. Stepping past Liz to get a look at the sleeping baby

“ My god he’s is beautiful, when he’s awake I demand you let me hold him.” She said with a smile and a wink at Liz before turning to have another look at him.

“Thank you.” Liz answered and a very happy and proud smile appeared on her face. “Maria how many people has Michael told about?” Liz stopped not knowing how to ask if anyone else knew about her baby. She didn’t’t want to come off as if it was some big secret but at the same time if people going to know she wanted to be the one to tell them.

Maria looked up and saw the panicked look on Liz face and immediately felt sorry for the girl standing in front of her; here was a girl the same age as Maria was. Only she had just given birth to a baby and was forced to move miles away from her home, friends and everything she had known.

Looking Liz in the eyes Maria was shocked to see such raw emotion trapped within them. She saw hurt, anger, frustration, confusion, love but most of all she could see the girl was scared. At that point Maria took pity on her and with a warm smile took a step closer to her. Taking hold of Liz’s hand Maria gave it a little squeeze to show support.

“Only me and even then he wouldn’t’t go into detail about it. I think his exact words were that is was none of my business and that I should keep my noise of family matters.” Seeing Liz was about to cry Maria added “Not that that really matters everyone knows he’s going to marry me some day it’s just taking him a bit longer to see it. And then I will be family what do you think his excuse will be then?” she joked trying to lighten the mod a little.

“Thank you Maria not just for not telling anyone, but also for being nice to me. I’m sorry if I’m coming off as a blubbering mess right now it’s just...” Before Liz could finish her sentence she found herself being engulfed in a big hug. Stepping back after minute Liz looked up at the girl feeling a bit silly with her self she went to say something, but stopped what do you say to a complete stranger that you just hugged in a café. Before she had time to think much more than that she heard Maria say something.

“I don’t know, but you just look liked you needed one.” She said embarrassed by her actions. “Look you can stop worrying about everything ok it will all turn out for the best and I know Michael is being very protective of you right now so if anyone gives you any grief at all you just tell him and he will fix it.”

Laughing at Maria’s last statement she found herself relaxing a bit. She had been a bit worried about how Michael would feel about her being there and to hear Maria’s words it just put her at ease. “Thanks I needed that”

Liz and Michael had always been close even when they were little and they didn’t’t get to see each other very much, but always kept in touch. The past few months they had been emailing each other at least once a week and although Michael said that he was looking forward to having them living there it was good to have it confirmed.

“So does this little guy have a name? Or do we just call him baby?” Maria asked forcing Liz away from her thoughts and back to present day. Of course Maria knew his name, but she had a good feeling about Liz she seemed vulnerable and a bit unnerved sp Maria wanted to chat a bit longer even if it was only to try and put the girl in front of her at ease a little

“Yes, he has a name.” Liz said before taking another look at her son “Vincent.”

“Cool, do we get to call him the V man?” Maria asked getting all excited. It had taken her ages to come up with that, as soon as she found out Liz and Vincent were moving to Roswell she went on a nickname hunt for the little man.

“No.” Liz said rather shocked at the prospect.

“How about Vinnie then?” Seeing Liz wasn’t sold on the idea Maria continued, “Come on Liz he can’t go though life with out a nickname, and since the V man was out of the question I think Vinnie is rather fitting.”

”Ok then Vinnie it is then. By the way what’s your nickname? I mean since everyone has one what would yours be?” Seeing the look that past over Maria’s face she could have sworn she saw embarrassment their.

“I don’t have one.” Maria replied, as she was about to turn and walk away.

“Maria I know you have a nickname Michael told me and if you don’t tell me what it is I wont let you hold Vinnie.” with that last statement Liz knew she had won the look in Maria’s eyes was priceless

”that’s just mean” she said shocked, “Ok its pixy, and if I ever hear you say that out loud I will kill you. Got that? I can’t believe Michael told you that. I’m going to kill him.” Maria started going on and she had the look of fire in her eyes. Liz couldn’t’t help but let the grin show though. “What are you grinning like that for?”

“Michael never told me anything in fact, I didn’t’t even know he had a girlfriend up in till about ten minutes ago.”

One look at Maria’s expression and Liz realized she had just crushed the girl’s heart into a million pieces. Liz felt instantly ashamed of her self. She had only been in this damn town half an hour and already she had the one person that was nice enough to talk to her in near tears. “Maria I’m sorry, I didn’t’t mean to.” before she could finish the sentence Maria stopped her.

“He never told you about me? Did he? Typical we have been going out for eight months now and his own cousin doesn’t’t even know about me and I know he has been sending you emails once a week.” Maria started to fume her voice getting louder and louder.

Liz was a little taken back by the hurt girl that was standing in front of her not a minute before was gone and replaced with an angry one. Shocked and intimidated by the sudden change in Maria’s attitude she tried to calm her down a bit.

“ I wouldn’t’t say he never told me about you, he did tell me he started to see someone, but never told me anything about it and that was ages ago. Most of the time his emails are about trying to make sure that I’m ok and looking after myself.” she replied looking at the floor she felt so terrible for making Maria so livid and she was positive Michael was going to hate her for doing it.

Maria saw the frightened look that passed over Liz’s face and instantly felt compelled to apologize for the way she had behaved and to explain her self.

“Liz don’t worry about it its not your fault. I’m what you would call a drama queen you have to tell me to get over myself every now and then. Ok? I’m not really that surprised by the fact he never told you. I know he doesn’t’t like talking about his personal life that much. I just assumed he would have told you my name at least. Anyway enough about me I just saw Sandy walk though the back door so that means my shift is over why don’t I take you upstairs and then I can help you unpack that is if I haven’t scared you away being my narcotic self.”

Liz was flabbergasted she had never met someone that could talk so much in her life. Back when she was living with her parents you never talked out of line. There was never any light banter over the dinner table. Never a Liz honey how was your day, or pass the carrots. The only time you talked was if you had something that was of great importance that demanded attention. I.E your teenage daughter got her self knocked up.

“Maria that would be great, but first I think this little guy might want something to drink.” Liz informed her as she saw Vinnie staring to wake up. “I think we have about five minutes before he is fully awake and starts to scream the place down.”

“Well we had better hurry then we can’t have a hungry baby now can we. Here, why don’t you let me take the bag?” Maria insisted taking the bag from her shoulder.

They made there way out to the back room, Liz didn’t’t really get a good look because Vinnie was now starting to whimper a little but she did notice some of her things where still there. There were a few boxes with markings on them like baby clothes and Liz’s room walking past them they made their way up the stairs she watched as Maria walked into the apartment with out knocking first.

Following her inside she looked around her new home there was a nice cosy living room furnished like a old country farm house and a kitchen and dinning room she thought it looked perfect the way a true home should look but before she could take it all in her thoughts were interrupted but an argument going down the hall in what she assumed was a bed room She looked at Maria and saw her trying not to laugh at what they where hearing it was Michael telling his mother and father that the bed looked better on the other wall it was at that stage Maria couldn’t’t hold back any longer she started to laugh which in turn made Liz laugh.

“I would never have picked Michael to be a interior detractor,” Liz snorted with laughter.

Before Maria could answer they were interrupted by a scream from the other side of the room.

“Liz your finally here” Nancy yelled again “Let me get a good look at you wow you have grown so much last time I saw you, you were just a girl, but look at you now a real women. Well don’t just stand their give your old aunt Nancy a hug.” Liz found her self engulfed in a big hug. Stepping away from Liz, Nancy saw Vinnie out of the corner of her eye. “And this must be little Vincent, wow Liz you did a good job. He’s so perfect.” Without saying another word she swooped down and took the now crying baby out of his car seat. Her crystal blue eyes sparkled with delight and as the sun shone though the window her long vibrant red hair seemed to shine like the fire of a thousand suns.

Seeing her aunty holding Vinnie in her arms like an old pro she felt her heart burst with happiness. The way Nancy was looking at him like he was the most precious thing in the world the instant love she saw in her eyes was outstanding. Picking up the bag Maria had put on the chair beside her she looked around and saw Maria had disappeared “I'll just go and heat up a bottle for him before he screams the roof off.”

“Ok.” Nancy responded without even look up. So leaving to two of them alone she made her way to the kitchen.

In the kitchen she put the bottle in the microwave as she waited she could hear Nancy telling Vinnie not to worry mummy will be back soon. Liz felt her heart melt, if only her own mother was that loving she thought to herself. Liz was dumbfounded as she walked back into the family room to find four fully-grown adults fussing over a crying baby. She stood at the door for a minute just watching them all interact with one another she felt tears welling up in her eyes as she thought back to the day after Vinnie was born.

She was sitting on her bed in her room exhausted from the events that took place the night before. Beside her was a beautiful little baby that weighs 7 pounds with dark hair a pointy little noise and the sweets little lips she had ever seen. She sat there just staring at him she loved him as soon as she saw him and couldn’t wait to see him grow up to be a healthy bouncing boy. She had no idea how long she sat there just looking at him, but an unwanted individual walking into the room broke the precious moment.

Without even looking at her grandson she walked right past him and straight to the window. She stood there for a few minuets as if trying to form the right words. Still looking out the window without even having the decency to turn around she told Liz that everything had been taken care of and that a S.U.V was being delivered in three weeks and that she would be leaving soon after that. She turned to leave as she walked past Vinnie she stopped and looked at him. Unaffected by the baby’s presence she looked up at Liz. It was then Liz got the biggest kick in the teeth of all it was in her eyes there was no love, her face was stone cold and wearing a scow there no compassion only revulsion without another word she turned and walked away.

Bringing herself back to the present day she quickly wiped the tear that escaped and made her way over to the group of fully grown adults making baby faces in a attempt to settle down the crying child.

“I think he may be looking for this.” Liz informed them as she made her presence known. Giving the bottle to Nancy she watched as the older woman took the bottle and gently feed her son taking her eyes off of them she saw Steve and Michael watching her.

“Well little Lizzy do I get a hug? Or are you just going to stand there all day?” Steve questioned as he held out his arms. Liz found herself going willingly into his arms then she heard him say. “Its good to have you here, Liz. If you need anything, anything at all you only have to ask ok?”

Pulling away Liz could see that he meant what he said. “Thank you.” Turning around she saw Michael standing there waiting patiently for his turn for a hug without even waiting to be asked Liz jumped into his arms.

Michael was a bit stunned by the strong hug it almost knocked him of balance pulling away he gave Liz the once over. “Well I always knew you would grow up to look like a short bean sprout.” he joked. A joke that got him a punch in the arm from Maria.

“Well at least I have good hair and not a nasty mop like you. I mean really? What it with the mullet?” Liz replied with a smirk
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Hi everyone thanks every one for reading I hope you like this next part I would like to say a big thanks to jamy21 and Dreamer<3 for being my beta’s on this


thanks all for leaving feedback.

Part 4

After Vinnie was fed and back asleep Liz and the Guerin family sat down to have a little chat as Maria held a sleeping Vinnie in the other room. Once he fell asleep in her arms she just refused to put him down.

So it was just the four adults sitting around the table. No one really knew where to start so Nancy decided to jump right into the deep end and tell Liz what they had all talked about.

“Liz we just wanted to have this discussion now to get it out of the way. I know you must be tired and I know you probably want to go and sort out you room but there are a few things that need to be taken care of,” Nancy explained, smiling brightly; she didn’t want to give Liz the wrong impression. “Liz as we understand it your father will be sending some money to you each week. Now I know it is your money we just wanted to know if you would like any help with it.” Nancy stopped talking. This wasn’t coming out how it was suppose to.

Scratching her forehead trying to clear her mind, she tried to start again “I don’t mean to say you need help with money dear.”

“Aunt Nancy its ok I already know what I want to do with the money. I don’t know what you guys were thinking, but I would like to pay board and with what is left after day-care and things for Vinnie the rest will be going into a saving account I don’t want to spend any of that money on my self.” Liz told them forcefully. She felt that that money was dirty, it was a reminder of how easily her mother and father could dismiss her and their grandchild, and that their image in community was far more important to them then their own child. Liz just wanted to get as far away from that side of her family as she possibly could, for her own sake and Vinnie’s. She knew it would take a while, but eventually Liz wanted to be rid of them completely.

On her journey to Roswell Liz had a lot of time to think. She decided that even though she hated taking the money from her parents, at this point she didn’t have a choice. She also knew her mother would make good with what she said about only paying Liz until she was eighteen and no longer her responsibility.

Liz knew she was going to be getting about fifteen hundred dollars a week and she had it all mapped out to where it was all going to go. The first and easiest decision was to pay board. The problem was she had no idea how much things in general cost, so she thought, what better way to find out about the economy than to go and have a look? She found a small mall and went to take a look at how much the cost of living really was.

As she exited the mail to say she was shocked was an understatement. Liz had no clue it was that expensive and that was just food. That’s when she came to the conclusion that at a bare minimum, two hundred dollars for board should be good enough. On top of that she was determined to pay for all Vinnie’s things like clothes, diapers, doctors bill’s, day-care for when she was at school, and anything else that came up. After that it was all going in savings.

Nancy, Steve, and Michael sat and listened with great interest to what Liz had to say before voicing their own opinions. Steve was the first to speak when he saw Liz was finished talking. “Liz you don’t have to pay us board we can handle the two of you being here without it being any strain so if that was what you where thinking there’s no need to worry about it; if it was money we were after we would have taken the money your father offered us,” he explained.

Upon hearing what Steve had just said Liz whipped her head up from the ground to look at him. She was speechless and could feel the tears start to well in her eyes. She was beyond devastated; it was like the dark clouds that were hanging over her head decided to release their full potential and drown her with buckets of emotion. She felt hurt and betrayed by her father; it was almost like he was trying to sell her off. But at the same time she felt an overwhelming sense of happiness by the fact that Steve and Nancy said no to the money when a lot of others would have taken it and run. With tears still in her eyes, Liz asked, “How much?” When she got no response she asked again a bit louder. “How much? What is the going rate for your only daughter and grandchild?”

Jeff looked at Liz; he saw the unshed tears in her eyes and all he wanted to do at that point was take Liz into his arms and give her a hug. But he knew it would do no good because there were not only tears in her eyes now but anger too. It was that look in her eyes that made him confess, “Two thousand dollars a week until you moved out.”

“Liz this was never about the money. We love you and really want you to live with us; the both of you,” Nancy clarified, moving closer to Liz and placing her hand over Liz’s.

When Nancy put her hand on hers, Liz found the strength to go on. “I want to say thank you. Not just for opening up your home to us, but for not giving dad the illusion of doing the right thing just so his conscious would be clear. And even though you said this wasn’t about money I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying here unless I was contributing in some small way.”

After another half an hour of discussing the matter, they finally came to the conclusion that Liz would pay one hundred and fifty dollars board but Nancy would look after Vinnie while Liz was at school. Liz also told them that she wanted to find a job. Steve was so happy to hear that because as it turned out, one of the part time waitress’ had just handed in her notice. This worked out perfect for everyone; Steve didn’t have to advertise and Liz didn’t have to look. So starting Wednesday night Liz was going to be a waitress at the Crashdown café.

Liz looked at her watch; it was now five o clock. Deciding that she really wanted to have a look at her room, she asked Nancy to show her. As they got up from the table and walked down the hall, Liz could see that at the end of the hall was a large room with all her things inside. Assuming that was going to be her room she was shocked when Nancy stopped in front of her. Turning around to face Liz, Nancy saw the confused look in her eyes.

“Before we go in here I just want you to know if you don’t like it we can change it.” Without another word she opened the door and motioned for Liz to go in side.

Liz walked into the little room but was speechless. It was the best thing she had ever seen; the room was baby blue with a border that went right around the room. It had little dancing clowns on it Vinnie‘s cot was in there too along with her changing table and a set of drawers.

“This was Jeff’s office but when we heard you where coming we moved him downstairs and made this room into a nursery. I hope you don’t mind,” Nancy said, eyeing Liz, trying to read her reaction. “If you don’t like it we can change it.”

At the sound of Nancy’s voice she found her words. “I love it thank you for doing this.” Wiping away yet another tear, Liz turned to look at her aunt. “You really shouldn’t have done all this. It was enough that that you allowed us to stay here, but this is too much. I don’t know how to thank you; saying the words just doesn’t seem to cover it.”

“Liz stop being silly, you’re family; what were we suppose to do, and besides your room is not really big enough for two. By the time you got all your stuff and Vinnie stuff in there you would have no room to swing a cat.”

Laughing at Nancy’s last comment, Liz followed her out of the room and down the hall. She stopped when she came up to another room when she heard soft singing. Taking a peep into the unknowing room, she found Maria still holding Vinnie, like he was the most valuable thing on the planet, singing to him. She had a beautiful voice, Liz thought. Standing in the doorway she felt a presence behind her. She looked to see who it was and she found Michael standing behind her with a frown on his face.
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Wondering what was up, she shoved Michael down the hall quietly till she got to the room at the end of the hall, finding where Nancy had gone, and with one last push she shoved Michael into the room.

“There you are I was wondering where you got to,” Nancy wondered out loud when she saw Liz and Michael walk into the room. “Right, this is your room Liz I hope it will be ok but I suppose as soon as we clear some of these boxes it should be fine.” Deciding at that point to leave the two teens to it, she went to find Steve.

After she left the room Liz turned to face Michael and asked, “So what’s the matter with you? Why the grumpy face?”

“Do you realize that you and your baby have just successfully stolen my girlfriend?” He informed her.

Snorting with laughter, Liz didn’t really know what to say to that. After fighting off the giggles that were welling up in her throat, she tried to find the right words to say to him. “I’ll try not to take offence to that,” she said with a huge grin.

“It’s not that funny; you know every time she comes here now it’s not going to see me, it will be to see you and Vinnie.”

At that point Liz could no longer hold in the laugher. Seeing the funny side of things Michael started to laugh as well. About two minutes later they where interrupted by Maria standing at the door demanding to know what they where laughing about. Getting themselves under control, Liz moved to one of the many boxes that where lying around her new room. Looking at her watch it was now five fifteen and she figured she had bout another hour before Vinnie would wake up for another feeding.

After an hour, Liz, Michael, and Maria had successfully unpacked about twenty percent of her room and were starting to get hungry. They decided to go down to the café and grab something from there since Nancy didn’t cook on the weekends. Just as they were leaving the room and going down the hall they heard a soft cry coming from Vinnie’s room. Telling them to go ahead and start without her, Liz went in to pick him up.

Walking into the family room, she saw Steve sitting down watching TV. Putting Vinnie in the bouncer, she asked Steve to watch him while she went to make a bottle. Heading into the kitchen she found Nancy with a bottle in one hand and a bib in the other.

“Liz dear I was just about to feed Vinnie I saw that you guys were busy unpacking and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Thanks. Maria and Michael have just gone to get something to eat. I can do that,” She said motioning toward the bottle.

“Nah it’s ok why don’t you go and have some dinner with Michael and Maria. I can feed Prince Charming and put him back down to bed.”

“Only if you’re sure. I don’t want you to think I was taking advantage or anything,” Liz explained.

“Liz you didn’t ask, I offered alright, now go before I change my mind.” And with that she gently gave Liz a shove towards the door.

Upon entering the Crashdown, Liz saw the place was extremely busy. She figured that it being Saturday night and in Roswell that the options were limited. She saw Michael and started to walk over to where he was sitting. He wasn’t sitting by himself, he was talking to a guy; he had dark brown hair that was swept off his face and blue eyes. All in all, Liz thought, he was quite cute.

Seeing Liz approaching, Michael motioned for her to take a seat next to him. “Liz I would like you to meet Kyle. Kyle this is my cousin Liz, she just moved here and is going to be living with us.”

“Well Liz even though you’re related to Michael it’s still nice to meet you,” Kyle joked as he reached his arm over the table to shake Liz’s hand.

“Thanks I think. So Michael, where is Maria,” Liz asked after being introduced to Kyle, looking around the café again.

“Maria and Tess are outside talking to Alex, who is waiting for Isabel and Max,” Kyle explained. “I don’t know why they can’t wait in here; it’s not like they will get lost or forget where this place is.” Kyle looked over at Liz; he could see her trying to mentally process everything he had just said. Taking pity on her he went on. “Tess is my girlfriend. Alex goes out with Isabel and Max is Isabel’s brother. Look there they all are now.”

Looking toward the door Liz saw Maria walk in first followed by a short girl about the same height as Liz with shoulder length curly blond hair, then a tall boy that was rather skinny with dark blond hair, holding hands with a girl; she was tall with long blond hair and a body to die for. And last but not least it was the boy she had seen earlier on today, the one with the incredible eyes. Liz knew she was staring, but couldn’t bring herself to look away at this point. He was perfect, she thought.

Mentally kicking herself for thinking such things, Liz made herself look away from the tall, dark, and incredibly handsome guy before she made a total fool of herself. He hadn’t seen her yet and it seemed that no one else had noticed her lapse in concentration as well.

Liz was introduced to everyone and they all seemed very nice but she couldn’t stop her eyes from wandering to Max; there was just something about him that compelled her to seek him out. She looked up from her fries that she had been picking at, to take one more look at Max. This time when she did she saw that he was staring at her as well.

Liz couldn't help but think that maybe her stay in Roswell would be better than she had hoped.
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Hi guys thanks all for reading I hope you enjoy this next part, please keep in mind that I did write this three years ago so I know its not very good I am starting to work on this again so I hope the other parts of this will be better.

L-J-L 76

Thanks for leaving F/B.

Part 5

Max had been sitting in the booth watching Liz for four hours now; there was something about this girl. She was different from the rest, he thought. Just by looking at her he knew she had a warm, gentle, and loving soul, but something terrible had happened to her to make her think differently.

Liz looked at her watch; seeing it was ten she started thinking about heading back upstairs. Vinnie would awake soon and she didn’t want to burden Nancy too much on her first day here. She looked around the closed café at the group of friends, just watching to see how they all interacted with one another. Her eyes wandered over to where Max was sitting. He was still there; he hadn’t moved since he got there. God he must be uncomfortable, she thought. Before she had time to question why every time she looked at him he was looking right back, she heard crying coming from the back room and apparently she wasn’t the only one,; Isabel heard it to.

“Has someone got a baby out at this time of night?” She asked out loud to no one in particular while looking out the window.

Liz, Maria and Michael shared a look that didn’t go unnoticed by Max.

Liz saw Nancy through the door. Looking in, she gave her a nod to say it was ok for her to come in. As she entered the room all eyes turned to the crying bundle of joy she was holding. “Where did the baby come from?” Liz heard Tess ask as she stood up to meet Nancy halfway across the room. Tess’s answer was answered when she heard Nancy say, “I’m sorry to interrupt but I fed him and changed him, but he just won’t settle. I think he just wants his mum.”

“That’s ok I was about to go up now anyway,” Liz told her above the screaming baby. Sitting down in the nearest chair, she held Vinnie in her arms and started to stroke his cheek right along the jaw line from ear to chin and back again. As if by a magical button Vinnie stopped crying and closed his eyes.

When she looked up she found, with the exception of Nancy, Michael, and Maria, everyone in the room was starring at her with wide eyes; to say they where shocked was an understatement. Isabel was the first to find her voice out of the group.

“Is this your son?” She carefully asked, moving closer to have a look. Babies were her biggest weak spot; it didn’t matter whose baby it was, you can bet Isabel would fall in love with it. When she saw Liz nod she moved even closer, so close she was almost sitting on Liz’s lap as well. “Wow he is so... I just don’t have the words to describe him… He is a he right?”

“Yes he is a he,” Liz answered with a big smile on her face; she was so happy. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought. She now knew she had at least three friends who didn’t care she had a baby. Seeing the look on Isabel’s face, she could see she was dieing to have a hold of him. “Would you like to hold him?” Liz questioned.

“Does a duck drag weed with a hard on?” Isabel replied. Placing her hands under Liz’s and gently taking hold of Vinnie, she slowly stood up and started to rock unconsciously side to side. “What’s his name?” she queried without even looking up.

“Vincent Thomas Rider or Vinnie for short,” she informed the group of people now standing around herself and Isabel.

“Cool name, it’s a manly name. One not to be confused with a girl’s name, isn’t that right Alex,” Kyle joked.

“I would shut up if I was you Kyle. One day I’m going to rich and famous and pay someone to beat you up then you’ll be sorry,” Alex said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Shut up the both of you,” Tess scolded, “You will wake up the baby.”

Liz watched, fascinated with the way everyone was acting. She was amazed that no one seemed to care one bit by the fact she had had a baby. If her old friends had found out about Liz being pregnant, she would have been dirt; the biggest slut of the month.

Clearing her head of those thoughts, she felt someone approach her from behind. Turning around to see who it was, she came face to face with Max. Liz hadn’t really spoken to him before; she was too afraid to. Just by looking at her he was stirring up feelings inside of her, and that was extremely unsettling for Liz.

“He’s cute,” Max said nervously as he pushed his hands into his pockets. “So where is his father?” he asked, trying to sound casual; he didn’t want to make Liz feel uncomfortable but he needed to know. When he finally looked up from the ground he immediately felt guilty; he wasn’t expecting to see tears in her eyes.

Liz was shocked and instantly felt dreadful. What was she doing here with these people acting like everything in the world was ok. She hadn’t even thought about Tom since she first arrived, what kind of person does that make her? Forgetting Max was there, Liz turned around. As she did she could see Michael looking at her. She could see he was worried. Leaving Max standing there, she walked over to Isabel and took her son back in her arms. She told the group that she had better get him off to bed or she would never get any sleep. Without saying another word she turned and left.

Michael was furious. He saw Max talking to her before she left. “What did you do to her?” he demanded to know. He saw Liz was almost crying when she left and he new Max was the reason behind it. “I want to know what you said to her to make her run out of here like that.”

“All I said was he was cute and then asked where the father was. How was I to know that would be upsetting,” Max yelled, getting angry more at himself than at Michael.

“You idiot. Vinnie’s father died three months ago,” he hissed, making everyone in the room gasp.

“Michael he didn’t know that, no one did, you can’t blame him for asking. It is a perfectly reasonable question,” Maria reasoned, standing in between then.

“I know …sorry man, she’s just had a rough couple of months. I don’t want to see her hurt anymore,” he apologized.

“Michael I don’t want to hurt Liz. If I had known I wouldn’t have said anything,” Max declared and it was true; he didn’t want to hurt Liz. He felt the need to protect her. It was confusing to him, he had never met a girl like her before. He hadn’t even really spoken to her yet and already he thought he loved her.

Liz was sitting in her room crying. When she got upstairs she put Vinnie in is bed and went to her room. She was still sitting in the same spot ten minutes later when she heard a knock at the door. Wiping the tears from her face, she told whoever was on the other side to come in.

Maria slowly opened the door and walked into Liz’s room after leaving the rest of the group downstairs to talk about what had happened. Maria went to see how Liz was doing. As she entered the room, she saw Liz sitting on the edge of the bed. She could tell Liz had been crying and it broke her heart. She walked over and knelt down on the floor in front of her. Placing her hand on top of Liz’s, Maria was almost in tears herself. “Liz what‘s wrong? If this is about what Max said, he didn’t mean to upset you,” she asked gently.

“It’s not that..well ok it is. The fact that he asked isn’t the problem, it’s that I never thought of him at all since I got here… what kind of person does that make me, Maria? I don’t even have the decency to spare a thought about my baby’s dead father. I’m too busy having a good time making new friends,” Liz sobbed brokenly.

“Liz its okay you don’t have to think about him all the time; as long as you know you loved him and you never forget that, it will be ok,” Maria said gently. Moving off the floor, she sat on the bed and pulled Liz into her arms. “Liz you can’t go on living like this. At some point you are going to have to move on …I know this is all new and no one is saying you should be over it ….I know I wouldn’t be, but you don’t have to feel bad about moving on; you can’t go on like this forever.”

“I’m so confused,” Liz confessed softly. “I don’t know what to do. I want to start my life again, but I feel really guilty. If I do anything that’s makes me feel happy I can’t help but wonder if Tom was here what would we be doing instead, would I still be here or would we have run away from our parents and lived happily ever after.”

“All I can tell you is you have to do what makes you happy. You can’t dwell on what might have been,” Maria said as she unconsciously ran her fingers through Liz’s hair.

Silence fell upon them as they sat there thinking about how horrible life could be. “Did you know I never even got to go to his funeral?” Liz questioned out of the blue. “The only thing I have to remind me of him is Vinnie. I don’t even have a photo or anything. When mom found out that I was pregnant she went through all my things and threw out everything that he had given me; all the pictures I had. Everything. I wasn’t allowed to see him and as far as I know his parents did the same,” she told Maria, as new tears started to fall.

“My god Liz, I’m sorry to say this but I just can’t keep my mouth shut on this one, you have horrible parents. They must be the worst people on the planet,” Maria stated, shocked she couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She didn’t even know people could be that cruel.

Sitting up straight, Maria looked at Liz’s tear stroked face and knew what she had to do. “Liz we are going to go and see Tom. You need closure schools not starting for another couple of weeks and this is something you need to do you will never move on if you don’t.”

Nodding her head, Liz knew Maria was right, she was going to go to the cemetery before she left but couldn’t bring her self to go alone.

“Would you be able to come with me? I can’t do it by my self…I know you don’t really know me.”

“Stop right there ok. Don’t be silly of course I will come and I’ll take a bet everyone else will too.” Seeing the uncertainly in Liz eyes Maria went on. “ I know you’re new here, but everyone downstairs thinks of you as a friend. I know this because I know them; if they didn’t like you they would have let you know about it, especially Isabel, she can be a bit of a bitch.”

Snorting at Maria’s last statement, Liz was starting to feel a lot better. “Thanks Maria I really needed this talk. I’ve had no one to talk to for so long.”

“That’s ok girlfriend what else are friends for,” Maria said standing up. “ So are you going to come back downstairs now, or do you just want to be left alone?” she asked hesitantly.

“Yeah I think I might for a while,” Liz answered as she stood up.

Standing outside the doors that would lead them back into the Crashdown, Liz started to get a little nervous. “What if they all think I’m a freak or something?” Liz asked, a bit concerned.

“Liz don’t worry about; it no one will think you’re a freak. If anything, they have probably beaten Max to a pulp for even upsetting you,” Maria returned with a grin

“They wouldn’t do that would they it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know,” she queried, starting to get all flushed. The last thing she wanted to do was get someone in trouble.

Turning around, Maria had to stop her self from laughing at the state Liz had worked herself into. Placing her hands on Liz’s shoulders, Maria said, “Relax. No one is going to get hurt. I was only kidding okay and besides, it was only Michael that got really upset and that’s because he knew what had happened.”

Seeing Liz relax a little, Maria let go of her shoulders and turned back towards the door. “I think Michael is more pissed off by the fact Max likes you,” she said before slipping though the door, leaving a very stunned Liz behind.
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Hi guys just want to say thanks all for reading but I have recently found out im pregnant again and morning sickness is now consuming my life. Morning, noon and night so I hate to say it but writing is the last thing I feel like doing at the moment, I will try and get a new part to this done but im not making any promises.


thanks all for leaving feedback

Part 6

Liz pushed open the back doors and walked into the Crashdown to join the rest of the gang, still reeling over what Maria had said. She was in a daze. Did Max really like her? Nah he couldn’t, after all she had only met him a few hours ago and even then they had barely said two words to each other. Plus, after she ran out of there like she was on fire after he asked one question, he probably had taken back any first impression he had of her.

Just getting deeper in thought, Liz found her self pulled out of her daze by Michael’s stern voice.

“Liz are you ok? If Max upset you in any way, I can go and beat him up if you want,” he asked, fully intending to go through with his treat if Liz said that’s what she wanted.

“Michael it’s fine; it wasn’t what he said that upset me okay, you don’t have to go and beat up your friend because of me,” Liz informed him as she patted his back to show that she really was all right.

Before either of the two had a chance to carry on their conversation, they were interrupted by someone tapping Liz on the shoulder. Before she turned around Liz noticed the look that flashed in Michael’s eyes. It was a warning to whomever it was that if they messed with Liz they messed with him. At that moment Liz felt thankful she had Michael looking out for her. Slowly turning around to greet the person that tapped her shoulder, she was met with the one person that she didn’t really want to see just yet.

“Liz do you think I could talk to you for a moment please,” Max asked, somewhat uncomfortable with the way Michael was looking at him as he stood behind Liz.

“Yeah that’s fine….do you want to go and sit down?” she asked, pointing to an empty seat.
Nodding his head, Max gestured for Liz to go first. As she walked passed him her sent filled his senses and made him dizzy; the perfect mixture of strawberries and baby powder. He had never smelt anything like it before and for him it was heaven. Bringing himself out of his self-induced daze, he walked to the table where Liz was sitting. Taking a seat across from her, Max was at a loss for words; all of a sudden he had no clue what to say to her.

Liz sat there waiting for Max to begin. When it didn’t look as if he would ever talk, Liz was about to say something when she was stopped by Max’s voice.

“Liz I just wanted to say how sorry I am if I upset you in any way. It wasn’t my intension at all and if I had known about Vinnie’s father I would have kept my big mouth shut,” Max managed to say past the lump the size of an apple that had formed in his throat.

“It’s okay it wasn’t your fault, how were you supposed to know about Vinnie’s father?” Liz said as she dropped her gaze to the table in front of her. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Max at that point.

Just then, the pair heard a lot of yelling from the table where everyone else had congregated. Looking over to where everyone was, Liz saw Kyle dancing around in circles saying something about a road trip. It was about then Maria walked over and told them what was going to happen. Liz learned that the entire group of teens all wanted to come with her to see Tom, and she was thankful to have what seemed to be such good friends after only being in this town half a day.

After saying good night to everyone about five minutes later, Liz went up to bed. She was almost dead on her feet by the time she made it up to her new room. She didn’t even bother to get undressed, she just crawled under the covers and drifted of to sleep

Liz woke at around six in the morning. She hadn’t slept like that for months. Lying in bed, she stretched her arms over her head; it was then she realized that she was still wearing the same clothes she had on yesterday. Then, starting to panic, Liz bolted upright. Throwing the blankets off her, she ran to the door and down the hall. She was so scared of what she would find when she got to Vinnie’s room. He hadn’t woken up throughout the night and Liz knew it was too soon for him to be sleeping right through the night. When she entered Vinnie’s room she found it empty. Heaving a sigh of relief, Liz walked into the living room to find Maria sitting there in her pj’s giving Vinnie his bottle. “Maria what are you doing here?” Liz whispered confused as to what would Maria be doing here at this time of the morning, in her pj’s no less. After that thought ran through Liz’s mind realization dawned on her. “ My God do Nancy and Steve let you stay over?” she enquired, more than a little stunned.

“Yeah all the time,” Maria answered casually as she moved Vinnie. When she got no response from Liz, Maria looked up to see the very shocked look on her new friends face.
“I think they figure we’re almost adults now anyway, and if we’re going to have sex, better here than the back seat of Michael’s car. Not that we do anything here anyway, that’s just wrong, I mean they’re right next door,” she told Liz turning her attention back to Vinnie.

“Maria can I ask you what you’re doing up feeding Vinnie at six in the morning? Why didn’t you wake me up? I’m sure you would rather be sleeping right now,” Liz said sitting down. “And do you have any idea who got up and fed him through the night?”

“Yeah, Nancy got up. I came out to see if there was anything I could do, but she said not to worry and go back to sleep….I think she was waiting up for him; she just loves having a baby around. You should have seen her when she found out you were coming, she was so excited,” Maria rambled continually.

“Well now I feel really bad. I just got here and I haven’t even been taking care of my own child everyone else has … you guys must think I’m such a bad mother,” Liz said as she let her gaze drift towards the floor.

“Liz don’t feel bad. Nancy just wants to help and she saw how tired you were yesterday, we all did, she was only trying to give you a night off,” Maria reasoned. “ And besides, I’ve got work at seven so I had to be up anyway, it’s not like this little guy woke me up or anything.”

Feeling a bit better Liz relaxed a bit but she decided to go shopping and buy Nancy something for all her troubles.

It was Wednesday night and Liz now had a new appreciation for waitresses. She couldn’t believe it was so busy on a Wednesday. She had started at four o‘ clock and the rush started at half past. Looking at the clock, it was now eight forty two. Only eighteen more minutes to go, she thought. She was looking forward to her bed tonight, as she did every night.

In the five days she had been there, Liz found she had an amazing group of people she could turn to when needed. She couldn’t get rid of Maria and Isabel; they had almost become permanent fixtures in the apartment upstairs. When she woke up they were there and almost every time she went to sleep, yep, you guessed it, they were still there. Maria was there more so than Isabel because she had an excuse to stay.

Looking back at the clock it was now ten to nine. Sitting down in an empty seat and looking around the now deserted restaurant, Liz thought about her first night as a waitress. She started out a bit shaky at first, but soon got the hang of it. It was when all of her new found friends came in that she started to get flustered over every little thing. And after that everything went wrong. First she mixed up everyone’s drinks, which she got one hell of a ribbing for, then tripped over someone’s bag that was lying on the floor which made her literally throw a whole tray of food at some poor unsuspecting customer. At that point Steve walked in and told Liz to go on her break. She was sitting out(in) the back room, her head hanging in her hands almost in tears, when she heard the swinging doors bang open.

“Go away,” she yelled without even looking up to see who it was.

Max was taken aback by the way Liz had just sounded. In the whole five days he had known her, he never heard her raise her voice once. Not that you have really spent that much time with her, he mentally added to his thought process. Seeing she hadn’t looked up, Max walked over and sat down next to her on the couch.

Feeling someone sit down next to her, Liz looked out the side of her hands to see who had just rudely interrupted her self induced exile. Max. Who else could it be, she thought. The one person that was responsible for all this mess.

Since Liz talked to Maria the first night she arrived, she had seriously thought about what she had said. As much as she wanted to forget everything, she couldn’t. Maria was right; she couldn’t go on living like she was. She needed to say goodbye and let herself move on. It was later on the next day she had come to that same conclusion, and it was good at the time. It wasn’t until later on when everyone came over to hang out after the Crashdown had closed again that she feel a little uneasy with her decision, because it was at that moment that she realized she had a strong, and I mean strong, attraction towards Max. Thus being the problem at hand every time he was around her; she got nervous and when she got nervous she became clumsy.

She had now fallen over four times, burnt her hand, almost fallen down the stairs, and last but not least got herself into a minor fender bender as she tried to park her car with him watching her.

“God you must think I’m a total geek,” she thought to her self.

“No not really. I think it’s cute the way you get all flustered and make an idiot of yourself,” Max joked, laughing.

“My God, did I say that out loud?” Liz asked, her eyes bugging out of her head. She didn’t mean to talk to him; she was hoping that if she stayed silent long enough, he would just go away.

“Yes you did,” Max answered, chuckling to himself. Leaning back and making himself more comfortable, resting his arm on the side of the couch, he couldn’t help but grin at her. She was so cute when she was all embarrassed.

“I can’t believe I just dumped all that food on that poor man.” Liz sighed dramatically as she threw herself back into the couch. Seeing as how Max had made himself comfortable, she may as well talk to him.

“It wasn’t that bad. Most of it missed him and hit the floor and he got a free diner out of it so I think he was happy,” he told Liz, trying to make her feel better.

God, can you be any cuter? she asked herself, hoping like hell that she hadn’t said that out loud too. Looking at Max, she breathed a sigh relief when she realized it had stayed in her head where it belonged.

Liz was just thankful he wasn’t bringing out the big guns and giving her shit like everyone else would.


Liz decided to get back to work after Michael had stopped on his way to get a mop and to ridicule her.

The rest of the night seemed to go rather smoothly; nothing else was dropped, no other orders were mixed up, and by the end of the night she was rather pleased with herself. She walked to the door and pushed the lock over, then went to take the till draw out of the cash register.

After everything was sorted she moved to go out the back and go upstairs to bed.
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