Who Says [yclftp]? (Days,S/L,TEEN) Ch 4 - 3/23/11DEAD&BURIED

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Who Says [yclftp]? (Days,S/L,TEEN) Ch 4 - 3/23/11DEAD&BURIED

Post by LoveIsForever » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:23 pm

Who Says You Can’t Learn From The Past?
(since the title was really long it had to be shorten for the forum title)
Author: Sw aka Lumiforever , and SkyBlue on fanfiction net.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Days of our Lives and am making no money off of this story, If I did own Days Lumi would be together right now.
Rating: Teen
Couples: Sami/Lucas aka Lumi.
Summary: Who says you can't learn from your past? Sami does indeed learn from hers. This started out as a one-parter that turned into a longer fic. Just when Sami learns something that could set her free from EJ she is kidnapped.

Author’s Note: I haven’t watched Days since EJ wasn’t punished for raping Sami. So this isn’t going to following the current storyline exactly. Just something that popped into my head and wouldn’t let go. This is my first Lumi fic so please be kind when you reply and let me now what you think.

I have 12 Chapter of this Fic already wrote. So I will post them here a chapter a week after I have posted the first 3. Only because I still haven't finished the story yet and need time to finish it.

Warning: This fic does talk about Rape and dealing with the aftermath of the victims feelings. Also there is talking about a death of a loved one and talking about the funeral.

Chapter 1

Some things were finally looking up for Sami the annulment from EJ would be going through in a few days and Will was coming home just as soon as Sami was able to insure a home for all of her children.

Of course Lucas was still in jail and EJ was still going to be in their lives because he was Johnny’s Dad. But a new lawyer was telling Lucas he’s chances for a appeal was good and he could claim temporary insanity.

Sami wasn’t holding her breath on Lucas getting out soon though it never seemed like the law could ever work for them like it did for others. But she planned on waiting however long it took until Lucas was freed and back home with her and their children.

Sometimes when she was alone in her bedroom Sami would think of the past in all the time that she and Lucas had wasted. If only they hadn’t kept trying to keep Will away from the other none of this mess they were in now would have happened. Sami liked to think more then likely they were have ended up married much sooner then they had and even perhaps had more children together then just Will and the twins.

Even knowing that EJ fathered one of her twins didn’t stop Sami from always thinking of the twins as Lucas‘. Because he was the one that she truly loved and with she who had made love with. A child should only be created in love something even Will had been. Not the romance kind at that time but a friendship type of love it was love none the less.

Sami couldn’t help but think back at how young and stupid she had been if she had only stop pinning away for Austin long enough to see that Lucas was the one she really wanted none of this would be happening. Well thinking like that wasn’t going to help anyone out. And only make her feel that much more lonely tonight.

So Sami instead of just setting around feeling sorry for herself decided to update the twins’ baby books. Lucas was missing so much of their young lives Sami wanted to have everything documented so when he came home he would know when certain events had happened.

Going through first Allie’s making sure she marked down first tooth and word: Ma she then moved onto Johnny’s after writing down the information Sami couldn’t help but remember how doing this so many years ago had revealed that Will wasn’t Austin’s son. If only she had told Lucas that very day.

Turning the pages of the Johnny’s baby book Sami stopped and looked at his blood type and was a little surprised that he shared the same as Will. But what she found really puzzling was that all three of her children did.

That wasn’t rare in it’s self that all three siblings were to share the same blood type. But when you’re talking about one of those three being half-siblings those odds were really rare for that to happen. But after all this was Salem where half the town at one point was thought to be dead and turned up alive. Compare to that this was nothing.

But what really had Sami frozen in her seat was shock and just thinking how stupid am I? Remembering when EJ was in the hospital and they had to give him blood he was so sick dying really everyone had thought. She had learned his blood type and never had it ever enter Sami’s mind until this very moment. EJ had the same blood type as Austin.

Johnny’s blood type was the same as Will’s their was no way possible for Johnny to have that type and be EJ’s son. Which means that Johnny is…Sami couldn’t even finish that thought first she had to make sure that Johnny indeed did have this blood type and if he did then they we’re free of EJ forever.

Sami couldn’t help but think as she left both baby books behind and went to get her twins so she could get both tested for blood types that sometimes you did learn from the past.
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Re: Who Says You Can't Learn From The Past?( Days )

Post by LoveIsForever » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:26 pm

Chapter 2

Sami wasn’t sure how much time had past are what year it was. Time seemed to have stopped after the first few months here and no one came for her. At first Sami had been sure that Eric would come at anytime to rescue her, he had to feel her fear.

But he never came the only other person Sami would have bet money of finding her was Lucas but he was in jail for shooting EJ. Sami hoped against hope that Kate had sent Allie to Carrie and Austin so she could be with Will at least. Knowing that one of her children was stuck with the DiMeras was bad enough. They didn’t have any claim to Allie legally so hopefully she was with Will or even if it made Sami want to scream with her Grandmother Kate. As long as she wasn’t around the DiMeras Sami would be happy and she forced herself to believe that everything with Allie was going fine.

Because Sami didn’t think she could handle if more then one of her children were still forced to live with EJ.
If only she hadn’t been stupid and ever married EJ, why had she let herself be forced into that? It seemed like years ago and it might just have been.

If only she hadn’t realized in the DiMera mansion that Johnny couldn’t have been EJ’s son. She wouldn’t have been hit over the head and whisked away. André and his schemes it seemed that he had picked up where Stefano had left off. How many times had André been killed now? He was like a cockroach he keep coming back no matter how many times you thought you killed him.

Sami looked around her ‘home’ if you wanted to call it that it was one large room with a twin bed against one wall and a little bathroom off of it. Then against the other wall was the kitchen. In the middle was a couch and TV hooked up with a DVD player. Once a week when the food was dropped off so were a few DVDs.

At first Sami had tried to jump the employee who would dropped her food off and escaped but after doing this three times and then going with out food for days at a time each time Sami did as she was told and entered the bathroom and didn’t leave until the employee finished dropping off her food.

Sami had come to understand this was her life she was never getting out of here. After all hadn’t Stefano kidnapped her Father and held him prisoner for years?

Unless André decided he wanted her family to know where she was Sami didn’t think she would ever see any of them again. She would dream at night of how her life could have been if only EJ hadn’t have raped her. She would have known that Johnny was Lucas and they would both be with their kids now.

Sami didn’t like thinking about all the things that could be happening to Lucas in jail right now. Was he even still alive after all he had shot a DiMera and they didn’t get over things like that easily. It would be so easy for them to pay someone to kill Lucas in jail.

“No don’t think that way” Sami told herself “I would know if Lucas was dead. I would feel it.”

Lucas was the love of her life and the Father of all three of her children only he didn’t know that no one did. They all still thought or at least Sami thinks they all thought Johnny was still EJ’s.

Sami heard a rattle on the locked door something that never happened in less it was food day which had just happened the day before. Holding her breath Sami didn’t know if she should be scared are to dare hope that finally someone had come to rescue her.

As the rattling stopped Sami wasn’t sure if she should yell out to whoever was there are ran and hide in her bathroom and hope whoever it was would leave.

But Sami wasn’t a coward and she wasn’t going to start being one now. Finding her voice she yelled out “Help I’ve been locked in here please let me out”

Then Sami almost had a heart attack when she heard a voice she never thought to hear here answer back

“Mom is that you, what are you doing in there?” Will asked as he tried to get the door handle to open again. Looking around he spotted a key on a hook above the door. Reaching up he got the key off and stuck it in the lock and opened the door. Wondering how his Mother got locked in a room in the DiMera mansion basement a room that it had taken him a hour to find it was so well hidden.

And why she would have been in the basement in the first place was something Will couldn’t figure out she had been at the mansion earlier that day with Johnny and Sydney so that Stefano could see his grandchildren. Will was sure he had seen her leave over two hours ago why did she come back then?

Opening the door Will got his answer to that question in a way he never imaged.

As soon as the door was open Sami had ran and grabbed Will in her arms she hadn’t seen her son in so long and now holding him she realized just how long she had been locked in this room.
Will was taller then her now and it looked as if he had dyed his hair blond she almost smiled at that. But what was must important right now was to get Will and herself out of where they were at before they were caught.

“We have to get out of here” Sami said as she pulled out of the hug and looked around the hallway to make sure no one had saw them. “Who did you come here with? We have to leave right away before they find us and lock us up.”

“Mom what are you talking about who I came here with? You know I live at the DiMera mansion now with Grandma Kate.” Will stated not knowing what was going on his Mother didn’t’ look anything like she had this morning. Her hair was a lot longer and she was thinner too. How had that happened in a few hours.

“DiMera mansion you mean I’ve been here this whole time?” Sami asked looking Will over once again. He had gotten so much older since she had last seen him. Her baby boy had almost all grown up.

If Will had gotten this much older how old were her Twins? And if Will was now living with Kate at he DiMera mansion where were her Twin’s living? And why was Kate living at the mansion and with Will?

“What year is it Will how long have I been gone?” Sami asked not being able to hold back her tears any longer. Not wanting to stay in this place a moment longer she grabbed Will’s right hand and pull him out into the hallway and starting ran down the hall just wanting to get her and Will out of this mansion.

Letting his Mother pull him along Will was starting to understand what was happening before his very eyes. He knew that his Mother wouldn’t have let EJ get away with everything he had done. She wouldn’t have picked EJ over him. Whoever the hell he saw this morning was pretending to be his Mother. The woman before him trying to get him out of the DiMera mansion was his true Mother and she was someone he truly had missed even though he thought she wasn’t real anymore.

“Mom it’s June 2010, how long had you been in that room? How long did that imposter pretend to be you?” Will asked as they stopped at a T in the hallway knowing which way to go Will this time took the lead and still holding his Mother’s hand started to pull her along with him.

“What do you mean imposter? I’ve been in that room since April 2008 just days before my annulment from EJ was going thru” Sami asked and stated. Imposter did that mean what she thought it meant had Andre stole another idea from Stefano and made another ‘Sami’
Had the past once again replayed it’s self was their another John Black only this time a woman who thought she was Sami Brady?

And if she did would this other Sami if she wasn’t in on this give her, her life back. Did she even what her life in Salem back when it was clear that no one knew the difference between her and this fake Sami? She couldn’t hold this Imposter against Will because he hadn’t even been in town when this switch must have taken place.

But what about her Dad couldn’t he tell this person wasn’t her? Well it didn’t really matter at the moment all that did was getting out of this place and getting her twins back after that Sami was thinking leaving town with all of her children sounded like a good idea to her.
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Re: Who Says You Can't Learn From The Past?( Days )

Post by LoveIsForever » Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:28 pm

Warning: Deals with a someone getting killed ahead. So if you want to skip this part go ahead.

Chapter 3

Hearing someone talking ahead Sami and Will stopped dead in there tracks looking around for somewhere to hide as the voice got closer. Seeing a door to his left Will turned the knob and was surprised it opened not caring what was behind the door grabbing his Mother pulling Sami and himself thru and just had time to close the door before they heard someone talking on the other side of it.

“Sir, I don’t know how much longer I can keep her secretly locked in the basement before someone finds Sami there.” That voice Sami knew well it was her captured the one who left her food once a week. Looking at Will seeing his eyes wide Sami knew if they were caught they both would be in big trouble.

“It’s getting harder to sneak away without Mr. DiMera or his Son realizing I’m keeping something from them.” The voice stopped then and both Mother and Son could barely make out what was said next as it became clear the man talking on a cell phone was walking away from them back towards what Will guess was his Mother’s room or cell whatever you felt like calling it.

“I think it’s be long enough now that you can call the new Sami a success and get rid of the old”

“ Thank God Mom I found you when I did” Will whisper a full minute after there had been nothing but silences on the other end of the door.

Sami just nodded her head not wanting to voice her fear of them being found and now not just her being the only one in danger. Andre’s hired helper was planning on killing her and now if caught Will as well. They had to get out of here but first they had to make sure Mr. Hired help wasn’t still down the hallway are worse what if he found out she was already gone?

“We have to get out of here now, before he realizes I’ve escaped.” Sami whispered to Will as she opened the door slowly looking around the hallway making sure it was clear. “I’ll go first make sure it safe then you come once I tell you too.” Sami ordered her son she wasn’t going to let anything happen to Will.

Walking out slowly looking back and forth Sami saw no sign of anyone are heard any voices. So she turned back to give Will the all clear when she felt two strong arms wrapped around her and a voice yell “ There you are I was looking for you. I don’t know how you got out but you’re going back”

Will heard every word spoken to his Mother and started looking around the room he was still in the door was cracked open just enough to give light into the room. It looked to be a storage room with lots of boxes stacked up and a few lamps. Will could hear his Mother yelling and knew he didn’t have time to search the boxes to find a weapon. But then all of a sudden Will couldn’t believe his luck in a glass case ahead was what he guess was a collection of old guns. Not wasting a second longer then needed he could hear his Mother fighting her captured he opened the case and grabbed the first gun that he figured he could fire and ran to the door. Pushing it open just in time to see the DiMera Butler holding a gun of his own on his Mother.

“I’m never going back to that room” Sami yelled wanting to make sure Will heard her and knew not to come out. “Just shot me now and get it over with I’m not going back to that room to die” Sami stated then throw her head back hitting her kidnapper in his. As he let her loose to grab his head Sami took off hoping she was headed towards the stairs to get help for her and Will. Or just to get Andre’s minion away from her son.

Sami knew she had to get her kidnapper away from Will so she looked back and when she did he had a gun in his hand. Her legs stopped on their own at this and she just stood still if Will came out of that room now he would be shot. And like any Mother Sami wasn’t about to let her Son be killed. Taking a deep breath to clam herself down she couldn’t past out now, if she did Sami didn’t know what would happen to Will.

“Are you scared of this Sami?” he taunted her if he only knew it wasn’t herself she was afraid for maybe then what happened next wouldn’t have surprised him. “You should be because you’re no longer needed” were the last words the man spoke before a gun shot went off that surprised both the man and Sami.

But Sami recovered faster and grabbed the gun from the man’s hand as he turned to see just who had fired a gun at him or Sami. Before he made the complete turn he fall over and that’s when Sami saw the blood stain on his shirt right in the middle of where his heart is.

“ Mom are you okay” Will asked dropping the gun he had just fired not caring at the moment that he just shot a man. All that he could see over and over was the Butler holding a gun pointed at his Mother.

“Me I’m fine how are you?” Sami asked keeping herself together and she was actually proud of herself for not fainting. But she had to keep herself together for Will, Sami could see he didn’t realize yet just what he had done. ‘When had she and Will turned into Lucas and Kate?’

Will has just killed a man to protect his Mother just like Lucas had done so many years before to protect Kate. That was one story that she had to pull out of Lucas that she planned on never telling a single soul. And now it looked as if she and her Son would share a secret like that as well.

“I’m okay Mom we have to get out of here, before his partner comes looking for him” Will said looking anywhere but at the man he had just shot not wanting to admit to himself that he wasn’t getting up ever again.

Sami walked over to the dead man just to make sure he was dead with the gun in one hand the other she checked for a pulse and wasn’t surprised when she didn’t’ find one. They couldn’t just leave him in the hallway for anyone to find. If what he was saying before on the phone was true no one knew she was being held in the basement. Only Andre and that was the way Sami wanted to keep it she had to get herself and Will out of Salem right away and the perfect way to do that was let everyone think she was still there.

“Will baby can you help me move him back to my room” Sami said as she picked up the legs of the man who had just tried to kill her. “We have to make sure no one finds him. At least not for awhile yet”

Will who only now fully understood what he had done just walked over and picked up the man’s arms and helped his Mother as she lead him back to her room. He didn’t’ say a word as she walked into her old room as the door had been left open. Not one word as they moved the dead man to her sofa and then walked out locking the door behind them.

“It’s not you’re fault Will you did it to save me” Sami said as she took her almost grown son into her arms. “No one would find you guilty of anything for defending you’re Mother”

Tears where running down both of their faces and Will could only think of one thing he needed right now besides his Mother. “We need to go to Dad he’ll know what to do” Will whispered as if he was a little boy again and believe his Dad could make anything better.

Sami looked at Will patting his hair down at least she knew Lucas was still alive now but he couldn’t help them in jail. “Will you’re Dad’s in jail how can he help us?”

“Mom, Dad’s hasn’t been in jail since May of 2008” Will explained almost for a second forgetting that she didn’t already know this. “He’s been in Tokyo for the last few months on work but he’s back in town for Grandma Alice’s funeral.”

“Alice Horton died?” Sami asked feeling like a part of her childhood and Salem it’s self had just been broken.

“Yes she pass away in her sleep it was peaceful” Will said feeling tears start anew thinking about his Great-Grandmother. Everyone loved Alice Horton and Will was blessed to have been part of her family.

“Okay then I guess we go to you’re Dad for help for getting us all out of Salem” Sami stated still trying to come to terms with all she had just learned Lucas wasn’t in jail any longer and a woman that had always been good to her and was thought of by most in Salem as Grandmother had passed away.

And just the thought of Lucas being in Tokyo meant something had happened with the imposter Sami. What had she done to drive Lucas that far away? Did Lucas even love her any longer? Sami didn’t know what she would do if he didn’t but right now the important thing to remember was that Will and she had to get out of this house and out of Salem with the twins.
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Re: Who Says [yclftp]? (Days,S/L,TEEN) Ch 3 - 3/12/11

Post by LoveIsForever » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:47 pm

Chapter 4

The most important thing Sami could think of was protecting Will and that meant making sure their was no proof that Will had been in her room. So Sami had asked Will to stand guard in the hallway as she unlocked her door and got a wash cloth from her bathroom and started wiping her whole little two room apartment down making sure to wipe away anyplace where finger prints might be found most importantly anywhere Will’s could be found.

Sami was scared she was taking to long and kept calling out to Will making sure he didn’t see anyone out in the hallway. Once she had everything wiped clean Sami looked once more at the man laying on her sofa taking a once over on him making sure Will wouldn’t have touched anything on him that could hold prints.

Walking back to the door making sure to use the wash cloth to touch the handle Sami closed the door as she looked around the hallway and saw Will just standing there looking at her as he used to when he had been little and was afraid he was about to get in trouble for breaking something. Taking the key that was on the nail above the door wiping it down after locking the door again and wiping that off Sami turned towards Will.

“Will did you find any rooms in the basement that could be a security room with tapes?” Sami asked as she walked towards her son. He was just her baby and now he had taken a man’s life to save her. If she could Sami would have rather Will hadn’t found her to save him this pain of taking a life.

Nodding his head Will could remember passing a room earlier that he had peaked in that looked to be full of TV screens and on them was different rooms in the mansion above. Knowing that whatever his Mother wanted with the room most likely had to do with what just happened down here in the basement made Will all the more focused on wanting to help his Mom anyway he could.

Sami walked ahead of Will down the hallway making sure no one was there ahead of them. Once they past the room they had hid in early Will took the lead once again he lead them to a staircase that look to have about two flights up. “We have to go up these stairs and then another long hallway, after that theirs another set of stairs that lead to the security room.” Will stated the facts almost with no emotion in his voice.

Sami was starting to worry about him more by the second Will seemed to be in shock. But she had to get any security tapes that could show Will shooting her capture. She had to keep him save from André. Once she had the tape in hand she planned on getting Will to Lucas as fast as possible.

Lucas was the only other person Sami knew she could count on to protect Will with their life.
It seemed like it had taken forever to get to the security room both Mother and Son thought. The door wasn’t locked like Will had discover earlier that day. Sami walked in behind Will and took in the room that it seemed to have more then two dozen TV’s. Sami could see the living room camera it looked to be empty at the moment. As she looked at the next TV screen she could see that it looked like Stefano was in his office and so was Kate.

What was Kate doing in Stefano’s office? Sami thought but right now that didn’t matter. It likely had something to do with the reason why Will was living in the DiMera mansion.

“Will do you see any screen showing basement hallways? Sami asked as she looked from one screen to another but it seemed to be a lost cause at the moment all she could see were cameras from the upstairs rooms.

Looking at the TV screens behind his Mom, Will looked and wasn’t surprised to find a few screens that showed his room making a note to not do anything other then sleep ever again in his room he started looking for the basement hallway on the TV’s.

“Found them” Sami said as she looked at four different screens not sure which once was the right one. But really it didn’t matter what they should do Sami got to thinking was just delete all the video feeds from today or longer. “Will do you think you could help me delete or erase all the videos of today and turn off all the cameras in the whole house?”

“I think I can but why not just delete all the videos” Will asked as he looked around and found a computer he just hit a key and was surprised that there didn’t seem to be a password needed it looked as if someone was already in the system. It had to be the Butler that was holding his Mother hostage he had to be looping the feed so no one saw him getting in are not of the basement.

“Mom I don’t think we have to worry about the video you’re capture has looped the video feed in the basement. But I’ve turned off the ones in the upper rooms of the house and outside the house so we can get out of here without being taped.” Will says this with a smile.

“So let’s get out of here Will and go find you’re Father” Sami said headed for the door never more ready to get out of the DiMera mansion that at the moment in her life.


The ringing caught Lucas off guard he wasn’t expecting anyone to call him at the moment he was setting on top if his car looking out at the lake that he and Sami used to go to when they were teenagers. He had taken Allie with him today on a picnic here wanting to show her a place where their was nothing but good memories of him and Sami.

Allie though had fallen asleep on the blanket from their picnic after they had played a game of tag between them. Allie seemed to be a Daddy’s girl which just warmed Lucas’ heart like nothing else could these days. Lucas had lifted her from the blanket to the backseat of his car to let her sleep in peace.

How had everything gotten so confusing between him and Sami? Was the only thing that Lucas could think. For crying out loud Will was living at the DiMera mansion Sami had four children two of those weren’t his. That’s what hurt the most that Sami could go and have another child with EJ after what he had done to her and them. EJ had been the reason their marriage was over. And now she shared another child with him. Johnny being EJ’s he could never hold against Sami she had been raped by EJ. He could never hold that against Johnny either he loved that little boy as if he was his own that was one of the reason why he had taken his Mother up on her offer of a job. He couldn’t be around Johnny without wanting to be his Father.

Sydney though was a whole other story he didn’t have those same feeling he did about Johnny with her. Of course that was because before Johnny was born he believed he was his son and Lucas knew if Sami and him wouldn’t have divorced he would have raised Johnny as his own.

Lucas knew everyone thought he had left Salem because of Chloe and Daniel and he let them think it. It was easier for people to think he was mad or anger at them then for everyone to know that he was still hang up on Sami at least still hang up on his Sami.

Because the Sami that lived in Salem right now didn’t seem to be the same one that he had married and had two children with. It was the look in her eyes she didn’t look at him like he was the love of her life any longer.

Lucas knew he could have forgiven Sami for sleeping with EJ if only she had looked at him with love in her eyes. Sami said the right words but Lucas could tell she didn’t really mean them that’s how he got stuck into Chloe and that nightmare. Chloe was his rebound making Sami see that someone wanted him even if she didn’t but instead of making him feel better all that relationship had done for him was make Lucas miss his Sami all the more.

He had tried the friendship thing with Sami once again but that just made him miss his Sami more. Friendship with Sami wasn’t going to cut it for him especially when he didn’t even like the Sami he seen since his return for his Grandmother’s funeral. Truth be told he hadn’t liked Sami since he was let out of jail.

Hearing the phone ringing again Lucas looked down at his cell phone it said Will on the caller id. Perhaps he decided he wanted to spend some time with Allie and Me, Lucas thought as he hit talk.

“Hey Will” Lucas said feeling a smile come to his face only when he was with or talking to his children did that smile come to his face now at days.

“Dad I need you’re help you have to met us at you’re house right away.” Will replied to his Dad’s greeting locking eyes with his Mother as they walked down the sidewalk. Sami hiding her face behind a hooded jacket of Will’s.

“Buddy you know Nathan lives there now, I’ll meet you at the DiMeras or you’re Mom’s pen house” Lucas said knowing by Will’s voice something was wrong he got off the hood of his car.

“I know that Dad but Nathan’s on call at the hospital all day today. He told me so yesterday. Please we need to meet you somewhere were no one will see us it’s important it’s a matter of life or death” Will plead with his Father knowing that if he didn’t get him to promise to meet them alone there wasn’t going to be a place for them to all meet without getting caught by someone in Salem and right now until they figure out what they were going to do everything had to be a secret.

“Life or Death really Will are you sure it’s that important” Lucas asked laughing a little hoping that he wasn’t about to find out he was going to be a grandfather. “I’ll meet you there I’ve got Allie with me up at the lake. How are you going get to the my house do you need me to come pick you up?”

Will looked at his Mother after having heard his Father’s question no they couldn’t take the chance of his Dad’s reactions to his Mother out in the open where anyone could see. Because Will was pretty sure that when he’s Dad seen his Mother he would put two and two and that needed to be done in private away from the DiMeras.

“No that’s okay we’re take a cab” Will stated as he took his Mom’s hand. Sami smiled up at her son she had let him handle the phone call as she looked around outside it had never looked so wonderful the air smelled so clean. The only other time she could recall it feeling this good to be outside had been when she was let out of death row. The sun shining on her face it felt so warm.

“Okay but who is this we you keep talking about is it you’re girlfriend?” Lucas asked as he closed his car door and got ready to turn his car on. Lucas really was dreading if Will’s answer was ‘yes’. Because the only reason Lucas could think for Will wanting to meet him so badly would be if his girlfriend was pregnant.

“Dad I don’t have a girlfriend so no. You’re meet the person with me at the house until then bye” Will spoke fast and then hung up not wanting to answer anymore questions all he wanted to do was get to his Dad’s house and let his parents figure out what to do next.

“Will you better call that cab” Sami said knowing that Will was starting to fall apart she couldn’t let him do that here once they got to Lucas’ he could. But not until then they had to stay aware and not make any mistakes. No one could know about what happened in that basement.

“You’re right Mom, but I wanted to warn you Dad has Allie with him” Will started as he started to dial information to get a number for a cab company. Sami couldn’t help but smile her little girl she was going to get to see her baby girl after all this time.


Lucas pull up to his house well he really didn’t think of it as his any longer. Had he really ever thought of this place as his home? Had Chloe really been his wife? Being out of Salem for awhile had opened his eyes so much Chloe wasn’t his type and he wasn’t her’s as well.

They were both on the rebound and just kind of found each other and for while Lucas had taking comfort in her but now he felt just empty by the thought of that relationship. Turning around Lucas saw that Allie was still sound asleep she looked so much like her Mother when she was sleeping that sometimes it took his very breath away. He had his own little Sami one that loved him completely and one he didn’t have to share her heart with anyone else but Will and Johnny.

Hoping that Will and his guest had already gotten there Lucas lifted his daughter into his arms and started for the house. Once he made it to the front door he knocked on it with his left foot hoping Will would open the door so he didn’t have to put Allie down. The lights were on in the house so in less Nathan forgot to turn them off this morning Will should be there.

“Will are you in there open the door for me Allie is still sleeping and I don’t want to wake her” Lucas said through the door.

Just as Lucas was about to try to open the door himself it slowly opened and Lucas walked in and head right for the couch to lay Allie on. “Thanks Will for getting the door”

“You’re welcome Dad but it wasn’t me” Will said standing on the far side of the couch showing it was impossible for him to open the door for his Dad and little sister.

“Oh so you’re friend opened the door when do I get to meet this mystery friend of yours?” Lucas asked as he looked his son up and down and could see something was wrong Will looked pale and you could see he was about to fall apart any second now.

“You get to meet me right now General” Sami stated as she closed the front door and from the look on Lucas face she would say she had surprised him.

Hearing ‘General’ only one person ever called him that made Lucas turn his head and his mouth fell open when he saw her standing there? Her hair was longer then it had been in years almost to the length it had been when he first met her all those years ago. She looked so pale like she hadn’t seen the sun in a few years. Lucas could also see Sami was upset but keeping it together for Will he was sure.
But what took Lucas’ breath away was Sami’s blue eyes they were shining with the love she always used to have for him. And Lucas knew and that moment without a doubt who was standing before him was his Sami.
The One Thing That Never Dies Is Love.

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