Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) COMPLETE 2/17/11

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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 67-69 (pg 9) 2/6

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Chapter 71


The next morning, it was ten-thirty before Bruce and Rachel eased their way down to a late breakfast. Both had silk robes on over flannel pajamas, and their slippers made slight scuffing noises as they made their way into the sun room.

Rachel was feeling the aftereffects of a little too much French bubbly the night before. As for Bruce, he was just tired. He hadn’t been able to sleep much because his body was used to patrolling the streets of Gotham City in the wee hours of the morning instead of sleeping. They looked around the light-filled, east-facing room, but only saw a member of the kitchen staff, who was waiting to take their breakfast orders, and the table, which was set for two.

Bruce gestured to the table and asked the servant, “Mike? Why are there only two places set? I have guests today, so there should be four.”

“Mr. Kent came down almost an hour ago, Mr. Wayne.” The man’s look was apologetic, but not scared, as his employers were well-known for being mild-mannered. “He put in an order for two, asked for a breakfast tray, and took his order back upstairs. A minute later, Elise came in here and cleared away the extra place settings.”

“Breakfast in bed,” Rachel said, “what a romantic way to spend the morning.” Bruce didn’t even need to look her way to know she was giving him the eye. I can’t believe this, Bruce thought, being shown up in my own house by a guy who’s only had a girlfriend for two weeks.

Bruce turned to Rachel, who was looking at him expectantly, and asked, “Dearest? What would you like for breakfast?”

“Two slices of French toast, four strips of maple-smoked bacon, two scrambled eggs, milk, orange juice, coffee, and the morning paper.” She reached up and pinched Bruce’s cheek. “Think you can handle that, Big Guy?”

Bruce had to bite his lip to keep from saying the first thing that came to mind. He reminded himself that he’d never been attracted to shrinking violets. After waiting until the count of five, he said, “You just go on back to bed, Rachel, and I’ll be up to join you as soon as the kitchen staff completes our order.”

Bruce and Rachel kissed once, slowly and sweetly, before she headed back to the master suite. Bruce kept his eyes riveted on his wife as she sauntered down the hallway, still impressed with her beauty, even as she neared forty. He turned back to the waiting servant and then added his own order to the one Rachel had just made. “And I’m definitely going to need a breakfast tray to go with that, too.”

The order was assembled and ready for Bruce to carry upstairs in no time at all. As soon as Alfred brought Bruce a fresh copy of the Gotham Gazette, he was on his way. He’d almost made it to the stairs when Mike came running up behind him.

“Mr. Wayne, stop!” Mike gasped. Bruce stopped and waited for the man to catch his breath. “I almost forgot. When Mr. Kent took his tray upstairs, he took a rose with him. It was fresh from the greenhouse, but all I heard was him mumbling something about there not being any irises.”

Bruce muttered, “Showoff!” and handed the tray to Mike. “Here, please hold this for a bit. It seems I need to go the greenhouse.”

Bruce almost ran the whole way so he could get something nice without letting the breakfast cool off. He made it back with a rose of his own, picked up the breakfast tray, and climbed the stairs without spilling anything.

As he passed by Clark and Lana’s suite, he saw that the door was cracked open just a bit. He could hear that the television was on, and he was about to set down his tray and close the door for them, when he heard Clark say, “Oh yeah, Baby…just like that…right there…you really know what you’re doing…such wonderful hands. Now, just a little bit higher…move your hands around a little bit…awww, yeah, that’s it. Love the way you use those nails.”

Bruce cringed at that last statement and backed away from the door before he heard anything more. I guess impenetrable flesh has other uses besides stopping bullets, he mused. But what, exactly, I don’t want to know.

At that moment, Clark and Lana were in their bedroom enjoying themselves, but not the way Bruce thought. Neither one was wearing anything other than what God gave them, with the one exception being Lana’s engagement ring. She wasn’t taking that off for anything. Clark was lying flat on his chest and Lana was straddling his waist. His hands were folded together beneath his chin as he watched the Fiesta Bowl Parade on TV, while Lana was scratching his back. She'd leaned forward slightly to allow her to reach his entire back, but her eyes were focused on the parade, so he had to give her directions to get her hands in just the right places.

“Oh jeez, Lana. You have just the right touch for scratching my back. I haven’t felt anything that good since…” Clark pretended he couldn’t remember.

Since?” Lana prodded, emphasizing her word with a rake of her fingernails down his back.

“Since we stepped out of the shower this morning.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Watching the parade had been Lana’s idea. She’d always liked the bright colors and pageantry of the big parades, and was looking forward to the Rose Parade, which was coming up next. She figured Rachel might be up by then and they could watch that one together.

Lana had been drying and styling her hair after her lengthy escapade with Clark in the shower, when he'd surprised her by bringing in a large breakfast for them to share in bed. That had led to them feeding each other waffles, which were dripping with Vermont maple syrup, and slightly runny eggs sunny side up. The ensuing mess had necessitated a few minutes of mutual clean up in the bathroom before the parade started.

When the parade finally reached its end, Lana was sitting on an Ottoman while Clark sat behind her on the edge of the bed and carefully brushed out her silky brown hair. As the credits rolled, Clark dressed in a green Polo-style shirt and blue jeans, while Lana pulled on a white, cable-knit, crewneck sweater and blue jeans.

On their way out the door of their suite, Lana picked up her rose to enjoy both the scent, and the thoughtfulness that had caused Clark to pick it in the first place. As he pulled the door closed behind them, Bruce and Rachel came out of their suite, both sporting that special glow that Clark and Lana had only recently come to recognize.

“Looks like someone got lucky,” Clark murmured to Lana. He’d said it softly, but Bruce heard it anyway. All he did was grin as Lana lightly slapped Clark’s shoulder.

Bruce was dressed all in black, as usual, from slacks to fitted t-shirt, while Rachel had on an old sweatshirt and blue jeans. Rachel, too, was carrying her flower, while Bruce was holding a rolled-up portion of the morning paper.

The two women beamed when each saw the other carrying a rose. Lana was happy for Rachel that Bruce still cared enough to do the little things for her, while Rachel was pleased that Lana finally had a man who was worthy of her. Bruce waved Clark to a stop, and the four of them held an impromptu meeting in the otherwise empty hallway.

“What’s up?” Clark asked. Lana moved to his side and slipped an arm around one of his. Rachel stepped next to Bruce and wrapped one of her arms around his lower back.

“Yesterday,” Bruce said, “we got some news that you two will be highly interested in. We decided to not tell you last night because we didn’t want to mess up the evening you had planned.”

“Okay,” Lana said. “What’s the news?”

“Morgan Edge was killed in prison yesterday.”

Clark and Lana both paused in disbelief, and then had reactions which were diametric opposites: he was jubilant, she was angry. Clark quickly picked up on Lana’s anger, but found himself completely unable to stop smiling. Edge is dead! he thought. Lana should be safe! YES!

Lana muttered a couple of choice swear words under her breath before looking up at Bruce and asking, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ve got some connections and they confirmed it yesterday. If you want to check for yourself, however, you can use my laptop and check the online edition of the Daily Planet.”

Lana thought about taking him up on his offer for a second, but finally declined. “I’m sure you’re right.” Right then, she noticed the ear-to-ear grin on Clark’s face, and snapped, “What the hell are you so freaking happy about?”

“He’s dead, Lana.”

“I know, I wanted to put his worthless ass on death row.”

“Looks like someone expedited the process for you.”

Clark knew as soon as the words came out of his mouth, that he’d said the wrong thing. Lana unlinked her arm from his and stepped back from him. Her brows knitted together and her lips formed a tight line as her arms folded together across her chest…though she still held the rose in the fingers of one hand. When Clark moved forward to try and comfort her, she stepped back again. Bruce and Rachel slipped quietly down the hall, figuring they’d let the young couple deal with their current situation without an audience.

“I know you’ve put in a lot of work on this case the last three weeks,” Clark said, “as has your staff, and I know you were looking forward to doing your job and putting scum like Edge away for good. I’m sorry for you.” Lana looked up at Clark. “But look at it from my perspective. People were trying to kill you, to kill my fiancée, because Edge was alive but in jail. Can’t you see how his death might make me happy? You should be in the clear now, free from future assassination attempts. I’m not just happy, I’m ecstatic!”

The fact that Clark had recognized and understood why she was mad had mollified Lana somewhat, and she’d smiled, inadvertently, when he’d called her his fiancée. And, she had to admit that his reason for being happy was just. She knew she’d be thrilled if someone who was the cause of attacks on Clark’s life happened to die. So this time, she didn’t resist when Clark tried to take her into his arms.

His arms went around her shoulders, and hers went around the middle of his back, as they stood in the middle of the hallway. No crying was involved, but Lana was able to lean on Clark and let her aggravation and tension bleed away.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you, Clark,” Lana said quietly.

“That’s okay, Baby,” Clark replied, “you’d just received an unexpected shock. Things like that can throw even the best of us off stride for a little while.”

“That’s still not an excuse.” Lana got an impish look on her face as one of her hands slipped in between them and began to glide up Clark’s chest. “Maybe I can make it up to you.”

Clark wasn’t sure where this was going, but he wasn’t about to stop it. “What do you have in mind?”

Lana’s exploring hand toyed with the buttons on Clark’s shirt. “Oh…I don’t know…maybe some more of what you got last night.”

Last night had been an experience, for both of them. Lana had attacked him the moment he'd closed the door to their suite behind them. He’d been expecting more foreplay, but Lana had been eager for something more. When he’d asked her about it much later, she’d explained that she likes foreplay as much as any woman, both because it’s lots of fun in its own right, and because it helps stoke her fire for the lovemaking to come later.

In this case, however, she’d said that she didn’t need any additional ‘stoking’ because she had been as wound up as she could get by the time they’d left the ballroom. She’d gone on to explain that the entire night had been foreplay for her, from the moment she’d seen him in his white tie and tails.

“The way you treated me all night long made me feel special, made me feel loved. After getting to admire how handsome you were in that tux, you started off by being so perfect during the cocktail hour. I’d always dreamed of being able to show off my boyfriend to my friends and acquaintances, and here was my big chance. And there you were, being attentive, charming, and polite to everyone I introduced you to. I was so proud to be with you. I swear that half of my old girlfriends were happy for me, while the other half wanted to steal you from me.

“Then came dinner. Once again, you managed to charm both of the women you sat with. But what really got me there were those little looks you kept shooting my way. They were just enough to let me know that even though you were with them, you were still thinking of me.

“And in the ballroom after dinner, you showed yourself to be a much better dancer than you’ve ever let on. I think I could have danced the whole night with you and been happy. But when I took the time to dance with some of my old friends, you didn’t show the least touch of jealousy…and yet, you were still attentive enough to save me from Lex.

“Then came that amazing proposal. I felt so loved, and so lucky to be with you, that I wanted nothing more than to share that love with you. And what better way to express emotions that have no words, than by using my body to show you what I was feeling.

“I didn’t need any foreplay, Clark. You were the foreplay, just by being you.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 67-69 (pg 9) 2/6

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Chapter 72


The women watched the Rose Parade on the biggest of the big screen televisions in the house, all curled up on couches and sharing a gigantic bowl of buttered popcorn. The guys checked in with them from time to time, but spent their next two hours playing pool in the soundproofed game room and talking about some of the crazier stops they’d made lately. Clark’s biggest stop, hands down, was the bullet that had been aimed at Lana’s heart.

“That one must’ve been rough on you,” Bruce said, in what he was sure was the understatement of the year. “Did you know you were going to get there in time?”

“No.” Clark said somberly. “I knew I’d deflected the bullet, but I wasn’t sure Lana hadn’t been hit by it until I popped up out of that hole and saw her running for the Siegel Center…and then, after I had her safe on the roof, she gave me another near-miss heart attack by taking off my mask.”

“Did she sneak a peek?”

“Nope. She held my secret in her hands, literally, and gave it back to me. But that show of respect for me, that it was my secret to tell if and when I wanted to, was what got me to tell her later that night.” Clark looked over at Bruce. “How’d you decide to tell Rachel? I know the general facts of it being during the massive Arkham Asylum riot in the Narrows, but the why has kind of escaped me until now.”

“Simple,” Bruce said with a shrug. “She’d already seen my cover as a dissolute playboy and she believed it. I was sure that she, or I, or both, were about to die, and I didn’t want her last thought of me to be that. I wanted her to know I was fighting to save Gotham City just as hard as she was…I wanted her to think of me as a man of worth.

“I never expected we’d both survive, and sure didn’t think we’d get married, especially after she told me that the Bruce she loved hadn’t come back. I didn’t know if any part of that Bruce still existed. But with some hard work and patience on both our parts, we found some of him, and Rachel got to the point that she could accept we’d never find all of him.

“We’ve been together ever since.” Bruce chuckled a bit, and added, “I feel like I should be drinking something strong, and a lot of it, if I’m going to be telling you all of this.”

“Don’t worry, Bruce. We all need someone to talk to sometime, and who else can you go to who’ll understand something like this?”

“When’s Kara gonna settle down?”

“Kara? Are you kidding me?” Clark snorted. “I think that girl’s got more boyfriends than I have fingers, but her truly falling for one, for the one anyway, is not even on her horizon…but Mom still holds out hope.”

“Your mother…” Bruce began.

“…is a wonderful woman, and soon to be my mother-in-law,” Lana finished from the doorway.

The men turned, their current game all but forgotten, to see their women standing there waiting.

Rachel smiled in response to the helpless grin that crawled across Bruce’s face when he saw her. After the four of them exchanged greetings, Rachel said, “I was just thinking that now would be a good time for a little show and tell with Lana.”

She didn’t need to say what they were going to show her; that was well understood. It was time for Bruce to give Lana a guided tour of the Batcave.

The four of them left the game room. Three of them went to the conservatory and waited, while Bruce tracked down Alfred to let him know where they would be. Alfred followed Bruce into the conservatory and locked the door so that none of the regular servants would accidentally wander in while someone was either entering or leaving the cave. Bruce then pressed three specific keys on the piano, and a panel on the wall swung inward to reveal a passageway.

Bruce spoke to Lana, and said, “Let Rachel and me go first. When the elevator comes back up, you and Clark can come down.”

With an expansive mansion that contained secret passageways and a hidden elevator, Lana thought this was beginning to sound like an adventure from the Nancy Drew books of her childhood. Bruce even had a long-suffering butler to add into the mix.

Clark and Lana followed their hosts down the narrow passageway to the old-fashioned-looking elevator. The elevator’s controls seemed to be easy enough to decipher, but the wire mesh safety cage looked somewhat rickety to Lana. When Bruce and Rachel headed down, Lana said as much to Clark.

“It looks that way, Lana,” Clark replied, “but don’t worry. Bruce had that thing completely redone when he restored the mansion after the great fire. He’s taking the most important part of his life down there with him today, and you can bet that he wouldn’t let Rachel anywhere near it if he thought it wasn’t one-hundred percent safe…and I wouldn’t let you anywhere near it either.”

Down at the bottom, Rachel stepped out and Bruce threw the switch for the return trip before leaping off and slamming the gate shut. While he waited for his guests, he went about turning on all of the lights and putting away any potentially dangerous objects that were sitting out on the various workbenches that were scattered throughout the cave system.

When Lana stepped out of the elevator, Clark was close behind her, but didn’t say a word. He wanted her to have her own impressions of the place and he also wanted Bruce to be the one to show off the fruit of his, and Alfred’s, labor.

Lana was awed by the high ceiling and rough walls of natural rock. It was obvious to her that Bruce had only cut away rock when it was necessary for his equipment. And what equipment! From her vantage point, Lana could see an array of computer monitors and high-tech-looking workbenches. Bare florescent light bulbs lit the cave, and she could hear what sounded like continuous thunder off in the distance.

“What’s that noise, Clark?” Lana asked.

“I’m not telling,” he replied. “This is Bruce’s place; ask him all of your questions. You and I can share our opinions later.”


Just at that moment, a shadowy figure stepped out from behind a stalagmite and said, “Boo!”

Lana jumped and then smiled briefly when she saw it was Bruce, wearing a Batman mask that covered his head and neck. She’d met Batman on a number of occasions, especially while she was in the Gotham City D.A.’s Major Crimes Unit, but she’d never once thought he could be Bruce.

“God, I feel like a moron,” Lana said.

“Why should you?” Bruce replied. He was using his Batman voice now, which was deeper and rather gravelly when compared to his normal speaking voice. Combining the voice with the mask made for an intimidating spectacle. “I went to a lot of trouble to make sure no one expected anything out of Bruce Wayne except to live the high life.”

“But…I knew what kind of man you were then, and are today. I just feel I should’ve figured it out.”

Bruce pulled off his mask and reverted to using his normal speaking voice. “Come on, Lana. Give an old guy some credit.”

He took her on a personal tour, while Clark and Rachel waited in the background and chatted.

When Bruce brought Lana back to the others, they could just hear her ask, “Did you ever get the stench of vomit out of the Batmobile?”

Bruce gave Lana an accusing glare, and replied, “Yes, but it took me hours. You somehow got that puke everywhere.”

“Serves you right for driving like a NASCAR driver with epilepsy.” Lana turned to Rachel and Clark. “Have you ever seen this guy drive? No wonder Alfred insists on driving Bruce everywhere; he probably can’t get a license.”

Rachel started snickering at Bruce while Clark asked Lana how many times she’d ridden in the Batmobile.

“Just once.” Lana crossed herself, said a silent prayer, and said, “God help me if I ever have to do it again. As for why I was riding with him, my old car broke down in a bad part of town when I was out to meet an informant. Turns out Batman had been watching my back for sometime.”

“Yeah,” Bruce added, “and that car breakdown was no accident. There was a large contingent of thugs waiting to do Lana some serious bodily harm. So I pulled up and offered her a ride. Needless to say, those goons weren’t happy to see their prey escape, so I made sure they wouldn’t be able to follow me, despite their attempts at doing so. It seems that they had been hired to do the job, but were only going to get paid if they completed it.”

Clark instantly got serious. “So, this isn’t the first time someone’s come after you.”

“No,” Lana replied.

Bruce moved up beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. “That’s how we knew she was ready to go home to Metropolis. Rachel knew she could handle the legal aspects of the job, and I knew she was tough enough to handle the possibility of being in the crosshairs while still completing the job.”

Bruce collected Rachel and the two of them headed for the elevator. When Clark started to follow them, Bruce said, “I think Lana wants to go see the waterfall with you, Clark. When you two get back here, the elevator will be waiting.”

Bruce was right. Lana was waiting for him. It turned out that she’d asked Bruce about the distant roaring sound and he’d told her about the waterfall that screened the entrance to the cave. A private waterfall had sounded romantic to Lana, so she’d asked if Clark could be the one to show it to her. Bruce was more than happy to oblige, as he had zero interest in getting wet, outdoors, on January 1st.

Hand-in-hand, Clark and Lana walked down the straight, wide tunnel towards the silvery curtain of water. Lana could see where the floor of the tunnel had been smoothed to make it easier for the Batmobile to drive in and out.

The noise rose with each and every step they took. Soon, they had to raise their voices to make themselves heard. Lana snuggled in close to Clark and pointed at the falling water. “It makes me think of the waterfall from The Last of the Mohicans.

“Yeah, kind of anyway. The place where Cora and Hawkeye said their goodbyes. At least he promised to come back for her, no matter what. But unlike him, I’m not leaving you; not now, not ever.”

Lana held up her ring finger and stared at the ring for the umpteenth time since his proposal the night before, but this time, she was staring at the gold band instead of the diamond. “That’s why the symbol of engagement is a ring…it goes ‘round and ‘round, but has no end.” That flash of insight brought on a passionate kiss. Of course, as a couple newly in love, almost anything was an excuse for a kiss.

“So, how does a waterfall keep this place secret?” Lana asked. “I’d think curious people would want to see if anything was behind the waterfall like in the movies.”

“You obviously haven’t seen the other side of the waterfall yet. There’s not just a pool of water and a creek out there, Lana. Instead, it’s a chasm which has to be forty or fifty feet across. It’s also impossibly deep, so no one’s going to climb down one side and then climb back up this side while being pounded by the water.” Clark eyed what Lana was wearing. “I’d fly you through the waterfall and show you what I'm talking about, but you’d just about freeze to death before I could get you back into something warm.”

“But if the chasm’s that big, then…how can the Batmobile get across it? That’s one incredibly heavy car.”

“It’s rocket-boosted. It was originally designed for use by the U.S. Army as a bridging vehicle. Bruce said the car worked perfectly, but the automatic bridging equipment never worked right, so the government turned it down.”

By now, they were close enough to the waterfall that they could feel the rock vibrating underneath their feet and there was a fine mist blowing back into the cave. Clark was being extra careful; he didn’t want Lana to slip on the water-slicked floor of the tunnel. And the closer they got to the waterfall, the more Clark worried that the water on the floor would turn to ice. He then slapped himself on the head, just before using his heat vision to scour all of the water and ice from the floor.

“Looks like you’ll be able to clear our sidewalks of snow in no time.”

Clark pulled Lana in close. “Sounds like you’re already thinking of a house in the suburbs, complete with a yard and a white picket fence.”

“That sounds very nice,” Lana said. Then her demeanor turned serious. “Speaking of a house in the suburbs, something happened last night that we need to talk about.”

Clark started leading Lana back to where they could talk more comfortably.

“Like what?”

“When I called my folks to tell them about our engagement, Dad said something that made me think he’s got suspicions about you being Superman.”

Clark ran a hand through his hair. Having more people know had always been one of his personal nightmares. All the more so since he now had Lana in his life. Anything that threatened his secret was a much larger danger for her than it was for him.

“What did he say?”

“He just said if you’re that super, then he’d be behind me all the way. It was the emphasis he put on the word ‘super’ that got me worried. It felt to me like he was hinting at something.”

Lana stepped onto the elevator and Clark followed, closing the mesh gate behind them. When the gate was fully closed, Lana threw the switch and the elevator began to ascend.

“You know your dad a heck of a lot better than I do, Lana. If he does learn my secret, can he keep it? If not, I’ve got one fairly repulsive way of making him forget everything about me being Superman.”

Lana flinched at the thought of Clark doing something ‘fairly repulsive’ to her father. “Like what? Killing him? Frying part of his mind with heat vision?”

The elevator reached the top, but they kept the gate closed.

“No. Either of those ideas goes far beyond being ‘fairly repulsive.’ I have one power I’ve never used before. It allows me to modify someone’s memory, but to use that power, I have to kiss the person whose memory is to be altered.”

Lana was more relieved than she wanted to let on, so she opened the gate and turned back to Clark to tease him. “And which part of that is the ‘fairly repulsive’ part? Hmm?”

“Well, I was going to say having to play with a human being’s mind, but now that you mention it, having to make out with a happily married man in his mid-to-late fifties isn’t my idea of fun either.”

“Ugh! If you ever have to do it, don’t make me watch. That would be gross.”

“In any case, Lana, that’s something for you to think about. If you’re sure he can handle it, then I may just come out and tell him.” Clark grunted. “Knowing that his daughter’s life is on the line if he ever slips may actually help him keep the secret.”

They pushed their way into the conservatory and the secret door swung closed behind them. Clark whipped his gaze over to where Bruce and Rachel were sitting side-by-side on an overstuffed loveseat. Clark said, “Here’s a question for either of you two: does Rachel’s mom know that Bruce is Batman?”

Bruce didn’t think so, but he deferred to Rachel, who said, “No. I love my mom dearly, but she likes to talk, and the risk of her letting that slip someday is just too great for her to ever be told.” Sensing that there was something specific behind the question, Rachel asked, “Why did you want to know?”

Lana looked decidedly uncomfortable as she said, “I think my dad has suspicions about Clark and Superman being the same guy, and we were just discussing how to handle it.”

They bandied ideas about for the next several minutes. When Clark told them the idea of coming out and telling Lewis, then counting on his love for his daughter to help him keep the secret, everyone in the room was surprised when Bruce agreed.

Bruce saw the astonished looks on the faces of the other three people in the room, and felt the need to explain. “I’ve met Lewis a few times when the Langs came to Gotham City to visit Lana, and believe me when I say that, other than his marriage, his little girl is the focus of his life. He’d do anything to keep her safe.”

“What about mom?” Lana asked. “I love her, but just like Rachel’s mom, my mom likes to talk.”

Everyone looked at the others in the room, none of them wanting to suggest telling one parent without telling the other, until Clark said, “Suppose we leave that decision up to Mr. Lang? I can tell him, and then let him know that it’s up to him to decide about whether or not to tell his wife, keeping in mind all the while that Lana’s life is on the line.”

“Oh,” Bruce chortled, “that’s a nasty thing to do to your future father-in-law. I like it.”

Rachel snickered at Bruce’s wide-eyed enthusiasm for Clark’s idea, while Clark and Lana shared a private look that lasted several seconds, with thoughts going back and forth, before they nodded simultaneously. Lana didn’t like the idea, but agreed it might be necessary to keep her mother in the dark.

The fact that Clark and Lana hadn’t needed to speak to reach an agreement didn’t go unnoticed by their hosts. That caused them to look at each other and share a huge grin.

After that, Bruce decided they’d better leave the conservatory behind and get on with their day. The guys headed into one room to watch New Year’s Day college football bowl games on TV, while the women went to another room to watch what Bruce derisively referred to as ‘a chick flick.’ Rachel just rolled her eyes as she and Lana disappeared into their room. By now, she was used to her husband’s general disdain for the genre.

The guys ate a lunch of thick club sandwiches during the game, while the women ate fruit and snacks during their movie. After a lengthy evening meal, where most of the time was spent talking, the guys went back to watch one more game. Lana joined them this time, and sat across Clark’s lap the whole time while Rachel went to her office and started working on organizing her receipts for her income taxes.

Due to how late she’d gone to bed the night before, and how early she’d gotten up this morning, Lana was tired and fell asleep against Clark’s chest early in the third quarter. He enjoyed her soft warmth on his chest and the gentle sound of her even breathing, so he didn’t try to take her to bed for fear he’d wake her up.

At long last the game ended, and the protracted cheering on the TV, and in the room, woke Lana up. Clark saw that and instantly got up to take her to bed. The hour was late and, walking through the house with Lana in his arms, he saw the servants had gone for the night. Lana was mostly awake by the time they reached their bedroom, so she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and began change clothes for bed. Clark told her there was something he needed to talk to Bruce about, but that he’d be up to join her soon.

Clark went back downstairs mostly to settle the arrangements for him and Lana to leave tomorrow, which was Sunday. That was done quickly, but the two guys then sat around shooting the bull until Clark heard small feet padding down the hallway. He looked up just in time to see Lana step into the open doorway. He did a quick double take and Bruce politely averted his eyes, when they saw that she appeared to be wearing nothing more than one of Clark’s old plaid flannel shirts.

“Er…ah…what’s up, Lana?” Clark asked as his eyes roamed over her body. He especially liked how the shirt came down to mid-thigh and how she'd unbuttoned a couple of buttons at the top. Both details left enough to hide the essentials, but showed enough to tease.

A quick glance sideways showed Clark that Bruce appeared to be suddenly engrossed by the details of the carved woodwork on the side of the room. Clark appreciated Bruce’s discretion and returned his full attention to Lana, which was just what she wanted.

Lana’s voice flowed like honey, and Clark was quickly caught in it’s spell. “I was just wondering when you were coming to bed.”


Lana toyed with Clark then, shifting her voice to make it sound like a little girl’s. “Good! Because I just can’t seem to get to sleep without my Teddy Bear.”

Clark looked like a deer caught in the headlights, as he said, “Umm, Bruce?”


“Catch ya later. Whatever it was we were talking about can be dealt with later.”

Bruce hadn’t watched Lana’s performance, but he’d heard it and was shaking with silent laughter at the way she’d completely wrapped Clark around her little finger. He knew Clark had wanted the morning staff to wake him and Lana at eight, but after seeing the way Clark followed Lana out of the room, he mentally added two hours to that wake up call before writing out a note to leave in the kitchen.

Minutes later, he crawled into bed next to Rachel and kissed her on the cheek before turning out his bedside lamp.

“Hi, Hon,” Rachel murmured sleepily.

“Oh, sorry, Rach, didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Don’t worry. You didn’t. I’ve been waiting for you.” Rachel propped her head up with one hand, and asked, “What’s with the huge smile?”

“I’m just remembering new love. I think Lana intends to find out if there are limits to Clark’s stamina.”

“What about Batman?” Rachel countered. “Do you think he can handle two nights of passion in a row?” Looking halfway down the bedspread, Rachel finished her challenge. “Is he ‘up’ for another night of pleasuring his wife?”

“Mmm…” Bruce closed the distance between them and gave her an exploratory kiss. “I knew there was a reason I took the weekend off.” After a more heated kiss, he added, “But I may have to go back to patrolling the streets just to get some rest.”

“Come to Momma.” Rachel said. “If you want some rest, you’ll have to earn it.”

Bruce’s mind had turned one-track, enough so that it took him a minute to think about what Rachel had just said.


“Yes, Bruce, Momma.” Rachel’s smile was as wide as he’d ever seen it. After years trying, they had finally conceived. “And you’re going to be a Daddy. This morning’s test strip had a ‘+’. Happy New Year.”

Having long ago resigned himself to not ever having children of his own, Bruce was stunned. He leaned back on his pillow and tried to take it all in. Rachel watched him with bated breath.

She’s pregnant…I’m going to be a dad…we’re going to be parents. Holy ****! There oughta be a law against allowing guys like me to raise kids.

He couldn’t help the smile that crawled across his face. He felt like he was going to cry, but Bruce Wayne doesn’t cry, so he rolled off of his pillow and back toward Rachel, who caught him in an embrace and a fierce kiss.

They’d tried to have kids for so long, and Rachel had been feeling more and more like a failure, as if she was somehow less of a woman, because she hadn’t had kids yet. Bruce had never done anything to make her feel that way, but she had felt that way nonetheless. Now, all of that was gone like the morning mist as it was burned away by the rising sun. Rachel had never felt more like a woman in her life, and she wanted her man to make love to her.

“Please, Bruce? Make love to me?”

With you, Rachel. It’ll be my pleasure to make love with you.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 70-72 (pg 10) 2/9

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Chapter 73


The next morning, Clark and Lana got their wakeup call at ten, just as Bruce planned. Lana shooed Clark into the shower first, because she fully intended to spend some time luxuriating in a long, steaming hot shower. Given her morning soreness, she began to wonder just when her small body would completely adjust to being with Clark. But remembering the glorious events of the night just past, Lana knew she’d be more than happy to keep on going, and let her body catch up.

It was roughly eleven before Lana and Clark left their suite and headed downstairs. They were both comfortably dressed for their trip home and had already completed packing their bags. Once in the sun room with Rachel and Bruce, the excellent kitchen staff took their breakfast orders and then discreetly left the four of them to talk.

Both Clark and Lana noticed that something seemed to be out of place with the staff, but they couldn’t place it, until they saw Rachel and Bruce. Their best friends looked like lovesick teenagers that couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and for a couple that was normally so reserved, that was more than a little bit surprising. That’s when Clark realized that every member of the household staff he’d seen this morning had been smiling. He knew that while the smiles were pleasant, that sort of behavior fell outside of Alfred’s normal standards of professionalism for his people…and yet today, they did it anyway. One shared glance with Lana was enough to assure him that she had picked up on the unusually high spirits of the people in the house, too.

“Well, well, it looks like the lovebirds finally decided to join us,” Bruce said teasingly.

“We would’ve been down two hours ago, except someone changed my wakeup call,” Clark grumped.

“It was for your own good.” Bruce gestured to the now much more demurely dressed Lana. “You and I both know you weren’t going to get much sleep if I went ahead and had the staff wake you at eight like you wanted.”

Clark pulled out Lana’s chair and held it for her before taking the seat next to her. Before either one could ask about what was going on, Bruce slid a section of the morning’s Gotham Gazette across the table. Lana turned it her way while Clark leaned in a bit to read along. Looking at the story headlines was all that was necessary to figure out which story he wanted them to read.
LuthorCorp Chairman Dead
Lana didn’t know much of anything about Lionel Luthor, except that he’d been Lex’s father, but Clark was much more familiar with the former patriarch of the Luthor family. He and Lois had been close to bringing Lionel down when the bomb killed Lois and destroyed their carefully amassed evidence. The fact that all of their supposedly anonymous witnesses had been killed before Clark could re-contact them to begin recompiling the story had just added a layer of humiliation to Clark’s biggest-ever defeat.

The article stated that Lionel’s guards had been gunned down early on New Year’s morning, and that Lionel himself had come in for some special attention from his slayers before he had died a few hours later.

Every bit of evidence that the paper had access to seemed to point at a heretofore unknown secret relationship between Lionel and the former boss of Intergang. While certain members of the Metropolis press were aware of the childhood bond between Lionel and Morgan Edge, all had assumed the connection had broken as the two men went their separate ways in life.

Worse, for Lionel’s reputation anyway, was the fact that it appeared he’d been the one orchestrating the attempted murder of the new Deputy D.A. That made both Lana and Clark angry, and allowed her a moment to revel in Lionel’s death, before her conscience kicked in.

The article said the police were still busy running down various suspicious payments that had come to light after they had executed search warrants on Lionel’s home and LuthorCorp office, but it looked like he had turned on his old friend once Lana’s protection had defeated his various schemes for killing her. Thank you, Kara, was a fervent thought that Clark and Lana shared at that moment.

The current theory in the Daily Planet was that Lionel’s killing was a direct retaliation by Intergang for the death of their longtime boss.

Lana finally slid the paper back over to Bruce, as Clark said, “Okay, so the senior Luthor is dead, and Oliver’s biggest fear is realized: Lex is in charge of LuthorCorp.” Clark reached over and grabbed a pale green Granny Smith apple from the fruit basket in the middle of the table to munch on while he waited for his breakfast. “Personally, I’m glad the rat bastard bought the farm. He had Lois killed and nearly succeeded with Lana. Plus, he was tied to the nastiest organized crime ring in Metropolis. Lex might end up being bad, but I can’t imagine him being as bad as Lionel.”

“I don’t know, Clark,” Lana said, as she rubbed her upper arms. “I don’t know him at all, and yet, just thinking about him makes my skin crawl.”

Having learned to trust Lana’s instincts through years of working with her, Rachel narrowed her eyes and leaned in as she joined the conversation. “Listen to her, Clark…and you, too, Bruce. Lana knows people. If she can’t stand him, there’s probably a very good reason for it.”

Clark slowly nodded his head as he made a mental note to pay more attention to Lex. Maybe he could even try to deepen their slight friendship just to see if he could learn anything of value. He then gestured at the paper and said, “But even though Lana and I consider Lionel’s death to be a good thing, that still doesn’t explain why everyone we’ve seen this morning has been smiling like the Cheshire Cat.”

Bruce and Rachel hadn’t been able to resist assembling the household staff, as soon as they left their suite that morning, and telling them all the great news. As the Waynes were adored by their staff, their joy had been contagious and had quickly swept across the entire house. Just the mention of the happiness that was pervading the house brought a pair of helpless smiles back to their faces.

Tightly clutching each other’s hand beneath the table, they looked at each other and tried to decide who would say it, until Bruce said, “Rachel has something she’d like to tell you.” Clark was oblivious, but Lana was beginning to have suspicions, and that made her excitement grow by leaps and bounds.

Rachel tore her gaze from her husband long enough to catch the eyes of each of her friends in turn, and then say, “Lana. Clark. It’s my pleasure to announce that Bruce and I are having a baby.”

Lana shrieked when her suspicions were confirmed, while Clark looked stunned. The idea of Bruce as a father had never even occurred to him. As he pondered that, Lana jumped up from her seat and rushed around the table. Rachel only just managed to get up in time for a fierce hug and some mutual crying.

Lana’d had many heart-to-heart talks with Rachel over the years, so she knew just how desperately her best friend wanted to be a mom. Lana had tried to buoy Rachel’s spirits when she’d felt like a failure as both a woman and a wife, and had been there to keep Rachel’s spirits from rising too high during the times when she had been ‘late’ and had thought that maybe this was finally her time.

Clark and Bruce tried to become invisible, sure that the women should have this time to themselves. Once the initial tide of emotion receded, Lana chirpily peppered Rachel with the kinds of questions that only women would ask. The men just tried to sink further into their chairs as their ears were assailed by a torrent of happy pregnancy talk.

When it began to look like the women might go on chatting for awhile, Bruce nodded toward the hallway and the two men stepped outside, where they ended up in Bruce’s private study. Once the door was closed, Clark immediately turned to Bruce and held out his hand. Bruce took it and they shook, but that wasn’t enough for Clark, who then pulled Bruce in for a hug. The two men each slapped the other’s back with their free hands, while Bruce said quietly, “I’m gonna be a Dad, Clark. Rachel and me, in charge of a little pink loaf of flesh.”

“Better start shopping for those Batboy onesies today,” Clark joked, as he stepped back. “Or how about a Batgirl?”

“Either a girl or boy would be fine with us. All we want is a healthy child that has all the requisite parts…but no Batboy or Batgirl. My kids will never learn about that side of me…they can’t. My kids will grow up thinking their dad spends all of his time loving their mother, loving them, and sleeping half the day. Someone else may follow in my footsteps, but it won’t be my child.”

Clark looked at Bruce strangely, unsure if he should say what he was thinking. Bruce noticed, and said, “Okay, let me have it. Say what you think you need to say.”

“You’re asking for it,” Clark replied. “It’s like this: my dad liked to tell me, ‘Never say never, Son, it might come back to bite you in the ass.’”

“Maybe. But if I ever find out you told a kid of mine about Batman, there won’t be a hole that’s deep enough for you to hide in.”

“Fair enough.”

When the breakfasts showed up, the women slowed their chatting enough for Lana to take a few bites of her food now and then, and Alfred recalled the men from the study so Clark could eat.

Clark saw how excited both women were, but he concentrated on Lana. He began to wonder how much of her excitement was for Rachel, and how much was some old-fashioned baby lust of her own. Maybe she’ll want to start a family sooner than I think.

Bruce had called his pilots to have them get the plane ready as soon as Alfred reported that Lana and Clark had been on their way to breakfast, so as soon as the very late breakfast was over, Clark and Lana grabbed their coats and headed out the front door for the limo ride to the airport. The goodbyes were hard, especially for the women, because they didn’t know when they’d get to see each other next. Clark felt guilty when he realized that because he could pop on over to Gotham City for a visit anytime he chose.

When the two of them were ensconced in the plush accommodations of the limo, and Alfred had them underway, Clark clasped Lana’s hand, and said, “I promise you we’ll come back here as often as we can manage. I don’t want your friendship with Rachel to get buried by the details of our daily lives.”

“That’s nice to hear, Clark,” Lana replied, “and don’t think I won’t hold you to that promise.”

“Maybe I can access the computers at the Fortress and come up with a way for me to fly you at high speeds without you freezing to death or having your internal organs destroyed by the high G-forces of my flat-out accelerations and landings.”

“Geez, Clark, that’s a nice mental image…my guts turning to jelly as my loving fiancé flies with me in his arms.”

“Sorry,” Clark said, sheepishly, “but it’s a real danger. That’s why I fly so slowly whenever I take you somewhere.”

Once Bruce’s Gulfstream G-550 was in the air, Clark pulled a couple of bottled waters from the fridge, as both of them thought it a little too early for alcohol. He had requested that there be no flight attendant on this trip, as they could serve themselves. He also thought they’d like the uninterrupted privacy.

“So,” Clark finally ventured, “I saw that you weren’t kidding when you told me you wanted kids.” He intentionally avoided using the word ‘babies.’ For him, ‘kids’ were somehow way off in the future, but ‘babies’ were very immediate. He’d always wanted kids, but he wanted to plan their arrival for a time when he and Lana were more ready to devote themselves to them.

“Oh, Clark,” Lana said, in a voice that was nearly gushing with emotion, “being with Rachel in the sun room when she told us, made me want our own babies right then.” Lana shook her head in amazement. “Nothing would’ve made me happier, which is kind of scary since we’re just barely engaged, much less married.”

“Maybe Rachel’s hormones are contagious or something, because they sure seemed to affect you.”

“Yeah,” Lana said thoughtfully, “and someday, my hormones will affect me…when we make a child of our own.”

Clark reached over to Lana and enfolded her fingers in his. “Seeing our child come into the world will be the second best day of my life.”

“And the first is…?”

“Marrying you.”

Lana smiled widely, and said, “Sweet talker.”

“Maybe,” Clark acknowledged with a grin, “but also true. I can’t imagine anything in life that could possibly match the thrill of declaring our love before everyone we know, and letting them know that you are mine, and I am yours, for all eternity.”

Clark turned toward Lana and brought her hand up to his lips for a soft but lingering kiss on the back of her hand. He then kissed the second knuckle on each of those four fingers before turning her hand over and lightly licking the palm of her hand. Lana giggled, as if the licking tickled, but her face began to take on the flushed appearance Clark had come to associate with her arousal.

“I will be the envy of both Gotham City and Metropolis, as the best woman in either city is taken off the market.”

Another lick.

“The smartest…”

Then a kiss.

“…the most fun…”

Then another.

“…the sweetest…”

And another.

“…the cutest…”

The kisses began climbing the inside of her arm.

“…and the sexiest woman there is.”

Lana's breaths were coming more shallowly now. She was glad they were alone, so that she didn’t have to try to fight off her feelings. Mostly, because she wasn’t sure she could’ve fought them off, even with an audience watching.

“You’re just trying,” Lana gasped, “to get into my pants.”

“Is it working?” Clark growled, as he slowly pushed her back on the couch and shifted his lips to her neck.

“Yessssss….” she hissed.
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 70-72 (pg 10) 2/9

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Chapter 74


The next couple of weeks seemed to fly by for Lana and Clark.

When they got home, Clark arranged for the Daily Planet’s gossip columnist to meet them with a photographer so she’d get the exclusive on the engagement. The whole time that he and Lana were talking about their whirlwind romance, Clark was wishing that Cat Grant was still at the Planet as the gossip columnist. Just imagining the look on Cat’s face as she had to sit there and calmly ask questions about the engagement of the one guy who’d proven immune to her charms, would have been worth the annoyance of putting his and Lana’s personal life in the paper.

The next day, while Kara was watching over Lana at work and Clark was at the Planet, he received a messengered envelope that he was supposed to deliver to Superman. Once he opened a second envelope which was inside, he learned that Lana was no longer going to be targeted by Intergang. Included with that second envelope were a few pieces of information that only a highly-placed member of Intergang would know. That had been done so Superman could make sure that the note’s writer had the power to make good on his promise. Even with that promise, Kara stayed for the next two weeks just to be sure.

As for Kara, she'd been stunned that someone as conservative as Clark had proposed after knowing Lana for only three weeks. Once Kara got over the shock, she was ecstatic. She'd always wondered privately if people like her and Clark would ever be able to find that special someone to share their lives with. Seeing Lana and Clark together gave her hope that her man was out there somewhere just waiting to meet her.

Away from work, Lana and Clark spent most of their free time getting things done. They filled the kitchen with groceries, finally got Lana signed up at Clark’s gym, and used the insurance settlement for the destruction of Lana’s condo and its contents to begin replacing her belongings.

Clark had taken down his bedroom photo of Lois shortly after Lana first saw it, but now, she wanted him to have something to replace it, so she got him to spend an hour with her at a photography studio so they could have a sitting as a couple. There were formal shots, shots of them playing around, and individual shots as well. A week later, and both Clark and Lana had wallet-sized shots of each other for their wallets and for their family, along with framed photos for their home and those of their families. That meant delivering the photos, which meant finally heading to Lana’s parents house.

Clark had put this meeting off as long as he could, but he knew he’d have to face the Langs. He knew Lewis wasn’t won over yet and there was the added complication of what his future father-in-law knew or didn’t know about Superman.

On the appointed night, Lana and Clark took the subway as far out as it went and then flagged down a cab for the rest of the trip. As they stepped out of the cab, Clark looked at the front door, with apprehension writ large on his face. Lana was holding a gift-wrapped 8x10 photo of Clark and her under one arm, and she looped her other arm through one of his. She'd watched as Clark’s anxiety mounted the whole way over here, and hoped to calm him down as she started to pull him up the sidewalk.

“Come on, Clark, we’ve talked about this already, and you’ve put it off as far as you can.”

Why can’t there be a five-alarm fire when it would be convenient? Clark wondered.

Seeming to read his mind, Lana added, “And there’d better not be a ‘sudden emergency’ unless there really is one.” The sheepish grin on Clark’s face told Lana her guess had been right on the nose. “Mom already loves you, and she trusts me.”

She’s not the one I’m worried about.” Clark stopped them just in front of the porch and took in a deep, calming breath. “I’ve never raised a girl, but even so, I still have an idea of how I’d feel if some guy came in and proposed to a daughter of mine after only knowing her for three weeks.”

“It’s been five weeks now, Clark, and I’m more sure about my decision with each passing day.”

“Me too.”

Lana tugged on his arm and started up the steps to the porch. “Then come on. Let’s get this over with.”

Lana knocked firmly on the door, with Clark beside her. They had called ahead for this visit, both to be courteous by letting her parents know they were going to have guests, and to make sure both of her folks were going to be home. This was supposed to be a family dinner, but Clark’s stomach was so unsettled, he wasn’t sure how much he’d be able to eat.

“If you’re so nervous, just use a mental trick they told us in law school.”

Anxious for anything that might help, Clark asked, “What?”

“Imagine your audience is naked…even if they are my parents.”

Clark’s sudden smile was huge, but not for quite the reason Lana imagined. “I did get to see your dad with his pants around his ankles the first time I came over here. Maybe he’ll give a repeat performance. Though the only thing from that night that I expect him to do tonight is shake his fist at me.”

Lana’s intended retort was cut short by the creak of the wooden door opening.

Standing there was Lewis Lang. He hadn’t seen his daughter since Superman had brought her by after the assassination attempts, and he was thrilled to see her now. The guy standing next to her…not so much.

Lana had called just after New Year’s and informed them she was in the clear, and they could call her whenever they wanted. Laura had made heavy use of that freedom, as she called several nights a week with the excuse of beginning preparations for the wedding. Lewis had managed to satisfy himself by talking to Lana on the tail end of a couple of Laura’s calls.

Now that his little girl was here, though, nothing would do but to wrap her in a ferocious bearhug that lifted her feet inches off of the ground. Laura followed as quickly as her kitchen duties allowed. She scurried around the corner, still wiping her hands on a dish towel, just in time to see her baby being lowered to the ground by her husband.

Lana saw Laura, and moved past Lewis and into the house. While the two women kissed and hugged, the two men stayed on the porch and eyed each other like strange cats.

Both women kept an ear out for what was happening outside, just in case, but when Lana heard Clark invite her dad to take a walk around the block with him, she hurried her mom back to the kitchen. Lewis came back inside for his winter coat and wool stocking cap and the two men set off. They were walking along the sidewalk and had gone two houses down the street before Lewis broke the silence.

“So, you think my little girl’s ‘the one,’ do you?”

“Yes, Sir.” Clark said instantly. “And it’s ‘know,’ not ‘think.”

“You’re what? Thirty years old?”


“Twenty-nine. It appears you make a very nice living at the Planet, and, from what Laura says, you look like a Greek god, and yet you’re only now finding a wife? What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” Clark said. “I just have very high standards.”

“At least we agree that Lana matches the highest standards.”

Exceeds them,” Clark replied, almost without thinking. “She was what I was looking for long before I even knew what I wanted.”

The warm moisture in their breaths was condensing immediately upon hitting the cold night air, making small clouds that floated skyward. The two men went several more houses and rounded the first corner before anyone spoke again.

“What made you decide to propose to my daughter after knowing her for less than a month? How could you possibly know in such a short amount of time?” Lewis looked up at Clark, a bleak expression on his face. “How do I know you two won’t divorce six months after you marry?”

Clark answered the last question first. “You don’t know we won’t divorce. We don’t even know we won’t divorce. No one goes into a marriage intending for it to fail, but sometimes they do.”

“You’re realistic. I like that,” Lewis said grudgingly. “Not like one of those artsy-fartsy, pie-in-the-sky types that thinks ‘happily ever after’ is guaranteed.”

“No guarantees. You have to work at it constantly.” Clark eyed his prospective father-in-law, who was a man he’d come to like in the short time they’d been acquainted. He was also a man whose approval Lana desperately wanted, whether she’d admit it or not. “As for what made me decide to propose, I knew Lana was the one as soon as her happiness became more important to me than mine.”

Lewis got a shiver just then that ran the length of his spine, and it wasn’t because he was cold. I’ll be damned, Lewis thought. The kid understands. Dating’s all about what you want…what makes you happy. A marriage, a truly successful one anyway, is about making your partner happy.

While Lewis was thinking, Clark started speaking again. “We may have gotten engaged quickly, but since our wedding date is more than a year off, it’ll give us plenty of time to strengthen our relationship…and give you plenty of time to watch us. All I ask is that you support your daughter in her choice, because your opinion means the world to her.”

“Well said. And if it was just Clark Kent speaking to me, I’d leave it at that for now.” Lewis took a few more steps, marshalling his courage before continuing. “But I’ve got suspicions about you. You’re just about the same height and weight as someone else that I’ve met recently…and Laura thinks the two of you look at Lana the same exact way. She thinks Lana might end up with a love triangle on her hands, but I suspect differently. Care to comment?”

Clark didn’t say anything, instead choosing to stop on the sidewalk, forcing Lewis to follow suit. When Clark asked Lewis to make a 360 degree turn, Lewis complied, wondering all the while if he was right.

Clark stared intently at Lewis’ body while he turned, and then said, “You’ve got two twenties, a ten, a five, and three ones in your billfold, along with a Wal-Mart Discover Card, a Sunoco charge card, and an American Express. The only photos in the wallet are of your wife and Lana. From the way Lana looks, I’d guess that she was in high school at the time.

"As for the rest of you, you have four teeth that have fillings, your belly button is an ‘innie,’ you have more hair on your chest than you do on your head, and you have a tattoo of what appears to be a teddy bear on your ass. Real manly that.” Lewis was dumbstruck. He thought it might be true, but to hear the evidence was something he hadn’t been prepared for. Instead, he’d expected a carefully crafted evasion. “Oh, by the way, you also have a toenail that needs to be trimmed before it becomes in-grown.”

Superman’s going to be my son-in-law? Lewis wondered. He shook his head in an attempt at clearing it. “I assume Lana knows?”

Almost insulted by the implication that he’d even consider proposing to a woman without her knowing that basic fact about him, Clark said, “Yeah, she does. I told her the day I saved her life in the middle of Schuster Plaza. And then I broke up with her. I thought it was too dangerous for her and I couldn’t bear to once again have to pick up the pieces when she got killed.”

It was obvious that breakup hadn’t lasted for long, and Lewis had a sneaking suspicion why.


Clark folded his arms and grunted. “She wouldn’t allow me to break it off.” I’m sure as hell not telling him what we did to celebrate afterward. He’d threaten to kick my ass again.

“That’s my Lana,” Lewis said, with a strange mixture of pride and sadness. “Knows what she wants and goes for it. And once she gets it…she holds on like a pit bull.” After resuming their walk and rounding another corner, the two men were halfway home. Lewis looked up at Clark again. “Are you going to tell Laura?”

“Nope, Lana and I decided that’s your decision to make.”

Stunned by this even more than he was by Clark confirming who he was, Lewis squawked, “What??”

“Yeah. We decided that you know your wife better than anyone, so who better to decide if she can be trusted with my secret.” Clark held up one finger in warning, his voice suddenly as cold as death. “But remember, if she slips, even once, it could cost Lana her life.”

The conversation had suddenly become deadly serious.

Lewis knew how much his wife loved Lana, but he also knew she was a woman who was proud of her family’s accomplishments and liked to talk. He hated the idea of keeping a secret like this from her, but with Lana’s life on the line, he knew in his heart he couldn’t take that chance.

“I can’t tell Laura,” Lewis said, the words shocking him as they came out of his mouth. “It’s the first time in more than thirty years of marriage that I’ve intentionally kept something big from her…but I just can’t risk it.”

“Okay,” Clark said, “I’ll let Lana know that her mom is to be kept in the dark.”

While the men were on their walk, Lana and Laura were in the kitchen finishing the dinner. Since Laura was cooking for company, she had decided to forego one of the low-cholesterol meals on Lewis’ diet and had gone out and bought the ingredients for Veal Parmigiana. Lana loved this particular recipe and knew that Clark would too.

“What did Clark need to talk to your father about?” Laura asked.

Lana was busy loosely shredding romaine lettuce for salads, when she said, “He’s trying to win Dad over.”

“Good luck,” Laura replied, as she slid the veal into the oven. “Your father thinks Clark was crazy to propose to you on such short acquaintance, and that you were even crazier to accept the proposal.”

“Just crazy in love, Mom.”

“Oh, do I ever remember what that feels like. I was crazy about your father from the day I met him at the Talon.” Once the oven timer was set, Laura headed back to her cutting board to begin preparing the steamed vegetables. “I was trying to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind with a pair of my friends, and I remember wondering ‘who’d want to watch something about aliens?’ It wasn’t like I was ever going to actually meet one, so I went out to the concession stand and started flirting with the cute guy behind the counter. We hit it off right away, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Laura’s comment about not meeting an alien had caught Lana by surprise and caused her to start coughing. Laura thought Lana was choking and began pounding her back. Lana finally had to fend off her mother while she recovered her composure. Oh my God! Clark will just die when he hears that one.

Lana then carefully steered the conversation away from Clark by bringing up wedding preparations. There were still thirteen months to go until their wedding, which was set for Valentine’s Day next year, but Lana figured she’d end up needing most of that time to get everything just right, and she knew both her mom and Clark’s mom agreed with her. With such capable assistants, Lana was confident of having the wedding she’d been dreaming of since childhood.

The women happily chatted about various ideas and worked on the dinner, until the men came stamping into the house.

Hearing both men talking, Laura shot a look at Lana and grinned. “Sounds like your father didn’t kill Clark right away, so that must be good.”

“Nah,” Lana shot back. “Dad’s just waiting for a time when he can dispose of the body.”

Laura nudged her daughter. “Let’s go see what those two got up to…and then maybe you’ll let me open this neatly wrapped package.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 70-72 (pg 10) 2/9

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Chapter 75

The Wedge

The dinner went well, with Lewis making a special effort to draw Clark out on an array of subjects. He wanted to see if his prospective son-in-law had the brains for intelligent opinions of his own, or if he just reported what everyone else did. He also wanted to give Lana a chance to see how Clark’s thoughts matched up with hers.

Lewis came away more impressed with Clark than he had been before, and that didn’t even include the immense respect Clark had already earned for his work as Superman.

The more Lewis thought about that aspect of Clark, the more he marveled at Clark’s selfless nature. He wondered how a guy with that much power could resist the temptation to profit from his abilities, but he realized that he was using his abilities to help others just the way Lana was. Maybe they’re more alike than I thought, Lewis wondered.

Lewis’ only real problems with Clark were the lack of time he and Lana had had to develop their relationship and the very real danger Lana would be in if Clark’s secret identity was ever discovered. Since the two youngsters had slightly more than a year until their wedding, Lewis figured the time issue would take care of itself, so all it boiled down to was the danger. Lewis knew his daughter, and didn’t have to ask her to know that she wasn’t about to back down from a relationship with Clark just because it might prove dangerous, so the best he could do was watch and hope.

Clark and Lana visited Martha next, knowing that she wanted to greet the newly engaged couple and see how Lana wore her old ring. Lana and Clark had gone to a jeweler’s to have the ring resized soon after the proposal, and so it now fit like it had been meant for Lana all along.

As far as the wedding preparations went, Clark had suggested to Lana that she might want to make use of his mother’s expertise with food in general, and catering in particular. He knew his mom would jump at the chance since this would be her only opportunity to help marry off a child. It would also provide Lana a chance to bond with her future mother-in-law, which would be a good thing, even if his mom did end up sharing an endless stream of embarrassing stories from his youth.

While all of this domestic bliss was going on, Lex Luthor was busy in his own right. His time since the death of his father had been spent in learning what was going on inside the vast multinational conglomerate that was LuthorCorp. Lex had been in on most of LuthorCorp’s primary projects, but there were numerous things to which only Lionel had been privy.

That self-education had left Lex little time to begin his pursuit of Lana Lang, but he had learned that Lana and Clark’s wedding date had been set for the following year, which gave him some leeway.

He had tried to make some headway with Lana at the occasional social event, but Clark always seemed to be there to cockblock him, and when he wasn’t, Lana seemed to be avoiding him. Not used to rejection in any form, Lex thought, Some women just don’t know what they really want, and moved on.

It wasn’t until mid-April, when Lex was busy reviewing the new product research of the LuthorCorp Pharmaceutical Division, that he came upon an idea for driving a fatal wedge between Lana and Clark.

It turned out that scientists there had been researching a substance they hoped would be a female Viagra, something that would help women naturally self-lubricate in preparation for sex. The chemical compound they had been working on had achieved its intended effect, but the side effects had been uncontrollable, with the project eventually being abandoned.

It was those very side effects that Lex was interested in.

Besides causing adequate feminine lubrication in test subjects, the compound also caused the test subjects’ sex drives to rage out of control. The women didn’t care who they had sex with or where, only that they had sex as soon and as often as possible. That uncontrollable desire for the next orgasm was so intense that the researchers had gone so far as to classify it as ‘a psychological need, an addiction, stronger than any caused by recreational drug use,’ which lasted as long as the compound was in a test subject’s system. The other interesting bits, for Lex anyway, were that the compound had been designed as an inhalant, and that it did nothing more for men than provide a mild stimulation of their sex drives.

I won’t even have to give her an injection or spike her drink, Lex thought. All I have to do is get her to take a couple of breaths in a contaminated room. Well, that…and get her ever-present boyfriend out of the way for a while. He knew he’d also have to come up with a way to arrange a one-on-one meeting with Lana. He finally decided that meeting should take place in his LuthorCorp office so he could videotape it, and to make sure Clark wouldn’t magically appear to interrupt things. Lex then arranged for a device to be constructed that looked like a room-sized air filter, but instead was designed to release the compound into the air.

Once the fake air filter was ready, Lex put the next part of his plan into action. He ‘found’ an instance of a LuthorCorp employee illegally dumping a load of sludge from a fertilizer plant, something he’d always privately referred to as a crap factory, into a river in rural Kansas.

Then he called Lana’s boss, Tom Bloch, to assure the result he wanted. Tom hadn’t wanted to send Lana to Lex’s office, figuring that was something more suited to one of the junior attorneys in the office, but Lex insisted. When Tom balked again, Lex said, “Now, Tom, I and my friends make many, many contributions to your campaign fund; some of them legal, and some not. We don’t ask for much in return, but now I’m asking.

“Don’t make me ask again. One in the afternoon, in my office, at LuthorCorp.”

That last couple of sentences had been spoken with nothing but cold menace. The implication was clear: give me what I want, or else. Tom didn’t like being dictated to, but he had no choice. He knew Lex could end his career by revealing what he knew, and the threat hadn’t even bothered to mention his secret ‘retirement fund.’ Tom waited until Lana was out of a meeting before calling her into her office to give her the news.

Lana detested Lex, but took the news with grace, because at work, she was a professional first. After a quick lunch, she gathered her briefcase and headed for LuthorCorp. The only good part of this trip for her was seeing the Daily Planet building, which always made her think of Clark. That caused her to wonder what he was doing right then and made her anxious to see him again.

Lana confidently crossed the lobby of the LuthorCorp building and stopped at the elevator. She didn’t see the discreet LuthorCorp security man who radioed upstairs to let Lex know Lana was in the building. Once Lex was alerted by his security man in the lobby, he sent his secretary home early and told the security man in his anteroom to show Lana in before returning to his duties. Then, Lex turned on the fake air filter and waited for the fly to enter his web.

Lana strode into Lex's office, to find he had the paperwork on the chemical dumping laid out on his desk. Though to Lex’s way of thinking, if things worked out properly, something else would be getting laid there soon enough.

Lana took a seat and Lex sat back in his chair, watching intently for the first signs of distress from Lana. He went into his spiel, pointed out the relevant documents and watched as she pored over the papers and began making careful notes.

Lex had to hide a satisfied smirk when Lana’s eyes opened wide and she took in a gasping breath. She had just felt the first surge of sexual interest pulse through her body, and was completely caught off guard by it. Confused, she glanced up to make sure she was still in the same room as Lex Luthor, and then tried to return her attention to the documents.

But to no avail.

Instead of falling off, the surge continued to strengthen, and all of the hallmarks of her sexual excitement began to appear. Her face flushed, her breathing became irregular, and worst of all, she began to feel a moistness between her legs.

Mortified, Lana thought, This can’t be happening. Not here, not now, not anywhere near Lex Luthor! Her attention had left the paperwork and was completely on the highly charged sensations that were wracking her body. When she looked up at Lex again, appearing completely panic-stricken, he knew it was time to advance his plan.

“Lana?” Lex asked, feigning ignorance of what was going on. “Are you okay? You look confused.”

“N-n-noooo. I’m o-o-okay. I just need to catch my breath for a minute.”

Lex stood and offered to get Lana a glass of water, which she gladly accepted. Anything in the hopes of settling her nerves, or whatever it was that was going on. She'd die if Lex ever learned how much she was turned on right now. When he handed her the water, she greedily sucked it down, but it did nothing more than moisten her suddenly dry mouth.

For his part, Lex stayed standing and moved behind Lana, where he pulled her ponytail to one side, baring her neck, and began a gentle massage.

“How does this feel, Lana?” Lex asked, knowing her mind was in a fog.

“Mmm…” was her unthinking response. She then shuddered at Lex’s touch, with her mind screaming at her to tell him off, and her body wanting nothing more than to lean forward to improve the access of his strong hands. Her body won out and she leaned forward slightly, as her mind helplessly screamed, No!!!

Lex deftly pulled Lana’s suit coat halfway down her back before extending his caresses from shoulder to shoulder.

Inside her head, Lana was fighting as hard as she could against the horrific tide of sexual urges that were dominating her mind, and the waves of indescribable pleasure that were radiating from Lex’s hands. She tried to use her love for Clark to stop her from allowing anything else to happen, but thinking about someone she really wanted to share herself with only accelerated her problem. Her breathing was shallow and rapid, and the passage between her legs was slick and ready. Her body was telling her, in no uncertain terms, that it was time for sex.

Lex’s hands pulled her torso flush against the chair’s back and reached down to begin unbuttoning her white blouse. His hands moved quickly, finishing with the buttons visible above her skirt before pulling the blouse open wide to reveal a plain, functional white bra.

“Tut, tut,” Lex said, as he observed her bra against the backdrop of her creamy skin, “you don’t need that on anymore.” He could see Lana’s stiff nipples already straining against the fabric of her bra, and reveled in his triumph.

As Lex’s hands descended toward the bra’s front clasp, Lana’s last feeble resistance to the power of the chemical compound was just about to gutter out. Always proud of her mental strength, she hadn’t thought to ask for help, but as Lex unhooked her bra and lifted the cups from her chest, she turned to the one hope she had left. She remembered what Superman had said all those months ago when he had first started guarding her.

All she could do, as her back involuntarily arched upward to press her aching breasts into Lex’s deliciously waiting hands, was whisper, “Help!” before she succumbed to him entirely.
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 70-72 (pg 10) 2/9

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Chapter 76

In the Nick of Time?

Clark hadn’t been able to have lunch with Lana because he had an interview that had run late. When he finally finished the interview and called Lana’s office, her secretary Marie had told him that Lana was out of the office on business, so Clark grabbed a couple of hot dogs and a Coke from a street vendor before returning to the office to write his article.

He’d just stepped off the elevator onto his floor, when he heard Lana’s voice use the word he was always listening for, but dreading to hear.


From the sound, he knew she’d whispered it, but it sounded louder than a rock concert to his ears. The quality of his hearing was such that he had a direction and distance to Lana’s location before he stepped back into the empty elevator. As the doors closed, Clark changed into Superman and soared out of the top of the elevator shaft and into the warmth of the sunny April day.

Clark’s heart leapt into his throat once he realized Lana’s plea for help had originated in the LuthorCorp building. He zoomed to the window of the room Lana was in, and slowed just long enough to break the window, so that the shards of glass wouldn’t slice her to bloody ribbons.

What Clark saw as he raced into the room made him want to kill. He’d never done that before and considered human life to be sacred, but seeing Lex kneading Lana’s perfect breasts with a look of avarice on his face was more than Clark could take.

Clark’s first act was to snatch Lana out of Lex’s grasp before he even knew anyone else was in the room. As he set her down on a couch at the far end of the room, Lana was moaning like she’d never enjoyed herself more, but there was a look in her eyes that told Clark something different: that she had never been as grateful to see him as she was at this moment.

The strange thing for Clark was that Lana lunged for him the minute he set her down. He had to fight her off and finally knocked her out with a flick of a finger to the side of her head so he could face Lex.

Lex had been bowled over by Superman’s initial charge and got up just in time to see Superman set Lana down on the couch and fend her off. Freaking goody two-shoes! Lex raged. My plans, shot all to hell.

Lex pressed a panic button which signaled his security troops to drop what they were doing and come to his defense, but the first man into the room caught a look at Superman’s face and quickly backed out, closing the door behind him. The man had been around and he knew the look of a man that was contemplating murder when he saw it.

Seeing his security man back out enraged Lex further, but the calculating side of him couldn’t really blame the man given Superman’s look. Lex figured his only way out was to start talking and hope that Superman bought whatever line of sh*t came out of his mouth.

“What the hell are you doing here, Superman?” Lex yelled. He figured it was better to go on the offensive and try to confuse the situation. “Miss Lang and I were in the middle of an intimate moment. Just because she passed you over for Clark Kent, and has now chosen me, is no reason to act like a jealous boyfriend.”

Seething with rage, teeth clenched hard enough to crush steel, and hands balled into fists that could smash mountains, Clark said nothing, but advanced on Lex step by step. He used his heat vision to destroy the security cameras as he located them with his x-ray vision.

Having no other real option, Lex continued his snowjob. “And how do you expect to pay for my window? That’s shatter-resistant glass. Panels that size are expensive.”

Lex could’ve said he was going to take a vow of poverty and join the Trappist monks, but Clark wouldn’t have heard him, or paid any attention if he had, because the only thing Clark heard was the pounding of blood in his ears as his blood pressure rose to a level that would kill a human instantly.

As Clark closed in, Lex tried to back away, but Clark cut off every angle of escape. Finally within arms reach, Clark reached out and grabbed Lex by the neck, raising him so that his toes barely touched the ground. A number of thoughts raced through Clark’s mind, things he dared not speak aloud, for fear of revealing his identity…unless he planned on killing the hearer.

“You’ve seen what you should not have seen. For that, I should gouge your eyes out. You’ve touched what you should not have touched. For that, I should break every bone in your hands and then grind those bones to dust.” Lex could feel Superman’s rage continuing to build, and swung his own puny arms in a futile attempt at breaking Superman’s light choke hold. “You tried to rape the woman I love more than life itself, and for that, I will forgo the other punishments you deserve and will satisfy myself with killing you.”

Clark?” Lex asked. “Are you Clark Kent? How? How is that possible? You two don’t even look that much alike.” But however it happened, Lex knew it was true. How sad that I only learn this in the last moments of my life. Imagine the power I could have amassed with Superman under my thumb.

“Don’t do this, Clark,” Lex pleaded, “you’re not a murderer.”

“Not until today,” Clark agreed, not even bothering to try and hide his identity, “but you violated my fiancée. It’s time for you to die.”

Clark could see Lana out of the corner of his eye. She was just starting to come around from the light tap on her forehead. He didn’t know what Lex had used on her, but she had obviously been as horny as hell when he showed up, and he didn’t need her grabbing at his crown jewels while he was dealing with Lex, so he had to hurry.

“I’d let you say a prayer first, Lex, but Satan doesn’t heed prayers. He just gets God’s leftovers…like you.” Clark pulled back his fist, and but then saw Lana lying there, and realized that she had standards that he didn’t want to cross. He knew how she’d react if he killed Lex. He thought she’d understand, but she’d be disappointed, and her disappointment would cut him deeply.

But Clark was all about justice. He might not be able to kill Lex, but he could make sure Lex would never try to rape anyone else ever again. Clark used his free hand to reach down and grab a hold of Lex’s package, both cock and balls.

All Clark said to Lex by way of warning him was, “Say goodbye to your little friends.” And with one swift tug, Lex’s sexual organs came off in Clark’s hand. “You’ll never rape another woman as long as you live, you sick bastard.”

Clark dropped Lex to the ground, where he immediately curled up in the fetal position and tried to stanch the flow of blood from his ruined crotch. Clark, meanwhile, made sure Lex could never have his equipment surgically reattached by grinding it into little shreds of flesh before throwing it out the window.

Lana was just struggling to an upright position, and Lex was screaming in agony, but Clark had one more thing to do. Since he couldn’t bring himself to kill Lex, he had to erase Lex’s memory of what had happened, or else Lex would know that Clark Kent and Superman were one and the same.

Disliking this even more than not killing Lex, Clark knelt on the ground and kissed him full on the lips. Lana caught sight of Clark just as he kissed Lex and, still victim to her raging sex drive, said, “He should be doing that to me…all over my body.”

Before Lana could get to her feet and stake her claim on Clark’s lips, he picked up her briefcase and came over to get her. Her blouse was still wide open and her bra still dangled freely, but Lana had no intention of fixing either piece of clothing since she fully intended to have Clark’s hands where Lex’s had been in a matter of seconds.

Lana saw Lex writhing in agony, but her mind was fully focused on sex, so she had no interest in him at all, not even to wonder why he was on the floor in the first place. Clark set down the briefcase and wanted to fasten her clothes before takeoff, but he found it difficult since Lana was fighting him with both hands.

When she shifted tactics and began trying to strip him right in Lex’s office, Clark panicked, scooped up her and her briefcase, and shot into the sky; but he quickly found out that gained him no relief from Lana’s insistent hands. And since he had one arm wrapped around her waist, and the other one holding her briefcase, his suit was coming off, whether he wanted it to or not. Lana stretched the neck opening, first one way and then the other, until it was down around Clark’s shoulders.

“Lana!” Clark said, his voice reaching an octave normally reserved for songbirds. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“You’re just like a box of Cracker Jacks, Clark,” Lana said, as she shimmied his suit down his chest and arms.

Curious, despite how it might look if anyone noticed what was going on high above the city, Clark asked, “How so?”

“I have to open your packaging to get to the secret toy surprise that’s inside,” she reached down and lovingly rubbed his crotch, “and I figure your ‘secret toy surprise’ is right about here.”

Despite his certainty that Lana had been drugged, and that having sex with her would be taking advantage of her, Clark found himself getting aroused. The tap of her hand on his crotch, combined with the feel of her hard nipples dragging across his now bare chest, caused a sudden growth spurt, and his already large ‘toy’ started growing larger by the second.

Clark knew that with the way Lana was acting, she was going to screw him right where they were if he didn’t do something about it, and do it soon. He wanted to head for their apartment, where he could sit on her until the drug wore off. But he couldn’t risk the neighbors seeing Lana half naked with a half naked Superman, because it would ruin her reputation.

His next option was to head out of town, ASAP, so that no one would see them if she continued to strip him bare. Thinking that preferable to being caught having sex mid-air in Metropolis, he headed in the general direction of Smallville and hoped he could find a secluded place to land.

Lana ignored what Clark was doing and happily went about the business of stripping him as completely as possible. She took the briefcase from him to slide the suit off that arm and then insisted that he switch the arm he was holding her with so she could do the same to the other arm before handing the briefcase back to Clark, who was too busy looking out for birds and helicopters as he flew to spend time fighting her. He did manage to groan though as she pushed his suit down to his hips.

Clark thought that was as far as Lana could go, until he felt her shift her hips, spread her legs, and then lift them so she could use the edges of the soles of her shoes to scrape along Clark’s skin and force his suit all the way down to his boot tops. Lana’s next move was to grasp her ‘secret toy surprise’ with both hands and stroke it, which elicited a frustrated groan from Clark.

“Please, Lana, no. You’re under the influence of some kind of drug. Taking you like this would be…”

“…exactly what I want. And this sexual lie detector in my hands says you want it too.” Lana licked her lips, exaggerating the motion to toy with Clark’s mind. “So, whaddya say, Stud? Give a girl a ride?”

Lana’s tiny hands continued their ministrations, and Clark’s willpower collapsed in a haze of lust as he considered the fact that Lana had wanted sex just as much as he had ever since they'd been together.

“Okay, where?” Clark asked. “How? I’m still carrying this damn briefcase, leaving me one hand to hold you, and none to use in enjoying you.”

“Hmm…that is a problem…” Lana drummed her fingers on Clark’s chest as she thought. “How fast can you get us to Smallville?”

“It’s warm enough today for me to fly you fast, so if you close your eyes and mouth, I can have us there in several minutes. Why?”

“I seem to remember an overstuffed couch in your loft that would do the trick.”

“Not much room though, and the covering is cracked in a few places,” and then it occurred to Clark that Lana had been very talkative for the past couple of minutes.

When he asked her about it, she said, “Yeah, I have. It seems that whatever I was on is wearing off. And thanks to my knight in shining armor, I came through the experience with nothing more than a pair of slimy paw prints on my boobs.”

“You remember?”

“Everything he did to me, yes. But now, I want you to give me a whole new set of memories. Make me forget that the bald bastard touched me, and wanted to do so much more. Make me remember why I burn for your touch. Make me scream out your name, Clark.”

“Sounds like a fun challenge. So that brings us back to where we’re going to do it.”

Lana gestured around at the blue sky around her. “It’s warm enough up here, and there’s plenty of room.”

“Here,” Clark deadpanned, “in mid-air.”

“Sure. We can leave our clothes and my briefcase in your barn. Once we’re back at altitude, you lay flat on your back, support my knees with your arms, and let me do the rest.”

They followed Lana’s prescription to a T, and though Clark was worried about being spotted, Lana didn’t care. Her hair was streaming down, framing her angelic face as she looked down at Clark, while she rode his manhood at a slow and steady pace, which was the first of several positions they tried.

This was more than sex, more even than making love. For Clark and Lana, their time together in the sky was healing. Each of them had just experienced a fear from the deepest recesses of their respective souls. But being together like this, joining in the sky, comforted them in a way that just talking couldn’t have, given the nature of the violation. It reaffirmed for both of them that physical intimacy could be great, and wasn’t just the province of perverts like Lex.

Back on Earth, a pair of bird-watchers were swearing off hard liquor after each thought they’d seen two people making love in mid-air.

Later that evening, back in their Metropolis condo, Clark finally told Lana that he had ensured that Lex’s foray into rape would be his last. Lana didn’t generally approve of vigilantism, but in this case, she figured Lex had gotten what was coming to him...while she and Clark had just gotten busy coming.
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 70-72 (pg 10) 2/9

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Chapter 77

L'Extrémité (The End)

At work, Lana eventually got enough political pull to start a taskforce whose job was to root out public corruption in Metropolis. A number of powerful people didn’t want her to succeed, but they couldn’t openly oppose her for fear of drawing her attention to themselves.

Clark helped her out by giving her a list of cops and prosecutors in her office that he was sure were above reproach. The list was short, but it gave her people she could be sure of to recruit to her cause.

Even so, she had a hard time of it at first, and most of her efforts hit dead ends. She began to suspect that many of her problems were due to behind-the-scenes interference, and she had a growing suspicion of who was behind it. By the end of the calendar year, she and her people had begun to close in on a number of people, including judges, cops, and people from her office…headed by her boss, Tom Bloch. At that point, Lana turned over her investigation to state authorities because of the people that were involved, so that she could avoid any appearance of impropriety.

While Lana was busy with corruption, Clark spent his year just going about his normal business, but that was more than enough for anyone. Daily duties as Superman, a paying job, and a fiancée were all that he could handle right now.

Lana and Clark’s wedding had been a long time in preparation, but finally, Valentine’s Day came back around on the calendar. They had looked for a church in Metropolis that would marry them without requiring them to be members, or even steady attenders, but they didn’t find anything that met their needs, so Lana eventually broke down and decided to have it in the Metropolis Four Seasons hotel.

Bruce and Rachel had come from Gotham City to be Best Man and Matron of Honor. With them had come Lana and Clark’s godson, four-month-old Bryce Clark Wayne, and his nanny. Rachel and Bruce doted on little Bryce, but the demands of their occupations didn’t always allow them to be there when he needed someone. Thus the nanny.

The funny thing about Bryce’s birth was how Bruce had kept insisting that they name him John. Rachel stood firm though, refusing to allow her son to be named John Wayne. When she pointed out how much teasing the boy would have to endure with a name like that, Bruce finally relented, and Bryce was chosen, as it was close to Bruce, but different enough to allow him to feel like he was his own man as he grew up.

Lana and Clark were both captivated by their godson, but Clark especially seemed to be taken with his namesake. Lana was thrilled to see the way Clark took to the baby, bolstering her belief that Clark would make an awesome daddy someday.

Marrying Rachel had softened Bruce some, and the appearance of his first son had furthered the process, so much so that he had followed Rachel’s advice and begun training someone to eventually join him in his late night excursions. Bruce wasn’t sure if Dick Grayson would be his partner or his eventual replacement, but either way, he knew the kid would do.

One of the Four Seasons’ mid-sized meeting rooms had been transformed, by the professional wedding planner Lana had hired, into a quiet country chapel for the evening wedding. The service was simple and elegant, something that Clark had thought was a direct reflection of the woman who had led its planning.

The reception was across the hall in the main ballroom. There was a long head table across one end of the room, a large parquet dance floor in the middle, with the rest of the celebrants arranged around the dance floor at circular tables. After toasts and dances too numerous to count, Lana and Clark headed upstairs to the Honeymoon Suite.

Clark had figured Lana would be exhausted by the day’s activities, so he made sure the Honeymoon Suite was a no-pressure zone for her. After he helped her out of her wedding gown and he zipped out of his tux, they shared a long, two-person soak in the hot tub, followed by him giving her a full-body massage on the bed. As he half expected, Lana had drifted off to a blissful sleep halfway through the massage.

Bright and early the next morning, Lana and Clark were on their way to a two-week honeymoon. All Lana had asked for, before turning over the honeymoon planning to Clark, was that they go somewhere warm. By the time of the Valentine’s Day wedding, she knew they would have suffered through most of a Kansas winter, and the one place she didn’t want to go was snow skiing.

Clark had worked with Bruce for days before choosing Hawaii and its Kaanapali Beach Hotel. It was reputed to be the most Hawaiian hotel on Oahu, and it wasn’t a high-rise, which both he and Lana got enough of living in their condo. Two weeks of sun and fun worked their magic, allowing Lana and Clark to return to Metropolis tanned and rested…well, Lana had a tan anyway, Clark had to use a spray-on tan to make people think the sun affected him.

Months after their marriage, Lana and Clark were lounging around the condo just before bedtime. Lana was watching the late evening news, which Clark tried to avoid on any day he’d had a lot of Superman business, since he still didn’t like having to relive a lot of the nastier things he’d had to see as Superman.

Lana was different. Even though Clark shared his day with her, seeing the spin that the local TV stations put on his rescues sometimes gave her a clearer picture since Clark tended to downplay his role in anything that happened. Plus, she always liked to hoot and holler whenever a sharply-focused shot of Superman came on the screen. She tended to say some variation of “That’s my man!” or “What a hunk!” or “What I wouldn’t give to see that guy naked!”

That last comment would invariably make Clark laugh and drop whatever he was doing, just to fulfill her wish. More times than not, that would lead to both of them ending up naked somewhere in their condo, with the TV long forgotten.

But not today.

Lana had been sick the last few days, but had insisted on going to work anyway. Clark was growing increasingly worried, even though Lana seemed to feel okay right now. If she was sick again in the morning, he was going to frog march her down to their general practitioner’s office whether she wanted it or not. So instead of responding to his wife’s bait this night and enjoying some passionate lovemaking, Clark swept into the room, scooped her off of the couch, and headed straight for the bedroom. When Lana raised an eyebrow at this, Clark replied by letting her know he was worried. She tried to protest that she was fine, but he wasn’t having it, and she found it easier to dress in her pajamas and join him in bed than to argue about it.

Besides, being cuddled up in bed with the man she was in love with was nothing to complain about anyway.

As they laid there, with Lana’s head resting on Clark’s shoulder, and her body turned toward his, Lana asked quietly, “Teddy Bear?”

“Yes, Hon?”

“How come you still haven’t come up with a pet name for me?”

“Do what?” Clark asked in surprise. “I call you Honey, Babe, Sweetie, Dearest, and a number of other names.”

“I know, but those are kind of generic.” Lana gave Clark a very convincing fake pout. “I just wondered if you’d ever come up with one that was just for me. Something like Teddy Bear.”

Clark rolled his body in her direction to look her in the eyes.

“I don’t know...I guess I could tie one in with Teddy Bear…maybe call you Honey Bear, or even Sugar Bear, because you are soooo sweet.”

Lana saw her opportunity and took it.

“Mmm…sounds nice.” She propped herself up on one elbow to get a better look at Clark’s face. This was a moment she’d been looking forward to for months, and she didn’t want to miss a single nuance of his reaction. “Well, what if you just called me Momma Bear?”

Clark stopped breathing for a few seconds as everything else in his world seemed to come to a complete standstill.

Momma Bear?” Clark asked. To say his voice sounded strained was like calling lava hot: it was an understatement of enormous proportions. “Does that…” a big swallow “…does that mean…what it sounds like it means?”

Clark was fairly proud of himself for getting that out without too much stuttering, but Lana was focused on the look of hope that had spread across his face. Since she was almost 32, they had decided there was no time like the present for kids if they wanted the large family they had talked about, so they had been trying to conceive ever since the wedding. Lana’s reply was all Clark could have hoped for.

“Yes, Clark. Momma Bear. It means exactly what it sounds like. I snuck in a trip to my OB/GYN this afternoon, and he confirmed it. We are expecting!”

Clark punched a fist straight over his head in jubilation. Unfortunately for him, that was the direction of the oak headboard of his bed. His fist rammed right through the oak and the impact knocked over anything that had been standing on top of it. That made Lana bite her tongue to try to keep from snickering at Clark, but to no avail. He looked embarrassed for all of two seconds before his elation overrode his embarrassment, and he dove in on Lana for a passionate kiss.

As soon as Clark broke the kiss, his first words were, “Momma Bear!! Oh, I do love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy Bear.”

Over the length of Lana’s pregnancy, she and Clark experienced the full range of pregnancy-related issues. Lana’s hormones were up, making her desire sex more than ever, something she hadn’t previously thought possible.

Just like pregnant women on TV shows, she began having occasional cravings for weird foods. Only, with Clark by her side, her food requests tended to get bought at the source and delivered while still fresh. Those requests included barbeque ribs that Clark picked up in Kansas City, boiled crawfish from Louisiana, deep dish pizza from Chicago...and let’s not forget the chocolate.

Lots and lots of chocolate.

Clark bought specialty chocolates for Lana from Ghirardelli in San Francisco, Godiva, Guylian, Leonidas, and Cote d’Or in Belgium, and Lindt, Teuscher, and Holl’s in Switzerland. It got so that he started to develop a refined palate for high quality chocolates, while Lana was packing on the pounds.

She added at least twenty-five pounds during her pregnancy, something that made her OB/GYN happy, but not her. She felt bloated, and hated her maternity clothes because she thought they made her look like a beached whale, but Clark took away most of her insecurities about her appearance just by the way he looked at her in the shower every morning. As always, he looked at her with love in his eyes, but she was astounded that she always saw lust in his eyes too, no matter how large she felt that day.

That kind of desire and devotion from Clark, combined with Lana’s pregnancy-fueled hormones, meant Clark was getting lucky far more often during the pregnancy than he had thought he would.

Lana’s due date was a day after their anniversary, and both Kents fervently hoped that their child would miss their Valentine’s Day anniversary so he or she could have a day of his or her own to celebrate. All during February, Clark and Lana had spent every bit of free time looking for a house in the suburbs. Their condo was great for them, but there was no nursery near their bedroom and the only available room for a nursery was the spare bedroom at the other end of the condo.

Thus it was that they were on such a trip on the sixteenth of the month, flipping through a realtor’s book of houses, when Lana felt a contraction. She checked her watch, without letting Clark know, so she could count the minutes before her next contraction. She’d been having them erratically for a few days, and Lana was anxious for them to start happening regularly. She smiled inside when the next contraction came. Once the third one came, she started getting excited.

They were home, watching TV, with Clark massaging her neck, when she decided it was time to go. Clark nearly panicked when Lana told him, and had her out on the balcony to fly to the hospital before she convinced him that they had plenty of time to take a cab.

Clark grabbed Lana’s pre-packed suitcase out of the hall closet, and Lana called all three parents before they left the building. Lewis and Laura raced in from the suburbs, almost beating their children to Metropolis General, while Martha made the longer trip in from Smallville in plenty of time for her grandchild’s arrival.

Lana was in labor for ten hours before she finally gave birth to a squalling pink bundle of joy, cursing Clark all the while for doing this to her. He got to cut the umbilical cord, and after the nurses did what they needed to do, they handed the newest addition to the Kent family to him.

Clark had watched as the nurses did their thing, so he finally knew the sex of their child. They had intentionally avoiding finding out until now, but they had already decided on names. As he cradled the cloth-wrapped bundle of joy, and turned to show it to an eager Lana, he said, “Lana, I’d like for you to meet Stephanie Michelle Kent.” Clark looked down at the girl who had already taken a place in his heart, and said, “Say hello to your momma, Stephy. She’s been waiting to see you for a very long time now.”

Lana was tired, oh so tired, but seeing the way Clark glowed as he held their daughter was worth every bout of morning sickness, every cramp, and every indignity brought on by the pregnancy.

When Lana stretched out her hands, Clark shifted around and carefully laid Stephy in her mom’s arms. “Hi there, Precious. That handsome man over there is your daddy.”

As Clark headed out into the waiting room to give the three waiting grandparents the news of the birth of their brand new granddaughter, he marveled at how his daughter already had five people who loved her so very much that they would sacrifice a lot for her future happiness.

And yet, Stephy’s happiness ultimately depended on her. Her choices would largely determine that for her. Clark knew that for a fact, for despite the love of family and friends, he hadn’t been truly happy until he had reached out to Lana and found someone special...somebody to love.
The End
"In the Name of the King"
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