Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) COMPLETE 2/17/11

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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 46-48 (pg 6) 1/11

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Chapter 51

Back to Work
Clark hopped out of bed and headed for the shower as Lana scurried out of the bedroom to find and pull on her clothes. Just before he disappeared into the bathroom, Clark called out loudly, and said, “While I’m getting cleaned up, you might find something to nibble on in the fridge.”

“Okay,” Lana replied. Jeans…over there in front of the TV, Henley…draped on the back of the sofa, bra…dangling from a blade of the ceiling fan. Crap, how’d that get up there? Lana stretched up on her toes to snag a strap and slide the bra off of the fan. At least my socks and shoes are sitting on the floor where they should be.

Now that Lana had her clothes located she quickly pulled them on and headed for Clark’s kitchen. She found some bagels on the counter and looked into the fridge to see if there was any butter or cream cheese while she waited for Clark to dress. She found a plastic tub of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and a half gallon of whole milk, and also saw little bit of the leftover Thai from their dinner the other night.

Whole milk. All that fat is a clogged artery just waiting to happen. Who drinks that stuff any more? Lana wondered. Obviously, Clark does. It must be nice to be able to eat as much of whatever you want and feel no ill effects from it. I’ve gotta be careful about what I eat and then workout, or else I’ll blow up like a balloon. Which reminds me, I need to ask Clark if we can go by the gym on the way home tonight so I can sign up.

Not wanting to drink water with her bagel and cream cheese, and not wanting to take the time to brew a cup of coffee, Lana sighed and reluctantly poured herself a small glass of the milk. She was just licking the last crumbs off her fingertips when a freshly showered and shaved Clark Kent came out into the living room, nattily attired in a crisp bronze-colored suit.

He was so beautiful. All Lana could do was stare and hope to God she wasn’t drooling. It wasn’t until Clark walked right up to her and asked where her coat was, that she was able to tear her eyes away from him.

Lana tapped her lower lip with the tip of a forefinger as she thought for a second before remembering that she hadn’t worn a coat when she came over here last night. “I, uh, didn’t wear one,” she admitted.

“You what?”

“I was in such a hurry to beat some sense into you, that when I left my place last night, I rushed right out the door and down to the lobby without putting on my coat.”

“Huh. I never even noticed that when you came over.”

“Yeah,” Lana said, chuckling slightly, “that would explain the funny look that Bill kept giving me down in the lobby while I was waiting for the cab he called for me.”

“Well…let me see. I might have something that will do for a short flight.” Clark disappeared into his bedroom and came out seconds later with a royal blue sweatshirt. He handed it to Lana and she pulled it on, pushing the voluminous sleeves back up her arms until her small hands popped out of the cuffs. The hem of the sweatshirt hung halfway between her waist and her knees, and the sweatshirt was baggy enough that two or three of her could have fit inside it at the same time.

As Lana pulled her lengthy hair out of the sweatshirt’s crew-neck collar, Clark couldn’t help but think of how adorable she looked. Her bed hair and sleep-damaged makeup didn’t affect that in the least. He thought he could easily spend the rest of his life waking up with her.

Lana saw his goofy smile, and uncertain of what it meant, she asked, “You aren’t laughing at me, are you? Because I know this fits me like a circus tent.”

“Not laughing. Admiring.” Clark stepped forward and tucked a stray couple of strands of hair behind one of her ears. “Just a few minutes ago, you showed me how sexy you are. Now, I’m admiring how cute you are. It’s rare for a woman to be both. That’s just one reason among many that I’m so lucky to be the guy you’ve chosen to be with.”

Lana was in a hurry to get home, but that had to wait just a minute longer because she couldn’t wait another second to give Clark a kiss.



You name it, Lana’s kiss did it. When she finally let Clark go, his eyes were glassy and unfocused, and his breaths were ragged and uneven. His only halfway coherent thought was, Lana Lang and Kryptonite: the two things that bring me to my knees.

As Clark regained his mental balance, that last thought made him realize there was a lot of things about himself he hadn’t told Lana yet, his Kryptonite weakness being chief among them.

Escorting Lana toward the door, Clark said, “We definitely have to talk tonight once we get home.”


“There are a few more things about me that you need to know about.”

“Okay,” Lana said, “I love learning things about you.”

“Just remember you said that.” When Lana quirked an eyebrow at him, Clark explained. “What I have to say may not be easy for you to hear.”

Lana stopped right in front of the door and said, “It’ll be okay, Clark. If I can handle learning you’re a super-powered alien, I think I can handle anything.”

“Okay. Let’s see if you can handle this then: wait for me on the balcony. I’ve gotta go downstairs and find either a vacant alley or an empty rooftop where I can change clothes and then take off. I should be on the balcony in two or three minutes to get you since I plan on super-speeding down the stairs.”

Lana pulled the door open for Clark, as she said, “Oh, by the way, I’d like to stop by your health club to sign up for a membership after work. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure. Though I’ll have to fly you back here as Superman and then I can go with you as Clark.”

“How come?” Lana asked. She thought she knew the answer, but making sure never hurt.

“Even though I don’t look or sound like Superman, I try hard to make sure that Superman doesn’t go places where Clark Kent is well known, and vice-versa. Someone might notice how similarly-sized we are, or maybe they’d pick up on the fact that we have similar mannerisms, and that could start them wondering, which is something you and I don’t want.”

Clark dipped into the hall closet for his wool-lined overcoat before leaving. True to his word, he was on the balcony three minutes after Lana closed and locked the door behind him. He was Superman once more, and asked, with a special twinkle in his eye, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I hope I’ll get the chance to enjoy flying this time. Yesterday was a bit hectic.”

Superman scooped Lana into his arms and launched them into the air. Lana’s building wasn’t too far, so it only took them three to four minutes to cover the distance. Once securely on her balcony, Lana unlocked the door and waited while Superman…no, while Clark, searched her condo to make sure there weren’t any nasty surprises.

Lana refused to think of Clark and Superman as being two different people any longer. As far as she was concerned, Clark was a man who just happened to have two jobs. One was as an award-winning newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet, and the other was as Superman.

Once he gave her the all-clear, she raced inside for an abbreviated version of her morning toilette. She was ready to go in near-record time, with her still-damp hair in a loosely-knotted bun, a full fifteen minutes before she was scheduled to be at work.

Clark didn’t like the idea of flying Lana through the sub-freezing winter air with her head being wet, so he rustled up a towel and a brush from Lana’s master bathroom and after freeing her hair from the bun, began using small, rapid hand movements with the towel to dry her hair a section at a time. Then, he picked up the brush and carefully worked each section to keep it from snarling on her. Every time the towel became too damp, Clark used a light application of his heat vision to both dry and warm the towel so he could get back to her hair.

Once again, Lana got to enjoy Clark’s personal attention to her hair. Once he finished drying and brushing, she quickly wound her hair back into a messy knot which she intended to neaten up once she got to her office. Only ten minutes remained when they stepped out onto the balcony and Lana locked her door.

“Come on, Lana, let’s get you to work.”

This time Lana had on a proper, full-length winter coat along with gloves and a wool scarf. She had wisely chosen to wear thick sweatpants under her skirt to keep any high-altitude drafts from freezing her to death.

Soaring over the majestic skyline of Metropolis, Lana marveled at the view. The people on the streets below looked microscopic and the cars and trucks looked like they were Hot Wheels. But the thing that struck her most forcefully was how quiet it was up there. She was used to the din of honking horns, swearing cab drivers, the out-gassing of air brakes on city buses, and street vendors hawking their wares. Up here, the only sound was the hammering of her heart.

They didn’t say much on the flight to the Siegel Center as Lana spent her time drinking in the sights, while Clark split his time between watching where he was going and watching Lana.

As he watched, he thought the trauma of yesterday morning looked to be far behind her, but he knew it would return full-force as soon as she reached work. As a member of the media, he knew there would be a huge crowd of reporters waiting for her. The fact that she was involved in a high-profile case and had just survived an assassination attempt would draw nationwide coverage. Add in her beauty and poise, and she’d make the perfect subject for a highly sympathetic story.

Lana was about to become a minor national celebrity.

They finally landed on the roof at almost the exact spot where Lana accidentally pulled off Clark’s mask and set in motion everything else that happened yesterday. Still in his Superman suit, Clark led Lana into the building where she immediately stripped off the sweatpants and asked Clark to hold them for her in his N-space box.

Once he had the sweats put away and the box back in place on his belt, the two of them walked down a couple of floors and then waited for an elevator down to the tenth floor. While they waited, Clark decided to make sure Lana knew what was going to be waiting for her once she got to work.

“Umm…Lana?” Clark asked, with Superman’s powerful voice.

“Yes?” Lana was already having to be careful about what name she used when she talked to Clark. She had to make sure she never called him Clark when he was in red and blue and never called him Superman when he was in a business suit.

“You do know you’re about to step into a full-blown media circus when you get to work today…right?”

“You mean, every news outlet in town is going to be after my story about yesterday?”

“In town?” Clark asked. Suddenly sure she had no idea what she was in for, Clark waited until they got into the elevator and started to move. He then disabled the security camera, hit the red emergency stop button, and said, “Not just in town. Every news organization in Kansas that has any kind of an out-of-town budget will have someone here, and all of the national news organizations will be here, too.”

Clark could see Lana getting paler by the moment, which made him glad he had stopped the elevator. She would need a minute or two to recalibrate her thinking.

“The good thing is,” Clark said, as he went on, “I think they'll be waiting to jump you in the lobby, so we’re outflanking them by coming in this way.”

“Maybe I can get a cup of coffee and organize my thoughts for a bit before I have to face them.”

Clark looked into Lana’s eyes, and asked, “Would you like for me to be there? As Superman? That way, I might be able to divert some of their attention away from you.”

“Really? You’d do that for me?”

“Of course! What wouldn’t I do for you?”

“But…what about work?”

“I’ve got an untold number of unused personal days. Looks like it’s time for me to finally take one.”

Clark pulled out his N-space box and rummaged around in it until he located his cell phone. He then scrolled down his list of numbers and called Perry’s office directly.

“Hi, Perry. It’s Clark Kent…well, what I want is to take a personal day off…Lana is still dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s assassination attempt…don’t worry, Chief, I’ll only give my side of the story to Chloe. It ought to give her an extra angle no one else has…Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow, Chief.”

As Clark closed down his cell phone, he saw another name on his list of numbers and remembered he needed to call in some extra help. Mostly, he needed someone to watch over Metropolis while he watched over Lana. His big fear right now, which he had yet to voice to Lana, was that the thugs trying to kill her would now try to pull him away from her by staging serious incidents all over town, so they could then move in for the kill.

Clark restarted the elevator and handed the cell phone to Lana so anyone who saw them would think it was hers. When the elevator stopped on the tenth floor, Lana squeezed Clark’s hand once before the door slid open, revealing a mostly empty lobby. Clark checked the room quickly with his x-ray vision before leading Lana over to the high-security entrance to the D.A.’s office complex.

The guards were relieved to see Miss Lang unharmed and being closely guarded by Superman. Ever since yesterday’s attack, no one had been able to reach her, and some had started fearing she had been shot after all. They didn’t know that Lana, just like the man next to her, had had her phone turned off all day long and hadn’t even thought about checking her messages.

Clark chuckled as they scanned Superman for weapons as he followed Lana inside, since the only guns he carried were stuffed inside the sleeves of his red and blue suit. Once in side the office, Lana had to deal with her co-workers as they uniformly expressed their concern about what happened and their pleasure at her safe return.

It wasn’t until she made it passed Maria and was safely ensconced in her office that Lana could relax. Clark used his x-ray vision to check that no one was coming in behind them and then he locked the door. Lana handed his cell phone back and then set her briefcase down on her desk before moving to the small cabinet in the corner where her personal coffee maker was already brewing its first pot of the day.

Good, old Maria, Lana thought. She always knows just how I like it.

While Lana waited for the coffee to finish brewing, Clark reluctantly made the call. He knew it was only 6 a.m. out on the left coast, but this was the only call he could make. Even though he would take a ribbing for having to admit he needed some help, this was too important for him to let his ego get in the way.

After six rings, a groggy voice answered. “Wha? Who the frack is callin’ me at 6 in the blessed a.m.? This had better be good.”

“If you’d ease up on the late nights, Kara, you’d be awake enough to remember to read your caller ID. Then you’d know it’s me, Clark.”

“Oh shizz, Coz,” Kara said. If Clark didn’t know any better, he’d think his cousin was drunk, or at least hung over, but Kryptonian biochemistry didn’t work that way. “There had better be a mess of escapees from the PZ to deal with if you’re gonna wake me up this early.”

She was joking. She knew Clark never called on her for help. She thought he had a little bit too much stiff-necked pride for his own good when it came to that, so what he said next came as a complete shock, waking her up as effectively as a bucket of ice-cold water.

“Kara, I need your help.”

A gasp, and then, “The hell you say! You must be Bizarro, ‘cause the Clark Kent I know would never ask for help.”

“You know I’m not Bizarro, Kara, my syntax is too good.” All he got was a humph of agreement, but that was enough. “Just please meet me on the roof of the Siegel Center in ten minutes.”

Kara may have been tired, but she had seen C.N.N. and heard about her cousin’s dramatic rescue of the new Metropolis Deputy D.A. From the publicity shot of her that had been shown on screen, Kara knew the woman was exceptionally beautiful. She thought back and realized that the emphasis that Clark had just placed on the word ‘please’ hadn’t been him asking for her help, it had been him begging for it.

Kara couldn’t wait to meet this Deputy D.A. She must be a real piece of work, because she had turned the Man of Steel into a puddle of molten goo. “Okay, Coz, I’ll be there, but make it fifteen minutes. I need a shower.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 49-51 (pg 7) 1/13

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mary mary - You're my only replier, so when I see you've posted a reply, I'll hustle back in here and post some more. I can't wait until I finish one of my fics on Sweet, so I'll have time to write my proposed Roswell/Smallville crossover.
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Chapter 52

Kara Zor-El
Clark had just put his phone away and returned the N-space box to its hiding place behind his cape, when Lana asked, “Who was that?”

She offered a second cup of coffee to Clark, with her eyes seeming to apologize for the plain, white Styrofoam cup. Clark accepted the cup with thanks, wondering idly how strong Lana liked her coffee to be brewed, and then took a taste.

Hmm…French roast with a tiny bit of creamer mixed in…not bad. “That was my cousin Kara. My biological cousin Kara.”

“You mean she’s…?”

“An alien? Oh yeah. She’s got all the powers I have, plus one more.”

Intrigued, Lana asked, “Oh? And what power might that be?”

Clark gave Lana a brief look of helpless resignation. “Super-Mouth. That girl gives me more lip than any other five people I know.”

“I suppose she’s in the family business, too?” Lana hadn’t kept up too closely with the doings of her hometown while she was in Gotham City, but she had heard about Supergirl’s stay in town before she headed off to the bright lights and mild weather of Star City. “She is Supergirl, right?”

“Yeah,” Clark admitted, his face showing a mixture of pride and irritation that could only be generated by close family. “I called her to come back to town to help me guard you. Intergang might try to attack you at home, like we think, or they might just try and distract me with a series of pre-planned disasters all around town while they make their next move on you, so I want Kara to take care of Metropolis while I stay close to you.”

Lana’s heart was warmed by the concern etched in Clark’s voice, but she pointed out a flaw in his thinking. “That may not work out too well, Clark. You did say you wanted to keep Superman away from places where Clark would show up and vice-versa, right?”


“Well, you’re already committed to coming to my office every day to bring me lunch, so you can’t spend all day here as Superman. After all, if someone notices the similarities between you two and then realizes that they never see you and Superman together, they might start to suspect.”

Clark gulped the rest of the steaming coffee and crushed the empty cup before tossing it away. He knew Lana was right, but he already found it galling to have to ask Kara for help. Having to count on her to directly protect Lana during the workday was just going to make things that much worse. At this rate, his normally invulnerable stomach would need antacids by noontime.

“You’re right, of course,” Clark admitted. “Not only do I need to keep my two identities separate, but I need to put in some time at my other job…though I did already take a personal day for today, so…I guess Superman can put in some extra time today once your session with the media is over.”

Lana could see the fierce and growly part of her teddy bear rising to the surface. He obviously didn’t want to let his cousin be the one to protect her, but at least he realized he didn’t have much of a choice right now. Done with her coffee, Lana reached into her things to pull out a comb, brush, and small makeup compact, which had a mirror, and set about fixing her appearance after her flight through the blustery morning wind.

Clark figured it would take her a few minutes, so he said, “Stay here. I’m just going back to the roof to meet Kara. I’ll be back in no time and introduce you two.”

Lana watched from the door to her office as Clark headed out into the lobby. She hadn’t noticed it on their way in, but virtually every woman in sight was checking her man out from head to toe. Her first inclination was to go off on them and let them know he was taken. She quickly realized, however, that all they were seeing was Superman, and as far as they knew, Superman was fair game. Lana did have to admit Clark’s bod looked extra tasty in that skintight suit.

When she saw her very own secretary licking her lips, however, Lana just had to reach out and lightly swat her on the back of her head. “Marie! Stop that! You’re a happily married woman.”

“Maybe so,” Marie cackled, without taking her eyes off of Clark for a second, “but I’m not dead yet.”

He's definitely gonna have to start wearing a suit made out of blue sweats and red boxers, Lana thought. Baggy blue sweats. I especially don’t like those skin-tight trunks. Could he possibly wear something brighter and tighter on his crotch? I mean, it’s so obvious that a blind woman would do a double take!

Oblivious, as always, to the stir his presence created among women, Clark left the D.A.’s office suite and headed to the stairwell. Seconds later, he was on the roof and scanning the sky for signs of Kara. He knew that with her normally flamboyant personality, she wouldn’t be content to slip into town unnoticed. Instead, he fully expected her to take a couple of relatively slow-paced laps of downtown to announce her return. He didn’t have long to wait, and his cousin did not disappoint him.

Looks like she’s changed her costume, Clark thought, as he watched his cousin zoom in and around the downtown area. As she finally landed on the edge of the Siegel Center, Clark saw that he was right.

“Nice outfit, Kara. Welcome home.”

“It’s good to be back, Kal.” She pulled lightly at the skintight, long-sleeved crop top, which was done up in Superman blue with golden trim on the neckline, hem, and sleeve cuffs. “I decided to put to use all those sewing lessons that Martha gave me.” She then twirled once, which caused her floaty, heavily-pleated blue miniskirt to rise to a level that made Clark look away uncomfortably.

“Jeez, Kara,” Clark said, “you could’ve kept some modesty.”

“Oh, come on, Kal. You were always complaining about how short and tight the skirt on my last costume was. This one is looser fitting and hides more.”

“True,” Clark conceded. “On the other hand, even a slight breeze could be embarrassing for you in this one. The last one did have the saving grace of not flying up on you.”

“Embarrassing for me? Embarrassing for you maybe. I just let ‘em look,” Kara said impishly. “It’s as close to touching me as they’ll ever get.” Becoming somewhat serious, she added, “Besides, I’ve noticed that when I first face a guy while I’m in this outfit, he almost always involuntarily checks out my bod, which gives me an extra split second to take him down safely.”

“That won’t work for me, unfortunately,” Clark said sheepishly.

“Not unless the criminal element in Metropolis is mostly gay,” Kara agreed. “And, anyway, if I ever catch you in a miniskirt…”

“You’ll tell Jor-El?”

“I’ll take pictures first. Then I’ll tell Jor-El.”

With this chit-chat about costumes, Clark was avoiding mentioning what had brought Kara back to Metropolis, and she wasn’t about to be the one to bring it up. There was still something inside of her that was thoroughly enjoying the fact that the man who had trained her, the great, seemingly all-powerful Kal-El, needed her help. She didn’t necessarily want him to beg for her assistance, but she wanted to hear the magic words one more time. For her, it would be a validation that she had finally reached the top of her profession…that Superman looked on her as an equal.

They just stood there looking, each wanting the other to make the first move. Finally, Clark opened his mouth to speak, to thank Kara for coming and to ask her once again for her help. But as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, Kara suddenly found that she no longer needed to hear him say the words. The fact that he was willing to was enough; she didn’t need to humble him. So she stopped him from speaking by super-speeding over to her older cousin and trying to crush him with a bearhug.

“It’s good to be back, Kal,” Kara said, as she broke the hug. “Let’s go downstairs so I can meet this girlfriend of yours.”

Looking like he’d just been poleaxed, Clark asked unconvincingly, “Who said anything about a girlfriend?”



“Don’t make me tell your girlfriend that you just tried to deny being in a relationship with her.”

Damn! Clark thought. “Is it that obvious?”

“Only to someone who knows you like I do. Pete Ross would’ve picked up on it even faster than I did.”

Clark turned for the door, motioning for Kara to go first. She smiled at his gentlemanly behavior. She doubted he’d even had to think about it before he did it. As she moved by her cousin, she wondered about the woman waiting for her down on the tenth floor.

Is she as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside? Does she deserve a man like Kal? Can she accept the life she’ll need to lead to be tied to him? Hell…how much has he told her already? I need to know that first.


“Yes?” came his answer from immediately behind her.

“How much have you told this woman about yourself?”

“She knows that Clark Kent is Superman and that I’m an alien.”

They headed down the stairs, but Kara kept their pace to a walk to have more time to think.

Finally, she asked, “And you’ve known her how long?”

“Less than a month.”

Kara made a flippant remark in reply. “Oh…so, when are you two getting married?”

“I…we, uh…I don’t…umm…”

Kara didn’t even have to look over her shoulder to know that Clark’s face was as red as his cape. Holy freak! He’s actually considering it! I’ve got to meet this woman…now.

To try and alleviate the uncomfortable silence that had just descended upon them, Clark finally asked, “What was with the way you were talking when I called you?”

“Oh that?” Kara then subtly changed her tone of voice. “Oh shizz, Cuz, I was just foolin’ with ya.” Then her voice changed back. “Actually, I’ve gotten into the hip-hop scene a little bit in my downtime. I just thought I’d mess with your mind just a little bit when I saw it was you who was calling me.”

Clark shook his head ruefully, and admitted, “You did have me wondering.”

Once on the tenth floor, both superheroes quickly passed through the screening process, though it seemed to Clark as if the security officers had taken a little more time with Kara. He knew what they were up to and bristled at the thought that these guys were ogling his cousin. Kara saw Clark’s irritation and rolled her eyes, glad that at least one thing hadn’t changed.

“It’s a wonder they even bother scanning me,” Kara said, as they made their way to Lana’s office. “I mean, where the heck do they think I’d hide anything in this suit?”

“Trust me, Supergirl, those guys would strip search you if they could come up with a reason to do it.” Clark was being careful to use her superhero name now that they were around other people.

Kara followed suit, saying, “I’d like to see them try.”

Clark had no doubt how that would end. He could just see the broken fingers now.

When they reached Marie’s desk, she smiled widely at Clark and buzzed them in. Once the door was securely shut behind them, Clark stepped in between the two women and said, “Lana, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you, Kara Zor-El. She’s my first cousin and my only living biological relative.” Clark stepped to Lana’s side, took her left hand in his right one, and added, “Kara, this is Lana Lang. She’s my girlfriend…but right now, our concern is that she’s the Deputy District Attorney who is in charge of prosecuting Morgan Edge. Jury selection opens Monday morning, and someone’s already tried to kill her once.”

The women stuck out their right hands and shook. “Hi, Kara. Thank you for coming on such short notice. We’re so thankful for your help.”

“I’m glad to help.” Kara looked over to Clark. “When do we get started?”

“Right now,” Clark replied. “We have a news conference to go to. Everyone and their mother will be there to ask Lana questions. I want to put on a show of force to make it crystal clear that any more attempts on Lana’s life would be a waste of time.”

“Soooo…while she’s talking, we’re doing the side-by-side thing? Arms crossed? Stern expressions? The whole nine yards?”

“Oh yeah.” Clark said. “I want us to look like my mom did the time you tried wash Shelby, ended up filthier than Shelby had ever been, and then tracked the mud through the house.”

Kara winced at that particular memory. “Okay. Got it. Our faces should be masks of death.”

“Ready, Lana?” Clark asked. He wanted to call her Honey or Dear, but knew that he had to avoid using terms of endearment while in the Superman suit. “Where’s the conference? Is there enough room in the conference room? Or are we going down to the first floor lobby?”

“The first floor," Lana said. "Tom popped in while you were waiting for Kara and said there’s a horde of reporters waiting down there to talk to me, so he had a podium setup for me.”

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Kara led the way, using her x-ray vision to scan everyone and everything now that she was on the job. She would not let her cousin down. Lana followed a few feet behind Kara and Clark followed Lana.

Clark and Kara decided it would be safer to take the stairs, so they headed for the stairwell. Once away from prying eyes, Clark leaned toward Lana and asked, “Nervous?”

“Oh yeah. Always. But once I get out there, I’ll be fine. Just like in court.”

“Good. Then let’s get this out of the way.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 49-51 (pg 7) 1/13

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Chapter 53

Meet the Press
Bracketed by the two most powerful people on the planet, Lana was serenely confident as she walked out of the stairwell and made her way to the podium. Kara was still checking everyone and everything, which caused her to slow her pace considerably once they reached the first floor. While Kara was looking for dangerous objects, Clark was looking for dangerous people. Mostly, he was watching faces, using his eyes in super-speed mode to check as many faces at once as he possibly could. Anyone who seemed too hyped up, or too focused on Lana, was going to get an extra dose of his attention.

The one thing he did notice was that Kara was right about her outfit. The crowd of media types was heavily slanted toward men, mostly middle-aged at that, and the unexpected sight of the buxom blonde bombshell in the crop top and miniskirt had them sitting up straighter and completely forgetting their intended first questions.

Geez, Clark thought, I work with a bunch of dirty old men. Kara’s half their age, half their weight, twice as smart as most of them, and yet…hope springs eternal. While he wasn’t really surprised at the way the men reacted, he focused more tightly on the few men who managed to keep their eyes on Lana. Any man who could keep his eyes off of that woman in that outfit was a serious professional. Whether that meant a hit man or a journalist was something he’d rather not have to find out.

One more thing: Clark knew an assassin could just as easily be a woman. His cousin was proof positive that a woman could be just as deadly as a man, and it wouldn’t pay for him to underestimate the potential threat from that quarter. Thankfully, the number of women in attendance was rather small.

Lana noticed that Kara was four or five inches taller than her to start with, and by the time she got done adding in the chunky three-inch heels on Kara’s knee-high, gold-trimmed, red leather boots, Lana felt quite small. With Clark on her other side, she felt like a child standing between two parents. Lana stepped up to the podium and adjusted the microphone while her protectors took up positions on either side of her and a couple of feet behind. Her first words were to test the microphone.

“Can you folks in the back row hear me okay?” After receiving a smattering of acknowledgments from those in the back, Lana said, “Hello. For those of you who are new to Metropolis, I’m Lana Lang, the Deputy District Attorney for Metropolis.” Lana was careful to pick people out of the crowd and make solid eye contact before moving her gaze to the next person. “Yesterday, I was the target of an assassination attempt. Superman,” she gestured toward Clark, “has been acting informally as my bodyguard ever since I received an anonymous message that tried the ‘carrot and stick’ approach of both offering a bribe and threatening me if I didn’t take the bribe.

“I normally would be giving a statement to the Metropolis Police Department right now about what happened yesterday, except there’s not much I can tell them. I was walking across the plaza and didn’t even hear the gunshots until I was falling to the ground in the aftermath of Superman’s impact with the surface of Schuster Plaza. I jumped up and ran barefoot across the plaza before Superman literally swept me off of my feet and took me to a safe location.

“Once he realized I was bleeding from some small wounds on the back of my head, he took me to Metropolis General where I was thoroughly checked out by the wonderful medical staff in the emergency room.

“After that, I spent the rest of my day at an undisclosed location in case my attempted murderers weren’t through with me yet. And now, it’s back to work.” Lana’s voice was even as her eyes calmly scanned the assembled reporters and camera people. “Does anyone have any questions?”

Hands shot up all over the corner of the lobby that had been commandeered for this news conference. A media liaison from the D.A.’s office stood at Lana’s side and helped her identify the out-of-town reporters. Lana gestured to one reporter after another, answering their questions with aplomb.

“Do you know who tried to kill you?” one reporter asked.

“No. I can make some educated guesses, but as a prosecutor, I know how risky that can be.” Lana took a breath. “You might, however, take note of the fact that I’m in charge of prosecuting the reputed head of Intergang. Jury selection in that trial is due to start this coming Monday. Read into that what you will.”

Lana chose another reporter, who said, “I’ve talked to the Metropolis Police Department, and they said they hadn’t received any indication of a threat against you. Now, you say you’d received a combined bribe attempt and death threat. Why didn’t you inform the police?”

“Before I came to town earlier this month, I was an assistant prosecutor in Gotham City. My last case was putting The Joker behind bars. That case put me in close contact with Batman. When I took the job here, Batman asked Superman to keep a close eye on me since my predecessor here, Ed Kinser, had been murdered.

“Since I had Superman’s personal protection, I didn’t see the point in involving the police.” That wasn’t the exact truth, but Lana wasn’t going to tell the media that Superman suspected that some of the Metropolis Police Department was on the take. “I mean, suppose you were me. Would you rather have the police guarding you and being with you every waking moment or would you rather deal with the non-intrusive presence of Superman?

“I made my choice and am glad I did. No amount of police protection would’ve saved me from yesterday’s snipers.”

One of the local reporters then asked, “Rumor has it that you’re dating our very own Clark Kent. What does he make of all of this? After all, his last girlfriend was killed by a car bomb while they were investigating Intergang.”

“My personal life is none of your business,” Lana replied. Her manner, which had been warm and open, turned a bit frosty. “Furthermore, whether I am or am not seeing Mr. Kent has no bearing on what happened to me yesterday. If you want to know what he thinks, ask him.”

“Fat chance,” the reporter groused. “He works for the Planet and wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone but their reporter…at least not until they’ve printed his story anyway.”

That last statement caused Chloe, who was sitting in the front row, to pipe up. “He’d better not talk to anybody but me. Not if he knows what’s good for him anyway.”

Lana couldn’t help but smile at Chloe’s defense of her turf. The two of them had gotten along quite well in the week and a half that Chloe had been covering the trial preparations. Once they had established that Clark belonged to Lana, Chloe had been able to shunt her attraction to him to one side and do her job with complete objectivity. Lana was beginning to feel Chloe might end up becoming one of her better friends here in Metropolis. The fact that Clark trusted Chloe already didn’t hurt things either.

“That appears to be a problem for you guys to work out amongst yourselves,” Lana said. “I don’t have any control over the workings of the fourth estate.”

Lana continued talking until all of the reporters had exhausted their list of questions for her and then they turned their focus onto Superman. Clark wasn’t in a talkative mood though, so his answers were brief, as he kept as much of his attention as possible on the crowd.

Once they finished with him, Kara led Lana back to the stairwell, with Clark bringing up the rear. Once out of sight, Clark lifted Lana into his arms and raced up to the tenth floor to save her the trouble. The three of them passed through security and back into Lana’s office.

“I think that went pretty well,” Lana said, as she took a seat at her desk. Kara took one seat in front of the desk and Clark took the remaining one. Lana’s eyes focused on Clark. “You’ll need to leave here fairly soon and change, so you can come back here and let Chloe interview you.”

“Yeah. I expect she’ll come to you as soon as she gets back here for any follow up questions she might have. Working as closely with you as she is already is an advantage of which she will make use.”

Lana turned to Kara, and asked, “What do you want for lunch, Kara? My boyfriend Clark is going to come by with something for us to eat and I thought I’d have him pick something up for you, too.”

Clark shot Kara a look that fairly begged her to go somewhere else, anywhere else for lunch.

“I’d love to,” Kara said, as she looked at Clark out of the corner of her eye, “but I think I’ll need to spend the time calling my agent. I need to have him cancel my bookings for a while.”

“Agent?” Lana asked.

“Yeah,” Kara said sheepishly. “I do some modeling to pay the bills. Besides the money, the hours are super-flexible.” Kara indicated her superhero outfit. “Just what I need for this job.”

“Wait…” Lana said. “Are you Kara Kent?”


The Kara Kent?”

“Uh, yeah,” Kara replied quietly.

Lana gestured at Kara’s face. “But you don’t really look like her.”

Kara reached up, and, in a movement that was becoming familiar to Lana, pressed on both of her temples at the same time. A mask popped off in her hands. Where Supergirl had long blonde hair and icy blue eyes, Kara Kent had a rather short, bright blonde hairdo and jade green eyes that matched her cousin’s.

Lana found that the real Kara was, if anything, even more beautiful than she was as Supergirl. She was having a hard time digesting the fact that a model who had done everything from Cover Girl makeup to Victoria’s Secret catalogs to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was a superhero in her spare time. It sounded to her like the idea for a bad TV show on the CW Network. Like they have any good shows! Lana snickered to herself.

“Those masks must be nice,” Lana sighed. “Gives ‘putting on your face’ a whole new meaning.”

Kara did just that, and as her mask locked back into place, she said, “Maybe Kal can make one for you someday. You might find it handy to be able to go out without anyone recognizing you.”

“Yeah. Right now, I would love to be anonymous, but I’d settle for one of those N-space storage boxes that hold so much.”

“I’ve told him he could put the personal storage industry out of business,” Kara replied, “but he’s always thinking about the way various governments would take Kryptonian inventions and use them for military applications.”

Just as Clark was about to put in his two cents worth, the intercom on Lana’s desk buzzed and Marie’s voice could be heard saying, “Miss Lang? Miss Sullivan is here to see you now.”

Lana pressed the reply button, and said, “Hold her there, Marie. I’ll come meet her at the door.”

Clark stood when Lana did. “I guess that’s my cue to leave. Tell Chloe I’ll be in a little while before lunch to talk to her…that is, if you want to go public about our relationship.”

“Well…Chloe already knows we’re a couple; trying to hide it from her makes no sense. So I guess you can tell her about how yesterday made you feel.”

Lana walked Clark to the door, and after she pulled him down for a quick kiss and made sure she left no lip prints on him, Clark asked, “What do you want for lunch?”

“You,” was her throaty reply.

Clark smiled helplessly. “I meant, what did you want to eat?”

Lana’s smile grew, and became a bit naughty, as she said, “Still you.”

“Your wish is my command,” he breathed.

When Clark turned the handle and opened the door, Lana caught a brief glimpse of Chloe standing at Marie’s desk and chatting pleasantly. Knowing that she was out of Chloe’s line of sight, Lana swiftly reached down and firmly goosed Clark as he headed out the door.

Lana was rewarded with the sight of a startled Superman jumping slightly as he headed out the door. Kara, who had been watching their byplay from her seat at Lana’s desk, started laughing her head off. She loved it that her cousin had found someone who treated him as a man and not as some mythic being. I think Lana’s going to be good for him, Kara thought.

As Superman left, Chloe looked up to see a smiling Lana waving her in. “Come on in, Chloe. I know you’ll have 101 questions for me.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 49-51 (pg 7) 1/13

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Chapter 54

Waiting for Lunch
Lionel was going through some reports as he prepared for the weekly meeting of his division heads when his phone rang. The preparation was just something for him to do, however, as he waited to hear if the latest attempt on Lana Lang’s life had been more successful than the last one.

Seeing it was from his contact, Lionel tucked his Bluetooth wireless headset into place around his ear and pressed a button on his phone’s base unit to disguise his voice before accepting the call. The voice coming over the phone was also electronically altered.

“Well…is it done?” Even with his voice being disguised, Lionel wasn’t about to say anything incriminating like ‘did you kill her?’

“No, Sir.”

“Why not?” Lionel’s voice was low and dangerous. For a man not accustomed to failure, he was nearing the limit of his tolerance for it.

“The lobby was crowded with news types, just like we thought it would be. The idea was that when everyone pressed around her as she came in to work, our man was going to take the shot.”

“What went wrong this time?”

“The broad never showed. And when they began organizing a press conference in one corner of the lobby, with chairs in neat little rows, we left. There was no chance to do the job then.”

“So…she was there?”

“Apparently, but there’s no way she came in by the front door. We were in place by 6 a.m.”

Lionel cooled off a bit, and said, “It’s not your fault. That overgrown do-gooder probably flew her in. It’s what I would have done from the start if I was him.”

“On to Plan C?”

“Plan C4.” Lionel chuckled at his slight joke. “Remember, this may be the last chance you have to save your boss. Don’t screw it up.”

Lionel had no sooner ended the call, when his phone rang again. It was Lex this time, so Lionel reached over and shut off the electronic voice distortion before answering.

“Yes, Lex? What’s so important that you couldn’t just walk next door and talk to me in person?”

“Not being next door. I’m stuck in traffic in my limo and I'm watching TV. You might want to turn on your office set to any of the local channels right now. If not, I’m taping it and will bring my copy to your office.”

Lionel instantly reached for the remote control for the brand new 108” Sharp LCD high-definition TV he just had installed on the far wall of his office. He switched to the local ABC affiliate and turned up the volume, and was just in time to catch the last couple of minutes of Lana’s press conference. Seeing the proof that he had been foiled once again wasn’t too annoying since his hireling had warned him already, and neither was the sight of the ubiquitous Man of Steel. What really annoyed him was seeing that Pollyannaish blonde tart standing on Miss Lang’s other side; that meant Superman had bent his stiff neck long enough to call in some support.

That’ll make it tougher on the hit men, but not impossible, Lionel thought. The plan doesn’t require muscle to succeed, just a bit of trickery.

Lex entered Lionel’s office a good half hour later with a VHS tape in hand.

“Don’t bother, Son,” Lionel said, as he waved Lex away. “I saw enough.”

“Looks like you’re losing your touch, Dad,” Lex replied mockingly. “You didn’t tell me what the plan was for today, but I know you had one, and this time Lana Lang didn’t even get touched. At least yesterday’s fiasco managed to give some cuts on the back of her head.”

“Thank you, Lex,” Lionel said, his sarcasm fully evident. “Once again you tell me what I already know.” Wanting to change the subject away from Lana Lang, Lionel asked, “Are you still going to Bruce Wayne’s New Year’s Eve party on Friday night?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t dream of missing the chance to make more connections with potential future business partners.” Lex sauntered over to the bar, but then decided it was still too early for booze. “Bruce’s parties are the best networking opportunities on the East Coast.”

“Humph…yes, well, represent LuthorCorp well.” Lionel turned back to his reports. “Are you ready for the division head meeting?”

“I’m way ahead of you, Dad. I read those last night.” Lex walked around behind the desk, standing at Lionel’s side. He fished into the pile and came up with a particular report. After looking at it briefly to make sure it was the one he wanted, he handed it to Lionel. “I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to fire Jenkins. His division’s costs are running far above budget while its sales are well under projections…and it’s the third quarter in a row that it’s happened.”

Lionel’s face grew dark as thoughts of Lana Lang slipped from his mind. “Not only am I going to fire him, I’m going to go through his personal financial records with a finely-toothed comb. Numbers like this usually mean someone’s embezzling.” He pressed a button which linked him to his personal secretary. “Anna, get Smithson from Accounting up here right away.”

“Yes, Mr. Luthor,” the woman replied.

Back at the Siegel Center, Chloe questioned Lana somewhat more closely about the previous day’s attempt on her life, finally getting her to admit, off the record, that Clark had been traumatized by the event. Kara played Supergirl to the hilt, following Lana everywhere she went all morning long. She was friendly enough with everyone she came in contact with, but kept chit-chat to a minimum since her sole focus was Lana’s continued good health.

Kara’s presence gave Lana one unexpected benefit: Lana was pleased that the lechers in the office had the scantily-clad Supergirl to look at instead of her, until one young attorney tried to take an surreptitious upskirt photo of Supergirl with his camera phone. Then Lana wished they had been staring at her all morning long. She just wanted to curl up and die from embarrassment. She was about to fire the jerk when Kara stepped in. Instead of complaining, which would have sealed his fate, she chose to relieve him of his phone long enough to crush it to the size of a golf ball before handing it back to him.

The guy actually had the balls to complain, but Lana cut him off, and said, “Harry, don’t start with me. I saw what you tried to do, and I find that sort of behavior to be despicable. Things like that don’t live up to the standards of behavior that Tom, the general public, and I have for the people who work in this office.

“I was on the verge of firing you for disgracing that ID you carry, when Supergirl stepped in and did what she did. If she thinks that’s punishment enough, then I’m satisfied too.” Lana stopped long enough to emphasize what she said next. “You owe her your job.” Harry tried to get a word in edgewise, but Lana wasn’t having it. “Don’t ‘But Miss Lang’ me! There is no possible excuse for what you tried to do.

“Now, apologize to Supergirl for trying to take a photograph under her skirt. Then thank her for so generously saving your job. Then promise me you’ll never, ever pull a stunt like that ever again, or else turn in your ID and quit. Your choice.”

Lana’s tirade had been loud enough to attract the attention of most of the office, including Tom Bloch. He didn’t want to undermine Lana’s authority by stepping in, so he stayed out of sight and let her handle the situation. Just what we need, Tom thought, a sexual harassment lawsuit from a bona fide superhero. What a public relations nightmare that would be.

Harry thought it over, but decided that staying and dealing with the contemptuous looks he was sure to get from the women in the office was preferable to leaving and trying to explain to the law firms in town why he left his last position. So he sucked it up and did his best mea culpa.

His apology was direct and complete, though somewhat lacking in feeling, and his thanks to Supergirl for saving his job a little bit over the top, but she accepted them graciously. His last act was to promise Lana that this would never happen again, which was something he did with a notable lack of grace.

Lana didn’t care if he liked it or not, just as long as he understood that perverted behavior on the job wouldn’t be tolerated. I still want to fire his ass, Lana thought hotly, but the loss of his phone and the utter humiliation he just went through should be enough. Damn him for doing that!

That event soured Lana’s attitude for the rest of the morning until Marie buzzed her to let her know that Clark had arrived with lunch. Kara watched as the mere announcement of her cousin’s presence transformed Lana. She sat up straighter, her eyes sparkled, her frown turned into a smile, and paperwork that had been consuming all of her attention was put aside without another thought.

Lana hurried over to the door, wanting to greet Clark with a kiss. Kara stood up and followed at a distance, using her x-ray vision to assure herself that it actually was Kal-El’s Clark Kent persona at the door. Lana swung the door open and was rewarded with the sight of tall, dark, and handsome as he seemed to fill her doorway.

Clark had apparently left his overcoat in the small coat closet for visitors because he was just wearing the bronze-colored suit he had worn when he left his place this morning. Lana loved the way the suit looked on him, from the cut and drape of the suit, to the high-quality fabric, to the silk tie and matching pocket square. God, he’s gorgeous!

Lana was so taken with Clark’s appearance, that she didn’t notice what he had in his hands until he was inside the room and Kara had seen herself out. In one hand, Clark carried a stack of containers that looked to be made from bamboo. She could smell the most delicious aromas emanating from them and couldn’t wait to see what he had chosen.

The other hand was holding a bouquet of irises in a clear glass vase. Their scent was somewhat overpowered by the Chinese food, but she knew she’d have plenty of time to enjoy their delicate perfume this afternoon.

Seeing that Clark had both hands full, Lana still went ahead and kissed him, but restrained herself until he could set everything down and fully participate.

“These are for you,” Clark said, as he handed the vase to her. “Are you ready for lunch?”

“Uh-huh,” she said breathily, as she took the flowers from his hand and set them on her desk. “I’m hungry for food…and I’m hungry for you.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 52-54 (pg 7) 1/14

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Chapter 55

Dim Sum, General Tso, and Dessert
“Where do you want to eat?” Clark asked. Besides the two comfortable chairs in front of her desk, there was a cream-colored leather couch and a wrought-iron, glass-topped coffee table set closer to the door. Lana quickly indicated the couch. As Clark set the bamboo containers on the coffee table, Lana kicked off her shoes and hung her suit jacket on the back of her desk chair.

Lana then completely shut the shades on her windows, made sure her intercom was shut off, and headed back to her office door to make absolutely sure it was locked. She definitely didn’t want any interruptions today. Clark, meanwhile, had set about arranging the various containers of food so that each one was easily accessible from the couch.

When Lana finally sauntered back to the couch, she said, “Take off your jacket, Clark, and stay awhile.”

He grinned as he complied with her wishes, taking off his jacket, draping it over the back of one of the chairs in front of her desk. He saw her empty shoes and decided that looked like a good idea, so he stepped out of his shoes and rolled up his shirt sleeves for good measure.

Clark returned to the couch, and stood between it and Lana. She looked up at him and decided she wanted his lips within easy reach, so she put a hand in the middle of his chest and pushed hard. Clark staggered backward until the backs of his knees hit the front of the couch. That stopped his calves from moving any farther, but the rest of his body kept moving backward, which forced him to sit down rather heavily on the couch. Lana made her way around the corner of the table and lifted the skirt of her suit above knee level before sitting down across Clark’s legs.

“Whatever you brought smells heavenly,” Lana said. Putting some seductiveness into her voice, she added, “But I thought you might like a sample off of the dessert menu before we start…eating.”

Lana’s pointed pause followed by the special emphasis she placed on ‘eating’ left Clark no room to doubt what she had planned for dessert, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down a sample.

Clark put one hand on Lana’s back and the other on the skin of her leg that she had knowingly just bared for him, and gently slid her body up his legs until her thigh pressed lightly against his abdomen.

The previous night’s lovemaking had been equal parts romantic and frantic for Lana. Romantic, because it was her physical expression of the love she had for Clark, and frantic, because she had been slightly scared that he might try to get away from her again. But Clark had managed to put those fears to a final rest when they talked in the afterglow of their first time together.

Now that she’d experienced true lovemaking firsthand, Lana wanted more. She wasn’t sure if they should really go at it in her office during the lunch hour, but at least she’d be able to firmly plant the idea that she wanted more, no, that she needed more when they got home.

The thought that where Clark lived was her home too, sent a warm feeling coursing throughout Lana’s body. It was only a temporary arrangement, but she was looking forward to the day when it would become permanent. She wasn’t sure how long that might take, but as fast as their relationship was progressing, it might be sooner than she’d think. However long it took, though, Lana was willing to wait. As far as she was concerned, Clark was ‘the one.’

Those thoughts raced through Lana’s mind in the moment it took for her to take advantage of the fact that her position on Clark’s lap put her lips slightly higher than his. After their lips touched, thought was impossible. The only things she was focused on then were Clark’s lips.

First, she gently sucked on his lower lip and then teasingly ran the tip of her tongue across it. Not wanting to linger too long in any one place, Lana shifted her attention to Clark’s upper lip.

Clark was trying to respond to Lana’s advances but his lips were always a kiss behind; Lana was definitely the one in charge up there. While his lips were at her mercy, the hand that was resting on her leg began rubbing the velvety smooth skin of her thigh, slowly inching its way higher and higher and quickly making its way under her already hiked-up skirt. As Clark’s hand made its way ever higher, his other hand slid down Lana’s back and dug its way under the softness of her bottom just enough to lever it off of his legs. Then Clark released her bottom and used that hand in super-speed mode to grab a hold of the hem of her skirt and ruck the entire skirt up around her waist.

“Laaa-naaa,” Clark said, in between increasingly passionate kisses.

“Hmm?” was her only reply as she dove back in for more.

“Can we…just…skip lunch?” he asked hopefully.

“And head straight…to dessert?” Lana laid another mind-fogging kiss on him, this time adding her hot little tongue to the mix. “I was beginning to think you’d never ask.”

Lana’s hands made a beeline for Clark’s shirt, deftly unfastening button after button. When her hands reached his belt, they untucked the rest of his shirt and undid the last button, before sliding the pure white pinpoint shirt from his shoulders and down his arms to his elbows. Clark had to take it from there, removing his hand momentarily from its position high on Lana’s thigh to take off the shirt.

Lana was busy feasting her eyes on the sight revealed by the removal of Clark’s shirt. He still had on a skin tight a-shirt that left the bulging, sharply-defined muscles of his shoulders and arms completely bare. Even the a-shirt didn’t hide much. Lana was still able to see the curve of Clark’s massive pectoral muscles and a look lower revealed the outline of his washboard abs.

Not willing to deny herself such a delicious sight, Lana’s hands darted toward Clark’s waist and lifted the hem of his a-shirt up until she could pull it forward, over the top of his head and down his arms.

Their mutual passion kept building, and Lana’s hands, which were roaming all over Clark’s exposed chest and back, were answered by Clark’s hands, one of which was toying with a leg band on her panties while the other was slowly raising her blouse on its way to the clasp of her bra.

Clark was just about to flip open the clasp and then swivel himself to lower Lana to the couch, when there was a sharp, rapid knocking at the office door. Both froze in place and were utterly quiet as they tried to wish that person away.

No such luck.

The knocking came back.

This time, it was louder and longer, and was followed up by a piercing female voice that asked, “Lana? Are you in there?”

“Sh!t!” Lana said. While Clark didn’t recognize the voice, Lana did. “That’s my jury selection consultant. That cow isn’t supposed to be here until after lunch.” Lana actually liked the woman, but right now she was interfering with Lana getting what she wanted. And what she wanted right now was a well-laid Deputy District Attorney. “Could you please just slip off your pants and do me quickly? Please?”

Clark moved to comply with Lana’s whimpered wish, even though he thought she ought to be still sore from the night before. But if she said she was ready, then he’d just have to trust her to know her own body.

Quickly, Clark's pants and boxers were down to his knees, Lana was begging faster and faster, claiming she need him ‘in me, in me, in me,’ and the consultant was raising her voice and sounding concerned since she had been assured by the few people who ate lunch at their desks that Lana had stayed in today.

Clark was just about to pull Lana’s panties to one side when he realized he had no condom with him. Not in his wallet, and not in his N-space box. He’d let Lana down and didn’t want to have to tell her. But not wanting to didn’t matter, he had to let her know.

“Sorry, Lana. I don’t have a condom. I can’t.”

“Noooooooooooo!” Lana hissed. She wasn’t thinking especially rationally right now and thus failed to consider that they hadn’t been thinking about a lunchtime frolic when they left Clark’s place this morning. All she knew was that she was super horny and was going to be left hanging on the edge. “Damn it, Clark, I thought you guys always carried an emergency…thingy…tucked in your wallets.”

Clark thought Lana’s use of the word thingy was adorable, even if she was chewing him out some. “Not me. I don’t do casual sex…at least, not with anyone but you. I’ll remember to add a foil packet to my wallet tomorrow just in case.”

The knocking on the door came back, and it was almost booming by now. “Lana? Are you okay? If you don’t come to the door, I’m going to ask security to open it.”

Sh!t! Sh!t! Double sh!t! Lana thought. “Clark? Can you dress the both of us super fast?”


“Do it, please.”

Clark started when the word ‘it’ came out of Lana’s mouth, and had them both dressed and on their feet, shoes included, before Lana finished speaking the word ‘please.’

“Thank you,” Lana said.

Clark bowed low. “A pleasure to serve.”

Not the kind of pleasure I had in mind, Lana thought, but you take what you can get.

“Okay,” she said, “mess up these containers a bit like we’ve been enjoying a quiet lunch while I go deal with the door.” Not only did Clark open the containers and smear sauce on some napkins, but he ate almost half of the contents of the containers before Lana got to the door. He wasn’t being a pig, it just made it look like they had been eating.

Lana’s hair was still mussed, but otherwise, you she was impeccably dressed. She only hoped that the smell of garlic, ginger, and scallions coming from the food, and the perfume coming from the Irises, would overpower any funky scents that might be lingering from their near-sexcapade.

“Grace!” Lana said with false cheer. “You’re early! I was just trying to have a private lunch with my boyfriend.”

“Oh, Lana! I’m so sorry for interrupting,” Grace said. The relief she was feeling at seeing Lana alive and unharmed was palpable. “After the attempt on your life yesterday, I was just so worried.”

Lana could see where that would be a concern, and she reluctantly dropped her feelings of irritation. Now, if I could only drop my hormonal urges that easily, Lana groused.

Clark was standing right behind Lana as her consultant entered the room. “I’ll stay here until Supergirl gets back,” Clark said, “but if you need to get started on work, go ahead. Oh, and one more thing, there’s plenty of the Dim Sum and the General Tso’s chicken left if you need to eat something.”

Lana rolled her eyes as they both knew that she’d much rather be nibbling on him, but one smell of the Asian delights as she walked by convinced her to take the containers to her desk. She then popped a Diet Coke out of her deskside fridge, and said, “Sorry, Grace, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve really got an appetite right now.”

That comment made Clark roll his eyes. He knew exactly what she was hungry for.

“No problem, Lana. I’ve already eaten.”

Lana fished in her desk for the correct file folder. “Okay, let’s review our tactics for Monday…”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 52-54 (pg 7) 1/14

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Chapter 56

In Command
By the end of the workday, Lana wanted Clark badly. Other than a couple of brief meetings, she spent the afternoon in her office with little company other than Kara. Each time Lana saw the couch, whether she was up to check a law book or merely to stretch her legs, her thoughts were dragged back to lunch. She could still feel the touch of Clark’s hands on her slender body, smell his masculine scent, and see the shine off his jet black waves of hair.

These near-constant reminders of their encounter at lunchtime had kept Lana’s hormones on simmer all afternoon long; by the time Superman showed up to escort her home, she was boiling over with pent up need.

Kara had watched as Lana went about her business all afternoon. She didn’t know for sure what had happened, but she thought she had it figured out by now from the way Lana jumped every time she heard Kara mention Kal’s Earth name, and from the way Lana kept eyeing the couch.

I can’t believe Kal, Kara thought. The man who believes in Truth, Justice, and the American Way apparently also believes in nooners. At least he’s finally coming out of his shell…or maybe the shell is still there, but Lana is helping him fill the emptiness that had been inside of it, helping him become whole once more. If Lana can return Kal to being the man he was before Lois, then she has my blessing.

When Kara saw Superman outside the office door, she set down the magazine she had been flipping through and headed for the door. Looking back over her shoulder, she told Lana, “Looks like your ride’s here.”

Startled by Kara’s voice, Lana’s eyes shot up from the file she had been reading and locked on the door. Marie’s voice was just coming over the intercom, telling Lana that Superman was here and asking if it was okay to let him in.

“Oh yes, Marie, by all means let him in,” Lana said.

Kara met Clark at the door, and whispered devilishly, “Okay, Stud. Time to take that woman home and do her right…oops, did I say that? I meant, treat her right.” Clark rolled his eyes as Kara punched him lightly on the shoulder. “Way to go, Kal!”

Being just as quiet as she had been, Clark replied, “I don’t see you with any boyfriends, Kara.”

“Oh,” she said archly, “I have lots of boyfriends, I’m just not stupid enough to tell you about them.”

“Sounds like I need to take an extended vacation and spend it in Star City. I think your father would expect me to be vetting your suitors, a duty I have apparently been remiss in attending to.”

“Oh come on, Kal, I’m a big girl now. I think I can handle myself.” Looking back at the fast approaching Lana, she added, “Besides, you have more than enough to keep you busy right here in Metropolis.”

Lana had left her desk when the door opened. She had seen Clark and Kara whispering, but hadn’t heard them. In any case, her thoughts had been on Kara and the idea that she had figured out what had happened, or almost happened, at lunch.

Clark saw Lana and said out loud, “Thanks, Supergirl, I can take it from here.”

“No problem, Superman. Helping you is always my pleasure.”

With that, Kara left the office complex, only slowing to wink at the one guy brave enough to catch her eyes and smile at her.

Neither Lana nor Clark saw that, however, as they were too busy eyeing each other back inside Lana’s office. She was tempted to throw him down on the couch and have her way with him that very second, under the guise of catching up on some overdue paperwork, but she didn’t want to be interrupted again by someone coming to her office to ask her opinion on something, so she just grabbed her stuff and they headed for home.

Once in the stairwell, Clark gathered Lana in his arms and rushed her to the rooftop, just inside the door. He lowered her to the ground and fished her sweatpants out of his N-space box. As she was busy wriggling her way into them for the cold flight home, Clark teased her by letting out a low wolf whistle of appreciation as her skirt climbed higher and higher.

Lana stepped out onto the roof, with Clark right behind her as she pulled on her overcoat. Sure that they were safe from observation up here, she leaned in close and said, “I’m glad you liked what you saw in there, Clark. Just know that once we return to your place, you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more.” Her voice was filled with smoldering sexuality now, as she added, “We have some unfinished business to attend to.”

That reset Clark’s mind for him.

“Oh yeah. We do.”

Clark’s afternoon as Superman had been a busy one and the things he had done had completely taken his mind off of their interrupted sexual encounter in her office. He’d always found it difficult to think of himself when other people were in so much pain. Being with Lana over the past few weeks had taught him something though. He’d started to get better at leaving Superman’s issues behind him and focusing only on Lana and himself when he got home.

Today, her forward attitude started that process a few minutes earlier. He flew them home a little bit faster than he had flown in the morning. Part of that was the slightly warmer late afternoon air, but mostly it was his sudden need to pick up where they had left off.

As they arced across the sky, Lana could feel Clark’s need pressing into the soft flesh of her bottom and knew he was as anxious as she was. Clark was planning on heading for her building so she could begin bringing her things over to his place, but when Lana realized he was flying past his building, she urgently pointed back to his balcony. Clark could be a little bit dense where women were concerned, at times, but he knew what that meant.

He dropped her off on his balcony and then flew away, only to reappear in the lobby a minute later, and at the balcony door seconds after that. Lana was through the door and almost assaulted Clark on the spot, but changed her mind as she stopped to admire the sight of him in his bronze-colored suit.

“So handsome. So well put together,” Lana said, as she circled Clark with the tip of one finger trailing across his chest, arms, and back. Lana stopped when she was completely behind him, and she slid the suit coat off of his shoulders, slapping his hands away when he tried to help, or when he tried to do anything at all.

Lana stood there, still and silent, as she savored his uncertain anticipation of what she was going to do next. That single fingertip had stopped in the middle of his back; now, it began traveling down the well-defined spinal groove, almost a chasm really, between the thickly muscled left and right sides of his back.

“You disappointed me at lunch, Clark,” Lana said. Her voice was low and throaty; Clark thought he’d never heard a sound even half as sexy. Her fingertip reached the small of his back and the top of his pants before she reached around him with both hands. She quickly loosened his belt, pulled it out of its restraining loops, and used it to give him a playful swat across his butt before tossing the black leather aside.

Lana stretched up as far as she could, placing her hands on his shoulders for balance as she whispered into his ear, “I don’t like to be disappointed.”

Clark couldn’t help but shiver at the way she said that, and goosebumps popped up all over his upper body as Lana’s hands went to his tie and began to loosen the knot in the finely-woven silk. First the tie came off, and then the shirt buttons were opened, one by one, at a tortuously slow pace.

“You brought me to the very edge today and then left me there, Clark.” Lana chuckled. “That was a nasty thing to do.”

By the time her hands had returned to Clark’s belt line, his breathing was becoming erratic. Lana untucked his shirt, undid the last button on the front, and the ones on each cuff before relieving him of one more piece of fabric. The pinpoint shirt joined the suit coat in an ever growing pile on the floor. Lana’s hands then slowly lifted the hem of Clark’s ribbed a-shirt. His head popped out of the shirt as it was pulled over his head and down his arms. She knelt quickly and untied his glossy shoes, lifting one foot and then the other to remove them and their attendant socks.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you to finish what you start?”

Those two small hands reached around Clark once more and took a hold of his waistband, deftly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants before allowing them to fall to the floor.

“I was at my desk, sitting in a puddle all afternoon long, just thinking of what had almost happened.”

Still behind Clark, and still allowing him to do nothing but stand there at her mercy, Lana’s fingertip took up where it had left off. It resumed it’s trip downward, hooking lightly into the waistband of Clark’s boxers, and slowly, oh so slowly, tugging them downward.

She didn’t get too far though, as the front of the boxers were caught on Clark’s rampant manhood. Lana reached around to free the boxers from the obstruction and said, “Oh my. It seems you might want this as much as I do after all.”

Clark tried to reply, but got nothing more out of his mouth than a groan before Lana shushed him.

“That can’t be comfortable. Here, let me help you.”

The boxers then resumed their inexorable march toward the floor, one delicious inch at a time.

Clark thought he’d never known such exquisite agony as this. Being completely in someone else’s control like this was a totally new experience for him, and he found he liked it, though he was fairly sure that had much to do with who was in control. When his boxers finally cleared his knees, they fell down around his ankles, but he didn’t dare to raise a foot until Lana finally allowed it. Now completely naked, and still unable to see Lana, Clark stood stock-still, his body aching for release.

Lana stood there, stripping as fast and as quietly as possible, while trying to hide the sound of her heavy breathing from Clark. As she finished, she reveled in his distress, which became more apparent with each breath.

“What do you want, Clark?” Lana asked, at long last.

“Y-you,” came his croaked reply.

“When do you want me?”

“I’ve lost track of time, so it might’ve been an hour ago, but right now will have to do.” He didn’t know if it was possible to die from a case of blue balls, but if Lana didn’t let him loose soon, he was sure he’d find out.

“Do you have more condoms in the bedroom?”

“Yes, a whole friggin’ box of them.”

She reached around, took his hand, and led him to the bedroom.

“Get one,” she commanded as she laid back on the bed, “and then, get in me.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 52-54 (pg 7) 1/14

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Chapter 57

Clark followed Lana’s command, and was resting his legs in between hers in no time. Once more this day Clark was poised at Lana’s entrance; once more she was on the brink; once more he held back.

Lana whimpered when she felt Clark slide up her instead of in her. She wondered what on Earth he could he be doing, and then she felt a hand sliding gently up her abs toward her chest and she forgot to wonder for a while. Clark’s other hand was on the mattress by her side, keeping his weight off of her while he explored.

Clark soon lowered his head to her torso. Nibbles, kisses, and licks. All small and all over. Her body responded to his touch as if it was an instrument he was born to play. Each touch was a note in a concerto only she could hear.

Soon, Clark willed his body to float an inch over her body to allow him to bring both hands into play, and play he did. Anytime Lana tried to join in the fun, Clark moved her hands back to where they had been on the mattress. Finally, he tired of her insistence and his hands slid down the length of her arms until the captured her hands. He then gently but firmly raised her arms above her head until her hands touched. Then he grasped both slender wrists with one of his powerful hands, and held them there as his other hand rejoined his mouth in making her life the most sublime hell.

Lana slithered, squirmed, and bucked against Clark’s onslaught, but she never asked him to let her go, never demanded he stop, never even thought of it for that matter. She’d heard the statement that ‘payback’s a b!tch,’ and she was beginning to learn how right that was.

While Clark’s hand kept looking for new places to touch her, his mouth ventured northward. It soon found a home teasing her collarbone and diving into the hollow at the base of her neck. That really drove her wild, as did the spiral of kisses that led from there, up her neck, to right below her left ear.

Lana kept trying to join in the action, this time by turning her head to start kissing Clark, but every time she tried, he buried his face in her neck which prevented her head from turning.

Lana was helpless.

Helpless to do anything but lie back and enjoy as Clark took away her control of everything except breathing and thinking. And even her control of her breathing was in doubt when he surprised her by finally planting his mouth on hers for a monumental kiss that seemed to suck the very air from her lungs.

At least I got to kiss him once, Lana thought as Clark returned to his ministrations.

Now Clark controlled everything. He decided what she felt, where she felt it, and for exactly how long. Feathery touches, hard touches, and everything in between. The steady streams of whimpers and moans that had been coursing from Lana’s mouth finally gave way to words as she asked, desperately, “What are you waiting for?”

Clark stopped and raised his head to look her into her hazel eyes with his jade green ones. “I’m waiting for you.”

She tried to respond, tried to tell him that she had been fully ready the instant her butt hit the bed, but any words other than the ones he wanted to hear were smothered by his full lips pressing hard against hers, by his tongue snaking its way into her mouth, and by a brief touch of his manhood as he lowered himself perilously close to where she wanted…no, needed him to be.

When she stopped trying to talk, Clark rose back up and resumed his casual torture of her body. Lana honestly didn’t know how much more stimulation she could take. It felt like her arms and her butt were going numb, and they weren’t even the objects of Clark’s attention.

She finally realized what he wanted before he’d give her what she craved.

“Please, Clark?” Lana asked. When he didn’t try to swallow her words with kisses, Lana knew she was on the right track. “Oh jeez, Clark, I need it real bad. Please? I’m begging you.”

“‘Please’ was all you ever needed to say, Lana.” Clark lowered himself completely and freed her arms so he could used that arm to prop himself up as the other hand made its way lower to line himself up with her entrance. “Making you beg a bit was just a little extra for you making me wait so long to hear it.” Lana’s reply was cutoff by a yelp as Clark finally entered her and then, their mouths were far too busy for little things like talking.

Moving together now, with Lana’s hips rolling to meet Clark’s thrusts, it didn’t take long for them to reach their peak. Lana screamed out Clark’s name as he bellowed hers.

Lana was utterly spent. She hadn’t realized just how much energy she could use up lying there and doing nothing as Clark had his way with her. But the tension had bled her reserves of energy right out of her. Clark was by her side now, with one arm under her shoulders as her head was slightly propped up on a pillow. His other arm paid homage to her beauty with gentle caresses while he made sure to avoid her most sensitive areas.

They didn’t need to talk, and Clark found himself to be grateful for one more of Lana’s qualities: that she appreciated the value of silence. Some things could not be communicated effectively by talking, but merely by being.

After some time had passed in companionable silence, Lana turned toward Clark and found herself wishing he had one or two chest hairs to give her something to play with besides a nipple.

“You know, Clark…” Lana said, as she looked down at his chest.


“You’re an awful lot like that Chinese food I had for lunch.”

“Hmm? How so?”

“Well, thirty minutes after I’ve had you,” she looked deep into his eyes, “I find myself hungry for more.”

Lana didn’t know where she’d found the energy, but what she had just said was true. As sated as she had thought herself to be after what had seemed to be endless sexual torture, she found herself craving more…and if Clark was willing, she fully intended to have it.

She needn’t have wondered. Clark wanted it too, and the one part of his anatomy that was subject to sexual fatigue had fully recovered, as she found out when her hand dipped low to tickle and tease him.

This time involved no contest for control. No one was in charge. Instead, it was two people who loved each other, striving to express that in a language that has no words, but is filled with meaning.

As much as Lana and Clark enjoyed the day’s first sexual encounter, what they were experiencing now was what they wanted the most. It was giving on its purest level. Giving without thought of recompense. Giving until they were emptied.

But when each gives all to the other, then no one is truly emptied, and soon, what one gives and receives become so intermingled as to become indistinguishable.

That’s when two truly become one.
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 55-57 (pg 8) 1/15

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Chapter 58

Half Full
Clark wanted to just lie there cuddling with Lana for a while before they had to get up and do something about dinner, but he quickly became aware that both he and his bed sheets were a sweaty, sticky mess. He assumed Lana felt the same way, so he shooed her off the bed and then stripped it.

Lana suggested that they might want to clean themselves before they changed the bed. Clark agreed and tried to give her first use of his spacious bathroom. She bit her bottom lip for a couple of seconds before grabbing his hand and pulling him in with her. The shower stall was made for two people, and Clark was glad to finally have a chance to put its full capacity to use.

Once in the shower, they shared numerous gentle, lingering kisses and touches as they teasingly soaped each other from top to bottom. As soon as they were fully lathered, the water was turned back on and they stood in front of the showerhead and made out as they slowly turned in place, allowing the forceful stream of water to cascade over their bodies and rinse them clean.

Next, they took turns washing each other’s hair, and by the time the water was turned back on for a rinse, they both knew that the water wasn’t the only thing that was ‘turned on’ in the shower. Their casual kisses had become as hot and intense as the stinging spray from the showerhead. As they continued to kiss under the showerhead and ran their hands through each other’s hair to help complete the rinsing process, Lana snaked one hand to the water control knob and turned it from very hot to icy cold.

The first blast of cold water sucked the air from her lungs, and even made Clark gasp in surprise as the contrast between the two temperatures made the icy water seem even colder than it really was. As much as Lana would have loved a third time this evening, she knew they had some things that needed doing tonight. Besides, she thought, we can always come back here tomorrow.

The cold water had its intended effect as the parts of their anatomies that were swollen with need began to shrink under the onslaught of the frigid water. When they were toweling off, Clark asked Lana why she had stopped them. She reminded him that they had to buy groceries, get her signed up for the health club, and go back to her place for the first load of her clothes and toiletries.

Clark’s stomach growled embarrassingly loudly at the mere mention of food, and he said, “Oh yeah. You kind of made me forget.”

“If it wasn’t getting so late, you would have me in there right now, pressed against the glass door with my legs wrapped around you.”

“Hey,” Clark said, as he playfully snapped his towel at Lana’s behind, “no teasing me like that. Just the thought of you in that position is really hot.”

Lana smiled impishly, and replied, “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”

Finished drying, Lana realized she didn’t have a fresh change of clothes, so Clark grabbed a thick white terry-cloth robe out of his closet and wrapped it around her body, leaving her to tighten the belt. After pulling on a plain pair of boxers, he dug around in his linen closet for a replacement set of bed sheets. Thinking that Lana might appreciate the extra warmth, Clark chose his one set of flannel sheets and prepared to use his super-speed to make the bed in nothing flat.

Lana touched his forearm with her fingertips and asked to help. “After all,” she explained, “I did make half the mess.”

Clark eyed Lana and saw she wasn’t just being polite; she really wanted to help. His first inclination was to do it himself because he could put clean sheets on the bed, fresh pillowcases on the pillows, a fluffy comforter over the flannel top sheet, and have it all done before she could take a breath.

But a second look at Lana convinced him differently. He had asked her to live here with him, and if he wanted her to begin to feel like this was really her home, he figured he’d have to let her assume an equal place in the maintenance of it. So he handed her one end of the fitted bottom sheet and they worked together to make the bed. Each one put a fresh pillowcase on their own pillow, and Clark shook out the top sheet, with Lana deftly tucking its bottom end between the mattress and the box spring.

Clark then headed to the kitchen to make two mugs of hot chocolate. Lana padded out after him and Clark thought she was looking both cute, and somewhat ridiculous, in a robe whose sleeves fell down way past her fingertips and whose hem was dragging on the floor behind her like the train on a wedding gown. The important part was that the robe was clean and warm.

When Lana saw Clark was making a hot treat for them, she scurried back over to the couch and turned on the television channel, but muted the sound as she looked for a local station. She had lost track of the exact time during their two sessions in bed; since she wasn’t quite sure what time it was, she was hoping to catch the late evening news to see what had happened in Metropolis today.

It turned out to not be that late, so Lana aimlessly channel surfed until Clark walked in holding two mugs. She smiled widely when he handed her a mug, and when she saw little marshmallows bobbing in the froth, her grin turned to glee as she said, “Marshmallows!”

Clark laughed at the way Lana squealed like a little girl when she said that. He eased himself down next to her and they sipped as they talked.

“I guess we need to go to my place first and get a load of clothes along with my makeup and stuff,” Lana said.

Clark slipped an arm around Lana’s shoulders and pulled her snug against his side. “Yeah. Then we can go to the health club and get you signed up and stop at a grocery store on the way home…unless you just want to call for some delivery pizza so we can make out while we wait.”

“Oh, you are just full of good ideas tonight,” Lana replied laughingly, “but I’m afraid that by the time the doorman called up to let us know our food was here, we’d be too busy to notice.”

Becoming more serious, she said, “Besides, the real reason I turned on the cold water in the shower, and the reason I don’t want to start kissing out here, which I know would lead to something more, is that I want our previous lovemaking to be my lasting memory of tonight. It was so intense. It felt like I was you and you were me…like we were one…and nothing else can possibly compete with that feeling.”

Clark’s fingers idly traced a path up and down Lana’s shoulder. She barely noticed it through the thickness of the robe, but it still felt nice.

“I know what you mean,” Clark said. “That was…something else.” Lana snuggled her head in close against Clark’s shoulder. “The first time, with all the torture, was lots of fun, but the second time felt like, and don’t think I’m being silly here, the second time felt like we’d made some kind of spiritual connection.” He looked down at her quizzically, and asked, “Does that make any sense to you?”

“Perfect sense.” Lana took another sip. “I love you, Clark Kent, and you love me just as much. That’s what the second time meant. You and I are an ‘us’ now.”

“I do love you, Lana. I hope you never tire of hearing it, because I’ll say it every day from here on out.”

Lana stretched forward and set her mug down so she could reach over with that hand and play with Clark’s chest. “I could tire of many good things, like always eating my favorite dish and always wearing my favorite Blahniks, but hearing that you love me isn’t something I could ever get tired of.”

“I love you.”

Lana managed to coax Clark into saying he loved her at least half a dozen times before she was satisfied and their hot chocolate was finished. Clark finally took notice of the television being on and Lana told him she had been looking for local news. He grimaced upon hearing that and Lana asked him what was up.

“I’m not a big fan of the local newscasts, and not because they aren’t good. They are. It’s just…I see myself in the news far too often, and it always makes me remember the ones I didn’t save.”

Lana wasn’t sure what to say. Telling him ‘you can’t save everyone’ would have to seem trite to him. She was willing to bet everyone who knows Superman says that to him. She didn’t want to be ‘everyone’; she wanted to provide him with real support. Get him thinking about the people he saves, Lana, said her little voice. Help him see the glass is half full instead of half empty.

“What’s it like, Clark?”

“Even though I have all these powers, it makes me feel impotent, just like any other bystander.”

Have to nip this in the bud. “No, Clark. I meant, what does it feel like to save all of those people.”

“Oh…that.” Clark smiled involuntarily. “Actually, it’s the greatest…” he looked down at Lana and thought of how much he loved her, “…well, okay, it’s the second greatest feeling on Earth.”

Lana knew this was a feeling she’d never have on her own. Her job entailed punishing wrong-doers, but Clark’s Superman gig allowed him to save people. She thought that was so cool. Deciding that Clark needed to learn to enjoy the benefits of his work, Lana asked, “Could you tell me about one of your favorite saves?”

Clark shrugged his shoulders. “Okay. Actually, I had a really nice one today.”

Lana’s body had almost melted into Clark’s by now as they sat side-by-side. Her head thought his shoulder was the world’s most marvelous pillow, his arm was still encircling her shoulders, and her hand was still stroking his chest.

“Tell me,” she whispered. What she didn’t say, but she meant was: tell me how your day went, share your world with me, make me as much a part of your life as you are of mine.

“It was after lunch. I was circling high over downtown, trying to filter out extraneous noises so I could pick up on the important stuff, when I heard a bunch of little kids screaming my name. I was able to get a fix on their location and discovered they were in Kansas City. It turns out the kids were on a school bus that was stuck on a railroad crossing. The driver had been stupid to go out there in heavy traffic in the first place, but then the teacher did something smart by having her kids scream for me.” Lana looked up and could see a faraway look in Clark’s eyes. “I always hear the kids,” he whispered.

“By the time I covered the 200 miles to Kansas City, the train was almost right on top of the bus. I barely had time to snatch the bus high enough into the air to allow the train to pass beneath it.”


“When I set the bus back down, the bus driver pulled forward since the cars in front of him had finally cleared, but I didn’t have time to stay. There was a small-time bank robbery going on back in Metropolis.” Lana could hear the emotion welling up in Clark’s voice, and she was getting misty-eyed, too. “Still, I managed to save those little kids. And I could hear a couple of them thanking ‘Mr. Superman’ as the rest of them went back to horsing around like little kids do. But the real heartbreaker was the way the teacher cried as she thanked me over and over for saving her kids. It turns out the bus was filled with a second-grade class on a field trip to one of those hands-on science museums.”

“How many were on the bus?”

“Thirty-two people, including the driver and the teacher. Thirty precious little seven and eight-year-olds who almost died because of one man’s indifference to the rules of the road.” Clark dabbed at his eyes. “I wanted to cry all the way back to Metropolis, but Superman isn’t allowed to cry.”

Lana sat up straight and looped an arm around Clark’s neck to pull his head down to her shoulder. As she stroked her other hand through his ebon locks, she said, “Maybe the world won’t let Superman cry, but Clark Kent can cry for me. Let it out, Clark. Please.”

And he did.

By the time Clark had regained control, the local news was on, and Lana’s press conference was the lead story.

“Oh crap!” Clark said.


“I think we need to leave the grocery shopping and the gym membership until tomorrow. I just thought of one more thing we need to do tonight.”

“What’s that?”

Clark pointed at the television. “That press conference. Everyone in town is seeing that right now.”

Not sure where he was going with this, Lana asked, “So?”

Clark looked grimly down at Lana and said, “Including your parents.”

“‘Oh crap’ indeed.”

Lana could just imagine what they were going through. Her mom would have brittle nerves and her dad would have to be strong for her…but who would be strong for him? Lana could feel Clark pulling her to her feet as she thought.

“Put on your suit and sweatpants, Lana. Superman’s gonna take you to visit your parents. We can order something to eat when we get back.”
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 55-57 (pg 8) 1/15

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Chapter 59

Explosive Situation
Lana told Clark that they had to go to her place before they visited her folks. First off, she wanted, no needed, to put on something fresh and clean before she got anywhere near her parents. She had the sneaking suspicion that her folks still had the psychic parental ability to tell when she had been doing something, or in this case someone, that they wouldn’t like, so she wanted to rid herself of the evidence. Plus, she had just showered and really didn’t want to put the clothes she had been wearing all day back on her body.

Clark readily complied, and Lana was soon dressing in something warm for the longer flight to her parents’ house. Lined winter boots with thick socks, close-fitting blue jeans with lycra tights underneath, and a t-shirt with a royal blue cable-knit sweater over the top of that.

Clark entered the bedroom once Lana had brushed out her hair and he opened up his N-space box for her to pack her stuff into. When he told her that his N-space box could hold as much as she wanted to bring, she wasted no time in emptying out her clothes drawers and closet of all of her winter clothing, business suits, and related footwear. Everything she could find was stuffed through the box’s opening, which Clark had stretched open as wide as it would go.

Next, she made Clark face the other direction as she filled a good-sized laundry bag with her underwear. When he realized that she was self-conscious about him seeing her unmentionables en masse, he started laughing, and said, “What? Like I haven’t seen some of them already?”

“True. But you should allow a woman to maintain some mystery.” A quick grin he couldn’t see was followed by, “Besides, there are some things that I just don’t want you to see yet.” Clark sees me as an exciting woman. God forbid he should see my plain white cottons. That would burst his bubble and take me from exciting to boring in nothing flat.

As she continued to fill the bag, Lana spied two sets of fragile seeming lace and shimmering silk on the bottom of one drawer; one set was black and the other blood red. Those last two items were something a little naughty she had treated herself to one Valentine’s Day in Gotham City when she had tried some therapeutic shopping to help ease the pain of spending yet another ‘love holiday’ alone. At the time, she had been dreaming about having a man of her own, one who’d admire her intelligence and drive just as much as he admired her beauty.

They say ‘good things come to those who wait,’ Lana thought. Lord knows I’ve waited a long time for a relationship like this. Maybe getting someone as good as Clark is my bonus for not settling for just anyone. She added the sexy lingerie to the bag before closing it. Looks like I’ll finally get some use out of these. I can’t wait to see Clark’s eyes bug right out of his head when I walk into a room with some of that stuff on.

After Lana added the undies bag to the N-space box, Clark turned back around as she collected her cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner, bath beads, skin moisturizers, hair dryer, curling iron, and other beauty appliances. Finally, she tossed in three of her favorite dog-eared paperback editions of the Russian classics Anna Karenina, Doctor Zhivago, and The Brothers Karamazov.

Seeing the seemingly never-ending flow of items that were being stuffed into his N-space box, Clark risked making a crack about how a box with infinite storage capacity was about to have its capacity exceeded.

Lana shot him a dirty look and then smiled. “If we get this done now, we won’t have to make quite so many trips.”

“Oh, I’m all for that,” Clark replied fervently. His worst fear with this moving-in stuff was that Lana would want to make one-hundred and one trips to her place to pick up ‘one more thing’ that she just had to have.

At the last minute, Lana ran out to her hall closet as she decided to take the hideous golf umbrella Clark had given her on her first day at work. It had an immense sentimental value for her and she didn’t want to leave it behind.

Besides, Lana thought, as she slid the wrapped umbrella through the box opening, I just might need it. Clark chuckled when he saw she still owned the umbrella. He had fully expected her to rid herself of such an atrocious-looking piece of equipment at her first opportunity.

Lana shrugged her shoulders when she saw Clark’s disbelieving smile. “What can I say? This means a lot to me. A guy who had no reason to help me, and every reason to allow me to suffer in the freezing rain as penance for chewing him out, chose instead to come to my rescue. He literally gave me the coat off his back and this ugly umbrella to see me home warm and dry.” Lana moved in close and they kissed briefly. “It was your first-ever gift to me, and I intend to keep it.”

On their way out, Lana grabbed her thickest parka out of her hall closet and put it on, along with the Thinsulate mittens that were inside the coat‘s pockets.

“There. All ready.”

Once on the balcony, Lana locked the door, mostly out of habit, took that key off of her ring, and stuck it under a empty flower pot near the door.

“Umm…Lana?” Clark asked. His red cape was fluttering in the strong breeze and he was scratching the back of his head. “What on Earth are you doing?”

“I’m leaving the key for Kara.” Lana turned back to him and stepped close, waiting for him to scoop her up and fly. “She and I decided this afternoon that since you and I think Intergang might come after me here, she should use my condo as her place to stay in the hope that she’ll be here when they try. She wants to catch ‘em red-handed, and also, this way she doesn‘t have to make the daily commute from Star City.”

“Where is she anyway?” This was the first time Clark had even noticed that he hadn’t seen Kara since she left Lana’s office at 5. Well, no wonder, I was distracted. I had 5’ 4” of sexy brunette all over me from the second I walked in the door.

“She went home to eat, grab some clothes, ‘have some fun’ as she put it, and then come back here. I already told her how to find my place, so she shouldn’t need to check in with us tonight.”

“I see you’ve thought of everything.”

“I try.”

Clark spent the next thirty minutes flying Lana to her parents’ house. He knew with as warmly as she was dressed, she could’ve tolerated a faster flight and the resultant colder wind chill, but he wanted to take the time to show her the city from a point of view very few people ever get to have. He pointed out familiar landmarks, which caused Lana to oooh and aaah in awe at the sights from 2,000 feet up in the night sky.

The flight was over soon enough, too soon for both of them, as they came to a landing in the darkness of her parents’ backyard. There was enough light spilling out of the windows of the house for the two of them to see where they were going, so they headed for the gate in the yard’s chain link fence and made their way to the front door.

Just before Lana reached for the doorbell, Clark asked, “Do you want Superman to stay outside for a bit while you and your parents talk?”

“Nah. If we need some privacy, we’ll let you know, but I can’t imagine what we could say that you shouldn’t hear.”

“You sure? Remember, you’re not talking about your boyfriend Clark right now, but about Superman. Your parents might not want Supes to hear things that they would be okay with Clark hearing.”

“I’m sure, Superman.” Lana said as she pressed the doorbell. “The fact that you are protecting my life goes a long way…especially with Dad.” Lana heard a creak. “Hush, someone’s coming.”

With a face that was stone sober, Clark said, “At least we aren’t the only ones coming tonight.”

Lana burst out laughing and swatted Clark’s blue-clad arm, only remembering at the last second to make it a light swat so she wouldn’t damage herself. “Jeez, Supes, why didn’t you say that a little louder, so you could be sure they’d hear it. Way to almost blow it.” Then, just as Clark opened his mouth, Lana added, “And don’t you dare make a crack about ‘blowing it.’”

That stopped Clark in his tracks. Instead, he said, “Don’t worry, your Dad just got up to come to the door.”

Lewis Lang peeked through the peephole and saw his daughter with Superman looming behind her, as solid and imposing as the Cliffs of Insanity. Turning his head toward the living room, his face burst with excitement, Lewis shouted, “Laura! It’s Lana! She’s home!” He then threw open the door and took his daughter into his arms for an emotional hug. Laura was running as fast as she could and quickly joined the rest of her family in a three-way hug.

There was lots of crying, not all of which came from the parents, as the three of them made their way inside. Clark watched this joyous family reunion, proud of the fact that he’d made it possible. When they made their way inside, Clark just stayed on the porch, half listening to Lana as she told her parents all about the attempt on her life, and the new, extra-stringent precautions she and Superman were taking to safeguard her going forward.

His ears perked up when the Langs finally asked about Clark and how he was taking this. That made Lana look around the room and notice that Clark hadn’t followed them in.

“Umm…Mom? Dad? Where’s Superman?”

“I don’t know,” Lewis said. “I saw him behind you on the porch, but when we got caught up in that hug, I sorta lost track of him.”

“Lewis?” an mortified Laura asked, “did you leave the Man of Steel out on our porch? What kind of host are you?”

Smiling sheepishly, he got up and brought Superman into the living room to join them. Laura was off of her recliner in a flash to thank Superman for saving their daughter from Intergang. The middle-aged housewife wrapped Superman in her arms and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for keeping Lana safe, Superman.” She wanted to say more, but was afraid of making a fool of herself, so she waited for Lewis to offer his hand.

As the men shook hands, Lewis said, “I second Laura’s thanks. Lana’s our one hope for the future.”

“From where I stand,” Clark said, “she’s one of Metropolis’ best hopes for its future as well.” Looking at Lana now, he added, “I expect great things from her. After this trial, I hope she gets to take on the corruption in our local government. This city can be so much more than it is, but it needs people like her to make it so.”

Lana blushed to hear what Clark thought she was capable of, but Laura had backed off when Lewis shook Superman’s hand and was thus able to register the look that Superman had just given to her daughter. She was surprised by just how much that look made her think of the way Clark Kent had looked at Lana less than a week ago during their Christmas celebration at his mother’s house.

Lana shared the couch with Clark, though they sat at opposite ends, while her parents resumed sitting in their recliners. The purpose of the visit had already been accomplished, but Clark knew Lana wanted to make use of the chance for a long talk with her parents since she wasn’t sure how long it would be before she and Clark could afford the time to come back out here.

Not sure of what she had seen earlier in the look that Superman had given her daughter, Laura decided to test, and asked, “So, Lana, tell me how you and your boyfriend Clark are getting along.” Laura’s eyes were facing toward Lana, but she was really paying attention to Superman as she tried to gauge his reaction to the question about a possible romantic rival.

She was surprised by the look of perfect equanimity Superman kept on his face. Maybe I read too much into his earlier look…or maybe Superman doesn’t think Clark Kent is any kind of competition. I’ll have to ask Lewis and see what he thinks.

“Clark’s just fine mom. After he got a handle on his feelings after the assassination attempt, everything was just fine. In fact, Clark and I are off at noon on Friday for the holiday and are going to Gotham City to attend the Waynes’ New Year’s Eve party.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Oh, it will be,” Lana enthused. “It turns out that Clark has known Bruce for a long time, but hasn’t ever been able to attend one of these parties yet. And for me, it’s a chance to catch up with my Gotham friends, plus it's a chance to see Clark in a tux again.”

“Do you have a dress picked out?” Laura leaned forward, her excitement growing as they started discussing the party.

“Nope. Rachel knows my size and is having something special made for me. Her designer is coming out to the manor hours early to have me try on the dress so he can make any needed last minute alterations.”

Clark couldn’t help but react to this news by raising his eyebrows, since it was the first time he had heard it. He'd been going with the assumption that Lana was going to wear something she already owned. He hoped his tux would look okay next to whatever finery Rachel came up with for Lana to wear. As the women delved deeper into the intricacies of the upcoming party, Lewis rolled his eyes at Superman and gestured toward the kitchen.

“Sorry there’s nothing tasty in the fridge for me to offer you, Superman, but Laura is bound and determined that the low-cholesterol diet is going to stick this time.” Opening the door and peering inside, Lewis said, “There is a lot of rabbit food in here, if you want any.”

Thinking of the extra-large works delivery pizza he planned on ordering once he and Lana got home, Clark said, “No thanks. I’m not that hungry.”

“I didn’t think you would be, Superman.” Lewis grinned. “A guy your size almost has to be a meat and potatoes kind of guy. A man after my own heart.”

The women finally noticed that the men had abandoned them. So Lana and Laura got up and joined them in the kitchen where Laura made coffee for them all, mostly because Lana had told her about the flight to the house and she wanted her girl to have a dose of heat before flying home.

When it was time to leave, the four of them walked out the back door and into the backyard, with Lewis handing over a door key so they could secretly come in the backdoor anytime Lana wanted to visit. The Langs watched in awe as Clark lifted Lana to his chest, arms under her shoulders and knees, before launching them into the sky.

Lewis and Laura continued to watch until their daughter disappeared from sight. Then, Laura said, “Lana might have some trouble coming her way that she doesn’t even know about yet.”

“Oh really? And what led you to this conclusion, Dear?”

“The way that Superman looked at Lana as he came into the house looked an awful lot like the way that Clark looked at her during our Christmas visit last week.” Lewis hadn’t notice that and gestured for his wife to continue. “I just wondered if Superman was falling for her, too, or if I was just reading something extra into it. That’s why I asked Lana how she and Clark were getting along. Superman never showed the slightest jealousy when she talked about Clark though, so I don’t know what to think now.”

While Lewis hadn’t noticed what Laura was talking about, it made him wonder. And Lewis Lang had an active imagination. Two guys who both seem to have a thing for my baby. And one of them showed no jealousy when she began to talk about the happy state of her relationship with the other guy. What if…what if Superman’s not jealous because…because he’s also Clark Kent? Does that make any sense?

When at the Kent farm, he had originally thought that Superman was larger than Clark, but seeing Superman with Lana today corrected that false impression. The problem is that the only other thing Clark and Superman seem to have in common, physically anyway, is black hair. But their hair is styled differently, they have different eye colors, and their faces don’t look that much alike. So, I guess Superman can’t be Clark...darn! He’d be a nice son-in-law. Now back inside, Lewis decided to keep his wild speculations to himself since they would only serve to get his wife all worked up for nothing.

Clark flew Lana directly back to his balcony and waited for her to make it inside before he flew off to change and reenter the lobby as Clark Kent. His first action once inside his condo was to kiss Lana and his second was to ask what kind of pizza she was hungry for. They ended up settling on one half covered with pineapple and ham for her and the other half covered with ‘the works’ for him. They also included an order for a two-liter bottle of Sprite. Both of them were digging into the hot, gooey mess of the freshly-baked pizza when Clark finally noticed the lights come on in Lana’s mile-distant condo and told her about it.

“I’m glad she didn’t change her mind,” Lana said.

“I’m just glad she didn’t stay out ‘having fun’ until three in the morning,” Clark replied.

“Ease up, Clark. She’s an adult now. Her twenties are when she is supposed to sow her wild oats.”

“Yeah, but I still remember the wide-eyed teenage bombshell that every farmboy within one-hundred miles tried to sleep with. She thought they were just being friendly; I thought I was going to have to start breaking some arms to make sure the guys kept their hands off of her.”

“No wonder she parties. Once she was out from under your controlling behavior, she went in the exact opposite direction.”

“Well excuse me. Here I was, forced into the role of parent slash mentor for my only living relative while I was still going to college. I went from ‘she’s here’ to ‘the rebellious teenage years’ in an instant. No warm up years getting to know and love each other; just sink or swim. How was I supposed to know what to do?”

“Hmm…I see what you mean. Instant Dad and the child was…how old?”


“Ouch. She was sixteen, very innocent, and looked like every boy’s wet dream.” Lana couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh did you ever have a baptism under fire.”

“Yeah, without Mom there to help me, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

After they had their fill of pizza, Clark and Lana sat around talking, mostly to give the pizza some time to start digesting before they went to bed. Sitting on the black leather sectional, Lana looked at the mind-reading black box attached to Clark’s stereo and said, “I wonder what that box would have played last night if I hadn’t turned the box off before we started making out on the couch.”

“Hmm…well, we would have been together, so it would have had to try to play something that fit what we were both thinking. My guess is something by Barry White or Luther Vandross. But if I had to pick just one song, I’d have to go with ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye, ‘cause I guarantee you that was all I was thinking about at that moment.”

Lana looked at Clark and then back at the box. “Let’s see what it might play now, if work on thinking about each other.”

Clark was game, so he grabbed his remote and turned on the system. By the time it warmed up, Clark and Lana were already focused on each other, and were wondering what song the box might play. Each was surprised, and secretly delighted, when the first song out of the stereo was “Chapel of Love” by The Dixie Cups.

Goin' to the chapel
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Gee, I really love you
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chapel of love

Spring is here, th-e-e sky is blue, whoa-oh-oh
Birds all sing as if they knew
Today's the day we'll say "I do"
And we'll never be lonely anymore because we're

Goin' to the chapel
And we're gonna get ma-a-arried
Goin' to the chap…

But neither one had a chance to comment on the song’s obvious meaning, because halfway through it, they were interrupted by a bright flash of light from outside that went from white to yellow to orange to red in an instant. Clark immediately threw Lana down on the sectional and covered her body with his own. Then came the blast front which shook the windows of his condo but did not break them, followed by the sound of a horrific explosion.
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Re: Somebody to Love (SV,Clark/Lana,Adult) Ch 55-57 (pg 8) 1/15

Post by Cardinal » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:17 am

Chapter 60

Clark judged that it was safe for Lana now, so he hopped off of her, helped her up, and they raced to a window to see what had happened. It didn’t take long for them to figure out what had happened as they could see that the area of Lana’s building where her condo was located was enveloped in a raging fire. Clark used his telescopic sight to focus in tightly to confirm what they both feared; Lana’s place was the center of the explosion.

Years of experience begged Clark to go out and help. Moreover, his cousin was in the midst of the fire. A sudden pain in his chest let him know exactly how much he would suffer if she, his last biological relative, were to die. He wanted to help so desperately, and now Lana was urging him to do just that.

“Go, Clark. Help them. They need you. And…” she was afraid to say what was on both of their minds “and Kara might need you too.”

But he couldn’t.

Not because he was scared, or didn’t know what to do. Clark couldn’t go because he had a greater duty. A duty to stay with Lana and keep her alive.

“Kara,” Clark said, “I know you’re busy, but please say something to let us know you’re all right.”

Lana wondered why Clark was waiting and wasted no time in saying so. Annoyed now, Clark shushed her and kept asking for Kara to respond. Each time she didn’t answer raised Clark’s blood pressure another notch.

Finally, Clark heard the voice he’d been straining to hear.

“You’re right, Kal, I am kind of busy. I’ve got a fire to put out here, so I’ll save my breath and shut up now.

A tear trickled out of the corner of one eye as Clark whispered, “Go, Kara! Go!”

Lana hadn’t heard Kara, but she did hear Clark, and she saw the smile that broke out on his face.

Lana didn’t understand why Clark wasn’t out there. To her, this was the kind of thing Superman was born to do. She was confused and asked him why he wasn’t out there.

“I want to be, Lana, but I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Right now, my duty is here, with you. If I go out there and something happens to you while I'm gone, Intergang will have won, and all of those people will have suffered and died for nothing.”

Horror-struck, Lana asked, “So I’m the reason you’re staying on the sidelines?”

“Yeah. Get it through your head right now. We’re fighting a war and the only way the bad guys win is if you die.”

Lana was guilt-ridden. The very idea that she, one single person, was holding Superman back from helping so many others was just about more than she could take. Desperate to change the subject, she asked, “So…Kara’s okay?”

Clark was too focused on what was going on to notice Lana’s distress. “Seems like it. Watch carefully, Lana. That fire’s about to go out.”

Lana focused on her building once again and saw angry flames licking at the walls of her building. Suddenly, dark smoke shot out of one window in a rush, and all of the flames disappeared. Lana put her coat back on and Clark took her out on his balcony where he had stationed his telescope after their first date. While Lana adjusted the telescope and looked, Clark pressed in close behind her, because he wanted to use his heat to keep her warm, and because he liked the way she felt.

In the telescope’s eyepiece, Lana could see a small, blue form zipping about from room to room. Each time she came out of a condo, she had one or more bodies with her which she carried as she flew down to the street. When the helicopters from the local television stations finally arrived on the scene, Clark pulled Lana inside where they could watch the news coverage on his big screen.

The news cameras got in close and showed both the devastation and Supergirl at work. They could tell now that the bomb blast had torn away Kara’s skirt and put a few holes in her form-fitting blouse.

“Good thing she wears full briefs under her skirt,” Lana said. “Of course, those jackals in the media aren’t helping things any by zooming in on her every chance they get. They'll do anything to boost their ratings.”

“Oh man,” Clark replied, “she is gonna be sooooo pissed at Intergang. She made that skirt herself, and it takes her forever to sew anything. She was so proud of that suit.”

Both were talking about the inconsequential to avoid talking about the sickening. It was obvious to both of them that not all of the bodies Kara was taking out were alive. While Lana was feeling guilty, Clark was getting increasingly angry. Without his usual outlet of being able to throw himself into the work of identifying the survivors and getting them to help, all he was able to do was focus on the grotesque crime that had been committed. The fact that Lana had been the target just added fuel to the fire.

Once Kara had cleared the bodies, both alive and dead, from the charred rubble of the topmost floors, she gave a brief interview. She had apparently found a moment to step aside and change into her old uniform which consisted of a skin-tight white crop top with cobalt blue bands on the slightly scooped crew neck and on the short sleeves, and a flat-front skirt of the same cobalt blue that barely reached mid-thigh.

The pristine condition of her clothing was inconsistent when compared with the heavy smoke smudges on her exposed skin and the normally bright blonde hair which was nearly gray with ashes and soot.

“This was another attempt by the cowardly goons of Intergang to kill the Deputy District Attorney, Miss Lana Lang. They managed to kill a number of people that have nothing to do with the upcoming trial, but I’m happy to say they didn’t get her. She’s spending her nights at an undisclosed location until further notice.”

Clark and Lana weren’t the only interested parties watching Kara as her interview went on. Lex was admiring her well-displayed assets as he reveled in the fact that his father’s hirelings had failed in a third attempt at killing Miss Lang. He hadn’t even had the chance to tell Clark to warn Superman since his father hadn’t told him about this attack, but it hadn’t mattered.

“Dad’s gotta be going apesh!t right now,” Lex chortled. “Next thing you know, he’ll try to nuke the whole city just to get one little woman.”

At that moment, Lionel’s fury knew no bounds. He had thought this most recent plan was foolproof. Once the bomb was rigged inside a hole in her mattress, the one place they’d never look, all they had to do was wait for Miss Lang to lay down on top of the bomb. Her weight would trigger the pressure switch and detonate the bomb.

A pressure switch had been used to make sure she was right on top of the bomb when it went off and the switch was set at a high enough weight to make sure it wasn’t triggered by something like a cat or a book tossed carelessly on the bed. The large quantity of high explosives was designed to create a blast that would be powerful enough to ensure that Superman couldn’t save her even if he had been by her side at the instant of detonation.

Lionel wasn’t sure what else he could do. His options were steadily narrowing. It was beginning to look like his friend Morgan might have to die instead of Miss Lang.

When Kara finally left the interview, she made one last check of the wreckage. The damage extended from one floor below Lana’s place to four floors above. Condos across the hall and three doors down from hers had been damaged to some extent. Damn, Kara thought, those *******s must have used a shaped charge for the explosion to have been focused up like that. Six people dead, and another two dozen injured. Two or three of those might die before morning. Someone’s gonna pay.

Following a circuitous path to keep anyone from learning her destination, Kara ended up on Clark’s balcony, where he was quick to let her in. She headed over to Lana and said, “I’m sorry, Lana, but your place and its contents are a total loss.”

“I figured as much,” Lana said, “but they’re only possessions. Several people out there lost their lives because of me.”

Clark started to say something, but Kara cut him off. Her face and voice went from apologetic to fierce in a heartbeat as she said, “No! Not because of you. Because of the people trying to kill you. Don’t ever allow yourself to take the blame for someone else’s actions.” She paused and then finished by saying, “It isn’t your fault…but the clowns that are responsible for this better hope I never catch up to them.”

Impressed with the way Kara had grown up since she moved out West, Clark seconded her opinion. “Kara’s right, Lana. If Intergang didn‘t think they were above the law, those people would still be alive.”

Looking up at the two superheroes who were double-teaming her, Lana said, “So…I’m not allowed to feel guilty, huh?”

“Nope,” Kara said.

“Not at all.”

“Okay, if I can’t feel guilty, I can at least feel sad. Those were my neighbors. True, I hadn’t met very many of them yet, but now I’ll never get the chance.”

“You feeling sad is something I can live with,” Clark said.

“Me too.” Kara looked at Clark and added, “But if the bomb maker had any idea that you’re allergic to Kryptonite, I might not be here.”

Lana was looking at Kara, so she missed the dirty look that Clark gave his cousin. Kara immediately shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘sorry.’

Curious, Lana asked, “Clark’s got an allergy? Really? And what’s Kryptonite?”

Kara redirected Lana to Clark, who was in the middle of running a hand through his hair as he thought of what to say. “You remember me telling you that I had some more things to talk to you about tonight?”

“Vaguely. We have had a hectic day.”

“Kara? Could you go get the lead box out of my closet?”

Kara nodded her acquiescence and left.

Clark turned back to Lana. “Well, this was the big thing. Kara’s right. I do have an allergy, though it’s much more severe than it sounds.”

“Like what?”

Kara came back in holding the lead box at arm’s length, even though the lead was protecting her from the contents of the box.

“Hand the box to Lana, please.”

Kara did as she was bid and then quickly retreated to the far side of the room. Lana found Kara’s behavior to be somewhat odd, but then she realized that Kara must share Clark’s allergy, given what she had said about this Kryptonite stuff. Lana turned the lead box in her hands. It was plain, without so much as a keyhole to mar its smooth surface.

“Open the box, Lana,” Clark said, “but don’t touch anything yet. You should see two crystals, one green and one red.”

Kara gasped. “You kept some red-K? Are you mad?”

Clark shook his head slightly and pushed on. “I need to show you what Kryptonite can do, in both its red and green varieties. I’m going to give you some directions now, and no matter what happens, I need you to follow them to the letter. Okay?”

The fact that Kara seemed to be petrified of the box’s contents, combined with Clark’s dead serious demeanor, convinced Lana that this could be a matter of life and death for him. She had thought he was invincible, and she had taken great strength from that belief.

“What you hold in your hands is the primary reason why Kara and I don’t let any but our closest, most trustworthy acquaintances know anything about where we come from. The green rock in that box can incapacitate me if you touch me with it. A larger specimen could kill me. The same goes for Kara.”

“Then why do you keep it in your condo?” Lana asked.

“Demonstration purposes. Besides, it’s a defense for anyone in my life, should I somehow run into the red rock in that box.”

“What does the red rock do?”

“It frees me,” Clark said.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Furrowing her brow, Lana asked, “What does it free you from?”

“Everything.” The look on Lana’s face begged Clark to explain. “When I touch a piece of that red rock, called red Kryptonite because it comes from Krypton, I am freed from all of my natural and learned inhibitions. I’ll do or say anything I want, without regard for any future consequences.”

“So…you live completely in the now?”

“Exactly. Both Kara and I can attest to the awful things we can do under the influence of this stone. The worst thing is: the longer we’re in contact with the stone, the worse off we are. The only thing you can do to stop me is to use the green stone long enough to get me away from the red one.”

Clark looked at Lana, making sure she was taking this all in before he continued. “Now for the demonstration. Like I said before, I need you to do what I tell you to do despite what you may see, think, or feel. Can you do that for me?”

Lana nodded uncertainly. Clark tilted his head and raised his eyebrows as his way of telling her that ‘maybe’ wasn’t going to cut it today. That got Lana to accept the fact that she was going to have to do something distasteful to Clark to fully understand what he meant.

“Yes, Clark, I can do that.”

Relieved, Clark asked Kara to wrap her arms around him to hold him in place just in case he got crazy. When she had complied, Clark said, “Lana, get the red stone out of the box and place it in my open hand, please. When you think I’ve gotten a little too weird for your taste, pick up the green rock and hold it against my skin.”

Lana lifted the red stone and walked over to Clark. Just as she dropped it into his outstretched hand, she saw it glow a luminous red. The veins in his hand were then filled with a red glow that seemed to shoot up his arm. Finally, a red glow briefly suffused his eyes.

She watched as Clark completely relaxed. He immediately eyed her from head to toe and said, as seductively as he could, “Have I ever told you just how incredibly sexy you are? I mean, every…single…inch…of your body just sets me on fire. And as for clothes, I’ve never seen a woman make anything she wears look as hot as you do. You even look hot in your business suits. I bet you give every male judge you practice law before the biggest hard-on…”

That was as far as Lana needed Clark to go. She had the green-K out and pressed it against his skin. Clark stopped talking instantly and started groaning in agony. Only Kara’s grip kept his arms from jerking as his muscles contracted in pain. Lana was stricken with fear as she watched the stone glow green and saw dark green lines shoot up his network of veins just like the red-K had done. Quickly, she reached down and easily pried the red stone from Clark’s hand. Once done, she jumped back and stuffed both stones inside the box before slamming the lid shut.

Clark groaned as he began his recovery and even Kara was whimpering a bit. It appeared to Lana that Kara had suffered slightly from the nearness of the green Kryptonite.

“Now that I have you,” Clark said, “the box and the rocks inside them belong to you, just in case you might need them to stop me.”

“I can’t imagine why I’d ever need the red rock,” Lana muttered. “I don’t want to turn you into Captain Pervo. The Clark Kent who made the Earth move for me twice this evening, two different ways I might add, is just fine with me.”

“I’d still keep it,” Clark said judiciously, “if for no other reason than making sure no one else gets a hold of it. Because I might act like that with almost any pretty woman I see if I get on that stuff.”

“In that case, I’m burying that box.”

Clark smiled an looked at Kara. “Do you want the guest room tonight? Or are you going home?”

Kara eyed the both of them, and said, “Well, as long as you two don’t start any horizontal calisthenics tonight, I guess I can stay here since all of my things are safe in my N-space box. I‘ll just need to wash off this filth first."

“Don’t worry, Kara,” Lana said. “We’re too upset about what happened to my neighbors to be thinking about sex right now. Besides,” Lana added wickedly, “I think two marathon sessions in one night is enough for any couple.”

As Kara headed for the guest bedroom, which was on the far side of the condo from the master bedroom, Clark pointed out where the linen closet was and then escorted Lana to their bedroom.

Lana was tired and decided to put off unloading her things until tomorrow. She just asked Clark for a set of pajamas and disappeared into the bathroom to change. Clark pulled on a pair of drawstring pajama bottoms, more to make Lana feel more comfortable since she was going to be fully dressed than because he especially liked them. Minutes later, Lana was in bed with Clark, having removed her makeup with plain liquid soap.

“There’s one more thing I need to tell you. Kara already knows, but I thought this information, or at least your reaction to it, should be private.

Lana levered herself up on one elbow and asked, “What is it?”

“When Bruce and Rachel reconciled their differences and finally became a couple, Bruce took it upon himself to let Rachel in on my secrets.”

“That jerk! How could he…”

“Shh…he told me he wouldn’t keep any secrets from her and if I wanted to continue being his friend, I would have to respect that. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I agreed on one condition: that when I found a woman that I trusted with my secrets, I could then tell her his secrets.”

“What secrets does Bruce have?” Lana asked. “He’s an insanely rich guy who’s big into Rachel, philanthropy, and sleeping late.”

“About that sleeping late…did it ever occur to you why Bruce always sleeps so late?”

“Not really. I thought he just had a thing for late night movies or something. Bruce tended to discourage prying.”

“I bet.” Clark fidgeted with the edge of the sheet. “Bruce sleeps late because he has a night job.”

“Do what? Don’t you know that ‘Bruce’ and ‘job’ are two mutually exclusive words?”

“Not that kind of job.”

“What then?”

“He’s Batman.”
"In the Name of the King"
-----Winner, Round 15 - Favorite Lead Portrayal of Liz Parker
-----Winner, Round 15 - Best Use of a Supporting Character (Jeff Parker)
-----Winner, Round 15 - Best New Fic
-----Winner, Round 15 - Best Period Fanfiction