Darkness and Light (TWLT/BTVS Mature)Ch.1 11/25 DEAD&BURIED

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Darkness and Light (TWLT/BTVS Mature)Ch.1 11/25 DEAD&BURIED

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Title: Darkness and Light

Rating: Mature (Language and Sexual Content)

Disclaimer: I don't own buffy or twilight but I do own these character's this story is from my imagination but it is kinda similar to these two stories.

Summary: Krista moves to a small town after her mom was killed. She didn't expect this town to have so many secrets or her father. Soon Krista is pulled into a heritage that she knew nothing about. She is a slayer of all things evil. She meets the mysterious Caleb and finds out that two worlds must mix together to defeat the greatest evil of all. The Demons of the Riflix.

Ch. 1

He stared out onto the horizon, the wind blowing around him, circling him like a serpent, tightening it's grip as He stood there silently awaiting the dawn. If he could cry he would, but tears had not flooded his eyes for more than a century. He waited, waited for the agony of a new day, bittersweet and endless. Miles away he could hear the rustle of his family hunting, he tried to block out the sound of their silent whispers but he couldn't, forever attuned to his family and the thoughts of others.

Suddenly, he felt a change in the atmosphere and sensed that something was about to change in his life very, very soon....


I woke up and stared up at my white ceiling, blinking and waiting for my eyes to focus and adjust to the light coming in from outside. I remembered that that was a fat chance, there were hardly any sunny days here, not like Santa Cruz, CA where I had lived the last 16 years of my life very happily, with my mother, Linda. There was hardly any happiness in these last 6 months though. Not since last February. My mind tried to push the memories away but it was too overpowering. The last time I had seen my mother, alive, played in my head.

"So tonight is Chinese night. Any special requests?" my mother asked me putting down her newspaper and smiling at me widely. I had her piercing green eyes and her chestnut colored hair she was so beautiful. I sighed and smiled back at her.

"Mom, you know the usual." I said grinning at her and pushing my books into my backpack.

"Krista, you're so predictable,” she giggled at me as I stuck my tongue out at her.

"That's why you love me. Gotta go, gonna be late." I kissed her on the cheek and ran towards the door.

"Love you!" she yelled after me.

"Love you too!" I yelled over my shoulder.


That was the last conversation I had with her.

I had blocked out these past 6 months rather well. I only had vague memories of the police coming and pulling me out of class and telling me that my mother had been in a fatal car accident. I didn't remember the funeral at all. I hardly remember staying with my grandparents to finish my sophomore year in Santa Cruz.

I don't remember spending the summer with my Aunt Kendal in Santa Barbara, who's a psychologist.

Only thing I remember clearly now is that I was here in Astoria, Oregon with my dad.

I pushed all the memories in the back of my mind and sighed heavily.

I reached on my nightstand turning on my light and grabbing my glasses, putting them on so that everything became clearer and looked around my room.

'Ugh.... I still have two full boxes to unpack. I'll do that when I get home' I thought and pulled myself out of bed feeling groggy from lack of sleep.

I looked in my full-length mirror adjusting my glasses and looking at myself.

My green eyes were red and puffy from crying myself to sleep just as they had been these past 6 months and my long chestnut brown hair hung past my shoulder blades in loose waves but were also tangled from the tossing and turning I had done all night. My skin still had hints of the tan I had left over from the summer so I wasn't completely pale but I knew I'd be back to my ivory skinned self soon. I had forgotten about the days I would spend at the beach just staring out at the ocean. I shook myself and focused. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed feeling nervous about my first day at a new school.

I glanced behind me to my alarm clock and focused in at the time. 6:32am. Crap. I grabbed my towel and my toiletry kit and ran into my bathroom for a quick shower.

My dad, Nick, bought this house 2 years ago and insisted that my room have it's own bathroom, I didn't really care either way. In Santa Cruz, my mom and I lived in a small two-bedroom house with one bathroom, a small kitchen and a very small living room. It's what she could afford.

I pushed the thought of my old house out of my mind and let the warm water sooth me.

Nick, is the owner of the towns outdoor and fishing store (he never really wanted to leave the place he grew up but he went away to college, married my mother, they had me, they divorced a year later, and my dad moved back here) and since the town is a tourist haven all year around, he makes quite a profit. His house and I guess my house now too, has 3 big bedrooms, 3 and a half bathrooms, a big kitchen, a family room, a living room and a dinning room. The whole house was too clean and still smelled brand new which let me know right away that I would be home by myself a lot, which honestly didn't bother me.

I preferred to be alone these days.

I brushed my teeth and dried my hair. Dark jeans, a fitted tee and a light jacket would be the safest route. I'm so happy to be so simple and predictable, I laughed to myself but it didn't sound real.

I walked into the kitchen where Nick was reading his newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee, he must've heard me walk in because he laid his paper down and smiled at me.

"Morning sweetie. Ready for your first day?" he asked taking a sip of his coffee as I poured myself a bowl of my favorite cereal smiling at him and sitting down at the counter across from him.

He'd been so careful around me making sure he didn't say anything about Mom. It actually helped; I was really tired of people asking me if I was ok. I had an appointment to see a grief counselor later in the week just to please my dad. As much as he didn't mention anything I know how worried he's been about me. Plus, maybe it'd be nice for me to talk to someone and try to deal with her death better.

"Yeah. I mean it's just school, kind of routine." I took a bite trying to cover up my nervousness.

My high school in Santa Cruz had 3,000 students, now I was going to a school with 300 students. 75 people in my junior class. 75. I didn't really fit in at my old school and I'm sure I probably won't fit in here either. But I’d probably settle in just fine and make some friends.

"Krista, I know how you feel about these things, your mo...." he caught himself and cleared his throat and continued, "but I bought you something. Well it's more like a necessity, you know with the store and all, I'm hardly ever home and I can't take you to school everyday and pick you up. So it's sort of an early birthday gift."

I looked at him confused, I had no idea what he was talking about, my birthday wasn't until October 30th and it was barely the end of August. He looked at me turning kind of red.

"Dad, what are you talking about?" I asked washing my bowl of cereal in the sink.

"I got you a car." The bowl slipped from my hand and crashed in the heavy white sink.

I turned bright red as I turned around my eyes wide with disbelief. He looked at me and he was flustered as well but he was smiling.

"Dad, you didn't have to. I was gonna work at your store and save money for one." I sat down across from him and the smile on his face faded to a hurt look.

"It's an early birthday gift Krista and it's perfect timing. Besides, I told you, don't worry about anything except school right now. You can work during the summer." He gave me a half smile and his brown eyes crinkled at the side. I sighed; I knew what he meant by perfect timing, he wasn't really good at the whole sympathy thing. I smiled at him patting his hand.

"Ok dad. You win. Where's my car?" We both laughed stiff laughs and he pulled me into the garage.

The car was covered and had a bow on it. I pulled off the bow and cover and saw a white, 4 door 2008 VW Jetta. I could feel the tears well up on the corner of my eyes as I turned to look at him but I pushed them back and turned blank.

"Do you like it Krista?" He had a sheepish look on his face, obviously because the blank look in my eyes.

I had cut myself off from feeling any emotions. But in that instant I felt like jumping into his arms and hugging him profusely. Instead I just nodded. I put on my best "I'm alright, everything’s ok" act in that instant.

"Yes dad, I love it. Thank you. This is the car I was going to save up to get."

"I remember you saying something awhile back about it. I can't believe you didn't notice it when you were in here last night looking for thumb tacks." He chuckled and seemed to buy it. He patted my shoulder before reaching into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys.

"I just thought it was one of your new toys. The bow wasn't on it last night."

"I put that on this morning when I woke up. Here sweetie. There's gas in her, your registration and proof of insurance are in the glove compartment. I must take off and open the store. I'll see you later tonight. Have a good first day." He handed me the keys, kissed the top of my head quickly, opened the garage and took off in his car.

I smiled a thin smile and hurried to my room to grab my backpack and my iPod. I got in and turned her on flushing at the thought that my dad had done something so nice for me.

Finding the school was easy; it was just off of Main Street. I noticed the brick building had many windows and it was at least four or five stories. There was ivy growing up the sides and an American flag on a pole outside the school. It looked just like a small town high school would.

It was still early and the rain was already falling lightly. I was hasty not to be late for my first day. I parked and walked toward where the sign pointed office; pulling my hood down a little over my face so my glasses wouldn't get rain spots.

'Should've grabbed an umbrella.' I told myself, shaking my head running towards the door.

It was your typical high school office, nothing too special about it except the old woman behind the counter looking at me and smiling. She had dark gray hair and when she smiled her wrinkles creased more.

"What can I do for you sweetheart?" she asked me in a strangely low voice for such a tiny old lady. I just put on my best smile and approached her.

"I'm Krista Marshall. My dad told me to come in here to get my schedule." she smiled more brightly at me giving me the look, you know that sympathy look.

Jeesh, I was so tired of that look.

Obviously she knew who I was from the moment I walked through the door. She printed my schedule and pulled out a map telling me that most of my classes except gym were on the second and third floor. She also said something about being in group B for lunch, she explained that the cafeteria was sort of small, so freshman and sophomores were group A lunch and juniors and seniors were group B lunch (she added that the upper classmen got 10 minutes extra of lunch time.)

"I hope you enjoy your first day Miss Marshall. If you want to change anything in your schedule come back after school and we'll get everything fixed. Whatever you need, we're here for you." she smiled and I knew she stopped herself from saying anything about my mom.

My dad must've passed word around town before I arrived.

She handed me my schedule, map, locker number, lock, and student-parking pass.

"Ok, thanks so much for your help." I smiled back, grabbed my papers and walked out of there letting out a sigh of relief that that was over with.

I hadn't escaped the sympathy look but I had escaped the question of concern I hated so much.

It was drizzling a slow steady pace when I walked out to go put the parking pass in my car. I noticed now cars pulling in and friends running and greeting each other. People were looking at me and I could hear the silent whispers about the poor tragic new girl. I'm sure they knew who I was and why I was living here with Nick and I hated it. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I hated this type of attention.

I put the parking pass on my rear view mirror and grabbed my backpack from my backseat. I closed my door and looked up at the 5 most beautiful people I had ever seen in my life, they were getting out of a shiny black Range Rover with dark tinted windows.

2 girls, one about my height, 5'6 or 5'7 with raven black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back, her hair made her pale complexion beautiful. The other girl looked younger about my age and she was shorter than me, she looked about 5'3 or 5'4, she had light brown hair with hints of blonde, it was cut into a short bob with bangs. Both girls had the same pale complexion.

The three boys had the same pale color to their skin. The tallest and oldest looking one was about 6'5 or 6'6 (he looked like a big giant) with very short brown hair and he was walking next to the raven haired girl laughing about something she had said. The shortest one was about 5'10 or 5'11 with very short spiky dirty blonde hair and he was walking next to the younger girl chatting with the four people around him. He wasn't the one that I was staring at though; he wasn't the one that had my attention now. The boy that was walking behind all of them, he was about 6'2 or 6'3, his light brown hair with hints of blonde had the tussled out of bed look but looked a little more neat, almost perfect. He had a strange alluring mischievous smile on his face as he listened to the story the other one was saying.

I blinked and pushed myself out of the daze I had fallen into.

I suddenly became aware that I had been standing there in the rain staring at these people for more than a few minutes. I sighed and headed to class, people still whispering about me. My first class was math; hopefully they'd sit me in the back away from the stares.

My wish came true. I was assigned a seat in the very back of the class. I looked next to me and noticed a familiar face staring at me and smiling that damn sympathetic lame smile. Her short dark brown hair and familiar brown eyes are ones I would know anywhere. She gave me a short wave when she saw me looking at her and leaned over toward me.

"Bet you never thought I'd be in any of your classes." she flipped her hair and I smiled at her, I was actually surprised to see the only other person I knew in this town beside my own father.

"Breanna Sanchez." I said with a small smile on my face. She used to be the girl next door to my dad's old house.

The two weeks I would spend here during the summers her and I would always hang out. I had forgotten that she had decided public school was a better experience than the private school she had been attending. I didn't let on that I knew she had left because of the extremely difficult curriculum.

"Krista Marshall. How are you doing you know with what happened and everything?" she asked sympathetically twirling her finger around her hair.

As much as I liked her and as much as she had been my friend I just wanted to punch her in the face. I calmed myself down though and smiled at her.

"I'm ok. Just trying to live life as best I can. It's what my.... She.... would've wanted." I was glad when the bell rang in that instant and I didn't have to talk about it anymore. She just smiled at me and turned to look at the teacher. Mr. Jacobs went in a spill about linear equations and I could hear Breanna taking notes next to me huffing if she didn't understand something.

School was easy for me. I just got stuff for some reason. The bell rang and I put the book he had given me in my backpack. Breanna stood there and waited for me.

"What do you have next?" she asked hesitantly shifting her strap on her backpack and running her fingers through her hair. Her Hispanic heritage gave her a light brown complexion even in this sunless town. She was still very plain looking though and even though she was 17 already she looked younger than me somehow.

"I have history. Room 217. You?" I asked as we walked out of the classroom together.

"English. Room 305." We were quiet as we walked through the throng of students. She stopped in front of my classroom and smiled at me. "This is where I leave you. Don't worry Ms. Abernathy is really cool. I'll see you at lunch. My friends and me will wait for you by the café ok. Good-luck." she gave me a thumbs up and a smile and headed off to the stairs.

Most of the morning was the same thing. A lot of the same people were in my classes but that didn't stop them from looking at me as I entered my first four classes. I had math, history, P.E, and English before lunch. I was so hungry by the time the upper classmen lunch bell rang that I could hear my stomach growling. I really hope no one else had noticed.

Breanna caught sight of me and waved me over to a small group of people. Two short girls and a tall lanky boy. The girl closest to me had long blonde hair, hazel brown eyes and freckles all over her face. The other girl was a tiny little thing with very short mousy brown hair and brown eyes. The tall lanky boy sported a bright green faux-hawk which made his hazel brown eyes pop. They all smiled their sympathetic smiles at me.

"This is Stacy, Tanya, and Zack. You guys this is my oldest friend Krista Marshall." she pulled my into a half hug and patted my back.

"Hi. Really sorry about your mom. Can I go now?" Zack asked Tanya, the short mousy brown haired one. She smacked him on the back of his head and rolled her eyes.

"Could you be anymore rude? Sorry about him Krista. Coming over after school?" she asked as he smiled down at her.

"Yes, after school. Love you Tanya. Sorry about that Krista." he leaned down and kissed Tanya and ran off towards the gym.

"Basketball." she said showing the disproval of her boyfriend's behavior towards me. Funny thing was is that I didn't really care.

We walked through the doors and stood in line for food.

They chatted to me about all the people in our grade. Except the people I really wanted to know about.

As we sat down I scanned the cafeteria. I saw them on the furthest table away from everyone else, talking to each other, the trays in front of them untouched or half eaten. I glanced at the boy that caught my attention and he was reading while the others chatted away around him. He would pause from time to time to join them for quick comments.

"Caleb Lancaster." Breanna whispered to me and it was as if he had heard her from the other side of the cafeteria because he slowly looked up from his book at us for a quick second. Then focused his attention back on his book.

"What?" I asked her as I slowly turned my head back towards her.

"Those are the Lancaster's and the Barring's. Caleb Lancaster, Isaiah Lancaster, Marina Barring and Liam Barring, and Ruth Lancaster." she pointed them out and paused to see if I wanted to know more and of course I did. I was very curious.

"They're all really gorgeous." I said looking at them amazed once again by their beauty.

"Yeah they are. Here's the story on them. Isaiah, Caleb, and Ruth are Broin Lancaster's niece and nephews. His sister and brother-in-law died like 3 years ago or something. Marina and Liam are twins. They're with Isaiah and Ruth, I guess their parents died when they were younger and Alene was best friends with their mother, so they took them in. They all moved here last December from the east coast. Broin and Alene run the medical clinic in town. They're both really young, not 30 yet. Broin and Alene are equally as gorgeous and they're the nicest people you'll ever meet." She finished her story with a sigh and stared at Caleb.

"What?" I asked her taking a sip of my drink.

"Caleb is the only single one, which is a shame because look at him. He would never consider one of us normal people though. Isaiah and Marina are joined at the hip and everyone knows they're together. Liam and Ruth are different though, you see them holding hands and stuff but when you look at them it's the kinda thing every girl dreams about." her eyes sparkled as she stared at Caleb and I could tell that she was crushing on him big time. It made me a little annoyed and I had no idea why.

"Liam and Ruth are so cute together. I wish Zack would be like that with me." Tanya had chimed in with a bit of jealousy on her voice.

"I don't know I kind of like how Isaiah and Marina are with each other. It just seems more real." Stacy added in her bubble-gum blonde sort of voice.

I faded away from their discussion and just stared off into space like I always had when I was bored. I felt like someone was watching me though and I turned towards where I thought it was coming from but their table was empty and they were already walking out.


The bell rang and it jogged me from where I was staring back into reality.

"...Don't you think Krista?" Breanna asked me.

Only problem was I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Huh?" I asked and they all just giggled.

"Never mind." Breanna answered in a very short upset sort of way.

"Sorry, I was thinking about my next class." I apologized to Breanna for not listening and walked with them up the stairs to the second floor where most junior classes were.

"What are your last two classes?" Tanya asked as they stopped at their lockers and grabbed their books.

"Photography and chemistry." they all looked at me in that instant with curiosity, "What?" I asked turning red.

"Those are Caleb Lancaster's last classes." Breanna said matter-of-factly.

I just looked at her. I didn't really care.

"So?" I asked.

"Breanna stalks him regularly." Stacy laughed.

"Yeah, she's completely in love with Caleb." Tanya teased as Breanna threw them both evil looks. I just smiled in real amusement and looked at her.

"Oh really?" I asked in a teasing sort of way. Something I wasn't very good at but it seemed to work because she turned bright red. I had actually sounded genuine for the first time in 6 months.

"Whatever you guys, I'm going to class. See ya later Krista." she walked off in a huff as the other two followed her laughing to themselves. I walked the opposite direction to my photography class.

All the tables were taken except one.

The only seat not taken was right next to Caleb Lancaster.

My whole body tensed up as I made my way to the back of the class. I didn't understand what was wrong with me. I felt strange. As if my body were on alert for an attack.

Caleb looked up at me and I stared straight into his eyes for the first time. They were an unusual steel-grayish color but they were beautiful.

He was beautiful.

He gave me that same mischievous smile he had on his face with his family this morning. It made my heart beat a little harder and my stomach feel odd but the feeling to attack was still there. I took a deep breath and pulled out the stool to sit down. He turned towards me with an extended hand.

"I'm Caleb Lancaster, you must be Krista Marshall." his voice was soft yet deep and it sounded so lovely in my ears.

I extended out my hand to him as well smiling.

"I am. Nice to meet you Caleb Lancaster." We shook hands and I noticed that his hands were sort of clammy yet they were cool. Not cold just cooler than my body temperature. We released and just looked at each other for a moment. I'd never seen someone this perfect looking in my life.

"So how do you like Astoria so far?" he was asking me a normal question.

This was the first time today someone wasn't being tense around me. I felt strangely at ease in that instant and that feeling to attack gradually subsided.

"It's alright. I mean it's colder and cloudier than what I'm used to but other than that it's pretty nice." I said smiling tucking my hair behind my left ear. His smile widened a little and he chuckled.

"Yeah, I would say it is slightly different then the perfect California weather. My family and I traveled through California a while ago. The whole coast was very beautiful especially up towards where you're from." he tapped his pencil on the table as I just stared at him. He stopped and I just stared at him in wonder. He was being completely normal with me and I felt completely hostile towards him for some reason.

"I'm sorry you must think I'm a freak." I said turning bright red and looking to the front of the class where the teacher began passing out our assignment. I hadn't noticed the bell had rung already to start class.

"Actually I was thinking why your eyes look so mean. Did I say something to offend you? If I did I am truly sorry. I was only trying to make conversation...."

"No," I interrupted him, " I'm sorry, I'm just really tired." Before I knew it I was spilling everything to someone I didn't even know. I began to say everything I felt and was thinking for the first time in months to a stranger. "I didn't get much sleep last night. I was really nervous about starting a new school and wondering if people were going to be asking me all day about my mom and if I was ok. I'm just really tired of people asking me if I'm ok. I mean my mom died, no I'm not ok, and why would I be ok? I happen to miss her everyday but it's something I have to live with, her not being here. She was my best friend and I can't say that I regret a single minute with her or regret anything regarding her because she was a great friend and an even better mother. I know she wouldn't want me moping around all the time like I have been and it's getting easier but I know I'll always miss her." I looked at him shocked that I had said that and he only smiled a very warm smile at me and put his hand on my shoulder.

I pushed it away with a strength I didn't know I had and almost knocked him off the chair. The whole class looked at me and I grabbed my bag and ran out of there.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I ran towards the parking lot.

I ran hard into someone and we knocked each other down. I pulled myself up and saw a seething face with steel gray eyes.

It was Ruth Lancaster.

She glared at me and I could've sworn I heard her hiss at me.

" You might want to watch where you're going, you could've really hurt someone." Ruth picked her stuff off the floor and handed me my book. Her voice was soft and smooth like velvet, like her brother's. It was very attractive but I also felt hostile towards her.

Her steel gray eyes flashed what I swear had been black and evil.

Marina walked up in that instant and looked at me very strangely.

" Ruth? Are you alright?" Marina tossed her perfect silky raven black hair behind her right shoulder and touched Ruth's arm.

" Perfect. The new girl ran right into me and knocked me down." Ruth emphasized that part as if she were trying to tell Marina something. Marina looked at me in amazement and shock.

I had no idea what was going on.

" Are you alright...."

" Krista. Krista Marshall." I said turning bright red. Her tone was sweet and she seemed sincere unlike her sibling who threw daggers at me with her eyes.

" Hello Krista, I'm Marina and this is Ruth. It is very nice to meet you. I hope you're alright." She smiled a perfect smile at me and I smiled back.

" I'm fine really and I'm sorry Ruth for running into you. It hurt more hitting the ground then running into you. Again I'm really sorry but I gotta go." I began to bolt but Ruth grabbed me by the arm, hard but not so hard that it hurt me.

" Watch yourself new girl." Ruth sneered at me and here I was thinking she had been the nice looking one. She let me go after Marina grabbed her and pulled her. They walked away and I was left wondering what the hell was her problem.

I walked this time rather quickly to my car. To my surprise Caleb was there waiting for me by my passenger door smiling at me.

" I see you met my younger sister. She's not so easily jarred. You must have caught her on an off day. She's usually very sweet."

" Yeah, she's a real sweetheart. Listen I really want to be alone and what I said to you back there in class was really more than I ever wanted to tell anyone. So if you could leave me alone and tomorrow forget all about what I said I'd greatly appreciate it. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go home and ice my ass because I landed pretty hard, your sister by the way is like a wall I'm surprised I knocked her down. She was pretty solid when I ran into her. Tell her again how sorry I am." As soon as I said that the smile faded from his face and he looked at me the same way his sisters' did with shock but his look was almost the same as Ruth's, mean and almost evil.

Somehow I found myself in an attack stance as soon as his facial expression changed.

What the hell was going on? I didn't understand his family so far and why they were making me feel like this.

" I'll tell her. See you later Krista." he walked away rather quickly almost at an inhuman speed, fluid and perfect almost like he was dancing away.

It was mesmerizing.


I tossed and turned all night; dreams of Caleb instead of my mom took over my mind.

I dreamt of fighting him, killing him, kissing him and other things I'd never dreamt about before. I didn't understand why I was having these dreams or feeling this way towards him.

I awoke startled in a crotched position standing on my bed.

' Ok this is starting to get weird.' I thought. I had completely freaked myself out.

It was already morning, half an hour before I was supposed to wake up for school.

I jumped in the shower and eased the tension that I felt.

I wished my mom were alive so I could talk to her about what was going on.

Nick had come home late I realized, far after I had gone to sleep. He was gone already when I went into the kitchen. So this was how it was going to be, me pretty much alone.

I grabbed my umbrella this time and headed out to school. Music always made me feel better, so I flipped my iPod to my favorite band and played the music loudly letting all of yesterday and last night drift away.

Today was a new day.

I pulled in and saw them staring at me in a menacing sort of way but also curious. Marina smiled in my direction as I got out of the car. I pretended to grab something from my backseat when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

" Oh fuck." I said to myself and turned around, to my relief it was only Breanna smiling a very friendly, genuine smile.

" Hey Krista." she said with a little wave.

" Hey Brea. You scared me." I said laughing a little nervously.

" Just me. So I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party this weekend? Adam Kern is throwing his usual back to school bash. It'll be really awesome." she kinda squealed at the end.

I thought about it for a second and decided why the hell not. I really had to stop moping, my mom wouldn't have liked that or wanted me to be like that and I could see her telling me to go and have fun again. It was weird I felt like I was finally in a good place again.

" Sure, sounds fun." I smiled and it felt good and genuine and real. I knew my mom would've been happy and proud of me. Just wish I could've shared this with her.

" Great! So it's Saturday night. I'll pick you up around 9 because we don't want to be there early or too late. Oh I wanted to ask you, why is Ruth Lancaster staring at you like that?" she asked as we walked to class. I told her the whole story and she looked at me as if she were scared for my life.

" I know right? She looks sweet but she's scary for being so small." I joked when we walked into class.

The whole day went by pretty fast with talk of the party at lunch. Supposedly these parties were epic. Well with a town population of 1500 it wasn't hard to please these people.

I got to photography class and Caleb seemed tense with me and talked to me as little as he could and not at all. It was weird.

What had I honestly done?

Chemistry was another class with Caleb but I hadn't gone to it yet because I had ran out of photography in my embarrassment my first day.
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