Don't Leave (Smallville, C/L, Adult)4/8/09Chpt 1 *Complete*

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Don't Leave (Smallville, C/L, Adult)4/8/09Chpt 1 *Complete*

Post by Hunter » Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:00 am

Title: Don’t Leave

Author: Monica

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Smallville and no Infringement is intended.

Summary: Clark and Lana finally realise and accept what was meant to be after so long.

Pairing: Clark/Lana

Rating: Adult

A/N: Sick and tired of the endless dragging on and off rshp between my fav couple so I thought of fixing it up. I’m a true Clana fan and there’s no Lois and Clark in this fic. This is a short piece .This is a short piece . Starts from Season 8 when Lana has that prometheus suit on and had absorbed the kryptonite.


Chapter One

“Don’t Leave.” Clark begged her, he would gladly do it again. He needed Lana like a human needed air to breath.

Lana stared at Clark as she stood unmoving on his barn. “I’m so sorry Clark.”

She couldn’t bear to be around him and not to touch him, this curse that Lex had placed upon her was too much for her to take. She would rather die then not be with Clark and it hurt too much for her to realise that no one would be able to help them.

“Don’t leave.” Clark repeated and advanced towards Lana, he didn’t care if it was the last kiss he may have, he needed to be around her and he would gladly die in her arms.

Afraid of hurting him, Lana backed away. “No Clark don’t.” She batted her eyelids. Eyes glassy with unshed tears.

Not caring anymore, Clark rushed to her in one swift motion and crashed his lips down on hers. Lana tried to resist but found herself melting in Clark’s arms. Tears flowing down feeling now as she lost herself in the passionate kiss that Clark was bestowing upon her.

Clark winced as the krytonite pained him but he found the kiss enduring and beautiful. He would not relent..

Lana broke the kiss and Clark fell on his knees. “Oh Clark…I’m so sorry.”. She brought her hands to her mouth, backing away from a weakened Clark.

While gasping for air, Clark thought about the effect. Green Kryptonite was his weakness….Lana was his strength….he only had Lana because of his free will….freedom…oh god…that was it.

“Lana….red…..” He looked up at her and almost choked. “Red…red kryptonite.”


“I need red kryptonite Lana…”

“Doesn’t that make you bad?”.

“It’s for you.”

Lana stared at Clark and then realised what he was implying. “Tell me where I can find it.”

Rushing back to the barn with the red kryptonite, She noticed Clark holding a jar of melted blue liquid.

“What’s that?”. She asked from a distance.

“Blue kryptonite.” He said.

Seeing a jar next to her, she placed the red kryptonite and took a step back. “Clark.”

Clark looked at the jar with the red kryptonite and used his heat vision to
Specifically melt the red stone into liquid. Meanwhile Lana brought more red kryptonite and Clark had poured the molten stones into a hot tub. He told Lana to strip and get in the hot tub.

“Wow, Clark Kent wants me naked again.” She teased and ripped off her clothes.

Clark tried not to stare at her bare breasts and stop the lust from spreading through his strong body. For Kryptonians, their lust was really powerful. “I’m not superman you know.” He croaked, his arousal started to rise.

“You broke the bed because you were very…ahem hard.” Lana blushed.

“We broke the bed.” He corrected her.

Lana sank into the hot tub. “Ahhh just warm the way I like it. Gotta love your heat vision Clark.”

“It was you who provoked it.” He smiled, rememering the class where he had begun to shoot heat rays. Thinking of Lana got him all hot and bothered.

“Me?” Lana battered her eyes innocent. “Little old innocent Lana?”.

“Innocent.” Clark scoffed. “You are far from it.” He grinned.

“Will I get my punishment?”. She teased.

“Oh you will.” Clark promised, thinking of the lust sizzling throughout him and the ways he’d take Lana.

Lana felt warm and fuzzy and then lay back. The liquid was starting to work on her. “Clark it’s working.”

“It is?”.

She nodded. She felt her skin tingle and releif washed through her as she could feel the green kryptonite cells die and perish from her skin. The red and blue rocks neutralised the barrier between her and Clark. She smiled. “Oh Clark!”.

Clark smiled in happiness. “It’s working.”

Once the process was done, Lana stepped out and emerged spotless. Clark averted his eyes to control himself.

“Clark, it’s okay, you can look.” She told him.

Slowly looking at her, he growled. “I want you now.”
“Sit.” Lana pointed at the sofa.

Clark stripped right naked and sat on the sofa. Lana cautiously stepped towards him. When he didn’t wince in pain she walked towards him and straddled his waist.

“It feels so good to be around you again.” Lana whispered.

Clark grabbed her hips and plunged deep into her. “It feels so good to be inside you again.” He roared, pulling her up and down onto him again. Lana moaned.

“Clark you’re so hard for me.” She shut her eyes and enjoyed riding him.

“I can not have you.” Clark groaned,increasing the pace.

“Yess right there Clark.” Lana threw her head back, moaning in pleaure. “Fuck me hard!”.

His eyes flashed with raging fire and he rode her faster, pushing righ upto the hilt. She was so tight around him, so wet and hot…he wasn’t sure if he was going to last longer..

“Lana…I’m going to..” He choked.

“Me too.” She felt her release about to break through.

“Just one more.” He begged, wanting to ride her thoroughly. He could feel her walls starting to flutter around him.

“Oh Clark!”. She sank down onto him while he pushed harder into her, the same time she felt her orgasm he shot his seed into her.

“Yess!”. They both hissed.

When they both came down from their high, they felt their heartbeats as they rested against each other’s chests. “That was….” Lana whispered.

“Amazing.” Clark finished with a smile.

“I could get used to this.”

“Me too”.

“But people…circumstances…”

“No one will keep us apart no more.” Clark growled with anger. “Not Lex, not people not fucking circumstances. Nor time. I will live with you forever Lana. Even in death.”

“Clark..I feel the same way.”

“I love you so much Lana, you don’t know how much…I want to make love with you all the time, I want to come how to my wife who is you…god…I want that dream as my wife…” Clark placed a hand over her womb. “Mother of my children. They’d be beautiful children our babies.”

Lana giggled. “I think so too. My handsome husband…being the father of my kids..My Clark.”

“Let get’s married.” Clark’s eyes snapped up to Lana. “Right now.”


“I won’t waste another minute.”

“Will you marry me clark.” Lana whispered.

“That’s my line.” He teased. “Replace my name with yours.”

“Well will you?”.

“Yes. Will you marry me Lana?”.

“Yes.” She peppered kisses over his face. “You know I will.”

“Well let’s get hitched baby.” Clark grinned.

“Do you realise we just proposed to each other while you were still inside me?”. Lana’s husky whisper sent him to harden again.

“Do you realise what I have in mind for you on our honeymoon?”. Clark teased when he lifted himself and Lana up. Lana wrapped her legs around him.

“Hmmm I wonder how you’re going to take me.”

“Let’s get married now and I’ll show you beautiful.” Clark promised.

The two rushed off ready to prepare for the wedding.

Meanwhile Oliver and Chloe got texts and were standing outside a church in their best outfits. “I’m the best man, I take it that you’re the maid of honor?”. Oliver asked Chloe.

“Looks like it.” She smiled. “Come on then.” They pushed the doors of the church and smiled.

Clark and Lana were finally getting married.

The End