Off The Menu (SPN,Dean/OC,MATURE) 1/27/09 COMPLETE

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Off The Menu (SPN,Dean/OC,MATURE) 1/27/09 COMPLETE

Post by Christmasnazi » Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:10 pm

Title: Off The Menu

Author: christmasnazi

Genre: Dean/OC

Rating: mature

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just like to play in the sandbox :)

hope you enjoy!

Dean pulled on his favorite Zeppelin tee and shrugged into his leather jacket, admiring himself in the small table mirror on the dresser. "Come on, Samantha! Dad's waiting."

Sam came out of the bathroom wearing a sweater and jeans, and what looked like loafers on his feet "Ok, ok. It's just dinner, Dean. Not like it's another one of Dad's stupid hunts," he grumbled.

Dean scowled darkly. "First off, Dad's hunts aren't stupid, Sammy. They're important. You know that. And secondly... oh, forget it. You're too much of a girl to ever understand." He held the door open and waited impatiently for Sammy to walk through before closing it firmly, testing to make sure it had locked behind them.

Sometimes the four years separating Dean from his thirteen year old brother seemed like a lifetime. It never ceased to amaze him just how different he and Sammy were. The kid was completely oblivious to what was right in front of his face.
He'd been dragging Sammy to that diner every day for the last few weeks and the kid still believed it was only because Dean liked the pie. Not that he didn't like said pie, of course. In fact, the chocolate crème pie was to die for. He'd have to convince Dad to buy a whole pie for the road.

But that wasn't the reason Dean spent every spare second in the diner. No, that honor fell to a certain brunette waitress that had served them that first day, when they’d pulled into Santa Fe, all dusty from the road.

Dean trailed behind Dad and Sam, carefully smoothing out imagined wrinkles in worn jeans. He'd somehow managed to keep his none-too-subtle interest in Allie the waitress from his brother, but Dad was a whole lot more observant than Sammy.

As he stepped into the familiar interior of the diner, Dean allowed his gaze to wander until his eyes found her, serving up sodas and greasy burgers to a table full of jocks.

He looked away when Sammy asked him why he'd stopped in the doorway, and quickly walked to the booth his father had commandeered. Dean sat down, careful to avoid his father's gaze.

He tried to hide the grin that curled his lips when that familiar angelic voice asked if they were ready to order. He listened as Dad ordered a burger and fries. Sammy, being Sammy, ordered a salad. He was such a girl sometimes!

After he ordered a burger for himself, Dean watched her walk back into the kitchen. When she looked back, winking at him slyly, Dean excused himself, mumbling about heading to the bathroom and strode toward the back.

He had only just ducked around the corner, out of eyesight of his family's booth, when Allie reached out a hand and tugged him into the kitchen area and pulled him into the pantry, closing the door behind her.

Dean glanced around at the well stocked shelves, suddenly overwhelmed by self-consciousness. Sure, he'd been thinking about this for weeks, wondering what it would be like to be alone with her. To have her looking at him just the way she was looking at him right now. But now... now that it was actually happening... Dean realized he didn't have a clue about what he should say, what he should do and he found it impossible to meet the hungry gaze of her eyes.

So he let his gaze wander over cans of catsup, bottles of mustard and cartons of eggs. Eventually, he found his boots and the scuffed floor fascinating. Anywhere but her eyes. He could feel the heat filling his face and he groaned inwardly, knowing he was blushing like some innocent little... blushing like Sammy did whenever Dean teased him about some pretty girl.

Dean swallowed hard when Allie stepped closer, and he involuntarily stepped away, bumping into the shelf at his back. His eyes widened when she leaned in, her mouth inches from his and he licked nervously at his lips. When Allie closed the distance, Dean's lips parted involuntarily. He moaned when she boldly invaded, his tongue tentatively stroking against hers. His arms came up and wrapped loosely around her waist as he eased into the kiss.

Kissing he could do.

It was just that kissing led to…that butterfly feeling in his stomach he would never admit to…a feeling that only got stronger as his hands roamed and she didn’t stop him…in fact, encouraged him, bringing his hand to her breast. He held his breath and squeezed open one eye to make sure he really was cupping her breast through the uniform.

“It won’t break, honey.” Allie whispered.

“Ah…yeah…” Smooth Winchester, really smooth. Dean gulped in air and tried to think of something witty to say, but all that came out was this very girly sound when Allie’s hand grabbed him between the legs.

“Oh…I think I see the problem.” Allie said, her eyes sparkling. “First time?”

“In a pantry,” Dean responded defensively, though his voice squeaked and his head banged against the shelf behind him when her hand slipped inside his jeans. She stroked over him, and he was embarrassed by how fast he was hard.

She giggled and leaned in kissing over his neck and licking at his ear. “I like it.”

And Dean wasn’t sure if she meant that he was a virgin or that they were in a pantry…or if she just meant that she liked his cock…but when she suddenly dropped onto her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth, he gave up wondering.

“Oh…wow…” Dean fidgeted and danced and wasn’t sure where to put his hands. She pushed on his hips and his elbow knocked a salt shaker over. He’d always wondered what it would be like, how it would feel. Wet, he decided. It felt wet. And incredible. And good god he was going to come too fast.

He held his breath, but when her fingers kneaded at his balls, he was done and he tried to warn her but the words came out sounding like a bird call, and she just sucked all the harder until he couldn’t have stopped it from happening if he’d wanted to.

White noise roared in his head, and he squeezed his eyes shut as he rode it out and she licked him clean and his voice slowly came back to him. “I…ah…wow.” Sort of.

She was grinning and using his arm for leverage to stand up, her hand deftly tucking him back into his jeans and zipping him up. “Come back when my shift is over and I’ll make a man out of you,” Allie said with a smirk, grabbing at a bottle of hot sauce before leaving Dean staring at her, open mouthed.