Desire of Lust (SGA,J/E,ADULT) One Shot 24/1/09 COMPLETE

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Desire of Lust (SGA,J/E,ADULT) One Shot 24/1/09 COMPLETE

Post by Bubblegal » Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:56 pm

Title: Desire of Lust

Characters: John/Elizabeth

Rating: Mature/Adult

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone. Stargate Atlantis and Co belongs to Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper. I make no money or take any credit (If I did, Elizabeth would have come back in the end, alive with no nanites and she and John would have kissed).

Summary: When Elizabeth goes to John’s room and he tells her that he’s not safe to be around, she gives in to her desire.

Spoilers: Only the Episode Conversion (2x8)

Warning: Sex, Bug!John (Sorta) bit of Simon Bashing – don’t like the guy.

A/N: Watching this scene just showed me how much Elizabeth really cared for John and it just seemed like she wanted to jump him to show him that what he looks like meant nothing to her – beside, the smashing the glass wall was brilliant!

One Shot and first Stargate Atlantis fic!

Chapter: Desire of Lust

“I’m not safe to be around,” John growled as he stared down at Elizabeth through yellow slit eyes. He watched as Elizabeth swallowed and desire flash in her dark eyes before he gritted his teeth. He could sense something coming off her in waves but he couldn’t sense it yet.

Elizabeth opened her mouth to say something but her voice wouldn’t work, her tongue and lips were moving but nothing was coming out. John couldn’t help but watch her tongue, wondering what it would feel like against his own before he looked away, trying to keep his lust under control.

Elizabeth was trying hard to keep her desire for John under control. It took everything inside of her to stop herself from jumping him. She didn’t care what he looked like, to her, he was still the same John underneath although his rough attitude was turning her on, especially the danger that he posed.

Elizabeth took a step back, closing her eyes as she fought to slake her lust, she never thought she would be the type to get turned on by danger but here she was, getting turned on at the thought.

John turned back to face her when he noticed that she had stepped away and saw that her eyes were close, her chest was rising and lowering rapidly and she was biting her bottom lip. He could feel himself harden at the thought of biting her lip before sucking it into his mouth. It was crazy – it wasn’t that long ago that he kissed Teyla, sure, he was attracted to her the petite woman but he knew that he had a deeper attraction for his leader but he only turned his attention to Teyla because it wouldn’t have brought the IOA attention on them…they were looking for an excuse to yank Elizabeth from her leadership and John wasn’t willingly to let that happen, he would fight them all if that what it took to keep her in Atlantis…Atlantis was home to them all and she was the heart of Atlantis.

John stepped forward, lifting up his good hand and he stroked back a stray curl behind her ear. Elizabeth’s eyes snapped open and she met his with shocked yet lustful eyes, his thumb caressed her cheek as he moved in closer.

“Wha…what are you doing?” Elizabeth asked; her voice husky.

“Something I really shouldn’t be doing,” John replied, his voice also husky but deeper than his normal voice. He lifted up his other hand, the one that was changing and let one nail drag down her cheek, watching as she inhaled sharply in pleasure. John couldn’t help the cocky flyboy half smirk creep onto his face, one that had Elizabeth half heartily glaring at him.

“I hate that smirk,” she informed him, John’s smirk turned into a full blown smile but it faded as the seriousness of the situation dawned back on them. John’s eyes fell down to her lips before he moved in, brushing his lips over hers.

Elizabeth gave a soft moan as she pressed her lips against his harder, sliding her hands up his arms and around his neck while the hand that was in her hair smoothed down over her back while his other hand slid over her hip, pulling her into his body.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Elizabeth gasped out as she pulled him harder on her, gasping as his hands ran up under her red top, feeling her smooth skin under his hands.

“I already said that,” remarked John as he walked her backward to the bed, peeling her top off her upper body, revealing her breasts in black lace bra and smirked appreciatively. “Never figured you for a lace type,” Elizabeth made to say something but John’s tongue sliding against hers made all thoughts fly out of her head.

Elizabeth’s hands slid down to the bottom of his black shirt and she helped him to peel it off, throwing it across the room before she separated their lips, wanting to take in as much as she could. The scales that started from just under his chin went down to his lower ribcage on his right side. It hadn’t gone any further but it was slowly making itself across his body. She let her fingers trace it before she looked up at him once more.

“You are still John to me…this means nothing,” Elizabeth assured him before she kissed him once more, unbuckling his belt and jeans, pushing, both, the jeans and boxers down so it pooled around his feet. John kicked off his boots and stepped out of the restraints before he pushed Elizabeth onto the bed, watching as she bounced once. He leaned over and unzipped her trousers and pulled them down, taking her boots off as he went before throwing them onto the floor and stood up once more.
Elizabeth was just lying there, on her arms, in her black lacy bra and matching panties. Elizabeth rose up onto her elbow before raising one hand and beckoned him with a sultry half smirk and her index finger. John just smirked as he climbed into the bed and kissed her, lowering her down completely on the bed and kissed his way down her body, stopping at her breasts to unstrapped her bra and he threw it across the room and sucked her nipples once, eliciting a startled gasp from her.

He moved down lower, stopping briefly to dip his tongue into her belly button, getting a giggle from her. He had to pause at that before he grinned, wickedly, and dipped his tongue into her once more.

“John!” squealed Elizabeth as she jerked her stomach away from him and hit him, friendly, on the shoulder. “Now is not the time to see where I’m ticklish,” she scolded him. John just chuckled as he started trailing kisses down to her panties, more than eager to get a move on.

He slid his hands up her thighs, moving down so he could separate her legs and kissed her through the dark material. Elizabeth let out a soft gasp of pleasure, it felt different, she could feel his mouth on her but it was blocked by the slightly harsh material, giving her a whole new sensation. His hands reached the top of her panties and curled around the material, teasing her for a short moment before giving her what she wanted.

John pulled her panties down as slowly as he could, savouring the moment as the secret spot between her legs came into view. Once he peeled her pants off, he threw it into the corner and separated her legs for her once more before sliding up between them.

“John…” gasped Elizabeth as understanding dawned on her of what he was about to do. John just gave her his half smirk before he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her moist lips before flicking his tongue upward and over her clit. Elizabeth gasped as her hips rocked upward, only being held down gently but firmly by John’s hands and her hands slid into his ever messy hair.

John brought up his normal hand and slid two fingers into her wet heat, groaning into her hip of how hot tight and wet she was. He knew that it had been a long time since she had slept with someone, she had admitted to him over what had happened to her and her ex-boyfriend Simon.

Bastard,’ John, darkly, thought. ‘He was an idiot to let someone as brilliant, kind, loving, bossy and sexy as Elizabeth,’ but then again, John knew that Elizabeth hadn’t shown Simon this side of her…she had admitted that he preferred what known as ‘clean sex’ as he was a doctor and was very particular to what he liked.

Well, John knew what he liked and none of them would be considered as ‘clean sex’ and he was going to make sure that he made up for Elizabeth’s lack of sex life the best he could.

He curled his fingers, rubbing the callous pads against her sweet spot and watched as her head fell backward onto the pillow, her curls spread out and her mouth opening as she panted.

“Come for me, Elizabeth…let me see you…” John taunted before he leaned down and flicked his tongue over her clit and rubbed harder. Elizabeth let out a keening sound as her walls clenched around his fingers and her clit retreated back into its hiding spot for protection against over stimulation.

John looked up and saw that Elizabeth’s face was flushed from pleasure and it ran down to her chest, her chest was heaving and sweat was rolling down her body. John slid up her body, stopping to flick his tongue over her nipples to taste her and sweat mixed together before he reached her lips and kissed her, senseless.

Elizabeth moaned as she tightened her grip on his hair and raised her thighs so she was cradling him before flipping him over so she was on top. John grinned against her lips, enjoying the view as she sat up. He ran his hands over her thighs, her firm curvy ass, up her back before rounding round to take her perfect breasts into his hands. They were the perfect size to fit into them.

“My turn,” Elizabeth told him with a sultry grin, one that had him throbbing in anticipation before she kissed him once more and slid her way down his body, occasionally stopping to suck on skin or flick her tongue before she reached her prize. He was large and slightly thick that she had to bit her bottom lip, wondering if he would be able to fit into her before casting it out of her mind, it wasn’t the time to be thinking like a naïve teenager having her first time but it had been a long time since she had sex and Simon wasn’t that big either.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock before sliding it upward and rounding her thumb around the head, eliciting a loud groan from John in pleasure. She looked up to see his dark eyes meeting hers, the desire and longing was even clear through his yellow slit eyes. Her lips curved into a sultry half smirk before she leaned down and took the tip of him into her mouth, running her tongue around the head before she moved down, taking him in deeper while keeping her eyes locked with his.

John gritted his teeth as he slid a hand into her hair, cupping the back of her head, encouraging her to move faster while his other hand reached down and cupped her breasts, flicking the nipple with his tongue that had her sucking on him harder.

“Yeah…that’s really good…” John’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head as she tightened her lips around him, taking him in deeper that the head was hitting the back of her throat and even slid down a bit, taking him deep in her throat. “Fuck…Elizabeth!” hissed John as he arched his hips off the bed, she pressed her tongue against the underside of him.
Elizabeth could sense that he was nearing his end and she didn’t want her fun to be over that soon. She slid him out of her mouth, pressing a kiss on the head as he let out a moan of loss as he lifted his head in time to see her rear up and come back over his body so she could straddle him once more.

He watched as she gripped him and aligned them so his head was pressing into her hot centre and she slid down, just taking the head into her when his hands flew up to her hips, stopping her.

She opened confused hazel green eyes and met his.

“What?” she asked, hoarsely.

“Protection…just because I’m changing doesn’t mean I can’t produce children,” he reminded her, teasingly and seriously at the same time.

“On the patch*,” Elizabeth told him, turning slightly so he could see a darker patch of skin on her ass. “It helps to protect me from children. I’m clean and from your medical records, I can tell you are clean too.” John nodded and helped her down on to his cock, both of them moaning at the feeling of him stretching her.

Elizabeth stopped when she fully encased him, shifting as she placed her hands on his chest. John kept his hands on her waist as they locked eyes and she started to raise and lower herself on him. John was content to sit back and watch her, thrusting his hips up to meet hers whenever she came down, her breasts swayed, gently, in the movement that his hands slid up her sides before cupping her breasts.

Elizabeth groaned as she leaned down, covering his upper body with hers as she kissed him, John’s hands left her breasts and slid down her arms till their hands met and linked together.

John raised his body up so he was sitting up, pressing his body against hers as she started to move faster as he raised their
hands above their heads, separating their lips, he sucked on her bottom lip before travelling over her cheek and down her neck.

Elizabeth just panted as she moved faster and harder on him, her nails digging into the back of his hands as her head started to fall backward.

John took command and flipped them over so she was on her back, their hands above her head on the pillows and he looked down at her before he started thrusting into her, deeper and harder, separating their hands so he could slide a hand over her ass, tilting her hip just right to get maximum pleasure.

“You’re gorgeous,” John growled as he thrusted harder into her, Elizabeth just bit her bottom lip as pleasure crashed over her in waves. “Its soundproof,” he thrusted harder and deeper into her, wanting a louder reaction, his pubic bone was rubbing against her clit with every deep thrust he made and she whimpered, turning her head to the side as he kissed his way down her neck.

The scales on the side of his face made a harsh feeling against her soft skin but it just turned her on even more as she slid a hand into his hair, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him even deeper, letting out a cry of his name as he sunk down deeper before stopping to readjust himself to the new position.

“John…” Elizabeth turned her head and kissed him, hard and desperately as she raked her nails down his back, arching her body into his as he started thrusting harder, she was getting closer to her orgasms; she could feel it…just out of reach.

“You’re mine,” growled John as he reached his mutant hand down and flicked his nail over her clit, pushing her over the edge.

“Oh…John…Yes!” screamed Elizabeth as her back arched up and locked into place, her walls clenching around him, milking him. John grunted Elizabeth’s name out as he came with a low moan before Elizabeth slumped back down onto the bed with John on top of her, both of them breathing heavily.

Elizabeth ran her hands through his hair, comforting him as he rested his head on her breasts, sliding his index finger over one of her arms before he turned his head and pressed a kiss in the centre between her breasts before he looked down at her.

“You should really leave,” John whispered. Elizabeth stared up at him before she nodded, she leaned in and kissed him gently before she pulled away, slid out from underneath him and out of the bed to pull her clothes back on.

Once she looked presentable, she walked over to the door only to look back at John finished getting dressed, sitting on the edge of his bed and looking out of the window, much like he was doing when she came in.

Elizabeth took a deep breath as she turned back to the door before she slammed her hand on one of the crystals and the doors opened, allowing her to step through. She looked up at the solider that was guarding the door and gave a short nod.

“Double the security,” she ordered and the man nodded before she walked away, closing her eyes, hating the situation that she had been forced into and just hoped that they would be able to find a cure for John before it was too late.

The End

* I know that a lot of people have written that Elizabeth would use the IUD (A metal implant) but there are several different types of protections and the patch is much better – one box lasts for six months. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.
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