One More Day (SV,Clois,Mature) DEAD AND BURIED

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One More Day (SV,Clois,Mature) DEAD AND BURIED

Post by dstarlight » Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:53 pm

Title One More Day
Catergory Smallville
Pairings Clois
Rating Mature
Disclaimer As always don't own nada

Summary Two lost souls seperated by circumstance only to be woven back together through destiny.

A/N An AU take on season four.

One More Day
Love takes off the mask we fear we cannot live without.
And know we cannot live within.

"I feel like I'm never going to see you again."

His words cut through her silent reprieve shattering an otherwise perfect illusion that she could actually handle this. Closing her eyes against the meaningless frustration of it all she turned away from him. She breathed that more deeply, trying to rein in any ounce of control she had left. After all what was the point in crumbling, she knew this was all going to end sooner or later. And the simple truth of it was he was still just a boy, a boy who was leaving her. The burning sensation of holding back the tears began to choke her. Her chest became tight as she tried to just breathe through the madness of it all, breathe through the onslaught that was carroding away at her. Knowing she couldn't change it, couldn't avoid it, couldn't escape it. Accepting it for what it was she straightened her back, squared her shoulders and turned to face the fate that awaited her.

"We never know what the future will bring." Her hazel eyes watched as his shoulders slumped at her unsubstantial belief. She knew he hated the words like destiny and fate. Hated everything they represented. And at one time in her life she could truthfully say she firmly agreed with his notions. But that was until fate decided to change her plans, irrevocably for the better. She came to Metropolis searching for her sister, instead she found the one person she wasn't expecting, a person she can now say she was probably always looking for.

"I've never met anyone quite like you." His hushed words seemed to drift their way across the room surrounding her in a reality far from her own. "You don't know how thankful I am that you came into my life when you did." He implored.

A wry smile quirked at her lips. "I think I have an idea."

"You saved me." He whispered. Her eyes met his and the intensity there made her heart pound relentlessly in her chest. Deep green begged her to believe his plea. The honesty in those eyes touched her more than she could put into words. And considering how much she liked to talk, that was quite something.

She took a deep breath. "That's what I'm here for, one save at a time."

The light smile that adorned his face lightened her heart. He was going to be okay. They both were.

"I have to go now." He choked out.

Her head seemed to nod aimlessly as her feet stayed solidly fixed to the floor, ignoring the cry in her head that she should just run to him. But she couldn't move. Oh God. Her breath started to come out in tiny, little gasps as he began to move towards the door. What are you doing? Still her feet wouldn't obey her commands. He reached the door, his hand grasped the handle. Oh God! His eyes found hers again. The door opened. Move dammit! The last look he gave her seemed to spur her body into action because as he walked out the door she ran towards it.


He spun round his body silhouhetted against the morning light. "What?" She would have laughed at the evident concern in his voice if she wasn't......oh ya know experiencing one of the most painful moments of her life.

"I need to know your name." She urged. Her hands clasped around his face, fingers skimmed over his cheeks, eyelids, jaw, lips. "Please." She breathed against his mouth. "Tell me your name Kal, your real name."

His eyes closed at her touch. "Clark." He sighed out. "It's Clark."

She chuckled. "Never would have taken you for a Clark."

His eyes opened a familiar twinkle gleaming through the changing colour. "And I wouldn't take you for a Joanne?"

She rolled her eyes.

"Fair's fair." He whispered.

"Lois, my name's Lois."

He nodded his head his mouth curving into a smile. "Lois."

A shiver went down her spine at the sound of her name being uttered from his lips for the first time.

"I'll never forget you."

She fought back the desire to stop him there. She knew he needed to say this to her, and if she were honest with herself she needed to hear it. So by the power of sheer will she managed to keep her composure. Relying on wit as a defence she quipped back with her trademark smirk. "Well I am unforgettable."

Clark gulped as he replied. "You don't realise how true that is Lois."

Lois could have sworn her heart ceased movement when he leaned in. His lips seeking hers as they'd done so many times before in the weeks prior to this moment. Only this time it was all too final. An overwhelming surge of emotion crushing down on her. A parting of ways. A bittersweet goodbye. A feather light touch, not nearly enough but all they could offer each other for fear of breaking.

And as his lips left hers Lois felt a light breeze brush across her skin, opening her eyes she found herself alone. The door to his Metropolis apartment still wide open. He was gone.

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Re: One More Day (SV,Clois,Mature)

Post by dstarlight » Tue Oct 07, 2008 2:24 pm

If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you,
I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will.

The sound of his parents voices trailed off as he closed the door behind him. He slowly breathed in the Kansas air as he stepped out onto the porch. Slumping his shoulders and shoving his hands into his pockets he began to walk across the yard. His long strides eating up the distance as he made his way over to the fencing that surrounded Kent farm. His eyes watched as the receding sunset inflamed the sky setting it alight with vivid colour. There was nothing quite like it, to have such beauty right outside your door. But even that beauty couldn't silence the ache that resided within him still. To the outside world he was settling back in to his everyday life. The so called fit of teenage rebellion far behind him leaving nothing in its wake. If only the people closest to him could really see what dwelled beneath the seemingly normal facade of Clark Kent. But they wouldn't, because he would never show it to them. They would never know the deep hurt that was only increasing with each breath he took. It ate away at him burying itself deeper until he couldn't even remember what it was like not to feel the pain slicing away at him. The day he'd left Metropolis was one of both relief and suffering. He had left a piece of himself behind that day, a piece he'd never get back. No the girl with the fierce spark in her eyes would hold it with her always, and how could she not. He was too tired to deny it any longer and there was really no point in lying to himself. She was in every movement he took, every thought that flickered into the most secluded segments of his mind.

Being with her were some of the most freeing moments in his life. Lois breathed life with such vigour that he couldn't help but be captivated by her from the very first moment. His alter ego had seen such stregnth in her, such spirit. Lois had somehow called out to his more primitive nature. She reached a part of him that no one had dared to grasp. Instead of running from his demons she danced with them fully bringing them into the light. Slowly bringing him back to himself. With each touch, kiss, whispered word she tamed the beast within. Making him submit little by little.

What they shared was undescribable in its depth. Lois had shown him acceptance in so many ways that he couldn't even begin to describe what it meant to him. His parents had always told him that the union between two people was sacred, well Lois had proven that to be true also. He'd never experienced anything more beautiful then his first time with her. He had been stripped down to his barest form. Every vulnerability shining through every flaw exposed for her to see, and yet he had never felt more protected and treasured in his entire life. To know that she would carry that memory with her always left Clark with a great sense of male pride, to know that they had been each others first and that bond could never be broken pleased him more than anything could. Maybe a bit of Kal had remained after all.

But even though he carried those memories with him it did nothing to ease the regret he felt. He had left her there. Yes she understood, she wouldn't have been Lois if she hadn't but he couldn't help but feel there should have been something more. More than a summer fling, more than a girl he would only remember with a bittersweet yearning. There just had to be more.

We never know what the future will bring. Her voice seemed to whisper on the wind, brushing over his body in a soothing caress.

Clark took a breath. He remembered those words. They had cut him like nothing else at the time. He hadn't wanted destiny and fate to be thrown his way yet again, not by her. He wanted the raw truth of it all, the reality. He had wanted her to surrender. To tell him that she would not let him leave her that way. But she hadn't and Clark was surprised to discover that he hated her a little in that moment. For giving in so easily, but if that were the truth wasn't he guilty of doing the same thing? Should he have fought harder? Had Lois wanted him to?

Clark bit the inside of his cheek as a deep and utter confusion started to seep through. Why hadn't he asked these questions sooner? Jerking away from the wooden fencing he trudged his way back to the farmhouse, his thoughts in a dark and chaotic frenzy boiling up into a heaving crescendo. And as he reached the door Clark couldn't shake the feeling that he'd lost something. What he couldn't say but his chest tightened a little at the realisation.

Yes destiny was something he couldn't put his faith into, because it had let the one thing that had ever truly meant something to him slip through his fingers. Forever lost in the past, only to be relived through distant dreams and precious memories.

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