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Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:53 am

Title: Find Your Way Home
Author: pinda16
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Category: Multiple Series
Rating: Teen
Summary: Letticia Alvarez is a 18 year old girl, she has seen things that other people can't imagine. Before she and her mother moved to Beverly Hills, they lived in Los Angeles. There is were she met two vampires, who are like brothers too her. So everytime she has summer vacation or some holidays from school, she goed to L.A. too visit them. Her boyfriend is Dylan Mckay, and she is best-friends with Steve Sanders.


Name: Letticia Alvarez
Age: 18

Name: Steve Sanders
Age: 18

Name: Donna Martin
Age: 18

Name: David Silver
Age: 17

Name: Kelly Taylor
Age: 17

Name: Dylan McKay
Age: 18

Name: Dean Winchester
Age: 21

Name: Sam Winchester
Age: 18

Name: Castiel
Age: Unknown

Name: Angel
Age: 258

Name: Spike
Age: 132

Name: Gunn
Age: 23

Name: Wesley Wyndam Price
Age: 30

Name: Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
Age: 23

Name: Connor
Age: 16

Name: Maria Deluca
Age: 17

Name: Michael Gueren
Age: 18

Name: Kyle Valenti
Age: 17

Name: Alex Whiteman
Age: 17

Name: Isabel Evans
Age: 18
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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:48 pm

Part 1

Letty honey, i'ts time to wake up." Her mom called.
I'm already up mom!" She yelled to her mom and rolled over on to her back.

Dylan is acting realy strange ever since i came back from Los Angeles." She tought.
She got up, took some clothes out of her closet, and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

25 minutes later she walked out of the bathroom, clean and dressed, and ran down the stairs.

Hi mom," She said as she walked into the kitchen.
Hey sweetheart, what do you want for breakfast?" Her mom asked.

Nothing, thanks mom, I'll get some at school, Steve will be here in a couple of minutes." She said.
Alright then honey." Said her mom.

3 minuts later they heard a car honk.
I guess that's for me, bye mom!" Letty called and ran out the front door.

Hey Steve," She said as she got into the car.
Hey Letty, you found out what's going with Dylan yet?" He asked.

No man, and i asked him a couple of times, but he just says i'ts nothing important." She said.
Oh, well maybe i'ts nothing." He said.

I just don't get it, before i went to L.A. everting was ok, and now he's just avoiding me." She said.
Why don't we go to his house after school?" He can't avoid you there right?" He said

Yea ok, cause i'ts really starting to piss me off." She said
Haha, and we don't want a pissed off Letty!" He said.

No, you really don't haha." Letty laughed.

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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:16 pm

Part 2

After school

Letty,Letty," Steve called.
Yea i'm coming," Letty said.

How are you and Kelly doing?" I don't see you two together anymore?" She asked
I actually don't know, she said that she was really busy with her little sister. Last time we spent some time together is almost a week ago." He said.

Oh, that sucks." She said.
Yea, i know, I think she hiding somthing from me, that there is something she is not telling me you know." He said in a sad voice.

I'm sorry man," She said, hating to see him sad.
Did you see Dylan today?" He asked, changing the subject.

No, i think he skipt school again." She said
Shall we go give him a visit then? He should be home right?" He asked.

Yea, come on, maybe i can find out what he's not telling me." She said.
OK, come on." He said and they walked to his car.

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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:10 pm

Part 3

In de car

Where are we going Steve? Dylan's house is the other way." Letty asked impatient.
Keep your undies on Letty, I need to get some things for my mother at the grocerie store." Steve said snickering.

Oh, okay," She said

And I hate how much I love you boy
I can't stand how much I need you
And I hate how much I love you boy
But I just can't let you go
And I hate that I love you so..

Letty pickt up her phone.
YES?!" She almost yelled in the phone, irritated.

Is that how you greet your big brother pet?" said the voice.
Oh hey spike, i'm sorry, i'm just a little irritated." Letty said.

That's better luv, now why are you irritated?" Asked Spike with concern in his voice.
Say hello to Spike from me Letty." Said Steve. (Steve is the only one who knows of the vampires)

Because i think that Dylan is hiding something from me. We are on our way to his house. Oh and Steve says hello!" She said.
Your with the boy? Give him on the phone for a minute." Spike said.

Letty holds the phone out to Steve.
Spike wants to talk to you for a minute." She said.

Steve took the phone from her.
Hello?" He said.

Your going to the wankers house?" Spike asked.
Yea, Dylan keeps avoiding her, she wants to know whats going on." Steve said.

Bloody Hell, ok, when you done there call me alright, I don't trust the wanker." Spike said angry, mad at the boy that is hurting his lill'bit.

Yea, i will, bye Spike." He said.
Bye." Spike grunted in the phone and hung up.

Steve gave the phone bank to Letty, and stopt at the parking lot at the grocerie store.
Alright, i'll be right back." Steve said, and got out of the car.

5 minutes later they were on there way to Dylan's house.
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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:25 pm

Part 4

Dylan's house

The car stopt in front of Dylan's house.
Letty was a bit nervous.

Come on Letty, let's get this over with." Steve said.
Okay." She said, and they got out of the car and walked to the front door.

Letty knockt on the door and waited for a minute.
Maybe he's not home." Steve said, as nobody opent the door.

Letty felt in her pocket for her keys, and opent the door.

Why did you knock if you got the keys to his house?" Steve asked.
Cause it's the polite thing to do Steve." She said with laughter in her voice.
Haha real funny Alvarez." He said smiling.

There is nobody here Letty." Steve said.
Maybe he is sleeping." She said

They walked to the bedroom, not knowing what was happening behind the closed door.
Letty opent the door and gaspt, slapping her hand over her mouth and getting tears in her eyes.
Steve just stood there, not believing what he was seeing.
Letty let out a sob.
There was her boyfriend in bed with Steve's girlfiend.
Both naked.

Oh god." Cried Letty, turning around and walking away.
Baby wait." Dylan called, jumping out of bed and putting on his pants.

I can't believe this." Whisperd Steve.

Baby, please, it's not what it looks like." Dylan pleaded, walking towards Letty.
No? You two were naked, un top of eachother." She yelled at him.

I can't believe this. How could you do this to me? To Steve?" She cried.
It was a mistake." Kelly pleaded, finaly saying something.

A mistake? How dare you!!" Steve yelled.
Please Steve, don't throw away what we have, please?"Kelly pleaded, walking towards him.
There is no we!" Steve said in a broken voice and walked out the door, but not before telling Letty that he was waiting for her in his car.

This isn't the first time is it Dylan? And don't lie to me, I want the truth for once." Letty said in a soft broken voice.
I'm sorry baby, it just happend, please baby, you know i love you." Dylan pleaded.

How long has this been going on Dylan?" Letty demanded.
Dylan lookt the other way, avoiding her eyes.

HOW LONG?!!" She yelled.
2 months." Kelly whisperd.

Letty let out another sob. She walked towards Dylan, and forced him too look in her eyes.
How can you do this to me, I loved you, I trusted you." She said in a broken voice.

I'm sorry." Dylan whisperd.
Letty walked away, when she was at the door she turnt around and lookt at Dylan.
We are done." She said and walked out the door, finaly letting all her tears fall.

Oh god, what have we done." Dylan said, a tear falling down his cheek.
We lost them." Kelly whisperd.

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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:35 pm

Part 5

In the car

When she was back in the car, Letty began sobbing hysterical.
I tought he loved me. How can they do this to us?!" She cried.

I don't know babe, can i have your phone for a minute? I promised to call Spike back." Steve said, in a sad voice.
Letty felt in her pocket for her phone and gave it to Steve.

His number is in here right?" He asked soflty, not wanting to upset her more.
Yea, under the name William." She whisperd.

Steve found the number and waited for Spike to pick up.
HELLO?!" A voice barked in the phone.

Spike, is that you?" Steve asked.
Yes, is that you Sanders?" Spike asked.

Yea, i promised you i would call bank when we were done." He said.
So, how did it go? Letty found out what he was hiding?" Spike said.

Something like that yea." Steve said in a sad voice. Letty began crying again.
Well, what was it? Bloody Hell i hear someone crying, is that letty?!" Spike yelled.

Yea." Steve said in a broken voice.
Let me talk to her." Spike demanded.

Steve held the phone out to Letty.
It's Spike." He said.

Letty took the phone from him.
Hello?" She said softly, still crying a little.

What is it luv? What did the wanker do to you?" Spike asked in a soothing voice.
He..he cheated on me with Kelly." She said softly in a broken voice.

Oh luv, i'm sorry sweet. Your to good for him, He doesn't deserve you." Spike said soothing.
But i loved him Spike, I trusted him, How can he do this to me?!" She cried.

Pet, luv, do you want me and Angel to come to Beverly Hills? There isn't much to do here anyway. Gunn and Wes can handle it." Spike asked.

Would you do that for me?" She asked in a little voice.
Of course luv, we will be there tonight, that okay with you pet?" Spike asked.

Yea, thank you Spike." She said, feeling a little better.
Anything for you luv. Love you." He said.

Love you to Spike, Bye see you tonight." She said.
Yes, see you tonight, Bye luv." Spike said, and hung up the phone.

What did he say?" Steve asked, happy that she was feeling better.
Oh, he said that he and Angel would be coming tonight." She said feeling happier than 15 minutes ago.

You want to stay at my house for a couple of days, My mom is working in L.A. she won't be bank for another week?" She asked.

Yea, thanks, i don't want to go home right now. I'll call my mom at your house." He said, glad that he could stay.
Okay, lets go home yea." Letty said, and they drove bank to her house.

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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 6:09 pm

Part 6

The Hyperion Hotel, Los Angeles

THE BLOODY PONCE, How could he DO that to my nibblit?!" Spike yelled
He was pacing, ranting and gesturing wildly.

Uhm, Spike?" Angel said.

I won't stand for this! I'm the Big Bad! Thinking he can hurt my Nibblit, how dare he." Spike said, ignoring Angel.
Spike?" Angel said again.

I was part of the Scourge of Europe! I learned from Angelus! I've got a fucking terrific imagination! He'll regret this!" He abruptly stopped and pointing a finger at Angel.

I'm going to Beverly Hills, and you are coming with me." Spike demanded, And he began pacing again.

SPIKE?!" Angel yelled, finally losing his calm.
WHAT?! Spike yelled right bank at him.

Why do we have to go to Beverly Hills? Has something happend to Letticia?" He asked, glad that Spike was finally listening.

Yea, something happend, The Bloody wanker cheated on her. How dare he cheat on my Nibblit."Spike began ranting again.

You are coming with me right? I promised her you would come too." Spike said abruptly.
When did you say we would be there?" Asked Angel.

Uhm, I said we would be there tonight. Sanders is with her now." Spike said.
Why? Did something happen to him too?" Angel asked.

It was his girlfriend that the wanker was screwing." Spike said with disgust. Feeling sorry for the boy.
Oh, well come on we have some packing to do if we want to be there by tonight."Angel said walking up the stairs.

30 minutes later they came down stairs. Everything packt for there stay in Beverly Hills.

I just have to write a note to the others, so that they know we will be in BH for a while and then we can go." Said Angel.

5 minutes later, they were on their way to Beverly Hills.

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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:55 pm

Part 7

Letty's House

Letty and Steve got out of the car, and Letty opend the frontdoor to her house.
Come in Steve." She said, Steve came in behind her, and closed the door.

I'm gonna call my mom alright?" Steve asked her.
Yea, i'm just gonna look for a movie we can watch." Letty said with a tired voice.

Alright, i'll be right back." He said, and walked to the phone.
Steve dailed the number to his mother's phone, and waited for her to pick op the phone.

Hello?" A voice said in the phone.
Mom? It's Steve, i'm crashing at Letty's for a couple of days." Steve said,

Uhm, ok, can i ask why?" His mom said.
I found out that Kelly was cheating om me with Dylan." He said in a sad voice.

Oh honey, i'm so sorry, are you okay? Is Letticia ok?" His mom asked.
Letty is taking it worse than me." He said.

Okay honey, say hello to Letticia for me, just come home when your ready ok?" His mom said in a soothing voice.

Yea, thanks mom, Bye."He said.
Bye sweetheart." His mom said, and he hing up.

So, what movie are we watching?" Steve said, as he walked back in the livingroom.
When Letty didn't answer Steve looked at the couch and saw that she fell in sleep.

He laughed, coverd her with a blanket and sat in the rockingchair to watch the movie that Letty put in.
10 minutes later Steve was also sleeping.
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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:03 am

Part 8

The arrival

4 hours later Steve woke up, someone was knocking on the frontdoor.
Steve groaned, stood up and opend the door.

Oh, hey guys, that was pretty fast." Steve said, wondering how they could be there so fast.
You don't know how Spike drives." Angel said.

Well, come in then." Steve said.
Angel and Spike stept inside and Steve closed the door.

Where is Letticia?" Spike asked.
Oh, she fell in sleep on the couch, she was worn out when we came home." Steve said.

Spike walked too the couch and looked at Letticia.
I'm taking her up to bed!" Spike announced.

He picked her up carefully, so not to disturd her, and walked up the stairs.
You and Spike really care for her don't you?" Steve asked.

Yes, the first time we saw her, she was just a little girl, not older then 8 years." Angel said with a loving smile on his face.

She was pretty cute when she was little wasn't she, she showt me pictures of her with you two." Steve said with a smile.

She sure was, especially when she was wearing Spike's duster, she loves that duster." Angel said with laughter in his voice.

Come on, let's get something to drink, we already have blood in the freezer." Steve said, and they walked to the kitchen.

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Re: Find Your Way Home (Multiple series)

Post by pinda16 » Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:26 am

Part 9

Upstairs, Letty's bedroom

Spike, opent the door to Letty's bedroom and walked in.
He layed her on the bed, removed her shoes and pants, so she was laying in her top and boxers.

He placed the blanket over her and looked at her for a minute, making sure she was alright.
When he was about to walk out of the room, he felt a hand grab his wrist.

He looked down, and saw that Letty was awake.
Hey luv, feeling a little better?" Spike asked.

A tear trailed down her cheek.
Spike saw it and captured her in his embrace.

It will be ok luv, it will get better." Spike whisperd.
It just hurts." She cried.

I know luv, i know." he said and layed her down on the bed.
Try to get some sleep luv." Spike said and he went to stand up, but Letty grabt his wrist again.

Please stay Spike, i don't wanna be alone right now." She pleaded.
Spike looked at her and signed.

Alright then, scoot over luv." He said.
When she did, Spike sat on the bed, removed his boots and his shirt and lay down next to her.

Thank you." She whisperd, starting to close her eyes.
It's okay luv, try to get some rest now." he said.

A couple minutes later, he heard the steady beating of her heart, and followed her into a deep slumber.