His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) [Epilogue] COMPLETE 10-12-10

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Re: His Kiss (ML,Josef/OC,ADULT) Ch20 9/16/10

Post by Egyptian_Kiss » Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:17 am

His Kiss
I do not own Moonlight or anything linked to it.
Author: Egyptian Kiss
Pairings: Josef/OC, Mick/Beth
Rating: MA
Summary: Breanna Mabalot has had a shaky past and the only one she has made a point to be close with is her "sister" Ally. When Ally sees that Breanna is taking life too seriously, the girls venture out for a night on the town, and Brea ends up meeting someone who shakes up her world. As life goes on from her earth-shattering experience with Josef Kostan, she finds that more and more peculiarities start to jump out at her- and the well kept secret of her blood will be revealed.


And a big thank you to my reviewers:



"Pass the margaritas, please," Ally said and Brea smiled, handing the tray of multi-colored drinks over.

The stars twinkled overhead and the yacht rocked gently on the pre-dawn waves. Fifty years together and they still celebrated their anniversary on the ocean- a not-so-subtle reminder of how Brea had become like Josef. She thought back on what life had been like back then, how different the world had been. Nowadays technology ruled everything from education to government and trade, but the ocean had stayed the same. It was rare to see yachts anymore, especially since the third world war where the sea had become the new battle field and public use was restricted. But that was over now and Josef had decided it was safe to take a cruise for their vacation.

"You know Beth called me last week and she's thinking of visiting us in Milan for the fall fashion show. Do you think they're going to hold it virtually like last year or will we actually be partying down with the models afterwards?" Ally asked, quirking her head and sipping from the mini-umbrella in her drink.

Brea felt a shiver of excitement, she hadn't seen Beth since Mick had turned her forty years ago. To say that they still had their issues about vampirism would be putting it mildly, but Mick had never come knocking for the cure and after Beth was successfully turned, Brea had given Josef the okay to destroy it.

"Earth to Brea," Ally said and Brea snapped out of her walk down memory lane.

"I don't know. I heard Josef telling one of his business partners that since Italy signed the treaty with the U.S. and China that they've been rebuilding Rome. Maybe Milan will lower security and the virtual reality headsets won't be necessary. Do you know if we'll be staying in the solar powered hotel in Naples or that kitschy bed and breakfast built a century go in 1966?"

Flipping her long brown hair over her shoulder, Ally turned on her side, tugging at the strings of her bikini. Meeting her eyes, Brea noticed that Ally was smiling mischievously.

"Actually, I think Josef should tell you. I'm going to be staying in the Solar Star, but you won't be staying with me," Ally told her, grinning.

"What do you know that I don't?" asked Brea, leaning up on her elbow to face Ally more fully.

"Let's just say that your husband is very romantic," Ally teased. Ally hadn't changed a bit in the last fifty years, Brea thought, and she didn't just mean physically, her personality had remained the same through the last several decades. They had remained in separable and even though Ally could be too-much sometimes, Brea loved watching her sister get so excited about life. They had seen so much of the world together with Josef as their guide and Brea couldn't remember being so happy, ever.

"What does that mean?" Brea asked and he heard Josef's footfalls as he came above deck.

"Ladies. How are you this morning?" He asked, swooping Brea up in his arms as her hands locked behind his neck and she kissed him passionately. His kiss still seared her and the taste of him made her want more than a bloodless cocktail.

"Horny apparently," Ally whispered devilishly and Brea flashed her mock glare.

"Ignore her," Brea told Josef, noting the sparkle in his eye. "So my romantic husband, what's the big surprise?"

Josef turned to Ally and pursed his lips shaking his head, "Big mouth. This is why I didn't want to tell you. Fifty years and you still can't keep a secret."

Rolling her eyes at him, Ally shook out her hair and waved her fake nails at him dismissively, "I didn't tell her. I just told her that she wouldn't be staying at the Solar Star with me."

"We were just talking about the fashion show and Beth. But I want to know, what's the big surprise?" Brea whispered into his ear and smiled against his neck as she kissed his pulse point. He made a purely male sound of satisfaction before replacing her on her white and blue stripped lounge chair.

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you. Now would it, Doll?" Josef said smirking.

"Okay if you won't tell me the big surprise, how about where we're headed? For all I know we're on our way to the North Pole."

"Uh it'd be way to cold there for bikinis and sundresses," Ally sassed and Brea rolled her eyes. Smoothing a hand down the blue and pink flowery sundress, Brea admired the satin sundress- it was one of the many anniversary gifts Josef had given her.

"All good things in time," Josef said with relish and his boyish buoyancy made her smile as she took another sip of her drink. He produced a flash and tipped it in her direction. Nodding, Brea watched him pour blood into her cocktail, the blue of the drink turning purple.

"I want some!" Ally cried, waving her mostly empty glass at Josef. He laughed and obliged her, pouring a generous portion into her drink.

"The sun is coming up," Ally whispered at him as she slung back her drink. Brea quirked her eyebrows at her friend and noticed the excitement that overwhelmed Josef's expression. The sun tinged the horizon a light blue with shades of pink and orange fading into one another, intermingling celestially as the waves danced under their light. As the minutes passed and the stars winked out of existence, the pre-dawn light spill across the polished deck floor and the gleaming rails that surrounded the perimeter of the ship reflected the sky. The on-deck pool five feet to the left of Ally's chaise lounge began to sparkle and the sun's rays grew stronger.

In the distance, Brea saw land and as the yacht sped onward, the oasis of beach and trees detailed against the sky as a backdrop. A mansion stood in the center of the white sand. The front of the house struck Brea so soundly her mouth released and her jaw dropped slightly. Their home- it was the mansion that she had first lived with Josef home- the one they were forced to leave because they grew too old for their appearance. Their home- the place that WWIII had obliterated in its first decade- sat in the middle of paradise.

"How?" Brea sighed tearfully.

Arms captured her waist as Brea had taken to standing, facing the coming shore.

"I had it replicated. I keep everything, you know," he mused cleverly. "I had the blue prints left with a team of architects and construction workers. Money doesn't talk, it demands. And with the war over, I thought it was time I gave you that house I promised. Happy anniversary."

His head rested on her shoulder and Brea turned her head for his kiss. He kissed her and it was perfect. Brea remembered back to that first kiss they shared and the first time she saw him in that club. She recalled his boyish smirk and the way he called her "doll." The feel of him then and the touch of his lips now overcame her, warming her in the first hour of dawn.

"You guy are so every-great-love-story-ever-told right now. Did you know that?" Ally said sarcastically from her lounge and Brea broke away from Josef's lips with a laugh as he held her.

"So what do you say when you have it all?" Ally asked them and Brea looked up into Josef's eyes and smiled before replying.

"And they lived happily ever after."

Author's Note: Well here is the epilogue- the final chapter of Brea and Josef. I hope you enjoyed this ending and this fanfiction as it has been a great joy for me. Please let me know what you think. Egyptian_Kiss!
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