Message in a Bottle (SPN, Mature) Ch 8 7/11/09 DEAD&BURIED

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Message in a Bottle (SPN, Mature) Ch 8 7/11/09 DEAD&BURIED

Post by Hunter » Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:33 am


Title: Message in a bottle

Disclaimer: Dean and Sam only belong to the show not me. Unfortunetly.

Summary: What if Dean never got to see his little brother grow up? What if Sam ran away when he was a child?

Author's note: I LOVE supernatural. I just love watcing it and I so wanted to write a fanfic on it. I saw this one episode where it touched my heart seeing Sam Winchester as a small child and Dean being the big meanie brother. Poor Sam's tears broke my heart lol after Dean told him about their dad's secret job. This is my 1st supernatural fanfic.Oh and Liz from the show Roswell plays a different character in this. Her name's Kaitlin in this show. And Sam's adoptive name is Angus. Hope u enjoy


Ch 1

"Break a leg. Cause I ain't falling for that shit." Spencer laughed, pointing at the screen where some people had jumped off a chopper and went sky diving and ended up puking as they fell from the sky.

"That does look scary." Angus commented, shutting his book which had LAW imprinted in big bold black letters. Angus Greenburg AKA Sam Winchester was a twenty one year old law student at Harvard. He had made it into the best university, had great friends, great parents and a great social. Just what he always dreamed of. Watching the people take a risk and fall of that helicopter made Sam realise something.

He had done exactly the same but in a more sutble way. He jumped of out of his family's life. Forever possibly. He couldn't even remember any of their faces clearly but knew their names. A flash of remorse and pain joint with the memories of his father and brother hit him and he shudded.

"Please don't tell me that you're watching Fear Factor again." Kaitlin entered the room, rolling her eyes in digust. "It's gross how they actually consume blended insects."

She put the tray on the coffee table and grabbed her own bottle of soda before slumping next to the guys. Sam put him arm around Kaitlin for comfort. Whenever he felt sad, angry or anything that affected him so deeply, He'd look for solace in Kaitlin. Using her free hand, she rubbed his back. Kaitlin was a year older then Sam. He was twenty one now and she was twenty two. The two grew up together. Kaitlin was seven was she first met Sam who was six. Her father's sister and her husband adopted Sam who was an 'abandoned' child. She didn't know anything about his real family because he never spoke about it. Sam didn't even tell her or anyone else his real name, fearing that his father or brother might track him down and rip him away from the one warm home he had longed for.

Kaitlin's aunt and uncle had no children before they met Sam. Sam was like their first ever child and then miraculously they had a daughter, three years later when they adopted Sam but they never differentiated between Sam and their real child. Sam grew to love his adoptive parents, Kaitlin and his friends whom he saw as his family. He never wanted to leave them. Never. They taught him how to love, they taught him how to live, give and enjoy life. His new name Angus, was like a new identity to him bestowing him a new life.

"Thanks for everything." He mouthed to Kaitlin who smiled.

Kaitlin, the girl next door. His sister like best friend. She was one of the reasons why he was so sucessfull. Her influence rubbed off on him as she also went to Harvard and graduated with honors on Psychology. While she went off to explore her career, Sam stayed back in university determined to lengthen his course and pass with a masters to secure his future.

"It's okay." Katilin smiled. "I'll always be here for you."

Spencer looked at them from the corner of his eyes. He smiled. Sam and Kaitlin did have a beautiful platonic relationship. Everyone could see that.
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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 2 11/7/08

Post by Hunter » Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:40 am

Thanks, me too! I love watching supernatural. Dean's just awesome isn't he??

Ch 2

Dean punched the window of the car and pulled him out. "You're gunna tell me everything Benny!". He yelled and ripped him out of the car and threw him on the floor. Dean wasted no time in taking out his gun and aiming it at the fat bald haired man.
"I ain't telling you shit." The possessed man threw back.
Dean tightened his hand on the colt. Having spent his entire childhood, teens and early adulthood hunting down evil, he knew how to handle demons. He was an experienced demon hunter and knew his stuff.
The demon who he was dealing with was named Benny, the trickster demon who worked with the yellow eyed demon, the one who murdered Dean's mother and possibly kidnapped his little brother Sam.


He loved his brother so much. It had been so long since he had last seen him. His brother Sam dissapeared when he was seven years old. Dean could remember that awful winters night on Christmas to get an unpleasent surprise. He woke up to find his brother gone, missing...not in that bunk bed next to his. Ever since, he and his father had been searching for Sam, not giving up even eighteen years later.

"I will end you." Dean said in a cold harsh whisper. He knew the demon could trick him but what the demon didn't know was that he had a charm bracelet on him to protect him from illusions.

"End me?!, Boy I don't think.." Benny laughed until some blonde girl came behind him and slit his throat much to Dean's surprise.

The demon died on the spot, with their body flashing lights before it fell to the ground lifeless. Dean had his mouth open in shock. "Ruby?".

"You want to find your brother don't you?". Ruby asked him.

"Of course." Dean snapped. "Why the hell did you kill him for!? I almost had him." He couldn't trust demons, not even this Ruby girl. She had been bothering him for so long now.

"Then you might wanna start with something less challenging."

"Shut up bitch and move aside, this is my mission. Not yours." Dean reminded her.

"I killed him because he wasn't of no use.." Ruby exclaimed loudly and folded her arms while following an annoyed Dean back to his car. "Yes he might be a demon who works for your mother's killer but he knows shit. The yellow eyed demon probably doesn't know where Sam is." Ruby tried to say when Dean got into his car and shut the door.

Ruby bent down on talked to Dean through the open window. "Be careful Dean. You might get yourself killed."

"Shut up bitch." Dean said and shut the window to stop himself from hearing Ruby's voice. She was a pain in the ass, just like Bella.

Dean started the ignition. "Dean, you don't know who're you dealing with!". She shouted loud enough for him to hear before he blasted on his metallica track.

"Can't hear you bitch!". As he reversed his car and drove off, leaving an agitated Ruby behind.

When would Dean listen?

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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 3 3/10/08

Post by Hunter » Fri Oct 03, 2008 5:10 am

Chpt 3

"Excuse me miss." A deep voice pulled Kaitlin out of her deep thoughts. She was at starbucks, sitting alone drinking latte until this handsome tough ass looking dude came out of nowhere.

My god! He's handsome, Kaitlin thought blushing to herself.

He was perfectly molded, strong jawline and a killer look that made him irresistable. She had never seen such intensity in someone's eyes before.

"Y-yes?". She stammered. She had always gotten nervous around handsome guys. They gave her the jitters.

He smiled when he noticed she was checking him out. He was used to that. Girls checking him out, it added a lot to his confidence, to his ego. He knew starting a conversation with this girl was going to be a piece of cake so he helped himeself down next to her and then after asked.

"Mind if I sit with you?". He made sure his tone was a little playful and husky at the same time.

She was kinda hot, he thought..but his thoughts changed when he had a better view of her dark brown eyes and her soft moist pink lips. Damn, she's beautiful he marvelled at this beautiful woman. I gotta have her.

"Umm I don't mind." Kailtin shook her head. This guy was making her nervous, she just hoped her cheeks were an obvious blush pink.

"So, what's a beautiful woman like you doing alone in starbucks at noon sipping on latte?". He curiously asked. Damn, if she was taken he'd be a goner. He needed a woman right now.

"Umm I just wanted some latte." She mumbled. "What about you?".

"Ah...just checking out the sights." He answered, already begining his little show of impressing. He wanted to make a damn good impression.

"And what do you think?". Kaitlin curiously asked.

"I think the scenery is beautiful." He replied hoarsly, directing his eyes on her. Kaitlin knew what was up now. This handsome guy was trying to chat her up hoping he'd satisfy his blatant boner.

She was kind of bummed this guy was an ego maniac. She could read him and those eyes...seemed to hold a lot of pain and anguish. She was curious about this guy.

"What is your name?". She tilted her head to one side, studying his features.

"My name?" He smiled. He had to think of a name quick. Three seconds had passed and Kaitlin raised an eyebrow. "David!". He quickly said. "David Hasslehoff."

"David Hasslehoff?". She repeated, unconvinced. This guy was a bad liar.

"Yeah. My parents thought it was a good idea to name me after their favourite movie star." He nodded enthusiastically which gave it all away.

"Oh.." Kaitlin sighed, knowing this guy was lying straight to her face. "I'm so outta here." She rolled her eyes. What a waste of a handsome face she thought.

She wasn't going to be anyone's bitch, definetly not his.

"What? What did I say?". He protested, fearing he turned off the girl with his ever so irresistable charms.

Kailtin took her things and got up to leave. "David Hasslehoff? Oh you can't get anymore stupid then that." She sighed, making her way to the door.

"Listen, it's my real name. Really." He tried to begin but it wasn't working. This was a very smart girl. Not your average dumb blonde.

Heck, she wasn't even a blond. Her silk dark brown hair was so irresistable, he needed to touch it..

"Wait..!". He called and rushed after her. He took his number card out and thrusted it into her hand. "I'm....Dean." He finally admitted. "This is my number. Call me?". He tried.

Kaitlin flashed her eyes in disbeleif at him and then looked at the card before looking back at him. "You're unbeleiveable...Dean." She said and then left him standing there in wonder.

And he hadn't even gotten to ask what her name was...


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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 4 11/18/08

Post by Hunter » Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:08 pm

Ping, I love your comment. :D

Hope you enjoy this part.

Chpt 4

Sam drew the curtains as the clock struck nine. He'd continue with his law reading later. Now he needed to catch up on some z's.

He could hear the subtle whispers coming from behind the curtains. His entire being froze. He made no move and concentrated harder.


The raspy voice sent chills down his spine. "Whose there?!" Sam asked, raising his trembling.


The voice quickly hissed his name, Sam reached for the curtain and pulled it back and almost chocked when a flash of his mother's burnt face reflected from the window.

"Huh!!". He yelped, as if his soul jumped out of his body. Sam let go of the curtain and almost fell back if it weren't for Kaitlin who had walked in the room just a second after he had seen that awful picture in the window.

"Angus...what's wrong?". She asked, putting up both her hands to stop him from falling.

"Oh Kailtin!". Sam said, pulling her into a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes. Hugging her tightly to forget the fear that had haunted him.

"Angus, honey what's wrong?". Kaitlin asked, hugging her friend back and then pulling him back to see what he was so worked up about.

"I saw something." Sam began. "In the window.." Sam pointed at the window but nothing was there. " was right there..a burnt face of a woman."

Kaitlin looked at the barren window. "Angus..there's nothing there." She said. "I think all that law reading has gotten into your head." She said, pulling him towards his bed. "You need some sleep mister."

"But I saw something. I saw it Kaitlin." He urged. "I'm not lying. I swear." He repeated. There was no way he just imagined that.

Kailtin pushed Sam onto the bed. "You sit right here and I'll check it out okay?". She said.

She made her way to the window and looked out of it. She saw nothing but the house opposite. She sighed. "Angus, you're definetly needing some sleep. Insomnia is a bitch." She said and gently tapped the window twice.

"There's nothing-huh!". She cried when the image of a woman's burnt face ripped through her mind. "Oh shit!". She hissed, backing away from the window. Sam stood up and rushed towards Kaitlin.

"See I told you!". Sam said. He didn't know whether to be happy that she saw what he saw or scared about it.

She drew the curtain and stepped away from the window. "What the hell was that?".

"I honestly don't know." Sam lied, gulping. He knew he could never forget his mother's face, even though he had left his family back a long time ago.

"I know this supernatural stuff is real but heck, I had no idea the house was haunted." Kaitlin said. "Angus..we're sleeping in the same room tonight."

"Beats me." Sam shrugged. "Your bedroom or mine?".

"I think my bedroom's better." Kaitlin said, taking his hand and leading him out of his room.

What both of them had seen, had them both curious about the paranormal entities.


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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 5 1/9/09

Post by Hunter » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:56 pm

Thanks to Ping and Kris! Thank you esp to Kris for the bump! I almost forgot to update! Sorry! I write this just now and this is dedicated to you garcia88 (Kris) Enjoy! Sorry it's a short part! Been busy with exams and assignments lately!

Chpt 5

"Kaitlin? What are you doing?". Sam asked as he walked into the lounge.

"Shh, I'm trying to concentrate." Kaitlin said, moving her hand over the smoke from the sage she was holding.

"What the fuck is that?". Sam pointed at the bunch of short dark green greyish leaves Kaitlin was holding in her hands.

"It's sage Angus. I read somewhere that sage drives any evil entity away." She moved the burning smoke around the room, blowing it in every nook and cranny.

"You watch too much A haunting, do you know that?". Sam laughed, watching how serious Kaitlin was with the whole burning the sage around the room thing.

"I don't think you'll be laughing when that floating head in the window comes back again." Kailtin stuck her tongue out. "Besides, it's better to be sage..I mean safe then sorry."

"Kaitlin..." Sam sighed. "The house isn't haunted."

"Yeah, next you'll be telling me you wear thongs." Kaitlin rolled her eyes. "You know what we both saw. Heck, you even slept in my bed and hogged all the comforter to yourself you wimp!". Kaitlin laughed.

"I don't know how to tell you this but....that was my mother Kaitlin." Sam dug his hands into his pockets.

The moment of truth had arrived he thought. And Kaitlin was finally going to learn everything about his sordid life.

Kaitlin stopped blowing the smoke around and then looked at Sam, her lips parted as she stared at him in horror. "You're fibbing...that's a sick joke Angus.."

"Kaitlin...I'm not Angus." Sam shook his head.

"You're definitely gone bonkers today." Kaitlin said, breathing heavily.

"You know I'm adopted Kaitlin." Sam said. "Ask me why did I run away from home?".


Sam cut her off.

"Ask me the question Kaitlin." Sam insisted.

"Okay...why did you run away from home?".

"My mom died."

"I'm so sorry.." Kaitlin's face fell as sympathy arose for Sam.

"But...I was just a baby so I don't really remember. She died in a fire they say....but I'm not so sure anymore."

"Was she murdered?". Kaitlin asked in a mere whisper.

"You could say that." Sam leaned against the arm of the sofa. "I think the most important question is who I am."

"Who are you?". Kaitlin gasped with tears in her eyes.

"I'm Sam." Sam looked straight into her eyes.


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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 6 2/16/09 p. 2

Post by Hunter » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:13 am

Thanks Kris and Jan for the fb!

Chapter 6

"Kaitlin." Dean smiled when noticed her sitting at the bar, waiting for him. He had been more then happy to receive a phone call from her. Since he met her, he hadn't been with a woman.

She turned around and gave him a look before turning back. Dean noticed that there was tears in her eyes and she looked very hurt and upset right now.

Instinct took over and he suddenly found himself asking her the cause of her sadness. "Kaitlin..what's wrong?". Dean sat on the stool next to her.

She wiped the remainder of her tears away. "I just needed someone to be with." She gulped. Usually she wasn't the type of woman to do this but right now she could use someone like Dean.

She didn't let Dean interfere and the pair left the bar and entered a motel. When Dean undressed her, she felt naked and vulnerable. Dean could sense her nervousness and felt a pang of guilt as he removed their clothes..she had plastered him with kisses and stroked him, making sure that he was aroused and ready to take her.

Dean couldn't think straight but knew he didn't want to have sex with didn't feel right...he wanted to soothe her and not make her feel like crap. But she didn't let him move away and pushed the condom on his cock before sinking down onto him and riding him, trying to tear the pain out of her mind while losing herself. Dean who had been so turned on by a determined Kaitlin, held onto her hips and guided her up and down his shaft.

They panted as she pushed down once more, both of them finding their release and she silently moved off him, trembling with disgust and fear. Dean took off into the bathroom and cleaned himself, he made sure he returned early so he could heal Kaitlin if that was possible. She hadn't said anything during their lovemaking...lovemaking...what the hell was he thinking?

He never made love with a woman...

But Kaitlin was different. He felt something different about her. Climbing into the bed, he wrapped the sheet around their naked bodies and held her close to him. Something else he never did with a woman.

"What's wrong?". He asked again.

Kaitlin gave in and finally answered. "Did you ever feel like the fear of losing your family will come true?".

Dean gulped. The fear of losing his family had been true. His mom died, his dad was too busy fighting off demons to realise he had two sons that needed his love and his little brother...a brother he failed to protect and take care of was now gone. Dean hadn't had the chance to see his baby brother grow up into a man or even know if he was alive or not.

"I have lost my family." Dean admitted to Kaitlin. He felt comfortable around her for some reason, like he could be himself.

"I don't want to lose mine." Kaitlin yawned.

"You won't." Dean assured her.

"You don't know that." Kaitlin replied slowly.

"Just don't let them go." Dean said. "I should have held onto mine but I didn't."


"You're right." Kaitlin said, tired.

"Don't let them go." Dean mumbled into her neck.

The couple soon were fast asleep, unaware that they were being watched.



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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 7 4/28/09 p.2

Post by Hunter » Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:36 am

Thanks Jan and Kris for the awesome fb! :D

Chpt 7

Dean slammed the trunk of his impala shut and noticed Kaitlin walk down the steps of the motel. “Hey Kaitlin.”

Truth be told, Dean wanted Kailtin to stay around. With the other girls, he discarded them quicker then shooting bullets. There was something about Kaitlin, her eyes were beautiful and held such melancholy that touched him. He felt like he could relate to her but not that was important. He just felt an innate attraction towards her and he was scared that if she left, he would really be empty inside.

Kaitlin stopped a few feet near Dean and gave him a small smile. He was hot and she thought his voice was sexy. He was alright in bed actually he was pretty amazing in bed but she didn’t want to get tangled. She had to move on now and Dean looked like the sort of man who moved on anyway.


“Are you leaving?” Dean was surprised at his own voice, it sounded hurt almost with a trembling edge to it. Since when did he ever talk like that with a girl? He was straight and sexy. Usually.

“Well yes. I have to go home.” Kailtin answered as if he was a child. “What about you?”

“Ah well the usual.” Dean replied, trying to bury his disappointment. “Well can I buy you a drink or anything?” He suggested, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Would it?

“You’ve already done that before.” She smiled and could sense his feelings so she quickly said. “But erm you can give me a lift home.” She said. “That car is beautiful.”

Dean beamed in pride. “She’s a real beauty isn’t she?”

“Yes.” Kailtin nodded.

“Come in.” Dean said and opened the door for her. “I’ll take you in for a spin angel.”

Angel? He frowned at that. Since when did he call someone angel?

Kailtin giggled and was about to get in the car until a force grabbed her from behind and threw her ten feet across the parking lot. Of course, it didn’t go unnoticed by Dean who grabbed his gun and demanded to know the entity who was responsible. He ran to Kaitlin who was halfway in the process of getting up.

“Are you okay?” Dean asked making sure she was.

“Yeah.” She croaked as he helped her up.

Dean cursed. Because of him, she got hurt. Why didn’t he just leave straight away?

“What the hell was that?” She asked. She was sure whatever threw her across the parking lot like a rag doll wasn’t human.

Shit, which meant those things really did exist. “It’s not human.” Dean tried not to grin. He hated this part, telling a normal person about the strange stuff in the world.

Kailtin looked up and noticed the black smoke heading straight for Dean. “Behind you!” She warned Dean, pointing at the smoke in horror. Never in her life had she seen frontal attack by supernatural beings.

Dean aimed his gun and shot the black smoke. “It’s a dark spirit.” He shouted already identifying the spirit. “Bitch is bad as a demon but flies like a ghost.” He shot the rock salt at the thing which sent it away.

Kailtin tried to scream but nothing came out. Dean noticed some people walking towards them. Demons who possessed humans. Grabbing Kaitlin, he pushed her into the car and got inside himself. He told Kailtin to hold the gun for him as he strapped himself in.

Locking the door, he started the engine and reversed out of the parking lot. “Are they possessed?” Kaitlin asked with a hand on her heart. She read about possession and believed that it could happen.

“Yes.” Dean replied. “You know your stuff.”

“Oh god, my life is in danger.” Panicked Kailtin.

“I know and I am so sorry.”

“Why? It’s not your fault.” Kaitlin panted as Dean drove onto the highway and the people started to run after them. Kailtin looked back and noticed they were armed with weapons. One of them was currently loading a hand cannon.

“Oh shit.”

“What?” Dean asked and looked in the rear view mirror. “Oh shit.” He repeated Kaitlin’s words. “They ain’t bustin’ this baby.” He said and took a right turn sending Kaitlin knocking into him.

“Sorry Angel but this is how I ride.” Apologised Dean.

“It’s not everyday you get chased by evil things like that.” Kaitlin replied.

“Believe me sweetie, I live this life every damn day. They fucking hate me.”

“They what?”

“I won’t let them hurt you. You have nothing to do with this.” Dean demanded. “I’m taking you somewhere safe hang on.”

“Yeah so you can fight them yourself.” Kaitlin concluded. “With what? Rock salt?”.

“I have plenty of ammo in the trunk.”

“I hope you don’t have explosives in the back because we will be good as dead.” Kailtin muttered. “First the thing in the window and now this.”

Dean heard her and was curious. “What thing in the window?”

“A burnt woman’s face.” Kaitlin answered. “My house was haunted and now spirits are chasing me. Jesus, if blessing the house pissed them off…” She shrugged. “I only burnt sage.”

Dean chuckled. “Angel I don’t think they’re your ghosts. Whatever they are, they’re probably after me and want you as collateral.”

It didn’t make sense to Dean. He had saved many lives so why didn’t the demons take one of them and try to make a deal with him? Why had they targeted some girl he spent the night with? Did they read his mind?

He hoped not. He had to make it seem like Kaitlin was some girl he didn’t care about but he couldn’t let her die. What kind of evil asshole would that make him?

“OH!” They both felt a bump from the side. The demons were shooting them and there was a car beside them, chasing them on the highway and started to crash into the right side of the impala.

“FUCKING ASSHOLE LEAVE MY BABY ALONE!” Yelled Dean and showed the demon driver a finger.
The demon looked blank through their black eyes and continued to do it again. Dean had enough. “Angel can you take the wheel while I pop some into these demons?”

He couldn’t kill them but he could expel them with holy water for now. “Okay.” Kailtin took the wheel and Dean grabbed a water gun that had holy water in. “Yeah love this bad boy.” He said to himself and opened the window. Grabbing a real gun, he shot a big hole in the window of the other car and started to shoot the water onto the demon who was driving.

The demon screamed in agony as the water hit their eyes. “Yeah bitch, take that.” Dean laughed.

Kailtin looked in the rear view mirror and made another turn. The other car crashed into a road divider and exploded.

“Shit, they got killed.” Kaitlin hissed. “Oh god..”

“Just focus on the road.” Dean raised his voice. All he could think of was the damage they did to his car. How dare they…

“Where are we going?” Kaitlin asked.

Dean gave her the address and she reached there. Pulling into an empty garage she turned the engine off and the two climbed out. Dean looked at the side of his car and cursed. “Dammit!”

Kaitlin took a look and felt so guilty. “I’m so sorry Dean.”

“It’s not your fault.” He said more softly and calmed down. He’d get this fixed.

Bobby walked into the garage. “Holy mother of Jesus.” He said looking at Dean and the girl. “So she’s the next case?”

“No, they just caught me with her.” Dean replied.

“So you screwed a girl and they’re after her now?” Bobby blinked in confusion and looked at Kaitlin’s face. “Sorry.” He said to the girl.

“We spent the night..” Dean stopped when Kaitlin looked at him. “Well you get my drift.” He told Bobby. “She was just upset and you know about to leave and then…”

“I was attacked.” Kaitlin told Bobby. “We were chased and I think we got them off our trail for now.” She exclaimed. “I’m Kaitlin by the way.”

“I’m Bobby. Dean’s Uncle.” Bobby replied. “Nice to have you on board.”

“We need to figure out a way to stop them. I can’t have them hurt her or her family.” Dean told Bobby. “And they ruined my car.” He pouted.

“Don’t worry Dean, I have a friend in the mechanic business who will fix it up for free.” Kaitlin said.

“Yeah?” Dean appeared interested.

“Yeah, I’ll take you to his garage in the morning.” Kaitlin said. “Meanwhile here’s his number.” She said and took out her phone. “You saved my life so I guess I owe you something.”

“Wow.” Dean smirked. He really liked this girl.

Kaitlin frowned and then felt her phone ring. “Hello?”

On the other line was Sam and he sounded scared. “Kailtin!”

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Re: Message in a Bottle (Supernatural, Mature) Ch 8 7/11/09

Post by Hunter » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:28 am

Thanks Kris for the support and bumps! :D

Chapter 8

"Sam! Sam!" Kaitlin called as she ran into the old cheese factory that was ancient. Dean hurried behind her holding his salt gun. "This place gives me the creeps." He told Kaitlin who was way ahead of him. "Don't you think I should be in front?

"Dean....look." Kaitlin pointed at a blue symbol that began to glow on the wall. "It's some sort of genie symbol." She whispered.

"KAITLIN!" Sam's voice was faint but the tone of it pierced her ears. "He's over there!"

The flashlight began to flicker and the whole floor felt like it was giving away. Kaitlin called out to Dean but stumbled to her knees, feeling someone stab her in the heart. Warm blood gushed out from her chest and she watched in shock as her own blood was glimmering on her hands.

"Oh god..." She whispered and fell to the floor.

Dean was busy trying to battle a genie who was trying to crush his head, the salt didn't work and Dean remembered the pocket knife he had with a special inscription on it. But his hands were tied him right now and he looked at Kaitlin who was rolling on the floor.

"Kaitlin! Kaitlin!"

She frowned when the blood was gone along with the pain. She was sure someone shot or stabbed her in the heart. It felt so real. "Hello Kaitlin." A guy who she had never seen before appear. He looked about five foot four and had brown hair. He also had the smirk of a devil.

Kaitlin scrambled onto her feet. "Who are you?"

"They call me...the trickster." He said coolly, smiling at Dean's struggle with the genie.

"He mind warps people Kaitlin!" Dean chocked. "He is fucking with your mind!" Grabbing the knife, Dean slashed the genie's throat and watched him die.

The trickster applauded Dean and quickly disappeared. Grabbing Kaitlin, Dean headed for the direction where Sam's voice was coming from.

But Ruby stood in front of them with Alistair. "We can't let you go past." They said.

"I always knew you were bad." Dean sneered at Ruby before they engaged into a blood curdling fight.

Kaitlin joined in and threw some of her martial arts moves. Dean watched the girl as he was impressed as he was finding it hard to kick Alistair’s butt.

"The knife!" Ruby whispered harshly to Alistair. "Get it!"

Kaitlin saw the knife on the floor and jumped for it, in one swift roll she got back on her feet and spun around to stab Ruby in the stomach, she tossed the knife to Dean who stabbed Alistair in the heart. The orange light flashed from inside them before they crumbled to the ground.

"Anymore out here to get killed?!" Dean hollered, clearly annoyed.

Kaitlin suddenly felt cold and noticed her breath escape her lips like clouded frosts. People began to appear in front of them, dead people.

"Ghosts." Kaitlin whispered as she hugged herself.

Dean cocked his gone. "This just keeps getting better and better!"