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Hawaii Redux A Hawaii Five-0 RPG [IF]

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:34 pm
by RebelxxQueen
[align=center]HAWAII REDUX RPG


Have you ever wanted to change how some of Hawaii Five-0 was written? Did you not like who your favorite character or characters were paired with? Now is your chance to change all that. While many things remain the same certain storylines have changed a bit for some characters. Steve and Kono are in love and happily married, Steve's SEAL friend Freddie was only captured and not killed, Catherine and Steve are merely friends instead of a couple, but many things remain the same. The best part is you can make up backgrounds for the characters that much isn't known about other then what has been said in the show.

So come join us and audition for your favorite character. We have plenty of roles open and once they get taken we'll be adding more.

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