Kiss The Rain- A Roswell RPG: JUST OPENED!

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Kiss The Rain- A Roswell RPG: JUST OPENED!

Post by BritttheDreamer » Fri May 28, 2010 1:00 am

5 years ago Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding left Earth, going back to their home planet, Antar so that Max and Tess' child could be born...leaving behind Max's love Liz Parker and Michael's love Maria DeLuca as well as their mutual friends Kyle and Jim Valenti. Also leaving behind before the others could discover the real truth about their friend Alex's death...Tess was his murderer.

Now 5 years later Liz, Maria and Kyle are in college at New Mexico University, an hour outside of Roswell. They have moved on with their lives but have never forgotten their departed friends. In their senior year of college they are expecting to work until dawn, party until dawn, but what they aren't expecting is to be fighting for their lives nor digging for answers they didn't know they needed.

Max, Isabel, and Michael have come back to Earth...thinking they have only been gone a few short weeks. They enter Roswell and are shocked to find how long it's been...and immediately start looking for answers, starting with finding Liz and Maria. But will they like the answers they get? Will Maria and Liz like the answers they receive? Will the FBI leave the aliens alone or have they been tailing Liz, Kyle and Maria all along?

No one knows...yet.

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