The Edge Of The Earth-Supernatural/Roswell Xover

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The Edge Of The Earth-Supernatural/Roswell Xover

Post by BritttheDreamer » Fri May 28, 2010 12:58 am

Sam and Dean Winchester are keeping secrets, something they never thought they would do. Dean, after just returning from hell, is trying to keep his memories at bay and to keep his brother from finding out he remembers at all. Where as Sam is trying to keep his new found powers from his older brother, and his alliance with the demon Ruby.

It seems secrets run in their family when they get a call from Bobby informing them of a large secret their father never informed them of...they have a younger sister. A sister named Liz Parker.

In Roswell New Mexico, Liz Parker along with her best friend Maria DeLuca have befriended (and in certain cases more) three aliens, Max Evans, Isabelle Evans and Michael Guerin. Now all 5 are in trouble with the law as they try to keep the FBI from finding out about their secret.

What Liz unfortunately doesn't know is that not only is she the target for the FBI being Max Evans soul-mate, but she's also the target for demons being John Winchester's biological daughter and Dean and Sam Winchester's sister. As for Dean and Sam, once they enter Roswell, they're the target for more than the normal demons, now it's time to battle the FBI.

What will happen? No one knows...but you.

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