Shameless Plugging Rules

Found a great site or want to just link to yours? Well do that here...

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Shameless Plugging Rules

Post by Kzinti_Killer » Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:12 pm

There's not much that you need to know.

1). Start all thread titles with the name of your site that you're plugging.

2). End all threads with the date of your last update along with the page that it can be found on.

3). The first post of your thread should list the following:

Name of the Site
Summary of the Site
Link to the site
4). There can only be one thread for each site. There are, however, special cases. If you feel that your site qualifies as a special case please contact one of our Admins. (Kath7, Kzinti_Killer, Angel or myself)

5). Pruning of all threads will happen every month. All feedback that is over 30 days old will be pruned off the site. If you want to keep track of what updates you have done to your site it is best kept on your site.

6). All threads must have working links. If a thread is found with a link that is not working it will be locked. If after 30 days the owner of the thread hasn't posted to this thread that they have the new link the thread will be deleted.

7). All threads must follow our board posting guidelines and rules for images. The Banner for your site must be no larger than 550 x 500. Any additional banners can be no larger than 300 x 300 or 90,000 pixels.

Thanks for all your cooperation. Any questions or concerns just let a Mod or Admin Know.

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