The Tribe!! An American Movie based off The Tribe!

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The Tribe!! An American Movie based off The Tribe!

Post by StormWolfstone » Sun Oct 02, 2005 2:49 am

Raymond Thompson, the creator and Producer of a show called The Tribe has given American Fans permission to create an American Tribe Movie which we have formed a site to do so and the movie is currently to be titled Shadowed Dreams.

However, our biggest need at the moment is more cast members to portray parts as well as financial fundraising. ... ansUnited/

The above site was created to help handle the influx of people, due to the Technical information of the Movie that we are trying not to spoil. However, we would appreciate any assistance people may have and we are open to any suggestions made.

We Really Need Help here!!!!! Fundraising is proving to be a rather difficult matter and learning which grants actually fit our project has proven to be difficult as well.

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