Post season 1 fanfic idea - seeking feedback - 09/28/2013

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Post season 1 fanfic idea - seeking feedback - 09/28/2013

Post by Tzigone » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:36 pm

My idea is to start directly after "Destiny" and be completely AU from there. I'm not sure how that would be categorized. But I like the idea in my own head of no seasons 2 or 3, and that's what I'd write. However, unlike the actual writers of Roswell, I want to get the mythology worked out before I start. So I want to run ideas and see if anyone thinks they are workable/feasible based solely on season 1 content. Also, I want to see if anyone is even interested in stories of this type. Obviously, if you continue reading, major plot points will be revealed - I'm trying to see if they make sense. Particularly the mythology section, which will be listed last.

Now, the first thing is the post-Destiny wrap-up:
Conversation on the police radio said "that's six kids" and the Sheriff. Now, there are actually 7 kids, but I'll say Tess is the one they aren't counting, because Michael might be missing at his job and that draw attention. Alex and Maria wear the same clothes from the beginning of "The White Room" so were away from home for two nights. They may or may not have talked to their parents before they went to the Crash Down the first night. Isabel obviously went home for clothes, but I like the idea that she could not look her mother in the face and lie when she didn't even know if she and Max would survive to come back home. Liz's parents obviously were not home the first night, but we don't know about the second. So, I foresee some groundings in the future. And they all need to get their stories straight. Including Valenti.

I think Maria and Valenti should report Maria's car stolen. They foolishly pulled over to help another car, and were left on the side of the road. Both Maria and Liz's cell phones were in it, and that's why they didn't call home. Alex was with them. They're covered for the first day because everyone saw them sitting at the cafe all day.

Michael was just being Michael. He didn't actually miss a shift, but no one could find him when they started calling around looking for Maria, so that's how he got added to the list.

Valenti will say he left a note for Kyle. Kyle just didn't see it. Still need to work on why he didn't call into work, though. Maybe blame it on "Fischer" somehow. When he got back into town, he saw/heard a commotion at the UFO museum. Shot at and winged an intruder, but he got away.

Max and Isabel are the really fun ones. Max knows just how to make his mother cave. He tells her he had some kind of lead on his/their birth parents and that's why he and Isabel left without saying anything. And Diane feels so threatened, so scared, that all she can say is how dangerous following up Internet leads is, and how they have to come to her and Phillip with stuff like this. Isabel is furious with Max over that. Continuing storyline with their family issues.

Then I have to decide who trusts Tess, and who doesn't. Maria does not. Alex doesn't, either. They still she gave the visions to Isabel and Michael. I can't decide about Michael. He's not usually the most trusting, but he tends to want to trust the aliens, and he's trying to distance himself from Maria, maybe from all the humans? Liz, if she doesn't trust Tess, will fill Kyle in on why, since Tess previously expressed an interest. If Liz is believing the "destiny" bit and trusting Tess, then Maria will step in. Max trusts. Isabel is not so keen on being best pals with Tess anymore.

Isabel and Alex are the couple who come out of "Destiny" solid. And they'll stay together. I'm not doing the back-and-forth thing with them. Max will win Liz back easily and quickly, because those two could never stay away from each other. Michael will be much trickier, because he has to fundamentally believe himself not just a killer, not that sort of threat to Maria, before that will happen. It'll take some time. I'll use Valenti for this. He killed Hubble, and he'll better understand what Michael is going through. Male bonding, and this will be the first time in his life that Michael has had anything approaching a father figure. Well, father figure is overstating it, but still, it's something.

Tess and Kyle will be platonic in the immediate future. Kyle's been told about what she did with Max (and maybe Isabel and Michael) and it creeps him out. The using him thing is a non-issue, given that they barely knew each other. The mind-warp stuff bothers him. But, she's alone in a way the others aren't. So he may end up trying be a friendly ear. Also tries to advise her on the futility of winning Max from Liz. She has to come to accept that reality is not going to be like the fantasies she's always had about this, and that'll take some time. Tess and Kyle are on the outskirts. It took so long for the crew to go from "three and three" to "six" and they will take some time to adapt to this larger grouping. But this will open an opportunity for Kyle and Tess to be real friends - he's the first real friend Tess has ever had. How does Kyle feel about the alien thing: does he want to know more or does he want to ignore it? Will he ask his dad or will he ask Liz (she's the one he's closest to)? How does he feel about owing his life to Max Evans? Etc.

Besides the couples, the things I want to deal with are Max and Isabel and their parents, Max's post-trauma and seeming forged-by-fire mentality, Michael's issues on having killed someone and his self-worth, Tess ultimately finding her own way instead of following destiny's map, Kyle's adapting to the information, Tess and Kyle becoming friends, and the gang's first inkling that things aren't going to go back to normal just yet.

The mythology - I need a story that makes sense:
My idea does make TicTac and Ed two different people. TicTac was Nasedo, and Ed killed Atherton (when he found out from TicTac that River Dog had the stones). But this is certainly not something that would be discovered by our characters anytime soon. TicTac was held for a while by the Special Unit (hence his medical difficulties) while Nasedo escaped. The one thing I haven't decided is where TicTac went after "Crazy."

The entire Mom-O-Gram is full of lies. It was a message from their mother, but she's a power-hungry, immoral person. Ed works for her. She married a king (I have no opinion on his morality at this time). Many generations ago, a man set himself up not only as king, but as divine. A living God, as it were. And that divinity passes on to his heirs. As they've become technologically advanced, the story becomes amorphous alien entity joined with man to become king and that essence is shared amongst his wife and heirs, and redistributed at the time of death. If the royal family is destroyed, it'll go away or die. The people of the planet are loyal to their leader, and they believe in his divinity - the peasant class, at least. Some of the monarchs through the years have been ruthless, and some have been kind and good, and some have been wise and some have been foolish. And sometimes, the royals have been controlled by the nobility. Noble families may vie for power amongst themselves and some have married their children into the royal house. I don't want to say peasants are starving every winter or tortured for fun, but they definitely do not live in a fair or benevolent world. It's definitely an absolute monarchy with a cult around the king/queen. Max and Isabel's mother has ruled as regent since her husband died. She plans to control Max's strings as long as she lives. Tess and Michael were the children of noble houses in arranged matches with Max and Isabel by their own families in machinations for power. Probably the Queen Mother arranged for them to join her children at a young age so that she could control the spouses and thus better control Max. The kids are extremely cloistered and only exposed to the outside world under certain, very controlled, circumstances. They believe they are divine. Max and Michael will learned the truth - that they have been used as pawns to keep the people of their world enslaved and that the Queen Mother is well aware of it and is using them, too. They do not tell Isabel that Mom knew. This is the thing that means when they are reborn, Max and Michael don't trust, and Isabel does. I have a few variations on the resolution, but the solid points are that Max and Isabel commit suicide (and make sure their deaths are known about to the public). They have to destroy the false God idea. If ritual suicide is actually part of their culture, I think I can make this work. I can't quite decide what to do with Tess and Michael. At the moment, I'm going with Michael dying defending Tess/trying to escape with Tess. The Queen Mother wants to forcibly inseminate Tess to have an heir keep her power, but Tess kills herself, too, to prevent it.

This puts the QM in a pickle. Since their religion has a space-faring source, she decides that the essence of her children being reborn in aliens - aliens which come back to their planet - will prove the royal essence is in them. Any children born to them would be fully her species - they were engineered that way - and the grandchild will ensure her line. It's a bit of a mad plan, I admit, but hey, she's desperate. Her species lives long enough for the 50 years to be a year or so in their aging. The time between is used for her to set up her plan. The idea of rule without God-essence just isn't part of their consciousness. And I need a reason for the gang not to go back - their people of their planet being able to attain self-rule seems a good reason. Of course, they wouldn't learn any of this for several years. Harding knows the truth, but he'll get power out of this arrangement. TicTac - not sure what's with him. I think he wants them left alone - maybe some fondness or loyalty to the originals. I was thinking he had learned the truth, admired their sacrifice, and wanted them to live normal lives, but never ever get back to his planet and put his people under false Gods again. He may end up sacrificing himself to achieve that goal.

Finally, I have to decide if the people that were notified at the end of "Destiny" were operatives of nobles, seeking the royals for their own benefit or if they were people who discovered the con, and were going to eliminate the royals to prevent them ever again taking power.

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