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Psycho Love -- slash RPG Board

Post by Kes_ALF » Mon May 09, 2005 8:44 am

Hey, as I was cut off of some brilliant slash RPG's lately I decidet to create my own slash RPG board.

This is multifandom thing, you can go there and play whatever you want! Real people include! Under the condition it's slash!

This doesn't have this all climing characters thing as most of the RPG's board so you really can play whoever you want whenever you want.
It's new so for now it's pretty pityfull but I hope maby some people rom here help us to rock that board.

So if you want play something, anything (as long as it's slash) come on in! ... hp?act=idx

You'll see only the warnings explanation and stuff like that to see the rest of the board it's necassery to register. It's done that way so any children or people not interested in slash wouldn't stumbled on some adult stuff.

We hope you'll like it, and dont forget to read the regulations so you would know what to do! :wink:
My Slash RPG Board

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