Fanart of Any Kind Request....

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by dreamer19 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:11 pm

I can take a stab at it if you still need one.
dstarlight wrote:Hey, I'd like to request a banner for my newest crossover fic. Here are the deatils....

Catergory:Crossover Charmed/Roswell

Summary: She was a mere memory, one he was happy to forget. But then she was there, right in front of him; and he could actually touch her......Chris Halliwell wasn't happy about it.

It's called A Lonely Truth, I've already got a few chapters up so I thought it was high time I came in here and asked for someone's help, lol. I know a few things that I'd like to appear on the banner, Liz and Chris of course, and maybe even Wyatt, not too sure on that one. :?

I want it to have an overall sombre look, kind of sad and inticing.

And the tag is....His Secret, Her Mistake, A Lonely Truth. I don't want much, huh? :D

So if anyone is interested please pm me and I'll go into more deatail. Thanks!

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by Hunter » Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:10 am

trulov wrote:#21 (me thinks)


I was wondering if anyone was interested in making a banner for my already completed fic Falling Dominoes? I'd like to try and put together an author's page - and I'd love to have a banner there for this story.

Its a definate AU - where Future Max's actions prevented the Parkers from ever coming to Roswell. Liz is raised by Kal Langley - and the pod squad grow up under Nasedo's influence. Fate eventually brings everyone together - but as adults - with some very different personalities and traits then the teens we all knew.

There would need to be images of Max and Liz, Kal, maybe Liz as a child and possibly the other couples as well. Nicholas is a featured villian and Nasedo is pretty shady for most of the story as well. There's four "other" unknown players that could be represented with shadows.

I don't know - artistically i'm pretty open to anything you could come up with.

PM me if anybody's interested.

I'll take this.

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by NotYourChick » Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:16 pm

- Amanda

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by Hunter » Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:55 am

Roswellian117 wrote:
#20 & 21:

I was wondering if someone could make me a banner for a stargazer story I want to start. It's called Last Night On Earth. It's based on a song by my favorite band Greenday. It will be a semi-short story, no more than 5 parts. I would like a picture of Alex and Isabel at prom. A starry night sky with stars as the background and Last Night On Earth in a light grey color and by Roswellian117 in a teal color. I would like some kind of flames or fire somewhere in there, maybe make the prom picture look like it has been burnt? Anyways, hope someone is interested in that one.

I'll take this one.

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by Itzstacie » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:21 pm

Have a request that needs to be done rather quickly,, need a runner-up banner for the awards please. It needs to have runner-up and Roswell Fanatics Fanfiction Awards on the banner other than that I don't care. I need it to be 469 x 430.
If you can please PM it to me instead of posting it here.

Runner up banner TAKEN

Also if anyone gets bored and wants to make some banners, I still have about 23 that need to be made for the awards, you can find the list on the thread calling all artists.


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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by Itzstacie » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:29 pm

Please let us know if your's get taken, Can some of you talented Artists take some of these old ones that have been up for months now. Also if you see one that's posted and know it's been done please let us know

lizandzachfan wrote: Hi everyone I need banners for these stories so if anyone wants to take them just pm me if you have any questions....Also for the untitled stories I'll have a title for you when you pm me.

A Light At The End
Challenge #66
Roswell/Dark Angel X-over
Rating: Adult
-This takes place sometime after Meet The Dupes and the prom (Alex is evil and Max and Tess slept together that night but she isn’t pregnant), Lonnie was the only one responsible for Zans death. She mind warped them.
-Max and Liz have a fight and then when she gets home, she gets a phone call from Logan saying that there is a disc in New York that has some useful info on it and asks her if she would go and get it.
-So she takes off in the middle of the night on her yellow motorcycle.
-When she arrives she goes to the apartment she knows that Ava has been staying in.
-She then finds out the whole Lonnie and Rath situation.
-The night she is going to steal the disc, Ava and Rath follow her and they then see her jumping over a 12 foot fence and taking down 3 security guards.
-They decide to go home and let Liz tell them the truth about her when she is comfortable.
-The next day when Ava and Rath get home from work, they find Liz on the floor of the bathroom having a seizure. She then tells them she needs her pills, they get her them. Liz then tells them that she is a genetically engineered killing machine.
-Over the next couple of days, she and Rath get close and end up sleeping together. She isn’t a virgin though; she has slept with Kyle, Alex, and Sean due to her heat.
-When it’s time for her to go back to Roswell after sending the disc to Logan, she and Rath kiss goodbye and have flashes of a very pregnant Liz walking into the Crashdown with Rath and Ava following her and seeing the faces of shock. When they separate they notice a glowing handprint on Liz’s stomach.
-7 months later Liz, Rath, and Ava return to Roswell with new that Lizs dad was in the hospital.
-Max and Rath fight.
-Liz gives birth to a baby girl named Reagan Ava Maria Isabella Dukely.
Happy ending!
lizandzachfan wrote: Redemption Of My Soul
Challenge #61
Roswell/Dark Angel/Darklight X-over
-After Departure all of the aliens plus Maria have left for Antar.
-Liz discovers who she really is-Lilith
-She tells Kyle her secret.
-When they graduate they move to Seattle, to live with Lizs cousin Logan.
-The day they arrive Maxie, Alec, Zack, Cece, and Original Cindy must go over to Logan’s to find Liz there on his computer; Logan and Kyle are at the market.
-Liz and Maxie must get into a fight but Maxie gets her ass kicked by Liz of course.
-They all find out about one another’s secret.
-Liz and Zack sleep together, but Liz isn’t a virgin (she and Kyle got drunk the night of graduation and slept together or something).
-Liz and Zack get together.
-About 2 years after they left the Pod Squad and Maria return to Earth to find that Liz and Kyle are not in Roswell anymore.
-They find out where they are and go to see them in Seattle.
-When they arrive in Seattle at Logan’s house, they find out that they have interrupted a party that was going on for Liz and Zack as they have just found out that Liz is pregnant.
-Max Evans tries to get Liz back stating that she was right that Alex was murdered, of course she already knew that but when she went to tell them it was too late, and that they could try again and that he would raise her baby as his own and she could pretend that he was the actual father. She then tells his that she is more in love with Zack than she ever was with him.
-Zack and Max fight-Zack wins of course.
-The Pod Squad leaves for Antar again.
-Maria must be jealous over Liz and Maxie and Cece’s friendship.
Happy ending for Zack, Liz and their baby.

starcrazed wrote:I felt I should make another request so pijeechinadoll doesn't have to worry about feeling greedy :lol: Plus I think I'm addicted to artwork now too :oops: Perhaps one of you talented artists can conjure me up a banner for my fic A Life For Second Chances I was thinking in the background there could be a picture of the 47 Crash and the 4 pods. In the foreground I wanted pics of the happy couples as well as a picture of Serena, Tess sister. She has blonde hair and blue eyes too soo..? :D Any questions PM me. Thank you :)
NotYourChick wrote:I'm working on a new fic. What I'll need in the banner is Liz in the movie Darklight. Looking like a powerfull person. Max, Isabel, Michael how they look now. Piper and Phoebe from Charmed. The fic is called " My Own Path" . If can put Kyle in it with lights around him.
syikana wrote:Shooting Star, AU with Aliens. The show with a difference. Basically what I'd like is the scene from the pilot epsiode with Liz on the floor shot. Also I'd like a scene in there with Michael sitting around a table with Jim and Kyle talking happily... or doing something family like.
emmareed wrote:hi im emma and i was wondering if anyone could do some banners for some stories of mine.

the first one is a roswell/stargate crossover with liz and jack as main couple called Betrayal; heres the link for the story ... =6&t=19136

the second one is a liz/khivar coupling called Pure Destruction and heres the link; ... 33&t=18958

lastly its a roswell/buffy crossover and the coupling is Liz/Spike and its called Reign Of Blood and heres the link; ... 32&t=19138

thanx for any help
Liz Parker Evans wrote:Hi...I have a new fanfic that I have debating whether to post and I have decided to go ahead and do it. Well, I was wondering if someone would be willing to make be a banner. It is an SG-1 fic...a lot of adventure and a lot of romance. It is a Jack/Sam Sam/Pete, Jack/Other and Daniel/Other pairing. The title is Through the Gate Darkly if anyone would like to make me a banner I would appreciate it. There is an original character in it that is kind of the focus and I would want her on the banner but she can really be portrayed by just about anyone in their early thirties. For addition info please feel free to PM me.

linliz68 wrote:*New Request*

I like what kj4ever had written about not asking for specifics when it comes to the banner/request. Because, I too, feel that it gives the artist much more freedom and not a particular bar to uphold to the author. I have been working on an original piece for a couple months now...collaberating, if you will. I'd like to request two banners. They would only have the same title. The series is titled: Whispers in the Night and our book one is titled: Visions. Those two are the only things each piece would have in common. If anyone is interested, please PM me and I'll send a chapter or two along with some background to give the artist more inspiration/insight into the work.
littleroswell wrote:
I know I asked for one for this fic a long, long time ago but I never finished the fic and I don't think I ever got the banner for it. I'm trying to finish it now because it just keeps calling to me. It's called A Year of Holiday Magic. It is AU no aliens and all CC but also with Brody, Sydney and Serena who is a red head in this fic. It starts around Christmas but will go through over a year, mostly set around holidays. If someone could make a banner for it, I would appreciate it. Below is the Author's Note/Summary that I use for it. I hope someone will take this.

Thanks in advance,
Beth aka littleroswell

Summary: Like most of my stories, this one just popped in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. The weird thing is that I don’t celebrate any of the holidays I used! LOL! Anyway, this is just a tale of happenings over a year that seem to have major events around the holidays. There are no aliens in this fic. Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle all know each other in the beginning. Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Max all know each other in the beginning. The rest will unfold as we go along ok?

A/N: I kind of got inspired by “Sleepless in Seattle” and am trying to catch that feel although the story is nothing like it. This will probably be a short fic…that’s the way I have it planned anyway. We’ll see how long it actually ends up.
Roswell4ever1 wrote:I would love a Michael/Liz banner for my sig line. I don't care what pics are used, I just ask that they are from season 3 please.
Whimsicality wrote:I believe dstarlight's is supposed to be seventeen so this would be requests #18 and #19 I think :D

So for #18 I would like to request a couple Liz/Michael wallpapers. Not too picky on the pictures used just that I would prefer a longer haired Michael. I would like one in more earthy/vibrant tones and the other one in sepia with either no real color or just a hint or two.
Text wise I would the following two quotes, one for each wallpaper, no preference on which quote to which background, whichever is easier for you.

"This is what love is. It is not breathless, not excitement. Love is what is left over when being in love has burned away. Love is when all the pretty blossoms have fallen from your branches and you find that you are one tree, not two."

"It is easy to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love. But it is not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it in our hands."

For #19 I would like a couple Liz/Tess friendship wallpapers. Again not picky on pictures, whatever works for you :D. One in lighter/brighter colors and the other in black and white with some hints of color.
I don't really have any text in mind for these so if you come up with something clever feel free to use it :lol:

Thanks in advance to whoever decides to help me out! All of the artists here are incredibly talented so I know they will be amazing!

13. Going to put my own litte request here too, I still need banners for the following categories, you can go here for the details on what I need on them

Author Who Should Have Written for the Show
Best Long Fanfiction
Best Medium Length Fanfiction
Best NC-17 Fanfic
Best PG Rated Fic
Best PG-13 Rated Fanfic
Best Poem
Best Prequel
Best R-Rated Fanfic
Best Roleplay
Best Short NC-17 Fanfiction
Best Slash Fanfiction
Best Slash Writer
Best Spoiler Fic
Best Writer of a Roleplay
Favorite Roleplay Character Portrayal
Fic that Made You Feel the Best After Season 2
Most Passionate UC Lovemaking Scene
Most Heartwarming Line
Storyline You Wish the Show Had Followed
Writer With the Most Potential

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by Roswellian117 » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:26 pm


I was hoping someone could make me 5 signature banners.

1: M/L based on my story 2,000 Light Years Away pictures of them from now saying Infinite Dreamer

2: M/M pictures of them from now saying CandyLove

3: A/I based on my banner for Last Night On Earth saying Searching the stars and gazing

4: K/T pictures of them now saying Lamptrimming is Fun

5: Z/L sexy picture of Shiri and a sexy picture of Jason from the movie Skinwalkers saing You've Awakened the Dreamer in Me

All of them should be kinda light background except Zan and Liz's which should be dark and dangerous and sexy. They should all say my name Roswellian117 in teal b/c that is my signature color LOL. Thanks!!!!


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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by Roswellian117 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:31 pm



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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by OrangeSky » Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:00 pm

Here you go:
Hope you like it.
Dean: Damn cops.
Sam: They were just doing their job.
Dean: No, they were doing our job, only they don't know it so they suck at it.

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Re: Fanart of Any Kind Request....

Post by NotYourChick » Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:31 pm

Alli. its perfect! Thank you!
- Amanda