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Re: The Alex/Isabel challenge thread!!

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:14 pm
by killjoy
All Human....or if you want to spice things up than make it AU With Aliens
Any Rating Is Fine
A/I,M/L,M/M and K/T

The gang are all in college.Are they all friends or do they only know each other from classes...well that's up to you to decide.

Anyway as normal Alex is in love with Isabel but she has no clue.One night alone and depressed over getting the brush off from Isabel or her never seeing him,Alex sits down and records a heartfelt love song...a love song that goes by the name Isabel.It was only meant for his ears only but when Alex's friend Maria,one of the dj's at the school's radio stations,hears/gets her hands on it she plays it over the school's airways.She does this because either she likes the song and thinks it should be played or she did it in effort to get Alex to make a move on Isabel or both.So like I said the song is called Isabel and it doesn't take a PHD for those around the school to figure out who it is about.

As soon as it plays the song is an instant hit on campus.Scores of people call in to the station for it to be played.Isabel herself is flattered by it and is determined to find out who wrote and performed the song....the whole time never knowing the person who did is right there under her nose.


When Alex first hears his song over the airways he is shocked and goes crazy.He can be driving his car and when he hears the song almost wrecks....he could be standing on a ladder hanging something with the radio on and when the song comes on he falls off the ladder on his butt in surprise....he than rushes over to the station to comfront Maria...that sort of thing.

All the romantic love stuck females on campus are in love with the song and wishing someone would sing a song like that about them.

Re: The Alex/Isabel challenge thread!!

Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:03 pm
by killjoy
AU With Aliens
A/I,K/T,M/M and M/L
Any Rating is Fine

Alex really did go to Sweden and came back a new man just like he did on the show.He went to Prom with Isabel like she asked him too but the car wreck he was in was just a run of the mill bad luck thing.

But instead of being killed Alex was injured pretty bad.A few broke bones,bad brusing and a serious cut on the head.Due to the fact he was taken to the hospital Alex can't let Max heal him and so must do it the long term human way.

Enter Isabel

Scared out of her mind when jim came to the Crashdown to tell them about the accident Isabel has been unable to let Alex out of her sight for more than two seconds.Much to Alex's parents shock she's just about moved into the Whitman house hold as Alex's nurse.

Alex is a little touch and embarrassed by all of this.Not to mention the fact that Alex's mom is not to happy about turning her 'baby' over to another woman and letting her take care of there shoud be conflict there.

Tess is not evil and so there for never mindwarped and used Alex

Tess and Max never hooked up so no baby Zan.

The car wreck Alex was in was a random normal thing.

Isabel and Alex's mom having it out over who should be taking care of Alex.

Re: The Alex/Isabel challenge thread!!

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:01 pm
by killjoy
I remember there's a thread some where on this board about what if the characters had been other races.So it gave me this idea.

AU All Human
Any rating is fine
A/I,K/T,M/M and M/L

Set in Roswell,New Mexico......sometime in the 1960's

Alex Whitman and his family move to Roswell when his dad is stationed at the close by Air Force Base.Changing schools during high school is bad enough but to start a new high school when your half Hispanic in the 1960's is even worse(Alex's mom is Hispanic).

From the start Alex faces problems with students who aren't too happy he's at their school.Lucky for him he befriends two students who become his close friends and who look out for him......Liz and Maria.

But Alex's real problems come when he falls for Roswell High's all American Sweetheart Isabel Evans.When Isabel sees that Alex is a nice guy and is also very sweet a part of her starts to like him too.But this doesen't go well with a few jealous and racist male members of the school.


When some of the male students go after Alex for dating/liking 'one of their own' Max,Michael and most surprising Kyle has his back and stands up for him.......Kyle is the biggest shock for most of the jocks are against A/I and Kyle is the main jock.He could also have been dating Isabel at the time but he's not upset over her being happier with Alex...he liked Tess better anyway :wink:

Spots of history shown in the story.....such as the moon landing...or JFK's death....or the Vietnam War....depends on whatever year you set it in.

Michael is either Isabel and Max's brother or cousin.

Re: The Alex/Isabel challenge thread!!

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:33 pm
by syikana
killjoy wrote:This isn't much of a challenge.It's just me giving away a story idea I had that I know I'll never write.

A/I,K/T,M/M and M/L

Set in season two not long after the CYN funeral.It's right along the time Max and Isabel are fighting over her going away to college.What if during one of those fights an upset Isabel steps out into a street without looking?What if she had been hit by a car and knocked out? What if she woke up in a hosptial only to find that not only has she been in a coma this whole time but all the Roswell stuff she had thought was her life had been nothing more than a coma dream?

Isabel is shocked when she's told that she's just a normal gal who had been involved in a bad accident.How all the 'alien' stuff was just something her mind cooked up for her while she was out.That all the people in her Roswell dreams were people from her 'real' life.But all of this is nothing when Isabel discovers that Alex is alive in this new world.

But the main thought is this.Has Isabel been in a coma the whole time and all the Roswell stuff just a dream?Or did the car accident in Roswell really happen and is this new world the dream? If so and with Alex alive in it would Isabel want to leave it?

Okay the idea for this one seriously won't leave me alone. Consider this one taken! :)

Re: The Alex/Isabel challenge thread!!

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:58 pm
by killjoy
Ok most of you might recall this from Buffy but this idea goes as far back as the first Star Trek series set in the 60's

This is set some either BEFORE Alex and Isabel got together or after their break up...but BEFORE Prom.

Alex and other members of the Pod Squad are in the Granolith messing around with it.They're testing it out and seeing what they can learn from it.During this time someone hits the wrong button and a bright light hits Alex.The gang get it turned off and check Alex out.He seems to be ok after a bit so they decide to all go home.

Not long after they leave the chamber the Granolith starts to hum and the light shoots out again.When it fades there stands another Alex,a copy or clone if you might say.

This Alex is the complete opposite of our Alex.....he's flirty,smooth and an all around player.It's the whole mistaken Alex deal....when the clone is around the real Alex isn't and vice versa.

Isabel sees the clone Alex charm some cheerleaders and is SHOCKED and jealous.But when she goes off on him about it she's talking to the real Alex who has no clue what she's talking about.

NO evil Tess


Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 5:09 am
by chanks_girl
Evil Monkey wrote:Due to lack of A/I smut, I'm issuing a challenge for someone with a perverted mind like me, to take it up :twisted:

"Alex Whitman" and "Isabel Evans" Two newly recruited agents into a newly formed department whose job it is to investigate corruption within the Hollywood industry.

After a recent scandal involving one of Hollywood's leading Adult entertainment producers. The agency > ( name for you to decide )decides to start clamping down on the Adult Entertainment industry.

Here's where our leading Duo come in, Their first assignment is to infiltrate ( Name of Adult entertainment company for you to decide)
and gather proof of corruption within a shady new film company.

While on the inside, they decide to plant themselfs as two new up & comming Adult Entertainers, so as not to blow their cover.

Suggested Title Name: Deepthroat Undercover :twisted:

* SMUT is a must (Graphic scenes prefered)
* Smut scenes can only include A/I together ( no threesomes )
* Include as many scenes as you want " I wont complain" :twisted:
* Aslong as A/I are together in the end you can do what the hell you want for the rest of the story :lol:

though the user isn't a member anymore...I'd like to take the challenge.

YAY for Smut

Re: The Alex/Isabel challenge thread!!

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:18 am
by Tzigone
Is anyone still writing A/I fanfic?

Years ago I saw fic where Isabel (and Michael) ended up in foster care with Hank Whitmore. It was a Max-fic, IIRC, and I don't recall if it was any good. But the difference in character, and the in the dynamic between Michael and Isabel was interesting. Isabel with that guy for her formative years. How would it shape her - rude or browbeaten, promiscuous or afraid of men, etc.? So many variations. All characters still in high school during the story. Some I/A goodness, regardless of rating.

Max and Michael should be aliens, too. It's up to you what happened to them - both adopted by the Evans, or one ended up with her with Hank, different foster homes, different adoptive parents, etc. It is not necessary that all three of them saw each other when newly "hatched" or recognize each other. Tess, if present, should be an alien, but she's not required to be there.