The We Miss Alex Thread! #2

Are you a stargazer? Want more Alex and Isabel? Then come in here and talk about it.

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Post by The Keeper » Tue Sep 07, 2004 7:10 pm

I miss Alex, because he was the token nerd guy that fell in love with the beautiful popular girl...and they were soulmates.
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Post by A Rose Is True Blue » Tue Sep 14, 2004 12:11 am

I think we're on 65...

65. Because he accepted and loved her for who she was (unlike someone who will remain nameless - and married Isabel during Season 3).


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Post by Sternbetrachter » Wed Sep 29, 2004 12:27 pm

66. Because he was the reason for her warming up to humans.
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Post by Biged » Sat Oct 09, 2004 6:12 pm

67. Cause Alex stripped for her on her Bday


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Post by Calinia » Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:17 am

68. Cause he wore a thong while stripping for her. :shock: :lol:
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Post by Sternbetrachter » Sun Oct 10, 2004 1:44 pm

wonder how your mind came up with stripping-reasons :lol:

69. Because Isabel truly enjoyed Alex's strip.
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Post by StarGazing101 » Sun Nov 14, 2004 11:36 pm

Well, I know I haven't been around and I was going through some old disks (very old, I mean, like 2-3 years old here) and I found this:

101 Reasons Why Alex and Isabel Are Perfect For Each Other

1. Max isn't the only one with a dream girl. Doesn't Alex deserve his?
2. Alex needs some female attention.
3. We need more Alex. A lot more.
4. The dance in Heat Wave just says it all.
5. The "geek" factor was never an issue.
6. Destiny isn't as strong as love.
7. Isabel deserves someone who can make her feel normal.
8. He would do anything for her.
9. He brings out the best in her.
10. Alex accepts her as she is.
11. Just because.
12. Because Isabel can show Alex her real self, no matter how scary it
13. Because they have awesome chemistry.
14. Not every man will strip for his girl.
15. Only Alex can make Isabel smile like that, even when she doesn't
want to.
16. Because he sees through her Ice Princess facade, even when others
17. Because he 'likes the way she looks in red'.
18. Because she needs him to "generate flashes".
19. Because he'd "do anything" to protect her.
20. Because he's her rock of stability in the midst of all the inner
turmoil and outer chaos.
21. It took Alex to keep her grounded while dream walking into Max's
22. It was written in the stars. Stars that don't involve that stupid V
23. Isn't it illegal to look that cute together?
24. Even without cow eyes and mooning, they still have a following.
25. Alex lets Isabel have all the space she needs, even at his own
26. They are just dreamy together.
27. Nobody will love Isabel like Alex does.
28. Astronomy books make the best gifts.
29. Michael has never made that goofy grin appear on her face.
30. He accepts her for her.
31. She's a better person when Alex is around.
32. It takes a big man to wear a thong all day.
33. Everyone needs a Golden Goddess to worship.
34. Isabel is a clean girl... dirt isn't her style.
35. The smoochies -- morning breath be damned.36. Isabel and Alex deserve some happiness.
37. Stargazing is better than a movie.
38. Isabel is beautiful, but Alex is the only one to tell her that.
39. She doesn't consider Alex to be her brother.
40. Isabel needs someone to ground her, and Alex has already done that.
41. The expression on Isabel's face after the Heat Wave dream.
42. It was Alex whom Isabel shared her dream walking talent with... none
of the other humans knew about it.
43. Isabel would probably prefer someone within 10 years of her age.
44. Isabel needs someone other than her family to convince her love
45. Isabel needs someone 'safe'.
46. Alex has a thing for Canucks.
47. Because he should talk to one of them.
48. Someone has to help Isabel find her planet.
49. It's Alex that Isabel reaches for when she's scared.
50. Alex isn't like other guys.
51. Not that he wouldn't want to.
52. Musicians get the girls.
53. No one else ever made Isabel blush.
54. Isabel feels they should have told him.
55. She just feels something about him.
56. Alex is brave. He was the first to step into the circle to heal
Michael and didn't hesitate to knock Michael on his rear end in defense
of Maria.
57. Isabel is confused about almost everything and Alex has clear vision
about what's best for them.
58. Alex and Isabel's strengths and weaknesses lie in areas that
complement each other.
59. No one wants to see Alex puke if Isabel calls him a "friend" one
more time.
60. True love doesn't have to have whistles and bells. Sometimes a calm
feeling of belonging is better.
61. The alien abyss----there's no place like it!
62. We need some more Stargazer pics!
63. Without them watching, the stars have no reason to shine.
64. No innocence needs to be lost in the eraser room between these two.
65. There's future experiments to consider.
66. You can't help but smile when you see the smoochies caps.
67. They're the best dancers on the dreams and in reality.
68. Unconditional love does exist.
69. Every other guy just wants to maul Isabel, when Alex just wants to
love her.
70. Alex was willing to be there for her and the baby that wasn't even his.
71. He is NOT an evil alien like Kivar.
72. Who else are they gonna go stargazing with?
73. Before, stars were just stars, but somehow with each other, each
star is so full of possibilities.
74. He knows that what she needs to do she needs to do it alone, and
he's willing to give her that space.
75. Even though she's not into black and white movies, she still wants
to go see a regular movie with him.
76. She can show him who she really is.
77. Face-sucking aside, when you have someone things get easier.
78. How can she resist Officer Whitman?
79. Alex can help Isabel find her way back from any dreamwalk.
80. Isabel was so checking out Alex's butt in TL&V.
81. He's always there when she needs a shoulder to lean on.
82. It's not a perfect Christmas if Alex isn't around.
83. Because the only untouched dreams we have seen Isabel have are about
84. Do you really think that having sex on a cliff is the way to do it?
85. Someone has to unbutton the top button of Alex's shirts.
86. Grant's mean; Alex isn't.
87. There isn't enough Stargazer fic to keep us happy.
88. He likes her "cones".
89. Does the word Pedophile mean anything to you guys?
93. There's only room in Alex's heart for one Evans, and it isn't Max!
94. You just kind of feel all gooey inside when they kiss.
95. It takes more than a cake to win over a girl like Isabel.
96. Even the aurora borealis can't compare to the beauty that is Isabel
97. Travelling together is safer, and more fun!
98. We're tired of filling in missing Stargazer scene from all the
99. Isabel's never had a bad flash about Alex. Then again Alex doesn't
make a habit of burying people alive in the middle of Frazier Woods.
100. No matter what planet she's from, home will always be where Alex
101. Out of all the humans, Alex is the only one Isabel chose to let in.

Some of you may remember, some of you may not, but either way, ENJOY!

Anything for my girl.

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Post by Sternbetrachter » Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:45 am

OMG Kay!

you found that list! :) I so didn't believe that it existed anymore

Thank You! and lovely avi that you have :)

Colin Hanks
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Post by Biged » Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:55 am

i love this list THANKS FOR POSTING IT :)


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Post by truelovepooh » Mon Nov 29, 2004 6:07 pm

Great list :D

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