Alex/Isabel: Life after Roswell High?

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Re: Alex/Isabel: Life after Roswell High?

Post by Tzigone » Sun May 11, 2014 8:19 pm

I'll start by saying I don't really like the idea of any of the Roswellians becoming prominent enough to merit their own wikipedia pages. Also, I'm strictly a first-season-only fan. Don't remember season 2 (much), and never saw season 3. Also, hope thread resurrection is okay.

For me, Alex ends up making a very good salary in a computer-related field (unsure if hardware or software based). Upper middle-class or lower-upper class (not really sure where the line is), but never becoming a millionaire. Isabel, who values security and safety and family, becomes a stay-at-home mom (the only one of the Roswellians that I'd have not have a job). The way she is about her own mother, I could really see that just being the way she defines herself (by the people she loves). I'd also have her have four or five children. And yet whenever out in public, they're always clean and she's never got drool or spit-up on her. It's almost like magic. :mrgreen:

I actually have A/I, M/M, and M/L all marry very young. Part of that is that I think they'll be far more mature when they graduate high-school that most kids. For the future I give them, they've all been handling assassins for a couple years and they've all been through enough to already know what they want out of life. They've thought about it as they've thought about "destiny" and whether they leave the planet and so on. And their bonds are strong, unbreakable, by this point. Each couple has already been through so much. For me, they make their commitments earlier. What really seals it for me though is "Destiny" - when the aliens were going to leave, every single one of the humans was going to go with them. Leave their families and their homes - forever. That's indicative of the level of commitment they'd already made, to me.

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