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Roswell Reimagined - RPG

Post by chunkmonster2 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:51 pm

Hey Everyone!
I realize it has been a LONG time since anyone posted about a RPG on this site.

I recently decided to try and give it a go, since I think something Roswell and interactive would be fun. I don't know the methods used before for roleplaying Roswell but I decided to go with Forum based RPG and I am currently building the site on IF.

The plot behind the roleplay is actually quite simple. As I know most like to do so here, the story begins just after the shooting that fateful day back in September of '99. This gives all the players a chance to reimagine what would happen if things happeneded slighly differently. So although the story begins the same as always, initial reactions can change which will cause different reactions. So basically we will take on our own path through the storyline meaning; some things that never happened may take place, some may remain the same, some may not happen at all, etc.

To begin I am making the RP canon character based... meaning that until we fill up on some of the original characters to get the RP rolling, there will be no creation of original characters. Eventually there will be this option allowing ppl to bring in new and interesting characters and lends us a way of exploring more storyline as we go along!

The site is in the beginning stages, I am working as dilligently as possible to get it up and running but it certainly takes a bit. I am going to be advertising it elsewhere for RPGS as well to try and get a snow ball effect going here because the more the merrier. If anyone is interested in joining please either message me here or add me on Yahoo! (gull8) and we can chat. I am also looking for a co-admin and mods for the site so if your interested in helping build the site and idea please also pm me, no expierence required. If anyone has any suggestions that they wish to share also let me know, I would like to make this as fun and playable as possible.

Ill post the link to the beginning shell of the site here for now, there isn't much there as I still have the board set as offline -- but it gives you the ability to come and look around and get a bit of a feel for the site. I hope others are interested and I hope to hear from some of your in the near future! ... howtopic=2

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