G.A.C.E TEEN/Mature - AU - Started (Kyle Needed)

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G.A.C.E TEEN/Mature - AU - Started (Kyle Needed)

Post by CandyDreamQueen » Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:43 pm

Title: G.A.C.E
Created by: CandyDreamQueen
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, the WB and UPN. No infringement is intended.
Rating: TEEN/Mature
Couples: CC M/L M/M A/I K/T. Any OCs may be decided amongst yourselves.

Welcome to The Gandarium Academy for the Cognitively Enhanced or, G.A.C.E. It is a school that is meant to aid the cognitively gifted in the developing and controlling their special abilities.

Control Levels:
Mastery – Is able to execute this skill flawlessly
Advanced – Has developed an extensive and wide-ranging control of this ability and is able to use to an ample degree.
Strong – Has developed admirable control of this ability
Average - Is able to use this skill to a passing degree, but it can be developed further.
Weak – This skill has either not been developed by the user, or the developer has very little control over it.

Classes: Classes are divided up into Four Categories – Elemental, Mental, Manipulation, and Physical.

Elemental: Classes that are designed to strengthen students that contain elemental abilities. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind are a few of the classes that may fall under the category of elemental classes.
Class Ex: Hair Follicle Protection 101 is a fire element class designed to teach pyro-specialist control over the singeing of their hair. Elemental students must achieve a level of (Advanced) or (Mastery) In their respective fields.

Mental: Mental classes are designed to teach cerebral enhanced students, (I.E Telepaths Empathics and Telekinetics) how to better develop and control their powers. Each student at the academy has some level of one of the three cerebral abilities. However, the range in control varies from student to student. Some students may not be able to obtain higher than an (Average) or (Weak) control level of these abilities. Students that posses more than one of these abilities are expected to obtain at least one control level of (Mastery) in one of the three fields and no lower than a level of (Strong).
Class Ex: Levitation Techniques is a mental class taken by Telekinetic students to show the different forms of levitation.

Manipulation: Manipulation Classes are classes taken by students whose special abilities involve manipulation of energy, time, as well as other non-elemental forces. However, all students are required to take at least one manipulation class in order to better understand the use of his or her abilities.
Class Ex: Advanced Tech Strategies is a class designed to show advanced Technological Manipulators as well as Energy Manipulators the different ways of molding atomically heavy materials.

Physical: All students must take Physical classes. These classes are designed to test students’ physical use of their abilities. Students may be tested via sparing matches, as well as physical competitions that are designed to hone and test their abilities. Students with physically attributed abilities such as Increased speed or Strength must achieve no lower than a (Strong) Control Level in their fields.
Class Ex: Physical Relaxation Tactics is a class designed to show all students, special ways of not overtaxing their ablates.


All students of the academy are to be subjected to a semester of schooling before they are eligible for field examinations. During examinations students will be put through a series of trials that are designed to test the control level of their abilities. These tests also determine whether or not a student is eligible to move on to a higher level of class studies. Students must continue this process until they have achieved a level of (Advanced) or (Mastery) in the majority of their abilities. However, students are allowed to receive one level of (Strong) in any field of study and still qualify for graduation from G.A.C.E.



There are a number of activities available to GACE students. However, among the most popular is the sport known as Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg is tactically enhanced sport that is played by seven different teams among the school.


The Game is played in Four Quarters dubbed “Blitzkriegs” lasting a period of 10 minutes. Blitz Phases are periods in which the two teams alternate between trying to score on one another. Several Blitz Phases take place within a Blitzkrieg.

The Gear – The Game is played with a Blitz Disk and a Blitz Dash.

A Blitz Disk is a ball of energy that is composed of a light element that is drawn to a precise material. Players wear special gloves called ‘drawing gauntlets’ that are coated in this material in order draw the disk to them. Players may use other skills to draw the disk, however it is extremely difficult to simply draw the disk without the aid of the material.

A Blitz Dash is a bored that is coated in a low concentration of the same material that draws the disk. Each team has their own Blitz Dash located on opposite sides of the field.

Players also wear protective gear that is designed to help reduce damage taken while playing the game. However, as in any sport, and because of the very nature of the game, some injuries do occur.

The Positions:

Offensive Assailant – The offensive assailant is the main aggressor. It is this person’s job to acquire the blitz disk by any means. Through the aid of his or her teammate the OA is the only player allowed to score points during a Blitz Phase. Because of the high strenuous activity of the position, a student of increased physical strength or agility often plays this position.

Stealth Antagonist – It is the job of the Stealth Antagonist, or SA to throw off the direction of the opposing team. The SA is also a heavy assistant to the Offensive Assailant. It is the job of the SA to make sure the OA is able to score. A person of increased speed or agility, physical strength, or enhanced intelligence, most commonly plays this position.

Tactical Guard – It is the job of the Tactical Guard to plan out most of the strategies that will be executed by the team. The TG is a strategist that must be able to read the moves of the opposition as well as plan out strategic counter moves. The TG is also responsible for protecting the Blitz Dash. Because of the need for quick and tactical thinking, a student of exceptional mental abilities or of increased intelligence most commonly plays the TG.

Defensive Healer – The defensive healer (DH) is in charge of reducing the damage taken by his or her teammates during the blitz phase of the game. The defensive healer must be constantly aware of each of their teammates, and must also be able to perceive any potentially damaging attacks that may be aimed at them. It is also the job of the DH to assist the Tactical Guard in protecting the Blitz Dash. It is not uncommon for a team to have more than one Defensive Healers participating in a Blitz. This position may only be played by a skilled healer.

Pinch Assistant – The Pinch Assistant is a wild card player. Each team is allowed only one Pinch Assistant. This player may be an offensive or defensive player that excels in any ability. They can be used to aid their team in any way that the team sees fit. Most often a team will decide on a PA based on his or her possession of a rare ability that can be used to aid the team in a ‘pinch’.

Alternates: Every position aside from that of Pinch Assistant may be allowed an alternate. However, most often this player is not as skilled in their field as a player holding a titled position.

The Objective - Although the Offensive Assailant is the only player allowed to score during the game, the use of any and all abilities by any player is legal in the aiding in or hindering of the OA from scoring. It is up to the team to make sure that their OA scores as well as to stop the OA of the opposing team from scoring.

Scoring – Scoring is simple. At the beginning of each Blitz Phase every player stands on his or her respective sides of the field. The Blitz Disk is dropped into the center of the field where the two teams then race to draw the disk. The objective? Get the disk to the OA.

After drawing the disk, either through his or her own skill, or through the aid of a team mate, the OA must simply reach the opposing teams side of the field and touch the blitz disk to the other teams Blitz Dash. If the OA is able to successfully touch the opposing teams Dash a point is earned.

This phase is repeated continuously until the time runs out of all four Blitzkriegs. If any player other than the OA scores, that team losses a point and the Blitz is automatically given to the opposing teams OA at commencement of the next phase. At the end of all four Blitzkriegs the team with the most points is the winner.


The Students:

Age: 17
Abilities: Healer – (Strong) is able to heal himself as well as others. Energy Manipulator – (Strong) Is able to manipulate his own energy in order to emulate the powers of others. Empathic – (Average) Possess some developed Empathic abilities.
Character: Max is an exceptional student at the academy. He excels in enhancing his abilities, and is a quick study. A loaner by nature, Max is much more comfortable disappearing in a crowded room than he is in a one on one setting. Max meets the new girl Liz when he uses his powers to help her gain control of one of her own feral skills. After their first meeting Max shows the new girl, Liz Parker around the campus. The two form a close relationship while he teaches her to maintain control over her powers and she helps him to come out of his shell a little bit. At the encouragement of his sister Isabel, Max tries out for a position on the Blitzkerg team.
Motto: Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, - These three alone lead life to sovereign power.
Quote: “Um, I'm not really a people person.”

Age: 17
Abilities: Pyro-specialist – (Strong) is able to create and manipulate fire. Increased Physical Strength – (Strong) Is substantially stronger that the average person. Telekinetic – (Weak) Possess some undeveloped telekinetic abilities.
Character: Michael Guerin is a hot head…literally. Although he specializes in fire manipulation, he has a tendency to let the heat get the best of him. He is an average student in his studies. However, he has the capability to become an exceptionally strong Pyro-specialist. One of the strongest in G.A.C.E history. Unfortunately, Michael is more interested in winning the Blitzkrieg Championship than he is in furthering his skills. After having more than half of his team graduate at the last semester, Michael is now captain of the Blitzkrieg team the Gandarium Wild Ones. He plays the position of Offensive Assailant. His best friend Kyle Valenti and he are currently recruiting new members for their team.
Motto: Blast First and ask questions later
Quote: “Really, you don't want to piss me off."

Age: 16
Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence – (Strong) Possess an IQ of over 200. Mechanical Manipulation – (Strong) Is able to build almost any technological item. Telepathic – (Average) Possess some developed telepathic powers.
Character: Alex Whitman is a genius. His passions include taking things apart and putting them back together again, as well as creating new and interesting inventions of his own. And when you can build almost anything, it makes for some pretty wide-ranging developments. He is a strong student who spends a lot of time developing his powers. He’s an all around good guy and he’s always up for a new challenge. He is constantly dodging attempts form his two best friends Tess Harding and Maria Deluca, to toughen up his image. He is currently in a relationship with Isabel Evans. Yeah, he’s still wondering how that happened himself.
Motto: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Quote: “'Cough'…Whew, remind me never to do that again!”

Age: 17
Abilities: Increased Speed and Agility – (Strong) Possess enhanced speed and is able to execute extremely complicated physical movements. Weather Manipulation – (Average) Posses some control of weather. Telekinetic – (Average) Possess some developed telekinetic abilities.
Character: Kyle is an outgoing guy that’s just fun to be around. His best friend is Michael Guerin. He plays the position of Stealth Antagonist for the Gandarium Wild Ones. Kyle does not worry too much about developing his powers. He’d rather spend time hanging with his friends or making out with his hot new girlfriend, Tess Harding. Though he does not give too much thought over developing his ability, wind control becomes a mighty handy skill when a girl in a short skirt is passing though.
Motto: Know when to walk away, know when to RUN!
Quote: “Oh man, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Age: 16
Abilities: Elementalist – Rare – (Weak) is able to obtain control of the elements water, fire, and wind in their various forms. Has somewhat unstable control over these abilities. Empathic/Telepathic – (Average) Possess some developed emphatic as well as telepathic abilities.
Character: Liz Parker is the new girl. She always knew she was different but she’s just now beginning to realize how different. Liz’s parents recently transferred her to G.A.C.E after her being the cause of one too many unexplainable accidents at her conventional high school. Liz is very new to the world of Cognitive Enhancement. Because she has had no former training of her abilities, she is very unskilled in them, often times causing random elemental explosions. However, having had these abilities since she was very young, she has been able to develop her empathic and telepathic abilities to an impressive degree for someone who has had no prior training. Liz meets Max Evans after he helps her gain control of one of her malfunctioning skills. Liz is awed by the strength of Max’s powers and envies the level of control he possesses over them. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a major cutie either.
Motto: Quitters never finish.
Quote: “I’m Sorry. I didn’t break it did I?”

Age: 16
Abilities: Natura – (Strong) Possess a strong connection to the physical world, eg trees, plants, animals, mountains, rivers etc. Increased Speed and Agility – (Average) Possess slightly enhanced speed and graceful movement. Telepathic – (Weak) Possess some undeveloped telepathic abilities.
Character: Maria is a wild spirit. A superior student in her field, Maria cares very much about protecting all things in nature. She only wishes that stupid mental classes were not a graduation requirement. Her best friends are Tess Harding (flirtatious darling) and Alex Whitman (Hometown Smarty) whose super psycho girlfriend, Isabel Evans scares the hell out of her. But she’d never tell him that. Currently in the midst of the off switch of her on again off again relationship with Michael Guerin, Maria only wishes he would take interest in something other than stupid Blitzkrieg. Perhaps conserving the rainforest? Or helping out endangered species? Or recycling, maybe? …Maybe not…
Motto: Animals have feelings too.
Quote: “Do you know how many innocent creatures had to die to make that?”

Age: 17
Abilities: Empathic/Telepathic/Telekinetic – Rare – (Strong) Possess incredibly strong empathic telepathic and telekinetic ablates. Energy Manipulator – (Average) Posses some developed energy manipulation abilities but cannot manipulate all forms of energy.
Character: Isabel is a rare talent. Having developed impressive cerebral skills, she is among the strongest in her class. A very focused student, Isabel does not have time for trivial things. She is president of her class and an overachiever to a fault. She divides her time between an arsenal of special activates committees, as well as tutoring the cerebrally hopeless. (Read: Maria Deluca) Sometimes she forgets to just stop and smell the roses. Isabel is currently in a pretty long going relationship with her boyfriend Alex Whitman.
Motto: Attention is psychic energy, and like physical energy, unless we allocate some part of it to the task at hand, no work gets done.
Quote: “Alex sweetheart, I always know what you’re thinking.”

Age: 16
Abilities: Time Manipulator – (Strong to Weak) Possess the ability to stop slow down and rewind time. Stop Time – (Strong) Time can be stopped for a substantial period. Rewind – (Average) while rewinding time can only view previous events, not actively change them. Fast forward – (Weak) Has not developed this ability yet. Telekinetic – (Average) Possess some developed telekinetic abilities.
Character: Tess Harding is a flirt a tease and a sweetie wrapped in one. She spends an ample amount of time honing her skills but not half as much as she spends making herself fabulous. At least so say her two best friends Alex and Maria. A strong to average student, Tess enjoys using her powers perhaps a little too much. Sometimes at not so appropriate times. Like stopping time to take a little peek in the boy’s locker room perhaps? A HUGE fan of the game, she is in a recent relationship with Blitzkrieg Stealth Antagonist, Kyle Valenti. Although she is used to being in Flirtationships rather than relationships, she is trying something new. But she doesn’t mind so much. Blitzkrieg players are extremely hott!
Motto: If at first you don’t succeed ask for a do-over.
Quote: “Oh just stop…oops.”


Name: Marah Versailles
Age: 17
Abilities: Telekinetic-(Average) has basic skills with telekinetic abilities. Pyrokinetic- (Weak) has below the basic ability to create and manipulate fire. Allurement - Rare - (Strong) has strong abilities in seduction. This power allows her to feed off of the energy sources of others.
Character: Marah is strong willed and very determined. She isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She makes average grades though she doesn’t really care about school all that much. Marah’s natural hair color is brown but she likes to dye it often. This year she picked red. Marah is witty and sarcastic. She likes to have fun and doesn’t mind breaking the rules in order to do that.
Motto: Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.
Quote: “It’s only wrong if you get caught.”


Original Characters:

Original Characters are always welcome. If you are interested in creating an original character be sure to send me a PM with your OC profile. There are a few rules that must be followed in the creating of them. Of course their personalities and abilities are entirely up to you.

1. Please, no god characters! I ask that no character have a skill above the level of (Strong) at the start of the game. Levels will increase as the story progresses and hopefully this RPG will go for a time long enough that we can actually see our characters levels increase as the story goes. (crossing my fingers on that one)

2. Brain Power! Each player must have a telekinetic, telepathic, or empathic ability. This can be one of your characters main abilities Ex: It is developed to an (Average) or (Strong) Level or the character posses more than one. Or it is just background ability to fulfill this requirement. Ex: It is a (Weak) power.

3. Choosing your Powers! When choosing your characters’ powers keep in mind the types of classes that are available at GACE. I.E Elemental, Mental, Manipulative or Physical. Try to choose powers that fall into those categories. Of course your character can possess any powers that I have not mentioned above as long as they fit into one of those categories. For Example Your character John Roswellian has the power to fly (physical). Or Suzie Crashdown can become transparent (physical/manipulation) And of course they can have some of the same ones as those mentioned above. Ex: your character can have a healing ability or a speed enhancement or any other ability you find interesting that I have mentioned.

4. Rare Powers! You may definitely give your character a rare power but make sure that the power fits the definition of rare. Be sure to have a spark that differentiates it from other powers. If you have thought of a power for your character that you think would be considered rare shoot me a PM and I’ll approve it.

5. Have Fun! I know it seems like I’m being a total rule freak but I’m just trying to make sure that everything is all Even Steven so to speak. I worked really hard on the RPG as you can see by the above long a$$ description and I want everyone to enjoy it.

Reminder: If you would like your character to have a school ID, (I would like them to have one :D ) be sure to send me a picture that represents your character and I will make one for them. Don’t worry about the size of the picture. Try to use something that slightly resembles a school ID photo. But if you can’t find one then any picture is fine.

Be sure to include these things in your profile

Age: G.A.C.E students range in age from 15 - 18
Abilities: A description of your character’s powers and the level of that ability.
Character: Your character’s personality
Motto: a dictum that sums up your character lives by.
Quote: Something your character would say. (Note: Your character does not actually have to use this quote in the RPG. It’s just something to add for fun.)

OK. (Sigh) almost done.

The students of GACE live on campus and are required to wear uniforms. They will also be assigned dorm rooms. To keep things fair I will wait until I have received all profiles for original characters before I assign dorms. that way OCs can be roomed with any of the original eight characters. Also, if you have a preference of whom you would like to be roomed with shoot me a PM from the two of you and you will officially be shacked up.

The Game will start once all characters have been filled and I have received all OC profiles.

The Game starts at the beginning of the semester orientation. Where the characters are getting their classes, moving into their dorms, and deciding on any activities they would like to participate in for the semester. (Note: Michael and Kyle are recruiting Blitzkrieg players. Isabel is getting ready for another busy semester while trying to convince Max that he needs to take part in more extracurricular activities. Tess, Maria, and Alex are just kicking it and getting ready for the new semester. Liz has just arrived at the school and knows no one.

And that is just about it. If you have any questions let me know. :wink:


Max: CandyDreamQueen
Michael: Crystalbehr
Alex: Luvya
Kyle: alizaleven (Temp)
Liz: alizaleven
Maria: rpchick2006
Isabel: Dream Weaver
Tess: M&M<3
Marah: Loxyanissa14
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Post by rpchick2006 » Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:36 pm

I was wondering if I could possibly play Maria.

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Post by CandyDreamQueen » Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:48 pm


Yes rpchick2006 you can have Maria
and alizaleven you can have Liz.


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Post by Luvya » Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:17 am

Okay yep can I claim Alex in my little hands?

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Post by CandyDreamQueen » Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:17 am

Yes, Luvya you can definitely claim Alex. :wink:


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Post by Dream Weaver » Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:41 am

I'd love to play Isabel... :D
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Post by CandyDreamQueen » Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:42 am

You got her Dream Weaver :D

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Post by CandyDreamQueen » Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:35 pm

Loxyanissa14's original character Marah Versailles has been added to the game. Everyone can check out her profile above. I’ll leave casting open for a few more days then if know one wants to be them I’ll be Tess and see if we can find a temp for Kyle. Then we can get the started by Sunday. :wink:


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Post by CandyDreamQueen » Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:42 am

Since there does not be appear to be any more interest at the moment we can get this started. I’ll be Tess. And alizaleven has agreed to temp for Kyle. Everyone can just jump in when they’re ready.

Here are the dorm rooms I’ll also add this to the original post.

Liz/ Marah
Tess/ has no roommate at the moment.


“Oh my god, so Tommy really broke it off over brake? That jerk!”

“Yes, and he said he doesn’t even want to be friends. He took back his Make Seven-Up Yours t-shirt. I love that shirt. Now what am I supposed to sleep in?”

“Oh Rachael, it’s ok, it’s ok. Just let it out.”

I looked up from my class schedule as the girl standing directly in front of me, Rachael, I guess, started to ball all over the shirt of the girl in front of her. I had to resist the urge to role my eyes. New semester, same drama.

It was bad enough that I was standing in the middle of the seemingly endless line of students having their pictures taken for school IDs. Now I had the pleasure of standing behind a girl that had no problem with making a public spectacle of herself, the guy standing behind me kept fidgeting like he was having a serious bladder control issues, we were packed like sardines in a moderately cool gym, and more than fifty percent of the people that were hear didn’t really seem to know where they were going, or where they were supposed to be.

I hate orientation.

I suddenly felt the touch of a hand shove me aside. Assumingly having had enough, the guy that was standing behind me walked up to the two girls in front of me.

“Hey, line’s moving girly, so shut up and keep on trucking. I’ve got to go back to registration after this, and whatever you’re blobbing about ain’t worth me wasting my time!”

“Ugh, how rude, can’t you see how upset she is?”

“I don’t care how upset she is. I’m upset, but I can still mange to move my feet!”

“Oh really, then why don’t you move your feet out of our business, loser?”

“Loser, the only loser here is your friend. At least I bet her boyfriend thinks so!”

“You pig I can’t believe….”

The couple in front of me continued to argue, effectively holding up the line rather than getting it actually going again. A few of the other student gathered around to watch the display, and soon the line was no longer a line but a circle of prying spectators interested in seeing a stupid spat. A spat in which I happened to be the unlucky guy stuck in the middle of.

“If I could just…”

I tried to step from out of the circle of people, but the gloves were off and the two arguers were all up in each other face now. Apparently, everyone else was set on seeing a good show. I doubted if they even noticed my presence.

I closed my eyes for a moment, wondering how exactly I should handle the situation. Since it was obvious that I wasn’t going to be heard I had no choice but to force my way out. It took a few minutes before I was able to navigate myself through the herd of people but after a few shoves and squeezes I managed to make it out. This was good, because an instructor had joined the party and the students were now in the process of franticly breaking up.

I walked back over to the aria where the line had been and saw that a new line had started to from. I took a stand behind the last person, who I noticed was annoying smacking her gum loud enough to hear over the sound of the crowded room. A few minutes later another student took a place behind me and almost immediately began whistling the team song to Bonanza.

I really hate orientation.

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Post by Loxyanissa14 » Tue Apr 10, 2007 4:02 pm

OOC- Hope this is OK


I sit in the courtyard staring at my class schedule with no real interest. It had taken me two hours to get through that line and I still have to get my room assignment. That’s when I had decided to take a break. I take a sip of my herbal tea and pop another cracker into my mouth. It’s the simple pleasures that give you the most joy.

I faintly hear my name and look up to see Victoria. We had been best friends through elementary and middle school but things hadn’t been the same since her boyfriend tried to make out with me in the 9th grade. She now hated me for no reason. It’s funny how things change. Victoria continues to whisper to her friend. I hear my name mentioned again.

“She sleeps around with everyone.” Victoria whispers.

“She is such a skank.” Victoria’s friend agrees with her.

“No one likes her because she stills people’s boyfriends. Last year I heard she slept with her science teacher.” Victoria continues. Victoria’s boyfriend comes to stand with her, listening in as they gossip about me.

I hope off the wall I hand been sitting on. My black knee high leather boots hit the ground with a thud. I slip my green sweater off to reveal a very low cut tank top. Throwing my snack away and placing my schedule in my purse that doubles as a small book bag that hangs to my side and wraps around my neck, I proceed to walk towards the trio that insists on talking about me.

As I make my way across the court yard I swing my hips sensually knowing all eyes are on me. The trio stops talking when I stand in front of them. I say nothing as I push past Victoria and her friend to stand in front of Victoria’s boyfriend. I grab his neck pulling him to my lips. After about a minute of French kissing I pull away and continue to walk to the line that hands out room assignments leaving the trio speechless behind me. If their going to talk might as well give them something to talk about.
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