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Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:30 pm
by Fehr'sBear

"I have no intentions of allowing anyone to interrupt. If they try, they will pay." Danni says with a smile, shifting her weight to give me a taste of what will hopefully be happening later in the morning. Before I can even respond, she's kissing her way down my chest and stopping at my groin.

She looks up at me sexily as she flicks her tongue out, and I let out a deep groan as I watch her mouth circle around my arousal. Letting my weight fall against the headboard, I tangle my hands in her hair and let my head lean back.

"I will personally kill anyone who bothers us," I say in a strangled voice, closing my eyes for a minute. Who knew that Danni was so...different than I expected. Sure, I mean, she's wild, loud, and bold...but I didn't know she was so into sex. This doesn't even seem like it's actually happening; but certain parts of my body are telling me it is.

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:38 pm
by Fehr'sBear

"What are friends for. Besides, you are more like a brother to me. I couldn't abandon you to the mercy of those two bombshells. Who, by the way, drank your ass under the table," Andrew says, laughing, and I just grin as I speed up a little.

He's right. 'Bros before hoes' is the phrase isn't it? And those girls were crazy. If he hadn't been there, I probably would have ended up passed out in the street or something. Not that I'll say so out loud. Brad's like the brother I never had, to go along with the one I do. Not that Ty and I really get along much.

"So, who's house do we visit first? Mine or yours?" he adds, and I pretend to think about it.

"Obviously yours, I mean, my house won't have any good food in it." I say with a serious face as he looks over at me. "Then, we'll head on over to my house. I wonder what everyone's been up to?"

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:22 pm
by Fehr'sBear
bump! please don't let us lose this one again!!

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:05 pm
by StormWolfstone
We won't let it die. I'll be posting again soon hopefully... school is really changing things for me... weird saying I'm in school now.

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 5:56 pm
by madroswellfan
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Storm, I found our jping for Amy and Oliver! Looks like I had it all along! :oops:
So here goes...

Amy and Oliver - joint post by MadRoswellFan and Stormwolfstone

Amy had not slept. Every time she tried, her head filled with the knowledge that she was some sort of alien. Whether she was only a little but alien or entirely, she didn’t care. She wanted to be normal. And that’s what she was going to be. No more powers. So instead, she had been on her computer all night, watching film documentaries and reading online information. When she was bored with that she had read two of her text books in thorough detail. She would be the perfect student from now in. Normal to a t. She looked over at her door to check her door was still locked. She had ignored anyone who had knocked on her door last night. As far as she was concerned, she didn’t want to know. She was just going to sit here all weekend. She was hungry, but she ignored it. She would eat at some point… just not now. Not until she thought she could sneak downstairs and get some food without bumping into anyone... maybe tonight or something. She certainly couldn’t go down until the crash closed. She looked back at her computer screen and started to read once more.

Oliver had been in the Crash most of the day, watching for Amy when Mrs. Evans came over to tell him she hadn't been down. The two talked long enough for him to realize she probably hadn't eaten either. So, a short while later carrying a tray with Mrs. Evans blessings, he made the trip up the stairs and to her door, knocking. "Amy, it's Oliver." He called out, wanting to see her, hoping she wasn't still pissed about his making her go back inside to listen.

Amy swallowed hard. A part of her really wanted to see him… but she knew he would want her to use her powers. Plus, he had made her go back in last night. She hadn’t listened to a word they had said, but that wasn’t the point. Maybe if she kept quiet he would go away. She stayed perfectly still, not daring to move at all. She was a normal girl. Completely normal, whether that meant she had to stay in the room the rest of her life except for school or not. She wanted to be left alone. She wanted to go back to yesterday when the only thing she had to worry about was her school work being good enough so that she could try and be valedictorian. Aliens didn’t get to be valedictorians. Aliens had experiments performed on them. Aliens were taken away and prodded and tested on and… and killed.

No, Amy was determined to be human, and never ever use her powers again… even if that meant shutting out Oliver.

"Amy, I'm not going to just walk away and leave here." Oliver called out, determined that he wasn't going to let her just push him away. "Don't make things harder on yourself. Just talk to me or someone, please. I care about you. We all care about you. If what happened with you and I before everything fell apart meant even a small amount to you, please let me in." He hadn't been able to forget how good she'd felt in his arms, how it felt when he'd kissed her. He knew how to be resilient; he'd learned from the best... his mother.

Amy said nothing. She shut her eyes tight, hoping he would just leave. She couldn’t and wouldn’t open the door. She would only open it when she had to. Besides which, she intended on using her window most of the time when she wanted to leave… that way no one would know where she was and wouldn’t look for her. She looked out at the balcony, tempted to slip away. But knowing her luck, one of her friends would see her climb down the balcony and come over to her. No, Amy would stay here until it was dark. When everyone had gone, including Oliver. He would want her to talk to one of the aliens about being one or something like that. And she simply couldn’t.

Oliver knew that this wasn't going to get them anywhere, so balancing the food tray with one hand, he reached for the door, realizing it was locked and frowned. He didn't want to do this... not with how freaked she already was, but he wasn't going to let her just ignore him. Placing his hand over the lock he closed his eyes, concentrating and felt when the lock gave away. Before she'd have the chance to relock it, he turned the knob, stepped in and closed and locked the door behind him.

His gaze found her immediately. "Stop doing this to yourself Amy. I don't care if you choose not to be who you were born to be, but don't push everyone away just because they might accept who they are. Hell, I'm not sure I accept what we learned." He ran his free hand through his hair and placed the tray on her desk. "Thought you'd be hungry."

Amy looked at him, partly stunned, but mostly, hurt. He knew that she hated the alien power thing. But clearly he had used such power to access her room. He had got through her locks as if it was as easy as pie. How was she going to keep herself away from them now. She stood up quickly and moved to the far corner of the room. “I’m not,” she stated, looking at the wall beside her. She sat down in the far corner, wanting him to just go. “Please just… just show yourself out Oliver. I’ll… I’ll come down and eat when I want to.” She wrapped her arms around her knees, making sure she was still pressed up against the wall.

Oliver shook his head as he stood there, "I'm not leaving, Amy. I care too damned much to just leave." He started walking toward her, wanting to just hold her in his arms, "You can't tell me that last night, before all that mess, you weren't happy to have me with you. I'm not going to let you starve yourself. Your mother is down there worried sick about you. Do you think that any of us are happy about this?" He put his hands behind his back as he stood there, "Look... we don't even have to talk about what we learned last night. I just... I want you to know that I'm here and I'd like to hold you again sometime if you'll let me."

Amy looked up at him slowly. “Stay there,” she stated firmly. She shut her eyes for a moment to try and suppress her tears but the moment she opened them again they immediately rolled down her cheeks. “You made me go back in there.” She swallowed hard before continuing. “You… you want me to be something that I’m… I’m not. I.... I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t sit there and listen to what any of you had to say… I don’t want to hear it.” She looked down at the floor once more. “I can’t hear it. That’s why I concentrated so hard on not hearing a single word anyone said. You may have made me go in there but I sure as hell didn’t listen.”

She looked back up at him slowly. “I’d like you to leave my room now.” She looked at her legs, fixing her gaze to a speck of dirt on her jeans, trying to stop herself from crying anymore with Oliver still in the room.

"No," Oliver stated firmly. "I want you to be who you are. Whoever you want to be." He took a deep breath and moved toward her, "If I walk out of this room this way, Amy... I won't come back. I just want you to realize that I care. You can be pissed about me having you go back in to listen all you want, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't care. You're dad went through hell trying to be normal too. They all did. I'd love to know that if I get angry and lose control I won't start a damned fire." He stepped in front of her and kneeled there, reaching a hand out to her cheek. Taking a chance, but he meant it, if she decided she wanted to push him away and said for him to leave again, he would. And, he wouldn't come back.

Amy looked at him slowly once more. She could tell he was serious about the not coming back. It hurt. But she knew it was fair. She bit her lip as she looked down again. Part of her still wanted him to leave… let her get on with being normal. But the rest of her knew she didn’t want him to leave her… not for good anyway. “I don’t care what he went through… I don’t want to know…” she muttered. His hand on her cheek felt so… comforting. She wanted him to hold her but, what if she did something else alien she didn’t know about. Or what if he did… or what if this was all some plan… what if this wasn’t Oliver and was some power someone else had of changing there appearance? What if this Oliver was someone coming to get her?

She knew she was being irrational, but the amount of alien and paranormal movies she had watched, still made her wonder. She knew it was…probably Oliver really. She wondered if he really understood that she had really gone off into her own little world yesterday and really didn’t hear a thing. All she knew was that some of them were aliens, including her Dad… and therefore so was she. And that was more than enough information for her.

When she didn't ask him to leave again, Oliver took that as a good sign, but wasn't going to get his hopes up. Caressing her cheek lightly, he simply looked at her, letting himself drop down beside her a moment later and simply drew her into his embrace. "I'm here, Amy... as long as you'll let me be." He told her softly, running his hands through her beautiful hair. He wouldn't mention anything alien for a while, was determined not to. But, she would have to listen eventually. He knew that it just might take some time.

As soon as Oliver embraced her, Amy’s tears turned into sobs. She buried her face in his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist. She didn’t say anything, not wanting to have to talk right now. She just wanted him to hold her… she wanted to go back before the fire before… before everything. She just wanted to be her and Oliver; two normal people. Not the two part aliens.

Oliver simply held Amy in silence, wishing that he could take away the feelings that she had about what was going on. Wishing that he could ease her mind. Instead, he just held her, stroking her hair lightly while his other hand moved to simply rub her back. He wouldn't try to tell her it would be okay, he didn't want to have her getting her defences up.

Amy's stomach suddenly rumbled loudly. She bit her lip as she pulled back from him. "Sorry..." she murmured quietly. "That's so... embarrassing..." She looked at his wet shirt and looked down at her legs. "I got your shirt all wet.... sorry..." she murmured, feeling completely stupid and very embarrassed.

Oliver gave her a weak smile and reached his hand out, placing his fingers gently beneath her chin. "It's alright. Why don't we go ahead and eat? I made sure to bring enough for both of us because I didn't want to eat alone." He wanted to kiss her, even now. She looked so vulnerable that he didn't want to make it seem like he was taking advantage.

Amy nodded slowly. She slowly forced herself to stand up on her rather shaky and tired legs and head over towards the desk. When she got there however she saw the door that was still wide open and quickly moved towards it. She quickly shut it and locked the many bolts. She sighed as she stood against the door a moment. She took a deep breath before going over to the tray and moving it so that it was on her bed. She sat on one corner of the bed and looked at the food. “My mom made this didn’t she,” she stated as she looked away.

Oliver stepped over and sat on the edge of the bed facing her as he stated, "Actually, she put the order in for Ralph to make it. She didn't think you'd accept anything she made right now." The last he stated calmly, though he could understand Liz Evans' concern and was surprised that he'd managed to get through even a small amount.

Amy swallowed hard, knowing it was true. She kept her head down as she slowly moved her hand towards the tray and took a small chip and slowly chewed on it in silence. She didn’t know what to say, and couldn’t help but think that anything she did say would push them even further apart. If that was possible…

Oliver reached out to take on of her hands in his while she ate with the other. "Amy, I meant what I said. I'm here. I've always wanted to be here for you. I always felt that you were beautiful, ever since grade school." He admitted and couldn't keep himself from being the one to look away as he took a chip himself with his other hand and ate it.

Amy swallowed her mouthful before looking up at him slowly. “Are you still planning on using your powers?” Her body flinched at her saying the words but she had to know. If he was planning to use them… could they still work things out? She looked at him closely, wanting to know the truth.

Oliver looked at her and spoke honestly, "I barely ever used them before. Last night, I was able to help save lives. So, yes... if they are to help people I will. If there is a need, I will. I never felt I was worth anything, or that these powers were a good thing until last night, Amy. I never thought I would ever find anything I was really good for... I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but I don't regret helping last night. I don't regret knowing that without me, several lives could have been lost."

Amy swallowed hard. “I don’t regret you saving them either I just…” she looked down before saying, “I just wish there was a better way.” She looked up at him slowly. “But are you going to use your…. Your power when you’re not saving someone?” she asked slowly. “Are you going to practice or anything?”

Oliver sighed as he looked at her and gave a slow nod, "Yes, Amy I am going to practice. I am going to do whatever I have to in order to make certain that if the time comes and they are needed I'm able to completely control them. And... if we have to face any problems... I want to make certain I can protect you and others." He released her hand, having a feeling just where this might end up leading and feeling an ache at the thought, "I'm not going to ignore who I am when it could mean a difference between saving a life or watching someone I care about die." Granted, he hated that he had to even think about that, but now he had to remember, he might be young but he had new responsibilities to the people he cared about.

Amy looked at him painfully. “So your saying that I am?! What use am I to anyone?! Me with my stupid calmness thing?! I can’t help anyone and I don’t want to try?! What are you saying Oliver… that that makes me a bad person?!” She stood up angrily as she walked over to her window and looked out at the balcony. “I can’t do it and I won’t. And I don’t want you to either… I… why… why does this have to happen now damnit…. I…” Her stomach gave another loud rumble. She had only eaten a couple of chips and now she had no intention of eating anymore.

Oliver stood, his own anger building as he spoke, "You have your way of doing things, you can choose how you want to do them, Amy... but if you want me to change who I am... I guess you really don't care about me. I'm not trying to change YOU, I'm just concerned about how you are shutting everyone else out simply because maybe they want to accept themselves. We've been lied to for years, years spent not knowing, always wondering why we had these abilities, always afraid to share them. I'm sorry, Amy... I really do care about you but... if you want to wrap yourself up in this self-pity blanket, there is nothing I can do to stop you."

He started toward the door and turned back, "I thought you were special before I knew you were different... I guess now that you know I'm different too your feelings from last night have completely changed. But, for me... I still think you're special." His voice had calmed and he looked at her sadly. "But, now you have your wish. Goodbye, Amy." He started slowly for the door again, hoping that she'd stop him but doubting that she would.

“Oliver!” Amy immediately called out as he headed to the door. Her tears flowed down her cheeks again as her knees buckled and she slumped to the floor. “Please don’t I….” she rocked herself slightly as she forced herself to go on. “I… I need you Oliver…. I… I’m just scared that you’ll… you’ll get hurt. I’m scared that… if you…. If you use your powers now you’ll become someone else and… and realise that I’m not as special as you think I am and I… I don’t want you to leave me because I…” a noisy sob broke through her words as she said, “I really like you and I don’t want to be without you.”

Oliver turned when she heard him call her name and simply looked at her, listening before he walked over to her and leaned down pulling her into his arms. "Amy, I've been practicing whenever I could for some time now, it hasn't changed me in any way. Nothing can make me think you aren't special, Amy. Nothing." He pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

Amy looked at him nervously, “But I… I still can’t… I still can’t. It’s not…it’s not me. I… I just want to be normal. I want to have a normal, simple life. I want to be valedictorian, I want to get married, I want to have children, I… I want them to be safe.” She looked at him nervously. “I want you to be safe… I just… I don’t want to lose you but I…. I can’t use them Oliver.”

Oliver shook his head as he looked at her, "You don't have to, Amy. I'm not expecting you to. You can still be a valedictorian. You can still get married and have children some day. They can stay safe. Until last night we were all safe and unaware of what we were." He couldn't resist, looking at her he just couldn't stop himself from lowering his head and kissing her lips gently for just a moment, "I want you safe, which is why I'll practice so I know I can protect you." He kissed her softly again, "And, think about our parents. They've had good educations, good marriages and kids."

Amy swallows hard before saying, “But they’re not normal. They didn’t have everything normal and plain and… normal. I don’t know exactly what they did do but I’m guessing there life wasn’t peachy normal. I expect they told you all last night but I don’t care because I don’t want that. I don’t want to know what I’m meant to be frightened of because as far as I’m concerned I’m normal…. And…” She looked up at him slowly realising only then that he had just kissed her. She smiled at him slightly before murmuring, “You still want to kiss me….”

Oliver laughed softly and nodded as he looked at her, "How can I not?" He leaned down and kissed her again, this time letting it linger for a few minutes before drawing back and looking at her. "They might not be normal, but look at everything they've done for all of us over the years. If it wasn't for their not being normal, you're mom would be dead. I would never have met you. Hell, I might not have been born either."

I know what he's saying is true but.... I just don't want to be anything but normal. My powers scare me. All my life I've just wanted to fit in. And now I don't know I ever will.
"I know that I just..." I swallow and look at him, "Please don't ask me to use them...I can't... I'll do something bad or.... they'll get out of control and I... I'm scared." I say as tears leak out of my eyes. "I....I can understand if you want to but....but I can't Oliver... I can't."

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:25 am
by StormWolfstone
I loved how responsive Talan was to what I was doing, he felt so warm and thick in my mouth, the sound of his strangled voice and the way his hands tangled in my hair only spurred me on. I know normally I came off as being a cold bitch to many or just unaffected in general but Talan had always been the only one who really saw me. Using my tongue to press against the underside of his erection as I drew him in and out of my mouth, I groaned when I had him deep, the sound vibrating around him. My hand stroked the part not in my mouth as I started to work in a rhythm of desire.

The more I felt him respond, the more I did, wanting him to know that I wanted him to experience everything I could help him feel. He was so hard, I remembered clearly how he felt inside me during the night and moaned again as my body clenched. Several times I withdrew my mouth to licked and tease, to taste and watch his expression with heat and need. I wanted to tell Talan I was his, that I wasn’t going anywhere, but a part of me worried that lust and sex were all that was on his mind. I mean I know he cares about me, we’ve been like family for most of our lives, but what if he didn’t view what we were sharing as being more, deeper?

That’s why I was determined to show Talan that I could be what he needed, not just with sex, though that was a part of it, knowing that if I could keep him satisfied he wouldn’t want to stray and if I made it impossible for him to even consider that there was a better lover out there it would be another point in him staying with me. That was why I started to take him faster and deeper into my mouth, going so deep that at times he would feel my throat convulse around his shaft.

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Really miss this.

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StormWolfstone wrote:Really miss this.

Me too. Just read through the entire thread.

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Kari wrote:
StormWolfstone wrote:Really miss this.

Me too. Just read through the entire thread.

I'm thinking about trying to restart it at some point with a few changes if I can get people active here again.

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If e can get it recast, I'm in