Roswell Next Generation (CC, Adult) Thread #1

Like to Roswell Role Play? Like to roleplay for other shows too? Like writing fic, but want to write with others and play off their writing? Then you'll like this place

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Post by Crystalbehr » Thu Jun 23, 2005 5:59 pm

So I'm just gonna post.....


"Tyler shut the hell up." Mom says...just after Dad just totally broke my door using his brute strenght. Oh who am I kidding. Dad doesn't have brute strenght he used powers.

"You're not Crazy you're an Alien so would stop with the screaming already."

"I'm not crazy? I'm an alien?"

"That's right. well....I guess your more human than alien becuase your mom is completly human. And I'm only half alien and half human. So what that would make you....He looks over at Mom as if she has the answers he's looking for.

I'm an alien......I think I'd rather be crazy.

"Dad......maybe you should sit down and explain this to me throughly. Becasue I know I didn't pop that popcorn using any machine. And I know you didn't break the door down using your strenght. So how in the worlds am I an alien........."

******Three hours and two soft drinks later****************

"This is cool." I say as I change a my hair from dirty blond to brunette then to purple.

"Alright alright that's enough son." Dad says as he pulls my hand away from my head "Stop before you...kill yourself or something.

"Wow" I grin. "So uncle Max....he's an alien and aunt Isabel...She's one too."

"Yes honey." Mom says as she fluffs around my back to normal hair.

"Wow. That is like awesome......This is the best news I've heard since I I found out that Snoop is coming to Roswell for a concert. so......What are my powers?

"We dunno Ty. YOu just came into your powers. There is no way to tell yet. I mean i can manipulate things and blow things up, set things on fire and such using my powers." dad finishes.

"Cool" Before mom or dad can say anything else, I point me hand towards my television and focus my powers.......


I hear followed by mom and dad yelling in unison

"NO TYLER NO!!!!!!"

Later Days!