Roswell Next Generation (CC, Adult) Thread #1

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Roswell Next Generation (CC, Adult) Thread #1

Post by StormWolfstone » Fri Jan 14, 2005 10:23 am

Disclaimer: This RP was first created by Anna-Lissa who permitted us to continue without her, though I know we'll miss her writing with us. We do not own or hold any sort of rights to the Roswell characters.

Anna's idea has ended up bringing us the chance to say we have won Best Role Play here.


Couples: For adults.... basically all CC save for Kyle and Tess matches...

Read ALL the profile's & Rules before joining

It's been many years since eight teens of Roswell graduated from West Roswell high shcool. The teens are now adults, adults that have their own families.

Max and Liz were the first one to marry. Michael and Maria found each other few years after at the same time that Isabel and Alex did. But Kyle and Tess remained apart and found themselves new partners. Kyle married Eileen Ashkwen and Tess married Marcus Adams.

None of the teens know they have alien blood and what happens when they find out. The powers are for players to decide [If they have them or not] (Kyle knows his children don't really have alien powers, but then again, Kyle has powers because Max healed him so the powers could go to his children as well.)

Adults and their jobs

Max Evans - When Brody left Roswell he gave the UFO museum to Max. Max was amazed by this, but he started running it.
Michael Guerin - Helps Max with the UFO museum and is still working in the CrashDown as a cook.
Alex Whitman - Is the music teacher in West Roswell highs school. He loves his job more than anything.
Kyle Valenti - Is the Sheriff of the town after his father retired. Doesn't really love the job but he doesn't have anything else.
Marcus Adams - Is a lawyer and own his own Law-firm. He loves to boss people around, so it suits him.
Liz Evans - Own the CrashDown cafe because her parents gave it to her after they moved out from Roswell.
Maria Guerin - Is a singer so she doesn't spent much time at home. when she does she helps Liz at the Cafe.
Isabel Whitman - Helps sometimes her husband at shcool and sometimes in the law firm. otherwise she stays home.
Eileen Valenti - Runs a gift shop in Roswell and is happy about it. Loves to make new alien-related stuff.
Tess Adams - Hasn't got a job, but she's looking. She's tired od just being at home while her family is away.




Amy Evans
Amy is the shy one of the twins. She studies hard and wants to go to Harward when she grows up. She's like her parents. Wants to learn new things, wants to help people around. She's an opposite to her sister, but she knows herself that she can be a rebel if she wants to be. She's shy with boys, and has a crush on the bad-boy Oliver Adams. Oliver who doesn't even notice her. her best friend is Laura Adams but she usually likes everyone.

Lily Evans
Lily is the rebel side of the twins. She loves to party and hang out with her friends. She doesn't understand why Amy is a bookworm. She tries to get her to come with her to parties, but in the end she never gets her to come. She likes bad boys, but something attracs her more in James Valenti. James is someone who doesn't follow rules, but still she wonders why she's attracted to him. She's best friends with Christina Guerin, because they're both the same; Rebel.



Christina Guerin
She's a rebel. She doesn't seem like it and her parents don't know about her wild side. She goes to shcool, gets good grades, doesn't smoke at shcool or home. Doesn't drink...well. When weekend comes she's completely different. She smokes, drinks and even sometimes steals with her friends. She's best friends with Lily Evans, and she has a crush on Erik Whitman, the shy and lonely boy from his class.

Tyler Guerin
He's the sweet and charming boy who loves sports. He's good in all kinds of sports and he's good at shcool too. He seems like a perfect, but on the inside his a rebel soul. He says he doesn't need anyone, but then again Sabrina Whitman gives his heart an extra beat when he sees her. His best friend is James Valenti, though sometimes he hates him aswell.



Erik Whitman
Erik is neutral guy. He drinks sometimes, but he doesn't really care what he does. He's shy at school, he just does what he's told there. At free time he likes to track to Christina Guerin to see what she's doing. He's concerned about her, so he wants to keep an eye on her. Christina just doesn't see him. He's friends with no one, though Oliver Adams is trying to be friends with him.

Sabrina Whitman
Sabrina loves music like her father. She plays guitar and sings at the local bar in Karaoke. She's annoyed by Tyler Guerin and fights with him alot. She loves her brother and is with him most of the time at shcool. Otherwise she's a loner. She hates to admit it - but he has small feelings towars Tyler, but is unsure if the boy feels the same.



Marie Valenti
Maie is the same as his father is. Loyal and she also loves sports. Though she loves reading much too. She's always bad luck with boys, but she hasn't given up on Erik Whitman yet, oh no. She wants him and she will get him eventually - that's what she keeps telling to herself. She's friends with Lily Evans, though she's almost too rebel for her.

James Valenti
James is a complete opposite to his father - meaning his almost like her mother. He doesn't care about rules or being carefull with anything. Sometimes James hates his father for giving him too much rules to follow. He often wants to runaway from home. But his sister always stops him. He likes Lily Evans alot, and his best friends with Tyler Guerin, even if Tyler can be a complete idiot.



Laura Adams
Laura is a friendly girl next door, opposit to her brother. She knows basically everyone in town and is friends with many of them. She has a crush on Tyler Guerin, but she knows she's not the only one with that crush. She's best friends with Amy Evans and tries to convince her that Oliver isn't so perfect that Amy thinks he is.

Oliver Adams
Oliver is the town's bad boy. He's a jock and he's a loner. He knows lot of girls are attracted to him because of the bad boy attitude. He often tries to get his sister into parties, but her sister is too shy and gentle to come with him anywhere. Oliver tried to be friendly to Erik Whitman, but Erik seems to avoid him alot.

Older children

Name: Andrew Evans
Bio: The oldest son of Max and Liz Evans. He comes back to Roswell for a longer vacation from shcool. He's always with Brad Guerin. He loves his parents and sisters, allthough Lily sometimes annoys him. Andrew is a caring person just like his father, even if sometimes Brad tries to get him into parties.

Name: Brad Guerin
Bio: The oldest son of Michael and Maria Guerin. He is Andrew Evans's best friend and went to NYU with him. Brad is like a mix of both of his parents. He sometimes gets mad because of stupid things and sometimes he just wants to be somewhere else other than Roswell. That's why he went with Andrew. Brad came because of Andrew.

Cast list

*Max - CandyDreamQueen
*Liz - Athenea
*Michael - Crystalbehr
*Maria - Loxyanissa14
*Alex - Athenea
*Isabel - StormWolfstone
Kyle -
Eileen -
*Tess - StormWolfstone
Marcus -

*Amy - CandyDreamQueen
*Lily - Athenea
*Christina - CandyDreamQueen
*Tyler - Crystalbehr
*Erik - Loxyanissa14
*Sabrina - StormWolfstone
*Marie - baby_bre
*James - StormWolfstone
Laura - Liz_Parker
Oliver -
*Andrew - CandyDreamQueen
*Brad - Crystalbehr

It would be really great if you'd take 1 adult and one child (of course you can take more too)

NOTE: Recasting and Restarting so will update when new thread is started
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Post by Serephinah » Fri Jan 14, 2005 2:54 pm

Anna-Liisa wrote:Okay, I'll star this now. We can fill the rest of the char's later.


Sitting in the office was something I never imagined doing when I was in school, but since it was the only thing I could do, I had no other choise. I needed to work somewhere because Eileen didn't make so much with the gift shop she was running. Oh well.

People had predicted that I'd become the Sheriff - mostly because of my father. Mostly just because of that. I wanted to be something else, but it was too late now. I sighed and looked at the reports. Nothing special today. There wasn't going to be anyone coming here today - hopefully.


Others will come later ;P it's so small because Kyle has no one to talk to right now. if you want to, you can put your char's to meet him.
Athenea wrote:*Lilly Evans*

'God I hate this place' I say to myself as I look around the U.F.O. Center. My dad had owned the place for as long as I could remember and he insisted that I work here. Oh well at least its better than being a waitress at the Crashdown.

I look around at all the tourists looking at the Alien Exhibits. Alot of people were here in town for the Crash Festival. Aliens. What idiot would beleive in them. Sure weird stuff happens but to blame it on aliens was retarded. I sit down in the ticket booth and pop my gum. I am so bored. This town was so boring. I can not wait to get out of it, I want to travel the world. Be Free.

I look at the clock it is almost time for lunch. Christina said she would meet me here and we would go get a bite to eat. I spit my gum in the waste basket and proceed to play with my new tongue ring. I have had it for a month and my parents have not even noticed it yet. Only my friends know about it and my twin sister Amy.

My sister, my twin. We have always been close, even to the point where we got that weird "twin mind reading trick" Of course nobody knows about that but us. Amy had looked it up on the computer and found that alot of twins had it so we decided not to tell anyone. Considering ours seemed more advanced than most twins. We could tell what the other is thinking and we always know where the other is.

We are twins but we are also very different. Amy would rather stay at home and read a book and I would rather party. I look at the clock. It always seems that time goes by so slow in this town. I look over at my Dad who is talking to the tourist. I can't wait till lunch..........
CandyDreamQueen wrote:<<<Max>>>

“And I swear it was an alien man. A real live alien right over ma head it was. Got the pictures to prove it, course they’re back at the homestead, but I’m telling you sure as the sky is blue an Unidentified Flying Object flew right over ma house.”

Smile, keep nodding, smile, keep nodding. That was the trick that Milton taught me a long time ago when I was working here and tourist and the locals all came up with stories that they wanted to use as exhibits.

“Well that’s a very fascinating story Mr. Houston, but I’m sorry to say I have to be getting back the to work now. Thank you so much for coming in I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I turn around and start walking towards the information both Lilly is looking board as ever. She’s been watching the clock all afternoon, waiting for lunch, no doubt so she can get as far away from this place as possible. I know that this isn’t exactly her dream job, but she could at least try to look like she’s not about to drop dead from boredom.

“Hey Lilly Head.” I smile and greet her using the nickname I gave her when she was two. I use it hoping it will make her smile.

She rolls her eyes at me. Well I guess it’s better than deathening boredom.

I brace my arms on the booth then glance up at the clock over my head. 11:45, fifteen minutes, till lunch.

“So, why don’t you let me take over here and you can cut out for lunch a little early.”

Well there’s the smile I was looking for.

“Thanks dad.” She says coming from around the booth, but when she does something catches my eye.

She starts to walk toward the door, but I stop her.

“Wait Lilly come here for a sec.”

She turns around and drags her feet back.

“What?” she groans.

“Open your mouth.” I say.

She looks a little panicked, but she doesn’t open it.

I fold my arms across my chest. “Open it.” I repeat.


“Welcome to the Crashdown, may I take your order?”

I smile my friendliest waitress smile at the table of jocks that I’m serving. I hate serving jocks. They think everything they say is the cleverest thing that any human being has ever said and the only way to celebrate their wittiness is to slap five and scream.

“Yeah, baby, I’ll have a hamburger, with a big side of steaming hot you.”


I watch as the guy starts slapping five with the other three guys at his table.

See, just like that.

“I’ll give you another minute.” I say and then walk away from the table as fast as my legs will carry me. I walk up to the counter were my friend Laura is refilling the sugar.

“So, how many jocks does it take to order a hamburger?” I ask her.

“Umm, none?” She says.

“Yeah!” I mimic the jocks shout, and raise my hand to slap five with her.

“It’s okay, baby, you know you want it.” I hear one of them shout out to me.

I close my eyes and breath in an exhausted sigh. I hate jocks.

The bell over the door rings signaling that someone has just entered the restaurant. I turn around and see Laura’s brother Oliver walking in, and I swear my hearts starts beating triple.

Well, maybe not all jocks.
Loxyanissa14 wrote:~Erik~

Erik looked at the bookshelf in front of him. He had read most of the books in the UFO center but loved to reread them. As long as Erik could remember he had always loved the idea of beings from another planet. He practically lived at the UFO center. As he pulled one of his favorite books off the shelf he heard Max and Lily talking.

Max sounded mad, so Erik looked around the corner to see what had caused his sudden mood change. "Open it" max was saying to Lily and Erik suddenly new what was the cause of Max's anger. Erik had noticed Lily's tongue ring a while ago, she was always playing with it. Erik laughed at Lily, he had never seen any one hold their mouth shut as tight as she was holding hers now.

"It served her right," he thought. If she was stupid enough to be playing with it than she deserved to get in trouble but his amusement was over as fast as it had came and he returned his thoughts to the book in his hand "Life as a teenage Alien".[/u]
Liz_Parker wrote:~*Laura*~

I shake my head as Oliver walks in. I love my brother to death, but God he's so...weird.

Smirking to myself I walk up behind Amy. "You know, I don't think that staring at old Oliver Twist will kinda have to talk to him to get his attention to ya know", I smile at her and walk towards a table in the back.

I look over at her and smile at her glare. I'm sure she's in love with my brother. But then again, many girls in town are. What they see in him, I have no idea.

After taking the order I walk back to the counter and smile softly at my dear brother. "Before you say anything, no you do not get any discounts for being related to a waitress".
Spacegirl04 wrote:OOC: I"ll post as liz in a sec


God I'm hungry, why I always end up at this stupid alien themed cafe is beyond me, everything sucks in my life I have no friends. I walk into the cafe, I'm wearing my black nike jogging suit, the real expensive kind. As soon as I walk in I notice some girl staring at me, so I sit in the booth with my back facing her and prop up the menu, I ignore my sister of course we don't socialize in the same circles..

I wait for the waitress to take my order.."Yeah whatever" I hear as Laura walks up to me, "I'll have the usual" I shut the menu and pulled out my ipod. "and no cheese extra tobasco sauce.


I notice the cafe is starting to fill up fast, maybe I should call Maria to see if she wants to help out tonight..My head was spinning from all the earlier chaos of the lunch rush..I eyed one of the new waitresses to get back to work, I'm retired as a waitress it isn't my job anymore.

I need to take my husband his lunch he hates it when I'm late with his lunch. I've been stressed out lately maybe because I'm not on the best terms with my children, they have been acting stranger then they usually do.

I grab the order from the cook, and pack it a brown bag, "I'm heading to the UFO center I'll be back shortly, keep an eye on the wait staff please" I sighed then rolled my eyes..I need to get away from here for five minutes..."Amy I'll be right back, please keep the orders coming we can't have any delays" I say to my daughter as I rush out of there and head to the UFO museum...
Loxyanissa14 wrote:~Maria~

Maria looked at the clock in the recording studio. This year she would be putting out her second album and it needed a lot of promotion. She hoped she would remember to call Micheal and tell him she wouldn't be home this week-end.

She hated New York but she was willing to do what ever it took to make it as a singer even if that meant staying a few more nights. She heard the producer say "when your ready," and that was her cue to start singing.
Athenea wrote:*Lilly Evans*

"Open your mouth." My dad says to me so of course I close it tighter. He folds his arms across his chest. A sign that he is starting to get mad. "Open it" he says again.

Holy Crap what am I going to do? oh well.
"What the hell" I say and then realize I just said that in front of my father. I stick my tongue out to show off my new tongue ring.

"Now Dad don't look at me like that. It's just another piercing. What's the big deal?" I look at my Dad who is getting madder by the second. Then I realize I just said 'another piercing' he didn't know about my belly button ring. I've had that one for over a year. Why do I have such a big mouth?

And to make matters worse I see my Mother just walked in the door. God Dad looks like he is going to explode and Mom will make it worse. CRAP
I mentally check in with my sister who is at work across the street.

"Dad just found my tongue ring."

"You've got to be kidding me. I told you that was a bad idea. You never listen to me and you see where it gets you."

"I Know. I know. What should I do?"

"Just hold on I'll be over their as soon as I can. Maybe I can calm them down. And don't say another word till I get there. Not Another WORD. or you will just get yourself in more trouble."

"K Thanks."
I tell her mentally. I look at my Dad who still hasn't said anything. He is really really mad. I start to say something to try to calm him down but just before I open my mouth I hear my Amy's voice in my head again.


I quickly shut my mouth and look around the UFO Center> Anythings better than looking at my Dad right now. I see Erik snickering at me over by the books. He is my cousin but I swear I am going to kick his ass after this. Just to have someone to take it out on.
Spacegirl04 wrote:Liz

As I walk into the UFO center I can hear arguing, I roll my eyes. I'm so not ready for another arguement with my daughter. She's been going through something and I know she's lying to me. I think I'm about to find out why or what it was about.

I set the bag of food down on the information booth. "I brought you lunch" I look at my husband who is furious I kiss him on the cheek and hope he relaxes..

"Lily would you explain to me what is going on? I know you've been hiding something from me, "I heard your father say open your mouth when I walked in, what is this all about?" I looked at both of them in confusion. I crossed my arms and waited..

"Max?" I look at him then to my daughter.
CandyDreamQueen wrote:<<<Max>>>

When Liz walks in I feel myself becoming a bit calmer. She is always able to calm me down. I don’t really get angry that often. I consider myself a pretty levelheaded person, but this is just. This is too much.

“Well it seems our daughter has decided that it would be fun to let a perfect stranger incise her tongue with a piece of metal.”

I walk over to Lilly and cup her cheek with my hand.

“Open your mouth.” I say again.

She does slowly, without making eye contact with me.

“Look at me Lillian.”

She does finally regrettably so. I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know what to say. I can’t imagine why she would do something like this to herself.

I hold my hand out in front of her.

“Give it to me.”

“What?” she breaks her silence.

“You heard me. Give it to me now.”


I swear my sister is a gluten for punishment. Why does she have to be like this? I told her that getting a tongue ring was a bad idea. I told her to at least not wear it to work. But does she listen to me? No, no she has to stroke the fire. God, sometimes I wish I were an only child.


Sorry, but sometimes you can be too much trouble.

“Laura can you cover for me for a second. I have to go…do something.”

“But your mom said for you to stay here.”

Crap that’s right. I don’t want to make them even more angry. I look around the café for a second then I spot the bottle of Tabasco sauce sitting on the counter. I grab it and run out the door. I run across the street as quickly as I can to the UFO center.

I walk down the steps and see my mom looking at my sister and my dad expectedly.

Nice going Piercey Joe. This is just perfect.

Hey how was I supposed to know mom was on her way over?

Um it’s lunchtime. The same time Mom comes over everyday.

…Can we focus on the problem at hand?

There wouldn’t be a problem if you would just listen to me.

If I listened to you I would be living in a box.


I walk down the steps and see my dad holding out his hand.

What’s going on?

He told me to give it to him.

So, give it to him.




Just give it to him. You’re lucky he doesn’t snatch it out.

I’ve seen my dad angry a rare few times, and the look on his face said that he was pretty pissed.

“Did you hear me Amy? I said what are you doing here?” I hear my dad ask

I look at the Tabasco bottle in my hand. It’s a pretty weak excuse but I didn’t really have much time.

“Um Tabasco.” I say holding the bottle up. “I wanted to make sure you had enough…Tabasco.”

I sit the bottle down on the booth.

“Did you know about this?” my dad asks me. Whoa I wasn’t expecting that one.

“Um…I…um” real smart.

“It doesn’t matter, Lilly give me the…the…whatever you call it, just give it to me.”

Yeah Lilly, give it to him. Before you make this worse than it already is.
Athenea wrote:* Lilly Evans*

I 'feel' my sister come into the UFO Center before I actually see her. Then I see her finally running down the stairs with a bottle of Tabasco.

"Lilly give it to me." my dad says holding out his hand expectantly. Like I'm just going to hand it over to him freely. Without a fuss.

Yeah Lilly, give it to him. Before you make this worse than it already is.

"No way in hell is then thing coming out." I say looking at Amy. "You know how much this hurt! No Dad I am not taking it out. The only way this thing is coming out is if you forcibilly yank it from my tongue." I say to him crossing my arms and smirking at my parents who were in the same stance as me.

There was no way he would do that. Me and My sister have never even been spanked. I look at Amy who rolls her eyes at me. You've done it now. I hear her say in my head.

What are they going to do ground me. Please! Besides its sexy and it looks great. I don't even know how he saw it. I freakin walking away from him when he told me to come back. He's got freakin' x ray vision or something. I say smiling at my sister

But then I look at my Dad who is now fuming. I see Mom reach out and put a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down. A gesture that usually works for him. But not this time......
StormWolfstone wrote:~*Isabel Whitman*~

Once again, it was time for me to go and check on my husband. I knew that Alex had been working hard and loving every bit of his work and I often met with him around lunch to eat with him. Years ago, I would not have pictured living a life with him, but now I could never imagine life without him. We've had the chance to be blessed with a son and a daughter and it's been a blissfull marriage even with concern over the chance of being discovered.

Smiling, I walk through the hall toward the music room with a dish in hand. I'd been teaching myself for years how to cook and was now capable of making a meal without much problem.

(the other's will be coming shortly .... at the library so I need to get off for a bit.....)

Eileen Valenti

I was so excitied! The Stargazer was hopping with customers all hungry for alien-themed souveniers. Not that I was suprised over the rise in business...I had read in the newspaper earlier this week about a small renuion of sorts for former abductees that was going to happen today.

I looked down at my watch and noticed the time read 12:00PM.

*Time for lunch...hmmm, the shop seems to be thinning a little bit...maybe I'll see if Kyle wants to get some lunch at the Crashdown*

There were a few straggling customers still in the shop trying to decide between the blow up alien dolls on special or the green antennas...obviously purchases my daughter could handle on her own without even bothering to take her nose out of her book. That girl sure did like to read...I couldn't remember ever being that into books when I was younger. *She must get it from her father.*

"Marie, I'm going to go out for lunch. I'll be back in a bit. Call the cell if you need me." I gave her a quick smile and a peck on the cheek and left in a whirlwind out the door with my purse in tow. I walked down the street to the police station and breezed through the doors and past the front desk with a wave to the deputy on duty. He smiled back and waved me through.

I opened the door to see my husband sitting at his desk with a look of boredom on his face. I went over to him and sat in his lap with a quick squirm at the end for emphasis. "Honey," I said with a grand voice, "I'm here to relieve you of your oppressive boredom and take you out to can either have me, the burger, or both." And than I gave him a slow wink :wink: ...and a long kiss on the lips.

ooc: I borrowed Marie for the shop...let me know if I need to change it. Thanks.

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Post by Anna-Liisa » Fri Jan 14, 2005 3:00 pm


Eileen came to visit me. Then I looked at the watch. Wow, lunch time already. I looked at her and smiled.

"I'm here to relieve you of your oppressive boredom and take you out to can either have me, the burger, or both"

Then she kissed me. I just loved when she did that. I closed my eyes for awhile and opened them after our kiss.

"Mmh...I'd like to have more of that" I said, still smiling. Then I closed the file I was reading and tossed it to one of the pile's in the table. "But I guess I'm too hungry to have that now, so let's go eat first" I said as I get up - after she got up of course.

I took my keys and then kissed Eileen's cheek.

"I'm glad to have a woman like you, always taking of me" I said to her.


ooc: Erm, Christina and Marcus still later. Lol, it takes time for me to think what to post for them.
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Post by StormWolfstone » Fri Jan 14, 2005 3:53 pm

~*James Valenti*~

Already, the day was wearing thin for me as I strode down the sidewalk toward the Crashdown Cafe'. I can't remember if I had plans to meet with anyone or not, but honestly I could care less. At least, for the moment my dad couldn't say anything about me being at the Crashdown. His rules were constantly causing me to feel restrained and completely frustrated. I guess that's kind of why I like to do the things I do. He hasn't found out about my recent tattoo, or even the other two.

I'd become quite the artist with a self-made tattoo gun. Hell, I hadn't even shown Tyler yet. He knows about the small wolf one that I did on my left leg and the dragon I started on my right leg, but my newest was a tribal design that I'd started on my chest. With my black muscle shirt it was barely hidden, but well enough not to be bothered at the moment.

I grinned as I saw the jocks sitting at their tables and thought about going over and started something. Instead, I simply walked over to a table and took a seat. My eyes closed as I leaned back trying to decide just what I was in the mood to do. I could start something with the jocks, but then it would give Tyler something to decide not to speak to me because of and we've already had enough silent days this month.

That thought causes me to grin and I open my eyes to see one of the girls from school, Laura Adams. She'd been a waitress in the Crashdown for a while, but I still didn't know her all that well.

~Sabrina Whitman~

I smiled at one of the guy's that I was trying to convince to start a band with me as he said he would think about it. "Great, let me know as soon as possible." I'd decided to check in with my brother before deciding whether to go home and practice or go study. He was the only one I really was close to. I can handle talking to some of the guy's in school as long as it's pertaining to music or classwork, but otherwise I rather stay to myself.

There are times when I am annoyed by Tyler, it's so frustrating how he seems to go out of his way to get a rise out of me. Sighing, I shake my head. I am so not in the mood to think about that pain in the rear right now. Walking into the UFO Center, I start looking around for Erik, knowing that this is practically his second home.

My guitar case slapped against my leg from time to time as I walked along humming a tune softly while I looked around the aisles. Sighting Erik, I forced myself to ignore what was seeming to be a family discussion between the Evans'.

Hurrying along the aisle I smiled, "Erik. I knew I would find you here." I speak softly as I reach my brother and glance down to see what funky book he's reading now. Life as a Teenage Alien Yet another strange title. "I was thinking about heading home, I'm done practicing and spent some time at the library. Did you want to go with me to get lunch somewhere before I do?" I really didn't want to go home, but I really didn't feel comfortable milling about without Erik.

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I laugh inside at my husband, yeah right like Lily is just going to hand over a tongue ring it would cause infection for her to take it out then he would have to heal her, they don't know about his ability to heal or the fact that he is not of this earth. Yeah that would go over well..

"Max she can't take it out what's done is done, I think Lily was just trying to get our attention." I look at Lily and give her the eye to just go along with me, otherwise Max would ground her. This way she wouldn't get grounded.

"She's been feeling ignored lately and I know why" I look at him then to Amy..wait she needs to be at the diner..I roll my eyes again and sigh, "Who's at the diner, Laura can't work the floor herself yet she's still learning and Michael isn't the cook tonight Jose's son is Amy you need to get back and make sure things haven't gotten out of control.." I give her a stern look.."Now go" I point..
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Erik heard the yelling but tuned it out. A few moments later he heard his sister coming up the aisle. He could tell she was trying to be quiet by the way she walked just on her toes. She stopped in front of him and said.

"Erik. I knew I would find you here." She took a short pause and continued, "I was thinking about heading home, I'm done practicing and spent some time at the library. Did you want to go with me to get lunch somewhere before I do?"

Erik thought about the question. His book was just getting good but he could take a short break. "Yeah, let's go to the Crash Down." As they were leaving Erik similed at Lily as he said, "Sorry Lil, Uncle Max isn't stupid he I knew he would find out about the belly button ring sooner or later." Erik loved getting his cousin in trouble. Erik grabbed Sabrina's hand as he practically ran out of the UFO center.
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Eileen Valenti

"I know...what would you ever do without me?" I said in a serious voice, thought I ruined the effect with my laughter tagged at the end of it. "Well, honey, let us be off to the Crashdown...unless you'd like to go somewhere else?"

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“Sorry Lil, Uncle Max isn't stupid he I knew he would find out about the belly button ring sooner or later.”

Please tell me that Erick didn’t just say that I found out about Lilly’s bellybutton ring.

“Bellybutton ring?” I ask looking at her pointedly.

“We’ll Lilly if it was attention that you were looking for you certainly have mine.”

I start to lift her shirt up for myself then I remember that we’re in the middle of the UFO Center during Crash festival time.

“Just…go with your sister. We’ll talk about this later at home.

I watch as the two of them hurry up the stairs. I don’t care how much attention she was looking for there is no way that she is getting of that easily.

I turn around to face Liz and sigh. Then I hug her to me and rest my head on her shoulder.

“What happened to my Lilly Head?” I ask. I knew things were bad but I didn’t think they were this bad.

I feel Liz’s hands run through my hair soothingly. No matter how stressed I get I always know that I will have her to keep me sane.


I am so relieved as I cross the street with my sister. That was a close one, but I know it’s not over. Sure enough my dad will have more to say when we get home.

We walk inside of the Crashdown and I see that it’s already way more crowded than it was before I left.

“Looks like you’ve got some work to do.” My sister teases me.

“Shut up.” I say and I walk over to where Laura is struggling to balance three plates.

I relieve her of one of them.

“Wow that was fast.” I say looking at all of the patrons in the restaurant. Well I don’t know what I was expecting. It is the lunch crowed after all.

After I deliver the food to the customers I see my cousins Erik and Sabrina sitting at a booth.

“Erik you little snot, what are you trying to give my dad a heart attack?” I ask angrily slamming my order book down on the table. I know that Erik likes to goof on Lilly, but now was just not the time.

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I look at my husband and hug him, he's so cute when he is borderline crazy, He rested his head on my shoulder, and I run my hand through his hair.

"What happened to my Lily head" He asks me, I always hated that nickname he gave her.

I pull apart and look at him, "Max she's a teenager, remember what we were like, our lives were always about lying to our parents." I look at him sternly.

"She's going through something, she feels like we hold Amy on higher pedastel then we hold her. She notices these things," I bluntly tell him.

"Piercings are the in thing" I tell him without trying to sound condescending, "I mean if my parents told me not to do it, I would go and do it anyway." I smirk at him remembering all the things that got us into trouble.


I am still paitently waiting for my order and I notice Lily and Amy walk back in, its about time, Laura looked like she was going to burn the place down. Luckily for her, she doesn't have to work with matches.

"Hey Amy, where's My order I've been waiting forever" I yell as she walks in with Lily"
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"Erik you little snot, what are you trying to give my dad a heart attack," Amy said angry.

I laugh at Amy's attempt at anger."Amy you couldn't come up with something better than snot? What are we, still in the second grade? Don't worry so much Aims, Uncle Max's heart is the same as when he was 18."
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