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Post by KarenEvans » Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:38 am

alizaleven wrote:Ok, so I have an idea for a role-play, I hope you like it :)

Title: A Wish in Time
Rating: Teen or Mature... Don’t know yet
Category: AU, UC, CC
Summary: Liz is a writer who lives in New York, she lives alone and doesn't have many friends, and while the romance/fantasy novels she writes are very popular, she chooses to keep herself locked up in her apartment writing most of the time.

While working on her latest novel she receives a package from her Grandmother's lawyer, which is odd because her grandma had passed away a few years back. The package contained a necklace and a note from her grandmother and another from the lawyer. Basically in her will her Grandmother gave Liz this necklace, but she had to be 21 when it was given to her.

She falls asleep thinking of her in-progress novel, and she wishes that she could be like the heroine in one of her stories. Liz ends up waking up on a bench in a park she has never seen before.

Found wandering around by Maria Deluca and Isabel Evans they take her home, and although Liz has never seen them in her life, they seem to know her, turns out she shares an apartment with them and have known them her whole life.

Liz has no choice but to become the Liz in this reality and it’s fairly easy. She starts to really like the life she is living, and starts to forget her other life.

Liz Parker is a popular, well-known romance/fantasy writer who lives alone, she is sent to an alternate universe when she puts on her grandmothers necklace and in this reality she’s a painter. In this reality she has two best friends Maria and Isabel.

Maria Deluca is the manager of a coffee shop that doubles as a nightclub sort of thing where she sings a few times a week. She is very feisty and always speaks her mind, loves to have a good time and makes sure her friends are too. She thinks the owner of her shop is a jerk, but can’t stop the attraction she feels towards him.

Isabel Evans
works at a magazine, as the advice girl. She is a natural peacemaker between her friends, and very protective of those she loves. She is the most responsible of the three girls and is always making lists and stuff.

Alex Whitman is the tech guy at the magazine and also the three girl’s friend who lives across the hall. He is very smart, and He has loved Isabel for a while but hasn’t made his move yet because he’s afraid of rejection so he settles for being a friend. Michael is his cousin.

Max Evans is the owner of the coffee shop/nightclub that Maria sings in and manages during the day. He is slightly wealthy, and because his past experience with women he thinks they are all after his money. He is drawn to Maria, but because of this he is rude to her and always ends up arguing with her.

Michael Guerin is a journalist who frequents the coffee shop that Maria works in; he also lives in the same building as the three girls. He knows the girls from the coffee shop and the few encounters in the lobby or hallway, but never really interacted with them besides that. Alex is his cousin.



I’m thinking that she’ll learn some kind of lesson towards the end, or it will play out like one of her novels and then poof she’ll end up back where she started in her apartment writing her novel, but she refuses to be like she was and goes out and ends up meeting the Isabel, Maria, Alex, Max and Michael of her reality… they are all drawn to each other and somehow have dreams that seem a lot more like memories with the others in them.

So what do you think? Would it work? Do you like it??

I really like this idea Ali.

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Post by KarenEvans » Mon Aug 14, 2006 1:48 am

Post it.I'd love to play Isabel

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Post by madroswellfan » Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:43 pm

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if people would be interested in an idea I had before I develop it too much.

It would be a Doctor Who/Roswell XO. (Just the doc)

Kyle Liz and Maria dont make it to the cave in time and so they go to Antar.

The doctor meanwhile takes Alex from before he was killed.
He then leaves Alex in the tardis whilst he goes to speak to Maria and Liz. He convinces them to get on the tardis where they find Alex.

They then all go to Antar to try and defeat Kivar/Tess

Any interest?

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:44 pm

The Roswell Highschool has recently gotten some funding, and through the help of one kooky teacher, Mr. Hugh Lindsay, one french class is going on a trip to Paris. Besides Mr. Lindsay, the lucky students are Michael Guerin, Maria Deluca, Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Alex Whitman, Kyle Valenti, Tess Harding, and Liz Parker. Of course, the students are psyched for this semester long trip, where they will spend two days a week at a school in Paris, and the rest of the week sight seeing and having fun. But not all the students are going because they want to. Some have ulterior motives.

Michael is only going because his relationship with Maria is on the rocks, as per usual. He took the french class because of her in the first place, and is now going so he can keep an eye on her and also try to get her back. Now, Maria is going so that she can try to hook up with some hot french guy and totally make Michael jealous, because to be honest, she really likes him and is only ignoring him because Courtney is spending so much time around him.

Isabel is going because she has always wanted to go to a foreign country, and now is her chance. Her parents wouldn't let her go unless Max went, so there is his reason as well. And obviously, being the adorable lovesick puppy that he is, Alex is following Isabel there. Liz wants to go in order to be with Max, and to experience the good schooling that she's heard so much about.

Though Tess and Kyle are together at the moment, Tess is only going because she wants to keep an eye on Liz and Max, and try to get them apart. She's bringing Kyle along to make Max jealous, but that may change later on.

This is just an idea, but the couples will be conventional. Anyone interested?

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Post by Fehr'sBear » Mon Sep 04, 2006 8:46 pm

thanks, hopefully some more people will agree. :D

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Post by Roslover39 » Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:34 pm


I'd like to see this made into a RP :)
By French Dreamer

"Evans, take it from someone who has seen way too many telegrams go out to newly widowed wives. In the long run it's best to travel as light as you can, if you know what I mean." Jim Valenti

Coming Soon!

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Post by madroswellfan » Sat Nov 11, 2006 9:58 am


Under NO circumstances can anyone under the age of 17 read or participate in this RPG. NO if's, and's or buts...

Wanted to see what you guys thought of this as an rpg...its pretty different from my usual stuff...

Title: Fears??? (I'm hopeless with names... if anyone has a better idea please tell me!)
Rating: ADULT for now, may be lowered
Category: Canon, everything up to and including "Harvest"
Disclaimer: Nope...still don't own a thing!

When Nicholas comes to town in Series 2 in Wipeout, instead of transfuring the humans to another dimension, he makes the whole town live out there worst fears about themselves.

Max - Becomes Invisible
Liz - Becomes the most un-intelligent person
Isabel - Turns into Vilandra
Alex - Becomes blind (Fears not seeing Isabel - if anyone has anything better for Alex please PM me!)
Maria - Becomes dumb and deaf
Michael - Is under constant attack from alien hunters
Kyle - Becomes an alien - aka literally has almond shaped eyes etc
Tess - Becomes a complete average human girl (very much similar to Liz)

Other characters can also be added

The reason I say this is a lot different from my normal rpgs is because I'm leaving the roleplayers to construct most of the storyline. Roleplayers have free reign where to take there individual character. However, if they're plans affect another character they must PM me and the other people involved.

We are going to presume that Courtney's husk did not survive to wipeout (unless someone wants to play her?)

Max - MadRoswellFan
Liz -
Michael -
Alex -
Isabel -
Maria -
Tess -
Kyle -
Nicholas -

What do people think?
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Post by OnDragonflyWings » Sat Nov 11, 2006 10:14 am

I think that that's an awesome idea madroswellfan....I would play, lol.


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Post by Dream Weaver » Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:03 pm

madroswellfan that idea sounds like it could be hilarious! :lol: Great Idea! I'd probably even love to participate! :D
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Post by StormWolfstone » Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:27 pm

Under NO circumstances can anyone under the age of 17 read or participate in this RPG. NO if's, and's or buts...

Title: Mates for Life
Rating: Adult
Category: AU
Couples: CC
Disclaimer: Though the plot bunnies behind this idea are original from myself (taken from one of my copyrighted items that is still in the works), I do not own the basic concept behind the roswell characters.

300 years have passed since a witch cursed 4 teens with eternal life until such a time came that they would find someone that would love them for who and WHAT they were.

“By day you’ll walk in humanity,
By night, cursed to creature form,
On the day love truly finds you,
True peace will be yours,
The one must know of you day and night,
Only then will you mate for life,
On such an occasion dangers will rise
Yet the spell can break and you survive.”

Each teen was cursed because of bad turns that were done against the witch who had tested them.

Princess Tessa Montgomery in her arrogance turned her back on an old woman who was simply seeking shelter from the storm. Her night form is a black hawk.

Prince Michael Donnelly in his aloof mannerism turned a maiden away that was heavy with child, needing a safe place within which to birth her child. His night form is an eagle with mainly white feathers.

Princess Isabella Tremain with her ‘ice’ cold heart spared no thought to a child slave being taken from her mother. Her night form is a white wolf.

Prince Maxwell Regent refused to risk revealing his secret gift to heal a knight that died in his service. His night form is a black wolf.

Along with their curses, they still have access to the same powers as they had in the show. However, Max and Isabel are cousins, not brother and sister.

A new witch, Melisande has been trying to assist for nearly a hundred years in finding the mates for the royals. As she lay on her deathbed, age having taken her through the toils, she called to them using her magic. When they were before her, she told them, “The Fate’s guide you now, to a town in America called Roswell, New Mexico. Go there and end your curse.” With her last breath, she had given them what she had sought to aid them with. Lifted up, she became a guardian, forced to watch but never to interfere. However, she was granted a new life and became the ‘adoptive’ mother for the Royal 4 after the Fate’s realized she was their true choice.

Having given up her own chance at love in order to aid the Royals, this would also be a chance for her to find her own love while aiding the Royals in finding their mates.

Elisa (Liz) Parker has had dreams of a mysterious man plague her mind for years. She years to learn who he is and why when he arrives in reality that she feels so drawn to him. (Liz becomes a wolf at night only after the Royals arrive but cannot remember her nights in wolf form)

Maria Valenti and Kyle Valenti often share their dreams but after her mother died, she withdrew until the man from her dreams arrived in town. (At night she becomes an eagle, also not remembering her nights)

Kyle Valenti found that Amy was a wonderful mother while she was there during the three years they had her. His father had adopted Maria, giving her the family name and he was glad. But, for the last year since Amy died, he has tried desperately to reach his sister even while being plagued by dreams of a mysterious blonde who suddenly appeared a week past. (When night falls he is unable to remember his time in the hawk form.)

Alexander (Alex) Whitman has also dreamt of a mysterious woman, a woman who seems to see deeply into him, beyond what most ever saw. So, when she appears it is like a dream come true however she is beyond his reach. At times, night would fall and he would dream of a white wolf but it wasn’t until she appeared in town that he realized there could be some truth to things he had dreamt, and hope sprung anew. (He also has a wolf form at night, unable to remember.)

The reason why they cannot remember their nights is because unwittingly the curse has suddenly extended to them upon the arrival of the Royals. They are far luckier then the Royals however, as they only retain animal form for 4 hours at a time.


Max – Madroswellfan
Isabel – Storm
Michael –
Tess –
Liz –
Kyle –
Maria – Storm
Alex –
Melisande - Storm
Jim Valenti -

It would be great to have someone actually take Jim in this because his interaction with Melisande is going to be a big part of things here as well.


Posts must be written in 1st POV unless they are co-written with another.

Posts must be at least 3 paragraphs with expressions of emotions/thoughts and if it's called for verbalization.

NO RUSHING! There will be times when I will post a message stating that we need to wrap up the current day... at that time people will have a week to do so.

If you are going to be away, let someone know so that we can temp characters.

No using other people's characters without permission from the player.

What do people think about this idea? Would anyone else be interested?

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