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Australian Roswellians #4 - Home of the Drop Bear

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 12:23 am
by Aussie_Dreamer
Hey all.

Had to start a new thread- hope everyone makes an appearance soon.
Holidays have come and gone...does this mean the meet up is off/postponed?

Hope everyone's well and I'll talk to you all soon.


PS. Yes, I will explain about the Drop Bear later for anyone who doesn't know.

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 1:47 am
by pLANETv33n3ss
yeah we did well w. the meet up... hehe

newayy jst droppin by 2 wish u all a happy easter,
enjoy all the choccie pplz!
vee xoxo

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 8:02 am
by addicted2roswell
Hey Aussies,

Just droppping by to say HAPPY EASTER hope everyone has a great long weekend(yay 2days less of work!)

Cheers Nicole

Posted: Wed May 03, 2006 3:24 am
by Aussie_Dreamer
Hey all.

Well, Vee and Nicole, anyway.

This is shocking. It's been almost a month since anyone's posted. I know there's not much to say Roswell related these days, but still...we can chat about other stuff.

We could even attempt that meet up again this holidays...last two weekends of June I'm out...23/24 I'm in Kyabram for a Chalet School Gather, and the next weekend it's my brother's 3rd birthday.

But we can try and figure it's still more than a month away.

Please? Anyone...?

Have to friend's trying to take over the computer...

Talk soon


Posted: Tue May 09, 2006 4:36 am
by pLANETv33n3ss
guys i'm with nicki... where in the world is everyone?

okay well i guess we haven't had much to talk abt lately, but how abt this 4 a topic...


and jst in time 2 farewell theyr friend larry knight... as the news keeps repeating - it's a bitter sweet day...

and onto other more superficial news... U2 CANCELLED ON ME, and i was wondering if ne1 knew it they were officially no longer coming 2 Ausland... i heard a report on the news that they had cancelled the tour completely but it wasn't official and im dying 2 know if they're coming or not...

well i hope you're all happy n healthy

cmon guys, someone write back... please? lolz

vee xoxo

Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 7:42 am
by Aussie_Dreamer
Hey. I'm happy-ish. Evil work. And healthy-ish. Can blame work for that, too, I think.
Well, it CAN'T be healthy to eat KFC every day. (I only do it cos it's free, I swear!)

I know, isn't it fantastic? Damn, two weeks trapped...I really don't think I could do it. Survive, I mean.
Incredible strength of characters, both of them.

So, Vee. Once again, it's just here. Nobody here but us chickens, as they say. (Question. Who says that? Who is 'they'?) lol

U2's cancelled? I didn't get tickets...Mum says the venue is crap, but they won't play to less than 10 000 people.
Hold on, you said not confirmed. Give me a sec.

Ouch, here you go. Off Ticketmaster7's website.
U2's Vertigo '06: Final 10 Dates Postponed

9th March 2006

It is with great regret that The Next Adventure and Michael Coppel announce the postponement of the final ten dates of U2's Vertigo '06 tour.

This action is unavoidable due to the illness of an immediate family member of one of the band.

The affected dates are listed below.

'Any fan of U2 will realise that this decision has not been taken lightly', said TNA President Arthur Fogel. 'We will announce further details as soon as we have them.'

The affected shows - which are all sold out - are:

March 17 & 18 AUCKLAND Ericcson Stadium

March 21 BRISBANE Queensland Sports & Athletics Centre

March 24 & 25 MELBOURNE Telstra Dome

March 28 ADELAIDE AAMI Stadium

Damn. But still, fair enough if someone important to the band is sick.

Keep an eye on the site...I'll do the same and post updates as I see them.

Gotta jet.


Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 5:01 am
by pLANETv33n3ss
we're so unwanted =P

and yeah well the papers say u2 are most probably coming in november.. so yay :lol:

speaking of things that dont make it 2 aussieland... ne1 else missing grey's anatomy?? what have they done with it?!?!?!

well yeah taht's my 2 cents 4 the day... oh no wait, final word, its monday, and after one hell of a weekend, chinese school piano and a party saturday, and mothers day sunday... im SICK!! :( i have the good old cold bug =P

well help ur all healthy and wealthy...



Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 7:56 pm
by Aussie_Dreamer
I heard November, too. So that's good news.

Yeah, no sign of Grey's Anatomy...which is beyond annoying. I mean, it's one of those shows that doesn't require (much) brain work, and I'm working a lot of nights lately so I'd miss it anyway...but still.
Does Channel 7 even realise there are people out there that want to watch it? Same with Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.

And 10 has been 'editing' the episodes of Smallville they show. I only know because my dad's borrowed the S4 DVDs off a friend.
I know things now.... :)

Ack, just missed the train to class. I'm thinking not going til after class finishes now (only half hour's difference) and asking the teacher what I missed.

I have a good excuse, btw. I worked overnight Saturday, just missed the 4:30am Nightrider, and had to wait three hours in the city for public transport to start up again.
I went home, slept for two hours, then left to go to Mum's for Mother's Day. Detoured to the shops to buy her and Rae presents. Didn't get home til near midnight Sunday, had class Mon morning (made it on time for once!) ands work til 7 last night. Went to bed for a couple of hours, got up at 2 to tape program function on *this* VCR...went back to bed at 2:30 when Farcape actually started. Like it does every week. Last week they didn't show it at all so far as I know.
I was tired from doing a double overnighter, so I had to set my alarm for two. Was not surprised Water Rats was still going. Got to 2:30, Water Rats finished...and they put on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'!
Not happy, Nine!
I know at that time few people will notice it's even on normally, but come on! No fair!


Have I mentioned how expensive this time of year is for me?
14/5 (Mother's Day) - 3 presents (Mum, Tracey (dad's wife) and Rae (Mum's partner))

26/5 (Dad's Bday) - 1 present

7/6 (Tracey's bday) - 1 present

28/6 (James' bday) - 1 present (my little munchkin will be 3...) he's my bro, not my kid.

end Aug (2nd Twins due) - 3 presents (one each to twins, one for Tracey) at least these ones can be little ones.

1st Sun of Sep (Father's Day) 1 present.

Did that all make sense? Anyway, I'm going to go watch TV. I don't see any point interrupting class when I have to catch up on it all anyway.
Ouch. Assignment due next week. I'll try and find the time to do it. I think I have the day off tomorrow.

Oh, bad luck about the cold. I had a sore throat at Easter, thought that'd be it so I went to Dad' they've all been sick.

So I'm healthy...but not wealthy (and definitely not wise! :lol:)
Pay feels lower than ever and bills were last week. Gotta get out of KFC.

Oh!! Oh!! Can't believe I almost forgot!

Krispy Kreme opens 6:30am Thurs 22nd June at Fountain Gate.
I've figured I can get there about 7am...


Posted: Tue May 16, 2006 5:13 am
by pLANETv33n3ss
hehe pricey month huh?
dw i have mine soon... july 1st is 1 birthday, july 3rd is another, july 19th, july 23rd, july 24th is 2 birthdays, july 25th is THREE birthdays, july 26th one, july 27th one....
and being 15 and jobless... my parents totally hate july, with every right.
i have exams in 2 weeks so i should be studying... but here i am,
procrastination is just so much fun.

and ooo krispy kremes yay... unfortunately i doubt my parents'll b willing 2 drive me to fountain gate and im so cluless when it comes 2 public transport... so damn

well newayy better hit the books

vee xo

Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 5:43 am
by BlackBetty41
hi. :P another Aussie stopping by..i just joined last night and I thought I'd sorta introduce myself. My name's Chloe and I'm 18. I started going to Uni this yr (yay me...twice the work :wink: )

I'm addicted to Roswell after all this time :P and I think I will be for yrs to come. Apart from that I watch Smallville (i own s1-4 & d/l s5), Supernatural and I used to watch Prison Break but I kinda went off it....

man i hate long boring introductions but if you've wadded through this then congrats and hopefully I'll see you all round :D