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Re: Australian Roswellians #4 - Home of the Drop Bear

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:05 pm
by Aussie_Dreamer
I'm alive and ashamed of myself. Look at those dates! My last post was October...07!

Ok, changes. Nothing really. Still at KFC, except in the eastern suburbs. And full time. That's since October 08. Moving to Blackburn next week.
The kids are still cute, James is now 5 and at primary school. The Second Twins are two and Aria looks a lot like me - to the disappointment of her mum!

Librarian course is on hold for this term cos of the move, and wondering how I'm going to get the course done on schedule. Aim is to be done by end of 2011. Might not be possible, but going to try. At least a little. :)

Anyway, hope everyone's well. Off to go browse fanfics...


Re: Australian Roswellians #4 - Home of the Drop Bear

Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 11:01 am
by Craig Beatty
Hey! After 4 years of being too busy to visit this website, I'm back!

I've found the same level of enthusiasm I had for Roswell with Lost Girl. Very nostagic the feelings. But now I have an iPad!

Another great SciFi show like Buffy but involving a succubus raised by foster human parents! When she reaches maturity and her powers appear she kills her boyfriend unwittingly and then goes on the run for 10 years with grief not knowing who or what she is. Then she meets Kenzi, a street kid of around 22 years old and they become BFFs! Thee first human she's trusted and the only one to accept her just the way she is. Their friendship is so strong they would die for each other! The show then follows their fight to survive as her race, the Fae, try to claim her. The Fae are a mythological race pre dating humans, such as fairies, banshees, vampires, ogres etc. They despise humans although they maintain secrecy of their existence so that humans do not hunt them, like they did 1,000 years ago, and won! Humans got sick of being treated badly by the gods etc. They treat humanist badly and yet they're the one hiding. Bo, the succubus, tries to protect humanity from them even though she realizes humans would see her as a monster for feeding off them.

Re: Australian Roswellians #4 - Home of the Drop Bear

Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 7:41 pm
by Aussie_Dreamer
Ha! I can't believe someone else finally posted!
(Though, to be fair, my last post was 3 years ago. Have we all moved on?)
I do like Lost Girl, but I'm a bit far behind. Keep meaning to download and have a proper catch up. Maybe next time I'm at Dad's... He has a much larger limit than I do. :)

Re: Australian Roswellians #4 - Home of the Drop Bear

Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 8:49 pm
by Craig Beatty
Hey! I have the DVD of S1 and have seen S2 on USB HD, but am also enjoying it on SciFi Channel. Great show.

As I've gotten into it it seemed I was replicating all the ideas and feelings I had with Roswell.

I'd been wanting to get back to fanatics for 6 mths now but only now did it happen!

Great to see things still happening! Took me a while to get my login details right!

I watched Thor the other night and enjoyed it. Saw Battle Los Angeles and liked that too.

Take care.